Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

L1E. The character creates monstrous birds .

A monstrous bird is made from small amounts of human or animal flesh (usually from the heart) or from lumps of manioc starch.

Llanos. Guajibo [Kuwai (Furnamali) turns into an insect, clings to the genitals of Puacali (Mashunashunali), daughter of Quemi (anaconda, Eunectus murinus), who at that time "occupied the world"; takes her as his wife; one day Kuwai's son enters the house in the guise of Aguchi, Kuemi devours him; Kuwait picks up pieces of his flesh and creates two chicks out of them eagle; raises them to take Quemi to heaven; to lure him out of his lair, Kuwai releases Attalea sp. ants, Quemi crawls out to eat them; his body trail is the Milky Way; eagles they take him to heaven, he himself is the Milky Way; his widow Yaniluava (= Tenteluva = Tsikiri) is the mother of all poisonous creatures (scorpions, spiders, snakes, ants); she is trying to take revenge for the death of her husband, falls into the trap of Kuwai, is eaten by piranhas; her daughter grabs her thigh bone, cuts off the leg of Kuwaii's other son, Kahuyali (Orion), throws it into the water, she turns into catfish; K. is considered a jaguar and creator of shamanism; he used to ride his stone boat, spreading fish along rivers; the giant eagle became an ogre, Kuwait killed him; where he fell , savannahs appeared in the forest]: Baquero 1989, No. 1:80-81; sikuani [Purna puts the tops, two female sisters steal fish from the sky; P. points an arrow, she injures the youngest; P. heals her, goes up to heaven with both; they warn him not to slip on the mat, otherwise their father will eat it; Huemuéni's father-in-law (a snake) tells him not to slip on the mat; P.'s younger brother comes in the form of a paki, killed, eaten, P. revives him; next time in the form of capybara; P. finds some fat from the capybara eaten, makes two eggs, from which ferocious chicks hatch; one P. grows in the forest, he turns into a condor capable of lifting logs; P. lures his father-in-law into the forest to eat ants; the condor rushes at him, but only hurts; a year later he manages to pick him up and carry him away; mother-in-law tries to poison his son-in-law , throwing garbage from the roof into his food; puts piranhas in the bosom of his daughter; P. puts his wife in the river, throws timbo; piranhas swim out and die; the latter stays, causes menstruation; at this time it is impossible copulate; mother-in-law entered the river, piranhas ate her; the eldest daughter turns her mother's jaw into a digging stick, chases P.; in the first village, when asked by P., people answer that they are waiting to kill P.; he turns them into wasps; in the other, into snakes; in the third, into biting ants; the Kahuyáli man makes a boat, the stalker does not believe he is not P., cuts off his leg; he throws his leg into the river, she turns into catfish; P. hides in a tree in the form of a mako, takes his wife's digger, turns his wife into a duck; K. creates several birds screaming that he has no leg; he is brought home]: WS, No. 6:39- 49.

Southern Venezuela. Makiritar: Civrieux 1960 [To punish his sister, Thunder kills her two sons; puts their hearts at a fork in a tree; they turn into Dinoshi's giant harpy eagles with armor on breasts; an anaconda man creates the first curare; a trumpeter bird learns that Dinoshi's back is vulnerable to arrows; they are killed with poisoned arrows; their feathers and bones are turned into bamboo to make wind guns]: 183-184; 1980:85-87; Yanomami [(Cocco 1972:314-316); thunder owner Kasé-Nudu hunted by striking prey with lightning; does not tell his sister to come to his site with cassava; she came; he took her two children into the forest, killed her with thunder, put their hearts at the fork in the tree; they turned into huge Dinoshi harpy eagles; the killer was frightened; the tree became a mountain with a nest of harpies at the top; them feathers like armor; Enneku, the murderer's wife, went after them, they ate it; began to grab and carry people away; Kudene (looked like a water snake) made curare; the trumpeter bird found out that D. had no armor behind; K. struck their arrow; fallen feathers turned into bamboo for wind guns; where they fell, the best bamboo grows]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1990b, No. 126:222-225.

Guiana. Pemon [a man marries Thunder's daughter; he demands to cultivate the site before returning (the birds do this and other tasks); the man replaces the Thunder Club with a powerless fake; a man's younger brother turns into a tapir, Thunder kills him; a man puts the tapir's heart in a pot, it turns into a cannibal bird Mochima; birds kill M. with poisoned arrows; M. turn into huge earthworms; reeds grow on the grave, from which wind guns are made]: Armellada 1973, No. 15:61-63.

NW Amazon. Carijona [to avenge the death of a father killed by his maternal grandfather, the victim's son makes two harpies out of manioc starch; they kill his grandfather]: Schindler 1979, No. 12:115-118; see motive J36. Baniva [a harpy eagle from the heart of a deceased brother placed at a fork in a tree]; see motif J37. Desana [two harpy eagles from the blood of her deceased son, which the mother collects in calebasa]; andoke [Nenefi's wife makes a male and a female harpy eagles from manioc starch, plants on a plant cassava; they grow up, feed their chick with people; N. eats a chick, makes a house out of stone; The eagle breaks through the roof, sticks its paw inside; it has been torn off; the eagle takes off, stones appear from the pouring blood , water, andoque people]: Landaburu, Pineda 1981:71-72; 1984:70-71.