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Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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K9. The wife of a deity has been thrown out of heaven. (.12.) .24. (.27.) .

The heavenly leader (deity), accusing or suspected a woman of infidelity, affiliation with an animal, incest, or wanting to command them, throws her down. She becomes the mistress of the lower or middle world or part of it, or the mother of the owner of the lower world, and gives birth to people. Cf. motive J18.

(Krachi), Marques, Toraja, (Ancient Greece), Abkhazians, Swans, Lithuanians and Latvians, Mansi, Northern Khanty, Northern Selkups, Chippewa, Hurons, Seneca, Oneida, Onondaga, Kogi.

(Wed. West Africa. Krachi [the eldest wife of the supreme god Nyane is Akoko ("chicken"); he took four more and asked what each of them would give him; 1) would sweep and clean his yard (compound); 2) cook and not complain if there are many guests; 3) spin and bring water; 4) give birth to a golden child; the fourth gives birth in the absence of her husband; these are twins; the first born is silver, the second (he is considered the eldest) - gold; A. put them both in a pot, hid them in the forest in a dry tree; replaced them with two frogs; when N. saw them, he ordered his wife to be expelled to the farthest corner of his possessions; the hunter found children; collects silver and gold dust from them, got rich; Anansi (spider trickster) guessed that they were N.'s children; the twins asked their adoptive father to bring them pebbles to play with which they will tell their story to their real father; while N. plays with Serebryany, Golden sings, talking about everything that happened; N. brought his wife back and washed her himself; tied Ayu's legs to a stick and threw her off the sky; each once a chicken is thirsty, it will have to lift its head and ask N. for permission; all people will sacrifice chickens to the gods as a common victim; twins are washed every year and dust them falls to the ground; whoever he falls on will be rich]: Cardinall 1931:36-39).

Micronesia-Polynesia. Marquises (Nukuhiva) [(said the chief's niece); a lonely moi (girl) lived in the sky; at night an eel (his name is Great-world-root-or-foot) came to her, raped her tail; noticing pregnancy, god banished the girl from heaven to earth; her son married her, they have many children of different skin colors; among them are a beautiful boy and a girl; the people of Nukuhiva are descendants of this girl]: Lesson 1880- 1884 (2) :228f in Williamson 1933 (1) :67-68.

Malaysia-Indonesia. Eastern Toraja [Ndara is a woman earth, Lai is a heavenly man; N. lived in heaven with other gods, committed incest with her nephew (neef; cousin?) ; the gods gathered for advice, the lord of heaven PUE-MPalaboeroe (Poee-mpalaboeroe, perhaps the same as L.) decided to lower N. on copper wire into the world's oceans; on the water she collected foam, it thickened, formed ground, N. now underground]: Adriani, Kruyt 1951, No. 2:3-4.

(Wed. The Balkans. Ancient Greece: Hom. Il. [Zeus, addressing Hera: oh mumun tkrμω, ok & #948; podōin/ kmuñas kα dω, percersδ desμn laa/crisoon rrrkton; sdἐ n/a qaafalosin/ krμω: lastia & #959; ν dteo kata makarn n, /lasaa d᾽ ok dhanat parasthadon; "Did you forget how it hung from the sky? I hung two anvils on your feet and tied your hands with gold, /With a strong rope, and you hung in the clouds and on the air. /In indignation, all the gods came to the great Olympus, /They could not free you" (trans. V.V. Veresaeva)]: XV. 18-22 (cf. Apollod. Bibl. ["Hera passed the marital bed and gave birth to Hephaestus: but according to Homer, this is also what she gave birth to Zeus. The last one threw him down from the heavenly heights for helping the bound Hera, whom Zeus hung on the heights of Olympus. The reason for the punishment was that Hera sent a storm to Hercules's fleet when he returned home after the capture of Troy"; "When Hercules was returning by sea from Troy, Hera unleashed terrible storms on his fleet. Angry at her for this, Zeus hung Hera on the heights of Olympus" (trans. V.G. Borukhovich)]: I. 3.5, II.7.1); Eur. Orest. [Euripides tragedy "Orestes", staged in 408 BC; Elektra: 1) γ μakrios - koek nieδ ω tkas - /Dis pefyos, with lağos, Tn& #964; alos/ korofis pertallonta diimaa patern/ri pota: kana ta ta d& #943; kñn,/with μn lağozin, tea tea ; s n/ kōis trapaіμμμōn,/ colastin skossan, aoscn nosο ν; "Blessed king - oh yes! The lips of blasphem/They will not speak, calling him blissful, /Kronidov's son - as rumor says - /There, Tantalum hovers motionless in the air... /And he is tormented with horror, the rock/Feeling criminal above his head... /Shameful the disease is to blame: /Sitting with the gods at a meal as an equal, /The king did not speak with the arrogant"; 2) mulima tn oranoῦ/muzon tea tetanan/ ahormasia π natran, /lazesin crisica pheromana d& #943; naisi,/βon 963; in Nabaosω /Groneti Patra; "Oh, if I were to a fragment of Olympus, /Between the sky and us/He hangs on gold chains/And whirls in a whirlwind! /I would love Tantalum to the old there/I would howl a tombstone song" (trans. AND. Annensky); comment by V.N. Yarkho: "Euripides slightly modifies the myth, attributing to Tantalus not revealing a secret, but daring speeches during the feast of the gods; he also accepts some little-known version , according to which Tantalum was hung on a chain between heaven and earth, while a rock threatening to fall hung above it"]: 4-10, 982-985 (Euripides 1999:307, 353, 686)).

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Abkhazians [western in Duripsha in 1984; Shashuy brought Ajveipsh's daughter Amzu-Moon closer to the Sun, she became his beloved; the Stars were surprised at their love; in the absence of the Sun, the Devil seduced A. twice; Sh. burned A., expelled him beyond the Heavenly Gate; in addition to her, he punished that daughter Ayerga, who flew in a star, seduced married hunters and shepherds]: Khvartsky 1994:142; Swany [blacksmith Daregiani from the top Yalbuza (Elbrus) sees a crying beauty in the abyss on the golden ottoman, piles of gold all around; she descends to her, she says that she is the wife of God Himself, who overthrew her for some crime; wife D . spies on him, cuts off the beautiful woman's hair; when D. comes, she rips her stomach open, gives him their child, tells him to leave it at the crossroads, dies; Jesus Christ, St. George and one of the angels give the boy the name Amiran; if he breaks this word three times, he will fall under the power of the devil; the dying hero tells A. to raise his two sons; they have become strong, and . killed them, the devils began to chase him; the next time he beat his horse; after the third violation of the word, the devils chained him to an iron pole in the abyss near Elbrus; he is also tied to a pole nine-headed divas; both try to reach checker A.; A. will be able to reach if his nails grow; therefore, swans do not cut off their nails during the first four days of the week; at this time they also grow in A .; the devils bird reports every time that the devils cut their nails; one day A. will take possession of a sword, the diva will kill, golden times will come]: Lominadze 1903, No. 1:141-144.

Baltoscandia. Lithuanians, Latvians [(reconstruction based on folk texts); dawn in the morning or the Morning Star (lit. Aushra, lat. Austra) is the wife of the thunder Perkunas, who cheats on him with his opponent; P. throws her to the ground, she turns into a chthonic goddess (Lauma, Marya, Zhemina)]: Ivanov, Toporov 1980:154-155.

Western Siberia. Mansi: Lukina 1990, No. 133 [the wife of the Upper Spirit says he should live in a house made from the bones of all animals and birds; he gathers animals and birds to kill them; the owl asks who more men or women; she herself replies that women, for a man living in a woman's mind is a woman himself; the Upper Spirit spreads animals, throws his wife from heaven to earth; sister of the Upper Spirit (Kaltas-ekva ) finds her inside the mountain where she gave birth to Ekva-Pyris; her aunt takes him to her bank of the Ob River, he grows up; the boy's mother remains in the mountain, she is Sakvtalyah-nör Ekva - Upper Rivers Lyapin Mountain Woman]: 342-346; Munkácsi 1995:117 [Numi Kwores (Upper Sky) descended three men and their sister into the space between the two heavens; the elder Numi Torem (Upper Sky), the middle Sa L-torem (Storm God), younger Tapel (Elder Tapel), sister Kaltes; NT is married to a Russian, she got along with Xul'-ater (Prince of Devils) from the lower world; NT threw her face on the ground, threw her from the sky, she fell to the bank of the Ob, broke two right ribs; Caltes hears a baby crying on the ground, descends, finds a boy born abandoned with golden arms and legs; raises him; he becomes For Peace Overseer Man; he is revered by both Russians and Ugrians], 18-19 [Numi-Torem raised his sword to hit his wife; his eldest son Polem held him; NT got angry, threw his wife to the ground; her son was born there with with golden arms and legs; when he began to walk, NT picked him up in his cradle; the son asks him to be brought down again; he falls to where his mother and his brother are man with eagle feathers; he grows his brother and mother beat him; so his bones and flesh hardened; he cries, climbs into the cradle, his father picks him up again; he became very strong, asks him to be lowered again; he falls to the roof with a thunderblow at home his brother, killed his brother and auntTorem]]; the northern Khanty (Berezovsky) [Ay Kaltash (Ay is "small", Kaltash - "awakening, creating") was the daughter of Num Torum, went to a banned woman half of the house; for this, her father lowered her to the ground, assigned her to be an assistant to earthly women in childbirth; her place is on the tree from where she flies to women in labor; other Khanty do not survive this image]: Islamov 2006:48; Kashlatova 2002:59; Kets [Hosyadam was Ysya's wife, but left by the Month (Heung is grandfather); Yes threw her down and her servants to the ground; since then Since H. is the evil beginning of cold, disease, etc.; some of the servants are now with H., others have fallen in the distance; those who fell into the lake became watery, into the forest became goblin, etc.; The month is punished by what it should indicate time and weather; spots on it are traces of H.'s stay there; hero Alba drove H. from the upper reaches of the Yenisei to a dead island in the ocean]: Anuchin 1914:3-4; northern Selkups [Ylynta kota was Noma's wife, quarreled with him, went to live deep underground; at the same time she gave birth to the layers of the upper tier of the earth, that is, the inhabited land of the Middle World; her two daughters with fiery faces were heavenly and underground sun]: Pelikh 1998:29 in Tuchkova 2004:323.

The Midwest. Chippewa [someone comes to the young man at night; he stains his mistress's thigh with something; in the morning his sister is sitting on the ground; he wants her dress to catch fire; the girl jumps up, he sees his mark; at his request, his sister falls through the ground; falls on a Turtle in the middle of the sea; gives birth to a daughter, the Turtle takes her as his wife; she gives birth to twins Flint and Venebozho; Flint kills mother at birth, V. kills Flint; in Jones 1917, 1919, pt. 1:431: Grandma V. is Mother Earth; often referred to as the Toad Woman]: Barnouw 1977, No. 5:73-74.

Northeast. One of the sons of a woman thrown from heaven becomes an opponent of a good deity; see motive B1. Hurons: Hale 1888-1891 [husband throws his pregnant wife to the ground; two Loons catch her, put her on the Turtle's back; Beaver, Muskrat, Dive cannot reach the bottom, some emerge dead; woman puts clay on the Turtle's shell, which still supports the earth; a woman gives birth to twins; one of them is angry, comes out of her mother's side, killing her]: 180-181; Seneca: Converse 1908 in Turner 1978 [on The Great Leader pulls out a tree, sends a pregnant woman down; the birds pick her up without letting her fall into the sea; the Beaver dives to get the ground from the bottom, disappears; the Duck pops up dead; the muskrat brings clay on its paw; clay is placed on the Turtle, the earth grows; when the Turtle moves, earthquakes occur; a woman gives birth to twins; an angry one comes out under her arm; she dies giving birth to good things]: 36-38; Cornplanter 1938, No. 1-2 [in heaven, the chief thinks that his wife is pregnant with the Blue Puma or the Fire Dragon (=Meteor); pulls out the Tree of Light, throws his wife into the hole, throws it after characters who turn into cultivated plants and animals on the ground; birds catch a falling woman; everyone dives to get the ground from the bottom; the Muskrat brings the earth in his mouth; the Turtle puts his back; a woman throws the earth around, the earth grows; a woman gives birth to a daughter; a stranger hangs two arrows over a girl, one of them with a flinttip; a girl gives birth to twins; one of them kills her mother, born through her armpit]: 19-26; Curtin, Hewitt 1918, No. 74 [in heaven, a woman is instructed in a dream to dig a tree with flowers of light; people dig it up, it falls into the abyss; the leader orders throw a woman after her; Loon tells the Osprey to pick her up; rejects the Horned Serpent's offer to take care of the woman; the Turtle is chosen for this role; animals and birds dive to get the ground, emerge dead; Hell-diver brings some land; it is placed on the Turtle, Beavers and Ducks make the earth big; a woman gives birth to a daughter; she gets pregnant by a person who turns out to be a Turtle; gives birth to twins; one goes out her from her armpit, killing her mother; his head is flint]: 409-415; Hewitt 1903 [the heavenly leader suspects his wife of infidelity, pushes her into the abyss with her little daughter; she falls on the Turtle; falls on the shell holds the earth in her hands, the earth grows; her daughter is pregnant with the Wind; gives birth to twins; the youngest goes through the mother's navel, killing her; the eldest comes to his father Wind; he offers him run around the earth with his two other sons; then gives him a bag with all the animals; his grandmother secretly eats corn, which she hides among her belongings; the grandson spies, finds an ear, cooks porridge; see motif F25]: 221-254; oneida: James Dean (1770-ies?) in Elm, Antone 2000:157-162 [in a country in heaven, a man asks to dig a tree with flowers of light, pushes his pregnant wife into a hole, explains that she was unfaithful; there is water below; only the Turtle can support the ground; Mink dives, pops up dead with the ground on its paws and muzzle; Loon lays the ground on the Turtle, the earth grows; a woman gives birth to a daughter; animal people marry her; the mother agrees to Turtle proposal; husband puts two arrows with flint and bark tips crosswise on his wife's belly; two boys quarrel in the womb; younger Tan -lon -ghi -au -wan -goon (hereinafter T., good) wants to go out normally, older Than -wisk -a -law (hereinafter referred to as Th.) - through the mother's side; as a result, she dies; grandmother kills her grandchildren, throws them into the sea; they come back; the grandmother divides her daughter's corpse in half, throws it up; the top turns into the sun, the bottom turns into the moon; Th. has his father's flint, he kills game with them; the grandmother loves him; the old man gives T. corn; says he must kill an evil brother whose body is made of flint, otherwise people will not be able to live on earth; T. pretends to be afraid of beech branches and reeds; Th. replies that he is afraid flints and deer antlers; defeated, runs away, creating ravines and mountains, turning into Rocky Mountains; an evil grandmother tries to destroy people with a flood, snow; causes them all the disasters that people now cause suffer], Frederick Waugh (West 1912-1917) in Elm, Antone 2000:164-168 [brother and sister live in heaven; sister gets pregnant, people believe it's from a brother; he uproots a tree with glowing flowers, push sister into the hole; water below; The turtle agrees to support the ground; The mink dives, pops up dead with the ground on its legs and muzzle; Loon puts the ground on the Turtle, the earth grows; the woman gives birth to a daughter; a stranger takes her as his wife; puts two arrows on her stomach, with a blunt end and a sharp end; disappears; two boys quarrel in the womb; Talohiawago wants to go out normally Davisgal - through her mother's side; as a result, she dies; the grandmother kills her grandchildren, throws them into the lake; they return in the morning; they race to her; T. would win, but his grandmother does not love him, let D. ; their mother would have risen from the grave ten days later, but D. smashed her head with an ax; the old man gives E. corn, T. exchanges flint from his brother for it; T. sees D. picking up a stone, killing someone coming out bear land; T. releases game, scatters it on the ground; answers D. that he is most afraid of tree buds; he says he is afraid of deer antlers; T. makes the river flow in two directions, D. spoils creation; brothers fight as long as they have only bones left; T. promises to return at the end of time], 11-12 and 30-32 [1996 version; rich husband sends his wife to bring water; she first gives the player a drink in lacros; the husband considers it treason, tells him to uproot the tree, throw the woman down]; onondaga [like Seneca; the Chief's wife becomes pregnant from his breath before getting along with him; Ducks pick up the falling woman; many can't get the earth from the bottom; the muskrat pops up dead with the ground in his mouth; only the Turtle, but not the Otter, can bear the weight of the earth; the earth grows]: Hewitt 1903:141-182; 1928 [Beaver finds clay in the mouth of the Muskrat; cannot withstand the weight of the earth; Fox, Raccoon come to marry the daughter of Heavenly Woman, rejected]: 470-486.

The Northern Andes. Kogi [the voracious and lustful toad was the Sun's first wife; he throws her to the ground, she smashes her ass; toads sing to cause rain and darken the sun]: Reichel-Dolmatoff 1985 (2), No. 4:33.