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L10A. A demon approaches the hunter's fire.

(.13.) .27.-.29. (.30.) .32.-.34. (.68.)

A demonic character approaches a man's fire. A person first leaves a block instead of himself, hides himself. The character rushes onto a block, mistaking it for a sleeping person; usually a hunter kills or injures a demon.

(Khadza), Slovenes, Russians (Vologda) Karachays, Abkhazians, Kabardians, Adygs, Ossetians, Chechens, Ingush, Nogais, Kumyks, Avars, Dargins, Megrelians, Georgians, Turks, (mountainous Tajiks), Mari, Udmurts, Komi, Bashkirs, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Altaians, Chelkans, Khakas, Tuvans, Mongols (Khalkha), (Rikbaksa).

(Wed. Sudan - East Africa. Hadza [hunter Jave noticed a young woman; she invited her, but warned her that her mother was a witch; in the evening, when the young people lay down and laughed, the woman's mother asked them to be quieter; when J. fell asleep, she let his horn out of her stomach; he crushed J.'s head, carried his body and weapon to a cave on the mountain; the same with his older brother J.; the bird warned his younger brother of danger; he he left a wooden figure instead, to which he attached his severed hair; when the horn rushed at the figure, J. crushed it into pieces with an ax; pierced the old woman with a spear; poured magic into the fire remedy; it rained and revived the murdered brothers; the old woman became a rhino with two horns on her forehead]: Col-Larsen 1962:79-82).

The Balkans. Slovenes [lumberjacks have a house where they spend the night; on Sundays everyone goes down to church for services and leaves one; the left goes missing, so several times; the latter puts in his place a block of wood on the couch and hides; a wild man enters, grabs a block and drags it, thinking he has grabbed a logger; he jumps up and pierces his ax into the wild's back; a few days later he sees how wild a woman hugs her man, whose axe continues to stick out of his back; since then, wild people have not appeared]: Kropej 2012:142.

Central Europe. Russians (Vologodskaya) [a man hunts, sees hazel grouse, shot a copper button, there's a human hand, that's hell; he didn't go to the forest for three years; when he went, he put a stump by the fire, covered it with his clothes , waiting behind the bush; hell came up, hit the stump, the hunter shot a button, killed the devil]: Sokolov, Sokolov 1981, No. 21:91.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Karachays [agach kishi ("forest man") with a sharp axe-shaped bone growth on his chest; the hunter treats him with the meat of killed game; when AK falls asleep, the hunter covers the log with a burka, climbs a tree; AK rushes his chest at a log; the hunter wounds him with a rifle; he asks to shoot again, the hunter does not give in to the trick; the hunter goes to the AK lair, finds him dead, returns it parents, a woman captured by AK, receives gifts from them; AK has one eye in his forehead]: Dzhurtubayev 1991:76 (approximately the same 2007:153-155); Karachays or Balkarians [forest man approached to a hunter who cut a dead tour to cook meat; when going to bed, the hunter replied that his name was Sam-Sebe-Done; that when he sleeps, his eyes become big, sparkling; forest man: and here one eye, it turns red; when the eye turned red, the hunter put turf in his place, covered him with a burka, climbed a tree and shot at the forest man's only eye; he shredded the turf and ran into forest; other forest people ask who blinded him; he answers what he did to himself; the forest people dispersed, the hunter returned home]: Malkonduev 2017:814; Abkhazians: Bgazhba 2002 [forest man Abynuava killed animals with a bone protrusion on his chest; a. hunter Mard-ip Mardsow fried meat, heard a.'s voice, put the burka on a stump, hid in the bushes; a. rushed to the burka, M. shot him in the heart; in the morning came on a bloody trail to where A.'s two sisters mourned him; he spared them]: 31-32 (=Hvartskia 1994:46-47); Zukhba 1995 [forest man Abnahuayu cuts through prey, huddling against it with steel with an axe-shaped protrusion on his chest; in N.M. Albov's record, on the forest man's chest is not an ax, but long iron needles; Chitanaa Huhu covered a block of wood with his burka, hid in the bushes; at night, a forest man rushed to the block, ChH fatally wounded him with a gun, married his widow; var.: ChH killed Abnaouaya's wife, cut off and hid his daughter's braid (her strength is in her), brought his daughter as a maid; she remained watching A six-year-old girl, found out where the braid was, found it, threw the girl into the cauldron with boiling milk, left, cursing the house]: 163-166; Kabardian people [Imys is married, his brother Uazirmes is single; while her husband is gone, wife Yi . offers himself to W.; he refuses and goes to live in the forest; the wife tells I. that his brother wanted to rape her; in the woods, a giant with the body of the beast comes to W.'s fire; W. puts a stump on his bed for the night, wrapped him in a burka, he hid himself with a bow; the giant came again, pierced the stump with a sword, and W. knocked out both eyes with arrows; W. follows the giant, who dies near his cave, frees the girl Dadukh, lives with her like a sister; sledges come, D. answers that she is more beautiful than I.'s wife; and since W. did not touch her, he could not encroach on his brother's wife; I.'s wife is sent to her relatives, I. marries D.]: Lipkin 1951:342-345; Adygs: Karashev 1957 [the hunter began to fry a goat; a forest man with a sharp bone protrusion on his chest sat down at the fire; the hunter smeared his forelock with fat, the forest man did the same; the hunter set fire to the forelock, the forest man set fire to his hair, his coat caught fire, he ran away; the hunter covered the block with a burka, hid himself; the forest man came up, threw his chest on the burka, his hunter shot with two bullets; cut out a sharp ledge and brought it to the village]: 129-130; Mizhaev 1973:67 [on the forest man's chest there was either an ax or a knife; Uazirmes was sitting by the fire, saw a creature approaching with with a sword on his chest; put a stump on his bed, covered him with a burka, hid aside; the forest giant fell to this place, plunged his sword into the stump; W. shot him with a bow, then blinded him], 69 [hunter Daushjergiy fried meat by the fire, fed the forest man who came up; he replied that when he was sleeping, his nostrils were full of flame; D. covered the stump with a burka, climbed a tree; the forest man fell on a stump sticking out in chest with a knife; D. shot, refused to shoot a second time; in the morning D. came on a bloody trail to the cave; there was a woman with a child, explained that she was kidnapped by a forest man and now he was killed; D. brought a woman to the village, and crushed the child on the way]; Ossetians (Digors) [Ossetian Loch and Kabardian Pah talk at a feast about their hunting adventures; Pach killed a polar bear around whom black and they received grain from him; after picking up three grains, Pach put them in the gaziri and they were filled with gunpowder, put them in the barn - it was full of grain; L. killed a deer, began to grill a kebab; while he was sleeping, the forest man Laksird with He ate everything with an ax on his chest; Loch covered the block with a burka, put his deer side on the skewer, hid himself; Laksird threw his chest on the burka, split the block, Loch shot him, refused to shoot again; came on my way to the cave; there is a kidnapped woman and a boy; Laksird died at sunrise, Loch killed the boy, brought the woman by his wife, they have 12 sons, now adults]: Dzagurov 1973, No. 100:419-421; Ossetians [ a Balkarian and a Kabardian both shot at the same deer; decided to give their heads to someone who had experienced a more wonderful and dangerous adventure; the story of a Kabardian man; he killed the beast, began to grill a barbecue; the forest approached a man (laxird) with an ax on his chest; the man threw a burka over a fallen tree and hid himself; the forest man cut the tree in half with his chest, began to eat a barbecue; the hunter shot him; on a bloody trail came to the cave; there was a girl; the hunter shot again, killing the forest man; the girl said that he had kidnapped her, she gave birth to a son with an ax on his chest, asked him to kill him; the story of a Balkarian; he carried dead game on his back; the eagle picked it up and brought it to the rock; there were guns of those the eagle had eaten before; the man loaded one of them, shot the eagle; crucified its wings, tied his guns under them, went down to dead eagle; said that a Balkar deserved the head of a deer because he was in danger out of courage, and he himself involuntarily]: Miller 1882, No. 13:150-152; Chechens: Dalgat 1972 (West 1891): 264 [= Gren 1897:20; in the forest, a hunter met Almas, who had an ax on his chest; asked him to bring water, at which time he put a block in his place, said his name was I am myself; Almas plunged his axe into the block, while trying to free himself, the hunter wounded Almas with a gun; forest creatures ran; when they heard that Almas had wounded himself, they parted, Almas died], 265 [(=2004:87-88); the king of animals had an ax on his chest; the hunter shot the gazelle, the king of animals said it was his game; the hunter offered to eat it together, sent the king to get water, put a block in his place; the king cut it in half, the hiding hunter shot; the tsar disappeared, the hunter was ill for a long time]; Ingush: Bagriy 1930 (3) [zap. Ushakov, village. Bazorkino, from the report by A. Gren 1902; someone approaches the hunter's fire; the hunter replies that his name is himself; sees that the person who comes up has an ax on his chest; lowers the dog, but it stands motionless; then the stranger and the dog disappear; the dog came back, barely breathing; the hunter leaves a log together, hides himself in an oak tree; at midnight that man came, rushed to the log, the hunter shot; trees and animals began to ask whoever injured said that he was himself; they thought the stranger killed himself]: 203-204; Dalgat 1972 [in the forest, the hunter met Almas, who had an ax on his chest; asked him to bring water to this time put a block in his place, said his name was I am myself; Almas stabbed his axe into the block while trying to free himself, the hunter wounded Almas with a gun; forest creatures ran; when he heard that Almas wounded himself, parted, Almas died] (Western 1891): 264; 2004 (as Western 1891, written by the author): 87-88; Nogais [Copland let the horse go, began to fry meat on the fire; Arnaut (male Albasla) came up; asks how people sleep; K.: silently; at night he hid in a tree and covered a log with his burka; Arnaut began to sharpen his nose against the soles, stabbed a knife into a log; K. jumped and cut off his nose, Arnaut ran away]: Kapaev 2012:64-65; Kumyks [the hunter does not tell his wife to put her liver in the fire; once she breaks the ban, the fire goes out; she goes to look for fire, sees light in the distance; one-eyed Kilicteosh ("saber-chest") sits at fire, roasting meat; K. saw the woman, told her to stay; the husband followed the trail when K. was sleeping; took his wife away; at the house he stuck his sword with the point up, covered it with his burka, hid in a tree; K. rushed to the burka, ran into a sword, the hunter shot him, he ran away; on a bloody trail, the hunter came to his cave; there he had kidnapped a woman and a one-eyed child; the hunter killed the child, returned the woman to her native village]: Khalidova 2012, No. 92:119-120; Avars: Gamzatov, Dalgat 1991 [the hunter killed, began to fry the beast; a huge Wild Man (G i alkhulchi) came up; the hunter gave him a thigh, then half a carcass, he ate, fell asleep; the hunter covered the logs with his burka, climbed a tree with a gun; G. got up, hit the burka three times with his sharp chest; the hunter shot G. in the leg, he ran away]: 300; Khalidova 1984 [=2012, No. 94:122-123; four hunters split up in the forest; one killed the beast, spent the night by the fire; a wild man came out to him, with a ledge on his chest like an ax blade; after eating half a carcass, he went to bed; the hunter covered the logs with his burka, climbed a tree; at midnight, a wild man hit the burka with a sharp chest; the hunter shot him in the leg; in the morning four hunters found a long-missing woman, the sister of one of them ; the wild took her as his wife; the hunters killed the wild in his cave, took the woman and her son away from the wild; he grew up and then disappeared]: 168-169; Dargins [one young man returned to the forest to hunt a badger, another made a fire on the edge; an old man came up to fry badger meat; at night, the young man noticed that the old man was sleeping, leaning on a horn sticking out of his forehead; the young man climbed a tree, shot; the old man groaned and rushed he went to the burka left by the young man; the second young man returned in the morning, they both came on bloody trails to the rocks, where they mourned the murdered Elder Kune; the young man died three years later at the place where he shot K.]: Khalidova 2012, No. 93:121-122; Megrelians: Fähnrich 1997 [Dschwiba hunter spent the night under fir, began to fry meat; two naked shaggy glasses, a man and a woman, came up; he does not answer them; hears a man promising the woman to eat the hunter, and she will get venison; when the glasses fell asleep, D. put the dagger upside down, covered it with his burka, as if he were sleeping there, and climbed a tree with a gun; the scokochi man rushed to the dagger, D. shot, both glasses asked to shoot again; left; D. brought the deer home]: 43-44; Mouriet 1884 in Virsaladze 1969 [Gatulia began to fry the dead deer; Ochokochi, covered with wool, came up with an ax blade on his chest; G. shared dinner with him; for the night he covered the stump and the dagger left upside down; O. rushed to the burka, ran into a dagger, G. shot, O. ran away with a roar]: 253; Georgians: Virsaladze 1969 [if a hunter meets Ochochi in the forest, he should not speak to him and should not shoot him more than once; O.'s body is overgrown wool, his chest is pointed in the form of an ax]: 252; Mashurko 1894 (Kutaisskaya) [Kaji came to the man's fire, the man gave him drink; when he fell asleep, left the ax with the point up, covered him with a burka; Kaji rushed to burku, an ax pierced him, he fell into the fire and burned down]: 362; Chikovani 1985, No. 142 [(=Virsaladze 1973, No. 32:75); hunter Gutalia killed a deer; a shaggy ochokochi with a sharp protrusion on his chest approached the fire; G. gave him a piece, he left; G. put his dagger under the burka with the point up, hid behind the trees; Ochochi came, fell his chest on the burka, G. shot him; chokochi ran away with a roar]: 320; Turks [k A forest man comes up to the hunter's fire, roasts a man; the hunter pretends to go to bed, the forest man also falls asleep; the hunter leaves a bundle of clothes instead of himself, climbs a pine tree; at night A forest man gets up, throws a stone at this place; furious that he did not kill a person; a female comes; they roar until morning; the hunter escapes]: Dor 2002, No. 25:80-81.

(Wed. Iran - Central Asia. Mountain Tajiks (river valley) Hingow) [the hunter killed the nakhchir (goat), began to fry; smeared his cracked legs with melted fat; the ghoul came up, also began to grease the body; the hunter put coal to his feet to heal; the ghoul repeated, said that the hunter burned it; the hunter ran away, taking his gun and leaving the meat]: Kislyakov 1938:118).

Volga - Perm. Marie: Beke 1938, No. 5 [the fisherman sees a big fish lying with its tail in the water, head in the sand; he guessed it was watery, pierced it with a harpoon; then he threw his clothes over a stump and hid himself under the boat; the fish turned into water, he got up, plunged the harpoon deep into the stump; in the morning the fisherman hardly pulled out the harpoon and no longer fished], 8 [the man went hunting in the forest, met another, they were together They walked for 7 years; then the companion asked: when you sleep, do you get smoke or foam coming out of your mouth? the man said it was foam; at night he hid behind the fir, putting his clothes on an old block; steam rises above him from the rays of the sun; the satellite began to strike at what he thought was a sleeping man; the man shot; the companion said that the man had killed him; before his death he gave his handkerchief, sent him to marry his sister; when she saw the handkerchief, the girl realized that the person who came had killed her brother; married a man, 7 years old they lived well; then she asks that when he enters the house, he cough or creak the door; the man looks out the window; on the floor, the wife's head is in one corner, the legs in the other, the body in the middle; the wife tells me to bury her now alive in the ground; the person is left alone]: 18-19, 30-32; Udmurts: Vereshchagin 1996 [1889] [=Klabukov 1948, No. 49:141-142, =Kralina 1960, No. 11:53-54; the hunter spends the night around the fire with Nulesmurt's; that asks him how he sleeps; One eye is open; and both of me are closed, my mouth is foaming; the hunter says his name is Mim ("last year"); puts a block in his place, steps aside; when N. begins to burn the block with an iron bar, the hunter shoots him with a lime chip; other spirits ask N. who offended him and when; he answers, Mim; dies]: 178-179; Potanin 1884, No. 14 [" My grandfather's father Juldash was nicknamed Imanai"; once he hunted in the forest; Shurali came up to the fire laughing and screaming; asks how I. sleeps; I.: tight as a block, and you? Sh.: first smoke comes from his mouth, and then sparks fly; when Sparks flew from his mouth, I. covered the block with his clothes, stepped aside; S. got up, plunged a red-hot iron stake into the block; I. shot, the arrow pierced Sh.'s chest, came out of the back; Sh.: shoot again; I.: no; W. marry my daughter, she will now be alone; I. did so; the wife tells me to cough or stomp before entering the house; one day he came in unnoticed; his wife was sitting, holding her hair on her knees, wearing lice; as soon as I. opened the door, his wife fell and died]: 240-241; Komi: Plesovsky 1975 [to Russian The land went to war by the Steppe Khan; he had an iron wheel; in it a man turned like a squirrel and drove a wheel; it crushed people; Antipas's vigilante told the prince that his brother Pera could stop the wheel; the wheel rolled to the city, the fire was throwing; Perya covered his face with his skin so as not to burn himself, threw the Horde, tore the wheel apart; refused to take gifts from the prince; said that his father was a forest fire, his mother birch headboard; prince gave Pere a certificate with the right to own Lupyinsky larch forever; P. came across Wars (goblin) in larch; he offered to pull a stick by the ends; P. tied it to a birch tree; V. pulls, the birch is bursting, P. says that it is Wersa's back bursting; V. backed away from the larch; asks which blow is fatal for P.; he replies that he is afraid of a red-hot spear with a silver tip ; at night, P. put a birch bark in his place, covered it with a cloak; V. hit him three times with a spear, thought he had killed P.; P. fired an arrow at him, chased him to his lair; V. did not come again]: 139-142; Rochev 1984, No. 24 [Pera and Leshy (Vörsa) measure their strength by pulling his belt; P. tied him to a stump, says V., that his veins are cracking; that he sleeps without moving his hand or leg; puts a birch chock in his place, at night, V. comes to kill him, he kills him himself; takes his wife; sees her scalp off her scalp, bites her teeth with lice; P. is angry, his wife ran, he caught up with her in the swamp, killed her]: 38-39; Bashkirs : Roudenko 1908, No. 1 [the old man met Satan, who first pretended to be human; at night, the old man noticed that Satan's mouth was burning; the old man covered a pile of brushwood with his Armenian and walked away; Satan burned Armenian; the old man shot; Satan ran and disappeared into the cave; when he entered the cave, the old man asked two women where the owner was; they replied that he was ill; the old man promised to cure him; he did not recognize him, agreed to give him back for the treatment, the youngest wife; the old man strangled Satan, told the eldest wife not to wake her husband, and took the youngest to him; he had another wife; the new one always asked her husband to let her know about his arrival and not looked under his arm; one day he came in unexpectedly and saw his wife take off her hair and, holding it in her hands, looked at it; when the wife fell asleep, her husband looked under her arm, there was a hole; he put his hand in the hole and snatched my heart]: 50-51; (cf. Bessonov 1941, No. 57 [the hunter met five on the same ski; later the hunter lit a fire, came up again {the same?} pyarius; pyarius: how do you sleep? - In the form of brushwood. - And my skills fly out of my mouth and nose; at night the hunter put brushwood in its place; pyarius threw a huge stone there; in the morning the hunter: at night a bump fell on me; pyarius suggests hang down; his whistle almost made the man unconscious; asks the pyaria to blindfold his eyes and ears; hit his teeth with a club; now threatens to shout; Pyariy gave gold, the hunter told him to carry it; speaks to his the old woman who brought the pyariah; he decided that they wanted to eat him ran away]: 281-282).

Turkestan. Kazakhs: Ostroumov 1891 [zhez-tyrnaki - women with copper claws; J. comes to the hunter's halt, then leaves; the hunter covers the block with his clothes, hides; J. rushes, her claws get stuck in a deck; man shoots, cuts off hands with copper nails, takes them with him]: 202-203; Tursunov 1983:141-143 [When dying, father tells Yesek-Mergen not to spend the night on takyr and near the mausoleum; EM goes to the mausoleum in the steppe; at night a gesture woman comes up, hides her claws; EM feeds her with a knife, she goes into the forest; he leaves a block covered with clothes instead of herself; she comes back, pierces her claws, they they get stuck, EM kills her with a bow, cuts her claws off, puts her in a bag; at the mausoleum, a woman with goat legs, Tautai-Lak, comes out to his bed; her tongue is like a razor; when she opens her mouth, EM cuts off her tongue she falls dead; in the morning he wakes up in the mountains; this is the body of a dragon, brother Gestyrnak and Tautai Lak; the dragon asks for help in the fight against the Ordal-Aydahar dragons; EM destroys them, returns to his mother], 146-150 [three horsemen go from one village to another, each time they are told that the village belongs to Mamay; in the tenth, old man Mamay himself tells them his story; his grandfather and father died in Usharal ("three islands" ); he went there, fried meat, Gestyrnak came to the fire; M. fed her with a knife, she left; he cut down aspen, covered it with his clothes, hid in a tree; J. rushed to the block, M. wounded her with a gun, came for it to her house, she is dead, he cut off her stone hands with brass claws, took her husband's white ax; daughter M. Bikesh asked him for a dowry; when J.'s husband entered her yurt, she killed him with it; everyone in the yurts he had gone before was dead; one day M. came to a hill where there were white yurts; there were only girls; Peri told him to look into the fire until morning, but M. fell asleep; woke up in the steppe; Peri left a note that since M. was so old that she could not stay awake, she would not become his wife]; Potanin 1916-1917 (Kokchetav) [ Jake-batyr spent the night in the woods, cooking saiga; a woman with copper nails came, he threw her meat, she left; while going to bed, D. put a log in his place, hid himself with a gun; the woman returned, rushed to the ancient, he shot her, followed a bloody trail; found her dead in a hole, cut off her hands; a one-eyed ogre came to the cave; he told him to fry the staked man, lays a way out, goes to bed; D. heated the stake, burned the giant's eye; took off the skin from the goat, pulled it over himself, sat among the rams; releasing them, the giant felt the animals from above, let D. pass; he said the giant asked him to kill him for his escape; D. cut off his head with a sword; divided the giant's wealth between people, took it for himself] ("Cossack Kyrgyz and Altai legends, legends and fairy tales"; retelling in Zhirmunsky 2007:219-220; ZhS 2-3 (1916), 4 (1917): 162-164 in Potanin 1972, No. 8:154-158; Kyrgyz: Ledenyov 1987 [younger brother Omurzak is going hunting, elder Zhanuzak decides to go instead; he knows that O. met not an argali yesterday, but a copper-bearing Gestyrmak; she spends the night in a cave, a young woman comes up, hides her nose and fingers, Zhanuzak throws a smut at her, she runs away; he hides in a tree leaves a log by the fire, covered with a chapan; the copper-nosed comes up, mistakes the log for a sleeping person, pierces his claws and nose into it, the hunter shoots, kills it]: 218-219; The torturer 1944 [the boy asks the old man Aryk-Mergen to tell what was good and bad in his life; AM: shot the tail of a fire serpent; the serpent mountain opened up and offered to collect gold; the fire serpent was her enemy; this is good; once AM spent the night, began to cook meat on the fire; a cannibal with steel claws and one eye in her forehead came up; AM wanted to shoot her, she disappeared; at night he climbed a tree and covered the block with his blanket; the cannibal heated her hands in the fire and plunged her into the block, her claws were stuck; AM shot, the cannibal broke the block, ran away; in the morning AM followed a bloody trail, found her dead by the cave; her two children are in the cave; AM and killed them, but noticed the bride's hat lying in the corner and took it for his sister; warned his sister that cannibals would look for him, let him keep their weapons ready; one night a cannibal came into the yurt and became heat her hands in the fire; AM sister cut off her head with an ax; it turned out that the old woman had killed all the people in the village; AM went in search of the old woman's husband, the last of the cannibals; MA and her companion drove up to the cave of a one-eyed old man, into which he drove either sheep or goats; the old man invited him to his place; the companion agreed to stab him first; the old man stabbed him, cooked him and fell asleep; AM he heated the scrap iron and stabbed the old man in the eye; in the morning the old man began to release the sheep, groping them from above; AM stabbed one, put on his skin, went out; called out to the old man; he asked him to kill and pick up the sheep , otherwise they will turn into insects in three days; AM killed the old man, returned a month later, found no sheep]: 5-9; Poyarkov 1900 [two hunters went for goats, and the third stayed by the fire; came one-eyed, the hunter frightened him; when the two returned, the one-eyed man came again, gave him meat; at night, the hunters put a fur coat on the spruce tree, hid; the one-eyed man came again, began to crush his fur coat, he was shot, their hands were cut off; they came to another one-eyed man, who put up a kibitka, he had two wives; the hunter heated the iron and burned his one-eyed eye; the one-eyed man began to release sheep, and the hunter wrapped himself in lamb the skin and went out with the sheep; the one-eyed man and one of his wives were killed, the cattle were taken away, but the other wife rode away; one day they left the yurt, and the other 49 people were eaten; two yurts remained, people killed that woman]: 29-31.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Altaians [returning to the farce, two hunters find two girls; the older brother warns that this is Alwun/Alban, the youngest does not pay attention; the elder puts instead of themselves, a log, sits next to a gun; at night, the girls release their claws from their long sleeves, pierce a log, the elder shoots; rubs the youngest's body with snow, only after that he woke up]: Belgibayev 2006:232; residents of Chelny (p. Kurmach-Baigol, Turochak District, 1988) [two brothers went hunting; got to the barracks, stayed overnight; two beautiful girls came down from the top of the mountain; their sleeves were very long; the younger brother began to play with these girls; the elder did not let them near him; at night, the youngest lay down between the girls, fell asleep; the elder pretended to be sleeping; noticed that the girls were awake; asked when they would sleep; the girls replied: "When our eyes turn bright green, shine like stars in the sky, then this [will mean that] we are fast asleep!" ; everyone fell asleep; the older brother waited for the girls' eyes to shine, then put a rotten stump in his place and covered it with clothes; the girls stood up, tucked their sleeves up; the older brother saw that they had there were long copper nails; the girls clung to the stump covered with clothes so much that their nails went through; the older brother shot twice, the girls fell; the youngest was clouded by the strong smell of copper nails reason; the elder woke him up somehow, they returned home]: Oinotkinova et al. 2011, No. 88:211-213; Khakas: Katanov 1907, No. 425 [two hunters live in a hut, one went to beat animals, the other stayed to cook; a naked woman came, he shot her in the chest; on the trail of blood, the hunters reached the cliff; they heard voices from there; someone tells this woman that after chasing her eighth husband, she is now dies; another says that those hunters should be killed at night; the hunters put decks in their place, covered themselves with fur coats, shot at the visitors themselves; one hunter's wife later explained that if she was naked women run, she will catch up, kill, make her husband]: 435-428; Torokova, Sychenko 2014, No. 37 [hunter Hara spent the night; two girls came up and advised me to leave this place: our son-in-law is going to visit; they left; H. put the log in his place; the black man came up and began to press the log; H. shot him; crying was heard: where will you go from hunter X. by the fire, people, H. listens; the guests agree on how to kill him; these are diseases; the fever promises to climb into the sour cream from which X. will cook porridge; X. examines the spoon, the mosquito on it, H. recognized the fever; lured him into a sheep bubble, kept it in smoke for seven days, then released it; she told others; no more diseases dared to approach H.]: 541-543; Tuvans [men in the parking lot should not throw away their money and kneecaps; two hunters spent the night, the eldest was seeing spirits; the partner threw away the kneecap bone, the eldest picked it up, hid it; at midnight, the shulbuses came up, began to look for - if if they found a grandmother or a kneecap, they would kill hunters; they promise to take copper noses with them tomorrow and kill them; the next day, a person who sees spirits will put two logs and copper cauldrons around the fire; the shulmus will come they stick their noses into the cauldrons, then you have to shoot; the noses are stuck, the hunters shot the shulbuses]: Alekseeva et al. 2010, No. 64:163-165; the Mongols (khalkha) [the young man is drafted into the army, his father goes with him, they spend the night in on the way, the son shot into a fire, saw a tiger killed in the morning; the chief told the soldiers to leave for a while, leaving their hats; a tiger ran, tore the young man's hat; a young man sleeps in the forest by a hole; out of a hole his hand leaned out with a cup, the young man put meat in there; wrapped the doll in his clothes, climbed the tree himself; something long stretched out of the hole, Orolyn-Chitkur; the young man shot, picked up the xiuzhi bone in the morning; Sees something rips meat off camels, shoots, rips off his wand; finds out that when aimed, it kills animals and people; he destroys enemy troops; the llama sees magic objects in his possession, He asks to give them back, they were stolen from the lamas by Orulun-Chitkur {before that it was Orolyn}; the young man receives other things in return]: Potanin 1883, No. 118:401-403.

Southern Amazon. Rickbackz: Pereira 1973, No. 13 [Tay's wife? tyendok is unfaithful to him; he went to shoot the monkeys, ate them in the forest, made a hut, sat in a hammock, put his foot in the fire, burned the meat, sharpened the bone, killed his opponent with the point; once he went hunting with a friend; a friend saw a sharp leg, left a block instead, climbed a tree; T. plunged his foot into a block; went into the forest, sometimes his song (repeating his name) is heard]: 47-48; 1994, No. 27 [two cunhados went hunt night monkeys; one found a potion (remedy, leaves - remedio-do-mato) of the Forest Spirit (he walks on one leg); put it to his leg; put it in the fire at night; the companion noticed, put it in his hammock deck, climbed a tree; the first cut off the meat, his leg became like a deer's antler, hit the hammock, left, became the Forest Spirit himself; the companion returned home; people could not find and kill the Forest Spirit]: 178-180.