Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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L1F. The sister avenges her lover. 41.43.50.


sister, magically or turned into a monster, kills her brothers, avenging them for the death of her lover or husband.

Inner Tlingit, Tagish, Southern and Northern Tutchoni, Quarry, Chilkotin, Shuswap, Western Sachaptin, Ne Perse, Kordalen, Yavapai, Navajo, Western Apaches.

Subarctic. Inner Tlingits, Tagish, Southern and Northern Tutchoni [a girl steps into bear droppings, scolds bears; meets a handsome man, who takes her to him, marries her; it turns out grizzly bear; preparing for hibernation, the wife tells her husband to set up a den where her brothers hunt in spring; gives birth to two (three) sons, she feels like one night every month of winter; in spring she rolls out a lump of grass down the slope so that the brothers' dogs can smell it; the bear realizes this, asks his wife why she gave him away; decides to allow her brothers to kill him; the brothers find a den (the sister leaves in front of her or ties arrowpoles or mittens to the dog that has found the den); the sister teaches how to ritually treat the Bear's body; asks her mother to bring clothes for her and her children (they all started to grow hair); contrary to the sister's warning, the brothers ask her and her children to wear bear skins and walk down the slope; when they start shooting at them with toy arrows, the sister actually turns into a grizzly, kills brothers (or only younger, older, two younger ones); people still follow the rules for dealing with a dead bear that the sister taught the brothers]: McClelland 1970:5 [ general summary], 5-55 [13 separate texts]; southern tutchoni [a woman picks berries, steps into bear droppings, scolds bears; the bear takes the form of her husband, takes her away, takes her as a wife; her brothers They kill the Bear, bring her home; ask them to play bear with them; she turns into a bear, kills everyone, returns to the mountains with her bear children]: McClelland 1987:261-264; (cf. taltan: Teit 1921a, No. 59 [a woman picks berries, steps into bear droppings, scolds bears; The bear takes the form of a human being, takes her away, takes her as a wife; she becomes a bear herself; gives birth to two sons; The bear sends her back to people, tells her to talk to her ex-husband; in the village she regains human form; people tease her sons because they look like bears; she turns into a bear, kills many; hunters kill her and her sons], 60 [Grizzly takes a woman away, she gives birth to twins; they return to people; agree to play bears; hunters chase them , they kill people; go to the forest; when they leave, they sing a memorial song to mourn the murdered relatives (origin of the Grizzly Song)]: 337-338, 338-339).

The coast is the Plateau. Quarry [women pick berries; one girl brings nothing, says the bears messed up everything; the next day, her basket strap breaks off; everyone goes home; two people approach her Black Bears in the guise of young men; when she opens her eyes, she finds herself in a large village; all the animals take turns dancing and saying what they will feed their wife; Muskrat, Raven, Laska, Frog, Caribou, The marten is rejected, she marries the Grizzly; in the spring he says that the youngest of her four brothers will kill him; this is what happens; the brothers ask what part of the carcass she will take home; she drags her skin and head , turns into a Grizzly on the way, kills brothers, then other people; the youngest brother and sister return from squirrel hunting; the boy tells his sister to run between the Grizzly's legs; then she takes off bear skin, promises not to harm the girl; the girl asks where the Grizzly's heart is; he shows what's in the palm of his hand; the brother kills the Grizzly by hitting the palm of his hand with an arrow; says that if they run around the mountain with different sides and jump between two trees at the same time, they can marry; he manages to catch up with his sister, jump; she gets pregnant at the touch of his foot; gives birth to a son; she is killed by an ogre; brother kills an ogre, burns both bodies; goes to the village, carrying a baby on his shoulders; he kills him by spreading his throat and pulling out his tongue; in the village takes out the tongues of sleeping people; two girls who were in ritual isolation; they push the baby into the fire; its ashes turn into mosquitoes; one girl conceives from a stone and dies, the other gives birth to four Transformer Brothers; see motive J55]: Jenness 1934, no.6:129-136; chilcotin [a girl marries a man who turns out to be a Bear; her younger brother finds her, kills a Bear; she makes her fangs first from roots, then from bone needles, turns into a Bear herself; kills everyone in the village except her younger sister; his younger brother returns from hunting, his sister tells him that the Bear keeps her life in a basket under the roof; he pierces the basket with an arrow, the Bear dies; the sister marries her brother, gives birth to a son; the bear comes to life, kills her sister, puts her skin on; the boy reports this to his father; he burns the basket with life The bears revives his wife; runs with her and her son; Loon and the Dive transport them across the river; the Bear comes to life again, chases the fugitives; transporting her, Loon and Dirok break the boat, the fish eat the Bear]: Farrand 1900, No. 8:19-23; shuswap [the girl is out of menstruation, she is kidnapped by the Grizzly; her five brothers find her; she points the younger one's arrows, he kills the Grizzly; she asks for her skin with claws; makes fangs out of flint arrows, turns into a Grizzly, kills everyone in the village, makes his younger sister a slave; brothers come back from hunting, give his sister a partridge; Grizzly is surprised because The sister did not bring game before; the sister says she killed the partridge herself; the brothers shoot at the soles of the Grizzly's paws, dismember it, save the heart; marry their younger sister; the Grizzly comes to life, kills his sister, takes her form; brothers understand the deception, put the Grizzly's heart between hot stones; she dies]: Teit 1909a, No. 41:715-718; Western sachaptines [Coyote hears a noise like a duck is flying, something hits him in the eye, he hardly rips it off, throws it into the river (var.: the object consistently hits him in the jaw, face, forehead, mouth); for the fifth time he cooks it and eats it; the object turns out to be a female vulva, Coyote loses teeth; when going hunting, five Goose Brothers tell his sister to marry the first man who comes; Coyote turns handsome, forgets that he is toothless, cannot bite off meat; falls asleep, girl sees that he has no teeth, she inserts mountain sheep's teeth in him; Coyote says his teeth grow in his sleep; he marries; his brothers are reluctant to hunt him, tell him not to make noise, he flies, screams, everything fall; next time they throw it off; when he falls, he screams, I'm a feather! , but at the last moment he accidentally screams, Sook! , breaks; the wife puts her heart in the little finger, kills the brothers with arrows, the youngest two remain; the youngest tells the eldest to shoot his sister in the little finger, he kills her; both came to Cold's house, his daughter — Winter, they're naked; they went to Summer's house, married his daughters; Winter and her daughters came to fight, but Summer ruined the blanket, everything melted]: Farrand, Meyer 1917, No. 3:144-148; ne perse [Coyote turns into a handsome young man, comes to the sister of five hunting brothers; she gives him meat, he does not eat; falls asleep, she sees that he has no teeth, inserts mountain sheep teeth in him; the younger brother recognizes the Coyote, others do not they believe; the Geese brothers carried the Coyote by air, told him not to sing, he sings, they threw him into the river, told her sister that her husband was dead; she killed two older brothers with arrows, the younger two managed to kill her; In winter, the brothers are starving, they came to Shchima's house, who has five daughters, he himself and the youngest Hlp-Hlp; the other sisters brought food, but the father and youngest ate everything themselves; Warm Weather lives in another house and his daughter, they fed the brothers; the brothers married five daughters of Warm Weather; Winter's spears melted]: Spinden 1908, No. 12:149-152 (roughly the same in Phinney 1934:331); curdalen [Coyote came to a woman who gave him meat; he has no teeth, he says he is tired, he will eat later; he sleeps, she notices that he has no teeth, inserts deer teeth in him; four of the woman's brothers come, they are good hunters; the Coyote is going to go with them; they are Geese; they pick him up while flying across the lake; on the way back they tell him to be silent, he screams, ooh, they leave him; his sister does not cook for them at home; finds the drowned Coyote, brings his skin and tail; directs his tail at the brothers, three fall dead; the youngest did not look, survived; the brothers come to life; find a sister in a tree, she is a Squirrel; two tell her not clap, keep quiet; she doesn't listen; two others shot her]: Reichard 1947, #13:130-132.

The Great Southwest. Yavapai [the woman's older brothers kill her husband Coyote; she makes fangs out of flint arrows, turns into a Bear; the brothers hide the youngest in a hole; the bear finds him, does not kill him; The vulture tells him that she killed her older brothers, that her heart is kept outside her body under an armful of grass; her younger brother cuts her heart with a hot knife, the Bear dies; people are reborn from bones]: Gifford 1933a: 377-381; Navajo [against the wishes of her brothers, the girl marries Coyote; he dies because of his stupidity, she accuses her brothers of killing him; makes her teeth out of bone awls, turns into a Bear; arrows bounce off her, she keeps her heart under a pile of leaves; her brothers hide the youngest under the hearth, run away themselves; she catches up and kills them, finds the youngest; he reaches the places where her heart is hidden hits him with an arrow; she cuts her body into pieces, throws them, they turn into pignons, yuca fruits, bears, porcupines, etc.; see G23B motif]: Haile 1984, No. 16-17:82-88; Matthews 1994:99-103; O'Bryan 1956:44-47; (cf. Zunyi [(like Navajo before the episode with the death of the Coyote; then the story ends); the Puma brothers, Black Bear, Lynx, Wolf, Eagle, Mole promise a sister to the one who kills the demon Síuiuki; Coyote is recruiting antelope bones, splits them with a stone, pretending to split his own legs; explains S. that after that he will run faster; S. believes, crumbles his bones, dies of pain; the girl is forced marry the Coyote; he hunts with her brothers, only frightens the game; he is sent home to carry meat, told to follow the right road; he forgets, walks on the left, climbs a rock, throws off the swallows him into the abyss, he crashes to death; his sister sends his brothers to look for her husband; when he finds his head, Lynx breaks it with a stone]: Cushing 1901:215-227; 1998:20-33); Western Apaches (White Mountain) [ The Great Blue Heron stretches its legs like a bridge over the abyss, people cross them to the other side to hunt deer; the Coyote kills the ogre owl, marries; hunters do not share meat with him, give him scraps; deer antlers were made of fat, the meat lacked bones; an offended Coyote makes the horns hard, creates bones; people ask the Heron to remove his legs when the Coyote crosses the abyss; Coyote falls but does not die, tells the bats to pave a path up for him; at this time, Coyote's wife thinks he has been killed; throwing a stone, breaks Heron's legs; turns into a Bear, devours everyone; Chipmunk advises her younger brother to watch his sister's shadow when she comes to him to look for insects in her head; when the shadow begins to take on the shape of a bear, the boy kills his sister with an arrow; rubbing his bones fat dead, revives people; the Coyote ties a grain grater to the hair broom, throws it into the river; if they float up, the dead will be resurrected; the grain grater pulls the broom to the bottom, lively people disappear and no more returns]: Goodwin 1994, #48:175-176.