Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

L1D. A woman kills a jaguar. (.53.) .


werewolf jaguar kills most people and is killed thanks to a woman who survived.

(Wed. Honduras-Panama. Bribri [summary in Bozzoli 2006:81-82; the shaman died leaving a basket with his amulet stones; only his sister could touch it, hid it under the roof; another man came drunk and stole it the basket, hid it in a tree; the shaman's sister found it, and instead of stones, there were two jaguars in the basket; only the sister could approach them; she calmed them down and they turned into stones again]: Bozzoli, Cubero Venegas 1983:10).

Western Amazon. Shuar [Yawa ("dog") was a loser hunter; Etsa ordered hunters to disagree with women, but that women try to seduce them; Yawa did not succumb to his wife, but she was dissatisfied; he poured out seed in her navel, ran away; people and dogs exchanged penises, now dogs are long and people are fast; Yawa became a jaguar, ate his wife; people ran away, the girl was left in ulcers; Jaguar licked her wounds, married her; she When giving birth, he asks her to call her mother and relatives, promises that she will not eat them; his mother advises Jaguar to put a hot stone in his mouth when he asks him to brush his teeth; the Jaguar died; when she became to give birth, she was put in front of the fire to burn everything; but drops of blood gave rise to dogs and small cat predators]: Pelizzaro 1993:91-94; Aguaruna: Akutz Nugkai et al. 1977 (2) [the baby began to blow into a pumpkin cone, the Jaguar came down to the sound; first ate the child's sewage, then ate it himself; the child's mother began to beat the jaguar, which grew up; at night he killed people by biting off their heads; people ran they left behind a girl suffering from sand fleas; the Jaguar turned into a man (when he wore kushma, he became a jaguar, when he filmed, a human), licked her fleas, took her as his wife; she cleaned it teeth, taking out a man; the Jaguar threatens that if the wife identifies her relatives, he will also eat her; in a dream, the spirit of a deceased relative says that the girl will be able to kill the Jaguar; people teach her to throw at him a red-hot stone fell; she threw it, hid under the roof, the Jaguar did not reach it, only dug his teeth into a pole; she blew into the sink; the woman's Jaguar and her son were burned, but the current jaguars appeared from the last and other cats]: 172-181; Chumap Lucía, García-Rendueles 1979, No. 36 [children dudels in calebasu like you can't blow; a jaguarenok fell from the sky to the roof of the house; picked up sewage for the child, licked him; ate it once; the woman beat him, and he got bigger; began to kill people; people barricaded themselves in the house, then ran; there was only one girl left, swollen because of the sandy flea legs; Jaguar became human, sedated, cured a girl; made his wife, brought her meat; she brushed his teeth; found the remains of women whom Jaguar killed, brought for food; Jaguar threatens to kill a wife if she says that he is killing her relatives; she has to say that they are her enemies; the girl's brother came and taught her to throw a hot stone into the Jaguar's mouth instead of eating; the woman gave birth to a jaguarenka; he was killed, but drops of blood gave rise to new jaguars and reptiles]: 417-441; Koreguahe [the young man made costumes from animal skins; wearing a jaguar skin, he ate the children, he could not take off the skin anymore; ate everyone, killed them, his grandmother remained, her body was covered with ulcers; he licked her, cured her; people taught her to close the chewed corn in a vessel, crickets were born there, she put them in the ass of the jaguar, they ate it from the inside; but grandma forgot to tell them to eat their hearts; the corpse of the jaguar was burned, a rat jumped out of her heart, from it the current jaguars; crickets still sing the song they sang when they left the jaguar]: Jimenez 1989, No. 40:88-90 (cf. No. 35 [ the shaman became a jaguar after death; he was killed, burned, a rat jumped out of his heart; she was also killed]: 77).

NW Amazon. Carijona [the younger brother is a good hunter, the younger brother is not; he makes a jaguar mask out of his bast, painted it (there were no jaguars then); began to hunt as a jaguar, brought meat to the hunting hut , became human again, fired an arrow into the carcass to think that he had killed the animal with an arrow; began to catch more game than his younger brother; the younger brother followed, also made a jaguar mask, went to the maloka to frighten people, but the mask grew to him; he tore the elder and his wife to pieces, then all the inhabitants of Maloka except his mother; at her request, he agreed to go to the forest; promised to return in a month, let his mother would cook chichi; a month later, people dug a hole, hid, cook to tear off the mask, throw it into the fire, put fish poison into the chicha; the Jaguar became intoxicated, began to dance with his mother, said that he no longer drink with his mouth maybe he told me to pour chicha in his ass; when he fell, people threw it into the fire; pieces of skin became jaguars, ocelots and other cats; mosquitoes, gadflies, etc. came from the smoke, and ticks from burnt meat]: Schindler 1979, No. 10:100-105.

Eastern Amazon. Hissing [the man was jealous of his wife for the shaman, decided to kill him during a ritual dance; when the spirit of the deceased in the form of a shaman began to dance, the jealous man and his comrades went to where they had hidden them in advance weapons, killed the shaman with arrows; (more precisely, the spirit of the dead threw a wounded shell at the shaman); the mythical jaguar Apu Shipai, who was here, immediately ate the victim and those nearby; ASH was invisible from the outside it only seemed that the blood was disappearing somewhere; after dark, people began to disappear; the residents left the village, the old woman and the boy remained; in the middle of the day, ASH came to her in the form of a murdered shaman; he killed the man killed took the form of a wild pig (taitetu); ASH began to bring this meat to the old woman and boy, they did not know what was human; while the old woman was swimming, ASH asked the boy to pull something stuck in his tooth; he saw a man on his teeth; ASH said that the hair of the boy's father, uncle and brother was there; the boy told the old woman; she made kashiri, poisoning him with raw cassava, and told the parrot to answer for them , hid with the boy under the vessel; the parrot replied ASH that the old woman and the boy were on the site, and the kashiri was ready; ASH was drinking, looking for an old woman, the parrot said that he was not looking well, he needed to drink more; ASH lost consciousness, the old woman finished him off with a pestle]: Nimuendaju 1920:1035-1037.

Montagna - Jurua. Machigenga [the shaman's wife cheats on him with his brother; he turns into a jaguar, kills lovers; he exterminates people along with other jaguars; his younger brother, ocelot, tells his mother to give him water resin in the nostrils; the great woodpecker, heron, lizard, monkey cannot penetrate the resin crust; the little woodpecker pierces; the brother takes the Jaguar and other jaguars to the cave, its entrance closes; the assistant feeds him chicken, says it's human meat; when he gives human meat, the Jaguar will come out of the cave and devour all people]: Baer 1984, No. 9:446-449.