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L19b2. The 12-headed serpent. .27.-.

A creature with 12 heads is mentioned either individually or by closing a row of creatures with fewer heads.

Romanians, Hungarians, Czechs, Slovaks, Poles, Russians (Arkhangelsk, Karelia, Vologda, Pskov, Moscow, Bryansk, Voronezh), Belarusians, Ukrainians (Transcarpathia, Kharkiv), Megrelians, Georgians, Latvians, Setus, Estonians, Mari, Mordovians, Chuvash, Kazan Tatars, Bashkirs, Mongols of Ordos, Mansi, Lokono.

The Balkans. Romanians (Banat) [after retiring from service, soldier Petru immediately lost all his money; in the forest he met a man rocking trees and playing with stones; began to live in a hut, cook in turn; every time a dwarf appears riding a hare with a huge beard; eats everything, hits the cook; when P. remains, he grabs the dwarf by the beard, chases him to the crevice into which he disappeared; P. tells him to lower him on rope; cut the dwarf to pieces, but cannot get up, because the companions removed the rope: they were afraid that the dwarf would come out; light in the distance, P. went to the ground; the house, in which a blind old woman eats hominy with milk; P. became also there, the old woman felt it; if a girl would be a daughter, if a boy, then a son; asked P. to herd her sheep, but not to go to the land of dragons that stole her eyes; P. went and started playing flutes; the dragons listened, asked them to teach them; P., playing, brought them to the oak tree, split them, ordered them to put their paws into the crack, knocked out a wedge; ordered them to tell them how to restore the old woman's eyesight; dragons: next to us is milky pond, let him wash her eye sockets three times; P. cut off the dragons heads, the old woman washed her eyes, began to see; P. left the old woman, towards the fox: don't shoot, I'll give you a fox; then the same wolf and bear; P. came to the city, there is mourning; the 12-headed dragon demands girls, the turn of the king's only daughter; the princess was left in the swamp; P. fell asleep with the princess's head on his knees; woke up from a dripping tear; princess took one of P.'s arrows; he hit 11 heads with arrows, and the 12th with the princess's pin; carved out his tongues; the gypsy cut off the head of P. who had slept, and brought the dragon's heads to the king; a snake was crawling, grass in his mouth; a fox: why did she need it? snake: to grow severed heads, my son was cut off; the fox took the grass, grew his head, but P. is still dead; the wolf met a woman: what are you carrying? woman: living water; the wolf took the water, P. came to life; came to the palace, showed his tongues; the gypsies were put in a barrel of nails, lowered from the mountain; wedding; after the death of King P. reigned, his animals always reigned remained held in high esteem]: Schott, Schott 1975, No. 10:65-75; Romanians [Prince Theodor fired an arrow and went to look for it; pulled out an arrow that had pierced the ground, a bull, a sword and a note in the hole: the bull will revive the owner, if you give him wine and turn everyone's sword into stone; stopped at the old woman; she gave wine, but there was no water; the 12-headed monster gives water only in exchange for girls; the princess's turn; who will save her , he marries her; the young man fell asleep on the princess's lap, woke up from her tears; by evening the monster had only one head and the young man had only one arrow; he tied the broken bow with the girl's curl and finished it off monster; the gypsy cut T. to pieces, brought the king the heads and tongues of the monster; the princess left the ring and handkerchief next to T.'s remains; the bull asked the old woman to take him to the spring; ordered the chopped ones to be folded pieces of body; licked them and breathed - T. came to life; at the gypsy's wedding feast, T. threw a ring and handkerchief into the cake that the old woman gave to the bride; the gypsy was torn by two horses; a palace was built for T. and his wife ]: Mawr 1881:32-37; Hungarians [when he dies, the poor man tells his three sons that, according to the sorcerer, one of them will return the stolen sun and moon, but he does not know who exactly; the king found out about this and called on brothers to himself; promises to make the heir to the one who will cope with this task, and make his assistant viceroy; the younger brother is Kiss Miklos (KM), the elders laugh at him; the king orders to choose horses and weapons; the elders take the best horses and swords, the KM take a seedy and dirty skate, a rusty sword; the horse turned out to be a six-legged horse conceived by the wind that eats hot coals, the sword by itself; brothers come to the country for 49 kingdoms, across the sea of Operentsia, behind a glass mountain to the silver bridge; KM tells you to hide under the bridge and wait for the 12-headed dragon, whose moon is tied to the saddle; the dragon horse stumbled for the first time, the dragon realizes that he will fight with KM; KM ordered the sword to cut off his heads, he cut off; KM gave the horse with the moon to his middle brother; the same at the golden bridge, the 24-headed dragon; KM ordered the torment cut off the dragon's heads, but they grew back; KM began to fight on its own, but cannot defeat it; dragon: will become a blue flame and the dragon will become red; when the red rose above the blue, the KM brothers threw it at him like the KM asked them in advance, a piece of sulfur, the red flame went out; sending the brothers with the moon and sun home, KM took the form of a gray kitten and climbed into a house where the mother and wives of dragons overheard their conversation; wife of a younger dragon: I will turn into a spring, if the brothers take a sip of water, they will die; the elder's wife will turn into a pear with poisoned fruits; the mother of dragons asks to support her eyelids with an iron beam weighing 1,200 pounds for her to see; promises to turn into a mouth such that the upper jaw is in the sky and the lower jaw is on the ground: swallowed KM and his brothers; the kitten rushed out, the dragon threw a beam at him and she immediately went blind, because her eyelids closed her eyes again; KM reached her brothers on his horse in two jumps and went home together; on the way, KM cuts a spring and a pear with a sword, bleeding from them; brothers they see an open mouth approaching, hide in the house of the lead melter (Lead Friend, SD); they pour molten lead into the mouth of the dragon, who is dead; now SD offers KM to fight; with the little finger drove KM into the lead floor; lets go for promising to get the Green Daughter of the Green King for him; let the older brothers go; they claim victory over dragons, marry princesses, the elder becomes king; they let the moon and sun horses go to heaven, but they began to shine sadly; KM goes in search, meets, companions Runner, Drinker, Obedala, Freezing in fire, Seeing far away, A strongman throwing an iron club; the Green King (ZK) demands that Pluto bring his daughter's wedding dress faster than the local runner; but ZK sent his old witch mother to run in the evening, and the Runner ran only in the morning; he overtook her, received a dress from Pluto, but on the way back the witch persuaded him to take his time and go together; put him to sleep, grabbed the dress box and ran; Seeing this saw the Strongman throw his club, knocking out the horse skull from under the Runner's head, on which the witch placed his head; the Runner overtook the witch again, took the box and handed it to ZK; he demands to spend the night in iron oven; Freezing oven cooled; ZK demands to eat and drink incredible amounts of meat and wine (Oat and Drank performed); KM got the princess, but as soon as he admitted that he had got her for another , she disappeared; The seer saw her in the whale's belly, Vipivalo drank the sea, the Runner brought the whale, KM took the princess out of his belly; the princess was gone again; the seer saw her in an apple hanging in ZK's garden, Her runner brought; for the third time, the princess in a cocoon hanging in the sky; the strongman knocked down the cocoon with a club, the Runner ran and caught the princess; KM let his companions go; told the princess that she should find out what the power of SD was; while he talked to KM, the princess magically opened 7 iron doors to the basement, took gold out of the lead barrels and told the jeweler to gild the threshold; SD was furious and beat the princess, but she changed herself with a line and lay down on the bed; promised not to gold anything else if SD said what his strength was; he refused; then she gilded three more thresholds; still the same; 7 thresholds; after that SD confessed that in a silk meadow under the seventh bush there is a hare, he has an egg under its tail, a hornet in its egg, it has its strength; at night, the princess reported this to the KM; he became a hound, caught a hare, then a hornet that flew out; SD died; KM and the princess arrived in the KM kingdom in a luxurious chariot; the sun and moon immediately shone brightly; the sage explained everything to the old king; KM said that as heir to the realm of SD and ZK, he leaves this is a kingdom for their brothers; the KM and his wife still rule two kingdoms if they did not die]: Curtin 1890:477-516.

Central Europe. The Czechs [Janko's ninth son is the strongest; leaves home, wins, takes Vyrvidub, Lomayiron as his sister brothers; dragons kidnap the king's three daughters, brothers go looking for them; each in turn cooks; a dwarf with a huge beard knocks down the cook, eats porridge; I. hits a dwarf, who shows a hole where the dragons have disappeared; only I dare to go down; kills three-, six-, twelve-headed dragons, freeing the princesses of copper, silver, gold castles; sends them upstairs, then the stone, the twins cut off the rope, the stone falls; I kill a snake ready to eat the chicks; they explain to their mother that he is their savior, not their enemy; the bird carries me on itself, he throws meat into its beak, pours water, cuts off the last piece from her leg; on the ground it spits it out, applies it; I beats, but forgives my brothers, everything three marry three rescued princesses]: Karaliychev, Todorov 1969 (4): 71-88; Slovaks [translated to Bogatyrev 1955:37-47; the widow's two sons look like drops of water; they have grown up preparing to go travel; the mother asks to go hunting and bring meat; they hunt three times, but do not find game; instead, they give bacon and bread to a couple of wolves, bears, lions; bring them home; on the faces of predators muzzles turn out to be; the brothers broke up at the linden tree, stabbing it; from which blood will flow, so trouble; the eldest comes to the city, where the fire-breathing 12-headed serpent demands to be eaten every day the girl, otherwise he does not let her go to the well; it is the princess's turn; her savior will receive her; the young man cut off the snake's heads with the help of his animals, but they grew up again until the lion tore his neck; the young man cut off his tongues came to the princess, she gave him half the ring; when he fell asleep, the coachman ran up, cut off the young man's head, made the princess call him savior; the lion tells the wolf to run to the snake that was just about to come revive another one crushed by a wagon with grass; but the wolf came across the wagon himself, frightened the people; then the lion sent a bear, who took the snake's potion, the young man came to life, but his head was put backwards; the bear tore off his head again and put it right; when the young man came to town, they are preparing the princess's wedding with the coachman; the young man sent a letter and half a ring to the princess and the bear; the princess sent food, wine and his half of the ring came together; the young man showed snake tongues; the coachman was given to the animals to pieces; one day a young man saw an enchanted yellow forest from the window; a fox, a young man, appeared chased her, found himself in a dark forest; began to fry bacon; on the tree an old woman, screaming that she was cold, let her stick touch the animals, otherwise she was afraid of them; the animals were petrified; the old woman began to fry the frog, not bacon; touched the young man with a stick, he was also petrified; the younger brother saw blood on the knife, went in search of the elder; his wife mistook him for her husband, but at night he put a sword between them; did not touch to the animals with an old woman's wand, and let them go at her; forced him to give him a gold stick to revive his brother's animals and ointment to revive him; then the animals tore the old woman to pieces; first the animals of the older brother became knights, then they killed their younger brother's animals and they also became knights; they were six brothers, they quarreled for it, became predators; the older brother returned to his wife, and the youngest with six knights came to their domain and became king there]: Dobšinský 1970:3-10; Poles: Shcherbakov 1980 [a fisherman caught a fish with a silver tail and gills; fish: let go, your happiness is ahead; the same with gold; with diamonds; she tells her to cut it, give it a piece to her wife, mare and female; bury it in the garden along the rib, three oaks will grow; the wife will give birth to three sons, a mare to three foals, a female to three puppies; all twins similar to each other; the eldest comes to the city, where the dragon demands a man a day, the royal's turn; the young man cut off 12 heads of the dragon, cut off and hid the sting; the horse and the dog helped; the young man left, the forester He ordered to say that he was the winner of the dragon; the young man returned after a year and 6 weeks; the impostor was preparing a wedding; the young man sent his dog a letter to the queen; he stung at the feast; the forester was torn apart four horses; the first night the young man put a sword between himself and his wife; on the second he slept with her; went to the forest; an old woman came to the fire to warm up; gave a twig to whip the dog, they all petrified; at home alone the oak has dried up; the middle brother rides, is mistaken for the elder, puts a sword on the bed; the same with him; the younger one goes; also puts a sword on the bed; chases a deer with golden horns; sleeps in the forest; an old woman comes; the young man grabs her, makes her younger brother revive with grass; both brothers force her middle brother to revive; brothers cut the old woman, the pieces grow back; brothers tell the dogs to bury pieces; the forest has turned into a city with people; the queen recognized her older brother as her husband; the narrator was shot at the ball with a cannon]: 93-104; Russians (Arkhangelskaya, Pomors) [an old hunter bequeaths a towel and 7 dogs to his son; the youngest Don't let your sister wash the towel; if you need to cross the river, wave in the other direction, a bridge will become; one day my sister sees a line on the other side; he advises you to take a towel without asking and make a bridge; she she did so; so that his brother would not notice him, the hell turned into a broom when he entered the house; the dogs rushed to the broom, but the sister persuaded them to recall: there would be nothing to pay for revenge; the next day, the brother suspects amiss; can't find towels; hell advises you to pretend to be sick and ask for bear milk; the bear herself gave milk and a bear cub to boot; the same with lion's milk (lion cub); hell suggests send to an iron mill, where they grind in three minutes; brother jumped out, and dogs and animals remained behind the iron door; sister asks her brother to heat the bathhouse (she is going to burn it in the bathhouse with hell); bird: not hurry up, your animals only gnawed through two doors; when my brother went to the bathhouse, the hunt came running, tore the line; the brother gave his sister three tubs of water and three shocks of hay: when you eat the hay, I'll let go; my brother went to city, where people are crying: the serpent got used to it, today it will eat the king's daughter; the hunt rushed, gnawed off the head of the three-headed snake, the brother cut off and hid its tongues; the same with 7- and 12-headed and snakes; the water carrier attributed everything but the guy showed his tongues; forgave his sister (she managed to eat two shocks of hay and drink two tubs of water)]: Razumova, Senkina 1987:86-90; Russians (Karelian Pomorie) [peasant hunter put a snare for the happiness of his 12-year-old son; he was hit by a firebird; the peasant took it to the king, who gave it money and a stone house; put the bird in a cage, sent invitations to look at the curiosity; Tsarevich Ivan played and saw her; the bird asks to steal the mother's key and release it; the bird flew out and returned after 6 hours; she has to sit for another three days; then after 8 hours, three more days, only then can it rise high enough to fly to his kingdom; did not return again, I. quietly returned the key to his mother; the kings gathered decided that the royal family could not be executed, but must be expelled; the king gave a thin a horse and a footman, he is also Ivan; you need to get water; the servant says that if he goes down to the well, the prince will not be able to pull him out; the prince came down; I.-footman forced the prince to change clothes and status, only then pulled it out; in another kingdom, I.-footman proposes to send a real I.-Tsarevich to herd chickens; there are no chickens, 300 hares were given three years to herd, they will be punished for the loss; each pasture is a year; hares immediately scattered; a firebird appeared, told not to worry, carried it home; the bird became king: he fought against another kingdom, fell into a snare; I. lives with the elder sister of the firebird king for 11 months, she gives a bread-salting tablecloth; the tsar himself gives an accordion: if you start playing, the hares will gather; I.-Tsarevich returned, unfolded the bread pickle, played the accordion, the princess came, sat for a long time; after that, the accordion did not acts, I. cannot collect hares, the firebird brings home again; the middle sister gives a lash to collect hares; the princess comes, I. tells her everything, she gives a ring; after that, a lash has lost its strength, the firebird brings to her younger sister; she would like to marry I., but he refuses; she gives special clothes; the firebird: when you return, snakes will come out of the lake to demand a person every day eating; I. will easily defeat the 6-headed and 9-headed, the 12-headed will cut off 10 heads, and two in no way; when the sun rises, you must shout: look, your house is burning! he will look around, heads will be cut off; gives the horn to gather hares; under the stone there is a horse and a kladenets sword; princess at home: do whatever you want with me, I agree to anything; lived with him for two whole days; servants: I was alone princesses; a serpent appeared, the king promises a daughter and half the kingdom for the victory over him; I. drank bottles from the firebird, there was a lot of strength, took out a horse and a kladenets sword; the imaginary I.-Tsarevich bought tongues from 6 heads, and this allowed me to cut off my toe and arm; the same after killing a 9-headed snake: cut off my belt from the back on your finger; when the 12-headed one has been fighting for two days; your house is on fire! falling, the serpent scratched I.'s right arm and leg; the princess bandaged; took another belt from the imaginary prince; at the wedding, the princess orders that all servants, including the hare shepherd, be there; he sleeps, because of- blood is dripping under the bandages; I.-Tsarevich came, brought his fingers and belts from the deceiver's back; hit him, the place was wet; inherited the throne; lived to a very old age]: Nechaev 1938:11-38; Russians (Vologodskaya) [the tsar has a beautiful daughter; he put her in a tower so as not to be stolen; she asked to let her go to the garden, found an egg, ate it in half with her nanny, both became pregnant, Ivan Tsarevich and Fedor were born Nyankin, grew up quickly, went on a journey; at the fork there is an inscription: to the right - break your head, to the left - drink, take a walk, have fun; I. went right, F. to the left; they exchanged rings if the ring will turn black - trouble; there is a bowl left on Rosstani, if there is blood in it, one of them died; I. Tsarevich came to the shack; old woman: every night they bring the girl to eat a sea monster, stayed boyar, princely and royal daughters; I. tells the old woman to wake him up in the evening, let the horse go if he starts to worry; brought a boyar's daughter; "who sings, who plays, who roars"; at midnight on horseback a sea monster with three heads leaves; I. "the field blew", three heads flew off; the next night they brought the princely daughter - the same (six heads); on the third night they brought the princess, the monster has 12 heads, the old woman is sleeping, the horse is beating; the monster threw I.; I. threw his left boot into the old woman's house, then his right boot, the house rolled, the horse escaped; I. jumped on his horse, "blew out the field", demolished the monster's head, took the princess's handkerchief, restored the old woman's hut; the vagrants told the king that they killed the monsters, the king did not believe it; I. showed a handkerchief; wedding; before they fell asleep, Baba Yaga rides (she drives every day, eats a bull, eats a cow); I. chased her, she asked for permission to "weave the horse's eyes", the horse disappeared, I. returned on foot; the next time I. allowed him to weave his eye himself, died; F.'s ring turned black, blood in the bowl; he came to that kingdom, his mistaken for I., put him in bed with his wife M.; when Baba Yaga appeared, the princess replies: "As if you don't know, I was chasing baba yaga for two days"; F. caught up with Baba Yaga, forced him to bring her alive and dead water, revive I. and his horse; having learned that F. slept with his wife, I. in redemption demands that F. travel "far away, far away seas, to the kingdom of far away to the princess for an egg"; F. comes to Baba Yaga, who gives a letter to her sister, her sister gives a letter to her older sister; the elder teaches: the princess is in the kingdom behind the wall, there are strings and bells on the wall, everyone is sleeping in the afternoon, you have to jump over the wall take the egg, soak the hat in the well to the left; F. took the egg, kissed the princess, the strings rang; F. jumps from one baba yaga to another, left the chase; a year later that queen came by ship with her son; F. first he sent the drunk, the son asks if it is his father, treats him with a belt on the back; then F. came; princess: I will treat this myself; wedding]: Gura 1965, No. 17:226-229; Kuzmina 2008, No. 36 [the poor brother has two sons 7 and 8 years old, and the rich man is childless; the poor shot an unusual bird; the rich offered to buy it, the poor gave it so; the rich told his wife to cook, and the heart, liver and lungs separately; nephews accidentally came in and ate; the rich man's wife replaced him with cockles; the rich man did not find gold under his pillow in the morning, but the nephews found them; the rich tells the poor that his children are evil spirits; the poor did not kill them, but left them in the forest; they were picked up by a hunter, they lived with him until the age of 18; then left; did not kill a hare, a fox, a she-wolf, a bear, a lioness; each gave them her two cubs; at the fork, the eldest went to the left and the youngest to the right; the eldest came to the city, there is mourning: the 12-headed serpent takes the king's daughter; the boy cut off the snake's heads, cut out his tongues, wrapped it in a handkerchief, the princess gave him her necklace; the servant cut off the sleeping man's head, made the princess say that he was the savior; the hare ran away for a reviving root, the animals revived the owner; he sent a letter to the princess with the hares; came to the wedding feast, showed the necklace princesses and snake tongues; the deceiver groom was shot; once the elder brother went hunting; the old woman in the tree: cold; afraid of animals; gave him a rod; after that he and the animals were petrified; the younger brother sees that the elder's dagger has rusted; follows in his footsteps; realizing that he is mistaken for his older brother, refuses to lie down with the princess, citing fatigue; he did not take the rod, forced the old woman to revive the petrified ones, then the animals tore her apart; when he learned that the princess had the youngest, the eldest, her husband, cut off his brother's head; repented; revived his brother with the root with which he was revived; the wife only found out by the necklace who her husband was; I was there was, I drank honey beer, but it didn't get into my mouth]: 79-86; Russians (Pskov) [Ivan Tsarevich has an invisible hat and a baton fighter; he saw a castle in the forest, surrounded by an iron wall, at the gate there was a 12-headed snake, from 6 of them are always asleep and 6 are awake; he could only kill himself; I. drove up in an invisible hat and put a baton on the snake; the serpent breathed fire, tumbled, gnawed on the ground, and finally tore it claws and dead]: Smirnov 2003 (1): 350-351; Russians (Moscow) [the white light is gone; Malsyskar alone (?) promised the king that he would return it; he was given two comrades; M. left his comrades at the snake house, giving a glass of water: if there is blood in the glass, then scream; he lay down under the bridge himself; a three-headed serpent is coming, refuses to give the white light, M. cut off his head, put it under the bridge; the same with the six-headed one; every snake wonders that it was a dog that barked; 12-headed M. cut off 11 heads; 12th: a duck in a box, an egg in a duck, an egg in an egg white light; M. took out a white light, woke up his comrades; on the way a meadow and two young ladies; passed by; next time the comrades approached the young ladies, they were torn; Baba Yaga is chasing, M. - to the forge; Baba Yaga she tore her horse; she is told: lick the wall; she licked, her tongue was torn off with hot mites; M.: can you make a horse out of it? they made a horse, but did not tell me to dance if there was music; the men were playing, M. began to dance, the horse was gone]: Vedernikova, Samodelova 1998, No. 21:55-56; Russians (Bryansk region) [the youngest of his sons, Ivan Pópyalov, lay in ash ("in pópala") until the age of 12; the sun hid the serpent; IP asks his father to make him a club, throws him up, puts his forehead, the club breaks; the third club It did not break by 15 pounds; kills three-, six-headed snakes; the 12-headed snake cuts off 9 heads; the snake asks the Raven to fly to call his Snake for help, the IP asks to call his brothers, promises snake meat; The raven is flying to his brothers; the brothers came, killed the snake, his head was broken in his house, the world was lit; halfway through, IP returned for his mittens, becoming a cat, overheard the conversation between his wife and daughters of the snake; brothers they want to relax on pillows in the meadow, IP hits the pillows with a club, blood flows; there are golden and silver apples on the apple tree, IP beats them, blood flows; the spring is the same; they were snake daughters; a snake is flying, their mouth is off the ground to the sky; the brothers throw three pounds of salt, the snake thinks it's an individual entrepreneur, tries, loses time; IP hides in the forge of Kuzma and Demyan; they offer her to lick 12 doors with her tongue, then take the IP; they grab it with ticks for the tongue, killed with hammers, burned]: Afanasiev 1958 (1), No. 135:264-266; Russians (Voronezh, 1939) [The beautiful royal daughter does not want to study, meets a wizard, he puts her on a chair and teaches his science, advises how to choose a groom - to make a riddle, if the applicant does not guess - "head off the shoulders". An Indian prince comes to marry, the princess brings him to the "rich hall where the horned chort lives" treats him with wine, he falls asleep. In the morning, she tells her father that the groom slept all night, and his head is cut off. The same thing happens to the second contender, the nobleman. A retired soldier scoops up water in the river, pulls out cancer, asks him to be released, gives him an invisible hat and advises the soldier to boldly marry the king's daughter. The soldier asks the bride to pour him wine in mugs and falls asleep. Cancer appears, the soldier gets into his mouth and wakes up. The hero puts on an invisible hat and watches the princess. She goes to the garden, summons magic around the gazebos, eats and drinks. The soldier repeats all her actions. He approaches the rakit bush, looks in all four directions, pulls a branch and descends underground. She alternately approaches the copper, silver and gold wells, washes and drinks. The soldier does the same thing, but takes with him three crust from each well. The girl comes to her 12 sisters, tells them that the groom got drunk and fell asleep. Sisters show gifts from their suitors. The soldier climbs up to them, quietly picks up the gifts and the goose from the table, falls, the sisters hear a rumble, run to the window, but do not see the soldier. When they return to the table, they see it missing. The princess goes back, but cannot get drunk from the wells, cries, shouts "my soul is burning". The soldier overtakes her, returns to the place where he fell asleep, takes off his hat. The princess wakes him up, but he tells him where she was at night and what she did, she admits that he solved all her nightly riddles. The king does not want to give his daughter for a soldier, and another contender for the princess advises to give the groom a task: to go there, I don't know where, to find something, I don't know what, "so that it's not seen, but pleased." The princess gives the soldier a ball, orders him to follow the thread when the Serpent hits him, to say that the soldier is a servant of the Russian tsar dog, then she will not touch him. This is what happens, the snake offers a treat to the soldier, orders Ursa to set the table; the tablecloth and treats appear on the table themselves. The serpent gives the soldier the keys to open the borders, and flies to fight the enemy - the Serpent with 9 heads. She wants to bring the soldier to Tsar Ursa, she promises that she will go with him and orders him to flee across the border so that the Serpent cannot kill the soldier ("he will bite and rub his bones for flour"). On the land of another Serpent, about 6 heads, Ursa orders to exchange it for a barrel, promises to return to the soldier if the Serpent does not name her until they cross the border. A soldier crosses the border, a Serpent appears with 6 heads, threatens to eat, burn with fire, and the soldier offers to feed the Snake. He has doubts, because he needs a lot of food. Ursa sets the table with plenty of treats. The serpent realizes that he does not need to fly with Ursa every day to fish and exchanges Ursa for a barrel from the soldier. The soldier crosses the next border, calls Ursa, and she ends up with him. A Serpent appears with 12 heads, wants to eat a soldier, who feeds the Snake with the help of Ursa. The serpent changes its self-propelled sword to Ursa. A soldier gets caught in the rain, does not know how to warm up, Ursa advises ordering a self-made sword to beat the Snake, the sword cuts down all 12 heads. The soldier comes to the king, says that he served him for 20 years and demands that the king served him, orders the sword to cut down the king's head. The soldier calls all soldiers, orders the protection ("workers' and peasants' kingdom") of the poor and orphans, and distributes land to soldiers. The soldier turns the keg, and the crystal palace appears. Among other things, a bayun cat lives there, from whom the storyteller learned to tell fairy tales]: Tonkov 1949, No. 11:181-189; Belarusians (d. Demyanki, howling. Ox. Gom. y., kr. Stepan Grigoriev) [The merchant dies, the pregnant wife will soon give birth to seven children. Children grow up and go to plow "in one plough". The king passes by and sees that seven are plowing on one horse. Sends the gendarme to find out which one is the oldest. The gendarme asks who is older, and all seven unanimously shout "I'm the oldest!" The gendarme reports to the king. The king asks me to know their names. The gendarme asks. Everyone says, "I'm Simeon!" The gendarme reports. The Tsar orders Simeons to be taken to the palace. At the palace, the king asks what the brothers will do. The first says what the ship will do, the second says that it will lead this ship anywhere. The third is a blacksmith, and the fourth is that his brother blacksmith heats his gun, and he will kill everything he sees with it. The fifth says that the fourth will hit the birds, and he will pick them up and carry them. The sixth is that brother blacksmith will cut the pole "to the clouds", and he will sit on that pole and watch what is being done "in other kingdoms." The seventh is asked, and he says he will be the first thief. They judge him and tell him to hang him. But the queen feels sorry for her seventh brother and tells him not to destroy him in vain. They left everyone behind, everyone does their own thing. The sixth brother on the pole sees the beautiful Nastasya in the ninth kingdom and notes her for the single king. The king calls on the seventh Simeon, the thief, and orders him to take Nastasya to the palace. Simeon agrees and asks the two brothers to help them - what the ship will do and what will sail on it. The three of them go on a journey. The thief takes a Navy SEAL with him. The cat is trained to do what they tell you to do - sing, dance, tell stories. They approach the shore of the ninth kingdom. The first brother makes ships on the shore ("knock and blunder, so ship"), forced the entire pier with ships. The second Simeon drives them in different directions. The girl Nastasya is walking around the garden, marveling at who runs so many ships. The cat walks on the deck, sings songs and dances. The princess admired the cat, asks who its owner is and wants to buy the beast. A thief brother is announced, saying that he will give a cat without money if they are allowed to sell their goods in the ninth kingdom. The princess wanted to look at the goods and boarded the ship. As soon as she set foot, the thief tells his brother to give her sleepy drops and drive the ship from the shore as soon as possible, and he put the princess to sleep on his lap. They arrive at the court, the brother on the pole gives a sign to the king. They approach the thief - the princess sleeps, then wakes up. As soon as he saw her, the king was delighted and soon married. And the king had a stepmother, a great sorceress. The king ordered the thief to become governor for his good deed. Once the beautiful princess Nastasya asks the Tsar to visit her in the ninth kingdom. The king listened to her, took Ivan the footman with him and set off by ship. We stayed with my father-in-law, and two boys were born there. And they wanted to go back to their kingdom and sent their ships back. The king tells Ivan Lakey to come to drink tea with them in the evening. Ivan comes and drinks. The king tells him to go to bed with them. Ivan refuses, goes to bed on deck, listen to "new things from the world, ali chudovin". An angel comes to him from heaven. He sits on his face and says: "Well, the king got married, but not for long! When you arrive at the court, the damned stepmother will take out three glasses of wine, whoever drinks will die! And whoever smells and says will become a stone knee-deep." And he pretended to be sleeping and heard it all himself. The next night everything repeats itself, angel: "Well, the king got married, but not for long! When you arrive at the court, the damned stepmother will carry three pieces of roast, whoever eats will die! And whoever smells and says will become a stone to the waist." On the third night, it's the same: "Well, the king got married, but not for long! When you arrive at the court, the cursed stepmother will bring the stallion out. It's not a stallion, it's Satan. Everyone will be dead as soon as he snorts! And who knows, he'll say he'll be a rock up to his throat." Same on the fourth night. Angel: "Well, the king got married, but not for long! When you arrive at the court, the damned stepmother will take their room to bed. When they lie down, Satan will come out with twelve heads and devour them. And whoever knows and says so will become the whole stone!" They arrive at the yard in the morning. Their stepmother meets them and brings out three cups of wine. Ivan footman jumped up, grabbed a dish of wine, slipped and fell - everything crashed. The stepmother was angry: "Son, you're not holding a footman, but some fool!" She can tolerate roast food. Ivan jumped up again, snatched the dish, stumbled, the dish fell and crashed. The stepmother calls their stallion to watch, and Ivan loads his gun with gold bullets. Satan seemed to think that Ivan shot him with three bullets and he died. The stepmother is again for her: "My children, I will give you a room." And Ivan the footman hurries to sharpen his sword by midnight. Only midnight has come, Satan comes out with twelve heads. Ivan is fighting Satan. He cut off six heads. He pleaded for mercy. Ivan did not let him in and cut off all his heads. The king woke up, followed by the queen, and they saw Ivan with a sword. They say: "Everyone forgave you, Ivan, but we won't forgive that! You wanted to slaughter us!" "No," Ivan replies, "I'll die and tell you. And keep your damn stepmother for now, so she doesn't run away, put a gold ring in her lip!" Ivan began to tell him what the angel talked to him about at night, talks and stony. He was already up to his throat - the king and queen cried, but nothing could be done. Ivan told me about the last night and Satan about twelve heads, and he was all made of stone. And they cried near this stone all night, both the king and the king's men. They were sad that such a person had died. And they prayed for the Lord to make him alive again. The Lord came to them, turning to them as a man, and said: "Sovereign, he saved you from death. Slaughter both your sons and rub the stone with their blood, and Ivan will be alive again." The king of the Lord asks what he should do with the bodies of his sons afterwards. The Lord answers him: "Put them in coffins, and place the coffins next to the stone. And go to bed yourself, because morning is wiser than evening." He did so: he cut his sons and anointed a stone with their blood, and put their bodies side by side. The next morning the king wakes up, and Ivan is alive, and his living sons hold hands. The stepmother was tried and killed with an aspen stake]: Romanov 1901, No. 11:101−105; Belarusians (Mogilev, Western 1888-1891, Staroselskaya vol., Mstislavsky district, from a local peasant) [Two royal sons they go in search of brides, after 7 years the tsar has a third son Ivan, grows up quickly, plans to marry; his grandmother advises Ivan to buy the horse he needs from whom, the tsar father refuses to buy a horse with the first time for 100 rubles, buys from the third for 300; the horse speaks in a human voice and takes Ivan by air, flies up to a house with a high fence, a pole with a ring, an inscription on the pole: who He will jump over the fence, can marry Nastasa Prikrasya; Ivan jumps over, meets his grandmother, says that he has come for Nastasya, eats, drinks, takes her horse, leaves; as well as with the second and third houses; for the fourth time, the horse takes Ivan to the golden house, the horse advises Ivan to go to the 12th room and pick up Nastasya's keys; Ivan finds Nastasya (she sleeps) the second time, commits a sin with her, a horse finds out, sends Ivan to the river three times to wash, the horse hits the fence with his hoof, Nastasya wakes up and chases; on the horse's advice, Ivan writes a note on the oak tree (who can cut down an oak tree will catch the villain), buys time, reaches his grandmother, does not drink, does not eat, changes his horse; chasing again, the horse gives the same advice with the inscription on the oak tree, the story of the oak repeats itself; Ivan changes horses again, leaves, to the third once repeats the story with the inscription on an oak tree; the third old woman Ivan drinks, eats, picks up his horse, flies away on horseback, Nastasya promises to come to him in a year with her child; Ivan goes to bed by the stone, goes brothers, one wants to kill Ivan, the other wants to send him under a stone to the next world, the brothers raise a stone, Ivan has been thrown off, gifts have been taken away, the horse is not given to his brothers; Ivan wakes up, walks, finds a home, asks for a drink, there is no water, a 12-headed serpent must eat the royal daughter and close the keys with water; Ivan goes to the sea, where the princess is brought, Ivan asks the princess to look in his head, falls asleep on her on his knees, a serpent appears from the sea, the princess cries, a tear wakes Ivan up; the serpent asks whether Ivan has come to fight or reconcile; opponents fight, with two blows he cuts off the snake 12 heads, pulls out 12 tongues, sticks to the wagon; water comes; Ivan goes to the old woman; the gypsy finds out how the princess escaped, makes her imagine him as a savior, the king plays a wedding; Ivan goes to the wedding, on the way finds a violin, plays at a wedding, asks for a glass of wine from the princess, drinks, puts the princess's ring in the glass, the princess sees her ring, tells her father the truth; Ivan shows her tongues, a gypsy they tie him to a horse's tail and open it; the tsar offers Ivan to marry his daughter, he refuses ("huo friend"); asks to be brought to this world, the princess explains how to get to this world in her father's three-legged goat, the goat carries Ivan, comes back; the horse takes Ivan home by air; Nastasya is already standing in the yard 50 versts from his father's yard; Ivan returns without gifts, he is locked in dungeon; Nastasya writes a letter inviting Ivan, his elder brother goes, the heroes beat him and bring him back, the same with his middle brother; for the third letter, the tsar releases Ivan, he meets Nastasya, they live in this palace]: Romanov 1901, No. 40:370-378; Western Ukrainians (Transcarpathia, Khust District, p. Gorinchevo) [in the 77th state, behind glass mountains, behind milk streams, grandfather and woman live, there are no children; the old woman asks her grandfather to make a child and a cradle out of wood; he cuts down a sycamore, combs the boy, him they call Yavorovy Ivan (YAI); makes a cradle, a woman shakes her, the child does not come to life, grows up; two years later he goes to the forest, helps his grandfather; snakes (shufflers) took three royal daughters; their savior will receive one of them and the state; YAI goes in search, meets a gypsy, becomes friends; they find a hole, wind a rope, fix them on the stove; one will take the youngest daughter, the second will take the middle daughter, the eldest will serve; YAI goes down, hears a girl singing, she is in a hut rotating on a chicken leg; girl: her husband has five heads, he has strong water; YAI drinks water; an iron club falls into the yard, YAI throws her back, snake sees that someone strong is in his yard; comes in, says he smells sinful; wife: this is my brother; they shake hands; the serpent eats melted tin dumplings, drinks water, then goes to fight; snakes He hammers JAI knee-deep into the ground, YI to the waist, the serpent to the arm, YAI to the neck; begins to beat off his heads with a club, but they come back again; the girl sprinkles ashes on them, the head cannot grow, the snake kill; the girl says that she and YAI belong to each other; YAI tells me to collect everything valuable, lock the house, wait for him; puts on a snake's clothes, takes his sword, comes to her middle sister; she also plays harmonica and sings; her husband has ten heads, drinks special wine; YAI swaps barrels of water and wine; when approaching, the snake throws a club of 12 quintals; YAI drinks wine, throws away the club; (hereinafter the same as in YAI changes his sword to the one that the stronger snake has, comes to the third hut; there is a younger princess; the snake yells at his wife who found her with her lover, breathes fire from 12 mouths ; YAI hides behind the door; when her heads show up in the hut, tells her saber to cut them; the elder princess puts all the jewelry in cream, the middle princess puts them in an apple, the youngest in a nut, YAI puts them in her pocket, sends the royal daughters upstairs, the gypsy pulls them out and goes away with them; Yai walks along the path day and night, comes to the hut, there is a woman, she has eyelashes to the ground; she calls him a dog son, agrees hire, tells her to take a pitchfork and raise her eyelids, otherwise she does not see him; Yai raises her eyelashes, she recognizes him as YAI: he knows him and the sycamore from which he was made; he will take care of her mares: herd three times and bring them back, otherwise your head is down; mares are women's daughters; the woman gives YAI a sleepy cake; when YAI wakes up, there are no mares; the fox asks for a cake, tells me to go home and become in a manger : mares have become chickens, the fox begins to torture them, the chickens run into the barn, become mares, YI ties them up, reports to the woman, who hits them with an iron pitchfork for letting themselves be caught, says that must do; on the second day, the wolf promises to help if YAI treats him to bread; explains that mares have become crows; the old horse lying on the manure will say everything to do; the horse: in his the tail is a twig, they have to wave and say: "Stay in place"; three crows sitting in a tree fly into the barn, become mares; the woman hits them with an iron pitchfork: they probably sleep with Ivan, love him, they want to destroy it; on the third day, YAI gives a cake to the bear; he advises him to go home, there is an ox on the second pile of manure, he will explain what to do; the ox tells you to take two twigs from his tail, wave one at left side, others to the right, until mares appear, ask the woman for an old horse for service; mares turn into crayfish, swim from pool to pool, YAI hits them with twigs, turns them back into mares; woman tears his hair, tells him to ask what YAI wants; he asks the old horse; the horse advises the woman to bow down, the woman spits after him, he has time to close the door, otherwise he would burn down; the horse asks how to go - behind the wind or against the wind, flies up, asks you to see what's behind them; Yai sees a black cloud, it's a woman, the horse tells you to throw the comb (thickets from ground to clouds); the cloud almost catches up, but they cross the border earthly world; a woman roars terribly, crumbles to dust; a horse offers to go to the royal city; a woman: three royal daughters have returned, a wedding is being prepared, a gypsy takes the youngest; YAI is hired by a shoemaker; the princess ordered to make shoes that they had not yet made; Yai takes out her younger sister's shoes out of the walnut, hangs them on a carnation; in the morning the younger princess comes and tells the shoemaker that it was not his hand, but she still needs to see a tailor; YAI runs to the tailor, takes out her walnut dress; the princess calls the craftsmen to her wedding; YAI tells the horse to climb into his left ear, there are beautiful clothes; they fly to the palace; gypsy to the king: this is an angel going to the wedding; when she sees YAI, the bride cries with joy, but the gypsy does not confess; YAI puts plum, apple and nut on the table; the older sisters take out their wealth, and the youngest's nut is empty; she understands everything; the gypsy is executed, YAI marries the younger princess]: Lintur 1969:151-160; Ukrainians [Ivan Tsarevich meets an iron wolf while hunting; he agrees to eat it on his wedding day; tsar surrounds the palace with an army, but the wolf passes, I. rides, comes to the hut on a chicken leg, where a witch with three daughters; she agrees to save him from the wolf if he marries her daughter; the wolf is her husband; they decide to lime their son-in-law, send them for his wife and dead water; the crow promises to get it if I. does not touch her crow; teaches the bird to fly into the well and fly sideways, otherwise the watchman snakes will be burned with fire; I. came to to the old man, his wife died, I. revived her; the old man gave a handkerchief, ordered him to throw it at the wolf, he became a 12-headed snake, you have to hit the right and left, the heads flew off; you have to get to the witch as a kitten; I.-kitten hears how the eldest daughter of a witch and a wolf promises to become a well, the middle daughter promises to become an apple tree, the youngest is an upper room with food on the table; he cuts it all, blood flows; returns home to his wife and parents]: Petnikov 1956:159-163; Eastern Ukrainians (Kharkiv) [The princess gives birth to a son, her parents drive her away, cut off her arms, and tie the child to her back. She wants to get drunk at the well, her son asks her to put her hands in the water - she lowers her hands, her hands grow back. They live in an empty forest house. Ivan examines the house, finds a 12-headed snake on 12 chains in the barn ("tied with a bast, but covered with feces"), the snake asks him to drink - buckets of water and blood are next to him, Ivan refuses, forbids his mother enter the barn. In his absence, she comes in, gives water to the snake, he becomes handsome, convinces her to destroy her son - send her for rings, which can be obtained by driving between two shifting mountains. On the way, Ivan enters the hut, where the girl embroiders, she gives her horse so that Ivan can get to the mountains, and by the mountains, the horse orders him to fit into his right ear. Ivan takes out a bandura from there, puts it between the mountains, the mountains stopped playing bandura, picks up his rings. The mother pretends to be sick again, sends her son for snake fat, he gets the girl's horse again, who tells me to hit the snake when he wakes up (?) , she has been "cowardly" for 11 days and dies for 12 days. Ivan cuts out lard, brings his mother, she demands bear milk, he takes the girl's horse again, the horse advises to tie his sword "ear to ear", the bear asks not to kill her, and milks milk for Ivan. The horse jumps 12 miles in one jump, Ivan sees a mother with a dove in the house (a snake turned around), a bird flies out the window, Ivan chases her, his mother asks her son to throw his sword so as not to hurt himself, he listens, a snake takes on his form, kills Ivan, throws bones in the field. He is seen by three mermaids, the girl's sisters from the hut, each of them steps over Ivan's bones, heals, gets up, then speaks (the ability to speak as a stage in returning to life; then it's not clear - something cut off and made the biscuit and ate it). He marries a girl from a hut, kills a snake, puts his mother in front of two buckets - him and a snake - to see who she cries more about - him or a snake. He comes back, sees that the snake bucket is full, leaves his mother]: Grinchenko 1895, No. 158:155-159.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Megrela (p. Chakvinji, Zugdidsky University) [{subline; sometimes not entirely clear}; the visitor promises the childless king that he will have a son Jimushieri, but he should not see an egg or hear such a word in his life; one day J. hears the word, tells tell her parents everything, leaves; the girl will marry someone who explains that there are "roses of hearts and longing hearts", the loser head to head for a goal; J. comes to the sad king, who will talk about it, but then he will cut off his head; the horse promises to carry J. over the wall; the king says that his wife fell in love with a 12-headed giant; the king's sister found out, his wife turned her into a white dog; the king cut off the giant's head, turned his wife into a falcon; J. rode away, married that girl, returned to his parents]: Petrov 1894:78-89; Georgians (western in the Georgian village of Sachilavo in Megrelia) [the king has 363 sons, the eldest Samais (" Samasi" - 300); S. suggests that his father marry them to 363 sisters at once; the first devi replies that he has 361 daughters, the second 362, the third 363; he gives daughters; warns that near the girl with 362 daughters a nine-headed girl lives, and near the one with 361 daughters there is a 12-headed girl; S. does not allow him to go to the 9th, but the 12-headed attracts all newlyweds into the abyss; promises to let him go if S. gets him a daughter the eastern king; S. meets, takes as companions 1) lying on his ear and ear covering himself, 2) chasing hares, tied a millstone to his leg, 3) shooting at a beast, a bird a thousand miles away, 4) plucking feathers from pigeons, and they don't notice, 5) counting the number of ants in the ant heap, 6) sipping the lake, 7) swallowing blocks of earth; everyone replies that this is not surprising, but It is surprising that S. and 362 brothers married the daughters of a 12-headed maiden; S. jumps a wall on horseback, opens the gate, the shooter destroys the guard dogs, the king offers tests; 1) whose messenger is the first will bring live water; the king's messenger offers the Runner a snack first, he falls asleep; the shooter fired an arrow, it broke the millstones, the Runner came back first; 2) who eats more (Eating consumes food, shouts that not enough); 3) drink 40 wineskins of water (Opivalo drinks); 4) collect the sown wheat (who considered ants tells them to collect); the king gives his daughter, but orders to add a sleepy potion to the food; Plucking pigeons feathers changed dishes, the king's people fell asleep; bringing the princess, S. offers the girl to shave him, cut his throat with a razor (if you cut it again, new maidens will appear with every stroke); S. brothers dug a hole, C . fell into it, but the horse galloped away, the brothers covered the hole with earth, took the princess; the horse asks the fox to dig a hole for promising to give her his back thigh; the fox lies when it comes; the same with the wolf, the bear; the bear dug to the bottom, the horse pulled S. out; his parents gave S. the throne, and the brothers made him servants]: Kapanadze 1900:129-141.

Baltoscandia. Latvians [the poor fisherman is childless; he threw a net to pull Laima's catch, caught a fish; she tells me to collect their scales, put them in his pocket, the scales will turn into money; the wife believes that someone's husband robbed, threatened to bring it to the king; when he learned about the fish, he tells him to bring it; the fisherman caught it again, she tells her to cut it into 5 pieces, let it be eaten by his wife, mare, dog, cat, and put the fifth piece under the floor in the stable; everyone gave birth twice, boys, foals, puppies, kittens have golden hair (wool); the king asked to give one boy to him; his own son is jealous - the father loves the adopted child more; he pushed him off the tower; but he did not crash, but returned to his father; decided to go on a journey, taking his stallion, dog, cat with him; he found a saddle and a bridle under the floor of the stable; in a foreign city, mourning: the princess is given to the 12-headed already; the young man killed the devil, the beasts helped in the battle, cut out his tongues, left; the deceiver gathered his heads, ordered him to say that he was the savior, the king, promised to give him his daughter; the princess asked for a year of delay; A year later, the young man returned, the princess recognized him, he showed his languages, his wedding; the deceiver was executed]: Niedre 1952:110-115; Estonians: Järv et al. 2015 (Virumaa, Lüganuse khk.) [father taught his son bird language, asks what crows are talking about; son: that one day you will bow to me; the father drove his son away; he bought three dogs on the way - Ass, Võts, Murra kaul ("Atu!" , "Take it!" , "Break your neck!") ; came to the city where it was the turn of the royal daughter to be eaten by a snake, otherwise it would flood everything; when a three-headed serpent came out of the lake, the young man told the dogs to bite it, cut off their heads and tongues cut it off, hid it in a handkerchief; the same with 6- and 12-headed snakes; promised to return in 5 years, cutting the princess's ring and taking half; in the fifth year, the general showed his heads, demanded the princess to himself; before the wedding, a real savior appeared, showed his tongues and half of the ring; wedding; the general was hanged]: 17-20; Mälk et al. 1967, No. 71 (Yuri) [the king saw a mushroom in the forest, and under it a dwarf with big beard; brought it to him, put him in the basement, invited other kings to look at the curiosity; the prince boy played ball, he flew into the basement; the dwarf promised to give the ball if the boy stole his mother's key ; let her cry, the mother will take her to her knees, we must take the key out of his pocket and then return it; the Queen grew up and then told his father everything; he drove him away, giving him a horse and a servant; when the Queen went down to the well to get water, the servant swore that they would change roles, otherwise he would not pull him out of the well; the other king had a deceiver as chief adviser, and the real queen got it watch the horses; he laments his share; that dwarf came out from under the stone, led him underground; the eldest daughter gave a magic tablecloth and a copper whistle; if you whistle, a copper horse and robe will appear, with they are not afraid of a single enemy; next time the same (silver, golden horse and robe); a three-headed serpent coming out of the lake demands a royal daughter, otherwise he will ruin everything; the queen in his copper outfit kills, returns the daughter to the king; the same with the 6-headed (silver horse) and 12-headed (golden horse) dragons; the younger princess bandaged the savior's wound; the deceiver bribed the warriors to say that he is the savior; the king wants to give him his youngest daughter; she found the imaginary groom playing the pipe; he appeared to the king in gold, brought the heads and tongues of snakes; but the deceiver cannot; the queen is made son-in-law and heir, the deceiver is thrown into the well]: 204-213; set: Järv et al. 2009, No. 4 [the queen is childless, the king brings fish, tells the cook not to eat herself; the queen ate the fish, the cook decoction, the dog - bones, each gave birth to a son: Ivan Tsarevich (IC), Ivan Povarov (IP), Old Sukin Son (S.); brothers come to the bridge; the first to guard the IP, the devil goes (vanasitt), the IP beats, he did not notice, S. kills the Devil; the same the next night, when the IC is guarding; on the third, a 12-headed line; S. leaves a knife, drips blood, let the brothers come to the rescue; the hell grows severed heads; S. throws a shoe at the brothers, another, but they hid under the stove; S. gathered his strength, killed the devil; the first two devils had wives, one became an apple tree, the other a well; S. destroyed an apple tree, a well; the 12-headed wife had one lip half the world and another half the world (ühe huule ühe ilmaveere peale, teise huule teise ilmaveere peale), opened her mouth; S. poured flour there; S. and IC slipped through, IP swallowed; S. ordered the blacksmith to cook ticks; wife The 12-headed opened her mouth, the blacksmith grabbed her tongue with ticks, she regurgitated the IP, who was in flour, S. killed her]: 47-50.

Volga - Perm. Marie (meadow) [=Sabitova 1992:102-109; the soldier returns home, leans to the pond by the mill for a drink, the devil grabbed his beard, let him go for promising to give what he does not know at home; at home near his son Ivan; I. goes to look for the one to whom he has been sold; enters the door in an oak tree, down the stairs; the old man (he is the younger brother of big Satan) tells you to walk three hundred miles, 11 pigeons will fly to the lake, turn into girls will swim, put on their clothes again and fly away; after that, the 12th will arrive, her clothes must be hidden, returned for promising to become a wife; she promises that she is three years away, she will hang her out the window ribbon, her house will be the third on the edge; I. comes, the wife tells me to go to her father, slam the door loudly, take away his spoon, start eating himself; Satan is surprised, promises to give work in a week; tells 1) uproot the forest overnight (the wife sends workers, I. brings the last stump); 2) plow, sow, harvest, bake bread, bring one boat of bread (the same); 3) build a church and let the pop serve; the same; Satan will turn into a pig, the wife tells you to throw a hammer at her; tame the stallion; this is Satan himself, you must beat him with a hammer; Satan tells you to choose a wife from 12 girls, they are in the form of pigeons; wife: I will go down and rise; 12 sheep (the wife will come out third); 12 dewdrops (the third is about to drip); Satan sends young people to a cast-iron bath, wants to burn; the wife tells the broom, trough, bucket to answer that they are they are still soaring and washing; the young are running, Satan's 11 daughters are chasing; the wife turns I. into a chapel, the old woman herself, the sisters return; Satan is chasing himself, the wife is a ruff, the husband is a lake; Satan becomes a pike, not can catch a ruff, breaks the shore so that the young do not go out, but I.'s wife restores everything; a wedding at Father I.'s house]: Chetkarev 1941, No. 37:282-286; Mordovians [the horse tells you to skin it off, put it on himself; when necessary, the horse will come to the rescue; the guy was called Horseskin (LS), he hired the king as a gardener; the eldest daughter is demanded to be eaten by a three-headed dragon; LS summons a horse, kills a snake, the princess gives him her ring; the coachman tells him to say that he is the savior; the same with the 9-headed serpent (middle daughter); with the 12-headed (youngest); LS falls asleep every time, wakes up from a dripped tear; at the feast only LS presented the princesses with handkerchiefs and rings; married his youngest, and the coachman was tied to the horse's tail]: Samorodov 1972:202-213; Chuvash [Ivan's mother died; his stepmother from father I. has three daughters; stepmother baked I. a poisoned cake; the foal tells him about this, advises him to give the cake to the puppy; the stepmother hangs an ax above the door (the same, the ax fell on the puppy); the healer advises asking her husband to stab the foal; the foal advises to ask permission to ride it for the last time, takes I. away; tells you to put a pig bubble on his head, hire the king to guard the garden, answer everything "I can't know"; the king has three daughters, the serpent demands the eldest to be eaten; the king promises her savior; the unrecognized I. rides his foal, cuts down the heads of a double-headed snake; the same to the seven-headed one; he demanded the middle daughter, she she bandaged the hero's broken finger, then saw I.'s handkerchief, noticed his golden hair; but still held I. for a fool; the king gave her eldest and middle daughters for false saviors; the same with the youngest - 12-headed serpent; I. comes to the wedding feast in her true form; the younger princess recognized I. as a savior; the impostor was hanged]: Sidorova 1979:108-113; Chuvash tales 1937 [the snake knocked down from the sky with its tail and took over the sun and the month, swallowed peoples and tribes; three babies were left, and each foal - white, black, savry; one in the steppe, the other in the forest, the third in the crevice of the rocks; grew up, became Ser- pattar, Juman-pattar, Tu-pattar ("land-, oak-, hero mountains"); S. met Y. first, then T., went together; stayed in a house, near the bridge over the river; at midnight S. woke up: the wave carries a person sitting on on the copper throne, a snake with three crowns on three heads; S. fights him on the bridge, killed him, hid his heads and pieces of body under the bridge, did not say anything to the brothers; they drove up to the village; S. peeks through the window of the hut: there a woman rocks a baby, a star in her forehead, stars in her ears; she tells the baby that to avenge the death of his father will become a raspberry bush, the heroes will eat berries and die; S. cut the bush, flowed black blood; brothers stay in another house at the bridge over Shura-Shyv ("white river"); J. must guard, but falls asleep, S. sees how the ninth wave carries a snake on the silver throne, silver crowns on 9 heads; he drove S. waist-deep into the ground, but S. cut off all the heads, hid them under the bridge; S. peeks into the hut again; the same episode, there are even more stars on the woman, sits on a silver chair, promises turn into a spring; S. cuts a spring, black blood has flowed; brothers spend the night at the bridge over the Black River, T. goes to guard, falls asleep; the twelfth wave carries a 12-headed snake, golden crowns on their heads; he drives S. into the ground, but S. went out, cut off 11 heads; to save the last one, the serpent took the sun out of one ear, gave it a month from the other; S. still cut off his head; in the hut, a woman with stars on her body sits on a golden chair, promises to turn into a bed with a feather bed; S. cuts, black blood has flowed; the mother of the snakes surrounded the heroes with her body, swallowed Y. and T., S. jumped over his horse, jumps away, the snake pursues; S. locked himself in the forge, invited the snake to lick the iron door, grabbed his tongue with hot forceps, went out, began to cut off the tail, everyone swallowed came out, each threw a handful of earth, a mountain formed; S. took the sun and moon out of his pockets, they returned to heaven]: 27-40; Kazan Tatars [his brother has three dogs: lighter than wind, lighter than hops, heavier than earth; sister took a snake as a lover- yuhu; he offers to poison her brother; one dog overturns poisoned water, the other throws a bowl of porridge, the third breaks the bathhouse in which Juha wanted to burn the young man, carries him to the river, the young man comes to life; leaves his sister fill the barrel with tears, dry like a ray, eat a brick; kills the 6-, 9-, 12-headed ajdah, to whom the eldest, middle, youngest daughter of the padishah was given; each gives her own ring; the watchman says that He saved the princess, but he cannot lift the stone under which his heads; he was shot, the young man took the middle princess, lives with her in the forest; his sister came, put two of Yuha's teeth in his brother's bed; the dogs found pulled his teeth out of the young man's ear (made the bear cry and the hare put his ear to the young man's ear); the young man cut off his sister's head]: Zamaletdinov 2008b, No. 1:25-32; Bashkirs [after the death of parents 10 The brothers go to look for work, refuse to eat the old woman's unsalted soup; the youngest eleventh Karasa-batyr eats, she orders to first destroy the Yalmauz talismans, then fight; the girl says where the talisman of the 7-, 12-headed Yalmauz, K. kills him; the same in the palaces of the 9-headed; K. frees prisoners; meets brothers, each gives 10 girls, takes three for himself; at night, Azhdakha filled his brothers, lets go for K.'s promise to bring Kurenmyas Khan's daughter; K. meets, takes as companions 1) a one-legged runner, 2) a tall man catching birds with his hands, 3) listening, 4) drinking a lake; khan demands 1) defeat the bull; 2) without splashing milk, climb a pole, ring the bell; 3) overtake the speedboat (60-year-old woman); 4) spend the night in a hot bath; companions do everything together; khan turns her daughter into a knife, a pillow, a writing pen, tells her to choose among 12 samovars, 12 feathers, 12 clerks; K. makes the right choice every time; the girl turns into a fish, Drunk drains the lake, companions they cook fish, the imaginary fish jumps out of the cauldron; it turns into wheat grains, they are fed to the duck, the girl takes off as a duck, the bird catcher grabs it; the fox offers to give it to ajdaha instead of a girl; Azhdaha believed; K. lives with four wives]: Barag 1988, No. 32:200-213.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. The Mongols of Ordos [Ondey, the best man, is immensely rich in cattle; someone kidnaps foals that his mare gives birth to every year; he is going to give birth to Hormusta; the mare gives birth, but yellow the rainbow carries him away; O. fired an arrow, the foal fell, the mare licked it; the long yellow llama also fell; said that he stole foals on the orders of the Burkhan; O. dug a deep well, lowered Dolny there, put a bull and a camel on the hole, telling them not to get up, even if they were beaten and the brushwood and stick broke; went to inspect the herds; O.'s wife went out to look for fire, hears a song, comes to the well; Long advises to offer animals herbs and water - O. did not tell them about it; the animals got up, Long got out, the woman brought him to her; says that he will not return to her husband again; Long advises to pretend to be sick, ask for the heart of a monstrous snake; O. took his dogs Arja and Barja, a peacock and a parrot, went in search; came to a black yurt, gold and silver in front of her horseback riding, O. tied the mare to the gold one; the girl called to the house, the old woman fed and paid tribute; when he reached the mountain, behind which the serpent, the horse teaches to close his eyes, the horse will ride, thunder, the snake in fear will close its mouth, you have to shoot, swallowed people will come out of its mouth, then insert an arrow, enter the snake, cut off the heart; the snake's upper lip is flush with the mountain in the west, the lower lip is flush with the mountain on east; when O. pulled out his heart, blood flowed, causing a flood; when he reached the yurt, O. lost consciousness; the old woman tells her daughter to throw a snake's heart into the abyss, replace the bull with her heart; at home Long advises a woman to feed a snake's heart to her husband - it's poisonous, he will die; O. is not dead; Long advises to look at the patient again, ask the brain of a 12-headed black mangus; O. goes to a black yurt, there are other girls and old woman; old woman tells the girl to cook a bull for a guest, keep her brain separate; the horse trampled on the mangus, O. collected her brain; the old woman tells her daughter to replace the mangus brain with the brain of a bull; the wife only pretended to eat brain; gave her husband a drink to the point of insensitivity; Long got out of the chest, cut O. into pieces; a mare, a peacock, a parrot and both dogs grabbed and carried away pieces; the wife gave birth first to son O., and then to son Dolny; animals protect O.'s severed body, Naran Gho (daughter of an old woman from a white yurt) found them, his mother gave a magic object to revive O.; marries him a daughter, gives him a new name Shudurg Mergen Chagadai Khan (Chagadai Mergen); The long one flew to heaven; the World Cup (i.e. former O.) arrived when only his son was at home; opened up to him; took the animal's meat out of the cauldron, cooked Long's son; asks his wife if she wants to live with five jings or with to those she does not love; she: with jings; he tied her to five horses; when the World Cup mare started, her son, on whom Long was sitting in the sky, rushed carrying a rider; S. cut it into 5 pieces and cooked it; lives with his wife, her mother and his son; by order of Hormusta, he became the son of Genghis, became emperor]: Mostaert 1937, No. 1 in Solovyov 2014.

Western Siberia. {Recent Russian borrowing}. Mansi: Kumaeva 2015, No. 1 [Ekva-Pygris and her two older brothers go to fight the menquas; they live in a hut, take turns guarding the bridge; the elder, middle brother falls asleep, E. kills 6- head, second with 9-headed menqua; the brothers are ashamed that they all overslept; when E. fights with a 12-headed man, he puts his severed heads back with a fiery finger, drives E. into the ground up to his shoulders; E. throws one mitten or the other - the brothers do not wake up; he threw down his hat, they woke up, released the horse E., he rode, E. killed the menqua; the brothers went on, E. returned to pick up the handkerchief; hears the conversation Menkwa wives; one will turn into a puddle, the second into berries, the third into a deerskin bed; E. does not allow brothers to drink, eat, lie down, cuts a puddle, berries, bed with a sword, blood flows; the mother of the menkvas chases with with their mouths open; brothers hide in the house of 12 blacksmiths; Menkwa's mother licked 11 iron doors; E. went out and killed her; brothers returned home]: 7-23; Kannisto 1956, No. 18 [fish were cooked in the merchant's house; dog licked her ear, the maid tried it with a spoon, the daughter ate the rest, all three became pregnant, each gave birth to a boy, everyone's name is Vanka, all three look the same; playing with their peers, their brothers maim them; they made bows for themselves, shot and went; little V.'s arrow fell the closest, the big arrow fell farthest, beyond 9 seas, 9 mountains, to the crimson bridge; they came there, by the bridge, a house with three locks; little V. tore off the smaller, middle - middle, big - the largest castle; food and decks of cards in the hut; began to play; younger V. should have gone to guard, but the eldest (he is the son of a dog) went; a 6-headed man is driving across the bridge hell, asks his horse why he stumbles; the horse predicts the death of the devil; V. killed him, returned to the hut; the next day, the 9-headed devil; the third time V. left his mittens in the hut: if one falls and the other gets blood, we must hurry to help; the 12-headed devil overcomes, the brothers are sleeping, V. throws his boot, the brothers wake up, come running, 6 heads are cut off; the same again (throws the second boot, the remaining 6 heads were cut off); the brothers set off, but V. returned for the boots, became a mouse, overheard the hells talking; one promises to cause heat and become a well, a bed, the second to catch up with the cold and become a hut, the third is to become a pig and kill the brothers; V. cuts a well, a hut, instead of them - dissected corpses; the brothers went on three roads; the pig caught up and killed the younger, middle brothers; elder V. hid in Kuzma Demyan's forge; the pig licked the door with his tongue, Kuzma Demyan is told to grab the devil by the tongue with ticks, V. did it, crushed the skull with a hammer]: 182-189.

Guiana. Lokono [a person catches the queen of vultures, rises to heaven with her; a vulture mother-in-law requires 1) make a bench (as in Coll 1907, No. 1; mother-in-law has twelve heads), 2) catch fish, 3) bring water in the basket (ants cover the holes); a person is surrounded by a fence in the garden; he flies away like a fly]: Coll 1908, No. 2:483.