Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

L1C. Runaways turn into stars .46.50.

Those who run away from the monstrous bear rise to the sky and turn into stars.

Sarsi, Blackfoot, Assiniboine, Grovantre, Crowe, Sheena, Arapahoe, Arikara, Pawnee, Kiowa, Wichita, Hicarilla.

Plains. Sarsi [husband notices that when he returns from the forest with brushwood, his wife is covered in mud; she watches her, sees her copulating with the Bear, kills him, lets her skin off him; she keeps her; tells her the younger sister keeps the angriest dog with her; wearing the skin, becomes the Bear, kills everyone; only the dog protects the sister; six siblings return from the war; at the spring, the younger sister tells them what happened; they learn from her that the Bear's feet are vulnerable; they dig up pegs near the house; the bear steps on them, they try to burn her, she chases them; the younger brothers sister rises into the sky, becomes the seven stars of the Ursa Major; the star next to her is the sister's dog; the bear turns into stone]: Simms 1904:181-182; Blacklegs: Michelson 1911b, No. 2 ( piegan) [every evening, the older sister goes to the forest; the mother tells the younger sister to see her sister copulating with a bear; the father and the men shot him; the older sister asks the younger sister to bring her paw, call young people to play bear; asks not to push her into the hips; the girl pushes, the older sister turns into a Bear, devours everyone, turns her younger sister into a maid; she meets Seven brothers who have returned from the campaign; they ask her to know how to kill the Bear; she replies to her sister that she has injected it in her paw with an awl; the brothers give her sister a rabbit; the bear tells her to eat it herself, then wants kill for not leaving her half; runs out, attacks the awls; the brothers burn the corpse, a piece of finger flies off, the Bear revives, chases; the older brother blows on the feather, it takes off, they follow him, become the seven stars of the Ursa Major; the sister runs to the old man, who hides her, cuts off the Bear's ears and tail]: 244-246; Spence 1985 [a man has seven sons, two daughters; the eldest takes the Grizzly as a lover; the father tells him to be killed; the older brothers go camping; the sister takes a piece of Grizzly skin, turns into a Grizzly herself, kills everyone except Sinopa's younger sister and Okinai's younger brother; takes human form again; older brothers return; let younger sister scatter prickly fruits in front of the elder's house; brothers and younger sister run; older sister steps on prickly fruits, turns into a Grizzly, chases; O. waves his pen, creating a thicket, a lake, a tree; everyone climbs a tree; O. shoots arrows into the sky; with each arrow, one of the brothers flies away to heaven; they turn into the Big Dipper; the dim star on one side is S.; the four bucket stars are brothers who were pulled down from the tree by the Grizzly]: 182-184; Wissler, Duvall 1908, No. 7 [father and brothers girls kill her lover; she asks her younger sister to bring part of her bear paw, invites her to play, tells her not to touch her kidneys; the ban is broken, she turns into a bear; brothers give the rabbit's younger sister, who has difficulty convincing the Bear that she killed him herself; they all run, spray water (lake) behind, throw a comb (thicket); the bird tells the Bear to shoot in the head; she is killed by an arrow; six brothers and younger sister turn into Pleiades, younger brother into (Polyarnaya?) Star]: 68-70; Assiniboine: Lowie 1909a, No. 11b [two sisters try to seduce his brother; his father makes him a boat, he sails away; the sisters ask him to swallow the fish, but the young man tells her not to; sisters play with children, tell them not to touch their anus; the ban is broken, sisters turn into cannibal bears, everyone is killed, parents are blinded with lightning; brother returns; sisters approach in black a storm cloud; the brother tells the birds to kill them, they cannot; then turns the rock into an eagle; when the sisters sit on it, the eagle grabs them and holds them, the brother burns them and grinds them into powder; returns them to their parents vision in the steam room revives those killed from their hair], 23a [girl takes a bear as a lover; people kill him; she asks for a piece of his skin, puts it on, turns into a Bear; kills everyone except parents and younger sister; her older brother returns from hunting; younger sister tells him that the Bear's right leg is vulnerable; he kills the Bear with an arrow; pushes her heart, sprinkles powder into the hearths; people revive], 23b [girl warns children playing not to touch her anus; the ban is broken, she turns into a Bear, kills everyone; younger sister becomes her maid; meets her four brothers; receives a rabbit from them, tells the Bear that she killed him herself; the younger brother kills the Bear with an arrow, hitting her vulnerable toes; pushes her bones, puts powder in the hearths, people revive ; var.: Bear chases brothers; they play ball, turn into Big Dipper]: 161-162, 179-180; grovantre [girls play; the eldest asks them to bring bison ribs; makes them for herself claws, turns into a Bear, kills everyone but her little sister; their six brothers return; ask my sister to find out where the Bear's vulnerable place is; Little finger on my left hand; give rabbit sister to throw hot fat at the Bear; they run, the Bear chases them, the youngest kills her by hitting her little finger with a tendon arrow (the only one that can kill her); burn the body, one spark flies to the side, the Bear revives from her, continues to pursue; if they wish, the brothers create a swamp, a forest, a gorge, a river, fire, cacti behind her; the sister hits the brothers with her ball, taking them to heaven; they become the Ursa Major or the Pleiades; the Bear stays on the ground]: Kroeber 1907b, No. 27:105-108; crowe [playing, the younger sister asks the older sister to become a bear; she replies that she will become real, the youngest insists; the eldest turns, devours people; tells the youngest to get the rabbit; her six brothers give it to her; show how to convince the Bear that she killed herself him; the bear chases his younger sister; she sticks awls everywhere, they pierce the Bear, she takes time to pull them out; the brothers tell her sister to throw a porcupine behind the needle, the Bear spends time picking them up; give buffalo manifold {buffalo droppings?} , then a piece of bison stomach; sister throws it behind her, manifolds turn into flat rocks, stomach into holes; older sister climbs over rocks, gets stuck in the last hole; brothers ask that they should all turn into; the sister offers what the smoking pipe points to - Big Dipper; they are now seven stars of the Big Dipper, the sister is accompanied by a dog]: Lowie 1918:205-211; sheyens: Curtis 1976 (19) (southern sheyens) [children play animals; one girl asks not to be called a bear; they call her; she tells her younger sister to hide in a dog kennel, turns into A bear, kills many; her sister runs; tells her to appear behind a thorny bush, thorns, a river, a steep bank; the bear overcomes everything; seven brothers protect the girl; they run out of arrows; together with the girl, they climb to the top of a high peak; the Bear tries to knock him down; they go to heaven, turn into the Pleiades]: 143-144; Grinnell 1926:220-231 in Gibbon 1964 [like Crowe and wichita; running away from the Bear, seven brothers and younger sister turn into Ursa Major]: 237; arpaho: Dorsey, Kroeber 1903, No. 105 [girl plays bear, becomes Bear, kills people; people run away, leaving two children tied to a tree; they are freed by a black dog; the bear chases them; the boy gives the ball, every time they fly after the ball; the ball tells them to throw it to sky; brother and sister follow, turn into three stars (brother, sister, ball?)] : 238-239; Voth 1912, No. 13 [the older sister turns into a Bear, makes her youngest her slave; people are fleeing; the younger sister meets three hunters; they give her a rabbit; they kill the Bear with arrows; give Little sister Bear's leg bone; if the bone is lost, the Bear will respawn; the girl loses her bone three times; each time the Bear appears on the horizon, but the girl manages to pick up the bone; people return]: 49; arikara [the older girl reluctantly agrees to play bear; tells her younger sister to hide; turns into a Bear, kills everyone; sister secretly meets four of them brothers returning from war; reports that the Bear has vulnerable little fingers on her legs; the brothers let her scatter thorns in front of the house, they lure the Bear, shouting that enemies are coming; the bear dies, brothers burn it; a drop of blood falls on the ground, the Bear is reborn, chases her sister and brothers; the older brother throws an awl, it turns into a thorny forest; the second is a knife, he cuts through the gorges; the third the comb turns into cacti thickets; the fourth is a whetstone, turns into a high rock (the Devil's Tower in Wyoming), raising the fugitives to the sky; they turn into the Pleiades, the Bear goes west]: Park, No. 7:146-152; Pawnee (kitkehahki) [after going for brushwood, the girl got lost, the Skull brought her to his dugout; while he is away, the girl climbs the hill; the man gives her an arrow, a bubble, a cactus; she runs; the Puma says she can't help against the Skull; she throws the cactus, it turns into thickets; the bear is unable to help; the bubble into the river; the skull crosses on a log; the Bison fails help; throws an arrow - thickets; The skull burns the way with its fiery breath; the girl runs to the dugout of six brothers, the youngest breaks the Skull with a club, the girl splits pieces to dust, burns; her brothers help her sow the corn, beans, pumpkins she brought; she tells her not to go to the field without her permission; they harvest in autumn; they agree to leave the girl as a sister since she brought them corn; brothers disappear in the evenings, come back in the morning; agree to take it; now the girl is the seventh star of the Pleiades]: Dorsey 1906, No. 30:119-122; kiowa [every day the husband paints his wife's face in red; her bear lover licks paint; husband watches over wife, kills Bear; sees wife crying while scraping her skin; wife playing bear, turns into Bear, kills all people in the village , turns her younger sister into a slave; tells her to get the rabbit or she will kill her; the girl's six brothers come back, give her a rabbit, teach her how to show that she got it on her own; the brothers taught her sister knock needles into the ground, the Bear ran into them; while she was taking them out, the brothers and sister run away, climbing the rock; the sister tells the brothers that the Bear has vulnerabilities between her toes; the brothers shoot there Killing the Bear; they and their sister, along with the rock, rise to the sky and become stars; the brothers' names are Sensitive Ear, Sharp Eye, Fast Runner, Sharp Mind; others are not named]: Parsons 1929a, No. 3:9-11; wichita [a girl comes to the eldest of seven brothers at night; he smears her back with white clay; in the morning asks women to play ball, identifies his older sister; hits her with an arrow; she becomes a Grizzly bear in anger; brothers go camping, Grizzly destroys people; their younger sister comes to the brothers, they give her dead rabbits; to kill the Grizzly, you have to shoot her four legs; The brothers do it, but she is unharmed; the Grizzly chases the brothers; they throw the turtle's shell, which turns into many turtles, the Grizzly eats them; they throw a red stone, the Grizzly loses time coloring they dust themselves with paint; they dust off their arrows, it turns into a dense bush; they break through the gorge with a bowstring, the Grizzly crosses it; they rise to the sky, turn into the Big Dipper; the Grizzly goes north]: Dorsey 1904a, No. 9:69-74.

The Great Southwest. Hicarilla [children play bear; the girl gradually becomes a real bear; for the fourth time she is completely transformed, kills everyone; leaves her younger sister to serve her; carries water in human turtles, from which the Bear made buckets; the father and five other men return from hunting; together with the girl, they make a fire near the Bear Cave, throw it in the face burning deer peritoneum; rising on a cloud to the sky, turning into the Pleiades]: Opler 1938, No. C1:113-116.