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K82A. Pregnancy from snake eggs.


An ill-wisher makes a woman swallow a snake egg (snake, something else) so that the man thinks that the woman has an illegitimate pregnancy (rare: for snakes to be sucked out of her juices).

Arabs of Sudan, Western Sahara, Kabila, Arabs of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia (Arabs of Egypt), Palestinians, Arameans, Arabs of Iraq, Yemen, Marathi, Kannada, Tamils, Greeks, Russians (Terek coast, Pskov), Persians, Danes.

Sudan - East Africa. Sudanese Arabs [Al-Tubbar (AT) persuaded Brother Mohammed to marry; M.'s wife disliked her; put a monkey testicle in her food, AL became pregnant; M. took her to a deserted place and fled; son- the monkey asked him if he could go out; began to bring food to his mother; took the hairdresser's curling wand, she ran after her, he told his mother to do her hair, then returned the wand; Wad al-Nimair (VN) played ball, the monkey took it away, VN after him, saw AT, married him; other wives are jealous; threw AT with the child into the well; the monkey son carries her food; the toothpick in her hand became a tree; the wives told VN that his new wife was in spirit and returned to the river; they were infertile, told VN they would get pregnant if they ate monkey meat; he led VN to the well, VN heard the monkey talking to the AT, pulled off the well wives, took out a wife and child; the monkey hid under the bed of the dying sultan, announced on his behalf that AT was his daughter; ATM's brother became the new sultan; VN divorced other wives, began to live with AT and the Sultan, the monkey with them]: Al-Shahi, Moore 1920, No. 7:71-75.

North Africa. Western Sahara [seven brothers hope that their mother will now give birth to a daughter; a girl is born, but the maid mistakenly picked up a large spoon rather than a small one - a sign that a boy was born; brothers they leave; the girl Shreser Dahb√∫ grows up, rides a camel to look for her brothers; the black maid Kumba walks; makes the SD switch places - SD on foot, she is on a camel herself; swims in dairy the river, becomes white; tells the SD to swim in the resin river, the SD becomes black; the brothers (the eldest is Ahmed) take K. for their sister, the SD is sent to cook, herd camels; A. hit her, blood do not wash off clothes, cadi explains that this is because they are blood relatives; A. offers both girls goat meat; K. eats giblets greedily, SD takes a rib, does not eat; A. tells K. camels, takes her sister to the river of milk, she swam, turned white; other women, out of envy, forced her to swallow a snake egg; said that she was pregnant, A. hears sounds from her stomach, believes it The child moves, tells her to be thrown into the well; she hides in a cave, her hair sprouts with grass; the shepherd is surprised that camels do not eat grass there, tells the owner; he digs up the SHD, marries her; one of the brothers is trying to penetrate her, he has a snake assistant, whom he saved from the eagle; the SHD husband thinks that his lover wants to penetrate, he is trying to kill the young man, the snake has protected him; the husband gathers people to kill brothers, SD warns them of danger, they run away]: Aris, Cladellas 1999:39-46; Moroccan Arabs: El Koudia 2003, No. 6 [seven brothers are waiting for their mother to give birth to; she gives birth to a daughter but a mother's sister She does not put up a spindle, but a stick; the brothers think that the boy has been born again, they leave; the daughter has grown up, asks why people call her the sister of seven brothers; she goes looking for them; a servant and maid are with her; parents they gave her an amulet, it is in her hair, they see what is wrong with her; the servant finds it, breaks it; she is bathed in a black river, she becomes a maid; the servants themselves bathe in white, ride her camel; the elder brother - sultan, others are provincial chiefs; the elder recognizes the camel and the dog, believes that the woman on the camel is his sister; the real sister was sent to herd camels; she turns to camels, talking about to themselves, they listen to her, do not graze, lose weight; the sultan arrives, she tells him everything, the camels begin to graze; the sultan tells him to take his imaginary sister and husband and real sister to those streams; imaginary with husband drinks black water, sister white, everyone regains their true appearance; deceivers are burned; jealous brothers' wives persuade their sister to swallow an egg if she loves her brothers; she is pregnant, brothers they drive her away; she comes to the elderly; they feed her salty meat, hang her upside down, she belches seven snakes; the old men send a letter to the Sultan; return her sister, execute his wives], 14 [the widower has a daughter and a son Aamar is younger than her; stepmother tyrants children by breaking dishes and accusing them; father leaves them in the woods; they find an abandoned house, live there; sister finds a treasure; two years later, A. asks A. what he would do with in gold; A. replies that he would buy toys; after a while, he would buy a gun to shoot father and stepmother; when she replies that she would buy cattle, the sister realizes that A. has become an adult; some woman comes and asks for permission to live; her sister wants to drive her away, but she marries A.; hates her sister; says that whoever swallows three eggs loves A.; snake eggs, sister swallows, her stomach grows; her brother ties her to a tree, cutting off her hands; she frees herself from the fetters, goes to live with the deer; the sultan's people catch her; the old woman feeds her salty meat, hangs her upside down, she belches three snakes; the sultan on she marries; when she leaves, she warns her other two wives of the cunning; they push her into a well, she gives birth to twins named Abdurrahman and Othman; the servant hears her voice, evil wives threaten to kill her children are kicked out of the palace; she tries to get water for the children, at which time her hands grow; she finds an empty house, lives there; the woman's sultan and father are looking for her, come to her house; she tells her story; father falls through the ground, only his beard remains; the sultan burns evil wives alive]: 33-38, 90-95; Kabily: Taos-Amrush 1974 [daughter asks to open the cage, father's favorite partridge flies away; mother and daughter run in fear, climb a tree; the girl wrote, the animals saw her, the snake got up, bit her mother, the animals ate the fallen woman; the rabbit saved the baby from her womb; told the girl to go down, gave her the boy, taught her to quickly make him an adult; he marries; the wife does not love his sister, lays snake eggs on her, she has a growing stomach; her brother throws her into a hole in the forest; a passerby pulls them out, the healer pulls out the snakes, the woman dries them; gives birth to a son; goes with him to her brother; the boy tells their story; brother and wife fall into the ground, the sister pulls the brother back by the hair]: 154-163; Mammeri 1996, No. 1 [the hunter brought a partridge to later be used as a coat; the daughter asked her mother to let her play with the partridge; she flew away; although it was late in the evening, the husband kicked his wife out and daughter from home - don't come back without a partridge; in the forest, a hare tells them to climb a tree, predators will return soon; the girl's tears are dripping down; the hare explains that it's raining, but the jackal finds out that the sky clear; the lion sent an ant to check, the woman killed him; then the snake, she bit the woman, she fell, the animals ate her; the hare asked to leave her baby from her womb, kept it; when the animals left to hunt, told the girl to go down, handed her a boy, his name is Hawthorn, i.e. he was born among hawthorn bushes; gave bone marrow to feed the child; the girl was sheltered in the village; she found a pot of gold, now enough for them to live; asks his brother what he would do with the money; would buy toys; in a few years: a horse; then: a house; so the brother became an adult and his sister showed him gold; he married; the wife is jealous of Sister B. because she is more beautiful than her; she made an omelet from 7 snake eggs and gave it to her; B. believes his wife that her sister is pregnant; the sister advises her to leave her sister in the forest; in the forest B. tells her sister to cut firewood in one place, and he and his wife will cut wood in another; all day the sister hears her brother's dog barking and the sound of his ax; it's dusk; the rider asks what the girl is doing alone in the forest at such a time; she tells he was driving by - nearby her brother and wife; the same second rider; the third led her to a place where the barking and the sound of an ax could be heard; there the dog is tied to a tree, and a mallet swings on the tree, which the wind hits the calebass; the girl went with this man; in the village, an old man advised him to feed the girl salty meat, not to drink for three days, then hang him by the legs over a trough of water; how snakes crawled out to the water, a man killed them with a knife; married a girl; they have a son, his wife suggested the name Silver, because he was born in wealth; he complains that other boys laugh at him - he does not have maternal uncles; father agrees to let the boy go with his mother, but warns that his uncles are forest animals; they come to B. disguised as beggars; agree that S. will ask his mother to tell the story; wife does not want to let her brother in, but B. himself allowed it; the woman pretends not to want to tell, but B.'s children are intrigued and asked to tell; as the story progresses, B. and his wife sink into the ground; in the latter moment the sister grabbed her brother by the hair and pulled it out, and hit his wife on the head with a mallet, and she disappeared into the ground; the woman's husband came to them; B. married again]: 7-24; Arezki 2010 [wives of seven brothers they put snake eggs on their sister, her stomach began to swell, she was kicked out; the old man fed her salty meat, hung her feet above the water, the snakes wanted to drink, crawled out, the old man killed them; the girl got married, gave birth to a son named Izuminka; they come to the woman's brothers, the son asks them to tell a story, the mother tells how it happened, shows the dried snakes; the sisters fell into the ground]: 130-131; Dermenghem 1945 [the girl and her baby brother are orphaned; the girl raised him, found a treasure; asks what to do with the money, if any; the boy replies to buy sweets; the next year, buy a farm; she realizes that her brother has grown up; he is married, his wife is jealous of his sister; put a snake egg in her omelet, her sister's stomach is swollen; her brother took her to the forest, tied her to a tree; the first traveler passed by the second untied, married her; fed her salted lamb, hung her legs above a basin of water; the snake crawled out to drink, he killed her, salted her; they have children; a woman comes with them to her brother's house disguised as beggars; brother he did not recognize his sister, his wife found out; as she tells her story and pulls out the body of the snake, the brother and wife fall into the ground; the wife has failed altogether, and the sister pulls her brother out, they reconciled ]: 57-62; the Arabs of Algeria [the wives of seven brothers hate the brothers' sister Aisha; let her eat snake eggs under the guise of pigeons; her stomach became swollen; the brothers buried A. alive, but the passer-by heard moans and dug it up; wise El-Moudjarrab advises feeding A. salted lamb and hanging it by her legs above a basin of water; snakes crawled out of her mouth to drink, the man killed them and married A.; she gave birth a boy named Hab-Hab-Roumann; when he plays with other children, they laugh at him: why he does not have a maternal uncle; A. reports that he has an uncle; negotiates with his son that he will bring him to his brothers and he will begin the story as if about strangers, but really about himself; see how the brothers react; they cry, A. opened up to them; the brothers beat their wives for a long time, then buried them alive]: Belarus 1982:46-51; Tunisia [an orphan girl Lulji has a younger brother Ali; she found a treasure and waited for her brother to grow up; she gave him money, he bought a herd of sheep, built a house and got married; his wife hated Lulja, made the snake swallow the egg without biting, told her husband that his sister was pregnant; he asked her to look in his head, and the snake, feeling the heat from the sun, began to move in L.'s stomach; brother he was convinced of his wife's words, took his sister to the tent to cook dinner, and he would look after the sheep; in fact, he left her, went home; a storm hit, L. almost died; two horsemen arrived, both they wanted to take the girl, one won and killed the other; L. told him his story, he cooked the meat in butter, salted it thoroughly; then tied her legs and hung her from the ceiling, put it under her a wooden bowl of water; the snake came out of the girl, he married L.; she gave birth to two sons; went to the market, saw her brother; he became poor; when she returned home, L. told her children to ask her to tell her a story that disturbs her heart when a beggar arrives; she took a beggar, fed her and put the children to bed in her room; they asked for a story, she began to tell; her brother understood everything, asked for forgiveness, she forgave him, he returned home, killed his wife; returned to his sister, began trading with her husband, living next to them]: Al-Aribi 2009, No. 83 in Korovkina MS; (cf. Arabs of Egypt [the prince wants marry; finds a girl who collects onions with her father; the father immediately orders the construction of a palace; the girl refuses the prince: let him learn the craft; the carpenter promises to learn in two years, blacksmith - in a year, a poor silk weaver, who is not allowed to enter the front row - in 5 minutes (for this it is enough for the prince to see how he works); the prince weaved his father's palace, the girl married the prince; For two years, the prince and the vizier have been entering a Maghrebin coffee shop; they are locked together with others, the prisoners are hung by the legs, poison is heated from them; the prince says that the owner will get more if he sells silk a handkerchief (the one he made for testing and depicting the royal palace); the seller was detained, the prince and other prisoners were released; soon the king died, handed over the throne to his son; he fell ill; tells his son who is 6 more, marry only after the wedding of his daughter (she is 8), otherwise his wife will harm her; after the death of his father, the sister asks her brother twice what he would do with his father's treasures; he offers different nonsense, she realizes that her brother is still young; the third time she offers to irrigate the field near the palace, harvest; her sister gives him money; the old woman persuaded the young man to marry her daughter; fed her sister eggs Umbar birds that make virgins pregnant; angels adopted a newborn girl and her mother died; the old woman continues to harm; after all, the girl tells everything; the old woman and her daughter were burned]: Spitta-Bey 1883, No. 7:94-104).

Southern Europe. Italians (Calabria) [The innocent slandered maiden: alleged pregnancy {there is no certainty that this particular motive is in the text}]: Cerise, Serafini 1975, No. 883C*: 218.

Western Asia. Palestinians: Muhawi, Kanaana 1989, No. 28 [a woman buys pregnant-causing chicken eggs, feeds her husband's other wife's daughter, a girl becomes pregnant, her father takes her to the desert, leaves her; her stepmother gave her cow and donkey manure, donkey urine instead of eating; the old man on a white mare turns it all into food, teaches her to remove the splinter from the leg of a lame ghoul, the guli give her jewelry; the father comes picks her up, she comes back rich; the stepmother sends her own daughter, the old man turns her food into crap and urine; she pulls out a splinter, but the guli eat it, leaving her liver and lungs; them and the father brings, drives the angry wife away, leaves the daughter at home], 43 [the poor brother's pregnant wife dreams of eating cabbage rolls (the rich man's wife did not offer them to her), the husband calls the vizier to eat, the woman blows the winds, she falls into the ground out of shame; underground people find what she has emitted, which compensates her with the ability to drop gold from her lips when she speaks, returns it to earth; the wife of a rich man does everything intentionally; what she emitted says it all underground, makes it possible to drop scorpions and snakes from her lips; they bit her to death, her husband married another]: 230-234, 301-306; Aramaeans [ Pasha's wife slander his sister, she is locked; his wife puts a snake with food, she crawls into her stomach; Pasha believes that her sister is pregnant, leaves her in the mountains; a prince meets her at the stream, brings her to him ; the doctor takes the snake out of the girl's body; the giant takes the girl into the dungeon; the Pasha executes the evil wife, frees his daughter and the daughter of the forest king, marries that one; the giant and three other monsters accuse each other girls are missing, they kill each other; first, the sons of Pasha's new wife disappear; after the ceremony, they remain; the prince marries Pasha's daughter]: Belov, Wilsker 1960:378-380; Iraqi Arabs: Yaremenko 1990, No. 18 (all of Iraq) [sister persuades her brother to marry, finds him a wife, she gives birth to two children; she moves around her sister more and more, complains that she is doing nothing; lets her eat eggs, from who get pregnant; brother leaves sister in the desert; she gave birth to three talking birds, they told their brother everything; he returns his sister, divorces his wife], 19 (prov. Babil) [the wife disliked her husband's sister, loaded her with work; put bird eggs in her wineskin, she began to drink, swallow it, became pregnant; the husband took her sister to the desert; she found a palace, a garden, a well, stayed there , gave birth to two red birds; they began to fly to the girl's brother's wife while she was drying the grain, telling their story; the husband heard, kicked his wife out, returned his sister, promised not to marry again]: 106-111, 111- 112; Yemen (SW corner, Khujariya region, western 2006) [sister lives with her brother and his wife; goes to the roof at night, turns to the Month; wife tells her husband that her sister has lovers; suggests look in her head, puts a lizard in her clothes, tells her brother that she gave birth to a freak; her brother tells her sister to bring him lunch to the field, lets the bulls in, they trample her; she turns into a palm tree, and coffee, which she brought into the stream; women came to wash clothes in it, asked the palm tree to bend down (to hang it and then take off the laundry), she bent down; when her brother's wife came, her clothes remained on palm tree, she did not bend back; the husband calls the woodcutter, but the palm tree asks not to cut her body; the same goes for the second; the husband brings the deaf and dumb man, who cuts down the palm tree; the old woman picked up a date, brought it home and forgot; Every day, when she comes back, she sees the house tidy; her little nieces say it's them; but one day an old woman found a young woman who told her everything; her brother sees her, does not recognize her, asks for a wife; the sister asks the old lady to demand a bed made of stone and glass, straw and wood, clay and cloth; he makes them, brings them, they say strange things; the sister explains who she is; he ripped his wife's belly open, brought my sister home]: Al-Baydhani 2008:41-49.

South Asia. Marathi [the girl's and boy's mother died, their father took another one; the girl is ill and wants to drink at night; the stepmother asks her stepson to water her sister himself; the brother puts the water vessel without covering it a lid, a snake crawled into the water, the sister swallowed it; began to wither away; brother and sister were expelled from home; one day a young man sees a snake crawling out of his sleeping sister's mouth; he killed a snake; the next day on this A tree grew in the place, with beautiful flowers; the sister made a garland out of them, threw them around her brother's neck, who turned into a snake; the prince saw his sister; brought snake charmers, who began to call snakes; When the transformed brother finally showed up, his sister tore off his garland, he became human again; the prince married a girl, then became a raja, his wife's brother became a minister]: Knight 1913:112-124; Assames [Baruani 1937:69-70; a shepherd thief looks into a hole in the wall of the house and sees a young daughter-in-law pulling fish out of the curry, eating it, and hiding the bones in the ash; he sticks a stick into the hole and injures him daughter-in-law on the cheek; the wound is festering; the shepherd comes disguised as a doctor and sings a spell describing what he saw; the daughter-in-law recovered, but continued to slowly steal food; to punish her her mother-in-law put live leeches in the curry; they began to suck her daughter-in-law's blood from the inside, it began to wither away; her mother took her to her place; on the way, on vacation, the leeches smelled rice flour and crawled out from her sleeping women from the nostrils; the mother gave her daughter medicine, she recovered and improved]: "Assamese women's folk narrative: tales from secondary sources" (Folk Traditions of Assam. Chapter III. P. 45-85): 76-77 {it was not possible to calculate the author and data about the book}; kannada [Raja's wife is dead, the new one wants to get rid of her stepdaughter and stepson; gives her daughter a drink of water in which she put a snake; the girl has grown up and the snake inside her too; the king believes that her daughter is pregnant, tells her to take the children to the forest; they were raised by Rakshasa; one day her sister fell asleep, leaving milk on the fire, it ran away; the snake crawled out to smell began to drink hot milk, died; her brother chopped it; the sister saw a jasmine bush growing in front of the door; she made a garland to put a garland around her brother's neck; he gave his sister three pebbles, asked her not to wear a garland, but if she wears it, the pebbles will help; the sister put on, the brother turned into a snake and crawled away; the king, the girl's father, came, did not know, took him as his wife; she asked to take a snake with him; in the palace she threw three pebbles at her, the snake became a young man again; brother and sister recognized the father; in public, the sister told everything; the king expelled his wife, stayed with the children]: Ramanujan 1997, No. 5:20-22; Tamils [Raja has a son and daughter; wife died; children they persuade her to take a new one; the new one gave birth to a daughter; wants to get rid of her stepsons; asks Zmeelov to catch her 12-year-old snake; put it in the water that her stepdaughter drank, her stomach began to swell; Raja tells the minister take his daughter to the forest and kill him; the boy suggests that the minister kill him too; he left both in the forest; a palace appeared and they lived there; one night a snake crawled out of the girl's mouth and her brother chopped her to pieces ; when leaving, the brother forgot his keys at home; the sister unlocked the room with flowers in it; she made clothes for her brother; as soon as he put it on, he disappeared into a snake hole; the Raja and the Minister hunted; they dug up a hole in it snake; girl: this is my brother; Raja wants to marry her, but the girl replies that she is his daughter; she tells everything; Raja burned his wife in a lime kiln, gave her daughter to the Minister, and married his son to his daughter second wife {apparently he took on a human form}]: Blackburn 2005, No. 56.

The Balkans. Greeks: Dawson 1916 (Asia Minor) [after the death of his wife, the king took a new one; the stepmother hates her stepdaughter; gives her a drink of water in which she put a snake; the girl swallowed her and her stomach began to swell; the king sends a young servant to kill his daughter, but he fell in love with the girl; the holy man gave her medicine and the snakes came out of her womb; the king celebrated a rich wedding for his daughter and servant, drove his wife away and she died from anger]: 303; Legrand 1881 [when dying, the father tells his son and daughter not to do evil or good; the girl saw a baby crying, persuaded her brother to pick up a child, although he did not want to; raised a girl, married brother on her; one day, when he returned, he hugged his sister first and then his wife; she hated her sister-in-law; let her eat snake eggs, her stomach began to swell; the brother sent a servant to kill his sister, but he simply left her in the mountains; the shepherd took her to him; hung her over the cauldron in which milk was boiling, the snakes came out; she came to the king, began to tell her own story; said three times: if I am telling the truth, let the branch the tree will break; the branch breaks every time; the king's wife was tied to the horse's tail; the sister married the shepherd's son]: 227-231.

Central Europe. Russians (Teresky Bereg): Balashov 1970, No. 51 [stepmother cut hair from all kinds of animals, dried it, made coffee, gave her stepdaughter a drink; she began to swell; her father took her to the forest in a deck with with iron hoops; a monster child has knocked out the bottom; he is not taken by bullets, he gives his mother everything she needs; threatens to ruin the country if the king does not marry his mother; when the bride opens her face after the wedding, turned out to be beautiful; stepmother forgave everything], 136 [after the death of his wife, the girl's father married Baba Yaga, she has two daughters of her own; left the city; the stepmother wrote that men go to the girl; then "drove wolves and hogs, ripped off their skin", burned them, gave her stepdaughter a drink, her stomach began to grow; hammered her stepdaughter in a chest, took them to the forest; Pestreyushko was born, broke the chest, went out; bullets bounce off him , he can fly; his mother teaches him to ask the king; they began to live in an old palace; P. to the king: there are three girls far away in a house on the 20th floor; guess the betrothed, otherwise he will turn into swans and fly away; P. brought the king there, but the swans flew away; P. tells the king to marry his mother; she demands an unsewn lunch, untailored shoes; the king is amazed at how beautiful P.'s mother is; wedding; P. took off her skin, under it handsome guy]: 174-176, 379-381; Russians (Pskov) [Ivan da Marya, brother and sister; I. married Anna, his wife disliked M.; put snake eggs on her instead of bird eggs; M. became fat and stupid; And . gave birth to a child, but fell asleep; secretly buried, smeared sleeping M. with chicken blood; I. believed his wife, kicked his sister out; the prince found M., brought her to the sorcerer; he ordered her to be hung by the legs, the snakes got out of M., she recovered, the prince married her; they have a son and daughter; M. went to visit her brother with her children; M. began to tell a fairy tale - her story; while she was telling, I. and A.'s bed began to go to the ground; Brother M. pulled it by the hair, and A. fell into the abyss]: Ploshchuk 2004, No. 54:141-143.

Iran - Central Asia. The Persians [12 princes promise to leave home if their mother does not give birth to them a sister; they left, and after 7 years their mother gave birth to 12 girls; they went to look for brothers, the youngest came to the youngest; his wife hates her; the neighbor advises to feed her husband's sister salty food, and then let her drink from a jug in which there are snakes in the water; the girl's stomach is swollen, her brother believes that she is pregnant and kicked her out of the house; her prince picked it up, she recovered, he married her; her brother's wife snuck into marriage, cut off the heads of the prince's little brothers and put a knife next to the young one; she was kicked out again; she met Peri; she revived the slaughtered boys and lodged them in a palace in the desert; the Shah met them and everything was clarified; her brother's wife was burned at the stake]: Osmanov 1987:295-298.

Baltoscandia. Danes [when dying, the mother of a seven-year-old princess asks her husband not to take another wife for 7 years; the girl was brought up by a wet nurse; she persuaded her to ask her father to marry her; she has her own daughter; she sought advice from a witch and she gave cheese made from the milk of all wild animals; after trying it, the princess became pregnant; the king ordered her to be taken to the forest and brought her heart, finger and bloody clothes; they cut off her little finger and took her clothes, but moistened her with deer blood and brought her heart; all the animals in the forest began to take care of the princess: she contained part of their bodies; for the night she climbed on a tree, and when she woke up, the pregnancy disappeared; the princess was found by a talking dog named Miracle, made a hut for her; began to carry clothes and food from the prince's palace; the neighboring king wanted to marry a prince one of his three daughters, and when he refused, went to war and put the prince in prison to hang him; Miracle asks the prince if he agrees to marry his "mommy"; realizing that this is not a dog, the prince agreed; The miracle tore the king and his soldiers to shreds, brought the prince to the princess; the princess's father was invited to the wedding; Miracle teaches the prince what to do; at the feast, the Miracle will take all the king's food, and Let the prince ask the king to do what he wants with the dog; the king cut off her head and instead of the dog, a boy, the princess's son, appeared; he told everything; the evil queen and her daughter were torn apart by forest animals ]: Grundtvig 1878:171-192.