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L27A. One is eaten, the other runs away. . (.65.)

Sisters, or siblings, find themselves in the same house as an antagonist whose cannibalism they only know or don't know at all. Trying to hide his actions, the cannibal eats one of the children. The other or others flee, the antagonist stalks them. Usually the antagonist is female, and if male, he has no sexual interest in victims. (In the Central Andes, the story could have been borrowed from Chinese migrants in the 19th century; see motives J47, M21).

Mizo, Meitei, Chinese (Hunan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang {especially many versions}, Fujian, Shandong, Guizhou, Guangdong, Yunnan, Hubei, Shanxi, Anhui, Sichuan {version 1}, Manchuria {1 version}), Koreans, Namuzi, Pumi, Lolo, Chuan Miao, Ordos Mongols, Japanese (including North Ryukyu), (Quechua Dep-ta Lambayeque, Huanuco, San Martin, Ancash, Jauja, Arequipa, Cusco).

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Mizo (best) [parents send Nuchhimi and her sister to carry their aunt's pork load; at the fork, the road to my aunt is clear, there are heaps of branches and leaves on the road to Hmuichukchurudini; H. overheard, cleared her road, filled another with garbage; told the sisters that she was their aunt; the sisters lay down in the yard; sister N. had a wound on her head, H. began to suck it; said that bugs were biting; she ate it by morning the girl; N. saw the bones, said she was crying from the smoke; H. locked her in the basket, went to the station; the mouse freed N., she ran home; while H. was not at home, N.'s parents put an egg in her hearth, the hornet in a bed, a snake into a bamboo vessel, cut the veranda pillars, tied a ferocious goat there; H. came, she was stung by a snake, an egg exploded in her face, a hornet bit in bed, the veranda fell, the goat was butting]: McCall 1949:92-94; Meitei [the father is dead, the girl and two brothers are left, the youngest is a sucker; the mother went to the bazaar, did not return in time; the witch heard crying; knocked, called herself a mother; girl: this not the mother's voice; brother: this is the mother; the witch climbed through the window, took the baby: he cries, give it back; the girl is hiding in the corner and the witch is eating the baby; older boy: mom, what do you eat, give me; witch: this lotus stems, not for children; the sister took the older boy on her back and ran; the witch ate the baby and rushed after her; the neighbor sheltered the children and gave them to their real mother in the morning, but she said that she was not knows children (she has a lover); agreed to recognize as a child the one who would throw the pest to the edge of the yard; the girl was kind, the boy did not; the sister could only feed her brother unpeeled rice; he scattered rice, and the bird immediately pecked him; his sister gave him three hairs to make a snare; the bird got caught; asked not to kill it, gave him a diamond ring that fulfilled wishes; brother and sister left the village; in a deserted place they created a rich house and household; a new village arose around them; and their mother and lover became impoverished; when they came to ask for mercy, their son ordered them to be thrown into prison, but their sister forgave them, gave them food and clothes, cattle, etc.; brother married a princess and sister married a prince]: Oinam et al. s.a; (cf. kachin [mother went to buy firewood, told her daughters not to unlock the door; Tiger pretends to be a mother, says her eyes are red with pepper, her hands are dirty from work; the girls open, hide on wood; the eldest advises to smear the tree trunk with oil, but the middle one advises to make notches on it; God lowers a golden vessel on a rope from the sky, picks up the girls; he raises the tiger in a clay vessel with a rotten with a rope, the Tiger falls, breaks; the older sister becomes the sun, the middle moon, the younger star]: Kasevich, Osipov 1976, No. 29:104-106).

China - Korea. Chinese (Hunan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang {especially many versions}, Fujian, Shandong, Guizhou, Guangdong, Yunnan, Hubei, Shanxi, Anhui, Sichuan {version 1}, Manchuria {1 version}), Koreans [Tiger (less often a wolf, bear, fox, evil spirit, cannibal) devours a woman, enters her children's house, pretending to be their mother; at night she asks for her youngest child, devours him; the eldest girl asks what the mother chews, sees the baby's finger, realizes that it is not the mother; children flee in the tree, advise the tiger to rub the trunk with fat to make it easier to climb; the tiger slides down; in some versions, children climb from a tree on a rope to the sky; the stalker tries to follow, falls, breaks; the plot is widely known in China, also in Korea and Japan; in Korean versions, children turn into the sun and moon]: Eberhard 1937:19-23; Koreans: Kontsevich 1980b [The tiger ate the mother of four boys, dressed in her dress, came to her house, grabbed his younger brother; the others climbed the pine tree, Tiger followed; The heavenly lord lowered the iron rope for the brothers; the Tiger also began to rise, fell, fell into the millet field, broke, since then the millet stalks have been red; Brother Hasun became the sun, Halsun became a month, Pë lsun - stars; var.: brother and sister who love each other were frightened of the tiger, rose to heaven, became the Moon and the Sun]: 565; Choi 1979, No. 100 [The tiger ate the mother, put on her clothes; her three children do not open the door , because they do not recognize the mother's voice, they see a shaggy paw; when they open it, the Tiger eats the youngest; the other two asked for permission to go out of need, ran away, hid in a tree; two ropes came down from the sky - new and rotten; brother and sister rose to heaven, brother became Sun, sister Moon; Tiger climbed through rotten, fell into a millet field; since then, millet stalks have been red with his blood; options: Tiger tied to children ropes, when they went out, they tied them to a mortar; the Tiger fell into the well, drowned; the sister was afraid to shine at night, asked her to give her a day; embarrassed, became a bright Sun not to be looked at; they ran three sisters, turning into Sun, Moon, Stars]: 27-28; Cho 2001, No. 78 [a woman returns at dusk, carrying cakes to her children; a Tiger meets her on every hill, consistently demanding to give her cakes first , then her garments; on the last hill there is nothing more to give away, the Tiger eats the woman (obviously takes her form); her three children do not open the door at first, because they do not recognize their mother's voice, they see a rude paw; imaginary mother explains that she is hoarse, her hands are rough from work; asks for a younger one; sister and brother spy, see her eat him; hide in a tree in the yard; Tiger first sees them reflection in the well, then looks up; the brother explains that they climbed in, smeared the trunk with sesame, castor oil; but the sister says what they did on the trunk of the notch; at the brother's plea, from heaven A strong rope descends, children climb it; the Tiger asks God to lower his rotten rope, believing that he will do the opposite; it broke off, the Tiger fell into a millet field, since then the roots of the millet have been red; At first, brother became the Sun, sister Moon; but my sister was afraid to walk at night, so they changed; to prevent them from staring at her, the Sun Sister dazzled those who looked at her]: 118-122; Park 1991 [woman returns at dusk, bringing roasted beans to the children; the Tiger ate her, put on her clothes; her three children do not open the door at first, because they do not recognize their mother's voice, they see a rough paw; the imaginary mother explains that she is hoarse, hands are rough from work; children unlock; while sister and middle brother eat beans, Tiger climbs under the blanket, eats the youngest; children ask for more beans, Tiger gives the boy's fingers; sister asks for permission go away out of need; in the yard he climbs the willow with his brother; the Tiger first sees their reflection in the well; the brother calls out to him, he looks up; the brother explains that they climbed with soyoil on the trunk; then says what they did on the trunk of the notch; at the request of his sister, an iron chain descends from the sky, the children climb it; the Tiger asks him to lower the rusty chain, she breaks, the Tiger fell into the stubble, since then the roots corn is red; sister became the Sun, Brother Month; so as not to stare at her, the Sun Sister throws needles at the looking eyes]: 46-51; Chinese (Shanxi) [the woman went to take her husband to the field lunch; wolf- the werewolf asks for permission to remove the louse from her head, eats the woman; comes to her five daughters disguised as a mother, consistently asks each daughter to unlock the door; each answers that the mother had a bruise on her right knee and a white spot on her left knee, says that the caller is not the mother; the youngest unlocked the door; in the evening, the imaginary mother told the younger fat girl to lie down with her and ate her; replies that eats beans; each of the sisters asks for permission to go out into the yard out of need; imaginary mother: the spirit of the window in the window, the spirit of the doors in the door can do harm; the younger one ate; the sisters went out into the yard, climbed the tree; the eldest replies that she climbed, stepping on branches, the others said that the eldest picked them up with a rope tied to her leg; the older sister raised the imaginary mother to half the height, let go of the rope, the werewolf fell, became a head of cabbage; my older sister exchanged it for a string from a beggar; a head of cabbage to a beggar: if you carry me (too) high, I'll cut your neck, if it's low, my legs; the beggar asked the innkeeper to cook a head of cabbage ; when it was brewing, you could hear something like "I'm eating your mother's ass"; it turned out to be a pot full of soup]: Serruys 1946:210-214; namuzi [the cannibal invites a woman to look in each other's hair; first she looks for a woman, then a cannibal, kills her with her fingernail, eats her nail; comes to her two daughters, asks her to open the door; the eldest replies that the mother had a skirt; a headband; the cannibal leaves, returns in a skirt, bandaged; puts her breasts in the crack, the youngest wants milk, says that the door is supported only by a hemp stalk; sisters give the cannibal whole bread, she eats it; the girls say that the mother shared bread; the cannibal tells the one who does not have lice to go to bed with her; the eldest has it, the youngest agrees to lie down; the cannibal tells her to put a rooster, a bucket of water, a ball of thread to bed with her, hemp seeds; at night she eats the youngest girl, replies to the eldest that she is chewing seeds, that the rooster splashed water, threw off the ball; that the eldest can relieve the need for the house; she replies that the kitchen, her millstone they bite, let her mother tie 9 threads to her; climbs a tree above the pond in the yard; seeing the cannibal rinse the intestines of what she has eaten, drops a tear; throws her fruit she likes; tells her to grease the trunk, get up; the girl tells me to bring a spear; the cannibal replies that her flesh will turn into ndo pu, her blood into the seas, her bones into rocks, she will not be able to descend from the tree; so it happened; the deer replies that she will not will be able to lower it, dogs, dogs - who are running after the deer; two hunters spread their clothes, the girl jumps off; they want to sacrifice her; while they go for branches (they are used to make images animals), the girl lubricates them with chewed hemp seeds; hunters think that the birds were spoiled, which means that the ritual cannot be carried out; the mother lowered her daughter's basket from the sky, began to pick it up; those men they slashed their legs with a knife, so people's toes of different lengths]: Lakhi 2009 (2): 101-134; Pumi (Yunnan) [the evil sorceress who ate the girls' mother took the form of a mother, lay down with the girls sleep, the youngest began to eat at night; the eldest ran away, hid in a tree with red flowers (C aflor is dyed); asked Luna to pick her up, she held out her hand and took the girl home together with a tree (message. Riftin 28.31.03; cm. Yuan Ke, Zhongguo Shenhua da Cidian (Big Dictionary of Myths of China), Chengdu, 1998, p.1001); fox [father did not return from hunting; mother goes for roots, tells her daughters Amìma (eldest) and Alěma does not open the door; the cannibal (t'ishüma, category of evil spirits) ate it, came and asked her to open; Amima talks to her; mother always brought a herd of cows; the cannibal brought her; show her ear; cannibal picks up a mooing cow; the same herd of sheep; pigs; a basket of roosters; the mother always has a spinning wheel in her hands spinning hemp; show; slips; the mother's hand is not shaggy; the cannibal pulls out her hair; not bloody; blood licks; younger sister: if you are a mother, break constipation; cannibal rips off, comes in, sends sisters to fetch water; Amima brings dirty, Alema is clean; cannibal: who brought clean will sleep with me; at night, Amima hears the cannibal sucking Alema's blood, eating it; she says she drinks water, gnaws hemp seeds; in the morning, Amima pretends to believe, calls the cannibal for breakfast, offers wake Alema up; cannibal: let her sleep; the cannibal wants to relieve her need; Amima tied a ball of thread to the fence: when you unwind, you can do your business; after a little reeling, the cannibal asks every time Is it possible; Amima replies that her mother is at this time (all episodes of hemp processing and making clothes), then her father at this time (episodes of preparing a bow and arrow, a knife); finally the ball is unwound; Amima ran into the house, found her sister's bones, told all objects in the house to be responsible for her; then sticks and wooden balls on the road; runs away; the cannibal consistently devours all the objects that answer her; chases ; under the apricot tree, she notices Amima's shadow; how did she get in? throwing her left breast to the left and right; the cannibal ripped her breasts off the bark, cannot climb; Amima promises her apricots if she brings her father's gold-silver spear, burning it in the fire; tells her open your mouth, close your eyes; misses for the first time, tells her to heat her again; pierces the cannibal, her blood floods the valley; Amima asks Grandpa Month to pick her up, then Grandma Sun; everyone says that busy; blood rises; at the last moment the Sun picks up Amima; when the bloody flood has passed, the Sun wants to bring Amima back; she is afraid of cannibals; the Sun gives four dogs to protect Amima from her head , from the feet, on the sides; three times a night it is necessary to change the place of sleep; when dogs killed almost all cannibals, the Sun decided to take them away; Amima begged to leave the male and female to defend themselves from the remaining cannibals; these couples happen today's dogs]: Dessaint, Ngwâma 1994:167-179; lolo (bai) [a witch eats a woman; knocks on her children; they say the voice is rude, the hand is hairy; the witch puts on the woman's clothes and shoes, the children let her in; at night she eats the boy; the girl asks to go to the yard, ties the rope to the dog's paw, climbs the peach tree; the witch asks to throw her a peach, girl throws a knife; the witch dies, turns into nettles; merchants spread white and red carpets, the girl jumps, misses, falls into nettles, turns into wormwood; wormwood heals nettle burns]: Cherkasova 196:360-364; Chuan Miao [the woman was eaten by the witch Na Bo Ntsong; her two daughters went to the woods, called their grandmother; the NBN answered her in a voice; when she came, she sat on a vessel, not on a chair, to hide the tail; said she would sleep with the granddaughter who did not have lice; the eldest specially poured sesame seeds into her clothes; shook her clothes over the fire, the seeds cracked, the imaginary grandmother decided sleep with her youngest granddaughter; the eldest in the attic hears the witch devouring the youngest; she replies that she is eating beans; when asked to give it to her, she gave her younger sister's finger; in the morning the witch noticed the eldest's shadow in the well, found her sitting on a pear tree; she says that the witch will be able to climb the tree wearing leather shoes that are at home; she could not climb into them; the girl asked for a spear to knock her down her pears; the girl asked her to open her mouth, pierced her with a spear; the witch turned into a thicket of blackberries that surrounded the tree in a ring; fabric merchants walked by, the girl promised to marry someone who would help go down; the merchant covered the thorns with a cloth, lowered the girl]: Graham 1954:276-277; (cf. miao [the girl lost her goose, she went to look for it; the tigress turned herself into an old woman, the tiger cub into a granddaughter; feeds the girl with rice; leaves her to sleep; the girl feels like her granddaughter's body covered in wool, changes clothes with the tiger cub; at night, the Tigress ate the tiger cub, thinking that she was eating the girl; the girl imitates the voice of a tiger cub, asks to go to the yard, offers to tie a rope to it - if she appears bear, draw into the house; ties a rope to a stone, tells her to be responsible for herself; runs away; sitting in a boat, the girl advises the Tigress to cross the river with stones tied to her; the Tigress drowned]: Lin Lin, Ustin 1959: 412-415).

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. The Mongols of Ordos ["Ordos Ardyn Ulger". - Hohhot, 1992, p. 311; Goadagur's eldest daughter, middle Shirbigul, younger Davigur; mother went to her sister for flour; G. advised to go along shepherds' road, Sh. - the one she likes, D. - along the path of dogs and birds; towards the old mangas woman; offered to take out her lice, asked about her daughters, swallowed her, put on her clothes, began to knock on home; G.: our mother has a black mole on her cheek (mangas smeared mud on her cheek); Sh.: our mother does not have hair on her back; D. opened it; G. asks how much water to pour and cook rice; mangas: how much you need; G. : this is not the mother, she always knew for sure; while G. called the sisters, the mangas ate all the rice alone; G. and S. refuse to lie down with their imaginary mother, D. goes to bed; G. at night: what do you eat? mangas: old cheese; G.: give it to us too; she gave it is D.'s little finger; G. asks for permission to go out of need, ties a rope, but on the street she ties it to two roosters; sisters run; in the morning the mangas chased, I saw them in the tree; how did you get there? G.: they coated the tree with oil and grease; the mangas did it, slides; G.: they tied a millstone and a stone from the stove to the feet; the mangas fell again, threatens; Sh.: cut down the steps with a chisel and an ax; G. pushed mangas, she fell, injured her back, took on its monstrous appearance; a white swan, Tangry's messenger, flew, turned her legs into gold and silver hooks, carried it to heaven; a black swan flew, turned its legs into iron hooks, the mangas grabbed them; white: we curse the black crow and the evil mangas; they fell and crashed; Tengry tells G. to become the Dagina of the Sun, and S. to become the Dagina of the Moon]: Egupova 2012:27 -31.

Japan. Japanese (everywhere from Tohoku to North Ryukyu): Ikeda 1971, No. 333A [a cannibal comes to a woman, eats all her food, then the woman herself, takes her form, goes to her children; they ask put her hand into the hole, it is said that the mother's hand was softer; the cannibal returns, rubbing her hand with tarot leaves; the mother's voice was softer; the cannibal drinks butter (honey); the children let her in; she lies down in bed, eats a baby; one of the children asks for food, gets a finger; children say they need to go to the yard, untie the ropes that the cannibal tied to them, climb a tree; How did they get in? - After dousing oil on the trunk; 1) she falls, breaks; the children take the living mother out of her belly; 2) she sees their reflection in the pond, tries to drink it; the children ask the gods to lower the rope from heaven, they rise, turn into stars; the cannibal asks too, her rope is rotten, it breaks, it falls, breaks, her blood stains the roots of millet]: 91-92; Markova 2000, No. 17 [colors buckwheat roots; brothers turn into a month and a star]: 71-73; Tales of Japan 2019 (Japanese Fairy Tales by Yei Theodora Ozaki) [the badger ruins the peasant's field; he finally caught him, hung him by the legs in the house and did not tell his wife let go: in the evening he will make soup out of it; the badger offers the peasant's wife to grind barley instead of her; and then she will hang it again by the legs; the old woman untied the badger, who killed her with a pestle, cooked it out of it soup; when the peasant returned, the badger took the form of his wife, and when he ate the soup, he became a badger again, said that the peasant ate and ran away; the rabbit, a friend of the peasant, promised to punish the badger; invited mow him with sweet (dry) grass; on the way home, quietly set fire to a bunch of grass behind the badger's back; his skin was scorched; rabbit: I have nothing to do with it, I'll bring medicine; smeared the badger's back with pepper; he writhed from pain, but still recovered; the rabbit invited the badger to fish; got into a wooden boat and gave him a clay boat; the clay softened in the water, the badger drowned]: 133-139.

(Wed. Central Andes. Quechua dep-ta Lambayeque [the boy and girl went to search for the missing sheep, got to the old woman Achakay {la achakay, i.e. A. is not a proper name, but a category of demonic creatures}, she suggested boiled potatoes, but it was only yellow clay, A. eats it; at night the girl fell asleep, A. ate the boy, who gave a voice; A. went out, the girl found her heart (brother), hid it; A. sniffs her hands; girl says that she needs to go to the yard, A. offers to relieve her need in her arms, she refuses, A. lets her go with a rope tied to her belt; the girl ties the rope to the plant, runs away; tuyu replies A. not ready yet; the skunk hides the girl in the hole, he and A. agree to let the winds go, the skunk throws A. into his face, tells the girl to run to the deer; two deer dig up a potato field, one hides the girl under lumps of earth, butts A. in the eye, tells the girl to run to Gallinaso, who hides her under his wing like a hunchback; explains to A. who ran up that he worked, he was pushed; A. wants to look under his wing, Gallinaso bites her eye, sends the girl to the eagle; he brings her to God in heaven; the girl shows him the liver (it was said above about the heart), it turns into two dogs, a male and a female; A. runs up , God rips off the girl's finger, gives A.; she chews it, calls "the lame, the blind," and God tells the girl to repeat, "Grow, mountain, grow!" ; God asks if all those called by A. have come; when everyone shouts, "Eat it!" ; they rush at the girl, but the mountain falls on them and everyone disappears; the girl and her two dogs remain; A.'s gray-haired head appears; at God's hint, the girl commands the dogs, "Grab, Toteres, grab, Bolberes"; God says A. will be pricked; the dog is covered in blood, returns to the girl]: Weber, Meier 2008:37-49; Pariarca, Tantamayo County, Prov. Huamales, dep. Huanuco [famine time husband asks his wife where to fry corn; children answer; parents put children in a basket, leave them hanging on a rock above the abyss; condor, vulture {urubu?} , domínico bird, warak bird refuse to help (children called them an eater of cows (fallen), donkeys, worms; the sparrow descended to the plain where the wild eye (Oxalis tuberosa) grew; they asked for their skunk feed them, he made a fire for them, it went out; he lit it again, ordered them not to go out, not to go across the river where the cannibal Achkay lives; the fire went out, the children came to Achkai; she invited them, cooked stones, mashed them like potatoes, but the children can't eat stones; took the boy to bed with her, the girl upstairs with Martina, daughter A.; the boy screams, A. explains that he is taking out her lice; in the morning she says that sent the boy for firewood; told me to bring water; the girl hears A. telling M. to throw a flower into the boiling water, and when the girl leans down to look, push her into the cauldron; the girl herself pushes M. into the cauldron, finds his brother's bones in bed, runs away, taking them; asks the ploughman to hide them, he hides them under lumps of earth; A. comes, eats meat, calls M., she answers from her stomach; A. curses his bowel movements to turn into M., but it does not work; A. rushes in pursuit; the ploughman whips her; the girl asks the skunk to hide her, he streams into A.'s face; the girl runs to the deer, who hits A. with a digging stick; St. The maiden washed clothes, ordered God to lower the gold chain, he lowered it, pulled the girl to the sky; for A. he lowered the rope and mouse, the mouse gnawed the rope, A. fell, shouting that she would become nettles and various thorns; since then there have been nettles and thorny shrubs]: Howard-Malverde 1986:6-9 (=1989, No. 1:9-15); prov. Huamales, dep. Huanuco [when the parents are going to eat secretly, the husband asks where the brazier (tiesto) is, the son suggests; realizing that the children have heard everything; they leave them hanging in a basket on a rock; they call the eagle refuses to help - he was called a "chicken thief"; the same with the falcon; with the dominico bird ("giblets eater"); with galinazo ("dead dog eater"); warning him not to touch his wounds, The condor brings him to the hut, where there is plenty of food; but the rain fills the fire; the children see smoke in the distance; Maria sends Brother Jose to get the fire; there Achkay prepares food, asks her to stay with her and bring her sister; the girl says that A. has stones in the cauldron, and for her these are potatoes, she presses and eats them; at night A. eats the boy, answers his sister that she is cleaning his head; in the morning she sends the girl to bring water to basket; she comes back, notices that A. is cooking her brother; A. puts a stone covered with straw on the mountain, as if it were the girl's brother; the girl cannot bring water with a basket, A. goes by herself, telling all the birds and scream to animals if the girl looks into the cauldron; she takes out the cooked brother, runs away, everyone screams, A. rushes in pursuit; the girl asks God to lower the rope, rises to heaven; A. asks the people she meets, did the girl run; the farmer deer hits her with a plough; the fox hits her face; the skunk starts his stream; A. asks God to lower the golden rope; he lowers the rope with the rat, she gnawed it, A. fell, yelling what would become thorns; there are thorny plants ever since]: Weber, Meier 2008:101-116; Margos County, Dep. Huanuco [when hungry, the husband asks his wife at night where to fry corn; the children ask again; the parents ate corn secretly from them, so the father hung the children in a bag over the abyss; those consistently ask flying birds for help; falcon (cernícalo), pajaros dominicos (small colorful birds), another falcon, galninaso vulture answer that there is no time, whoever is flying will help then; Condor brings the children to the plain, says that the cave has everything they need; the matches are over, the children see smoke, the girl came to old Achkay; when she found out that the girl has a brother, she tells him to bring him so as not to run after fire every time; cooks and eats stones, calling them potatoes; at night, the sister hears her brother's screams, A. explains that she takes out his lice; kills him herself, puts him to cook; tells the girl bring water in the basket; she cannot; A. goes to get water by herself, tells blackberries, toads, huaychau to raise the alarm if the girl looks into the vessel; they themselves tell the girl that her brother is cooking in the vessel, they say pick up his bones, run; dominico, skunk, gallinazo, falcon, deer answer A. that they did not see the girl (she asked them to do so); Condor replied that the girl was close; the girl asked God, he let him down the gold chain, picks it up; for A. lowers the chain with the rat, it gnawed, A. fell, turned into thickets of prickly blackberries; God placed the boy's bones in a box, left it in the church, ordered not to be ahead of time peek; sister looked in, brother is almost alive but turned into two puppies; since then dogs have been smart as humans, and people love puppies; the girl has turned into the moon, so we say mother moon]: Weber, Meier 2008:117-140; (cf. Quechua (Cajamarca) [the widower has a boy and a girl, he took a new wife, who is first kind to the children, then she is tired of them, tells her husband that the children are misbehaving, tells them to kill them; the father decides to leave them in in the forest; a girl older than her brother, breaks off on the way, throws pieces of a stick; the father killed the rabbit, showed his wife his bloody hands, said he killed the children; the children came back; next time he brought them further; they we climbed a tree, saw someone's house; there a blind old woman cooks cakes; the children are slowly stealing them, the old woman thinks that rats are chasing rats, one of the children laughed, the old woman fed them, locked them in at home; a man came, gave them a rat tail, told them to show them instead of a finger; the same again, but this time, after trying the tail, the old woman decided that the children could already be eaten; said she would bring potatoes cook with a pig; but brought stones; that man warned that the old woman wanted to cook the children themselves; she must push herself when she offered to go up the stairs to get corn; the children pushed her in boiling water, she screamed that her nails would remain (se quedan en) in the trees, her eyes in the rocks]: Weber, Meier 2008:51-60; Quechua (San Martin) [brother and sister lived with father, mother died; went looking eat, they noticed smoke; there was a big house, baking bread, two blind old women; they began to live side by side, stole bread; the old women noticed that there were fewer cakes; one hid in the basket, grabbed the boy; then the girl; began to fatten; instead of a finger, the boy showed the lizard's finger; the next time they decided to cook; the boy invited the old woman to go up to the cauldron herself; pushed one, then the other; the children got them all property]: Weber, Meier 2008:61-70); upper Marañon, Conchuco district [synopsis of four versions: A (Pomabamba), B (Chavin de Huantar), C (upper Marañon), D (western tributaries of Marañon); drought and frost have destroyed crops; parents decide to leave their young son and daughter; understand that they have heard them, tie their children in a bag, throw them into the abyss; the bag hangs on a prickly plant; Swallow Unable to free the children, Condor brings them to the valley; they dig potatoes in the Achikai field; she feeds the boy potatoes and peppers, the girl with stones and dried frog sauce; the girl sleeps with Oronkay (Mulyu-Valka) is the daughter of an old woman; the boy is with A.; when the boy gets fat, A. strangles him, devours him; explains that he screamed when she searched in his head; tells his daughter tomorrow push the girl into a boiling pot, cook the pot, telling the girl to bring water in a broken vessel; the frog turns into a woman, teaches the girl how to fix the vessel, push O. herself into the cauldron, put The brother's remains in a bag, run; A. devours his daughter, she answers her from her belly; Condor hides the girl under her wing, hits A.; Skunk hides in a hole, streams into A.; Fox, Deer also help the girl; Gorlinka promises to revive the boy, puts his remains in the basket, does not tell the girl to open it; she sees A. approaching, opens it, the boy turns into a white dog; the vicuna gives the girl a golden rope ; a girl and a dog use it to climb into the sky; A. vicuna gives a rope on which a parrot sits; he cuts off the rope, A. falls, asks his assistants to spread the blanket; her screams turn into an echo, can still be heard pores; her blood turns into a lake, her body into a mountain, her flesh into various plants: her legs and hands into cacti, her nails into blackberries, her hair into nettles, her eyes into potatoes and ulyuku, her teeth into corn, her fingers into oki tubers and mashua; (variants A and D; B names the places where A.'s flesh and blood fell); in the sky, a white dog turns into a Pleiades or the Morning Star; a girl into an Evening Star]: Mejía Xesspe 1952:237-242; prov. Korongo, north of Ancash depot [during hunger, parents are going to secretly eat corn; children hear, ask for it; parents put them in a bag, throw them into the abyss, the bag catches on the prickly the bush; they ask for a sparrow, which is too weak, the condor agrees to take it to the pampa, where the potatoes grow; there is no fire, the children go to look for it; they come to the old woman Achkë; at night the girl who sleeps downstairs, hears her brother screams; in the morning a girl hears an old woman teaching her son Antuk Tubuk to push the girl into a boiling pot; she pushes him herself, the old woman eats her son; the girl runs, taking her brother's bones, meets St. Virgo; she tells me to put the bones in the box, not to open it, the boy will be reborn; but the girl opened, the bones have turned into a dog; the fox promises to tell the stalker if the girl ran if the old woman will bring water in the basket; someone else if she peels the stones like potatoes; the girl throws earrings, needles, necklaces behind, the old woman spends time collecting them; God lowers a chain and a straw rope from the sky, a girl with a dog climbs a chain; an old woman climbs a straw rope and thinks it's gold; the rat gnawed the rope, the old woman fell and crashed]: Weber, Meier 2008:71-78; Caruas (dep. Ancash) [the widow died; left alone, the little brother and sister saw a sparrow with a potato flower in its beak, followed him; Achiqueé lived in the same village, decided to kill the children and take possession of the potatoes herself, called into her house; at night she tried to kill the boy; the girl grabbed him and ran; Gallinazo hid them under her wings, hit the stalker in the face to blood; the girl promised him excellent eyesight and plenty of food; the same is Puma and other animals (all awarded); the last is the Fox, refused to help (it will smell disgusting, hunters will easily find it); Jan Jerónimo lowered the rope from the sky, brother and sister got up, they still live in the sky, there are a lot of potatoes; CX lowers a rotten rope and a rat for A.; the rat gnaws through it; A. asks to fall into the pump, but falls on a rock; tells her blood to become rocks, blood dried the vegetation; this is how the Andes and the sands of the coast appeared]: Arguedas, Izquierdo Rios 1947:130-134; Callejon de Huilas, dep. Ancash [parents secretly cook corn when they are hungry; when they realize that the children have found out, they put them in a bag, throw them into the river; the children escape, come to Achik; at night the girl hears moans brother; A. explains that she cleans his head; the girl grabs his brother, runs with him; Condor hides them under her wings, pushes A. into the ravine; the fox hides in the hole, frightens A., grinding her teeth; Skunk hides them in a hole, streams into A.; The lamb throws a rope hanging around her neck to the sky, the children climb it into the sky; A. climbs sludge; the parrot cuts the rope with its beak, A. falls, breaks]: Jiménez Borja 1937, |№ 15| ; Vicos, Callejón de Huilas, Dep. Ancash [Achiqee was a woman who fought against God; the parents left a boy and a girl; they met an old woman who promised to feed them, brought them to her house; sent the boy to cook potatoes for water; when he came back, she gave him hot stones; ate him; the girl took her brother's bones, ran; Teeta Mañuco lowered her rope from the sky, she went up to heaven; A. followed, the rat she gnawed through the rope; falling, A. shouted "out of the blue", but fell on the rocks; blackberries came from her blood, and her red clothes gave rise to all prickly plants growing in places unsuitable for agriculture]: Ortiz Rescaniere 1973:185-186; Caraz, Callejón de Huilas (dep. Ancash) [Achik has a son and daughter; she does not find another child for dinner, eats her own son; the girl wakes up screaming of her younger brother; in a dream he tells her to run; she puts his body in a bag, runs; Condor hides her under his wing, hits A.; Skunk hides her in a cave, streams into A.; angels pull a rope from the sky, take the girl to heaven; for A. they lower the rope with rats; they cut off the rope; A. screams, Not to the plain but to the swamp; falls on rocks; turns into thorny plants]: Angeles Caballero 1990:22-24 (24-27: other versions with Achik, Achkay, Mama-Galya in Tarika (Caruas, Ancash), Jauja , Pomabamba, Chavin de Huantar, Alto Marañon, Canta, Comas (Jauja), Paccha (Jauja); no versions from southern Peru); Callejon de Huailas, dep. Ancash [during the earthquake, the witches were happy - I wish they could always dance; during the hail of fire, they walked covered with long stones; one saw a weaver with oil on his face; said that came to eat it; he advised me to close all the holes in the house, burn coal below, he would jump from the second floor, the witches would eat it; when everyone gathered, poured out pepper and salt, everyone suffocated, only one slept through a hole in the wall, settled in a cave; two orphans came there; at night the girl hears her brother crying; the witch replies that she was taking out his lice; in the morning she told me to bring water in the basket; she can't the witch goes by herself, tells her not to open the cauldron; the girl lifts the lid, finds her brother, puts the witch's son into the cauldron, runs away, carrying her brother's body; the witch eats meat, calls her son, he answers from her belly, she chases; the old man hides the girl in a loom, the witch looks for her, he hits her, the girl runs away; the ploughman hides in the field, beats the witch, tells the girl to run to where the green cross is, under him a spring with with blood, a basket will descend from the sky; the girl goes to heaven; the witch also asks, a dilapidated basket on a rotten rope descends to her, the parrot cut it, the witch fell on the rock; her blood spread around the world, especially ravines that weren't there before]: Weber, Meier 2008:79-90; prov. Wari, dep. Quechua del Sur de Conchucos [parents got angry with the children, put them in a bag, threw them into the abyss, the bag caught on blackberry bushes on the rock; they ate blackberries; asked for gallinazo, the falcon, the condor, took them out of the abyss; the condor carried the boy first, then the girl to where the potatoes were; the girl noticed the smoke, came to the witch for the fire; she ordered her brother to be brought and potatoes brought; cleaned them, let the girl clean the stones; lay down, taking the boy, the girl lay down with the witch's daughter; the boy cries; the witch replies that she is taking out his lice; that the beard of her vulva pricked him; in the morning the girl hears a witch promising her daughter that they will now eat her sister; the girl herself pushed the witch's daughter into the cauldron, took her brother's bones, ran; the witch calls her daughter, "Rosa!" She answers from her belly; Galinazo, the falcon, says they didn't see, the condor said he saw the girl; God lowered that gold chain; the witch lowered the straw with the parrot; the parrot gnawed, the witch fell on the rocks her vulva's stubble became blackberry spines]: Weber, Meier 2008:91-99; Quechua (dep. San Martin) [brother and sister lived with their father, mother died; went to look for food, noticed smoke; there was a big house, bread was being baked, two blind old women began to live side by side, stole bread; old women noticed that tortillas less; one hid in the basket, grabbed the boy; then the girl; began to fatten; instead of a finger, the boy showed the lizard's finger; next time they decided to cook; the boy offered the old woman herself go up to the cauldron; hit one then the other; the kids got all their possessions]: Weber, Meier 2008:61-70; Pusacpampa, Comas County, Dep. Jauja [the husband asks his wife where the corn brazier is, the children hear and answer; then their father threw them into the abyss, they are stuck on a cliff covered with straw; the sparrow brought them a grain of corn; The condor carried it across the river; there was an old woman's house; the old woman told the girl to bring water in the basket; she could not; the old woman went herself, telling her not to wake her brother; the girl found him in a boiling pot; he says to her," Sister, pok, pok"; the girl grabbed the cauldron, ran, saw a weaver weaving colored cloth, who hid it under the cloth, told the old woman who ran up to walk, dancing, across the green plain, the girl would appear; the mountains closed, crushing the old woman]: Arguedas 1953:230-232; (cf. prov. Kant (dep. Lima) [passers-by do not know that old Mama Galla feeds them human; her daughter and two grandchildren live far away; she sends her grandchildren to bring water in the basket by plugging the holes with pebbles, kills and cooks her daughter; pieces of the mother's body shout to the children from the cauldron to run to heaven; the children ask the grandmother to show them how to carry water in the basket, take pieces of their mother's body, run; San Miguel lowers a chain from the sky, they climb on sky; MG climbs after him, an acacllo bird cuts off the chain with its beak; MG asks the Fox to spread out on the ground; he does, but MG still turns into a lake in the air; the rock in the middle of the lake is now called MG] : Arguedas, Izquierdo Rios 1947:113-114; Ortiz Rescaniere 1973:45-46 [old Saloma lived with her grandson and granddaughter; the children went to herd cattle, Va-Kon rushed to them from the mountain; the children ran to the old woman, she hid children under a pile of manure and a bunch of cobs; VK asked where Willkas was; S. replied that they had gone to Huaraz, told them to dance; the boy looked out, saw that Va-Kona had fangs and horns; VK came to Huaraz, where all women were began letting him eat their children and wool to fix his clothes; this is how they avoided droughts], 186-187 (Huaros County) [Huajunes went out to look for children to eat; in winter, a widow and two children went out for firewood; towards Huajun, took them to his cave; sent the children to bring water in the basket, ate them by their mother, told the children who had returned without water that she would come soon; W. himself went to get water with a basket, the children saw it boiling mother's head; W. came, began to eat stones, children could not eat them; he fell asleep, they tied his hair to a stone, ran away; when W. woke up, freed, the children were already far away], 187-189 [area devastated by hunger, a poor widow with two Willka children was left; wandering in search of food, a woman with her children met the cannibal Wa-Qon; he invited them to his cave; sent the children to fetch water, giving the basket, killed the woman, put it in the pot to cook; the children returned without water, Wa-Kon went to bring water in the basket himself, but it was not enough, the boy noticed his mother's breasts protruding in the cauldron out of the water; while Wa-Kon slept, the children tied his hair to a stone, ran away; Wa-Kon woke up, set off in pursuit; met a weaver, a farmhand, a female skunk, everyone replies that the children had been running for a long time, and the weaver and farmhand threatened to beat Wa-Kona; he leaves, the children stay with the skungeon; she feeds them with her milk; one day she went to the mountains with them, fell, crashed; Vilka became husband and wife, began to cultivate the fields, the Cullhuay Indians are their descendants] ); Quechua (Arequipa) [famine has come, the stepmother tells her husband to get rid of his stepson and stepdaughter; the father sent them to the forest to seek food; they came to the witch's house; she fed the boy better than the girl to make him fat; eat; the sister found her brother's bones, fled; the old woman then, with a gust of wind, carried the girl forward; the old woman catches up again; the girl threw the mirror (the lake, the old woman swam across) a needle (prickly thickets), a thread (the road became winding); a rope from the sky, the girl also clung to it; the girl took a rat out of the bag, it gnawed the rope, the old woman fell and crashed]: Weber, Meier 2008:161-167; prov. Tracing paper (dep. Cusco) [a ten-year-old girl loses her way, comes to an old woman; sees human bones in her cauldron; is sent to fetch water; breaks and heals Hummingbird's foot; he advises her to run; she meets a beautiful woman; she gives her soap, a towel, a comb; abandoned objects turn into a swamp, a thorny bush, a dense forest; a woman lowers a vessel for the girl from the sky, raises her to the sky in it; the cannibal asks to raise her and her; the chains of the vessel break, the cannibal falls, breaks, her ashes are devoured by dogs]: Morote Best 1958, No. 5:836-837).