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L27. A girl eaten.


Sisters or girlfriends meet a demon. One or both don't understand the danger. One is eaten or maimed, the other is saved.

Hottentots, Mizo, Garo, Apatani, Chuan Miao, Estonians, Western Sami, Mongols, Khakas, Mansi, Northern and Eastern Khanty, Northern and Southern Selkups, Kets, Ents, Baikal Evens, Nanai, Wilta, Soke (Chapultenango), Sicuani, Pemon, Cariña (Guyana), Kalinha, Lokono, Oyana, Oyampi, Colorado, Carijona, Uitoto, Urubu, Rickbacza, Iranshe, Paresi.

SW Africa. Hottentots: Schmidt 2007, No. 26 [Smart Girl (UD) with her older sister and other girls digs wild bulbs; only she notices unknown men approaching; they tell me to bake bulbs for them, dance; dancing, girls dust up, UD hardly makes her sister run, she would stay dancing and be eaten; UD and sister stay at the ogre's house; sister thinks it's hers former lover; UD leaves supposedly to collect firewood, leaves his excrement responsible for himself, runs away; sister is eaten; cannibal finds a bunch of crap, she keeps screaming about brushwood, he kicks her , the crap gathers again, he swallows it; men kill the ogre with arrows, telling them to give the heart eaten; UD puts it in a calebass with milk, sister revives], 27 [two sisters come to the ogre's house; the eldest wants to be his lover; at night in bed he gradually eats her; the younger sister comes home, talks about the death of the eldest]: 79-83, 83-84.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Mizo (best) [parents send Nuchhimi and her sister to carry their aunt a pig load; at the fork, the road to my aunt is clear, there are heaps of branches and leaves on the road to Hmuichukchurudini; H. overheard cleared her road, filled another with garbage; told the sisters that she was their aunt; the sisters lay down in the yard; sister N. had a wound on her head, H. began to suck it; said that bugs were biting; she ate it by morning the girl; N. saw the bones, said she was crying from the smoke; H. locked her in the basket, went to the station; the mouse freed N., she ran home; while H. was not at home, N.'s parents put an egg in her hearth, the hornet in a bed, a snake into a bamboo vessel, cut the veranda pillars, tied a ferocious goat there; H. came, she was stung by a snake, an egg exploded in her face, a hornet bit in bed, the veranda fell, the goat was butting]: McCall 1949:92-94; garo [sisters Anok and Ronje went to collect water snails; a giant snail chased them; they climbed the vine into a tree, and the snail chased the elephant and both fell into the abyss ; the sisters came to the ogre's house; he has a sharp bone nose with which he kills the victims; A. fell asleep, and R. put a log on the bed, covered it with blankets, ran away; at night, the cannibal pierced A.'s nose, but broke it he on a log when he wanted to kill R.; chased her; the rodent hid R. in his hole, replied to the ogre that he had not seen anyone; grateful R. brought him 6 bags of rice and millet; since then rats and squirrels love rice and millet]: Rongmuthu 1960:95-96; apatani [people put the ogre under lock and key; he asks the sisters Biinyi and Biine to release him; Biinyi replies that he must go feed chickens, pigs; Biine releases; the cannibal tells his sisters to get into the basket, brings them to him, turning into different animals along the way; tells the sisters to get into the cauldron; Biinyi makes sounds like the water is already boiling, Biine says that this is not true; the ogre and his wife go to the granary, the sisters get out, put the cannibals in the cauldron; Biine yells to the cannibals that they are going to eat their son; the sisters run away, ask for a grasshopper mantis hide them, he hides them in the ground; the cannibal turns into a dog, sniffs; the sisters run on, climb a tree; Biine admits that they climbed the vine; Biinyi asks for help from a white chicken, that throws her sickle, she cuts off a vine, an ogre breaks, his wife cuts off his penis and testicles; cuts a tree; stupid Biine tells it to fall down the slope (if it were up, it would be easier to hide behind mountain); sisters resort to the river; Popi Sa (the embodiment of wisdom) lets them across the bridge, brings it down when a revived cannibal steps on it; the water takes him away, he turns into a dangerous spirit; sisters return home; their parents and older brother ask for feathers, fly away; sisters go look for them; a snotty boy tells him to wipe him off, says that the disappeared can be seen through a bamboo shoot; sisters see parents and brother; Biine slides on chicken manure, falls under the house, the manure eater spirit eats it]: Blackburn 2008, No. 1:59-63.

China - Korea. Chuan Miao [two sisters marry a handsome man, call Buffalo dirty on the way to him, spit on him; the handsome man is just hunting, there is not enough food, the sisters leave, persuade Buffalo to take them; he tells you to go to his hut without scaring off the rat; the hut turns out to be a big house, the rat is a pig; the older sister catches a pig, brings clean water, the youngest does not; Buffalo marries the eldest; eats him The tiger comes in his guise; the eldest believes that it is her husband, the youngest is hiding under the roof, hears the Tiger eating her sister at night; asks for what he eats, it turns out to be her sister's finger; the girl runs, climbs onto the roof of the house; asks the Tiger to bring her hot tongs, she will pinch off pieces of her body with them, throw him; throws tongs into his mouth, the Tiger roars, runs away; the girl sends Magpie take the message to her brothers to help; Magpie allows the brothers to pour black paint on her to prove the truth of their words (the origin of the magpie's color); the brothers lure the Tiger into the pit- trap, give giblets to Magpie]: Graham 1954:269-271.

Baltoscandia. Estonians [there are two sisters and an orphan in the house; old suitors come, girls drive them away; young ones arrive; sisters are ready to follow them, orphan doubts that they are people, sisters do not believe; groom agrees to let her out the door, tied to her belt; she bandages her belt to the stairs, climbs into the attic; the groom climbs after her, hears men's voices, does not dare to grab the girl; this was what flax talked, describing how people tremble and beat him; the rooster sang, the devils disappeared with his sisters, the orphan escaped]: J.Kunder in Põder, Tanner 2000:28-30 (=Raud 2004:179-181); Western Sami [two women married to two stallo brothers (cannibals); one has children; they hear brothers agree to eat them; the one with the children is sorry to leave her husband, and the childless one runs away, climbs a tree; dog S. barks at her like a squirrel; a woman calls "dogs whose parents did not give them hot broth"; bears, wolves, lynxes, foxes come, tear S. and his dog apart; woman with children eaten]: Læstadius 2002:251-252.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. The Mongols [an ugly woman has two children and a beautiful woman is childless; ugly children tell her that the man in the cauldron is sharpening a knife; the mother realized that this is a reflection: the robber sharpens a knife on a rock; hid it the children in the chest, dug a hole herself, took a knife and a sledgehammer; the beautiful one refused to spend the night in the yurt with the ugly one; one robber went to the beautiful one and killed her; the second went to the ugly one, she killed him with a sledgehammer; when the second one came up, she answered in the voice of the second robber, killed the first with a sledgehammer; and the beautiful one died]: Mikhailov 1962:129-130; Khakas: Mindibayeva et al. 2016, No. 16 [old woman Khara-Nik has three daughters-in-law; they found out that Musmalas (cannibals with cow legs) were approaching; the old woman called her daughters-in-law to her; they dug a hole in front of the door and began to boil water (in order to the musmalas failed, and then they should be filled with boiling water); but the younger daughter-in-law did not go and said that her mother-in-law only wanted to eat her butter and her hurut; the musmalas arrived at midnight; most died, but the rest took their youngest daughter-in-law]: 115-117; Torokova, Sychenko 2014, No. 34 [a decrepit old woman lived with three sons, each with a separate churt; the sons went hunting, the old woman began to drive the Araku; sees by the river girl on a swing; realized that she was the daughter of Mokhsagals (cannibals with cow legs}; warned her daughter-in-law, but the youngest did not want to go to her; the old woman and two daughters-in-law dug a hole at the door; daughters came at midnight mokhsagals, two failed, they were filled with boiling water; the third persuaded her not to kill; the Mohsagals killed her youngest daughter-in-law, burned her mouth with fire, planted hemp; the old woman gave the mohsagal girl to her youngest son; she She ate it, told her brothers in the morning that he had already gone hunting; the old woman heard her say "tasty and tasty"; looking into the crack, she saw her eating her son; pretended not to know it, went with a mohsagal girl to her parents; on the way she tied him to a tree; she gave Mohsagalov a drink with araka; I heard from them that one would fall asleep when his eye was the size of a cauldron, and the other when he saw that they fell asleep, entered their house; there was a captured girl who was to be killed tomorrow; an old woman and a girl took the Mohsagal fabrics, covered the house with firewood, burned it; a tied Mohsagala girl with a mallet They crushed their heads; they began to live well]: 515-519.

Western Siberia. Eastern Khanty: Kulemzin, Lukina 1978, No. 91 (b. Wah) [husbands go hunting, wives are told to sit quietly, otherwise a lung will come; the youngest woman has one child, the eldest has three, she plays with them; the lung comes, the youngest puts the child in the hem, asks for permission go out to throw the chips from under the child, runs away; the lung eats the other with the children, hangs her intestines, puts her head on poles in front of the plague; instead of eating it, she sends her daughter to her husband; she interferes with a hot hand, burns his hand; the lung tells her husband that he will die from the second sip; he did not eat at first, then died; the youngest went to look for his wife], 101 (b. Agan) [old Munk-iki lives in the forest, sometimes with two heads; one woman has two or three children, they are noisy; the other has one newborn; M. comes, sits at the doorstep, the woman asks for permission take the rotten people out of the cradle, hides the baby in his bosom, runs away; M. ate the other with the children; you can't make noise after sunset]: 79-80, 92; Soldatova 2008, No. 1 {recording place?} [the older brother has a wife and several children, the youngest has just been born; the brothers left telling them not to make noise; the elder's wife is playing noisy games with the children; an evil spirit has come up, tired of the noise; the youngest the daughter-in-law asked for permission to throw away the garbage, took the child and ran away; the spirit ate the eldest and her children, put their heads on stakes; returning, the older brother thinks that his family is meeting him; the spirit feels sorry for him, gave him he has a daughter, that year should be silent; the older brother knocked over a hot pot on her, she ran away; the elder brother went to live with the younger brother], 15 (b. Wah, 2008) [the older brother has a wife and several children, the youngest has just been born; the brothers left, telling them not to make noise; the elder's wife and children play noisy games, shakes their breasts; Lunh came up, head tied up with bird cherry twigs from the noise; the younger daughter-in-law asked for permission to throw away the garbage, took the child and ran away; Lunh ate the eldest and the children, hung their heads by the road; the eldest first thought that all his family meets him; the youngest came to his wife at another camp, they stayed there; the elder lived alone in the former plague; a woman came to him, became a wife and mistress, but is silent all the time; he hid a ladle, she began to stir the boiling soup with her hand, screamed; the man lost consciousness, and when he woke up, he followed huge footsteps to Lunha's house; the man guessed that Lunh felt sorry for him, sent him his wife daughter; did not dare to enter; lunh: if you do not enter, but go to another camp, you will choke on the third piece; the man went to his brother, choked on the third piece and died]: 117-118, 123-124; northern Khanty ( Obdorsk) [husbands hunting, two women in the house, each has a small child; someone came in and started eating; the smart one went out to bring food, each time tied (apparently harnessed into sledges) another dog; took the baby, left; when she returned, the other's intestines in a pot on the tree; the cannibal also ate the husband of the first woman and the child of the second; the woman with the child went to live elsewhere]: Nikolaeva 1999, No. 2:137-139 ; Mansi [two married women, an elderly daughter has given birth to a child; the elderly warns not to laugh much, not to play around much; he comes in shaggy; he has already eaten her husbands; the elderly grabs the boy, leaves in dogs, the shaggy chases, asks the ladle to drink blood, she quits, he stops chasing; people come and see that the young man's intestines are wrapped around the taganok, his head is on the threshold; you can't make noise in the forest]: Rombandeyeva 2005, No. 29:257-259; Northern Selkups: Kazakevich 1998, No. 2 [(208: the storyteller edited the fairy tale without mentioning the death of an unlucky woman); the first woman has one child, the second has three husbands They went fishing; Kunama enters; the first gives him dog feces to eat, he threatens to eat everyone; the second feeds well, runs away unnoticed with his children, meets fishermen; the son is the first to hide in a tree; invites K. to open his mouth and eyes wide, throws sand at them, runs away; the men killed K.]: 210-211; Sangi 1989 [the youngest has one child, the eldest has three; the eldest's wife splashes her milk, everyone laughs; the youngest's wife tells you to sit quietly; an evil spirit comes; the youngest's wife asks for permission to throw it away after the child, secretly takes the child with her, runs away, sails away in the boat; the elder finds the heads of his children on stakes around the hearth; the daughter of the spirit comes, the man hides the ladle, she interferes with the boiling soup with her hand, steams, runs away; the man comes in the footsteps to the stone underground house of the spirit; kills on hot foot owner and his daughters]: 129-132; Stepanova 2017, No. II-1 [one woman has three children, the other has one baby; she went to collect wood dust on his bed and saw a kunyma looking at her; returned and warned her friend, left with the child herself; the friend did not pay attention, her children continued to rumble; the kunyma came and ate them; the husband of the deceased found the heads of his wife and children; caught up and killed the kunyma ]: 43-44; 2018, No. 17 [There were two plagues. People lived quietly in one. The other is noisy: they screamed in the evening, screamed at night. The mother yells at them to stop talking. They - [I don't know] - dabbled in milk and tit. Suddenly, a bear is walking on the other side, hearing it in a quiet plague, and not hearing it on the second. The second night is also the same. The bear has already swam to them. He went into the plague, where they dabble. She [forgot] gave him something inedible. In the second, quiet plague, the hostess gave him good food. I took the baby under the hem. He says: "I'll take the poses (where the baby pees)." She shoved her posa into the cradle and ran away with the baby. The bear sat and sat, then went into the plague, where they dabbled. He killed everyone and put them on their heads. Guys are coming from the hunt. The first one shouts, "Oh, my family is waiting for me!" He comes - the plague is empty, he has found where his family is. The second man comes in - the plague is empty, he went to look for his wife and child. My wife came home later and told them everything]: 11; Tuchkova 2004 [Natanka and Tomnanka live with their children in the same house or camp; husbands are hunting; T. and her children make noise after sunset; N. in vain tries to reason with them; the devil, the bear, the cannibal comes to the noise; N., who has been smart and hospitable, manages to escape with the child; T. and her children die]: 209; Southern Selkups: Pelikh 1972: 330-331 [two brothers go hunting, their wives remain in the plague; the first has two children, one cried, she teased him; vines came, the second woman said she would throw away the dust, hid the child under with the mouse, took the cauldron, sailed away in the boat; ate the first and her child's vines, tearing off her heads and hanging her intestines; began to catch up with the second, she threw out the cauldron, thought it was a child, began to look for the vines at the bottom; her husband ate promised his daughter, told her not to talk to her until the child was born; the husband picked her up from the hole on a rope; to get his wife to talk, he hid the ladle, she began to interfere in the boiling pot with her hand, was offended, returned to the hole, gave birth there, did not return], 339-340 [two brothers go hunting, their wives remain in the plague; one child is tied by the throat, yelling; the second came, began to reproach her; the vines came in, allowed her to go out, she sailed away in the boat, taking the cauldron; the vines eat the first woman and her child, hangs her intestines; the daughter promises to her husband eaten; she began to cook, her husband hid the ladle, she put her hand in the cauldron, disappeared; she can be heard from the pit moans, screaming of a newborn; daughter did not give more vines]; Entsy: Sorokina, Bolina 2005, No. 18 [one hunter has a wife with two children, another elderly man in the neighboring plague has an old and young wife; old sees half of the colorful face of the stump; in the evening, the youngest hid under the pillows, the eldest is guarding with an ax; the woman with the children refused to go into their plague; at night, Parnay, with a colorful face, ate them; when she put them in his head into another plague, the old woman cut it; the old man gave his young wife to a neighbor instead of being eaten], 19 [a young hunter has a wife with two children, an elderly man in the neighboring plague has two wives; one of them notices colorful face behind the bushes; a young neighbor with children refused to move into one plague; the old man's young wife hid under the pillows, the eldest is waiting with an ax; the variegated killed a woman with her children; when he shoved head into another plague, the old woman cut it with an ax]: 111, 113-114; chum salmon: Alekseenko 2001, No. 136 [the older brother married a woman, the younger brother married a colmas; husbands went hunting, colmas loudly in the evening laughs, swings her breasts, amuses the children; you can hear the laughter of an approaching earthen (cast) woman said that she would go out to carry out the dust soaked in the child, hid the child under her arm, went skiing with her dogs, left a whetstone across the road, came to the Russians; she bit off everyone's heads in the house, put them on poles, ate meat; threw a kettle, an ax, other items, just skis to the colmas showed the path the woman took; she came to the Russians, who killed her with axes, took the remains of the dead out of her stomach], 137 [the young has two children, the eldest has four; the young woman shakes her breasts, laughs; Bam came in; the eldest hid the children in her bosom, said she would bring fishmeal, went skiing; dootem bam killed the youngest and her children, hung their guts, planted their heads; the deceased's husband asked help cook glue, pushed into a fire; it burned down, turned into mosquitoes]: 246-248, 248-249; Osharov 1936a [brothers in the taiga, their wives with children in the plague; the elder's wife throws up her breasts, children they laugh, the youngest's wife is dissatisfied; the devil hears laughter, the youngest's wife managed to run away with her son to her husband; the eldest comes, the chum is empty; he makes a horn, laughs on purpose; invites the devil to hang herself for laughter , the rope breaks off, he falls, the devil laughs; when the devil hangs, he cuts off her head with a horn, then hits the jumping body, burns the corpse]: 175-177.

Eastern Siberia. Baikal Evenks (north of Transbaikalia, p. Chapo-Ologo, 1948) [two orphan girls went for berries, found an iron cradle with the baby; the youngest told me not to touch it, the eldest brought the child to the plague; when they returned, there were a lot of fish in the plague; the next day they hid and spy; the child got out of the shaky, became a giant, sat down, a bunch of fish appeared {i.e. he threw it out of himself}; when the girls entered the plague, there was again the child shaky; they knocked over the cauldron on him boiling fish soup, rode on deer; Mangi catches up, a cauldron on her head instead of a hat; one of the sisters threw a comb (thicket), Mangi made his way; threw her bag (the rock is the same); on the other side, old woman Acekai, the girls ask her to stretch out her legs, crossed them to the other side, the old woman removed her legs; when Manga asked her to stretch her legs, the old woman removed them in the middle of the river; Manga screams: make ladles out of my hands, a bucket from the back, paint from the blood, a shuttle from the spine; then drowned; at this time the girls reached the fork; one tells me to follow the left path, the other on the right; turned to the left, came to plague, it has an old woman without arms and legs; turned one into a needle, the other into a thimble; cannibals came, saying that it smells like gifts; the older sister laughed, she was eaten; when the cannibals left, the youngest asks , are there any toys; the old woman gave a bird's wing; the girl flew to the top of the plague, then to the tree, then flew away; reached the river, sat on a stump, found an old bone in her pocket, began to gnaw; in the morning the deer run , they are driven by a handsome guy, he married her]: Pinegina 2019:87-91; Evens [one woman is married with a child, the other has two suitors; they are gone for a long time, she constantly praises them (often remember the departed not allowed); two people come in, the unmarried woman rejoices and talks to them, they are silent; the married woman sees that there are no ski traces, slowly picks up the child and runs away in her husband's footsteps; hears a friend scream; falls from fatigue, her husband and his friend find her; men on reindeer go to the plague; there are only braids on that woman's bed, two new graves nearby; two years later, people gathered and found out that many had died during this time, that woman's suitors too; shaman: you can't think about the departed]: Robbeck 2005:246-248.

Amur-Sakhalin. Nanai: Hodger 2011 [younger sister Pudin invites the eldest to take turns picking berries so that someone is always in the house; the eldest is walking, Taka (an arrow with a blunt head) falls nearby, tells leave, because Inda Khochiani will come (a dog's leg with a tail from the waist down); the eldest returns; the youngest comes the next day, does not listen to Taka, they tell him to allow him to look for lice from her; says that found gold, brick, stone, you can't crush it on a stone, the earth will not stand it, tells you to stick out your tongue, crush it on her tongue, pulls out her tongue, runs away; at home, the eldest puts the dog's younger tongue; an old woman, girded with live snakes, in a dream tells the youngest to go back her tongue, leaves three silver tōro rods, a white horse; the youngest takes rods, a needle bed, a scallop, a knife, and flies to the house on horseback dog people, pretends to marry THEM, cleans the house, finds his tongue in a bunch of others, picks it up, leaves the dog's tongue, flies away on horseback; THEY tried to grab the horse's tail, Pudin cut it off; the horse asks whether to fly home or to people, P. says that he marries people; the husband goes hunting on a horse, P. does not tell her to be tied to a tree, only to grass; gives birth to a son, her husband's parents send a maid to him with news, THEY tell her to return, tell her daughter-in-law to be expelled, she supposedly is homeless; P. leaves, chases THEM, she throws a comb (thicket), a needle (thorny bush), rods (turn into three pillars); THEY gnaw on them, P. moves from one to another, calls the horse; when the third pillar is ready to fall, the horse comes, dragging the tree to which P.'s husband tied it; P. flies away on a horse; dying, she tells her to take off her skin, cover herself, P. wakes up in a warm house, two roe deer are tied at the entrance; THEY come, the roe deer tear him to shreds; P. and his son burn the leftovers; P.'s husband comes (Mergen); roe deer fly to heaven; husband takes P. to his place, his parents have repented; sister P. is also married]: 15-29; Chadaeva 1990 [the older sister is ready to go to look for the groom herself; the evil spirit of Hondori comes- chaco; when she smiles, the youngest sees a man on his teeth; the eldest does not see; at night the youngest sees and hears H. eating her sister; the youngest runs to the lonely young man Mergen; after her H.; M. invites him to lie down, he is eaten by snakes; M. marries his younger sister, returns the eldest from the world of the dead, and marries her]: 52-56; Wilta [two younger women went for firewood, the eldest is at home ; an old woman is coming: her stomach is blacksmith's fur, her hands are forceps, her head is a hammer, her eyes are the size of a cup; the woman hid under the bunk; the old woman began to dance, dropping a lizard, a frog; farted; the woman laughed; old woman: come out, I'll look for lice from you; I found one: where to crush it? put it in my bag; old woman: does not fit; then the same thing: on my hand; on the hearth board; on the bed; on my back; on my head; into the fire; on the tongue; old woman: then stick out your tongue; the old woman pulled it out and left, woman fell dead; the sisters returned: the eldest died long ago; the middle sister stayed at home (all the same); when the youngest was left and the old woman farted, she attacked her with a dagger, cut off her arms and legs, drove her away, chopping; a lot of worms have come out of her, they cry; she caught up to the house in which the girl; says that the old woman killed her parents and raised her at home; there is a box in the house with the soul of an old woman in it; the woman found in a box of lizards and frogs, suppressed everyone, then the old woman died; she saw two tongues hanging, blood was dripping from them; she inserted her tongues into her sisters, they came to life; all four (three sisters and that girl) came to another old woman with a hammerhead; old woman: yesterday my sister was killed, one worm came to cry; she curses, and her husband pacifies her, tells the women to leave as soon as possible; they came to a house where shamanic idols or people (more the informant does not remember)]: Ikegami 2007, No. 15:54-62; wilta [the older and younger sisters take turns hunting; one day the youngest left, the eldest began to cook; a monster comes to the house: head like a blacksmith's hammer, her body was fur, her hands were ticks, her legs were skewers; she entered the house, vomited the girl's tongue, she fell dead; the monster sat her on the bunk, put a needle in her hands and threw her unsewn to her knees robe; the younger sister saw the eldest with the needlework, surprised that she did not answer, pushed her, she fell; the youngest took a bow and arrows, a spear, a zipper saber and went skiing; entered the house: there were treasures, and people's tongues are drying under the ceiling on the crossbar, one is fresh; the girl grabbed him, brought him home, put him in her sister's mouth, he grew up, his sister came to life; both sisters rushed to look for the devil; they see him rolling There is a basin on the floor to boil water to cook meat; stops rolling - the water does not boil; eating, the hell snored; the sisters cut off his head with a sword, the monster crumbled into pieces; they burned everything, the sparks turned into mosquitoes, midges and midges]: Sam et al. 2012:118-123.

Mesoamerica Soke (Chapultenango): Montemayor 1996 (2) [older sister 15 years old, youngest 12, they went to pick beans; met the eldest groom, he made an agreement with his fiancée when he came to their house; conversation the cannibal overheard; the younger sister suspects that it is not the eldest's fiancé who calls them in the evening; the eldest goes to bed downstairs, the eldest with the imaginary groom under the roof; at night the younger hears the cannibal talking, delicious udder; a bunch of beans tell her to hide under it, not run; the cannibal says the girl has run away; in the village, men asked the girl to scream to lure the ogre; put it on their heads calebasses; an ogre came, thought that the men were shaved, asked him to shave too; he was told to bring firewood (shaving supposedly cold), tied him (so as not to cut himself), threw him into the fire, he burned down]: 69-72; Sulvarán López 2007 [two nieces went to the field with his uncle; he went home; in the evening they called him, the forest ogre came; called them to play in his hut; one went, he ate it, the other hid under a bunch of bean pods; the cannibal asked a bunch of pods, she replied that the girl was not there; in the morning the girl ran to the village; people came to the mill, the girl called "uncle" again, the cannibal went out, asked to cut his long hair, tied him to a stool, cut off his head, burned his head and body]: 59-60.

Llanos. Sicuani: Wilbert, Simoneau 1992, No. 107 [two sisters quarrel with her husband, leave; the eldest tells not to look at the old fisherman hiding his face, the youngest looks; the sisters go to the ogre Daladala; his wife never sleeps, so she has not been eaten yet; the younger sister falls asleep, D. eats her, only her head remains; the eldest runs away, carrying her sister's head; gets to people talking to the stalker that they have already eaten the woman themselves; they feed D. different foods, claiming that it is the girl's flesh; D. understands the deception but leaves; the girl marries, then returns to her mother], 108 [mother The opossum invites two girls to marry her son; in the morning, Opossum goes to the garden, the sisters run away; they come to Daledaleni's house; the old woman tells them to take a bad path, but they go well; D. catches up with them ; in the house before dawn, one of the sisters devours; the second, taking her skull, returns to the people; D. comes for her, he is fed pumpkin and pepper; from this he dies, turns into a nest of ants; girl buries his sister's head; at a party about this occasion, Opossum plays the flute; he was the first flutist], 130 [two girls left home, met Owl, asked him for fish, he gave a rotten one at night raped one girl, she turned into a termite; the other ran away]: 385-387, 388-389, 447-448.

Guiana. Pemon {arecuna?} : Armellada 1988, No. 6 [the man is married to two sisters; went to visit for a few days; the cannibal animal (bicho) came, ate the eldest, put on her jewelry, the youngest hid under the roof; when the husband brought it from hunting birds, the imaginary wife began to eat them raw; her husband cut her to pieces, and mosquitoes appeared from them], 47 [when the hunter left, his two daughters left in the house responded to the nightjar scream (aguaitocaminos), invited to come in ; he came, climbed into his older sister's hammock, tickled, sucked blood; in the morning, the youngest told his returning father everything; he found a nightjar sleeping on the path, his mouth was covered in blood; the man killed him]: 29 -31, 121; carinha (Guyana) [people go to the party; two sisters are left alone; the forest spirit comes to them in the form of a man; one accepts him, he kills her while making love to her; the other or others hide; people burn spirits in their hollow]: Roth 1915, No. 167:231; kalinya [the hunter returns home; the older wife notices that he has three toes on his legs, holes in his cheeks; the youngest lies down with him, eaten; the eldest runs away, hides under a vessel; people find a demon's hollow, make a fire, throw pepper at it; first toads, lizards come out, then the forest spirit; his corpse is burned]: Magaña 1987, No. 8:236-237; curl [people go to the party; three sisters are left alone; the forest spirit comes, one of the sisters gives a jar of beer; laughs when he drops it; the spirit comes to her in the evening; eats; two other sisters hide; the spirit takes their heads into the hollow; people burn spirits in their hollow; cultivated plants grow from the ashes]; Roth 1915, No. 59:146-147 [head to hollow; people burn spirits in their hollow; of ash grows cultivated plants]; Roth 1915, No. 59:146-147; oyana: Hurault 1968:121 in Grenand 1982 [no details]: 390; oyampi [people go to party; two sisters stay home; one pregnant, thinks her husband has returned, asks to bring her penelope partridge; the forest spirit does it; pulls the baby out of the woman's belly, leaves in the morning; the second sister hides; people burn the spirit in his hollow]: Grenada 1982, No. 66:389-390.

Ecuador. Colorado [a man painted with a genipa came to two sisters, led them to a tree, began to shed fruits, the fruits turned into skulls, and the sisters found themselves in an unknown land; two sisters get to a star woman; the eldest does not listen to her instructions, she does not see water, but blood, not beans, but human ribs; the Star brothers are condors; Condor smelled the eldest, eats her, and it seems like a love game to her she laughs; The star tells the youngest to run; parrots refuse to help because people killed them; Iguana transports them across the river because the woman did not eat her eggs; sleeps in a tree with parrot women; returns to mother; the star did not tell her to eat people's food; her relative gave it to her, she disappeared]: Mix 1982:91-97.

NW Amazon. Carijona: Schindler 1979, No. 4 [the demon comes in the guise of a girl's brother], 7 [while preparing for the party, two sisters stay alone in the house, chewing cassava to make beer; hearing the night swallow scream , calls her to help; a handsome man comes; the eldest lies down with him; he pulls out her eyes, eats her; the younger sister hides; the girls' brothers and father find a sleeping demon in the morning, hammered her with sticks; from his stomach splashes the blood of a girl eaten, turns into uruku dye]: 89-92, 69; witoto [one of the two girls plays a love game, laughs when her demon husband kills her; her husband's uncle eats a corpse]: Rodríguez de Montes 1981, No. 16:132.

Eastern Amazon. Urubu [a handsome man came, married two girls, one had her first period, the other had many times; it was Tapir, or rather the Ancestor of Tapirs; brought them to his village; they think that everything is like humans; Tapir cut off and fried his own meat, gave it to his wives under the guise of game; the eldest ate, the youngest refused, because only turtles can eat during the first period; Tapir left, leaving the girls in care their mother; they ran away; Tapir began to whistle, his flesh in his elder wife's belly began to swell, he caught up with her, took a little tapir out of her womb, took his wife back, chased the youngest; she asked the Woodpecker help, he hid it under an inverted boat; Tapir came, turned the boat over but the wrong one, the Woodpecker drove him away, sent the girl to her house; people came to kill tapirs but found nothing; the older girl lost]: Ribeiro 2002:571-573.

Southern Amazon. The spirit lives on the fruit tree; it eats the younger sister from head to toe. Rickbacz [the husband of the two sisters is dead; his spirit throws leaves from the tree; only the younger sister raises her head to look; the elder hangs the hammock high under the roof; the spirit comes to the youngest at night, eats her from head to foot, goes]: Pereira 1994, No. 111:265; Iranian [old woman eats her son-in-law's leg, he turns into an ogre; his wife warns her younger sister not to respond to his voice; sister invites him to drink beer; he comes, goes to bed with her, eats; the older sister hides with her children; revives the youngest, she stays thin]: Pereira 1985, No. 20:108-109; paresi [man married to two sisters; while he is away, the youngest calls the spirit to visit; gives him beer, it spills through his leaky lips; goes to bed with him; he eats her, and it seems like a love game to her; older sister with children hides; the youngest's head follows her; she burns her neck with urine, her head turns into a bird]: Pereira 1986, No. 27:333-338.