Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

L13. A raised monster.

.11.-. .

People bring home and raise a dangerous creature (or it grows by itself in a man-made water tank). When it becomes big and strong, it begins to destroy people.

Bantu-speaking Africa. Maragoli [the man found a little kitten, began to feed; his name is Nunda, he is growing up; asks what to eat; the owner: all the cows in the world; ate; the answer and goats are the same; ate the owner (and others people), went to the forest; one woman hid, gave birth to a boy; he asks where people are; she talks about N., he has 12 heads; they go to the forest; the young man cuts off all 12 heads, rips open his stomach, swallowed came out alive]: Kavaji 2005, No. 13:230-232.

West Africa. Bambara [the boy brings a lion cub, the father tells him to place it with the goats; the lion cub grows up, first devours sheep, goats, then horses, donkeys, then eats his father, mother, himself boy, runs away into the forest]: Görög 1979:104-105; dan [only the chief's 21st wife gave birth to him a son; he is disobedient and willful; demands to bring him a child to play; the leader after the warriors, they they caught a little spirit, either a man or a crocodile, fire from his mouth; put him in a cage; the spirit was growing; first he was fed chicken a day, then five chickens, then rams, oxen, horses, people; he was the last to eat the leader; the chief's son ran; the mouse agrees to hide him, but when he sees a huge monster (coming with rain and thunder, fire from his mouth), hid in a hole; the same rat; hare ; buffalo; elephant; panther; all others; lizard tells you to calm down; stabs: the fire in the monster's mouth goes out, its roar no longer looks like thunder; the lizard put a long sword in the way of the monster, he ran into him and the sword cut it; swallowed people and animals came out of the belly alive; that's why children should be well raised]: Tiémoko 2019:6-11.

Sudan - East Africa. Moru [the girl Kuba found no roots, picked up a caterpillar on the trail, put it in a pot, named Ndila, told her to grow; it became the size of a rat, then ate chickens, became a buffalo, ate people became like an elephant like Neil, ate Cuba and other people; pregnant Kiden hid in a hole; Kenny's son grew up, forged a sword and spear, hit N. from the platform, all swallowed came out of his ripped belly; people said that now all the girls are sisters Kenny, he has gone to marry in a distant land]: Evans Pritchard, Mynors 1941, No. 30:77-78 (translated to Katznelson 1968:309-311); malgashi (sakalava) [young man finds an egg; it hatched into a monster; it grows, requires more and more food; it eats animals, humans, only one woman remains; the young man's friends kill the monster, swallowed out]: Haring 1982, no. 1.3.08:134.

Southern Europe. The Portuguese [the wolf asked the boy to release him from the cage and then went to eat him; the fox asks what was going on, pretending not to understand who was sitting in the cage and who was passing by; the wolf climbs into the cage and the fox locked it]: Dias Marques 2019, No. 69:110-111; Aragon [the boy grows a snake; it becomes huge and kills him (without knowing it or wanting to give him a big hug)]: Gonzá lez Sanz 1996, No. 155A: 71.

Western Europe. The British [Lord Robert's son caught a snake, his sister calls him home, on the way he throws a snake into the well; soon leaves for war with his father, returns 5 years later; the serpent grew up in a well, crawled away back into the river, became a fire-breathing dragon; R. cuts it, but the pieces grow together; on the advice of the thing, a young man cuts a snake in the river, the water carries away pieces, the snake dies]: Kharitonov 2008:253-257 (=Dennys 1876:114).

Melanesia. Kamoro [two boys found a monitor lizard's egg, mistook it for a bird's egg, put it in a shoulder bag; the monitor lizard grew, hatched, had wings, ate the boys and all the people in the village; the pregnant woman escaped a woman, her son Awámora grew up in a few days; shoots lizards, then birds, wild boar, cassowary, sea turtle, stingray; builds huts with sharp axes, knives, etc.; monitor lizard comes destroy huts, injures himself, dies; A. cuts his meat into pieces, puts the pieces on the huts, his wife next to him in the morning, the men beat the drums]: Drabbe 1950, No. 21:228-229; (cf. arandai bintuni [the crocodile released sperm, the girl swallowed it with young cane shoots; gave birth to a crocodile; he brings the mother larger piglets, then adult pigs; secretly eats women; once regurgitated a woman's anklets, that's how they found it]: Miedema 1997, No. 12.1:39); mono (Shortland Islands) [two brothers caught a small eel, put it in a pond, fed it; he grew up, swam into the river; they continued to feed him, he became huge; contrary to his older brother's warning, the youngest went to the eel without taking food with him; he ate it; the elder asked the eel to spit, saw blood; told people to kill the eel with spears; the meat was roasted on rocks; at night, the eel's body recovered, it returned to the river, lives there now]: Wheeler 1926, No. 15:35; Wangunu [mother and daughter work for in the garden; the daughter finds a snake egg; the mother does not tell me to take it, the daughter leaves it; a snake hatches from it, grows; the daughter believes that she obeys her; goes swimming, telling the snake not to follow her; she crawls; the girl leaves the Snake on her clothes, says that she will go to relieve herself, runs away; asks the coconut crab for help; he asks for food; agrees to hide the girl in the hole when she gives coconut walnut; The snake comes, demands a girl, the Crab cuts off the Snake's head; the girl buries the corpse; finds her clothes, returns to his mother]: Solomon 1995:61-66; Maevo [the boy goes with his mother to the forest, sees a snake, asks for permission to take it with her; feeds a tree in the hollow, it grows, swallows it, then everyone in the village; the pregnant woman escaped in a hole, covered with a stone, gave birth to twins; the snake became living on a banyan, gave birth to many snakes, two of them were in charge; one, Betawerai, was always lying on a banyan branch, the other, Walolo, crawled far away, ate people; the twins went out and began to kill snakes with arrows; B. W. called, he crawled in, but they killed him too; they burned all the corpses]: Codrington 1891, No. 11:403-404.

Micronesia-Polynesia. The Gilbert Islands [heaven and earth lay close to each other; between them were Baba ma Bono (Fools and the Deaf and Dumb are immovable slaves); in the sky, a woman Tangan-nang gave birth to a bird that brought Urua fish, T. put it in a vessel filled with water; the fish kept growing, ate a lot, it was released into the sea; the giant fish returned accompanied by other predatory fish, people fled from the shore; Tabakea was born from a tumor on her forehead a lizard, it was thrown into the fire; T. put ash in the water, the ugly dwarf Nareau appeared; and he was thrown into the fire, a larger dwarf appeared from the ashes; he did not burn in the fire, but grew up, he was made a leader; he grabbed with his hand and killed Urua fish; people ate flesh, gave bones to T.; placed in the shell, they emitted thunder and lightning, N. trampled them, crushed them; the giant Auriaria slipped a slide between heaven and earth, found them there Riki eel and Deaf Fools; they came to life, raised the sky slightly with the eel; then R. pushed the sky far away with his head, and pushed the earth into the depths of the sea with his tail; A. hit the sky with a rod, the pieces broke off, fell, became islands; A. created Samoa, turned two shells into the sun and the moon; the white body of Ricky's eel was the Milky Way; A. planted a Samoan tree from whose branches all humans came]: Maude, Maude 1993, No. 1:14-21; Samoa (Savaii) [Cena's father gives her the eel he has caught; she takes care of it, it grows, is transported to a large body of water; after climbing a tree, C. shakes off the fruit into the water; when he tries it pick her up, the eel deflorizes her; S. runs, he chases her; knowing that the leaders are going to poison him, he asks Sina to bury his head, a coconut palm grows out of it]: Polinskaya 1986, No. 28:113-114 ( Briefly in Beckwith, 1970:103); Bellona, Rennell: Elbert, Monberg 1965, No. 41A (Bellona) [Kotu'akotu'a and her granddaughter find the ngosengose creature in the sea, put it in a coconut shell scoop; N. it grows, it is transferred to larger vessels, it becomes huge; K. and his granddaughter run to Mutikitiki, who hides them in calebass, they tremble in fear, blow the winds; M. says that his calebass this is how he usually behaves; bakes tarot leaves, wraps bitter stones in them, lets them swallow n; when he dies, he says that black and red coconuts will grow on his grave; the coconuts are empty, M. urinates on them, tells the bunch to have five flowers; the new coconuts are full], 41B (Rennel) [Kotu'akotu'a and her granddaughter find fish on the reef; they bring it, it grows, it is transferred to increasingly spacious vessels; this ngosengose; K. and his granddaughter run to Mautikitika, who hides them in a drawer, they make a sound, M. says N. that his box always does this; bakes tarot shoots, wraps hot stones in them, lets them swallow n; when he dies, he promises that green and brown coconuts will grow on his grave; first the coconuts are empty, then they are filled]: 125-126, 126-130; Monberg 1966 (Bellona) [old Kotu'akotu'a and her granddaughter catches a creature that looks like a sausage (some kind of clam?) , bring home, grow; the creature grows, tries to swallow K. and granddaughter; they run to Mutikitiki, who hides them under a wooden vessel; kills the creature by throwing hot in its mouth instead of eating stones; the creature asks to bury it, watch the grave; where the head was, there is a black coconut, and at the opposite end, a red one; but the nuts are empty; M. urinates on them, his urine turns into coconut milk, mucus from the penis into the coconut pulp]: 87-88; Taku [Asina's girlfriend decided to have a homemade fish; she caught an eel, put it in a vessel; it grew up, put it in a pond; the parents left, telling A . feed the eel; she went to the pond, and the eel rushed at her; she runs, calls for help First Maui, who cannot help; the same is the eight others; the tenth Maui tells the eel to open its mouth, throws three there hot stone, eel dies]: Moyle 2003:9-23.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Lushey [every day, Chhawng-Chili's older sister tells her youngest to call a snake from the hollow, cocks with him, eats lunch with him; the youngest does not eat out of fear, loses weight; tells her father; he wears a dress daughter, sends the youngest to call a snake, cuts off the head of the snake when it crawls up; the father cuts the eldest, 100 snakes crawl out of it, the father kills them, but one snake crawled away, grew up under a pile of garbage; people they fed him, began to give him goats and pigs, then children; Poi wrapped his knife in goat's giblets, put his hand in the snake's mouth, killed him]: Shakespear 1909:399-401 (=1912:107-108); khasi [the daughter of a deity gives birth to a snake; he lives in a cave, eats people; he is first fed animals, then a piece of hot iron is thrown into his mouth; all people come to a feast, eat a snake; some remain, it is burned; one young man does not appear; his mother finds an unburned piece, brings it to her son; the piece turns into a snake, grows, demands to be fed people; these snakes are now in every home in a human hunter tribe]: Rafy 1920, No. 12:58- 67.

Burma - Indochina. Burmese [a childless old man brought an egg to the crocodile; he named the hatched crocodile Rain Cloud (DT; a mythical crocodile); he grows up; eats an old man who forgets to feed him; dying , he promises revenge; DT terrorizes the inhabitants of the Ayeyarwady estuary; after a hundred years he becomes a man, marries, is happy; the dead old man is reborn as a magician, makes the Crocodile come to him, turns into gold and rubies; DI's widow built a pagoda on this site]: Aun 1957:90-93; Thais [princess finds a crocodile egg, keeps it, the crocodile was born, grew up, went into the river, kills people; people tell the king to sacrifice the royal daughter; the king sends his daughter to the river; she takes her beloved cat with her; throws herself into the water and stays on the lotus flower; the crocodile wants her grab, but attacks the thorns on the stem and dies; the cat does not advise the princess to return home; the rakshasa grabs the princess, makes her daughter; the neighboring king hunts, chases the golden deer (Indra took his form), he brings the king to the Rakshasa house and disappears; the king brings the princess to him and marries him; when the princess gives birth, the former wife says that she gave birth to a log; but that's it ends well]: Low 1836:348; zyaray [Mère Brousse woman catches eel, brings Drit to her grandson; eel grows, is placed in increasingly large vessels, then into a pond; turns into an Elephant, tells D. accompany him to the battle with the Dragon; defeats the one who brings treasures ashore; the local boss wants the same eel for himself; but is afraid that his Elephant Eel has been killed by the Dragon; he plants his tusk in the ground; a huge bamboo grows with riches on the branches, they move to D.'s house; the boss demands bamboo for himself, which brings him excrement]: Dournes 1977:115; cre: Dournes 1977:113-114 [in the forest the hunter puts a snare, Boa blocks his way, demands a girl; does he offer one of his sisters - Ngi, Nga, Nai Tölui? (she is the youngest, married to the crap); the serpent requires only NT, otherwise he will swallow the whole village; NT comes to him, he becomes handsome, they come to live with cravings; when leaving, the husband tells NT not to leave the house; envious, Nga cuts NT's throat, pushes her into the water; she has an orange, a knife, an egg with her; a crocodile swallows her; she gives birth to a son; the crocodile goes ashore, the son cuts it from the inside; from an orange a tree grows, a rooster emerges from an egg; NT rises to heaven; the husband returns, finds a son, his ancestor The sun helped him identify the boy; Nga pretends to be NT, NT's son hits her; NT descends from the sky; Nga also wants a Snake, finds, raises a stranglehold, he becomes big, swallows it from his feet, she first takes it as a game; the NT husband takes the form of a snake, finds the swallowed one, pulls her ashore, extracts Nga, she is in worms, the NT husband makes her whole, forbids her to go out in the sun; she goes out, melts, turns into a termite; (same or similar text in Nikulin 1970a: 263-270; turns into a lizard, not a termite)], 114-115 [a caught eel asks the fisherman not to eat it; it grows, it is placed in increasingly large vessels, then in a pond; he tells the owner that there will be a storm, he is not must be afraid; the sea serpent defeats, brings wealth; the fisherman's elder brother wants an eel like him; but he is afraid, his Eel brings nothing, he kills him; the younger brother buries his bones, grows bamboo, the youngest makes a cage out of it, it is filled with chickens; the eldest also makes a cage, it is full of excrement]; katu: Dournes 1977:118-119 [the hunter shoots birds that are on the banyan; Boa constrictor with the banyan tells him to give one of his daughters; the eldest Nga refuses, the youngest Ngi father leads to the banyan; the boa constrictor turns handsome; the young come to Nga's house, light comes from their bedroom; Nga wants The boa constrictor also grows a snake, she grows, swallows it; Nga's husband pulls the swallowed one out of the water, extracts, revives Nga, tells her not to leave the house, she goes out to look at the roosters, turns in a termite mound; the genus Kon Tac comes from Nga, its members are forbidden to eat banyan fruits (i.e. figs)], 119 [a young man Bông wants a girl Pôt, turns into a dragon snake, parents build a house for them at a distance, there the serpent becomes handsome, rice grows on their field by itself; the older sister P. grows a snake, it grows, it lies down with it, the snake swallows it; B. pulls out the swallowed one, extracts swallowed, does not tell the snake to step on the bones; it goes to them, steps, dies on the spot].

Malaysia-Indonesia. Simalur [the fisherman catches the fish, lets his daughter play; she feeds her, the fish grows; the girl's parents die; after eating all the rice supplies, the fish is going to swallow the girl; she suggests looking for a judge; fish swims with a girl on her head; a banana, a tree, cancer say people are unfair, they offer a girl to swallow; the Raja tells her to jump ashore, marries her]: Koehler 1964:69-72.

China - Korea. Ancient China (Sichuan? beginning of the 4th century A.D.) [a lonely old woman in Qiundu fed a horned snake; she grew up, stung the county chief's horse to death, who killed the old woman; after that, the storm lasted 40 days, the land fell through, forming a lake, only a house the old women stayed, fishermen still spend the night there]: Gan Bao 2004, No. XX.463:282-283; the Chinese (Shanxi, Datongcheng District, the northernmost of the province) [the peddler Peak gave the children money and they let go of the snake; put it in a box, began to fatten it; the snake became huge, he released it; people began to disappear in the mountains; Pin found a snake, it disappeared into the crevice; he covered it with his body; a temple was built on this place]: Riftin 1957:167-170; Southern China: Isis 1998:143 [1) Tao Qian, "Additional Notes on the Search for Perfume": a girl washed silk on the river, became pregnant, gave birth to three fish; put it in a basin, became feed; in three days they grew up, became dragons, flew away during a thunderstorm; 2) Hou Han shu: Sha-tai from Mount Laoshan (Shandong) tried to catch a fish, conceived, gave birth to 10 boys; they turned into dragons, swam away on the water], 144 [old Duanxi was fishing in a mountain stream, caught an egg, put it in a bowl, and 10 days later a creature that looked like a gecko hatched; it kept growing, catching in old woman fish river]; Chinese (Jiangsu) [the top of the now-destroyed porcelain pagoda in Nanjing was decorated with an iron cauldron; there was rainwater in it; the bird dropped the fish there; it grew and became a dragon that terrified the surroundings; the god of thunder struck him with lightning, partially destroying the pagoda]: Dennys 1876:114.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Armenians [the king sees a snake playing with snakes, wants a child for himself; his wife gives birth to a snake, the king raises him, he turns into a vishapa, he is fed girls; Arevakhat welcomes him, he turns into a young man, marries A.; she tells her how her stepmother told her to knock her hair; the spinning wheel fell into a crack in the rock; the old woman asked whose canopy was cleaner, whose head was cleaner, told her to wake up when yellow water will flow, do not wake up until black, red; dips her golden hair in yellow; she hides it under the skin of a ram; the stepmother's daughter discovers golden curls; drops a spinning wheel; replies that it is cleaner than the canopy , her mother's head, not the old woman; she tells her to wake up when the black head flows; the girl turned black; her stepdaughter was kicked out, but then the king's servants found her]: Ganalanyan 1965:49-53.

Iran - Central Asia. Shah-name [book 7; the daughter of city dweller Haftwad, spinning at the foot of the mountains, found a worm in an apple that brings good luck to H.; the worm turns into a huge black horned snake, his settled in a pool in a castle that H. built for himself on the mountain; with the help of two young men, Ardashir enters the castle, pours molten tin into his mouth; as a sign of victory, he lit a fire on the roof of the courtyard; leaving the country, he built a fire temple in it]: Shukurov 1983:62.

Baltoscandia. Icelanders [mother gave her daughter a gold ring; replied that there would be more gold if the ring was placed under the Hearth Snake; the snake grows up, breaks the box, the girl is afraid throws the box into the lake; the snake attacks people and animals; two Sami were asked to kill the snake, get gold; they dived but came back with nothing, the snake is stronger; but they managed to tie it; when the snake sticks his back out of the water, it portends disaster]: Simpson 1972:116-117; Scandinavians: The Ragnar Saga <
https://norse.ulver.com/src/forn/ragnar/ru.html > [Herrud is a Jarl in Gautland, y His favorite daughter is Thor. H. sent her something to play with every day, and one day he sent her a snake. T. put it in a casket and put gold under it. The serpent grew quickly, as did the gold underneath it. He lay outside around the casket, then around the house, and no one dared to approach him except for one person who brought him food. H. promised to marry T. to a man who would kill a snake, and the gold under him would be a dowry. At that time, Sigurd Koltso ruled Denmark and had a son, Ragnar. R. told him to make him fur pants and a fur coat and bathe them. Wearing these clothes, he rolled on the sand, took a spear and pulled out the nail that attached the tip to the shaft. When he went to the fence where the serpent was, he hit it twice with a spear, pressed it, and the tip jumped off the flagpole. A stream of blood hit Ragnar between his shoulder blades, but he was protected by the clothes he made. He said to hang, left the tip in the wound, and took the shaft with him. When she was in Thor's house, when she heard him hang, she understood how old he was and what he had done. H. had a hard time pulling out the tip. Tora advised us to call everyone to the ting. Whoever inflicts a mortal wound on the snake will take a spear shaft that fits the tip. Ragnar's spear came up, married T., gave birth to him two sons and then died]; Saxon Grammar 2017 (1) [The king of Swens was brought several snakes while hunting and gave them to his daughter to feed; every day, the snakes were given a whole cowhead carcass; they grew up and burned everything around them with their poisonous breath; the king promised a daughter to whoever would destroy the snakes; Regner did it; he put on fur clothes and wet it , and then froze it; she protected him from poison, and he pierced the snakes with a spear]: 324 (9.4.5-7).

Japan. Hitachi-fudoki [brother goes to his sister secretly, she gives birth to a snake, he grows, she keeps him in an increasingly large vessel of water; tells him to go to his father; he agrees if with him a child will go; the mother says that there are no other people in the house but her brother; a serpent kills her uncle with lightning, wants to go up to heaven; the mother throws a hiraka vessel at him, the serpent loses its strength, stays on Kurefushi Hill; his descendants worship him in the temple]: Popov 1969:53-54.

The Arctic. Bering Strait Inupiat (north shore of Seward Peninsula) [in spring, people migrate to fish; forget the old woman; when collecting food on the shore, she picks up a worm; he grows, hunts birds and rabbits for her, gets huge, his skin can't be pierced with spears; people come back, he kills everyone; the old woman tries to run away, he catches up with her, kills her]: Keithahn 1958:28-30; Northern Alaska Inupiate (Kotzebue) [two brothers kill an opponent, leave the village; the elder catches a striped dragon in the lake, grows it in a bucket, then in a separate needle; he first has many legs , then four remain; the youngest keeps two polar bears at the entrance to his house, killing passers-by; the eldest feeds passers-by to the dragon; the mink turns into a feather, flies up to his younger brother's house , becomes a warrior, kills bears and himself; kills a dragon when he sees an unprotected place on his neck; the dragon's owner brings his mother out of the lake; the mink is thrown into her mouth, he penetrates with a mink inside the monster, killing him from within; goes through the ass; returns to his wife]: Ivanoff Brown 1987:122-133; McKenzie's mouth [Najuko's orphan lives with his uncle; uncle's wife mistreats him, puts him in the cold; The month takes him home; N. is able to go down, at his request, the Month takes the soul of his uncle's evil wife, N. gives him another wife; two old women make a walrus out of garbage, grow up in a vessel with with water; it grows, they change blood vessels, then release it into the sea; the walrus drowns N., but he is immortal, kills a walrus, hits old women to death with his fangs]: Ostermann 1942:75-76.

NW Coast. Hyda (Skidgate) [all the boxes of oil were empty; people found that they had been emptied by a huge worm hiding underground; it was the chief's breast-feeding daughter's favorite animal when he was sticking out of the hole as a cub; then began to empty food supplies throughout the village; the warriors killed him with knives attached to the ends of long poles; he was covered with scales like a big fish; if If he hadn't been killed, he would have destroyed the entire tribe]: Barbados 1952:120; Hyda (Masset) [(the story belongs to the Tlingit family); collecting firewood, the girl finds a big worm, gives it a breast, it grows, she keeps him in a hole under the floor; he crawls around the village, emptying food supplies; people send the girl to the island, find a worm, kill him with spears; the girl disappears, returns with an old man; he gives her food father; when it leaves, food turns into snails, worms, frogs]: Swanton 1908a, No. 75:702-705; Tsimshian [collecting firewood, the leader's daughter finds a larva, brings it home, breastfeeds; the larva grows, She devours all the food supplies in the village; she buries into the ground, hitting her head at both ends of her body, which stretches from one end of the village to the other; in order not to starve, people tear off the monster they cut to pieces, leave the village, leaving a woman in it; the jagged mountains beyond Fort Rupert are pieces of the monster's body]: Barbeau 1953:239.

The coast is the Plateau. Upper coquil [every evening an old man tells his daughter-in-law to bring water, lights a torch, looks into the bucket, does not drink; one day he sees something like a hair in the water, puts the bucket on a bench, covers it with a lid ; a month later, the hair turns into a snake, it fills the bucket; the old man tells her to vacate the whole house for her, calls her his dog; the snake is sent to the sea to catch whales, brings a whale; the boys poke with sticks in the eyes of the Snake, she swallows the boys, goes to sea; the village is hungry; the old man and his son go to the village where his married daughter lives; the son-in-law insults the visitors, the old man starves this village as well; With the help of his father's strength, the old man's son visits the Serpent's camp in the mountain; after that, the Snakes send them five whales, the hunger ends; the watcher man, who helped the young man in the Serpent Monastery, receives a reward a woman; an old man's daughter comes, she is fed; she brings her husband, they are given the house in which the Snake lived; the old man's son and youngest daughter go up the river to look for survivors of the famine; in the first village they find alive a woman, in the second they escape from an ogre, in the third they find two women; all three women become the wives of the young man who found them]: Jacobs 2007:94-102.

Northeast. For Iroquois: the snake closes the exit from the village, devours all the inhabitants. Hurons [the boy catches a snake in the stream; builds a fence around, feeds the snake; it grows, he builds the fence more and more; the snake swallows it; the orphan's brother and sister shoot at two heart-shaped spots at on the sides of the snake, kill it; people find dead in the womb of a monster; burn a corpse, use charred bones as amulets]: Barbeau 1960, No. 21:23-24; Seneca: Curtin, Hewitt 1918, No. 11 [boy finds a snake with heads at both ends of its body; feeds it with birds; it grows, swallows its little sister; the survivor wraps his arrows (pubic?) with his sister's hair, kills a snake; it regurgitates swallowed parts of people's bodies], 77 [the boy finds a colorful worm; feeds birds; it grows, swallows children; lies in a ring around the village, many eats; the rest ask Thunder for help; he strikes the snake with lightning]: 106, 420-421; onondaga [the boy finds a snake in beautiful stripes and specks, brings it home; does more and more for it the lair; it grows, covers the entire camp, devours people; the boy shoots at her, dipping an arrow in menstrual blood (young woman's blood); the arrow penetrates the snake's body, pierces the heart; when dying, the snake regurgitates the swallowed - alive and dead]: Beauchamp 1892:229; delaware: Bierhorst 1995, No. 84 [a girl gets pregnant while playing by the river, gives birth to a fish; her grandmother puts it in a full the trail of a horse's hoof with water; a fish turns into an ogre monster, a hoof mark into a lake; two young men rise to the Sun, receive ash from it, throw it into the lake; it dries up, the monster dies; young men are given wampum], 99 [a girl gives birth to a fish, it is thrown into a ditch; the ditch becomes a lake, the fish becomes a huge one; it devours people; the two grandchildren of a poor woman turn into a Raven and a Dove, fly to the Sun , get hot ash, pour it into the lake; the water boils, the monster dies, the young men receive the wampum promised by the elders as a reward], 125 [about the same; the girl gives birth to a "mermaid"; young men receive ash from" night sun", i.e. from the Month], 160 [same; the girl violates the ban on swimming naked, gets pregnant from the spirit]: 48, 52, 58-59, 67.

California. Yurok [in the river, a young man catches a horned snake, raises; a snake eats moose and deer; in the absence of the owner, he sails into the sea, carrying his young son on his horn]: Kroeber 1976, No. CC1:469-471; Karok [a person finds an egg, it brings him good luck; it hatches a snake; grows, requires more food; swallows a baby, crawls into the river]: Harrington 1932, No. 2:8-9.

Mesoamerica Nahuatl (San Luis Potosí) [a snake lived in Tancuilín; women came there to wash, let the snake eat, it grew; it grew; it became huge, the priest told her to be killed; she was killed, tables were brought, began to feast; the storm began, the church was flooded, now you can hear the bell ringing at the bottom of the river]: Croft 1957:332; Maya Yucatana [woman dies giving birth to a son, a feathered serpent; his older sister She feeds him; he grows, eats a lot, she keeps him in increasingly large vessels; he eats people; tells his sister that he will go to sea; flies away; every July 15 she shakes to show that he is alive; an earthquake happens]: Burns 1983:248-256.

Honduras-Panama. Rama [Adam's sister grows a snake and it bites it]: Loveland 1986:250-251; (cf. Bribri [taking the image of a man, an evil spirit took over the woman; 8 days later she gave birth to twins, after another 8 days they walked and started shooting birds; the grandmother followed them, and saw not young men at the ficus. and two snakes; the twins invited their mother to pick up the birds they had killed, became snakes, ate it; invited their grandmother to pick up fish, they also ate it; began to expand the pond; Sibú was afraid that instead of land, everywhere there will be water; sent other twins; one of them shot, the other did not; the snakes went down the river into the sea, turned into whales with snakes, ate it; invited the grandmother to catch, started shooting]: Stone 1962:65-66).

The Northern Andes. Water snake. Embera (chami) [despite the owner's prohibition, his son hits the drum; for the snake it is a signal to eat; when he finds no other food, he swallows children; a huge crab kills a snake with its claw]: Pinto García 1978:256-258; nonama [a man met a giant snake, it attacked, he ran away; when he returned to the same place, he found an egg, brought it home, hung it up over the hearth; 14 days later, a snake hatched. She went out by herself when it was time to eat, she grew up, she had straight horns; her parents went to the party, the daughter, who had her period, stayed; the snake was hungry, ate the girl; the talking parrot living in the house flew to people, told people about what had happened; people called a snake from home, offered corn, threw a hot stone into their mouths; found a dead girl in her stomach]: Wassen 1935, No. 5:128-129; yupa [ a man brought home a motley snake and began to feed him; one day he had no meat and the snake ate his leg]: Wilbert 1974, No. 34:119-120; guajiro: Wilbert, Simoneau 1986 (2), No. 102 [Perrin 1976:63- 70; the hunter's dogs found the bird, brought it home, it turned into a snake; the hunter's daughter began to feed it, the snake grew; hungry, swallowed the girl, crawled away; people chased the trail for a long time, the snake swallowed one of the dogs; killed a snake with blows from clubs, found a girl and a dog in her belly; people got lost, struggled to fight off a big bird, the girl was lost; people felt bad and died, girl probably died too], 103 [the snake that the girl raises becomes huge, turns into a boat and takes it away]: 812-817; paes [the girl comes out of the spring, it is accepted to live with a family, turns into a monstrous snake]: Bernal Villa 1953, No. 7:298-299; Nachtigall 1955, No. 20:310-311

Llanos. Guajibo [children find a snake, bring it home; it grows huge, turns into Tzavalivali (a mythical serpent that shamans turn to if they need to be cured or killed); swallows the father of the children; once inside, he guides C., who crawls to create rivers; when he crawls to a person's house, he cuts it, goes out; C. goes to live in the river]: Baquero 1989, No. 4:83.

Southern Venezuela. Makiritare [thunder and lightning owner forbids his sister to dig cassava on his property; she digs; he kills her two sons with lightning; puts their hearts at the fork in the Kudi tree; they turn into small Dinoshi harpy eagles; grow up, they have armor on their chest, Kudi turns into a mountain; the man's wife goes to find out what's going on, D. eats her; they grab and eat people; the anaconda man Kudene creates first curare; a trumpeter bird learns that D.'s back is vulnerable to arrows; they are killed with poisoned arrows; their feathers and bones are turned into bamboo for making wind guns]: Civrieux 1960:183-184; 1980: 85-87; Yanomami [killed boa constrictor turns into a tiny monster; swallowed children when he grew up]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1990b, No. 238:451.

Guiana. Warrau [a girl brings home a turtle or fish; she grows, breaks a canal to the river, or the girl releases it herself into the river; the girl bathes when she has her period; the turtle/fish swallows her]: Wilbert 1970, No. 82 [turtle; since then humans and water spirits have been at odds], 159 [fish; people are killing it]: 186-187, 340-341; pemon [boys caught a turtle, began to play with it; it kept growing swallowed them, went into the river, began to swallow people; Maurukkara took the flint, let himself be swallowed, made a fire; the boats and the bones of the swallowed were burning; the turtle crawled ashore, M. went out; the turtle died]: Armellada 1947, No. 69:217-219; carinha in Orinoco [a man is jealous of his wife, she leaves; he comes to her father, lies down in a hammock; his son finds him dead; tobacco grows on the grave; a young man hides wings of doves that have arrived; pigeons raise it to heaven; there the old man and the old woman tell me 1) make a stone bench decorated with copies of the heads of the old man and the old woman; 2) dry the pond; 3) make a bridge; does everything helper spirit; reports that these old man and old woman killed the young man's father; when the young man knocked down the trunk to make a bridge, the chips turned into piranhas; the old man and the old woman stepped on the bridge, he fell, they were eaten by piranhas, heads remain; the old woman's head rose to heaven, became the Morning Star; tells her daughters to avenge her; they gave the young man a drink, lifted the sleeper high up a tree; the eagle asks how he got here; from The eagle's bowel movements appear, the man descends it; the eagle wanted to kill him, but he hid in the water, returned to his mother, gave her an eagle chick; he grew up and began to bring deer to the woman and fish; she organized a clearing party; people came to help, one asked the eagle to bring him an old woman, the other a young woman; so the eagle began to drag people; in one village they made a trap, into it a bait girl, an eagle was caught, killed; a woman came, an avenger feather fell on her chest: all his fibers turned into diseases; the woman blew on them, they scattered around the world]: Civrieux 1974:104-108; vapishana [a man raises a baby caiman; he grows up, a man rides it; the caiman swam along the river, intending to eat the rider; the fox pretends not to hear, asks the caiman to swim closer a man jumps ashore; a fox runs ahead, pretends to be dead; a man buries her in the ground, leaves her head outside; so three times; the man realizes that it is the same fox, hits it; the fox says that she saved him in vain; at home, his mother advises a person not to raise caimans anymore]: Wirth 1950:204-205; waiwai [hunters eat harpy eagle, at night the forest spirit comes screaming: You ate an eagle's liver! Some wake up, poke the rest on the cheeks with smut, they run away, becoming kibihee (some animal, hunting object); so they have a white spot on their cheeks; Kurum-yenna (people- Vultures) play flutes, inviting them to dance in their village; Kworo-yenna (Parrot People) and other Birds come and take local girls; some of the current waiwai bands descend from them; when they parted home, became real birds; Kamara-yenna (Jaguar people) came to the river; turtles formed a bridge, the Jaguars walked along it; Kurum Yenna asked the turtles to destroy the bridge; the Jaguars were eaten by a giant piranha , the boy escaped, part of his foot was bitten off; Kurum Yenna kept him with him; a woman married to a red mako (Kworo-yenna); she keeps the Petalï anaconda in a fenced place in the river; feeds her meat, which her husband brings; but she gives her ish agouti, and she eats the meat of large animals herself; someone told the anaconda about this; when the woman called her, the anaconda jumped out and swallowed it and swam away; the shaman husband caught an otter, went with them to catch up with P.; aquatic people answer every time that P. had just swam; they come to the place where P.; otters surround her, these places are now the whirlpools of Mapuera waterfalls; otters P. jumped down the throat, collected the woman's bones, went out carrying them out through the anaconda's ass; when they returned home, they washed the old woman's hands and feet, collected water in a vessel, poured them into the river, the fish began to die; grabbed two fish, lifted it to the sky so that he would then have something to eat; P. began to jump out, people shot her, cut it in half, began to drag her ashore, the tail jumped back into the water, the current ones come from him anacondas; all bird people bathed in the blood of the anaconda, became birds; it rained, some hid in hiding, others did not; so some birds remained red, others had only a few red feathers; those who were bathed in bile turned yellow, and those who were then caught in the rain turned blue; birds tried on wings and tails; animal people also became animals; women who married remained human, the rest became birds and animals; the old woman has become various plants from which fish poison is made]: Fock 1963:62-66; hishkaryana [a woman catches a snake, grows; she swallows the hostess, crawls into the river; the shaman scrapes off her dirt, throws it into the water; all anacondas die; bird people are stained with blood and other fluids that have leaked out of the body of the anaconda that swallowed the woman]: Derbyshire 1965:93-94; Kashuyan [the great shaman found a snake, the son of a big serpent from the lower reaches of the river; dug a hole of water for him, raised it in it, then dug a canal into the river; this serpent turned into marmaru-imó, he began to swallow boats; Purá and Murrá let themselves be swallowed, killed him; see motif K8A]: Frikel 1970:19.

Western Amazon. Koreguaje [anaconda]: Jimenez 1989, No. 25:53; canelo [two brothers in the forest find a snake in the hollow; burn a tree; the youngest ate baked meat, became thirsty; drank, burst, the flood began; the elder climbed a tree, threw seeds down to find out if the water was deep; found the youngest, who turned into a snake; first a hand snake, then ate the elder's son; he wanted to kill the snake, it turned out swallowed; cut his heart with a knife and went out; bald, died soon]: Coloma et al. 1986:77-79; shuar: Barrueco 1988 [two brothers hunt; a snake living in a hollow steals their meat; they burn a tree ; one of them tastes snake meat; when he returns home, he is thirsty; asks his brother to move away and climb a tree; the brother hears an explosion, the water floods the area, then falls down; the brother goes down, finds a snake, puts it in a vessel; it grows, now lives in the river; swallows her brother's children and wife; he allows himself to be swallowed, cuts the snake from the inside; the snake asks the bird to cure it, it refuses; a snake is thrown ashore against its former home; a man goes over his side; dies breaking the ban on approaching fire]: 57-59; Karsten [seeks to swallow people] 1919:330; 1935, No. 10:535; Pelizzaro 1961, No. 6:7; 1993:152; Rueda 1987, No. 39:168-170; Aguaruna: Akutz Nugkai et al. 1977 (2) [people raise baby jaguar]: 172-173; Chumap Lucía, García-Rendueles 1979, No. 63: 546; Guallart 1958 [a man finds a punk egg with snakes in it; he puts one in a hole of water; the snake grows with the hole; goes out to swallow dogs, then eats the baby; the child's father puts on a clay pot takes his head, takes a flint knife, lets himself be swallowed; cuts punks from the inside; Tsunki (a snake or fish with a human head) tries to treat a sick person; a person hurts the heart, punks pop up dead; a man comes out after cutting a hole in his side; C. says that he will die as soon as he dries; the man's meat begins to fall off his bones and he dies]: 67-68.

NW Amazon. Anaconda. Uitoto: Folklor 1974:174-177; Preuss 1921, No. 5 [(=1994:97-99); Buineizeni was punished by the Sun for creating a shaman tree; asked his brother to take it to a separate hut; becoming a snake, I sailed to the shore where my brother's daughters were; they were able to catch her after their father had trapped them; they put the snake in a pot of water, fed cassava, the snakes were growing, they put them in a larger vessel, then let him into the lake; first he eats cassava, then crawls ashore to catch animals; lived in a cave, began to devour ancestors who came to the ground; swallowed the girl herself; her father jumped a snake into the open mouth; when the serpent swam near his house, cut his stomach with a sharp shell, came out bald; his daughters tied his leaves like wings, he became an eagle; his beak was an ax, brought the daughters of monkeys and sloths, then began to eat people; I wanted to eat my daughters, but they locked themselves in the house, called for help; people set a trap, killed the cannibal eagle; his spirit became a harpy eagle]: 64-65; Rodríguez de Montes 1981, No. 18 [Dihoma learned to turn into any animal; contrary to warning, he went to the water, a snake fell from his forehead; sisters Nibagueño (younger, beautiful) and Ecofueya& #241; o they tried to catch her in vain, their father caught her, placed her in a vessel, she was growing, a pond was dug for her, the serpent turned it into a large lake; took starch only from N.'s hands; after going to Putumayo, everywhere swam, swallowing boats, people, then swallowed N.; D. let himself be swallowed, cuts the serpent's heart with a knife; he tells him to wait for him to return from the seas to D.'s house; there D. cut the artery, came out of the side of the snake to shore; daughter (obviously E.) said that her mother had a new husband; D. told her to bring her yarumo leaves and root (apparently to make wings and claws), turned into a harpy eagle, began to carry, devour people; those they made a trap, he died in it]: 144-148; Urbina 1991, No. 1 (muinane) [Diihoma is a great leader; while bathing, a snake skin came off him and another person touched it (? se percate de ello), turned into a snake; D.'s most beautiful daughter fed her manioc starch balls; the snake grew up, swallowed the girl; D. let him swallow himself; the snake swims into the sea, then returns; D. came out of his side; all nations were named after parts of the snake's body; D. plants cassava, the cuttings of which he extracted from the snake's womb; decided to take revenge on his unfaithful wife, turning into a harpy eagle, learning to fly from a dove; a giant tree grew out of planted cassava, an eagle's nest on its branches; the eagle fed his wife's lover to its chicks, then carries other people; the eagle was killed, from members of his body made ritual supplies]: 19-20; ufaina: Hildebrand 1975, No. XXXIX: 366; macuna [see motive J55; contrary to the warning of the eldest of four Aywa brothers, the younger Bokanea brought a snake, began to grow; she bit B. while bathing, he died, she swam away; the deceased B. said that people would always die from a snake bite, the elder A. would not; the brothers became frogs so that lure that snake]: Århem et al. 2004:467-470.

Montagna - Jurua. Machigenga [humans raise baby jaguars]: Baer 1984, No. 11:452-454.

Bolivia - Guaporé. Moseten [spouses want to have an animal at home, find the Nyoko worm; the husband feeds it with the hearts of birds, then animals, then people; N. grows, he is transferred to larger vessels; his the owner is killed; the wife sends N. to look for him; N. raises his head to the sky, finds a corpse; surrounds the village with a ring, kills everyone; revives the owner, they eat the hearts of the dead together; N. helps the owner catch fish dammed the river; rises to the sky to become the Milky Way; causes thunder; stars are arrows that pierce his body]: Nordenskiöld 1924:143-144.

Southern Amazon. Kamayura [caiman]: Münzel 1973:271-272; paresi [girl catches fish, catches a snake, brings it home, takes care of it like a child; the snake grows; the girl asks her brother by name Matina make a pool for her; every day M. brings deer and nanda from hunting for food; once did not go hunting, a hungry snake swallowed it; later regurgitated; went to the lake, girl followed by] :Pereira 1987, #105:586-588.

Eastern Brazil. Kayapo: Wilbert, Simoneau 1984a, No. 15 (pau d'arco) [Nimuendaju, MS; two women find a bird in a pond, bring it home, put it in a calebasa with water; the bird grows; when it swims, the water boils , the bird's feathers are pink; when they go fishing, women take it with them; when they see the river, the bird takes off, rushes into the water; there is a thunder, and those around fall dead; the bird rises into the sky, turns into a meteor], 148 (shikrin) [Vidal 1977:260; a man brought a jaguar, which grew big; once a jaguar killed a tapir for him and he did not share meat with him; at night, a jaguar killed all the inhabitants camps; began to kill whoever he could; people killed him; the owner buried him; his wife cried ritually as if it were their dog]: 45, 440.

Montagna - Jurua. Ashaninka [the father gave her daughter an eagle; she raised it, the eagle began to bring her game, even tapirs; took her to his nest; he also brought other children there, they died there; girl went down the vine, fell into the water, made a boat, sailed downstream, did not return home; the eagle continued to carry people away; the man made a clay doll, put him in a boat; the eagle's claws were stuck in this figure he could not pick it up, he was killed; the current harpy eagles remain, but they are not dangerous to humans]: 61-65; Fernandez 1984 [cannibal eagle in a tree; clay doll; he was stuck with his claws, he was killed; feathers arose enemies (Pyro Indians); then killed an eagle]: 130-132: Anderson 1985:61-65.