Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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Ethnicities and habitats

L23. Proteus .

Trying to free himself, the captured character consistently turns into various substances, materials, animals, or tells various dangerous animals to attack the one who grabs him person.

Dinka, Moru, Scots, Monumbo, Keva, Melpa, Viru, Kuman, Ngaju, Ancient Greece, Greeks, Russians (Terek Coast, Arkhangelsk, Moscow, Voronezh), Ukrainians, Poles, Slovaks, Abkhazians, Danes, Western Sami, Lutsie, Setu, Veps, Karelians, Finns, Latvians, Napo, Aguaruna, Spipaja, (urarina, setebo), Kashinahua, Sharanaua

Sudan - East Africa. Dinka {the publication refers to both Dinka and Bor, which belong to the northern luo, i.e. another branch of the Western Nilot languages} [boys herd sheep every day, but The sheep did not have milk when they returned; one man saw a young man jump out of the rock, sucked milk, disappeared; when Aiwel found out of this, went on his own, grabbed the young man; he turned into a hippopotamus, a bird, a gazelle, but A. did not let go, although he burned his hands; cattle were sacrificed, the rock split, it rained during the dry season; then a live cow was let into the crack of the rock, the rock closed, it rained stopped; in the village, a captured young man Fakur anointed A.'s hands with fat, they healed; this rock fell from the sky]: Scheub 2000:8; moru [Okole started playing the harp, and his two sisters and other people began to dance; The dust from their feet completely hid O., but he told his sisters not to pay attention and eventually disappeared underground; the cattle owner noticed that someone was attacking his bull in the water; he watched for someone who At first he seemed to be human, and then began to turn into an elephant, a lion, a snake; but the cattle owner did not loosen his grip and he became the same O.; he looked for sisters, but they married; O. called the birds and told them to sing; he gave milk to the cigiri bird because it named Sestar O. in her song; cigiri flew to the O. sisters, called them, and they returned home to O.]: Evans Pritchard, Mynors 1941, No. 36:83-84.

Western Europe. Scots [Janet, the Earl's daughter, picked a rose hip flower; a young man Tam-Lin appeared, said he was an elf knight, a mortal they had kidnapped; he could be spelled tomorrow, All Saints Day; he will turn into different things, but you have to keep your hands on it; J. grabbed TL, which turned into a lizard, a snake, a piece of hot iron, but J. did not release it; the Queen of the Elves realized that she had lost TL, he stayed with J.]: Klyagina-Kondratyeva 1967:163-167.

Melanesia. Monumbo [a woman is dead, buried; her lover blocks her soul; she turns into a snake, into crap, but he does not let her go; she agrees to take him to the world dead; there the husband's fire goes out, he looks for another, everyone's ass seems like a burning fire to him; accompanied by the dead, he returns home to his wife; she says that he has been away for a long time, and instead the soul sees birds and snakes]: Höltker 1965, No. 10:87-89; keva [a man named Sumi Sama is at the head of the village but is single; at night he hears singing and music from Mount Sumi; came there; there is a tree to the sky; female stars go down and smear their faces with white clay, as they should during the holidays; took shelter, hid, grabbed the last woman to go down for clay; she is the leader of heavenly women; she turned into a snake, a crocodile, a boar, a tree, a stone, water, a prickly ratan; at dawn she agreed to go with the SS, but let her do as she says; after three weeks, a holiday; the wife warned that the SS did not must dance there with other women; made a thread of vegetable fiber and tied it to the SS's back; if it breaks, trouble will happen; but on the holiday, the woman carried the SS into dancing and the thread burst; SS ran home, but saw his wife climb the tree trunk; the SS made a ladder, but when he wanted to grab his wife's hand, he fell into a hole in the stone and crashed to death; since then, the SS bones have disappeared, but During rituals, men still use his skull; if the SS hadn't violated his wife's ban, men would still receive women freely, not for pay]: Slone 2009:96-98; melpa [opossum hunter I noticed clay on the vine; watched the inhabitants of the sky (Tae people) come down in the morning for clay; later a girl appeared, she was alone and a man grabbed her; she turned into a tree, a snake, but he didn't let her out; they climbed the vine together into the world of Tae people; she brought it to her parents in a wicker purse; parents: a man from earth can't stay in the sky, you both must go down; them they gave two pieces of opossum meat, which they called pigs; the man told his brothers everything; the Tae people came down in the dark cloud; the people of the earth gave them vegetables and meat; but then a pig and tae screamed ran back to heaven with a girl; tae can't stand the screeching of pigs; people decided they wouldn't see any more Tae people on earth]: Vicedom 1977, No. 12:15-16; kuman [woman follows two brothers; they work on the plot; she lives with them; leaves; comes back, grabs one of the brothers; he turns into a snake, into stone, into the ground, but she does not let it go; from their marriage Many tribes happen]: Nilles 1969:564-565; Viru [a man went into the forest and took refuge under a tree from the rain; saw young women descend from the sky, collected yellow clay, and flew back; He grabbed the last one; it turned into something prickly, then a snake, something else, but he did not let her go; she made the man handsome and went to live with him in his village; but warned him not to go to holidays; their house is full of money and shells; one day a man went to a party, but when he returned, he did not find a wife; he built a staircase, climbed to heaven, almost got there, but night came and he went down; at night a woman brought down the stairs; the man went into the woods and remained an outcast]: Slone 2009:26-28.

Malaysia-Indonesia. Ngaju [Patih Teteh and his wife Akah Ihang Iho comes to live a young tiger, becomes their son; PT did not recognize him in the woods, accidentally killed him; his wife killed her husband at night by hitting him in the face with a club; when burned the corpse, she felt sorry for her husband, she went to the village of the dead for smoke; on the way, the spirits say every time that the PT had just passed, asked for help in the field, the wife helps; in the spirit village, her deceased the grandmother teaches how to put a net on a sleeping AI; he will promise to turn into a tiger, a snake, a rhino bird (turns off her eyes), she must answer that she is not afraid, she wants to die herself; he turns into an egg, she wraps it in a handkerchief, runs away, the grandmother gives a comb, teaches her what to do; a woman drops an egg into the river, stalker spirits dive after it, a bird advises a woman to look for a sixth, she finds, runs on, throws a comb, it turns into a wall; at home, a woman carves three wooden figures, puts them in her husband's clothes; perfume makes a hole in the wall, rushes at the figures, takes it away, they find they made a mistake; a woman sprinkles live water on an egg, her husband comes to life]: Schärer 1966:151-158; tetum or kemak {European borrowing?) [throwing a net at the shore, the brother pulls out a singing coconut, the seven sisters like it; their mother finds it, cooks it; the brother promises to find another one like it; climbs a palm tree, there is a seven-headed snake in exchange for a coconut, he demands seven girls; takes them away, goes to fetch water, the kite raises them to the tree; when the snake has almost gnawed through the trunk, the kite invites it to open its mouths to throw the girls at them, throws pieces of iron; girls come home]: Pascoal 1967:319-321.

The Balkans. Ancient Greece. 1. Zeus converges with Metis; she does not want him at first and takes on a different form to escape. Zeus and Poseidon argued for the right to marry Thetis, but Themis predicted that Thetis would have a son who would be stronger than his father; some say that when Zeus wanted to marry Ferida, Prometheus predicted that whoever Thetis would give birth to him would reign over heaven; following Chiron's advice to seize Thetis and hold her, whatever form she took, Peleius waited for her and carried her away; Thetis turned into fire, water, or beast, but Peley did not let her go until he saw that it had regained its original appearance (Apol 1972, 3, XIII, 5:69; retelling in Yarkho 1982:297) .3 . Periclemen is the son of Peleus, king of Pylos. Poseidon gave him the ability to take the form of any creature. When Hercules devastated Pylos, Periclemenes took the form of a lion, snake, bee in the fight against him, but died (Apol.:16). The sea elder Proteus had the gift of prophecy. His daughter (or wife) Eidotea advises Menelaus not to let go of Proteus until he regains his true form. Proteus turns into a lion, a leopard, a snake, a bull, a boar, a bird, a monkey, fire, water and a tree. Finally, he becomes a sleepy old man, telling Menelaus about the fate of the Greek army. (Od., iv, 384ff). When Odysseus grabs Proteus, he successively turns into a lion, a snake, a leopard, a wild boar, flowing water, and a blooming tree. Nereus, the sea elder, has the gift of prophecy. The nymphs advise Hercules not to let go of Nereus until he takes on his true form. Hercules finds Nereus asleep and binds him together, although Nereus changes his appearance all the time. Nerey tells Hercules where to find Hesperides apples. 7. Periclemen, the son of King Pylos Neleus (son of Poseidon), constantly changes his appearance while fighting Hercules, but Hercules kills him (Hercules ruins Pylos because Neley refused to cleanse him of the filth of the murder of Iphit, because he was a friend of Father Ifit) Zakharov, Torshilov 2003:221-222; [Nonn Panopolitansky, second half of the 5th century AD, Acts of Dionysus, Song VI: Astreus predicts that Persephone will be kidnapped by the groom, but before that he combines with her secret husband; Demeter hides P. in a cave in Sicily; Zeus enters her in the form of a snake; their son Zagreb allows them to sit on his throne and play with lightning; because Hera's cunning is attacked by titans: his transformations: a child, an old man, a lion, a horse, a dragon, a tiger; he dies in the form of a bull; he is cut to pieces with a knife; Zeus throws the titans into Tartar ; world fire - even the seas are burning; Zeus wants to wash off the ashes with water; during a flood, Nereids meet orades, animals with fish, with Pan Nerey; water rises to the sky; people would cease to exist if Poseidon hadn't cut a rock in Thessaly and the water hadn't gone into a crevice; Helios dried everything, new people have appeared]; Greeks: Crooke 1908 [musician grabs Nereid, she turns into a dog , snake, camel, fire; he does not let it out until the first cry of the rooster; after that she retains her appearance, becomes his wife]: 167-168; Megas 1970, No. 76 (Crete) [retelling to Tronsky 1934:530; a village boy, who played the lyre well, fell in love with one of the Nereids; the old woman advises grabbing her hair before screaming and not letting her go until she stops changing her appearance; Nereids They brought him to their cave, he did as advised; the Nereid turned into a dog, a snake, a camel, a fire; the rooster screamed, the Nereids were gone, and the captured went to the village after the young men; gave birth to a son, but was always silent; the old woman advised me to pretend that he was going to throw the baby into the fire; Nereida screamed, grabbed the child, disappeared; others did not let her in again; she began to live at a source where she is seen two or three times a year with her child]: 202-203.

Central Europe. Russians: Potanin 1891 [(after Afanasiev 1863); Dmitry Tsarevich brings his sister to Ivan Tsarevich; the nanny turns her into a duck, dresses her daughter in her dress; D. was put in prison for deception; duck He flies to him, leaves his wings at the entrance to the dungeon, I. burns them, catches the girl; she turns to various reptiles, he does not let go; turns into a spindle, he breaks it, throws it half forward (girl), second back (birch)]: 153-154; Russians: Balashov 1970, No. 22 (Terevsky Bereg) [princess laughs - gold falls, cries - pearls; one step is gold, the other is silver; the king is dead, the prince is going to the city, the princess tells him not to brag about her; he drank, boasted, the local king orders his sister to be delivered; the king sent a ship; the old woman took the princess's clothes, pushed her into the water, she flew away like a swan; the old woman changed her daughter; gold does not fall, the prince was put in prison; the sister arrives, sheds her wings, cried pearls; the watchman watched, burned the swan wings, grabbed the princess, she turned into a snake, a spindle, everything; the king took his real wife, and gave his kingdom to her brother], 50 [the rich daughter, the poor son; the boy ran to that girl, she whipped him: well done, become a stallion; 40 of these girls ride stallions and turn them into boys again in the morning; the stepmother asked me to tell me how it happened, gave 6 bricks, a rooster, an awl and three iron pans to cover their heads; while they are away, sit on the floor, bricks along the wall, pans on your head, a rooster in one hand, an awl in the other; they fly off, the rooster must be poked, he will scream, they will jump out of the bathhouse, she will be left alone - hold the braid when it becomes wrapped in mice, rats and other creatures; when it becomes a spindle, you must break it and say, "There is a red girl at one end, a pile of gold on the other"; slap the girl with a lash and To say, "There was a girl, become a stallion," he rides it, and yet it is not clear whether he is riding her or she is on it; they sent a lame girl far away to bring the boy first, then the girl unbaptized, unprayerful; the boy did not know, the girl said he was wearing it; the poor man's son hit the stallion with a lash: there was a stallion, become a girl; girl: now marry me, made me a man; wedding, the parents of the wealthy bride did not mind], 54 [the peasant has three sons, he built a new house, sends his sons to sleep in it - what dream they will see; the older, the middle see firewood - good; the youngest, like from under the stove A fox jumped out, and a snake bit off his leg from under the bed; refused to tell; the father sold it to the merchant, he did not tell the merchant either; the merchant sold it to the king, the king put him in prison; was going to marry; the king's sister: the wedding of prisoners is dissolved; the guy was released; two are arguing over an invisible kumka, speedboat boots, a bread-pickling tablecloth; the guy offers to run to the distillation, put on the invisibility, took everything, moved to the ship on which the king sailed to the bride overseas; the bride sends to pull a bow, Ivan Tsarevich {=tsar} is unable, the guy pulled invisibly, the bow broke; bride: let's sew half a dress, you will sew the same one, otherwise head off his shoulders; the guy stole that finished half, had to sew a new one, I. had the same as the bride's; the same shoes, a ring; the guy returned the wonderful items to the two, returned to prison; he was released on the wedding, the witch bride found out, cut off his leg with a sword; boy to the king: here is my dream, your fox sister helped, and the snake bride cut off her leg; he is on one leg in the forest into the hut, and there he is blind, legless yes cooking girl; baba yaga comes to her every day to suck her tits; they grabbed Baba Yaga, made her give her living and dead water, bring her legs and eyes back, pushed her into the well, she died, and they were cured; he returned to the king, he herds the mares, they changed their dresses; the mares all ran into the stall; the king's wife is surprised: if the husband of every mare does not kiss under the tail, they will not return, and then all the stalls have been broken; the guy came, started beating her, she wrapped herself in all sorts of creatures, and when he broke her with a rope, he broke her - stand on one end a pile of gold, on the other a red girl; to the king: now you will have a wife, and sooner it was not a wife, but a snake; he went from the tsar to his father, and that bull was at the interchanges, no one can even kill him; he killed him with his fist and did not go anywhere else]: 78-80, 172-174, 186-192; Russians ( Arkhangelskaya) [the queen dies, the tsar marries Yagishna; Y. gives birth to a two-eyed and three-eyed; stepdaughter Maria Tsarevna sends cows to herd; she bows to the cow in the right leg, full, dressed; I send to watch Two-eyed, M. puts her to sleep; Three-eye M. comes forgets to put the third eye to sleep; Y. tells her to slaughter the cow; M. asked for a gut, a bush grew out of it, berries, birds; Ivan Tsarevich promises to marry on the one who picks his berries; they are given only to M.; she gives birth to a son, goes with her husband to visit her father; I. turns her into a goose, passes her daughter off as her; an old servant calls flying geese, M. goes down, takes off goosebumps, feeds the baby, promises to fly far the day after tomorrow; I. watches, burns the skin, grabs M.; it turns into a jump (?) , a lizard, a different reptile, a spindle; I. breaks it, throws his heel back, a sock in front of him, M. appears; I. says he will take the wife who jumps up on the gate; Yagushna jumps up, I. her shot]: Yefimenko 1874, No. 3:227 (=Afanasiev 1958 (1), No. 101:152-154); Russians (a fairy tale from Afanasiev's notes) [the king tells three sons to shoot, marry a girl from home where he goes arrow; the elders take the daughters of the minister and the general, the youngest Ivan takes the frog (otherwise it will not let him out of the chisel); at night the frog takes off his skin, becomes beautiful; the king asks daughters-in-law 1) to sew he is shirt-headed, 2) they made gold-embroidered carpets; the frog orders the winds, they bring everything; 3) baked bread; the frog sprinkles flour into cold water, puts it in an unheated oven, takes out the bread; others daughters-in-law do the same, nothing works out, they hastily melt the oven, the bread burns; 4) at the feast The frog is beautiful, pours and puts what they have not drunk, are undernourished by the sleeves, dancing, splashes out the lake with swans, then it disappears; other daughters-in-law imitate, scraps everyone; I. burns frog skin, Vasilisa Premudraya tells us to look for it in the thirtieth kingdom; Baba Yaga teaches that when the VP arrives, you have to grab her head; she will turn into a frog, a toad, a snake, an arrow; you have to break an arrow; I. fires an arrow, the VP flies away; the same with BYA's sister, I. breaks the arrow, returns from the VP to flying carpet]: Afanasiev 1958 (3), No. 570:356-361; Russians (Arkhangelskaya: Pinega, d. Lebskaya, Y.E. Golchikov, soldier, village shoemaker, 1927) [The soldier decides to flee from service, "they will kill me anyway," writes in his bag "bag, serve yourself", on the gun "tell the captain, I will not serve". He walks into a rich house and eats himself. At night, Black Muff comes, knocks with one leg, asks the soldier to remain silent for three nights, no matter what they do to him, says that she is an enchanted princess, and the "mounds" around the house are an enchanted provincial city. At night, a soldier's friend comes, followed by a feldfebel, persuades Ivan to return to his seat, he is silent. Gutter comes in the morning, and she has become beautiful to her chest. She tells Ivan that if he stays 2 more nights, she will be completely healed. In the afternoon, the soldier drank vodka again, ate, had fun, officers appear at night, demanding that Ivan return, they are going to whip him with a rod, but they disappear at dawn. Guns only have legs bewitched. On the third night, a general, a colonel and an army of soldiers arrive and promise to forgive him if he returns to service. They cut off the soldier's head, arms and legs, but he feels no pain. In the morning, the Tsar Devitsa (Golovnya) comes, tells Ivan to stand up and he is safe, seeing the provincial town outside the window. The girl says that he saved her and the whole city, calls him his master, gives him a personalized ring. He becomes king. But she is not completely disgraced yet, at night the Tsar Maiden becomes Golubnya, wears a black dress, Ivan burns it and she flies away with a turtledove ("Now you won't see me until it's loose through the sands if you pass, you won't get great power"). Ivan refuses to take another wife, goes to look for the Tsar Maiden, puts on iron boots and a hat, and takes a staff. The road is difficult, Ivan finds himself between a rocky bank and a river of loose sand, gives wine to the Mogoway bird and catches. She asks me to carry him across the river, she sobers and carries him. Ivan comes to town, visits an old widow, who says that the Tsar Maiden is her goddaughter, that many are marrying her. Ivan sees the Copper Hero dead on the street, buries him (others do not bury him, because this requires a thousand rubles, Ivan did not regret it). For this, the hero brings him to his tent at night, gives him a drink of strong water - he gives Ivan his strength, his armor and horse. The same is repeated with the Silver (2 thousand rubles) and the Gold (3 thousand rubles) hero. The golden hero, after giving Ivan strong water, asks if the land carries him, he replies, "swaying", gives him weak water and the earth carries Ivan again. The Golden Hero promises that once each of the heroes will rise from the grave and help Ivan. He goes back to the old woman, who puts him in the closet, says that his goddaughter will come to her, if she refuses Ivan, he must go out of the closet and hit her, he does, the girl does not want go for a savior-soldier when a general marries her. She turns into a snake, a lioness, a tigress, a bear, but Ivan does not stop hitting her. She becomes beautiful, says that Ivan has repulsed all her cunning, and she will become a faithful wife. They're getting married. Ivan sits on a copper horse, jumps into the field, but gets into someone else's army and defeats it. Celebrates victory, feast. An even bigger army approaches, Ivan defeats him on a silver horse. Celebrates victory. This is the third time Ivan is riding a golden horse, but the army is too large, he calls three heroes for help. He celebrates the victory for a week, the old tsar gives the state to Ivan]: Karnaukhova 1934, No. 138:266-273; Russians (Moscow) [once upon a time Stroy was, his wife died, the new one tells her stepdaughter to spin flax, but does not give food; the cow chews flax, the yarn comes out of her mouth; the cow tells her to get into one ear, get out of the other - the girl has become beautiful and full; the stepmother spied, demands to slaughter the cow; the cow tells her stepdaughter to ask demand and legs, bury; a garden with golden apples grew; the master married the hostess; the stepmother wanted to slip her daughter, but the rooster screams that the girl was under the trough; the master took the girl and the garden went to pick them up; A son was born; when he was six months old, a young lady went to visit his stepmother; she took her to the bathhouse, turned her into a lynx; the nanny carries the child; cow shepherds answer that the lynx herd is far away; sheep - what is close; Stroeva's daughter ran out of the herd, took off her skin, fed the child; the master spies, burned the skin, grabbed his wife; she turns into a snake, a toad, a spindle; he broke the spindle, threw the end in front of him, his heel behind, "Be behind me a white birch tree and a former princess in front of me"; they began to live happily ever after]: Vedernikova, Samodelova 1998, No. 48:106-107; Russians (Voronezh) [A dying wife predicts that her husband will soon remarry and forget about her daughter. She gives her a cow as a dowry, forbids her to eat, and if she is slaughtered, she orders her to collect the bones and bury her. The father remarries, the new wife brings her three daughters. They're hurting their stepdaughter. Her stepmother sends her elder daughter, one-eyed, to herd cows and scratch linen, her stepdaughter puts her stepsister's eye to sleep and gives the cow flax, who chews and spits out yarn. She wakes her sister up and they come home. The stepmother scolds her own daughter for not bothering anything. The next day, he sends a two-eye with his stepdaughter, everything repeats. On the third day, the stepdaughter walks with three eyes, puts her two eyes to sleep, and forgets about the third. The three-eye tells the mother what she saw, and she convinces her husband to slaughter a cow. The stepdaughter does not eat cow meat, collects bones, buries them in the place where the apple tree later grows. The daughter asks her father to bring a golden saucer out of town. An apple on a saucer shows distant cities. The master asks to pick an apple for him, the tree branches fall when his stepdaughter comes up, and the sisters are not given. The master takes his stepdaughter as his wife and takes her away. She comes to visit her father and stepmother with her child. The stepmother turns her into a pigeon, sends her stepdaughter's two-eyed child to the master, passing her off as his wife. The two-eyed man lives with his master, regularly goes out with the child into the field, his mother calls him (refers to a pack of pigeons, "The lynx is young, the lynx is good, feed your child"). The master watches his wife, sees a pigeon descend, takes off its wings and feeds his child, the husband burns his wings, the bird cannot fly away. It turns into a stake - it cuts it, it breaks it into a spindle, and dips it into a good fellow. Stepdaughter finds her appearance]: Baryshnikova 2007, No. 16:93-96; Russians (North) [Ivan Tsarevich wounded a swan, brought it to the tent; someone cooks and cleans; for the third time I. finds and grabs it girl; she resists, turned into a golden spindle, I. broke it, threw his heel in front of him (be young), and the tip behind her back (be a scarlet flower); they have a son; in spring a grandmother the backyard tells I. to guard his wife; swans are flying, everyone offers to throw off her wing; the wife replies to her father and sister that she has Ivanushka here; the mother tells her to shed her wing, his wife picked him up, but I. grabbed; she cried]: Karnaukhova 1948:173-177; Ukrainians (Transcarpathia) [the poor man's horse stops; an important man says that the horse will go if the poor man promises to give him what he does not know at home; this while his wife gave birth; three months later, his son Ivan grows up and leaves; the old man explains that he has been sold to the Devil; we must hide by the sea in a hollow, Devil's three daughters will come to swim, we must take the third ring; she will take the image of water, fire, snakes, but the ring must be given as a promise to become I.'s wife; so it became, the wife transfers I. to her father; he demands 1) to arrange a field on the site of the forest in a day, collect harvest, bake bread; 2) throw a bridge to the kingdom of far away (by order of the wife, the devils do everything); 3) kill the green hare; the wife enters the sea, father, mother I. pass by; it was the hare; on the third once - grandmother I., I. shoots, grandmother turns into a hare; Damn tells the eldest daughters to turn into mares, but I.'s wife promises to give them for his brothers; I. and his wife run away, turn into a monastery and a monk , wheat and a boy, the devil does not recognize them; for the third time Chertikha chases, recognizes her daughter and son-in-law in the form of a lake and a gander, takes away I.'s eyes; her daughter becomes a spring, Chertikha bends down to drink, drops her eyes, wife returns them to I.; wedding]: Verkhovyna's Tales 1970:196-202; Slovaks [when the forester brought the hare, the wife was going to cook it, but the cat stole the meat; the wife cut off her chest and fried her husband; The next day she told me; they agreed to kill Janek first, then Evichka, the forester's children from her first marriage; E. heard; taught me to run into the room where her stepmother would comb her hair, grab the ribbon, run away; she will pretend to run after her brother to return the ribbon; when she saw that the children were already near the forest, her stepmother cursed them: let them turn into animals from whose footprint they would drink; E. does not let Me drink from bear, wolf, he drinks from reindeer, becomes a deer; he drinks from a well herself, becomes a gold-haired beauty with a star in her forehead; she finds her, is married by a young king; in the absence of her husband, she gives birth to a boy with a gold star in his forehead; an old woman pushes E. into the water, replaces her daughter in bed; the baby cries, the deer takes him to the Danube, asks the ducks to show the way to his mother; the ducks answer that she is one of them; the mother arrives as a duck, becomes a woman, feeds the baby, returns to the river; so every day; the king comes back, the imaginary wife wants deer meat; the king goes after the deer when he carries the mother's baby; the king grabs his wife, she turns into ducks, monsters {it is not said which ones}, but he does not let go; E. and Y. take on a human form; the king asks the old woman what deserves someone who tried to kill two innocent people and condemn a third to misfortune, she replies that such a person should be put in a barrel of nails, brought down the mountain; this is what they did to the old woman and her daughter]: Dobšinský 1970, No. 12:69-74 (slightly shortened translation in Bogatyrev 1955:110-116); Slovaks [Ibronka is prettier than anyone but the only one without a boyfriend; when girls are going to spin, they laugh at her; she says - let the hell take her; a handsome man comes, the girls are jealous; seeing I. he disappears before midnight he does not know where; she tied a thread to his clothes; the thread leads to cemetery, I. sees her boyfriend eating dead from her bones; soon he comes to her and asks her what she saw; I. says: nothing; in which case her brother will die; I.: so he will rest; so with everyone family members; left alone, I. asks to drag her coffin under the threshold, let his pony be lucky, bury her where he stops; the ghoul comes again - this time promises that I. herself will die; pony stopped at a fork in the roads; a lily grew up on the grave; the young master saw it, sent the servant to pick it off - the lily disappeared; then the master tore it off himself, put it in his hat, brought it home; at night I. came out of the lily, she cleaned everything up; on the third night, the master tells the servant to follow; he sees I. kissing the sleeping master and becoming a lily again; the servant did not tell, and the master himself began to guard; grabbed I. when She went to his bed; she turned into a toad, lizard, snake, etc., but eventually became a girl; they got married; a daughter was born; but I. does not go to church; her husband persuaded and she saw a ghoul there; In the evening he came and asked what she saw in the cemetery; if she did not say, her daughter would die; she confessed; the ghoul disappeared, and I. died again and was lying in the grave at a fork in the roads; her husband stayed to raise his daughter]: Dobšinský 1970, No. 32:173-177; Poles (Lublin) [after drinking water from a sheep's hoof trail, the brother turned into a lamb; the king grabs his wife when she is in the form of a goose; she turns into a snake, an otter, a mole finally takes on its human form]: Bolte, Polívka 1913:92.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Abkhazians [the young man promises to marry someone who will sew him a full set of clothes in a day; the girl does not have enough time to sew on the fasteners; she asks God to bring the sun back a little; when after the wedding, the young go to bed, someone calls the young man; he returns in the morning tired; his sister, mother, are watching, they cannot grab him, for he turns into a snake, a frog, a flame; a wife holds; this young man is Amyz (month); his former wife Amra (sun) says that the new one separated them, but she will not allow their marriage to come true; she takes him away every evening]: Shakryl 1975, No. 88:393-395 (= Bgazhba 1983:31-33; =2002:36-38; =Hvartsky 1994:69-71).

Baltoscandia. Western Sami [Njávešeadnidattera met the prince, he loved her; the ugly Háhcešeadnidattera tried in vain to seduce the prince; before the wedding, the king: will receive a son the one who would pick the berries faster; H. filled the basket with stones, put berries on top; but the king exposed the deception and chose N.; N. and his brother sailed on the ship; H. bent from the shore to the ship, sat down between N. and her brother; brother tells her sister to dress well; N. does not hear, asks again; H.: brother tells you to dress and jump into the water with a duck; H. cut off her legs, then she was able to put on N.'s shoes; crow: why does blood flow? H. was brought to a dark room, but it was not light; H. complains that the bed was hard; the prince ordered to bring the softest underwear; H.: sticks, etc.; then said it was soft; but the prince could not lie on it, and the bride smells bad; the brother said that H. is not his sister; the healer tells me to play the violin on the shore for three evenings; the mermaid raised N. above the water; she asks for closer - water in her ears, the sound of the sea in her ears; brother grabbed the girl; she turned into different objects and creatures; when she became a spindle, my brother broke it, threw half into the sea, and the other became N.; N.: I will not return to the castle until H. is burned; H. almost extinguished the fire with her urine, but it was burned and there was no trace left; N. was brought into the room, it was lit up]: Pollan 2005, No. 15:76-79; Poestion 1886, No. 6 [brother and sister live alone; prince has arrived, fell in love with a girl, left for a year, told the girl to come to him with her brother and child by that time; they are sailing in a boat across the lake; on the shore, Attijis-ene asks to take her as a maid; the sister does not want to, the brother takes it; A. is sitting in the middle of the boat, and the sister and brother are at the ends; they do not hear each other, A. supposedly tells her brother's words to her sister, but distorts them; the brother tells them to wear the best dress; A.: give me the dress, throw yourself into the lake, you will become a golden duck; sister threw herself into the water, A. picked up the baby; prince takes A.; brother at the shore calls his sister - the baby cries; the sister went out, fed the baby, She became a duck again, swam away; the next time another man hid behind her brother, grabbed a young woman; she turned into a worm, a mole, sea grass, a mosquito; finally remained a woman; A. prince pushed him into a hole with burning resin; wedding]: 39-42; the Danes [when he died, his father gave Johannes 7 marks; he bought them a dead man, whom the lenders threw out of the grave; a man went with him in the forest who asked to be called Friend; the old woman carried brushwood, broke her leg, the Friend cured her with wonderful oil; the eagle and the falcon began to fight, fell dead; The friend took eagle wings and falcon legs with them; princess demands to guess three times what she thinks, hangs unlucky applicants in her garden; while I. sleeps, a friend turns into a falcon, flies after the princess, hits her with brushwood, she thinks hail; flying out palace, she flies to the mountain, fights, opens a terrible troll; in the hall on the throne, a troll and a princess, animals and reptiles dance; the troll advises the princess to think about her gloves, A friend hears it; reports I. he answers the princess; next time he answers about shoes; on the third rack, the troll flew after the princess, told her to think about his head, his friend cut it off, hid it in a bag, gave it to I.; I. opened the bag with his head in it, which the princess thought about; gets a wife; A friend tells me to put a tub of water by the bed; I. dips the princess in her, she turned into a duck, a swan, I. did not let go, she became a man, the spell scattered; A friend says he is the dead man, disappears]: Suritz 1991:54-58; Lutsie (West 1893) [parents are dead, three brothers are gone on business, sister is home alone; the devil comes, seduces him to go with her, she will feed her pancakes; the cat asks not to listen and not go anywhere; the devil broke the cat's legs; next time she tore off her ears; the third time she pulled out her eyes; the cat's end; when the devil came to the fourth Once, there is no one to protect the girl; the devil threw her into the coffin and burned her, put on her shadow; the girl's shadow turned into a bird, flies to meet her brothers, sings to the elder: who will he give earrings, who pearls; the older brother drives the bird away; the same middle brother; the younger one listens; at home, the brothers feel substituted: the sister is rude, dissatisfied; the youngest goes to the healer; he orders to catch the bird and hold it; it will turn into snakes, lizards, bears, wolves; only when he becomes a spindle, put it under the bed and cross him, will become a girl; call the devil to the bathhouse, give beer, throw it into the cauldron and cover it with a lid; everything is so happened]: Annom et al. 2018:178-181; Lutsie (West 1893) [Mr. Coachman's boyfriend; painted a portrait of his beautiful sister; the gentleman asks to bring her; by the lake, the brother offers to walk along the shore, and sister - like in winter, across a lake; on the lake, the devil makes her give away all her clothes, turns her into a duck; her brother did not notice the change, and the gentleman sees that the bride is far from the picture in the portrait, planted brother for 12 castles; every night a duck flies to a woman, becomes a girl, asks how the gentleman and wife live; a woman: like a cat with a dog; a girl: let it be like this, since my brother is locked up; after each visit, one castle flies; a woman goes to the healer; they tell her on the last night (after the 12th visit, the sister would remain a duck forever) to throw feathers into the fire and grab the girl; she will turn into a snake, a lizard, a larva, a bear, a wolf, a dog, a cow; when he becomes a spindle, break it, put it to bed; as it happened, in the morning a girl is in bed; brother comes out of prison, shows his master a real sister; the gentleman asked the hell what kind of beer she wanted; from horse manure; offered to try it, pushed it into a boiling pot and closed the lid; brother, sister, her husband began to live, still live]: Annom et al. 2018:188-191; Lutsie [mother sent three daughters for berries; only the youngest picked hard and her mother praised her; the third time envious sisters killed her, said the wolf ate; brother went to the forest to make a cantele; the birch tree asks him to cut it for this; the knowledgeable (tark) explains that the birch tree is his sister; tells him to play by himself first, then give it to his father, mother, older and middle sisters; then grab the cantele and don't let it go; it will turn into a snake, lizard, wolf, bear and everything else; when it turns into a spindle, break it, put half under the pillow, the other in your legs and lie down sleep; every time Kantele sings that her envious sisters killed her; in the morning a live sister sits on the bed; older sisters are tied to a horse's tail]: Kallas 1900:357-359 in Haavio 1952:154-155; setu [ two married brothers decide to get rid of their sister; tell their wives to send her to them in the woods to bring dinner; wives feel sorry for the girl, they carry food themselves; brothers insist that her sister come, lock her in an oak tree in a tub, left in the forest; the brothers' wives call her to the bathhouse; the youngest hears a faint voice - I'm in an oak tub, the lid is filled with rowan pin; mountain ash grew out of this pin, one bunch on it; the guy from the forest He tore it off the farm, brought it home; now someone cooks and cleans the house; the guy finds a girl who turns into a menace, a bird, a spindle, he does not let go; he marries; they visit their brothers so embarrassing]: Normann, Tampere 1989:53-57 (=Põder, Tanner 2000:161-165); Veps [when he dies, the old man tells his son to marry the one who comes out first; the first is a bird, the guy took her to house; the neighbor's grandmother tells her to give her canvases and tell her to sew her shirt and pants; she sewed it; the grandmother tells her to take the twigs and watch under the door; the guy saw the girl, began to quilt with rods; she turned into a snake, into a wolf; when she became a spindle, the guy broke it, put it under a stump, said "There is a golden mountain behind, a young wife is ahead"; Baba Yaga's maids found out about the girl, they persuade the king, he says Vanya to bring a baby bag; his wife teaches him to go, where they plow on a gray horse, pull out three hairs; where the earth shakes, throw hairs to the ground, the earth gives a chest of sums; the king orders to cook the royal dinner; the wife cooked; king: you know how to make live geese; the wife gives her husband a letter, tells her to take two old women with her; they come to the old woman, she replies that her sons make geese; the old woman's sons ask them shone; the first old woman went, dozed off, she was killed; the second one; the guy went, started dozing; replies that he did not sleep, but thought more damp or dry land, more damp; they went to measure, it turned out which is really more raw; next time the guy replies that he did not doze, but took a handkerchief from his pocket; they read it - it's their son-in-law! they said that the wife was stolen, everyone was waiting for a feast; one: I'll take it in an hour; the second in half an hour; the third in a moment; when she saw her husband, the young woman told the geese to play; they started playing, turned the tables over, killed many people, king asks to stop geese; guy: first appoint me tsar; tsar appointed]: Onegin, Zaitsev 1996, No. 14:81-85; Karelians: Concca 1959 (Kalevalsky District, 1937), No. 2 [dying, old man and old woman command son and daughter not to marry or marry; the brother promises the prince to persuade his sister to marry him; she sets the condition: I will not go out while the stove is standing; the millstone is intact; the threshold has not been worn out; the brother breaks the stove, the millstone, He cuts down the threshold; takes his sister to the prince; Syuvatar asks to take her from the shore; the sister does not allow her, but the brother takes it for the third time; S. makes sure that the sister does not hear her brother's words; reports as if he tells jump into the water, become a black duck; seeing that the woman was ugly, the prince ordered her brother to be locked in a stable; at night, the duck calls the dog, told her to hand over a towel; then a tablecloth; the prince transfers his brother to bulls; to sheep; the widow teaches the prince to grab a duck when it comes for the last time, to break everything it turns into, to throw it behind him (it turns into a viper, a worm, a rolling pin, the prince does not released); S. was pushed into a pit with burning resin]: 13-18; Onegin 2010, No. 25 (Kalevalsky district) [the healer gave the man water that would make his wife pregnant; but he took a sip himself, also became pregnant, went to the forest, gave birth to a girl, threw her on a tree; the prince's dog barks, the girl (she says that her man carried her, raised a raven, the breeze rocked, the heavenly water washed) asks for clothes; the prince brings her home, marries her; Suoyatar became a midwife, turned the prince's wife into a vazhenka in the bathhouse, stayed with her child; but the cuckoo does not cuckoo on her head, the bells on the hem do not ring, the child cries; the shepherd saw how the vazhenka shed her skin and became a woman; answers her that her son is crying; she asks to bring him to feed him tomorrow, and then migrates with the deer; the shepherd brings, the woman asks bring a son tomorrow; the shepherd tells the prince about this; the prince threw a deer skin into the fire; the woman became a snake (the prince cut her), a lizard (the same), a rolling pin, then a man; the cuckoo ate, the bells rang, the birds on her shoulders sang; the prince orders to heat the hot bath, under the floor there is a fire pit, S. leads there on the red carpet, she rejoices; when she falls into the hole, she tells her fingers became devils, earthworms, gnats, hair became sedge, prickly thickets; and so it happened; the prince began to live with his wife and child]: 268-271; Stepanova 2000, No. 103 (northern, Tungudskaya parish) [sister will set foot - gold, cry - beads, a month on her shoulders, Bear stars on her forehead, sun on top of her head; brother went to the palace, the prince saw embroideries on the hoop, asked who was embroidering, ordered bring her sister; the sister said she would not marry until the millstone handle broke from work; the brother cut the handle; until the father's shop collapsed; the spinning wheel made by the father broke; the threshold was not will break; brother saws every time; sister agrees, they are going in a boat, Suottyariha asks to take her, puts sleepy needles in her sister's ears, tells her to spit in the sheath, jump into the sea, sister swam with a duck, the brother brought S.; the prince put his brother under lock and key - why did he bring an ugly one; the sister sails to the widow's house, becomes a girl, sews on a hoop, the widow sells; tells the prince to hide behind the stove , throw duck plumage into the oven, grab his wife; she turned into a snake, he beat her, did not let her out, she became a woman; they dug a hole, S. was taken to the bathhouse, pushed into a hole, his brother was released; mother S. came, sees two blades of grass, wants to tear it off, my daughter shouts from the hole, "This is my umbilical cord, don't touch it"; the mother went to the gate, rejoiced that her daughter is there, the prince ordered her to be raised to the gate]: 181-183; Schreck 1887, No. 9 (Russian Karelia) [husband and wife went to look for the missing sheep; the witch turned the woman into a black sheep, took her form, the husband did not notice the substitution; the witch wife asks to slaughter the sheep; the daughter knows that it is a mother; the sheep tells her not to eat her, collect her bones and bury her bones; a birch tree grew in this place; the witch wife also gave birth to a daughter, began to tyrant her stepdaughter; the king calls everyone to the feast; the stepmother tells her stepdaughter to separate the barley from ash; the mother's voice from under the birch tree tells me to take a birch branch, she does the work; the girl becomes beautiful, she is wearing a luxurious dress, a horse next to her; the queen seated the girl next to him, and the witch the daughter gnawed bones under the table; the queen smeared the door with resin, the girl's ring stuck; at home she leaves her dress and horse by the birch tree; next time the task is to separate the hemp seeds; the same, sticks to the door golden hair hoop for the girl; for the third time, a witch pours milk into the ash; a golden shoe sticks to the door; the queen gathers everyone to try it on; the witch squeezes her finger, head and leg daughters in a ring, hoop and shoe; the queen must marry a freak; he takes both girls from the witch's house; crossing the river, he throws the freak like a bridge, crosses it, marries a beautiful woman, but that's it they think that this is the daughter of a witch; the freak remains on the bridge, she grows into a cicuta; the witch wants to cut her off, hears her daughter's voice, makes her human again; comes to the young queen, turns her into a deer, leaves her daughter in her place; the royal baby cries; a widow teaches the Queen to give her a baby to take her to the forest; the deer queen comes to feed him; says that this will be the case for three days, and then she will go away forever with the deer; for the third time, the widow offers to clean the queen's head; she takes off her deer skin; the hidden king throws her skin into the fire; the queen turns into a spinning wheel, a beater for washing clothes, in a spindle, but the husband destroys these guises, the queen remains a woman; the Queen orders to cook a resin pit, light it, cover it from above, calls the witch and her daughter, they they fail, they burn; the witch manages to stick her finger out, says that worms will appear in the ground, mosquitoes in the air to cause suffering to people], 10 (Russian Karelia) [after the death of parents the son got a job as a shepherd with the king, the daughter stayed at home; gave her brother her portrait; when he saw him, the queen fell in love; sister: before the millstone left by my parents was wiped off than I left my father's house; the brother broke millstone, joined the halves; when my sister began to work, the millstone split; sister: I will not go until the spinning wheel breaks; her brother broke it, the spinning wheel broke; the same is my father's mortar; threshold; sister had to get married; I had to sail by sea; my sister took her dog with her; a witch from the shore: take me; they didn't take me twice, but on the third cape my brother decided to take them; the witch made them deaf; brother to sister: the castle is visible, dress nicely; the sister asks the witch again; she: your brother tells you to put your oars and throw yourself into the sea; the sister gave the oars to the witch, but did not rush into the sea; next time the brother asks me to wear jewelry, the witch tells me to take off her dress and jewelry, throw herself into the sea; the sister takes off, but does not rush; the third time she rushed, the witch raked away from her; the brother had to pass off the witch for her sister; she she wore her clothes and jewelry; because the bride was ugly, the Queen ordered the dragons and snakes to leave her brother, but they did not touch him; the sister at the bottom of the sea became the bride of the sea king; she did for The Queen's hat was made of gold and silver so that he could free her brother, but could not go ashore, she was held by a silver chain; her dog wandered around the castle; the widow had an iron platform going out to sea; His sister came to him, asked the dog to take the hat to the Queen, asked what was in the house; she replies that a witch was in charge of it; the widow told the Queen everything; the next night his sister did the dog took the shirt made of gold and silver again; the witch says that her hands make both the hat and the shirt themselves while she sleeps; the widow teaches her to cut the silver chain with a scythe on the third night; the sister will turn into different creatures, you can't let her go; the sister prepared pants for the Queen; the Queen put his chain over her, cut the silver one; the sister turned into an earthworm, a fly, a lizard, spindle, etc.; the Queen took her to the widow's house, freed her brother; the Queen orders to cook a resin pit, light it, cover it from above, tells the servants to take the witch away, she fails, burns, sticks her hair out , says that it will make worms in the ground, mosquitoes in the air, harmful caterpillars to cause people to suffer; wedding; brother appointed chief adviser, gets half of the treasure]: 63-74, 74-85; Finns [the cannibal turns the heroine's mother into a sheep, takes her place, slaughtered the sheep; a birch tree grows from the collected seeds; the imaginary mother tells the heroine 1) to disassemble the grain, 2) collect spilled milk ( to do this, you have to wave a birch branch crosswise); magic dresses; they come to the party; the cannibal's daughter is kicked when she gnaws her bones under the table; her arm, leg are broken, her eye is knocked out; the heroine runs away from the holiday three times; a resin trap in which her ring, ear ring, shoe remains; marriage to the one that fits these objects; the cannibal's daughter has an artificial arm, leg, eye; the prince is lucky the heroine and daughter of a cannibal into the castle, pushes the cannibal's daughter into the river to make a bridge, drives along it with her bride; hemlock grows out of the body of the cannibal's daughter, the cannibal cut it off; the prince and the heroine a son is born; the cannibal turns the heroine into a deer, sets up a liar; the deer goes out to feed her child; the prince grabs his wife, she turns into a spindle, rolling pin, curtain, etc., then back into woman; when the cannibal is executed, she promises that she will produce worms, snakes, and harmful insects]: Salmelainen 1871, No. 8:59-67 in Cox 1893, No. 95:38; Latvians [brother and sister run away from stepmother; sister does not tell you to drink from a cow, horse, sheep trail; brother drinks from sheep, becomes a lamb; the master marries a girl, leaves; she gives birth to a son, stepmother throws lynx skin on her, replaces her daughter; the lamb asks the servant to tie the baby to his horns, brings him to the forest; the sister trots off her skin, feeds the baby; after the third time, the woman will trot forever; the servant calls the master, that grabs his wife, she turns into terrible animals, he does not let go; turns into a female, his master breaks him, leaves him, sees his wife; when the witch and her daughter are killed, the lamb became a boy again]: Arys 1971:216-218 (=Skrīvele s.a.: 113-114); Latvians [son promised to a mermaid; old man gives him a guard ring; son settles a dispute between animals, they give him the ability to become a lion , an eagle, a dog and an ant; he flies to the royal palace, marries a princess; hunts a deer, jumps after her into the water, but cannot get out of the water - the ring is left at home; the wife goes look for a husband; a mermaid (she was a deer) allows her wife to talk to her husband, who tells her to bring a ring; the next day, after receiving golden apples, the mermaid allows her wife to kiss her husband; she gives him ring; as punishment, the wife must burn for 7 years; the husband and the mermaid try to defeat each other through various transformations; finally, the mermaid turns into stone; the husband throws him into the flame, it turns into a wife]: Aris, Medne 1977, No. 316:275.

Western Amazon. Napo [someone steals peppers from two brothers' garden; they hid, grabbed two women who turned into snakes, wasps, etc. ; the eldest released his own, the youngest brought him to his mother, saying that it was yaku-warmi ("water woman"); at night, the mother saw her son hugging a big snake; the daughter-in-law gave birth, mother-in-law found under her bed in a bunch of baby leaves, made him cry for his mother to come; Yaku-varmi went with the child into the river; the husband came to the shore, the wife took him to him; first a person sees snakes, then they seem like people to him; brings given to a mother by a masato wife, returns to the river forever]: Mercier 1979:94-97; napo or canelo [two young men sleep in the open, one asks the other what star he wants; they sing, two star girls go down to them, young men grab them; each turns into a snake, a scorpion, a poisonous ant, bites; one lets go of his own, the other doesn't, takes her as a wife]: Ortíz de Villalba 1989, No. 39:73; Aguaruna [someone steals pepper from two brothers' garden; they hid and grabbed two women; they turned into snakes, wasps, etc. ; the eldest released his own, the youngest brought him to his mother, saying that it was yaku-warmi ("water woman"); at night, the mother saw her son hugging a big snake; the daughter-in-law gave birth, her mother-in-law found her in a heap under her bed the leaves of the child, made him cry for his mother to come; the yaku-varmi went with the child into the river; the husband came to the shore, the wife took him to him; first a person sees snakes, then they seem like people to him; brings the mother given by Masato's wife, returns to the river forever]: Mercier 1979:94-97.

Eastern Amazon. Spiking [the wife died; the husband's brother made a shelter in the forest to hunt birds; sitting there at night, he heard voices at a reindeer watering hole; the husband ambushed, killed a stranger with an arrow; the wife, to run away, turned into a jaguar, a snake, a scorpion, but he did not let it go; when she became an ant, her husband stuffed it into a calebasa, brought it home; the wife looked like it, but when she saw her open grave, she left villages; at night, relatives found the corpse of a white deer; at night, the owner of the dead Wuba appeared to her husband, asked why he had killed him; if he took his wife and let W. go, dead after living with him, would return home; the man would live with his wife (who obviously returned), they have a son; the husband was going on a trip to kayapo, the wife ordered not to do it, he did not listen, was killed; the woman killed her son, left, taking it away corpse]: Nimuendaju 1922:372-373.

Montagna - Jurua. Kashinahua: Ans 1975 [a man threw fruit from his genipa; picked up a tapir, threw it into the lake, and a beautiful woman came out of the water; the next day, the man threw the fruit himself, grabbed the woman; she turned into a boa constrictor, tarantula, smut, he did not release; they began to live at the bottom among caimans and snakes; the tapir went into the water, did not wait for the woman, still often stands in the water; the earthly wife almost Ishkin caught a fish; he told the man to return to it; one day a man came to the lake, snakes began to swallow it, he died; from him people learned how to cook ayahuasca]: 122-124; Tastevin 1926 [man sees a tapir throwing genipa fruits into the water, copulating with a woman who came out; the next morning, two girls came out, the man grabbed one, she turned into a tree, a stream, a thorn, but he He did not let her go; they went down to her parents, at the bottom of a field of corn and peanuts; the wife did not allow the caiman to rush at the man; five years later, against his wife's wishes, the man went to land; a downpour poured in, a man went hunting, was grabbed by a snake; people pulled him out of its mouth, but all the bones were already broken; people learned the secret of preparing the drug from this man]: 171-172; sharanahua [hunter He sees how Tapir came to the lake with the fruits of the genipa, threw them into the water; a beautiful woman came out of the water, began to copulate with the tapir; the hunter overheard how long they made an appointment, threw the fruits himself; grabbed the woman; she changed her appearance, undergoing various metamorphoses, but still got along with the hunter; rubbed his eyes with leaves, he began to see underwater; fish threatened him with spears; the woman's father and mother looked formidable; contrary to the ban, the hunter drank shori drugs and then saw an anaconda instead of his father-in-law, etc.; others blew at him until the intoxication passed; ishki fish swam out from as a man, left on the shore, returned to the water himself]: Siskind 1973:138-140; (cf. urarine [people almost kill a fisherman boy by burying him in the mud, his father sends a flood; people flee the flood on the Erythrina elei tree; during the long night they throw fruits down to see if she slept water; a man sends down to explore first one son, who turns into a heron, then another, who turns into a Caracara plancus bird, then descends himself; finds a hut in it cooked food; he hides in a hole, sees a boat descending from the sky; at the stern sits his "our goddess" dressed in a tapa, and her maid on her nose, she did not know how to make bast matter; she shouts that another one is intended for him, but he does not let her in; she {in the text is "he", but clearly talking about this woman} consistently tells a snake (pit viper, Bothrops piuctus), a spider, a giant ant ( Isula, Myrmca saevissima, the bite is very painful) bite him, but he does not let him out; so there are still people who do not even know how to make bast matter; and the intended wife flew away like a bird; they are not copulated, but only hugged; to make a child, the wife rolled a ball of cotton; when the husband returned from hunting, the cotton baby was already coming to meet him and calling him; the husband waited and saw his wife makes children; she said she wanted children to appear without suffering; if you do not abstain from having sex for 10 months after giving birth, the baby will get sick; but her husband got along with her, the baby fell ill, died; var. (p.39): the child asks me to write, the father furiously cuts him in half, he turns into a cricket]: Dean 1994:25-28; netbo [a person suppresses a fish with poison; sees an unfamiliar boy picking it up; he says that his father sent him; a man buries a boy on the shore in clay; another man finds him, saves him; he tells him to climb a tall genipa, which has many fruits - his father will punish him people with darkness and a flood; a person warns others, they do not believe him, they celebrate him; rain floods the earth; when a tree is climbed, a man with his wife and children see others turn into palm trees (palmera), tuquituquis birds; survivors find a vessel of food supplies on a tree; a person throws fruits down to see if the water has descended; as the water level drops, the last fruit falls into the mud, dawns; the man's son turns into a huancahui bird, flies away; the wife is afraid to get down, turns into a termite nest; the man goes down, wanders in search of people, every time he returns to the tree, finds next to him is a vessel with a drink; she hides in a hole, sees a boat coming from the upper reaches of the river, with one woman aft, the other on the bow; the first to descend, the man grabs her; she says that his father Inca sent him the one at the stern; tells various poisonous insects to bite him, but he does not let her go; this is how the maid remained with the man; two days later she gave birth to a boy, and three days later a girl, they grew up right away; for the third time, the husband spies, so the child dies; the wife says people will now die]: Bardales Rodriguez 1979:42-47);.