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Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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L15d1. The imaginary receptacle of the soul .17.23.27.-.32.

When a character tries to find out where his soul is (death), he first gives the wrong answer, and the questioner usually begins to pay attention to the corresponding one locus or object.

Arabs of Syria, Iraq, northern India (Hindi), Maria, Santals, Greeks, Albanians, Serbs, Bosnians, Romanians, Moldovans, Gagauz people, Russians (Terek coast, Arkhangelsk, Vologda), Belarusians, Kabardian people, Adygs, Balkarians, Ossetians, Ingush, Nogais, Avars, Georgians, Megrelians, Azerbaijanis, Turks, Kurds, Persians, Estonians, Karelians, Norwegians, Udmurts, Chuvash, Kazan Tatars, Bashkirs.

Western Asia. Syrian Arabs [Prince Hassan grew up, asked his father to go on a journey, he gives him a sword; at rest, a horseman drove up to H. and offered to fight; H. offered to eat first; then more two; one has an all-seeing mirror, the other has a flying carpet, the third can be underwater for a long time; H. says they shared bread and salt and can't fight now; they come to a city where the sun is not you can see: in the sea, a whale swallows it at sunrise; H. kills a whale with his sword, gets a princess, but gives it to his brother, who has a mirror; in the next city, the ghoul closes the water, gives it in exchange for the girls, a queue princesses; H. kills the gulya, gives the princess to her sister with a plane carpet; H. saw two men unsuccessfully trying to break the column with swords; they explained that the king of China hid his daughter from the king to her Persia; whoever breaks the column will become the princess's husband; H. easily breaks the column, gets the princess, leaves her to live in a fortress on the island, she lowers the stairs to him when he comes; the king of Persia commands to dig an underground passage, sends an old woman, she stays with his wife H., persuades her to find out what her husband's soul is; in a broom (the wife adorns the broom, the old woman does not believe); in the window frame (the same); H. admits that his life in a sword, which he puts between himself and his wife at night; an old woman grabs a sword at night, throws it into the sea, H. loses consciousness, the old woman calls the warriors, they bring his wife X. to the Persian king; if in two the sword cannot be returned for weeks, H. will die; his brother with a mirror saw everything, the other provided a flying carpet, the third took a sword out of the sea; H., who came to life, made his way to Persia through the same underground passage; agreed with an old woman, she gave her wife a letter; the wife put sleeping pills in wine to the Persian king; H. sneaked in quietly, killed the king, put on his clothes, and in the morning said that he was younger after his wedding night from Chinese princess; later admitted what was wrong, but remained king]: Kuhr 1993:18-31; Iraqi Arabs: Stevens 2006, No. 8:30-35:30-35; Yaremenko 1990, No. 15 (southern Iraq) [the Sultan has a son Hamdan from his unloved wife, two sons from his beloved; the sultan is blind, he will be cured by the leaves of the Sindh tree from Sindh; the eldest son reaches the island, the old man invites him to the palace, gives wine, calls two girls; when the young man is drunk, the old man left naked against the city wall, he was hired; the same with his middle brother; H. only pretends to drink; the old man falls asleep; the girls explain that it is the monster that kidnapped them, H. kills him; in Sindh he recruits leaves; on a tree he sees a sleeping beauty, changes rings with her; taking those two girls, finds brothers; they let him down into the well to collect water, throw him there; but first H. stamps them with a ring that beauty; caravans raise H.; at home he changes clothes with a shepherd; at the wedding of his brothers and girls, the Sultan (he saw the light from the leaves) offers to tell a fairy tale; H. tells his story shows the stigma, the sultan promises him a throne; a big man turns into an eagle, takes H.; that beauty is the sister of three eagles; the elder eagle forgives X. for the stolen ring, prepares his sister's wedding eagles and H.; H. leave the keys, do not tell me to open one room; he opens a pile of meat tied there; he hits her, she turns into a huge eagle, takes the bride X.; H. asks the eagles to take him to kidnapper's palace; asks the bride to ask the kidnapper where his soul is; in a brush; they burn it; the kidnapper returns, the bride explains that she wanted to drain his soul with hers; in a bottle in her hoof lame gazelles on the island; H. kills the gazelle; holds the bottle, forces the kidnapper to take him and the bride first to the eagles, then to the Sultan father, where he breaks the bottle; wedding and accession; H. forgives the brothers, marries those girls]: 81-93; the Arabs of Iraq (southern Iraq) [the Sultan has a son Hamdan from his unloved wife, two sons from his beloved; the sultan is blind, he will be cured by the leaves of the Sindh tree from Sindh; the eldest son reaches islands, the old man invites him to the palace, gives him wine, calls two girls; when the young man got drunk, the old man left him naked against the city wall, he hired a job; the same with his middle brother; H. only pretends that drinks; the old man falls asleep; the girls explain that it is the monster that kidnapped them, H. kills him; picks up leaves in Sindh; sees a sleeping beauty in a tree, changes rings with her; taking those two girls, finds brothers; they let him down the well to get water, throw him there; but first H. stamps them with that beauty's ring; the caravans raise H.; at home he changes clothes with the shepherd; at home he changes clothes with the shepherd; at the wedding of the brothers with With girls, the sultan (he saw the light from the leaves) offers to tell a fairy tale; H. tells his story, shows the stigma, the sultan promises him a throne; some big man turns into an eagle, takes H.; that the beautiful is the sister of three eagles; the elder eagle forgives H. for the stolen ring, the sisters of eagles and H. are preparing the wedding; H. leaves the keys, not telling him to open one room; he opens a pile of meat tied there; he beats her, she turns into a huge eagle, takes the bride H.; H. asks the eagles to take him to the kidnapper's palace; asks the bride to ask the kidnapper where his soul is; in a brush; they burn her; the kidnapper returns, the bride explains that she wanted to drain his soul with hers; in a bottle in the hoof a lame gazelle on the island; H. kills the gazelle; they hold the bottle, force the kidnapper to deliver him and the bride first to eagles, then to his Sultan father, breaks a bottle there; wedding and accession; H. forgives brothers, marries those girls]: Yaremenko 1990, No. 15:81-93.

South Asia. North India (Hindi): Crooke 1892-1893, No. 501 [the king has seven sons; he died, the elder reigns; the youngest has a gold-haired rani; the yogi came to beg; refuses to take it from his servant, then from the princes and the king, agrees to take her from the younger wound; turns her into a dog, then into a rider, takes her to him; when she leaves, he separates the body from the head; the head is under the ceiling, the body sleeps on the bed; the king with brothers come in the absence of yoga; the old woman turns them into flies; the yogi comes back, smells the person; leaves again; the old woman helps to connect the body and head of the rani, they run, but the yogi makes them come back and He kills everyone, but Rani remains the same; the wife of one of the brothers gave birth to a son; the other boys laugh: he has neither a father nor an uncle; the mother talks about everything; he comes to an old woman, she connects Rani's body and head; the young man tells Rani to find out what yoga's life is; first the yogi replies that his life is on fire, then gives other answers; finally he says that there are 7 seas in the forest, guarded by a couple of tigers and 900 witches; there is a sandalwood in the forest, with a golden cage with a diamond parrot on it; the young man called tigers and witches uncles and aunts, they missed it; he explained that the yogi sent him for a parrot and they gave it to him; the young man tore off the parrot's legs, the yoga's legs immediately came off; ordered his father, uncle and everyone else to be revived; the yogi revived, then the young man killed the parrot; connected the aunt's body and head; everything is fine]: 135-136; buffalorns Maria [seven brothers go to look for wives, the elder finds them, we just have to wait for them; they return without getting married; the monkey says that Ghasia (the caste of tinkers) killed his older brother and took his wife away; the brothers revive the victim with a potion received from the Bear; promise the Monkey a wife for his help; he finds G.'s house, tells the woman to know where his soul is; he lies twice (brothers kill fish and crab in vain); when a crane is killed, G. dies; instead of a wife, the Monkey is given money to buy her among the monkeys; they drive it away; the monkey begs for money from the brothers, they kill him]: Elwin 1944, No. 1.9:36-38; Santals [seven brothers live in the forest; the Bonga girl secretly cooks, leaves seven servings; the first time only the younger brother risks eating (eats all seven servings), the second time the youngest and the next, then three; On the fourth day, the elder brother guards, does not notice the girl; the brothers guard by seniority, only the youngest sees her; timidly agrees to marry; she gets wives and his brothers; gives birth to a boy; hermit Jhades asks for her cord to tie his hair; leaves, she follows him, leaving her child and husband behind; seven brothers catch up with them, J. turns them into stones; the boy grows up, others call him faultless ; aunts tell him the truth, he goes to J. country; asks for the way from various shepherds, from Yuyphus Jujuba Lam., the squirrel gives the last instruction; a grateful young man leads with her fingers over her body, leaving stripes; in the garden J., an old woman makes flower garlands for the new queen; the young man hides the ring left by his mother in a garland, she recognizes him; the son tells his mother to find out where J.'s soul is; J. replies that in two types of pumpkins; a young man cuts a vine to no avail; in a sword (burning manure on a heap is the same); in two cranes on a poplar in the middle of the sea; a young man passes three women, one has a bench stuck to another straw for his hair, to the third a rice powder mortar; the young man promises to find out how to free themselves; a crocodile with a bloated stomach transports him across the sea to the poplar for a promise to find out how to recover; the cranes say that the first woman should invite the traveler to sit down (she did not do this), the second to clean others' hair from the trash, the third allow the poor to grind rice in her mortar; the young man broke the cranes wings and legs, J.'s limbs also broke; the crocodile moved back, his stomach was opal; in J.'s house, the young man twisted the cranes's necks; freed his mother; carried the heads of the cranes, J.'s head was rolling, fell into the blacksmith horn when the young man threw crane heads there; revived his father and uncle]: Bodding 1929, No. 72:47-81.

The Balkans. Greeks (Lesbos) [a woman has a son and daughter, a daughter gives birth to a girl; at night a monster devours cattle; a young man shoots his little finger, in the morning a baby girl cries, her little finger is torn off; the young man demands from the sister to kill the monster, she refuses; he takes the mother, leaves; they stop in the cannibal's cave; he agrees with the young man's mother to kill him; the mother pretends to be sick, asks to bring her 1) cannibal milk, 2) the melon of life, 3) the water of life; each time the fairy helps to get what she is looking for, replaces horse urine, plain melon, plain water; the sister asks what her brother's life is like; he answers what's in the broom, in the joint (she adorns them); in the golden hair on his head; she pulls out her hair, she and the cannibal eat the young man; the fairy sends two young doe cubs brought in (they are described as dogs) bring all the bones eaten; first the little finger is missing, then it is found; revives with milk, melon, water of immortality; the young man kills the cannibal and mother; comes to his sister, she ate everyone, tells him to ring in the bell while the water is boiling; the mouse rings instead, it runs away; climbs three trees that grew from the nuts given by the fairy; the deer cubs come running, eating the monster; the young man marries a fairy]: Paton 1900, No. 12: 340-344; Serbs [a dragon in the form of a hare lures, swallows an older, middle brother; the youngest asks the old captive woman living with the dragon to know what his strength is; she kisses a stove, a tree, then The dragon says that his strength lies in the sparrow, that in the dove, in the hare, in the boar, in the dragon in the lake in the kingdom of far away; the prince is hired to herd sheep on the shore of that lake, fights every day against those who come out of the waters dragon; when a local king sends his daughter to kiss a young man, kills a dragon, dogs, a falcon grab a boar, a hare, a sparrow; before killing a sparrow, the hero learns from him where the prisoners are in the dungeon; frees people from all over the kingdom]: Karadzic 1854, No. 8:65-76 (=Wratislaw 1890, No. 43:223-231, =Dmitriev, Volkonsky 1956:23-29); Bosnians [when a father dies, orders three sons to extradite their three sisters for the first to come for them; the elders do not go to give their sisters to strangers, the younger Mula-Mustafa gives them away; the brothers go to look for them; they spend the night by the lake, the first night they are guarded by the older brother, from the lake a dragon crawls out, a young man cuts off his head, cuts off his ears, throws his head and body into the lake; on the second night, the same middle brother is a double-headed dragon; in the third MM, a three-headed dragon; when he threw his body into the lake, in a wave the fire is flooded; MM sees fire in the distance, comes to the fire of giants; they will give fire if MM kills the sultan in Istanbul; the giant takes MM to the Sultan's chambers, but MM kills the giant himself, takes the ring Sultan, leaves; the awakened sultan orders to find his savior, to arrange inns where to ask visitors about their adventures; three brothers meet in such a courtyard, they say what happened to them, they recognize each other; the Sultan gives his daughter to MM; after leaving, he tells them not to unlock the room where Atesch Perischa; MM unlocks, AP takes his wife (i.e. the Sultan's daughter); MM goes in search; comes to the tower, where the older sister is married to the king of ravens; the raven sends to the middle sister, she sends the dragon king, the youngest to the king of eagles; the king of eagles convenes eagles, only one old sick can deliver MM to AP, but first it must swim in living water, it is between rocks that open once a year; MM feeds the eagle with rams, the eagle has time to rejuvenate before the rocks slam shut; AP arrives on a three-legged horse; in his absence, MM negotiates with his wife to find out what AP's life is like; he says he's in a broom, in a tube, in a mug; MM tells his wife to decorate them every time; AP confesses what is in a three-legged horse; whoever kills a mare coming out of the lake once a year and takes its foal will defeat him; he himself did not kill a mare, but wounded a foal, so he is three-legged; MM killed, took a foal, his wife gave him cow milk, which became a powerful horse; MM killed AP, put his wife on a three-horse, returned with her to the Sultan]: Schütz 1960, No. 4:31-48; Albanians [two twin brothers decide to marry the wife of the giant Vampiri and a woman from overseas; they meet V., who swallowed them, then belched them, brought them to him; they agree with his wife V. that she will find out where V. keeps his life; V.: in garden; in the door; wife covers the garden, the door with a handkerchief; V.: in the mountains in the heart of the bear; the brothers cut off the bear's head, a fox jumped out, a hare in the fox, two doves in the hare, they brought them to V., killed, one married his wife V., both went to pick up his wife for another; they eavesdrop on the hell in the hole telling his son to throw 3 black and 3 white stones into the sea, a bridge will appear; forgets to say "Who will hear, petrified"; they returned with the woman Beauty of the World (Kleine Schöne der Erde); only the eldest went to listen to the devil's conversation with her son again; hell: the bride has 3 snakes in her stomach, they will kill the groom on her wedding night, and whoever hears and tells will become petrified; during the wedding comes to listen again; hell: the bride has already killed 30 suitors; snakes must be killed when they start crawling out; whoever hears and gives will petrify and will go blind; the brother demanded that the groom not go to the bride on the first night, but leave him in the room; kill the serpent; in the morning he told everything, became petrified; a year later, after giving birth to a son, the wife sends her husband to listen trait; hell: if you kill a son, the brother will come to life; the wife killed the baby herself, blood dripped on the statue, the brother comes to life and the baby too]: Lambertz 1952:21-29; Romanians [the king leaves, leaving his son for himself Ionetse, but forbiding to take one key; he violates the ban, enters the room, sees a portrait of a beauty and faints; goes in search; in an empty castle, food is served by itself; a dragon lives there; the girl advises to swap barrels of living and dead water; I. fights the dragon, she drinks dead water, I. kills her; then kills her daughter; gets to Ciudad de Obilă; his slave finds out what is his life; first he says in the door jamb, then in a sword in the basement; I. enters the basement, there are hundreds of prisoners; he kills Ciudă de Obilă, and returns the slave to his friend - this is his wife; defeats hero Kazarkina, who ate everything; frees him for promising to obey him; {many details, not everything is clear}; Kazarkina tells Ionita what she learned from the conversation of pigeons: the father wants to kill him; as the story is told, K. becomes stony; I. kills the father, frees the mother; I.'s wife dreams that if K. sprinkles blood on their baby, she will come to life; they cut off the baby's head, K. her place and the child comes to life]: Bîrlea 1966:433-435; Moldovans [in old age, the royal couple had a son; adviser: old people are getting younger after swimming in Saturday water; the king and the queen came to Saturday water and younger, but the serpent took the queen as payment for her youth; the prince has grown up, extremely strong, the advisers whisper that this one would take the queen from the serpent; the prince asks his father who his mother is; the king: white flower; the prince does not believe, he is ill; promises to recover by drinking water from under the base of the palace; raised the palace and lowered it into the king's arm; he had to tell the truth; the king teaches to ring a bridle at seas; a thin horse came out with his side torn off; jumped so that the rider hit the ninth heaven; on the way to Saturday water he jumped over the abyss; the prince found his mother, tells the snake to ask the snake where his strength is; snake: under table; prince: clean it up; on the doorstep; prince: gild the threshold; snakes: across 9 seas and kingdoms near the milk lake Kabanikha with steel teeth, two rams butting in it, sparks are flying, in sparks a quail with a box in it, three crickets in the box; on the way in the forest, three eagle chicks ask for help: Leia Palea will eat them; a witch flew in, the prince defeated and killed her; the chicks hid the prince in the feather of the younger so that the mother does not swallow it immediately when she arrives; the eagle brings it to the lake, leaves the feather to burn if necessary; the prince killed a wild boar, rams, summoned an eagle, flew to the snake, he is sick; when the prince tore off the head of the second cricket, the serpent agreed to give him the whip of luck; the prince tore off the third's head; the whip of luck brought the prince and his mother home, his father gave him the kingdom]: Botezat 1981:265-275; Gagauz people [the king has 40 sons, 39 want to marry; the youngest of the fortieth Bald takes the last horse left; each time he tells the brothers that the parking lot is dangerous, but they do not listen; the giantess has come, gave wine, 39 fell asleep, Bald secretly followed the woman, who tells her 40 sons to kill those who came; Bald kills them one by one when they leave the house; marries the brothers 39 daughters of the giantess; the same the next night with another giantess; Bald hung her by the chest, negotiates with the beauty; at the third night, the giant closes the door; releases the brothers on the condition that Bald stays with him; tells him get the daughter of a Turkish king; Bald man meets three arguing over an invisible hat and a flying carpet, which is controlled with a whip; Bald shoots: the one who brings the arrow will receive a hat, the other a whip, the last is the carpet; he picks up objects himself and flies away; at night in the princess's bedroom he eats the left food, moves the candlesticks; on the third night, the hat accidentally slept; Bald brings the girl to the giant, telling say that she has 40 days of mourning for her father and telling her to find out the rear {object what the soul is} of the giant; that: a pole; a broom; the girl decorates them every time; then the giant says that there is a lake in the Goose Forest, there are three ducks and a drake, a stone in his stomach, three flies in the stone; The bald man took out flies, killed one, then the second, the third, the giant fell ill and died; the bald man married a girl, and gave away the first one he left for himself married; 39 brothers married 39 daughters of the giantess]: Moshkov 1904, No. 63:113-120.

Central Europe. Russians (Terek Bereg) [the queen gave birth to a son Evryukh, a stukolnik, and the nannies said that it was a calf; the tsar put her in the basement; E. broke through the wall, left his mother with the old woman, went on a journey, met , took two more with him; they came into the house, there were a lot of cattle inside, slaughtered a bull, took turns cooking meat; the old man beats the cook, hangs him by his hair from the ceiling; when E.'s turn, he beat the old man, burned on fire; swans arrived, became girls, began to wash in the bathhouse; the first bro tries to close the door to the bathhouse, he is thrown out; the same with the second; E. holds the door; the girl calls E. the groom, she is Kashchei's daughter , will come by ship in the summer; E. waits, the old woman pierces a pin into his head, he falls asleep; so three times; E. found an old woman, burned it; found a bride; she promises to find out where her father's death is; he replies that in to a broom (gilded a broom); in an egg; she handed the egg to Evryukha, who smashed it on Kashchei's forehead, he died; he and his wife came home, killed the tsar and nannies]: Balashov 1970, No. 145:394-397; Russians (Arkhangelskaya, 1908; Lapin volost, now Karelia, an 18-year-old girl A.S. Filatova, lived as an employee in various villages in Pomerania, composes ditties and songs/"folk poetess"/, illiterate) [The Tsar and the Queen notice that someone steals turnips in their garden at night, sends their sons to watch. The two oldest sons didn't see anyone. The youngest Ivan sat on the fence, "sings songs, counts the stars", sees a man with a hump tearing his turnips, comes up and helps him pick up. The man invites Ivan to his dungeon, Ivan takes his brothers with him. They stay at the entrance, Ivan comes in, beats the man at cards, the man invites Ivan to guess which of the birds is a parrot, a bird, a white swan. Ivan goes out to think on the porch (smoke), the Mukhtotska dog suggests that it is a fly, a mosquito and a louse. The old man gives Mary Tsarevna for Ivan with a large dowry. Ivan's brothers lift Mary in their belts, as soon as they began to lift Ivan, cut off his belts, and he fell into the dungeon. She walks into her grandmother's backyard hut, asks how to get home, she shows the way past Jaitsna Babitsna's hut, warns that she will want to eat Ivan, put it in the oven and advises her to ask show how to sit in the heat properly. He gives Ivan a brush, a comb and a mirror to escape from Jaicna-Babica's chase. Ivan followed his grandmother's advice, put Yaitsna in the oven and ran away. She knocked out the stove flap with her feet and chased Ivan. He throws a comb, a forest grows, Yaytsna gnaws through it, throws a brush - a mountain appears, it gnaws through it, throws a mirror - a river of fire appears, it rushes into the river and burns down. Ivan comes to his city, goes to his grandmother's house, who says that Maria-Tsarevna visits her. The grandmother puts Ivan in the closet and asks where her longing is, the princess replies: "The ram has a horn", the grandmother has gilded her horn. She put it on the table, then Marya said that her longing was in the lake, in the stone-chest-duck-egg, in it, and longing in it. Grandma and Ivan caught a stone and took out an egg. Ivan drops it and can't find it, the hare brings the egg. My grandmother put Ivan in the closet, made scrambled eggs out of eggs, and treated Mary to her. Marya's longing passed, Ivan came out of the closet, they told the truth to the tsar, expelled the brothers from the kingdom and got married]: Tseitlin 1911, No. 10:5-7 (=Azadovsky 1947, No. 15:102-105); Russians (Arkhangelskaya) [ the tsar shakes his newborn son Ivan; if you grow up, I will marry you Beloved Beauty, three mothers, a daughter, three grandmothers, a granddaughter, nine brothers, a sister; after 9 days I. wakes up as an adult, goes to look for NK; the old man teaches you to choose a horse among the 30 that the king has in the stable (it will stir up the sea); the horse brings the hut where the old woman has a copper ring on the door; she sends it to the older sister with a silver ring; she sends it to the eldest sister (golden ring); this old woman convenes fish, reptiles, birds; only the Mogol bird knows: she "shook" the GK by lunchtime; carries I., he feeds and waters her, cuts off the last pieces from her calves; in the meadow, the bird regurgitated them, put it back; I. meets NC in the church; 6; 12; 24 heroic suitors sail on ships, speak contemptuously of I.; he waved his hand - the street became, waved the other - cleanly and smoothly around; I. guards NK's sleep, and when he lies down himself, Koschey the Immortal (KB) took her away; I. comes to NK, teaches her to find out where the death of KB is; KB: in a broom; I. gilded the broom; you are an oak tree; I. also gilded it; KB: in an egg, in a duck, in cocoore, coconut swims in the sea; I. spared the hawk, bear, pike; the sea carried the cocoor ashore, the bear broke it, the hawk caught up with the duck, the pike brought the egg that fell into the sea; I. crushed the egg, the KB died; the kings did not Brew beer, no wine; didn't get hit by the mustache]: Afanasiev 1958 (1), No. 157:362-369; Russians (Vologodskaya; from Afanasyev's collection, p. 84) [nannies cannot calm down newborn Ivan Tsarevich; the tsar himself shakes, promises to marry him Beloved Beauty - three mothers a daughter, three grandmothers, a granddaughter, nine brothers to his sister; so three times; on the ninth day after birth, the prince gets up and goes for the promised NC; old man: your father has 30 horses; they told the grooms to drink them in the sea; which horse will move forward, raise the waves to the sea, take it; the chosen horse tells them to lie down, he shoves; shoved twice, the third time not became - such a force that he would not hold the earth; I. comes to the old woman, she sends her to her older sister, she sends her to the oldest; she called fish and reptiles, then animals, birds; only the Mogol bird knows where she lives NG; ready to carry it, but I need a supply of meat and water; there was not enough meat, I. cut off a piece from the calves of both legs; when she reached, M. regurgitated and stuck back; I. spent the night with his grandmother's backyard; she hardly woke him up, he got up, beat the heroes who came to marry NK; so three times; I. took NK to his kingdom; when he fell asleep for 9 days, Koschey the Immortal took NK away; I. came when he was not, taught NK to find out from Koshchei what he was wearing death; he replies that in a broom; in an oak tree; NC gilded a broom; tyn; Koschey admitted that in an egg, an egg in a duck, a duck in a cocore (the bottom of a conifer with roots), a coconut swims in the sea; on the way I. began to kill a hawk, a bear, a pike; the sea threw the cocoor ashore, the bear broke it, the hawk caught up with the duck, the pike picked up an egg; I. put the egg from hand to hand, and then crushed it, Koschey died; wedding; and I was here, I drank honey wine, it flowed down my mustache, it wasn't in my mouth]: Burtsev 1895, No. 41:177-195; Russians (the place of recording is not specified) [the little prince is promised nannies to marry Vasilisa Kirbityevna (V.); he grows up, goes for his wife; the debtor is beaten on the square, whoever buys it, Koschey the Immortal (K.) will take his wife; Ivan Tsarevich (I.) buys him, this is Bulat well done (B.); B. leads V. for I., twice returns, chasing; at night, K. kidnaps V.; I. throws his ring into the milk with which V. washes, asks them to know where K.'s death is; he first replies that he is in a broom, in a goat (V. decorates them ); on the island there is an oak tree, a chest under the oak, a hare in it, a duck in a hare, an egg in a duck, there is the death of K.; I. spares the dog, the eagle, the cancer, they grab a hare, a duck, an egg, K. dies; B. hears the conversation of 12 cabbage rolls, turned into girls; dog, horse, cow I. will attack him, kill him; whoever tells him will petrify; B. kills animals, I. tells him to be executed, he says, stones; two years later, a voice made of stone asks I. to slaughter his son and daughter; their blood makes B. come to life, children also come to life]: Afanasiev 1958, No. 158:369-375; Belarusians (d. Petrashi, cr. Eph. Grigoriev) [The Tsar lived with his son. The son got married, his son was born, and he died. The grandfather and grandson are left. My grandson became 7-8 years old and his grandfather sent him to school. The grandson studied and studied and began to teach the principal. The director says to his grandfather that his grandson goes to Jewish women at night. The director let merchant sons who studied at the same school take on his grandson. They surrounded him, and he was in them with clods of earth, and whoever he falls into is in the spirit. My grandfather decided to send his grandson to the immortal king. I wrote him a letter and sealed it. The grandson needs a mace with him. They make him one out of 100 pounds of iron. He is so small, says his grandson. My grandfather threw another 100 pounds of iron - they made a mace of two hundred pounds. The boy threw it, drank tea, the mace flew back and split against his knee. Another 50 pounds are added - the grandson throws a mace, which comes back and only bends against his knee. The grandson thanks his grandfather, takes the letter, the mace and leaves. Comes to the sea. It hits the sea with a mace, passes through it. He appears to the immortal king. The king prints out a letter and it says to kill his grandson. The king feels sorry for the boy. He writes a letter to his grandfather. And at the very walls, caps hang 500 pounds each. He gives his grandson such a hat - "a hotel to his grandfather", thinks that his grandson will not carry such a burden. And the grandson puts it on his head, takes the letter and goes back. The sea hits again, where it hits it is dry. He comes to his grandfather − "Grandpa, the immortal king sent you a gift!" − puts a hat on his grandfather's head, he is crushed and dies. The grandson was afraid that his grandfather had ruined, took a mace and went home. He goes, meets a man with white peas in his box. "Pea, throw peas - let's go around the world." He throws that peas, they go together. They come to the pond. They meet Barbel there. They're trying to persuade him to abandon his pond. He quits, the three of us go. They're coming to town. There is no one there - everyone was eaten by the immortal king. They see that the bathhouse is being heated. We were ready to see who would wash in that bathhouse. Three swallows arrive. They took off their dresses, turned into girls and went to the bathhouse. The grandson asks Gorokhovik to lock the doors in the bathhouse. The older sister in the bathhouse tells the younger sister to open the door. The youngest kicks the door with her knee, Gorokhovik flies off in 15 miles. Three sisters turn to swallows again and fly away. The next day Gorokhovik returns with the door, installs it back and returns to his comrades. The same story repeats itself: the bathhouse is drowned, the girl swallows arrive, the Barbel supports the door, the middle sister hits her with a knee, the Barbel flies off 5 miles away, returns. On the third day, Knight Davidonovich (grandson) supports the doors. Her older sister hits her with her knee, but the door only flies up, opening the entrance to the bathhouse. And we caught girls there. Everyone got his equal: Gorokhovik was the youngest, the Barbel was middle, and Knight Davidonovich was the eldest. And the eldest wanted to take the Filthy Serpent ("sweet smok") away. The next morning, he summons the Filthy Serpent "to fire". Lots of people are coming. The younger sister advises Gorokhovik to collect stones with which he will beat everyone, but the Snake tells him not to touch, or the Pea will disappear. That's what he did. After beating them all, he met the Serpent, they bowed in front of each other and parted. The next day, the same thing happens with Barbel (he defeats everyone not with stones, but with a mustache). On the third day, it's the same with Knight Davidonovich (he has a mace), but he does not heed his wife's advice and fights with the Serpent. He hits him three times with a mace, the Serpent is alive, and even jumps to Lixander Vidonovich, hits him on the forehead, and he falls asleep. The serpent grabs his wife and flies away. And his friends stay in town with their wives. Lixander Davidonovich has been lying in that place for a year with his mace. One grandmother felt sorry for him for two hundred years, turned over him, and he got up. She said that his wife, the Filthy Serpent, was dragged across the seas, and told him to buy two greyhound dogs and two drakes at the bazaar and go overseas. That's what he did. He comes to the sea, hits it with a mace, goes to the other side. He meets a shepherd, asks where to look for the Serpent. The shepherd points him to the palace and says that the Serpent leaves home every other day. The next morning, Lixander Davidonovich comes to the palace, the Serpent is not there, he meets his wife. She feeds him, gives him water, hides him in a chest, and he tells her to find out where the Snake's soul is. The Serpent arrives: "I feel it smells like the Russian spirit!" His wife convinces him that it was him who was flying around the world, grabbing it, he imagines himself. Sit down at the table and she asks him where his soul is. The serpent laughs, says it's in a broom. The next day he leaves, and she decorated that broom with flowers and put it on his bed. He comes back, senses the Russian spirit, his wife dissuades him, he sees a broom on his bed, laughs at the "idiot woman" - how is it possible to have a soul in a broom! She cries and wants to know the truth. He points to her a white goat - his soul is supposedly in him. The next morning the Serpent flies away, the wife dresses the goat in gold and ties it to the table. The serpent comes back, throws the goat away. He sees that his wife "deeply feels sorry for him." At night, she asks him again, and he finally talks about a white stone in the middle of the sea, a duck in a stone, an egg in a duck, and a candle in that egg. If you blow out a candle, get the spirit out of it! The next morning, the Serpent flies away again, and Lixander Davidonovich crawls out of the chest. He goes to the sea and sees a white stone. He goes to him, clearing the sea with a mace. He reached the stone, hit it with a mace three times, and a duck flew out. He put a drake on her, they threw it on the water. The greyhounds swam, caught a duck and brought it to him. He tore the duck and took out the egg. He comes to the palace. The Filthy Serpent has already fallen ill. But he had a whip of three cowhides. When he sees Lixandr Davidonovich, wants to hit him with a whip, and he pulls out an egg and hits it - the egg crumbles, and then the Snake has a spirit out. Liksander Davidonovich and his wife cut his body to pieces and burned him, but stayed in the palace themselves]: Romanov 1901, No. 13:117−123; Belarusians [Vasily Pepelyshka (VP) asks his father to order him an iron club; threw it over the clouds, put his knee up, the club crumbled into pieces; the VP orders to make a club out of his iron, he is satisfied; leaves, meets Goryn the hero (throws mountains with a pitchfork), Dubovik- a hero (pulls out oaks), a hero boulder (throws boulders), takes companions; they live in a hut, opposite the bathhouse; 4 doves fly there, throw off as girls; each of the heroes takes turns trying prop up the door; girls kill everyone easily; VP found those killed in the corner of the bathhouse, blew, revived, beat the girls with a wire whip, they agreed to become wives; their father is born of Tsmok, immortal; Tsmok expels the army, the heroes beat him three times, fell asleep; the VP fights with Tsmok himself, the severed one grows, Tsmok killed everyone, took his daughters in chains home; the mare from above is golden, from below the silver one revived the VP, and he revived the VP companions; VP came to his wife, told him to find out what her father's death was; first he replies that there was a goat; in a pig; she adorns and dresses up; Tsmok admits that there is a stupa in the mountain, a hare under her, a duck under the hare, there is an egg under the duck, there is death in it; the VP broke the egg, married that princess]: Vasilenok et al. 1958:154-162.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Kabardian residents [wives Mysyr Pasha and Efendyko Ismela see a floating apple, eat and give birth to sons named Safyl and Mylyga; both are brought up by the EI; he gives M. a horse, S. - a bundle with a portrait of a girl; S. and M. go to look for her, three old men consistently tell how their brothers died looking for Bartey Janos; S. and M. with their companions sail across the sea, S. swims out alone; comes to a beauty kidnapped by another , asks you to know where the other's life is; he lies twice (the wife decorates the door leaf and peg with flowers); life in three flies, they are in bone gazir in a brass box in a steel chest in black stone, which a lion guards; S. catches and crushes flies, returns with a woman and treasures; in the village of a BJ woman in a golden chair descends from the sky; S. plays the reeds, BJ is fascinated, marries S.; she saved M. and companions, M. marries the one S. brought from the frost]: Khut 1987:143-154; Adygi: Karashev 1957 [Esmuko Eskhot herds the horses of the pshi (prince); the bastard (snake) cordones off the herd with his body; lets go for HER promise to come to him; gives him a daughter; tells him not to turn to the left road on the way to his father; she turns; his wife's two sisters died there; Aliregu-Algoj (pshi devils) kidnapped the youngest, but blasphemy defeated him, nailed him to the ground with seven hooks; HER is weakened by one hook, AA jumps up, carries his wife; three men at the bridge tell HER that a giant will now come on a boar; wins by driving him into the ground; the giant advises him to tie his gut around his waist; SHE throws her gut on a tree, which cuts the trunk; SHE cuts off the giant's head, she hides in a hole; three men lower HER in the basket; SHE finishes off her head, sends three girls upstairs; the youngest warns that the rope will be cut off, tells me to sit on a white ram, he will take it upstairs; the rope is cut off, SHE sees sheep fighting, jumps on the black ram, he lowers him down into the AA world; SHE throws his wife's ring into the maid's jug, meets his wife, tells her to find out where AA's soul is; in willow (wife decorates willow); in three flies in a box, she's in a hare, a hare in a fox, a fox in boar in reeds; Tlepsh makes three unmissed arrows for HER; SHE kills a boar, a fox, a hare, presses one fly; AA asks to finish him off as soon as possible; SHE crushes other flies after AA gives a flying carpet and a stone and a towel that make old people young; on the carpet SHE and his wife rise to the ground; forgives her companions, gives them off rescued women; makes the mother young; frees the father from the pads, kills tyrant pshi]: 131-141; Lipkin 1951 [Thagoledge, the god of fertility, says he is old, gives millet to the sledges, one grain of which is enough to cook a pot of pasta; sledges hide the seeds in a copper barn; Emynyzh, with the body of a dragon and the face of a giant, broke the barn, took away the seeds; Satan tells us who the thief is and how to get to E. (from sunrise across the sky to sunset); Aryksha was the first to go, did not return; Sosruko was the next; Sataney explains that E. settled in the west to devour the sun; at the gate of the fortress E. huge swords converge and disperse; S. cuts them with the sword of sledge blacksmith Tlepsh; the girl kidnapped by E. says that E. went to plow to the top of the mountain, taking a bag of seeds with him; S. jumps up on the mountain, the bag grabs, but E. on a three-legged horse easily catches up with him and takes the bag away; the girl asks E. to tell him where his soul is; he replies that it is in the door frame; S. takes the bag again, E. takes it away again; the girl gilded the frame; E. says that the soul is in the tree; again the same episodes; E. admits that his soul is in a three-legged horse, the son of a mare Tozh, she is from an old woman's herd; S. goes to her, causing frost to during his absence, E. did not have time to finish plowing; on the way he helps the wolf, falcon, fish; broke through tigers, eagles and dogs that attacked him; fell to the old woman's chest; she tells her herd to herd for 3 days; wolf, falcon, fish collect scattered horses; S. receives as a reward a foal that the mare also gave birth at sea; the foal asks to let him go to his mother so that he can drink her milk and become stronger brother; S. takes the bag, E. cannot catch up with him, the foal S. tells his brother to throw E., he threw it into the abyss, E. crashed; S. returned the seeds to the sledges, gave the girl to the sledge]: 59-75; Balkarians (western 1959) [the elder brother and his squad stopped for the night, the black fog approached, destroyed them; the middle brother was the same; the younger brother was careful, hid, escaped himself; came to Emegensha, fell to her breasts; her sons with they made friends with him; explained that the fog was a girl, she stole their horse; they had a piebald mare, her foals were dragged away by a wolf; the girl managed to take the foal, but the wolf gnawed off his leg, so her horse three-legged; fog is steam from his nostrils; tomorrow the mare will give birth again; the young man caught the foal without injury; emegens teach: hiding alternately so that the girl thinks that the horse is falsely raising the alarm, approach girl; she sleeps for a month, her hair must be tied; let her go when she swears a prayer book; a boy and a girl got married; she gave her husband her portrait; he lost it, water brought it to the khan; the witch promised to get a beauty; came to the young man's wife, while not, persuaded him to find out where that shower was; in a broom; burned a broom; in a bead in his hair; the young man got drunk, the witch tore off the bead, threw it into the corner, took the girl away; she demands to wait a year with the wedding; the emegens see that blood is dripping from the young man's arrow; they came, found a bead, put it, the young man came to life; asked the shepherd, threw a ring into his wife's maid's jug; during weddings, an unrecognized man stabbed a witch and took his wife on a four-legged horse; brought the groom's friend on a three-legged emegen to be eaten; along with his emegen brothers in that mentioned rock crack, if not probably died (and now) live]: Malkonduev 2017:229-240; Ossetians: Dzagurov 1973, No. 45 [voice from a source to a childless Aldar: slaughter a black chicken and let your wife eat boiled goiter; ate a crawler a dog, she had a golden-haired boy, and his wife Aldar an ordinary boy; they came to the Waigs to marry their sister for their son Aldar; waigi: go up to the tree with a full bowl and go down without splashing; son suki performed; get an apple from a tall apple tree (suki's son cut a tree); Aldar's son was given a wife; son suki and son waigi hunt, and Aldar's son and his wife were at home; he was forbidden to unlock the eighth room, he unlocked , there is a seven-headed waig on hot iron chains; Aldar's son poured water on him; waig tore the chains, took the wife of his son Aldar; the son of the female went in search; met and accompanied 1) a priest carrying the head is a church; 2) running after a hare with millstones on his legs; 3) drinking the sea; there is a hole in the ground, the companions ordered them to be lifted back - it's hot; the son of the female went down, there is the wife of Aldar's son; he teaches you to learn from the Waig where is his soul; waig: in the middle pole of the house; under the hearth; a woman decorates these places; in a boar, for which a hundred mowers mow hay; in the boar there is a roe deer, in it a hare, in it a casket, there are three swallows in it; the son of a female killed the boar, tore off the heads of two swallows, and when he came to the Waig, he tore off the last; sent the woman up; then tied a block - the companions cut off the rope; in the corner of the house, the female's son sees the mother of the Waiga, one fang higher heaven, another in hell; she tells him to grab the right horn of a ram, which accidentally grabs the left horn, does not rise to the ground, but falls into the seventh lower world; there the dragon locked the water once a year he is given a girl, it is the turn of Aldar's daughter; the son of a female dresses as a girl, hacked a dragon; refuses his daughter Aldar, asks for a way to earth; kills a Zaliaga snake, which regularly devoured eagle chicks; it rained (an eagle's tear), the sizzling sun sparkled (the mother saw that the chicks were alive, the light from her eyes), the wind (from her wings); the eagle orders to prepare bulls' meat and wineskins with beer; The son of the female cut off the last piece from his leg, the eagle put it back; the herdsmen say that the priest who wore the church is getting married; the son of the female asked to give the ring to the bride, she recognized it; the son of the female he cut down his companions, brought the Waig sister to his son Aldar; on the way home, the devils put a bed for the couple, they became petrified; the son of the female returned behind the Waig whip and revived the couple; he also rejuvenated Aldara and his wife with her]: 162-177; Ingush [a man has many cattle but no children; a cow gave birth to a boy; he was named Makhtat ("born of a cow"); 7 months later he became 15 years old; he was stolen by three Vampal brothers; after that the mare gave birth to a boy with the sun and a month between the ribs; his name is Pakhtat ("born a mare"); he offends other children, he is advised to find his brother better; his father tells him to get a horse out of the dungeon; horse of monstrous power, but P. tamed him easily; goes, meets the son of the Sun, then the son of the Month, the son of the Star; they promise to come to the rescue if trouble (blood hits the left bullet); P. put the first vampala into the ground, first waist-deep, then up to his throat, cut off his head; released the kidnapped girl Tanya Hooke, married her; the second wampal sent an old woman; she advised TG to find out what P.'s life was like; P.: in a pole in the yard; in the leg of a chair; the old woman cleans, lubricates the pole, the leg; P.: a box with three chicks in it; at night the old woman lifted her skull, threw the box into the sea; A. died, his friends splashed blood from bullets; Star's son found a fish that swallowed the box, P. came to life; goes to take revenge on Vampala; towards the shepherd (this is M.); approaching the sheep, cries ("My brother P . killed a vampal, kidnapped his wife, tomorrow they will cook meat at the wedding, and sprinkle scum from the broth at me"), and when he approaches the bag, he laughs ("Tomorrow I'll go to herd sheep with a bag full of meat"); P. found out M., said a ring for his wife; first shot an old woman with a bow, then a wampala, took possession of all the riches;; at home, parents are poor and blind; they will believe that the sons returned if they bring the head of a third vampal; his brothers killed him and brought his head, his parents saw the light; "Let the unworthy not be born, and if he is born, let him die"]: Tankieva 2003:57-65; Nogais [dying, biy ordered his sons not to go to the south side; the elder went with his men, they found an empty house, where food and drink stayed overnight, everyone was killed; the same with his middle brother; the younger Kenzhebay did not fall asleep, hid in the yard in a barrel; arrived the rider on a six-legged horse killed everyone; considered that there were 41 horses and 40 dead, but did not find K. and left; K. followed the trail; came to the old woman Elmauyz, she had nose to door, she swallowed and belched K., now he is her son; her real son does not know where the six-legged horse rode; her sister has the same (old women's sons fly in and are called karakus, but then they are not birds, but people); another sister's son explains that this is a rider Altynshash (gold-haired); you need to dig into her house, tie her hair, beat her with a kamcha until she agrees to give her horse and wealth; A. agreed and invited K. to become his wife; they they live well; A. dropped a curl of her golden hair into the river; the fisherman found it, the khan sent old woman Azazil to find the owner; K. greeted her; she persuaded A. to find out where K.'s soul was; he replied that A. cut the bowstring, but K. replaced it; then K. admitted that his soul was in a gold box braided in a forelock on her head; the old woman quietly untwisted her forelock, threw away the box, K. died; the old woman brought A . khanu; elmauyz looked at the spindle, blood flows from it; the son of the first elmauyz rules animals, the second birds, the third fish; one pike complained of pain; it turned out that she swallowed the box, hers removed, K. came to life; he came to Khan's country, threw a ring into the jug of a maid who came to the spring; A. recognized him, K. took her away from her wedding to Khan on a six-legged horse]: Kapaev 2012:53-64; Avars [ to marry, Khan's 49 sons go to look for 49 sisters, disappear; Sulaiman is born, they hide from him that he had brothers; he offends other children, breaks the widow's jugs; the old man, the widow advise him it is better to look for brothers; he meets them in the forest, guards them, then they recognize him by the ring; someone steals horses, S. remains guarded, kills seven sledge giants, finds wealth in their cave and 50 girls; on the way back, the one-eyed father of sledges and girls grabs S.; the brothers are afraid and leave; the cyclops tells the white horse to feed flint, black wheat, S. does the opposite; the cyclops tells him to bring his daughter khan; S. rides a white horse, companions people with different abilities (1) runs fast, 2) sees well, 3) hears well, 4) drinks the sea, 5) splits and connects rocks); not recognizing C ., everyone replies that the real strongman is S.; the khan promises to give his daughter for the winner of the competition, his companions help them win; 1) horse racing, 2) defeat the bull, 3) running (the runner is put to sleep, but he is woken up with an arrow); they try to burn the satellites in the copper room, the drinking sea spews water; S. brings the Cyclops a girl, tells her to find out where the Cyclops's soul is; he first replies that he is in a stick (his wife adorns her), Then, three eggs in a chest under a pile of garbage in a desert hut, only a white horse knows the way; S. kills the Cyclops, brings his wife home]: Saidov, Dalgat 1965:184-197; Georgians [when the king's wife gave birth to a third son, she was carried away by a 12-headed deva; the boy grew up, went with his brothers to look for his mother; from the fork, the eldest went along the road "will go - easily return", the middle one - "will go - maybe he will return", the youngest - "if he goes, he will not return"; from one city a cannibal boar comes out of the sea every day; a tower to the sky, it is beautiful, its light refreshes the whole sea; the young man came to her, this is his mother; he teaches her to know , where is the soul of a deva; dev: under the hearth; the son teaches the mother to decorate the hearth; in a pole; decorate a pole; a soul in two pigeons under the tower, each with an egg; the power is in that boar; a sword hardened in the sweat of a deva can kill a boar; the mother slowly collected the deva's sweat; the son cut the wild boar with a sword, then pigeons; the young man forced the deva to bring his treasures to the king, let the brothers crush the pigeon testicles, the dev died]: Chikovani 1963:153-157; Megrelians [attacked by the Turks, one daughter-in-law left the baby in the forest, ran away; the king's son, who liked to hunt, saw Ndemi, on whose chest a boy of his age was playing; asked the king for an army; ordered to overlay burn the clearing with straw; Ndemi ran away, the boy stayed; he was taught to live like a human being; he is smart and strong; the king forbade his son to enter the same room; Ndemi's pupil broke down the door, there is a portrait of a beautiful woman - daughter of black ndemi; the king had to let his son go, Demi's pupil went with him; black ndemi gave his daughter, but warned that a white ndemi from the lower world could kidnap her; the prince sent Ndemi's pupil told his father about the wedding; at this time, the white ndemi took the bride; the pupil Ndemi ordered him to be lowered through the hole into the lower world; the swineherd said that the white ndemi was having a wedding feast; disguised as a beggar, the Ndemi pupil approached the bride; advised her to find out what the soul of the black ndemi was; he first said that in the dog, the wife began to caress the dog; then: in a deer in the forest; a ndemi pupil shot a deer, a hare jumped out of it, a box in the hare, containing two flies; the pupil Ndemi blinded them; he came to the black ndemi, tortured the flies, he died; the pupil of Ndemi sent them to the ground in the basket the princess and gold; when the servants picked him up, they cut the rope; he clung to the stones, climbed to the ground; he and the young went to the prince's kingdom; at night, Ndemi's pupil does not sleep; three angels on tree: the young's father will give him a gun, it will shoot him; give him a young dress, it will burn it; whoever reveals the secret will petrify; Ndemi's pupil ordered to give the gun and dress to the servant and maid - both died; A young son was born; the pupil of Ndemi uncovered his sword and looked; the boy shouted that he wanted to kill him; he told everything and became petrified; old woman: weld a hundred ears of Ndemi and a son, pour it on a stone; Ndemi's pupil came to life, and the tsar's son also recovered]: Petrov 1890, No. 2:279-291; Azerbaijanis [when he dies, the king tells his three sons not to go to the garden; the eldest son goes to meet a hero whose horse kills warriors, kills the prince; the same with his middle brother; the younger one tames the horse, defeats the hero, who turned out to be a gyaur girl; the prince pursues her, tells her to convert to Islam, marries her; on the way home made friends with the diva, they promised to help each other; one of the diva's sons could swim underwater for hours, the other hears everything; the prince and his wife live by the sea, hunting a portrait of his wife; the wind blows him away, the king sees his witch mother becoming the maid of the prince's wife, asks what his strength is; a wreath; throws him into the fire, the prince is unharmed; in a knife; the witch throws him into the sea, brought the prince's wife to the king; that diva sees blood on the prince's ring, asks his sons to help; the listener finds out everything, the swimmer took out the fish that swallowed the blade, the prince came to life, came to his wife, they destroyed the king's army together, everything is fine]: Bogoyavlensky 1899, No. 2 (village. Sahli, Kazakh County, Western Azerbaijan): 34-41; Turks [the old man tells the childless padishah of Egypt to eat an apple in half with his wife, feed the peel to the horses; he himself will come to give a name to the boy who will be born; when he is 12 years old, an old man comes, gives the name Hüsnügüzel (Beautiful Soul); H. dreams of the Most Beautiful in the World (PM), goes in search; takes Padishah Moray's son as companions and son of Padishah Stars; Padishah Arabs marries them to his three daughters; H. puts a sword between his wife and himself, promises to return; if there is blood on the sword, he is in trouble; H. marries PM; her golden hair flies away, sandal He sails away, gets to the Padishah of the Giants (PV); he sends a witch to steal the PM; she persuades the PM to find out what X.'s life is: he first calls a mirror, a broom, the witch breaks them, burns them; life in a sword, a witch throws him into the sea; a witch carries PM in a skin-covered jug, whips the jug; the daughter of the Padishah Arabs sees blood on her sword; the son of Padishah Stars in the stars finds that Padishah Moray's son pulls his sword out of the sea; H., in the guise of a shepherd, comes to the PV garden; hides in the PM's room, kills PV on his wedding day; on the way home he comes to pick up his second wife, the daughter of Padishah Arabs]: Walker, Uysal 1966, No. 3:34-54; Kurds [The Eastern and Western Padishahs agree to marry future children if they are of different sexes; after the death of the West, the son of Usub remains, but the wife of the East refused to marry him a daughter named Parisada; W. and P. are leaving; the old woman's 39 sons who attacked her are exterminated, the fortieth is spared, he is a sorcerer, stabs a knife into U. in the bathhouse, takes P., but she kills him, W. cares for W.; the portrait of P. finds the Arab padishah, W. and P. defeats him, he shows the portrait to others, the son of another padishah sends the old woman to find out what W. is strong; W. says that in the broom, the old woman burns it, W. is alive; in a sword; an old woman throws her at sea, W. dies; friend W. Ahmad saves the fish, which finds a sword in the whale's belly, W. comes to life; W. returns P., exterminates the pursuers; W. and P. return to Father P.]: Jalil et al. 1989, No. 3:59-71.

Iran - Central Asia. Persians [the king has 6 sons with 6 wives, but not his beloved seventh; the dervish gave an apple to eat with his wife, a son was born; he was chrome, grew up quickly; all the brothers took a hundred mists and went to trade, the youngest - also, his name is "a native of Iran" (TI); a servant with him; the fire went out in the morning; TI came to the old woman; her lower lip hung on her chest, the upper lip comes under her eyes; she asks for the princess she is in love with 6 sons, then he will give all his wealth; TI went up to the castle, kissed the girl, bit off the prepared food, called out to the divas, cut off everyone's head as they climbed the wall; brought his head one of the divas to an old woman, who also cut off her head; he came to the princess's father, presented the heads of the divas; the king will give his daughter if TI gets a mare with 40 foals; the princess teaches her to take sugar and dates with her; Give dates to ants that are the size of a goat; pour sugar into a bitter spring, the mare will come to drink; TI did so, saddled a mare, followed by 40 foals; the king gave his daughter; TI sees a man who drained the river with a cauldron; won, became its branded slave; a man with millstones on his feet (same); who ate trees and stones (same); in one place people are hanged by their forelocks - they fell in love with the king's daughter; TI goes to ask the princess, the king orders; 1) eat a lot of pilaf and drink a pond of salt water (Opivalo and Obedalo fulfilled); 2) break the pole in two (the man with millstones made the pole thin and broke it) ; the king gave his daughter; on the way, the White Div took both wives and disappeared into the mountains; TI came when the divas were hunting, telling his wives to find out where his bubble of life is; divas: it's a bush (wives are playing around the bush); divas: in noon a yellow bull comes to the spring, a bubble in his left thigh; TI took out a bottle, told the diva to bring wives and all the riches, then broke the bottle; at night three pigeons say: with a stick made of this tree you will heal a madman and only a healthy mind; a leaf - you will make a blind person sighted and vice versa; sprinkle the bark into the sea and it will dry out; sister TI came to the mosque, did not recognize him; he threw a ring on the plate, ordered give them to their parents, they recognized their son's ring; he made them sighted with leaves; wedding; no information about the brothers]: Romaskevich 1934a, No. 34:255-266.

Baltoscandia. Estonians (Viru-Jaagupi) [six brothers go to find seven sisters to marry for themselves and for their seventh younger brother who remains at home; the old man tells us to bring him a wife too, the brothers laugh; they find seven married sisters are brought home, the old man turns six brothers and their brides into stones, takes the seventh sister for himself; answers her that his heart is in the pillow, then in the door; the wife decorates the pillow, the door is flowers; the old man admits that his heart is in a bird in a distant church; a woman tells the youngest brother who comes about this; he walks through the forest, feeds a wild bull, a wild boar, an owl; they promise help; a bull transports across the river, a boar breaks a wall, an owl grabs a bird flying in a church; kills a bird, an old man dies, a young man revives the petrified with his rod; everyone marries their brides]: Mälk et al. 1967, No. 48:97-102 (=Järv et al. 2009, No. 18:96-97, =J.Parijõgi in Raud 2004:301-305, transferred to Yakubinskaya, Turkina 1965:245-250); Karelians (Kalevalsky District) [dying, parents they advise the son not to marry, the daughter not to marry, but to live quietly together; after eating all the supplies, they went on a journey; the sister is thirsty; the brother went to the waterfall to get water, took a hat of water, there is a pike; asks Let her go, teaches her where the golden sword is between the stones of the waterfall; you can't lift it, but if you "turn the screw", it will become easy; do not show her sister; they come to the house where the table is set for nine; 9 enter demons, the young man cuts off their heads with his sword, throws their bodies underground; it turned out that one did not die without death; asks the girl to let him go, make him husband; let him know what his brother's strength is; he replies that in the naked, in the pomelo; the sister and the demon burn them, the brother is unharmed; the young man's sword cannot be raised; then the sister pretended to be sick, asked for bear, then lion's milk; bear, lioness they laugh, give milk; the sister asks for the gallbladder of the leader of the devils beyond the nine seas; the bear and the lioness go with the guy; hide it in a hole, and then barked to let the squirrel captain carrying that devil on the ship, I heard; the guy almost went deaf even in a hole from such a scream; the squirrel brought the guy, tells him to hide in the underground, the princess will put the demon to sleep, he needs to cut off his head, a ring will roll out of his throat, cut him in two, throw one half into the fire, the other in your pocket; there was a demon's life in the ring, the boy took bile; the princess gave her ring; at home, her sister persuaded her to say where her brother's life was and how to make the sword light; without taking a sword, the boy was blinded and driven into the forest; he came to the city, the princess saw her ring, told her father to pass her off as a blind man, he drove them away; the blind hears the birds talking; the first time they say that if you enter the hut, it will explode; the blind man did not let his wife go there; the second time: if you wash his eyes with dew, the man will see the light; sending his wife to her father, the man with his animals came to the demon; the squirrel descended through the chimney, unlocked the door; the man took his sword, blinded the demon and sister, drove him into the forest; the couple came to their animals; they told his wife and them to cut off their heads, throw them into the spring, throw the sword there themselves jump; a squirrel, a lioness, a bear, a sword turned into four princes - brothers of a man's wife; when he sees the missing children, the king apologizes to his son-in-law and daughter, gives his son-in-law the throne]: Onegin 2010, No. 17:201-209 ; Norwegians [the king loves his seven sons so much that he always keeps at least one with him; six leave, marry six sisters, and on the way home a giant turns them into stones; seventh the brother leaves on a nag; feeds the crow, saves the salmon, gives the wolf his horse to eat; for this he takes him instead of a horse; in the giant's castle, a young man meets the kidnapped princess, hides; the princess asks where the giant's heart is; decorates the threshold, the closet with flowers; the third time the giant says that the soul is in the egg, in the duck, in the well, in the church on an island in the middle of the lake; the wolf brings there; the keys to the church hang high, the raven pulls them out, the young man grabs the duck, the egg falls into the water, the salmon pulls it out; the young man tells the giant to revive the petrified ones, then breaks the egg, the giant bursts; wedding]: Dasent 1970:59-68.

Volga - Perm. Udmurts [a soldier's son offends other boys as a child; when he is 12 years old, he tells blacksmiths to forge a 300-pound club, carries the whole street with it, leaves; meets and takes Ivan as a companion Berezkina and Ivan Dubovkin; they are sons of a soldier whom she gave birth when her husband was on duty and threw them into the water; that is, they are his brothers; one carried a thick birch tree, the other an oak tree; people are digging a mountain looking for copper; the heroes turned the mountain upside down, two blue pigeons, the mother of copper, flew out from under it; the same with a silver mountain (white pigeons are the mother of silver); with a golden one (three red); came to the house where there was a bull in the oven; ate; three the sisters are surprised who they were; they went to the bathhouse; Berezkin, Dubovnik tried to prop up the door, the sisters easily knocked her out; when the younger brother supported her, they did not knock it out; three heroes married three heroes; wife the youngest was gone; he came to the rescue, there were old women - their girls were carried away by a wind demon; his soul was under 20 oak barks, a chest in the oak, a hare in the chest, a duck in a hare, there are 3 eggs in the duck, in which the soul of a wind demon; the hero came to his wife, told him to hang brushes on the shoals and play as if she thought that the soul was a demon in the jambs; he said that there was a kid inside; the wife adorns the kid; the demon tells me where the soul really is; the hero spares foxes, hawk chicks, cancer along the way; the fox caught up with the hare, the hawk grabbed the duck, the cancer took out eggs that fell into the water; the hero broke three eggs on the floor, three demon heads fell; the hero burned the body demon, began to live in his house with his wife]: Aldan 1936:35-44 (=Kralina 1976:149-154); Chuvash [while hunting, the king wanted to shoot the fox, but saw that it was pregnant; he thought of his pregnant wife and decided spare the fox; on the other side of the mountain, the same fox was met by the royal entourage and also did not shoot, thinking of his pregnant wife; when they met, the king and his entourage agreed that if they had children of different sexes will be born, they will marry them, and if they are alone, they will be friends; both have sons; the young men have grown up; the prince saw a portrait of the princess in the book, fell in love; the tsar says that he is 40 years old tried unsuccessfully back to get this princess; gives the prince an army; it murmurs, the prince sends him home; sees 40 people hitting one, and he laughs, redeeming the camels lying for 40, loaded with gold; that man, Garambur, promises to get the princess; he will pour out fires all night so that he, G., takes out the princess and finds the prince; in the morning the prince sleeps, the last fire goes out; G. scolds him, but continues to serve; the princess is in the chest; G. orders the prince to tie himself to her hair and beat him with her foot until she goes down to the ground, promises to become a wife, and gives up her hair from her right armpit; then from the left; from the pubis ("from the chest"); they came to the house; the prince came in, 12 robbers were feasting there, threw the prince into the cellar; G. slowly took 12 swords out of the house, put the point up, rolled them millstones; 11 swords bent, and the 12th cut the millstones in half; G. took this sword, slaughtered the robbers; the prince and his wife and G. began to live in the house; they forbidden the prince's wife to unlock the barn; she unlocked it, two came out the wolf, white and gray, took her away; G. became a fly, flew to the wolves, who made the prince's wife a maid; G. tells her to find out where the souls of the wolves are; they first say that there is a jamb under the window; the princess decorated jamb; in a broom - the same; white wolf: there is a red bull in the sky, a ram in a bull, a hare in a ram, a duck in a hare, two eggs in a duck; to get eggs, you have to whistle through the royal ring; G. prince: you have a ring on finger; G. whistled into the ring, a bull descended from the sky; wolves ask them not to destroy them; G. tells them to create a palace next to the royal and take the prince and his wife there to the bed so that they wake up in their bed; the wolves did everything; feast]: Chuvash tales 1937:255-264; Kazan Tatars [Akhmet is told that he is more cheerful and courageous than his brothers; his mother is forced to say that his 10 brothers are gone and gone; A. 10 genies come to her mother, promises her sons to get 11 padishah's daughters for them, which is prevented by 10 batyrs; they turn out to be brothers A.; A. enters the girls' room, tells the genies to take turns go up there, cut off everyone's head, takes off their name rings from sleeping girls, keeps one for himself, gives 10 to their brothers; 5 batyrs claim that they defeated the genies; the padishah gives them daughters, but during a wedding, the warriors cannot raise the heads of genies, and A. does it easily; the padishah's daughters recognize their rings, marry their brothers; the father of the genies wants to get the daughter of the Padishah Sun, and he will give it only for Padishah Almazov's horse; the genie's father kidnapped A., ordered that horse to be obtained; the old man orders to take the horse away, but not to touch the bridle; A. grabs it, the bells are ringing, he is captured, the padishah Almazov demands the nightingale padishah of the Month; the old man orders not to take the cage, A. did not take it, gave the nightingale in exchange for the horse, but the nightingale returned to him; gave the horse in exchange for the daughter of the Sun, the horse also returned; the old man tells me to go from the fork to the right, A. forgot and went to the left; A. fell asleep, woke up - there is no girl, no horse, no nightingale; the old man gives a handkerchief, a comb and a mirror; putting his handkerchief on the water, A. crosses the river, takes the girl, the horse, the nightingale out of the palace of the diva; he chases, A. threw the comb (forest), the mirror (the sea); the diva swam, drowned; A. gives the girl to the padishah of genies, remains a worker, tells me to find out what the soul is genie; genie: in a broom (a girl decorates a broom); four eggs under a duck in a nest on an island under the protection of four wild boars; A. fights wild boars, the main boar wants to eat a reed sprout , A. - roast lamb; the shepherd gave him a lamb, he killed wild boars, brought eggs, broke two, the genie agreed to take him home with his girlfriend, where A. broke the rest of the eggs; 11 brothers with wives, nightingale and horse return to their parents]: Yarmukhametov 1957:14-31 (=Zamaletdinov 2008a, No. 48:204-216); Bashkirs [40 sons, younger Altynduga; one did all the work that his father was used to doing with 39 eldest sons (to return the herds from the pasture and lock them in stalls); chose an inferior haircut, who turned out to be a heroic horse; brought him to the rock, where there is a sword above the door: take it, your soul is in it; There is a house next to the girls% horse: one of them is your fiancée; A. asks her father to find them 40 sisters to marry; the father met an old man: he has 40 daughters; the father left A. at home; he told me where to go; on the way back do not stop in the garden or pick berries there, the garden is owned by the seven-headed monster Yalmauz (cannibal sorcerer or snake); they began to tear berries, Y. demands that A. get him the daughter of a deva from behind Mount Kaf, took him hostages to his fiancée; A. goes, meets along the way, takes satellites 1) the shooter (the arrow fired into the sky falls three days later); 2) drank (drinks the lake, letting water through his teeth, the fish remains in her mouth); 3) a runner with millstones on his feet; the king will give his daughter to someone who climbs a pole without splashing a glass of honey on his head (A. climbed, saw his house from the top, cried, but proved that the drops were not honey, but a tear ); 2) shoot an arrow through the golden ring (the shooter fired); 3) overtake the old runner, run for 13 days; the old woman put the Runner to sleep, covered it with a pot; A. saw from the top of the pole, the Shooter woke up when he hit pot with an arrow; 4) survive in a stone house, and around - burning firewood with 40 soot (Drinking filled the fire); A. and his companions go to Mount Kaf, and the princess will be picked up on the way back; at the top of Kaf A. leaves kurai: if blood flows from it, not milk, then trouble; he goes on alone; the old woman sends him to the older sister, she sends him to the eldest; she says that the deva has 3 heads, his brothers have 6 and 12; suggests A. cannot take off the kamcha; gives a drink of strength - then he could; hit this kamcha near the girl's house, a ditch will appear, hide in it; the girl will howl animals - no one; so several times; she will kill everyone animals and go to bed; she must be beaten with a kamcha until she submits; after becoming the wife of A., the girl advises to wait for her deva uncles under the bridges they will cross; A. killed the devas, settled with his wife by the sea; on An old woman came to the board: everyone drowned, stayed alone; stayed with A. and his wife; advises her husband to ask her husband what his soul was wearing; A. in the insole of his boot; the old woman burned the insole, A. did not notice; in a sword; the old woman threw her sword into the sea, A. died, the old woman lured the girl into the boat, brought her to the king, who sent her; A.'s friends on Mount Kaf: blood instead of milk; Drinking saw bloody fish; fish: cut her sword eyes (since then these fish have been red-eyed); He drank water, found the sword, A. came to life; friends came to the kidnapper, destroyed the king, his army and the old woman, shared the prey; A. offered to divide the girl; from fear vomited her blood; so he purified her bad blood; on the way home he took the princess given to him by the king; killed Yalmauz and took the princess intended for him; stayed with three wives]: Barag 1988, No. 34:219- 234; Bashkirs [soul supposedly in a ram; in a broom]: Barag 1988, No. 56:389-402.

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