Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

K65B. People and spirits. . (.40.)

Spirits (deities) or unpleasant animals (snakes, frogs, worms, etc.) were generated by the same first anthropomorphic pair or pair of first ancestors as humans (deities).

Miscarriages born in an unusual way, or unsuccessful children born to the same spouses as people come from: Tuvalu, Lepcha, Bugun, Muongi, Ngaju, Flores, Paywan, Ami, Kyrgyz, Kazakhs, Ryukyu (Yaeyama Islands), Kojiki.

They were born a woman at the beginning of time due to special circumstances: Kachin, Meitei, Bodo, Dimasa, Rengma, Mao, Ahir, Pulaya, Malayalam, Mangyan, Mandaya.

They went out with people from the primary container (pumpkins). A fox.

Children hidden by their mother from God: Songhai, Hausa, Oromo, Amhara, Algerian Arabs, Frisians (northern), Germans (Tyrol), Welsh, Bosnians (or Croats), Russians ( Olonets Gubernia), Belarusians, Icelanders, Norwegians, Danes, Swedes, Finns, Karelians (Kem), Western Sami, Udmurts, Komi, Kyrgyz.

West Africa. Songhai (Niger) [God created Adama and Hawa, they have 40 children, but H. told God only 20; for this, God made 20 children invisible, they became Holé's white spirits opposed Ganji black spirits; cause epilepsy; the main one, the giant Haran Maka, can be seen fishing on the river; he is the ancestor of a Songhai family whose members are fishing; he began to dig clay and found a girl in a termite mound; she gave birth to him two children; then returned to the river]: Knappert 1997:300-301; Hausa [Monfouga-Nicolas 1972 and Echard 1991 versions are similar and tell how the former men and women had many children (70 or more); while waiting for God's visit, parents hid half; God was angry with this and turned the hidden ones into spirits that can only be pacified with bloody ones sacrifices]: Sullivan 2005:272.

Sudan - East Africa. Oromo [the supreme god Waqa kept the sky away from the ground, covered it with stars; told the man to lie in a coffin, placed it underground, and poured fiery rain on the ground for 7 years, as a result mountains formed; removed a man from a coffin; made a woman out of his blood; the first couple had 30 children, but the man is ashamed that there are so many of them, he hid 15; Waqa turned them into animals and demons]: Kerry 2007: 12; amhara [while living in Eden, Eve gave birth to 30 children; when the Lord came to her and counted them, Eve hid 15 of the most beautiful and intelligent; as punishment, the Lord told them to remain hidden (from people); this zar perfumes that envy children of light, i.e. their less beautiful and weaker siblings people; zar perfumes are considered to cause nervous and mental disorders in people of the opposite sex; among they have high status (zar rich) and low status (zar poor)]: Messing 1958:1122.

North Africa. The Arabs of Eastern Algeria (Souf) [Eve conceived Cain before she was expelled from paradise and formally married Adam, so K. is an illegitimate son and Abel is legal; then she gave birth to many more other kids; she hid them in caves and they turned into genies.]: Scelles-Millie 1963:201.

Western Europe. Freezes (Western) [Jesus went to the woman; she showed him 5 of her beautiful children and hid 5 ugly ones in the cellar; said that there were no other children; Jesus cursed the hidden ones: what was below , let her stay downstairs; when she went down to the cellar, the woman did not find anyone else there; a small underground people come from them]: Clement 1846:331; Germans (South Tyrol) [when Eva was already alive long life, God asked her about the number of her children; she did not know it exactly and named fewer than she actually did; those who did not fall into it became monkeys]: Menghin 1884, No. 36:87-88 (this text mentions Dähnhard 1907:247); the Welsh [the woman has 20 children; the Lord came to her, and she was ashamed that she hid half of the children; when he left, the hidden ones disappeared, becoming elves; others say elves are the souls of ancient druids]: Rodenberg 1857:97.

Micronesia-Polynesia. Tuvalu (Waitupu) [When Kaulealia, Tapakea's son, became a young man, his father had an abscess on his forehead; T. squeezed a lizard out of it, left it in the basket, the lizard became a Naleau boy; no one knows who he is ; he defeats his brother K. in throwing darts; when K. throws a dart, N. finds himself in the sky; spits at kites made by local people, snakes fall; goes fishing with others, himself turns into a fish, he is driven into a stone trap; he drills a hole down; becoming a spider, he hides under the roof of a house with four women; he goes down to each of them as a spider, the woman sitting next to her calls her name; this is how N. finds out their names; in the image of a man he declares that his house; women do not know his name, and N. knows their names, women have to give the house to him; N. became friends with the leader, must compete in preparing the holiday; steals other people's coconuts, the snipe shouts about it, N. turns his tongue, continues to steal; filled his vessel from below with crap, disguised himself with food, swapped with the leader, he vomited; N. asked to climb into the hole to hold the pole from the house, covered her with earth; he made a hole in the pole, went out; he was sent to the mistress of the lightning for fire; N. deliberately calls her loudly, wakes her son Thunder, broke his arm; the hostess ordered to take fire from the stone house; when N. went inside, the exit was closed; he drilled a hole, came out with smoke, came to his father T. in the smoke; the owner of the lower world Pakeva asked T. to come together with his son; K. refused to go, N. agreed; N. killed all the guards (sharks, whales), returned; T. and P. agreed to exchange sons; P. sent Turtle, T. sent his fire son Te Afi; he is restless shumen; then T. placed it in all trees; people come from K., spirits come from N.]: Kennedy 1931:190-195; Mangareva [it was believed that miscarriages in the leader's family turned into spirits that were used veneration; once in the lower world, such characters grew up there, like normally born children on earth, married, had offspring; miscarriages turned into second-rank deities Also recorded among Maori and Hawaiians]: Buck 1938:426-427; Futuna (Herronan) [miscarriages turn into gods and enjoy eternal bliss]: Gunn 1914:225.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Rai [it was raining, a lake formed on the ground, the wind brought leaves there, the first plant grew from them, gave birth to a creator goddess, different groups named Salapa, Paruhang, Ruwasila, etc.; she finds out about a male character living in the sky, sends him for him; his appearance seems disgusting to her (var: he has a huge goiter); then he dries all water bodies, leaves his seed or urine on the leaf; not Knowing what kind of liquid it is, a woman drinks it, gives birth to a tiger, bear, monkey or dog, other creatures, and then a person; the Tiger quarrels with the mother but cannot bury it; the bear eats parts of her body; The man is outraged, sends both to the forest; in some cases, the episode explains the origin of the spirits responsible for death]: Ebert, Gaenszle 2008:7; Lepcha: Siiger 1967:112-113 [it nyo mu all created; his son and daughter tak bo thing and na zong began to live as husband and wife; NZ gave birth to children, but they turned into mung (spirits, in particular, that cause illness), because there were so many of them that NZ could not have them feed; Kohol da NZ gave birth again at Lake, but these children were few, she fed them with her milk, they became ancestors of different peoples], 172-174 [Guru Rimpoche created the world; created the first people; they There were brother and sister, but married, gave birth to mung; sister gave birth continuously, so her children became mung; the gods told brother and sister that their incest was forbidden; they denied everything, but the dog exposed them spoke about what she saw; the sister beat the dog with a stick and since then the female and the male have not been able to separate for a long time during copulation; the gods decided to separate brother and sister; gave them animals; the brother carried his own in in a basket in Tibet, these are pets; my sister had a basket with holes, the animals ran away, became wild; having settled alone at Lake Kohol da, the sister gave birth to two boys; one was god, the other was mung; The previously born mung sickened them, they died; mung came to perform the funeral ceremony, but they had nothing for it; the wind drove them out; the gods performed the ceremony according to the rules; sent birds Rong Fon (Upupa epops) and Fo Shum pour rum water on God's grave and mung water on mung's grave; they did the opposite; so mung is not born anymore, otherwise they would give birth to their own kind], 174 [daughter and son The creators were married; the sister gave birth to many children, but they turned into mung because there were many of them and she did not feed them with her milk; then at Lake Kohol da gave birth to others, fed them, they became the ancestors of Tibetans, Lepcha, Europeans and others; brother went to Tibet and sister stayed in Sikkim]; Stocks 1925, No. 1 [the Himalayas, the male mountain and the female mountain were first created; they are older brother and sister to the rest of the mountains and rivers; the Earthquake spirit is their son; Brother Takbo-thing and sister Nazong-Ngyu were the last to be born; married, had many children; first, the spirits of diseases and poisonous snakes were born; N. threw them away; then the lizards, the centipedes, also threw them away; the couple went down to earth; at night N. took off her bracelet, it grew mango to the sky; Rum (supreme god) asked N. who was the father of her children, she did not confess; only the Dog told how T. came to N. at night; N. threw a ball of threads at her for this; R. told N. and T. to part; they shared their property; N. let her animals and birds go free, they became wild; T. placed his own in China, India, so they were poor; T. put his house on the mountain; N. rushed after him, but could not climb; told her children (various grasshoppers) to do stairs; most ran away, taking away her jewelry, two species remained (now they live a long time); when N. almost reached the top, gave birth to a human child, gave him a breast (animal children and spirits) - did not give); N.'s other children were jealous, so the child died; N. prepared two graves - for Mung and for Rum (unclear: did she give birth to twins? the twin from the afterbirth?) ; sent two birds to T. for water of life and water of death; T. gave, ordered to pour water of life on Rum's grave, death to Mung's grave (mung is spirit, evil spirit); they poured the opposite; therefore they die and come to life in Rum during incarnation, and Mung is born only once (and do not die); N. reached N., but he did not accept her and she built a separate palace for herself; the Creator decorated the sky with stars and clouds; began to send to the land of his various children (bumblebees, grasshopper), but they planted the wrong plants; the latter took ginger, garlic, and a tree whose resin burns slowly, went down to the ground to become a shaman, a healer; there mungues are already everywhere; they agreed to give them the opportunity to treat the sick if they donate chickens, eggs, etc.; another son, Tarbong-mu, was born, went down and grabbed a heavenly fairy who stole birds from him from snares, married, she is pregnant; the wasp stole sourdough from the old woman for an alcoholic beverage; old woman: people will quarrel over him; various snakes tried - they got excited, but did not die; everyone drank on Tarbong-mu and Narib-nom wedding]: 345-354; Meitei [Juru Mosiro woman was lying on top of a hill; she was enveloped in a cloud and conceived; gave birth to three sons: Lai (elder), Tiger (middle), and Man ( younger); they took turns taking care of the mother, but she only felt good with the youngest; when she was old, both decided that she should die; her son gave her an infusion of pepper, but then she felt like much better; but eventually died; the son set up many false graves so that it was impossible to know exactly where his mother was buried; Tiger, who returned, looked for his mother's body and was upset; Lai became his comfort by hugging his neck; therefore, the tiger cannot turn his head and look around; the brothers decided to separate; whoever is the first runner to touch a bunch of grass on a stick placed in the distance will live on the plain; Lai warned Man that the Tiger would certainly overtake him; let him take a bow and knock down a bundle with an arrow before the Tiger reached the stick; as a result, the tigers lived in the mountains, and to people on the plains; Lai has become a spirit invisible to humans; he has changed the eyes of humans and dogs, so dogs see at night but people don't; Lai asked the man if he wanted to eat green or red peppers; He replied that both; therefore, people are both young and old; while Man and Tiger were still living together, the Tiger asked where the Man would sleep; he showed and placed a trough of water covered with a sheet; At night, the Tiger rushed to tear the Man to pieces, but was in a trough; the Man asked the Tiger what he was most afraid of; Tiger: the sound of "Croc, Croc"; The Man tied a rattle to the tail of a sleeping Tiger and became knock; The tiger ran into the forest in horror and did not return]: Oinam et al. s.a.; bugun: Elwin 1958a, No. 4 [Apuphulma's wife complained on the riverbank that he was old, she was married by a water spirit; A. married to a girl with one ear, one eye, no nose, no chin; she gave birth to strange children that the couple threw away; when thrown away, everyone said who he was and what he would do; 1) a stone (it will be build, he also has rivers, there will be fish in them); 2) Thunder (will fight against a heavenly serpent that delays the rain; lightning is its burning smut); 3) Earthquake; 4) Rain (will send rain from the sky): 5) Wind; 6) Rainbow (this is a snake, it will live in rivers, in drought it will call rain in the sky); 7) a poisonous snake (bitten by his mother, A. revived her, the snake began to live in the forest in a hole); 8) Diseases (parents fell ill, hornet cured them); 9) Death (parents died, son went to other people, brought death to everyone); some children were good, others were bad because their mother was good at one half, bad at the other]: 10- 13; 1958b, No. 5 [Apuphulwa and Muinini had a son, Assanga, and a daughter, Arangma; they lived on the side of two different mountains; the bee carried a piece of dirt from their brother's skin to their sister's skin, and vice versa, they burned Passion for each other, got married; Assanga went west to look for another wife, met only an old woman with one eye, one nostril, half mouth, one hand, one chest, one leg, and married her; she gave birth to 1) stone, 2) thunder Haklum, 3) death god Sakatung (he went underground, shakes her), 4) water god Khawai (Abuja), 5) rain giver Chakmao, lightning daughter Halia]: 112-114; bori [Tani - younger brother, Taki is older; Tani advises Taki to sacrifice a pig to the spirits by throwing it down the slope; picks it up, he and his children are fat; Tanya laughs at Taki; Taki tries to repeat the deception, but Taki heated a stone on the mountain and let it go down the slope, Taki grabbed it, burned it; Taki made a boat, said it was warmer to sleep in it at night; Tani believed, Taki closed the lid tightly, lowered the boat down the river; Tani asks vines, then reeds stop the boat; the reeds stopped; asks the birds for help; two birds began to hammer but broke their beaks; the Randang bird freed Tanya, he returned home; tied bows and arrows to the tree monkeys, became a bird himself, began to scream that monkeys did not know how to fish; they grabbed their bows, but they could not tear them off; they got into a fight, only three monkeys survived; after the fight, they had flat noses and sunken eyes; Tanya brought monkey meat and onions, his wife and children ate; told Tanya that they got fat when he put them in a trough and poured boiling water on them; Taki did so, his wife and children became worms; Tanya became worms swing on the vine; Taki wanted to take him off the swing too, saw sharp rocks under him; Tanya had a pair of eyes in front and back of her head; Taki promised to take him off the swing if he gave him one pair; he looked at the back of his head Now Taki has two pairs of eyes; he has become Wiyu; so spirits see people, but people can't see spirits; Taki made Tanya's wife and children fall ill and die; Tanya himself is also ill; give him perfume as Doini Aiye's wife - daughter Doini-Pollo (Sun-Month); after that he recovered, they have many children]: Elwin 1958a, No. 2:144-147 (=Elwin 1958b, No. 2:157-160); bodo [god Anam created a pair of birds; the female laid three eggs; from evil spirits came out first, and the other two were bodo ancestors]: Hazarika 2019:64; Dimasa: Mandal 2009:77 [Danda 1978:83; at first the world is empty; Banglaraja and his wife Arikhidima lived in heaven; when A. conceived , B. sent the Golden Eagle to find land to live for his offspring; the eagle found land at the confluence of the Sangrima and Talaobra rivers; A. laid 7 eggs there; out of six, gods hatched, including the creator of Shivrai, and of the seventh, harmful spirits; hills and rivers became their abode], 77-78 [Goswami 1980:7-10; at first there was water everywhere, on the only island the creator of Banglaraja and his wife Arikidima; she gave birth to 7 eggs, 6 out of 6 came out gods, the elder is Brai Sibrai, the youngest is Mongranraja, aka Hamaiyadao; to find out which of them is older, the brothers throw lumps of earth; BS tied to his beetle; throw darts, BS tied to his snake; he was recognized as the eldest; a noise could be heard from the seventh egg; H. broke him, evil spirits came out, rushed at him, A. ordered not to touch him, but to live in deserted places and inflict various diseases on people; the sick will sacrifice ducks and other poultry to them]; kachins [nine sons Layau and Nangting chased a deer; he ran to where old Kharat nu Kharat nat and her granddaughter Ningmai worked; K. pierced the deer with a leaf; told the brothers that they could pick it up if they cut it; they could not; she cut the meat into a leaf; the brothers took the meat, left K. only the heart; it does not cook, it does not fry; she threw it into the thickets, it gave birth to a little Jathun (evil spirits); K. took it, threw it again near a tree, by the cliff; it gave birth to two more Jathun; she threw him into the whirlpool of the river; the brothers came there to fish, nothing was caught; their sister Shwi Shingtai returned with a basket full of fish and disheveled clothes (her heart raped her, gave her fish); the brothers' father comes there, his heart calls him father-in-law, promises any forest animals; he asks for 50 animals for his daughter; prepares an infusion that scares off spirit-Jathun; the heart brings animals, gets a wife, drinks infusion; chokes and sneezes so hard that animals run away; the heart and wife also run away, live on Mount Umun bum; there they give rise to many evil spirits of all categories (causing madness; living in rocks; in a waterfall; a moon of Thunder; and many others]: Gilhodes 1909, No. 33:116-117; (cf. angami [at first perfume is like people, man constantly beat the spirit; he complained to God; God advised me to make a yeast cake with pepper, throw a person in drinking water; man drank, his eyes turned black, he stopped seeing spirits]: Stirn, Ham 2000:95); rengma [the first woman came out of the ground through the pangolin hole; gave birth to the Spirit, then the Tiger, then the Man; when she fell ill, she became afraid stay with the tiger; the spirit and man sent him away when his mother died, buried him under the hearth so that the tiger would not find her; at night, the spirit felt that the tiger was trying to get up to eat the man; the brothers decided that the first person who touches the banana will go the right way in life, and the other will wag; the spirit has paved a straight path for man, and the tiger a winding path; gave the man a bow, the man fired an arrow, it touched the banana before the tiger reached; the tiger went to the forest, told him not to take wives from his family; the man asked the tiger what he was most afraid of: a shepherd's horn; the man weaved a mat, woven the tail of the one sitting next to him the tiger was strangled into a horn; the tiger rushed across the field, knocking down plants with a mat; under the threat of strangling him again, the man forced him to fix it]: Mills 1937:265-367; mao: Beck et al. 1987, No. 89 [ Jilly Mosiro lived on a high, windy plateau; became pregnant from clouds that swam from south to north; gave birth to three sons: Ora (god), Okhe (tiger), Aliyu (human); they grew up and her mother realized that loves her youngest, A., more than others; her mother grew old, her sons took turns staying with her; she felt bad when it was God's turn, the same as the tiger, she felt good when she was with her a man remained; both wanted her to die with her youngest son; he decided to poison her with a decoction of peppers, but after drinking it she recovered; but one day her mother realized that she was really going to die; told the man bury her in secret and turn the grave into a place where the fire would burn for cooking; after burying his mother, the man set up many imaginary graves; the tiger began to look for the mother's burial place, but not found him; God calmed him down and touched his neck; since then, the tigers have not been able to turn their necks, but turn their whole torso; the brothers decided to separate; let the place where they lived go to the first will touch a bunch of grass attached to the tree; God's elder brother was not going to compete and told the man how to defeat the tiger: shoot a bunch of grass with a bow; so the man stayed in the valley, and the tiger went to the forest; God did not want man to see him, changed his and his dog's eyes; since then people do not see spirits, but dogs can see; knowing that the tiger wanted to eat it, the man said he would sleep on on the floor, and he left a trough of water there and covered it with a blanket; when he saw the tiger wet, the man was frightened (realizing that he tried to kill him); asked what the tiger was most afraid of; tiger: the sounds of crack crack (this is blows to the tambourine and the sound of a horn); the tiger wove a mat, fell asleep; the man tied a mat around him and tied a jug to his tail; began to blow a piece of bamboo; the tiger rushed to run; what fell off the tail, named the tracts on the road from Chajikhro to Ojhakhro]: 270-273; Mao 2009 [the first woman Dziilimosiiro (Dziilimosiia) lay spread her legs under a tree in Makhriifii (Makhel); it is believed that this Mao, Angami, Poumei and Chakhesung finished wandering; she was dragged around a cloud, water entered her vagina, she conceived, gave birth to Okhe (tiger), Orah (god, spirit) and Omei (man); when she was old and ill, The brothers took turns caring for her; the Tiger lists all the parts of her body, each time saying how she will eat them after her death; she feels worse; when the Spirit stayed, it got even worse; The man gave her pepper soup, hoping that she would die without suffering, but she had completely recovered from the soup; when her mother finally died, the man buried her under the hearth, putting the focal stones in place, and dug up the ground in various places; the Tiger tried find a corpse there, but did not look under the hearth; since then people have been burying relatives under the hearth; the Tiger tries to eat the Man; he sleeps high on the roof; the Tiger sees his reflection and rushes into the pond; Man asks what the Tiger is afraid of; he replies that there is only thunder; The man tied a pumpkin with pebbles to his tail, strangled him, the Tiger disappeared into the forest; the Spirit went south, where the sun is hot; alternatively, mother she put three menhirs (or a ball of grass): whoever gets faster will inherit the land; the Tiger was the first to run, but the mother said that he started running ahead of time; taught Man to make a bow, to target an arrow and thus ensure their victory; or the brothers competed after the death of their mother and the Spirit taught Man to shoot an arrow]: 10 (also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mao_Naga and http://www.nagajournal.com/category/arts-literature/folktalesstories/).

Burma - Indochina. Muongi [initially an undivided lump of earth and sky; after a terrible drought, clouds swirled, rain poured in, lightning struck, the sky separated from the ground, and water appeared between them; ficus (Cây Si, Ficus benjamina) grew and then collapsed; large and small branches became Muong villages, crumbling leaves became birds, roots became fish, and a pair of first-ancestor birds Chim Ây and Cáy &# arose from the stump 7912; a; they laid thousands of eggs, from which various animals and humans arose; the latter (or the last two) had two brothers and sister, they are the ancestors of the Muong; the younger brother became the first Muong ruler; he tried to marry the daughter of the lord of heaven; then to the daughter of the lord of the underwater world; then married his sister; because they broke heavenly law, all the children were freaks: without arms, legs, deaf, dumb; the old man advised his brother to go east and his wife to the west; when they meet, let them not recognize each other; let the woman eat in the chicken coop for the time being, and the man in the pigsty, because chickens and pigs do not know these the ban on incest; after that, the right marriage ceremony must be performed]: Grigoreva 2019:54-57.

South Asia. Ahir (Mandla County) [after the wedding, Mahadeo told Parvati that she could go into six rooms but not the seventh; went to make a plow; M. wrote in it, spinach grew there; P. cooked it, ate it , became pregnant; a few months later she turned her hair into a snake, sent it to M.; he turned the sliver into a mongoose, drove the snake away; P. made a tiger out of dirt collected from her chest; M. turned the chips into dogs, drove the tiger away; realized his name; he came and ordered him to give birth with his head in the back so as not to see the children; P. gave birth to many children, M. killed everyone, put them in a vessel, buried them in a certain place in the fields, on the hills, in the ponds, they are all gods; the first, Bara Deo, had 7 heads and 13 eyes; buried in the hills, Lingo became Lingo Deo; by the river, Samduria Deo; where cows rest, Marra Deo]: Elwin 1949, No. 1:431; pulaya [the Kali girl's parents dug the chaval rhizomes, K. cleaned them; King Paramasivan drove by, asked K. to come to him; the mother allowed, but told the queen; in anger, the king cursed K.'s children; she gave birth to 336 Chāthān children (spirits of illness, misfortune, etc.; they try to appease them with offerings); K. carried the basket with children to the king; when she passed by the pond, the eldest son jumped out to pick him up others; K. saved everyone but the elder (he is responsible for suicides); the father must give his sons a name by tying a gold or silver chain to his belt or, if the family is poor, a rope; to the king I had to do this]: Thaliath 1956:1033-1034; Malayali [scholar brahman Vararuchi could not answer King Vikramaditya's question which Ramayana verse is the most excellent; went to travel; lay down sleeping under a pipal tree; there were spirits that drank women's blood; one says that a woman from the Paraya*Chandal caste) gave birth to a daughter who would marry Vararuchi, who does not know what the best verse in Ramayana is; recites a verse, V. remembered; returned to the king, recited a verse, said that a girl from the Chandal caste was born, who would bring death to the state; the king orders to find the girl, let her down on a raft by river; V. marries an intelligent and beautiful brahmana daughter; discovers a healed wound on her head; the wife explains that the brahmana adopted her, and a candle was attached to her head, lowering it in infancy raft; every time the wife gives birth, V. asks if the baby has a mouth; tells him to leave the baby in the forest, because the god who gave his mouth will also give food; for the twelfth time, the wife replies that the baby does not have a mouth; he became The unmouthed god Vayillakkkun, sitting on a hill; the remaining 11 became the ancestors of 11 castes in Kerala; they are all said to be Vishnu avatars]: Kudinova, Kudinov 1995:247-251.

Malaysia-Indonesia. Ngaju: Schärer 1966:71-73 [(according to Hupe 1846:138); first water, God created the snake Nagapusai; he is unhappy that his body is too small for his head; Hatala sent his servant Praman find out what the serpent is complaining about; gave him a huge body, covered it with earth to protect him from the sun; the son of Hatala Batu-Djampa (more precisely Ratu Tjampa) saw two earth eggs on the ground, went down, broke them, and appeared from them a man and a woman, gave birth to seven sons and seven daughters without signs of life; DB gave her husband a porcelain vessel, ordered him to go to the snake for children's souls; when leaving, the husband told his wife not to leave at that time mosquito net; she looked out, a gust of wind revived the bodies; now people are mortal, because their lives are only wind (breath); the husband became angry, drove the children out in pairs; from those who fell into the water comes a water god Djata, from those who fell into the fields, into the forest, the corresponding categories of water spirits; the rest flew to heaven, settling on three rivers, gave rise to categories of immortals; the man left the last couple on the ground, People come from them; Hatala gave them everything but rice; his son stole rice, iron, fire, threw it to people; fire fell on rocks, from which they extract it], 76-77 [(Mallinckrodt 1924); creating land, Mahatara threw a piece of garing wood on her from the sky, at one end of which he carved the figure of a man, on the other a woman; the tree split, the male image fell into the water, the woman on land, both came to life, began to live in a boat, on which the woman went down to the sea; the first miscarriage fell into the water, turned into evil water spirits, the second to land, into evil terrestrial spirits; the third was wrapped in a banana leaf, left on a tree, he turned into wood spirits; then M. went down, taught a man and a woman marriage customs, the woman gave birth to three sons named Maharadja Sangian, Maharadja Sangen, Maharadja Bunu; the sky was near land and served as food; Mahatara gave the first the seeds of all edible plants, the second "floating" iron that kills only for a while, the third "sinking", killing iron; in the end, Mahatara stopped carrying living water to the ground, reviving the dead, the sky moved away from the ground, MB was left alone on earth; made a woman out of clay, Mahatara promised to revive her; at this time, angoi (chameleon) offered his services; Mahatara returned with living water, was upset, explained that since the figure was revived by a mortal being (chameleon), people would also be mortal; from this woman Hantelo Petak ("three times earth") and MB people come from; M.Sangiang M.Sangen also took wives, gave birth to Sangian and Sangen air spirits]; Münsterberger, p. 226-227 in Mabuchi 1969 (no ethnic group listed in the original, but probably Oloh Ngaju) [first water; Hatallah created Naga Pasui in the sea; Khatallah's son saw two "earth-eggs" on naga, went down, smashed, a man and a woman came out of them, got married; 7 boys and 7 girls were born, but without a soul; son H. sent his husband for children's souls; he told his wife not to look out the canopy of the bed; she went swimming, the wind revived the children; therefore, people are mortal; when the father returned, he threw the babies in pairs in anger, they became different categories of spirits; the last couple gave birth to people; H. gave them fish and poultry, refused to give them rice; son H. stole his rice, gave it to people]: 50; Flores [man and woman survived the flood, they people's ancestors; when a woman gave birth for the eighth time, her children were suwanggies; they hid in pits and holes, eating the souls of their sisters and brothers in the evenings, they died; Tuhan Allah saw it, shouted to the woman for her to kill these two suwanggies; they also heard and thought it was the fault of the moon, which was too close to the ground and illuminated everything; they cut off the vine tied to the sky, the sky moved away from the ground; now suwanggies are lurking in the dark]: Fischer 1932:227

Taiwan - Philippines. Mandaya [The Sun and Moon had many children; the couple quarreled, the Moon is still running away from the Sun; she cut the children's bodies into pieces, scattered them; those who fell into the water became fish, and on land they became snakes and animals, stars to the sky]: Cole 1913:172 (=Eugenio 1994, No. 70:136); mangian (alangan) [at first people did not have genitals; they crossed their legs, children conceived legs in their calves; tools they worked themselves; people lived on earth and in the sky; a staircase led to heaven from the top of the mountain; Balyawon was born from a flower bud, taught people sex, children began to be carried in their stomachs; when they returned from a holiday in heaven, the father committed incest with his daughter; the flood began, brother and sister Alitao and Diaga were saved; their eldest son went to the mountains, became the ancestor of spirits; the second was the Mangyan, the third was the Plains, the fourth was Europeans ; the gods told the guns not to work on their own]: Yang 2009:89-90; kankanay [Kabunian destroyed people by the flood, leaving Lumawig's brother and sister and Bangan; K. told them to marry, they didn't want to; he said that if he could make them laugh, they would get married, if not, they would remain brother and sister; (they obviously laughed); had four children; they gave birth to games that they should organize cañaos ritual festivals; tumungaws (disease spirits) and mangmangkiks that live in stones and trees also come from]: Bello 1967:328; paywan: Ho Ting-jui 1967, No. 93 [during Brother and sister escaped the flood, clinging to the grass; excrement fell out of the worm cut in half, formed a mountain; brother and sister got married, but their first children were blind, freaks; the next ones were less ugly, and the latter were born healthy and normal; so incest is now banned]: 267-268; Whitehorn, Earle 2003, No. 23 [the earth has dissolved into water, only one mountain remains; people drowned and only brother and sister clung to the branches of the tree on the mountain; when the water came down, they made a fire with a fire drill; the first children were blind, lame, or scrofula; the scrofula were sent to live in the plain, lame and blind - east to Paywan, left healthy]: 135; (cf. paywan [bamboo split, four eggs fell out of it; they were separate during the day, combined into one at night; five to six days later, snake-like men and women came out of them; they did not know how copulate; a woman saw a man pee, asked to write to her between her legs; their first child was a freak, the second was handsome, normal, became the ancestor of people]: Ho Ting-jui 1967, No. 62:243); ami : Ho Ting-jui 1964 [during the flood, Brother Rarakan and sister Roche escaped in a wooden mortar; married but gave birth to snakes and frogs; the Sun sent gods to teach the couple religious ceremonies; after this couple gave birth to normal ancestral people]: 39-40 (=1967, No. 94:268-269; apparently the same text as Matsumoto 1928:122-123); Matsumoto 1928:122-123 [during the flood, brother and sister were saved in a mortar; they first gave birth to a snake, threw it into the bushes, then a frog, threw it outside the house; when they smelled a strange smell from the ground, the goddess of the Sun sent her sons to find out what was going on; they reassured brother and sister told the mother what was going on; she sent two messengers to earth who brought bamboo; there was a pig inside; she was sacrificed to heaven, gods, young spouses, then everyone danced; after that, brother with sister gave birth to normal children - daughter, son, daughter again, etc.], 123 [brother and sister escaped from the flood of boiling water, asked the Sun for permission to marry; after receiving permission, they gave birth to monsters, one thing became crab, and the other fish; then they asked Luna; she replied that brother and sister are not allowed to converge, and to circumvent this ban, they must have sex through a mat; after that, the sister gave birth to a white stone, he grew up with four babies in it]; Walk 1949 [(retelling the same text as Matsumoto: 123; Shinji Isjii manuscript citing Fraser); due to the earthquake, hot waters flooded the earth; in Brother and sister escaped with a wooden mortar; after the flood, the brother asked the Sun if it was possible to marry his sister, received consent; first there were two miscarriages; one was thrown up the river, the ancestor of the fish appeared; the second - downstream, the ancestor of the crabs appeared; after that, the brother asked the Month if it was possible to marry, who strictly prohibited it; but finding no one else, brother and sister copulated through a mat; the wife gave birth the stone, that swollen, two pairs of children came out of it, one barefoot (ancestors), the other wearing shoes (Chinese ancestors)]: 96.

China - Korea. The fox [people became vicious, Vusa sent rain, the flood flooded the ground; Ahap'a's immaculate brother and sister Ahama W. told them to hide in the toupie, they took the dog with them; when the waters came down, they sent the dog to heaven to V., who put seeds of cultivated plants in her ears, sent it back; one pumpkin grew to a gigantic size; V. gave the sword to open the pumpkin; five came out of it: the ancestors of three groups fox, nose ancestors and spirit ancestors]: Dessaint, Ngwâma 1994:226-227.

The Balkans. Bosnians (or Croats; Herzegovina between Sarajevo and Mostar) [God sculpted Adam, put his soul into him 40 years later, made him a wife Eva, brought them down to earth; Eve gave birth to many children; God commanded bring them all to his mountain; Eve was afraid that God might kill them, and left half of them at home; replied that those brought were all her children; God told the rest to be invisible; those who had gone into the forest became with a pitchfork and into the water with hippos]: Eschker 1992, No. 76:254-255

Central Europe. Russians [1) (Olonetskaya Gubernia); Adam was ashamed to show all his children, so he hid them in a hut, bathhouse, Riga, forest and water, and God, for this secrecy, made sure that the forefather's children forever and remained in places of concealment, where they live, multiplying like humans; 2) (Smolensk region); forest, water, field, brownies come from "uncle Adamovs, which he consulted"]: Belova 2004:246; Belarusians [Adam and Eve had 12 pairs of children; 6 couples they "went under the oak tree" - local spirits came from them]: Belova 2004:246.

(Wed. Iran - Central Asia. Persians [there is a saying that the first child belongs to the crow, the second to water, the third to the earth, the fourth to the wind, and the fifth to the mother}: Donaldson 1938:28).

Baltoscandia. Icelanders [God came to Adam and Eve, who showed him their children, God liked them; he asked if Eve had more children; she was embarrassed to show those she hadn't had time to wash, said that no; God ordered that what is hidden from him should remain hidden from people; this is how elves appeared living in thickets, wastelands, rocks; they see people, and their people only if the elves themselves want it]: Simpson 1972:28-29; Norwegians: Bø 1993 [There are widespread stories in Norway about how Eva did not have time to wash all her children when God came to her, hid the unwashed under a bench, replied that she no longer has children; God said that what is hidden from him and from people; the hidden are doomed to live underground]: 99; Christiansen 1964, No. 39 [Adam and Eve have many children; God has come to look at them, E. showed only a part, she was ashamed that she was so prolific; God ordered that what was hidden from him and from people; hidden children became haug-fola (huldre-folk), i.e. "hidden by people" and mountain trolls; they are only occasionally shown to people]: 91-92; Kvideland, Sehmsdorf 1988, No. 44.1 [God asked Eve to show her children; there were many children, she was ashamed to show them all, half hid it; God ordered the hidden to become hidden people - huldre]: 205-206; Danes [Eva washed the children; God suddenly came, she hid those she did not have time to wash in fear; replied that it was all children; God told what was hidden from him to be hidden from people; they became underground creatures living in the mountains]: Dähnhardt 1907:247; Swedes: Balzamo 2011, No. 21A [Adam's first wife There was Lucia (her holiday is at its best time, December 13); they have many children with black skin; God asked exactly how many, L. answered, giving half the number as much as he really is; God made hidden invisible to humans; this is Vittror, they have cows they herd; once a farmer and his wife saw Vitrur disappear into the rock], 21B [Adam's first wife was Lucia; she had the same number of children how many pigs are pigs; God was afraid that the earth would overflow, removed L., and told her children to hide underground, in the mountains, etc.; Vittror women are very beautiful (sirens, sylphides) and seduce men], 23C [y women 12 children; the Savior asked her how many children she had; she said 6; the Savior made the other six ignorant for lying, they became trolls], 24 [The Lord came to a woman, part of her children hid behind the stove; he told them to be invisible; this is vittror, they live shallow underground in the mountains, grazing unusual breeds of cows; sometimes they are human], 28A [God came to a woman who has four illegitimate children; she hid two in the cellar, replied that she had only two; God told the hidden to stay underground; the woman did not find children in the cellar; now they are Lucifer's brownies and other servants]: 41, 42-43, 46, 47, 52; Dähnhardt 1907 (northern Sweden) [God came into the house and asked how many children were; most were in the room, some were hidden behind the wall; God told those he could not see stay invisible]: 247 (=Balzamo 2011, #20:40); Klintberg 2010, № K181 [When the Lord came to Eve, she hid half of her children; Lord: let the Spratans be invisible; this is how fairies appeared ( vitterfolket)]: 199; Finns [little underground people (maahiset) are children of Adam and Eve, whom Eve hid from God]: Jauhiainen 1998, No. M301:271; Karelians (Kemsky District; Western Russian, but informant with a Finnish surname, P.V. Mikkova): Belova 2004, No. 546 [God walked on the land, Adam and Eve fled from him, went into the forest, buried their children in the forest, in the water, in the ground, in the underground (house owner), in bath; the Lord said that whoever is in the forest will be a forest animal, in the water a water, an earthen in the ground; a frog, a mouse, a mole, and snakes were born from the ground; this is how wolves and cattle appeared], 547 [Eve and Adam hid their own children from God; who were hidden in the forest became a bear, earth reptiles in the ground, sea animals in the sea]: 245-246, 247-248; Western Sami: Enges 1999:229 [Adam and Eve were shy that they had so many children, decided to hide some of them from God so that he would not think that they were promiscuous; they showed God only a part of them who were alive; and those hidden underground, under water, should have stayed there, became gufihtar], 230 [ When God came, Eve washed the children and showed him only those who had already been washed, replied that there were no others; God said that what was hidden from God would also be hidden from people; they became underground or watery inhabitants].

Volga - Perm. Udmurts: Moshkov 1900 [a woman gave birth to seven at once, each the size of a fist; threw them, one into the forest, the other into the river, the third into a lake, etc.; they became unclean spirits; thrown into The forest fed the hare, he became a bear]: 202; Potanin 1883 [God came to visit the poor man; he was ashamed to show his children dressed in rags, hid someone in the forest, some in the bathhouse, etc.; said that he had no children; God, Well, let him not be; whoever was hidden remains an unclean spirit]: 800; Wichmann 1901, No. 29 [a woman has 12 children; she cannot feed them all; she left alone in the water, the other on a pile of stones, the third in the forest, the fourth in the stove; God came and asked where four were, for he saw eight; the woman refused to speak, God said he already knew; made these four water , bear, goblin, brownie]: 126; Komi: Limerov 2005, No. 66 [a woman with many children was ashamed that she had so many children, she sent them in different directions; Yong said that if so, let one will be a bear, another frog, etc.], 353 [a woman gave birth to seven; one was baptized, six were not baptized, maybe they did not have time to; one entered the water, became watery, the other became a bathhouse, the third went to the forest and became a goblin, the fourth has already become a grandfather, the fifth is a whip, the sixth is a water owner]: 63, 404-405.

Turkestan. Kazakhs [great-grandmother Mama-Hava (Eva) and Hazriati-Adam began to argue about which of them gives birth to children; decided to live separately, preserving secretions from their organs; A. collected his own in a clay vessel, from This is what his son, the prophet Chich, arose; Eve wrapped her own in a rag, which gave rise to genies, albasts and peri; they are especially harmful to women; Iskander Zul Karnine drove them into the Kaf Mountains and locked them in the gorge there; they padishah - Dajal (may he be cursed); some, when lost and alive, harm people, mostly women; Albasta has 70 breasts, each feeding a child; male divas, and genies are divas]: Castagné 1930:7-8; Kyrgyz: Divayev 1897 [Mama-Hawa and Hazrati-Adam are arguing about which of them are giving birth to children; they chose not to have a marital relationship for a while, but a spilled seed keep in a known place; what the monster Adam kept in a glass container, and what Eve was wrapped in a piece of cotton wool; from Adam's seed came a living man, the prophet Shish; when Hava unfolded her bundle, several living creatures swarmed there, which she threw on a pile of ash; these creatures became genies, albasts and divas; after they multiplied and harmed people, padishah Iskander-Sul- Carnine took them to the Kaf Mountains and locked them up, and sealed the entrance tightly with iron, tin and copper]: 226-230; Tolstov 1931 (Kara-Kyrgyz Semirechye) [Eva gave birth to so many children in her husband's absence that she was ashamed some of them hid their excessive multiple births from him, but Adam soon found out about this deception and, angry, turned all the hidden children into genies]: 275.

Japan. Ancient Japan: Kojiki 1994, vol.1-6 [At the beginning of time, seven generations of gods appear, the first two are alone, the rest are in pairs, brother and sister; the last pair is Izanagi and his Izanami's younger sister; they stand on the Sky Floating Bridge (probably a rainbow), an island emerges from a drop of water that falls from their spear; they build a pole and chambers; Izanagi: How does your body work? - I grew up, did not grow in one place; - Mine has grown too much in one place; you have to put what I grew up in where you did not grow up, have children; Izanami walks around the pole on the right, Izanagi on the left; when he meets Izanami, the first one says: What a handsome young man; Izanagi replies: What a beautiful girl; they give birth to a leech child; The heavenly gods recommend repeating the wedding ceremony so that Izanagi is the first to say; now they give birth to the islands of Japan, gods and goddesses (wind, rivers, sea, trees, mountains, plains, food, etc.); Giving birth to the god of fire, Izanami dies]: 38-45; Nihon Shoki 1997 (1), scroll 1, 4 [after descending to the island, God the Man (M.) and the Female Goddess (J.) erected a palace and a pillar of heaven; M.: what part Is it created in your body? J.: There is one place in my body, called the source of the feminine, which was created. M.: There is one such place in my body, called the source of the male, which was created; I want to connect the source of the male in my body with the source of the feminine in your body; they began to bypass the Heavenly Pillar - J. on the left, and M. on the right; when they met, J. said: what a beautiful young man; M.: what a beautiful maiden; when they joined together, they gave birth to a leech child Piruco, put him in a reed boat and let him sail; then They gave birth to the islands of Apa no Sima, who is also not included in their children; they went up to heaven, the gods began to wonder and said that J. should not speak first; M. and J. repeated the ceremony and M. was the first to say: what a beautiful maiden; after which they gave birth to various gods, islands, etc.]: 119-121; Ryukyu (Hateruma Island from the Yaeyama Group) [cramped in food and a place to live, people became oni (devils), killed and ate each other; the gods sent a rain of burning oil; brother and sister were collecting shells on the shore and escaping; married; first gave birth to a poisonous snake, then a centipede, then a gecko, finally a human child]: Maruyama 2009:34 (short retelling in Matsumoto 1928:119: the island is misspelled Pateruma; people are destroyed by the fiery rain; surviving brother and sister give birth to new people).

(Wed. The Arctic. Smith Sound [girl rejects grooms; her father is angry to pass her off the leash, gets together with a girl; she became pregnant, kicked out, the dog moved her to the island, began to bring her food from her father, filling the sealskin flops with food; the father tried to drown the dog by filling the float with stones and yapping it to the dog, but the dog swam out; the girl gave birth to people and dogs; they grew up, she told them to kill their dog father, they ate him; couples of children, male and female, were told to become ancestors 1) qablunat (Europeans), 2) nakassungnaitut (wild, the exact meaning is not known), 3) wolves, 4) tornit (giants), 5) inugaudligat (dwarfs); qablunat swam away in the sole of her boot; the girl returned to her father; var.: the father told the daughter to marry the dog; she does not want to, runs to the island, pes chases her, takes her as a wife; her father brings her food in a kayak out of pity; after sending her children, the girl dies of hunger on the island]: Kroeber 1899:168-169).