Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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L120. Snakes turn into apple trees, ATU 300A.

.16. (.23.) .26.-.29.31.-.33.35.36.

After overhearing the conversation of demonic characters who are going to turn into something edible, attractive, safe and kill those who touch them, the hero neutralizes demons.

Germans (East Prussia), (balakhs), Koreans, Hungarians, Romanians, Moldovans, Czechs, Slovaks, Poles, Russians (Arkhangelsk, Vologda, Pskov, Moscow, Bryansk), all Ukrainians (Eastern Slovakia, Ugric Russia, Transcarpathia, Hutsulshchina, Galicia, Podolia, Pokutye, Volyn, Chernigov, Kiev, Yekaterinoslavskaya), Belarusians, Ossetians, Ingush, Georgians, Finns, Estonians, Setus, Livons, Latvians, Lithuanians, Veps, Karelians, (Eastern Sami), Mordovians, Mari, Chuvash, Bashkirs, (Komi), Kyrgyz, Mansi, Ilimpic Evenks.

Western Europe. Germans (East Prussia): Uther 2004 (1), No. 300A: 175-176

(Wed. South Asia. Balakhi [first water, a spirit in the form of a ball above her, Purush came out of it, followed by Ajar and Niran-jan; light was born out of the water, the Sakti woman; she wanted P. to be her husband; he told her to rub her hands three bubbles formed, including Admi (Adam, "man"), Bhagwant (Vishnu), Sambhu (Shankar); each refused to become her husband because he is her son; Sambhu told her to go to Kashi (Benares), where she will find herself husband; he went there as a pilgrim himself; Sakti was divided into 99 forms and Sambhu into 100; 99 forms embraced Sambhu's forms, but they were all empty, and Sambhu in the hundredth; Sambhu and Sakti became one form again; Sakti consistently turns into a piece of gold, silver, clay (he will paint her body), a stone (Sambhu will sit on it), a stick (rest on it), but Sambhu recognizes the deception every time, does not pick up the transformed Sakti; she promises to leave him alone if he gives her a gift; Sambhu puts a five-month-old embryo in her womb; Sakti returns to P., who is angry - it is not for him to become her husband! - says she will die; Sakti gives birth to an embryo, dies; he becomes a Haribans boy, the first balahi; he married the daughter of Julahiya, who honored Sambha; from them balahs]: Fucks 1950:235-237).

China - Korea. Koreans [the boy loves stories, keeps notes in pumpkins hung on the wall; grows up, prepares for the wedding; the servant hears stories (About the Spirit, About the Tiger, etc.) are preparing to kill the young man; they promise to turn into various objects, contact with which death will bring; a stream (if a young man sings from it, he dies), berries by the road (dies if he eats), a sword on the wall (will fall on the young man's neck in wedding time); the servant drives the horse without letting him drink or eat; pushes the groom away when the sword falls; does not allow stories to be burned, but advises to print them out so that everyone knows]: Cho 2001, No. 111:212-214.

The Balkans. Hungarians: Gidash 1953:147-156 [the younger queen and his brothers go to get the sun-moon stallion; the neighboring king promised to give his daughter for the stallion who brought the stallion; the old woman gives the queen a brush, the second - scraper; uncle says that this is the stallion of the youngest son of the Ironnosed Hag; at the hag house, the queen throws his brush, turns into a cat, eavesdrops when the sons of the hag return; waits for those bridge, kills one by one with the help of a crow that drops water on him; in the form of a cat, he overhears the conversation of the wives of the killed, promising to turn into a poisonous apple tree, pear, water; cuts an apple tree, pear, water - blood flows; hag chases, queen throws a scraper, dirt appears on the way; horseshoe - pierces the hag's legs with spikes; the blacksmith hides the brothers behind the iron gate; brothers drill the gate, the hag sticks his tongue, it is pulled out with hot mites; she leaves; the brothers meet, take Frost, Beat without a miss, One-eyed (sees everything), Obedala, Drink the Sea, Runner as companions; king promises the daughter if 1) sit in a hot oven (Frost is sitting); 2) eat and drink a lot (Oat, Drink the sea); 3) bring clothes from the end of the world (One-eyed sees, Quick-footed pulls out, falls asleep; Without a mistake wakes him up); wedding]; Hungarians [when he dies, the poor man tells his three sons that, according to the sorcerer, one of them will return the stolen sun and moon, but he does not know who exactly; the king found out about this and called on the brothers to him; promises to make the heir to the one who will cope with this task and make his assistant viceroy; the younger brother is Kiss Miklos (KM), the elders laugh at him; the king commands choose horses and weapons; the elders take the best horses and swords, the KM take a seedy and dirty skate, a rusty sword; the horse turned out to be a six-legged horse conceived by the wind that eats hot coals, the sword by itself; brothers come to the country for 49 kingdoms, across the sea of Operentsia, behind a glass mountain to the silver bridge; KM tells them to hide under the bridge and wait for the 12-headed dragon, whose moon is tied to the saddle; horse the dragon stumbled for the first time, the dragon realizes that it will fight KM; KM ordered the sword to cut off his heads, he cut off; KM gave the horse with the moon to his middle brother; the same at the golden bridge, the 24-headed dragon; KM ordered it is more painful to cut off the dragon's heads, but they have grown; the KM began to fight on its own, but cannot defeat it; the dragon will become a blue flame, and the dragon will become red; when the red rose above the blue, the KM brothers threw it at him, as the KM asked them in advance, a piece of sulfur, the red flame went out; sending the brothers with the moon and sun home, KM took the form of a gray kitten and climbed into a house where the mother and wives of dragons overheard their conversation; wife of a younger dragon: I will turn into a spring, if the brothers take a sip of water, they will die; the elder's wife will turn into a pear with poisoned fruits; the mother of dragons asks to support her eyelids with an iron beam weighing 1,200 pounds for her to see; promises to turn into a mouth such that the upper jaw is in the sky and the lower jaw is on the ground: swallowed KM and his brothers; the kitten rushed out, the dragon threw a beam at him and she immediately went blind, because her eyelids closed her eyes again; KM reached her brothers on his horse in two jumps and went home together; on the way, KM cuts a spring and a pear with a sword, bleeding from them; brothers they see an open mouth approaching, hide in the house of the lead melter (Lead Friend, SD); they pour molten lead into the mouth of the dragon, who is dead; now SD offers KM to fight; with the little finger drove KM into the lead floor; lets go for promising to get him the Green Daughter of the Green King; let the older brothers go; they claim victory over dragons, marry princesses, the elder becomes king; they let the moon and sun horses go to heaven, but they began to shine sadly; KM goes in search, meets, companions Runner, Drinker, Obedala, Freezing in fire, Seeing far away, A strongman throwing an iron club; the Green King (ZK) demands that Pluto bring his daughter's wedding dress faster than the local runner; but ZK sent his old witch mother to run in the evening, and the Runner ran only in the morning; he overtook her, received a dress from Pluto, but on the way back the witch persuaded him to take his time and go together; put him to sleep, grabbed the dress box and ran; Seeing this saw the Strongman throw his club, knocking out the horse skull from under the Runner's head, on which the witch placed his head; the Runner overtook the witch again, took the box and handed it to ZK; he demands to spend the night in iron oven; Freezing oven cooled; ZK demands to eat and drink incredible amounts of meat and wine (Oat and Drank performed); KM got the princess, but as soon as he admitted that he had got her for another , she disappeared; The seer saw her in the whale's belly, Vipivalo drank the sea, the Runner brought the whale, KM took the princess out of his belly; the princess was gone again; the seer saw her in an apple hanging in ZK's garden, Her runner brought; for the third time, the princess in a cocoon hanging in the sky; the strongman knocked down the cocoon with a club, the Runner ran and caught the princess; KM let his companions go; told the princess that she should find out what the power of SD was; while he talked to KM, the princess magically opened 7 iron doors to the basement, took gold out of the lead barrels and told the jeweler to gild the threshold; SD was furious and beat the princess, but she changed herself with a line and lay down on the bed; promised not to gild anything else if SD said what his strength was; he refused; then she gilded three more thresholds; still the same; 7 thresholds; after that SD confessed that in a silk meadow under the seventh bush there is a hare, he has an egg under its tail, a hornet in its egg, it has its strength; at night, the princess reported this to the KM; he became a hound, caught a hare, then a hornet that flew out; SD died; KM and the princess arrived in the KM kingdom in a luxurious chariot; the sun and moon immediately shone brightly; the sage explained everything to the old king; KM said that as heir to the realm of SD and ZK, he leaves this is a kingdom for their brothers; the KM and his wife still rule two kingdoms if they did not die]: Curtin 1890:477-516; Romanians [poor old people have three sons, the youngest Tsugul; fairies endowed it Good fate, but the sorceress snake has taken away his veins; the brothers reluctantly put Ts. on a mare, take him with them to hunt; the fairy gives him a belt: she can take any form to return his veins from the Snake; becoming a bee, C. arrives at the Snake's house; from a conversation between the Snake and his daughters, he learns that the veins are in the chest behind the stove; next time he arrives like a fly, takes the veins; fighting, kills three snake son-in-law of the Snake Witch, their horses He gave it to his brothers, took the youngest for himself; the Snake tells his daughters to take a different form to destroy C.; the elder brother wants to pick grapes, C. cuts the vineyard, black blood flows; the same is the plum orchard; the same stream (the brothers wanted to get drunk, C. plunged a spear into the stream, blood flowed); the witch herself is flying, C. hides in a cave, then comes to the king, asks to forge a club; heated it, shoved it into a hole in the serf wall; The snake pulled the air into herself, a red-hot club fell into her mouth, she died; the boyars advise the king to get rid of C., suggest sending him to the Kingdom of Strier, bringing the princess to the king; Ts. meets and companions 1) an eternally hungry man who plows seven with plows; 2) hares running and stroking on the run, tied a millstone to his feet; 3) freezing on a hot day, one mustache is white, the other is black; 4) hitting an arrow at a mosquito in the sky; 5) a sage (waves a stick - birds flock); everyone, not knowing at first who is in front of him, says that he is not a hero, but a real hero - C.; the Streer king demands: 1) eat all the breads baked in 9 ovens per day (Oat eats); 2) drink 9 barrels of wine (Drinks); 3) enter a hot oven (Freezer has cooled it); 4) bring water from the magic spring, overtaking the maid (the maid put Skorokhod to sleep, looking for him in his head; the shooter wakes him up by knocking out the horse skull left by the girl from under his head, Skorokhod came first); 5) let 50 grow overnight infertile women (the Sage did so that they gave birth; touched the king with a stick - there is a brood of ducklings behind the king, everyone laughs); C. spared the eagle, pulled the thorn out of the bear's paw, they promised to help; brought the princess to the king, that gave it to him himself; the brothers stabbed C., took the horse and the bride; C. was still a little alive, his eagle and bear were coming out, the eagle brought alive and dead water, C. became the same; the eagle untied the horse Ts, the bear frightened brothers; the horse killed the brothers with his hooves, the king of Streer bequeathed the throne to C., he married a princess, received both kingdoms]: Sadetsky 1973:79-101; Romanians [dragons stole the sun, moon, stars, and eyes king; two elder princes went in search, but engaged in trade, lost money and were detained as debtors; younger Dragan Chenouche ("chenushe" means "ash"), who had previously been sitting in ash, sat on a horse that ate hot coals, took weapons and armor, as well as ash cakes given by his mother, and went in search; bought the brothers, taking gold from the horse's ear; while the brothers were sleeping, killed them on a copper bridge the dragon that stole the stars returned to heaven; on the silver one, the moon; the long battle on the golden bridge; DC promised the crow more meat than the dragon promised, he sprinkled it with cold water, and the dragon hot; DC killed the dragon, freed the sun; chipped in with his mouse, penetrated to the mother of dragons and took away the box with his father's eyes; the dragon sent two daughters to look like an apple tree and a well, and let the brothers look like an apple tree and a well hunger and thirst; DC crossed them with a sword, bleed; sent the brothers home to carry their father's eyes, came to Mark Armenash himself, asked for 99 quintals of hot coals; when the dragon tried to stick her head, poured coals into her mouth and she exploded; DC went with MA to get a bride, the daughter of the Green King; they meet and accompany someone who hears oats grow and sees what is happening in the other world; an arrow, a tree destroyer; drank; ate; capable of freezing the sea; this latter covered the sea with ice to cross to the country of the Green King; they were put in a red-hot iron house, and he froze him; drank and ate and ate everything that was offered; to compete in running with an old woman, who put the runner to sleep with a dragon bone under his head; the shooter knocked out the bone; they got the princess, crossed the ice, the freezer melted the ice again, the king and queen who rushed to pursue drowned; DC met the old man: there is no water, the dragon closed the spring, allows you to take water in exchange for people, the princess's turn; DC killed the dragon, cut off the tips of his tongues; a dwarf with a long beard came to his hut, ate all the meat; DC split the beech, pinched his beard in the trunk; the dwarf pulled out the beech, disappeared into the lower one world; DC came on a bloody trail; ordered him to be lowered into the black world on a rope; pretended to be a musician; devils promise many wagons of gold if he could free their king's beard from beech wood; DC cut him off his head, ran up to the rope, twitched, but no one picked up the rope; he hears the squeak of the griffin's chicks: a dragon crawls to the nest to eat them; (killed the dragon); the griffin swallowed it and regurgitated, making it stronger; agreed to take it to the ground; on the way, the meat ran out, DC cut off a piece from her feet and from under her knee; the princess recognized DC by the dragon's severed tongues; the brothers' wives poisoned DC's wife out of envy; he went to get live water; the old man gave him a staff and a sheep, telling him not to leave them in the forest where the entrance to hell is located; the bird, while flying, dropped three feathers (her wife's hair) and three drops of blood (that fell from her wife's cheeks); DC left his staff and sheep in the forest and went home; turned into a walnut tree]: Bîrlea 1966:384-387; Moldovans: Botezatu 1981:17-27 [dragons stole the Sun; husband and others go looking for him , the wife gives birth to a son named Ion, aka Fat Frumos; talks about his father; the Black King sends him beyond the Sun; he takes a skinny oath, this is a magic horse; FF consistently defeats dragons: Evenings, Night - Midnight giants, cuts off their heads; in the last fight, the eagle sprinkles water on the forces of FF, not the giant; FF turns into a rooster, a fly, listens to the dragon's wives promise to turn into a well, an apple tree , a grape bush (drinking water, eating an apple, a berry will die); FF releases the Sun from the dungeon; the Black King tries to catch the Sun, falls from the roof, dies; on the way back, FF cuts a well, an apple tree, vine, black blood flows; mother of dragons chases, FF hides in the forge, kills the pursuer by throwing a hot club into her mouth; FF searches for Limbe-Limbeu, the father of dragons; kills a pig in her mouth a hare, containing a duck, an egg, three beetles, the third flies to the castle; the castle watchman kills the beetle without knowing that LL's life in it; FF kills the watchman, burns the corpse of LL (=Moldavian tales 1968:286-301)], 169-181 [y the old woman quickly grew up three sons of the hero; one chased the frog, the other after the duck, the younger Dragan for the squirrel; they went up to heaven, brothers after them; three snakes took three royal daughters to the next world, and also the sun, moon and stars; the old woman asked for three buckets of red wine and red cloth to be spread on the roof; the brothers think that the house is on fire, they chase, they go down, they are angry, but their mother gives them wine; they didn't recognize each other at first; the mother said why she called them; they don't know what to do; the brothers reached the hole, go down the silk cord, the elders were scared, D. went down, became a bumblebee, listening to how snake wives answer their mother Scorpia as their husbands come home (across a copper bridge, a silver bridge, a golden bridge; eats 12 fried cows, 24, one hunk of bread); S. says that the bumblebee is D.; the eldest daughter-in-law promises to become a well, the second apple tree, the third fire; and S. will fall from ground to sky; D. killed all three snakes {described in detail}; stars, moon and sun immediately freed; D. chopped a well, an apple tree, a fire; came to the blacksmith, this is Kózma-Dimir, his mother's brother; S. managed to bite off a piece of her heel; when S. put her head in, she was killed with a club, the corpse was burned; in the copper, silver, golden garden D . meets the kidnapped princesses, sends them upstairs; each turns her wealth into 3 apples - copper, silver, gold; after pulling out three princesses, the brothers cut off the rope; D. came to CD; he orders It's a day to go to the apple tree of life when it rises from the ground into the world; if Grandfather Odolyan wants to say hello, you should reach out not your hand, but the coulter; O. is the father of those snakes; when he squeezed the coulter, three fell drops of blood, O. burned down, and the blood turned into an tin flower; the apple tree of life carried to the ground; D. released the stars into the sky; tied the brothers to the tails of horses].

Central Europe. Russians (Arkhangelsk, Vologda, Pskov, Bryansk), Ukrainians (Eastern Slovakia, Ugric Russia, Transcarpathia, Hutsulshchina, Galicia, Podolia, Pokutye, Volyn, Chernigov, Kievskaya, Yekaterinoslavskaya), Belarusians [Battle on the Viburnum Bridge: Having defeated three polyheaded snakes one after another, the hero overhears the conversation between their wives (daughters) and mother, upsets witchcraft intrigues, thereby saving brothers; hides from persecution in a forge and, with the help of blacksmiths, destroys a snake]: SUS 1979, No. 300A=K303:104-105; Russians (Arkhangelskaya, 1929, Ust-Tsilma, Vasily Sobol, a Nenets, has been a "leader" in herds of deer all his life, i.e. he was a farmhand shepherd) [The queen cannot give birth to an heir, the tsar decides to buy a gold-head fish, goes to the fishermen, to the third tone catches it. The fish is eaten by the queen, the maid and the bull (he gets the garbage), on the same day they have sons: Ivan Tsarevich, Ivan Devi and Ivan-Bykovich, grow up by months, do not feel their strength - they are maimed in games other kids. The children's parents complain. Three fellows go to the field, meet an old man, he says that going to the right will kill their horses, and to the left will kill them. They return to the king, asking for horses, Ivan Bykovich does not find a horse in the royal stable. He asks the blacksmith to tie a hundred pounds of club, throws it up so that he can hardly see it, catches it easily (his hand does not move), asks him to tie a club of two hundred, then three hundred pounds. He throws the last one, and she comes back quickly, he almost drops it when he catches it. At the crossroads, the fellows turn right, throw a tent at the Iron Bridge and agree to watch one by one. The first two fellows fall asleep on guard, instead of them with a 3-headed one, and the next night, Ivan Bykovich fights with 6-headed Pogany Idol. It invites Ivan to blow into the open field, but he gives way to Idolishch, it blows, and all living things burn three miles in the field. While she admires her work, Ivan cuts off her heads. In the morning, Ivan Tsarevich and Ivan Devi say that they did not sleep at night and did not see anyone. When it comes to Ivan Bykovich's turn, he leaves a knife to his comrades and warns that if he bleeds, they must run to the bridge. The beginning of the fight repeats, Ivan cuts down 8 heads from Idolishche, the latter remains, he asks for permission to take off his left boot, launches him into the tent, then his right one - the brothers wake up, see that the knife is covered in blood, they help fight, go waist-deep into the ground and defeat Idolishche. Three fellows come to the big house, Ivan Bykovich turns into a "goosebumps", overhears how inside an old woman ("nose to ceiling") advises daughters-in-law, wives of three Idolishches, to take revenge on Ivan, turn around poisoned with spring water, berries, and a golden bed. Ivan Bykovich saves his brothers from death three times, water, berries and a bed turned into women when they began to cut them, their heads were cut off. They hear the chase, they hide in the forge. The old woman demands that the blacksmith give them away, he asks her to stick his tongue through the door, and hits him with a copper, tin and iron rod, only the tin rod does not tear. The old woman turns into a horse, Ivan Bykovich saddles it, the old man asks if Ivan will give up his horse if he manages to overtake him, Ivan agrees and loses. The old man hangs his horse on his horse, promises to return it if Ivan gets Elena the Beautiful for him. Ivan Bykovich agrees, he meets Yaryshek on the way ("a thin leg, a golden cap, his forehead is covered, his eyes are out"), one knows how to carry people across the sea, the other to marry, the third to wash in the bath, the 4th carry people in space ("from place to place"), eat the 5th bread, drink water on the 6th, meets a woman who can travel 3 miles in 3 hours. He takes everyone with her. He meets three more Yaryshki: one brags: "I'm buzzing with a foot", the second can shoot with a cream, and the third catches what falls to the ground. One Yaryshko takes a spoon out of his pocket and carries everyone across the sea. The other performs the king's task - washing in a very hot bath ("heat for five soots"), the third goes to marry. The king locks visitors in a ram and sets them on fire, Yaryshko takes them to a safe place. The Tsar makes you eat all the bread in the city, Yaryshko eats everything. The other drinks all the water in her magpies in the city's shops. The Tsar promises to give his daughter if the visitors drink all the water in the well, Yaryshko drinks. Then she orders the princess to get a dress from the state far away in 3 hours, send the old woman, on the way back she falls asleep, Yaryshko "whipped with a foot", she woke up and arrived on time. The king gives his daughter. Yaryshko carried the first one across the sea, at night the princess flies to heaven and turns into a star. Yaryshko saw an extra star in the sky, another shot a cream, the latter caught a shooting star and gave it to Ivan Bykovich. The princess does not want to marry the old man, and persuades Ivan to deceive him when he asks him to walk on the boards above the hole and let him go first. He does so, loosens one of the boards, the old man falls into a hole on the "iron sperm". Ivan takes the old man's good, burns a mare, marries Elena]: Karnaukhova 1934, No. 163:340-348; Russians (Vologda) [the tsar and queen are childless, both 80; the tsar tells fishermen to throw a net on him happiness; the pike looked like gold; the king tells the nanny to bake a cake; the middle part was eaten with the queen, the one where the head was eaten by the nanny, the tail by the dog; everyone gave birth to a boy, only the son of a dog dog ears; the priest gave the names: Ivan Tsarevich, Ivan Nyankin, Succhie-birth; brothers grew up; C. suggests considering the elder who will continue to throw the 4-pound club; he himself threw the furthest; went to hunting, lost their way, stopped in an empty house, near the bridge across the river; the brothers take turns guarding; the IC sees a three-headed monster riding, disappeared, did not tell the brothers; the same IN (6-headed); on the third night S. leaves a glass: if full of blood, hurry to help, and if the blood is over the edge, save yourself; the 12-headed monster prevails, S. threw his boot, the gate disappeared, the horse ran, helped kill monster; S. put 12 heads under a heavy stove; the brothers apologize for hiding and not helping; when they went, S. asks to return - forgot the gloves; fell off the stove, 12 heads under it; the brothers kept silent ; three sisters of the sorceress gathered; one promises to become an apple tree, the other a feather bed, the third a well; the brothers want to eat apples, lie on the feather bed, drink water, S. does not give; the brothers find a hut, hunt, queues are preparing; a dwarf with a long beard came, ate everything, beat the IC; the same with IN; S. beat the dwarf, pinched his beard in the stump; he uprooted the stump, left, the blood trail leads to the hole; S. orders to kill the bear, make belts out of the skin, lower it on her belts; the girl of the copper kingdom sends silver to the girl, she to the golden one; each asks her to marry; the maiden of the golden kingdom tells me to change the wells from with strong and weak water; the dwarf drank weak water, S. killed him; S. sends the girls upstairs, each turned her kingdom into a ball; when the brothers raised S., they were flattered by the girls, cut off their belt; S. fell down, found the Firebird, she took him upstairs because he defeated her villain; ITZ took the maiden of the silver kingdom, YN took the copper kingdom, and the maiden of the golden kingdom was his servant; after learning how it was, the king executed the IC, drove the IN away, made S. an heir, who married the princess of the golden kingdom]: Gura 1965, No. 20:230-233; Russians (Pskov) [the tsar has two kingdoms; he sends people to find out why in one from the kingdoms, the people do not know where to go; the old man is sent: you must throw the seine three times; the first two times you will find a lot of fish, throw it away; on the third, three white fish pike; let the princess eat - then the tsar finds out where the people are going; the cook cooked fish, also tried it herself and gave birth to her son; everyone gave birth to a son: Ivan Tsarevich, Ivan Kukharkin, Ivan-Suchkin-Ploshkin (ISP); they grew up quickly, went in search; before that, the ISP whistled in three stables, each with only one horse left, the brothers took them for themselves; chose the one who would throw the club higher as the eldest; when he threw the ISP, they had time to drink tea before it fell; made him senior; stopped at the bridge over the Kalinovka River; they guard in turn, but Ivan Tsarevich and Ivan-Kukharkin fall asleep, all three times at the ISP bridge; each time the snake drives the ISP into the ground "on the trail", and The ISMP cuts down all three heads of the snake; the third snake drove the ISP to the waist, and the ISP blew only two heads off, but the horse finished off the snake; as a fly, the ISP overheard the snakes talking; one would thirst, the other would turn around a spring, the third has one mustache in the ground and the other into the sky: as they go, so in her mouth; the brothers went, thirsty; the ISP crossed the meadow - blood, crossed the key - also blood; told the brothers to go forward, they they drove into the snake's mouth, and he told the blacksmiths to light the horn; the snake gnawed through the iron doors, stuck its tongue, began to beat her tongue with a hammer; the ISP beat until the snake regurgitated the brothers, and herself died; a gold-haired ram ran out; the ISP threw a club at him, and the ram grabbed it and carried it down the hole; the ISP tells the brothers to lower him on a rope; picked up a club, came to the copper kingdom, there was a girl, a serpent flew in , the ISP killed him; the same in the silver kingdom; in the golden kingdom, the princess hides under the hem, the serpent flies around, the ISP, according to the princess's teaching, grabbed him by the tail, the serpent flew, hit the ground and shattered to pieces; each of the princesses turned her kingdom into an egg; the princess of gold branded the ISP with her ring and ordered the snake to take the tail: it would deliver it wherever you wanted; the brothers pulled out the princesses, began to argue over princesses of the golden kingdom, decided to get rid of the rival, raised the ISP to half the hole and threw it; the ISP shifted the snake tail from hand to hand, found himself on the ground, exchanged clothes with the old woman's son, came to feast; the princess saw her stigma on it; the traitor brothers were shot]: Chernyshev 1950, No. 2:10-18; Russians (Moscow) [the white light is gone; Malsyskar alone (?) promised the king that he would return it; he was given two comrades; M. left his comrades at the snake house, giving a glass of water: if there is blood in the glass, then scream; he lay down under the bridge himself; a three-headed serpent is coming, refuses to give the white light, M. cut off his head, put it under the bridge; the same with the six-headed one; every snake wonders that it was a dog that barked; 12-headed M. cut off 11 heads; 12th: a duck in a box, an egg in a duck, an egg in an egg white light; M. took out a white light, woke up his comrades; on the way a meadow and two young ladies; passed by; next time the comrades approached the young ladies, they were torn; Baba Yaga is chasing, M. - to the forge; Baba Yaga she tore her horse; she is told: lick the wall; she licked, her tongue was torn off with hot mites; M.: can you make a horse out of it? they made a horse, but did not tell me to dance if there was music; the men were playing, M. began to dance, the horse was gone]: Vedernikova, Samodelova 1998, No. 21:55-56; Russians (Bryansk region) [the youngest of his sons, Ivan Pópyalov, lay in ash ("in pópala") until the age of 12; the sun hid the serpent; IP asks his father to make him a club, throws him up, puts his forehead, the club breaks; the third club It did not break by 15 pounds; kills three-, six-headed snakes; the 12-headed snake cuts off 9 heads; the snake asks the Raven to fly to call his Snake for help, the IP asks to call his brothers, promises snake meat; The raven is flying to his brothers; the brothers came, killed the snake, his head was broken in his house, the world was lit; halfway through, IP returned for his mittens, becoming a cat, overheard the conversation between his wife and daughters of the snake; brothers they want to relax on pillows in the meadow, IP hits the pillows with a club, blood flows; there are golden and silver apples on the apple tree, IP beats them, blood flows; the spring is the same; they were snake daughters; a snake is flying, their mouth is off the ground to the sky; the brothers throw three pounds of salt, the snake thinks it's an individual entrepreneur, tries, loses time; IP hides in the forge of Kuzma and Demyan; they offer her to lick 12 doors with her tongue, then take the IP; they grab it with ticks for the tongue, killed with hammers, burned]: Afanasiev 1958 (1), No. 135:264-266; Belarusians (Grodno Region) [two brothers go to plow in the forest, mark the road with straw, the sister must walk along it to bring them lunch; the seven-headed Serpent overheard, changed signs, the girl came to the Snake; one, then the second brothers come, The serpent shows its wealth, offers iron bread, hangs his brothers on a beam; their mother's pea turns into a boy Pokatypea (P.), he grows up, the blacksmith makes him a seven-pound mace, he throws it to the clouds, it falls, breaks; he orders stronger; comes to the Serpent, eats iron bread, breaks the deck without an ax, burns it without fire; P. and the Serpent drive each other into the ground, P. drives him whole, kills him with a mace; kills a horse, hides in a carcass, grabs the Crow that has descended, orders him to bring living and dead water; he brings, P. tears the Raven in two, glues, revives brought with water; revives the brothers; on the way back, the brothers tie him to the oak tree, not believing that he is their brother; he drags the oak tree to the house, leaves his parents, leaves; meets and takes Vyrvigora as a friend, Vyrvidub; P. kills a six-, seven-, nine-headed snake, brings tongues to the king; the wives of the Serpents turn into a bed, into an apple tree, P. cuts them, preventing their comrades from sitting down and eating apples; the third Snake falls from earth to heaven; P. throws three kani (stones?) into her mouth , three falcons, comrades; each time she Snake returns to drink; P. hides with blacksmiths; they tell the Snake to wipe the doors with their tongue, grab her tongue with ticks, P. kills her]: Afanasiev 1958 (1), No. 134:254- 263; Belarusians: Romanov 1901, No. 28 (Mogilevsky, Belyshichi, 1888-1891). [The merchant and his wife live; they have no children. Someone tells a merchant that if you catch and eat one fish, you'll have children. The fisherman is fishing for him. The hostess and maid clean the fish, splash water from under it into the yard. A mare drinks it and gets pregnant. The maid cooks fish, tastes it and gets pregnant. The hostess eats fish and gets pregnant. A maid, a housewife and a mare give birth to sons one by one. Sons grow by leaps and bounds. Their father sends them to study, the kobylin's son serves them, but he understands science better. They're going back to live with their father. Kobylin's son wants to go on a journey with his brothers and asks his father to make them a supply: three clubs (for his son a mace of 3 pounds, for the hostess at 4, and for himself 5 pounds). Kobylin's son checks maces, throws them into the sky and breaks everything (with his palm, knee and forehead). Asks you to forge new ones (5, 6 and 8 pounds). He throws them one by one, they fly away, no one knows where. The sons are going to look for them. They find the first and second. A third is found in the tenth kingdom at the house of a filthy king. Kobylin's son takes his supply. They spend all day walking in this house, drinking and playing cards. Kobylin's son sends his maid's son to watch the bathhouse (spa), says not to fall asleep, otherwise they will lay down their heads. The servant's son falls asleep. Kobylin's son is hiding under the bridge. A filthy king with six heads is coming. Kobylin's son defeats him and takes his six horses. They walk, drink and play cards all day again. The next night, the son of the mare sends him to the bathhouse to watch his owner's son. He also falls asleep, and the mare's son hides under the bridge again. A filthy king with seven heads is coming. Kobylin's son defeats him and takes his seven horses. They walk, drink and play cards all day again. The next night, the kobylin's son goes on patrol himself, and leaves a towel for the brothers. He says if he gets blood dripping, he needs help. The brothers are falling asleep. A filthy king with nine heads is coming. Kobylin's son cuts down eight of his heads, and the ninth grabs him by the forehead. Blood flows from the towel, the brothers wake up and come to help, defeat the ninth head, and take nine horses. The next day, carts are shared: with six horses, the maid's son, the family goes to the mistress, and nine to the mare. They're going to see their father. Kobylin's son recalls that he forgot gloves (fingers) in the filthy king's house, returns for them and sees three women (two are wives of filthy kings, and the third is a mother). They're talking about how to kill their brothers. One is going to turn into a bed, the second into a jar, gold and silver cups, gold and silver apples, and the third wants to open her mouth, put one jaw (zapa) on the ground, the other under heaven and swallow your brothers. Kobylin's son returns to his brothers, says nothing, they move on. They see it's worth three beds. The servant and the owner's sons want to go to bed, and the mares cut the beds and blood flows from them. They go further, see a pot, gold and silver cups, gold and silver apples. The servant and the owner's sons want to take an apple for a gift to their father, the mare's son does not have time to stop them, they die. Kobylin's son cuts a pot, cups and an apple tree, blood flows from everywhere. He puts the dead brothers in wagons and moves on. There is a woman with her mouth open. Kobylin's son cuts off her upper jaw and drives on top. Baba is chasing him. He hides in the forge, the woman licks the wall and pulls it out. The blacksmith grabs her tongue with ticks, and the son of the mare hits her tongue with a mace. He is exhausted and breaks his mace. Baba offers to compete in singing to see who sings longer. First, she rides it and sings and sings all her songs. Then he rides it and sings. He goes towards his father, and wagons follow them. They drive up to the river. Baba drinks the whole river, bursts, the river flows back. Kobylin's son returns to his father, buries his brothers and lives there], 29 (Bokhotskaya Century, Mstislavsky University, 1888-1891, from peasant Nikita Alekseev, 45 years old, illiterate) [The father has three sons: two smart, and the third fool. The smart ones go to the woods, the fool stays at home. Two daughters-in-law ask a fool to bring water. A pike got stuck at the bridge, a fool helps her, she promises to do whatever he wants. The fool says buckets of water should go home by themselves. The next day, the brothers take him with them for firewood. A fool harnesses his father's horse, a horse kicks, a fool kills it. He says that the sleigh should go by themselves, then cut the firewood themselves and put them into the sleigh. They go home, drive past the lake. A fool sees one fish caught, says who will eat the fish, suck the bones and eat the bones, get pregnant and give birth to a son. All three sons will be heroes. The queen eats the fish, her daughter sucks her bones, and the little girl eats her bones. All three have a son. At the age of 17, sons ask their father to make them three 15-pound swords. They want to go kill snakes with three, six and 12 heads. The father complies with their request. The brothers decide who will be their boss. They hit a stone the size of a house with swords. The female son is just planning, the Tsaritsyn cuts half, the girl's son splits in half. He's becoming the main one. They come to the thirtieth kingdom. The sparkle of sailboats The girl's son (I.) sends a branch son to the bridge to defeat Yuda with three heads. He falls asleep. I. flies an arrow to the bridge, fights with a snake, cuts off one head. The serpent asks for a break, asks what the power of a sailboat is. They show each other strength (the sailboat has a pen, Yuda has a bean), I. catches Yuda's strength and swallows it. The snake wins. The next night, I. sends Tsaritsyn's son to the bridge to defeat Yuda with six heads. He falls asleep. I. flies an arrow to the bridge, fights with a snake, cuts off three heads. The serpent asks for a break, asks what the power of a sailboat is. They show each other strength (the sailboat has a feather, Yuda has a nut), I. catches Yuda's strength and swallows it. The snake wins. On the third night, I. goes to the bridge himself to defeat Yudu with 12 heads. He leaves an empty glass for the brothers: if they are filled with blood, they must run to help. The brothers are falling asleep. I. fights with a snake, cuts off two heads. The serpent asks for a break, asks what the power of a sailboat is. They show each other strength (the sailboat has a pen, Yuda has an apple), I. catches Yuda's strength and swallows it. The serpent is angry. I. throws his boot into the room where the brothers sleep. The brothers wake up and run to help. The snake wins. I. asks the brothers to rest for three days. On the first night, I. turns into a dove and flies to Yudina's wife with three heads, the second with six, and the third with 12 heads. He finds out how they are going to destroy it (turn into a well, an apple tree and a huge snake, 25 versts wide and 45 miles long). The brothers are going home and are thirsty. They see a well, I. cuts it with a sword, blood flows from it. They go on, they see an apple tree, they want to eat apples, I. cuts it, it bleeds. They go on and see a mountain that shouldn't be there. This is a snake. I. jumps into her mouth and cuts through a passageway through which her brothers and horses pass. I. does not have time to pass, the snake pursues him. He hides in the forge, the snake sheds the roof, the blacksmith grabs the snake with forceps, I. cuts the snake from tail to head. They melt the snake into a mare. During this, I. served as a blacksmith for three years. The blacksmith lets him go and tells him not to stop. I. stops by and serves for another blacksmith for three years. He forbids going to Usiyanskaya Mountain and looking at your native side. I. violates the ban, lies to the blacksmith. The blacksmith lets him go, I. reaches the royal house. The king orders him to marry the girl, otherwise he will not let him go home. He orders to gather 12 fellows, I. collects (Obivala, Obivala, Gunka, Dovgoshost, Lysa Mukha and others). They come to the king to marry the girl. The king gives them 12 barrels of wine and 12 pounds of bread, and tells them to drink and eat overnight. Drinks everything, Oat - eats. The next night, the king tells me to sleep in a pit with burning coals. Gunka extinguishes everything with her body. The daughter walks in the garden with I., makes him sleep, tries to fly away as a dove. The Bald Fly bites him for the w... Dovgosost takes I. on his tail and catches up with his daughter. They take her on their own way without letting her go to their father. They come to see the king. The king surrounded his house with burning ditches. He tells I. to cross the fire on the bylinka to prove that he did not live with the girl on the way. The girl sticks a thick wire into the bylinka, I. goes over. He invites the king to cross the bylinka to prove that he did not ride his mare. The girl pulls out the wire, the king falls down. I. marries a girl, they go to their kingdom], 30 (Kozyanskaya vol., Gorodoksky district, 1888-1891, Western Moscow) Vasiliev from a local beggar). [Tsar Basil has no children. He is fishing and has 12 fishermen. They go to sea, catch 3 perches. They bring them to the king and say that if the queen eats them, she will give birth to a hero. The cook cooks perch, throws scales and giblets (awls and vantrobes) under the table, the female eats them and becomes pregnant. The cook tries a piece without the hostess noticing, and also becomes pregnant. The queen eats fish and becomes pregnant. After 3 years, the first female gives birth to a son, he is called Taraturok. Then an old cook gives birth to her son Ivan. Then the queen was Vasily Vasilyevich. After 2 weeks they start walking, T. is the strongest. When their sons are one month old, they ask their father to forge clubs for them. T. asks for a mace of 12 pounds, a cook's son at 8, and Tsaritsyn for 6 pounds. The king gives them maces, and sons go to the field and throw maces into the sky. Each crumbles, hitting T.'s forehead, the knees of the cook's and queen's son. Then the sons ask their father for a mace of 24, 12 and 10 pounds. With these clubs, they set off and come to the land of Yuda-Antiyuda, the lawless head. They have food and drink, but they don't have people. Lots are drawn to who should be in charge: the youngest is Ivan Kukharkin, the middle is Vasily Vasilyevich, the eldest is T. On the first night, Ivan guards at the viburnum bridge, gets scared, runs away and falls asleep. T. goes to the bridge, meets Yudu-Antiyuda with 9 heads. Strength is measured: Yuda orders to make a current of 50 versts, T. does 65 versts, Yuda only 60 versts. They fight, T. wins. On the second night, Vasily Vasilyevich guards at the Kalinovy Bridge, gets frightened, runs away, says that the tsar's son should not be on guard, and falls asleep. T. goes to the bridge, meets Yudu-Antiyuda with 12 heads. Strength is measured: Yuda orders to make a current of 75 versts, T. does 125, Yuda only 100 versts. They fight, T. wins. On the third night, T. is going to watch, gives the brothers a glass of vodka, a glass of water, a wax candle and a greasy candle, and what happens to T. (if he is made of wax, he is killed). T. goes to the bridge, meets Yudu-Antiyuda with 15 heads. Strength is measured: Yuda orders to make a current of 250 versts, Taraturok does 225 versts, Yuda says 275. They fight, T. cuts down five heads, asks for a break, throws his boot at the house where the brothers fell asleep, the brothers do not wake up. They fight on, T. cuts down three heads, asks for a break, throws his boot at the house where the brothers fell asleep, the brothers wake up and run to help. Yudu wins. Yuda turns to her sisters, father and mother before her death, and her mother responds. T.'s brothers go to bed, and he overhears how Yuda's sisters and mother want to kill them (turn into a bed, a stream with a scoop, an apple tree with apples and a pig to eat them). The brothers are going home. They want to sleep, they see the bed, T. hits the bed, all that's left is a pool of blood. They go on, they are thirsty, they see a stream, T. hits him, all that remains is a pool of blood. They go on, they want to eat, they see an apple tree, T. hits it, all that remains is a pool of blood. They resort to Volovnik, give him money, and he promises not to give it to the pig. They resort to the groom, give him money, and he promises not to give it to the pig. They resort to blacksmith Solomon, give him money, and he promises to defeat the pig. The pig spills through the gate, and the blacksmith and his 12 students grab it with tongs and forge it into a horse. T. gives them money for a horse, sends their brothers home to their father and goes to the forest. On a pine tree sits a grandfather with a fingernail, a beard from an elbow, Father Yud, shoots T. with a tar whistle gun, interrupts the mare in half. T. kills him. He goes on, meets heroes (Korob-Korobanovich, Syavbit, Gorovik, Glutton and Moroz) who join him. They come to the tent where Elephant Ivanovich sits with his head severed off, asks T. to fix his head and return his wife Symiikhlida Mikhailovna from Vyriyon Antienovich, gives him his horse, sword and spear -Good, tells us what needs to be done. T. kills dogs, enters the fortress, jumps up to the 12th floor on horseback, breaks the door with a spear, cuts off Vyriyon Antienovich's 12 heads with a sword, pierces his heart with a spear, brings two bottles of water and his wife to the Elephant Ivanovich. The wife takes root in Elephant Ivanovich's head, he goes with T. They come to Baba Yaga's house, and 12 daughters of Baba Yaga, beautiful women, are sitting near the house. T. ties his horse to seven rings. Baba Yaga returns home, intends to kill whoever comes, sends her daughter to heat the iron bath. T. sends Frost there, which covers everything with frost. T. beats Baba Yaga for being cold in the bath. Baba Yaga sends her other daughter to heat an iron bath. Same thing. Baba Yaga heats the iron bath herself. T. sends Frost there, he can't do anything, then the Glutton helps him, fills everything with water, and covers Frost with ice. T. beats Baba Yaga for being cold in the bath. Baba Yaga feeds well done, everyone eats up except Glutton. T. kills Baba Yaga and marries her daughter. Comrades T. disperse, T. returns to his father. His father is dead, Vasily Vasilyevich rules, and Ivan Kukharkin is a janitor. T. kills Vasily Vasilyevich, rules himself, takes Ivan to his chambers]: 248-254, 254-262, 262-276; Ukrainians (Transcarpathia; p. Zbui of the Zemplin Committee of Hungary) [the emperor has no children, he walks to sorcerers; one replies that the queen spat in the water, swallowed saliva by fish, brought offspring, and the queen has no children; it is necessary catch this fish in the lake under a stone slab and cook it, but so that no one else tries it; the maid tries the fish, the queen eats the fish, throws the bones to the dog; the maid, queen and dog get pregnant and through nine months give birth to a boy; the emperor is frightened; the advisers order to hire nurses; the boys have grown up and went to school; the son of the female Yanko has learned all the sciences and languages; the king is happy; I learn from books that Once there was a sun, a month and stars, but now there is nothing, the earth is covered in darkness; asks his father, the king says that three shufflers (dragons) have arrived; a 24-headed sun grabbed a sun with 12 heads - the month, which had 6, a star; three royal sons saddle horses, went to look for the sun, the month and the star; the father told them that his brother, i.e. their uncle, studied to be a blacksmith in the Shedzmeritz Region; hell brought a letter: brother serves as a blacksmith for these three shufflers and their paternal uncle Laccibrade, who is elbow tall but has a long beard; the sons must go to Schedzmeritz, where their uncle is; there he is 100 meters Iron gates up, 24 comrades blacksmiths and 24 students; taking a letter to their uncle, the blacksmith, the brothers come to the Shedzmerice region, knock, the gate rings, the uncle leaves; making sure that their nephews are welcome accepts; knows where the lights are, because he is the blacksmith of kidnappers, whom he calls devils; one has a house made of gold, the other has silver, the third has copper; they are 24, 12, 6 miles away, respectively; their girlfriends - 48, 24, 12 miles away; at noon everyone leaves before midnight to see a friend - then you have to come; the princes will come to the copper house and the copper gate, where the weakest (with a star); he has a bridge from him to his home friends; his horse does not walk on the ground, only across the bridge; you have to take out one board in the evening to make a hole; I must sit under the bridge and listen to the shuffling go home; the shuffling sits on the horse the ground is shaking; his horse comes across the bridge to the hole, gets scared, rushes back; the shuffling calms down: there is no horse like him and no good man like him; only his mother-in-law Gynjibaba said she saw Suchiy Yanko, but if he met now, the shuffler would cut him to pieces; I.: I'll cut you down, blows all your heads off, sits on the shuffler's horse, takes his sword and star, throws a star into the sky, she rises to his seat, becomes lighter; the brothers go to the 12-headed shuffling; Y. breaks two silver plaques from the silver bridge; the shuffle promises to chop Suchiy Yanko, mentioned by G. throw meat away to magpies and crows; I blow 6 heads, then 6 more; each one cuts off the end of her tongue, hides it in her pocket, lets go of a month; tells my brother from the maid that he will have a 6-headed horse, brother from the queen - 12-headed, he himself will take the 24-headed shuffler's horse; invites the brothers to take the sun, they are afraid; leaves them the spoon given by the uncle for the matitsa: if it has blood, hurry to help; pulls it out bridges 4 gold plaques; the shuffler promises to chop the son of the dog mentioned by his mother-in-law, throw it away to magpies and crows; I.: I will do it with you; they fight for 24 hours; both ask crows for help, but I promise the more. meat; the shuffling breathes fire, the crows stuff weeds into his mouth, take away the sun, it rises to the sky; the shuffling throws fire even more, the crows in their beaks carry water, pour on I., others grab the shuffling legs, he fell, I killed him, cut off the tip of his tongue from each head; there is blood on a spoon behind the matitsa, the brothers take their horses out to flee; when I appear, they say that they were going to help him, he accuses him they lie, share horses; on the way home, their mother-in-law's hut of shufflers drive home; her daughters met there; I became a cat, climbed through the chimney, the youngest daughter, whose lover had 6 heads, recognizes Me by my eyes, the other two confirm; Gynjibaba: I would know if I saw it; the youngest looks up one century to her mother; G. sees Y., tells his daughters to put him in fur; they think that they did it and burned the fur from which, But I am a sorcerer and escaped; a mother tells one daughter to become a red handkerchief and lie on the road, strangle his two brothers and horses; the other with a silver pear, the fruits of which brothers and horses will choke; the third should become a meadow with silk grass and a well in the middle, people and horses will die from its water; I cut the handkerchief crosswise with a sword, it pours blood knee-deep to horses; the same with a pear, with a well; royal The brother, the chief blacksmith, orders the Iron Gate to be opened because her nephews will run away from G.; she chases with her mouth open, the young men rush to the uncle's yard, his students and comrades close the gate and G.'s eyelids are supported; G. demands to show her Y.; he tells the audience to take up one leaf, and he lets G.'s head into the yard and lock the gate with a key; G. is amazed that some worthless killed six (her daughters and shufflers); Y. replies that he will not let her go; let her become a horse that runs around the light in an hour, better than the Sharkani ones; G.: you can't wait; I ask my uncle for workers with with hammers; they hit G. on the head, she asks for mercy, but does not agree to be a mare; I tell you to hit harder; G. swears to serve faithfully; iron stirrups and a saddle are forged for her; I sit on horseback, take it in my hand a strand of flax lights him, linen does not have time to burn while the mare runs around the world; his uncle praises him, gives him a letter to his father and punishes him not to react, no matter what wonderful things he sees on the way; the brothers go home towards the ditch is old Laccibrad on a hare, followed by his casing and beard; he says that I am not a man; I dismount, L. is in the saddle and flies away on a horse; I tell my brothers to notify father that the sun, the month and the star are already in the sky, and he will go for the horse, which was made in his uncle's forge out of sharkanikha; he returns to his uncle, he reproaches him for his disobedience, tells him to take a hammer and go to the plain, where L. herds a mare and sleeps on iron saddles and stirrups; he must crush his head, take a mare; when he finds L., Y. decides that he is so small that he is not dangerous, grabs the mare, shouts at L.; he wakes up, hits Y. with stirrups and a saddle; I beg for mercy, L.: his sister will no longer wear I., for although Y. beat her, L. himself beat him, so we should honestly leave; I leave; my uncle sends him back; L. agrees to give the mare if Y. brings him a princess from the other side of the world; uncle: it's in the seventh land, it's easy to get there, any novelty you see must be taken with you, the royal daughter will be given for him ; on the way, Y. sees, takes with him hungry (he gets bread on carts), drank (drinks the river, but can't get drunk), cold (he can't warm up near the fire in 12 fur coats and 12 covers), throwing a hammer at the end of the world; crossing the whole world in two steps; having a huge eye and seeing everything; the king receives them, offers to eat a thousand oxen and bread out of three thousand measures of flour in one supper, drink a thousand barrels of wine and a thousand vodka; Y.'s companions eat and drink everything; the king puts him to bed in an iron house, sends blacksmiths to bring bags of coal, kindles a fire; the freezing one takes off one fur coat and one casing, the coals go out, everyone goes to bed; the craftsmen bring more fire; the freezing one sheds two coats and two covers, the coals go out, the craftsmen freeze to death; the king orders in three hours go to the end of the world and take leather and gold to the craftsman to cast a ring and sew shoes; companion Y. steps once and finds himself with the master; on the way back he enters the city, where Sister G. lets he sleeps, puts his horse head as a pillow, takes his ring and shoes; half an hour before the deadline; the seer sees the sleeper and sister G.; another companion throws a hammer, knocking his horse's head out from under the runner's heads; he catches up with sister G. in one step, takes away his ring and shoes, and the other steps he finds himself at the wedding; I. and the princess are married, given the wagon and the army to accompany him to the border; L. pretends to be married stuck in the swamp, Y. tries to help, L. pulls him knee-deep into the swamp, runs on his horse with his wife; I. rides a Sharkan horse to the Shedzmericki region to visit his uncle; uncle: go to the oak grove, where there is a hollow, through it you will get to a city 7 miles deep into the earth, in the city a three-story house on a duck leg is L.'s home; Y. finds a house, hides by a well, meets his wife: let him know where L. has power; L. to his wife: he is called to war, whoever he helps will win; in response to his wife's persuasion, he explains that a wooden deer drinks water near the well, a chamois in it, a hare in the chamois, a duck in a hare, two eggs in the duck; if you break one, he will lose half his strength and both will die; if you take a golden apple on a gold cord and put it in your pocket, you can take the house with you; L. goes to the seventh land for a month to war; I cut animals with a sword, breaks one egg; L. flies home on a mare - he is still stronger than I.; I break the second egg, L. falls, I kill him; turns the house into an apple, takes his wife home, stops by my uncle on the way, he advises him to return to his homeland and secretly build the house; his father's servants discover an unknown house; the princes guard a possible enemy, warmly welcome his brother, he says that he has obtained a mare and married the daughter of a tsar from the seventh land]: Gnatyuk 1898, No. 8:39-54; Western Ukrainians (Ivano-Frankovskaya, Snyatinsky district, p. Kulachkovtsy) [Mr. has no children. The healer advises his wife to eat a magic fish from the sea. Pan goes to the fishermen, agrees to give them a barrel of vodka, a barrel of honey and a barrel of money to make the child happy. They're fishing. An old hutsulka in the kitchen roasts fish, eats a piece. Gutsulka and Mrs. both give birth to a son. Pansky's son is sent to study, Hutsulka's son herds geese. One day the sun doesn't rise, the month doesn't shine, there are no stars, they say they were stolen by devils. The king promises a daughter to whoever finds lights. The guy comes to the king, but asks him to show the princess first. At midnight, he jumps to the bridge behind the forest, hides, tearing off the board. An unclean man on horseback is angry at the man who ruined the bridge. The guy says it's him, the hell is causing him to fight. The guy invites him to become fire, and he himself will rain. The rain extinguishes the fire - the sun remains lying. The guy carries it to the king. On the way, he sees a house where witches are guessing wire, lead and maps. The guy turns into a fly and overhears how the witch promises to avenge her damn husband by becoming a pear so that the killer chokes on the fetus. Once again human, the boy takes the sun to the king. On the second night, he tears off another bridge board. The hell who hid the month is coming. The guy offers him to turn into a stone, and he himself will become a pillar. The devil turns into a black stone, rolls down the mountain, breaks against a pole, crumbles into the sand. In the sand, the guy finds a month, throws it into the sky, the whole world is happy. On the way to the palace, turning into a flea, the guy overhears how the second witch promises to cause the heat and become a well in the field so that the killer, when drunk, bursts. It's the same on the third night, the devil with the stars goes. He ties the guy with ropes, and he tears them apart by cutting them with a knife. The hell can't break the ropes, he gives off the stars that lie on the horse under the saddle. The guy counts - one is missing. The hell admits he gave it to his witch lover. They come to see a witch. Damn Antipko is trying to persuade her to give the star away. The guy throws stars at the sky all night long. In the morning he takes the hell in an armful and goes to the capital. People thank him, but taverns, ministers and thieves are unhappy because it was easier to do dark things in the dark. The guy tells Antipko to gather taverns, ministers and thieves, coat them with resin, run them in feathers and drive three days and three nights to fairs. He tells the king that she will go to pick up his mother to see if her daughter-in-law is fit. He goes home to Kolomyia, does not go to a pear, drives past a well. She returns with her mother, she likes the princess, the wedding]: Dalavurak, Ivasyuk 1971:145-150; Western Ukrainians (Transcarpathia) [the fisherman caught a goldfish, took it to the tsar; the cook fried the queen, tried it herself, she gave the rest to the dog, all three gave birth, the dog's son Ivan is the strongest; he left a knife in the tree, if blood flows, the brothers go to the rescue; on the bridge she fights a 12-headed snake that arrived at 12 -with the horse's foot; the severed heads of the snake all grow back, blood flows from the knife, the brothers come, hide their heads, the snake dies; the mother of the Snake turns into an iron rope, I. does not tell you to touch it, cuts it, blood flows; does not let the brothers drink, cuts the spring, blood flows (it was a snake); the 18-headed Serpent pursues the brothers, they hide at the blacksmith, the Serpent becomes entangled in chains, I. tells him to open his mouth, throws a red-hot one iron, the Serpent dies]: Verkhovyna's Tales 1970:203-206; Ukrainians [Ivan Tsarevich meets an iron wolf while hunting; he agrees to eat it on his wedding day; the tsar surrounds the palace with an army, but the wolf passes, I. rides, comes to the hut on a chicken leg, where a witch with three daughters; she agrees to save him from the wolf if he marries her daughter; the wolf is her husband; they decide to lime his son-in-law, they send for his wife and dead water; the crow promises to get it if I. does not touch her crow; teaches the bird to fly into the well and fly sideways, otherwise the watchmen will be burned with fire; I. came to the old man, he died wife, I. revived her; the old man gave a handkerchief, ordered him to throw it at the wolf, he became a 12-headed snake, you have to hit the right and left, the heads flew off; you have to get to the witch as a kitten; I.-kitten hears how the eldest the daughter of a witch and a wolf promises to become a well, the middle one promises to be an apple tree, the youngest is an upper room with food on the table; he cuts it all, blood flows; returns home to his wife and parents]: Petnikov 1956:159-163; (cf. Poles [three brothers, the eldest of whom is the son of a dog (hence the name Sucic), go on a journey, come to the dragon's castle; S. remains guarded, kills the dragon; in battles with brothers and The dragon's mother dies, the brothers S.; he himself hides from the dragon in the forge; she spills the door with her tongue, but S. grabs his tongue with hot mites and makes the dragon revive his brothers]: Krzyżanowski 1962 , No. 303:87-88); Slovaks [the queen is childless; the old woman let her eat fish, not giving it to others; the cook tried it, the kitchen girl who heats the stove (or dog) licked, all three they gave birth to a boy; they were named Kinglet, Cooklet, Ashlet (or Doglet - Pesúčin, Pesučin; Slovak originals are not given any other names); P. is smarter than anyone else; the brothers grew up and went on a journey; in the morning, P. throws his club, says that we will have breakfast where she fell; when he gets there, he throws it again - we will have lunch there; where he asked for the third time, we will spend the night there; there is an iron bridge; the brothers decide watch one by one, but each watchman goes to bed and each time only P. goes to the bridge; a three-headed dragon appears on horseback; the horse stumbles, the dragon says that if P. is here, he will kill him; but P. cut off the dragon's head, told the brothers in the morning that everything was quiet; the next night at the silver bridge, the six-headed dragon (the same); at the golden bridge, P. asks the brothers not to sleep until midnight; if from the left blood will drip their cuffs, they must come to their aid; P. hardly cut down the heads of the 12-headed dragon, fell asleep exhausted; blood was shed from their cuffs, but the brothers did not come, they were ashamed in the morning; when he went on, P. remembered that he had forgotten his cuffs, returned to the hut; there were wives and mother of dragons; the elder's wife promises to become a pear tree (meadow), the middle one - a source with clean water, the youngest - the sun (bed); ate pears, drinking water in the sun will die; P. became a cat, the snake wives let him in, caressed him, he grabbed his cuffs and ran away; chopped the pear and spring, bleed; the brothers made him out of capes sun protection, but the heat is unbearable; P. cut his capes, bleed, the heat slept; the brothers separated, agreeing to meet in a year; P. stayed with the blacksmith; his wife is the same witch, the mother of wives dragons; hid his horse, told her to get her a girl with golden hair, a duck with 12 golden eggs, a golden goat; P. went in search; the old man teaches her to get to the city, take a drum hanging at the gate, beat he, to go to the royal palace, everything will be given to him; and so it happened; the blacksmith prepared a hole in the stable, but P. pushed him there; the witch ordered the servants to tear P. with hot mites, but he promised they had a golden goat and they tore up a witch; they met brothers with a beautiful woman and a golden duck; at night they decapitated him, the eldest took the girl, the middle duck; the horse took the reviving grass from the snake that carried her to revive his father; P. came when the eldest's wedding with the girl is being prepared; received her, the duck and the throne; the older brothers were made servants; var.: brothers meet beggars who need to throw money without looking; older they looked and died; only his mother was found alive at home]: Dobšinský 1970, No. 27:146-153; Slovaks [There is a dark country, there is no sun in it. The king has a horse with the sun on his forehead, from which light emanates. So that people can live, he takes him from one side of the country to another. Suddenly, the sun horse disappears. People are desperate. The king and his army are going to look for him. They find a lonely hut in the forest. In it, a tall man reads a big book. He tells the king that he has read about him and that it is useless to find a horse with an army, let him rely on him and find it. He asks him to keep a brave warrior as a servant. The soothsayer and servant travel through six countries, staying in the seventh, where three siblings, married to their sisters, rule, and their mother, a striga (witch). The soothsayer turns into a green bird and asks the queens that their husbands will appear in the evening, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. A visionary waits at the bridge and kills the elder and middle brother king. The youngest comes on a sunny horse. The visionary comes into battle with him, their swords break, then the visionary offers to turn into wheels and roll down the mountain. Whose wheel breaks will give in. The king wants to be a cart wheel, but invites the visionary to be lighter. The seer wants the opposite, the king agrees. The cart wheel breaks the lung. Weven claims he won, and the king replies that he just broke his fingers. Then they turn into blue and red lights, trying to burn each other out. An old beggar walks by. The red fire promises him a kreutzar if he floods the enemy with water, and the blue fire promises him a penny. The beggar loves a penny more, floods the king's red fire. The blue fire turns into a visionary, thanks the beggar, calls the servant, and they leave on a sunny horse. The old haircut decides to take revenge, takes her three daughters in an armful, sits on the rake and flies. The seer, and especially the servant, is hungry; he sees an apple tree by the road. A seer cuts an apple tree with a sword - blood is shed. This is the elder queen. The seer forbids the servant to drink from the spring, cuts it - this is the middle queen; he does not let the rose pick, cuts the bush - this is the youngest. A little magician with a golden bridle selects a horse. The visionary becomes the boy's servant. The boy is eager to get a princess living in a poplar castle that grows out of the sea. The visionary takes the ship, buys ribbons and jewelry, and goes to the castle as a merchant. Kidnaps a princess who comes down to look at the merchandise. She tells her to ask what the magician's power is. He tells her that there is a tree, a deer grazes under it, a duck in a deer, a golden egg in a duck, and a magician's heart in the egg. A visionary kills a deer, a duck, drinks an egg. The princess gives the ship to return home, picks up a sun horse and flies it to his country. When they cross the border of a dark kingdom, the light from the horse's forehead illuminates the country, people rejoice. The seer renounces half of the kingdom, gives his horse to the king, and returns to his home to rest]: Němcová 1857:215-229 (=Wenzig 1857:156-157, 182-191; =Wratislaw 1890, No. 11:75-82); Czechs: Uther 2004 (1), No. 300A: 175-176.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Ossetians [Aldar has 7 wives, all barren; his brother promises to kill his wives after Aldar's death, take his cattle; Aldar drove the cattle over the fence, brought thorns to the fence, set fire, smoke rose to the sky; God sent the crow to find out what the smoke was, he began to bite manure and carrion; sent a falcon, which stayed with the crow; sent a tit; the snake asked her to show her tongue, pulled it out; sent a swallow, which flew to Aldar; Aldar told everything, said that he was now burning his cattle so that his brother would not get them; God sent Aldar an apple for his wives to eat; the youngest wife washed the plates, gave the dog; on the same evening 7 wives and the dog gave birth to a boy; the dog's son crawled up to the cow to suck milk; 3 days later, three boys survived: the elder Magomet, the youngest Syrdon and the Son of the Dog, Temirkhan; the brothers grew up and came to the house of three seven-headed giants; at night, the brothers sleep, T. guards instead of them, then in turn, cuts off the head of a black, red, white giant rider; every time his horse snores on the bridge, and the giant says that they have no rivals except T. the son of a dog, but his milk on his lips is not dry yet; T. takes a white horse for himself, gives black and red to his brothers; the wives of the giants agree; the eldest: let the murderer he will petrify, his salvation will be a white lamb; medium: during the heat I will become a cave; the youngest: I will become water; T. knows this, does not allow his brothers to enter the cave, cuts it, bleeds; does not let water drink; the village becomes stony when he has time to talk about the lamb; the father found the lamb, T. came to life; T. killed the hare, went to collect firewood, the hare came to life, says that he is the daughter of Aldar, offers to catch up with him; T. comes from one shepherd Aldara to another; Aldar grief: Chenda Aldar captured his two sons; T. killed him, returned his sons; T. received his youngest daughter Aldar; she teaches him to ask his father for a braid handle, a piece of leather, a plate; Aldar gives (leather: flying carpet, plate: magic tablecloth); I. and his wife flew home, chipped off chips from the braid handle, a house appeared; everything is fine]: Sokaeva 2012, No. 4:46-54; Ingush [son from the womb his mother asks her when he will be born; she postpones childbirth, he tore her stomach, got out; at the age of 16 he demands him to marry; the neighboring prince is afraid of a young man; at his request, the healer offered the boy's mother to get it a bride living just around the corner in a golden tower; only the four-hearted black Nege {Nogai} is suitable for companions; the young man sleeps, N. hears the conversation of doves: these people have planned an impossible task for them; 7 brothers of the girl they were well received; told the young man not to open one door; he opened, behind her, a walker on chains who tried to steal the girl; the young man released him; he chained him and took the girl away; X. sleeps seven days, 7 awake; N. comes, tells the girl to find out where H.'s soul is; on Mount Sarmak, his hare is in his head, there is a box in the hare's head, there are three chicks in it; but Sarmak can only be killed with a sword moistened with H. urine; N. moistened H.'s sword with his urine, killed Sarmak, brought chicks, H. died, the brothers passed his sister off as a young man; on the way back, N. hears pigeons talking again; H. has three brothers, one will become an apple tree, the other a spring; the third you can kill only with the same sword that killed H.; N. does not let him drink, cuts an apple tree; the young man tells him to petrify, the girl refuses to live if N. does not live; the healer tells the young man to sprinkle blood on the statue his son; a young man stabbed him, N. and the boy came to life]: Tankieva 2003:284-288; Georgians [the hero defeats three virgins three times; overhears the conversation of their wives (sisters) preparing death for him and his brothers; Having destroyed the intrigues of the wives of the virgins, the hero runs away from his pursuers, escapes in the forge; kills pursuers with the help of a blacksmith]: Kurdovanidze 2000, No. 300A: 30.

Baltoscandia. Latvians: Aris, Medne 1977, No. 300A [a mistress, a maid and a mare (dogs, cats) have sons eaten, the latter is the strongest; he fights the devil on the bridge for three nights, punishing brothers to help when the water in the glass turns into blood; on the third, most difficult night, the hero throws his boot (mitten) to wake up the brothers; they rush to the rescue and kill the devil; the hero the daughters are talking about how they are going to take revenge on the winners: one will turn into an apple tree, the other in a stream (well, lake), the third in a bed (meadow, house); the hero cuts an apple tree with a sword, stream, bed, trait kills daughters]: 271; Nierde 1952 [the fish tells the childless widow to cook and eat it; the servant ate the piece, the giblets are the mare; each gives birth to a son, the son of a mare is the strongman Kurbad; all three they go to free the house from evil spirits; on the first night K. killed a three-headed giant on the bridge, a six-headed giant on the second night; on the third night he was nine-headed, his heads grow back, he drives K. knee-deep, then up to their armpits into the ground; the brothers are sleeping, they do not see that the water in the bucket has become blood; K. threw pastals (shoes) at them; the brothers came running, began to burn their severed heads; K. hears bugs in the cracks they say: killed our husbands; let one wife become a bed, the second a spring, the third a cannibal snake; K. does not let us lie down, get drunk, cut a bed, a spring; the king has lost three daughters, when they were washing in the bathhouse; K. pinched the line in the door, he gave a pipe (10 dwarfs would come out to do the job), said that there was a stone in the swamp, a hole under it, there were stolen; K. threw off the stone, ordered bring a rope to the dwarfs; the brothers are afraid, K. went down, cut off the line; in the princess's silver, gold, diamond castles; gave K. strong water, and the six-headed drank weak water instead of her; sisters they turn their locks into diamond, gold, silver eggs, give them to K.; K. sent the girls upstairs; the wife of the 9-headed giant cut off the rope and filled the hole with a stone; K. comes to the old man, he says that the cannibal sucked his eyes and beats the giant bird's children with a hail; K. killed the ogre, smeared the old man's eyes with a potion, he saw the light; covered the chicks from the hail; the bird promises to carry K. across the sea, tells me to cook meat; K. cut off the last piece from his caviar; K. opens his eggs, lives with the youngest queen in a diamond castle; you must kill the 9-headed wife; K. came to the forge, where Debess Kaleis forged for daughter of the Sun a golden crown, a silver belt and a diamond ring; forged K.'s horse to catch up with the witch, ordered him not to look back; K. looked around, thunder and lightning, the horse was gone; K. fell asleep, the witch changed the vessels with with strong and weak water, K. drank, lost strength for a year; went to hell with workers, who became angry, cut three strips of meat from his back; 1) herd hares, 2) cows; dwarfs gathered everyone from the pipe; K. beat off each cow's leg; hell has to answer that he is not angry; 3) horses (the same; cut off their lips); 4) plow how much the white female will run (beat the female, she lay down); 5) clean the stable (dwarfs cleaned); 6) bring firewood on the mare (the mare is the mother is a devil, K. threatens to cut her belts from her sides, the mare is lucky); 7) slaughter the sheep that looks at you (everyone looks, stabbed everyone); 8) eat a pound of dumplings; K . puts the dumplings by the shirt, but the hell ate his pound, it's bad with his stomach; K. pretends to rip open his stomach, the dumplings have fallen out; 9) the devil leads K. to cut an oak into the forest; K. brings a hare, his younger brother; hell not can catch up with him; agrees to carry a felled oak together; hell carries, K. rides an oak tree; killed the devil's children; pulled out his mare's eyes; put a pot of sour cream instead of himself for the night, hell with his mother they think they broke K.'s head; hell and his mother run away to the witch, K. hid in his belongings, here again; at night they decided to drown K. in the river, K. swapped places, the hell drowned his mother; K. killed the devil; the strength returned, K. killed witches, threw an ogre into the fire, killed the ogre eagle; enemies attacked; the witch poured bile on K.; K. killed her and the ogre himself]: 116-146; Lithuanians [the hero and his sleeping companions; fights with three dragons and their wives, a filly helps him; {a summary is too brief, but since Latvians have a motive for turning dragon wives into bed, etc., Lithuanians probably also have one}]: Balys 1936, № *651:64; Karelians (Kalevalsky District) [wife, dog and cat gave birth to boys in the same night; all three went to see the world; stayed at the bridge house; the Woman's Son is the first to guard, but falls asleep, Cat Son goes; Three-Headed Serpent rides across the bridge, his horse stumbles; Cat Son cut off his head, hid it under the bridge; the same the next night (Dog Son's turn, Six-Headed Serpent); on the third night The Nine-Headed Serpent is riding; Cat Son left a sign in the house, but the other two did not wake up, he hardly cut down his ninth head; all three drove on, but Cat Son returned ("forgot his hat"), eavesdropping on three windows; behind each, the wife of one of the snakes lulls his son and promises to turn into a well and a ladle, a feather bed and a blanket, a table; the horse lies down, warning him not to drink, not to lie down, not to eat; the horse stops Bone Man, tells us to get Elena the Beautiful; Cat Son meets and companions invisible people; one knows how to steam in the bathhouse, the other eat a lot, the third shoot; the king will give Elena if the groom will withstand a hot bath, eat a lot, fall into Elena's ring, exposed three miles away; The vaper cools the bath, the Eater eats everything, the Shooter gets into; Cat Son marries Elena; the sister of Elena's mother gives a fire arrow: when the Bone Man laughs with joy, put it in his mouth; the Bone Man burned down]: Onegin 2010, No. 8:108-110; Karelians (but maybe the Finns) [the old man carved out alder chock doll; the old woman put it in the cradle and rocked for three years; the chock became a boy, he immediately asked his mother for bread; became a handsome and strong man; the sun, month and dawn have disappeared, people live in darkness; the king has a potion; the one who drank three bottles can free the dawn, six - a month, nine - the sun; 9 only Alder Chock (PTS) could; those who drank 6 and 3 bottles went with him; woman: the evil man is to blame; he cursed the sun for being hot, a month prevented stealing, dawn woke up early; they were taken away by 9-, 6- and three-headed snakes; half of the city cries, half laughs; the king must give a three-headed snake to eat eldest daughter; if he does not give it back, the serpent will eat half of the city; the hero, who drank three bottles, cut down two snake heads; threw his shoe, his companions lowered the dogs, they tore off the third head; dawn came; again half is crying, half laughing; middle daughter; six-headed serpent from the sea; the sixth head was torn off by dogs; the month has risen; the third day is the same; youngest daughter; PTS cut down 7 heads; snake: look, the sun is rising; the serpent turned around, OCH cut off another head; look, your house is burning; the serpent did not look; your wife was disgraced; looked, PTS cut off his head; the last one was torn off by the dogs when OCH threw his shoe; on the way back OCH, turning into an ermine, overhears the conversation (with women who are the wives of snakes?) Syuoyatar snake mothers; will starve, cover the tables; if they hit the cross with a sword, then there will be no hunger or tables; thirst (forest lake is the same); sleep (bed); whoever repeats my words will turn into blue cross; PTS destroyed tables, a lake and one bed; the companions have already rushed to the other two, S. ate them, took their horses and chained them; walking through the forest, PTS sees 9 blind girls and an eye on a stump; S. girls dazzled, leaving them one eye for everyone; he gave them back their eye, they taught them to get the horse back from S.; PTS cuts chains; S. gives all the girls eyes to see who is there; but they say no one; S. came by herself , grabbed the OCH; first ate the girls for deception; will let the PTS go if she gets Katrina from the beautiful Kii River; OCH sails in a boat, meets, takes five with him: Psar, Spoon Khrapun, Vaper, Eater, Aqudier; Kennel pacified the dogs; Spoon Khrapoon protected from the fire when they set fire to the barn where the swimmers slept; The vaper froze the hot bath; The Eater ate cows and sheep; Wonos brought water in the sieve; PTS received K.; Through clothes wine leather/The body glows under the skin/The bones under the body are visible/In the middle, the heart beats; on the way back, the companions one by one stay where the PTS picked them up and take what they brought with them parts of the boat; a narrow hollow remains; so that K. does not soak the hem, PTS picked it up with his little finger; S.: if you touched K. even with a finger, let him break off; gnaw off his little finger; PTS: if you tormented blind sisters, let the sword break off; gnaw off his little finger; PTS: if you tormented blind sisters, let the sword break off cut you into 10 pieces; cut you; PTS burned parts of S.'s body, took the horse, silver and gold and K. as his wife; when they saw PTS, the parents became younger; PTS ask where his comrades are; I had to tell you, he turned blue cross; Katrina was married by the king, she gives birth to healthy sons and daughters; the storyteller was given a waxhorse, a turnip saddle and a pea whip at the wedding]: Concca 1991:134-154; Veps: Kecskemé ti, Paunonen 1974, No. 300A: 223; (cf. Eastern Sami [three sons, younger Vanyusha; brothers went on a journey; the hut revolves on one pole; V. tells him to stop at the door; in the hut there is a table, V. tells them to serve dinner; they ate, went to bed; the hut began to fill with water; Chaj-Yelle (water master) came out of the water, V. defeated him in the morning, ripped his chest open; next time CHY with two heads; V. did not maybe defeat him, threw off his boot, the brothers woke up, killed a water woman; for the third time a beautiful woman in the hut; an old man came, the father of the water men, whom V. killed, offered to cross the cloth with boiling with milk; V. passed, and when the old man went, the woman pulled the cloth, it fell and cooked; he thought it was boiling water, which he was not afraid of, and could not cope with milk]: Yermolov 1959:87-90); Livs , Finns: Uther 2004 (1), No. 300A: 175-176; Estonians (Risti) [the plowman plowed, but it turned out to be a lake; a pike jumped out from there; a voice told her to give it to the maid to cook for her grandmother, only that must eat; the grandmother was a witch; the maid tasted the ear, the dog and the mare swallowed the foam; the maid, the mare and the dog gave birth to a son, the dog's name was Juhan; they grew up, went to look for wives; from a son the maid's horse walks two miles at once, the mare's son steps a mile, Yu does not have a horse; the old man tells the maid's son where to get a horse under a stone to take three miles in a step; they spend the night at the bridge, guard queues; the maid's son defeated the one-headed line; the mare's son was frightened, instead of him Yu defeated the double-headed line, the next night the six-headed line; spent the night with the old woman, did not know that she was the mother of devils; left her; they see her chasing them, one lip to the clouds, the other on the ground; swallowed the servant's son and the son of a mare; Yu came to the forge; the blacksmith invited the pursuer to make a hole in the wall with his tongue, grabbed his tongue with ticks, Y. began to beat her with an iron club; she regurgitated the swallowed, she was alive, she left herself; they took their wives, they came back; the mother of the devils in the swamp calls them, Yu beats her again; on the way soft seats , then beds; Yu does not let them sit down, lie down because he heard that they are going to kill them when they fall asleep; the same is food tables; they married the girls brought at home]: Järv et al. 2009, No. 15:85-89; set: Järv et al. 2009, No. 4 [the queen is childless, the king brings fish, tells the cook to cook, not to eat herself; the queen ate the fish, the cook the broth, the dog has bones, each gave birth to a son: Ivan Tsarevich ( IC), Ivan Povarov (IP), Old Sukin Son (S.); brothers come to the bridge; the first to guard the IP, the devil goes (vanasitt), the IP hits, he did not notice, S. kills the Devil; the same the next night, when the IC guards; on the third is a 12-headed devil; S. leaves a knife - blood drips, let the brothers come to the rescue; the hell grows severed heads; S. throws a shoe at the brothers, another, but they hid under the stove; S. gathered his strength, killed the devil; the first two devils had wives, one became an apple tree, the other a well; S. destroyed an apple tree, a well; the 12-headed wife had one lip half the world and the other half the world (ühe huule ühe ilmaveere peale, teise huule teise ilmaveere peale), opened her mouth; S. poured flour there; S. and IC slipped through, IP swallowed; S. ordered the blacksmith to cook ticks; 12-headed wife opened her mouth, blacksmith grabbed her tongue with ticks, she regurgitated IP, who was in flour, S. killed her]: 47-50; Sandra 2004 [the healer told the childless queen to eat fish; the cook also tried it, the mare ate giblets, one day each gave birth to a boy, the horse's son is the strongest; they went to see the world; they went to the forest, from where they do not return; then to a huge empty house; there was food and drink; they ate, fell asleep; the horse woke up the horse's son; the devils attacked, the brothers killed them, two fell asleep, the horse's son hears the devil promising to turn into a milestone, and tells three daughters to become an apple tree, a well, a bed; the horse's son does not let his brothers Taste apples, drink from the well, lie down on the bed; then the horse's son and his horse killed all the hellish inhabitants, since then hell has been empty; the king gave the throne to the horse's son]: 262-269.

Volga - Perm. Mordva: Samorodov 1972 (moksha) [the prince is strong, maims his playmates, leaves with an iron club; takes two heroes as twin brothers; each takes turns guarding the bridge; the brothers sleep, Each time the prince kills a 6-, 9-, 12-headed snake himself, hides his heads under the bridge; overhears how snake wives promise to become a spring, an apple tree, a bed, poison, strangle heroes; the mother of snakes will kill one lip to the sky, the other to the ground, one chest will lower to the ground, raise the other to the sky; whips over the spring, apple tree, bed, blood flows; the prince's horse jumps over the old woman, she is sister swallows; by order of the prince, the blacksmiths ask the old woman to stick out her tongue, press her with ticks, she regurgitates the swallowed ones; the prince's horse disappears; she solders the watchmen, takes her away from the wizard; he looks in the mirror, catches up on a three-legged horse; promises to give the horse if the prince brings the youngest sister from a glass house at the bottom of the sea; companions someone who is cold on fire, who drinks endlessly who turns into fish; twin brothers complete the old woman's tasks (one cools the hot bath, the other drinks and eats forty barrels of beer and forty pounds of bread); the perch sister catches the bride who swims away with fish ; the wife creates a ditch with hot coals, the magician on a three-legged horse dies in it; the old man cuts the girl, takes out snakes, frogs, worms, etc., revives the clean one, gives it to the prince]: 221-235; 1985 [someone stole the sun, moon and stars; only Ivashka Noticliv volunteered to go; he was given a coachman; while he sleeps, IP goes to the bridge; a 5-headed serpent arrives; they fight, then the snake offered to rest; IP took possession of with the right barrel, and the snake had to drink from the left; IP cut off the snake's heads; the next night the 7-headed serpent; the same; then the 9-headed (IP changed the barrels again); IP killed the snake; took the luminaries; says to the coachman that must return for forgotten mittens; hears the conversation between the mother and the widows of snakes; widows promise to become a spring, an apple tree, a strong storm; IP cuts a spring and an apple tree with a sword, blood and pus flow; they hide from the storm in the forge; the blacksmith offers to lick the door with his tongue; the IP took his tongue with ticks, sat on a snake, followed the coachman; the girls he met: the guy is good, and the horse is rubbish; the same is the guys; the IP is silent; the same is the old man; The individual entrepreneur scolded him, and the old man scolded him: why are you riding my parent; girls and boys surrounded the IP, asking the old man what to do with him; old man: let Buryaga's daughter get it (about like Baba Yaga); IP went to look for Buriaga; meets, takes as companions a hot bath cooler, counting fish, a stargazer; B. is invited to wash herself in a hot iron bath (the cooler has cooled her down); B. tells his daughter to disappear in the water, disappear into the sky; the counters of fish and stars returned it, IP gave it to the old man, received the stars; came to the king, began to release stars, then a month, the sun; took the kingdom from the king and married the one brought girl]: 273-278; marie {Aktsorin probably has the same text as Chetkarev, but more processed}: Aktsorin 1984 [the childless queen finds a child on the porch, the tsar suggests calling him Babin son; he takes two soldiers as companions, goes after the samogudes; while the companions are sleeping, BS guards the bridge, kills enemies who have arrived three times; then overhears the conversation between three demon sisters and their mother; sisters they promise to 1) create a desert with a meadow and a stream, eat those who stop to rest; 2) put a tea room in the desert; 3) a beer and tea room; the mother promises to catch up and eat the murderers of her sons; IB cuts the meadow, tea room, etc., kills demonesses; the old woman catches up, eats the BS companions, he himself hides with blacksmith Ilya Murovin; grabs the old woman's tongue with ticks, clamps it in a vice, she dies; BS works for IM, gets Samogudi; IM warns of cow intestines on the road, they do not need to be cut; the intestines are asked to cut them, the BS cuts, the bag of harps disappears; THEY say that you can only get the harp by taking out the girl; 11 IM brothers drink a 40-bucket barrel of wine (IM extracted the wine in advance); the same is to eat a barrel of porridge; scattered the heat in the bathhouse where they are told to wash; BS gets the bride; THEY go to bed instead of him the first night, hangs the bride by the legs, beats, snakes, lizards, frogs come out of her; the same on the second night, pieces of heavy blood; otherwise the wife would run over her husband; on the third night, the wife puts her breasts on her husband, almost ran over her husband, hits her, bread comes out, the wife becomes a normal girl; BS brings his wife home]: 118-126; Chetkarev 1948 [the childless queen finds a baby in the restroom, the king calls him Babi Son; he asks the father for two comrades, leaves; they stay in an empty house, where there is a lot of food, they take turns watching; at midnight, the enemy arrives on three, six, nine horses, the BS kills everyone, his comrades are sleeping; eavesdropping, how the sisters and mother of opponents agree to kill BS and his comrades; the younger sister turns into sand for a hundred miles and a stream, the middle sister turns into 200 versts and a tea room, the eldest into three hundred versts and a pub; BS does not give comrades drink, cuts demons with a sword; their mother pursues, BS and comrades are hiding in Ilya Murovin's forge; he offers to stick out his tongue, clamps his vice, the demoness is burned; THEY ask them to bring self-playing harp; BS brings, violates the ban not to cut cow's intestines, he cuts, the harps disappear; IM and his brothers are looking for a wife for BS; her father demands 1) drink 40 buckets of wine, eat the same amount of porridge (IM does everything); 2) wash in a hot bath (they are unharmed); BS gets a wife, they tell them not to touch her for three nights; she puts her arm, leg, chest on the BS, he starts to suffocate, IM hides, hits a woman every time, she lizards, snakes, frogs, caked blood vomits; after the third night, the wife is safe; BS returns to his father]: 20-28; Chuvash: Chuvash tales 1937:27-40 [the snake knocked down from the sky with its tail and captured the sun and the month swallowed peoples and tribes; three babies remained and each foal - white, black, savras; one in the steppe, the other in the forest, the third in the crevice of the rocks; grew up, became Ser-Pattar, Yuman- pattar, Tu-pattar ("land-, oak-, hero mountains"); S. met Y. first, then T., went together; stayed in a house, near the bridge over the river; at midnight S. woke up: the wave carries a man sitting on a copper throne a snake with three crowns on three heads; S. fights him on the bridge, killed him, hid his heads and pieces of body under the bridge, did not say anything to the brothers; they drove up to the village; S. peeks through the window of the hut: there is a woman She rocks the baby, she has a star in her forehead, stars in her ears; she tells the baby that to avenge the death of his father will become a raspberry bush, the heroes will eat berries and die; S. cut the bush, black blood has flowed; the brothers stay in another house at the bridge over Shura-Shyv ("white river"); J. must guard, but falls asleep, S. sees how the ninth wave carries a snake on the silver throne, silver crowns on 9 heads; he drove S. waist-deep into the ground, but S. cut off all the heads, hid it under the bridge; S. spies into the hut again; the same episode, there are even more stars on the woman, sits on a silver chair, promises to turn into a spring ; S. cuts down a spring, black blood has flowed; the brothers spend the night at the bridge over the Black River, T. goes to guard, falls asleep; the twelfth wave carries a 12-headed snake, with gold crowns on their heads; he drives S. into the ground, but S. went out, cut off 11 heads; to save the last one, the serpent took the sun out of one ear, gave it back a month from the other; S. still cut off his head; in the hut, a woman with stars on her body sits on a gold chair, promises to turn into a bed with a feather bed; S. cuts, black blood has flowed; the mother of the snakes surrounded the heroes with her body, swallowed J. and T., S. jumped over his horse, jumps away, the snake pursues ; S. locked himself in the forge, invited the snake to lick the iron door, grabbed his tongue with hot forceps, went out, began to cut off the tail, all the swallowed ones came out, each threw a handful of earth, formed a mountain; S. took the sun and moon out of his pockets, they returned to heaven], 203-209 [the witch doctor tells a childless man to catch fish with gold scales, let his wife eat it; the cook ate the tail, the head is a mare, three were born heroes; they oppress their peers; they want to put them under lock and key, they leave; they stopped in a hut; the mare's son does not sleep; a three-headed snake rides, asks why the horse stumbles; horse: the son of a mare will kill them ; he kills a snake on the bridge, hides his heads under the bridge; the same on the second, third night; the same six-headed serpent; nine-headed; brothers leave; the son of the mare returns for a forgotten knife; the hut is monstrous old woman; he cuts off a piece from her lip, the old woman says that the fly has bitten; promises to turn into a spring; into a feather bed; into a garden with comedians; the mare's son hits the spring with a sword, the water turns into pus; then but with a feather bed; he looked back at the garden, the comedians grabbed him; they demand to get the daughter of the water king; the son of a mare meets, takes his comrades as companions: a birdsman who knows how to count trees in the forest; an invisible ; the invisible man sees and hears how the water promises his daughter to someone who looks like him: golden hair on his head, silver in a beard; pulled out three hairs, attached a mare to the son; the water gave the daughter; she became a bird, the shooter hit her; with a tree - he who knows how to count figured it out; the mare's son gave the bride, got the horse back; the bride returned, they began to live well]; Ezin 1993 [=Sidorova 1979:58-67; Exrem Patsha sees in in the dream of a 12-headed serpent on a seventh horse; orders to build a tower, a mirror at the top, whoever sees that horse in it will receive half the kingdom; Ivan Batyr sees, receives soldiers to help, goes to the bridge; soldiers are sleeping, I. guards; every night he consistently kills 3-, 6-, 9-, 12-headed snake; crushed by the latter's carcass, the seminary horse frees him, makes I. a fly so that he knows what the snake wives are preparing on the shore bloody lake; one will become a meadow and a river, the second an apple tree, the third will rest one lip against the ground, the other against the sky; I. cuts a meadow, an apple tree; the horse teaches you to ask the third snake to let his comrades pass, lower the upper one his lip, jumps himself, I. cuts the snake; the old man Chige-Khursukhal himself from his elbow, his beard teases from the fathom, jumps up on the seventh horse, promises to give it back if I. brings the bird's daughter Maxim Patsha; I. meets He takes a cup of water, Frost, Glutton as his companions; M. requires 1) cook and eat lots of bread, 60 bulls (the Glutton eats), 2) sit in a hot bath (Frost cools down, the cup collects excess water); I. daughter M. takes away, Glutton and the cup stop the chase by regurgitating swallowed water; daughter M. Mary tells her to be given to C. with her feet forward; she quietly turns into a needle, I. brings her home on a seventh horse; E. wants to take Mary away, she makes sure that a bullet from his gun kills him; I. receives the kingdom]: 64-77; Bashkirs [the princess gives birth to twins from a deva; the king will feed them, they grow up quickly; one falls asleep, the other goes to the bridge, kills five-, seven-, ten-headed deva; intending to destroy the batyr, the wife of the first turns into a house, the second into a birch tree, the third into a river; the mother of the devas turns into a wild boar; the father wakes up his brother, both go carrying baskets of earth; when it rains they see house, they throw a basket at it, blood pours, the rain stops; on a hot day they hit a birch tree with a basket, blood also flows; along the river, water turns into blood; for an attacking wild boar, it turns into bloody river]: Barag 1988, No. 21:144-146; (cf. Komi [6-headed {or 9-headed; the narrator gets confused all the time} gundyr takes Ivan Tsarevich's bride; he, together with his brothers Fedor and Vasily, goes in search; there is a frequent spruce tree ahead; the blacksmith shackled the ax, the older brothers cut, cannot cut through the clearing, I. cut through; shoots into the shovel, it turns out to be a house where food and drink; I. tells the brothers not to eat much; they drink and eat; F. must guard, fall asleep; I. fights with the 3-headed gundyr who has arrived, cuts down, hides his heads; the next night the same (V., 6-headed gundyr, fell asleep); on the third night, I. hardly defeats the 9-headed; now he has 18 severed heads and 18 horses; the brothers took the horses, cut off I.'s legs, left; I. swam along the river on a log, sailed to the widow of the 9-headed gundyr, his kidnapped bride is there; the bride gives live water, I.'s legs grow, he is with kills Yoma with difficulty; the tsar tells F. to clean the barn, V. take revenge on the court, gives Ivan the throne]: Plesovsky 1975:23-33).

Turkestan. Kirghiz (Chuy Oblast) [Khan is strong and glorious; went hunting with the vizier; decided to spend the night in the first dwelling they met; in the hollow there are white and black yurts; two dogs ran out of them; the vizier understood the language of animals and plants; the dog from the white yurt barked: Khan and the vizier will spend the night with us; the owner will slaughter the sheep, I will find blood and guts, I will sleep until dawn; the dog from the black yurt: Khan and the vizier will spend the night in our yurt; the owner he will slaughter the only bright white one, I will find blood and guts, I will guard the horses of the khan and the vizier until the morning; and you will fall asleep, then the horse thieves will steal; the khan went to the white yurt, but the vizier seized his reason and turned to the black one; the khan became angry, but decided to talk later; the poor man bred his only sheep's lamb; mother sheep: I gave birth to 11 lambs, none of them gave birth, even if they left it; because the beginning one bright white gives an offspring of a thousand heads; it's better to let me be slaughtered; the vizier to the poor man: Do not slaughter lamb, slaughter it for a sheep; the khan became even more angry; after eating, the owner and guests began to tell stories; Khan softened himself and wanted to tell him three tales he knew; but decided that it was not appropriate to tell his tales in a bad black yurt; three khan's tales began to consult each other; first: Khan I offended me, tomorrow I'll turn into a karakurt, crawl into the toe of his boot, sting him to death; second: If he can survive, on the road, when Khan is thirsty, I will turn into a poisonous spring on his way; he will do sip and die; third: If he survives you, I will descend from the poles of the yurt as a dragon, he will definitely die; in the morning the vizier cut off the toe of the khan's boot and gave him his own in return; the khan thought that when he returned pull the vizier up on the gallows; on the way back he is thirsty; the khan sees a spring; the vizier lets the horse go there to muddy the water and urinate in it; went to bed; at home, the khan decided to hang the vizier in the morning, and fell asleep ; the vizier stood at the door with a sword; after midnight, the dragon began to slide down the poles of the yurt; the vizier cut off his head; a drop of blood hit the hansha's chest; the vizier fell his lips to and licked the dragon's blood; khan woke up, saw and ordered the vizier to be grabbed; standing at the loop, the vizier told how it was; the khan was ashamed and gave him the throne]: Mukasov 2018:579-582.

Western Siberia. {Recent Russian borrowing}. Mansi: Kumaeva 2015, No. 1 [Ekva-Pygris and her two older brothers go to fight the menquas; they live in a hut, take turns guarding the bridge; the elder, middle brother falls asleep, E. kills 6- head, second with 9-headed menqua; the brothers are ashamed that they all overslept; when E. fights with a 12-headed man, he puts his severed heads back with a fiery finger, drives E. into the ground up to his shoulders; E. throws one mitten or the other - the brothers do not wake up; he threw down his hat, they woke up, released the horse E., he rode, E. killed the menqua; the brothers went on, E. returned to pick up the handkerchief; hears the conversation Menkwa wives; one will turn into a puddle, the second into berries, the third into a deerskin bed; E. does not allow brothers to drink, eat, lie down, cuts a puddle, berries, bed with a sword, blood flows; the mother of the menkvas chases with with their mouths open; brothers hide in the house of 12 blacksmiths; Menkwa's mother licked 11 iron doors; E. went out and killed her; brothers returned home]: 7-23; Kannisto 1956, No. 18 [fish were cooked in the merchant's house; dog licked her ear, the maid tried it with a spoon, the daughter ate the rest, all three became pregnant, each gave birth to a boy, everyone's name is Vanka, all three look the same; playing with their peers, their brothers maim them; they made bows for themselves, shot and went; little V.'s arrow fell the closest, the big arrow fell farthest, beyond 9 seas, 9 mountains, to the crimson bridge; they came there, by the bridge, a house with three locks; little V. tore off the smaller, middle - middle, big - the largest castle; food and decks of cards in the hut; began to play; younger V. should have gone to guard, but the eldest (he is the son of a dog) went; a 6-headed man is driving across the bridge hell, asks his horse why he stumbles; the horse predicts the death of the devil; V. killed him, returned to the hut; the next day, the 9-headed devil; the third time V. left his mittens in the hut: if one falls and the other gets blood, we must hurry to help; the 12-headed devil overcomes, the brothers are sleeping, V. throws his boot, the brothers wake up, come running, 6 heads are cut off; the same again (throws the second boot, the remaining 6 heads were cut off); the brothers set off, but V. returned for the boots, became a mouse, overheard the hells talking; one promises to cause heat and become a well, a bed, the second to catch up with the cold and become a hut, the third is to become a pig and kill the brothers; V. cuts a well, a hut, instead of them - dissected corpses; the brothers went on three roads; the pig caught up and killed the younger, middle brothers; elder V. hid in Kuzma Demyan's forge; the pig licked the door with his tongue, Kuzma Demyan is told to grab the devil by the tongue with ticks, V. did it, crushed the skull with a hammer]: 182-189.

Eastern Siberia. The Ilimpic Evenks (Sovrechka, 1998) [One of the three brothers found a hole in the forest in which three women were sitting; the next day he returned to the place, killed a bear, brought it home; on the other the day came back again, heard the bear's three daughters, shaman women, decide to take revenge; as a result, one sister turned into a needle, the older brother swallowed it with her head and died; the second sister turned into a worm, the middle brother ate it with the pike's head and died; the third sister turned into water, but the younger brother, who overheard the conversation, pierced the water; instead of water, a younger brother appeared lying in Blood woman]: Duvakin 2013.