Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

L123. The tracks lead in all directions . (.72).

In order to confuse the pursuer, the character leaves traces in all directions before running.

Shuswap, Seneca, Alabama, Western Shoshones, Takana, (nivakle).

The coast is the Plateau. Shuswap [Muskrat kills a girl who rejected him; makes arrows from different tribes, pierces her body; wearing different snowshoes in turn, leaves traces around her house that lead to everyone directions; comes like a shaman to revive her, sings about how he killed her; runs away, turns into a muskrat]: Teit 1909a: 680.

Northeast. Seneca: Curtin, Hewitt 1918, No. 33 [two boys have the same appearance; one takes care of the other's sister; brother kills the groom, buries it under the hearth; tells his sister to leave traces leading to at home in all directions; puts her in an arrow, shoots her east through the chimney; the mother of the murdered young man finds his body, turns into a cannibal bear, chases his brother and sister; see motive L72], 57 [ an uncle kills any woman a tribesman marries; he runs away from home in all directions, then puts his wife in an arrow, refers him to his invisible brother, goes there by himself; the motive itself J19]: 172-176, 285-287.

Southeast USA. Alabama: Martin 1977:46; Swanton 1929, No. 14 [an ogre kidnaps a girl; tells her to cut off pieces of his meat, fry him; his old wife cuts off her meat, tells her to run; she first runs to in different directions to confuse the tracks; the old woman gives her berries, reeds, clay; the cannibal stops eating berries; the reeds turn into dense thickets, clay into the swamp; her brothers shoot at him, he unharmed; the bird tells you to shoot at the ankle, it dies; the corpse is burned; the ash turns into rooks, bees], 15 [short version]: 131-133.

Big Pool. Western shoshones [The Coyote lives with the Wolf; {obviously losing his eyes}; goes, meets two sisters, wants to marry; they offer him to hunt, he sees nothing, he has a hard time killing buffalo calf; asks to remove his lice, falls asleep; sisters see that there are larvae in his eye sockets; put a skin with a nest of ants under his head; run in different directions, entangling their tracks, run away; one takes off her necklace, rings it over the abyss; the Coyote goes to the sound, falls, breaks her leg, eats her own bone marrow; replies to the girls that he eats the bison's brain; returns to the Wolf; he kills bison, inserts Coyote's bison eyes; Coyote sees well again, hunts successfully]: Smith 1993:117-119.

Bolivia - Guaporé. Takana [a cannibal eats one wife after another; forbids another wife to go to a certain place; she finds female skulls there; runs along paths leading in different directions, runs away; cannibal turns into an anteater spirit]: Hissink, Hahn 1961, No. 274:411-416.

(Wed. Chaco. Nivakle [Stavuun (royal vulture) kills people, his children play with their bones; Ajti't'a trains to run fast; the sky used to be in the place of the earth and vice versa; the sky wanted to be clear, and the earth decided people wouldn't get it dirty; they swapped places after two menstruating women wiped their anuses; now they're two spots in the sky {Magellanic clouds? Coal Sacks?} ; The Milky Way is a place where S.'s children played with bones; A. killed S.'s children; when S. approaches, you hear the sound {thunder?} , it's raining; A. hides with his wife S., asks to send S. alternately to four directions of the world; S. returns each time and hurries in a new direction; finally notices the hole in which A. hid; digs it up, he releases the butterflies he has taken with him, S. eats them (thinking that A. ate?) ; finds a snake, shows it to his wife, asks if it is A.; meanwhile A. runs away through another exit; successively turns into a tree, into another plant, into a flower; S. does not recognize him, flies by; A. wants to hide in a bottle tree, it replies that it can't hide it, suggests hiding in Palo Mataco; he hides; when S. tries to penetrate the same hole, the tree pinches him; animals and birds came to share his flesh; the deer was well suited; the birds also bathed in blood, took on color; some immediately shook off the blood, leaving only specks, others kept their red color]: Wilbert 1987b, No. 164:388-391).