Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

L12. Vultures and an incomplete body .59.62.64.

Vultures take to the sky a creature that has lost some of its members or has only one head left.

Guiana. Taulipan [Atitö's wife's brother is unhappy that he is a bad hunter; A. found an otter calebasa; if you fill it with water and pour it out, the fish; while the Otter was picking up fish, A. took the calebasa; his wife's brother found it, dropped it into the water, the pirandira fish swallowed it, it became a fish bubble; A. stole a paddle from another Otter (stick it ashore, the river dries up, pick up the fish); his wife's brother found it again, lost it, swallowed the crab, the paddle has become a crab's claw; A. sees Zalimang shooting into the air, all the birds fall; carried away the arrow; his wife's brother found, Z. took the arrow while he was picking up the birds; The battleship rattles with a rattle, immediately come all the animals; A. took it away, called the game, killed it; his wife's brother stole the rattle, the pigs took it away; A. told his iron hook to dig into his wife's brother if he took it; the hook pierced all the dicks the thief died; the mother of the victim told his shadow to become reindeer meat, which A. should eat; A. avoided several such traps, but ate the bananas that his wife's dead brother had become; the more he ate, the more acute the hunger; asked for fire; swallowed his wife with a torch, mother-in-law, everyone who brought, became a spirit that eats everything; jumped on the man's shoulder, ate all his food; one day, while eating ate fish, the man ran away, crossed the tapir path; ate, rushed after the tapir, ate his shoulders, ate the fruits that the tapir was trying to get, the tapir starved; vultures flocked; ate jumped on the shoulder of the royal vulture, the father of vultures; he is glad that he now has two heads (Atitë is left)]: Koch-Grünberg 1924, No. 28:96-98; oyana: Magaña 1987, No. 11 [=Magaña 1989], 40 [mother-in-law does not eat meat brought by her son-in-law, wants tavaiken; the daughter does not understand what it is, she takes her mother to the garden, she eats raw pepper; her head comes off, rolls after her son-in-law, eats all his food; he climbs a tree, throws fruit farther and farther, runs; his head jumps up on a deer; then dies, a vulture flies in; his head jumps on him, eats his children in the sky], 93 [mother-in-law eats only pepper, hers the head falls off, chases his son-in-law; he climbs a tree, throws fruit to it as far as possible from the tree; she runs after the fruit, jumps up on a deer galloping by; then grabs an eagle, eats the chicks in it nest], 46 [the wife takes out her husband's lice, tears off her head; the head turns into a deer, then rises to heaven], 78 [when combing her husband, the wife cuts off his head; she chases his friend; by mistake jumps on a deer; a deer dies, it grabs a vulture, eats eggs in its nest]: 35-36, 41, 43, 49-50, 53; 1989 [mother-in-law tells her son-in-law to plant only pepper; eats pepper, stays on site when he sets fire to vegetation; her head burns with fire and pepper; falls off, chases her son-in-law, eats everything he catches and kills; he runs away, his head sticks to the galloping deer, thinking it's a son-in-law; the deer dies; it grabs its teeth on the wing of the vulture that comes down; it takes off; the vultures bring it back to the ground]: 21-22; aparaí [man or woman eats a lot of pepper; his/her head falls off, attaches to another person's shoulder; then attaches successively to different animals, they die one by one; the vulture takes it to heaven, it eats its chicks]: Rauschert 1967, No. 16:190; oyampy [a woman has a worm lover; gives birth to two fish, her mother cooks them, lets her eat them with pepper; she eats her children, runs to the river to cool her mouth from pepper; her head falls off; now leaves his body freely; the husband sets fire to the vegetation in the area where the wife was; the body burns, the head sticks to the husband; he escapes in a tree; the head is attached to the tapir, then to a deer, to a vulture; he takes her to heaven; Pleiades are her ear ornaments]: Grenada 1982, No. 16:140-147.

NW Amazon. Chikuna: Nimuendaju 1952:146-147 [two brothers hunt; find a basket of boiled yams; the youngest eats; at night a demon tears off his leg; in the morning he says that bats have eaten his leg; deftly jumping on one leg, the cripple kills game with a club; he kills a vulture tapir, asks him to be taken to heaven; turns into Orion], 147 [two hunters find a basket of boiled yam in the forest; younger eats; sleeps soundly; the forest spirit tears off his leg; he deftly jumps on one leg, killing game with a club; vultures take him to heaven; he turns into Orion].

Eastern Amazon. Hissing [the wife's head wanders at night looking for food; the husband buries his body; the head sticks to his shoulder; he asks his head to get off so he can climb the tree for fruit; runs; the head sticks to a deer, then to a vulture that takes off; falls, and bone rings emerge from it, cutting into the fingers of those who wear them]: Nimuendaju 1922:369-370.