Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

K73b6. Boil the boiler with a story. .29.

You need to boil the pot, telling an incredible and yet happened story.

Abkhazians, Kumyks, Georgians (Kartli).

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Abkhazians [blacksmith Sogum, 50 years old, no children; went to burn coal, washed his face in a spring and turned into a girl; the princely son saw her and married her; the wife gave birth to three sons, went to that a spring and became a mare; the princely son let her into his herd; she gave birth and fed three foals; went to the spring, became a dog (the same, gave birth to puppies); the dog got drunk from the spring and became a blacksmith again S.; he took the cooked coal and returned home, his wife just managed to cook the fast, which she put on the fire when her husband left; in three years, the prince promises to give his daughter to someone who boils with a word milk in a cauldron; sees young men riding across the river on three mares with three dogs - he gave birth to them all; only the youngest agreed to transport S.; everyone tells stories, milk does not boil; said S. - it boiled; the prince gives him his daughter, but he gave it to his youngest son; S. healed well]: Shakryl 1974, No. 35:176-179; Kumyks (Khasavyurt District, 1930) [the hunter interrupted the hare's legs with an arrow, he jumped into the lake, recovered, ran away; the hunter also jumped into the lake and turned into a 15-year-old girl; the khan married her, the hunter gave birth to a boy, ran away, plunged into the lake again and became a black mare; she brought foal; the hunter ran away again and entered the lake, became a heifer; the khan let her go to the bugays, she gave birth to a bull; again, to the greyhound, she gave birth to a puppy; the greyhound jumped into the lake, the hunter regained his appearance; Khan kept a foal, a goby and a puppy for his son, they grew up together; another khan had a daughter; he put a cauldron on the tripod, put 40 buffaloes in it, poured 40 barrels of water; who would bring the cauldron to boiling, he will receive the khan's daughter; the hunter told his true story, the cauldron began to boil, the hunter received the khan's daughter, but with his consent he gave her for his son]: Ganiyeva 2011b, No. 59:517-519; Georgians (Kartley) [the hunter began to fresh the deer, stepped over his head and turned into a girl; she came to town, lived with an old woman; the prince saw her, got married, she gave birth to a son; came to that tree where she left her weapon and the deer, stepped over his head, became a mare; in the prince's herd she gave birth to a foal; the groom whipped her, she rode to that deer, became a dog; she took her home the royal grandson; the dog drove the hare, jumped over the head of the deer, became a hunter again; the royal grandson came to the castle; in it the beauty will marry the one from whose tales gold will be cooked in the golden cauldron meat; the young man went there, and the hunter was with him; said that his master was tired and he would tell; the fire lit himself, the meat was cooked; the king's grandson got the girl, and the hunter disappeared]: Chikovani 1954, No. 48:253- 255.

Baltoscandia. Setu [the king promises a daughter and a throne to whoever makes a ship sailing on and under water, flying by air, traveling by land; an old man makes such a ship for the son of a poor widow; when they they fly through the air, on the way a tree with a crow's nest; the raven asks not to touch it, gives a golden pipe that fulfills any wishes; the king praises the ship, but does not want to give his daughter to the poor man, gives new tasks; 1) collect and bring a cart of spruce cones (kusikulas) by evening; 2) collect released hares: 3) black grouse; with the help of a pipe, the young man does everything; at the wedding, the king puts a barrel in which guests must say the truth; whoever fills the barrel with truth, the king will give it filled with gold and silver; when the young son-in-law begins to speak, telling his whole story, the king asks him to stop, says that the keg is full; son-in-law gets a barrel of gold]: Sandra 2004:101-110; (cf. Scandinavians [Torkil and his companions were forced to eat raw meat and were sick; saw the shine of the fire; T. came to the cave where the giants were sitting; one of them promised to guide him to his goal if T. will utter three true sayings, similar to proverbs; T.: he has never seen uglier noses; he has never been in a more disgusting place; he cares more about the leg that leaves this place first; the giant liked the answer, he showed the way to Ugardilok; but he demanded three more sayings for the fire; T.: Good advice must be followed even if the non-applicant who gave it; I was rash when I climbed here, and if I escape, it's because of my legs; if I'm allowed to leave this place, I won't come back here again; T. got fire and returned to his satellites]: Saxon Grammar 2017 (1): 315 (8.15.3-7).