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K85. Coney brothers. 16.27.-.29.31.32.


antagonist owns the fastest horse. The hero gets an even faster one (usually the brother or sister of this horse), who is the only one superior to the antagonist's horse and usually tells him to throw off his rider.

Germans (Pomerania, Austria), Serbs, Bosnians, Hungarians, Romanians, Bulgarians, Greeks, Slovaks, Czechs, Russians (Pskov, Tomsk), Ukrainians (Transcarpathia, Galicia, Kharkiv), Belarusians, Crimean Tatars, Adygs, (Balkarians), Ossetians, Ingush, Nogais, Avars, Svans, Georgians (Kartli), Munjans, Estonians, (Latvians), Bashkirs, Mari.

Western Europe. Germans (Pomerania) [young man herding pigs in the forest from year to year; once he came across a tree whose top went into the clouds; climbed the day, spent the night tied to a thick branch, then reached the forks where the village was; when he learned that the tree continued, he reached the castle; there was an enchanted girl: she must live in this castle forever; the young man stayed with her; she warns not to unlock one from the rooms; the young man unlocked, there is a raven nailed to the wall with three nails; asks for a drink; the young man gave a few drops, the nails fell out the window; the girl says that this was the one who bewitched her the devil; now he will carry her away; in the morning she is gone; the young man came down from the tree and went in search; met a wolf; he gave three hairs to call him for help; the same bear; a lion; a young man comes to the princess; she says that she is being guarded by an old hunter (i.e. that sorcerer); he has a three-legged horse that knows everything and can easily catch up with the fugitives; they run away, the three-legged screams, the sorcerer has come running: are they far away? - Not far away, sit on me and catch up; sorcerer young man: this time I forgive because I gave me water, but next time I'll kill me; the young man teaches the princess: I'll come, get under the bed, and you ask where the sorcerer got it a three-legged stallion; the sorcerer and the princess call each other "daughter" and "dad"; the sorcerer replies that he got a three-legged three-day service; a witch nearby, she tells those who come to herd her foals; who she can, can choose a foal to her liking; sometimes she also lets 12 lambs throw them to 12 wolves to let them through the forest; but she, the sorcerer, did not give him, so the wolves caught up with a foal and tore one leg; whoever fails to herd, head off shoulders and stake; it's time to put around the house for the ninth time; the young man makes the witch a condition that, in addition to the foal, she also gives lambs; the witch gave supplies; the young man drank vodka and fell asleep; when he woke up, he remembered the wolf's hairs; he told him to sit on it, and after catching up with those who had run away, hit them three times, making the sign of the cross; the foals stood up as if dug in; the young man brought them the witch in time; she started beating the foals, but they talked about the wolf; the next day the witch gave the young man more vodka; he woke up later, but called the bear and he brought the foals back; on the third day the witch poured a full flask; the lion brought the foals; the witch had to let the young man choose his foal, who chose the most inconspicuous one; he barely jumps: the witch put the pies in her bag, leaving the foal hungry; the young man gave them to him, he found strength; the young man threw lambs to the wolves; when the sorcerer chased the young man on a three-legged foal, his four-legged did not convince him, but advised his foal to throw off his sister the sorcerer; she threw him off and the foals trampled him to death; then the princess drove a three-legged and the young man a four-legged one; the wedding; the king died and the young man received the throne; the four-legged tells him to cut off the heads of him and his sister; he did this and the horses became prince and princess; they were bewitched by the same sorcerer; the forest turned into a flourishing country with villages and cities; if the king and his wife did not die, still alive]: Jahn 1891, No. 3:19-29; Germans (Austria) [the king bequeaths his three sons to give their three sisters as the first to ask; they are given to strangers; brothers go in search; overnight the cloud almost extinguishes the fire twice, and when it is his younger brother's turn, it extinguishes it altogether; he goes to look for fire, comes to the giants; they tell him to help them get three royal daughters; a young man kills giants One by one, the brothers marry queens; the king does not order to take his wife with them: she will be kidnapped immediately by a white knight; the young man leaves with his wife, the white knight takes her away; the young man consistently comes to his sisters, they are married to three-, six-, nine-headed dragons; the latter summons animals, only a lame fox knows the way; the kidnapped wife explains that the white knight has a fast horse; you have to hire his mother ask for a bridle and a foal as a reward; on the way, the young man saved the fish, ants, bandaged the fox's leg; the old woman tells three mares to herd three nights; fish, ants, fox help (you need to throw a bridle on three fish, three ants, a basket of three eggs are mares); the young man gets a bridle and a foal; he is weak, tells him to let him get drunk, he is strong in the morning; the young man takes his wife (the foal asks if he can run wind or as a thought); the white knight's horse cannot catch up, throws off the rider; the sisters' husbands have found a human form]: Cerf 1992:183-192.

The Balkans. Serbs [the king's apple tree blooms and bears fruit in one night, but the fruits disappear; two sons guard and fall asleep; the youngest sees 8 peacocks go down to peck for apples, the ninth turns into a girl; gives the young man two apples - for him and for the king; like this every night; envious older brothers send an old woman, she cuts off a lock of the peacock girl's hair; the peacocks fly away; the prince orders to tie the old woman to the tail of the horse; goes to look for a girl; in the castle the old woman offers him her daughter; gives the servant the fur to blow over the prince's ear; because of this, the prince falls asleep; the peacock wife cannot wake him up three times; The prince cuts off the servant's head, the hermit sends him to the dragon city, the prince finds his wife; she tells him not to unlock the twelfth room; there is a barrel in it, someone in it asks for a drink; the prince gives, the dragon flies out, takes away the prince's wife; the prince saves the fish, the fox, the wolf on the way; finds and takes his wife, the dragon on his horse easily catches up with them, spares the prince, takes his wife; she learns from the dragon that his brother the horse is a black foal - the old woman has; she gives the task of herding her mare and with the foal for three nights; from this herd there is a dragon horse; the prince comes to the old woman, only one cola has no head yet; fish, fox, wolf helps to find a mare with a foal that turned into fish, foxes, wolves; the prince chooses a black foal, takes his wife away; the dragon horse says they cannot catch up with the prince, throws him off, the dragon crashes, the prince's wife sits on this horse]: Karadzic 1854, No. 4:23-40 (=Mijatovies 1874:43-58, =Ashliman 2002, =Golenishchev-Kutuzov 1991:18-25); Bosnians [dying, father tells three sons pass their three sisters off as the first to come for them; the older ones do not go to give their sisters to strangers, the younger Mula-Mustafa gives them away; the brothers go to look for them; they spend the night by the lake, the elder guards the first night brother, a dragon crawls out of the lake, the young man cuts off his head, cuts off his ears, throws his head and body into the lake; on the second night, the same middle brother is a two-headed dragon; in the third MM, a three-headed dragon; when he threw the body into lake, fire flooded with a wave; MM sees fire in the distance, comes to the fire of giants; they will fire if MM kills the sultan in Istanbul; the giant takes MM to the Sultan's chambers, but MM kills the giant himself, takes the Sultan's ring, leaves; the awakened sultan tells you to find his savior, to arrange inns where to ask visitors about their adventures; three brothers meet in such a courtyard they say what happened to them, they get to know each other; the Sultan gives his daughter to MM; after leaving, he tells them not to unlock the room where Atesch Perischa; MM unlocks, AP takes his wife (i.e. the Sultan's daughter); MM goes to searching; comes to the tower, where the older sister is married to the king of ravens; the raven sends to the middle sister, she is for the king of dragons, the youngest to the king of eagles; the king of eagles convenes eagles, only one old the patient can deliver MM to AP, but first he must swim in living water, it is between rocks that open once a year; MM feeds the eagle with rams, the eagle has time to rejuvenate before the rocks slam shut; AP arrives on a three-legged horse; in his absence, MM negotiates with his wife to find out what AP's life is like; he says he's in a broom, in a pipe, in a mug; MM tells his wife to decorate them every time; AP admits what is in a three-legged horse; whoever kills a mare coming out of the lake once a year and takes its foal will defeat him; he himself did not kill a mare, but wounded a foal, so he is three-legged; MM killed, took a foal, wife gave him milk to a cow, he became a powerful horse; MM killed AP, put his wife on a three-horse, returned with her to the Sultan]: Schütz 1960, No. 4:31-48; Hungarians [the king's apple tree blooms in the morning, by night apples, but someone steals them; the king will recover if he eats an apple; promises a daughter as his wife; Janosh swineherd undertakes to guard; climbs an apple tree into heaven; there Queen Etelka picked apples; I married her; she tells me not to open the 12th room; I opened it, there is a seven-headed dragon chained there; promises three kingdoms if Y. gives him water; freed himself and carried away E.; I. takes it away; for the first time, the dragon's horse says that he will have time to eat, drink, chop a bag of nuts - we'll still catch up; each time the dragon takes one kingdom from Y.; the fourth time it tears it to pieces, puts it He ties them in a bag, ties them to the horse, lets them go; the horse sees the snake dragging a blade of grass to revive the snake that the cart has run over; asks for half a blade of grass, I revives; he asks E. to find out where The dragon took out his horse; the dragon first hits E., but the third time replies that the old woman Iron Nose asks her horses to herd three days a year; whoever can do it will give a horse; along the way, Y. makes her healthy fish, duck, fox, they promise to help; the old woman makes horses fish (fish brought), white crows (birds brought), eggs (the fox grabbed the rooster, the old woman chased her, I. broke eggs; the best horse warns that you will be a lousy foal, you must choose it; teaches you how to avoid death when the old woman gets up to cut the bed at night. Teaches you to ask for a foal, a dirty saddle, a bridle, an old sword as a reward. ; the dragon can't catch up, his horse, the horse's uncle Y., threw off the dragon; wedding; I. brought apples to the king and a similar guy he married to the Earth Queen]: Ortutai 1974, No. 8:164-189 (episode, in whose hero's horse advises a stalker dragon horse to throw off his rider, Domotor 1988 singled out as a plot type 300A**); Romanians [The king has a son Ionita, nicknamed Fat-Frumos (FF). He rides with the royal herd to herd horses at Lake Fairy. When she falls asleep, a girl comes out of the lake, hugs him and asks: "Wake up, dear friend!" The herdsman tells FF. He tries to stay awake, but falls asleep the next and third day. The sorceress cries, says she will not come again, takes off the FF ring from her finger and wears her personalized ring with the inscription "Ilyana Kosynzyan (IK), the braid is golden, the flowers in the braid are melodious, they sing wonderfully, at nine kingdoms can be heard." FF puts on his iron shoes, takes a steel staff and goes looking for it. He visits his three sons-in-law, none of them know about IC. He comes to the mountain, sees a cave on the other side of it, goes down into it, walks for a long time, turning into the light, and goes to the mill, which stands on a river with black water. He sees an old miller so ancient that his eyelids hadn't been raised anymore, and he raised them with hooks. The old man says that so far not a single resident who owns it has been to the mill, nine mighty birds come here every day, each carrying four bags of grain, and he needs everything by morning grind the grain. FF helps the old man, hides in one of the bags, the birds take him to the IC cook. FF shows the cook an IR ring and stays in his house. The cook bakes bread for IK, she doesn't take anything else in her mouth. FF helps him. IK likes lush bread, the next one turns out to be twice as good, the third time FF bakes his ring in a loaf, the cook tells IK about FF, she tells him to bring him in, orders him to be given a gold-sewn dress, they're getting married in two weeks. After the feast, FF receives IR keys to all rooms except the basement. Finally, he begs for this key, unlocks the basement. The voice from the barrel tells you to open the door wider. FF listens, opens the door, hoops fly off the barrel, the snake flies out, takes IR away ten lands. FF puts on iron shoes, takes a steel staff, and goes in search. She comes to Holy Friday and asks if he is a kind person. He gives him a bow. FF comes to a house where crows fly over and wolves howl around. There's a witch with horse legs, steel teeth and curved fingers. When asked by her, FF says that he has come to work to hire a horse and earn a horse. Grandma tells him to herd his mare every night. On the way to pasture, FF sees a bird with a broken paw, aims, asks not to destroy it, but to bandage its paw, and promises to be useful. FF does this, goes on, does not get off the mare to pasture, but falls asleep on horseback. The mare puts him on a rock, turns herself into a bird, flies into the forest with other birds and sings there. The bird he saved tells all birds to look for a vagrant bird among them, and it is brought to the FF. He quilts her head with a bridle and orders her to turn into a mare. The witch gets angry, hits the mare. On the second evening, FF meets a hare with a broken paw (still the same). When FF falls asleep, the mare leaves him with a bridle on the rock, turns into a hare, and jumps through the woods with other hares. The lame hare collects all the hares and finds a mare by the horse's teeth. The witch is already preparing to cook FF in the cauldron, angrily hits the mare with an iron bar. On the third evening, the mare turns into an old oak tree among the trees. A hare and a bird are advised to knock on each tree with a staff. When hit, the old oak tree starts to jump, and FF orders it to turn into a mare. From the witch, FF, on the advice of a rescued bird, chooses the seediest horse. He turns into a magic horse. He has 14 spleens so he doesn't know if he's tired. FF finds himself at the snake palace and takes the IC. The serpent jumps on the horse and sets off in pursuit. IK shouts to the horse to throw them off, for which he will bathe him in milk, feed him oats and sugar. FF shouts to the snake horse that he will feed him with clover and bathe him in dew, which will throw off and trample the snake with its hooves. FF on a snake horse and IK on a FF horse arrive at the IK Palace and celebrate their wedding]: Ilyana Kosynzyan 1989:11-38; Romanians []: Bîrlea 1966:439-440; Bulgarians [nine pav steal at night apples in the royal garden; only the youngest of the three princes does not fall asleep on guard, falls in love with the younger pava, who becomes a girl; flying away with the others, she leaves him a golden apple (feather), says where to look for it; the prince comes to the lake (pond, spring), where pavas come to swim; when the pavas have arrived, his companion puts him to sleep; with the help of an elder (grateful animals), he enters the palace of the pav, marries the youngest; in the absence of his wife, he unlocks the door to the forbidden (9th, 12th, 40th) room, involuntarily releasing the snake (lamia, challah) imprisoned there; he takes the prince's wife; grateful animals (fox, eagle fish or raven) promise to help; the prince takes his wife twice, but the kidnapper catches up with him on his horse each time; he learns that you can only escape the chase by riding the kidnapper's brother's horse; grateful animals help the prince herd the old woman's horses for three nights in a row; the prince receives a horse from her, on which he leaves the chase, the kidnapper dies]: Daskalova-Perkovska et al. 1994, no.*550**: 204; Greeks [ The father tells his three sons to pray at his grave for three nights and give his three sisters to be the first to marry them; after reprimanding the prayer, the elder returns to the house, at which time a strange-looking man comes, almost a freak; only the younger brother insists on giving him his sister; the same with the middle brother and middle sister; a woman comes to the youngest with two balls of thread, black and white; it depends on her whether to be night or day; the young man asks him to unwind the black thread more slowly so that he can finish reading the prayer before dawn; she refused; then he tied it to a tree, and went to where the light was seen; there 40 dragons around a huge boiling cauldron; the young man picked it up and put it back; they ask for help to steal the princess; going up to the tower, the young man tells the dragons to go up one at a time and kills each; in In bed, he kissed the princess and exchanged rings with her; returned home, untying the mistress of the night and day; to identify the hero who killed the dragons, the king tells everyone to come and talk about his life; the princess recognized the young man and her ring; the wedding; the young man noticed a golden key in his wife's hair; opened the locked door with it, pulled the ring, the dark figure fell off it and took the princess away; the young man went in search; came to the older sister's castle; her husband called the birds, but only the lame eagle knew where the sorcerer's castle was and carried the young man there; taking the princess, they flew back, but the sorcerer, to whom everything tells him a flying horse, caught up with them, took the princess and cut the young man in half; the eagle brought halves, the sister's husband revived them with live water; the young man came to his middle sister; her husband explains that it is necessary to get the same a winged horse like a sorcerer; a young man came to the mountain, tamed the horse, took his wife home; the sorcerer's horse could not catch up with them]: Legrand 1881:145-160.

Central Europe. Slovaks [in the absence of the King and Queen, their three daughters are married and taken away by the Sun King, the Wind King and the King of the Month; upon the return of her parents, Queen Janko goes to look for sisters; three times meets the place where people's bones lie, the skulls say that they were beaten by the beautiful hero Uliana; I come to her palace, replaces the sword hanging on the wall, fighting W., she admits defeat becomes his wife; when I leave, I allow me to open the doors of 12 rooms, forbids him to look into the thirteenth; he breaks the ban, sees the Dragon chained, he gives him wine three times, each time from the Dragon another shackles fall; after the first time, the Dragon gives Me a second life, then another; after the third, he flies away, carrying W.; I find sisters, the Sun King sends him to the King of the Month, that to the King of the Wind; he gives a horse that brings I. to the Dragon's Cave, I take W.; the Dragon's horse tells him that he will have time to sleep for an hour and smoke for an hour, easily catches up with I., the Dragon takes one life from Me, takes W.; the same the second time; the Dragon promises to tear the fugitives apart for the third time; the King of the Wind orders to get the brother of the magic horse that the Dragon rides; carries him across the sea to the witch; she tells three mares to herd three days ( this is her daughters), will kill him if he misses them; on the first day, the mares turn into cabbage rolls, fly away; the King of the Wind makes them go down, gives me a magic harness to throw at them, the cabbage rolls are made again mares; on the second day, mares turn into ducks, the King of the Month dries the lake; on the third day, mares turn into spruce trees, the Sun King sends heat, forcing them to regain their former appearance; advises the witch to reward a sick skate lying on a pile of manure; the witch tells me to milk the mares, bathe in their milk; the milk boils, the skate cools it, I. becomes handsome; the witch wants become beautiful, become a wife I., the end returns the heat to the milk, the witch is cooked; on the way to the Dragon, the horse tells him to buy it, becomes a magnificent horse; I. takes W.; the horse Y. shouts to the Dragon's horse that brother should not chase his brother; he drops the Dragon, W. sits on the horse, they will come to Y.'s parents; holiday, I. gets the throne]: Nmcová 1970:150-163; Nemtsova 1978 [leaving, king and queen They tell Yanko's son to look after his three sisters; Sun, Wind, Month come successively, ask sister Y. to marry, all three agree, leave home; the king is pleased that the daughters have married kings; I. goes to visit them; the field is strewn with bones; the skull replies that everyone was defeated by the beautiful hero Ulyana; the same is on another field; I. enters the castle, changes my sword to the one that hangs on the wall and jumps; W. wins, she offers to live with her; when she leaves, gives keys, forbids her to enter room 13; I. discovered, where the fire dragon is chained to the wall with three hoops; says that he is thirsty and asks for wine from the last barrel; after each jug he drinks, one hoop falls down; the dragon gives me life and takes W.; I. comes to the Sun, which does not know where W. refers to the Month; the Month to the Wind; he replies that the dragon makes W. wash clothes for steep boiling water; he, the Wind, is trying to cool the boiling water; I. takes W.; the dragon's winged horse raises the alarm, but says that there is nowhere to hurry - we'll catch up ; the dragon took W. and spared I., since he gave him one life; the wind reports that the witch has a dragon horse's brother overseas, who is faster than him; the Sun, the Month and the Wind give Y. a peg (golden, silver, wooden) to call them for help; The wind drove them to the witch, who offers to herd three horses - her horse daughters turned into pigeons and flew away, but the Wind brought them back and ordered them to be thrown bridles; the next day they turned into ducks, the Month put a handkerchief into the lake, it dried up, I put on the bridles again; on the third day, the horses turned into pine trees, the Sun began to burn them, they had to stand again horses; The sun tells me to ask for a miserable oath as a reward; the witch tells me to milk the mares; the horse: call me before swimming in milk; the milk boiled, but the skate drew in the heat, I became even more beautiful; the witch also decided to become beautiful, but the horse released the heat and she cooked; I washed the skate, it became mighty, winged; I take W., the dragon follows, the horse Y. tells my brother to drop the dragon, the dragon fell into the abyss; I brought my wife to his parents and received the throne from his father]: 119-132; Russians (Pskov) [when he dies, the father tells his son Panteley to give three sisters to be the first to marry; he gave came to the copper kingdom, took his wife; his wife tells me not to enter the building in the garden; P. went in, where a nine-headed serpent is boiling in resin; asks for a drop of water; P. dripped, the snake flew out and carried away P.'s wife; he consistently comes to the husbands of the sisters, this is Thunder, lightning (the silver kingdom) and the bird Agei, the main bird over animals and fish (the golden kingdom); she gave a ball to follow him, and her feather to summon her, if trouble; on the way, P. reaped two wolves, fish and cancer, bees, they promised to help; P. reached the house a snake, took his wife away; a blue westunok reports this to the snake; he asks his horse if we will catch up; the horse: if we sow wheat, squeeze it, bake bread, we'll still have time; the snake took his wife, but forgave P. for releasing him; chopped it to pieces for the second time; the witch's grandmother burned the feather, the bird A. flew in and collected pieces, sent two crows for living and dead water, revived P.; first you need to know from the witch's grandmother where to get the same horse as the snake's; the witch's grandmother says that there is a witch more cunning than her; she turned her three daughters into mares; the witch grandmother gave a ball that would lead to a black girl, Baba Ega's shepherdess; the girl explains that Baba Ega demands that her mares be herded without loss; whoever can, will take any foal; the girl gave the pipe to lure the horses in the evening; the pipe helped twice; on the third day, Baba Ega threatens to kill horses if they return, but they were driven back by wolves, bees and pike with crayfish that promised T. their help; baba ega allows you to choose a foal; the girl teaches you to ask for the thinnest and most wool pud; the girl teaches the snake to kill a West dove first; the foal quickly got enough to become, took P. from his wife; the serpent caught up, but the horse killed him and his horse; P. and his wife returned home]: Smirnov 1917, No. 108:342-348; Russians (Tomsk, Biychsky y.) [The tsar has a little son, Neugomon Tsarevich, he is lulled in his cradle, saying that when he grows up, Rusuya Rusu, thirty brothers and sister, will marry him. She grows up, goes looking for her, comes to her palace. She knows that she is her betrothed, treats her and shows her wealth: the first closet contains silver, the second is gold, the third has precious stones, fruit trees grow in the garden, and birds of paradise sing. She flies away for thirty days to ask her brothers for permission to marry, and leaves the prince with the keys, except for one pantry covered with cow manure. Out of curiosity, the prince opens the pantry, where the gray-haired old man boils in resin, each vein is locked with a lock, the key is on the window. He says he doesn't know what he's suffering for and asks him to open at least one vein. N. took pity, the old man turned into Koshchei the Immortal and flew away. The mirror that the PP left is getting darker, which means that it is in trouble. The brothers who arrived explain that Koschey took her away. N. goes looking, comes to Koshchei, picks up the PP and drives him back. At this time, Koschey is walking in the field, asking his horse if everything is alive and well at home. Horse: It's all right, only N. took RR away. Koschey goes home, demands: "Seven children! Bring me seven pitchforks, raise my heavy eyebrows. I'll see how far the Rebellion Tsarevich is going." The children raise their eyebrows with a pitchfork, Koschey looks, announces that there is nothing to hurry, they must plow arable land, sow bread, reap, threshing, grind flour, bake bread, then he will go. After what has been done, Koschey goes, catches up with N., takes away the PP and does not order him to steal it anymore, otherwise he will severely punish her. N. takes RR away for the second time. The horse reports this to Koshchei. Koschey goes home, demands: "Seven children! Bring me seven pitchforks, raise my heavy eyebrows. I'll see if N is going far." The children raise their eyebrows with a pitchfork, Koschey looks, announces that they need to grind flour, bake bread, and then he will go. He catches up with N., whips him, does not tell him to return, otherwise he pulls one leg and tears him apart. N. takes RR away for the third time. The horse reports this to Koshchei. Koschey returns home, everything repeats itself, this time Koschey tears N. apart, throws, RR takes him away. The RR brothers see that the necklace left by N. has turned black, and one of them goes to look for it. A crow hit the body. He catches a crow, asks a crow to let him go, he tells it to bring alive and dead water, and ties bubbles to its wings so that it can collect from the dead sea and the living sea. Dead water makes the body grow together, N. gets up alive and says that he slept for a long time, but soon got up. The brothers persuade him not to save the RR, he does not agree, they teach him to go to the hero's widow, get her horses for three days, and get the worst foal. On the way, the Restless Prince stings the gadfly, asks him not to kill him, let him drink, then he will come in handy. N. wants to kill the wolf, catches pike, but releases them in exchange for a promise to come in handy. The widow has chained heroes who used to herd horses. She sends N. to watch 33 mares, who lie quietly in the field. N. falls asleep. When he wakes up, there are no mares. Gadflies, led by the one N. released, bring mares. He gives them back to her widow: her three daughters and 30 black girls. She scolds her daughters for not being able to escape, executes her eldest. The next day, N. falls asleep again, but wolves, led by the one he decided not to kill, bring mares, and the widow executes her middle daughter for this. On the third day, N. falls asleep, the mares disappear, but the pike causes a flood, horses float up and can only go ashore where N. The widow executes her third daughter, allows N. to choose from good stallions, he asks for a lousy foal, carries him on his shoulders, this is the elder brother of Koshcheev's horse. The foal asks him to let him go to his mother for a drink of milk to become stronger, and when he returns, throw his hat at him to stop him. The first time N. hits the neck with a hat, the second time the horse can walk by himself when he returns, N. hits his hat in the side, the third time he can already ride a horse, he rode from his mother, raising dust. N. takes N. to a cauldron with strong water, N. drinks, feels that there is no stronger hero, at the behest of the horse he drinks more, feels that he can pull the earth and sky into one place. The horse tells me to drink half more, N. says that he has lost half his strength, the horse says it's good, otherwise the earth would not wear it. The horse runs to the hero's widow, deceives her, saying that N. could not ride it, fell and died. She asks him to wear her husband's armor so that he can run in them, otherwise he will become a thin foal again, returns with them to N., who puts on armor and goes to Koshchei. On the advice of the horse, he sets a fire in the field, comes to Kashchei's house, takes the RR away. Koschey returns from the field, discovers the loss, and goes in pursuit. When N. comes to the fire, the horse rises high above it. Koschey makes his horse stand up. He says he can't get so high because his older brother is under N. Koschey tells him to get up, at which time N. attacks him, his horse also hits the rider with his hoof, Koschey falls right into the fire, burns]: Potanin 1902, No. 55:111-114; Russians {place of recording not specified} [ when dying, Ivan Tsarevich's parents (I.) order his three sisters to be the first to marry; these are Sokol, Orel, Raven; I. goes to visit his sisters, meets Marya Morevna (M.), marries; she does not tell me to drop in into the closet; I. looks, there Koschey (K.) is in chains, asks for a drink; I. gives him water, he breaks his chains, takes M.; I. meets his sons-in-law, leaves them with a silver spoon, fork, snuffbox; I. takes M.; horse K. speaks we will still catch up with him that we have time to sow wheat, squeeze it, bake bread; K. forgives I. twice, cuts it into pieces on the third, puts it in a barrel, throws it into the sea; the Eagle pulls it out, the Falcon and the Raven bring it alive and dead water is revived by I.; M. learns that K.'s horse from the mare on which Baba Yaga flies around the world every day; gives a handkerchief to cross the fiery river; I. does not touch chicks, honey, lion cubs; Baba Yaga orders three times herd mares; bird, bees, lioness drive those who have run away; the bee tells them to ride off on a lousy foal; I. makes a bridge with a handkerchief; Baba Yaga chases, the bridge collapses, she dies; I.'s horse kills K., and . burns the body; I. and M. wedding]: Afanasiev 1958 (1), No. 159:376-382; Belarusians (western in Pogar, Bryansk Gubernia) [Fedor Tugarin has to give his sisters for Wind, Hail, Thunder; he finds three soldiers beaten by Anastasia the Beautiful; he comes to her, their horses graze together, which means that they should not fight themselves, but marry; A. does not tell you to look into the closet, where the Serpent is hanged by the rib; F. lets him go, he takes A.; F. comes to his sons-in-law; takes A.; the horse tells the Snake that we will have time to squeeze the wheat, grind it, eat it; The serpent catches up, kills F., his sons-in-law revives him with live water; A. learns from the Serpent that his horse is from a herd of a woman who kills shepherds (gives them a sleepy potion, mares wander); learns that the Serpent's death in stone on the island, in which there is a hare, duck, egg, yolk, pebble; F. divides the prey of wolves, bees, crayfish; they bring mares, F. takes a royal stallion as payment, takes A. on it, kills the Snake with a stone in the forehead]: Afanasiev 1958 (1), No. 160:383-387; Belarusians [a matchmaker came for the elder, for the younger sister, they went out onto the porch, blown away by the wind; brother Ivan Krestyansky Son goes looking for them, enters the house, the hostess tells me to marry her; do not look through the door, which is tied with bast, covered with mud; he opened it, Kashchei is on chains; asked for three buckets of wine and three breads, three alder logs and three aspen logs; ate and drank, broke his chains with logs, took Mary Krasa; I. found M., took it; K. asks his three-legged horse if we will catch up; horse: go to bed and dinner, we'll catch up in the morning; the old man returned M. twice; I. came to sisters, one married to the Sun in a copper house, her son-in-law gave a falcon; the second, after Thunder in the silver house, gave a dog; I. took M. for the third time, K. caught up with him and killed him; Thunder and the Sun grabbed the crows, told to bring living and dead water to the crow, I. was revived; he tells M. to find out where K.'s soul is; K.: an island, an oak, a hollow, a hare, a duck, an egg; Baba Yaga must get a horse like K.'s; I. went for K.'s soul; let go of the queen of flies, she promised to help; the same is the king of crayfish; sparrow; Baba Yaga tells mares to herd; flies, crayfish bring mares; they order to choose a horse in the scab as a reward; Baba Yaga orders to collect the sown poppy; sparrows collect; I. got a horse, he brought it to the island, I. got an egg with K.'s soul; I. took M. away, his horse told K.'s horse not to come; I. broke the egg, K. died]: Vasilenok et al. 1958:115-122; Belarusians (p. Novaya Yelnya, kr. Grigory Tikhonov, 77 years old illiterate) [Husband and wife lived, and the child was small. The wife took the baby in the cradle and went to the harvest. She stung, got ready to go home - no baby. I looked for him, called, but not for him. And the baby crawled out of the cradle and crawled into the forest. The forest owner saw it and took him to raise him. And he named him Ivan Znaiden (The Foundling). He raised him and ordered him to go to his father and mother. Ivan went. He walked, walked, saw three blizzards fighting. He asks them, and they say they have found three things - a flying carpet, an invisible hat, a purse with money, and they are fighting for them. And Ivan says to them: "Do you see a high mountain? Stand there and run - whoever of you runs faster will take it all!" And they went to that mountain, and Ivan took all his things for himself. He did not go to his father and mother, but he went to his forest master. The owner asks why Ivan came back. And Ivan replies that he found three things - a flying carpet, an invisible hat and a wallet with money. The forest owner then tells him where to find the bride: "If you go, three doves will fly. They will sit by the sea and become beautiful girls. When they go swimming, you take one dress and take it away. And whose dress, take that one by the right hand and marry her. Just don't drink her gorilki! If you drink, it'll fly away from you!" This is how the forest owner taught him, so Ivan went and came to the sea. He sees three doves flying. They sank ashore and became maidens. We went swimming, he took the dress alone and hid it. They swam, began to dress - one dress is missing! Looking for and looking for a girl, she won't find it. He says, "Who laughed at me? If old, be my father, if average, be my uncle, if you are single, be my faithful husband!" He answers her, she sees that she is young. "If you are my husband and I am your wife, give me the dress!" She dressed up and took her to her father-mother. We got married. They lived well until I drank vodka from it. But she began to ask him what kind of love they had, that he took nothing from her. She shamed him so much, so he drank from her hands. Ivan fell asleep, and she put on her dress and flew away, just saying: "I'll see you - I won't see you in the Glass Mountains!" Ivan woke up - no wife. I went looking for her. He walked and came to his forest master. The forest owner reproached him for disobeying Ivan's advice. Asks what she said when she left. Ivan talked about the Glass Mountains. But the forest owner did not know where they were. He went out onto the porch, shouted in a good voice, whistled with a heroic whistle - birds, everything in the world, flew to him. He asks the birds if they know where the Glass Mountains are. No birds have seen. Then the forest owner gives Ivan a ball. Where he goes, Ivan should go. It brings his glomerulus to his middle brother. Everything repeats itself, the middle brother calls all animals in the world except wolves. The beasts of the glass mountains have not seen. Then his middle brother gives Ivan another ball, and tells him to follow him, and he will lead him to his older brother. The elder brother calls wolves - everything in the world. The wolves didn't see it. The elder brother did not believe them. He asks if all wolves are here. They see that there is no one lame wolf. The elder brother went out onto the porch again when he whistled - all the leaves in the forest flew around. The wolf doesn't come. He whistled another time - all the branches from the trees fell. Here comes the lame wolf. His older brother asks him where he was so far away. The wolf says he was in the Glass Mountains. Then his older brother tells him to take Ivan to the Glass Mountains. Ivan sat on the wolf and he was huddling. "How can you ride if you're lame," says Ivan, we flew on a flying carpet! The wolf then says to Ivan: "Tear a piece of wool between my ears as you need it, sunk it, and I'll rush to you." He showed him how to fly to the Glass Mountains and disappeared. Ivan flew to the Glass Mountains, but he couldn't climb. He burned the wool, summoned the wolf. The wolf advised him to go to the bazaar, buy iron and go to the blacksmith to forge iron claws on his arms and legs, and when he climbed, call himself a cook. That's what Ivan did. They sent him as a cook to the key box. That was his wife. We met and recognized each other. Time passes, she sends him to the bazaar, tells him to buy 60 horses, a carriage and coachmen. Ivan performs everything. His wife is punishing him to live in the Glass Mountains, to walk wherever she wants, but not to look into the booth. And she takes a carriage to her father. He is left alone. I couldn't resist looking into the booth. And there Kashchei the Immortal hangs and his horse. He asks him to feed him, so he will save Ivan from death three times. Ivan brings him bread, Kashchei eats himself and feeds his horse. It happens three times. Kashchei now asks Ivan for a bucket of water. Ivan brings water three times. After getting drunk and drinking his horse, Kashchei saddles his horse and tells Ivan that for his kindness he will take his wife away from him and live with her himself. And Kashchei took Ivan's wife to other Glass Mountains. Ivan summons the lame wolf. He again shows him the way to the Glass Mountains. Ivan flies there on a flying carpet. He slips past the guard, wearing an invisible hat. Kashchei is not there, Ivan picks up his wife and, wearing an invisible hat, walks past the guard again. Kashcheev's horse laughs, tells him about Ivan's kidnapping of his wife, advises him to brew beer, drink and then catch up. So they did, then they caught up and took his wife away, but Ivan Kashchei, as promised, did not kill. Ivan is flying for his wife again on a flying carpet. Everything repeats itself, Ivan kidnaps his wife, then Kashchei takes her away, Ivan does not kill. Ivan enters the kingdom of Kashchei for the third time, he is not at home. He asks his wife to find out where Kashchei got such a horse. Kashchei returns and answers questions that Baba Yaga lives in a kingdom of far away, a state far away, she has 100 mares, whoever saves them for 3 days will get the best stallion, and whoever does not lose them will get the best stallion, and whoever does not lose them will get the best stallion, and whoever does He'll put his head on a stake. Kashchei flies away, Ivan comes. His wife tells him about Baba Yaga. And Ivan goes to serve the stallion (on foot). Hungry Ivan came to the sea, and cancer lies on the shore. Ivan wants to eat it, the cancer persuades him to take his "playful girl" and call it when necessary. Ivan goes on hungry. He sees woodpeckers in the forest. She wants to get them and eat them. An old woodpecker flies, asks Ivan not to touch his children, for which he gives him a pen - call him when you need me. Ivan meets further than an ant, history repeats itself. He comes to Baba Yaga. She feeds him, puts him to bed, Ivan goes to herd 100 mares in the morning, and Baba Yaa gives him food, "sleepy pancakes". Ivan herds until noon, eats fritters. He falls asleep. The mares run away. Baba Yaga comes and laments. Ivan summons the lame wolf. The wolf says: call cancer today, the mares have gone to sea. Call the woodpeckers tomorrow - the mares will go to the forest. On the third day, the ant, the mares will go underground, and he will drive them out. He also said so - that he would no longer serve Ivan. Ivan caused cancer, cancer punished him when the last mare came out, to sit on it and go to the yard. That's what they did. Ivan brings 100 mares to Baba Yaga, she rejoices, and she swears at them (these are her daughters) that they did not hide well, and beats them. The next day, everything repeats itself - Ivan eats sleepy pancakes, mares run away, he calls woodpeckers, who drive out the mares. On the third day, the same thing, an ant helps. The next morning he asks Yaga Ivan to serve for the last time - to disperse the poppy seeds. Ivan sows. Then Baba Yaga tells him to collect all the makovins, otherwise he will not get a stallion. Ivan calls the ant for the second time. He helps him collect poppies. At night, Ivan hears a "servant", who tells him that Baba Yaga has given all her strength to one stallion, and he is the frail and sits under the nursery so that Ivan chooses that stallion. This is what Ivan did, just as Yaga did not persuade him to choose a better one. "I'm the worst person, I'll take the worst horse!" There is nothing to do, Yaga gave her horse. The horse tells Ivan to fall for him "dawn on barley, dawn on wheat, dawn on oats." This is what Ivan did, and the horse changed. Ivan sat on it and drove off. He comes to the kingdom of Kashcheyevo, Kashchei is not at home. Ivan took his wife, they got on a horse and drove off. Kashcheevsky's horse laughs, tells him that Ivan kidnapped his wife, but they won't catch up with him now - Ivan rides their smaller brother. Here are horse brothers meeting. The youngest, near Ivan, asks if the brothers want to fight with him, Ali Ivan Znaiden want. Horses don't want to fight. And if you want Ivan, throw off Kashchei - "don't let him hit the cheese, the ground, the white stone, and crumble with the sides." Well, they say Kashchei fed us. And the horse answers them - Ivan will feed you. Well, they threw off Kashchei's horses. And Ivan Znaiden went with his wife, but it is not known where - either to Shklyany Gora, or to his father with a uterus]: Romanov 1901, No. 12:105-117; Belarusians [A landowner lived in a certain kingdom, he had a son and three daughters. When he died, he told his son to give his sisters to be the first to marry. Sisters and brother walk in the garden, it's raining, they hide in the house, and suddenly matchmakers arrive and pick up their older sister. This is the case with middle and junior. Left alone, my brother (Ivan Ivanovich) takes a sword, saddles a horse and goes wherever his eyes look. He visits his younger sister, who first hides him from her husband (crow) in a chest, then, when she finds out that her husband would be happy with his brother-in-law, he lets him out, they feast for 3 days, when he leaves, he gives a "sign" - his handkerchief. Then he visits his middle sister, the falcon's wife, and the youngest, the eagle's wife. Each time the house is bigger, the oak is wider, the feast is longer; as an example, he gives a belt to a falcon and a clasp to an eagle. Ivan goes and sees the beaten force - it was Marya Mariana who fought with the snake Kostey. This is repeated three times. Ivan drives up to her palace, where he finds her asleep, decides not to cut off her head and lies down with her. When she wakes up, she also decides not to kill him, invites him to be her husband, and says that she does not want to marry Kostei. They're feasting on their wedding day. Ivan goes to a cursed place in the garden, where he finds Kostey chained, who promises to get him three kingdoms if Ivan lets him go. Believing, Ivan cleans the snake, which is grabbed by Marya Mariana and flies with her to his kingdom. Ivan goes to Kostey's yard and his mother's hut, steals Marya Mariana while the serpent sleeps. The serpent catches up with Ivan on his horse in six races, brewing and drinking barley beer on her advice. He does not harm Ivan, takes Marya Mariana away from him ("stop the gift from tabe!"). This is repeated two more times (the distance increases), the third time the serpent takes off Ivan Ivanovich's head (this is the third hotel). According to the signs Ivan left to his brother-in-law, blood began to flow, and they rushed to look for him. The raven should have sniffed, the Falcon should fly fast, the Eagle should have looked closely. They find it and revive it with the help of "growing" and living water, and invite them to live. He refuses and goes again, this time on foot. I found a wedding in Kostey's yard. M. M. asks Kostey where to get a flying horse (in a certain kingdom and from an old woman). On the way, I. I. is hungry, trying to eat woodpeckers, bear cub, hive, crayfish, pike - fish, animals and insects promise to be useful to him if he is gone. The pike transports it to the other side of the lake. There are human heads sticking out on the stakes. I.I. asks the old woman for a horse, she gives the task of herding her 12 horses (mares - her daughter) for three days, if I. I. will pay with his head. Woodpeckers (on the first day), bears (on the second) and bees (on the third) collect scattered horses. Crayfish drive horses out of the water. I. takes a foal covered with scab, the scab disappears, he becomes such a horse "that's scary to watch." Stealing M. M., Kostya rushes in pursuit, his stallion on the way decided that he would not serve "wrong blood", but would serve Christian blood. He rose high and threw off the snake, drove M. M. and remained in her possession]: Romanov 1991, No. 23:205-213; Ukrainians (Transcarpathia, Tyachiv district, p. Dulova) [The tsar has three sons and a daughter, the eldest sons study well, the youngest Ivan Farmudz is stupid, Pepelyanik. The brothers decide to find out why their father has one eye crying and the other laughing. The oldest one comes first. The king reads, there is a saber on the table, he swings at his son, he runs away, the king throws his sword after him, and she pierces the door. It's the same with the middle son. When the IF enters, the king swings, and the IF puts his head on the table: the king has the right to kill him. The king reports that he was sold to an unclean man in his mother's womb. When he dies, the devils will smash his bones across seven powers, so one eye cries. But he hopes his sons will protect him, so the second one laughs. He tells you to cook 7 fathoms of firewood, dig a grave in 7 fathoms deep, sons spend the night near the grave and burn a fire, sabers in their hands, three snakes will arrive at night: at 9 o'clock - three-headed, at 10 a.m. - 6-headed, at midnight - Chapter 12 If someone comes for a sister, give it back. The king is dead, the brothers spend the night at the grave. The elders fall asleep. IF kills a 3-headed snake, blood almost flooded the sleepers. The IF puts logs under the heads of sleepy brothers. Kills the 6-headed, the blood almost flooded the sleepers, the IF seats sleepy brothers. A 12-headed serpent arrives. Ivan cuts 6 goals, then 6 more, but one always returns to the place. The IF pierces the snake's neck and presses it to the ground, the blood cools down, the head cannot grow. Blood flows like a river, and IF puts the sleepy brothers standing still. The fire went out, the IF climbs the ash tree, the light is in the distance, the IF is walking, the forest is on the way, two women ask to judge who is the oldest. It's Night and Day. The IF ties them to poles at a distance, tells them to remain silent until they return, otherwise they will cut off their heads. It comes to a fire of 300 fathoms of firewood, robbers (sprays) sleep around. The IF cuts off the stick, splits the end and pulls out the smut in a split, but the coal falls on the senior robber. The IF runs away with fire. The robbers wake up, the younger and middle do not see anything, the eldest gets up, his head rises above the trees, he sees the IF, steps several times, catches up with the IF, puts it in the palm of his hand, brings him to the fire, calls it an ant, promises to kill for stealing smut. IF calls himself the best thief in the world. The robber demands help to steal the king's daughter. The sun never shone on her, the wind never blew on her forehead, golden hair on her head, her beauty is indescribable. The robbers have not been able to steal it for three years: there is a golden rooster at the royal gate and as soon as they approach, he starts singing and the army shoots. The IF crawls up, kills a rooster, finds the room where the girl sleeps, calls the robbers one by one, cuts everyone's head, changes rings with the sleeping princess, leaves a note: IF hacked three snakes, Night and He tied the day to trees, shot a rooster, cut off the heads of the robbers, and exchanged rings with the princess. Night and Day are asked to let them go: it has been dark for 7 days. The IF judges this way: in summer it should be a long day (a lot of work, the harvest must ripen), and in winter it should be short. Night and day sign an eternal contract. The IF returns, cuts the frozen blood of snakes, the brothers who wake up fainting with fear. The Interfax rules the state. At midnight, musicians come and demand to give what their father ordered, otherwise they will leave no stone unturned. The IF throws their sister out the window. Musicians play, the wind blows - a train of 100 carriages flies across forests and seas. The neighboring king promised a daughter to whoever would kill the thieves. A gypsy servant finds the bodies and pretends to be their murderer. Preparing a wedding. The IF is late, the gypsy demands not to let him in, but the king lets him in. The Interfax ridicules the groom, expects execution for insulting the future royal son-in-law. At the gallows, she tells me what he did and where he put the letter, shows the princess's ring. The people rejoice, the army and servants disperse the gypsies. After the wedding, IF goes to his brothers, the king lets him go, but forbids him to take his wife with him, who was not shining in the sun or blowing the wind: she will be kidnapped by the wind. The IF does not listen, the whirlwind takes the princess away. The queen gives three years to find her daughter, otherwise she executes her. The IF wanders, there is a hole in the trunk of the oak tree: "This is where the wedding with Farmudz Mariika came in." The IF comes to a small hut like a box. There, his brother-in-law tells his wife to cook: her brother starves to death. He puts the IF to bed, asks the horse where the IF's wife is. Horse: In the seventieth country, the Filthy King stands for a cook. Pogany also has a horse, his older brother, he is stronger, he will catch up, the poganin king will cut Ivan to pieces. You have to put a bag on the horse so that the horse will then bring the chopped one. The brother-in-law equips the IF on the road, the horse brings him to the realm of Poganin. Ivanova's wife is just on her way to the well with the buckets, singing plaintively. The IF puts her on a horse. At the same moment, Filthy's horse laughs. Poganin grabs an iron pitchfork, rushes into the staff, finds out that the IF stole his cook, but he has time. He snaps his teeth and eats two wagons of nuts, smokes two wagons of tobacco, sleeps for two hours, takes a sword, sits on a horse and starts after him. IF Horse: It burns the fire because the Filthy King is catching up. Let the IF ask Poganin to cut him with a sword, throw him in a bag and put him on his horse. This is what happens. Poganin takes the cook. The brother-in-law tells his wife to bring a trough from the attic in advance, folds the pieces of the IF body, pours it with healing water, and everything grows together. The brother-in-law has two souls, he blows on his body, releases one of them, the soul enters the IF, and he comes to life. His brother-in-law explains that he won't be able to revive him again. His mother, who is the oldest over half the world, could help, knows a lot, but she can eat it when she sees it. The IF has been going to her for six months. Baba feels it from a distance, roars: she has been living in this place for 10,000 years, but has not seen an earthly person, she has not eaten fresh human beings for 3000 years. The IF calls her a sweet mother, a dear matchmaker, and says that her son sent him. Baba wants to see it but promises to eat it. He takes two iron poles, 10 m each, supports his eyelids, otherwise they cannot hold on. The IF talks about everything, the woman feels sorry for him. He sends him to his husband, but there is little hope that he will regret it, he is even angrier, he is 6 months away. He feeds him with tin dumplings, he does not feel hungry during the journey. My grandfather senses it from an even greater distance, 15,000 years, has not seen a person, he has not eaten human beings for 5,000 years. The Interfax calls him a sweet father, a dear matchmaker, says that he has been pardoned and sent by his wife as the oldest in the world. Grandfather: I ate millions of people, but I have never met such an affectionate and kind person. She wants to watch and then eat it. It supports the eyelids with iron poles 20 m long. He regretted, feeds the IF with steel dumplings. It gives two twigs that grow out of the ground. There is a basement under the house, there are two horses, one must be hit with one twig and the other with another, he gives these horses because he is old, the horses must be obeyed, they will do everything. The IF goes down into the dungeon, sees wooden tremblers on four legs, hits them with a twig - the tremblers turn into a stallion and a mare. The horse is happy, asks you to take him out of the basement, take a wooden ax, cut three thousand fathoms of firewood, and light a fire. A wooden ax cuts trees into ready-made logs. Horses eat fire, eat ashes 100 meters deep, drink all the water, drink the lake three times: now they are invincible. The horse tells you to take diamond clothes out of his left ear, and a saddle with a bridle for a woman from his right ear. The horse asks how to carry it, IF: so that neither he nor the horse is harmed. The horse is happy to have waited for a good king. Pogany's horse is his son. They arrive at the well, the IF dresses his wife in diamond clothes, puts him on a mare, and rises above the sky. The horse in the filthy king's stine laughs. They're flying in pursuit, there's no time to wait. Pogany's horse calls his father and mother, asks him to wait for him, otherwise he will be tortured. They advise you to fly into the sky, throw off the pollution. Poganin is still falling, and if he fell, it would rumble with all the thunder and the earth would crumble. The horse rushes after his parents, flies with them. Light shines all over the sky, people think the whole world is on fire. The old tsar cries with joy, IF invites his brothers to a feast]: Lintour, Chandey 1965:9-29; Ukrainians (Galicia) [the man walked looking for a bride; the sorceress ordered to look for gold-haired Yalena; came to the Sun - it does not know, gave a golden ball; The month is the same, gave a brush; Wind: I. hold 30 women with iron tongues; tells me to hire a sorceress who will give a flying horse; gave a broom; the maggot tells the mare to herd; by night noise, the mare disappeared; there is a hen on eggs in the crown; the foxes pulled out the eggs, a mare with three foals jumped out of them; the sorcerer gave one; I am in the jug, you have to take the jug, but do not open it on the way; the women are sleeping, the man took the jug away; the women woke up and caught up; he threw his brush (forest; gnawed), the ball (mountain; gnawed); hit the sea with a broom, it parted; when he passed, hit again, the sea came together, the women drowned; rode the tsar from the same sorcerer, they began to fight; the horses consulted, the tsar's horse threw him off, he was killed; the man brought Y. home]: Pankeev 1992:61-63; Ukrainians (Kharkiv) [Elena the Beautiful stolen a snake, her sister, Ivan Tsarevich's wife, becomes angry, the serpent "makes her a snake" (metaphor). Ivan asks the mighty hero Churila for help, who agrees to come instead of him at night and teach her a lesson. At night, Churila's wife takes Churila for her husband, he beats her (while her husband hides). She asks to let her go, promises to be kind and obedient again. Asks her husband to return her sister Elena. Churilo promises to do everything instead of Ivan. On the way, he sees two snakes attacking one, helping the latter because he stole Elena, then protects him twice from other snakes. She comes to the beautiful tower where Elena is hidden and takes her away. The pigeon flies to the snake, reports the incident, the snake asks the horse if he can catch up with the fugitives, the horse says that first the snake must sow life, collect, grind grain, brew beer, and drink horse. The serpent follows the instructions, catches up with Churylo on horseback - he has no weapon, he is forced to give it to Elena, the serpent recognizes him and promises to let him go alive three times (how many times he has been saved). Churylo steals Elena again, everything repeats itself twice (the horse orders the snake to sow buckwheat, etc.), the snake warns that it will no longer spare Churylo. He steals Elena for the third time, catches up with the serpent, cuts him up. Three days later, the wolf, Churila's brother, finds the body, grabs a crow that bites the dead body, demands that the crow bring healing and living water, and he brings it in 3 days ("as I slept!"). The wolf advises Churylo to take a foal from a snake mare, hide it from wolves on Tsar Mountain (they eat them), who digs a hole and hides it in it. When the wolves leave, the foal asks to let him go to his mother, Churylo lets him go for 3 days, the foal gains strength and grows up (the snake horse is three-legged, one leg was eaten by wolves). Churylo takes Elena on a new horse (she thought Churylo was dead and did not want to go with him). The pigeon tells the snake about the escape, the horse warns the snake that it is unlikely to catch up with the fugitives. Churilo's horse asks why the three-legged horse carries a "reptile" (he did not let him "feed to his mother", did not protect it from wolves). The horse drops the snake "the bones themselves are left", Churilo puts Elena on it. Churilo leaves her and his horse to Ivan, his wife rejoices and arranges a feast]: Grinchenko 1895, No. 159:159-165.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Crimean Tatars [(zap. Sergei Tumanov in Feodosia); when he dies, the tsar tells his three sons to marry their three sisters; they are taken by the Leo, the Tiger, the huge Raven; each time the girl is given away only at insistence younger brother; sitting by the window, the younger brother shoots through the wineskins of the girl who comes to the well; she curses him, telling him to suffer from love for the daughter of the sun and moon; he goes in the direction indicated by the girl; the old woman says that Raven lives there; this is the young man's son-in-law; his house is guarded by forty lions and forty tigers; the young man buys meat, the old woman goes and throws it to everyone; cuts off the last piece from her leg; the young man's grateful sister made the lion regurgitate the meat, put it back, sends an invitation with the old woman; the brother comes, his sister hides him; eclipsing the sun, the Raven arrives, becomes a man; convenes creatures find out where the daughter of the sun lives; the latter knows; the prince sits on her with his horse, feeds her meat and water on the way; leaves her in his nest; every year the snake kills her chicks; the prince cuts the snake, feeds the chicks; the bird swallows and regurgitates them, allowing them to fly; the king catches the princess bird, gives them to his daughter; at night he turns into a man, drinks her sorbet; she guards; he becomes her lover; marries; they go to his house; at rest, a Black Arab takes her away on a three-legged horse; the prince comes to his city, stays with an old woman; she receives the keys to an Arab, releases the prisoner, the prince takes her away; the Arab asks the horse whether to go now or after he is drunk; the horse: I will have time to sleep; Arap catches up, cuts the prince into pieces, puts him in a bag, the horse takes the bag to the Raven; the mother The crow glues the pieces with pomegranate juice, revives them with pomegranate; the captive pretends to love an Arab, who talks about a three-legged horse; in the ninth meadow, a mare runs north, gives birth, four wolves come demand food; the Arab is not enough for the fourth, he has eaten the leg of the foal; the prince feeds all four, receives a four-legged foal from the same mare, takes his wife; the tripod throws off the Arab, he is killed ]: Potanin 1883:725-729; Adygs: Lipkin 1951 [Thagoledge, god of fertility, says he is old, gives millet to sledges, one grain of which is enough to cook a pot of pasta; sledges hide seeds into a copper barn; Emynyzh, with the body of a dragon and the face of a giant, broke the barn, took the seeds; Satan tells us who the thief is and how to get to E. (from sunrise across the sky to sunset); Aryksha was the first to go, did not return; Sosruko was the next; Sataney explains that E. settled in the west to devour the sun; at the gate of the fortress E. huge swords converge and disperse; S. cuts them with the sword of sledge blacksmith Tlepsh; the girl kidnapped by E. says that E. went to plow to the top of the mountain, taking a bag of seeds with him; S. jumps up on the mountain, the bag grabs, but E. on a three-legged horse easily catches up with him and takes the bag away; the girl asks E. to tell him where his soul is; he replies that it is in the door frame; S. takes the bag again, E. takes it away again; the girl gilded the frame; E. says that the soul is in the tree; again the same episodes; E. admits that his soul is in a three-legged horse, the son of a mare Tozh, she is from an old woman's herd; S. goes to her, causing frost to during his absence, E. did not have time to finish plowing; on the way he helps the wolf, falcon, fish; broke through tigers, eagles and dogs that attacked him; fell to the old woman's chest; she tells her herd to herd for 3 days; wolf, falcon, fish collect scattered horses; S. receives as a reward a foal that the mare also gave birth at sea; the foal asks to let him go to his mother so that he can drink her milk and become stronger brother; S. takes the bag, E. cannot catch up with him, the foal S. tells his brother to throw E., he threw it into the abyss, E. crashed; S. returned the seeds to the sledges, gave the girl to the sledge]: 59-75; Huth 1987 (shapsugi ) [When he dies, Erestem tells his three sons to give his sister to a rider who will come at night and shout, Zhyu; only the younger brother does this; in the absence of his sister, the older two tell him to sing a woman's a job; he goes to look for his sister; she says that a friend kidnapped the beautiful Tletanay; her husband says that the hoarder has a horse, Jacques; the young man finds T., at his request, she asks a hoarder where Jacques was found; on her way to the country Itam-Ituk, a young man saves a hawk, a fish, a wolf; falls to the chest of an old goose (witch); she promises one of three foals if the young man can herd horses for three nights; horses that have fled to heaven, sea, forest a hawk, a fish, a wolf are brought in; the young man chooses a plain foal; he says that he is his mother's second, that Jacques drank breast milk twice, and he once; comes back, drinks two more times; now he stronger; the hoarder on Jacques cannot catch up with the young man taking T.; Jacques's brother suggests that he throw off the other, Jacques does; the young man brings the severed head and wife]: 112-119 (=Kerashev 1957:53-63); (cf. Balkarians (western 1959) [the elder brother and his squad stopped for the night, the black fog approached, destroyed them; the middle brother was the same; the younger brother was careful, hid, escaped himself; came to Emegensha, fell to her breasts; her sons with they made friends with him; explained that the fog was a girl, she stole their horse; they had a piebald mare, her foals were dragged away by a wolf; the girl managed to take the foal, but the wolf gnawed off his leg, so her horse three-legged; fog is steam from his nostrils; tomorrow the mare will give birth again; the young man caught the foal without injury; emegens teach: hiding alternately so that the girl thinks that the horse is falsely raising the alarm, approach girl; she sleeps for a month, her hair must be tied; let her go when she swears a prayer book; a boy and a girl got married; she gave her husband her portrait; he lost it, water brought it to the khan; the witch promised to get a beauty; came to the young man's wife, while not, persuaded him to find out where that shower was; in a broom; burned a broom; in a bead in his hair; the young man got drunk, the witch tore off the bead, threw it into the corner, took the girl away; she demands to wait a year with the wedding; the emegens see that blood is dripping from the young man's arrow; they came, found a bead, put it, the young man came to life; asked the shepherd, threw a ring into his wife's maid's jug; during weddings, an unrecognized man stabbed a witch and took his wife on a four-legged horse; brought the groom's friend on a three-legged emegen to be eaten; along with his emegen brothers in that mentioned rock crack, if not probably died (and now) live]: Malkonduev 2017:229-240); Ossetians: Britaev, Kaloev 1959 [father bequeaths three sons to marry three sisters; these are dragon, eagle, hawk; the brothers shoot, the arrows of the elders fall at the king's doorstep, the youngest at the swamp frog; the youngest goes to live separately; someone cooks; he throws frogskin into the fire; the brothers ask the younger to return; a dwarf on a three-legged horse kidnaps his younger daughter-in-law; a younger brother gets advice from his sisters' husbands in search of a wife; a hawk gives a flying horse; a young man takes his wife, but the horse wakes up a dwarf; a wife tells a dwarf collect pieces of the young man's body in a bag, gives the dog Karis, she brings the Hawk, he, the Eagle and the Dragon revive the young man (flying between the crushing mountains, the Hawk brings aluton = the elixir of life); sons-in-law distract wolves guarding avsurgs - Donbettyr's horses; on the road he takes his wife, the horse kills a three-legged and a dwarf; feeling guilty, the older brothers died, followed by the youngest; the wife committed suicide; they grew up over the graves trees and their branches are intertwined]: 64-75; Dzagurov 1973, No. 32 [Aldar has 3 daughters, he keeps them in an iron tower; later Soslanbek's son was born; the widow's daughter went to fetch water; S. fired an arrow and smashed it jugs; the widow teaches the girl next time to say to S.: I would find her sisters better; the mother had to confess, S. came to the sisters, they asked him to beg his parents to let them go to the party in church; after the service, three monsters kidnapped the girls; parents tell S. to find them; while S. was sleeping, an elephant came out of the river, swallowed S.'s horse and told him to sit on it; consistently brings him to his three sisters; they give a ring, a knife, a purse to call them if necessary; S. refuses to marry beauties whose portraits are shown and seeks to be shown the hidden portrait; the father-in-law of the sisters S. the dragon Zaliag-Kalm; he sleeps, surrounded by an iron fence with his body; S. cut the dragon, entered, to meet his daughter, beautiful Sugar; she gave him sleeping pills, ordered him to be thrown into the tower; S. summoned horsemen from the ring, they released him, but when they saw Sugar, S. lost consciousness and Sugar took his ring; the same with the knife; the heroes came out of his wallet, and S. hid it in advance; after that, Sugar agreed to become wife S.; ordered not to unlock the seventh room; S. unlocked, the giant Khatag-Barag and his horse were chained there; HB asks to throw them bread and hay, promises to provide three services; after being released, HB took Sugar; S. comes to her and takes her away, but HB catches up every time; for the fourth time he chopped S. to pieces; his sisters caught a crow; told his mother to bring living water, otherwise they would tear the crow to shreds; reviving S. the sisters told him to get the half-brother of the horse HB; the owner of the herd tells him to herd him without loss: either he will give the horse or cut off the shepherd's head; on the way, S. wanted to kill, but let the wolf, the fox and the wasp go; each of them gathers a herd in the evening; the mare must give birth, the witch beat her; in revenge, the mare told S. that it is necessary to choose the foal she will give birth to, although he seems weak; the foal tells you to wait three days, becomes a heroic horse; tells you to get into one ear, get out of the other - S. became a hero in a golden robe; S. took Sugar; when HB caught up and took off to hit S. from above, S.'s horse was taller and S. killed HB; everything is fine]: 80-91; Sokayeva 2012, No. 6 [younger brother sees a bloody stream, takes stones from there, sells Aldar; goes to get stones again, looks for the source streams; there are three dead girls in the house, one more bleeding; at night a giant came, revived the girl with a pearl; when he left, the young man revived all three, killed the giant with his sword, took one girl, two He gave the others to his brothers; the brothers have 3 sisters, they were taken by Uastyrji, Uatzilla, Afsati; while the brothers are hunting, a rider arrives on a three-legged horse, drops his whip, asks for food, the youngest's wife agrees, he picks her up with the end of the whip, takes her away; the younger brother goes to look for his wife, consistently comes to his sons-in-law; only Uastyrji saw that rider; the kidnapper sleeps and stays awake for 6 days; wife: we must get it a foal from a three-legged mother, who has the head of the devils, the mother is pregnant, she is guarded by 7 wolves; the head of the devils allows her to take the foal, the younger brother takes his wife], 8 [the father tells three sons to give three sisters off as those who marry; sisters are taken away by three horsemen; brothers marry, the youngest's wife is missing, he goes in search, comes to his younger sister, she hides him; the husband arrives, tells how someone the three-legged horse carried a beautiful woman; the brother jumps up, the son-in-law gives him a whip that revives the dead; the second son-in-law gives a horse, the third sends him to the goal; there is the kidnapper's wife, she cries: the husband brought another beauty; the young man comes to the cave, takes his wife away; the three-legged horse tells the kidnapper not to hurry; catches up easily, the kidnapper kills the young man; the wife persuades him to allow his remains to be tied to the horse; the sister revives him with a whip; the wife orders to get another foal from the same mare; on the way, the young man feeds the hungry fox, the kite, lets the sea fish; the fish transports the sea; the young man falls to the woman's chest; she orders to save the foal when the mare gives birth to it; the mare runs away three times, the fox, the kite, the fish return it; the young man receives a three-legged foal, kills the evil spirit; woman: this spirit killed all foals, escaped this one and another one, but he did not drink his mother's milk; the young man let the foal suck his mother's udder, took his wife safely]: 67-70, 84-90; Ingush [little Fusht-Bagh stops crying when his father promises marry him to Jinagaz; F. grows up, goes looking for J.; catches a hare, he turns into a beautiful woman, that's J.; promises to come to him in a week; stepmother sends a servant to put F., J. not can wake up; after the third time he leaves the ring, leaves for good; F. meets the maid J., throws J.'s ring into her jug, she recognizes it, keeps it; forbids entering the last room in the palace; F. comes in, there is a chained garbash (monster), F. agrees to free his hand, the garbash breaks out, now he is the master; F. and J. are running, the three-legged harbash horse replies that after eating, we will catch up, and not after eating we will catch up; easily catches up with the fugitives, the harbash forgives F.; J. tells how the garbash caught the foal; three nights it is necessary to herd the witch's mares; in the end, one necklace, the birds of prey rushed to the foal; the harbash held it with one hand, fought off the birds with the other sword, one eagle tore off the foal's front leg, but the horse that grew out of it is the fastest; F. rides, saves an eagle, a fox, a fish; herds mares, they run away, the eagle, the fox, collect the fish, F. gets a four-legged foal; the three-legged cannot catch up with him; the brothers agree to throw the harbash, he falls into a hole, covers him with earth; F. brings J. to his home]: Bulatova 1985:133-141; Malsagov 1983, No. 8 [when he dies, the old man tells his sons to guard the grave; the elder and middle brother ask the younger brother Ovdilg ("fool") goes instead of them; in three nights he catches three horses, each giving him his own hairs; the prince gives him three daughters, the youngest is Harsen Nars with a golden head and silver hands; O. on three horses jumps to three towers, takes and hides three girls; gives the elders to his brothers, XN takes for himself; Biydolg Bare kidnaps her; O. comes successively to the son of the Sun, the son of the Month, the son of the Star; BB has a three-legged guling horse; BB asks twice whether we will catch up with him before lunch; he replies that we will catch up with everything; BB breaks O. with a wolf club, takes HN, the son of the Sun, the son of the Month resurrects O.; the son of the Star tells us to go to the mountain where the mother of the Gulings is screwing; tear the muscle off his arm, feed the wolf, otherwise he will wean the guling's leg; now O. has four-legged guling, and BB has a three-legged; BB cannot catch up with O., guling goes to the ground, BB dies; wives drive O. Look for him; O. kills three Enjal monsters; brothers put a sword in the doorway, O. cuts off his legs against it, brothers take the guling; blind and armless come to live with O.; while three cripples hunt, the fire goes out in HN ; she comes to the yeshapyats; they give a sieve of ash, on top of the coals; on the ash trail, the yeshap mother finds a house, drinks HN blood; for promising not to kill her, the yeshapikha gives O. a bar, he cures the cripple; O. kills yeshapiha; O. kills and revives brothers, drives them away]: 55-71; Nogais [when dying, the old man tells his sons to give his eldest daughter for a karakus ("black bird"), the middle for a wolf, the youngest for the khan's son; when the brothers took their younger sister to the groom, a black cloud carried her away; the younger brother went to look; came to the older sister; her husband says that Karadau took her sister; the same middle sister's husband, orders to steal a three-legged horse; the young man took his sister, but Karadau caught up, whipped the young man in half; the sister asked him to collect his brother's remains and put them on his horse; the wolf and others revived the young man; a herd of horses lives in the lake, the mare is screwing on the shore; the wolf wanted to steal the foal, but only tore off one leg; now the mare is screwing again, the wolf helped the young man carry the foal; a week later he grew up, the younger brother went again for his sister; Karadau could not catch up on a three-legged four-legged; the brothers wanted to kill the young man, but he told them to catch a foal in the lake themselves, they drowned; their sister was passed off as Khan]: Kapaev 2012:147-151; Avars [=Ganieva 2011b, No. 7:114-121; when dying, the father tells three sons to guard his grave, give three daughters for those who ask; the elder, middle brothers are afraid, the youngest grabs a gray horse, that carries it to seventh heaven and to the seventh lower world, tamed, gives his hair; the same with nest, black horses; sisters are given for a wolf, a hawk, a falcon; the king consistently promises three daughters to someone who will jump on horseback over the tower; each time the younger brother calls the horse, takes the girl away, the brothers are jealous; all three go down to the dungeon, feast there, the older ones are drunk, the youngest kills the 9-headed serpent, cuts off his ears, hides his ears; the old man comes out from under the bush, thanks the snake for the murder, gives his younger brother his daughter; Black Nart (CHN) will demand her; the old man warns not to stop on the way home ; the young man falls asleep, ChN takes his wife; he finds sisters, they were also taken by the Narts under the guise of a wolf, a hawk, a falcon; they do not know where ChN lives, but the Bat shows the way; while ChN sleeps, the young man takes them wife, CHN on a three-legged horse catches up, kills a young man; the horse brings bones to his younger sister, her husband gives his second life to the young man; the young man asks his wife to ask ChN where he got the three-legged horse; under a stone plain, where a horse, his brother and their mother graze; the horse lost its leg when a wolf and ants rushed at him; a young man throws wheat and meat to them, takes the horse away; the horse kills the pursuer - CHN; the young man gives it to his wife brothers, takes two for himself]: Saidov, Dalgat 1965:215-230; svany {the episode with two horses is a little confusing, but it's clearly about two horses of one mare} [two brothers are married, the third is single; their three sisters are married to a diva, a falcon, a lion; the youngest went to marry the princess; king: she is promised to a black man, if a young man defeats him, let him take him; let the wedding be 12 years old; the young man hunts to feed the guests, comes to the land of a black man; he tells him to be taken to the wedding as well; takes the bride; the young man comes to the spring, where his sister's maid, who is married to a diva, collects water; asks for a drink throws up his ring; his sister finds it; hides his brother; the diva does not harm him: he chased the black man himself, but he went across the sea; the sister who is behind the falcon has the lion; the lion says he was with the black man man at the wedding; the young man went there - to the Kageti Tower in the middle of the sea; took his wife away, but the black man caught up, broke flesh and bones; the wife packed them in a bag, sent her husband on horseback, who came to the lion's wife, the lion revived the young man; the young man and the lion filled the game, all the animals came to eat it, the young man detained the happy son Sagar (this is the name of a good horse) there; she asked him for a month and returned it again {i.e. the foal gained strength}; the young man took his wife away again, and when the black man began to catch up, the young man's horse shouted to the horse that he had 4 legs and that he had 3, the black man would be defeated; he was defeated and killed, the hunter returned wife]: Nizheradze 1890, No. 3:184-195; Georgians (Kartli) [when dying, the king orders three sons to guard his grave with three knives; the elders refuse, each time the youngest goes; at midnight a man rode on white horse in white clothes, promises to kill the dead; the young man cut him, hid his horse and armor; the next night - the same (red horseman); then black; the king has three daughters in the tower; whoever jumps there on horseback and gets a beautiful woman, he marries her; the younger brother reaches the princess unrecognized every time, takes all three; he took one for himself, gave the others to his brothers; when he dies, the father tells him not to spend the night away from home; one day the youngest spent the night, and his wife was stolen by a bald chongurist; the brothers had three sisters behind a deva, an eagle and a gveleshapi; the maid came for water, the prince quietly threw his jug the ring, the sister found out; the devil is powerless, sends him to the eagle; still sends him to the Gveleshapi; he says that the kidnapper rides a three-legged seahorse; you have to get a four-legged one; once a year he goes out of the sea a mare, gives birth to a foal; it is eaten by wolves, they must have time to leave the sheep; the chongurist did not have time, so they gnawed off one leg; the prince got a four-legged man, took his wife, the chongurist catches up, but the prince's horse kicked and killed him; the prince put him on his three-legged wife; everything is fine; three red pomegranates fell, three juicy apples]: Kurdovanidze 1988 (1), No. 70:317-328.

Iran - Central Asia. Mundzhans [the king has two sons with his beloved wife, one from an unloved one; before his death, he orders him to guard his grave for three days; the eldest, middle sons see a cloud and fire at midnight, and run away in horror; the youngest is ready to shoot, the divas asks not to do this: he owes his father three horses, gives hairs to summon them; the other king has no children, the malang gives him an apple, three daughters will be born, one must be given to him; the daughters have grown up, the king will give them for someone who gallops off a goat attached to the top of the wall; the younger prince on a magic horse fulfills the condition, takes all three princesses, gives the elders to the brothers, takes the youngest for himself; the Malang stole her; the prince goes to look for her; his sister, who has married a diva, advises not to go; on Kone-Cloud, the prince takes his wife, but the Malang catches up and takes it away again; Saint Khizr: in his cell foal, give him nuts, raisins and cheese, dragon guards - tail fat; chase again; prince's horse advises the Malang horse to throw off that - the prince will feed them raisins and cheese; the prince and his wife returns to his brothers and brings his sister stolen by the diva]: Grunberg, Steblin-Kamensky 1976, No. 23:243-249.

Baltoscandia. Estonians (Rannu) [when he dies, the forester bequeaths his son to take care of the landlord's forest, but not to go to one place; he goes, there the devils are fighting over bast shoes (speeders), hats (he sees everything), a sheepskin coat ( makes him invisible); the forester shoots, promises to award things to the one who brings the pellets that have flown earlier; six swans fly by, he wears bast shoes behind them; they swim in the lake, taking off their feather clothes; he hides clothes alone, takes them as wives; they have a son; the wife laughs; promises to tell you what if he shows where her clothes are; tells a funny story about the devil; the husband opens the chest; the wife grabs clothes, flies away; he comes to an empty house, there is food, drink, goes to bed; six Swans come in; each says that someone ate her bread, slept on her bed; the wife finds her husband in her bed; flies away for her son, tells the husband does not go into the same room; he comes in, there is an old devil chained; asks for water, the forester gives, the devil drinks three times, breaks the chains, waits for the forester's wife, takes her away; the forester finds, takes his wife, hell catches up, carries away again; so twice, the third time he kills; previously the forester picked up and saved a half-dead wolf; now the vorons and vorons have flocked to peck the forester's corpse, the wolf caught the crow; promised return the crow if he brings living water; he brought it, the wolf revived the forester; the forester's mother sends him to a far clever old man; he says that a witch lives overseas, her white mare every a year brings 12 foals; human heads on stakes, one stake is empty; if you herd for 3 days, you get a foal, you must take the most inconspicuous one; the king of midges, the king of horseflies and the king of crayfish will help to herd; the forester does everything, takes his wife away; the horse says he will not catch up, because his brother is stronger than him; both horses kill the devil, the forester and his wife come home to them]: Järv et al. 2009, No. 14:78-84 (similar text from Yuri in Mälk et al, No. 79:246-264, but after obtaining a foal, the hero kills the sorcerer by crushing the egg in which his soul is); (cf. Latvians [when he dies, the father tells his son not to marry until he marries three sisters; the whirlwind takes away the sisters, the young man goes in search; meets and companions a hare, wolf, wasps, horseflies, falcon, cancer; they they spend the night with an old woman in a hut on a chicken leg; she sends her sister to her sister, who says that the sisters are married to a pike, an eagle, a bear; first you need to earn a horse from the witch; you have to save three days 12 mares in a row; the hare overhears the conversation of mares who want to run away, horseflies and wasps drive them back; the hare overheard that it is necessary to choose the 12th foal, which looks brushy; it becomes a six-winged horse; the sisters' husbands say that the Serpent turned them into animals; the young man is bound by the Serpent; he reveals to the kidnapped queen that his life is in an egg, in a duck, in a bull, in a palace on a rock; a falcon killed a duck, cancer took a fallen egg out of the sea; the serpent dies, the sons-in-law remain human, the young man marries the queen]: Alksnite et al. 1958:195-204).

Volga - Perm. The Bashkirs [the whirlwind consistently takes away Tsar Garif's three daughters; his son Ahmet dreams of a beautiful woman, goes to look for her, consistently stays with the devas, the husbands of the sisters; one of them the owner of birds, the other animals, the third is aquatic creatures; everyone gives a magic handkerchief; Lena Prekrasnaya (LP) sends A. to prison, where those who came to marry her sit; agrees with A. that she will marry him, if four batyrs can't hold him and he kisses her; A. loses twice, each time gives LP one of his handkerchiefs; the third time he kisses, marries; finds the deva Kasim batyr behind the locked door, gives he drinks, he gives A. 150 years of life twice, flies away, takes LP away; A. takes LP three times, K. catches up each time, first takes away his gifts, then kills A.; dev-son-in-law learn about this when they see blood in the tube left by A.; they are looking for a doctor, only a lame frog pulls out living and dead water, revives A.; LP hides A., stabs the girl, tells Kasim that she is crying, wanting to know where he got the six-winged the stallion, where K.'s soul is hidden; K. answers, A. listens; first K. says that his soul is in a ram, in a broom, LP adorns them; A. spares the wolf, hawk, anthill, pike, cat; the cat distracts the old woman's dogs, owning mares; K. took out his 6-winged horse from her; the old woman tells the mares to herd, they run away, turning into foxes, pigeons, fish; wolf, hawk, pike bring them back; the old woman scatters and orders to collect poppy seeds, ants collect, the cat pulls out what was swallowed with the mouse; A. chooses a thin foal as payment, this is a 12-winged horse; he carries A. to the island; on the way, A. takes a saw from the devils; cuts down a poplar on the island, pulls out a chest from under it, kills a duck that has flown out of it, takes three eggs out of it, containing K.'s soul; kills K., returns home with LP]: Barag 1988, No. 56:389-402; marie : Aktsorin 1984 [old people do not want to give their eldest daughter Myra for a stranger; she disappears; a year later the same with the youngest Anna; a son Ivuk is born; goes to look for sisters; three imps fight for speedboat stockings and an invisible hat; I. sends them to race, takes their stockings and hat; in the forest, the old man says that Yorok Yorokovich flew by 8 years ago; I. goes to the house, past a lion, meets M. hides his brother in a chest, then introduces him to her husband; gives a magic handkerchief, sends him to A., who is married to Orel Orlovich; he says that the sorcerer who kidnapped the royal daughter and ruled the Black City, chained an even more evil witch; the NGO gives a pen, A. plays the accordion, she plays only in the hands of I.; I. is imprisoned, he feeds everyone with a magic handkerchief; I. plays the accordion, the witch dances, cannot stop, gives the keys to the tower where the princess is; I. marries her, destroys the Black City; opening the door in the rock, frees the sorcerer, he takes his wife, I. returns, the sorcerer catches up, burns him, OO brings living and dead water, revives; YY tells you to get a horse, which is faster than a sorcerer's horse; I. overheard the sorcerer's story, how he got the horse by grazing the witch's herd; Y gives a whip, I. whips horses with it, everyone the evening Y and OO collects them; one did not have time to hit, he flew away as a bird; OO collects birds, they indicate a hollow, OO pulls out a bird from there, it turns into a horse again; I. chooses a bowlegged horse, he is the eldest the sorcerer's horse's brother, tells him to throw off the sorcerer, he breaks; I. lives with his wife]: 55-66; Chetkarev 1941, No. 9 (meadow) [when dying, the father tells Ivan to pass off three sisters as the first to marry them; they are taken Raven, Kite, Hawk; I. finds a portrait of Maria Marievna in his father's chest, goes to look for her; comes to her first sister; her husband arrives, sits on three oaks, they go into the ground, he turns into person; gives a magic towel, I. leaves his ring if it turns black, he is in trouble; the same with two other sons-in-law; the Kite gives a magic tablecloth, the Hawk gives a ring; teaches to feed first captured MM suitors, she keeps them like pigs; locked with her suitors, I. opens a magic towel, everyone feasts; gives it to MM for permission to touch her breasts; a tablecloth for permission to touch her breasts hair; ring: MM lies on the bed, I. kisses her {presumably not only}; MM keeps I. at home; MM goes to war, leaves the keys, allows the suitors to be released, forbids to unlock the 12th door; And . unlocks, there is a 12-headed dragon on chains; asks for a bottle of green water; drinks, breaks chains, flies away, takes MM, giving I. three lives; I. arrives, takes MM, takes MM, the horse answers the dragon that we will have time to sow rye, make beer, drink it, then we'll catch up; the dragon catches up, takes one life (century) and MM; so three times; the fourth time the dragon kills I., lowers into the sea in a barrel; the rings of the Raven, the Kite, The hawk has turned black; the Hawk finds a barrel, splices pieces of I.'s body, the Raven revives him with living water; the Hawk tells MM to find out from the dragon where he got such a fast horse; brings him to MM; I. overhears as the dragon explains: he herds 300 horses of Yaga the lamb; MM gives I. a tablecloth to make a bridge across the sea; I. is a good shepherd, daughters Y. persuade his mother to give I. a horse; I. takes MM away again, horse I. tells his brother to throw off the dragon dies, MM sits on his horse; wedding, and I.'s sons-in-law also feast on it]: 160-169; 1948 [dying, Ivan's father orders to pass off each of the three sisters as the first to marry; at night he comes an unknown groom, takes the eldest, then the middle, the youngest; I. sees a picture in the bazaar, goes to look for the same girl; at the crossroads he finds another picture, the more beautiful one, he tears up first; I. consistently comes to the owners of the copper, silver, golden house, there are the husbands of his sisters, they give hairs (burn, help will come), stockings (allow you to fly), a magic scarf, an accordion (plays only in the hands of the owner) ; I. flies to Nastasia the Beautiful; her female soldiers imprison I., there are already many dying; I. feeds everyone, NP tells them to take away the handkerchief; I. plays the accordion, everyone is dancing; NP asks to play, gets tired from dancing, agrees to take I. by her husband, gives the crown; I. dissolves female soldiers, recruits men; unlocks the room, there is an old man on chains, I. feeds him, he breaks his chains, carries away the NP; I. flies to the castle on grief, takes his wife away; the old man's horse easily catches up with them, the old man burns I., the hairs given by his brothers-in-law burn, brothers-in-law come to the rescue; Orlovich sends an eagle for living water, I. comes to life; tells his wife to find out where the old man took out his horse; he replies that herding 12 witch horses for three days received a horse; 11 heads of those who did not save horses are now on poles; NP gives I. a whip, tells each of the horses to whip; I. horses run away, brothers-in-law beat them, drive them into the gate; these are the daughters of a witch, she heals them; for the third time, the 11th mare daughter turns into a bird, does not allow herself to be whipped, flies away; Brother-in-law Orlovich pulls her out swallow hollows; I. chooses the worst horse (it became a bird, was badly beaten); she tells her sister (i.e. the old man's horse) to throw it off first, then come; I. became a two-horse rich king] : 78-88; Beke 1938, No. 47 [When dying, the king orders three sons to give their three sisters off as the first to come to marry; three poor old men come successively; the older brothers refuse, the youngest gives sisters; they were the eagle king, Tsar Koschey and Tsar Razhim; the king also warned his sons not to hunt on the west side; the elder takes people, goes east, north and south, there is no prey; goes west, the game is abundant; a cloud appears, people came out of it, killed his older brother and everyone with him; the same with his middle brother; the younger Ivan tells us to hide in the hollow; his people shoot themselves, killing those who come; then And . follows bloody trails; comes to the house, is called a healer; a woman the size of a haystack says that her son was wounded by 14 bullets; I. tells you to boil a large pot of resin and fat; let the old woman help pour he would sit on the patient and sit on the cauldron herself; I. scalded them to death, cut off the old woman's head; came to the house, where she was beautiful; he showed her the old woman and her son who had been killed; then she put him in a silver wagon and they flew; the wind blew out, I. fell out, fell; when he wakes up, he comes to his older sister; she turned it into an apple, hid it in her pocket; asks her husband what he should do to her older brother; eagle: swat would; the same with the middle sister; he would greet the youngest; says that his missing girlfriend was taken away by "Charadey"; sends him to his middle sister; her husband is also afraid of C., refers to the youngest; her husband Razhim explains that First, C. must kidnap his six-legged horse; on his order, the birds brought this horse two days later; I. rode it to C.'s home, freed the girl from her fetters, drove her away; but C. has a 12-legged horse; on it, C. caught up with I. and ordered the horse to crush him into pieces the size of oatmeal; R. tells the birds to bring all these remains, fold them, bring them living water in their beaks; I. is revived ("How long have I slept"); R. to birds: Can you deliver a 12-legged? birds: no; R.: is everyone here? birds: one old bird is gone; it was delivered, it teaches you how to get a long lasso, make a huge pen, tame that horse; I. tamed, took away C.'s daughter, he is chasing a 6-legged horse, I. tells the 12-legged to crush C. into pieces the size of a grain of sand; by R. I. marries his daughter C.; they go back - she is on a 6-legged horse, I. on a 12-legged horse; they stopped in a clearing; I. wants to get together with his wife right away; she tells him to wait 14 days; I. tries to act by force; his wife slaps him in the face, he dies, she sits on a 12-legged horse, and the 6-legged runs after him; R. finds out everything, the birds bring living water again; the other two son-in-law have arrived; all three told I. that now let he is looking for his wife himself; I. comes to the old woman, she indicates where his wife's house is in the forest; I. tries to climb the stairs into it, she broke, I. got killed; climbed the other stairs through the window; on the wall swords, they will cut off his head if you try to enter another room; I. climbed into the barrel and rolled in, his swords did not notice him; his wife sleeps there for three days without waking up; he takes her key, then finds second; unlocks the closet from where the heron flies out; finds her horses in the stable; the wife wakes up and asks why she released the heron; everything is fine, they have children]: 424-457.