Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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L1c2. They hide it under the hearth. .28.29. (.34.) .

Fleeing from the demonic creature, the characters hide their children (younger siblings) in a disguised hole, usually under a hearth. See L1C motif.

Northern Ukrainians, Kumyks, (Mongols, Kets), Dolgans, Nanais, Orochi, Udege, (Tuscarora), Navajo, Yavapai.

Central Europe. Northern Ukrainians (Chernihiv Oblast, Nezhinsky District) [The king, queen and one daughter died, leaving the second daughter and son; when the father died, he buried them to hide them from the snake; the serpent flew in, asking the pomelo, pokers, hooks, axes, shelves where the king is hid the children; everyone replies that the king or queen was kind to them; he will drown (bury the heat, take the pots out of the oven, chop them, etc.) and put them (put them), so I stand (lie); but the snake insists that the chisel shows signs of work (wrinkles); it agrees and tells you to go out, throw it behind you and dig it where it falls; the snake dug up the children and carried them into its hole; on the way, Olenka invites you to look for the snake lice; the snake fell asleep, Ivan cries; the bumblebee puts the children on his back, carries him away, but the snake caught up and returned; next time the goby offers to help; carries children, the snake catches up; the goby tells I. to climb into him right ear, get out of his left ear, he has a scallop and a handkerchief in his head; I. waved his scallop - a thicket, a handkerchief - the sea parted and the goby ran dry; the serpent was afraid, built a house for himself and stayed in it; brother his sister and his sister came to another house; the goby tells him to slaughter him, hang his legs in different places; in the morning they appeared dogs Protyus and Nedvyus, a sword and a gun; his sister went to the river to wash, snakes from another the shore asks to get a handkerchief and wave to cross it; O. told I. that she wanted to wash the handkerchief, waved, the sea parted, the snake passed; O. agreed to pretend to be sick, ask the animal milk; when I. comes up, the serpent turned into a needle, telling O. to stick it into the wall, otherwise the dogs would tear it; the dogs caught up with the hare, she let her milk, gave a bunny; the same with the fox, the she-wolf, a bear, a lioness, a tigress; the serpent offered to send I. to the mill so that the animals would remain locked behind 12 doors; when I. left the mill, the doors closed; I.'s houses asked permission before he died climb the ash tree; magpie: don't go down, the dog's three doors have already gnawed; dogs have come running, tore O. and the snake]: Malinka 1902, No. 16:277-282.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Kumyks [the wolf ate everyone; the rich man hid his son and daughter in a hole under the hearth; the wolf ate the rich man and his wife, heard voices, found children, left them on the roof of the house; gray horse invited the children to sit on it, flew to the sea, the wolf caught up with her, ate her, returned the children; the black horse carried her across the sea; brother and sister live there, the girl goes to the sea for water; the wolf sees her, asks look in the mirror, then he will fly across the sea, promises to marry; she hides the wolf in a chest, who advises him to influence the sick, send her brother seven mountains to bring milk from the old women; the old woman explains that his sister has a lover; tells you to walk 40 doors in the cave in 20 minutes, if you don't have time, you won't go out; the young man passes, takes out milk, but his dogs are left outside the door; he brings milk, the wolf rushes at him, the swallow flies to the dogs, says that the owner is in trouble; they break out, kill the wolf; the brother walled up his sister in the room, promised to let him out when a puddle appears in front of the window, reeds on her, and the reeds will become duck swimming; many years later this happened, my brother released his sister, the tsar married her]: Bagriy 1930 (2): 35-38 (=Khalilov 1965, No. 65:195-199).

(Wed. Southern Siberia - Mongolia. The Mongols [the childless Khan Solombo Lama predicts that his property will go to a poor boy; S. takes the child into foster care, buries him alive in the snow; an old woman found him, he grew up , got married; S. found out, told the young man to bring the soul of the deceased out of hell; the wife gives her a bag of eyes (give it to crows), a bag of veins (women), salt (a cannibal camel); on the way, the woman asks why she has horns ; people - why does the temple they build collapse; man - why he stuck to the boat; gives his eyes, veins, salt; passes between the golden and silver mountains; the Lord's wife is kidnapped by the young man's sister ; hides him in a hole under the hearth; asks the returning ruler why those people were punished (the woman did not give milk to the poor man, the temple builders used to be robbers; the boatman profited transporting people); you can take some gold and silver from the mountains; in the morning, Vladyka left, his sister told me what he had learned, gave the soul of the deceased; he brought S. gold and silver; S. himself went to hell, torn to pieces road]: Mikhailov 1967:161-166).

(Wed. Western Siberia. Kets (Kureika) [In the fall, Hun and Sausages went to cut hay, K. began to look for lice in X.'s head, put a sharp bone in her ear, brought it home, covered with hay; the children noticed their mother's braids; they hear how K.'s children say that they will eat their eyes tomorrow; K.: small eyes and I am big; younger brother closed the smoke hole in a leaky park to make K. think it was still a starry night; the children told everyone to answer the objects that they went into the butt of the tagan, and ran to their grandmother themselves; K. woke up, asked the ladle, the frame from the hearth, where the children were; they answer that they were well fed, do not say; Kleinitsa says that they went into tagan's butt {there is a contradiction in the text; this is what the children told the objects to speak}; K. set off in pursuit; the hare, the fox, the wolf, the bear carry the children on their backs, tired; shaky with the sister's younger brother they left the bear in the den; reached the river; the pole, on the orders of their grandmother, transported them across the river, and K. turned them over in the middle of the river; her watermen killed her; the grandmother began to teach her granddaughters to hunt bears; the eldest did not work, and a bear came out to the youngest; together with her grandmother and older sister, they got it; the grandmother told her granddaughters, when they walk on water, not to take a spatula with burbot liver near the ice-hole; the youngest did not listen, the hell took her home; the eldest left her grandmother; K. a jumped out of the stump, offered to look for lice in her head and killed girl X., took her skis; the eagle revived H.; she spoke her skis , which K. a took, quickly caught up with her and took her skis; they met the old man's son Yryket and the old woman's son; they asked for an awl to fix the ski; K. passed off Shilo H. as her own, and went on a sledge, and H. on foot went; K. began to live with the old man's son Yryket, and H. with the old woman's son; the old woman asked H. to sew a ski reed skin for her son, she went to her brother for glue, glued together strong skis and the old woman's son was hunting He got a lot of deer, and K. took glue from the larch uncles; they gave her sulfur, and she made bad skis; they fell apart while hunting, the son of old Prince Yryket could not get anything; H. went to her brother, he asked her husband to put larch at his house; her brother's children, cubs, began to climb it, and K. brought her brother's children - pike, small shirts and perch, put it in a box with with water, and old man Yryket accidentally drank them; H. came out of the plague, began to scrape the bed with a deer, K. did the same, thunder rose and killed K., and to H. his brother came down from the larch, began to live together]: Dulzon 1964:114-125 (=Kryukova 2013:202-213).

Eastern Siberia. Dolgans [to have children, the old woman turns to ayyi, the old man turns to Abaasa; ayyy gives a boy and a girl, the abaas threaten to swallow the old man, makes him give up what she does not know at home; the spouses hide their children under the hearth; the abaas eat the spouses, do not find children; they grow up, a horse descends from the sky, takes them away, gives them flint, flint, an ax, they must be thrown at the abaasa pursuer; they turn into fire, mountains, sea; abaas remain overseas; the horse tells him to kill by crushing a louse on his head; parts of his body give rise to a city, buildings, property; his kidneys turn into a dog bear and a dog wolf; in the absence of a brother, the abaas come, the sister agrees to become his wife, lures his brother's handkerchief, gives it to her husband; the brother is in a hurry, the crushing rocks crushed his dogs - the bear and wolf; the horse brings his brother to the old woman, she gives a bow; the hawk fights the yokshokyu bird; the brother shoots the yokshokyu in the wing; for promising to cure him, he helps open the mountain, freeing the bear and the wolf; those Abaas are killed; the brother hangs his sister by the legs, puts two plates under his eyes; during the night, the left one fills with tears, which means that the sister cries for her husband, not for his brother; he leaves, leaving the bear and the wolf; one-eyed, one-armed and one-legged abaasa fights with another over a woman; Er-Sogotoh (brother's name is given for the first time) frees the woman, takes her away; the abaas pursues them, E. throws the comb, grows up forest; E. kills abaas, marries a rescued woman]: Popov 1937:208-237 (quail. Efremov 2000, No. 2:79-135).

Amur-Sakhalin. Nanais [the seven Mergen Brothers have a younger sister Pudin; the brothers say that flocks of cannibal squirrels will arrive now, hide P. in a hole near the hearth, and lubricate all household items with the interior fat of a wild animal, forgot a torn fishskin sneaker; a bag of beast blood is placed on the sisters's chest; firing arrows one in the tail of the other, they make a chain of arrows, rise to heaven; the sneaker gives out squirrels, where P., they pierce spears at the hearth, one is bloody, they think they have killed P., leave; P. harnesses the dog into the sledges, leaves; the sledge turned the bump, the Frog came out from under it, P. asked spend the night; complains that the frogs are interfering, the Frog replies that they are her relatives; two Mergen come, P. did not have time to put on her robe, turned into a red branch; the eldest M. sat on the Frog's can, the youngest took a red branch, began to cut it, blood flowed; the eldest took the Frog, she put on P.'s robe; P. remained to tie the wound; the younger M. forgot the knife, came back, married P., they catch up with the Frog and elder M., P. takes away his robe, gives it to her fish skin; before that, the Frog asks hazel, reddened, bird cherry, everyone says that it is ugly in any robe; the Frog replies what he will do including kindling, toys for children, cleaning chips; Mergen's parents cover the floor with silk, the Frog walks on it, P. turns so as not to get dirty; father-in-law wants to keep warm, the Frog heats the stove, sparks they fly to their father-in-law; P. asks the brothers to send good firewood, the bundle falls from the sky, the father-in-law is happy; the frog serves the father-in-law frog caviar, P. - the porridge and butter that the brothers threw; the father-in-law wants to see relatives of daughters-in-law, Frog brings frogs, brothers to P., give silk and fur clothes, return to heaven; The frog swallows spoons and ladles to simulate pregnancy, she is driven away, she jumps into the lake; P. gives birth to an heir son]: Hodger 2011:67-77; Orochi [knocking down pegs (a kind of game) with a stick, seven brothers accidentally injure a squirrel that comes to play with them; she promises revenge bringing the other squirrels; the brothers hide their sister under the hearth, placing a bag of blood on top; they shoot arrows into the sky, they pierce each other's tail, forming a chain; they climb into the sky, the youngest is the last picks up arrows; old boots give squirrels how the brothers left, where the sister is hidden; squirrels pierce the wineskin, think they have killed the girl, leave; the sister goes looking for brothers, comes to the Frog; she takes away her clothes, puts her on; the girl hides inside a stick; two brothers come, the eldest sits next to the Frog, the youngest by the stick, scolds her with a knife, blood comes out on her; the eldest leaves As a frog, the youngest returns for a knife, finds a naked girl, who does not have time to hide in the stick again, tells her story; in his older brother's house, the Frog shows his brothers' father-in-law - this frogs; he drives her daughter-in-law away; the girl calls her brothers, Enduri sends them from heaven; they give them rich clothes, stay for three days, return to heaven; the girl is recognized as the wife of her younger brother]: Margaritov 1888:29 (quail in Voskoboynikov, Menovshchikov 1951:403-405, in Sangi 1989; 285-287); Udege people: Lebedeva et al. 1998, No. 31 [when the squirrel army approaches, seven brothers hide their sister Bele is under the hearth, they go to heaven themselves; they smear various objects with bacon, forgot to smear their flip-flops; they told the squirrels where the girl is; squirrels hit the hearth with spears, see blood on their spears that the brothers They sprayed there in advance; left; Bele harnessed the sledges, they caught on the marsh bump; there Emende, her relatives, were frogs; began to live together; two brothers came, b. turned into an angelica; the elder brother married E., who put on a silk robe b., left her fishskin clothes; the youngest cut the angelica with a knife, saw blood; returned from the road for a forgotten knife, saw b., married him; father asks the brothers to make a fire, cook porridge, show relatives; e. burns lilacs (sparks fly to their father-in-law), cooks sand, brings frogs; brothers B. cook ash firewood for her, give millet to cook porridge , come to her; they say they married seven stars, fly back to heaven], (cf. 107 [(Arsenyev's manuscript); hunter Egda broke the squirrel's leg, she promised to come for an answer; he hid his sister under the hearth, pouring blood on top, he smeared oil on the whole tree in the house, began to fire arrows into the sky, which pierced one another, rose to heaven; when they saw blood, the squirrels thought they had stabbed their sister; she came to Gilenyta, he wanted to marry her, she drove off on the ice with a shovel; the Frog invited her to live with her, she gave her her jewelry; two brothers came, she became grass, one took the Frog, the other cut the grass, noticed blood, came back for a knife, took the girl, the Frog had to give her her jewelry and clothes, take his own; The frog tramples on his father-in-law's expensive bed, the girl folds; The frog cooks sand, brings crackling firewood, brings a lizard, a snake, a frog to their relatives; seven brothers give their sister a chumiz, chop good firewood, show their father-in-law; the frog is expelled to the swamp]): 227-235, 474-476.

(Wed. Northeast. Tuscarora [mother asks her daughter to look for insects; she finds a strange louse, shows her father; he replies that it is an owl louse; daughter and son tell father that the mother is leaving home for his absence; he goes to the forest, turns into a turkey, invites other turkeys to let them down the mountain in the basket; they are happy; offers to close their eyes, closes the basket, brings the turkeys home, the children turn their necks; he hangs a skin of caress from the ceiling; if blood flows, he is killed; puts calebasses with water in the corners; does not tell them to open the door; Bear, Lynx, Wolf consistently come, everyone pretends that the father of the children comes, the children do not unlock; the giant breaks the door, the brother and sister go underground under the hearth; before that they see blood dripping from the face of the caress; the giant spends time rushing to Calebasses who make a sound follow the children underground; they go out, climb a tree, find themselves in the upper world where the Owls live; their mother is there; their father killed her lover, she told the Owls they killed father; the mother refuses the children, says that she did not give birth to anyone; they are placed in a basket, hung on a tree that bends over the river; they are found by a hunter, brought to him; the boy grows up, destroys the Owl race ]: Rudes, Crouse 1987, No. 27:414-428).

The Great Southwest. Navajo [against her brothers' wishes, the girl marries Coyote; he dies because of his stupidity, she accuses her brothers of killing him; makes her teeth out of bone awls, turns into The bear; the arrows bounce off her, she keeps her heart under a pile of leaves; her brothers hide the youngest under the hearth, run themselves; she catches up and kills them, finds the youngest; he runs to the places where her heart is hidden hits him with an arrow; she cuts her body into pieces, throws them, they turn into pignons, yuca fruits, bears, porcupines, etc.; see G23B motif]: Haile 1984, No. 16-17:82-88; Matthews 1994:99-103; O'Bryan 1956 [genitals turn into pine resin, breasts turn into pignons]: 44-48; yavapai [a woman's older brothers kill her husband Coyote; she makes flint fangs for herself the arrow turns into the Bear; the brothers hide the youngest in a hole; the bear finds him, does not kill him; the Vulture tells him that she killed her older brothers, that her heart is kept outside the body under an armful of grass; younger brother cuts his heart with a hot knife, the Bear dies; people are reborn from bones]: Gifford 1933a: 377-381.