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K85D. A horse whose skin you can't bite through. 27.-.30.32.

By ordering to cover itself with skins (cover with resin and sprinkle with sand, etc.), the heroic horse becomes invulnerable to the bites of another horse.

Croats, Moldovans, Romanians, Gagauz people, Russians (Pskov, Voronezh), Ukrainians (Hutsulshchyna, Kharkiv), Belarusians, Kalmyks, Adygs, Terek Cossacks, Chechens, Turks, Baluchis, Kazan Tatars.

The Balkans. Croats [7 brothers went to look for wives to be 7 sisters; the youngest took a thin skate, but this horse was magical; the old woman said she had 7 daughters; the horse warned younger brother, that she is a witch, that she hides her eighth daughter with golden hair; at night the youngest does not sleep, changed the hats of the old woman's brothers and daughters, put the bridles of horses against the old woman's mares; at night, the old woman mistakenly cut off the heads of her daughters and mares; the youngest tells the brothers to run; when she returned, he shouted to the old woman that she had killed her daughters; the old woman turned the grip into a horse, rushed in pursuit, did not catch up; at the crossroads, the youngest broke up with his elders, who disliked him; the younger horse tells him not to pay attention to what he sees or hears; but the youngest saw and picked up 3 golden hair, three golden hair a feather, a golden horseshoe; the young man was hired by a groom for the king, works best; other grooms were jealous, noticed golden things, told the king; he ordered to bring a girl with golden hair; this is a daughter that witch; the horse taught: he will pretend to get stuck in the swamp, the witch will come running, at which time you have to pick up the girl; the young man brought her to the king; he wants to give her for his son; girl: get three first ducks with golden feathers; the king sent the young man to pick up ducks; they spent the night with the witch again, stole ducks; the witch is chasing, the horse tells him to abandon the scraper, a dense forest has appeared; now the girl demands to get the horse whose golden horseshoe; the young man's horse tells him to put 8 buffalo skins on him; the sea stallion tore them off, but is tired, he has a blue flame from his mouth, and the young man's horse has a red one; sea mares followed the horse; girl tells them to milk, the milk is boiling, the vat was filled with them; let the groom buy; the horse cooled the milk, the young man became handsome; the queen also threw himself into the milk, but it boiled, he died; the king adopted a young man instead the deceased, gave him a gold-haired woman]: Schütz 1960, No. 16:126-133; Moldovans [a healer advises a childless woman to eat food that is not at home; she wants bleak fish; her husband brings 21 fish, cooks fish soup, wife gives birth to 21 sons; husband goes to live in the forest in horror; wife raised sons, they found their father, returned them, demanded that he find them 21 sisters as wives; Ilyana Kosynzyany has 21 daughters; brothers they go to them, the youngest Peter did not have enough horse, he bought a magic one; this horse tells her to change clothes with the girls at night, leave the horses ready outside the fence; at night, the broadsword IK cut off the heads of her daughters, brothers returned to their father; on the way, P. raises a golden pen, a horseshoe, a handkerchief, is hired by a coachman to the boyar; his daughter sees a shining feather, the boyar demands a bird; horse: a bird in a cage near the IC, do not touch the cage; P. brings a bird, the boyar demands a horse; the horse teaches to take the one who eats hot coals, P. leads; the boyar demands the owner of a handkerchief; the horse teaches how to drink strong water at the bed of IK, bring it with the bed; IC demands that P. bring a herd of her sea horses; the horse teaches him how to smear him with resin and make matting; a horse that has come out of the sea bites his matting; P. bothered him, the whole herd followed him; IC tells him to milk the mares, swim in boiling milk; P.'s horse cools the milk; the boyar's horse does not cool down, the boyar is cooked; P. marries IK]: Moldavian tales 1968:251-262; Romanians [the poor man has 101 sons; they went to serve; in the first year each received a pig for service, a dog in the second year, and a foal in the third; they went to marry 101 daughters of a damn mother; the horse tells their younger brother to bandage their horses: to an empty manger, and witches to full; put brothers' hats on the witch's sleeping daughters; the witch kills her horses and daughters; the brothers gallop away, and the youngest is left to see what happens; steals the chest in which it is intended he is a girl, he cannot catch up with him; but he cannot open the chest and returns for the key; the horse creates a lake, turns the young man into a drake and himself into a mouse, steals the key; the young man takes the girl as his wife; the king wants to take it away; sends a young man after 9 mares and their stallion; the horse tells him to put 9 cowhides on him and coat him with resin; fights against that stallion, both strong, become twin brothers; mares follow for them; the king orders the mares to be milked, the milk boiled and bathed in it; the young man's horse drives the mares into the quagmire so that he can milk them; the milk cools; the king also threw himself into the milk and cooked]: B₂ rlea 1966:406-407; Romanians [the king has three daughters and he must send his son to serve the Red King; daughters take turns calling them to wear men's clothes and go; in bear shoes, the father frightens the eldest, she turns back; the same with the middle; the youngest is not afraid; at court, the imaginary young man cooks better than the royal sons and is made by a cook; envious sons tell their father that the young man boasted to bring dates from bear garden; the horse helps to do this; it is said that a young man promised to bring a stallion from a herd of wild mares in the Sahara; the horse tells him to wear buffalo skin and give him a noose; fighting a stallion, throws a noose over him and leads him; bring living and dead water from behind the mountains; the horse says that at noon the mountains stop for a while; the girl has extracted water, but hears a voice behind her: who did it will change your gender; get a tour with a star on your forehead; the horse tells you to dig a hole, hide in it, jump out, cut off the tour's head and sit in a hole until dawn until the tour dies; when the ex-girlfriend returns, and Now the young man tells the Red King that his sons boasted to sit in a burning haystack and tell stories; they burned down, and the young man returns to his father and inherits the throne]: Bîrlea 1966:430-431; Gagauz people [the master kept the worker for a long time, married, then let him go of the household; he left home, three sons grew up, one found a father, asked them to marry; elder brother Ivan refused to marry; tells brothers 1) do not hesitate on the road, 2) promise nothing to anyone, 3) tell only the truth; the brothers went home with their wives, the devils surrounded them with a wall, asked them to give them I.; tied I.; I. to brothers: I told them not hesitate and not promise; but I will be saved; the eldest devil tells I. to farm; one horse asks to take care of her, promises to help; I. finds a feather; the lame devil tells the main thing that I. will be able to bring the whole bird ; horse: I warned that the pen would be in trouble; tells me to beat the lame man, let him bring alcohol, peas and a table; the bird pecked peas soaked in alcohol, became intoxicated, caught, but sad; lame: let I. bring the bird's nest, it will be cheerful; the horse: let the lame bring a knife and a needle and thread; stab me and get inside; the king of birds will come to peck; grab him and demand living and dead water and the bird's nest; I. revived the horse with water, brought the main feature a nest; lame: let I. find out why the sun turns red at sunset; the horse tells us to put a table on the seashore, with a mirror and shoes there; a girl came and looked in the mirror, put on her shoes, I. caught her; lame: I. undertakes to bring this girl's herd; horse: let him bring a cauldron, canvas and resin lame; I. wrapped the horse in tarred canvas, the sea stallion stood with him fight, but could not tear the canvas; the seahorse was defeated, I. sat on it, a mare with 300 foals followed him; lame: I. undertakes to milk the mares, boil milk, swim in it; I.'s mares cooled milk, I. swam, became handsome; his wife offers the main feature to swim too; he cooked in hot milk, I. took his wife and horses, took the devils into captivity]: Moshkov 1904, No. 43:66-67.

Central Europe. Russians (Pskov) [two smart brothers, and Ivan is a fool; when he dies, his father tells him to guard his grave for three nights; the older brothers entrust this to I.; the father gives the goat golden horns, the golden pig bristles and Sivka-Burka; when you get into one ear, get out of the other, you become a good handsome man; whoever jumps up to the third floor and pulls out her portrait, she will put her ring on his finger; I. He rode three times in Sivka-Burka, jumped to the first, the next day to the second, finally to the third floor, got a ring; in his cabin it shines with fire, I had to tie my finger; I. was found with the ring but he is in the form of an old fool; war has begun, I. smashes enemies on a heroic horse; against him a wasp (hero), who was fattened for 12 days; he wounded I. in the arm and horse in the leg, the princess bandaged; and I . killed him immediately; when I. fell asleep (not in a heroic form), the princess saw her chain and scarf; leads to the king for a treat; the king tells his sons-in-law to get goat-golden horns; I. gives her elder son-in-law a goat, for this cuts off his little finger from hand; for a golden bristle pig, from foot to toe; now the king demands a mare and 12 sons with her; Sivka-Burka: this is our mother; we must dig a hole, 12 skins on him and pour 12 barrels tar; Sivki-Burka's mother recognizes his voice, comes running, bites 12 skins, but not himself, and he will push her into a hole, let I. put a bridle; 12 stallions followed her; gave them to her son-in-law, for which leather belts from the back tear off; when the tsar wanted to write off the kingdom to his sons-in-law, I. presented his little fingers and belts; his sons-in-law were torn to horse tails, Vanya and his wife remained in the state]: Ploshchuk 2004, No. 39:112-124; Russians ( Voronezhskaya) [An old man kills a bird with 21 eggs while hunting. The old woman orders him to incubate them. After 21 weeks, 20 sons hatched, and a week later, the last son, Ivan the Boltun, appears. The old man gets rich, notices that someone steals ricks, sends his sons to guard at night, the older brothers fall asleep and do not see the thief, and Ivan's turn comes the last night. He prepares a hammer and iron bits. Ivan does not sleep and catches a mare and its 21 foals (hit between his ears with a hammer). The father praises Ivan, takes the mare, the brothers sort out the foals, Ivan gets the weakest. Father and sons go hunting. Four times Ivan lets the foal go into the field to gain strength (he bends first at hand, then under his foot, under a sitting rider). Ivan catches up with his brothers, sees fire on the third day, finds a golden pen, despite the skate's warnings, and takes it with him. The father orders all horses to be cleaned, Ivan waves his pen - his horse turns gold. The father praises Ivan and shames the rest of the brothers. The brothers are jealous and tell their father that Ivan boasts to catch a toy cat, a dancer gander and a tsimbalka fox, the father sends his youngest son for animals. With the help of a horse, he does everything. The brothers tell their father that Ivan can get samogudes. Ivan finds himself at Baba Yaga, who gives him a ball, he brings him to Yaga's middle sister, the mother of Snake Gorynych, who keeps harps. The mother feeds her son, puts him to play cards with Ivan, and the players agree that the winner will eat the loser. Ivan wins in two days, asks to give him the harp, the Serpent gives it back, rejoices that he remains alive and has not been eaten. The father again, out of slander of his elder sons, orders Ivan to get Mary Queen. He sails by ship, lures the princess to him by playing the harp (I've never heard it), and brings it to his father. The father then gives all orders to his son at the request of the bride and demands that he bring her box. Ivan distracts the palace guards by releasing his golden horse, pulls out the box and bringing it back. He hunts 12 mares on his father's orders: he wraps his horse with twine and pours resin over him - he drives horses out of the sea, his protection is torn by the teeth of horses. By order of his father, he milks mares, boils their milk and jumps into it after the horse's conditional signal. Ivan is getting handsome. Marya demands that her father also swim, but he dies in boiling milk. Ivan marries Marya]: Baryshnikova 2007, No. 17:97-105; Ukrainians (Hutsulshchina) [31 brothers want to marry girls who would be sisters; the youngest is called: Thirty-one (T.); horse: sit on me, and leave yours to graze; they come to the witch, she has 31 daughters; the horse tells T. to switch places with the witch's daughters at night; the witch cut off the heads of her own daughters; the brothers galloped off; horse thirty-one: tell her that we will come to her again; T. and his oldest brother hired the king, the rest of the brothers took the other way; the elder was taken as a groom, and T. was hired as a cook, the elder is envious, he tells the king that T. can get 1) bread that a whole army cannot eat; horse: that woman's bread; the horse gave an ointment: if you anoint, you will become a broom; the woman sweeps it, goes to bed, T. took the bread; the horse tells the woman to shout again: we will come again; 2) a flask of wine that the whole army cannot drink; the horse teaches you to become an ant, carry the flask; 3) the most beautiful woman in the world; the horse tells you to take 8 buffaloes from the king skins and special horseshoes; to dig a hole overseas; the horse rode in it, the stallion rode, runs, looks for a horse, is tired; when the horse came out, he ripped 8 skins on it, but T.'s horse won; T. got off the tree, sat down on her horse, and the beautiful woman standing next to that stallion; behind them is a herd of mares across the sea; beautiful: who will milk my mares? king: the one who brought; T.'s horse makes every mare stand without moving, T. fed up milk; boiled milk; T. furkil's horse, T. swam, became handsome; the king threw himself into the milk and boiled; T. married a beautiful woman, reigned]: Zinchuk 2006a, No. 94:278-283; Ukrainians (Kharkiv) [Three daughters take turns volunteering to serve instead of their father, the elders go to the field where everything rumbles, are coming back. The youngest does not return, ends up in the forest, where snakes and frost fight, she responds to the latter's request for help, together they cut down three snake heads, put the ashes in their pockets. Frost asks the hero's name, plucks the "Burkunets" grass, calls him Roman. Roman goes on alone. He finds a Firebird feather on the road, the horse warns not to take the pen, but Roman does not listen. The grooms pay attention to the beauty of the horse and (cleaned with a pen) inform the king. The grooms are ordered to take the iconostasis out of the sea. Roman grieves, asks frost for help, he freezes the sea and pulls out the iconostasis "on the dry days of the sea". While the horse was pulling out the iconostasis, the monist scattered, the grooms demand to be extracted, the frost helps Roman again, freezes the sea. The grooms demand to get 9 mares and the tenth stallion out of the sea. The horse asks to wrap it in four skins and coat it with resin, and goes to sea by himself. After the sea water turns red and then turns blue, the horse leaves the sea, where it defeats a stallion whose skin is beaten, the horse is protected by resin and skins, and brings out mares "the earth trembles". The grooms order them to milk while the horse laughs, they stand as if they were dug in, Roman milks them. The grooms order Roman to cook in milk, the horse blows at him, and he leaves the vat handsome, the commander repeats the same thing, cooked]: Ivanov 1894, No. 1:139-141; Belarusians (p. Markovichi, Gomel University) [The man had three sons: "two so and this, and Mikita's third is a fool." He put them to bed. When the elder was awake, he asked what he had dreamed. He replied: Forges. And he said to his son, You should be a blacksmith. The average dreamed of a field and millet. He said to be your plowman. I asked the youngest. Mikita said, "You washed my feet and you drank that water." The father said: a fool dreams of nonsense. The father and sons went to dig, and Mikita dressed up in festive clothes and wore them along the road. And a merchant was driving along the way, and he asked: who is walking? The father replies: "This is my son, a reveler. He's not smart enough." "Sell it to us," says the merchant. Mikita asked the arshin: he measured the land with them and dug a hole. The merchant gave his father the best horse for the ransom. And a merchant bought it because his son did not have it. The merchant says: it's time for you to marry. Mikita declined. His father gave him a small shop. A year later, another year passed, my father's shops rotted, and Mikita's shops expanded, and trade began. Other merchants persuaded him to write to the king on behalf of Mikita: there is a king in one kingdom, and he has a daughter, Maria Pavlovna, and I would marry her for our king. "Otherwise, we won't be merchants if we don't kill Mikita," the merchants decided. Mikita was summoned by the king. Sends it by a matchmaker Mikita asks for 12 more Mikit like this: "one voice, one hair, the whole breed is like this!" And horses are the same. Found 12 Mikit. And Mikita says: let me study science for 3 years: learn different skills. Three years have passed, and Mikit the king calls back. He feast with the elder for three days, and gather them for matchmakers on the road. On the road, we met two wolves that the horse's head would not be separated. They were divided equally. Then they greet you with goosebumps: he asks to save the ant family from the fire, and she will help him. Then he carried the mouse through the fire. Next is the bees. He tore the flower in half for the bees. We came to see the king. We put up tents. The king saw the tents: go find out who says who puts tents near the palace without asking. They introduced themselves as matchmakers. The king called to his place. It went 5 Mikit. The king marvels, he has never seen all 5 being the same. Mikita in charge speaks for herself and calls to marry. They called the princess. She agreed. We drank and walked for three days and three nights. "If you guess the riddle, I'll marry you," says the king. "If you don't guess, you can go without goals." Riddle: "I have wheat ricks, 12 fathoms in width and height. During the night, you have to grind it, pour it into the bins, but do not unfold the ricks and do not untie the sheaves." I came to the tent. Goosebumps say go to bed, everything will be done in the morning. It was true that everything was done. We walked and feasted again for three days. "It's time to get married," Mikita says. "Get my daughter shoes like mine and bring it on a platter or not take your head off," the king replies. This time the mouse helped. We've done everything. We feasted again for three days. "Make a wax church," says the king again. The bees helped: they made both priests and bells. We got married at the impoverishment. They feasted again for three days and three nights. They made a carriage. But there are no horses. The king says: there is a mare, she has 12 stallions, all gold and silver, if you can't get it, you can't take your head off. Wolves helped. They go to be a princess, and Mikita says: I'm not married for myself, but for my king. King Mikita is waiting, he has prepared a hole, sees them coming: he saw the princess, ran to meet him, and fell into the hole himself, and Mikita ordered him to be buried there. And he became king himself. I went to visit my family father. He asked for a drink from his pelvis, and Mikita says: she is unclean, I washed my feet in it. And he says, "Clean, you're king. Mikita told me about his dream. Mikita's father admitted it. He took his father to the palace]: Romanov 1901, No. 50:440-447.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Kalmyks: Badmayev 1899 [the old man says he will be cured if the son reaches a country where no man has set foot, brings something that no one has seen; the elder, middle brothers quickly come back; the youngest saw a snake that swallowed the ram, but the horns were stuck; the young man pulled out the ram, saddled the snake, it became a khan; his daughter tells him to ask for the horse Hamar-Hara, a black stone, as a reward who is the power of the horse, and itself; the young man goes to the XX, contrary to the advice of the XX, picks up the wings of the most beautiful bird; he comes to another khan; whoever wins chess will kill the other; the young man wins three times, spares the khan; he offers to get the most beautiful girl; the young man brings, the khan sends him for horses from the underwater kingdom; the horse tells him to lubricate him with sealing wax, lies on the sand, becomes like flint , defeats a water horse, a young man catches him, followed by other horses; a woman demands that the groom bathe in boiling milk; the young man swims, becomes handsome, the khan is cooked; the young man and his wife they come to their father, the wife opens the casket, the palace appears; the young man is chosen khan]: 146-150; Vatagin 1964 [Khan Badamji left a kaurogo horse named Salar on the other side of the ocean for storage by the shulmus; after He is blind; says he will see his light again if his sons bring something he never saw; B. knows that it can only be found if he rides his horse; the eldest, middle sons returned with nothing; younger Bemba met an old man, who tells B. to make a drink from his mother's milk, mix cakes on it; if you give them to Shulmus, he will give the horse; when B. rides his horse away, the shulmus chase, B. gave them food and drink, they fell behind; under the guise of a poor shepherd, B. hired a khan; he told them to bring a khan maiden from across the sea; the horse teaches them not to look back when B. leads the girl; B. is going to look back, the horse managed to hit him; next time B. took the girl away; she refuses to marry Khan - he is black; in order for the khan to become white, he must bathe in the hot milk of sea mares; the horse was lying around in the sand, he grabbed the sea stallion, he cannot bite his skin under the adhering sand; first B. jumped into the milk, became handsome; the khan cooked; B. and his wife came to his father; he says that saw the light]: 167-174; Adygs: Huth 1987:168-176 [the dragon (blyago) curled around the herd of the prince (pshi) promises to return the cattle if he gives his son; the eldest two refuse, the younger Doletmiz goes, she is attached to the naked woman's chest, she teaches her to throw the burka to black snakes, the bag to the blue one; to go to a house where two snakes will turn into girls; they advise asking their father for a plain horse and a bag with tools; upon returning to the village, D. build a luxurious house there; two eldest sons, a father and a sorcerer, strive to lime D.; wives help carry out errands; 1) return the herd from overseas; the horse orders coat it with resin and sand, the horse Ginjif wins, he gives the herd; 2) get his grandfather's golden stick from the day of the sea (the sea king gives it to the horse D.); 3) bring a golden bath from the dead and grandfather's kumgan; D. enters the mound on horseback; grandfather tells him to return home safely; brothers became wolves, father became boar, they chase him; sorcerer died; D. lives peacefully with his wives], 235-248 (shapsugi) [Nogai blind; sends three sons for a piece of land from a place where his horse's hooves did not set foot, then he will see the light; the eldest, middle sons soon return; the youngest finds a golden pen; the pshi adopts him, gives seven pelyuans as workers; they ask the magician to help them lime him; he advises to say pshi that the young man boasted to do difficult tasks; the horse helps to do everything; 1) get the bird with with golden feathers (lures millet, catches); 2) get two lion cubs; 3) wild boar; 4) beautiful Gegulez; the horse asks to smear him with resin and sand, defeats the guard horse, he helps tells a hundred dogs to throw lamb carcasses, a hundred eagles of skin, prevent G. from taking out the whip, she turns it into stone; the young man revives the previously petrified ones with this whip; G. promises to take millet if he dives into boiling milk, millet and seven pelyuans were cooked; the young man's father reports that he pretended to be blind so that his son could get G.] ; Terek Cossacks (art. Naurskaya) [the tsar goes blind, sends his sons to bring land from the country where he was, from it he will see the light; the eldest, middle son brings land where it is covered with gold, where the tree exudes milk and water; the king says he was next; the youngest chooses a frozen gelding, arrives at the right place; on the way back he picks up a golden pen; stops at the Sultan; wanting to take possession of the pen, the vizier suggests 1) send the prince for the sea maiden; at the bottom (all on the advice of a horse), the prince gives the wolf, in front of which lay hay, meat; ram, hay instead of meat; they let them into the palace; lubricates 90 doors with oil; the queen tells the doors, the wolf, the ram to detain the prince, they refuse; the prince brings it to the Sultan; 2) get the bird whose feather was golden; the horse tells them to sprinkle cereals, replace the water in the lake with wine, hide in camel carcass, leave the other to the birds; the prince grabs the intoxicated king bird pecking; 3) the milk of the sea king's goat; at the bottom of the sea, the horse fights the goat, wins (the horse is hidden from goat bites camel skins); 4) swim in sea goat milk (it is boiling); the horse spewed water into the cauldron, cooling it; the sultan began to swim - cooked; the prince puts the vizier in prison, marries Queen of the Sea, treats his father for blindness]: Vostrikov 1904, No. 1:66-74; Chechens [the father is blind, the eldest son reaches places where the snow is red, brings medicine from there, the streak is dissatisfied; the middle one is where white grass, the same; the younger father tells him not to pick up anything on the way, he picks up a golden pen, a ball of thread; 1) when he sees the pen, the prince demands to get a bird; the horse teaches him to tell the bird that Timar (the boy's father) blind, pour intoxicated into the river, scatter millet; the bird got drunk, came to peck, the young man brought it; 2) seeing the ball, the prince wants the girl who has washed it; the horse teaches that the ball will lead to the girl; it is necessary tell her that T. is blind; the horse prances, the young man picks up the girl; 3) she promises to marry the prince if he buys in the milk of a sea mare; the horse tells you to wrap himself in cloth; in a battle with a sea mare the horse gnaws at his meat, and he only tears off the cloth; the sea horse agrees to drive mares and foals out of the sea; the young man is the first to bathe in hot milk, the horse cools the milk; the prince kills with hot breath; With the feather of a bird, the son restores his father's sight and youth, passes the girl off as him]: Malsagov 1983, No. 15:95-100; Turks [son of a late fisherman (SR) catches a turtle shell; someone cooks and cleans in the house; the SR spies, sees the girl, the SR breaks the shell, marries; the king orders to turn off the lights in the city, sees the light coming from the wife of the SR; the vizier advises to give her husband tasks; every time the wife orders to press seal to a stone on the seashore, an Arab will come out, make wishes come true; 1) bring 10 lions that will defeat the king's 10 lions; 2) feed the city; 3) build a wall with an iron gate around the city; 4) bring mountains a wild mare with 40 foals (instead of an Arab, a bridle appears; fills the pond with wine; the mare is drunk; the foals followed the mother); 5) the king personally comes up with the task of bringing the sister of seven giants; wife SR cannot help; SR meets Edal, Drinker, Flutist, Omniscient; giants tell you to 1) eat 7 meat boilers, 2) drink 7 wineskins of water; 3) give poisoned bread; companions complete tasks: The omniscient knows what bread is poisoned, the Flutist makes the plates dance, change places, the giants are dead; the giant sister kills the king's army and himself, SR reigns]: Walker, Uysal 1966, No. 4:55 -63; Turks [padishah is blind; dervish: the cure for your eyes is the land where your horse has not set foot; the eldest son brings land from a hill from behind seven mountains; padishah: I hunted partridges there; middle - from the bottom of the abyss for seven mountains (he went there to hunt ducks); the youngest; the youngest feeds the foal with barley and raisins; rides at night, sees the light, raises a shining wing; horse: it will bring misfortune; shahzadeh stopped at the old woman, his wing instead of a lamp; the local padishah forbade lighting the fire; the servants came to the shahzade; he gladly gives his wing to the padishah; he tells him to get the bird itself; these are the padishah of birds; you must hide in the remains of a mule; grab the padishah of birds when you arrive to peck carrion; shahzade brings a bird; the vizier advises the padishah to tell the young man to build an ivory palace; horse: you have to pour crayfish into the pond, the elephants will get drunk; shahzade brought tusks, built a palace; the vizier advises sending him for the Most Beautiful Man in the World; the horse taught her to sneak up on her from behind and beat her with pink bars ; this girl demands that the padishah bring her mares, bathe in their milk and then become younger; the horse teaches him to cover him with 40 buffalo skins; by the seashore he will fight the sea stallion and he is not she will gnaw the last skin; take mares to the island, you need to take the red bay and the dark bay; the girl began to wash the padishah with the milk of a dark bay mare and only the skeleton was left of him; began to wash the shahzade with red-bay milk, he found eternal youth; Shahzade brought the land, his father saw the light; they achieved their desires]: Stebleva 1986, No. 20:62-69; Turks [son of the late fisherman (SR) catches turtle shell; someone cooks and cleans the house; SR spies, sees a girl, SR breaks her shell, marries; the king orders to turn off the lights in the city, sees the light coming from the wife of the SR; the vizier advises give her husband tasks; each time the wife tells you to press the seal against a stone on the seashore, an Arab will come out, fulfill his wishes; 1) bring 10 lions to defeat the king's 10 lions; 2) feed the city; 3) build around a wall with an iron gate of the city; 4) bring a wild mare with 40 foals from the mountains (instead of an Arab, a bridle appears; fills the pond with wine; the mare is drunk; the foals followed their mother); 5) the king personally comes up with a task to bring the sister of seven giants; SR's wife can not help; SR meets Eedala, Drinker, Flutist, Omniscient; giants tell 1) eat 7 meat boilers, 2) drink 7 wineskins of water; 3) give poisoned bread; companions complete tasks: The omniscient knows which bread is poisoned, the Flutist makes the plates dance, change places, the giants have died; the sister of the giants kills the king's army and him itself, SR reigns]: Walker, Uysal 1966, No. 4:55-63.

Iran - Central Asia. Baluchi [the king forgot the rosary; the vizier went but stayed; then Tsarevich Sha-Trasan went; found the vizier with the king's wife; the vizier offered to build a city, let S. do it; the elder spent with a staff on the ground, the city was formed; the vizier to the king: there is not enough tree with the flowers of laughter and crying; the old man teaches: there is a buzlangi who has a process on his leg; you have to grab the process and pull it, buzlangi will scream, others will run away; then again; the buzlangs will fulfill their wish; they planted S. on a tree with the flowers of laughter and crying, transplanted him into the king's city; vizier: you need another tree of 40 songs; old man: we must venerate to the buzlanga's wife's chest when she began to bake bread; the bread began to burn; the buzlanga's wife turned S. into a needle and then showed her sons; they agree to give the tree if S. frees him from the hands of another buzlangs to their bride; the puppy led to a well where the buzlangs sleep and the girl goes through his hair; S. cut the buzlangs in half; other buzlangs transplanted a tree of 40 songs into the king's city; vizier: needed another girl from Green City; the old man touched S. and said that no one could put him on the ground with his back; S. meets, takes four buzlangs as companions, everyone says they are doing this and in order to fight against S. (1) throws bread into ashes, takes out other bread and eats; 2) throws a sling from country to country; 3) listens to what is in another country; 4) after taking one step, moves from country to country); Sh. made a bridge over the stream, the ants crossed, promised to help; the speedboat brought Sh. to the girl and back, S. kissed her, moved the lamp; the next night the girl cut her finger on purpose, saw W ., warned of three conditions that her father imposes on grooms; 1) eat a huge amount of meat and bread (the ash beetle ate); 2) separate wheat from millet (ants separated); 3) whose speedboat will bring earlier grapes; the listener realized that the speedboat fell asleep, the slinger woke him up, he overtook the local speedboat; S. received the girl, gave it to the king, but he agreed to give her to S.; wedding; vizier: I need a horse from 40 foals; old man: throw bales of camel hair into the well, and then return the clean water for the mare's promise to give the foals; the king ordered S. and his men to go to them first; all is well; then the vizier and his own; the foals took off and threw the riders onto the mountains, and their scraps were no larger than their ears]: Zarubin 1932, No. 9:106-121

Volga-Perm. Kazan Tatars: Zamaletdinov 2008a, No. 63 [hay ricks are missing from the bay; only the youngest bald son (Taz) caught a sea stallion, with him two more; the brothers stole them and sold them to the padishah; the youngest hired to take care of them; brothers: the youngest boasted to get the daughter of the sea padishah; horses are taught to lay out on the silk shore, the young man grabs the girl, the horses are carried away; the girl demands from the padishah a chest with her rings; the horse tells him to wrap him in ribbon; if blood appears on the sea, he dies, if white foam defeats the lion; foam appears, the horse carried out the chest with rings; the girl demands to boil three cauldrons of milk, let Taz bathe; the horse laughs, the milk cools down; Taz has become handsome; the padishah also rushes into boiling milk, cooked; the daughter of the sea padishah married Taz]: 310-314; Yarmukhametov 1957 [stepmother cares for her own son, stupid and lazy Tuktar, hates Timur's stepson; the horse bequeathed by his mother warns that the stepmother put poison in the cake, Timur gave the cake to the dog, she died; the horse is dead saves her stepmother from several attempts to kill Timur; she pretended to be sick, demanded the horse's heart; the horse told Timur to ask his father for permission to ride for the last time; laughs three times, T. has time to run from the madrasah, they jump away; contrary to the horse's warning, T. picks up a golden wing; they come to the White Kingdom, T. is hired as a groom to the padishah, if you touch the horse with his wing, he immediately is getting fat; the vizier spied, the padishah demands the bird that owns the wing; the horse teaches him to cover himself with a white cloth, grab the legs of a fire eagle that will descend; seeing that T. does not let him go, the eagle released a golden bird from under his wing, T. brought it to the padishah; the padishah demands a sea maiden; the horse teaches to leave a jug of wine on the shore; the maiden went out and got drunk, T. grabbed her; the virgin sets the condition for marriage: bring a herd of her sea horses; the horse teaches how to roll and tame the mare, the herd follows her; the maiden tells her to milk the horses: the horse: everyone must be whipped, they will run out of their own; the maiden tells them to get her ring from a cauldron of boiling milk; horse: rub dewgrass under a birch tree; T. took out a ring, the padishah also dived and cooked, T. married a virgin]: 3-9.

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