Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

L33D. The hero defeats the monster stone .

A rolling monster stone kills people. The hero destroys it. See motif L33.

The coast is the Plateau. Thompson [one of the boulders kills people; Coyote's excrement tells him which one; at the foot of the hill, he sticks his arrow squeezer with the sharp end up; the boulder rolls, crumbles into pieces; you can see them there and now]: Teit 1917b, No. 23:10; yakima [The fox warns the Coyote that when he passes Boulder, he must leave a gift; Coyote calls Boulder names, gives nothing, he follows; Fox presses; Coyote lures him into the quagmire, says that now he will be just a boulder, people will lower him downhill; Fox revives him by stepping over him five times]: Hines 1992, No. 40:112-114.

Plains. Teton (oglala) [see motif J5; brothers disappear; sister swallows a stone, gives birth to a Young Stone; he breaks the Rolling Rock; presses the old man who killed him by his uncle, revives them]: Walker 1983:140- 146; Pawnee (skidi): Dorsey 1904b, No. 29 [Thistles kidnap an orphan's sister; he finds her; Thistles give him their strength; a girl comes and says her grandfather is calling him; this is the Rock, she follows a young man; he flies across the river like a light thistle; the rock falls, splits; since then, the riverbeds have been covered with pebbles]: 104-105.

The Great Southwest. Jicarilla: Goddard 1911 [the stone presses and then swallows people; it can be seen now (you can see the open mouth and the arrows with which the hero killed him)], No. 10, 13:204, 206; Mooney 1898a [see motif J60; The rock chases and swallows people; the son of the Sun kills her with an arrow]: 208; Opler 1938, No. 9 [see motif L50; The Enemy Killer destroys monsters; two rolling Rocks, black and white, kill people; UV flees from them as fast as his gaze, like a word, like sunlight, but they catch up; crane, hawks, hummingbirds are also too slow; Spiders catch Rocks in a web, smash them; male and female mountain sheep inside; UA tells them to be simple mountain rams; black stone fragments are used to cut blades, white stone fragments are made of terochniki]; Navajo: Haile 1938 [hero's brother helps to hit the stone with lightning]: 135- 137; Klah 1960 [gods help the hero, hit the stone with lightning]: 15-16; Matthews 1994 [the hero strikes the stone with lightning]: 125-126; O'Bryan 1956 [the twins leave knives in the way of the stone; it falls apart ordinary flints]: 93.

(Wed. Mesoamerica Mountain Totonaks [some rocks start moving with the intention of attacking people; they're being killed by shooting stars]: Harvey, Kelly 1969:671; Kelly 1966:396).

Patagonia - Chile. Tehuelche [Father-Sun requires Elal to bring a flake for the scraper; a flint rock rolls behind E.; he puts her stone in the way, the rock breaks]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1984b, No. 49 [a cannibal killed his wife; a tuko-tuco mouse stole a baby taken out of his womb; Mouse's wife raised a young man, this is Elal, she is his grandmother; he shot a bird in the beak, the grandmother said it was better for him to avenge his mother; E. asked his father for an arrow, he gave everything wrong; E. grabbed everything, scattered it, these are the tips that are found on the ground; from his pursuer father E. flew away on a bird; shooting at the sea, created islands to rest; Sun E. promised a daughter as a wife if he carried out errands; 1) to get off the path of the approaching fire in the aisle, behind which there is a well, and on the sides (the bride's maid teaches him to move away with iron soles attached), 2) get a flake for the scraper (the flint rock rolls behind E. , he puts a stone, the rock breaks), 3) kill the guanaco murderer (guanaco runs after E., falls into the ditch and drowns); E. marries, a child is born, E. tells him not to cry; the baby cries right away dies; mother drowns in the sea], 50 [The sun burns her daughter's suitors with its heat; Elal flies in a swan, he gets tired, E. goes on to the guanaco; the maid Sparrow warns that 1) The sun offers to sit down there's a hole below with a lizard at the bottom; E. opened a hole, killed a lizard; 2) kill a guanaco killer (E. creates a swamp, guanaco gets stuck, E. kills him with a bola stone), 3) bring two dangerous nanda eggs (eggs fly up, don't they hit him, he kills nanda with an arrow); guanaco and nanda are relatives of the wife of the Moon Sun, she mourns them; 4) bring flints for scrapers (Mountain is another relative of the Moon; Mountain is rolling for E., that a stone is placed behind him; when he stumbles upon it, Horus explodes, E. takes refuge behind a stone fence, picks up flints); Luna puts two maids to choose from, E. says that these are not her daughters; they are daughter hidden in only, covered with pimples; but E. chooses her; marrying the daughter of the Sun and Moon, E. goes back, swims across the sea; the wife tries to follow him, drowns; on the new moon, the sea is worried, the daughter is happy see mother]: 74-76, 77-80.