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L108A. A goat kills an antagonist.

.12.14.-.17. (.20.) .27.-.32.

A predator or cannibal swallows humans and animals. A goat (rarely a sheep) punishes him and usually saves the swallowed ones (most often rips his belly off, swallowed ones come out alive).

Igbo, mamprusi, jukun, eve, hausa, guro, beta, neyo, wobe, baule, (sapo, wolof), Western Sahara, Kabilas, Arabs of Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Spaniards, Portuguese, Galicians, Catalans, Aragon, Italians (Tuscany, Umbria, Rome, Latius, Molise, Puglia), French, Bretons, Walloons, Flemish Arabs, Palestinians, (Yap), Hungarians, Greeks, Macedonians, Bulgarians, Moldovans, Slovaks, Russians (Tersky Bereg, Arkhangelsk, Olonetskaya, Vologda, Pskov, Vladimir, Ryazan, Voronezh), Belarusians, Ukrainians, Karachays, Ingush, Kumyks, Dargins, Talysh, Turks, Kurds, Tajiks, Persians, Bukhara Arabs, Yazgulyams, Rushans, Khufs, Paryas, Kafirs, Shina, Setu, Estonians, Lutsi, Lithuanians, Norwegians, Mari, Mordovians, Kazan Tatars, Bashkirs, Komi.

West Africa. Igbo [leaving her four children at home, a woman tells them not to make noise; they make noise; the beast (bête) has noticed them, swallowed them; the woman tells all animals to jump through the hole, whoever falls is guilty; everyone jumped over, the beast fell into a hole, the woman ripped her stomach open, the children came out alive]: Ugochukwu 1992, No. 6:55-57; mamprusi [The goat loves only the two eldest of three daughters; hyena Kundungu overheard Goat's song, asked the blacksmith to forge her a subtle voice; he warned her not to rush to the carrion on the road; K. rushed to the dead antelope, his voice became rude, the younger goat understood the deception ; next time K. avoids falling, the older goats open, K. takes them away; The goat finds only the youngest daughter who is hidden, no longer scolds her]: Anpetkova-Sharova 1966, No. 30:51-53; jukun [ a woman swallowed her children; Adi-bu-ma ("Adi is the son of Ma") was born, holding a bow and arrows, from a tumor on his thigh, did not fall on a plate, but went into the forest; breaking an egg, created a walled city, people and animals in him, became king; everyone went to the fields, the eldest wife was unwell, went to the forest to buy herbs, met her husband's mother, who gave her herbs, she exclaimed that this was not enough, remembering her husband's name; the cannibal understood , whoever comes to town in front of her, swallowed everyone; A. consistently throws 60 kopecks at her mother, she throws one of her 60 teeth each time, both miss; the bird advises A. only to pretend that he throws a spear, his mother throws her last tooth in response, her son kills her; swallowed ones fell out of her cut abdomen, A. revived them with herbs; those in her stomach turned white for a long time, less reddish skin, not for long - blacks; A. did not revive his wife; the cannibal's body was burned, the ashes were thrown into the river, some of the ash fell ashore, the pumpkin grew, the pumpkins began to swallow people; A. fed the goat, she slaughtered pumpkins, they were burned, A. revived those swallowed with herbs, some of the ash came ashore again, on the woman's clothes, she became a witch (the origin of witches)]: Meek 1931:193-196 (retelling in Belcher 2005:292-296); eve [contrary On the advice of the sage, Fale plants only Calebass trees in the field; the only calebas pumpkin has grown up; every time F. knocks on it with a knife to see if it is ripe, the pumpkin takes his knife and knocks on F. ; he cuts a pumpkin, she sings a song, swallows it, then everyone in the village, in other villages; the ram sings himself, puts out its horns, the pumpkin splits, swallowed except F., come out; since then, the Calebasses trees are planted only among other cultivated plants]: Pozdnyakov 1990:218-223; hausa [the girl, the leader's only daughter, wants to pick a small pumpkin, not the big one nearby; chief agrees; pumpkin says it must eat meat, first devours goats, rams, cows, camels; then slaves, free and finally the leader himself; chases the girl; towards the goat (a ram); jumps, hits the pumpkin with horns, everyone swallowed comes out]: Rattray 1913:304-310 in Paulme 197:291-292; guro [the boy picked up a pumpkin seed; seed: I picked up a boy; he planted him in the field , it sprouted; boy: the seed sprouted; pumpkin: the boy sprouted; etc.; when the boy said that the pumpkin was ripe, the response was: the boy was ripe; rolled after him, swallowing all people and animals along the way; only one pregnant sheep hid in the crevices of the rock and it closed behind it; a lamb was born, went out, refused to return; the pumpkin answers him, rolled up, he smashed it with horns, all the people and animals swallowed came out; the ram still has this God-given power]: Tououi Bi 2014:97-100; beta [the burnt down hut has a calebas pumpkin; boy: my father's seed sprouted; pumpkin: it's my mother that sprouted; the boy goes to talk to the pumpkin; it is ripe and swallowed it; children and adults begin to disappear; the pumpkin has swallowed everyone in the village, devastates the country; a woman with a child comes up; the pumpkin has swallowed child, woman runs; old woman teaches to make a sticky mixture of siako grains, mushrooms, salt and pepper, do not try to try, grease the rock, they will open; woman tries, rock does not open; old woman goes together with her, prepares the mixture, lubricates the rock, she opens; a woman walks through a country where there is no vegetation, but streams flow; finds a white goat, leads to an old woman; at the sound of thunder and sparkling lightning goat rips open the pumpkin with its horn, blood floods the ground; people smeared in it turn red, and those who bathe in rotten water after heavy rains turn black]: Paulme 1976:278-279; neyo [small the calebasa in the village swallowed all the people and animals; a pregnant goat ran away and gave birth to a goat in the rock grotto; he grew up and asked to go outside; the goat asked him to break the rock with its horns, he only hers scratched; grew up and shattered the rock to pieces; calebes: I thought I swallowed them all; they grabbed and the goat smashed the calebas with horns; everyone swallowed came out, so people live everywhere]: Paulme 1976:281- 282; baule [a peasant planted a pumpkin seed; the vine grew quickly, but there was only one pumpkin on it, a huge one day; one day a farmer knocked on a pumpkin with a knife and said: my pumpkin is not ripe yet; the pumpkin took it away from a knife, knocked on him and said: my man is not yet ripe; the same for the second time; on the third, the pumpkin swallowed the peasant, and then all the people and animals in the village; then in other villages; towards him goat; the third blow of horns split the pumpkin in half; one gave rise to an ocean, and the other gave rise to a land of valleys and mountains]: Paulme 1976:280-281; wobe [boy and girl have no father; girl planted a pumpkin, and when she wanted to cut it, the pumpkin swallowed it; then swallowed it to her brother and all members of the family; a small child talked about it in the village; people can't break the pumpkin, but the goat broke it; everything the swallowed ones came out but their skin turned white (the origin of white people)]: Paulme 1976:293; (cf. sapo [when the Dwarf Antelope (KA) husband leaves, the chimpanzee knocks on his wife, who recognizes a rude voice; the chimpanzee asks the healer to thin his voice; he tells him to swallow hot iron, Chimpanzee does not dare, swallows cold, goes to the KA's wife, she recognizes her rude voice again; the third time the Chimpanzee swallows hot iron, the CA's wife opens it, the chimpanzee kills her, throws her stomach into a vessel of water; she was two children; the bird tells the KA what happened; the witch doctor says that the killer will be the last in the herd; the KA hears the chimpanzee singing that it ate the woman; kills him; when the chimpanzee falls asleep, cuts him off from ass to piece (chimpanzee ass shape)]: Schwab 1947:455-456; wolof [the goat has 5 kids, but it loves only four, the fifth does not give milk; the hyena spied, overheard the goat come and call the children with a song to feed them; sang instead of a goat, killed and carried away four kids; the goat found only a fifth at home; at first he refused to drink her milk, but agreed a couple of days later]: Copans, Couty 1988, No. 60:152-154).

North Africa. Western Sahara [The goat gave birth to four goats and a goat, hid with them in the bushes, the shepherd had to leave them; returning in the evenings, the Goat sings a song, asking the kids to open them the door, calling them by name; Hyena overheard, came to sing, but the goats realized that it was not their mother's voice; Hyena told the carpenter to make her throat thinner, the goats still understood the deception; again to the carpenter, this time the goats opened the door, the Hyena took the goat away, only the goat remains; the Goat runs to look for Hyena, asks Scorpio, then the serpent, the lizard, etc., they show the way; tells Hyena to leave the cave; she doesn't go out for a long time, then makes horns for himself, goes out to butt; The goat ripped open her stomach, the goats came out, the Goat brought them home]: Aris, Cladellas 1991:131-134; kabila: Frobenius, Fox 1937 [Sheep every time he knocks on the door, says to his two lambs, "A jug between the legs, the hay on the horns," they unlock; the Jackal overheard, knocked, the lambs heard a rude voice, did not unlock it; the healer advises him to lie down on the anthill, the ants thinned his tongue, his voice became thin, the lambs were unlocked, the Jackal ate them; the Sheep threw hay on the Jackal, lay down on him, told the shepherd, who killed the Jackal]: 77-79; (cf. Hasluck 1925, No. 6 [the man sent his son to herd the goats; he took them to the watered pasture; in the evening, the goats told the owner that they did not eat or drink; he killed the son; so he killed seven sons and his wife; he went with the goats himself, realized that they were lying, killed them; the seventh goat fled to the mountains; left two goats at home; an evil spirit knocked, they opened them, he ate them; the goat slaughtered him]: 177-198); the Arabs of Algeria (Biskra) [in man wife, 7 sons and 7 goats; he sent his eldest son to herd the goats; they were drunk and full, and the houses tell the owner that they were not fed or watered; the father killed the son; the same with the rest of the sons, with his wife; when the man went to herd goats himself, he received the same answer, killed six goats, the seventh ran away, found a house in the mountains, began to live in it with two goats; one day he went to get grass; an evil spirit came, knocked, his goats they let them in, he ate them; the goat found him, killed him to death]: Hasluck 1925, No. 5:177-178; the Arabs of Tunisia, Egypt [the goat has two goats; every day it brings a mime on the horns of the hay; the cannibal comes , enters the goats under the guise of their mother, eats them; the goat goes to the leopard, to the hyena, finds out that the cannibal is to blame; summons him to fight, kills him, rips his belly, the goats come out alive]: Nowak 1969, No. 16 : 58.

Southern Europe. The Spanish (Murcia) [the goat tells seven (three) goats to unlock the door only for her; the wolf first speaks in a rude voice, changes it after eating raw eggs; sprinkles flour on his black paw; sometimes also He pours perfume on himself; the goats unlock them, he swallows them, hides alone; the goat finds a sleeping wolf, rips his belly open with scissors or horns, pulls out live goats, replaces them with stones; the wolf goes to drink, drowns in the river]: Hernández Fernández 2013, No. 66:66; Galicians [The goat tells seven goats not to unlock someone else's door; the wolf says he is their mother, they say the mother is white (Wolf sprinkles flour on herself), she has a thin voice (swallows eggs); swallows the kids; the Goat finds him sleeping, the goats jump out, the Goat puts stones instead of them, sews up the Wolf's stomach, he drinks from the well, drowns]: O'Neille 1983:42-43; Portuguese [The wolf pretends to be Mother Goat, enters the house, eats the goats; the Goat rips open the sleeping Wolf's belly, puts stones in the place of the goats; The wolf drowns when it comes up drink water]: Cardigos 2006, No. 123:39; Portuguese [when leaving, a goat tells seven goats not to unlock strangers; a wolf tries to imitate a goat's head; an older kid tells them to stick his paw under the door; the goats do not unlock; the wolf smeared his paw with flour; the youngest kid unlocked the door; the wolf ate everyone, only the eldest hid in the watch; the goat and the older kid found a wolf sleeping under a tree with his belly full; They cut their belly, took the kids alive, stoned their belly, woke the wolf up and drove him to the river; the wolf drowned]: Dias Marques 2019, No. 63:102-103; Aragon [the wolf, the goat and the seven kids]: González Sanz 1996, No. 123:70; Catalans (incl. Mallorca) [When going to town, the Goat tells the goats to unlock only if they hear its song; the Wolf does not know the song at first, then sings in a rude voice, then the goats see that he has a black paw; the goats let in him when he whitewashed his paw with flour; one hid, the Wolf ate the others; the Goat finds the Wolf, rips his belly open, there are live goats]: Oriol, Pujol 2008, No. 123:42-43; Italians (Tuscany, Umbria, Rome , Latius, Molise, Puglia) [wolf and goat]: Cerise, Serafini 1975, No. 123:24

Western Europe. The French (Auvergne) [The goat warns the kids to unlock the door only in front of her voice and when they see her white leg; the wolf smeared her leg with lime, the goats opened, the Wolf ate the eldest two, the youngest hid in his mother's shoe, but the Wolf bit off his tail; that's why the goats have a short tail]: Dähnhardt 1912:277; Bretons (West 1883) [when going to town to buy a pot to cook soup, the goat tells three goats not to unlock the door - the wolf will eat them; the wolf knocks, the goats ask them to show their paw, it is black; then he smeared his paw with flour, goats unlocked; seeing a wolf, one climbed onto the stove, the other on the closet, and the third in sauerkraut; then a goat came in, ripped the wolf's belly with its horns, dug a hole and buried the wolf in it; everything is fine]: Sébillot 1910, No. 63:224- 226; walloons [while the goat is gone, the wolf opens the door to her house and eats the youngest of the seven kids; the goat finds the sleeping wolf, ripped his stomach apart, takes out the kid, puts stones there, and sewed up his stomach; the wolf did not notice anything; went to drink, fell into the water and drowned]: Laport 1932, No. 123:29; Flemish [the goat does not tell the goats to unlock strangers; the wolf changes his voice, sprinkles white flour on his paw, hides under with a cape; eats six kids, the seventh hides, tells the mother; she rips open the wolf's stomach, pulls the kids alive, puts stones instead of them; the wolf goes to drink, drowns]: Meyer 1968, No. 123:25-26.

Western Asia. Palestinians [Hyena sees the Goat saying something to its three goats, who then open the door; the Goat's tail is cut off, it warns the children to look at its tail if anyone asks open it; the Hyena asks the Ant to cut off its tail, he tells the Hyena to bring him a measure of wheat from the threshing floor, the threshing floor orders to bring a herd of oxen, the oxen to tell the pond to drink them, he gives them water, the goats see cropped tail, unlocked, Hyena eats them; The goat asks the blacksmith to forge iron horns for her, rips Hyena's belly open, the goats come out]: Muhawi, Kanaana 1989, No. 38:281-283; Syrian Arabs [at the goat Sanasil, Samasil, Rabab goats; every time she comes and asks them to open the door; the hyena hears, says the same words, the goats did not believe it at first, but then opened, the hyena ate them; the goat went to look guilty, summoned the hyena to fight, ripped her belly apart, the goats came out safe and sound]: Kuhr 1993:259-260.

(Wed. Micronesia-Polynesia. Yap [Mu gave birth to many children; tells them not to go to the backyard, where the cannibal Moral lives; M. went to the fruit tree there, hit the trunk, the fruits fell down; the children decided to go see; went the eldest, M. swallowed it; when V. came, she missed one child; so every day the last one was finally swallowed; Wu took a sharp bamboo, came to sleeping M., cut his belly, the children went out alive; M. asked not to kill him, but she cut his throat, killed him]: Mitchell 1973, No. 79:234-236).

The Balkans. Moldovans [the older, middle goats are naughty, the youngest is good; the Goat tells them to unlock the door only to her voice; Kum Wolf sings the same song in a rude voice; next time tells the blacksmith sharpen his tongue and teeth; the youngest kid does not believe, hides in the stove, the middle one under the sauerkraut, the eldest unlocks it; the wolf eats him; sneezes, the middle one speaks, For health, the Wolf finds, eats him; puts goat heads with grinned teeth out the window, leaves; The goat first thinks that the goats are looking for her through the windows; the Goat invites the Wolf to visit, puts him on a wax chair above the coal pit; The Wolf burns]: Moldavian tales 1968:14-21; Hungarians [the goat forbids its seven goats to unlock someone else's door; the wolf knocks, the goats don't unlock; he sprinkles flour on his paws; eats chalk or make carrots their voice was thin; finally, the goats unlocked, the wolf ate them, except for the smallest one; after learning about what had happened, the goat found the sleeping wolf, cut his belly, released the living kids, put them in his belly stones and sewed up; the wolf woke up, went to the river to drink, drowned]: Kovács 1987, No. 123:272; Macedonians, Greeks: Uther 2004 (1), No. 123A: 95; Bulgarians [The wolf imitates the voice of the Goat, calls goats; they say that the voice and paw are rude, not mothers; The wolf makes them thin at the blacksmith, the goats open them to him, he swallows them; the Goat offers to jump over the hole, the stake in it; The wolf attacks the stake, goats come out of his belly alive]: Daskalova-Perkovska 1994, No. 123:63.

Central Europe. Slovaks [returning, the goat sings a song, the goats unlocking; the wolf sings the same song, the goats say that the mother has a thin voice and he has a rude voice; the wolf went to the blacksmith; the elder kid is not again He believes, but the others unlocked the door; the wolf found and swallowed them, did not find the eldest; the goat asked the blacksmith to make a knife, managed to approach the wolf before he drank water, ripped his stomach apart, the goats are alive, the goat washed them; if the wolf had drunk water, they would not have come to life]: Dobšinský 1970, No. 39:206-207; Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians [Wolf and goats: in absence the mother's wolf eats the kids; the youngest kid saves himself and tells everything; the goat rips the wolf's belly, the goats come out from there]: SUS 1979, No. 123:72; Russians (Tersky Bereg) [childless old man and the old woman made a guy out of clay; he came to life; the grandfather went to the forest for firewood, the grandmother is spinning a tow; asks Clay to bring a spindle; that: I ate a coub with a rope, seven bread ovens, seven roll ovens; and you with eat a spinning wheel; then consistently meets and swallows a grandfather with an ax, a girl with a tub, a junkie with a rocker arm, a haymower with braids, a rower with a rake; the ram tells you to open your mouth, close eyes: he will jump off the mountain himself; horns in the stomach, Glinyashka crumbled, everyone went out, thanks the ram]: Balashov 1991:10-12; Russians (Arkhangelskaya) [old woman to grandfather: we make a boy out of clay; put on dry the stove; clay Ivanushka: give bread a pulp and milk tub; then he ate a grandmother with a spinning wheel, a grandfather with a stick, a bull with horns, women with a rake, men with braids; a goat and eat you; goat: stand under the hill, and I'm on the hill, I'll put it in my mouth; the clay fell apart from the blow to the belly, all the swallowed ones came out]: Razumova, Senkina 1987:15-16; Russians (North: Olonetskaya?) [A childless old woman asks her husband to make a guy out of clay; he comes to life, asks for food; eats everything in the house, eats her grandmother with a spinning wheel, a grandfather with a stick, an aunt with sauerkraut, a beggar with a bag, woodcutters with axes, girls with mushrooms; the goat offers to jump into his mouth herself, smashes Ivanushka Glinyany with horns, swallowed to come out alive]: Karnaukhova 1948:23-28; Russians (Pskov) [when leaving, the goat tells the goats should only unlock her voice; the wolf imitates a goat, but his voice is rude; he asked the blacksmith to reforge his tongue; the goats opened, the wolf ate them, but one escaped and told his mother; the goat offered the wolf jump over the fire; the wolf is heavy because of the swallowed, burned his belly, the goats came out alive]: Ploshchuk 2004, No. 10:71-72; Russians (Vladimirskaya) [the wolf overheard a goat singing a song to the goats unlocked; sings in a thick voice; then the wolf changed his voice, the goats unlocked; one hid under the stove, told his mother; the goat hid, the wolf came, the goat came out, forged him with a horn]: Ivanov, Kargin 2004, No. 860:430-431; Russians (Tambov, Lipetsk University, 1848) [A pregnant goat asks an apple tree, hazel to allow it to give birth under them, they refuse - an apple or nut may fall on the goats. The goat asks the hut to turn to her, enters, gives birth to children and stays in it, locks them in the daytime, and goes into the forest by herself. The wolf watches the goat, sings in his rude voice and asks the kids to let him in, they don't recognize him or let him in. The blacksmith makes the wolf a thin tongue, the goats open it to him, he eats everyone but one. The goat cooks pancakes and invites the wolf and fox to visit, lights a fire and sticks nails in the underground, invites the fox and the wolf to jump the hole, the fat wolf falls through and burns; the Goat and Fox eat pancakes]: Afanasiev 1958 (1), No. 54:76-77; Russians (Ryazan) [the goat has 7 kids, she tells them to open only in response to her song; the wolf sings, the goats: the mother has a thin voice; the wolf asked the blacksmith to reforge his tongue; the goats opened his tongue, one hid behind the stove; the goat goes looking for the wolf; the veal shepherd replies that he did not see; the cow is the same; the sheep indicates where the wolf sleeps; the goat cut the wolf's belly, released kids, put stones instead of them, sewed them up; the wolf got up, went to drink, fell off a steep bank under the weight of stones, drowned]: Samodelova 2013, No. 24:24-26; Russians (Voronezh) [wolf hears a song goats, by which the goats recognize their mother and open the door to the house; sings this song, but the goats notice that the voice is too rude to not open it; the blacksmith forges the wolf's voice, makes it more subtle; goats they notice that the voice sings burr; one blacksmith puts a "gag in the goose" to the wolf, the other sits on his nose, they try to knock out his jaws (cheekbones), but they can't change it, and the blacksmith inserts a "pishshyk" who turns a wolf's voice into a goat's voice; the wolf sings a song, and the goats open it to him, he eats everyone but one; he tells his mother that the wolf ate the goats; she demands that the wolf show his tongue sees wool in its mouth, hits the wolf with horns, all the goats fly out of it]: Baryshnikova 2007, No. 12:82-83; Russians (no place of recording) [when leaving, the Goat tells the goats to lock the hut, open it, after hearing her song; The wolf repeats the song, but the goats hear a rude voice; next time he sings in a thin voice, the goats unlock them, he eats them, hides alone in the oven; the Goat invites the Wolf to jump over the hole with with hot coals, he falls, his belly bursts, the goats come out]: Afanasiev 1958 (1), No. 53:75-76.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Karachays [a man made a scarecrow from straw, it came to life, swallowed a man with his wife, then women collecting fruits, girls carrying water; the goat invited him to stand under the rock, she will jump into his mouth; jumped, ripped her belly with her legs, swallowed out alive]: Dzhurtubayev 1991:64 (=2007:13); Ingush: Kibiev, Malsagov 1965 [two older goats are cocky and boastful; in the evening they take turns going to the house, the wolf meets him, the goat agrees to fight, the wolf swallowed it; the same with the middle goat; the youngest cared for him, the two elders jumped out of his belly]: 20-21; Malsagov 1983, No. 139 [y the youngest goat has one belly, the ox is in ambush, they got into a fight, he swallowed it; the middle goat has two bellies, the same; the eldest has three bellies, she ripped open the wolf's belly with a sword, two younger goats jumped out alive]: 282; Kumyks: Ganieva 2011a, No. 46 [Goat has goats Mid, Did and Guide; she does not tell them to return home alone; everyone leaves to meet the Wolf; asks what is on his head, etc., receives an answer what is coming with pastures, wool on the body, horns on the head, fear in the heart, eaten by the Wolf; the Goat comes last, replies that it is a black death, comes from the black death, there are thin lumps of wool on the body, a pitchfork on the head, in the heart Wolf's death; ripped his belly apart, the goats jumped out alive], 61 [returning, the Goat asks the kids Engelik and Sengelik to open the door; replies to the Wolf that the children are named Zasov and Big Hook; warns children who put her white leg with golden fingers under the door; the wolf calls the children by name, but they say that the mother has a white leg with golden fingers; the wolf rolled his paw in flour, made straw finger rings, the goats opened, the Wolf swallowed them; the Goat says that one of its horns plows the sky, the other earth; the Wolf says that the children were eaten by the Bear, the Bear by the Wolf; the Goat ripped open the Wolf's stomach with horns, the goats jumped out alive], 61 [the woman has a lamb, he tells him to unlock only her voice; he does not unlock the Wolf, but he climbed through the window, ate the lamb; the woman dug a hole, covered it with a carpet, asked The wolf to comb her hair, he failed, she filled it with boiling water; "Without recovering, without prosperity, the scalded Wolf died"]: 152-153, 177-178, 178; Dargins: Ganiyeva 2011a, No. 47 [Khamis Goat tells three goats not to unlock the door; the wolf says he brought milk, shows his hand, the goats say that the mother's hand was wearing a bracelet; the wolf asks H. where the bracelet comes from, who calls the master from Kubachi , The Wolf orders the same from him; the same goes for slippers (from the master obstetrician); the goats unlock, the Wolf swallowed them; the Goat put on wolf skin, went to dance with the wolves, pushed him into the fire, his belly burst, the goats jumped out, left with their mother]: 155; Khalilov, Akhundov 1989 [the wolf asks the elder goat, he answers: he is going to eat weed, legs are below, horns on his head, his heart trembles with fear; his wolf is trembling with fear; his wolf swallowed; the same with the middle one; younger: below are legs of steel, on his head there are golden horns, the heart tells the wolf to plunge them into the belly; the wolf runs away, the goat ripped his belly with horns, swallowed by his older brothers came out]: 39-39 (=Khalilov 1965:22); Talyshi [the sheep has children Shangul and Mangul, she tells them not to unlock the door, sings a song when he returns; the wolf has learned the song, opened the lambs, the wolf ate M., Sh. hid behind the door; the sheep began to fight the wolf, pierced his stomach with its horns, took Mangula alive]: Miller 1930:43-44; Turks (Istanbul, Ankara, Kars) [the goat has three kids; the wolf asks to open, those do not unlock; then he eats the egg, its voice becomes thin; smears his paw with flour or mud, it turns white; the goats unlock, it eats all three or hides one; the goat either adjusts so that the wolf falls into a coal pit, burns, or rips open its belly, swallows them to jump out alive; in one version, instead of a wolf, a bear]: Eberhard, Boratav 1953, No. 8:32; Kurds [goats have goats Tityl and Bibyl; the wolf is knocking: I am your mother; they recognized the wolf's voice, they did not open it; the wolf overheard the goat say: Mom's Tityl and Bibyl, I have milk in my udder, I have grass in my teeth, open the door to mom! The next day, the wolf repeated these words, but the goats still did not open; then the wolf broke the door, ate T., and B. climbed under the lock and the wolf could not pull it out; B. told his mother everything; the goat came to the wolf and offered to fight; asked the blacksmith to sharpen her horns so as to pull the thorn out of the monkey's ass, for which she gave yogurt; the wolf also asked the master to make him such horns, but filled two the wineskin with gases and put two peas in it; when the master opened the wineskin, the pea that flew out almost knocked out his eye; the master made the wolf's horns out of felt; the wolf's horns bent and the goat ripped his stomach apart, T . came out alive; goat: where were you; T.: I went to visit my uncle; goat: what did you eat there? T.: boiled wheat; goat: why didn't she bring my share; T.: I put it in my hand - my hand was burned, put it in the hem - the hem burned; goat: well, welcome!] : Eyyubi, Smirnova 1968:264-267

Iran - Central Asia. Tajiks: Levin et al. 1981, No. 47 [the goat with a porcelain nose has Halulak and Balulak goats; the fox tells us to open the door, says that he is their mother; goats: our mother is blue; the fox was lying in ash, the goats still did not open; the wolf came, the goats said that their mother was green; then that it was black; the wolf was wearing makeup, the goats did not open; the wolf broke the door, ate the kids; the goat comes to the fox, he assures that the kids did not eat; they come to the wolf, they go to the judge, the goat brings a bag of cakes, the wolf brings a bag of manure; the judge ordered the master to sharpen the goat's horns, and the wolf to replace his teeth with cotton grains; the goat ripped apart the wolf's belly, the goats came out], 212 [the goat had 7 kids, the wolf asked to open, five hid, and Alulya and Bulyulya ate the wolf; the goat fought the wolf, both broke their teeth, the goat broke their horns; they went to the master, the goat brought tortillas, and the wolf brought manure (as the goat advised); the master made steel teeth for the goat, and the wolf from cotton seeds; the goat only pretended to drink water, and the wolf drank and became heavy; the goat ripped him apart belly, A. and B. jumped out], 412 (Samarkand) [~ (212)]: 148-150, 221-222, 305; Persians: Rosenfeld 1958 [Goat has goats Shangul, Mangul, Happeye-angur; tells them not to unlock, first look at keyhole; the goats do not unlock the Wolf, he has a rough voice; he speaks in a thin voice, puts his paw under the door - it is black; the goats say that the mother's hands are white; he puts his paws in flour; for the mother his legs are red; he smears his hind legs with henna; the goats unlock, the Wolf ate S. and M., H. ran away; the Jackal denies eating the goats; the Wolf agrees to fight the Goat; she took the butter and cream to the grinder, he sharpened her horns; the Wolf brought the barber a bag of air, which did not sharpen his teeth, but replaced him with cotton wool; the Goat ripped open the Wolf's belly, the goats jumped out whole]: 52-55; Lorimer, Lorimer 1919, No. 1 (Kerman) [at the goat children Alil, Balil, Gingerstick and Black-eyed; she goes after the grass, tells the wolf not to open the door; let her hand put her hand into the crack; if her hand is black, do not open it, if it is red, it's really me; wolf overheard; paints his hand with henna; when the goats ask for their hand, he puts a red one; the goats open the door; the wolf takes three, the Black-eyed hides; tells all the mothers; the goat throws a handful of earth from the roof wolf in ash (āsh; thick soup); the wolf asks who dared to do it; the goat offers the wolf a fight; takes cottage cheese and butter to the grinder; the wolf fills the bag with air, carries the zuboder, tells sharpen his teeth; the zuboder discovers deception, replaces all the wolf's teeth with woolen lumps; before the fight, the goat offers to drink water; does not drink itself, jumps over the stream; the wolf, having drunk, fell into the stream; the goat ripped his belly with a sharpened horn; the wolf is dead, the swallowed goats jumped out alive]: 3-5; Bukhara Arabs [returning home, the Goat says, Well, tick-tik, the goats are unlocking; The wolf calls, Ooh, they also unlock them, he swallows them; the Goat and the Wolf come to the master, give them cakes, the Goat has butter, the Wolf has bad ones; the master pulled out the Wolf's teeth, sharpened the Goat's horns; the Goat tore The wolf has a belly, the goats jumped out]: Vinnikov 1969, No. 49:304; Yazgulyam [the Goat has five kids: Kulyul, Bulyul, Khoksyrmakhak-zolnik, Vyzamak ceiling, Stennik girl (these names include the words , denoting ash, ceiling beam, wall, respectively); The wolf came, sang his mother's song, they opened it, he ate K. and B., three hid respectively in ash, behind the beam, in the wall; the fox denies that the goats ate, the Wolf confesses; the Goat gives the master milk, he sharpens her horns; the Wolf gives his crap, the master gives sour apples, the wolf's teeth are dull; he could not bite the Goat, the Goat ripped his stomach, swallowed goats jumped out of there]: Grunberg, Steblin-Kamensky 1976, No. 77:506-508; Rushantsy [The Goat has two kids; she carries them grass in her mouth, water on its horns, milk in the udder, says at the door Shirin gal-gal, Photma jig-jig, etc.; they unlock; The bear overheard them, sang, Photma said it was not a mother, but Shirin said that the mother, they discovered them, the Bear ate them; The Goat asks the Wolf, he denied that the Bear confesses; Judge Majid orders him to fight; the Goat took the blacksmith chowder, he gave her iron horns; the Bear took his feces, who gave him a camul horn (a soft-stemmed plant); the Bear He drank a lot of water, the Goat cheated and did not drink; the bear hit first, his horn broke; the Goat ripped his stomach, the contents of his intestines went one way, and the live goats went to the other]: Pisarchik 1954, No. 3:35-36; khufs [the goat has Shiringalgay and Fotmagalgay goats; every day she brings herbs for them; the bear found out, asks to open the door, S. opened it, the bear ate the goats; the wolf replies to the goat that he did not touch it goats; the bear confesses that it ate; the goat asks the blacksmith to make her iron horns; ripped the bear's belly, the goats jumped out alive]: Sokolova 1959, No. 18:18-19; parya [the goat ate bread from bald, he beat her off, she ran away; gave birth to goats named Bangak, Sangak and Kulolasantak; when she comes, calls them by name, says that she brought water on her horns, grass in her teeth, they unlock the door; the wolf repeats the words, Sangak unlocks, Bangak hides in the tandoor, tells his mother that the wolf ate his brothers; the goat gives the blacksmith milk, which makes her horns steel; the wolf gives crap, he makes it his teeth are charcoal; they fall out, the goat rips open his belly, the goats come out]: Oransky 1977, No. 4:158-159; kafirs (Kati; west in 1968 in Kabul from a native of villages. Kulem) [the goat hid the seven kids under the basket, closed the door and left; the wolf came and said: "Push the door there, push the door here, kids, open the door!" ; the goats answered: "Where did you come from, barefoot? Our mother will come filling her udder with milk, filling her mouth with water, tying grass to her horns"; the situation repeats first with the bear, then with the leopard; the leopard shook the door, went inside and ate the goats, and the youngest, nicknamed Little Finger, threw it into the hearth; the goat returned home, then went to the wolf; he said that the goats were on the bear's conscience; the bear said that the goats were on the conscience of the leopard; the goat began to fight with the leopard; when the horns and fangs became dull, both went to the bari to make new ones; the leopard gave the bari dung cakes, and the goat gave wheat cakes with milk; the bari made iron horns for the goat and wooden fangs for the leopard; the leopard's fangs fell apart pieces, the goat cut his belly with horns; pulled out the goats and went home]: Grunberg 1980, No. 2:134-135; tire [the wild Ibex goat left three kids in the house and went to pasture herself; by evening came back and called the kids named Shuurujanaa Paalo, Maamujanaa Paalo, Phaacunaa Paalo; the first two were obedient, the third were not; the bear overheard, came up and called the kids; SP and MP did not want to unlock, but FP unlocked them; the bear swallowed it, and the other two ran into the forest; the goat found them, fed them, left them at home and went to the blacksmith; he made two sharp knives for her, which the goat attached to her horns; found a bear and ripped his belly open; FP jumped out alive; in 2 days he cringed to the size of his thumb, but then grew up and recovered again]: Radloff, Shakil 1998:110-111.

Baltoscandia. Seto [The wolf lived in an icy hut, it melted; the Goat and two goats lived in a woolen one; the Wolf asked to let him in, imitating the voice of the Goat, the goats felt deceived; the second time; the third time the Wolf cut and sharpened his tongue; the goats opened, the Wolf swallowed them, ran into the forest; the Goat gathered all the wolves in the forest; one did not come for a long time; when he appeared, he said that his stomach hurt; The Goat hit the Wolf on the head with a hammer, cut his stomach, the goats jumped out alive; the wolves remained to heal the wounded]: Mägiste 1990:43-48; Lithuanians [The goat tells five goats to unlock only her, sings, that he brought grass on his horns, milk in the udder; The wolf repeats, the goats feel a rude voice; the wolf goes to the blacksmith, he makes his tongue thinner, the goats unlock; one kid hid under the stove, stayed alive; the Goat collects bones, cooks, tells the Wolf that it is cooking fish, he asks for a treat, she tells him to stick his tongue into the fence, sprinkles hot coals down his throat, the Wolf is dead, the Goat ripped his belly, the goats popped out alive]: Löbite 1965:42-44; Estonians (records are in different areas, although the Seto has the most; there are usually two kids) [when the goat leaves, the wolf asks the kids to unlock the door; several times comes back to make the voice more like the mother of the kids; finally, the goats unlocked the door and the wolf ate them; the goat (old man, old woman, big wolf, king of wolves) ripped the wolf's belly, the goats came out alive]: Kippar 1986, No. 123:102-103; Lutsie (West 1893) [the goat has three kids; when she comes back, she sings a song every time: the udder is full of milk; Kurjababa ("evil woman", witch) overheard, became sing the same song, one kid opened it, she took it away; the next day of the second; then the third; the goat sits on the rubble and sings: They fry, burn it; Kuryababa comes and returns one kid : they don't fry anyone, on, hold it; like this with all three]: Annom et al. 2018:317-318; Norwegians [while the goat is gone, the wolf comes and eats the kids; the goat rips open his stomach, the goats jump out]: Hodne 1984, No. 123:39.

Volga - Perm. Marie (meadow) [the goat has three kids; when she comes up, she sings a song, they unlock; the bear overhears, sings, but has a rough voice; next time she sings in a thin voice; ate one kid; then second; third; every time the bear climbs onto the stove, shakes the dough, the hidden goats laugh, he finds them, eats one; the goat finds a bear, rips his stomach apart, the goats are out; the goat asks everyone, warmer in the bosom of a father or mother; one replied that the father stayed with the bear, the goat took two for herself]: Sabitova 1992:40-44; Mordovians (erzya) [linden, oak do not allow the goat to rot, let the house go; the goat went to eat, drink, bring milk; at that time a bear came, began to speak it in words, the goats opened it, he ate one; the goat tells me to open it only in a thin voice; the bear went to to the blacksmith, sharpened his tongue, the goats opened, the bear ate the second one; the third did not open the door, the bear squeezed himself and ate the last one; the goat invited the bear to jump over the ravine with hot coals; the bear fell, his stomach burst, the goats came out]: Evseviev 1964, No. 1:16-18; Kazan Tatars [The goat sings a song when returning home, the goats unlock; The wolf sings in a rude voice, the goats do not unlock; asks the blacksmith- Forge a thin tongue for him; the goats unlock, the Wolf swallows them; the Goat ripped the Wolf's belly with horns, the goats have jumped out; the Goat and the goats are digging a hole, the Wolf fails, they burn it]: Zamaletdinov 1992:39-41 (=2008a, No. 15:53-55); the Bashkirs [two khans slaughtered a piebald sheep, put his head and legs to cook, then threw her spleen into the cauldron; she jumped out, met a sparrow, swallowed a chirping chick tweet; then (a cumulative fairy tale) she met and swallowed a crow croaking a carr-carr, a lumberjack, a mower, seven daughters of a silk weaver, nine sons of a domer; the goat does not tell you to swallow it, he will run off the mountain, jump into his mouth; the spleen's belly burst, everyone comes out, the goat himself is the last]: Barag 1989, No. 123:449-450; Komi [in the absence of his mother, the wolf eats kids; the youngest kid escapes and tells everything, the goat rips the wolf's belly, the goats come out of there]: Korovina 2012, No. 123:76.