Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

L15J. Only by fire. (.

A character can only be killed by fire.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Abkhazians [Gromovnik's son or his sister's son was given to the dwarfs of the Atsans for upbringing; grows up, finds out that only fire can destroy the Atsanov; The Thunder sprinkles cotton wool from the cloud, starts fire , the Atsans burn]: Inal-ipa 1977 in Stahl 1989:207.

Iran - Central Asia. Darda (tire): Haughton 1913 []: 184-190; Leitner 1877, No. 2 [Azru secretly marries King Shiribadatt's daughter, taking an oath to help him in everything; persuades her to pretend to be sick, refusing to eat, discover where his soul is kept, because she supposedly fears for him when he leaves for a long time; S. admits that his soul is "in the snow" and he can only die from fire; A. orders him to dig trap pit, people come up with smoky torches; when S. jumps over the wall on his magic horse, he falls into a hole, he is covered with burning twigs; A. married his daughter Sh. and began to reign]: 6-12 (retelling in Cosquin 1886:154).

Western Siberia. Nganasany [Dyaiku is small but borotat, lives with his grandmother; hunts mice; grandmother eats fat, he beats her, she says copper-red killed his father; he comes to copper-red, holes their boats, summons to compete, seven copper-red drown; D. crawls up to the old woman, when she urinates, she decides that she has given birth to him; D. asks her cannibal husband what can destroy him; he admits that fire; at night D. burns him and his wife; comes to the shaman, pushes her into the fire; she was the mother of copper-red and burned; D.'s testicles freeze to the ice, come off; he goes for new ones to Kou Kopto, Quicheda-Copto (Sun Girl, Moon Girl); stays in the sky, becoming Ngo]: Simchenko 1996:30-37.

SV Asia. Russified, probably, tundra Yukaghirs (p. Nizhnekolymsky District Campaign) [Lala does not find his wife at home; Vulture refuses to tell, Soyka says that the kidnapper is Raven Son; L. comes to the house to find his son there, who was also kidnapped during this time; the wives of the Armed Forces explain that the aircraft is iron, he can only be killed by fire; they help to cover his house with firewood while he sleeps; the Sun burns down, L. returns his wife and son]: Bogoras 1918, No. 22:93-94.

Subarctic. Koyukon [while the husband is hunting, the ogre comes to his wife; she runs away, he roasts and eats her baby; the husband cannot kill the ogre with a spear; he makes a fire around him, he burns]: Jones 1983:215- 219.

NW Coast. The Tlingits [Wolverine's heart is in his foot; the Raven and his friend pierce her with a spear, but Wolverine only dies when burned in the fire; the ashes turn into mosquitoes]: Swanton 1909, No. 31:93; chickpea [ The chief's daughter's baby eats people at night; grows up; he can't be killed with a spear; he says he can only be burned; his ashes turn into mosquitoes]: Sapir, Swadesh 1939, No. 1:18-19.

(Wed. California. Vintu [nine brothers and wives of two of them disappear one by one; the eldest, the tenth, Vinivinite; meets Subtit 'a; they compete in magical power; V. turns to dust a pipe, bow and other things S.; he cannot destroy V.'s property; they fight, V. kills S.; comes to his two daughters; they say they can only be killed by throwing coals at them; V. does so; on the walls the hearts of his dead siblings hang; he soaks them out, the dead come to life]: Demetracopoulou, Dubois 1932, No. 66:492-494).

Guiana. Makushi: Soares Dinix 1971, No. 2:79.

NW Amazon. Bare [the demon himself reports it]: Brüzzi 1994:59; Tariana [like a bar]: Biocca in Brüzzi 1994:110; Brüzzi 1994:241; baniva [the only type of death that forgot to list]: Brüzzi 1994:254; Saake 1968:266; baniva (curripaco) [the world was small, the low sky could be touched with a stick; Iñápirrikúli's four sons were placed in the vessel was an insect (cigarrón), they said that they had Kuwái; a big man came, explained that K. was himself, ordered him to fast, flogged, and all members of his body were making sounds at that time like sacred flutes; the mother was surprised that her sons refused to eat, he followed, told his wife that K. was a dangerous cannibal; invited him to the village, K. agreed that all women at that time they will leave from there; K. came, playing the flute, which made powerful sounds; then the world became big, people, animals, and everything else appeared in it; 5 days before the end of fasting, K. climbed a tree for fruit, and the young men became secretly bake and eat the falling fruits; feeling the smoke, K. went down, told him to show his mouth, found out that four were eating, but Hérri did not, called a door, turned his mouth into a house, the young men hid there from the rain, K. closed his mouth, ate them; regurgitated them, placed them in vessels, brought I.; H. explained what had happened; I. ordered wooden statues of the dead to be made as if they were alive; H. called K., said that I. was not angry, for the boys are alive; K. told H. that only fire can kill him; K. came, soplaba (apparently inhaled the drug) with his younger brother I. Dzúli, intoxicated, fell into the fire, he was burned; the world became small again for a while; but in 4 days matica de Yébaro grew up and next to macanilla; on her, the squirrel cut its paw and bleed tags, enough to make flutes; the world is big again, its owner is I.]: Domínguez Méndez 1986:148-152; yukuna: Mich 1995:490-492.

Montagna - Jurua. Kashinahua [Jaguariha mother-in-law devours a woman's children as soon as they are born; tells her son that she can only be burned; all the animals in the forest come to mourn her death; while she burns, Jaguar s wife hiding under a vessel]: Ans 1975 [see motive F29; Jaguar's mother says she cannot be killed with an arrow, a club, cannot be drowned; one spark falls on Jaguar's forehead (the origin of the headache)]: 62; Capistrano de Abreu in Koch-Grünberg 1921, No. 90 [a woman follows her husband into the forest, a Jaguar kidnaps her; a Jaguar tries to kill her mother but any weapon breaks against her body]: 253; marubo: Melatti 1984:131-133.

Chaco. Mac: Wilbert, Simoneau 1991a, No. 20, 21, 24:79, 84, 87