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K8c5. A bear dies after swallowing a mouse.


Does a zoomorphic character no larger than a fox let a bear swallow himself and kill him, strife from the inside? (m usually eats). Mansi, Ketas, Yugi, Ainu, Chukchi, Koyukon, Upper Kuskokvim, Tanaina, Kuchin, Chipewayan, Tlingits, Haida, Tsimshian, Bellacula, Heiltsuk, Lillouet, Thompson, Upper Chehalis, Koulitz, quinolt, kordalen, (sanpual), lower chinook, clakamas, yakima, kutene, (kus), clamate, modoc, upper coquil, western ojibwa, delawaris, santi, shasta, achomavi, maidu, northern payut, navajo, tewa, havasupai.

Western Siberia. Muncie (west. Chernetsov on Konda, North. Sosve or Lozva) [Earth Brother mouse lived with his grandmother, made a nettle boat, swam; invites the deer to play hide and seek, hid in the grass, the deer swallowed it; refuses to go out through his nose, ears, nostrils, ass, cut his stomach, the deer died; the mouse called the woodpecker to rip off the deer, gave it less meat; he sails in a boat, he is called ashore several times, but he only arrives when he is called to eat caviar; the mouse fell, the stomach burst, the caviar flowed out, the children sewed up their stomach; the mouse brought meat to the grandmother, turned her into a girl, began to live happily]: Lukina 1990, No. 192:498-501; Mansi (Konda) [took the mouse in his wife a doll, began to steal, became rich; other mice also began to steal, the mayor began to kill them, they asked the mouse for help; he took his comrades on a campaign: a slimy board for cutting fish, dog rope, perch caviar, hot brazier, walking, knife, ax; the brazier was placed on the doorstep, a board in the doorway, hot caviar on the table, a foot, a knife and an ax nearby; the mayor stepped on the brazier, hit the lintel, slipped on the board, fell, the mice caviar in his eyes, the rope entangled him, the foot, the ax, the knife; the mice took all his supplies; his daughter's son lured the mice into the plague with food, everything was there died; the doll began to mourn, went to wander; refused to load horse, cow, sheep manure - it would get dirty; came to another mouse's aunt, stayed with her, married her nephew; he made a hemp boat, sailed; his name from the shore is perch, ruff, fish oil, he does not pay attention; when the name is to eat burbot, he goes; sails on, he was swallowed with the boat by a bear, a mouse began to stab from the inside, the bear fell, the mouse cut the way out with a knife, invited the bear to swallow it again, cut off the heart from the inside; took the meat, swam back downstream past the people who had it invited; my aunt took meat at home, the mouse played, my aunt danced (a song about how he got a bear)]: Kannisto 1956, No. 10:100-117; Yugi: Werner 1997, No. 3 [Haamačaka dwarf sharpens a knife, says he'll cut off the bear's nose; the bear swallowed it, she ripped it apart from the inside, went outside, got meat and skin], 30 [The mouse found a dough bowl, swam in it like a boat, found a needle, made a pole, thimble is a hat; invites the bear to hide; easily finds it, hides in an empty stem of grass, the bear does not see it, swallows it with grass; she gnaws out, killing the bear; calls everyone mice, they feast]: 243-244, 285-287; Kets: Dulzon 1966, No. 29 [Khachamaka's dwarf sharpens a knife, invites the bear to swallow it; ripped it from the inside, went outside, got meat and skin]: 103; Osharov 1936a [The mouse invites the bear to play hide and seek; he swallows it along with the grass; it gnaws through his belly, he dies, the Mouse eats bear meat]: 129-130.

Japan. Ainu (Sakhalin): Etter 1949 [father promises a daughter to marry someone who kills two bears; Kambala lets them swallow himself, cuts himself from the inside with sharp fins; gets a girl]: 84; Pilsudsky 2001, No. 3 [Flounder decided to marry the woman's daughter Kakan; she was collecting salt water with a scoop, Flounder jumped into it; the girl fell in love with her; the men invited Flounder to the forest for firewood, threw it in the bear's mouth; The flounder tore his stomach with its sharp bones, went out over his side, the bear died; Kambala taught the children fish work, and his wife taught him fish work; they lived well]: 28 (same Pilsudski 2002, No. 3:19-20).

Navy of Asia. Chukchi: Baboshina 1958, No. 52 [the sister dresses as a man, goes to marry her brother's wife; the Mouse helps her (she bites through a worm that attacks her, rushes into the bear's mouth, kills him from the inside); the imaginary young man beat everyone in the ball, on the advice of the Mouse, puts a seal bubble under his clothes, wins the urination competition; gets a bride for his brother]: 137-138; Menovshchikov 1974, No. 107 [=Dolitsky 2019, No. 111:272-275; The wolf kills Vazhenka; agrees to leave the udder so that her deer Akanykai can suck milk; is going to eat A. the next year; A. grows up, kills the Wolf and other predators; his friend Ermine jumps into the bear's mouth, gnaws on the insides, the bear dies]: 338-343.

Subarctic. Koyukon: Attla 1983 [The raven invites his nephew Norka to put it in the tail of the salmon; the bear will swallow it, the Mink will cut it from the inside; this is how they kill many bears; the raven must to insure Norka with a spear, but says that the spear is stuck between trees; one day he suggests that the bear swallow it, flies away at the last moment, Norka barely has time to hit the bear with a spear; the raven suggests filling the vessels with bear fat through a kind of hose from the intestines; puts the end of the hose in his mouth; then in winter he says that women must have holes in their vessels; in winter he calls for potlach, chooses only fat ones; invites everyone to close their eyes, lubricates them with glue; only one eye anointed an orphan at the entrance, which raises the alarm; the blind begin to kill each other, the raven wanted it]: 43- 63; Nelson 1983 [The raven invites his nephew Norka to hide in salmon on the bear path; the bear swallowed the fish, Mink cut it from the inside; when it's the crow's turn to repeat the trick, it's the last the moment flew out of the fish]: 82; the upper pieces [the raven tells Norke that it will climb into the salmon tail lying on the trail; the grizzly swallows it, it will make a hole in his stomach, fly out; when the grizzly will swallow it, it will make a hole in his stomach, fly out; when the grizzly comes up, the raven flies away; the mink does everything for him; the raven promises to hit the grizzly with a spear when Mink jumps out; explains that the spear is stuck between trees; they drown fat; the raven suggests make the vessels fill through a hose from the bear intestines; the vessels do not fill because the raven put the hose in his mouth and drinks; Mink hits him with the smut, the raven hides; returning, Norke replies that A burnt tree fell on him, so there is soot on his head]: Deaphon et al. s.a.: 13-14; Tanaina: Kalifornsky 1991 [the raven suggests getting inside the fish, let the bear swallow it, pierce it throat with a spear; eats the fish from the inside, but jumps out for fear of being swallowed; the same with the Camprobber bird; Dipper pierces the bear; breaks his leg, gets a splint; the raven offers to prepare fat for the winter, he eats secretly, an owl sees it, he gives it to keep silent; he puts on a bear skin, attacks a blue jay and a pancake (Cinclus cclus), they beat him; the raven comes back, says he's the pole fell from the barn); the crow feels bad for so much fat, the beaver gives it vomit and laxative]: 99-103; Tenenbaum 1984 [the bird Dandy allows the bear to swallow itself, cuts its stomach; this is how it kills many bears; the raven and the Canadian Jay are afraid to hunt this way]: 89; Kuchin: Camsell 1915, No. 13 [man laughs at his reflection in the water; the bear thinks he is above him; tells him bring brushwood to fry it; the man asks Ermine for help; he jumps into the bear's mouth, cuts his heart, goes out; the man makes Ermine a beautiful white fur coat]: 256-257; McGary 1984 [the raven puts in salmon tail gadfly, invites the bear to swallow the tail; the gadfly bites the bear in the heart, he dies; the raven ate bear meat, drowned fat]: 261-267; taltan [grasshopper marries; hunts only grasshoppers; the wife asks to kill the bear; he lets himself be swallowed by the monster, kills by cutting it from the inside, goes out through the anus]: Teit 1921a, No. 42:236-237; chipewayan [rain floods the ground; Visá ; Kecak makes a boat, asks the Duck to dive; she brings silt on her paws several times, V. creates land; sees larvae in a deer skull, asks for permission to join the meal, sticks his head, gets stuck, deer swims along the river; people rush to him, he jumps ashore, breaks his skull; leads the bear to the berry tree, which eats, gets fat, falls asleep, V. kills him; cooks meat, asks for juniper trees move apart, otherwise his stomach hurts; gets stuck, birds eat meat; juniper twists, since then his trunk is crooked; V. decides that his eyes are rather weak, takes them out, goes blind; goes asking trees about their names; rejects poplar, etc., finding a pine tree, makes new eyes out of resin; creates landscape features, animal habits; his ass is burned, he throws scabs at the birch tree; asks geese dancing with his eyes closed kills one at a time; one opens his eyes, the birds run, V. steps on water-hen and the loon, since then they have not been able to walk on land; V. laughs at bear excrement, that rushes at him; V. asks the caress to get into the bear's ass, gnaw the heart; then washes the caress, the tip of the tail remains black; V. eats something black that causes gas eruption; sits on a hot stone, throws burnt scabs on a birch tree; asks geese to give him feathers, flies with him; they take feathers, he falls, people defecate on him; he runs away naked, turns into stone, goes to the ground; only his hair visible on the cliff surface]: Lowie 1912:195-200.

NW Coast. Tlingit [the raven teases birds as if they can't fly into the bear's anus; the urticaria flies in, pulls out the bear's intestines; the bear dies, the raven eats it]: Swanton 1909, No. 1:17; haida [ a young man lives at his grandmother; lets a grizzly swallow himself; kills by making a fire in his stomach with a fire drill; burns a bear through]: Swanton 1905:362-363; Tsimshian [like Hyde; grizzly steals a young man's fish; sucks it into his mouth; the young man has firewood and flint with him; the young man comes out through the grizzly's anus]: Boas 1902:117-119; bellacula: Boas 2002, No. 10 [a woman (she is a bird) has a son Winter Wren (Troglodytes troglodytes); someone steals dried salmon soaked under a rock; wren guards, it's a grizzly; he sucks it three times with his nose, but it flies out of his anus three times; grizzly covers his nose and anus with plugs; with a fire drill, the Wren makes a fire inside the grizzly; the grizzly fell, his womb burst, sparks rose to the sky, became stars; other grizzlies, Black Bears and Wolves came to take revenge; Wren sang, grew a stone uphill, with his mother they heated stones on top, killed animals by rolling stones down]: 520-521; McIlwraith 1948 (2) [grizzly takes fish from Wren; plugs his ass, sucks Wren through his nose; he takes a fire drill with him, makes a fire inside the grizzly, takes out the plug, flies out; the grizzly dies]: 430-431; Heiltzuk [three older the brothers return empty from hunting; the younger one teases the grizzly, which sucks it into his mouth; the young man makes a fire inside the grizzly, killing it; all animal people carry meat; the raven carries buds, eats on the road, says he lost; people see fat dripping from his anus]: Boas 1928b: 65-71.

The coast is the Plateau. Quileut [the bear says his stream; the wren is fishing there; the bear wants to kill him; the wren flies into his nose, cuts the bear; he dies]: Andrade 1931, No. 47:123-125; cowitz [The raccoon takes five sharp stones with him; when the grizzly swallows it, he cuts it from the inside; his grandma Snowbird takes his penis, masturbates with it; the raccoon burns it in the steam room; eats grizzly meat, one slice soft; it turns out it's the grandmother's genitals, which caused the Raccoon to lose his teeth]: Adamson 1934:220-221; yakima [The raccoon eats all the acorns, the grandmother hits him to death; he comes to life, teases the bear, that one swallows it, he cuts his heart from the inside (the episode repeats, the bear releases the Raccoon through the ass four times, dies on the fifth); the grandmother agrees to carry only the bear's ass; the raccoon catches her, kills her club (for taking the best meat, but apparently the informant was embarrassed to give details)]: Hines 1992, No. 52:173-178; clackamas [a crow was also invited to dance; she shouts that she will come now , smears her hair with crap; all animals and birds dance around Coyote's daughter; grizzly swallowed one; Mudfish hid in the mud, the grizzly began to drink, swallowed her; she hurts his heart, comes out, grizzly dies; Coyote says he killed the grizzly; Coyote and Pisces supporters fight, Fish flees]: Jacobs 1958, No. 7:73-74; (cf. sanpual [Grizzly kills everyone; Coyote makes a dog with flint teeth; he jumps a grizzly into its mouth, tears it up, goes out through the anus; the grizzly turns into a grizzly]: Ray 1933, No. 14:160-161); coutenay [the mink has a grizzly mistress; tries to kill his brothers; the mink turns into a fly, the grizzly swallows it without noticing it; Mink kills it with a knife from the inside]: Boas 1918, No. 41:37-38; (cf. cous [five grizzly brothers kill travelers; people compete, grizzlies come one by one, are killed (they are nooked); the youngest knows about the threat, escapes, falls into the water, goes out ashore near an old woman's house; she makes a hot fire, the grizzly falls asleep, the old woman pours hot resin into his mouth; he tries to eat it, but she hides between his teeth; then swallows; she goes out through the anus, cutting off his heart with a knife; the grizzly dies]: Frachtenberg 1913, No. 16:91-105).

The Midwest. Western Ojibwa [the bear wants to eat Nenabojo; tells him to bring a skewer; he brings unusable ones, is sent again; asks caress to climb into the bear's ass, cut off his heart; for this makes caress white in winter, brown in summer; cooks bear meat; trees creak, he sticks his hand, he is pinched; wolves eat everything N. has prepared for himself]: Josselin de Jong 1913, No. 10:16-18; delaware [summary in Bierhorst 1995, No. 71:45; west in 1909 in Oklahoma; mother does not tell six sons to go west; the youngest ball has a lynx's head, digs her teeth into a tree; the eldest goes, finds a wife; she warns that the one-eyed sorcerer Red Feather on his head wants to kidnap her; at home, the younger brother guards the elder's wife; when he is away, the sorcerer took her away; the brothers disappear one by one; for each sorcerer lets his Naked Bear in; his younger brother walks, picks up a toad, a snake (makes a pipe out of them), an otter (makes a pouch out of her skin), a weasel; the weasel jumps into the bear's mouth, gnaws out the heart; an otter-skin pouch grabs a bear by the legs, a toad (i.e. a pipe) is full of fire; the younger brother kills the sorcerer by throwing a lynx ball into his eye, burns him; the head jumps out of the fire four times, the weasel brings her back; younger brother revives the elders by firing an arrow over them]: Hitakonanu'laxk 1994:88-93.

Plains. Santi [see motive K1; the older brother's wife wants to sleep with his younger brother, who refuses; she asks him to shoot the partridge, scratches her thighs with a claw, accuses the young man of trying to rape her; The husband promises Unktomi to marry his sister, tells him to take his brother to the Unvisited Island to collect bird eggs, throw it there; the young man is attacked by a bear; the young man turns into a fish, the bear swallows it, the young man cuts his heart, cuts through his side, comes out]: Riggs 1893:139-143.

California. Shasta [the grizzly killed the boy's parents; he cut off their chief's leg; on Coyote's advice, agrees to be swallowed, takes a knife with him; cuts the grizzly from the inside to death]: Dixon 1910a, No. 13 [ the boy brings the grizzly corpse home]: 23-24; Farrand 1915, No. 6 [The Coyote tells the corpse to be filled with brushwood; at night the boy goes outside]: 215-216; achomavi [the grizzly took all the food from the blue jay and lizard; The lizard climbs into the grizzly's anus, hurts the heart, brings meat to the blue jay; this is how it kills all four grizzlies; Blue Jay and the lizard have enough meat for the winter]: Dixon 1908, No. 7:168-169; Maidu [ A grizzly has killed almost everyone; a lizard boy jumps into the grizzly's mouth with a knife in his hand; cuts his insides; he turns into a grizzly]: Dixon 1902, No. 15:100.

Montagna - Jurua. Shipibo: Gebhaert-Sayer 1987, No. 2 [a single boy uses kalebasu instead of his wife; she becomes a woman, has three sons; they sit on a tree and eat fruit; tapir comes constantly and asks for fruit for themselves; they throw the unripe fruit at his head; he knocks on the trunk, making it fat; brothers go down as ants; follow the tapir's trail; ask his excrement or the grown ones of these trees when the tapir passed; a year, six months, a month, ten days ago; he is here; the eldest turns into an ant, climbs into the tapir's anus, hurts the heart; brothers fresh the carcass; each tries to become a pot to cook meat; only the elder can withstand the heat for a long time; they ask the Duck to transport them across the river; she replies that her boat is small; the caiman asks not to step on his head; the younger brother comes, the caiman grabs his leg, drags him under water; the sloth drains the river, the brothers take the youngest's corpse out of the caiman's womb; his leg is not enough; they shoot at the sky, make a chain of arrows; termite and small squirrel are afraid to climb, the big squirrel comes back, says the sky is good; the turtle turns the chain into a ladder; the brothers take the caiman head and brother's corpse, go up to heaven]: 350- 351; Roe 1982, No. 7 [an old man (this is a tapir) makes a boat under a Guava tree; children sitting on a tree throw fruits at him; the old man kicks him with his foot, the tree grows huge; children turn into ants, they go down on leaves, then become human again; follow the old man's trail, asking for directions from the genip trees; find more and more fresh tapir droppings; one became an ant, climbed the tapir in the ass, cut his heart ; the tapir died; one turned into a pot, meat was cooked in it; everyone tried to become a pot, but only the strongest one withstood the heat; the brothers had to cross the river; the man sent a boat - a caimana; sitting on on his back, the brothers thought what to become, chose birds; one decided to become a panguana bird; on the coast, the caiman bit off both his legs; Panguana is part of Orion, without legs; all turned into Pleiades, Hyades, Orion's Belt], 8 [at night, a young man masturbates to a calebass; his mother began to put him one at a time and throw him away; two boys came out of the broken calebas; they ask who killed their mother; the grandmother replies that Lightning; they killed the Lightning Spirit; they ask again if they threaten to kill the grandmother herself; she replies that Tapir killed; they found Tapir from fresh droppings; the youngest became an ant, climbed Tapira into the anus, cut off his heart; the eldest cut the tapir's stomach, released the younger one; the youngest turned into a pot to cook meat; the elder puts it on the fire and then in the water; the meat is cooked; the Sloth promised to call a bird that will transport the brothers through the river; the bird asks not to step on the bow of her boat; the eldest listened, the youngest stepped on the shore, the boat turned into a caiman, bit off his leg; the Sloth dried the river with a magic spear, the elder elder cut off the caiman's jaw, takes out his brother's leg; when they return to their grandmother, the brothers again ask who killed their mother; she replies that they will receive an answer in heaven; the brothers climbed a chain of arrows, the elder in his hands caiman-Hyada jaw]: 62-63, 63-66.

Southern Amazon. Kayabi [Turtles eat fruit on the tree; Tapir asks him to shed the fruit too, but they throw only the peel; Tapir hits the trunk, the turtles fall, he tramples on them; two have not fallen; follow his footsteps they find more and more fresh excrement; when they saw Tapir sleeping, one climbed into his anus, the other down his throat, killed Tapir; they came to Jaguar to ask for fire; he does not believe that fire should be smoked wasps, took it away from They're meat; they secretly come to Jaguar's house to eat meat; one day he spotted one of the Turtles, threw it away]: Pereira 1995, No. 10:63-64.