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L131. Your kids are burning (all versions) . (.38) .43.

To get rid of a demonic woman or to make a bird or ladybug fly away, they are told that the locus where their home and/or children are located is on fire.

Spaniards [storks], Bretons [crows], English, Scots, Irish, Germans (north?) , Romanians, (Bulgarians), Luzhitans, Czechs, Western Ukrainians, Russians (Arkhangelsk, Novgorod, Moscow, Orel), Lithuanians, Mordovians [kite], Northern Mansi, Northern Khanty, (Ainu), Vishram, Western sachaptin, ne perse.

Southern Europe. Spaniards [when children see a stork, they say: "Cigüeña maragüeña, la case se te quema, los hijos te se van/al arroyo de El Batán. /Machácalos el ajo, /que pronto volverán (apparently everywhere); "Cigüeña, Cigüeña, /la case se te quema, los hijos te se van/ a vivir a otras tierras/mañana volverán" (Toledo)]: Pedrosa 1994:108; ( cf. Spaniards (Extremadura) [barley conspiracy on the eye: "Vete, orzuelín, /que te quema la casa el molín"]: Pedrosa 1994:108-109).

Western Europe. The Bretons (Brest) ["Corbeau, corbeau, /le feu est dans ta maison"]: Sébillot 1906:183; British: Grimm 2019 (2) [addressing the ladybug, they sing: "ladybird, ladybird, fly away home, your house is on fire, your children will burn!"] : 149; Eckenstein 1906, No. 1-9 [a ladybug is encouraged to fly away, saying that her house is on fire, her children are burning (wandering, dead, etc.); the earliest fixation dates back to 1744: "Ladybird, ladybird, fly away home./Your house is on fire, your children will burn"]: 92-94; Wehrhan 1909 ["Ladybird, ladybird, /Fly away home./Your house is in fire, /Your children must roam"]: 153; Scots [plot "The Fairy Hill on Fire!" : a supernatural character (uninvited guest, assistant, substitute) is disposed of with an appropriate scream; in 10 records from the Outer Hebrides and 1 from Sutherland as an uninvited guests feature characters related to making clothes; 3 versions from Central and Northern Scotland have substitutions]: MacDonald 1994, No. F142:59; Irish: Almqvist 1991b, No. MLSIT 6071 ( Kerry County) [when husband and son went to buy food, the woman was left home alone; in the evening, during the storm, she began to process wool; three witches entered the house; said they would help process the wool if the woman would treat them to food; she agreed; the witches combed their hair, asked for food; the woman told them to wash their wool first and then told them to dry it; when the witches did, she went to get water; a voice from The spring praised her and told her to start screaming and crying when she returned home, saying, "Dún na Banríona is on fire"; after the witches run out, she will have to close the door with a bolt, take a pot of water, wash your feet, put this water out the door, wash the tongs, put them near the fire, wash the plates and mugs, take the rooster, wash his feet and return him to the chicken coop; it was the mother's voice that woman; the woman went back and did what was said; the witches ran out worrying about their children; after a while they came back and demanded that the door be opened; the woman was silent; the witches they turned to tongs, a plate, a mug and a rooster to open the door; they replied that they could not do so and said that they had been washed; the witches climbed onto the roof of the house and began to tear apart the lying there's straw; when the rooster sang, they disappeared]: 258-263; O'Neill 1991 [the story of "The Fairy Hill is on Fire!" recorded in all four provinces of Ireland; options: 1) a woman spun at night; women with spinning wheels, flax and combs came to her at night; asked if she needed the spinner and the one who would comb the fiber; they ordered the largest pot to be put on fire; when they found that there was not enough water in it, they sent it to the spring; there the woman met a man who explained that those who came were fairies intending to cook it alive; he said that when they reached the doorstep, pour water on themselves and exclaim, "Sliabhnamban fionn and the Mountain above it are through fire!" ; when the woman did this, the fairies ran out in fear and said: "Oh my husband and children!" ; the woman, as the man told her, removed the forceps, put the broom in front of the door; threw a spark into the pot of water, pulled the feather out of the speckled chicken, removed the strap from the spinning wheel, put the linen under the load, put the linen out fire and went to bed; the fairies asked for water, tongs, a broom, a chicken, a spinning wheel strap, and linen to let them into the house, but they all heard negative answers (Kilkenny County, ca. 1850); 2) the sloppy woman wanted to go to bed, leaving the dishes scattered in the kitchen; a woman with a horn on her head knocked on the door; 11 more women stood behind her, each with one more horn than the previous one; they asked for water, but the landlady did not have her; the women were angry and wanted to kill her; the hostess said she was going to the spring; a voice from the water explained that the visitors intended to kill her for her sloppiness, and said to put a bucket of water at the door, start running in circles and shouting: "Slieve na MBan mountain is a-fire and all that's in it"; when the hostess did, women ran out to save their children; the hostess, as her voice told her, cleaned the house and locked the door; the women returned and told the hostess to let them back in; then they asked for a kettle and bowlers, a broom, a chair and a basin, but each of them replied that he was in his place and could not let them in; the women turned to the water with which the hostess washed her feet; the water replied that she was outside the door and could not let them in either let in; since then, the landlady has kept her house clean and tidy (Tipperary County)]: 189-196; Germans: Grimm 2019 (2) [ladybug children's song: "Marienkäferchen flieg aus! /dein häuschen brennt, /dein mütterchen flennt, /dein väterchen sitzt auf der schwelle; /flieg im himmel aus der hölle!" (Maria bug, fly away! /your house is burning, /your mom is crying, /your daddy is sitting on the doorstep;/Fly to heaven from hell!)] : 149; Eckenstein 1906 [addressing the ladybug, they sing: "Himmelsküchlein, flieg aus! /Dein Haus brennt, /Deine kinder weinen alle miteinander" (Saxony); "Herrgotspferdchen, fliege weg, /Dein Hauschen brennt, dein Kähnchen schwimmt, /Deine Kinder schreien nach Butterbrod;/ Herrgotspferdchen, fliege weg" (Danzig)]: 95, 102; Wehrhan 1909 [addressing the crow, they sing: "Rab, Rab, dein Haus brennt an, /Deine Kinder shreien alle z'samm'n/Dein Weib sitzt uf'm Herd/Und shreien reit wie'n alter Bär"; addressing the ladybug: "Marienkäferchen flieg! /Dein Häuschen brennt, /Dein Mütterchen flennt, /Dein Vater sitzt auf der Schwelle, /Flieg' in'n Himmel aus der Hölle"]: 23, 153.

The Balkans. Romanians [the following formulas are used to expel the "Mistress of the Bottom" from the house: Run to the Garalee Slope because there is a big fire (Marzoli's children were there), Joimerica's houses are burning, houses are burning The mistresses of the bottom of the Gargout Mountains burn in flames at the houses of St. On Fridays, on the hill on Ardyalsky, the houses of St. Martha, the house of the Mistress of the Bottom on Galarea Hill is burning, the Kanagali Mountains are burning, /At the top of the hill, /Hill of Galilee, /A very large fire is burning/Flaming to the sun]: Sudnik, Tsivyan 1980: 250-251; (cf. Bulgarians (Plovdiv District) [in order to get rid of St. Wednesdays, we have to leave the house and say: Hey, I'm kv e pisuk, kv e vryakot in the city! to which St. Wednesday answers: Her, those wash Uncle sa Tamka, those are cast into the fire; when St. Wednesday is leaving, we must fill the fire with water]: Sudnik, Tsivyan 1980:248).

Central Europe. Luzhitsans: Valentsova 2019 [sly ńč ko, sly ńč ko, letkaj domkoj, twoja budka s e pali, twoje ź i ź etka plaku "ladybug, fly home, yours the house is on fire, your children are burning"; S ł u ń cko, s ł u ń cko, l ěš kaj domoj. Twoja budka se pali. ź i ś etka su ognju! "Sunshine, sunshine, go home. Your house is on fire. Kids are on fire!"] : 58; Toporov 1981 [a number of folklore texts (in particular children's texts) are built on the principle: ladybug, fly home, your house is on fire, your children are burning]: 283; the Czechs [addressing the ladybug, say: "Sluničko boži! tvůj domek hoři, dej pozor, at' ti neshoři"]: Afanasiev 1994 (3): 298; Western Ukrainians [among verbal apotropees in Slavic demonology, the formula in which a female mythological character is told that his house (children) is on fire, children are crying; the two components of the formula (a burning house and crying children) may also appear separately from each other; more some of the data relate to the Eastern Carpathians region, where the motive is most often in connection with the ban on women's domestic work: spinning, weaving, washing, salting; examples of formulas: Sava-Barbara, Barbarian the mountains are burning! - Varvara immediately left, saying: "Oh my God, that my children are burning!" (Eastern Slovakia, in Ukrainian, there are similar texts about Sereda); Hury, le š i horia, i Lucovo dzeci pohoria! "The mountains, the forests are burning, and Lucia's children will burn!" - why did Luca run away (Budkovice in Zemplin, Slovak); to protect herself from a hawk carrying chickens, they shouted: Gay, Astrakhan's hut burn! - but, and the astreb is still ishol get to the poserati house, the same ts i prauda (Ruski Grabovets, Sobrance district; Rusin.); Cool, twist, bi-biy geliso, yastrabov's hut to burn! (Ublya, Snina County; Rusin.)]: Valentsova 2019:57-58; Western Ukrainians [Paraskeva Friday monitors compliance with Friday bans; is for a woman who was angry with her underwear on Friday , threatening to cook it in the same way as she boiled her laundry; the woman escapes, exclaiming: "Oh, Friday, the mountain is burning!" , after which Friday runs away shouting: "That's my child!" (Yes, my kids will burn down there!)] : Levkievskaya, Tolstaya 2004:632; Russians (Arkhangelskaya, Pinezhsky district) [when loons are flying: "Loon, Loon, /Turn back, /Your children are burning, /On Matigory (in Kholmogorsky Uyezd), /They burn Resin/You will be burned"]: Efimenko 1878, No. 55:252; (cf. Russians (Karelian Pomorie) [a hunter peasant put a snare for the happiness of his 12-year-old son; a firebird fell into him; the peasant took it to the tsar, who gave money and a stone house; put the bird in a cage, sent invitations to look at the curiosity; Tsarevich Ivan played and saw it; the bird asks to steal the mother's key and release it; the bird flew out and returned 6 hours later; she has to sit for another three days; then after 8 hours to three more days, only then would he be able to rise high enough to fly to his kingdom; did not return again, I. quietly returned the key to his mother; the kings gathered decided that the royal family cannot be executed, but must be expelled; the king gave a thin horse and a footman, he is also Ivan; water must be obtained; the servant says that if he goes down to the well, the prince will not be able to pull him out; he went down prince; I.-footman forced the prince to change clothes and status, only then pulled it out; in another kingdom, I.-footman proposes to send the real I.-Tsarevich to herd the chickens; no chickens, they gave three years to herd 300 hares, they will be punished for the loss; each pasture is a year; the hares immediately scattered; a firebird appeared, ordered not to worry, carried it to itself; the bird became king: he fought against another kingdom, fell into a snare; 11 I. lives with the elder sister of the firebird king for months, she gives a bakery tablecloth; the tsar himself gives an accordion: if you start playing, the hares will gather; I.-Tsarevich returned, unfolded the bread pickle at home, played on accordion, the princess came, sat for a long time; after that, the accordion does not work, I. cannot collect hares, the firebird brings home again; the middle sister gives a lash to collect hares; the princess comes, I. She tells her everything, she gives her a ring; after that, the lash has lost its strength, the firebird brings it to her younger sister; she would like to marry I., but he refuses; she gives special clothes; the firebird: when If you come back, snakes will come out of the lake to demand a person to be eaten every day; I. will easily defeat the 6-headed and 9-headed, the 12-headed will cut off 10 heads, and two in no way; you need to shout when the sun rises : look, your house is on fire! he will look around, heads will be cut off; gives the horn to gather hares; under the stone there is a horse and a kladenets sword; princess at home: do whatever you want with me, I agree to anything; lived with him for two whole days; servants: I was alone princesses; a serpent appeared, the king promises a daughter and half the kingdom for the victory over him; I. drank bottles from the firebird, there was a lot of strength, took out a horse and a kladenets sword; the imaginary I.-Tsarevich bought tongues from 6 heads, for this allowed me to cut off my toe and hand; the same after killing a 9-headed snake: cut off the belt from the back on your finger; when the 12-headed one has been fighting for two days; your house is on fire! falling, the serpent scratched I.'s right arm and leg; the princess bandaged her; took another belt from the imaginary prince; at the wedding, the princess orders that all servants, including the hare shepherd, should be present; he sleeps, because blood drips under the bandages; I.-Tsarevich came, brought his fingers and belts from the deceiver's back; hit him, the place was wet; inherited the throne; lived to a very old age]: Nechaev 1938:11-38); Russians (Novgorod): Vlasova, Zhekulina 2006, No. 73 ["Hawk, hawk with a wheel/Rolled under the bottom! /Your children are burning,/They are dipping oil,/They don't wait for you!"] ; № 74 ["Hawk, hawk, wheel! /Your kids are under the woods,/The chickens are outside,/The rooster is in the yard! /Your nest is burning!"] : 129; Russians (Moscow) [the old man weaved bast shoes, sold it; 12 brothers are dragging a mare; the old man gave for her what he took for bast shoes; the mare has a pearl tail, a golden mane; tells me to sit on it, but not cling to the clouds with his head; at home, the mare immediately necklaced and gave birth to a foal; the landowner bought it for 500 rubles; the mare to the old man: he forgot about me; he fed her, she flew to the steppe and gave birth to Ivan- Kobylin's son (IK); he went to rescue the princess, she was carried away by a 12-headed serpent; met and accompanied Gorynya and Dubynya; they were afraid to go down to the snake kennel, IK descended; the princess's serpent was on her knees, she looking for lice in his heads; tells him to change power with impotence; the serpent drank impotence; they fight with sabers; IK: Serpent, look around, your kingdom is burning" the serpent looked around, IK cut down all heads; the princess gave their ring; the companions picked it up; IR tied the stone, they cut off the rope, believing that they were raising the IR; 12 cabbage rolls promised to bring IR to the ground, told them to prepare water and meat; the last portion was not enough, he cut off the eggs from his right leg, divided it into 12 parts, gave it to cabbage rolls; on the ground, the birds coughed up pieces, put it back; the mare's mother came running, hit the stone, the crows began to peck at it; IR grabbed the crow, ordered the crow to bring alive and dead water, revived his mother; dressed as a beggar, he came to the princess's wedding with Dubynya; the bride recognized her ring; Dubynya was opened across the field, IK received the kingdom]: Vedernikova, Samodelova 1998, No. 23:58-61; Russians (Orlovskaya) [the girl was spinning late on Tuesday; decided to go to bed at night; put down her comb, did not cross herself and said: "Well, Mother Sereda, help me, so that I can get up early tomorrow and be tidy"; when I woke up, I saw an elderly woman walking around the hut; this woman said: "I'm Sereda, after all, you called Sereda. So I spun the canvases for you and weaved them, and now let's whiten them, put them in the stove. The stove is flooded, and the cast iron is ready, and you go to the river, bring water"; the girl took a bucket, went to get water; came to her old neighbor, told me about the guest; the old woman said: "Knock with buckets and and shout in front of the hut: "Seredinsky's children burned at sea!" She will jump out of the hut, look, try to jump into the hut before her, lock the doors and lock her doors. No matter how she threatens, ask, do not let her in, but baptize her with chalk and hands and pray"; the girl did so; S. ran out, then began to ask her back; the girl did not let her in; when the roosters sang, S. screamed and disappeared; the girl left the canvases]: Khudyakov 1964, No. 112:237-238.

Baltoscandia. Lithuanians: Kerbelite 2001 [a woman says that on the eastern (western) side you can hear someone beating and crying (she says the sky is falling /the hut has caught fire) - laume run out of the hut]: 205; Mikhailov, Tsivyan 2009 ["Boruzhele {ladybug}, fly, fly./Your house is burning, /Your kids are screaming"]: 569; Sudnik, Tsivyan 1980 [words that help get rid of Laume who came to the house: "Sky burning, burning, crying in the sky!"] : 265.

Volga - Perm. Mordva (moksha): Tarakina 1978, No. 217 (no place of recording) ["Kshu! The kite's nest is burning,/Roganov {his own name} is guarding the cows!"] ; № 218 (Mordovia, Krasnoslobodsky district) ["Kshu, Kshu, Kite! /Arganov {own name} herds cows in the forest./ And your house is on fire!"] ; No. 219 (Penza, Poimsky District) ["Kshu, Kite, your nest is burning! /The chicks will be lost"]: 111.

Western Siberia. Northern Mansi: Baulo, Golubkova 2020 [1) daughter-in-law spun tendon threads at night against warnings; when everyone was asleep, a tendon spinner with a silver bowl came to her in hands on which the dog's throat tendons were placed; sat down next to her, suggested: "Let's work on a bet to see which of the two of us will do the job first, take this silver bowl! If mine is filled first, I will take your life away"; my daughter-in-law brought her dried fish, then went out, took an empty bag, ran downstream to that spinner's house, set fire to the bag and threw it on roof; when she came back, she said: "My aunt, my aunt, your hut is on fire!" ; the spinner jumped up and ran; the daughter-in-law threw the dog's throat tendons into the yard, washed the silver dish with water, put it on the shelf, put out the fire, greased her face, and squeezed her face between her father-in-law and mother-in-law, went to bed; after a while the spinner returned; searched everything around her, went to the woman, touched her face, then pinched her; she did not move; the spinner continued to look for her, came up again and pinched; the daughter-in-law did not move again; the spinner said: "God has saved you now, you seem to be more cunning than me"; crying, she left the house; in the morning my daughter-in-law showed a silver bowl for the family (Verkhnyaya Lozva, recorded by A. Cannisto); 2) the girl, despite the fact that the old women scolded her, knocked reindeer threads in the evening; Tan Warp Eque came to her, brought dog tendons on a silver tray and offered to knock her threads; she began knock; the girl left the house, ran into the woods to TVE's hut and lit a bunch of chips there; when she came back, she said, "Ekva, the kids probably played and set fire to your house"; TVE ran away; the girl threw out the dog's tendons, and put the tray under a sacred chest with the patron spirit; smeared her face with fish oil and went to bed; TVE, who returned, began to feel the faces of the sleepers to find the girl; whoever was sweaty more I fell asleep early; feeling the girl's face, I decided: "It's not her, this girl is sleeping, she's sweaty!" ; as a result, I never found it; the dish is still kept in the village (Lombovozh, Sergei Rudenko's recording)]: 123-124; Kumaeva 2015, No. 4 (Berezovsky district) [Tanwarp equa lived on a hill; relatives say to the young woman: not strands (at night) of tendon thread; she spins; hears the dog's screeching; T. comes in, puts a silver bowl, puts the tendon from the dog's back in it, offers to spin; woman: eat first; while T. eats, she ran to the hill, set fire to T.'s house, said that her children set fire to her house; T. ran away; at this time, the woman hid the bowl, threw out her tendon, put fish oil on fire, went to bed; T. came back, tickles sleeping, when he or she laughs and eats; thought that the woman was sweating, which means she had been sleeping for a long time; in the morning the woman went to fetch water on foot; T. rolled down the hill to her, she ran over her on foot; after her children burned down, T. did not come again]: 55-59; Lukina, Ryndina 1987 (Lombovozh, 1935, recorded by V.N. Chernetsov) [Tan varup equa came to a woman who was sleeping in the evening, when everyone was sleeping, was engaged in narrowing tendon threads; TVE sat down with her, holding tendons torn out of the dog's back in her hand and said, "Come on, who would rather sleep, if you eat me, if I eat you, I'll eat you"; started work; woman sees that TVE's tendons are coming to an end, and half of her tendons are not done; said she would bring food; ran to Us-Sahl, lit an old birch bark kossum there, ran home, said: "Go quickly, city yours is burning, the flame is still on fire, your children will burn"; TVE threw down the silver cup and ran; the woman greased her face and put the cup where Panling Oika was; TVE returned and felt the sleepers; Everyone's faces were wet; TVE tickled her heels; the woman endured it; TVE went to the PO; he either moved or said something to her; TVE bounced to the door; then the situation repeated, TVE left]: 199-200; Soldatova 2008, No. 6 (Berezovsky district) [the bride was brought, everyone lay down, and she is making bear veins; Tan-Wap-Ekva comes: whoever finishes work faster will remain alive; the young one sees that TVE works fast; goes out, sets fire to a birch tree, tells TVE that her house is on fire; she runs away, the woman has time to finish; smears the faces of sleeping people with fat; TVE feels them in the dark, thinks they are sweaty and, therefore, for a long time they sleep, can't find the one they wanted to kill]: 114; northern Khanty: Baulo, Golubkova 2020 (Shuryshkarsky district) ["It was impossible to work with tendons at night. My mother scolded us and said: sew the material better. Lon-Wair-imi - her mother told a fairy tale about her. Everyone fell asleep, but the woman can't stop, everything works. Then LVI came with a cup, and they began to compete to see who was faster. The woman says, "Sit down, I'll go out." I went to the LVI cave and burned it. "Go," he says, "your cave is burning. Give me a plate for now." I put it in a sacred corner. LVIE is back: "Give me the plate, you won't give it back, I'll eat you someday anyway." Probably wanted to eat a man and drink blood from the cup"]: 126; Lekhtisalo 1998 (Upper Kazim) [daughter-in-law, when the family went to bed, continued to make threads from her tendons; a stranger woman entered the hut; She has a tendon on the dog's back in one hand and a copper bowl in the other; she suggested, "Let's make tendon threads for the competition. If you fall behind, I'll bleed you into the cup, otherwise you'll bleed me and drink it!" ; began to make threads much faster than her daughter-in-law; she said that she forgot to give her a treat and would bring fish oil from the barn; took fire, went out and lit a large pile of chips; when she came in, she said, "Your home seems it burns"; the woman replied: "The children are alone at home and do not protect the fire well"; jumped out and disappeared underground; the daughter-in-law put the bowl under the kehe woman, smeared her sleeping and herself with fish oil, and put out the fire and went to bed; the woman came back and said, "She lied that my house was on fire. She lit a bunch of chips herself. She hid the cup under the kehe woman, but where did she go?" ; began to feel the faces of the sleepers; decided that since they were all sweaty, they slept for a long time; said that kehe would not give her the cup]: 79-80.

(Wed. Japan. Ainu [the deceiver climbed a pine tree and smeared the branches with chewed rice as if it were bird droppings; told the rich man that there was a peacock's nest on the pine tree; the rich asked the deceiver to climb himself, for he he did not know how to climb trees; he climbed a pine tree and said he saw the rich man's house burning; he rushed home, but the house was intact; the rich told the servants to roll the deceiver into mats and drown him; the rivers say that he still has treasures at home - let them take it and then drown it; at that time a blind man came up; the deceiver said that he was tied up to cure blindness, and now he saw the light; blind untied the deceiver and took his place; drowned; wearing the rich clothes of the blind man, the deceiver said he had received it from the goddess at the bottom of the river; she set it all up to marry him; but the village elder It is more worthy to be her husband; he tells him to tie himself up and throw himself into the river; and the deceiver became an elder and settled in his house]: Chamberlaine 1888, No. 42:.)

The coast is the Plateau. Vishram [the old cannibal Tuh -Tuh -Nah puts two boys in the basket, carries them to her cave; by the river they scream that her children are burning; she throws the basket, runs home; they they put stones in the basket; the old man stretches his leg like a bridge, the boys cross to the other side; the cannibal follows, steps on the old man's knee, he throws it into the water; downstream she grabs an old fisherman, comes ashore; Coyote sees her and is frightened; (text is cut off)]: Hines 1998, No. 42:175-177; Western sachaptines [a woman asks her children to give her water, they don't give it, she turns into a bird and flies away; her husband Luke scolds the children, leaves; her sister and little brother go to their relative boat maker; they are noticed by the owl cannibal; they turn into worms, the Owl puts them in her bag; they they shout that his children are on fire; he leaves his bag, runs to check; the children run to the river, ask the boat manufacturer to transport them; he stretches his leg like a bridge; Owl replies that he ate the children; sends Cancer , Oyster, Butterfly to carry the Owl in a boat; Cancer tells Owl to tie balance stones, breaks the boat, drowns the Owl]: Farrand, Mayer 1917, No. 14:176-177; ne perse [woman asks for son and daughter to give her water, they are in no hurry; she attaches feathers to her hands, turns into a crow, flies away; their father becomes an old flintlock gun; the children go to their grandfather; envious of the Owl, they turn into two worms; An owl puts them in a bag; they scream that her house is on fire; an owl runs to her children, a boy and a girl run away; a grandfather stretches a leg for them across the river, hides it under the boat; Butterfly, Cancer, Oyster, Salmon, The swallow makes a boat out of parsnip, advises Owl to tie stones to her neck; The owl sinks]: Spinden 1917, No. 13:192-193.