Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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Ethnicities and habitats

K8aa. Jonah: swallowed by a bird. 11.-.13.23.

A huge bird swallows people. The hero kills her, freeing the swallowed ones, or, if swallowed by himself, gets out alive.

Suto, Nyanga, Mosi, Yoruba, Zande, Malgashi, Maldives

Bantu-speaking Africa. Suto [the young man has a skin disease; a big bird gives a pen to cure her, tells her not to tell anyone; the young man is forced to speak; the bird swallows the young man, cattle, people; there is only one woman left; she hid inside the shell; the bird swallowed it, but the woman's shell came out from the other end; her knee was swollen; the dove asks for beans, tells her to cut the tumor, two boys, Maschilo, came out and Maschilwane and their dogs; Mashilwane climbed a tree for fruit; a monster tells him to shed fruit; a young man plays the flute, summoning his brother and dogs; a monster chews on a trunk, a young man jumps on a nearby tree; dogs rushed at the monster, the brothers finished it off; the brothers' mother shows where to make the cut; humans and cattle go out]: Kipple 1992:363; Nyanga [King Shemwondo's wife gave birth to a son Mwindo and his Nyamitondo's sister; Mv. came out of his mother's womb with a scepter and a bag for witchcraft; N. married Lightning, he brought it to heaven; the monstrous bird swallowed all humans and animals; the hollow of the Mv. tree climbed into the sky to ask Lightning for help; together with his sister he went down with an iron weapon; the bird swallowed his sister, but she cut her stomach from the inside, swallowed out]: Knappert 1997:219-220.

West Africa. Mosi [the sorcerer told an infertile woman to cook porridge and not wipe a drop if she fell on her thigh; the drop fell, the abscess was swollen, and a boy was born out of it, said that his name was Kegenkargen-Biga-na- zengloanda; went on a journey, met a hero like him, they began to live together; shot birds, put them in a cage, put a forest animal (not identified) as a watchman; a huge the hawk, asked the watchman if he should eat meat or man, who replied that meat; the kite ate the birds; friends put another watchman - the same; K. himself remained guarded, replied that he was a man; his hawk swallowed it, but K. came out through the ass; the same again; K. killed the hawk, his feathers gave rise to current birds]: Sissao 2010, No. 18:45-46; Yoruba [The turtle remains in the village, violates various prohibitions; her they tell you not to make noise at night, otherwise the bird will come and swallow; it takes knives, gives a voice, kills the bird from the inside, hangs its feathers on the leader's gate; everyone must drink hot pepper, the culprit will die; all they die, and when the Turtle drinks, the pepper is cold, it is unharmed]: Herskovits, Herskovits 1931, No. 1:463-464.

Sudan - East Africa. Zande [a huge Nzanginzaginzi bird sits on a rock, swallows people; Ture's wife (a spider) carries her mother's flour, puts a centipede on top, she tells the bird to let the woman pass; the mother accidentally doused a centipede with boiling water; on the way back she kept silent, the bird swallowed the woman; T. takes knives with her, lets herself be swallowed, distributes knives swallowed, they cut through the way out, go out, the bird dies]: Arewa, Shrewe 1975, No. 7:202-203; malgashi [takatra bird (hammerhead, builds good nests) and barn owl met]: Rodman owl lived in the cold crevice of the rock, called takatra to visit, she trembled because of the cold; called an owl, she liked it, she refused to leave Takatra's house, drove her away; the heron came to drive her out, but the owl said that the sky turned into a desert at her sight, the tree bends under her heavy; the heron is gone; the same with the other birds; the little cincin bird flew into the owl's open mouth and pecked it from the inside; got more grasshoppers than it could eat; now catching grasshoppers Rejoices that she has a small belly]: Rodman 1965:42-44.

South Asia. Maldives [M훮meli Daita has 4 daughters and 3 sons; they brought their mother 7 breadfruit and asked them to cook for their return; she began to cook and slowly ate everything herself; told the children that the huge M훮gola M훮d큰ni bird sat on a grain grater and spoiled it so much that there was no way to peel it off, so she did not have time to cook the fruits and threw them away; the children asked their mother make them bows and go kill MM; along the way they meet people who bend a palm tree to get fresh coconuts; pick up an entire well to drink water like a jug; they pick up each one in a bundle of 42 palm leaves to cover the roof; they eat fish, throw seeds into the water, they turn back into fish and swim away; all these people ask where Mameli Dite's children are going; they answer every time that since they know they are MD children, they should know where they are going; people respond: if you can bend a palm tree (etc.), defeat the bird (but they can't); the old man at the fork in the road sends on the left road; a bird sits at a fork in the Ashoka indica tree; each of the MD children shoots and misses, the bird swallows everyone; when they learn about this, MD cries; wrapped one tear in a tarot sheet, put it in box, a rustle was heard, a tear turned into a boy, his name was Tear; he immediately grew up, asked for a bow and went to kill MM; along the way the same meetings, but each time the boy does what was suggested; killed the bird with seven arrows, brought its mother, cut it, inside the living brothers and sisters play lemons (or rather limes); everyone went swimming in the pool and the tear blurred in the water - it was just a tear]: Romero- Frias 2012, No. 61:230-238