Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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Ethnicities and habitats

L33B. The trickster provokes a rock. .35.44.45. (.48.) .65.66.74.


character invites someone who at first glance is unable to move (stump, boulder, fire) to race. The person summoned to the competition moves, presses or burns the character, or runs away, taking away his property.

Entsy, (Kets), Western Marsh Cree (Northern Manitoba), Northern Ojibwa, Algonquins (Grand Victoria Lake), Nascapi, Montagnier, Mikmak, Passamaquoddy, Penobscot, (Chukchansi Yokutz), dep. Lima, dep. Cusco, Ashaninka, Southern Tehuelches.

Western Siberia. Entsy: Porotova 1982 [Deah asks his grandmother for good clothes, puts them on a stump, invites him to race; the stump moves, runs away, carrying D.'s clothes; D. finds a bone shoulder blades, covers with snow, smears blood from the nose, tells the grandmother to cook this meat; she takes the bare bone out of the cauldron; D. accuses people of eating all the meat, pretending to kill them, people run away , D. gets their clothes]: 151-152, 156-158; Sorokina, Bolina 2005, No. 2 [Deua put the raspberry on the stump, invited the stump to run together; the stump asks to wait a little while until the roots are torn off, runs away with D.'s clothes; D. He covers the bone with snow, smears blood from his nose, makes him look like venison; tells his grandmother to cook, comes out of the plague; says that in his absence, the guests ate the meat, rages; the guests run away, their clothes D. remains], 3 [D. puts his raspberry on a stump, invites him to race; the stump runs away, carrying D.'s clothes], 4 [(like the second half of text 2)]: 22-24, 26, 28-29; (cf. Kets: Nikolaeva 2006 (said Dibikov, village. Paskulikha, Turukhansky District) [Kolsa tells her grandmother that he will pretend to be sick, tells her to close the chum, go to the beavers for the shaman; the beavers came, their shaman shaman, K. jumped up, killed everyone with a hammer, only one ran away ; grandmother made seven beaver coats; going to the wind, K. hung his fur coat on a stump; he moved, K. laughed, the stump disappeared with the fur coat; so all seven fur coats; K. came to the plague, there was a girl giving her fur coats for the promise to marry her; she took the form of a stump; so K. found a wife]: 35-37; Osharov 1936a [Khasynget tells his grandmother that he will pretend to be sick, let her invite beavers, their shaman will treat him; H. jumped up, killed the beavers with a hammer, only one escaped; in a beaver coat, H. went to the wind, took off his fur coat so as not to get it dirty, threw it on the stump, he began to move, H. began to laugh, the stump disappeared with the fur coat; the same with the second, with a third fur coat; H. comes to the chum, there is a girl, promises to return the fur coats if he marries her; he took her for a stump; H. brought his wife to his grandmother, they lived well]: 117-119).

The Midwest. Northern Ojibwa (Sandy Lake) [Visakajak offers Boulder to race; The Boulder rolls over his feet and freezes; V. becomes overgrown with moss; asks his brother Thunder for help in winter A bird; lightning from a bird's beak breaks the Boulder]: Ray, Stevens 1971:30-31; Western Marsh Cree (northern Manitoba) [Wesukechak offers Boulder to race; first V. ahead, then falls from fatigue, Boulder presses him down; lies for three years; V. calls Gromov, they break the boulder into pieces; Deer (moose) repairs V.'s clothes, for which V. makes his coat smooth]: Clay 1978:64-67; algonquins ( Grand Victoria Lake) [Meso sees a boulder on the mountain, invites him to run after him for a long time; finally, the Boulder rolls down, catches up with M., presses him down; after torturing M., Boulder leaves him and rolls on]: Davidson 1928b: 278.

Northeast. Naskapi: Millman 1993 [there were no stones, only one big Boulder; Wolverine invites him to race, kicks him; Boulder rolls on him, Wolverine calls for help; Ox, Fox they say it's his own fault, Frog, Mouse can't help; Thunder splits the Boulder to pieces, so stones appear]: 24-25; Turner 1894 [Wolverine teases the Boulder; he rolls after her and presses down; Wolves, The foxes are unable to move the Boulder; Lightning breaks it]: 336-337; Montagnier [Mesh sees the giant's tracks, comes along them to the Boulder; he says he can't move, then agrees to run racing; rolls on M.; M. asks Gromov for help, they crush the boulder, also tear M.'s clothes; he asks the Frog to sew up, her stitches are large, M. calls her a bad dressmaker, tells her to live in the grass; The shrew sews up well, M. praises her, tells her to live in a rotten tree]: Savard 1979, No. 7:30-31; mikmak, passamaquoddy [two Wolverine Brothers jokingly call Boulder to compete in the run; Boulder presses older brother, younger brother revives him; dust raised by Boulder turns into flies]: Leland 1968:158-160; mikmaq [see motif K19, pp.168-179; Wolverine chases two girls, Heron stretches out his neck like the bridge, the girls cross, the Wolverine falls into the river); two boys find his corpse; they see an old man in front of them, he comes to life; looks like one of the boys, comes to his mother, asks for food; she refuses, he kills her with a knife, eats everything, cooks his head; the boys can't catch up with him, call their Uncle Raven for help; then the Raven; both can't; then Kulu (a huge mythical bird); that raises Wolverine to the upper world, leaves it on a rock, throws it; falling, Wolverine tells her spine to survive; turns into a pile of bones, but his spine is intact; with Wolverine's brother he goes uphill, they they push the Boulder, run behind, summoning him to compete; at night, the Boulder rolls uphill, presses Wolverine, who manages to tell his spine to remain intact; gathers his dicks, makes fire around Boulder, it cracks, Wolverine crumbles it, throws it into the water, the particles turn into biting horseflies (blackflies); then (pp.185-191) see motif F63]: Whitehead 1988:179-185; penobscot [Raccoon invites Boulder to compete; he agrees if the Raccoon helps him start rolling down the mountain; presses the Raccoon to death]: Speck 1935b, No. 72:100.

(Wed. California. Chukchansi yokutz [Coyote says the bump stop is too easy to kill; lies down on the path he is walking on; crushed]: Rogers, Gayton 1944, No. 13:200).

The Central Andes. San Miguel Village, Aruay District, Prov. Kant, dep. Lima [Grain Grater A offers Fox to race from the mountain; first the Fox is ahead, but the Grater is rolling faster, the Fox presses]: Arguedas, Izquierdo Ríos 1989:33; Cochamarca County, Prov. Kahatambo, dep. Lima [Fox and Fire decide to race; fire sets fire to straw, Fox burns]: Farfan 1949, No. 52:143; dep. Cusco [The fox teases the Grater as if she is unable to move; she asks to be left alone; Condor invites both to race from the mountain to the lake where you can get drunk, ties them with a rope ; Grain grater presses Fox]: Payne 1984:73-74.

Montagna - Jurua. Ashaninka [the girl became pregnant from a white bird; her father knew it was Aroshi; A. began to carry the girl the meat of caught animals; little A. (pequeño Arpshi, PA); A. sent him to the ant; he laughed: his arrow (jaws) was so small that it could not kill anyone; the ant shot the PA; A. had a stone hanging around his neck with which he revived the dead, and he revived PA; he met someone else's wife, his husband killed him, A. revived him again; PA saw a boulder and mocked him: he couldn't move; the boulder rolled and crushed him; A. him again revived, and made a fire around the boulder and it split; the wind brought down the trees to make a chakra; when PA came, told him to leave quickly, or the tree would fall on him; he did not pay attention and fell the tree killed him; his mother found the body, brought him home, A. revived him again; now the PA has drowned; this time, the reviving stone A. has broken and PA's mother went to month (this grandfather A,) to get some of it, using it to revive it; but he only laughed at her for a month; A. himself went, but swallowed it for a month, so there are spots on the moon]: Zolezzi 2014, No. 1:117-118.

Patagonia - Chile. Tehuelche (unknown group) [The fox invites Boulder to race; first ahead, then the Boulder catches him up and presses him]: Bremón 1876 in Samitier 1950:175; South Tehuelches [Fox mocks Boulder, offering to race down the slope; Boulder says he is heavy; rolling, he flattens the Fox's head (according to Echeverría Baleta 1977:41)]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1984b, No. 84: 127.