Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

L33. Rolling stone, R261.

.11.43.-.46.48.-.50. (.52.) .65.74.

The stone rolls after the character, trying to crush him.

Spit, Thompson, Flethead, Kurdalen, Yakima, Upper Coquill, Northern Ojibwa (Sandy Lake), Western Swamp Cree (North Manitoba), Steppe Cree, Algonquins (Grand Victoria Lake), nascapi, montagnier, mikmak, passamaquoddy, penobscot, blacklegs, assiniboine, crowe, hidatsa, teton, arapaho, arikara, skidi pawnee, coastal mivok, chukchansi yokutz, northern, eastern and western shoshones, Northern Payut, Gosiyute, Ute, Jicarilla, Chiricahua, Lipan, Navajo, Laguna, Canta, Cuzco, Tehuelche.

Bantu-speaking Africa. Scythe [when hungry, Kenkebe's wife sends him to her father for food; he gives him 7 bags of corn {and, obviously, meat too}, sends his daughters to carry them; before reaching home, K. sends the girls back, hides grain in a cave, bakes cakes; brings home wild onions, which they eat when they are hungry; gives a piece of meat, says she cut it off from her leg; the wife cuts off her; the children say that meat and Father's cakes are delicious, but his mother is not; his wife watches him, lowers a stone by the cave, he rolls after K. everywhere, stops only at his house; his wife tells K. not to fool around anymore; he catches an antelope eland; you need a calf to milk her; K. eats it, dresses one of her dogs in calf skin (the other refused); one day she howls, the antelope understands the deception, chases K., his wife screams him to jump on a stone, an antelope breaks against a stone; they fresh the carcass, K. sends his son to cannibals for fire; tells them not to take meat from them; the boy takes it, gives it to the old woman, she cooks meat, the cannibals smell, chase as a boy; everyone hides; cannibals find and eat K. and the old woman in the house, they do not notice the boy, take K.'s wife to their place; she prepares beer for them, sets fire to the house where they drink, the cannibals burn down, a woman is saved]: Radin 1952, No. 79:292-295.

The coast is the Plateau. Thompson [one of the boulders kills people; Coyote's excrement tells him which one; at the foot of the hill, he sticks his arrow squeezer with the sharp end up; the boulder rolls, crumbles into pieces; you can see them there and now]: Teit 1917b, No. 23:10; flethead: Edmonds, Clark 1989 [Coyote asks his wife Krotiha to dig a turn to the lying moose monster; suddenly appears before; Moose thinks that K. is invisible; Coyote's dog Squirrel kills Moose Grizzly's dog with a flint attached to his head; K. lures Moose into an underground passage, undertakes to carry his shield and spear, kills with a spear; hears a child crying, gives the baby a finger to suck, it eats up all his flesh; the fox revives the Coyote; next time K. puts flint on his finger, the baby cuts himself, dies; the Coyote leaves his cape to Scala; it starts to rain, he takes it; the Rock rolls across the river after him; three women cannot smash it with hammers; K. sets fire to the vines; entangled in them, the Rock dies from the heat; Mountain Sheep insults the Coyote; he throws it against a pine tree; now horns protrude from the trunk]: 20-23; McDermott 1901, No. 8 [Coyote gives a blanket to the Rock; a thunderstorm begins, he sends the Fox to pick up the blanket back, then takes it himself; the Rock rolls behind A coyote across the river, kills the Bear, the Bison; two old women split it to pieces with their hatchets]: 245-247; curdalen [Coyote sees a stone, he likes it, he craps on it, goes on; Stone follows; the Coyote crosses the river, hoping that the Stone has lost its trail, but the Stone is already climbing ashore; the Coyote asks the Nightjar for help; he tells him to cling to his belt, lifts him into the air; the Nightjar rushes to The stone, splitting it into pieces; the Nightjar falls asleep, the Coyote steals his cape, puts it on, but begins to fly up and fall like a nightjar, breaks against a tree; the Nightjar finds it, takes his cape; when the Nightjar woke up, his head was crushed by the Stone, so he became flat, his mouth wide]: Reichard 1947, No. 19:143-144; yakima [The fox warns the Coyote that when passing Boulder, he should leave gift; Coyote calls Boulder names, gives nothing, he follows; Fox presses; Coyote lures him into the quagmire, says that now he will be just a boulder, people will lower him downhill; five times Stepping over the Fox over him, revives him]: Hines 1992, No. 40:112-114; upper coquill [Laska is Norka's younger naughty brother; they travel; stones are falling from the mountain, Laska is ahead, dodges, almost dies; Mink stabs a knife into the stone, the stone turns into a baked kamas tuber; Mink tells these creatures to be camas tubers, not rolling stones; the woman lies with her legs apart calls to copulate; Laska to her, wounded; this is a river shell; Mink opens it, throws all the shells into the water, tells them to be shells; Laske replies that the place to sleep is called "Fight Fire"; At night, the Fire attacks Laska, he dodges; Mink sleeps peacefully; two blind women grind the seeds (Indian oat) on a grain grater, pass it to each other; Laska eats everything unnoticed; they say that Laska is probably here; Ostrog attacks, Norka turns it into a prison, catches salmon]: Jacobs 2007:263-266.

The Midwest. Northern Ojibwa (Sandy Lake) [Visakajak offers Boulder to race; The Boulder rolls over his feet and freezes; V. becomes overgrown with moss; asks his brother Thunder for help in winter A bird; lightning from a bird's beak breaks the Boulder]: Ray, Stevens 1971:30-31; Western Marsh Cree (northern Manitoba) [Wesukechak offers Boulder to race; first V. ahead, then falls from fatigue, the Boulder presses him down; lies for three years; V. calls Gromov, they break the boulder into pieces; The deer (moose) repairs V.'s clothes, for which V. makes his coat smooth]: Clay 1978:64-67; steppe crees: Ahenakew 1929 [Vesakaicak gives Boulder his blanket; takes it back when it starts to rain, says he is not afraid of Boulder; he rolls after him, jumps on his back; V. lies under him for several years With a boulder; Nightjars break the Boulder with their wings; V. paints them white specks as a reward; nightjars can lay eggs right on the ground]: 335-336; Bloomfield 1930, No. 2 [Visakechak asks partridge chicks, what is their middle name; defecate (?) at them; other partridges fly in front of him when he jumps over the stream; he falls into the water; gives his wet cloak to the Boulder; a thunderstorm begins, V. takes his cape; the boulder rolls over him; only The nightjars manage to break the Boulder (not specified how); for this, V. paints them with clay]: 23-27; Algonquins (Grand Victoria Lake) [Meso sees a boulder on the mountain, invites him to run after him for a long time; finally, The boulder rolls down, catches up with M., presses him down; after torturing M., Boulder leaves him and rolls on]: Davidson 1928b: 278.

Northeast. Naskapi: Millman 1993 [there were no stones, only one big Boulder; Wolverine invites him to race, kicks him; Boulder rolls on him, Wolverine calls for help; Ox, Fox they say it's his own fault, Frog, Mouse can't help; Thunder splits the Boulder to pieces, so stones appear]: 24-25; Turner 1894 [Wolverine teases the Boulder; he rolls after her and presses down; Wolves, The foxes are unable to move the Boulder; Lightning breaks it]: 336-337; Montagnier [Mesh sees the giant's tracks, comes along them to the Boulder; he says he cannot move, then agrees to run racing; rolls on M.; M. asks Gromov for help, they crush the boulder, also tear M.'s clothes; he asks the Frog to sew up, her stitches are large, M. calls her a bad dressmaker, tells her to live in the grass; The shrew sews up well, M. praises her, tells her to live in a rotten tree]: Savard 1979, No. 7:30-31; nascapi, montagnier [Wolverine insists he saw Boulder walk; he denies; then rolls after him and presses him down; Wolverine brothers split the Boulder with lightning]: Desbarats 1969:87-88; mikmak, passamaquoddy [two Wolverine Brothers jokingly call Boulder to compete in the run; Boulder Crushes the older brother, the younger brother revives him; the dust raised by the Boulder turns into flies]: Leland 1968:158-160; mikmaq [see motif K19, pp.168-179; Wolverine chases two girls, the Heron stretches out neck like a bridge, girls cross, Wolverine falls into the river); two boys find his corpse; they see an old man in front of them, he comes to life; looks like one of the boys, comes to his mother, asks feed; she refuses, he kills her with a knife, eats everything, cooks her head; the boys can't catch up with him, call their Uncle Raven for help; then the Raven; both can't; then Kulu (huge mythical bird); he raises Wolverine to the upper world, leaves it on a rock, throws it; falling, Wolverine tells his spine to survive; turns into a pile of bones, but his spine is intact; with his brother Wolverine goes uphill, they push the Boulder, run behind, calling him to compete; at night, the Boulder rolls uphill, presses Wolverine, who manages to tell his spine to stay intact; gathers his dicks makes fire around Boulder, it cracks, Wolverine crumbles it, throws it into water, particles turn into biting horseflies (blackflies); then (pp.185-191) see motive F63]: Whitehead 1988:179-185; penobscot [Raccoon invites Boulder to compete; he agrees if the Raccoon helps him start rolling down the mountain; presses the Raccoon to death]: Speck 1935b, No. 72:100.

Plains. Blacklegs: Grinnell 1962 [on a hot day, Napi ("The Old Man") sits on the Boulder, takes off his cape, tells Boulder that he is giving it to him; leaves; it starts raining, N. sends the Coyote for the cape; when he returns, he says that Boulder refuses to give the gift; N. goes by himself, tells Boulder that he wanted to take the cape for a while, but now he takes it completely; under cover, N. and Coyote hear a rumble; The coyote tried to climb into the badger hole, did not climb, the Boulder crushed his ass; the fleeing N. calls his younger brothers for help; bison, deer, antelopes, rattlesnakes crushed; nightjars (bull bats) they dive on the Boulder, break off pieces, it falls apart; grateful N. widened the nights' mouths, pinched their beaks (pinched off their bills) to make them look beautiful and strange]: 165-166; Josselin de Jong 1914 (piegan) [Napi ("The Old Man") gives the cape to the Rock; it starts to rain, the Coyote sends the Fox to take it back; the Rock does not give it; N. takes it himself, the Rock rolls after him; the Nightjars let the winds hit the Rock, breaking it into pieces; N. comes to the Kozodoev chicks, tears their mouths for ruining his entertainment; the mothers of the chicks defecate on N.'s cape, he has to throw it away]: 15-18; Linderman 1995 [Napa ("The Old Man") sits on the Stone, feels cold, gives the Stone a cape so that it does not freeze; it begins to snow, N. freezes himself, takes the cape back; The stone rolls after him, presses down N.; only the Nightmare breaks the stone into pieces; since then, its head and beak have been strangely shaped; for this, N. puts white stripes on the wings with the Nightjar; since then, the Nightjars have been flying so that everyone can see the pattern on their wings]: 49-50; Maclean 1893 (blood) [two birds smash the Rock with their beaks]: 169-170; Wissler, Duvall 1908 [Nightjars break the Rock by blowing the winds; the old man says they ruined his entertainment], No. 9, 23:23-24, 37; assiniboine: Lowie 1909a, No. 10 [I n ktum n and talks to the Rock; she demands gifts; I. refuses to give them, the Rock grabs it; I. promises the birds to marry the most beautiful daughter; they break the Rock with flapping their wings; I.: I don't have a daughter], 11 [And n ktumni invites Black Bear to take a steam bath; closes the exits from the steam room, finishes it off Bear with a club; calls all animals to a feast; The Rock grabs I. and holds for two days; animals eat all the meat; I. promises daughters to fly by birds; they produce wind, breaking the Rock; I. says that he has no daughters], 16 [And n ktum n and pretends to cry for his murdered brother, calls the fattest Ducks to dance; whoever opens his eyes will turn red; The turtle must stand in the center, tell you when to open; The duck from the fourth row opened, screamed; the survivors turned red their eyes, Turtle I. also killed; sits on the Rock, she grabs him; he promises her meat, but that's it useless; coyotes and wolves carry meat; I. asks birds for help; they break the Rock with flapping their wings; the turtle grabs I. by the lip when he drinks; he roasts it, it promises to miss more people], 28 [Rock Sitkonsky says: whoever gets off the road first will die; in two days S. leaves, Rock rolls, grabs him; S. tells Thunder that she will kill him too; Thunder breaks the Rock]: 108, 108-109, 112-115, 120; Crowe [The rabbit suggests to the Coyote that the first to fall asleep is used by the other for anal sex; The rabbit sleeps with his eyes open, wakes up; then the Coyote falls asleep, the Rabbit gets together with him, runs away; out of the ass The coyote rabbits fall out, he catches them with a blanket, they turn into excrement; the Coyote gives the soiled blanket to the Rock; it starts to rain, he takes the blanket back; the Rock rolls after him; the Coyote consistently tells Bear, Bison, Moose that the Rock called them names, speaking ill of their appearance; everyone rushes to the Rock, is killed; the Nightjar easily breaks it (the origin of amulet stones throughout to the world); Coyote explained that the Rock said that the Nightjar had a small nose and a big mouth]: Lowie 1918:37; hidatsa [The Coyote covers the rabbit with a blanket, hits him; only bison manure is inside; The coyote gives the blanket to the Rock; it starts to rain, he takes the blanket back; The rock rolls behind him but gets stuck in the swamp]: Beckwith 1938, No. 4:293; teton: Erdoes, Ortiz 1984 (White River) [Coyote gives his Oia's cape (Boulder); it starts to rain, Coyote sends Iktomi to pick it up, Oia refuses to return it; Coyote takes it himself; Oia follows, Iktomi turns into a spider, hides in a hole; Oia presses Coyote picks up a cloak; White Man picks up a flattened Coyote, puts his rug in front of the fireplace; in the morning, Coyote comes to life, runs away]: 337-339; Walker 1983 (oglala) [see J5 motif; brothers disappear; sister swallows a stone, gives birth to a Young Stone; he breaks the Rolling Rock; presses the old man who killed him by his uncle, revives them]: 140-146; arpahoe: Dorsey, Kroeber 1903, No. 32 [Nikansan and Rabbit agree to sit at night looking at each other; N. falls asleep, Rabbit rapes him; rabbits fall out of N.'s anus; trying to catch the latter, N. smears his excrement on the cape; gives it to the Rock; the clothes become clean and fragrant, N. takes them back; the Rock rolls after him; the animals cannot help; the Hawk crashes when hitting the Rock; the Nightjar splits it to pieces; N. promises to kiss savior, instead stretches his mouth], 33 [beginning and end as in (32); N. told his anus to be on guard, waking up and punished him with smut; rabbits fell out of it instead of excrement], 34 [along the river pemmican swims; N. asks for permission to bite off a piece, swallows everything; suffers from diarrhea at night; further as in (32) and (33)]: 65-66, 68-69, 69-70; Arikara: Dorsey 1904d, No. 57 [Coyote sees a stone on the mountain, asks his name; runs fast; Coyote offers to race; Stone reluctantly agrees, asks to bring him to the top; first the Coyote is in front, but the Stone is rolling faster sticks to his back, refuses to get off; the Coyote carries him, the Stone gets heavier; the Coyote tells the Bull-Bats that the Stone called them names; he, the Coyote, allegedly promised to tell them about it and then the Stone jumped on his back to prevent him from doing so; the Nightjars began to dive at the Stone, making a specific sound, the Stone split; the Coyote called the Kozodoys names, saying they spoiled his hair is shards of stone; the Nightjars told him to go his own way], 58 [The Coyote comes to dancing people; it's Rabbits; they get giblets out of the fire; when the Coyote gives them a military hat made of eagle feathers ( status sign), Rabbits agree to share a secret, throw red willow branches into the fire, sing, burnt branches turn into bison giblets; after eating, Coyote asks for his hat for a minute, runs away with her; Rabbits shout that his branch trick won't work more than three times; on the fourth branch they just burn out; Coyote spews rabbits out of the ass; tries to catch them with his cape, but they turn into excrement; gives a soiled cape to the Stone; it starts to rain and hail, the Coyote returns for the cape, it turns out to be clean; the Coyote carries the cape; the Stone rolls after him, the Coyote asks two Bull-Bats to help, says that Stone spoke badly about them; he, the Coyote, allegedly promised to tell them about it and he now wants to kill him; Stone called the Kozodoys the ugliest birds with short beaks, broad mouths, short legs, dirty; Nightjars split the Stone with their intestinal gases; it was the only Stone from which everyone else in the world arose; Coyote colored Nightcrawlers with white clay], 59 [Coyote suggests to Rabbit that the first to sleep is used by the other for sex; Coyote does not understand that the Rabbit sleeps with his eyes closed, falls asleep in the morning; when he wakes up, He spews rabbits out of their ass, catches them with a blanket, they turn into excrement; he gives a dirty blanket to Stone when he returns, sees that it is clean, takes them away, it is dirty again, he returns it to the Stone; looking around, he sees that the blanket is now clean and painted; so four times; after that, the Stone rolled after the Coyote, who asks the male and female Kozodoys for help, says that he called them names; they tell A coyote climb a tree where their chicks break the Stone with intestinal gases; the Coyote ate the chicks, who call their parents from his belly; they kill the Coyote like they broke the Stone]: 143-144, 144-147, 147-148; Pawnee (skidy): Dorsey 1904b, No. 29 [Thistles kidnap an orphan's sister; he finds her; Thistles give him their strength; a girl comes and says her grandfather calls him; this is the Rock, she rolls after the young man; he flies across the river like a light thistle; the rock falls, splits; since then, the riverbeds have been covered with pebbles], 62 [(=1906, No. 126:446-447); Coyote gives a knife to Scala, asking for food in return; sees an antelope, takes a knife; an antelope runs away, he scolds the Rock; she rolls after him; Wild Cat, Pumas, Bears, Tornado can't help; Nightjars break the Rock by blowing winds on it; Coyote turns his own children into hawks; when they blow the winds, the Rock gathers again, presses the Coyote; since then, the stones are hard]: 104-105, 260-262.

California. Coastal mivok: Kelly 1978, No. 15 [Gray Squirrel hunted with Old Man Rock; managed to cut off the four ropes on which he hung, he fell {the meaning of the episode is not clear}; The boulder was rolling over With a squirrel all over the mountains; the stones are drops of his sweat; finally tired, the Squirrel left him], 16 [The boulder killed the father of two boys; the Coyote told them to kill Boulder; he rolls after the young men, with four shells around his neck abalone; the younger brother ran to the mountain, the eldest stayed; hit an arrow between the shells; the Coyote screamed with joy, said that stones would now be everywhere]: 32, 32-33; Chukchansi yokutz [Coyote says that the bump stop is too easy to kill; lies on the path it is rolling on; crushed]: Rogers, Gayton 1944, No. 13:200.

Big Pool. Northern Payut [Tabats is the main god, Shinob is his brother; the world has already been created, but all without a form or name; this is especially true for a stone boulder that has fallen off the mountain; animals laugh at how it is turns and falls, jokingly put beaded legs and a striped blanket in front of him, believing that he would not be able to take them; S. took them, and the boulder followed him; S. called for help from the crow and the puma, but the boulder crushed them; the rabbit put a hard stone in the way, but repulsed only a piece of the boulder; the nightjar began to descend rapidly on the boulder again and again, and it eventually split; S. ordered that from now on, the stones, even if they rolled down the slope, fell to pieces; the nightjar was covered with bruises and bruises; S. decorated his shoulders and chest with beads, and rewound his wings and throat with stripes carved from that cape]: Palmer 1946:20-24; Western shoshones [rings are scattered at the cliff; the Coyote does not take alone, but humiliates all his fingers; the Rock rolls after him; the Coyote asks the Nightjar for help; that rally hits the Rock, it crumbles into dust; the Coyote sees little birds making the big ones fall from the sky, they eat them; the birds explain that this is why they throw their pubic birds into the air hair; the Coyote pulled so much that his intestines fall out; he sees the Chipmunks lower their tails into the ground, stretch their roots; tries to do the same, but the roots are thin; Chipmunks are advised to lower their tail to grounds; laughing, they run away; the Coyote cannot pull his tail out, he is pulled into the ground; his brother Wolf pulls him out; says that a man will swim along the river, he has fat, you can ask only once; Coyote he opens his mouth, bites off the fat; runs down the river, goes out again to that person as if he meets him for the first time; when the Coyote opens his mouth, the person sees fat on his teeth, the fat melts immediately, The Coyote snaps his teeth in vain]: Smith 1993:95-97; Northern Shoshones: Lowie 1909b, No. 16 a [Coyote urinates and defecates on the Rock; she rolls after him, crushing trees, rolling across the river; Bear, The elk is unable to stop it, crushed; Tosakiyakatsi breaks it to pieces with his elbow; magic beads are attached to his elbow; the Coyote kills him with a stone, takes his beads; breaks another Rock; the next one presses him to death], b [The fox tells Coyote he took the beads from the Rock, but he must pay for them; the Coyote takes and does not pay; the Rock rolls after him up but down the slope, through the forest, across the river; Snipe says Boo! , breaking the Rock to pieces (now rocks in the Rocky Mountains)], c [starting in (b); The Rock opens and closes, the Coyote is caught; the Fox tells it to open; from another Rock, the Coyote takes beads, defecates on her; the bird, the Crane, the Rattlesnake is crushed; the Nightjar says, Boo! , smashing the Rock; Coyote says Boo! another Rock, but crushed]: 262-265; gosiute [The rock owns blankets; the Coyote takes one; the Rock is chasing him; the Bear, the Snake, the Eagle, the Hawk try to detain her, the Rock presses them; the Nightjar breaks it to pieces; thanks to the fact that Coyote stole the capes from the Rock, we now have them (horse-blanket, blankets)]: Smith 1993:31-32; Eastern shoshones [like Western Shoshones]: Saint Clair 1909b, No. 3:266-267; Utah: Kroeber 1901 (Wintah), No. 2 [The Coyote takes the blanket lying on the Rock; she chases him; presses the Deer, the Mountain Ram; the Nightjar kills her with flaps of her wings, turns her into a rock] : 260-264; Lowie 1924 (southern Utah) [Wolf pees on a pebble; Great Rock chases him; Mountain Sheep, Bear, Deer, Antelope, Bison die trying to detain the Rock; it splits when hitting a boulder on the way], No. 11:24-26; Mason 1910 (Winth), No. 10 [as in Kroeber; The Rock knocks the Bear down; the water spirit stops her], 11 [Coyote takes the ear pendants lying in front of the differently colored Rock, relieves her; The rock breaks a pine tree to pieces, rolls across the river; stops when Coyote, on Eagle's advice, throws pendants]: 306-308; Smith 1992:23-24 (Ancompagre Utah) [The rock presses Gorlinka; The rabbit helps her children, revives her, tells the rocks to stand still from now on], 77-78 (White River Utah) [people leave beads at Boulder; the Coyote picks him up; the Boulder chases the Coyote, presses the tree and an eagle that gets in the way; the Hawk dives on the Boulder, breaks it to pieces with his chest; the Coyote says that now the Boulder will be just a boulder, will be able to roll down the mountain but not uphill, the old women will rub seeds on stone graters].

The Great Southwest. Jicarilla: Goddard 1911 [the stone presses and then swallows people; it can be seen now (you can see the open mouth and the arrows with which the hero killed him)], No. 10, 13:204, 206; Mooney 1898a [see motif J60; The rock chases and swallows people; the son of the Sun kills her with an arrow]: 208; Opler 1938, No. 9 [see motif L50; The Enemy Killer destroys monsters; two rolling Rocks, black and white, kill people; UV flees from them as fast as his gaze, like a word, like sunlight, but they catch up; crane, hawks, hummingbirds are also too slow; Spiders catch Rocks in a web, smash them; male and female mountain sheep inside; UA tells them to be simple mountain sheep; cutting blades are made from black stone fragments, terochniki from white stone]; chiricahua: Hoijer 1938, No. 14 [contrary to warning, Coyote celebrates I need the Moving Boulder; he rolls behind him, closes the hole in the hole in which he hid; rolls back after the Coyote licks the Boulder clean with his tongue], 15 [The Coyote is going to eat the Beetle; that asks to wait, because he listens to what is being said underground; the underground will look for the one who relieved himself on the Rock; the Coyote runs back, licks his crap with his tongue]: 20-21; Opler 1942, No. 7 [Coyote celebrates I need a Moving Boulder; he rolls on it, makes him lick his tongue]: 35-36; lipan [like a chiricahua; Coyote must also take the Boulder to its old place]: Opler 1940, No. 7 [Coyote asks A boulder to get him a red girl, then a white girl; he fulfills his wish; people would give Boulder sacred pollen for it, and Coyote relieves himself], 10:117, 121; Navajo: Haile 1938 [Monster Slayer beats pieces off the Rolling Stone with a club; when it is weak, his brother Born from Water strikes the Stone with lightning]: 135-137; Klah 1960 [the fifth feat of the Monster Slayer is the victory over the Rolling Stone; gods help him by sending a storm, hail, lightning, the Stone explodes, its fragments are still scattered in the Grand Canyon]: 15-16; Matthews 1994 [Estsánatlehi answers to Big Brother where the Walker is a stone, advises not to go there; the stone smelled it, came out of the lake, rolled after it; struck the Stone with lightning, then with a knife, chipping off pieces; the Stone fled along the San Juan River; asked for mercy; said that if he is killed, the water sources will dry out; The older brother believed him; The stone moved to the upper world]: 125-126; O'Bryan 1956 [the last of four episodes of the extermination of monsters by the eldest of the twins; mother and Grandmothers tell Big Brother that the Rolling Stone is in such a place, but it is dangerous, crushing people; the Big Brother collects all the knives, puts the Stone in the way; it rolls on the jagged, yellow ones, blue, black knives, pieces fall off him every time; Big Brother says people will now use flints]: 92-93; Western Ceres (Laguna) [Coyote comes to visit Woodpecker; mother The woodpecker hits her leg with a pestle, corn falls from there; when the Woodpecker comes to visit, Coyote's mother hits her leg, corn does not fall; the woodpecker leaves, asking him to visit him again; Woodpecker's mother tells The stone rolls, the wood is covered, the stone turns over, flat corn tortillas fly out from under it; when the Woodpecker comes to Coyote, the mother of the Coyote calls the Stone, he rolls, presses her to death and Coyote; Woodpecker returns home]: Boas 1928a: 171-174, 272 [summary].

The Central Andes. San Miguel Village, Aruay District, Prov. Kant, dep. Lima [The Grain Grater invites the Fox to race from the mountain; first the Fox is ahead, but the Grater is rolling faster, the Fox presses]: Arguedas, Izquierdo Ríos 1989:33; dep. Cusco [The fox teases the Grater as if she is unable to move; she asks to be left alone; Condor invites both to race from the mountain to the lake where you can get drunk, ties them with a rope ; Grain grater presses Fox]: Payne 1984:73-74.

Patagonia - Chile. Tehuelche (unknown group) [The fox invites Boulder to race; first ahead, then the Boulder catches him up and presses him]: Bremón 1876 in Samitier 1950:175; South Tehuelches: Wilbert, Simoneau 1984b, No. 49 [Father-Sun requires Elal to bring a scraper flake; a flint rock rolls behind Elal; he puts her stone in the way, the rock breaks], 84 [Fox mocks Boulder, offering to race down the slope; Boulder says he is heavy; rolling, he flattens the Fox's head (according to Echeverría Baleta 1977:41)]: 75, 127.