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L126. Demon Bird, ATU 2041.

.11. (.12.) .13.15.-.

An anthropomorphic character cooks and eats a bird, but it gives a voice from its belly and gets out. The character dies or suffers damage. Cf. Motive K132.

Kamba, Kaguru, (Soninke), Malgash, Spaniards, Germans (Grimms), Saudia, Mustang, Hindi, Rajastans, Kannadas, Sinhales, Russians (Teresky Bereg, Vologda, Gorkovskaya), Kabardian people, Khvarshins, Georgians, Persians, Tajiks, (Uzbeks), Karelians, Lutsi, Yugi, Evenks (Angarsk, Sym), Central, Western (Vilyui) and North-Eastern (Verkhoyan) Yakuts, Oloni.

Bantu-speaking Africa. Kamba [the elephants trampled on the bird's nest; she took a sword, entered the belly of one of the elephants {apparently through the anus}, cut its insides, the elephant fell dead, it flew out, the extra birds came back; she took a sword, entered the stomach of one of the elephants, cut his insides, the elephant fell dead, onma]: Okhotina 1962:228; kaguru [the bird bites the seeds in the garden, the eldest of the five brothers catches it, she tells me to take it out carefully; lives with the boy; the parents are going to eat her, she tells her to be killed carefully; she tells her to eat it carefully from the pot; the youngest of the brothers did not eat, the rest and parents ate them the bellies swelled, burst, the bird's body parts joined together, it flew away]: Beidelman 1967d, No. 11:34-35.

(Wed. West Africa. Soninke [the hunter shoots Boloné (a rodent the size of a lamb, considered a sorcerer among animals); it suggests better hunting for elephants; the hunter shoots again, cuts, freshens, cooks the animal, but every time he says that it's not over; the hunter's family dies of colic in the stomach; the cauldron is on fire all night, and the meat is still tough and talks; the hunter throws an amulet into the cauldron and pieces of meat fall silent]: Monteil 1905:145-146).

Sudan - East Africa. Malgashi [a man stoned an andali bird, brought it to him, chopped it, cooked it, ate it; every time a chick or pieces of its body screams that a person is cutting it, cooking it, etc.; the wife does not eat and tells the children not to eat; the chick's parents fly in, peck at the person's belly, fly away with the released chick; the person died]: Rodman 1965:69-72 (=Korneev 1977:179-181).

Southern Europe. The Spanish [the gray bird began to sing to the king, but he told her to be driven away; she asked the tailor to sew her a blue satin coat, the hatter to make a hat; she sang that she was better than the king; he told Fry her, ate it at dinner, she began to peck at it from the inside; the king was given a laxative, the bird flew out, asked the other birds to give it a feather, reappeared in a colorful outfit, the courtiers did not catch up with her; she dropped someone else's feathers, turned gray again]: Shishlova 1971:77-81.

Western Europe. The Germans [dog, sparrow's friend, got drunk and lay down in the middle of the road; the coachman wanted to run over him, sparrow: it would cost you your life (and repeats it every next episode); the coachman ran over the dog; the sparrow sat on the horse's head, the coachman hit him with an ax, but killed the horse; the same with two other horses; in the coachman's house, the sparrow sits on the window, the coachman breaks the window, falls on the stove, carries everything he has the room finally grabs and swallows; the sparrow screams from the inside, sticks out of his mouth, the coachman tells his wife to hit him with an ax, the wife kills the coachman, the sparrow flies away]: Grimm, Grimm 2002, No. 258:686-687.

Western Asia. Saudia [Sultan's daughter takes a bath; gorlinka found a golden pin and coos (onomatopoeia, "I found a pin"; the princess tells the maid to pick up the pin from the turtle; followed by a series of episodes The turtle coos the corresponding phrase every time; caught and caged ("the one who caught me is smart"); stabbed ("the knife is sharp"); put in a pot ("I have a warm bath"); cooked ("my garden is so sharp") green"); chewed ("two rows of pearls", i.e. teeth); swallowed ("slippery"); ended up in the princess's belly ("I have a spacious room"); the next day, the gorlinka flew out of the princess's ass and continued cooing]: Taibah, MacDonald 2016:14-15.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Mustang [the couple sowed mustard in the field, parrots came to peck; the old man made a trap, caught one parrot, went to sell; on the way he was offered a horse for a parrot, then a pot of gold, he disagrees; sells it to the king for a pot of gold; as soon as the parrot is with the king and as the king places it in one place or another, the parrot shouts "the king is below and I am above", "the king in shadows, and I'm in the sun", "the king is outside and I'm inside", etc.; the king ate the parrot, which screams from his stomach; the king tells the servant to cut the parrot as soon as it comes out of his ass; the parrot flies away, and the servant cuts off the king's ass]: Kretschmar 1985, No. 59:319-320.

South Asia. Uttar Pradesh (Hindi, Bahraich County) [the thrush stole cotton wool, asked the man to turn it into balls, take half; he did it; then asked under the same conditions hide the others, weave the cloth, sew clothes; flew to the king; he asked to show the clothes to the queen; she took it and did not give it back; the king chopped the thrush, fried it, ate it; each time they scream that he cuts like a craftsman, but a deceiver, who from the inside is like all people, but a deceiver, etc.; the king tells him to rip open his stomach and pull out the thrush; she flew away alive and the king died]: Rouse, Crooke 1899, No. 1:1-7; Rajastans [the heron's wife does not tell her husband to steal grain from the field, he does not listen; the peasant smeared glue on the shoots in the field, caught a heron; the wife left the chicks, flew in, saw her husband covered with a basket; "Why are you Didn't listen to me!" Heron husband: but I am still alive; so consistently, when a peasant plucks a heron, when he has cut the meat into pieces, he has eaten it; when he hears the voice of a heron from his belly, the peasant tells his wife to stand ready with a club, when he burps the heron; the heron flew out and flew away, and the wife hit her husband on the head, his teeth scattered like bird feathers on the floor; the herons cried with joy on the way to the nest, and their tears began pearls]: Dinesh 1979:22-25; kannada [a rich peasant sowed peas; a sparrow began to peck peas; a peasant caught him and hung him by his legs on a bush; asks: sparrow, are you dead? sparrow: no, I ate peasant peas, and now I'm swinging; then the same dialogue with adding episodes after the peasant threw the sparrow into boiling water, ground it into flour, swallowed it; the sparrow is whole flew out of the peasant's ass and shouted: I gave you a ride!] : Ramanujan 1997, No. 60:166-167; Sinhalese [mango bird) pecked mango fruits; the owner caught it, asks if today is a good day; this question is repeated many times, every time a person hits a bird against an object; the bird responds with a verse: the day is good and then good (listing the objects it was beaten against); this continues after the person has scorched, cut, cooked, ate a bird; it flew out of his nose, the man died]: Parker 1914a, No. 172:430-433.

Central Europe. Russians (Teresky Bereg) [the wind took away the woman's flour, the grandfather went to the set, he gave a millstone from which flour was poured; the pan took it away; the rooster came to Mr., ordered him to return it; he ordered the rooster to be thrown into the lake; the rooster drank all the water; then he filled the fire into the oven; ordered to cook, ate the rooster; went to recover; he stuck his head out of his ass, demanded the millstone back; listen, they began to cut the rooster's head, he flew out unharmed; the pan returned the millstone]: Balashov 1970, No. 93:312-314; Russians (Vologodskaya, Kirillovsky y.) [the old man and the old woman had a magic millstone; the master rode, took him away; the rooster came: return the millstones; the master ordered the rooster to be thrown into the barn; he flew out; ordered to slaughter, fry, serve; the master went to the wind, rooster again: give the millstone; master to the servant: cut his head; the servant cut off his withers, the rooster flew, the master ordered to give the millstones; the rooster could not be carried away; assistants ran in: hare, bear, wolf, fox; the rest went at home, and the fox stayed with the old man and the old woman; says her name is in the gumushki; ate half a roll of butter; What was the name? - Cob; the second time the same (Poscrobushok); asked the old woman to bake pancakes, the old man did not find butter; the fox ran away]: Sokolov, Sokolov 1981, No. 38:153-154; Russians (Gorkovskaya) [the old people have millstones they produce pancakes themselves; the master took them away; the rooster came to demand back; he was thrown into the pond, he drank it; he poured the pond into the oven and filled the fire; the rooster was fried, the master ate it; he demanded a millstone from his stomach, pecked the master's stomach, took the millstones, returned it to the elderly]: Borovik, Mirer 1939, No. 21:29-30.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Kabardian people [the sparrow found a grain of gold in the garbage in the princely court; began to shout that he had something that the prince did not have; he tells the servants to know what he was talking about; tells them to take away the grain; sparrow: they took a grain! The prince orders to return the grain, but the sparrow screams again; the sparrow is slaughtered, fried, the prince ate it, the sparrow continues to scream; when the sparrow flew out of the prince's belly, the prince swung and cut off his leg; sparrow: I have something that the prince does not have - one-legged, crooked]: Kardanov 196:85-87; khvarshins [half of Ochu's chicken sowed wheat, khan's horses poisoned her, O. went to the khan to complain; met and swallowed a fox, then a duck, a river; asked Khan why his horses poisoned wheat; Khan swallowed O.; she began to eat Khan's guts; Khan ordered the nukers to kill O. when he released her through anus; O. ran away, returned home, and the nukers injured the khan]: Khvarshins 2012; Georgians: Kurdovanidze 1988 (2), No. 98 [the chicken found a millet seed, sowed, grew millet, royal millet the herd trampled him; the chicken drove the herd, the horses fell off the cliff; insulted the king; the king fried him and ate him; he screams from his stomach that he had gone to heaven; got out; he was thrown into the treasury; he gave the entire treasury to the beggar; he was thrown into the stable, then into the goose, he released the wolf, the fox, they killed horses and geese; he was thrown into the sea, he drank it, filled it with water in the tone; continues to tease the king], 99 [chicken swallowed a fox, a wolf, a bear, the sea, hid behind a buffalo cake, called the king; he had difficulty finding it, ordered to throw it into the chicken coop, the goose house, the sheepfold; the fox, the wolf, the bear ate everyone; the king He told her to fry it, ate it; when he defecated, he told the soldiers to kill the chicken; she released the sea, everyone drowned]: 156-158, 158-159.

Iran - Central Asia. Persians [the sparrow asks for some cotton, took it to the spinner, otherwise he threatens to take the yarn along with the box and pull out all his teeth; then similar threats against the dyer (dyed the threads), weaver, tailor (sewed a caftan); a sparrow flew to the Shah's palace and shouts, "New shirt, new caftan!" ; the servants smeared resin on the terrace beam, the Shah promised to eat a sparrow and pilaf; they slaughtered the sparrow and began to cook - "Hot bath!" ; the Shah chewed it - "Fast mill!" ; swallows - "Narrow passage!" ; swallowed - "Smelly hole!" ; Shah: when he flies out, kill him" the sparrow flew out, he was caught; the Shah ordered him to be put in a golden cage, fed him sorbet, give him rose water to be cheerful and sing songs]: Rosenfeld 1958:63-65; Tajiks [the sparrow made people make him a new robe, on the roof of the padishah's house he shouts that his robe is new and the padishah has an old one; the sparrow is fried, the padishah ate it, the sparrow screams from the inside; The padishah tells the sparrow to be killed when it defecates; the vezirs cut off the padishah's ass, the sparrow flew away]: Levin et al. 1981, No. T001:111-112; (cf. Uzbeks [the sparrow found a box of cotton; tells the old woman to clean, kill the shepherd's wife, hide the girl, weave the weaver, sew a robe; tells the king that his robe is more beautiful; the king calls the hangman, he cuts on a grand scale, cut the tsar, the sparrow has achieved his desires]: Afzalov et al. 1972 (1): 65-66).

Baltoscandia. Karely (Kalevalsky district) [the boy and girl were orphaned, ate what was in the house; the sister found a rye seed, planted it in the field; the next morning the brother sees that the stem is like a tree, ears of ears from root, top to the sky; climbed the stem; walked across the sky, there is a hut, an old woman is grinding grain in the underground, she has one eye, she put it on the shelf; Skans come out of her mouth, pies from her hands, from a millstone - gates and pancakes; the boy filled the bag with this, went down to his sister; the next day he brought two bags; the sister asked me to take her too; the girl laughed, the old woman heard, took her eye, decided to fry the children; tells the boy to sit on a shovel; he says he can't, the old woman shows that he pushed her into the oven, took the millstone, he and his sister went down, now they have a lot of food; the king found out, took the millstone; the rooster about it screams; the king orders the rooster to be roasted, ate it, he screams from his stomach; agrees to get out of the king's ass when he returns the millstone]: Onegin 2010, No. 19:217-219; Lutsie (Western 1936) [God under the guise of The beggar went to the poor man; he received him, although he rolled a ball in the house; when he left, God let the coals be thrown into the oven, into the room, into the barn; gave him a millstone; the whole house was full of goodness and food, the millstone grinds food; the master took the millstone; the rooster went to return; meets, tells him to jump into his pants a fox, a wolf, a bear, a lake; the master tells him to throw the goose into the goose pen; the rooster released the fox; to the sheep (wolf), horses (bear), to the hot bath ( lake); the rooster was killed, cooked, the master ate, the rooster screams from his stomach; the master lowered his pants, the rooster has already stuck your head, the servant cut it with a sword, the rooster escaped, the master was left without buttocks; gave the millstone]: Annom et al. 2018:231-235.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Khakas [the rooster lived with a grouse; while they were pecking birch buds, the wolf ate the chickens; they flew to live with a poor widow; she had a hand mill; bai forced her to sell, the widow and child became beg; the rooster demands to return the mill; bai tells him to throw him to the horses, to the cows - not trampled; tells him to fry; the rooster screams from his stomach; bai tells him to beat him in the stomach, his stomach burst, buy died, the rooster flew out, grabbed the mill, flew away; threw the mill at the wolf, his stomach burst, the chickens flew out alive; the widow got the mill]: Balter 1958:53-56 (=1986:123-125).

Western Siberia. Yugi [Hassynget sails in a boat, from the shore, the Big Curlew (Numenius arquata L.) shouts that he will turn Khasynget's head; H. kills him with an arrow, brings him to his grandmother; they cook it, the fat begins to flow over the edge, H. manages to jump out, grandmother drowned, curlew disappeared]: Werner 1997, No. 12:254-255.

Eastern Siberia. Angarsk Evenks [the shaman frightened him off, shot the hazel grouse; he is fresh, fried, eats, he continues to talk; the shaman spewed feces, he says that the man did not kill him; the shaman shoots, stomps his foot , leg, hand stuck, he froze; Namannya came, dragged the prey home, the sledge caught on the tree (and the shaman's body obviously fell off the sledge); the wife says there is nothing, swallowed the ring {what?} ; N. thinks that she ate the prey, ripped her belly apart; then sewed it up, it came to life; N. found it, brought it frozen; he came to life, emitted feces, N. went to eat it on the river with sand; N. cooked his son N., left his head in bed; N. and his wife ate their son; wife says that he feels her son's meat; the shaman stabs N.'s legs at night; he hits his legs, legs, arms are broken; the shaman is gone]: Petrova 1936, No. 11:156-157; Sym Evenks [Murivul kills the bird, eats it, defecates; the feces says, You did not kill me; M. shoots at him, the arrow sticks; hits, sticks successively with his hands, legs, head; the ogre puts it into the bag, carries; stops; M. fills the bag with stones, clings to a branch; at home, the ogre's wife finds only stones in her bag; the ogre rips her belly, thinks that she has swallowed food alone; there is only thimble; he heals his wife, returns to M., brings him home; leaves with his wife; M. asks the Ogre's children to let him go, promises to make onions; kills, cooks; parents eat them instead of M.; he hides under in bed, pierces both with an awl, they die]: Vasilevich 1936, No. 46:62-64; central Yakuts (4th Malzhagar Nasleg of Khangalassky Ulus) [only one bird lives in the country; because of the heat it sits opening her beak and spreading her tail; Ala Mogus asks her what is going on; the bird bothers him with her answers; AM brings her home, puts her in trouble; the bird says that one side of it is already fried; AM turns the trouble over, then eats the Bird; she asks why she is in the dark; after a while it "falls out" from AM; it is eaten by the dog Bakir Hara; the bird asks why again found herself in the dark; the dog defecates; the bird asks AM, "Why did I come out?" ; AM reaches out to her; The bird turns into a capercaillie and flies to the top of the larch; AM shoots at it with a bow; the capercaillie flies to the nines; its grains turn into a flock of numerous birds that cover the entire sky and fly away noisily; AM complains that he missed the Bird; there are a lot of birds because he shot the capercaillie into small pieces]: Ergis 1964, No. 30:99-100; Vilyuisky Yakuts (Kyrgyz Nasleg of Vilyuisky Ulus) [Anga Mogus (Clumsy Glutton) asks his neighbor Bird why she turned red; the bird bothers him with his answers, he puts her in trouble; The bird says that one side of it is already fried; AM turns the trouble over, then eats the Bird; she exclaims: "I'm out of the light into the dark"; AM goes to the yard, defecates; Bird: "I'm from darkness has come into the light"; the dog comes up, eats the bird; she says that it is back in the dark; the dog defecates; the bird lies for three years, dries up; tells the AM passing by to wear torbose and kick it; he does it; the sky is getting dark from birds flying up]: Ergis 1964, No. 31:101-102; Verkhoyan Yakuts [Bird and Edun (mangys) live together; Edun says he is hot; The bird offers to swim and bothers him with his answers; Edun puts her in trouble; The bird reports that it is already fried and tells her to turn it over; Edun swallows it; The bird says it has rotted, demands to release it and scratches it Edun's insides; he defecates; the bird is swallowed by Edun's dog; the bird tells it to be released; the dog defecates; the bird lies and says that it is still alive; Edun pulls out a bush with roots, hits dog feces with them; the feces crumbled and turned into different birds; they fly to all four sides of the sky]: Khudyakov 1890, No. 10:239-240 (another translation of the same text in Illarionov et al. 2008, no. 9:137-139); Yakuts (no place of recording; possibly literary processing and/or an abbreviated retelling of several texts) [The bird is tired of Ala-Mogus with his answers and advice; he roasts it on Horn, she now asks to fry it on the other side; he swallows it, she speaks from his stomach; he hiccups, the bird is in the wild; trying to kill the Bird, AM pulls a tree, hits the ground with it, leaves turn into many birds; AM admits defeat]: Sivtsev-Omolloon 1976:34-37 (=Sivtsev, Efremov 1990:24-25).

California. Oloni [Coyote knew a lot, but Hummingbird more; Coyote caught up with him and killed him; he came to life, flies, screaming mockingly: Lakun is dead! The coyote burned him down and he came back and screams, Lakun! The coyote was advised to eat it; he swallowed it and the hummingbird began to scratch inside; flew out with the crap and kept screaming, Lakun!] : Kroeber 1907a, No. 2:201 (=Margolin 1978:136).