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L125A. A werewolf wife is thirsty.


The woman with whom a man met is a creature of an inhuman nature. This becomes clear after at night, suffering from thirst and not finding water in the house, it takes on its true appearance, turning into a snake, separating its dicks from the body, etc.

Kashmiris, Chinese, Armenians, Azerbaijanis, Persians, Kazan Tatars, Kazakhs, and Kyrgyz. {The Chinese variants summarized in Ting 1978 do not involve marriage between a man and a demonic being}

South Asia. Kashmiris [the king is chasing a deer, he ran away, on the way back the king saw a girl crying; she said that she was the daughter of a padishah of China, enemies attacked, she fled; the king married her; feels he is getting worse; the yoga disciple flew over the palace, went down, fell asleep on the king's bed; grateful to the king for not taking away his box; he returns with his rishi; he explains that the king's wife is snake; let the king give it salty food and hide the water; at night it will turn into a snake, crawl for water; the king sees it all; rishi: if no one looks at the snake for a hundred years, it becomes jahmar; in the next hundred years, ashdar; if 300 years old, vih√°; viha can stretch any distance, take on any form; rishi tells you to push his wife into the oven to bake bread; the ash will turn out to be a stone, it turns all metals into gold; whether ash also had special properties, Rishi did not say]: Knowles 1888:233-239 (about the same in Steel, Temple 1884:189-195.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Armenians [a poor man with many children leaves home, his wife does not care; in the city, a rich young woman invites him to her place, makes him a husband; she does not eat meat; refuses to wear the silk one she bought by her husband a shirt embroidered with pearls; the seller explains that the wife is a snake, kills her husbands after 6 years; she must be persuaded to eat meat, hide water; at night she will start looking for water as a snake, then come back and again will become a woman; it is; the seller tells her husband to ask his wife to bake cakes, push it into the tonir, close it with a lid; then get two burnt pieces of dough, bring one to him; the man became wash his hands in the basin with which he took a piece of dough, the water became gold; he brought only half a piece to the merchant; moved his former family to him]: Nazinyan 1969:159-162 (=2014:76-81); Azerbaijanis ( Nukha District, 1899) [the prince sees a beautiful woman in the forest, marries her; withers; the dervish explains to his father that his daughter-in-law is a forty-year-old snake; advises feeding her salty pilaf and locking her bedroom doors; the prince pretends to be sleeping; the wife turns into a snake, crawls into the crack, drinks, returns; the dervish advises her to bake bread, let the servant push her into the oven; the prince recovers, the dervish is made vizier]: Bagriy 1930 (1): 46-48 (approximately the same in Nabiev 1988:259-260).

Iran - Central Asia. Persians (Khorasan or Mazendaran) [after living as a snake for 40 years, Snake Yuga always turns into a beautiful girl; a man married her; began to wither away; the dervish told him that his wife was a snake; let will feed her salted lamb, take water out of the house at night and ban the door; the husband saw his wife become a snake, crawled out of the house to drink, then returned; the husband trembled and explained that he had a fever; the dervish advised me to push his wife into a hot tone; when it was opened, there was only a handful of ash in the shape of a snake's body; the dervish took a handful, rubbed the copperware with it and it turned golden]: Nikolsky 1886:50 (= Romaskevich 1934a, No. 67:379-380).

Volga - Perm. Kazan Tatars [at night, a beautiful girl meets a poor young man at the ice-hole; after the wedding he withers; neighbors advise him to hide the water and spy; the husband sees that his wife does not have a navel; at night, the wife lying, stretching out her tongue, licking the window panes; in the morning he told her about it; she promised to kill him if he remembered it again; the uncle promises to help; the young man's wife was pushed into an iron bath; when a roar stopped and the bathhouse was opened, there was a sintered snake, the tongue was wrapped around the door handle]: Zamaletdinov 2008a, No. 55:250-254.

Turkestan. Kazakhs [dzhigit walked along the steppe and met a girl; she said that she was behind her nomadic, the dzhigit brought her home, married; began to wither away; fortuneteller: two people live in your house (dzhigit and his mother) and an animal; the horseman did not sleep at night, saw how his wife turned into a dragon, stuck her head through the upper opening of the yurt to the river on the outskirts of the village, began to drink; the fortuneteller advised to build an iron house and hide in it, and feed his wife salty meat, hide the water, close the house and set it on fire; the dragon tried to enter the house where the horseman had disappeared, but died; the wife was a dragon who lived two hundred years; if a snake does not see a person for a hundred years, it turns into a dragon, and if two hundred, its forehead splits (or becomes the size of two fingers), and it gains the ability take on any guise (girls, young women, different animals); if no one had solved it, it would eat everyone in the village]: A hundredth of Kazakh folklore (in Kazakh, translated by Ruslan Doutaliev), vol. 78:117; Kyrgyz: Kebekova, Tokombaeva 2002 (Western 1969, Issyk-Kul District) [Khan went hunting, his golden eagle did not return; one of the horsemen went in search of him; when he returned, he said that a huge stone came across the way, near him a girl of unprecedented beauty; the khan went to the girl; she sets the condition for marriage: only the khan himself can enter the house where she will live; after marrying, khan began to wither away; a doctor named Adem sees a dragon that dammed the river flowing across the headquarters; then he became a woman, she went to the khan's yurt; when she came to the khan, the doctor advised me to go hunting; when the khan returned, he said that his wife was a dragon; the khan demanded proof; A. offered to bring a living partridge into the house - it would die immediately, like all living things at the sight of a dragon; then we must let the river flowing through the rate in a different direction, even if there is not even a drop of water in the headquarters; in the evening, give your wife salty food, remove the water vessels; at night, the wife's neck lengthened, the head began to look into everything vessels in search of water; the wife asked the khan to go fetch water; he came back and said that the river was dry; told the horsemen to return the river to its original course; saw his wife become a dragon and got drunk from the river; A. explained that in 80 days his wife would finally become a dragon and devour everyone; you had to make a windowless house out of iron, trick a monster into it, close the door, fill the house with fuel on all sides, make a fire; a dragon screamed tearing his ears apart from the house; the next day there was a lot of ash inside; Khan brought A. closer to him]: 77-79; Sabyr uulu 2008 [an ox died in the steppe, worms ate it, then one worm ate it others, became a dragon; he ate the inhabitants of the city; the khan and his entourage drove into the deserted city, saw the girl, married her; began to wither away; the vizier advises to pour salt into his wife's food, hide the water; the wife became like a dragon and got out through the chimney, then returned; the khan saw it; the vizier built a cast-iron house, lured a werewolf into it, covered it with fire; the dragon fought but burned down; otherwise he would eat everyone].