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L113. Married a werewolf. 11.-. (.38.)

A girl who usually rejects suitors for a long time falls in love with a handsome man who turns out to be a demon, werewolf, or animal. Most often, a girl can hardly escape.

Isanzu, chagga, kikuyu, maragoli, sakata, lamba, zombo, mpongwe, mbundu, (lamba), nyanja, shona (zezuru), rongo, soto, tenda, temne, mende, devoin, bassa, wai, susu, mandingo, soninke (?) , Wolof, Fulbe, Ewe, Hausa, Mukulu, Grushi, Igbo, Yoruba, Ijo, Mungaka, Vute, Tangale, Bambara, Kpelle, Kono, Ekoi, Dogon, Dagari, Songhai (Zarma), Zaghawa, Moru, Lango, Shilluk, Dinka, Malgashi, Berbers Morocco, Portuguese, Spanish, Italians (Campania), Maltese, Uliti, Ponape, Truk, Kapingamarangi, Tamils, Estonians, East Sami, (Japanese).

(Wed. SW Africa. The Hottentots [a woman marries Elephant; her two brothers secretly come to visit her; then she asks her mother-in-law, then her husband, if at least one ram has been slaughtered for her all the time; those they are surprised, but they slaughter a ram; a woman asks how Elephants sleep (how they breathe if sleep is deep or sensitive); tells a cow, sheep and goat to voice all night as if there are many animals; leaves with her brothers and cattle; The elephant pursues; the fugitives ask the rock to part; the rock lets them through and disperses again; closes when the Elephant enters]: Bleeck in Koropchevsky 1874:23-24, in Pozdnyakov 1990:153-155).

Bantu-speaking Africa. Isanzu: Kohl-Larsen, Allenbach 1937, No. 35 [the girl rejects Sval's antelope (and, apparently, the other suitors), agrees to the limits]) loda a monster jumped out of her, eat everyone's mouth there is fat, threw a hot stone down his throat, his father died; the Elephant's laying; does not want to take his little sister with her, but she still goes; in the village of Elephants, he hears other Elephants asking if it is enough the prey is fed; the sister does not believe, the next night she hears herself; the sisters are running; the old woman, the Turtle refuses to swallow them, the Locusts swallow them; sitting on a tree, answers the Elephant that the sisters have disappeared into water; the elephant drinks water, threatens to swallow the Locust; she tells the tree to fly up, fly to the sisters' parents; there he belches them], 39 [father warns three sons not to go with girls who will laugh; sons converge with girls, one notices that at night they turn into lions; brothers make a stupa out of wood, fly away in it; who sees danger, tells the brothers not to look back, they looked back the lions ate them; the rest reached home; his lioness girl came, he pushed her into a hole with hot coals; a pumpkin grew, brought fruit, it swallowed it all], 40 [Buffalo and Buffalo run away from the Lioness; The turtle swallows them to hide them; talks about it to herself; the Lioness hears; The turtle rushes into the water; the Lioness calls all the animals to drink the pond; the turtle was not found; she went out, regurgitated the hidden ones]: 47-48, 53-54, 54-55; chagga [the girl and her parents reject the grooms; a handsome man comes, the girl falls in love, but notices the groom's second mouth on the back of her head, realizes that it is rimu (leopard man); parents do not believe, they give her away; when she replies that she no longer sees the smoke of her parents' hearth, rimu tells her to climb a tree and prepare to die; her brothers secretly followed her, killed rimu poisoned with arrows, got her sister back]: Gutmann 1914:75 in Werner 1933:190-191; maragoli [Anakaguku is hunchback and ugly, and her sister is beautiful, rejects suitors and wants to marry a man without an anus; chief the cannibals took the form of such a handsome man and the girl married him; she did not want A. to accompany her, but she went with the other girls; in the groom's house she was surprised why they boiled so much water; old woman: to cook you; showed her arms and legs: cannibals cut off her fingers; A. asked the cannibals to bring water in woven bags, told the girls to run; unable to collect water, the cannibals set off in chase; A. asked the frog to swallow them; A. herself did not get into the frog's stomach, remained in her mouth, but the frog covered it with clay; the cannibals believed that the frog had only clay in its mouth, crossed the river, came to the girls' village, found out that they had not come, ran back to the frog, but it had already hid in the reeds; the frog came to the girls' house, asked her to feed her, and then belched everyone; she was gifted]: Kavaji 2005, No. 5:207-210; kikuyu [Wanjiru is the most beautiful, rejects grooms; a handsome man comes, pays for the bride, takes V. with him; when they get to the place, V. saw cannibals around; rushed run; when the cannibal began to catch up, she climbed a tree by the trail; her brother heard her song, ran, killed the ogre with a spear; he was very angry that his sister was sold in his absence]: Mwangi 1983:107-109; lamba [The Great Water Serpent took the form of a man, came to the village, the girl married him, asked him what he was eating for dinner, the husband replied that meat; she went with him, her brother; when they reached the place they found out that the husband is a snake, eats frogs and fish; the young man heats the knife, kills it; many snakes appear immediately; the frog explains that snakes will kill the woman and her brother; swallows them, says that he swelled after drinking water; regurgitates water twice; comes to people; they promise her slaves, but she wants beans; regurgitates swallowed; everyone is happy]: Doke 1927, No. 141:247-249 (cf. lamba [four sisters are married, the fifth rejects the grooms; the mother asks if she wants a line from the forest; the devil decides that the girl was given to him; comes in the guise of handsome; the girl is happy; but he does not eat what she cooks; in the evening he goes to the garden, cuts off his arms and legs, flies fly, he eats them; then collects the severed dicks back; parents spy, tell their daughter; son-in-law unusually fast does any job clearing the forest, etc.; but there is only grass in his garden; he leaves]: Doke 1927, No. 39:84-87); Sakata: Colldén 1979, No. 13 [girl refuses grooms; inhabitant of the country, where heads live without bodies, went to marry, borrowed body members from friends on the way; the girl married him; did not tell his younger brother to accompany her, but he quietly followed her; The head handed out the taken arms and legs were borrowed; in the village of heads, the girl brought in began to fry and cut off pieces of meat from her; the younger brother heard screams, began to beat the drum, the inhabitants began to dance and left; the brother saved his sister, came home with her], 14 [modern version; Muzenga Nfinda comes to marry a girl; gives out borrowed clothes (but not body parts) on the way back; the girl's younger brother draws a plane, they're on it fly away; cannibals also chase them by plane, but come back], 15 [Kenshune-nshune had only a head; borrowed members of his body, came handsome to marry a girl; led back, distributed everything; dead gave the girl nine eggs, told her to run; she ran, throwing eggs, each burning fire, detaining her pursuers; managed to run home]: 165-166, 167-168, 168-169; zombo [older sister died, married in the underworld; the youngest Mary rejects the grooms; the dead man goes to earth, borrows various garments along the way, M. readily goes with him, along the way he gives away everything that borrowed, leads his wife to a hole in the ground; tells fellow villagers in an underground village that he brought the girl to feed and eat; sister M. takes her back to the ground, explaining to the watchman that M. is still alive; dead they burn down the house where M. was locked up before, they found nothing, they fried and ate the one who brought the girl; M. returns to his parents]: Anpetkova-Sharova 2010:282-285; mpongwe [Ilâmbe rejects grooms, wants to marry only someone who does not have the slightest defect on his skin; the leopard takes the form of a man, I. willingly leaves with a handsome man; the father anticipates bad things, tells his daughter to take a plain horse; on the way, the husband leaves several times to hunt in the guise of a leopard; at home he gives a human appearance to his relatives; I. sends servants taken with him to cultivate the field, and her husband the leopard eats them one at a time; when the last maid is gone, the horse says that her next turn is her, tells I. to take calebasses with peanuts, pumpkin seeds, water, run away; the leopard chases; the horse tells you to throw peanuts (the leopard stops to pick up and eat the abandoned one), pumpkin seeds (the same), the calebass with water (the river); the leopard stops pursuing; the horse tells you to wait out a couple days in a neighboring city, only men are allowed there, the horse gives I. the appearance of a young man; one person reports that she is a woman; I. offer to swim undressed; at this time the horse gives I. the appearance of the present the man who reported her is disgraced; the horse orders him to be shot, dismembered, burned, scattered the ashes; after that, I. turns into a woman again, and the horse is reborn; I. returns to his father, confesses himself guilty]: Nassau 1912, No. 15:69-76; mbundu [four girls went to get water; handsome boys invite them to their place; the youngest notices the boys have second mouths on the back of their heads, realizes that these are quiches; tells run; the river has risen, the girls are climbing the tree; the quiches are trying to knock him down; the youngest asks the eagle for help, the eagle carries her across the river; the second girl drops into the water; the other two quiches are eaten]: Knappert 1977, No. 16:155-157; shona (zezuru) [the chief's three daughters run away with their lovers, their younger brother is with them; sees young men turn into lions, their servant into hyena; sisters don't believe; thin old mother the young man asks to wash her back; only the youngest girl washes; the old woman says that her lion sons are pulling pieces of meat from her; tells her to run, cooking pots of soup, porridge and rice, put flies in the soup, into the porridge cockroaches; lions chase, girls throw soup, porridge, rice, lions spend time licking flies, cockroaches, picking rice; by the river, the frog agrees to swallow the girls, turns their brother into a piece of wood; lions cannot grab her; in the chief's house she belches girls, turns a piece of wood into a boy; the chief gives her a bull; at home she kills him, flies gather, the frog eats flies; the hyena asks for it; the frog wraps a hot stone in meat, throws a hyena into its mouth, it dies]: Frobenius in Sicard 1952, No. 42:79-85 (translated to Zhukov, Kotlyar 1976, No. 136:322-331); nyanja [two jackals turn into men, come to the village, two girls agree to go with them; their younger brother follows unnoticed; in their village, husbands turn into jackals, are going to eat women; the boy asks for permission make a toy boat, put girls in it, the boat gets big, they fly off in it, land at the top of a tree, then fly home]: Holland 1916:154-155; (cf. nyanja [two lions turn into men, come to the village, invite two young men to go with them; one person feels deceived, but the boys do not believe it; on the way, one of the young men wants to kill a frog; that advises not to kill her, it will be useful to cross the river; in their village, men turn into lions again, promise to eat young men; the skeleton of the victim gives them two bottles earlier, tells them to run; first young men a flock of birds chases them, they throw one bottle, ants in it, birds spend time pecking on them; when lions catch up, young men throw a second bottle, it turns into a lake; by the river, a frog takes a young man in his mouth , swims across, releases]: Holland 1916:151-152); ronga: Junod s.a., No. 8 [Macingue has 10 daughters; a bird calls them to the house of the Man with the Big Club (BBD); they don't want brothers with the youngest, lousy, she goes; at the crossroads she advises to walk along a narrow path, they walk along a wide path; at night, the BBD asks the girls three times if they are sleeping, the youngest replies that mosquitoes do not give, he hides her ; she tells me to run, put baskets instead; the BBD breaks them, thinking it's killing the girls; the toad hides the girls, swallowing them, sends a bird to their father; the girls come back, everyone honors the youngest]: 84 -87; Knappert 1977, No. 5 [the bird invites two sisters to Mr. Long-Knife; the eldest insists to go; the eldest eats the proposed porridge, falls asleep; the youngest does not eat, hides; the giant Long-Knife eats the eldest, the youngest runs away; The frog hides it in his mouth, the shepherd Piti in a pile of manure; offers the pursuer a beer, he falls asleep, P. rips his stomach open, pulls out his older sister alive]: 126-127; suto [the father of two beauties has horns on his head, the grooms avoid his daughters; two ignore the horns, get wives; cover their heads with handkerchiefs; at home, wives see them bend their heads, eat meat and bones with her mouths on the back of her head; these are hyena people; an old woman, whose arm, leg and eye have been eaten, tells her sisters to run to the rock house; two good hunters marry them]: Knappert 1977, No. 21:71-75.

West Africa. Mende [a young man saves a sister who has become a demon's wife; they flee, he dries up the river in its way]: Migeod 1908, No. 4 in Baumann 1936:262; susu [girl rejects suitors; the snake takes the form of a handsome man; the girl's father and younger brother suspect that it is a snake, because it eats only meat, not rice; but the girl goes with him to the mountains; the father gives a horse, the daughter picks it up a handkerchief, he turns into her brother, she drives him away; at the cave, a serpent horse says that he is her brother, tells him not to be tied; the husband turns into a snake, covers the girl in the cave; the brother digs a passage, becomes a horse again, the girl rides it, the serpent did not catch up with them]: Mendelssohn 1971:138-140; Devoin [the leader's daughter wants to marry only the one whose skin is flawless; all suitors are rejected; the sea monster took the skin of a sea goddess, was handsome, got the girl, took her to the bottom of the sea, where he presented it in his terrible form; his mother warns the girl that her husband would eat her; the younger is ugly The girl's brother secretly got into the boat with her; stole a box with monster amulets in the underwater world, took her sister home; she married a warrior and had children]: Pinney 1973:118-124; Bassa [Daggu, daughter leader, rejects suitors, requires perfection; a monster with one leg, one tooth, one ear, one eye on his forehead occupied the eyes, skin, teeth, legs of a deer, otter, monkey, pigeon, came to D.; contrary Father's warning, D. left with her fiancé; on the way he gave away what he had borrowed; D. stayed with the monster to death]: Pinney 1973:126-127; mandingo [chief's daughter Maria rejects suitors; serpent accepts the appearance of a handsome blind man with a monkey tail, plays guitar, M. falls in love with him; the chief gives his son-in-law raw and fried chicken, he chooses raw chicken; the father gives M. a horse; the husband leads to a tree in the forest, turns into a five-headed snake; at night M. leaves his shoes responsible for it, rides away on his horse; the serpent catches up, the horse tells him to slap him once, M. spanks him three times, the horse takes her to the eunuch's possession, killing all women; the horse gives M. the appearance of a man for three days, it takes all his strength, he dies; M. runs, she is a woman again, helps the old man, he gives sheep skin, she brings M. home]: Mendelssohn 1971:164-170; mandingo (?) [the girl wants to marry a man without flaws or scars; the snake turns handsome; the father warns of danger; the groom leads the girl into the mountain, where she was eaten by termites; since then, the girls have been listening fathers]: Frobenius 1922b, No. 32:72-73; vai [girl rejects suitors; monstrous Loso takes body parts from the most beautiful owners along the way, comes handsome, the girl leaves with him; he gives her takes half a nut for himself so that they then get to know each other; gives out the busy, turns out to be a monster, shows his half of a nut; the girl's brothers born after her departure are ugly; their mother reproaches them - it would be better to find a sister; they come to their sister; they do not sleep at night, they frighten L. with strange voices, he is afraid to eat them; on the third night they run away with his sister; by the river they frighten L. in a mysterious voice, L . dies; siblings return to mother]: Creel 1966:47-55; Tenda: Ferry 1983, No. 12 [Nyano girl rejects suitors; werewolf borrows a leg, an arm, comes with one hand, a leg; pays for N. cola nuts, picks her up, returns her busy limbs, kauri, on the way; after 4 days N. returns to pick up the dowry; takes a calebass, a spoon; does not take his younger sister; she turns into Calebass, in a spoon, N. throws them away; she is still with N.; tells them to leave the werewolf wasps in their place in the house, run; the werewolf chases, the sisters run home], 42 [girl rejects the grooms; the monster turns into a handsome man with shiny skin like a palm peel; goes with him to him; on the way he returns bark to the palm tree (var.: and snake teeth); he swallows whole animals, regurgitates at home, his wife must grind meat; the girl's father's other wife (co-epouse) comes to visit her; the girl tells her to go back along the dew road, but she walks down a road where there is no dew, meets a monster; he swallows her, belches her at home like other game, tells them to grind, eats; the same with the girl's mother; two younger brothers of the monster come, the girl invites them to sit in a mortar, pushes; confesses to the monster; he promises to swallow it tomorrow; to her Her younger brothers come; she runs away with them, throws grass behind, then dirt, detaining the pursuer (the narrator did not say exactly how); runs to the blacksmith; the monster swallows him, but the blacksmith immediately comes out of the monster's anus; kills him with a sledgehammer; makes sandals and straps out of monster skin to carry children; warns not to put them together; children (i.e. the girl's brothers) climb on fig tree, throw sandals into a heap; the monster respawns; one boy manages to go down, calls the blacksmith, he kills the monster again; burns; the frog plants pumpkins in this place; comes to pick ripe, pumpkins do not command; so consistently all actions (cut, cook, eat); she picks (etc.), each time she says, "I planted it myself, why not pluck it" (etc.); raspberry people come (or another neighboring people), the Frog teaches them what to say; people cannot go out of need; the Frog tells them to say the same phrase again; people are relieved, many flies appear; the Frog puts them in vessel, closes; thief stole the vessel, opened it, flies flew out (the origin of flies)]: 81-86, 226-234; dark: Cronise, Ward 1903 [girl rejects suitors, marries a demon, goes with him; hers the younger brother followed; at night the demon sharpens the knife; the brother says he does not sleep because it is cold, asks for clothes; then coughs, asks the demon to bring water with a net; while he is away, the brother and sister run away save themselves]: 178-186; Turay 1989 [the girl rejects the grooms; the boa constrictor becomes handsome, comes, the girl insists on sleeping with him in the same room; the boa constrictor put the household to sleep, ate the girl and disappeared]: 50-55; Senegal {ethnicity is not a decree, but probably Soninke - r. Faleme; possibly also maninka} (Ibrahim Ba's recording) [Fanta rejects the grooms, waits for the perfect handsome man, marries Samba-Linger; mother tells me to take an old mare with her; husband's companions along the way turn into bushes, he himself into a lion; his ancestor is a seven-headed monster; the mare tells F. to leave the spits responsible for himself, take three eggs with him; abandoned, they turn into a sea, a forest, a monster; a lion overcomes obstacles, the monster wins; F. violates the ban on spurring the mare with her heels, she rose into the sky with her, disappeared; the lion turned into a mountain]: Mendelssohn 1977:247-258; wolof [Sokhna rejects suitors; finally an unfamiliar rich handsome man came; when he brought his wife to his house, he turned into a lion and said that if he was left without prey, he would eat her; one day I heard a lion roar and understood that she would be eaten today; climbed under the bed; the guardian spirit of the girl's family turned into a bird and told her to run around the house 7 times and spit; the spits would be responsible for her; put S. on his back and brought her parents]: Reuss-Nliba, Reuss-Nliba 2018:121-122; Fulbe [girl Wildly rejects grooms; marries snakes in human form, D. agrees; younger sister goes with her; hears the Serpent coming out of waters, sings about how he will eat them; tells his sister to run; leaves five pebbles in the house responsible for them, ride a horse; the serpent chases; the sister throws a pebble, a mountain appears; the second is a river; they reach home, the Serpent manages to hit his wife on the back; since then, people have a dent on their backs]: Anpetkova-Sharova 2010:115-119; eve: Pozdnyakov 1990 [older sister wants to marry a person on the body who has not a single scar; the youngest turned into a bird, scouted it, said that it was a werewolf; the eldest did not listen; forbids her to go with her to her husband's village; the youngest turned into a hairpin, the eldest picked it up, took it with her; she became a man, the eldest drives her away; became a cup, picked it up, again a man, did not drive her away anymore; the husband became a snake, lives in an anthill; the youngest flew in there like a bee; warns that the serpent is going to eat them; while he is fishing, the sisters leave pests in bed instead of themselves, run away; the youngest flies across the river with a bee, asks the river bird to transport her sister; turned her sister into the wind, tells run away; she waited for the pursuer herself; the serpent swam across the river, the bee behind him, began to stump with a knot, the snake caught on him; then returned - no stump; wrapped around his older sister's leg when she stepped on another foot into the house; the youngest said that the serpent wrapped around the pole; he let go of his leg, the sisters ran into the house, the snake crawled away]: 288-292; Ellis 1890, No. 2 [beautiful girl rejects grooms; the leopard takes the form of a handsome man ; parents give their daughter a slave, a slave, goats, sheep, poultry; on the way, the husband says that the Holodeck refuses yams, eats poultry; then goats and sheep; becoming a leopard, he eats slaves; when he gathers eat a girl, a hunter shot him in the woods, brought the girl back to her parents]: 271-273; bambara: Görög 1979:36-40 [the daughter of his beloved wife (she is the eldest girl) goes to holiday; the daughter of the unloved (youngest) turns into a fly, warns her that the handsome man is a snake; she does not listen, leaves with the handsome man; the youngest turns into a comb, the eldest picks him up; when she finds out that it is hers sister, throws; on a plate; same, sister stays; husband's house is a termite mound; the youngest dreams that the sister's husband is going to eat them; the girls run away, leaving decks in bed; the husband, becoming a snake, pierces teeth into a tree; rushes in pursuit; by the river, the youngest tells the long-necked bird to move it to the other side; tells her to move her sister only when the serpent is near; the serpent swims across; the youngest turns old woman in a stump; the serpent passes by; sisters reach home, the serpent goes into the forest], 41-44 [both daughters of the king are witches; the eldest tells the youngest to become a fly, find her husband without a scar at the festival; river sand, palm tree, bamboo, grave became men, came to the festival; the youngest reports that Palma is flawless, but warns that it is not human; the eldest does not listen; four men warn not to go with them, but the eldest goes; each one turns into what it came from; the girl is on top of a palm tree; three Markas (merchants?) passing by they remove her from the tree, bring her to her father; she orders them to be executed]; hausa: Anpetkova-Sharova 2010 [the princess rejects the grooms; she also rejected the poor handsome Dukushani, noticing a scratch; Serpent borrows clothes and body parts from friends, comes disguised as handsome; on the way, the Serpent gave everything away, brought his wife to the house under the roots of a tree to snakes and scorpions; D. hears her complaint in the forest, reports her father; he leads people to cut down a tree, promises a daughter to the one who cuts down; a leper knocked down the tree, he got the beauty]: 81-84; Zhukov, Kotlyar 1976, No. 138 [Mother, daughter of the king of the city Garun Gabas, rejects suitors; promises to marry someone who tells you where the dry and wet seasons wait for each other; one of the rejected princes comes to the dodo (rolling cannibal heads); promises that if the king dodo gets a woman, she will wear it in a basket; King Dodo's grandfather explains that seasons wait for each other on acacia trees (she is green in dry weather and dries up during the rains); the prince brings the dodo to the gate cities; he goes after the old woman; tells her to call the genie, he gives her money; the dodo sends her to marry the princess for him, answers the question; gives a rich ransom; the king and his daughter are happy; seeing the dodo they grieve, but it's too late; other dodos join the king dodo, take the girl away]: 332-346; Lippert 1905, No. 1 [the girl only wants to marry someone who has a special sign on her body; the dodo has taken the image of a man the girl chose him, he took her to the city of dodo; the younger sister followed her; they ran away, the dodo caught up, but the younger sister turned them both into stones; so the stones are in the forest, not in the river {not very clear }]: 226; Tremearne 1911, No. 45 [the girl rejects the grooms, agrees to marry only someone who has no flaw in her body; two snakes turn handsome, the girl marries one of them (both? both are called her husbands); tells her younger sister not to go with her; she turns into a fly, hides in her things; at home, the Snakes turn into a bird, sees and hears snakes hunting frogs, promising to eat the woman; the older sister believes after the younger one tells her to watch and listen for herself; the sisters run; the youngest turns the elder into a stump; the snakes come back to cut it down for the ax; the sisters cross the river , return home; Snakes turn persecution]: 346-348; mukulu [the cannibal borrowed his face from a snake, a fly's head, a basuwa fruit's teeth, the color of the skin is pitch-black origye; came to to the father of a girl named Yageda; he offered his daughter to give the stranger water; Me to my father: I will drink with him myself, otherwise I will die; then I shared a meal with the guest, otherwise he will die; wash myself together is the same; sleep; I. became pregnant; in the morning the guest said that he was returning to his place, I went with him; on the way, her husband distributed everything he had borrowed; I gave birth; asked my husband to bring her brother to herd goats - she could not cope with everything; husband Off the road, I led my brother, killed him and ate it by the stream; buried his hair in the sand, but some blood remained on the blade of grass; told his wife that her brother's parents did not let go; I asked to bring my younger sister; on the way The cannibal beat the girl, tore her hair out; she buried it in the sand; my sister recognized me in the ogre's house, but I did not recognize her; the husband said that my sister was not allowed in and he brought the slave; I treated my sister like a slave; her brother's blood became a bird, she flew to me and asked her; "Who do you eat with? - With dogs. - What do you drink with? - With chickens. - Who do you sleep with? - With goats; I told my brother that she always had a large pot of hot water ready; one old woman heard everything and told Yageda's sister to listen for herself at night; her sister overslept the first night, and heard the second night ; the sisters killed the child Y., put his head on the gate, the meat in the pumpkin, set fire to the house, ran; the cannibal ran, ate the meat, thought it was his wife's meat; found his son's finger; along the way, my sister and I turned sometimes in a downpour or a tornado; at the place where my brother was killed and my sister was beaten, I found my hair, grafted my sister back, found a drop of blood and revived my brother; all three returned to their parents]: Jungraithmayr 1981, No. 26 : 134-139; pears [the girl rejects the grooms; the boa constrictor took the form of a handsome man, she fell in love with him; at night the groom became a boa constrictor again, swallowed the bride and returned to the lake; one person sniffed out the trail, the other drank the lake, the third removed all the silt, the fourth with a long arm took the boa constrictor out of the hole, the fifth revived the swallowed one; which of the five is the best?] : Campbell 1931:203-204; Igbo [parents hide the beauty because light emanates from her; the mother did not lock the door, the daughter went out, the forest spirits of Nndi Mmo (NM) saw her; the one who overcame the others went to marry her, taking her borrowed body parts and clothes; met a girl, made an agreement; came to her parents, daughter agrees to leave her husband; along the way, the NM distributed clothes, arms, legs, some ball left; left the girl to the fool; Kite told her parents, ordered her to turn to the soothsayer; he agreed to help for the promise to give his daughter to him; killed the NM, brought the girl; understands that the parents do not want to give her; I agree not to take it - let they will get Kite; he came, received permission to steal chickens, became an assistant to the soothsayer]: Anpetkova-Sharova 2010:74-78; Yoruba [Adun refuses grooms; took his head from one hand, from the other legs, the third has a body, A. went with him; on the way, the head distributed the borrowed back; going to the site, the head told the turtle to blow the horn if A. tried to escape; she tries every day, but immediately caught; babalawo taught me how to soak dry cakes in palm oil, fill the horn with them; the turtle wanted to blow, but started eating cakes and the girl ran away]: Ellis 1894, No. 4:267-269; ijo (kalabari) [ Afiong rejects suitors, wants to marry only a handsome man without bodily defects; the skull occupied various parts of the body from friends, A. immediately agreed to marry him; took him to him; her father poked and understood that the daughter had taken the spirit away; in the land of spirits, the skull was back; the mother of the skull was an old woman, A. began to help her; she warned that the perfume would eat her, hid her; caused the wind to take A. home; rejected the hurricane, gave A. to a good wind, which brought A. to her house; it was a holiday, and the chief forbade the girls to marry strangers]: Dayrell 1910, No. 8:38-41; Yoruba [girl refuses grooms, looks for herself a handsome young man; on a market square, a girl meets a handsome man, falls in love with him; Nosha says that he is a fish and lives in a river near Idunmaibo; the girl replies that if he goes out from time to time out of the water and coming to her as she sees him now, she will gladly become his wife; a young man brought her to the river; taught her a song to summon him out of the water; since then every day a girl came to her fish husband and brought him food; the girl's younger brother followed her and told her parents; they sent her daughter for a few days to kill her husband; the younger brother, imitating his voice girls, sang a song, calling the young fish; as soon as he appeared, the girl's father hacked him with a knife; when he died, the young man turned into a fish and the father fed her daughter meat; while she was eating, the younger brother sang that she eats her husband's meat; the girl ran to the river, called her husband, but no one went out and the water turned red; the girl jumped into the river and became a mermaid living at the bottom]: Fuja 1969:24-27; mungaka [ the girl rejects the grooms; the father dried the termite and promised to give his daughter for knowing what it was; a man came, said it was a termite, received the girl and took her away, ordering him not to take flint or knife with him; the husband turned into a leopard, but his wife was not afraid; he left her in the house and promised that the man would bring her food and water; she gave birth without seeing the child, he was taken away that night; then the second; the wife asked permission to visit her parents; the leopard allowed, but recalled the ban on flint and knife; the mother gave a knife and flint; you must stick the knife in the bed with the point up; the one who comes up will come, will hurt yourself, scream; when you scream, you will know if it is a beast or a person; the wife screamed that her husband is human; he forgave her; then she lit a fire - a handsome man next to her; he cried out and disappeared; wife I went to look, went to the house where her leopard and his new wife; the old one hired her mother-in-law to work, she pushed her around, the leopard did not stand up; but when he found out that her mother wanted to kill her, he killed her mother and new wife, I took the old one; immediately their grown-up children appeared, who were taken away from the woman after birth]: Meyer 1942, No. 4:149-154; vute [Ningagkuri's older sister, the youngest is Kwalinga, the mother loves the youngest; when the sisters went fishing, N. invited K. to climb into a hole full of fish and walled up the exit with poles and clay; at home she said that she did not know where K. had gone; parents rushed to search; on the fourth they found the day, brought K. home, N. was beaten; (to get rid of her), the mother announced that N. was going to marry; N. said she would not marry scabies; everyone found a defect on her skin; Agama (agama lizard ) took feathers from the bird Turako and then from Kingfisher; N. declared that she loved him; on the way to Agama's house, he returned the feathers to the owners; the entrance to his house was narrow; N. sobbed, stayed outside; this is how she lived three weeks; a man named Mbene came up; N. once rejected him like others, but now began to assure him that she loved him; they returned home; N. promised her mother not to try to harm her sister anymore; gave birth to three children]: Sieber 1921, No. 50:232-237; tangale [there were people with one, two,... etc. - cm 10 heads; one-headed married a girl, led her, and consistently meets along the way double-headed, etc., every time the girl realizes that he will be her husband; she is locked, a bell was tied, a watchman put up; she ran away without touching the rope with the bell; they are chasing, she leaves her excrement (turns into a mountain), urine (wide sea); the girl returns home, the many-headed ones stop stalking]: Jungraithmayr 2002:284-299; kpelle [girl wants to go out only because he did not have a single scar on his body; the forest devil was handsome; despite her mother's warning, the girl went with him; he took on his form: with one eye, one leg, a huge abscess on his body; from the fork in 12 trails, they went to his house; the girl was accommodated separately; her mother gave birth to a boy, he was born with a handbag and a horn in it; the boy went to save his sister; he threw a horn at the fork, that showed me which path to take; the sister hid the boy under the bed; the devil began to sniff, but the sister said that there was no one; her brother told her to cook rice, and on the fourth day he climbed the rock, called the devil; he threw his spears at him, but he dodged; said he wanted to take his sister to see his family; hell: I'll go with you; brother: let's eat rice first; hell wanted to put his hand in a bowl, his hand went through the rock; brother ate rice, hit the line on the head with an empty bowl, he stayed crying, and brother and sister returned to their parents]: Westermann 1924, No. 12:137-139; kono: Holas 1975:114-115 [old woman eats wives son; he takes another wife, her younger sister, contrary to the wishes of the eldest, followed her; turned into a knife, the eldest picked it up, but guessed it, threw it away; she picked it up in a handkerchief, did not recognize her sister; At the groom's house, the mother was going to poison the young; the younger sister in the form of a lizard warned them; advised the eldest to send her mother-in-law to bring water with a net before going to bed; at this time both sisters ran away]; 158-168 [the girl wants a groom without any scars on her body; every time she sends a fly to examine the applicant, they all have scars caused during initiation; the monster goes to the girl, takes smooth skin from earthworm, centipede complexion, herb hair on her head; the fly reports that the groom is perfect, the girl leaves with him; the youngest of her six brothers follows her in the form of a lizard; along the way, a monster distributes what he has occupied, does terrible things; crosses the river dry, throwing black powder into the water; the younger brother picks up the powder that has woken up on the ground, follows; they also overcome a fallen tree, a mountain ; in a monster village, they all have a head like an iron bell, their feet are flat, they eat meat raw; in the morning they are woken up by a rooster with 7 heads; their brother throws him grains, runs away with his sister, overcoming obstacles with using the same powder; brother and sister spend the night in a tree, monsters, without noticing them, make a fire nearby; a young man throws fruit at him, sparks burn one monster, he accuses the other, everyone starts fighting ; brother and sister come home]; dagari [no one will help a childless woman put a bunch of brushwood on her head; she asks God, the wind raises the ligament; God gives two fruits, tells the house to be buried, from they are born a son and daughter; a daughter rejects grooms; A boa constrictor borrows two sticks from the forest, puts it on the body, has arms and legs; occupies the monkey's face, it becomes human; occupies vines bark, she becomes his pants; the tree has a bark shirt, others have different flowers, these are other garments and shoes; The boa constrictor radiates his wife, on the way back he distributes everything he has borrowed; a year later, a woman gave birth to a husband of snakes in a hole; the other wife of the same husband, whose wife was the girl's mother, came to her, was four days old, liked Boa; walking down the hole, politely addressed her husband's father, also a boa constrictor, he missed it; returned with a basket full of corn, peanuts, etc.; mother envied, also went; insults her father's boa constrictor; drives snakes; returning, she goes the wrong path as her daughter told me to follow; boa constrictor- her father strangles her, cuts her to pieces; the daughter cries, sings, feeling sorry for her mother; the boa constrictor asks, she answers each time that it is a smoky log in the fire; when he fell asleep, the daughter asked God to revive her mother from pieces , she has come to life; both are running; by the river an old woman asks to rub her back; the daughter rubs, the mother continues to run; a hole opens in the old woman's back, the old woman allows her to remove a pebble, a straw broom, a chicken egg; After catching up with her mother, the daughter throws a stone (mountain), a broom (forest), an egg (lake); the boa constrictor threw himself into the water, his body is bloody after overcoming the mountain and the forest, he was eaten by fish]: Hien 1995:124-148; ecoi [Chief of the Heads (without a torso) in Head Land learns about a girl {further, apparently like ibibio and other bands}]: Talbot 1925:275 in Colldén 1979:407; catch-up [Yetana rejects suitors, wants to marry the one who is without scars; two handsome men come, J. sends a fly, she finds out that there are no scars; after the wedding, J. leaves with her husband and his friend; he disappears halfway; in the forest the husband turned into a tall palm tree, the wife was on top, died of hunger and thirst]: Arakelova 2005:170; ikom ['Ndere, the daughter of a wealthy leader, rejects suitors; the boa constrictor asked Chief Kaku to lend him various body members to to marry N.; K. himself had previously been rejected by her; decided to agree, then kill the boa constrictor and take possession of N.; asked the young men to lend him his arms, legs, teeth, etc., gave them a boa constrictor; he called himself K. N. liked her; her parents dissuaded her, but N. said that he would hang himself otherwise; K.'s imaginary son brought her to K., who held a feast; at midnight, the boa constrictor returned the borrowed members, N. did not recognize him as her husband; in the morning K. confirmed that the boa constrictor was his son, but ordered the young men to arm themselves to kill the boa constrictor; but the boa constrictor guessed it, led his wife along the other road; K. sent N. to help him kill the boa constrictor, N. agreed; when the boa constrictor and his boas went to cultivate the field, he hung a shell necklace on N. to rattle when she brought him food; Father N.'s men came to this place, killed the boa constrictor, brought N.'s father, his tail and head; other boas decided not to farm anymore, but to live in the forest; K. married N.; she taught people to eat catfish - they used to think that the eater would die]: Dayrell 1913, No. 21:88-93; songhai (zarma) [Fati girl rejects suitors because everyone has a scar or some other, even the smallest, bodily flaw; a snake comes in human form; the girl is told that this is a spirit, for there are no such beautiful men; let him cook grains: if they burst, then spirit; the grains burst, but F. still married a handsome man and went with him; parts of harness and equipment fall off the horse along the way, Every time the husband says, "Let this be his place" (he turned various animals into horse gear); then the horse turns into an antelope and runs away; first F. knows where he goes, then He no longer knows; they went inside the banyan, where there are many cattle and slaves; two years later, the mother planted a calebasa: let the vine crawl to where her daughter or her grave is; the vine has grown to the tree next to the baobab; the daughter went out, told her husband that her mother had come; on this occasion, the serpent ordered the slaughter of hundreds of pets and birds; when her mother left, sent hundreds of cattle with her; when he saw that the woman returns with her cattle, the same husband's other wife was jealous and also came to F.; the serpent ordered her to be given hundreds of cattle, but she wanted to see her husband F. and insisted; when she looked into the baobab, her serpent swallowed it; allowed F. to return home, giving many slaves and cattle; said that when white smoke appeared over the baobab, it meant that he was dead]: Tersis 1979:19-37.

Sudan - East Africa. Zaghawa [the girl rejects the grooms, marries a handsome man, he turns out to be a snake, brings him to her cave; she sings about her fate, asking the birds to tell her seven brothers about her; gorlinka, the weaver they drink the water given to her, but refuse to fly because she drove them away from the grain; the raven flies, sings her song, leads her brothers, each one cuts off the head of a seven-headed snake; on the way home, the girl finds an egg Six days later, a girl comes out of him; the rider asks her to give him water, enough, takes him away; the mother then shouts that her daughter should not light a fire; in his absence, his other wives light a fire, to see her face; she dies right away, they bury her; a horse, a chicken and a lamb tell her husband about it, who makes a fire in the pit, throws his wives there; when their children scream, Father, he keeps them safe life, but then they scream, Mother, he also throws them into the fire]: Tubiana, Tubiana 2004 (1), No. 5:47-52; moru [Hyena-Muyambago married Koba, that little sister Ngyuli, Bangola's elder; M. wants sister-in-law to visit them, K. is afraid that he will eat them; N. allows him to be scratched, praises M., receives beautiful bracelets from him; K. tells her to run, leaving honey, flour on the road, not stops by the tree to make a new skirt out of leaves; asks the river to part, promises not to eat fish; the river has closed behind it; M. replies to the river that he likes to eat fish, the river does not let him through, he stops chasing; B. envies that N. returned with gifts, goes by herself, scolds M., drinks honey and eats flour herself, loses time making a skirt, hides in a tree; M. makes a smoky fire, B. falls, M . brings her wife her meat under the guise of monkey meat; meat from the cauldron says she is B.; K. makes a hole, M. falls through, K. throws hot stones on top, pours boiling water; children who love her more, takes with her]: Katznelson 1968:300-305; lango [beautiful Awil wants to marry handsome; rejects the Swamp Goat; marries Colobus; against her will, her lame sister goes with her ; in the husband's house, she hears him sharpening a knife to slaughter and eat his wife; sends him to get water to pour water on her ulcer; the sister is still sleeping; sends it again, because at home she was carried water in a basket; sisters run away; the husband quits then a grain grater, injuring A. in the leg; the sisters run home; their father makes a trap pit, Fat Man fails, his father kills him]: Driberg 1923:454-456; shilluk [beautiful Animo lives with her father and with Akwot's brother; the lion takes the form of a man, comes to them, he likes Animo; Aquot tells her to see the guest off; he asks several times what this area is; when Animo replies what the area is for her not familiar, the companion runs away; Animo tells the palm tree to bend down, pick it up; the lion returns in the form of a lion, digs the ground, the palm tree begins to fall; Animo tells her to rise again; calls for help; young men hear them they don't believe it; old people hear Akvot brings a squad of men, they kill a lion, return Animo]: Westermann 1912, No. 85:208-210; Masai [after dancing, three girls follow an unfamiliar handsome man; he goes forward, saying that she will gather the sheep; in fact, she hides the bones eaten under the bed; in the house, the ogre's mother, from whom the skeleton remains, says that he ate all relatives and neighbors, tells make a hole in the wall and run; halfway through, a girl remembers that she left her beads, returns; the ogre refuses to call her mother, sister (he ate them a long time ago), agrees to make her wife; she gives birth he has a son Konyek, he grows up right away, leaves with his father to hunt people; the girl's mother's pregnant sister comes to visit her; the ogre's wife tells her not to hide from the rain under a lonely a tree; she violates the ban; when she sees the cannibals, she peed herself out of fear; they first think that the tree is leaking, then they see it, eat it; the cannibal gives the twins from her womb to K., tells them to be taken to her mother, she gives them she will fry him; she hides the children under the bed, roasts rats for K.; the boys are growing up, K. suspects deception (who eats meat, whose traces, why does the mother ask her father to give her shields and spears?) ; she asks her husband and son to get under the skin of a cow, which she nails with pegs to the ground: she wants to see how K. gets out and repel the attackers; the first time K. gets out, the second time she cannot; a woman calls twins, they killed cannibals with spears]: Kipury 1983, No. 12:54-58; Dinka [Atong refuses grooms, wants one with a low shell beads in his back; a lion has come {this is almost synonymous an evil spirit, an ogre}, he has such a low one, led A. to his place; four of A.'s 7 brothers dissuaded him, but she did not listen; the lion fed A. well, did not force him to work; but once A. told to cook; hears lizards talking: A. prepares flour for a feast where she will be eaten; the lizard advises to pretend to be lame and crooked to walk through the field where lions work; is responsible for A., when her husband tells me to go out; finally the lions are chasing: cripples are crawling, blind people stumble upon trees, deaf people run after them, but do not know why; A. ran home, J. came for her; A. went again with husband, but this time the brothers walk quietly; J. asks if A. has food for him; she gives her clothes made of leather; when she remains naked, J. climbs the tree for fruit, intending to jump on her and grab her neck; but A.'s brothers pierced him with spears]: Deng 1984:133-136; malgashi (carrying) [two sisters reject suitors; finally marry two handsome men; younger Besurungul's brother walks with his sisters; notices the tail of one of the husbands; in the evening they ask their wives if they are sleeping; they are silent, B. replies that mosquitoes, geese, cows are interfering; they immediately eat geese and cows; sisters don't believe at first, then pretend to be asleep, hear everything for themselves; brother and sisters leave wooden figures instead, run away; throw corn, werewolves come back for the basket; sisters pray God create a river and a boat, they cross; they run home; parents say that no one came, they drink werewolves drunk, kill]: Anpetkova-Sharova 2010:448-451.

North Africa. The Berbers of Morocco (Fez) [the sultan keeps her daughter in a glass palace; a black woman feeds her crustless bread and boneless meat; once a black woman fell ill, sent another; she brought normal bread and meat; the princess liked it; she began to knock her brain out of bone against the glass wall; a crack appeared in the wall, a fly flew in, it was jinnia; said that girls should marry; advised me not to eat, but secretly brought food to the princess herself; the Sultan called the applicants; let the daughter throw the golden apple herself at someone she liked; no one likes it; the cannibal took the form an impeccable handsome man; a fly examined him and confirmed that this was so; the sultan demands gold for his daughter by her weight; the cannibal delivered five times more; three months later, his son-in-law told the Sultan that he would like to return home; the sultan sent an escort - all his army; on the way, the cannibal ate everyone; the wife did not notice, because she was walking ahead; when the maid looked around, the husband said that he had sent the soldiers back, because his country was close ; the fly knew everything, but was afraid of the ogre; in the palace, the cannibal first ate the maid and then swallowed the fly; the wife gave birth, asked her husband for his parents to come, but he only pretended to send a letter to them; and he ate the baby himself; the same with the second child; old woman: to save the next one, pretend to be sick and go to your husband for herbs; under the supervision of an old woman and in secret from the ogre, the princess gave birth a beautiful girl; once a cannibal overheard his wife talking to an old woman; the old woman managed to carry the girl, and the cannibal swallowed his wife; but repented (he still loved his wife), broke her head against the wall and died; the old woman she took it out of his stomach and buried it; carried the ogre's body piece by piece and also buried it; when she died, the old woman gave the girl a cat's skin: in the form of a cat you will leave the cannibal land; the shepherdess picked up the cat, gave it to the Sultan's son; in the absence of the prince, the cat turns into a girl; the prince sees her, gives her ring; the girl disappears, the prince is going to search; the cat meows, the prince leaves her in the room, giving flour, etc., to cook cakes; finds his ring in a bag of cakes; stays in the palace and tells the Sultan to marry him to a cat; after the wedding, the cat threatens to kill her, she sheds off the cat's skin; The Sultan's second son is a dog; he tells his father to marry him; after the wedding, he demands that the dog become a girl; she bit him; in the morning the sultan sends a servant to the newlyweds, the dog bit to death him; so with by many servants; the sultan shot the dog; after his death, a son who married a cat inherited the throne]: El Fasi, Dermenghem 1928:165-178.

Southern Europe. The Portuguese (Coimbra) [the princess rejects the grooms, will only marry a man with a golden beard and silver teeth; one day a carriage arrived, footmen in green, a gentleman with a golden beard in a carriage and silver teeth; after the wedding, the husband took the princess to the forest, the storm began, the princess called Jesus, the storm subsided, and the husband and carriage were gone; the princess turned to St. Virgo and promised that if she was saved, she would not say a word for a whole year; a prince appeared, believed that the girl was dumb, brought her to the palace; a year later he decided to marry another woman; on this occasion he dressed up dumb in a luxurious dress; her term is over, the princess speaks, the prince married her]: Coelho 1879, No. 48:112-114; Spaniards [the count's daughter rejects grooms, wants the Marquis wants silver lips, golden teeth; hell is a marquis in the palace; the girl does not listen to the swallow warning of danger; the devil leaves his wife in the room, puts a pot of boiling water in the basement under her, begins to break the ceiling; swallow reports this to the Marquis, who saves his daughter, leaves a doll instead of her; she falls into the cauldron, hell sees it's a doll]: Shustova 1994:240-241; Italians (Naples) [princess refuses grooms; the magician Fiorovante ordered him to make his head and teeth out of gold; the princess immediately agreed to marry him; he left her in the stable, ordering her to eat the same as horses, and left; she went out to garden; he immediately returned and almost killed her; left her again; her father's goldsmith accidentally went there, hid the princess in an empty barrel and returned her to the palace; the king put iron doors in his daughter's room; F. bribed the old woman, let her put an enchanted leaf in the princess's bed; everyone but the princess fell asleep; F. broke in, dragged his victim, but the leaf fell out, the palace's cloisters woke up and tore F. into scraps]: Basile 2018:263-270; Maltese [princess refuses grooms, wants to marry a man with golden teeth; that's what the devil looks like; on her way to his house, she notices horns on her groom's head , enters his underground house; her maid's three sons secretly follow the princess, find out what happened to her; while the devil sleeps, pull her out, cover her whole body with roses; when the devil comes later after her, he is powerless because of these roses; the princess marries the youngest of the brothers]: Mifsud-Chircop 1978, No. 312C: 52-54.

Micronesia-Polynesia. Ulity [the cannibal spirit Limatchawalchawal took the image of a handsome man, went to another island, came to dance, chose a girl, she agreed to go with him; he left her in his lair under a rock, went to invite other spirits to participate in the cannibal meal; L.'s mother is not a cannibal; gave the girl a coconut shell, putting her hair from her head and pubis there and spitting there; told her to run; L. caught up twice the girl, but she threw her hair with saliva, L. picked it up, took it to her mother; the third time the girl reached her island, people drove L. away; the invited spirits saw that the girl was not there, ate L. himself]: Lessa 1961:60; Ponape [Tai lived under a rock; he was gray, bags under his eyes, affected by elephant disease; swam to the chief's daughter, left gray hair, bags under his eyes, elephant disease along the way, and was handsome; the chief's daughter agreed to marry him; when they were sailing in the boat, he took back everything he had left behind, became an ugly old man; told the stones to fly in on the rock, the girl was locked in a stone house; at night called other demons to eat the girl; sister T. Litepin Malekelek heard her cry; told her to become an ant and get outside; told her to run, politely addressing all the trees; but on the way, the girl wrote to one of the plants and it got angry; T. chased, asking the trees; everyone kept silent, because the plant said that the girl ran and rushed into the sea; the girl asked the sea to detain T., asked the reef to rise from the sea; climbed the reef, I met two women, asked me to hide her; when T. ran up, they threw ash in his eyes and then advised him to wash them, but muddied; T. went blind and died; the girl ran home]: Fischer 1954: 263-269; Truk [the chief gathered men for his daughter to choose her husband; she doesn't like anyone; the same next time; the third time a young cannibal came, his mother made his body fragrant; his girlfriend chose, he put her on a log, told him to sail to his island; the ogre's mother tells the girl that she will be eaten; makes her run on water like land; gives a vessel with ants, a reed, a bunch of hibiscus bark; when the ogre catches up, the girl pours out the ants, he picks them up and takes them home; the next time she threw the bark, he picked it up and carried it; the third time, the reed; in front of the cannibal cane thickets, he loses sight of the girl; the cannibal gathered it all and returned to his mother, and the girl returned to her father]: Fischer 1954:269-276; Kapingamarangi [Priest Thouhou gathered the men, ordered a daughter named Tokiaratou to choose a groom; she chose the coming Karube spirit; people began to scream that he was an ogre, but the girl did not listen to anyone; K. brought her to her place; told the reef plates to move apart; The watchman he put up told her that the spirit, having climbed onto the roof, was going to kill T. by lowering a pole with a fork on top; told her to run, wrap a tree butress in a mat; K. saw a mat, swallowed a tree ledge, died]: Elbert 1948:107-108.

South Asia. Tamils [a brahmana girl falls in love with all boys; upon learning of this, the tiger took on a human form, married her; led her; took the form of a tiger along the way, ordered to obey her; brahmana gave birth to a tiger cub; asked the crow to take the letter to her brothers; they went to rescue her sister, took a donkey, an ant, a palmyra tree, an iron trough with them on the way; they hid under the roof of the tiger's house; when they saw him and after drinking a lot of water before, they peed themselves; the tiger was surprised that there was so much urine; he wanted to hear the voice of his wife's brothers; they put the ant in the donkey's ear, the donkey roared; the tiger asked to show his leg, and the older brother stuck out tree trunk; show the belly - an iron trough; the tiger ran away in horror; the brothers and sister went to their parents, the sister had previously tore the tiger cub and hung it over the hearth, closing the door from the inside and getting out through reversing; the tiger came up, felt that the meat was being roasted; when he understood what was going on, the tiger came back in human form; he was asked to sit down, disguised the hole, he fell through, covered with earth and stones; the tiger's wife planted a sacred bush on this site and smeared it]: Natesa Sastri 1884-1888, No. 10:116-127.

Baltoscandia. Estonians (all over Estonia, but more in southern Estonia) [a girl rejects her suitors and dreams of marrying a man with a golden nose; he shows up and takes her away; they stop three times along the way, groom enters a house; the second time the bride peeks: he eats a dead dog; the third time he is dead; when they reach the groom's home and the girl is left alone, the deceased mother tells her that her the husband is hell; one of the guys who likes the girl goes to the witch doctor; he tells him to take a ball three times on Thursday and go to the crossroads; the third time the whirlwind brings the young man to the house of the devil; he hired him in workers, but since it is winter, there is no job yet; the girl comes to him, gives him a chip, a grain of sand and water in a glass: let her quit when she says; takes a broom: if she moves, the pursuer is close; a grain of sand has become a mountain (hell sends his son for shovels), a sliver a thick forest (sends for axes), a splash of water has become a sea; hell sends his son for his grandmother, she tries to drink the sea, but bursts; the devil is left overseas, boy and girl got married]: Mälk et al 1967, No. 58:151-154; Eastern Sami [loved one disappears; girl rejects other suitors, says she will marry a man with a golden nose; Ravk comes, she is forced to fulfill her promise; he leaves her keys, does not tell her to open one door; there is a weak elk; she feeds him, three days later they run away; they throw a comb (forest) mirror (lake), shard (mountain), match (fire); The elk brings the girl to his mother, turns it into a sliver underground, puts the pine tree with its roots up, runs away; Ravk did not find a sliver, could not pull out the pine tree; Moose shows the girl a pine tree, she recognizes her betrothed, an elk turns into a guy, takes a girl as a wife]: Charnoluski 1972:80-83.

(Wed. Japan. Japanese (Yamato) [a girl from a wealthy family rejects her suitors; accepted a rich man who sent her three carts of clothes; at night, parents hear her daughter screaming that she is in pain; in the morning they find only her head and finger, the rest was eaten; the clothes sent turned into animal bones, the carts into a tree with karahadziki]: Meshcheryakov 1984:58-59).