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K89. A girl and a witch: gifts from relatives. 35.-.37.

After getting married, the heroine and her rival (witch, frog) must bring gifts from their relatives. The heroine finds her brother, brother or sister who disappeared at the beginning of the story, receives rich gifts from them, and what her opponent brings is worthless.

Northern Mansi, Northern Khanty, (Eastern Khanty), Tundra Nenets (Gydan, Taimyr, etc.), Ents, Northern Selkups, (Southern Selkups), Nganasans, Kets, Sym Evenks, Baikal Evenks (Baikal region), central Yakuts, Negidals, Nanais, Orochi, Udege, Wilta.

Western Siberia. Mansi (northern): Kuzakova 1994 (p. Altatumb, Severnaya Sosva) [Mos-ne has a boy and a girl, and Por-ne too; both go to tear grass for insoles, P. offers to roll down the mountain, kills M. by riding it with iron skis; M.'s children see guts mothers; run to her sister; P. does not tell another Por-ne to kill M.'s children, she will kill herself when she returns; she accidentally kills P.'s children, thinks they are M.'s children, and M.'s children are hiding; they run, throw a comb (forest), a bar (stone mountain), matches (fire); three P. jumped out from under the stump, one of them became friends with M.'s children; M.'s son pricked his finger with an awl, he was buried; girl P. leaned down for a drink, girl M. became her to drown, she had to give her sable clothes; P. sits in a sledge drawn by black ones, married the mayor (Usyn-Otyr-Oika), M. got into a sledge with white deer, married Tonton-Oika; went to remember her brother , found him alive with his wife, they gave a lot of deer; P. hid the sun, the Hare promises that the sun will appear, it has returned]: 110-112 (=Lukina 1990, No. 128:334-336); Kupriyanova 1960 [Mos-ne and Por - ne live together, both have two children - a girl and a boy; P. calls M. for grass for insoles, offers a ride down the mountain; kills M. by riding down the back with iron skis; M.'s children find guts in the grass mothers, run to her sister; P. tells another Por-ne to kill M.'s children, but she kills P.'s children; M.'s children run, throw a comb, whetstone, matches, a thicket, a mountain, a fire; M.'s children sit on the bed, which falls apart, three times appear; one made friends with them, goes on with them; the boy pricked his finger with an awl, died; P. sat in a sledge with the whites (this is the Ushing-Oyr-oiki sledge), and M. - with black deer (Tonton-Oiki sledge), come to town; M. finds a brother, he is married; his sister gets a wagon train of deer, leaves with her brother, does not wait for P.; she hides the sun; the hare tells the girl that the sun will appear again; grandfather tells P. to let go of the sun, it is light again]: 109-112; Rombandeeva 2005, No. 41 (Lyapin River, Khoshlog village, written by the author from his mother) [Mosne and Porne live, each has a daughter and son; P. calls to collect firewood, invites M. to be the first to ride wooden skis, presses it with her iron skis; daughter M. looks in, sees P.'s children asking them to eat M.'s eyes, P. promises them the eyes and ears of children M.; daughter M. puts her brother in the back, runs, throws a crest (thicket) behind, flint (flame to the sky), whetstone (mountain); P. could not climb the mountain; M.'s daughter eats cloudberries, does not pay attention to her brother, who is in this time falls into the ground; daughter M. comes to the lake, where daughter P. invites her to swim, takes her clothes, gives her measles; daughter M. asks to return her bag, his clothes are better than before; Toyton-Toika's son and Usyn-Otyr-Toika's son shoot at the arrow, P.'s daughter mistakenly grabs TT's arrow, marries him, daughter M. marries WOT's son; M.'s daughter goes to a wake for her brother, where she left him; there is a house, a barn; a woman tells the dogs to lick the ice and snow from their man; M.'s daughter sees her brother, he married Misna; when she tried to pick him out of the ground, she poked him in the eye, now one eye is gone; daughter M. they gave a wagon train of deer; she arrives where her daughter P. left; daughter M. replies that she was given an iron chain to encircle the city by her father-in-law, a copper cauldron, and white deer; daughter P. says that she was given a bast rope, half of the clay pot, the magpie, the crucian carp was harnessed, the clothes were given from the bark; asks her husband to make an ice-hole, otherwise the magpie, the crucian carp will die; they went into the ice-hole, the sledges got up; the bast rope breaks; on half you can't go far from the pot; M.'s little son says that his uncle's arrow in the house bounces off with a ringing sound, his grandfather's grandfather with a knock; the father of daughter M.'s husband is offended, he is at war against her brother; daughter P. advises to remove from the sun, the moon; daughter M. takes off, attaches it to the sledge, it becomes dark, the father-in-law cannot go to war; says he joked, daughter M. returns the stars to the sky]: 289-301; northern Khanty (b. Son): Baulo et al. 2005, No. 1 [Porne has a daughter, Moshne has a daughter and a son; P. calls M. to roll down the mountain, puts a knife on the mountain, carries the corpse home, eats; promises her daughter that she will eat M.'s children; M.'s children run away, throw firestone (fire to the sky), comb (forest), sharpener (river); P. cannot cross it; contrary to the ban, the brother drinks from a puddle, sinks into the ground, his sister has time to grab only his eye; touches rotten a birch stump, a new P. comes out from under it; offers to swim, puts on the girl's clothes, gives her hers; both come to the house, P. marries the son of Voshan-Kurtan, the old man, the young M. for the son of Tonton; daughters-in-law go home; where his brother is gone, M. sees a house, there is a woman; brother comes, M. gives him his eye; sending his sister home, brother tells him not to look back; she looked back when her eyes fell, those deer are gone, the others follow her; argish P. is not carried by deer, but by fish, she lets them go into the lake; at night P. puts a nail in her husband's ear, he dies; M. hears P. singing about it, says; the nail is removed, man comes to life, P. was torn apart by deer]: 236-239; Lukina 1990, No. 28 [Lisa and Zaychikha live together, both have children; Lisa offers sledding down the mountain, goes first against desire, Lisa runs over, breaks her back; Zaychikha's son and daughter see how the Fox feeds meat to their mother's children, offers to eat Bunnies's children; they run, throw a comb, whetstone, flint, they turn into a thicket, a mountain, a fire; a fox lags behind; while the sister eats cloudberries, the brother falls into the ground; (hereinafter referred to as the Moss woman); hits the stump, from there the Por woman jumps out, offers to swim; puts on the rich M.'s fur clothes, gives M. his measles; in the city of M. manages to pick up the arrow of the son of the Urban Village Old Man, P. has to take the arrow of Tonton's old man's son (Tonton-Oika is a poor man, a servant, or cunning); they marry accordingly; P. weaves a rope that was enough to wrap half the city, M. - the whole city three times; M. comes to the place where his brother disappeared; there is a house, a bear enters, takes off his skin - this is a brother; sends a herd of deer to his sister]: 101-104; Potpot 2014, No. 5 (p. Kazim, 2011) [sister and brother are hare children, they live alone; brother has fallen underground; sister goes and meets Purne; she says that her parents and relatives have been destroyed by a thunderstorm; they are going together; P.: two will come out now men; you run to Ler-Shansh-Yuvlup-ho and I'm to Woo-shansh-Yuvlup-ho; but Zaychiza ran up to V.; both gave birth to a son; P. drank from her brain and made a wooden scarecrow; when her husband wanted to kiss the child, his her lips stuck; the hare sewed her husband's clothes, and P. glued it together; both rolled down the mountain, P.'s husband's clothes fell apart; the hare came to the place where she left her brother; there the dogs growl; a woman's voice: if he came necessary person, lick the snow and ice off him; this is his brother's wife; the guest is treated richly; sent back in a sledge drawn by a bear, a wolf and some other animal; and P.'s relatives harnessed her fish into sledges , they dragged her into the ice-hole]: 11-14; the Khanty (the recording place is not specified) [{the episode of the competition between two daughters-in-law is not in this text, but given Lukina's version and other West Siberian texts, this is most likely an accidental defect}; when he goes hunting, the brother tells Sister Machenkat to feed whoever comes - a chipmunk, a magpie; a bear comes, M. throws hot ash at her; she runs away along the way on which the brother left; M. goes to look for his brother, the trail becomes bear; finds a sledge, but no brother; M. broke the fire stump, the Frog jumped out, is angry that her house has been broken; they began to live together; Frog tries to cook rotten things; offers to change clothes and skis; on smooth skis Frogs are difficult to walk; change back; come to town, Frog says her fiance will be with gold garters, groom M. - with belts; Colket takes M., Kana takes the Frog who becomes a girl; M. and her husband go to look for a brother; there are two cubs on the cedar, then turn into boys; one says he will give chips to his aunt, the other is like an uncle; brother's wife Bear takes off her bear skin, becomes beautiful; her cheek is burned, she forgives M.]: Koptelov 1956:175-180; (cf. Eastern Khanty (b. Pim) [the only son is already 18 years old, he still sleeps in a cradle; wakes up, tells his father to marry the king's youngest daughter; 1) the king asks to build a palace painted with birds and animals, sparks fly when you enter; orders to cut the petitioner in half; when brought in, the son makes his father whole; turns into a handsome man, turns to his seven older star brothers, who create a palace overnight; 2) the king cuts the old man into three parts, tells him to build a bathhouse; the same; 3) cuts into small pieces, orders to make a river of hot water; the king sends a daughter, at night the snotty baby becomes handsome; the king visits the eldest, the middle daughter, who sleep with their backs to her husband; finds the youngest with a handsome man; he says that the secret has been revealed too early, he will have to leave; the wife has worn out three iron staffs, comes to the hut, the birds of prey Ekar and the hawk lets her in; the old woman's husband says that a man has appeared overseas, a Chinese woman gives him wine, does not let him go anywhere; the old man gives a needle, a woman swims across the sea on it; she smears coal, in appearance the dirty girl asks the old man and the old woman to take her to them; the old woman carries buns to the palace, the woman puts a note in the loaf, the king finds it; the woman spends three nights at her husband's bedside, finally he is hers finds out; they return, the tsar gives his son-in-law the kingdom]: Kulemzin, Lukina 1978, No. 113:125-132); Nenets: Golovnev 2004 (Gydan, West 1979) [Parne and Nenei-ne (Real Woman) are coming tear the grass on the insoles; P. scratched N.'s face, makes him drink water, sticks her head into the lake and kills; N.'s daughter sees her mother's earrings in the grass; calms her younger brother, but hears P. Wenwasota (Dog-ass) scream, Give us kidneys; P. promises them the meat of their peers tomorrow; N.'s children left their mother's gold-filled kitties on their bed instead of themselves, ran away; the girl throws the board for cutting skins, a wooden mountain grows; an iron scraper is an iron mountain; a flint is an iron ridge; children ask an old woman to transport them across the river, praise her face and posture, she tells her son their transport; P. scolds the old woman's appearance, the old woman's son overturns the boat, P. sinks; the old woman sends the children out of her house by boat, tells them not to look back; the boy looks around, the branches tear him in half; half of the brother does not tell her sister to leave her under the boat, by the birch tree, in the willow tree, near the larch trees, each time explains that people will come, it will be noisy; agrees to be left on a sandy hill; the girl's leg fails, she sees seven Parnay girls below, runs, one catches up with her, scratches her face; they see two men, P. sits down with the owner of the white deer, the girl black; after a while, both girls must go home for gifts for her husbands; P. goes to a hole in the ground, returns from the land of Seven Parnay with a herd of mice; the girl finds a revived brother, who gives her new clothes and argish; P.'s husband is furious with her mice, the girl's husband is happy with the gifts; P. is thrown into the fire, mosquitoes appear from the ashes]: 248-251 (retelling in Golovnev 1995:475-477); Lehtisalo 1947, No. 51 (written by a woman in Obdorsk/Salekhard) [(=Labanauskas 2001:155-163); the youngest of the seven brothers asks his sister to sew a quiver; the quiver is ready, the young man says it will suit his oldest brother; this is how the sister sews six quivers, the seventh for the youngest; leaving for seven days of hunting, the brothers do not tell her sister to leave the house; on the seventh day, the sister goes out and sees the tracks of the brothers who have become animals diverging in seven directions: a lion, a wolverine, a wolverine, a wolf, a polar bear, an ermine, a sable, a brown bear (younger brother); comes to the den, two bears introduce her; a woman tells the girl that her younger brother is angry, hides her; in the morning she tells her to follow the path in the middle of the talnik, but the girl walks up a hill; sits on a stump, the witch Parnee emerges from it; takes her clothes, scratches her face; the girl dresses in even more beautiful clothes from a bag given by her bear brother's wife ; a witch sits on a sledge drawn by white, a girl with black deer, husbands their siblings, comes to their father; he sends them to their relatives; a witch falls into a hole; a girl comes to his bear brother; he takes off his bear skin, gives iron sledges drawn by mammoths; his sister's husband must kiss the mammoths; on the way back, the witch catches up with the girl, with mice drawn into her sledge; goods brought on mammoths filled the house; mice bit the hands of the witch's husband, the old people handed them over; the girl gives birth to a son, the witch gives birth to a half-dog, puts the girl, hides her son under the chips behind the plague; seals the girl's eyes with glue; a birch tree grows from under the chips, the witch pulls her out, throws her into the lake, saying, Water is your father, water is your mother; at the request of the witch, they left the blind, they migrated themselves; husband slaughtered two deer for the blind; a half-dog brings game to his mother; admits that it is not him who kills her, but a boy coming out of the lake; together they grab a water boy; at the mother's request, he goes down a half-dog into the ice-hole to the owner of the water instead of himself; washes his mother's eyes; she knocks iron ropes off the sledge, deer appear from there; the young man goes to look for his father, tells a fairy tale (his story), he admits son; a witch arrives, a woman feeds her meat and needles, she dies]: 147-165; (cf. Nenyang 1997:61-64 (Taimyr, Zap. Labanauskas; =Nenyang 1994:63-66) [seven brothers have an older sister; the youngest asks to sew a quiver, is happy, tells them not to go out for seven days while the brothers are hunting; on the seventh day, the sister follows the brothers' footsteps until birch trees; her footprints of seven animals, the youngest left as a bear; she follows his footsteps to the den; the Bear's wife says that she is to blame, leaving the day before the deadline, tells her to leave, walk along the lowland; sister walks along the lowland hills, sits on a stump, from there a witch in clothes jumps out of the bark, makes him change clothes; takes a man with white deer, a girl takes what is dark; gives birth to a boy, a witch hides he is replaced by chips, replaced by a half-dog, seals the woman's eyes; a birch tree grows from under the chips, the witch throws her into the lake, says that the water is his father, the water is his mother; tells him to migrate; the woman raises a half-dog, a real child lives in the water; A half-dog grabs a child who has come out of the water, calls a woman to help; ice floes crawl into the plague; a boy out of the water advises giving the owner of the lake instead of himself A half-dog; they drown him, a woman and her son live well], 30-34 (Taimyr Nenets; the author heard from her mother) [the nenka has a good plague, the savage has a straw plague next to him; the savage calls the nenka to tear straw for the bed; in the evening she returns alone, Nenka's daughter sees her mother's head in an armful of straw; fills the bakary with ash, leaves it so that they can be seen from under the canopy, ties a bird to them, runs away; the savage opens the canopy, the bird rushes around, the savage's eyes are covered with ash; the fleeing girl throws her mother's scraper (an iron mountain, a savage climbs it), a cutting board (wide ladder, the savage crosses), a comb (forest); a girl asks the old beaver to transport her across the river, tells the beaver that her face and parka are beautiful; the savage says that the old beaver's face is crooked, her belt is poorly tied, she advises her husband to push the savage out boats, the current takes her away; the girl grows up, the savage meets her, makes her change clothes; husbands a man with white deer decorated with chorea, the girl leaves his older brother with dark deer, unadorned; brothers bring brides; a girl gives birth to a son, a savage is cut out by a little man; the brothers' father asks the savage to hand him a knife through the fire, pushes him into the fire; her ashes turns into mosquitoes]); Ents [a witch and a woman live in the same plague, the woman has two girls; the witch calls to go to tear the grass, suggests looking in her head; pierces an awl into the woman's ear, she dies; she dies carries it wrapped in grass, cooks it, eats it; the eldest daughter notices her mother's hair; the girls leave their glasses in bed, the eldest takes a thimble, a comb, a scraper; they run away, an abandoned scraper turns into a mountain, a comb into a forest, a thimble into an iron hill; the eldest tells the old man that his head is white as ripe grass, his face is like the sun, his back is straight like the ice of a lake; the old man sent them; a witch says that his head is like tangled bars, his face is like the place where the stone was taken out, his back is like stone and clay; he throws the witch into the river, she drowned; sending the girls, the old man tells him not to take anything the end of the island; the youngest asks for a toy, grabs a spike, her eye leaked out, she died; tells her not to leave it on the edge; on the cape; on the hill; agrees to stay in the den; the eldest stops at the stump, from a witch appears; they go together; a witch sits on the sledge of a man with white deer, a girl with black deer; the brothers' father asks daughters-in-law to visit their relatives; an Aenets woman goes to in the den, from there two bear cubs and a living little sister come out again; the bear sends two bear-drawn sledges of gifts; a black man sends bears after kissing them; the witch brings mice, this is hers deer, an old man kills them with a kick; an Aenets woman gives birth to a bright boy, a witch a witch; makes an Enets woman leave in an abandoned camp, gives her a witch; takes the boy, throws it into the water; the witch has grown up to help the woman; she wonders why he has been walking on the water for so long; he says that his hand sticks out of the water; the woman comes up, the boy asks to catch him, calls him mother; the plague floods the water, it is the water father who comes for the boy; the Aenets woman gives him a witch, the water leaves; the father comes for his wife and son; the brothers' father makes a fire, asks the witch to give him The bell through the fire, pushes into the fire; its ashes turn into mosquitoes]: Sorokina, Bolina 2005, No. 13:82-88; northern Selkups [Natank ("girl") and Tomnank ("frog"+ two diminutive suffixes) live in the same camp; T. calls N. to collect grass for insoles, kills N., pierces her ear with a blade of grass (sliver); daughter N. notices her mother's leg sticking out from under the tire on the sledge; spies on T. cutting the corpse, promises his children to eat and N.'s children; N. plugs the chimney with a rag (so that T. thinks it's still night), leaves, carries his younger brother in the box; he dies pricked with an awl or drill; N. buries his brother, pulls out a stump to light a fire, a new T. jumps out from under him; she steals all N.'s things, but she tells them to return; T. follows on skis from wooden bowls ; N. and T. come to the camp, marry two men; T. replaces newborn N. with a puppy; T.'s husband leaves her, migrates with T. and her husband; puppy (knot) T. helps her hunt for the beast; plays with a boy coming out of the water; he is the son of N.; they get to know each other when a stream of T.'s milk enters his mouth; the boy builds a giant plague; T. comes with her husband and husband N.; N. forgives him, telling him to wash himself 7 times; T . brutally kill; var. (Western 1999, Turukhan): T. kidnaps N.'s son, keeps him; the narrator believes this is a Ket fairy tale]: Tuchkova 2004:208-209; (cf. Southern Selkups: Bykonya et al. 1996 [when going hunting, the brother tells his sister to feed whoever comes; a bear comes in, her sister throws hot ash in her face; her brother does not return, his sister goes to him look, a frog jumps out of the stump, offers to live together, cooks rotten things, offers to exchange skis and fur coats; when they come to town, they change again, the girl gets her sable coat, the frog gets her torn frog; a guy with a golden belt came up to a frog, she became a beautiful girl, a handsome guy with a simple belt took the girl; she takes her husband to his home; two cedar bears throw bumps, call those who come aunt and uncle, call to their house; the girl apologizes to the Bear (she is her brother's wife, she has become a woman, her cheek is burned)]: 178-185 (=Pukhnachev 1966:20-24); Dulzon 1966, No. 53 [baba yaga offers forest a woman should go to tear her tow; she warns her two daughters that Baba Yaga will offer to look for lice from each other, kill her by stabbing her in the head, be lucky on a sledge under a pile of tow, the red braid will be visible; tells her to cook, put her sister in the back, gives a ball, beads, earrings; the daughter of a forest woman hears Baba Yaga promises her daughters to eat sweat and the children of the victim; the girl, taking her sister, runs after a rolling ball; the youngest cries, wants milk, the eldest leaves her, then comes back, the sister turns into an iron doll; by the river, the girl asks the old woman on the other side for a boat; replies that she full breasts, smooth hair, beautiful legs; a boat carries fugitives; a stalker says her breasts are wrinkled, etc.; an old woman gives a boat full of holes, Baba Yaga drowns; a girl gives the dog beads, earrings, she barks that a new daughter-in-law is coming, the old woman's son takes her as his wife; tells her to sew a fur coat "like animals have ears, legs, legs and tail"; that dog turns into a woman (her husband's sister), her skins are sewn together by themselves; the girl first feeds her sister, then her husband; he throws the body against the tree, the iron skin bursts, the girl flies away as a bird; the older sister goes, sees the house, there is her younger sister and husband; the sisters' husbands - brothers; older sister brings her husband a bag of fur as a gift from her younger]: 145-155; Pelikh 1972 (b. Tym) [the text is confused, the informant does not remember everything; everyone died in the village, there is only one hunter girl left, went on a journey; a stump hits, a frog jumps out of there, calls to her; the girl was well prepared, and the frog gave a damn about the stove - it's not tasty; they go to look for grooms, the frog took the girl's ceilings; she tells them; pull one leg here, and if you don't return, then tear it apart; the frog had everything return; grooms water horses by the ice-hole; frog: the silk leash will be mine, and the leather leash will be yours; girl: you are silent, or I'll finish you off in your trough (she was driving in the trough); after the wedding to the frog it is enviable that the girl is more loved; offers to look for the girl in her head, sticks a wire in her ear; the girl was buried with the ring on her finger; her dog dug her up and revived her (exactly how the informant does not remember); the girl threw the ring from hand to hand, ordered the palace to appear; gave birth to a child; tells her husband to remove the frog, otherwise she will not return to him; she was torn in half by horses and burned; the head became a marsh hummock, mosquitoes came out of the smoke]: 348-349); nganasans [a cannibal and a woman have two daughters; a cannibal leads a woman for a talnik, asks her to bend over the water, cuts off her head; at home, the daughter of the murdered woman hear a cannibal promising her daughters that she will eat an adult brain herself, and they will eat a child's brain; girls leave blankets full of brushwood instead, run away, throw jewelry mothers, creating a mountain, a lake behind them; they run to the river; the old man asks what their mother said about him; they say that she praised his face and back; he carries them in a boat; the cannibal replies that he long as a stick, her back is like an ax; he pushes her out of the boat, she sinks; the sisters spend the night in the old man's plague, there is no way out of him in the morning; the youngest comes out with a needle through the crack, the eldest gets stuck, the youngest tears her off head; pigtails turn into legs; The head does not want to stay in the fox hole, the wolf, remains in the bear hole, warns not to lean on the stump; the youngest went, leaned, the cannibal jumped out of the stump; they go, they disperse, the girl visits her older sister, she has two cubs; the youngest rides a sledge, the cannibal tells her to change, her sledges are drawn by mice, the ropes are worms; they change back; dogs have bitten mice, the old man pushed the cannibal into the fire; her ash became mosquitoes, beetles, worms, bees]: Porotova 1980:13-19; chum salmon (Kureika) [in autumn, Hun and Sausages went to cut hay, K. became head lice look, put a sharp bone in her ear, brought her home, covered with hay; the children noticed their mother's braids; hear K.'s children say that they will eat their eyes tomorrow; K.: small eyes, and I am big; younger the brother closed the smoke hole in a leaky park so that K. thought it was still a starry night; the children told all objects to answer that they had gone into Tagan's butt and ran to their grandmother themselves; K. woke up and asked a ladle, a frame from the hearth, where the children; they answer that they were well fed, do not say; Kleinitsa says that they have gone into the butt of the tagan {there is a contradiction in the text; this is what the children told objects to speak}; K. chased; the hare, the fox, the wolf, the bear carry the children on their backs, tired; the sisters and their younger brother left the bear in the den; they reached the river; the pole, on the orders of their grandmother, transported them across the river, and K . turned it over in the middle of the river; her watermen killed her; her grandmother began to teach her granddaughters to hunt bears; the eldest failed, and a bear came out to the youngest; together with her grandmother and older sister, they caught it; the grandmother told her granddaughters, when they walk on the water, not to take a spatula with burbot liver near the ice-hole; the youngest did not listen, the hell took her to him; the eldest left her grandmother; K. jumped out of the stump, offered to look for lice in her head and killed girl H., took her skis; the eagle revived H.; she spoke her skis, which K. took, quickly caught up with her and took her skis; they met the old man's son Yryket and the old woman's son; they asked for an awl to repair the ski; K. passed off Shiloh H. as her own, and went on a sledge, and H. walked; K. began to live with the old man's son Yryket, and H. with the old woman's son; the old woman asked H. to sew for her son, a skin from a ski reed, she went to her brother for glue, glued together strong skis, and the old woman's son hunted a lot of deer, and K. took glue from the larch uncles; they gave her sulfur and she had bad skis I did it; they fell apart while hunting, the son of the old prince Yryket could not get anything; H. went to her brother, who asked her husband to put larch near his house; her brother's children, cubs, became climb it, and K. brought her brother's children - pike, small shirts and perch, put them in a box of water, and old man Yryket accidentally drank them; H. came out of the plague, began to scrape the bed with a deer, K. did the same, thunder rose and killed K., and his brother came down from the larch to H. and began to live together]: Dulzon 1964:114-125 (=Kryukova 2013:202-213).

Eastern Siberia. Sym Evenks (Chirombu): Vasilevich 1936, No. 21 [The bear came to two bunny sisters, who poured sand into his eyes with their legs; a grandmother named Kandika came and grabbed As a bear, she told me to bring a table, lowered the Bear on it, returned home; the Bunny sisters decided to leave; K. tells them to walk along an ung-shaped, not kel-shaped road; at the fork they began to fight, youngest won, so we went on a kule-shaped one, she closed on all sides; the eldest became a needle, slipped through, the youngest was a bump, got stuck; the eldest pulled her, tore her head off; put it on a stump, a rock, a deck, the head cries every time; left it on another rock; came to the Frog; after living, went to stay with her relatives; boasted to the Frog that she had a steel thimble; reached the place where the younger sister's head remained, she married a god; there deer rattle through the holes of the snags; the eldest asked for a call, rang for the clouds; the eldest took away the big deer received from her sister as a gift; the frog brought insects, deer carried them away on their hooves; the storm demolished the Frog's house, she dived into the lake], 22 [Wolverine ate the mother of two hare girls; they poured earth into her eyes, ran to the old woman; she has all her things they move and work at her will; they hide in the cauldron, the cauldron does not go; the old woman beats him, the sisters laugh; the old woman calls them to live with her; when they want to leave, the old woman tells them to walk on their hooves, not to go kule-shaped; the older sister remembered that she was kule-shaped; they are fighting, the eldest won, they walk along the kule-shaped; the hut surrounds them in the dark; the eldest has become a fur, a needle, slips into slit; the youngest is a bump, gets stuck; the eldest pulls her, tears her head off; leaves her on the deck, her head cries; leaves her on a tree broken by lightning - laughs; the eldest went beyond Thunder, her children are just like she is only heads; the youngest came to the Frog; she brings deer - these are insects, they are carried away by the wind; The frog began to live in water]: 22-23, 23-24); Baikal Evenks (Baikal Region): Titov 1936, No. 9 and 10 (with. Karama) [(No. 9:179-180); two girls went to pick berries, returned - a baby in a shaky baby; sings that if a good woman took him, he would become her good husband, if her husband took him, he would become a good woman for him; girls agreed to say out loud that the child is beautiful, pass him through a boiling pot of porridge, put him in the cauldron; they ran away; the monster is catching up; the eldest threw her handkerchief - the sea (the monster ran away for the boat, swam across); the comb is the thicket (the monster behind the sword, cut through); the bar, it fell in front (mountain); the youngest became a fur, crawled into the hole, the eldest became an ant, her ass was stuck; the youngest began to pull, but the monster ate ass, the youngest returned home alone; (hereinafter No. 10:180-181, from another informant); the youngest dragged the eldest, left; she cries; dragged again, left, she laughs; went alone, the frill untied, she she stood on a stick to tie her foot, the Frog jumped out, told her to go to her yurt, fed her, hid it; ordered her to sew a pullover (?) for his husband; the husband was surprised, she never sewed; the next day the Frog tells me to sew a pouch; the husband hid, found the girl, began to live with her; told the frog to pour blood into the skin, wrap himself; that first it was warm, but at night she froze to death; they killed frog deer; the younger sister went to where she left her elder; there was a hut, where her sister was backless, gave the youngest a lot of deer, she brought them to her husband]: 179-181 ; Central Yakuts: Vitashevsky 1912, No. I.5 (Lake. Churapcha, Churapchinsky Ulus) [the old man and the old woman have two daughters, he catches four hares each; decides to leave his daughters in the forest so that they and the old woman can get two hares each; took his daughters to pick berries, left his own clothes on a stump; but caught only two birds with one stone; the older sister was half abaasa herself; they find an iron yurt with an iron cradle; the youngest spies on the child pulling fish out of his penis, cooks; returns to the cradle; does not tell the younger sister to eat fish, she eats; the old woman tells her to go from the fork to the east; the older sister goes west, the younger sister does not want to throw it; there are no holes in the iron yurt; the eldest makes them as small as sawdust from a needle, they end up in a yurt; inside the abaasa woman does not bring fish, but leeches; the younger sister casts the same spell and ends up outside; the elder sticks her head; the abaas eats her body, the youngest carries her sister's head, throws it under the larch; sees an island on the lake, there is a beautiful one, this is the older sister's abaas essence (the informant does not remember further)], II .1 (Bayagantai ulus) [two orphans went to pick berries; the eldest found a black stone, the youngest white stone (var: the youngest wants to take white, the eldest suggests taking black; only one stone, shaped like man); girls began to live in a hunting lodge, put a stone in a stone cradle, the stone turns into a child; when they return, they find baked fish; the youngest spies, becoming a piece of bark; a child tells objects to move themselves, promises to eat both sisters, takes fish out of her mouth, bakes fish, returns to the cradle; the eldest eats fish, the youngest puts it quietly in her bosom; the sisters cover the child runs away in a hot pot; the old woman stretches her leg across the river, the sisters cross it; when the abaas cross, the old woman removes her leg, he drowns; the sisters come to the abaasa with one hand and one with her foot; prisoners are hidden in her iron yurt; she locks the girls in the closet; the youngest becomes the size of a needle sawdust, jumps out; the eldest sticks her head, swells, her sister pulls, tears off his head, carries it with him; hangs it on larch, his head cries; on a birch tree, the same; on a tree broken by lightning, his head calms down; a frog lives in a silver yurt, asks his younger sister to sew a dress for her husband; before her husband comes, he hides the girl in a bag; the husband realizes that it was not a frog, finds a girl; invites both wives to go to their relatives for gifts; The frog brings worms, leeches; a girl in the place of the tree where she left her sister's head finds a living sister, yurt, cattle; sister married Thunder's son; hides the youngest; Thunder's son finds her, gives her cattle; presses on the way home frog worms, leeches and frogs; the husband tells his wives to lie on the roof; the frog put a piece of moss, froze to death; the husband stayed with the girl]: 456-458, 459-465.

Amur-Sakhalin. Negidals [the older sister tells the father that the youngest has a man; he drives her daughter away; the old woman warns her not to tie her boots if they untie; she violates the ban; Frog invites her to her house, takes her jewelry and clothes, gives her her frog clothes; the girl turns into a stick; Vayamilan marries the Frog, Tybdemalan sits on the girl's bunk, scolds a stick with a knife, blood flows; returns for a knife, the stick turns into a girl, he takes her as his wife; his father-in-law asks his daughters-in-law to bring him treats, dowry clothes, bring relatives; Frog cooks frog caviar, brings leaves, frogs; a girl goes to larch, bags of delicious food rich in clothes fall from the top to her; two handsome men descend from the sky - they are her relatives; take away the Frog's clothes and jewelry; The Frog and her husband are strangled]: Cincius 1982, No. 25:135-139; Nanais [the seven Mergen Brothers have a younger sister Pudin; the brothers say that packs will now arrive cannibal squirrels, hide P. in a hole near the hearth, lubricate all household items with the interior fat of a wild animal, forgot a torn fishskin sneaker; put a bag of beast blood on the sisters's chest; firing arrows one in the tail is different, they make a chain of arrows, go up to the sky; the sneaker gives out to the squirrels, where P., they pierce their spears at the hearth, one is bloody, they think they have killed P., leave; P. harnesses the dog into sledges, leaves; the sledge turned the bump, the Frog came out from under it, P. asked to spend the night; complains that the frogs were interfering, the Frog replies that they were her relatives; two Mergens come, P. did not have time to put on her robe, turned into a red branch; the elder M. sat on the Frog's can, the youngest took a red branch, began to cut, blood flowed; the eldest took the Frog away, she put on P.'s robe; P. remained to tie the wound; younger M. forgot the knife, came back, married P., they catch up with the Frog and the elder M., P. takes away his robe, gives it to her from fish skin; before that, the Frog asks hazel, reddened, bird cherry, everyone answers that she is ugly in any robe; the Frog replies that he will make them kindling, toys for children, cleaning chips; Mergen's parents cover the floor with silk, the Frog walks on it, P. turns so as not to get dirty; father-in-law wants to warm up, the Frog heats the stove, sparks fly to his father-in-law; P. asks the brothers to send good firewood, the bundle falls from the sky, the father-in-law is happy; The frog serves the father-in-law frog caviar, P. - porridge with oil that the brothers threw off; father-in-law wants to see relatives of daughters-in-law, Frog brings frogs, brothers to P., give silk and fur clothes, return to heaven; Frog swallows spoons, ladles to simulate pregnancy, she is driven away, she jumps into the lake; P. gives birth to an heir son]: Hodger 2011:67-77; Orochi: Arsenyev 1995 (1) [Egde hunted, broke the squirrel's leg, she promised to come for answer; E. smeared oil on the whole tree, hid his sister (named Bolige at the end) in the ground under a fire, began to shoot arrows into the sky, they pierced each other's tail, E. climbed them into the sky; squirrels they came, all the objects were silent, there was an old street in the corner, it was not smeared, he said where B. was; the squirrels pricked the fire with a spear, but E. poured blood in advance; when they saw blood on the spear, the squirrels decided that they had killed B., left; B. broke the street, came to the house where Gilenyr's owner; he still laughs, she asks if he wants to marry her; I agree if G. leaves a bunch of fish and fish one by one; (apparently, G. did) ; came to his mother; she ordered to make a seven-legged shovel out of birch bark so that she could come home and bring birch bark; he made, the old woman and B. made a farce out of birch bark; B. sat on a shovel, covered it birch bark; put it on the ice, the shovel carried B. away; the frog invited B. to her bump; drove away a lizard, a snake, and more frogs; but B. made her farce out of birch bark; two brothers came, the Frog said that it was just her and the dog; B. hid under the reeds; the youngest began to slaughter it, bleed; the eldest took the Frog and all his belongings; the youngest said that he forgot the knife, came back, B. was naked there; he fixed it frog clothes; they caught up with the older brother and the Frog; B. took away her clothes from the Frog; the brothers' father asks the Frog to cook chumiza, she cooks sand; tells B. to cook; she did not know where the chumiza was, went to the taiga, her seven brothers gave her chumiz, did not tell her where she got it; they gave porridge to the Frog, the porridge was hot; her father-in-law told B. to bring firewood, again the brothers gave it; her father-in-law went with B., she showed him her brothers he is happy; they ordered B. not to be sent to the forest anymore; the old man and B. began to live well, the Frog was driven away]: 122-125; Margaritov 1888 [knocking down pegs (a kind of game) with a stick, seven brothers accidentally injure a squirrel, who comes to play with them; she promises revenge by bringing other squirrels; the brothers hide their sister under the hearth with a bag of blood on top; they shoot arrows into the sky, they pierce each other's tail, forming a chain; brothers climb into heaven, the youngest is the last, picks up arrows; old boots give out to squirrels how the brothers left, where the sister is hidden; squirrels pierce the wineskin, think they have killed the girl, leave; the sister goes looking for her brothers, comes to the Frog; she takes her clothes, puts her on; the girl hides inside a stick; two brothers come, the eldest sits next to the Frog, the youngest by the stick, scares her with a knife, blood sticks on her; the eldest leaves with the Frog, the youngest returns for a knife, finds a naked girl who does not have time to hide in the stick again, tells her story; in the older brother's house The frog shows his brothers' father-in-law - they are frogs; he drives away his daughter-in-law; the girl calls her brothers, Enduri sends them from heaven; they give them rich clothes, stay for three days, return to sky; the girl is recognized as the wife of her younger brother]: 29 (Quail in Voskoboynikov, Menovshchikov 1951:403-405, in Sangi 1989; 285-287); Udege: Lebedeva et al. 1998, No. 31 [when the squirrel army approaches seven brothers hide Sister Bele under the hearth, go to heaven themselves; they smear various objects with bacon, forgot to smear their flip-flops; they told the squirrels where the girl is; squirrels hit the hearth with spears, see spears, which the brothers sprayed there in advance; left; Bele harnessed the sledges, they caught on the marsh bump; there Emende, her relatives, frogs; began to live together; two brothers came, b. turned into an angelica; the elder brother married E., who put on a silk robe b., left her fish-skin clothes; the youngest cut the angelica with a knife, saw blood; returned from the road for a forgotten knife, saw b., married; the brothers' father asks to make a fire, cook porridge, show relatives; e. burns lilacs (sparks fly to her father-in-law), cooks sand, brings frogs; brothers B. cook ash firewood for her, they give millet to cook porridge, they come to it; they say that they married seven stars, fly back to heaven], 107 [(Arsenyev's manuscript); hunter Egda broke the squirrel's leg, she promised to come for an answer; he hid his sister under the hearth, pouring blood on top, smeared oil on the whole tree in the house, began shooting arrows into the sky, which pierced one another, rose to heaven; when they saw blood, the squirrels thought they had stabbed sister; she came to Gilenyta, he wanted to marry her, she drove off on the ice with a shovel; the Frog invited her to live with her, she gave her her jewelry; two brothers came, she became grass, one took the Frog, the other cut the grass, noticed blood, came back for a knife, took the girl, the Frog had to give her her jewelry and clothes, take his own; The frog tramples on his father-in-law's expensive bed, the girl folds it; The frog cooks sand, brings crackling firewood, brings a lizard, a snake, a frog to their relatives; seven brothers give their sister a chumiz, chop good firewood, show their father-in-law; the frog is expelled to the swamp]: 227-235, 474-476; wilta [girl picks berries, sits on a bump; Frog jumps out, asks the girl to come to her, picks up her clothes and jewelry, gives her dilapidated fish-skin clothes; they come two brothers, one marries a Frog, the other scolds the wand that the girl has become; blood sticks out on her; he returns for a forgotten knife, finds a girl; father-in-law asks daughters-in-law to bring firewood, berries, its relatives; The frog brings raw firewood, dried berries, frogs and lizards; the girl brings dry firewood, fresh berries, her seven brothers fall from the sky; the frog swallows the girl's dishes; the husband Frogs cut her stomach, dishes fall out of there]: Voskoboynikov, Menovshchikov 1951:373-376.