Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

L28A. A snake that eats causes a flood. .

The character eats the meat of a snake (dragon, unusual fish); this results in a flood, a river or lake.

Australia. Karageri [the Bulai snake lives in deep pools; it has big eyes and long ears; if you put it in a fire to fry, it will burst, the water will flood the area, drown the culprit; two people -The robins chased a snake with white and black stripes, it gradually turned into Bulain; they killed it, put it in a fire, the water poured, they drowned; bulaing - Antares, two bright stars two robin men are on the sides; chains of faint stars in the Grus and Pavo constellations mark their path]: Piddington 1930:353-354.

Malaysia-Indonesia. Ibanas (sea dayaks): Ling Roth 1896 (Sarawak) [=Bezemer 1904:226-229; women went for edible bamboo, people sat on a log, it turned out to be a huge boa constrictor; the men killed him and became fry; then it rained, water flooded the ground; a woman and a dog escaped on the mountain; after the flood, the dog began to rub against the creeping plant; looking at her, the woman rubbed the plant with a piece of wood, making a fire drill, got fire; a fire drill got pregnant, gave birth to a son named Simpang-impang; he was half a man (vertically); he took rice from a rat, began to dry it, the wind took it away; he went to look Wind; along the way, people ask to know why a banana and sugarcane, when planted, have only one stem; the lake asks you to know why it has no runoff; a tree on the mountain: ask the Wind to drive the birds away stuck to my top; The wind offers challenges; 1) who will dive deeper (the fish dived for S., won); 2) jump over the house (the swallow flew over); 3) crawl through the hole of the wind gun ( the ant crawled); but the Wind still does not want to pay for the rice; S. took a fire drill and set fire to the Wind House; after that, he agreed to pay; he had no money to pay, and instead made S. full human; in order for bananas and sugarcane to grow, you must maintain marital relations, prohibit talking to your wife's parents; the lake drain covers the gold, it must be removed; the wind helped the tree itself; everything is fine ]: 226-229; Dunn 1887 (West Sarawak) [the dragon was emptying the rice fields; people killed him for this; when they began to cook its meat in bamboo stem vessels, voices were heard calling for clouds. It starts raining all the time. Panicked by the sudden fall and the rapid rise of water, the fugitives take with them the books they owned as their most precious treasure. They were written in Arabic script. The Malays tied them to their heads and shoulders, and the Dayaks girded their loins with them. In the water, the Dayak books became wet and died, and thus knowledge of writing was lost. Those who save their books from the waters become the ancestors of Malays and other writing nations]: 224 in Hein 1890:25-26; Dunn 1906 [someone is ravaging a rice field; people are hiding in ambush; in At midnight, a huge boa constrictor descends from the sky; a brave man cuts off his head; cooks and eats his meat in the morning; then a downpour begins; some people have escaped the flood in the hills]: 17; Hose 1912 [people in the forest mistook the boa constrictor for a log, began to cut down the collected roots on it; realizing what was going on, they cut and cooked the boa constrictor; rain flooded the ground with a flood; a woman, a dog, a rat and other small animals escaped on the mountain; the vine rubbed against the trunk, heating it; the dog noticed this, the woman got fire; married a vine, gave birth to a half boy (vertically) Simpang Impang; he took the rat's grain, which promised that rats will eat grain from humans; The wind scattered the grains; SI went to look for the Wind; along the way, the tree, on which birds are constantly eating, ordered the Wind to knock it down (so as not to suffer); Lake asked the Wind to remove the piece of gold that covered the water runoff; sugarcane and bananas asked them to have branches like trees; the wind offers competition; 1) dive (the bubble immediately surfaced, the fish that dived instead of SI won); 2) jump (the swift took off instead of SI); 3) go through the wind gun (ant); The wind does not give up; then SI called his father Fire Drill, set fire to the Wind House; Wind admits defeat, makes SI a fat man in compensation for the grain; as for other requests, Wind promised to fix the matter; but he will not give branches, because people violate customs]: 144-147 (=Hose, McDougall 1912: 144-147); Sather 1994 at Platencamp 2005 [Sanggau woman has sons Nyaring Angki; at night someone steals rice from the field; brothers watch, see snakes descend from the sky, kill him with sarbakan; people cook pieces, women giggle when they hear a promise to flood the land come from the cauldron; only Dayang Racha, Angka's daughter, escaped on the mountain; she was the first to get fire by friction, became pregnant with a spark, gave birth to Simpang-Inmpang (half boy); went down the mountain, found people; SI grew up, decided to commit suicide by swimming into the sea, but was taken by Indai Jabua (Rat Goddess); asked to look after her family's children; they're rats; SI scalded her children, said that they knocked over the cauldron themselves, but the children said he was lying; DR sent him away in anger, but gave him three huge ricins; the wind blew, the ricins split into many ordinary ones; SI gathered all the gods and people, complained about the Wind; they agreed that the Wind should pay, he said it was not his fault; SI organized a military expedition, but Wind explained that he was a friend of Fire, SI's father; gave ritual gong]: 143-154 (same myth in Jensen 1974:76-77 with indication that it is the upper reaches of Lemanak); central Java [the hermit has an ugly face; this boy became a snake, wrapped around a tree that almost grew into it; one day people touched the imaginary root with a knife, blood flowed; they realized that it was a snake, cut it apart, brought it to the village, cooked food; the boy's soul in its former form I walked around the yards, only a poor old woman gave rice; the boy told her to sit in a mortar, plunged a leaf stalk into the ground in the village, no one could pull it out; when he pulled it out himself, water poured in, the area has become a current swamp, everyone dies except the old woman]: Bunanta 2003:102-104.

China - Korea. Lee (Hainan, wu. Changjiang) [husband and wife were fishing; they made an aloe fire by the river; fragrant smoke reached the sky; the god of thunder came down to find out what was going on; the couple replied that they had no children, life was boring, They made a fire to keep them warm; the god of thunder brought them five bananas from the sky; let the wife eat one every three years, then she would have children; but she ate them all at once; for three years she had 5 children; finally told her husband to cut her belly; the eldest in the womb heard this, told the brothers that they needed to go outside, and soon the brothers were born; when the children were 10 years old, parents sent them to work in the fields, but they can't do anything; when the god of thunder came down again, the couple complained about the children; he ordered the children to be named Bajiao (Legs with eight joints); Kanbafan ( Looking at eight sides of the world, he is keen); Tingjiuzhou (Hearing [everything that happens] in 9 areas); Sipisi (Hard temper); Baishoutong (Communicating with hundreds of animals, understanding their language); mother in the morning answered her sons that today they would eat dragon liver; the elder told the second to see what river the dragon was in; the second saw a dragon in the river under the mountain; the elder caught him; the brothers killed the dragon, they cooked the liver, served it; this dragon was a friend of the god of thunder; he sent wind and rain; the elder told the third to listen to what was going on in heaven; third, the god of thunder was about to kill them; the fourth offered climb into the river, get green moss from the bottom and build a hut where you can hide from the god of thunder; when the god of thunder came down to the ground, he stepped on the hut, slipped, fell, and The brothers ran out and grabbed him; they locked him in a hut, cut off his meat with a knife and sprinkled salt on his wounds; children from all over the village ran to scream; when the five brothers left, the dragon told the children that if They want to hear him scream, they must take an awl and bring him a gourd of clean water; among the children were brother and sister who did as the dragon commanded; the god of thunder pulled out his tooth and gave it to them commanding him to plant him in the ground, wait for sprouts to appear, leaves grow, flowers bloom and fruit, and then bring him a ripe throat pumpkin; the god of thunder planted brother and sister inside, and he ran away from the hut, digging; going up to the sky, sent wind and rain, flooded the ground, people drowned; the eldest of the five brothers, who was walking for salt, came back, saw the flood, cut down a tree with an ax and made a boat out of the trunk; it sailed to heaven and began to fight the god of thunder; three days later he killed him; the wind subsided, the rain stopped, the water receded; brother and sister came out of the pumpkin; the god of thunder went down into the world and told them to marry; they refused: the god of thunder would punish them; the god of thunder named himself and told them not to be afraid; after the wedding, the sister gave birth to a grindstone; the god of thunder ordered to break it into pieces; let the sister throw half of the pieces on the mountain and the brother the other half on the plain; in the morning there are many miao and li on the mountain; they cut down trees and built houses, planted dry rice; and on the Han Plain they built houses out of stone, sowed and plowed]: Zhou 2002, No. 8:12-13.

The Midwest. Menominee: Skinner, Satterlee 1915, No. 41 [the hunter finds two raccoons in an empty stump; his companion finds two catfish there; eats them, is terribly thirsty, drinks directly from the river, turns into catfish, starting from his feet; asks to tell his relatives to come to him], 42 [a person is not allowed to eat porcupine meat; others put this meat in his bowl; he is terribly thirsty, turns into catfish; goes into a stream, turning it into a huge lake; sends commercial animals to his father]: 474-475, 476-477; sauk: Skinner 1928, No. 15 [two young men fast, build a hut on at the edge of the swamp; they fry a raccoon; agree not to drink before eating; one is thirsty; sends a friend to the stream to get water; then drinks from the stream, turns into catfish; his body still shows ear ornaments; creates a large lake; tells to organize a party where a dog is sacrificed to fish; predicts future resettlement to Oklahoma; people throw catfish tobacco], 3 [two young relatives go to steal horses; catch fish (jackfish), discuss whether it is possible to eat it; one reluctantly agrees if the other cooks buckets of water for him; eats, is thirsty, turns into the same fish himself; his father comes to shore, son comes to him]: 154-155, 160.

Plains. Grovantre [people approach the almost dried lake; only there is a puddle in the center, with a bison in it; one says that the bison has too short legs and thick hair; the other stabbed the bison with a knife; water poured out of the wound, filled the lake; people managed to escape; without catching up with them, the water receded]: Kroeber 1908b: 279.

Southeast USA. Screams [two men hunt or fish; a human form brings a transformed comrade to the pond; when he brings his relatives there, they have a huge boa constrictor in front of them in a large pond]: Swanton 1929, No. 23 [violates the ban on eating a mixture of black snake, black squirrel and turkey brains], 24 [male squirrel and turkey; elk horns on the snake's head], 25 [eats fish swimming in a recess with water on at the top of the tree; relatives who come are carried away by the stream; probably also turn into horned snakes], 26 [eats fish from a puddle under a uprooted tree], 27 [eats an egg found on the lake shore]: 30-39.

Mesoamerica Tsutukhil [someone ruins the garden by eating tarot tubers; a person guards, falls asleep; lets himself be bitten by a centipede, falls asleep again; collects mosquitoes into a bamboo vessel, they keep them awake; sees how a huge eel crawls out of the water, eats tarot, returns to the river; people catch eels, but they are all small; an old woman bathes, takes a crab from the bottom, a hole under it, an eel crawls out; he is hit with arrows, they take it out, cut it, start cooking; those who go get water bring it, but it dries immediately; everyone went for vegetables to eat with meat, the old woman and the little boy were left; it says that the eel has become man, all small eels have also become human; the old woman goes and sees that the child is right; Eel tells him not to eat his meat; they do not believe the old woman, they eat, only the old woman with her grandson and granddaughter do not eat; the lake overflows, floods the village, the water follows the waterbird and the fruit of the tree; everyone who ate eel meat drowned; the old woman and her grandchildren climbed the coconut palm; dropped the fruits to see if the water was still worth it; finally, the fruit fell to the ground, the flood ended]: Orellana 1975, No. 6:755-757.

Honduras-Panama. Sumu: Conzemius 1932 [one of two brothers catches and eats unusually big fish; turns into a snake, climbs a tree; a flood begins]: 130-131; Houwald, Rener 1987 (2) [as in Conzemius]: 7; bribri [old anuk woman lives in tree crowns; a man foolishly asks her to bring him an atol drink; gets scared when she brings it; anuk touches his penis; penis turns into a long snake, then the whole person becomes a snake, swims in the pond that has formed under his hammock; destroys the pond shore, crawls away]: Bozzoli 1977:74-75.

Western Amazon. In addition to cofan: boa constrictor kills, roasts and eats in the forest; drinks until it bursts; erupted water causes a flood or forms a river. Kofan [the hunter only collects snail eggs; once takes sons with him; kills, roasts, eats monkeys; feels terribly thirsty, drinks a stream; tells sons to escape on the mountain; bursts, forming big lake; turns into an anaconda floating in it]: Barriga Lupez 1988b: 199-200; napo [eats a snake egg; flood]: Foletti Castegnaro 1985:111; canelo [two brothers in the forest find a snake in the hollow; they burn a tree; the youngest ate baked meat, became thirsty; drank, burst, the flood began; the elder climbed a tree, threw seeds down, to find out if the water was deep; found the youngest, that turned into a snake; first hand, then ate his eldest son; he wanted to kill the snake, was swallowed; cut his heart with a knife and went out; he went bald, died soon]: Coloma et al. 1986:77-79; shuar: Barrueco 1988 [two brothers hunt; a snake living in a hollow steals their meat; they burn a tree; one of them tastes snake meat; when he returns home, he is thirsty; asks his brother to move away and climb a tree; brother hears an explosion, water floods the area, then falls down; brother goes down, finds a snake, puts it in a vessel; she keeps growing, now lives in the river; swallows the brother's children and wife; he allows you to swallow itself, cuts the snake from the inside; the snake asks the bird to cure it, it refuses; the snake is thrown ashore against its former home; the person goes over the side; dies, violating the ban approach fire]: 57-59; Karsten 1919 [flood]: 328-329; 1935, No. 10:532-534; Pelizzaro 1961, No. 6 [without flood]: 4-5; 1993 [flood]: 151-152; Rueda 1987, No. 39 [without flood]: 168-170; Wavrin 1932 [flood]: 128-129; aguaruna [two hunters spend the night in the forest; someone steals meat; a punk snake crawls out of a dry trunk; hunters burn a trunk; one eats baked snake meat that tastes like a fish; suffers from thirst, drinks, bursts, turns into a river; another finds a punk egg with snakes in it; he puts one in a hole with water; the snake grows with the hole; goes out to swallow dogs, then eats the child; the father the child puts a clay pot on his head, takes a flint knife, lets himself be swallowed; cuts punks from the inside; Tsunki (a snake or fish with a human head) tries to treat a sick person; a person cuts heart, punks pop up dead; man comes out with a hole in his side; C. says he will die as soon as it dries; meat begins to fall off the man's bones and he dies]: Guallart 1958:66-68; band not specified (aguaruna?) [two brothers hunt, some steal their prey; they find a snake crawling out of the hollow; they make a fire, a snake falls into the fire, one of them eats its roasted meat; is terribly thirsty, drinks from lakes; turns into a frog, a lizard, finally a snake; tells his brother to run to the mountain, take a calebasa; the lake grows, floods the ground; people do not believe his brother, they drown; he himself experiences a flood on a tree on the mountain; after the flood, he finds a snake brother, carries him to a calebass from the lake]: Farabee 1922:124.