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L37B. Overheard conversation, ATU 613, N451.1.

.11.-.17.21.-.24.26.-.34.37.38. (.51.52.65.)

By accidentally overhearing animals or spirits talking, a person learns how to help themselves and others.

Fang, Swahili, Fulbe, Hausa, Bolanchi, Von, Diola, Tigre, Harari, Amhara, Sakho, Malgashi, Kordofan, Sudanese Arabs, Kordofan, Berbers Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, Kabila, Tunisia, Morocco , Spaniards, Aragon, Basques, Catalans, Corsicans, Sardinians, Sicilians, Italians (Menton, Piedmont, Veneto, Tuscany, Abruzzo, Molise, Basilicata, Puglia), Portuguese, Ladins, French (Nivernay, Lorraine) , Walloons, Bretons, Irish, British, Dutch, Frisians, Germans (Hessen, Schleswig-Holstein, Pomerania, Harz, Switzerland, South Tyrol), Palestinians, Arabs of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Yemen, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Arameians, Jibbali, Socotra, Tibetans, Tibetans (Ham), Kachins, Meitei, Pumi, Burmese, Arakan, Khmu, Zyaray, Himachali-Himachali Pahari, Kumaoni, Nepali, Marias, Muria, Oraons, Kashmiris, Sindhi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Northern India (Hindi), Bengalis, Malayals, Oriya, Tamils, Sinhales, Sunda, Chinese (Qinghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hunan, Guangdong; possibly all over China), Ancient China, Chuan Miao, Meo ( Vietnam), Koreans, Lisu, Greeks, Slovenes, Romanians, Moldovans, Gagauz people, Bulgarians, Macedonians, Serbs, Hungarians, Albanians, Russians (Terek coast, Arkhangelsk, Olonetskaya, Novgorod, Pskov, Tver, Tula, Ryazan, Tambov, Voronezh, Kursk), Ukrainians (Volyn, Galicia, Podolia, Pokutye, Yekaterinoslavskaya, Poltava, etc.), Belarusians, Czechs, Slovaks, Poles, Luzhitans, Crimean Tatars, Kalmyks, Adygs, Abazins, Karachays, Balkarians, Ossetians, Chechens, Nogais, Avars, Didois, Gunzibs, Lucks, Dargins, Georgians, Megrelians, Azerbaijanis, Armenians, Turks, Kurds, Pashtuns, Baluchis, Braguis, Turkmens, Uzbeks, Persians, Yagnobs, Shugnans (?) , Yazgulyam, Ishkashim, Sarykol, Estonians, Seto, Livs, Lithuanians, Latvians, Veps, Karelians, Finns, East Sami, Swedes, Danes, Faroese, Icelanders, Norwegians, Komi, Udmurts, Mordovians, Mari, Chuvash, Kazan Tatars, Bashkirs, Kazakhs, Karakalpaks, Kyrgyz, Yellow Uighurs, Dungans, Altaians, Tuvans, South Altai Tuvans, Buryats (Baikal Region, Alar), Mongols, Dagurs, Dongxians, Nanais, Japanese (all of Japan, North Ryukyu), (yaki, mihe, uarochiri).

Bantu-speaking Africa. Fang [tiger (? lion, leopard?) kills wild boars from a herd of forest dwarfs; hunter Nkane kills a tiger, dwarfs give it the ability to understand the language of birds; if he says it, he will lose this ability; he hears birds talking: where he is sits with a dwarf, the elephant's tusks are buried; he digs them up, gives them to one dwarf, takes the other for himself; from the conversation of birds, he learns that enemies are approaching, the enemies are defeated; the wife pretends to be sick - she will recover if the husband will reveal the secret; the husband beats her; learns from the birds the hour of his death, distributes the inheritance to the children in advance; the secret has not been revealed]: Klipple 1992:228, 232-233; Swahili: Baker 1927, No. 15 [(cf. H34G motive - The Comorian text is almost identical, but without the motive of overhearing the conversation]; the Sultan's six daughters met with the servant in his absence, their mirrors turned black; the seventh took the maid's husband with her, who killed rapist; when the sultan returned, demanded a mirror; the older sisters stole the younger one's mirror, handed it to each other, and the youngest got black; her father kicked her out, she began to live with the maid; when she left, Sultan asks the daughters what to bring them; the youngest answers Saburi Nisali ("Wait until I finish praying"); the father is really looking for SN; this is the name of the genie, who first sends a gift placed inside the log; when a girl takes a fan sent, SN appears; the sultan allows him to marry her; in the morning, SN says that his daughter is virgin; the sultan returns her, punishes other daughters; they ask for the SN wife find out what is dangerous for her husband; glass is dangerous, they pour crushed CH glass into bed, he disappears; his wife wears men's clothes, comes to the land of genies; in the forest overhears two birds talking; It is easy to cure genies with a decoction of the leaves of this tree; an imaginary healer heals CH and another genie in madness; returns home; SN also comes back, sees men's clothes, but the wife explains everything] : 294-299; Klipple 1992 [Lila and Fila travel, each with seven meals; F. offers L. to eat food first, separates L. from his own first for clothes, then for L.'s eyes, throws him; he hears a conversation birds: the tree disappears blindness, treasures are buried under it, and the tree on the contrary heals madness; L. puts bark to his eyes, sees the light; becomes rich; heals the Sultan's mad daughter; when he sees F., pulls him out eyes]: 215-216.

West Africa. Fulbe [two poor young men wandering; sleeping under a tree in the domain of a blind emir, one hears the Elephant talking to the Hawk; the Elephant talks about a tree whose flowers can be will cure blindness; and if you cut down a tree along the way, a river will appear; the young man cures the emir of blindness, creates a river; the Hawk tells the Elephant that the secret has been overheard; the young man tells his comrade everything, he goes to the tree, the Elephant and the Hawk find him, kill him]: Labouret 1952, No. 4:145; bolanchi [one of the two travelers gives the other food in exchange for his eyes, throws it; he climbs a tree, hears a conversation two birds, from the east and from the west; learns how to regain sight and how to heal the princess; gets her as a wife; meets a man who has abandoned him; he goes to that tree, a bird from the west swallows it]: Klipple 1992: 216-217; Hausa: Olderogge 1969 [when he set off, the greedy man offered the good man to eat his supplies first, and when they ran out, he refused to share it himself; at night, the greedy fell asleep, and the good one heard , like a bird in a tree says that the leaves of a tree will cure a blind man; the good man collected leaves, healed the king's son, who gave the good half of the city]: 238-239; Tremearne 1913, No. 44 [one daughter from an unloved wife, another from her beloved; a daughter from an unloved one lives in a hut on a pile of manure, gives her father kauri, asks King Agadez's son to be brought from the bazaar; at the bazaar, a person asks about this, he is beaten for a long time, left in the evening, his son King Agadez promises to come on Friday; the father beats his daughter, talks about Friday; the young man arrives on Friday night, where he spits, there is silver; the women found silver, stuck needles in bed out of envy, the young man died; King Agadez tortured the girl's parents, but felt sorry for her; var.: the girl's name is Lahidi, the young man's name is Ba-Komi ("Nothing"); the daughter of his beloved wife stuck thorns in bed out of envy; B. disappeared; L. goes to look for him, hears under a tree is a conversation of cannibal spirits; the latter says that if their bowel movements are given to the king's son to drink, he will recover; L. comes disguised as a doctor, B. drinks medicine, regurgitates thorns; L. takes as a reward B.'s ring, returns to himself; B. comes to kill L., she shows the ring, B. marries her, gives cattle to her father]: 278-282; background [after the leader's death, his eldest son blinds and expels the youngest; in the forest under the tree, the youngest hears the birds talking; 1) a four-tooth leaf helps to see the light; 2) the baobab leaf creates a pond with drinking water; 3) a cotton tree leaf cures a snake bite; a young man sees the light, heals a rich blind leader, creates a pond in the desert, the leader transfers power to him; the elder brother comes, asks him to be blinded, goes to the forest; birds notice him, fly away, he dies]: Anpetkova- Sharova 2010:208-212; diola [evil and kind set off; a man, he asked for food, cheerful gave him his supplies; stopped under a tree for the night, heard a conversation of spirits; the king's daughter will recover by drinking a decoction of the leaves of a tree growing in the middle of the village; water can be found between two trees; treasures are buried in calebasses; the good man cured the king's daughter, received her as his wife and was appointed adviser; found gold (said the bird had told him) and a water source (the hyena told him); when he learned about the happiness of the good, the evil man spent the night under that tree; the spirits saw him (and probably killed him)]: Reuss-Nliba , Reuss-Nliba 2018:123-125.

Sudan - East Africa. Amhara [on the way The evil brother offers to eat the Good's supplies first, then refuses to share his own; the Good one climbs into the sykomor to sleep, hears the Devil below say that the daughter of the nobleman He will see the light if you rub your eyes with a certain plant; Good heals a girl, marries her, is rich; sends for an Evil Brother, generously gives him; Evil goes to the same sycamore, devils kill him; Good tells find and bury]: Gankin 1979, No. 69:85-86; Harari [Jemal and Mulugeta set off; M. offered to eat J.'s supplies first, then refused to share theirs and demanded in exchange for food J.'s eyes and left J. under the tree; at night the genies flocked and began to talk; the leaves of this tree will heal the blind man; the princess will be cured by the blood of a black dog; a source of water under a tree in the city; J. saw the light, healed the princess, received a reward from the king, indicated which tree should be uprooted; after this blessing, the king married him to the princess; after learning everything, M. went to that tree, the genies killed him]: Reuss-Nliba, Reuss-Nliba 2016:66-70; sakho [younger rich brother and older poor man set off; while the older one was sleeping, the youngest took his food and left; the elder went to seek God to kill; God met him. he asked to prove that God could take heaven and earth; God showed; the man asked to be given the gift to understand all languages; stopped for the night under a tree, heard an eagle and an eagle talking; an eagle thinks that the person is dead or sleeping; the eagle replies no, tells them not to touch them, or he will catch them and take the box of gold; the man grabs the eagle, gets gold; returns to his wife; hears the goat calling the goat sleep with him - like a master and wife; the man laughed, the wife insisted that he tell him why; the man said that then he would die, began to prepare for death; heard the neighbor's dog He talks to his dog, calls the man a fool; the man tells his wife he won't tell anything, and if she wants to leave, please]: Reinisch 1889, No. 3:109-112; tiger: Littmann, No. 15:18-19 in El-Shamy 2004, No. 613:346; Sudanese Arabs: El-Shamy 2004, No. 613:347; Kordofan (no language specified) [the Sultan has two sons with his main wife and the youngest Hasan from a side wife; the sultan promises to pass on property to the one who will be more successful in business; older brothers come to the city where Fatma lives; she offers every groom to play a board game of chance; always wins by getting everything the applicant's property; asks the older brother what he needs: her property or herself; he says that she is losing; the same with the middle brother; brothers flee to another city, one is hired serve in a coffee shop, the other in an inn; at this time H. sells cleverly, became rich; met brothers, divided the property equally; won against F., who gives him her anklet, keeping herself the second is the same; the brothers took H. out of the city, blinded him and threw him to get his property, and F.; picked up a bracelet, H. began to understand the language of birds; if you put the flowers of the tree to the eye sockets, blind he will see the light; then the bracelet nourishes him and gives him water, protects him from wild animals; returning to his father's city, H. hired a silver jeweler; F. tells the brothers' father that he will marry someone who shows the same bracelet, like her; the older brother showed the bracelet to the older jeweler, but replied that no one could make such a thing; H. told the craftsman he could; the older brother brought both bracelets to his father, but F. demanded show the man who made the second one; the master admitted that it was not him, brought H.; the mother recognized her son; H. became the sultan]: Frobenius, No. 12:117-134; malgashi (sakalava or Tsimihety) [Skaredny and the Generous meet by chance, change names, decide to travel together; S. offers to eat V.'s supplies first, does not share his own, leaves him; V. falls asleep under a tree, honey drips on him; he gives half to God, ancestors, holy places; two bulls butt, he kills one, gives half to God again, etc.; comes to a house where spirits gather; an old woman hides him; each spirit talks about medicines and rituals; he heals people, is rewarded, the king gives him half the kingdom, then he becomes king himself; S. does not donate anything to anyone; perfume collects, smells meat, S. thinks they want take away his supplies, shouts he won't, they ate him]: Haring 1982, No. 5. 11:425-426.

North Africa. The Berbers of Morocco (Fez) [the sultan is afraid that his son will take away his throne; he sends all the boys whose wives give birth to them away; one wife hid three sons; after the death of the Sultan, the eldest of them , Sidi Mohammed, took the throne; the daughter of the neighboring sultan will marry the one who makes her speak first; unsuccessful applicants are beheaded; SM tries, his head is 98th; seeing that the plant left by SM has dried up, Moulay Ahmed's middle brother, taking the throne, also goes to the princess and loses his head; the youngest, Moulay M'Hammed is smarter than others; hears two doves (fairies) talking; when the test will begin, you must read Dalil el Khairat's book out loud; after closing it, ask someone present to tell the story; the first story; the carpenter, merchant and Talib spent the night under open air, they take turns on duty at night; the carpenter made a female figure out of wood, the merchant dressed her up, the Talib turned to God and revived her; who should belong to her; MM: carpenter; princess: talibu; repeated the next night's test, the second story; the burnus maker, merchant and scientist set off; before that, the first borrowed money from the other; in the desert, a merchant demanded them back; what should I do? MM: he should get the money back; princess: what nonsense! third story; the Sultan of the Efreet cannibals ("Sultan Executioner", SP) has 7 brave men in the service, each has a gift; open any door; make any move in the ground; get hair out of the dough without hitting anything one grain of flour; cut through walls with a saber; jump over walls; jump from any height; cause a thunderstorm with a storm; SP marries another sultan's daughter for his son; he asks for a huge emerald for her; SP sends a caravan of such emeralds; had to give her daughter; she is terrified; SP is going to eat her; sleeps with her head on her hair and hiding behind the other part of her hair; the mother of 7 brave men tells her to write a letter to his father in blood - her sons would deliver it; the princess's father asked them to save his daughter; one opened the gate, the second jumped over the wall, the third pulled the princess's hair from under SP's head, the fourth stopped the pursuers with a storm; the fifth cut off the head of the SP; he turned into a 7-headed ghoul, but the young man cut off all 7 heads; who did more? MM: the one who opened the gate; the princess: the one who freed the girl from the ghoul's arms; MM won, but now he must know which of the 7 cocoons (the structure the bride sits inside) the bride will be in; prince again listens to the conversation between two doves: the cocoon in which the bride will sit, he looks the most inconspicuous; everything is fine, the wedding]: El Fasi, Dermenghem 1926:178-208 (the same episode in a similar plot on p. 209-214); Arabs of Morocco [the Sultan's son walks through an underground glass passage to the youngest daughter of another sultan and wants to marry her; her two older sisters are jealous; while she is in the bathhouse, they penetrate her the room, the glass is broken, the fragments injure the Sultan's son in the eye; his bride changes clothes with the old woman, goes to look for him; spends the night in the forest, hears the conversation of two doves: only the ash from their feathers will return the young man eyesight; she catches pigeons, burns feathers, comes to the young man under the guise of an old woman, lubricates her eyes, tells him to open it in an hour; when she returns home, tells him to bake a doll out of flour in the form of herself, puts it in bed; the Sultan's ripe son comes to kill her because he thinks that the bride blinded him on purpose; hitting him with a sword, he sees only bread; the bride comes in, tells him what happened; wedding]: El Koudia 2003, No. 3:15-18; Kabila [a sick father tells his seven sons to bring the hearts of their wives - he will eat them and recover; only the youngest refuses, leaves with his wife; going for fire, comes to 99 Wuarssen ( devas), they cook 99 dead people in the cauldron, offer to remove the cauldron from the fire; the young man lifts and knocks the cauldron, kills the devas, throws his wife into the house, tells them not to go into the same room, goes hunting; the wife comes in, sees that one dev has only been injured, heals him, converges with him; the young man comes to the cannibal teriel, puts on her chest, now she is his mother, promises to help; to get rid of the woman's husband, Dev advises that she ask him to bring rejuvenating apples from across the sea; T.: meat in front of the ox, change straw in front of the dog; there is a black bull nearby, he will throw furious with horns, you will fly across seven seas, fall on an apple tree, pick apples; on an apple tree, an eagle's nest, give meat to the chicks, the eagle will bring back; when he returns, the young man gave 4 apples to T. and 4 to his wife; dev to the woman: tell her husband if you are afraid, if you are not weak, let him tie himself; when he can't break his fetters, I'll get out and kill him; he tears all his fetters; T. young man: you will be killed, ask you to put your bones in a bag, load it on a donkey, he will come, I will revive you; when he returned to his wife, she offered to tie him with her hair, he could not escape, the devil killed him and ate him, but the bones were sent on a donkey; T. folded her bones, covered him with wool and silk , poured milk, his body recovered, she revived him with a rejuvenating apple; allowed him to return home when he could easily lift a bag of salt and a bag of iron; he comes disguised as a beggar, dev lets him in; offered to tell a fairy tale; while he is telling his story, Dev and his wife sink into the ground, he cuts their heads off; kills their deva son; wants to return to his father, T. gives the box (do not open on the way) and a black man; he opens outside the house, there is a beautiful daughter T., she has a ring that creates a palace; the young man's father sees his wife, wants her for himself, promises a Jew a reward for killing his son; he leads the young man hunts, feeds salty meat, gives water in exchange for eyes, brings them to the young man's father; he goes with the warriors to take his wife, but the black man does not let him in, kills everyone; the young man hears the conversation between the old eagle and the chicks; the old one has lost his feathers, asks to cover him; chicks: suddenly our father will treat us like a man with his son who is under a tree; eagle: let the young man rub his eyes with the leaves of a tree; the young man saw the light, the chicks covered an eagle; the young man came to the old woman, changed his clothes, his father did not recognize him, promised to give him his power as an elder if he killed a black man alone; the young man agreed with his wife that the black man would be tied to blood, blood will spill, he will fall; witnesses: this man killed a black man; the father hands over power to his son without knowing who it is; before that, asks the wise men if the father can marry his daughter-in-law; 6 say yes, the seventh, that no; the father tells him to be killed, the young man kills him, orders him to kill a Jew and punish six wise men]: Frobenius 1922a, No. 2:11-24; kabila [the prince came to the well to drink the horse; the old woman asks to wait, while she fills his jug; they are quarreling, the old woman tells the prince to bring the Sun Maiden (SD) into the house; the prince has lost his peace; called the old woman to make peace; put her hand in the hot soup: tell me how find SD; she says that SD is the wife of a black king in the high mountains (but SD herself is white); on the way, the prince sees a man who is being executed; the local king explains that he is a murderer, he is not being tried for the first time, but the prince buys him back with four times more gold than his weight; Ali Demmu (that's his name) promises to become a loyal servant; in the city of blacks, he breaks into the king's bedroom; he sleeps tied to SD ( legs, belt and neck); Hell stabbed the king, SD advised him to wear his clothes, they left the palace, came to the prince; AD ordered to hide the SD in a box and not open it on the way; while he was fetching water, the prince opened the box , the spirit stole SD; they met a shepherd driving sheep to the sea; Hell asks him, the shepherd replies that he serves the one who steals brides, has recently brought a new one; he lives overseas, you can get there on his back black sheep; AD changed clothes with the shepherd; the shepherd further explains that one must enter the yard and call a woman to milk the sheep; this time a new wife of the spirit will come out; when SD came out, AD put the sheep to with her head; SD is surprised, AD says who he is (pretending) to accuse her of running away, SD objects; they agreed to wait until night; the spirit tells SD he is going to sleep with her that night; SD: then Tell me what your life is; on a rock in the sea, a dove is sitting on an egg, it has the life of the spirit; Hell sailed on a sheep to a rock, took out a dove with an egg, came back, broke the egg; but inside the dove was a second egg, so the spirit did not die, although it lost its strength; Hell brought SD to the prince; sent the shepherd to the island, let him take all the treasures of the spirit; Hell, SD and the prince spent the night under a tree; Hell hears the conversation of two birds: it will crawl the snake will turn Hell into stone; to revive it, the prince must strangle his son over the stone; when the son was born, the prince brought him to the statue and strangled him; Hell came to life; birds: if you rub the child with droppings from our nest, he will come to life; Hell took out the droppings, revived the boy; everyone is happy; Hell stayed with the prince and he married him]: Grim 1983:99-119; the Arabs of Egypt [father died; three brothers built for the mother and sisters palace; the old woman advises the girl to ask her brother to bring a singing nightingale; the elder leaves the brothers a rosary - if you decrease in size, then he is dead; the counter teaches you to wait for the nightingale will return to the cage and fall asleep, not show himself to him sooner; but the young man hurried, the nightingale shook off the sand on him, he died; the rosary clenched; the same with his middle brother (left the ring); younger Mohammed waited until the nightingale falls asleep, ban the cage; ordered the brothers to be revived; he revived many blacks and Turks who had died earlier; M.: where are the brothers? then the nightingale revived the others; the brothers returned home, brought the nightingale; the man tells Mohammed that his turban is dirty; the mother explains: this means that the sister will behave unworthily, she must be killed ; M. refuses, leaves home with his sister; M. entered the cave of 40 thieves; they divide the food into 40 servings, M. quietly takes one; after confusion, the robbers realized that they had a young man with them; M. said he was a thief; volunteered to be a servant, stabbed sleeping robbers, brought his sister; found and brought two lion cubs; his sister found that one of the robbers, a black man, had just been wounded, went out and became with him to live, gave birth to two children; to get rid of her brother, she asked him to get the grapes of paradise; M. greeted the cannibal, she gave a balloon, he rolled, we must follow him; he reached the Garden of Eden, brought grapes; the black man advised to send M. for live water; M. hears the conversation of two turtles: only living water will heal the princess; M. filled the vessels with living water, immersed them on a donkey, came to the king, cured the princess, married her; left her one vessel of living water, the other took her sister; she spoke to him, and the black man came up from behind and decapitated her; the lions ran away; the black man put the pieces of his body in a bag, loaded her on donkey, let him go; disguised as a black man, M. came to his sister, killed her lover and children, buried his sister alive; his father had already died and he moved all his property to his wife's house]: Spitta-bey 1883, No. 10:123-236; Arabs Algeria, Tunisia: El-Shamy 2004, No. 613:344-347.

Southern Europe. Spaniards [the widow's son rejects the crafts offered by his mother; wants to become a painter, his mother apprentices him to the master; the prince dreamed of the Flower of Beauty, tells the master to paint it portrait; he is desperate, but the student performs the task overnight; the prince is happy, but wants the painter to go with him to pick up the beauty; the student advises taking him with him under the guise of a son; old master soon he was tired and the prince agreed to let him go; the prince and the young man stayed in a house in the woods; the table was set, the beds were ready; while the prince sleeps, the young man hears Juan and Pedro talking; finds out that the Central Committee is overseas, throw un cuerno de llave into the sea, a bridge will appear; the Central Committee is guarded by a giant and lions, we must find them sleeping; after taking the Central Committee, the prince and the young man run away; the giant does not have time to cross the bridge, but orders that on the wedding night of the Central Committee wolves ate, and if this does not happen, let her petrify after the birth of her first child; when he gets home in the forest, the young man does not sleep, hears H. and P. talking again, learns from him about the giant's curse; in wedding night, in order to fight off wolves, the king must surround the city with an army; wolves were slaughtered, but after the birth of a child, the Central Committee became petrified; the young man goes back to the house in the forest; finds out that the woman will come to life if marble was rubbed with her son's blood; the prince agreed, the woman came to life and they had new children; the painter's apprentice stayed in the palace]: Camarena, Chevalier 1995, No. 516:444-450; Aragon [one of two travelers agree to be blinded in order to beg more successfully; leave others in the forest; climbed a tree, hears animals talking; learns how to regain sight, get water in a waterless village, cure the princess (there is a toad under her bed); generously awarded; meets a former companion and tells him what happened; he climbs the same tree, animals have torn him to pieces; also witches instead of animals]: Gonz ález Sanz 1996, No. 613:89-90; Catalans: Oriol, Pujol 2008, No. 516 [the king tells the faithful servant not to show the prince a portrait of a beauty; the prince finds the portrait and goes in search with his servant; after getting a beautiful woman, they go home; the servant hears the animals talking: if the prince's wife tries to sit on a horse, eat a fruit or catch a bird, she will die, and whoever tells about it will become petrified; a servant every time prevents a woman from doing these things; injures her for the last time and is sentenced to death; the servant explains what is wrong and turns into a statue], 671 [a young man who has been able to understand the language of animals and birds, leaves home; overhears the conversation of a toad, a snake and a mole; these creatures are to blame for the princess's illness and the disasters that befall the city, tell you how to get rid of misfortunes; the young man saves everyone from disasters, marries a princess]: 116, 134; Portuguese: Cardigos 2006, No. 613 [two companions (brothers) argue whether it is better to rely on God or on yourself; choose a judge and he decides in favor relying on himself; or one gives the other food in exchange for his eyes; the abandoned overhears the conversation of spirits (witches, devils), regains his sight, heals the sick king, gets water, stops epidemic, reconciles spouses, helps a woman in labor; gets rich, marries a princess and becomes king; after learning how it happened, the companion goes to the same tree or cave and is torn by witches]: 148-149; Pedroso 1882, No. 6 [the prince went on a journey with him and his friend Pedro; one day they stopped, the prince went to look for water and disappeared; P. hears the conversation of the laundresses, they are witches, discussing this story; alone She felt sorry for him, brought him to the palace, where orange and lemon trees were everywhere, but not people; P. began to pick the fruits and throw them on the ground, they turned into princes and princesses; the prince, served by P., too has found a human form; immediately fell in love with one of the princesses; P. does not sleep at night; hears the witches talking: the princesses will see a pretty mule, ride him, and he will throw her off; who hears and tells turn into marble; the princess will see a pear tree, pick and bite the fruit, immediately die of poison; whoever reports it will become marble; the same: he will step on the bridge, the bridge will collapse; the fourth witch: at night I will turn into a ghost, enter marriage through the window, decapitate the prince and the princess; on the way, P. killed a mule, picked and buried pears, paid the workers - let them destroy the bridge; demanded permission to spend the night in the same room as the newlyweds; after stabbing the ghost with a sword, P. hit the princess's face, bleeding; the prince accused P. of trying to kill his wife; P. asked permission have a feast before his death; told me, turning into a stone, starting with his feet; the prince ordered to leave the statue in his room; a year later, the prince's wife gave birth to a boy; witch to the prince: to revive P., you must wash the statue with the blood of his murdered son; the prince told his wife that their son fell and died; a mausoleum was built for him; during the celebration of P.'s revival, the boy also came to life]: 25-29; Sardinians: Uther 2004 (1), No. 613:353-354; Corsicans: Massignon 1984, No. 14 [When the son was born, the father looked at the stars and replied to the man who arrived that he would be king; he who arrived himself was king; promising to raise the boy, he took him and threw him into the waterfall under the mill; he was immediately picked up by a miller whose wife also gave birth to a boy; the adopter grew up hard-working and intelligent; his own son reproached his origin, young man left home; stayed with childless spouses; brilliantly finished school, then went to college, where the prince himself studied; they became friends; when he saw the portrait of the "maiden of the three mountains of gold", the prince went looking for her, his friend is with him; in the hotel room in which they spent the night, there are two chairs; one has the inscription "The Legal King" and the other says "The Miller King"; the prince falls asleep, and the young man hears a voice from the magic he has revealed books: "Let's eat them, because they want to take the maiden of the three mountains of gold; she is guarded by lions, but at noon they fall asleep; she has to remove the pin from her head, then the witchcraft will dissipate and the girl wakes up"; they took them away a girl, but at night one of the sorcerers caught up with them and turned the young man into stone; the prince returns to that room, which now has only one chair with the inscription "The Legal King"; the book replies that it takes three days catch fish caught on the third day to fry and grease the petrified person with it; the young man came to life; the prince married the maiden of the three mountains of gold and handed the crown to the miller's receptionist], 51 [the blind and the paralytic are begging together; stopped at the spring; the paralytic took the bag with the money and left; the blind man climbed a tree, hears the animals talking; the water from the spring heals the eyes; the princess was stolen by an ogre, he can be killed with a branch of this wood; the blind man was healed, killed the ogre, got the princess; when the paralytic found out about it, decided to spend the night on the same tree; animals: someone overheard us; noticed a man in a tree and was torn to pieces]: 31-33, 125-127; Sicilians: Calvino 1980, No. 184 (Ragusa) [two mule-drovers set off; one said the devil helps and the other says God; the devil meets in a new guise, every time confirms the opinion of someone who relied on him; the one who relies on God lost all his mules and then his eyes; climbed into the cave for the night and hid; all the devils gathered there; the chief asks what good did his subordinates do; one reports how one person blinded himself on his tip; the main feature is that only the grass growing at the entrance to the cave will regain his sight; the other feature is in his daughter's throat The Russian tsar got stuck in a bone, it will be cured by three drops of the juice of the grapes that grow on her balcony; as the devils left, the man regained his sight; going to Russia and curing the princess, he received a huge reward; after learning about this, the devil went to the same cave; the devils thought they were being overheard, set fire to the bushes and the hid burned down]: 659-660; Gonzenbach 2004a [1870], No. 26 [princess always sad; the shepherd finds a ring, wearing it constantly sneezes; goes to wander, spends the night in a tree, hears the devils talking; one says that he stole a magic tablecloth, an inexhaustible purse, a flute from a monk , to which everyone dances; the shepherd gives the king a ring, everyone laughs, including the princess; the king refuses to give his daughter to the shepherd, throws him in prison; he feeds all prisoners; the king takes away the tablecloth- magic; purse; flute too; shepherd escapes from prison; finds dates, black horns grow, whites disappear; sells black ones to the palace, members of the royal family grow horns; the shepherd gives white dates in exchange for selected items and a princess; wedding]: 174-178 (=Crane 1885, No. 31:119-122); Tremearne 1913 [the Queen meets the emperor's son with three golden balls she needs dip it into milk poured into a golden basin; the servant broke the glass, threw the fragments into the milk, the emperor's son cut himself, disappeared; after overhearing the demons talking, the Queen learned how to cure the prince, married him ]: Pitre, vol.4, p.342 at 283; Italians (Tuscany, Abruzzo, Molise, Basilicata, Puglia): Cirese, Serafini 1975, No. 516:122; Italians: Calvino 1980, No. 18 (Turin) [Queen hates stepdaughter; the king agrees to place her daughter in a lonely castle in the woods; the queen puts watchmaids; the prince sees the princess, the fairy gives a book with which a man can become a bird and vice versa; the prince arrives in the form of a canary; the queen spies, hides pins in his pillow; the prince's servants take his wounded man to his palace; the princess makes a rope out of sheets, goes down, goes in search of the prince , spends the night in a tree, hears four witches talking; one of them says that the prince will be cured by the ointment, and it must be removed from under one of the tiles that paved the floor; under the guise of a doctor, the princess cured the prince and asked his father-king as a reward for his shield with coat of arms and a bloody outfit; when the prince is back in her room, the princesses show them and explains how it happened; she was also invited to the wedding father; when he returned home, he ordered the evil wife to be captured]: 52-57; Crane 1885, No. 43 (Monferrato) [on the occasion of his son's graduation from school, the father held a feast; guests ask what the young man has learned; he replies that in the language of dogs, frogs and birds; everyone laughs, the father orders him to take his son to the forest and kill him; the servants let the young man go, bring the dog's heart to his father; the young man found shelter with the prince's treasurer; dogs gathered around; the young man explains that dogs are talking about an impending attack on the treasury; the treasurer has set up guards, the robbers have been killed, the treasurer offers the young man a daughter, who asks for a delay of one year and three days; in the city the princess is sick; the young man hears frogs croaking; realizes that the princess feels bad for him; the frogs are unhappy that the princess threw a cross into the pond; the cross was found, the frogs fell silent, the princess recovered ; the prince wants to give it to the young man, but he again asks for a delay of a year and three days; goes with three companions to Rome; hears the birds talking: among those who walk, one will become a pope; the young man sits on his head a dove, he is chosen dad; calls his father, treasurer and prince; tells them everything; forgives his father]: 161-163; Basques: Kustova 1987 [two mule drivers, Petiri and Sokur, bet P. lost, gave his mules; fell asleep under a bridge; heard witches talking; a sick woman would recover if a stone was raised in front of the church, a piece of bread was taken out of the toad's mouth; 7 years ago that woman threw this piece on the floor; P. heals a woman, receives 7 mules as a reward; S. goes to spend the night under the bridge, the witches found him, beat him, threw him into the water]: 81-88; Barbier 1931, No. 7 [the princess is ill; the king promises her to the one who will cure her; the shepherd Ellande went to search for the missing sheep; it is already dark, he hears a noise, he has climbed a tree; sorcerers have gathered under him; their master gives them tasks; when two sorcerers disappear and remain, E. learns from them talking about how to cure a princess; there is a turtle in the gutter, it must be cooked, given the princess to drink a decoction; the princess recovered, E. married her]: 93-96;? [señor marries a beautiful and poor girl; the manager convinces him that his wife is unfaithful; the husband takes her down the river in a boat; the boat stops under a rock at the tower; the woman hears a conversation; at the source water will appear when 11 workers work from 7 am to 11 pm, abstaining from water; a blind rich man will see the light if three drops of infusion of grass growing near the tower are dripped into his eyes; a paralyzed lady will be cured if the mattress on which she is lying is burned at the nearest crossroads; a woman collects grass, organizes workers, treats a blind and paralyzed person; comes to her village under the guise of a doctor; husband sick, does not recognize his wife, regrets what he did; recognizes his wife by a gold chain]; ladins: Decurtins, Brunold-Bigler 2002, No. 57 [two friends walked through the forest; one decided to spend the night under the spruce tree, the other went to the village; a person left in the forest heard witches talking; one said that she had caused the princess to be ill; she would recover if she rode a white horse early in the morning, collect sweat and give her a drink; the man cured the princess and married her; after finding out how it was, his friend went to the same spruce a year later; the witches decided to check if someone was eavesdropping on them again, tore the man to pieces]: 153 -154; Uffer 1973, No. 36 [the parents have three sons, the eldest Bucobello began to go to the girls; the father decided to ward him off, put on a bull's skin and went out to meet him; B. came back, asked the girls for a pitchfork and plunged them into the monster's belly, threw it into the water; when it turned out, the local court told B. to wander until he was frightened and spend the night where the sunset caught him; one day B. spent the night under an oak tree, hears three big birds talking; in a village where there is no water, you have to hit a rock with a hammer, three streams will flow; the owner of the castle is afraid to enter there, because none of those who come back have come back; there is a giant sleeping since midnight before one o'clock in the morning; you have to go into a room with a sword on the wall, hack the giant with a sword; the kidnapped princess is in the White Sea; to return her, you have to go there invisible; B. got water, got a cart of gold, brought him to the godfather; the same for killing a giant; B. comes to a woman, she hides him in the basement; when her daughter Tuman comes, she senses a man, but her mother denies that there is no one; asks if the daughter knows where is the White Sea; she replies that the Winds know about it (two different winds - a cold north wind and a dry wind in the mountains); the north wind (the same episode with the mother of the wind) does not know; the dry wind tells me to show him man; says that tomorrow the princess is married and he flies there to dry his clothes; let B. take the mare (she is the last of 12 horses); the mare turned into an old woman, gave leaps and bounds of boots, a raincoat- invisible, magic tablecloth; B. opened to the princess, took her away unnoticed by others; returns with gold and the bride to him, then lives in the royal palace]: 140-154; Wildhaber, Uffer 1971, No. 6 [after the deaths of their parents, the brothers left home, broke up; the clever and hard-working Gian came to the house of 12 robbers, climbed a tree; each robber reported what he had done; the chieftain forced the sorcerer to talk about the troubles caused by that; 1) there is no water in Mantova, you have to knock on the stone slab with a gold stick, the stove rises, the water will flow; 2) here is a tree from the fruits of which the nose grows, and in the king's garden in Vienna - the fruit of which makes it normal; it is also necessary to crush the shell of the turtle living there under the well; the chieftain killed the sorcerer, took a golden stick, apples from the first tree, in Vienna under the guise the merchant sold them to the king, his nose grew; the king will give his daughter to whoever heals him; the robbers left, Gian tears, dug up a golden stick; when he came to Vienna, he made an ointment from the tortoise shell, the king's nose halved; then returned to Mantua, let the water go, brought the soldiers to the robbers' house, they were captured; the king offered to choose a daughter or half of the possessions as a reward, Gian chose the possessions; returning to Vienna, finally cured the king there, married his daughter; paid off the debts of his drunkard brother Giachen]: 218-230.

Western Europe. French: Cosquin 1996, No. 7 (Lorraine) [two old soldiers return home; one suggests that one of them have their eyes gouged out, the other be a guide; the lot is on him; guide He takes all his food for himself, then leaves the blind man in the forest; he sleeps in a tree; he hears the Fox, the Pig, the Wolf, the Roe Deer talking; the water of the neighboring river restores sight and heals the royal daughter; Lyon does not have enough water if you dig near a tree, he will kill a spring; the blind man heals, receives a reward for the discovery of the source, heals the princess, takes her as his wife; sees a beggar, recognizes his friend; he asks to be taken to that a tree; the animals found out that someone had revealed their secret, tore the hid to pieces]: 84-84 (translated to Lopyrev 1959, No. 31:119-122); Michelson 1976 [two soldiers are returning from war; one is blind but cheerful the other is sighted, but gloomy; the second decides to leave the first; a blind man sleeps in a tree, hears a conversation between a wolf, a boar, a hare; a blind man who washes his face in a nearby stream will gain sight; grass grows here, who will cure a Spanish princess; in a village where there is no water, a spring under a pear; the soldier regained his sight, received an award for finding a spring, healed the princess and married her; when he found out, gloomy the soldier went to spend the night at that tree; the boar and the wolf think that it was the hare who told the secrets; when he falls to the ground, he sees a man in the tree; the animals have almost torn him to pieces, the woodcutter saved]: 34-40; Millien 1908 ( Nivernay) [mother asks Prince Émilien to marry, but he refuses; after her death, she sees a portrait of the beautiful Émilienne, goes in search; with him is a loyal servant Jean; hears 30 characters talking to his "father Rocklor" (Roquelaure), who tells them about the dangers that await the prince and what he must do; to cross the river, you have to rub the carriage wheels with moss, and a bridge will appear; the princess is guarded by a witch and a hundred sorcerers in the form of predatory animals; she must be given a gold spinning wheel and sleeping pills; drivers will offer their carts to the prince, and drink sellers will offer them a thirsty princess - all of them must be chopped; a person drowning in a pond should be shoved away from the shore; whoever talks about what he heard will become petrified; Jean does everything; the princess thinks he is a sorcerer himself and asks When he gets home, Jean is imprisoned forever; Jean is forced to tell everything, turned into stone; when his son was born, the old woman says that if he is killed and blood is sprinkled on the statue, Jean will come to life; the prince does so, the old woman revives the boy]: 27-34; the walloons [the tailor and the shoemaker went on a journey together; the supplies ran out and they decided that whoever pulled out the long straw, will dazzle another; from the conversation of crows, the blinded shoemaker learns how to regain his sight; lets go of the horse and the duck, they promise to help; the kingdom has been attacked by enemies, a fiery horse smashes them; the tailor king tells him to bury him up to his neck and smear him with honey; the bees ate his eyes]: Laport 1932, № *613A: 69; the Bretons [older brother Koschenar and younger Turken are begging; K. suggests blinding one of them in order to it is better to give alms; makes T. draw lots; K. takes all his food, leaves T. in the forest; he climbs a tree, hears a conversation between Leo, Wolf and Pig; finds out that the root of this tree will reveal a spring in waterless Luxembourg; the bark will restore sight and cure any disease; the Spanish king will give her daughter to someone who cures her; she is ill because the toad swallowed the wafer after communion; you need to drink toad blood with wine, fry its meat and eat it; T. sees the light, opens the water in Luxembourg, thanks him and gives him gifts; he finds a toad, heals the princess, she falls in love with him; he secretly goes to Luxembourg, where a golden castle awaits him; marries a poor girl who first sheltered him; finds a beggar K., makes him rich, marries him; after learning the story of T., K. climbs the same tree, the animals tore him apart ]: Lopyreva 1959, No. 44:193-208; the British [Queen does not like that King Anne's daughter is more beautiful than her own daughter Kat; addresses the witch, Anne's head becomes sheep; Anne and Kat leave at home; the Queen is ill, his parents tell him to sit at his bedside for the night, those who had never returned before; Kat quietly follows the prince when he gets up, drives up the hill, enters the opening passage; there he dances all night with the fairies, comes back; the next night Kat steals an elf's wand, which restores Anne to her beautiful appearance; overhears the conversation between the fairies, who say that the prince will recover if will eat a piece of chicken; Kat married the prince, his younger brother with Anne]: Kharitonov 2008:229-233; friezes [the peasant has two sons: the kind and cheerful Jan and the dissatisfied Harmen; after listening enough the stories of an old soldier, they became mercenaries; in one of the battles, Y. was wounded in the arm, H. in the leg; they were healed by a hermit, but H. walks with difficulty; I went ahead to collect alms; returning, fell asleep under a tree, heard three devils talking; a sick rich man will recover if you put a viper under the bed; a fat rentier will recover if he lubricates the chest with fat of a turtle living in the well, it must be reached with a hook with with a golden tip; the king built a new city, but there is no water; the spring is under the stone, no one knows about it; I. treats both patients, is generously rewarded; finds water, the king marries him to his daughter, soon dies, I become king; a lame beggar comes, I recognize him as a brother who was ill and saved by a hermit; H. demands that all property be divided, as they once agreed; I refuse to divide kingdom, sends H. to that tree; the first devil talks about a sick king, others first want to see if they are eavesdropping; find H., hit with burning guns, and then carried away; waiting the servant spoke about H. shouting]: Mürk 2014:79-101; Germans (Hessen) [shoemaker Peter is rich, tailor Hans is poor; P. persuaded G. to go on a journey and be like brothers; money is melting; P. suggests eating twice a day, then only once, then not eating at all; gives exhausted G. two pieces in exchange for eyes and leaves; G. climbed a tree; hears a conversation between a bear, a wolf and a fox; bear: in London has no water, and there is a stone in the market square; a spring underneath it; wolf: the 7-year-old princess is ill because during confirmation, the gold she threw fell past the offering box; the king will give it to whoever is hers will cure; fox: the dew on the leaves of this tree will cure blindness; in the morning G. regained his sight; then received a lot of money when he discovered the water source; found the lost gold in the church and told the princess throw it in the box; she recovered right away; P. found out about it, went to that tree and climbed a branch; the animals find out which of them had solved the secret; thought that the wolf had begun to hang it, but he noticed a man on tree; man torn and eaten]: Wolf 1845, No. 4:21-30; Germans (Pomerania) [the king complains to the peasant that he is childless; peasant: you will have a son; son Charles was born, the king asks peasant, how to reward him; peasant: I also had a son Friedrich, let him be brought up with yours; once F. threw a bird shot by Charles into a stream and it came to life; F. remembered that there was a source living water; the king built a palace; the wall of the last room shows how the enchanted princess became a rock for the days of the sea; K. fell in love, goes with F. to save her; they spend the night in a house in the forest, where everyone does it himself at their will; at night F. does not sleep; a woman in black enters, with her father; says that under one of the corners of the castle there is a golden ball (Gotsel) that will lead to the goal; the next night: under at the other corner of the sword: if you hit the water with it, the sea will part; in the third: a golden rod, it will open 12 doors, the princess will throw herself around K.'s neck; that's right, they returned to that castle; for three nights a woman in black tells her father again what will happen to the princes; F. should step on the wooden bridge first, and if K. steps, they will all fail and die; during their absence, their father married witch; she will serve poisoned wine, F. must hit the tray with that sword, the guilt will spill; a horse will approach the princess; if she sits on it, he will carry her further through the air than she was; F. must stab him with a golden dagger; that's what happened; the dog licked the wine and died; K. married a princess, they have children; but the queen turned F. into stone; K. comes to the house in the woods himself; the first night a woman in black reports that the Queen turned F. into stone; second, that if K. slaughtered her eldest 12-year-old daughter with a golden dagger and smeared the stone with blood, F. would come to life; third, that the dagger was too much the bowl is heavy, but next to it; if you drink it off, you will have strength; when F. came to life, he dipped the girl's body in a source of living water and she came to life; the brothers ask the witch queen if she wanted to drag for life with a tail of leaps and bounds {to be tied to a horse's tail? Leben lang einen sieben Meilen langen Schwanz nachschleppen} or die 9 times; she chose the latter because she can only die once; but they revived her in living water each time and then executed her again]: Jahn 1893, No. 7:36-44; Germans (Pomerania) [after hearing about the beauty of the English princess, the king's eldest son began to wither away from love; the king allowed him to go to England; the younger brother arranged everything; three the princes dressed up as merchants, showed jewelry and precious dresses, the princess wanted to see more, boarded the ship, he sailed; when he learned that the prince had taken her away, agreed to marry him; the king sent the fleet is in pursuit, but the younger prince made holes in advance all the ships and they sank; three witches promised to return the princess; flew in the guise of ravens; the younger prince is awake and hears their conversation; one will take the image a beautiful horse, the princess will sit on it and he will fly with her to her father; the second will poison wine for the princess; third: if the young enter the bedchamber, they will fall dead, for the air is poisoned; witchcraft will dissipate if someone enters before them and draws the sign of the cross three times in the air with a dagger; whoever hears and tells will be petrified; the younger prince stabbed the horse, splashed wine, broke in front of newlyweds in a bedchamber; the king imprisoned him; a year later he told the king everything; petrified to his knees, then to the chest, then whole; the princess gave birth to two children; her husband dreamed that if he they will be slaughtered and sprinkled with the blood of the petrified, he will come to life; the younger brother has come to life and the older's children too]: Jahn 1893, No. 8:44-48; the Germans (Harz) [two brothers shared the inheritance, but then agreed that he whoever is right will get everything; younger: there is gratitude in the world; older: there is only ingratitude; the youngest protects the girl from the groom who beats her - both start hitting him; separates the two fighting coal burners - the same; beats off the snake from the bear - she began to strangle him; his elder brother saves him every time, and then blinds him and leaves to take all the inheritance; at night, the blind climbed a tree; came lion, bear and fox; bear dew will fall in the morning, which restores vision; lion: a rich man fell ill in the city due to his wife's fault; there is a crust of bread behind the closet; it must be cooked and let him eat - he will recover; fox: the king's well has dried up; a toad is sitting there; it must be killed, the water will flow again from the spring; in the morning the man washed his eyes, collected precious moisture, cured many blind people in the city and they gave him; he healed the rich man; took the king's dagger and went down to the well; there the toad spit fire, but he pierced it with a dagger; the king handed him a crown; he sheltered poor wanders; one day among them it turned out to be an older brother; he went to that tree; the bear hit the fox, believing that it was she who had revealed the secrets; but the fox fell and saw him hide in the tree; the lion and the bear tore him apart]: Pröle 1854, No. 1: 1-8; the Germans (South Tyrol, Meran) [two friends persuaded him to take money with him, took him through the forest, took the money and left him; he climbed a tree; three worms appeared and exchanged news; dew will fall today to heal blindness; witches will bring illness to a peasant's cow: there is a spring behind the house, you must give the cow water from it, then it will not get sick; in a waterless city there is a hidden source; when the worms disappeared, the blind man went down, moistened his eyes with dew and saw the light; cured the cow, found water, he was well paid; he came to the tavern where the two were playing cards; when they found out what was going on, those climbed into the climb and climbed the tree; worms bitten to death]: Zingerle, Zingerle 1980:257-262; Dutch, Irish, German (Schleswig-Holstein, Switzerland): Uther 2004 (1), No. 613:353- 354.

Western Asia. Palestinians [a man named Father of Good (OD) and another named Father of Evil (OZ) set off; OZ offered to eat good supplies first, but did not share his own; OD spent the night under fig tree; three angels flew in; one said that the blind man did not know that treasures were buried nearby; the second indicated where to dig to fill the spring; the third - how to cure the Sultan's daughter (kill his dog and let the girl eat her meat); OD dug treasures, shared it with the shoemaker; found water, received an award; cured the princess, married her; Oz also went to that fig tree, the angels tore it apart]: Schmidt, Kahle 1930, No. 85:51-57; Palestinians [the fisherman caught a huge fish; she tells him to take it to the Sultan; give the water in which it will be washed to the mare, let the sultan and his wife eat the meat; then children will be born; the fish smells bad, but the fisherman talked about its wonderful properties; count the eggs in the pan, but do not count the months of the pregnant woman; the mare gave birth to two foals; the king gave birth to his son to the fisherman's wife to feed both; the prince is Hasan, the fisherman's son is Hussein, he is smarter; when are they 15 years old? his mother is unhappy that he is holding the fisherman's son by his brother; they sat on horses born at the same time as them and went on a journey; they stayed with an old woman; she says that the local sultan is evil; his daughter's suitors give impossible assignments, the failed ones are cutting their heads; more than 300 princes have already died; the old man teaches Hussein to gain trust in the guards, they will miss, then wait until he falls asleep a man with a big mustache, steal his key and go to the princess; when Hussein entered, the princess mistook him for Hassan; gave her ring, necklace and curl; the king demands signs from her daughter; Hussein brings ring; necklace; curl; king: this is not a princess's curl; Hussein: if we do not give your daughter, we will defeat your kingdom; the vizier advises you to give it away; old man: on Hasan's wedding night, my wife and I will die; bury; you will see so much gold, how much coal; on his wedding night, Hassan left Hussein alone, but he secretly went to the old people; after the funeral, the brothers built a mausoleum over their grave and took the gold; one day Hassan began to watch what kind of dowry did the wife bring in the chest; a bird flew in and took the necklace; Hassan ran after her barefoot and in his underwear; found himself at the old woman's house; spent the night there; found a necklace in the bird's nest; sold from he had one stone, bought clothes with this money; hired a job; Hussein dressed Hassan's wife Kadiem, became an assistant himself, and they began to go to cities to find out about Hassan; Hassan came and did not recognize him in the kadia Hussein; said he returned 10 gold to the jeweler, to whom he sold the necklace stone, but he said he knew nothing (the stone costs 10,000 gold); Hussein sent for the jeweler; he denied everything; Hussein ordered write a letter to his wife and seal it: give him the stone from that necklace; the stone was brought; the kadiy imprisoned the jeweler for three years and Hussein for 4 days; this is to prevent him from going anywhere; Hussein came to prison and explained to Hassan that Kadi was his wife; everything is fine; they returned to their father king; Hussein hears doves talking under the tree: if Hussein does not sleep, it's good; he must stay alone for the night Hassan ; a demon will come to kill Hassan, Hussein will kill him; otherwise he will be accused of killing Hassan; if Hussein talks about something, he will become petrified; he killed the demon, put the body in a bag and went to bury him; he was grabbed guards, accused of murder; the king ordered to tell, he turned into a stone pillar; Hassan put up a tent next to the stone to die there; sitting in a tent, he hears the doves talking; tomorrow the wife will give birth; if To kill a newborn on that rock, Hussein will come to life; if you put a loquat branch (Eriobotrya japonica) around the child's neck, he will also come to life; Hassan did so, everyone is alive and well; Hussein married his daughter vizier]: Littmann 2016:160-183; Syrian Arabs: Bushnaq 1987 [Abu-Sharr ("father of evil) and Abu-Kheit ("father of good") worked in a bakery but decided they would earn more money working in the field; on the way, ASH offered to eat AH's supplies first, and then refused to share his own and parted with his comrades; he reached the garden where fig trees grew, ate fruit and lay under a tree; three doves flew in and began conversation; a blind shoemaker does not know that where three pots of gold are buried; the people of Damascus pay dearly for water, but if you dig at the gate, they will score a spring; the sultan cuts the heads of doctors who are not in can cure his daughter, but she will recover if she eats the meat of his hunting dog; AH asked the shoemaker to let him spend the night in his shop, dug up gold; the last pot says: only the cursed son of the cursed father will be enriched at the expense of the poor man; so AH took only a few gold and left the rest; in the morning he gave the shoemaker gold, ordered him to buy food, ate, and left the rest to him; wife The shoemaker danced with happiness; then AH gave the shoemaker all three pots; he wanted to divide them in half, but AH took only as much as he needed to go to Damascus; asked the Sultan to diggers, they became dig at the gate, the water poured out; the Sultan was ready to make AH rich, but he took only as much as he needed to get to the country where the blind princess; there are the heads of loser doctors on the city wall; the dog was killed, the princess was healed; AH received the princess and asked the king to set up a bakery where everyone could eat bread for free; meanwhile, ASH ate all his earned money and became beggar; he was sent to that bakery; ASH and AH recognized each other, and ASH asked him to be taken to the garden where the fig trees were; during this time that fig tree had dried up, the deep stream had almost dried up, and the three Afrites realized that someone had overheard them; ASH: Of course it was the Father of Good; Afrites: what is your name? - The father is evil. Afrites: let each one by his name; they tore up ASH and threw his remains into the well]: 129-132; Kuhr 1993 [Good and Evil met on the road and went together; Good man shared his supplies, and when they ended, Evil agreed to share food only in exchange for the Good Man's eyes, left him alone under the tree; two birds flew there, one of them also blind; the other said that the leaves of this tree were being returned eyesight; the good man saw the light and left, picking up leaves with him; became an eye healer, but took only cakes as payment; healed the princess, married her, reigned after the death of his father-in-law; ordered that in the monastery, where everyone they came in, asked the names of those who came; this is how he found the Evil One; told him that he would cut off his head, but then forgave him]: 229-233; Aramaeans [the woman promises that if God gives her a son, she will divide between people a pot of honey and a pot of butter; however, she did not fulfill her promise; when Aladin's son grew up, the old woman told him to remind his mother about it-otherwise she would hit him, shortening his life; he forgets three times; then she put two pebbles in his belt to remember; his mother remembered, announced that she would distribute honey and butter tomorrow; but that old woman did not get it; her mother scraped her bowl, but A. accidentally threw a stone, hit the old woman in her hand and she spilled everything; ordered the dumb princess to cause his misfortunes; A. went in search; stopped under a tree at the spring; hears a parrot talking chicks: to succeed, A. must take one of you with him; that princess's father has a tower of severed heads; A. took one parrot and came to a city where the tower of heads is made; these are the heads of those who tried, but could not get the princess to talk; when he came to the palace, A. hid the parrot under his pillow - as if the pillow was telling stories; the parrot says that A. is not getting married - this dumb princess is bald; princess: not bald at all! A. hid the parrot, left, and the princess burned the pillow in anger; the next evening A. hides the parrot under the tablecloth, speaks like a tablecloth; the princess stinks from her mouth; the princess spoke again, refuting similar slander; the king married his daughter to A.; two years later A. visited her mother, she is happy]: Bergsträsser 1915, No. 6:18-22; Iraqi Arabs: Stevens 2006, No. 46 [two half-brothers go to search happiness, they agree to share bread; the stingy refuses to give the generous one, they disperse; the generous spends the night in a cave, hears two lions talking; in a rat hole - a piece of gold, gold can be bought black the dog, with her blood to expel gin from the daughter of the Sultan; the generous heals and receives the girl and the kingdom; the stingy begs, the new sultan notices him, does not punish him, talks about what happened to him, he spends the night in the cave, the lions tore it apart]: 267-274; Yaremenko 1990, No. 35 [on the way, the Greedy eats Generous's supplies, refuses to share his own, the companions parted; after overhearing the conversation between Lisa, Wolf and Tiger, Generous found out that the bag with the money of the shepherd killed by the Tiger remains by the stone above the underground stream; the Generous brings Bedouins there looking for water to wash the body of the deceased sheikh; he himself is elected sheikh; once brought Greedy, the Generous told him everything; he went to the cave of animals, they went out and tore it apart]: 176-177; Saudia {cf. Gujarati} [two friends went to the poet Hatam, one to ask for money and the other for his wife; the old man in rags asks to take him with him; H. gave money and gave his wife; each of the friends wanted everything, they stabbed each other; the woman said she would stay with the old man; the ruler's son sick, a snake has settled in it; a woman accidentally sees her crawl out of the mouth of a sleeping prince and crawling to another; says that she is lying on seven jugs of gold, and the second says what if the prince drinks vinegar, the first to die; the woman told the old man to call himself a healer; he said that his daughter would be treated; the woman gave the prince vinegar, the snake crawled out, the old man killed her; asked the king to give the "daughter" to the prince; the woman found the place where the second snake lived; she crawled away, saying that the owner of the treasure had come; the old man was Khidr]: Juhaiman 1999:50-53; Saudia [generous and greedy set off; greedy ate everything food from the generous bag and left him; the generous climbed into the cave, hears the conversation between the fox, the wolf and the tiger; the fox tells how it ate the chickens, the wolf the sheep, the tiger the shepherd; the bag with the money remained; generous her picked him up, came to the shepherds, found water for them, he was made the new sheikh, marrying the widow of the deceased; one day greedy came there; when he learned of the happiness of the generous, he went to spend the night in that cave; the animals tore him apart]: Juhaiman 1999:101-103; Yemen [the hunchback decided to commit suicide, climbed into a bag, rolled down a mountain, ended up under a tree; two hoopoes say that the leaves of this tree will cure the king's daughter; princess recovered, the hunchback received her and half his kingdom and became handsome; Azrail came; the former hunchback asks why he did not take him when he fell down the mountain; A. replies that it was none of his business; gives three days say goodbye to sisters and mother; the former hunchback brings them gifts; they pray for him; A. comes and says death is canceled, prayers have worked]: Han, al-Hegri 2004:41-43; jibbali [ two travelers found gold; one asked the other to climb into the well for water; left it in the well, carrying the gold; that man hid, overheard the conversation between the two demonesses; one says he will move into a princess, and you can only expel her by fumigating donkey manure; another says that a golden treasure can be obtained by slaughtering a brown cow and burning a dog's skin; when leaving, the demonesses forgot the pole on which they went down into the well, the man got out of it; cured the princess and married her, took out the treasures; the man who left him in the well found out everything, ordered him to be left, the demons ate him]: Müller 1907, No. 15:59-63; Socotra [to choose a friend, Sultan's son Muhammad calls the young man, offers food, leaves himself; he does not touch the food, M. rejects him; so with many; only Saleh He ate everything, M. makes him his friend; they go hunting gazelles; they notice a ship carrying a beautiful girl; they look for her everywhere, they find her in a distant land; this is Einá (Eyna), the ruler's daughter ; she comes to the young men, but M. sleeps; so twice; the third time Saleh manages to wake M., E. teaches how to find her room; the upper floor is built from the skulls of suitors who tried to do so before; S. finds E., gets it, but gives it to M.; on the way home, E. and M. spend the night under one tree and S. under another; hears three birds talking; the snake will crawl up, spit on E.'s cheek, if the poison is not erased, E. will die, and if S. he will tell, he will petrify; S. erases the poison, M. almost killed S., thinking that he tried to kiss E.; the next night; M. will want to drink, towards a man with a bucket of milk, he is poisoned; S. knocks out the vessel from the hands of M., E. again prevents M. from attacking S.; at the third night: M. will find a golden rod, if he hits a horse with it, the horse will die; S. puts his hand, the rod breaks; at home M. arranges a trial against S., S. everything says, turns into stone; his wife gave birth, three birds told her that if a baby was slaughtered, S. would come to life; E. did so, S. came to life]: Naumkin, Kogan 2013, No. 22:186-187 (with full additions English translation); Arabs of Lebanon, Jordan: El-Shamy 2004, No. 613:344-347.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Tibetans (Ham) [Palden spends the night in the forest, climbing a tree in the form of an umbrella; animals gather; a monkey says that a daughter is sick in the same house; we must get a thirsty daughter from under the stone take a frog to the river; P. comes to that house disguised as a doctor, pulls out a frog, the girl recovers, he receives gifts; sleeps again in an umbrella tree; Tiger says that there are people in one village they suffer without water, and water is under a stump; P. asks for yaks and a rope, yaks pull out a stump, people dig, soon find water; P. is chosen as an elder; Kunjo asks P. to tell us how he achieved success; when he found out, he climbs a tree, but falls, the animals tore him to pieces]: Hyde-Chambers, Hyde-Chambers 1981:156-162; Tibetans [when his son was 15, the widow sent him into the world; he chased the fox, that down the hole; he tied the dog to the horse, covered the way out of the hole with his hat; the fox jumped out, carrying his hat, the dog after it, the horse after the dog; the young man fell asleep under a tree, hears the crows talking: going to a village in the east, he will find his happiness; going east, the young man met a beggar, told him about the disappearance; he beat him; came to the wedding, he was driven away; in another house he spent the night in a pile of dung; pigs came, he cut off one head; noticed how the hostess dropped the turquoise ornament; threw a rag over it; the maid put the rag and the ornament with her into the crack in the wall; they began to look for jewelry; the young man promised find; took a pig's head and pretended to be leading him to his goal; having regained her turquoise, the hostess gave the young man new clothes, money, food and drink]: O'Connor 1906, No. 22:158-165; Meitei [from the widow Chandrakangnan's son; he cut down a tree and made it a couch that moved on its own; the king bought it, promising to pay his widow tomorrow; that night the king's beloved servant named Selungjao lay down on couch; heard four legs talking, then the fourth left; after that, three said that the king would be bitten by a snake and only by killing her could he be saved; S. hid in the royal chambers with a knife in his hands and killed a snake ; at first it caused anger, but then everything became clear; S. was awarded and the widow's son too]: 10; meitei [the queen sees two dead sparrows on the ground; the male died a female, he took another one, and she threw it away from the nest of the chicks first; the queen cries, begs her husband to take care of their sons Turi and Basanta if she dies; she died; the stepmother pretended to be sick, persuaded the doctor to say that she would be cured by bathing in the blood of their stepsons; the king sent them to kill them, but their servants let them go, brought the dog's blood; younger B. fell asleep under a tree, and T. hears the parrots talking; whoever eats the female will first be unhappy and then happy and whoever is male will be king; T. shot and fried parrots; fell asleep; B. woke up, ate the female, and T. then ate the male; B. could not walk out of fatigue, T. went to get water, to meet an elephant sent to choose a king; the elephant told him to sit on it; T. became king and forgot about his brother; B. came to the palace, but he was mistaken for an impudent beggar, the king ordered him to be thrown into prison; the merchant cannot lower the boat into the river, not even elephants move it; the king gives the prisoner to sacrifice him; B. touches the boat and it moves; the merchant makes him his partner; the king of another country organizes a swayamvara for his daughter; the merchant and B. come the princess hangs a garland around B.'s neck; the angry king married him to B. and sent her away from the palace; the merchant pushed B. into the river, his wife managed to throw him a pillow; demanded that the merchant postpone the wedding with her for three years; husband and laundress wife found B. on the shore and adopted him; B. accidentally came to the hut where his wife lived, recognized her, began to tell his story, his wife recognized him; she promised the merchant to marry him immediately after he told the story to the king; brought B., he began to tell, the king recognized his brother; appointed B. as a military leader, expelled the merchant, everything is fine]: Damant 1975:260-254; kachin [sage predicts a peasant son to be king; the king throws the boy in a chest into the river, he is picked up; the king meets the young man, finds out, tells him to carry the letter; he is ordered to kill the giver; on the way robbers replace the letter, the applicant must marry the princess; the king tells his son-in-law 1) to bring three golden hairs of the naga; on the way, the young man is asked to know why the spring has dried up, the golden tree does not bear fruit, how the carrier across the river to get rid of this job; the old woman (apparently Nata's mother) pulls out golden hairs from the dormant nat, each time says that in her dream she saw that the spring had dried up, etc.; nat replies that it is necessary to drive away the frog that sat on a stone by the spring, drive the rat out from under the roots of the tree, the carrier must give the boat and paddle to another; the young man heard the answers when he becomes an ant; the greedy king goes for hairs, receives a boat and a paddle from the carrier]: Kasevich, Osipov 1976, No. 31:109-114.

Burma - Indochina. Burmese: Aung 1957 [After leaving university, lazy Mong Paung Chin learns that the princess's husbands die on the first night; marries a princess, puts two of his own instead a banana trunk; Naga crawls out from under the roof, pierces his teeth into the trunk, they get stuck, the MPH kills him with a sword; Naga was the princess's lover; she pays the hunter a thousand coins for ripping Naga off skin, seamstress - a hundred for sewing a pillow, making a hairpin out of a bone; tells me to figure it out in 40 days: it was torn in a thousand, sewed for a hundred, made a hairpin out of a bone; MPC parents hear how Raven tells Voronikha that they will soon enjoy the eyes of the MPH, because he will not be able to solve (describes the riddle); parents answer on the last day; the MPH gains the throne, does not execute, but expels the princess] : 65-69; Zapadova 1977 [two friends went to look for happiness; one spent the night in the forest, made a fire; five spirits flew in, sensed a man; he counted them in response, said "six with me", where is it to be human; the spirits calmed down; the man asked where the gold was buried - in the left corner of the gazebo; the man dug gold, got rich; his friend went to the place; was frightened; one of the spirits began to count; who touched, his nose grew; his friend decided to help; went to the cemetery, counted to six, asked how to shorten his nose; one of the spirits: the widow has a pepper pestle, they knock on the nose; the man cured a friend]: 27-29; Arakan people [the old king wants to hand over the throne to his son; he does not dare to become king, leaves dressed as a peasant; finds out that the youngest of the seven princesses is single, sends her a note, she marries him; the king wants to know which of the sons-in-law 1) will bring the best horse; the prince hears the horses talking: one of them was in Nat country and injured her leg, but will recover in a few days; he I bought this horse, it is better than others; 2) he will buy the best goods; the prince tells him to leave it on the island, from the conversation of the birds he learns that they are swallowing precious stones; finds gold and gems in bird droppings; Since then, the birds do not swallow rubies, but look down to relieve themselves; 3) jewelry to decorate the ship; the prince bought the snake that the laundress was going to kill; the snake turned out to be the daughter of the dragon king, presented silver flowers; then the prince released her older sons-in-law from captivity; his father-in-law made him heir]: Kasevich, Osipov 1976, No. 61:191-194; ahem [seven brothers discuss what is most delicious; the elders talk about food, the youngest about the girl; the elders hit him; when they hear his explanations, his mother and father also hit; he goes to the forest, kills wild pigs, climbs a tree; sees how the pig revives the dead a plant; takes part of the plant, revives a dead bird; the ruler's daughter is dead, the ruler promises her to the one who will revive her; the young man revives her, but does not marry her, but asks the ruler for a rooster; if he is pressed , he creates whatever you want; he creates a village; the ruler comes and asks him to show what he has revived his daughter with; the young man opens his hand, the Moon descends and takes the money; during an eclipse to the moon the Frog attacks, trying to take possession of it (the product here is called a "piece of wood", piece of wood); the young brothers come, asking for a rooster to create a village for themselves; frightened of what has begun storms, they squeeze too hard, the rooster dies; the young man makes a comb out of the rooster's bones; when he combs his hair, gold and silver fall; the brothers ask for a comb to borrow, they comb their hair, their hair falls out, he burns comb; a little bit left, the young man made a toothpick out of it, gold and silver are pouring in again; brothers and parents ask for a toothpick, their teeth have fallen out, they burned the toothpick; the part remains, her young man swallowed, his intestinal gases became fragrant; one of the brothers asks what to eat; the young man advises to eat some plants; his brother got dirty, died]: Lindell et al. 1978, No. 14:112-117; zyaray [The young man Mlan spent the night in a hut to worship spirits; at midnight someone told him where the treasure was buried; he dug a jug of gold; the rich old man also went to spend the night in the hut; he heard a giggle and his nose stuck to the floor; when he tore it off, his nose became as long as a trunk; Mlan went back to that hut and the spirits told him to pick leaves into the tree, with which he cured the rich man]: Nikulin 1970:257-258.

South Asia. Kashmiris [the brahmana has an absurd wife; he decided to leave home, but a snake crawled into his bag by the spring and he decided to take the bag to his wife - let the snake bite her; but the snake was beautiful the boy and the brahman and his wife no longer quarreled; the young man grew up, his name is Nágray, he must swim in clean water; for this purpose, a snake penetrates the fence of the Raja Garden; Raja Hímál's daughter is his saw and fell in love; told her father to marry her N.; N. came with a wealthy retinue, built a palace; but his naked wives sought to return him; one persuaded H. to check which caste her husband was from; for this purpose he must dive into the spring; he did so and the nagas dragged him back to their world; H. built a caravanserai and began to feed the poor there; a beggar and daughter told me how he saw a king at the spring at night with his army; then the army returned to the spring, and the king lamented his fate; H. ordered her to be taken to this spring; hugged N.; he turned her into a pebble, took her into a naga world; the naked wives told her warm the milk for the snakes; but H. accidentally knocked on the vessel while the milk was still hot; the snakes drank and died; the naked killed her; the hermit asked Narayana to revive her; N. crawled to H. in the form of a snake. while she was sleeping in a hermit's house and his son killed a snake without knowing that it was N.; N.'s body was burned and H. was burned down with the widow; the hermit hears two birds talking, Shiva and Parvati took their form: ashes must be thrown into the spring, N. and H. will come to life; and so it happened; N. and H. began to live near the spring]: Knowles 1888:491-504; himachali plowmen [Raja asks six daughters, five say that they are blessed fate is in his hands, they owe him everything; sixth: in no one's, what will happen will happen; her father wants to kill her, then tells her to take her to the forest; there she sits in a palanquin praying, Mahadeva heard her sends servants to give her food; she sees a damp stain on the ground, digs the ground, finds water and lots of gold, builds a palace; the Raja finds out about it, returns it, asks forgiveness; when she leaves, asks her daughters what they want bring it; the sixth daughter wants a box; he buys it for an expensive price; the girl waves a fan over her, the prince comes out of the box; the sisters find out about it, pour glass on the couch, the prince is wounded, goes into his world, does not appear from the box; the girl goes to look for him, hears an eagle talking to a parrot under the tree; eagle: the windows from the prince's body will come out if you rub it with droppings from the eagle's nest; the girl dresses a fakir, comes to the prince's father, heals him, asks for his ring, bow and arrows as a reward; the prince reappears from the box, the girl shows him a ring and a bow and arrows, everything is explained, Tsarevich takes her as his wife]: Dracott 1906:20-30; himachali plowmen [the king has 6 sons with one wife and 1 from the other; six do not like his half-brother; when they all come to the clearing, everyone says that he set up there (a horse race place, a field, etc.); seventh brother: he would build a city named after me; the brothers tied it to a tree and left; at one time the young man saved the rat and now the rats gnawed the ropes; Shiva and Parvati are flying above the ground, P. asks S. to help the young man; he hears that a bird will arrive at night, he must shoot it, there is a ring in it that fulfills his wish; the young man asked the fire to create a city; after learning about Thus, six brothers sent a woman; she met the young man's wife and called herself her niece, persuaded her husband to ask her husband how he had risen; overheard the young man's answer; advised the woman to take it away from her husband the ring will be healthier; the liar stole the ring from the woman, gave it to her older brother; the young man was again tied to a tree; the rat broke into his older brother's bedroom, began to tickle his nose with his tail, he spit out the ring; the city is back, the young man made the rat minister]: Seethalakshmi 1960, No. 3:24-29; kumaoni [the elder drives the poor brahman, he goes to the cemetery; the cemetery demon pishach tells him hide in a tree; four rakshasa came and ate a demon; one said silver was buried under the tree, the other that if you feed a 70-year-old bird living on a tree with feces, he would become 10 years old third, that if you throw clay at the mouse, she will leave her precious necklace, fourth, that if you build a house on such a mountain, there will be gold stones in the house; the brahmana heals the leper king, asks for a mountain as a gift, builds a house there, gets rich; the warden goes to the same cemetery, the Rakshasa ate it]: Minaev 1968, No. 42:101-104; Sindhi: Kincaid 1922, No. 13 [at night, the Peri moved Prince Kamsen to Princess Kamrup and then brought home; the prince withers from love; the king sends to search for Kamrup, he is attacked by enemies; Kamsen defeats enemies, gains the throne, kidnaps Kamrup; Rakshas kills him when he bathes, but Kamrup kills Rakshasa, and Mahadev and Parvati revive Kamsen; another Raja gives him her daughter Waso; she puts on men's clothes, pretends to have Kamrup's lover; Kamsen tells him to take him away Kamrup into the desert and pull his eyes out; his servants bring him the eyes of a deer; the peri take care of Kamrup; Camsen kills Vaso, goes to look for Kamrup; hears the birds tell his story and Kamrup; the peri will arrive soon with Kamprup, they will swim, they must hide the clothes of the queen of the fairies, ask them to give Kamrup in return; peri complies with the request, but another king seized the throne of Kamrupa; turning into giants, the Peri defeated the army, killed the king, Kamprup regained his throne]: 117-130; Schimmel 1995, No. 2 [(plug-in story); Good and Evil went on a journey; Evil let the Good down the well to collect water; when he quenched his thirst, he took it Good clothes and money and gone; Good hears a conversation between a cobra that fell into the well and a Ginny named Jabra; the cobra tells how she moves into the princess on the full moon; Ginny says how to expel her from using the leaves of this tree and the water of this well; the cobra says that you have to kill a gazelle over a mound of earth to get treasures; a wedding train was passing by, a man came for water, pulled out Good ; he cured the princess and married her; The evil one recognizes him and tells the king that his son-in-law is a shoemaker; The good one denies, obtains and brings treasures as proof; Evil himself hides in the well, the snake finds and eats it]: 17-29; Punjabi: Mehta 2011 (Seraiki, Multan) [Good and Evil walked together, stopped eating; ate Good's food, and Evil only agreed to share water in exchange for eyes Good; pushed the blind man into a dry well and left; he hears a snake, a swan and Deh talking to a banyan; Swan: my litter regains my sight; Snake: I hid treasures in the cave, you can get them only by lifting the lid with a branch of this banyan; Deh: I cast a shadow on the princess, she fell ill, she will be cured by bathing in the infusion of this banyan leaves; Good man cured his eyes, cured the princess, got her married ; Evil came, out of envy, accused the Good of being sudra; the Good brought the Snake's treasures: how can a sudra have so much money? The evil one climbed into the well himself; the Snake, the Swan and Deh found and killed him]: 189-192; Steel, Temple 1884, No. 22, 41 [the fakir gives the childless Raja a stick to knock down 5 mangoes from the tree first, then 2, let each of the 7 wives will eat one fruit; the raja throws the third time, the stick gets stuck in the tree, the mangoes return to the branches; the fakir allows a second attempt; half of the mango for the youngest wife was eaten by the mouse; a boy was born- half (vertically: with one hand, leg, eye, etc.); goes wandering with his brothers; other Raja wives give him sweets full of ash; but only he was able to crawl over the fence for melons and eat melons; the brothers called the owner of the melons, who tied Half to the tree, but the Half told the rope to untie, caught up with the brothers; the same with the plum tree (he throws only unripe plums to the brothers); brothers they pushed him into a well, left; there he hears a one-eyed demon, a dove and a snake talking; the snake: under me are the treasures of the seven kings; demon: the princess is sick because of me; dove: his droppings cure any illness; the camel driver pulled Half out of the well; under the guise of a doctor, he came to the king, cured the princess; he marries him, gives him half his kingdom; the brothers say that the Half is poor; he brings the treasures of the seven kings; the brothers also hide in the well, the demon ate them]: 290-297; Gujarats {cf. Saudia} [at night, the king swallowed a snake along with the water, and it began to grow in his stomach; the king does not know what is going on, goes to the saint on the Ganges; with him the vizier; at night he sees how from the king's mouth the snake sticks out to breathe some air (snakes are believed to feed on the wind), talks to another one who crawled out of the hole; she reproaches her for torturing the king; tells how to make a potion, with which can be used to expel it from the body; the first snake says in response that the second snake lives on a buried vessel of gold; to drive the snake out of the hole, you have to pour oil into it, the snake will ignite and crawl out; the vizier prepares the medicine, the snake comes out of the king's body piece by piece; the king sends for oil, the second snake crawls out in flames; (the gold is taken out)]: Hertel 1921, No. 67:293-295; Marathi [son Raja is friends with the vizier's son; Rani does not like it, she pays the old woman to quarrel with them; the old woman approaches the vizier's son, who asks what she needs, she replies that nothing; Raja's son is not believes, thinks that a friend is hiding something, they quarrel, Raja's son tells his father to kill the vizier's son; he hides him; Raja's son repents; the vizier's son goes for the girl in a glass palace, the vizier's son is with him, he gets a beauty by jumping over the river on horseback; on the way back they spend the night under a tree, the vizier's son overhears the conversation of two owls; a tree, the vault of the aisle, will fall on the newlyweds, but the vizier's son will have time for them push forward; at night a cobra will crawl out, the vizier's son will kill her, a drop of blood will fall on the young wife's forehead, the vizier's son will try to lick her, will be accused of trying to take possession of a woman; everything will tell and turn into stone; a boy born at 8 years old will touch the statue and the vizier's son will come to life; and so it happened]: Frere 1868, No. 5:72-86; northern India, Mirzapur, Mirzapur, Hindi: Crooke 1892-1893, No. 633 [six The daughters told the king that they believed in their father, and the seventh believed in themselves; the king drove her into the forest; she found an empty house in which everything she needed for life remained in it; the king asked the daughters what to bring them; They also sent the servant to the forest, he found that house; the princess replied that she was washing, let the servant be patient; the servant understood that the princess asked her father for patience; when the king was about to return, the ship did not moved; the king remembered that he had forgotten to buy patience; an old woman sold him something wrapped in a rag; after receiving the package, the princess threw it away; later she was surprised that the rag was imperishable, unfolded the bundle, there was a fan; when she put it back up, the prince appeared; they began to live together; when the prince wanted to return to his country, the wife put the fan with the back side down; the sisters came to visit the youngest, saw the prince and, out of envy, poured broken glass under his sheet; the prince ordered him to put the fan with the back side down, disappeared and did not appear again; the wife went in search, spent the night under wood; hears a conversation between a parrot and a starling; a parrot describes its story; a quick teaches them to take their droppings, cook them in oil and lubricate their body with this ointment - the glasses will come out; the wife came disguised the doctor, healed the prince; when she returned, turned the fan, the prince appeared; they lived happily ever after]: 171-172; 1895, No. 255 [the brothers Neki ("good") and Badi ("bad") began to argue; the tree confirmed what good is rewarded with evil and evil with good; B. cut off N.'s arms and legs and threw him into the well; he hears the demons talking; such clay will make the person who has lost his dicks whole; treasures are buried in such a place; the king will be healed a drop of goat's blood; the traveler pulled N. out of the well, he asked him to be brought to the place where the clay was, his arms and legs returned; dug treasures, cured the king, he gave him half the kingdom; B. was convinced that N. is right]: 103; Nepalis [a man asks God to make him a wife out of his half; he did, but a drop of blood was lost, a black snake grew out of it; the wife took the snake as a lover; they agreed that the snake will bite her husband; he managed to kill the snake by cutting it into pieces; the wife says she cries because if her husband died, she would be left alone; asks for worship at the temple, cremates pieces of the body lover, gave the jeweler three coins to seal the snake's head in a silver talisman weighing 5 coins; when she returns, she offers her husband a riddle (what are 5, 3, etc.), if she does not guess, she will kill him; husband thinks that everything is a joke; he did not guess; before death he writes a letter to her sister; she rests under a tree, hears sparrows talking; sparrows insist that the sparrow tell her everything; he warns that after telling her , dies; tells the whole story, dies; sister solves the riddle; wife's nose and ears were cut off, half shaved, driven away]: Sakya, Griffith 1980:88-91; buffilhorned maria [seventh brother more boy; the wives of his older brothers cook for him, he is dissatisfied, they say that he also has a wife; he comes to her, goes up to her sari, falls, crashes to death; his wife takes him to a flying chariot, descends by the river; hears and sees how a sparrow killed his wife in a quarrel, revived him by letting the root smell; the wife revived her husband; they fly away in a chariot, the young man is thirsty, the wife lowers the chariot, goes to get water; in the well the spirit of a woman who died during her period; she suggests that she take the water herself to her husband; says that he will receive water from her only if he sees it in his wife's clothes and jewelry, offers to change clothes, flies away with the woman's husband on a chariot; the wife flies behind, the imaginary wife screams that it is a spirit, tells her husband to throw her into the well; the shepherd saves her, she creates a palace; the imaginary wife defiles food with menstrual blood; husband comes to the palace, wife tells everything; the spirit is killed, buried by driving 4 pegs into the corners of the grave]: Elwin 1944, No. 14:57-59; Muria (Bastar County, South Chhattisgarh) [the snake asks the Raja farmer to save her from the fire; he offers to crawl into his mouth; she refuses to crawl back; the Raja dries, leaves as an ascetic, hires to guard the garden; local Raja asks her children where they have enough; six sons: your worries, daughter: I support myself; the father tells the gardener to find his daughter a husband to leave her widow three days later ( the widow cannot remarry); the gardener brought a watchman, after the wedding, the local Raja drove the young into the forest; the wife refused to leave her husband; one day she sees a snake crawl out of the anthill, talks to the one inside the Raja; condemns her: it is a pity that no one will smear the Raja's mouth with molasses, the one sitting inside will crawl out; another snake: why do you keep so much money in your anthill; Raja's wife bought molasses, the snake crawled out, she killed her, the Raja recovered, became prettier; the wife dug up an anthill, killed a second snake, there was a chest of gold; Raja returned home, lived with two wives]: Elwin 1944, No. 4:449-451 (trans. Zograf 1971, No. 13:55-57); Oraons [the drunkard has 7 married sons, the elder's wife takes care of her father-in-law; she is considered a witch, expelled from the village; the husband went with her, but at night when she fell asleep, he returned; a woman climbed a tree; the crows hear a conversation: the king's ears are sick, he will be cured by crow droppings; the woman has collected droppings, the king has recovered, took the woman to live in the palace; her husband and his relatives are in poverty; the husband came, she fed him, he realized that it was his wife; the king also left him to live in the palace]: Hahn 1906, No. 29:55-57; Malayali [the learned brahman Vararuchi could not answer King Vikramaditya's question, which of Ramayana's poems is the most excellent; went to travel; went to bed under a pipal tree; there were spirits that drank women's blood; one says that a woman from the Paraya*Chandal caste) gave birth to a daughter who will marry Vararuchi, who does not know what is the best verse in the Ramayana; recites a verse, V. remembered; returned to the king, recited a verse, said that a girl from the Chandal caste was born, who would bring death to the state; the king orders to find the girl, let her raft down the river; V. marries the intelligent and beautiful daughter of a brahmana; discovers a healed wound on her head; the wife explains that her brahman adopted, and a candle was attached to his head, lowering it on a raft in infancy; every time his wife gives birth, V. asks if the baby has a mouth; tells him to leave the child in the forest, because God, who gave his mouth, will give and food; for the twelfth time, the wife replies that the child does not have a mouth; he became the mouthless god Vayillakkkun, sitting on a hill; the remaining 11 became the ancestors of 11 castes in Kerala; they are all said to be avatars Vishnu]: Kudinova, Kudinov 1995:247-251; Bengalis [prince travels with his son Kotvala (fortress chief), who leaves him in the well; the prince hears two bhuts (spirits) talking about why The princess is sick and how can she be cured, and where is the gold hidden and how to get it; the prince heals the princess, marries her, gets gold; upon learning about this, the son of the cauldron climbs into the well and is killed bhutami]: Clouston 1887 (1): 256-258; Oriya [prince's friend, son of a clergyman (mantri), sees a pool in the forest and a painted female portrait; tries to hide it from the prince, but he sees and falls in love ; a snake with a diamond on its head crawls out of the pond, leaves it, swallows horses, rushes at the prince, a friend kills a snake; with the help of a diamond they enter the pond, there is the prince's daughter, she promised to go beyond whoever sees her portrait; the prince takes her as his wife; the king sees her, demands that a ship be built under water, otherwise he executes carpenters; the vulture tells his children that such a ship can be made made of wood on which they sit; the ship is built, the king takes the prince's wife; a friend finds the prince's wife, takes him back in a self-propelled ship; the guru's two heirs share his property: sandals that they will take it to the right place, a pot that gives food, a cane that can hit the ground to create a village with people; a friend invites the arguers to race, take property with the prince and his wife; a friend hears a conversation between celestials; when the prince enters the palace, he will be crushed by a wall; he can be knocked down in advance, but the one who discovered the secret will become petrified; spirits from the land of the dead: the prince will be thrown off by a horse (killing a horse is the same); people from the mountains : a cobra will crawl into the newlyweds room (same); a friend tells to destroy the wall, kill the prince's horse; the stepmother gives the prince rice, a friend tells him to bury it; a friend kills a cobra, a drop of blood fell on the prince's wife, a friend tried to wipe it off, the prince woke up, demands an explanation; a friend told everything, petrified; the prince sees a snake crawling to eat the vulture chicks, kills a snake; vulture mother: a friend will be revived by the ground from under of this tree; a friend has come to life, everything is fine]: Mohanti 1975:24-29; Tamils [the elderly king finally has an heir; when he dies, he entrusts him to a faithful servant; a vizier who hopes to take the throne, became regent until the prince's 16th birthday; when the prince married, the servant makes sure that his wife does not give the prince food or spend the night with him; when the prince is 18, he accidentally manages to get out of the palace; At Ganesha Temple, he overheard a conversation between two shepherds, one of whom understands the language of animals and explains what the lizard is saying; the prince realizes that the regent really wants to kill him; in the pavilion he sees his own wife and regent; while they are looking for a prince in the city, the robber robs the palace; he takes a prince who pretended to be a beggar to carry the loot; in the robber's cave, his daughter promises to become the prince's wife, and the robber's wife tells her husband to kill his assistant; the thief's daughter helps escape from the cave; the prince finds a loyal servant, they grab and decapitate traitors (including the prince's first wife) and reward helpers; the robber and his wife are executed, and their daughter becomes the wife of a new king]: Natesa Sastri 1884, No. 4:35-62; the Tamils [the prince is the embodiment of virtue and the son of the vizier is vice; but the prince is friends with the son of a vizier; they got lost hunting, the prince reproached the vizier's son for his commitment to vice, who blinded him and abandoned him; the prince climbed into the temple of Kali and locked the gate; opened K. for promising to restore his sight; became a temple minister; grateful K. sends him to cure the princess, whom she punished with blindness; the prince restores the princess's sight and marries her; the vizier's son, expelled by his father, accidentally comes there ; the prince makes him close again; he tells the old king that his son-in-law is actually from the lower caste; the king tells the servant to kill his son-in-law and daughter; at one time, the vizier's son made a promise from the prince if he marries, gives him his wife for one night; for the celebration to be more complete, he now demands that his promise be fulfilled; the old queen sends a girl like her instead of her daughter; the servant breaks into the peace of the prince, but it does not kill him, but the vizier's son and that girl who were there; everything is explained]: Natesa Sastri 1884, No. 4:35-62; (cf. Tamils (informant: I read this story from the book) [when Raja's son and vizier's son grew up, the fathers handed over their posts to them; but first they went on a journey; once a young vizier went for food; a young Raja saw a snake crawling, killed it, put a ring on his finger that fell out of its mouth; this ring spreads the waters, he went into an underwater tunnel; there was a girl; a snake killed - the Rakshasa who kidnapped her; she becomes the wife of a Raja; tells her not to leave their refuge; the husband does not listen; the other Raja sees them; the old woman pretended to be an unhappy widow; the Raja took her to their shelter, although the wife did not wanted; the old woman gave the young man a potion, put his body in the coffin, took the ring; before that, the young man told his wife how he and the vizier had lost each other; and that the vizier's son was able to revive the dead; the wife promised The Raje, who sent the old woman, to become his wife, but in the meantime, asks to feed 1000 people for free and send everyone who has lost a friend to her; the vizier returned 4 days before the deadline; pretended The old woman's long-missing son, lured her ring; he was brought to the girl, everything turned out; at night they went down to the underwater tunnel, the vizier revived the raja, all three jumped into their kingdom; at night The vizier hears two parrots talking; now a banyan will fall on the raja; and if he survives and climbs the platform, the platform will collapse and the Raja will die; and if he is saved, the cobra will bite him on the bed; who says petrified; can be revived by sprinkling the stone with the blood of his only son; the vizier dragged the sleeping raja from under the banyan, he fell; the horse jumped over the platform; in marriage, the vizier hid under the bed, killed a snake, a drop of blood fell on Rani's chest, the vizier wiped it off with his finger, and then the Raja woke up; the vizier was sentenced to burn; he told everything and petrified; the couple cut off his son's head% the vizier came to life and revived the boy] : Blackburn 2005, No. 5); Sinhalese [High offers to eat their supplies first; when they run out, Low refuses to share his own; gives food for permission to pull out High's eyes; throws him tied under a tree; the rakshasa on the tree say that the juice of this tree heals the eyes, the one who eats the leaves will be full, the one who eats the fruit will become king; the High One sees the light, he is chosen king instead of the deceased king; The low one tells his wife to blind him, throw him under a tree; dies]: Volkhonsky, Solntseva 1985, No. 94:227-230.

Malaysia-Indonesia. Sunda [Ki Satu and Ki Dua go to the Room to study theology; CD lures money from the COP, gives bread in exchange for their eyes, lowers them into the well; hearing dwarfs talk, the COP learns that blind people are treated with leaves of the Singavereng tree, that after killing a black dog, you find out where the treasures are buried; the peasant pulls the CS upstairs, leads him to the tree, he sees the light, restores the princess's sight with the same leaves, marries her, pulls out treasures, takes care of an impoverished CD; he climbs into a well, dwarfs say someone overheard their conversation, kills CD]: Braginsky 1972:57-61.

China - Korea. Chinese (Qinghai): Frick 1954, No. 9 [the younger brother inherits some land and millet; some of the grains are boiled, the ears have not sprouted; the bonza tells each of the sprouted plants to be transplanted three times, Watch day and night so that no one dies; a peasant sees a white hare carrying one plant to the temple, following a hare; a hare, a wolf and a tiger talk in the temple, saying where gold and silver are buried; the peasant digs up treasures, gets rich; the older brother also goes to the temple, the animals found him and bit him], 10 [the woman does not like her stepson Hei-pao, loves her son Pei-pao; tries to poison her stepson twice, but Bei-bao or his father saves him; the brothers go on a journey, B. saves H. again from his stepmother's poison; H. earned money in Nanjing, B. lost everything in Beijing; on the way home, H. gives half of the money to B., and he throws him into a well and takes everything; sitting in a well, H. hears 8 spirits talking, finds out where gold and medicines are; a girl who comes to the well rescues him, he heals the girl, finds treasures; cares for his father, gives B. money to take care of his mother; B. asks his mother to put him in the well, 8 spirits fill him with earth; H. takes care of his stepmother]: 519-520, 520-521; Chinese: Lin Lin, Ustin 1959 [ the peasant borrows grain from the landowner; only one stalk of the Gaolian grew; in the fall the golden eagle took it away; the peasant went to get the golden eagle, spent the night in a pine tree near the cave; heard the Wolf, the Monkey, the Bear talking, Tiger; animals take out the magic jug, he gives them food, hides it again; the landowner orders to sow one seed of gaoliang, also goes after the golden eagle, the animals pull it off the pine tree, stretch its nose; at home he caught on with his nose for a vat of water, drowned]: 211-215; Eberhard 1937, No. 28 (most in Zhejiang and a little less often in Jiangsu; also Hunan, Shaanxi, Guangdong; possibly all over China) [one of two friends or brothers leaves another; when he climbs a tree or temple, he hears animals talking (how to cure a girl, find treasures, etc.)]: 40-43; Ting 1978, No. 613 [a lot of records; an indication of Chinese versions also in Ikeda 1971:158]; Ancient China [since 4th century AD]: Eberhard 1937:43; Chuan Miao: Graham 1954:208 [an evil pig salesman pushes a good man off a cliff; he clings to a vine, hears a conversation animals; a tiger explains how to burn a rock with two burdens of coal, a monkey explains how to make an emperor's daughter sighted with grass; a young man burns a rock, making way for water, gets a lot of money for it; the evil driver himself jumps off a cliff, but the tiger and the monkey have left this place; after hanging for many days, a person falls and crashes], 277-278 [an evil pig salesman pushes the good man off the cliff, he clings to the vine; hears conversation of immortals; finds out what herb to cure the princess (the healer will be the first minister), how to destroy a rock to irrigate rice fields; man did everything]; meo (Vietnam): Nikulin 1970a [older brother hears the ghosts say that an evil and vicious heart is dearer to them; pulls out the younger brother's eyes to take away his share of the inheritance; the younger one wanders in the forest, climbs a tree, hears animals talking; tiger , boar, bear talk about buried treasures, monkey talk about the fruits of the tree under which they sit, the fruits restore sight; the young man smears his eyes with juice, sees the light, digs up treasures; the elder brother asks the younger one to blind him, he refuses; the eldest still climbs the tree, the animals have torn him to pieces]: 285-288; 1990 [bad older brother Shin wants to take the wife of the virtuous younger Pao; thinks he has fairy tales, if he does not answer, he must give his wife; P.'s wife offers her own in response to Shinya's tales; S. leads P. into the forest; promises that if he lets himself be dazzled, he will be able to go see dead parents; blind P. sleeps in a hut, where they leave offerings to spirits; Tiger, Bear talk about hidden treasures; Pig about a spring unknown to people; Fox about a spring that returns vision; P. regains his eyesight, becomes rich, irrigates his field; impoverished S. dazzles himself, goes to spend the night in a hut, animals ate him]: 193-202; Koreans: Choi 1979, No. 479 [poor young man went to buy firewood, overheard the spirits talking in the forest; when he found out what was needed, he cured the rich man's daughter, married her; another, greedy young man also went, hid under the stone of the perfume house, the house collapsed, the young man died]: 213; Cho 2001, No. 104 [the young man understands the conversation of birds; hears the voron, finds a corpse; goes further, tells the woman, she accuses him of killing her husband; he shows the official his abilities, is acquitted; hears birds talking under a tree; 1) a willow must be dug, a key will be buried in an anhydrous village; 2) a treasure is buried under the poor man's hearth; 3) a centipede in wood is the cause of the illness of the rich man's daughter; the young man digs up a willow, gets a reward, buys a poor man's house, pulls out a treasure, kills a centipede, gets a girl]: 195-198; Park 1991 [the young man got lost, spent the night in the forest, overheard the spirits talking; 1) if you dig under the willow in a waterless village, he will score the key; 2) the poor old man has gold buried behind the stove; 3) the rich man's daughter is sick, because a centipede has settled under the firewood; the young man digs a well, pulls out gold and gets half, kills a centipede, marries a recovered girl; a young man's envious friend goes to spend the night in the woods; spirits say that the jewels are buried under the wall of his house; he digs, thinks that the treasure has collapsed the house, the wall crushed him to death]: 220-222; the fox [Badu is lazy, his wife tells him to trade, he goes on a journey, three days later he accidentally returns without immediately recognizing his wife; finds a horn in the cave buffalo, supposedly makes him a magic wand, decides to become a predictor; tells his wife about what happened in his absence (the wife does not know that he was eavesdropping); the king sends him to find out why The capital is on fire; on the way he hears a conversation between a crow and a crow: a frog is walled up under the palace column, it has cursed the city; the frog is pulled out, the fire ends, B. gets half of the kingdom]: Zapadova 1977 : 153-157; Pumi [an ordinary man and a deceiver caught a musk deer together; spent the night in a cave; the deceiver invited the companion to lie down at the exit - it will be hot from the fire, you will move; moves at night the fire is closer to the companion, he crawls further and further, falls off the cliff at the fork in the tree, hears the animals talking to the tiger; wolf: the elder's wife is sick; we must clear the well from the dragon, burn it smoking dragon; leopard: in a waterless village, a spring under a large stone; muntzhak deer: a tree fell by the road with treasures in it; a man explains how to cure a woman, how to get water, both times receives a reward; pulls treasures from a tree trunk; tells the deceiver; he rolls down a cliff and finds himself in a tree; animals report to the tiger that secrets have been overheard; the tiger finds deceiver and eats]: Miller 1994:228-230.

The Balkans. Moldovans: Botezatu 1981:46-58 [Petraeus was lost when his mother went with him to the forest to pick mushrooms; the old man brought him and when P. drank the milk of a red cow, he became like a 20-year-old; an old man with his wife sends P. to herd goats, but not to take possession of the wolf; P. entered, ripped off the wolf's skin and brought it to the elderly; the next day - the same (bear possession); the border of Forest Witch P.'s possessions is not stepped over; the witch decided to destroy him and said that he would look good with Ilyana-Kosynzyana, who is always 16 years old; the snake asks to lift the rock that crushed her; on the rock there is an inscription: if you rescue Sugura-Mugura from the Black King's dungeon, he will help get IK; P. worked for two years until the CC agreed to give him the key; SM is barely alive, P. fattened him, the blacksmith shod his horseshoe horse 25 pounds each; they drove to a glass mountain, where IC; SM made P. invisible; P cut off half of the hair sleeping IR, stole a golden apple, changed rings; IC agreed to become his wife; on the way back SM does not sleep, hears bird conversation: the matchmaker will serve poisoned wine (it was prepared by the Forest Witch), and whoever tells will petrify; SM specially dropped the flask of wine, the grass charred, P. cut off the matchmaker's head; the next night: will be greeted with flowers, wolf teeth in flowers; SM grabs, throws flowers, they fell into the ground, burdock grew; P. chopped imaginary friends and best men; on the third night: The Forest Witch will come with 12 snakes, will chop P. and IK; SM chopped the snakes, the Witch became a puddle of resin, but injured P. with the handle of the saber; he requires explanation; SM told, petrified; the grandfather orders to sprinkle the stone with the blood of a red goat; SM came to life and the goat also unharmed; SK and P. threw a golden apple, from which a castle and a garden grew], 293-300 [the hermit gives grapes to the childless queen, she conceives a son; the king hunts, falls into the fortress a line; he releases king, when the king promises to give what he does not know at home; son Dafin has grown up, the hell takes him away; D. learns the language of birds from him; overheard the birds talking, they say that the unfortunate Arap has been drawing water from him for 180 years a bottomless well, where Vestra, stolen by the devil, bathes; old man A. teaches D. to steal the clothes of bathing V., run without looking back; A. blesses their marriage, gets rid of the punishment of the devil, disappears; hell I agree to let D. and V. go if D. 1) plows the field to the horizon in a day, harvests, bakes bread (V. orders the demons); 2) shoot a hare in the garden a line (this is the devil himself, V. drives in the form of a hound him, D. hits, his wife asks to give the devil to fry him, in the evening the devil is bruised); 3) identify among hundreds of girls (tears in V.'s eyes); hell puts D. and V. in prison, they fly away in midges, sends the devil demons in pursuit, V. turns himself into a garden, D. into a gardener; 2) a wheat field and a reaper; 3) a duck and a river; the devil tries to drink water, bursts; D. and V. come to live with their parents D.]; Moldavian tales 1968 [ after the death of their parents, three brothers go on a journey; the youngest sleeps in a tree, hears demons talking, each talking about the misfortunes they have caused people and the means to avoid them; the young man heals cattle, princess, marries a princess, meets brothers, talks about what happened; older brothers climb the same tree, demons see if they eavesdrop on them, kill the hidden]: 361-367; Bulgarians [older brother Righteous, younger Crooked; younger: Let's go ask if the person you meet answers that crooked is better than the truth, I'll prick out your eyes; damn it turned into a priest, answered that it's better, the younger one gouged out the elder's eyes; he climbed a tree; devils gathered under the tree; everyone tells what evil he did; one sent ulcers on the princess, the other damaged the mill, and the third was the one who turned his ass; the fourth did nothing, they began to beat him, he shouted that the water from a neighboring spring would restore his sight, repair the mill and heal the princess; the blind man recovered, the miller thanked him with money, the king gave wealth; having learned about this, Crooked ordered him to gouge out his eyes, leave him under a tree; devils tore him to pieces]: Klyagina-Kondratyeva 1951:105-109; Greeks [two neighbors are returning from work; the lazy asks the diligent to lend him money; suggests asking three people he meets if God rewards virtue; each answers no; the lazy wins the argument, keeps the borrowed money for himself; then dazzles the companion, takes the rest, throws him into the abyss; the blind climbs onto a pear; hears the demons talking; one blinded the princess; the other collapses the walls of the monastery, must be put under the corners four white and black lambs; the third tells how one neighbor blinded another; next to a pear there is a hole of water that restores sight; a blind person heals himself, tells monks to slaughter lambs, heals princess; the king appoints him as manager; he gathers people in the church, thanks the one who blinded him; he asks to do the same to him, hides on a pear; demons notice him, tear him apart]: Megas 1970, No. 40:127-133; Moldovans [after the death of his parents, three brothers separate; the youngest spends the night in a tree, hears the devils talking; one sent pestilence to cattle, the cure is acacia seed; the other sent a drought - you have to plunge a spear between two mountains with lobes, the water will return to the wells; the third sent the disease to the princess - you need to make a worm tincture, give it a drink; the guy cured the cattle, stabbed his spear between the mountains, he cured the princess, married her and received an award; told the brothers everything, they climbed a tree, their devils tore them to pieces]: Moldavian tales 1968:361-366; Gagauz people [two brothers went to town; the elder gave the youngest bread only after he had pulled out his eye; then the second; the elder brother left, a man came up to the youngest and told him to go where the noise was; he came to the spring, washed eyes and saw the light; climbed a tree, devils gathered under it; the elder asks others; one: I made a man tear out his eyes for two pieces of bread; second: the king has been building a bridge for 40 years, and he, damn it, every the night plunges him into the ground; the elder devil: the king could take water from this spring and leaves from the tree, put it on the edge of the bridge, the bridge will rise; and if he does not, he will slaughter the workers tomorrow; third hell: he covered the royal daughter with wounds, he will die tomorrow; these leaves and water would cure her; in the morning the boy brought water and leaves to the king, cured the princess, restored the bridge, received the princess and half the kingdom; the elder brother surprised]: Moshkov 1904, No. 49:85-86; Hungarians [a rich godfather says that the poor owes him, gouged out his eyes; he asks to be taken to the cross on the outskirts; hears the crows talking; today he will fall out dew, she regains sight; the queen is sick, there is a frog in the pond, her potion under her tongue must be given to the queen; the poor man cured her, returned with a rich reward; the rich ordered to poke out his eyes; his crows pecked]: Ortutai 1974:28:249-354; Hungarians [{there is no gender category in the Finno-Ugric languages, so characters may be male}; Truth and Lies met on the road, it turned out that they like ways; Lies offered to share the reserves of Truth first; and when they ran out and Truth offered to share the reserves of Lies, she gave her food only in exchange for her eyes; left the blind in the place where the two stood gallows; the truth has been awakened by the conversation of devils; the dew that has fallen today will cure the blind; for the water to return, it is necessary to pull out the buried stone that blocks the spring; The truth has regained sight, has returned water, for which she was richly rewarded; and Lies became impoverished, received food in exchange for eyes and hands; stayed under those gallows; devils tore it to pieces]: Jones, Kropf 1889:36-39; Slovenes, Serbs , Romanians, Macedonians: Uther 2004 (1), No. 613:353-354; Albanians: Elsie 2001, No. 10 [] (no pagination); Serkova 1989 [en route Miser agrees with Generous to eat his bread first ; gives his own in exchange for the eyes of the Generous One, leaves him; at night he hears the conversation of the devils, finds out that the leaves of the tree and the water of the spring restore his sight; the generous regains sight for himself and the rich man in the city, receives a tavern by the road as a reward, the Miser Brother comes there; after learning the story of the Generous, he spends the night under a tree, the devils noticed and killed him]: 42-45; Lambertz 1952 [two brothers decide to marry a wife giant Vampiri and a woman from across the sea; meet V., he swallowed them, then belched them, brought them home; they agree with his wife V. that she will find out where V. keeps her life; V.: in the garden; at the door; wife covers the garden, the door with a handkerchief; V.: in the mountains in the heart of a bear; the twins cut off the bear's head, a fox jumped out, a hare in the fox, two doves in the hare, they brought them to V., killed, one married his wife B ., both went to pick up a wife for another; eavesdrop on the devil in the hole telling his son to throw 3 black and 3 white stones into the sea, a bridge will appear; forgets to say "whoever hears will petrify"; they returned with the woman Beauty of the World (Kleine Schöne der Erde); only the eldest went to listen to the devil's conversation with his son again; hell: the bride has 3 snakes in her stomach, they will kill the groom on her wedding night, and who will hear and tell petrified; comes to listen again during the wedding; hell: the bride has already killed 30 suitors; snakes must be killed when they start crawling out; whoever hears and gives, will be petrified and blind; brothers demanded that the groom do not go to the bride on the first night, but leave him in the room; kill the serpent; in the morning he told everything, became petrified; a year later, after giving birth to a son, the wife sends her husband to listen to the devil; hell: if you kill son, brothers will come to life; the wife killed the baby herself, blood dripped on the statue, the brother came to life and the baby too]: 21-29.

Central Europe. Russians (Arkhangelsk, Olonetskaya, Novgorod, Pskov, Tver, Tula, Ryazan, Tambov, Voronezh, Kursk), Ukrainians, Belarusians [Pravda and Krivda: two people argue about life; a supporter of Krivda gouges out his eye to a truth-lover; a blind man, after overhearing the devils's conversation, learns how to regain sight and heal the princess; sees the light, marries the princess; his opponent, Devils who also tried to overhear the conversation are torn apart]: SUS 1979, No. 613:167; Russians (Terevsky Bereg) [the elder Tsarevich asks to let him down for a walk in an open field; disappeared; the same middle one; younger Ivan: Let me go, and don't let me go; I got to the brothers, the forces are dark and dark against them; I. went around her, entered the house, there the girl weaves krosna; she will click with stuffing {the kind of surf comb duck} - a horse will jump out and a man will jump out and go to service; I. cut off the stuffing, shot the girl; the brothers beat the force and burned the house; they go - the stove, under it a hole; I. asks him to lower, there are three houses and three girls, each wiped off She put her kingdom in an egg and in her pocket; the brothers raised two girls; the third to Ivan: they argue over me; stayed with I. in the lower world; I. sees a man, the other hits him on the head with a hammer, the man asks him redeem; after the third time (the price is first 100, then 200, 300 rubles, I. bought it and brought him to the ground; he promised to bring him to the ground; led to the sea, the whale sailed, he limited it with his hand, became a ship; swam, the servant does not sleep at the wheel; three birds flew in; first: I. went to the earth horde, took his beautiful wife and prudent woman; second: what a blessing, his own mother died, his father married baba yage, stepmother will give wine, he will drink it and tear it apart; third: and whoever hears and retells, will be petrified knee-deep; the next night the same (stepmother brings up her shirt; petrified waist-deep); on the third night: stepmother will bring a silver spoon, I. will take a sip and tear it apart; the one who told everything will be petrified; they have sailed; the servant threw wine on the dog, he disappeared; threw the shirt on the goat, which was gone; and threw the spoon out the window; Having told everything, he petrified; old man: a son will be born, releasing blood from under his throat on a stone, the servant will come to life; his son has also come to life, only the scar remains]: Balashov 1970, No. 40:126-133 (=1991:86-101); Russians ( Vologodskaya) [when Ivan Tsarevich was 20 years old, he kicked his backyard grandmother, who huddled up to her shoulders through the window; his grandmother says that when I. cried as an infant, the tsar promised to marry him to Mary Beauty, a black braid, three queens to her daughter; I. goes to look for M., comes to an old woman, who gives letters to her sisters; the other two also give notes, the latter teaches how to find M.; they met; when they fell asleep on the bed, Two raspberries walk by; I.'s legs were cut off, thrown into the bushes, lay down on the bed; M. clicked them with heroic palms, they were wet; gave birth to twins; they grew up, she sends them to find their father; I. hears , how a bird says that dew will restore sight to the blind, legs to the legless; he regains his legs; I. with M. and sons returns to his father]: Smirnov 1917, No. 26:152-158; Russians (Chistopolsky district of Tatarstan) [peasant, merchant, pop everyone answers Krivodushny (K.) and Pravdivy (P.) that it is better to live crooked; K. gives P. bread, first pulling out one eye, then the second eye; throws; God directs P. to a key, the water of which restores vision; tells the oak tree to overhear the conversation of the spirits; one demon says that he will be expelled from the princess by someone who gets the image of the Smolensk Mother of God from the merchant; P. two years works, gets an image, casts out a demon, marries a princess; visits K., tells his story; he climbs an oak tree, his spirits smelled it, tore it apart]: Afanasiev 1958 (2), No. 115:195; Russians ( Voronezhskaya) [Two brothers, rich and poor, argue about how to live easier, crooked or true. The poor are on the side of the truth, the rich are crooked. They cannot agree and decide to ask an outsider if he admits the strength behind the crooked - the rich will prick out his eyes, if the truth is poor. Brothers meet Satan, he chooses crooked. A dazzled poor man gets lost in the forest and falls asleep under an aspen where devils gather. He hears the hell bragging about having a fight between two brothers and tells us how to heal one of them: anoint it with liquid from a vial buried 15 steps under a stone. The poor man also learns about the kingdom in which water has gone, how to return it, how to heal a princess whose hell took the "zhovka" (chewed but not swallowed food) from her mouth, how to drive the devils out of the royal palace. The poor man regains his sight, in the kingdom where water has disappeared, he returns it, collects a prayer service from the "well", secretly adds water to the well from a special jug, heals the princess, returning her buried with a devil (dissolves in water), frees the royal palace from devils (he digs up the skin of a dead horse in the stable, waves it at the walls of the palace and the unclean spirit disappears). In every kingdom, a poor man is rewarded, and three years later he returns to his wife as a rich man. The ruined rich brother is jealous of him, his wife gouges out his eyes and takes him to the aspen, whose poor brother has fallen asleep. At midnight, devils gather, notice the eavesdropping person and "tear to pieces"]: Baryshnikova 2007, No. 10:76-80; Ukrainians (Pokutye) [mother died, pan took another; son sees a portrait of his mother and goes to look for a bride who would be just as beautiful; he did not find it; Mr. has a well with good water; everyone who comes for her is shown a portrait; one person says he knows such a beautiful woman; goes with a young man; does not sleep at night, hears three doves talking; the king has a golden daughter; whoever looks her in the eye will become petrified; you have to go to her on a straight road, and she has not to drink wine; a companion teaches a young man look only at that girl's feet; and only after eating, but not much, the food offered; the young man did everything and said that in front of the girl's throne, the stones were loser grooms; for the second time you can look to the waist; the third one can drink wine and look into the face; the girl is happy, the wedding; the young man with his wife and companion go home; the healer teaches his stepmother to serve young poisoned wine, and the stepson a mad horse; the companion ordered not to drink wine, not to sit on a horse; the companion protects the peace of the newlyweds; killed a snake that crawled out of the crack, blood splashed on the lady's face, he erased the blood; the watchmen peeked, said stepmother that stepson's companion kissed the lady; the healer gave the stepmother poison: the drunk will become a stone wall; the voice from the wall: tomorrow's christening; we must take the baby out of the stroller and put it under the wall; the child he cried, his father wiped his tear and wiped his finger against the wall; the companion came to life, a whole and healthy baby in his arms]: Zinchuk 2005b, No. 48:319-325; Belarusians (Mogilevskaya, zap. 1888-1891, d. Budino, Bratkovichsk vol., Klimov. u., from kr. Fedor Fedorova, 60 l, illiterate) [The king has 3 sons, 2 smart ones, the 3rd fool, in another kingdom Princess Nastasi has a garden with apples; the king sends his eldest son for apples, he reaches a fork in the stone, one road leads to the robbers, the second will be eaten by animals, on the third road there is food only for the horse, the eldest son returns; the king sends the second son, he also returns; the youngest asks to go, the father is against, but lets go; he goes from the fork on the third road, she spends the night at Baba-Iga's place, leaves her horse and takes her stupa; spends the night at the second Baba-Igi, changes her stupa to hers; leaves the third Baba-Igi's stupa, takes her horse; comes to the kingdom of Nastasi, there everyone sleeps for 12 days; he walks in the upper rooms, searches for Nastasya among the sleepers, finds Nastasya in the 3rd upper room, commits a sin with her, tears apples in the garden, leaves a sign that he (Ivan Tsarevich) was here and what he did; horse refuses to take him back, because Ivan is heavy because of sin, sends Ivan to wash his sin into the bathhouse three times; the horse hits the fortress with its tail on the way back (the horse flies), everyone wakes up, Nastasya reads a sign and shouts to Ivan to "wait" for her for 12 years; Ivan visits the first Baba Iga, picks up his horse, returns to his father's kingdom; goes to bed, his brothers find him asleep, pick up apples, gouge out Ivan's eyes; blind Ivan comes to the river, lies under the shuttle, 3 demons come out of the water, sit on the shuttle and talk, one talks about how dew heals the eyes, the other about a kingdom where there is no water (water they bring), where (under the bush) the spring is hidden and how to open it, the third demon talks about the sick princess and how to cure her; demons go into the water, blind Ivan wipes his eyes with dew, sees the light; Ivan goes to a kingdom where there is no water frees the spring under the vine bush, refuses the reward; goes to the kingdom where the princess is sick, heals her: disassembles the bridge, finds a toad that has eaten crumbs from communion, opens it, the princess covers the skin, the skin grows to the princess, she recovers, Ivan refuses the award (the princess as his wife and half the kingdom to boot); returns to his father, he is not recognized, Ivan is hired as a worker , 12 years pass; Nastasya arrives with her son and army, stands on the other side of the river, Nastasi's son demands that Ivan Tsarevich, his father, be brought in, his elder brother comes out, the son identifies him as his uncle who stabbed Ivan's eyes, throws him "unknown where"; the second brother comes out, but the son demands Ivan Tsarevich, the tsar asks for help, Ivan is summoned, takes money from the tsar, scatters it among Nastasi's soldiers, leads her from son and army to father, becomes tsar instead of father]: Romanov 1901, No. 41:378-382; Belarusians []: Romanov 1887, No. 70:320-321; Poles [two companions (brothers) argue what is better: the truth or crooked; a supporter of the truth loses and is blinded; or a hungry poor man receives bread from a rich man (brother) in exchange for his eyes; a blind person overhears the conversation of spirits (animals, birds) and learns how to regain her eyesight, cure the queen (kill the toad that swallowed the wafer), get water in a waterless place, revive a dried tree, etc.; marries a queen; after learning about this, a supporter of Krivda goes to the same place and kill with spirits (animals)]: Krzyżanowski 1962, No. 613:197-198; Luzhitsy (Upper Lusatia) [a young forester argued with a stranger whether lawlessness is possible for money turn into law; three sworn attorneys answered that it was possible; the stranger burned his eyes, left him on the road to the gallows; night fell, the road was over, the forester heard three spirits talking; one says that he has deprived the residents of the city of water; for the spring to clog again, the toad sitting on it must be removed; the princess will recover if you remove the silver carnation hammered over her bed; to a person who burned your eyes, you can regain your eyesight if you moisten your eye sockets with water from a spring near the hang; in the morning, a forester began to ask about the source, an old woman brought him to him, he saw the light; in the city he found and removed the toad, the water flowed, the forester was rewarded; pretending to be a healer, the forester began to give medicine to the princess, and quietly took out the carnation; the forester found a stranger, told him everything and married the princess; The stranger went to the gallows at night, his spirits tore him apart and hung pieces on the three corners of the gallows]: Lifshits-Artemyeva 2017:172-176 (=Wratislaw 1890, No. 14:92-97); Czechs [two Magi ask for permission spend the night when the princess gives birth; until midnight they look at the stars - only gallows flicker; after midnight everything is fine; the princess gives birth to a handsome boy with a gold star in his forehead; the prince called travelers to cronies; they married the prince Worldly beauty; the young man grew up, saw the book with this record and went for his betrothed; he came to the Sun - he does not know, sends to the Wind, the Wind - to the Month; it leads to the bridge and tells him to let the horse go over it; a dragon appeared from under the bridge, ate the horse and fell asleep; after that, the young man crossed the bridge; in the forest hut his godchildren; they lowered the young man into a hole in the ground; he left them a handkerchief: if he will be stained with blood, we must hurry to help; the young man has come to the sorcerer; she says that Worldly beauty is on the top of the mountain in a glass castle; with 12 maids he goes down to the lake to swim; he will put his golden in the grass the crown; one of the maids must be shot; worldly beauty will lean towards her, at which time you have to grab the crown and run without looking back; but he looked around, turned into a deer; the handkerchief turned blood; the godchildren came to the sorcerer; she says to shoot a golden bullet at the star on the deer's forehead; he grazes among others, they were also young men; the godchildren shot, the young man became human; the sorcerer again tells you not to look back; he looked around and became a bear; (same); sorceress: become a beetle and hide in a horse's skull; the young man grabbed the crown without looking back, the godchildren pulled it upstairs; Worldly beauty from 12 maids then, agreed to become the young man's wife; while they sleep, the maids became doves, the godchildren hear what they were talking about; the prince father would send the young a golden carriage, and by the will of the dragon it will fall into the abyss ; next time: the father sends wine, the dragon will poison him; on the third night: when the young go to bed in the upper room, the dragon will get to them and kill the young man; whoever tells will be petrified; the godson tells them not to sit down carriage, do not drink wine; stayed at the newlyweds bed in the castle, slaughtered the dragon; did not say anything and left]: Nemtsova 1978:140-152; Slovaks: Uther 2004 (1), No. 613:353-354.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Crimean Tatars [lived a great sultan; and what did he not have in the palace? everything except bird's milk; but no children; the sultan went on a journey; the old man gave an apple: eat a third yourself, a third your wife, a third a mare; a son will be born, no one but me should know him name; after the birth of a son, the people are indignant: why is the boy not given a name; at the last moment, the dervish came, gave the name Shash-Smail; slapped the boy on the back: let your back not bow before the power of people"; The foal was called Hamer-tai; "let the bird of heaven not catch up with you"; the sultan kept his son locked up in the yard for 18 years; SHS fell ill, the reason is unclear; drunks offer to let him go to them - he will tell everything; SHS saw Guluzar-khanim in a dream; the messengers returned, but did not find G.; then the SHS sat on his G. and went to search himself; came to the palace of beautiful Gulberi; she is in grief: her 7 brothers went to war, not returned; the SS destroyed the enemies, the brothers gave him G., but the SS did not touch her; left, promising to return in a year; an arap in the desert: my master lacks only one human head to to complete the fortress; the SS defeated the enemy, who took off his clothes, the beautiful Guzel-Batyr was in front of him; the SS wanted to part with her too, but she went with him for Gulbery; the old woman says that she is getting married today ; Guluzar agrees, they are fleeing; at rest, the SS falls asleep on Gulberi's lap, and Guluzar fights with the army pursuing them; when Gulteri saw that her two brothers were killed, Gulteri shed a tear, and the SS woke up; At this time, the enemy has already been destroyed; on the way home, the SS also captured the sister of seven brothers and began to live at home with three wives; but SS's father fell in love with Guluzar himself; she has an all-seeing mirror: her father dug a hole for the SS fell into it; the next time the father offered poison, but the wife told the SHS to eat only what her dog would try; the third time the father invited his son to play chess; the loser would allow himself to be tied up; SHS tore the ropes easily; Father: Whose is your strength? SS: in the little finger of his right hand; the father bandaged his little finger, the SS became weaker than the child; the father ordered him to be blinded and thrown into a well in the desert; Guluzar destroys the soldiers sent for her; SS hears a conversation in the well birds: if you touch my eyes with my pen, the blind man will see the light; drops his pen; SHS saw the light, untied his little finger, got out of the well, destroyed his father's army; his father was executed, the SS met his wives and ascended the throne]: Kondaraki 1875, No. 8:92-108; Kalmyks [rich Altan örgözhik ("full of gold") lived to be 555 years old, and his old woman to 445, but no children; A. went to wander, went to a yurt, where the boy m& #225; nzhi (the lowest level of Buddhist monasticism) is 10 years old; he asks if the one who came to know A.; he says no; Manzhi was surprised, but asked to tell A.: if he wants to have a son, let him give him a gift poor, will put a golden sum (idol), sacrifice to the fire and pray; his son was named Mánjin Zarlik ("the word Manzhi"), by the age of three he grew up strong and intelligent; went to trade; sees how another person beats the body of the deceased debtor; M. paid the debt; M. returned, took the money again and went to trade again; another boy a little older than him was hired by him; M. told him to cook meat, invited him eat; he gladly started eating; M. gave him all the meat and drove him away; the same with another boy: he refused to eat while the master was eating; M. took it; they came to A., he was pleased {obviously with what his son had now a reliable servant}, gave them a black dog as their companions; tells them not to spend the night near a black hill, on white sand and on a black salt marsh; then go to trade in the nomads of Kökshin Bural ("elderly with gray and gray") Khan; but they stopped just at a black hill; a black old man appeared and called to him; while M. was sleeping, the boy took his sword, went to the yurt, looked into the hole; 7 old men sharpen their daggers; everyone goes out to see what rustles; the boy killed them one at a time; human meat is hung in the yurt, gold, silver, and jewelry are piled up; the boy buried them, burned the rest; spent the night on white sand; an old woman hosh khubarak on goat legs with a copper snout approaches the boy, calls him to spend the night; the same: 7 old women sharpen their swords, the boy killed them one at a time; a girl fits on a black salt marsh; the same: 7 girls sharpen their swords, the boy killed them one at a time; a girl fits on a black salt marsh; the same: daggers, the boy killed them one at a time; they came to K. Khan; his son and M. became friends; one day a big cat came to eat leftovers; boys' dog: are you not enough of your own? cat: when your master marries, I will become a poisonous snake, I will bite; dog: you can't; but your bile will be a cure for your khan's daughter, who is dry; a boy killed a cat, took bile, ordered M. to offer to cure the khan's daughter; the girl recovered; the khan gave her daughter and half of the people; on the way back, they took the buried treasures of the killed demons; they began to lower the bucket into the well - every time a bucket comes off; the boy told him to let him down; there's a witch (mous emagan), a boy and a girl in front of her; that boy: is thought or wind faster? boy coming down: the wind is moving in one direction, and the thought is in four at once; that boy: the old woman kidnapped him and the girl, they are the children of Hormusta Tengria; when the water in the well is completely gone, their old woman will kill; the boy who came down killed the old woman, they all began to rise; as the body of the murdered old woman rose, the water also rose to the very top; the heavenly boy became a swan and flew to heaven, leaving his younger sister as his wife to the savior; he gave her to M.; on the wedding night, a snake crawls to bed, a boy worker killed her, blood dripped on the bride's cheek, he erased it; the girl to her husband: he kissed me on cheek; he tells M. that he is the ransom dead man; leaves; M. came to Erlik Khan for him; both of them were asked to walk on an iron wire as thick as their hair; they went and they were both released into the world alive; the boy worker took his daughter K.]: Pozdneev 1889:348-364; Kabardian people [Dobryak and Skryaga went to work; Dobryak ran out of water; Miser let him drink twice, for which he pricked out first one eye, then the other; along the Dobryak River, he came to a ruined mill; heard a bear, a wolf, a fox talking; an apple tree leaf near the mill will heal all diseases, and if anyone finds out and picks it up, an apple tree will dry up; the shepherd is blind in one eye and the wolf creeps up to the herd from the side where the shepherd does not see; in this herd there is a ram with a large fat tail; if the prince's sick daughter is fed meat and bathed in broth, she will recover; there is a pile of golden sand in the forest, the fox is swimming in it; the good man saw the light, said the prince. About the ram, the daughter recovered, the prince gave an arba of supplies for the winter; on the way home, Dobryak took the fox gold; told Miser about everything; he came to the mill for the night; the animals told about their troubles, found and ate the Miser]: Kardanov 196:78-84; Adygs [Psha Zedem has only son Zedeb (Z.), his father keeps him for a lazy and a fool; when he heard his father's words, Z. tamed the best horse and became the first among young people; his father married him; according to custom, Z. (with his wife) left his father's house for a year; his father also left; when Z. returned, found the doors of seven rooms locked, asked his mother for keys; she gave the keys to six rooms, which were empty; Z. broke the door of the seventh, there three doves asked them to be released, Z. released them; when he found out, the father ordered Z. to be thrown into the steppes; Z. realized that his father kept pigeons and left him for Suret (Su-Isuret, "written beauty" in Nogai), whom no one can force him to speak; after killing a bastard who was about to eat eagles, Z. lost consciousness; the chicks told the eagle that he was their savior; the eagle carried Z. and his horse to a distance that Z. I would have passed a month before coming back because she couldn't leave the eagles without food; in an empty village, the old man says that a creature with 8 legs and one eye in its forehead ate ate people and cattle; it crawled out of the swamp, Z. hit him in the eye with an arrow and killed him; the old man warned that S. had already put 99 stakes on stakes, the last one was left; Z. lay down under the apple tree, those three pigeons flew in; they told S. to tell S. the story of how the carpenter carved the figure, Goochips (a name for blacksmiths) revived, the cutter dressed - who owns the created person; only S. can answer - let him say; second question: only S. can know who stole the gouache belt (searched maids, drovers - they did not find); the third question: Pshi fell ill, and two people did not grieve, one whispered to the other that there was half of the oxalis from which to cook the broth for treatment; the half-deaf old woman heard the farsighted saw oxalis in the gorge, the quick-footed brought it, the doctor made medicine, the pshi recovered; only S. knows who to reward for this; on the way, Z. stayed with the khan, amazed everyone by playing the violin and by making a saddle out of leather overnight; Khan gave companions; Z. asked S. the first question; three pigeons flew in: 1) the figure that came to life will serve each of the three for the same number of days; 2) the one who they search, quietly hand over the belt to the one who is not being searched; 3) the fee should be divided not between four (farsighted, runner, doctor, old woman), but between 6 participants (including whispers); S. each time He is silent, but after the third time, after changing his clothes, he throws Z.'s ring and promises to be a good wife; on the way home, Z., while taking S., also took the daughter of Khan and the daughter of an old man who lived in a village ravaged by a monster; the father invited Z. to play checkers: the winner will blind the loser; Z. wins many times, but does not want to maim his father; the old woman advises Pshi to force Z. to spend the night with him; Z. will think about wives and will be distracted; the father won, blinded Z., ordered him to be thrown into the forest; tried to take his son's wives, but they destroyed his army; Z. hears the pigeons talking: if Z. breaks the fetters and tears off the oxalis, he will see the light; Z. did; his wives did not let him in until he talked about how he married them; tomorrow it was S.'s turn to fight with psha; Z. will help, but the son cannot kill his father, let S. do it; she cut off her head, Z. took his father's people into his service]: Maksimov, Kerashev 1953:91-116; Abazins [Myta goes to hire laborers, takes Kyt on foot as his companion; gives him his horse, and he rode it; M. spent the night in hut, hears animals talking; bear: a decoction of herbs growing around the lake is healing; wolf: I quietly steal sheep, only a cropler's dog can catch up with me; tiger: and I steal foals, only a stallion who is being held on a leash, can catch up with me; M. taught shepherds and herdsmen how to defend themselves against a wolf and a tiger, cured a paralyzed princess, married her along with an award; after learning about this, K. went spend the night in a hut; a pheasant shouted to the wolf and tiger that the culprit for their misfortunes was in a hut, the animals tore him apart]: Tugov 1985, No. 56:170-172; Karachays [the stingy brother went on a journey with kind; sat on his horse, left; good man spent the night in the cave; heard a fox, wolf, bear talking; fox: playing with a golden hoop; wolf: stealing the sheep of a blind shepherd; he does not know what he will see with his eyes anointed gray lamb fat; bear: I eat one woman at a time when they go for water; they do not know that there is water nearby in the village, we have to dig a hole; the shepherd takes a fox hoop, heals the shepherd's eyes, he gives half herds; digs a well, gets a lot of money; after learning about this, the stingy brother went to the cave; the animals say that someone found their secrets, found the stingy one and tore it]: Pröhle 1909a, No. 7:287-290 (translated in Borovkov 1938:9-11); Karachays or Balkarians [rich Toimaz offers poor Domai to steal herds of emegens; T. steals a herd, D. meets one-eyed emegen, kills with an arrow in the eye; catches up with T.; that night steals a herd and a horse D.; D. in the cave overhears the conversation of a bear, a wolf, a fox; finds out how they steal cattle and honey, where gold is hidden; helps the owners guard cattle, honey, gets gold; T. goes to the same cave, animals find it]: Aliyeva, Kholaev 1983:72-77; Balkarians: Kapiyeva 1991 [one brother Lamart ("cruel"), the other is Chumart ("kind-hearted"); on the way L. offers to eat C.'s cake and cheese first, and tomorrow it; at night he leaves, leaving C. without provisions; he spends the night in an old mill, hears the animals talking; Fox: there is a tree by the river, its leaves cure blindness; Wolf: a royal daughter can be cured with sheep broth from a half-blind shepherd; Bear: in an anhydrous village, you have to move a stone, clog the spring; C. heals the shepherd's eyes, gets a sheep, opens a source heals the princess, gets gold, silver, horses, returns home; C. spends the night in the same mill, animals find him, bite him, he barely escapes]: 109-114 (=Baranov 1897, No. 8:38-41); Malkonduev 2017:246-248 [Hasan and Saniyat, unaware of each other, see each other in a dream, fall in love; H. goes in search; hears two pigeons talking in a tree; learns from him what the girl's name is and where she is; came to S. disguised as the doctor, "cured" S.; the khan gave it to him; he took her to his home, chased the lion and disappeared; S. began to look for him; put on men's clothes, hired her as an employee at Father H.'s house; H. himself was hired in another house and found 48 jugs of gold, the owner gave him half; H. fell behind the ship; finally everyone found each other], 611-613 [the poor and the rich man stole the herd; the poor man killed the giant by hitting him with an arrow only eye; went to collect firewood; at this time the rich man took everything and rode away; the poor man hid in the cat in the stove; overheard the animals talking; the wolf eats sheep from the side he could not see crooked shepherd; a fox lies in a cave covered in gold; a bear steals hives from a crooked beekeeper; the poor man told the beekeeper and shepherd everything, they rewarded him; took gold, returned to the village; after learning how it happened business, a herd was taken away from the rich man and given to him; the rich man also went to spend the night; the animals found and ate him]; Tulchinsky 1903 [no one knows why the prince is losing weight; the old woman promises to find out; took him into the room sleeping prince, fat and thin sheep; when he wakes up and sees sheep, the prince speaks to himself; a skinny ram, like himself, love for an unknown beauty exhausts him; the king let his son look beautiful, a slave with him; at night he hears two spirits, a mother and a daughter, talking; mother: to get a beauty, you have to turn to such an old woman; the slave brought the prince to an old woman; she explains that the maiden and the dragon who guards her sleep for 7 days; you must tie the sleeper to the bed and carry her away; untie it after the girl swears by her black horse; the horse must also be picked up; the dragon did not catch up fugitives, just tore off the tail of the black horse; the slave hears the conversation of spirits again; the prince marries, a son will be born; a serpent will come out of the pole in the bedroom, swallow everyone; the snake can be killed; who talks about it petrified; the slave cut the dragon, took out the pieces; the prince woke up, began to demand explanations; the slave told and petrified; the wife demanded that the prince learn from those spirits how to help, otherwise he would leave him; mother spirit: we must spray the stone with the blood of my son; the prince's wife stabbed her son, the slave came to life; the couple found a living baby in the cradle; everything is fine]: 76-80; Ossetians: Britaev, Kaloev 1959 [on the way The unfair offers to eat fair food first, and gives his own only in exchange for eyes and left; the fair one climbed into the hole and climbed the ottoman; at night he hears animals talking; bear: if anointed with honey from the hollow of an eye, you will see the light; fox: I have a bag of gold in my corner; wolf: the shepherd is my friend; the fair saw the light, told the shepherd to kill the shepherd, getting half the herd for it, took the gold; when he learned about this, The unjust climbed into the same hole; the animals tore him apart]: 363-365 (=Britayev, Kazbekov 1951:45-47); Dirr 1920, No. 28 [the rich man took the poor man to hunt; the poor man soon ran out of food; the rich man promised to share, if he gives him his eye, then the second one; the poor man climbed into the attic of an abandoned house; a bear, a wolf and a fox came in; a fox: I have gold; if you shake him, there is food and drink; bear: I have even more gold; wolf: when I steal sheep and am wounded, I return to this tree and it heals any wounds; when the animals are gone, the poor man took the gold, saw the light again, thanks to the tree; when he came to the shepherds, he shot the wolf, taking his brain; the wolf crawled to the tree, but it lost its strength; the former poor man cured the prince with a wolf brain; he gave the best horse and equipment; the rich man also decided to spend the night in that house; the bear and the fox First they accused a wolf of stealing gold, killed him, and then found a man; killed, regretting having killed a friend before]: 136-151; Chechens [seven sledges lost their sister; six sailed across the sea, seventh stayed on the shore; hears the pigeons talking; his sister was carried across the sea by the Triangular monster; to get there dry, you have to stick the leaves of this tree to the horse's hooves; the sledges returned, hearing everything said that they returned his sister, the monster was walled up in the wall because he could not be killed; the monster's groan can be heard in the Nart house]: Gren 1897:12-13; Nogais [khan sees how the servant's son helped him; mourns that he himself childless; the old man gives an apple to eat in half with his wife and give the other to the mare and stallion; Ismail and the heroic horse Myasir are born; I. fell in love, but the girl's father took her away; I. killed a diva who intended take another girl, her brothers give her to I.; defeated an Arab hero, got his sister; takes his bride, whom they are going to marry off; I.'s father wants to kill him in order to take possession of his three wives; I. says he can't tear only his bow's bowstring; his father tells him to steal a bow, I. is bound, blinded, abandoned in the mountains; he hears two pigeons talking: if you dip their feathers in a spring and run them along eye sockets, you'll see the light; pigeons leave feathers, I. heals; tells his Arab wife to hack his father; becomes a khan]: Nogai 1979, No. 14:65-75; Gunzibs [the miller cooked food at the mill, hid , a fox and a bear came, ate; the bear said that gold and silver were buried nearby, the wolf said that such a person was blind, he would see the light if the organs of a black sheep were attached; fox: if a tree was uprooted, the river will flow, start turning the mill; the miller dug gold, let the river go, cure the blind man, get rich; next time the animals came, realized that they had been overheard, the bear found the miller, killed and ate it]: Berg 1995, No. 14:168-172; Lucky: Aliyeva 2013, No. 94 [Khan's son rejects the proposed girls, marries a poor beauty; soon he becomes khan himself; the merchant undertakes to prove that his wife is not faithful to him; sends an old woman to see how the woman is dressed and what ring she wears; says to the khan; he throws his wife in a barrel into the river; the woman climbed ashore, climbed a tree, overheard the devils talking; one says that in one state she stole fire and now the whole city is without fire; she told the khan where the fire was hidden, who made her mayor; she came to her husband's city in men's clothes, "investigates" the case of the drowned khan's wife; the khan returned his wife, decapitated the merchant], 95 [the brothers Lovmart and Chumart went to work; L. offers to eat C.'s supplies first; then shares his own in exchange for C.'s eyes; C. spends the night in the mill, hears the animals talking; fox: a leaf from a neighboring tree will heal a blind man; wolf: a shepherd's dog broth will cure a pachaha's daughter; bear: gold in a nearby cave; C. saw the light, got it gold, bought a dog from a shepherd, cured a pachah's daughter, received an award; L. also goes to the cave, the animals found him, tore him apart]: 422-424, 426-427; Avars [Generous and Greedy set off; Greedy offered to eat Generous's food first, and then left him; he spent the night in an abandoned mill, heard a fox, a wolf and a bear talking; if the mill ditch, the mouse carries gold out of the hole; the black sheep on Grief gives more wool than a whole herd; a treasure is buried at the city gate; the Generous takes treasures, buys a black sheep, gets rich; after learning about this, the Greedy goes to the mill; the animals think that since someone overheard them, they kill Greedy]: Atayev 1972, No. 22:29-30; Dargins [the padishah has 40 wives, but only one son Shahismail; found out that another padishah has an invincible son Arabuzinka; helped seven brothers to defeat the Persians, married their sister; A. won, she was the girl who promised to marry the one who would defeat her; S.'s father envies that he has two wives; sends a horse under a poisoned saddle, A. guessed it, S. put the one who brought him on his horse; his father offered the poisoned food, A. found out again and removed the bowl; the father asks what to do to make S. die; S.: tie my fingers with an iron rod , which is in his pocket; the padishah tied, ordered S.'s eyes to be pulled out, put it in his pocket; S. hears the pigeons talking: to see the light, you have to insert your eyes and plunge into the lake; S. saw the light, but does not see well; his father fights with his wives; unrecognized S. offers to bring him A.; accuses his father, he is executed, S. becomes a padishah]: Ganiyeva 2011b, No. 24:259-260; Didois (Tsezy) [Sakhavat and Karum ("generous" and "greedy" ") set off, K. does not want to share food, S. broke up with him; spends the night in the mill, hears animals talking; fox: tomorrow the mouse will bring treasures; wolf: Khan's daughter has a broken eye, it can be replaced dogs; bear: bears bully cattle that go to watering; if you dig in the middle of the village, fill the key, the cattle will be intact; S. killed the mouse, put a dog's eye in the khan's daughter, received an award, ordered to dig into village under a stone, a spring clogged, S. received the award again; K. went to spend the night in the same mill, the animals found him and beat him]: Aliyeva 2013, No. 96:429-431; tatas [Merd and Nemerd go to look for work, eat Merda's churek, then N. refuses to share food with M., throws it; M. spends the night in the mill, hears animals talking; ferret: there is gold under the roof of the mill; there are seven trees in the forest with honey flowing; jackal: there are seven vessels of gold in the landfill; wolf: the padishah's daughter will recover by eating black sheep fat from a neighboring flock; M. took the ferret's gold, bought a ram, cured the padishah's daughter, got her as his wife, built her the palace in a landfill and dug up gold, transplanted honey trees to the palace, inherited the throne of the padishah; calls N., tells him everything; he goes to the mill, the animals have torn him to pieces]: Aliyeva 2013, No. 98:435-439; Georgians: Kurdovanidze 1988 (2), No. 88 (place of recording is unknown) [the poor man's son goes to work as a laborer, a rich merchant volunteers to go with him; offers to eat the poor man's supplies first; throws him in the forest; he spends the night in the mill; the fox takes his remaining three khachapuri, gives him the Bear and the Wolf, does not tell them that there is a young man here; says that a mouse lives in the mill, she has money; the Wolf - like a liver a black sheep can cure a blind king; a bear - that by cutting down a poplar, you can open water to save a waterless kingdom; a young man kills a mouse, takes money, buys a black sheep, heals the king, he pays with gold, cuts poplar, receives treasures; at home he tells the merchant about everything; he goes to the mill for the night, the animals ate it]: 107-112; Glushakov 1904, No. 1 (Imereti) [the poor man hides in a tree, hears a conversation between a two-, three- and five-headed maiden; they talk about the means needed to cure a blind, ulcerated prince (rose hips, ash, etc.); a person falls off a tree, they want to eat him, he promises to bring devi sheep if he receives a reward for treatment; the prince recovered, the poor man got rich, got married, forgot about the girl, went to the forest, they ate him]: 14-17; Chikovani 1954 [two older brothers eat the youngest's cake, they drive him away; after eating figs, the youngest lies under the tree, hears the conversation between the Bear, the Wolf, the Jackal; the Bear says that in the waterless Trebizond it is necessary to dig a plane tree, water will appear; Wolf, that the king's son will recover if he wraps himself in the skin of a stainless sheep from the royal herd; the Jackal, that a treasure is buried at the roots of an aspen growing nearby, at sunrise, the mice take it out to dry it; the young man kills mice, takes the treasure; opens water to Trebizond people, heals the king's son, receives gifts; tells his brothers everything; they hide under figs; animals say that the treasure was taken away, the royal son recovered, appeared in Trebizond water; they find and eat older brothers]: 128-130; Megrelians [attacked by the Turks, one daughter-in-law left the baby in the forest, ran away; the king's son, who liked to hunt, saw Ndemi playing on his chest a boy his age; asked the king for an army; ordered to cover the clearing with straw, burn it; Ndemi ran away, the boy stayed; he was taught to live like a human being; he is smart and strong; the king forbid his son to enter one room; Ndemi's pupil broke down the door, there is a portrait of the beautiful daughter of black Ndemi; the king had to let his son go, Demi's pupil went with him; black ndemi gave his daughter, but warned that white Ndemi from the lower world may kidnap her; the prince sent Ndemi's pupil to inform his father about the wedding; at this time, the white ndemi took the bride; Ndemi's pupil ordered him to be lowered through the hole into the lower world; the swineherd said that the white ndemi was having a wedding feast; disguised as a beggar, the Ndemi pupil approached the bride; advised him to find out what the soul of the black ndemi was; he first said that in the dog, the wife had become caress the dog; then: in a deer in the forest; a ndemi pupil shot a deer, a hare jumped out of it, a box in the hare, with two flies in it; the Ndemi pupil blinded them; came to the black ndemi, tortured the flies, that died; Ndemi's pupil sent the princess and gold to the ground in a basket; when the servants picked him up, they cut the rope; he clung to the stones, climbed to the ground; he and the young went to the prince's kingdom ; at night, Ndemi's pupil does not sleep; three angels in a tree: the young's father will give him a gun, it will shoot him; he will give him a young dress, it will burn it; whoever reveals the secret will petrify; Ndemi's pupil ordered to give it a gun and a dress to the servant and maid - both died; the young had a son; the pupil Ndemi exposed his sword and looked; the boy shouted that he wanted to kill him; he told everything and petrified; the old woman: weld a hundred ears of ndemi and a son, pour it on a stone; the Ndemi pupil came to life, and the king's son also recovered]: Petrov 1890, No. 2:279-291; Azerbaijanis: Bagriy, Zeynally 1935 [Miserly suggested first eat a Generous chorek, but did not share his own; Generous spends the night in the mill, hears animals talking; fox: I take money from the treasure and spend it; bear: I take honey from the hollow; wolf: I can't approach the herd because of shepherd's dogs; the one who mixed the brain of this dog and the black ram will cure the sick princess; the Generous went to the king, cured his daughter, got her as his wife, took out treasure and honey; having found out what was going on, Miser also spent the night to the mill, the animals tore it to pieces]: 325-328; Marchenko 1993 [brothers Merd ("generous") and Merd ("treacherous") went to look for work; N. offered to eat M.'s supplies first, and then did not share his own; agreed to feed M., taking out his eyes, but did not give him food, threw him in the forest; M. overheard the conversation between Leo, Wolf, Fox at night; 1) the patient, who drank the blood of a shepherd's dog, will recover; 2) at the Rat in the cave jugs of gold; two doves say they will cure M.; one drops the pen, they have to run over their eyes inserted into their eye sockets, they will see again; M. saw the light, took gold, bought a dog, cured it with blood from madness, the daughter of a padishah, married her; N. sees, forgives, he goes to spend the night in the forest, the animals tore him to pieces]: 270-275; Armenians: Nazinyan 2014 [the rich man's wife did not give bread to the poor man's wife; poor man took the last piece, went on a journey; at night he hid in a flour vat at the mill, overheard a fox, a wolf, a bear talking; a fox: rolled on gold, taking it out of a hidden jug; wolf: shepherd does not know that his dog's brains will cure leprosy, the daughter of the king of Istanbul; bear: I bring prey to my pot of gold; the poor man drove the fox away from gold, bought a dog, cured the king's daughter, the king let the warriors drive a bear, a poor man brought home a pot of gold; a rich neighbor also went to the mill for the night, the wolf tore it apart]: 220-332; Karapetyan 1967 []: 165-169; Khachatryants 1933 (Ararat Valley) [two argue who you should go forward - right or wrong; agreed to ask the person you meet, the winner will cut out his eyes; they meet the old man, the old man says he is wrong; the wrong blinds the right, leaves at the mill; devils come there at night; one drove the princess crazy, the other explains how to cure her: anoint the shepherd's black dog with blood; the third devil was that old man; the other devil: you have to dig at the mill, moisten the cut out eyes (they are in the right pocket), insert them into the eye sockets; another feature says that gold is hidden under the millstone; a person regains his eyesight, pulls out gold, buys a dog, heals the princess, gets her as a wife; the wrong finds out about it, goes to the mill, the devils find him and kill him]: 241-245 (=Karapetyan 1967:161-165); Ioannisian 1968 (Ararat Valley) [poor man with his wife on They came to the city of Turtamba for birth, but it was too late and the gatekeeper did not let them in; the wife gave birth to a boy; the king had a dream: a man born at the city wall would tear his head off; the king ordered to buy and kill a baby, but the servant moistened the diapers with the blood of a bird, left the boy under the bush; the doe fed him; he became incredibly strong; the king's servants hardly managed to seize him; his name was Jeyran-ogly; he quickly learned science; The prince is not allowed into the 40th room, he entered, there was a portrait of a beautiful woman, he went in search, D. was with him; the devas were amazed at D.'s strength, unquestioningly gave their sister to the prince; while she was sleeping, the prince took the keys tied to her braids, unlocked the rooms; in one there is a white deva, pilaf and water in front of him, but he could not reach it; the prince tied the chain, the devil pulled up the boilers, ate and drank everything, broke the chains and took the prince's fiancée; D. went to take it away, and the devas chained the prince to a pole and put a lamp on his head; D. cut off the white maiden's head, brought the girl, cut off the heads of five devas, spared two; the king realized that D. - this is the boy he dreamed of; ordered the servant who spared the boy to be beheaded; D. hears three pigeons talking; the king will send a horse for D. to sit on - you will burn; he will be locked in a room with a snake; if a drop of her blood touches his body, D. petrifies; D. tells the groom to sit on his horse; D. killed the snake, but petrified; the prince's wife dreamed that her two children should be killed and the stone should be moistened with their blood; she did, D. came to life; cut off the king's legs first and then his head]: 136-145; Kurds [the peasant went to complain to Allah that he could not remove a ditch from the deep ravine to irrigate the garden; the old man asks find out why wheat grows well but ears are empty; wolf - how to recover from scab; Shah - why his mighty army is defeated; an old man in the desert is responsible for the time spent traveling a farmer could bring water into the garden; but the water has already flowed there; wheat will yield if two poisonous jugs are extracted from the bottom of the spring from which the field is irrigated; the wolf must be covered with the blood of a foolish man man; Shah is a woman, let her marry; a shah woman invited a peasant to become her husband, but he replied that his garden was waiting for him; the wolf decided not to eat the peasant, but asked him to open a vein in his arm and, smeared with blood, he was transformed; said that the peasant did not speak to God, but to man]: Farizov, Rudenko 1959:95-99; Turks: Eberhard, Boratav 1953, No. 67 [poor man (abandoned by his own companion) spends the night in a mill (in a cave), hears animals talking, learns from it where the treasures are buried, how to return water to the well, restore blind vision; pulls out treasures, returns water, generously awarded, married; another goes to the same place and is torn apart by beasts], 253 [the tailor and shoemaker set off; first they ate the tailor's supplies, and then the shoemaker refused to share his business and business to the tailor's food only in exchange for eyes; the tailor stayed with the shepherd, his daughter restored the blind's sight; the tailor cured the princess with the same grass and married her as well; when he met the shoemaker, forgives him]: 75, 305.

Iran - Central Asia. Pashtuns [rider Mard lends his horse to Namard on foot; N. rode off, leaving M. in the mountains; M. sleeps in a cave, hears a conversation between Tiger, Wolf, Fox; finds out where gold is under the stone, how to make it the cure for madness, mixing the leaves of a tree with the eyes of a wolfhound, finds out where the mouse is playing with gold coins; after mining coins, he buys a wolfhound, heals the king's daughter from madness, builds a palace on the site of a buried gold; one of the workers is N.; after learning the story of M., he goes to the cave; the Tiger decides that their conversation is overheard, finds and eats N.]: Lebedev 1955:43-52 (=1958:39-48); Baluchi [each of the king's seven wives gave birth to a son; the king died; the vizier took his wives and killed his sons; the seventh ran away with her son; the young man grew up; he hears the conversation of two pigeons sitting on a tree; he has seven rubies under his head; they must be sewn into the buttock, heal the wound with a tree branch; (hereinafter about how the fortuneteller and then the baker try to take away rubies; the young man's wife mocks Kaziy, Vakil, vizier, tsar)]: Porozhnyakov 1989:92-102; Bragui [the childless king is old, decides to leave for 40 days, after which his wives can marry the vizier; he hears a conversation between a parrot and a starling; quick: you have to scrape off the bark from the tree branch, drink the infusion, you will conceive a child; wait 20 days under the tree, it will bloom, you have to breathe in the smell for three days, you will become 20 years old; if you crush the leaves and eat it, sons will be born; parrot: there is a treasure of seven kings under the tree, on it dragon, we must shoot the dragon first; the bow must be made out of a branch of this tree; the king was home before the vizier married his wives, gave birth to a son Lal Badsh, killed the dragon and dug up the treasure]: Bray 1938:68- 73; Turkmens [Generous and Miserly went to the Kaaba; The Miser offered to eat the Generous's cakes first, and then refused to share his own; went on, and the Generous turned back; spent the night in the abandoned house; lion, fox, wolf came there; lion: where the ploughman works under the destroyed house, a treasure is buried; fox: money is also buried in front of this house; the man dug money, came to the padishah, cured his son with what he had earned medicine {some kind of pass; is this a missed wolf story?} , married the padishah's daughter and the land on which the treasure became rich; The miser comes to the Generous and, having found out what was going on, goes to that house; the lion tore him to pieces]: Stebleva 1969, No. 43:222-224; Turkmens [ the padishah overheard the conversation of three poor people; Haman would like the padishah to give him his beloved wife, Shakurban to give him gold and silver, Yolaman wants to get everything only by his work; padishah gave A. and S. what they wanted; A. tried to kill S. to take everything, but he also stabbed him, both died; his wife persuaded J. to take her, the horse and the money; they came to the house where the boy was sick; . fell asleep and half asleep heard two snakes talking; white lives inside the boy, black in the cracks of the house; each tells how to kill another; regurgitating a white snake will recover; in the crack of the house, where black lives, treasure is hidden; J. cured the boy, received that old house from his father, took the treasure; the padishah heard about the generous man, found out that it was J.; it's good that there are few of them, otherwise why padishah]: Stebleva 1969, No. 28:145-151; Uzbeks: Afzalov 1972 (1) [the poor man has sons Rustamzod and Sherzod; after the death of his wife, he took a widow; his new wife advises to stick to thieves; 40 thieves took him to cook; the thieves went to rob the rich sorceress; the old man rode there before them, began to beat the tambourine; the thieves were frightened, the old man received a jug of gold and was back before the thieves; next time the old man in the same way kept the property of the mill owner; after that, the old man took the money and the bird shot by the robbers, returned home; in 7 years, the bird laid 7 eggs; the old man went to sell them, he was brought to the Shah, Shah gave unthinkable wealth by the eggs; when he became rich, the old man began to leave to trade, and his wife had a lover; the lover knew that the bird who ate the wing would find a purse of gold under his pillow in the morning, and the one who ate his neck is a purse full of silver; his lover ordered the bird to be slaughtered for him, the boys accidentally ate his wing and neck; his father returned, his stepmother told him that his sons had killed the bird, he kicked them out of the house; Sherzod hears two birds talking; first, whoever shoots me will wander in the desert for 40 days, and then become ruler; second, whoever shoots me, sleeps 40 days and nights, will wander for 40 days and nights, will experience many hardships and achieve wishes come true; S. shot the birds, cooked them, ate one, fell asleep; R. came up, ate another, went on a journey; the padishah died in the city, the released bird sat on R., he was made a padishah; S. woke up after 40 days, followed in his brother's footsteps; he was not allowed into the city where R. reigned; every midnight a dragon arrives, swallows everyone who is behind the city wall; S. knocked out his eyes with arrows and chopped him with a sword; the guards threw S. into the pit, said that they had killed the dragon; the potter found and cured him; the guards identified him and put him in zindon; to R. a neighboring padishah arrives; he asks him to throw the criminal into the river: the river demands a sacrifice from those who cross; at night, S. broke the chains and sent everyone unnoticed; the padishah made him military leader; padishah will pass off his sister Nusrat as the one who would kill a ferocious lion; S. killed him with a club; S. received N., went to look for his brother; at night, the soldiers accompanying S. pushed him into the river, and N. they put them in a chest and transported them to the other side; R. saw this, suspected something was amiss, threw the soldiers into the zindon, N. brought them to the palace; S. was saved by a fisherman; under the guise of a mutilated fisherman's sister, asked to bring him to palanquin to R.'s palace and began to talk about his fate; everything was clarified, the fisherman and potter were gifted, former guards who became officials were executed]: 115-128; Marchenko 1993 [Tugry ("honest") went to look for work on horseback, met Egra ("dishonest") singing, invited him to ride a little bit on horseback, who rode away; T. hid in a clearing in an old tone; heard Leo, Tiger, Bear, Wolf, Jackal talking , Fox; Fox has good things in the cave, the elk leaf will cure the Shah's daughter, the old man has a dog that can protect any herd, in a herd of bai a horse that will catch up with a tiger; T. helped the shepherds, half a horse as a reward, cured the Shah's daughter, married her; told E. who came; he spent the night in the forest, the animals tore him apart]: 230-234; Rogov 1980 [the princess is sick, the Shah promises her to someone who will cure her; young groom opened the window to the garden, the princess began to count the birds and recovered; the vizier advised to drive the groom away, for he was only a servant; he was abandoned in the desert; three pigeons flew in and turned into peri; they say that wheat does not grow because silver is buried in the field; that the cauldron where garbage is thrown is golden; that dead fish on the bank of the pearl river; a young man comes to live with an old woman, sends her to marry the Shah daughter; Shah demands to build a palace; a young man brings silver, a gold cauldron, pearls; with this money he builds a palace, receives a princess, and then a throne]: 212-215; Afzalov et al. 1972 (2) [orphan Khatam sold a caravan named Jalabay, one by one, kills divas, saves a caravan, finds four kidnapped Shah's daughters in a cave of divas, leaves them in a cave; caravans visit the Shah's possessions, where they mourn for kidnapped, sell nothing; H. gives off the released princesses - one for J., the other three for their fiances-princes; hears two pigeons talking under a tree, so he finds out that the unconscious prince Ibrahim should be given a decoction to drink; brings him to life; after overhearing the conversation between two sorcerers, he learns how to revive I. a second time, how to kill a dragon; performs further feats, achieves success]: 443-458; Persians: Borshevsky 1967 (Isfahan) [the merchant went to buy gifts for his daughters, the youngest asks for a crown of pearls; remembering that he forgot the gift, the merchant says at the spring Oh, Oh comes out of the water, gives crown, tells him to give him his daughter in 40 days; takes the girl to the garden, where the young man picks fruits for her, she pulls a piece of cotton wool from under his arm, he falls with his head severed off, the girl finds himself in desert; climbing a tree, he hears sparrows talking: the tree heals the crazy, bewitched, with the head cut off; replaces the box of the supposedly blind daughter of the ruler, makes her sighted, heals the mad son the ruler, the voracious son of a merchant, meets Och again, revives that decapitated young man, happy with him]: 57-64; Osmanov 1987 [the younger brother Neputevy offers to eat the supplies of the elder Traveler first , then throws him in the desert; for the night he built a fence of stones around him; the diva tells the animals where gold is buried and the basin in which any food is buried; the Traveler became rich, and the Bad One became impoverished; went to do it place, divas ate him]: 280-281; Rosenfeld 1956 [Putny meets Neputny, they go together; N. offers to eat P.'s supplies first, leaves him; P. spends the night in the mill, hears animals talking; leopard: the mice on the roof of the mill are gold; the wolf: the brain of a shepherd's dog will cure the royal daughter of madness; the fox: there is a treasure in the ruins of the castle; P. takes gold from the mice, buys a dog, heals the princess, gets her as a wife, finds a treasure, the Shah makes it an heir; he meets N., he goes to the mill, the animals find it, the lion tells him to tear it]: 34-40; Marzolph 1984, No. 613 (Kerman, Mazendaran, Khorasan, Azerbaijan, etc. ) [on the way, Evil suggests first eating the supplies of Good, and then demands that he allow himself to be dazzled if he wants to eat; he disagrees, is left alone; the good hears the conversation between a wolf, a fox, a lion, a diva and etc.; gold is hidden in the mill; the brain of a shepherd's dog will heal the princess; etc.; The good one heals the princess, marries her, becomes rich; The evil goes to the same place and is torn to pieces by animals]: 125-127; Yagnobtsy [the miser goes to the bazaar on foot, generous on horseback; gets down to urinate, asks to hold the horse; the stingy leaves the horse, holds the stone, asks the generous to hold, goes on horseback; the generous sleeps in the cave; hears conversation Mouse, Fox, Wolf, Bear, they are full, happy; finds out that the Mouse has money in the nest; gets it in the morning; finds a stingy man, he sold the horse, wasted money, shows money generously, says - here they, tells the animals to talk; the stingy goes to the cave; this time the animals are dissatisfied with life, they find and eat the stingy]: Andreev, Peschereva 1957, No. 37:173-175; Shugnans {? I.I. Zarubin's archive; Zarubin mainly seems to have worked with the Rushano-Shugnan languages} [the tsar gives his son the keys to 40 treasuries, but did not give one; the prince stole the key, unlocked the casket, and contains a portrait beauties; the king noticed that the son was turning pale and the portrait was gone; allowed his son to go in search; stayed in town with an old woman; that girl was just having a wedding; the prince put on women's clothes, winked the girl she told me to send that woman to her, they united; the girl teaches her to steal during her wedding to the king; they came to the castle, whose mistress tells everyone to fight her; the prince defeated her and he also married; at home, the king fell in love with one daughter-in-law and the vizier with another; they decided to kill the prince; they took him hunting, there was no water, the vizier promised water in exchange for his eyes; the prince's hound hid them under a stone; the dog brought the blinded prince to the water, brought a cake from his wives; he hears a parrot saying to the starling: we must wipe the eye sockets with the leaves of this tree, then insert his eyes; the young man tore off the leaf, the dog she brought her eyes; disguised as a dervish, she comes to the king; replies that she knows how to play the rubbe and persuade a woman to love whoever she needs, but for this he must be left alone with her; he dug a hole with his wives, his wives they pushed the king and the vizier into it, the prince cut off their heads]: Grunberg, Steblin-Kamensky 1976, No. 32:316-326; the Yazgulyam [two brothers went to bed under a tree; (one brother) hears a parrot saying: Whoever kills me and eats my meat will be king, and whoever reveals the secret will be petrified for 7 days; when my brother wakes up, the parrot lies with his head off; the brother could not find anyone to bury another brother, left under a tree; he was elected king himself - the falcon of reign sat on his head; the deceased brother came to life seven days later, took up the taxi, came to the palace; met his brother, told him everything, the king made him a vizier, gave a wife; while goating he fell off his horse and was killed; the king left the kingdom, went on a journey and disappeared]: Edelman 1966, No. 5:194; Sarykol people [good man and bad man travel together; the good one asks the bad one for a piece of bread; the bad one tells him to poke out his eye; the good one does it; after a few days he asks the bad one again for a piece of bread; he tells him to poke out his eye again; good he does it, becomes blind; the bad one leaves him and leaves; in the evening a dog comes, takes a good man to the cave; after a while, a wolf, a bear, a fox and an evil spirit ("nightmare") come there; the bear asks the fox where it came from; the fox: from the royal city; the bear: what news is there? fox: the king's daughter is blind; wolf: she can be cured with blue goat skin; bear: there is a tree in front of the cave, and a puddle at its foot; if a blind man puts his hand in it, he splashes water a tree, and then rubs his eyes with this water, he will see the light; a good man hears their conversation and goes to that puddle the next day; does as the bear said and gains sight; then goes to to the king, tells him that there is a blue-skinned goat among his herds, and tells him to bring it; with this skin, he restores the king's daughter's sight and eventually marries her; a bad man comes and asks he has treasures; a good man sends him to a cave; when he finds only food and clothes, the bad one stays there for the night; the wolf who comes kills him]: Shaw 1876, No. 1:42-44; (cf. Ishkashim {Grierson 1920:2: The Ishkashim version is translated from Shugnan, and the Shugnan text is a translation of the Sarykol text published in Shaw 1876} [good and evil set off; good asked for bread; the evil one gave it twice, for this he pricked out one eye, then the other eye; the evil one left, it became dark; the dog came up; the good man grabbed her by the tail, she brought him into the cave; the wolf came there, bear, fox and evil spirit (night-mare); fox: the king's daughter is ill, the king tells the viziers to find a doctor; wolf: there is a blue goat in the royal herd; you must put his skin on your eyes, you will recover; bear: in front plane tree cave, pond next to it; you have to moisten your hand in the water, put it on the trunk of the plane tree, and then to your eyes - you will see the light; in the morning good did so, I saw the light; I came to the king, asking not to execute the viziers, but to find blue goat; the princess's eyes recovered, the king gave her a good wife; came angry, kind told him about the cave; the animals tore him apart]: Grierson 1920:65-68).

Baltoscandia. Estonians: J.Kunder in Põder, Tanner 2000 [in order to take possession of all his property after his father dies, the older brother blinds the younger brother in the forest; he hears two men talking in the bushes; finds out that you can see the light by wiping your eyes with dew; that there are many blind people in the copper city, the well in the silver city has dried up, because the water veins were crushed by a stone; in the golden toad climbed under the altar, so the princess is sick; young man He sees the light himself, helps the residents of three cities; he is paid in gold; his older brother goes to listen to the conversation of little men, who say that last time someone overheard them, finds them and kills him]: 82-89 (=Raud 2004:171-176); J.Parijõgi in Raud 2004:284-285 [the owner sent a farmhand to fish; he hid under a boat from the rain, heard three mermaids talking; one said where the gold chest was buried, the other - why it is not possible to build a mill dam (crosses must be placed in the water along the edges), how to cure the princess's sick eyes with melt water; the farmhand digs up gold; the owner himself goes to hide under the boat; mermaids say that someone has dug up gold, finds the hidden person, tickles her to death; a farmhand builds a dam, gets a thousand rubles, heals the princess, marries her, reigns], J.Parijõgi in Raud 2004: 289-291 [the owner drives the cook away; he looks for a place in the forest to overwinter, falls into a snake hole, the snake king tells him to lick a stone with other snakes, the man falls asleep until spring with snakes; in the spring he goes out understands the language of birds and animals; one rook says that the wells in the city are dry because the stone has crushed the currents of water; the second, that the ring lost by the princess must be looked for under an apple tree; a man digs under a stone freeing the waters, finds a ring, receives a lot of money from the townspeople and the king]; Normann, Lätt 1968 [Truth and Tõde ja Vale set off, agreed to eat the reserves of Truth first; After that, Krivda refused to share his own; promised to give bread after the Truth allowed him to be blinded; did not give it, left him in the cemetery; The truth sleeps in the chapel; from a conversation between two crows, he learns that To the right of the chapel there is land that cures blindness; that the princess will recover if she drinks water from a spring under a large stone; The truth sees the light, heals the princess, marries her; upon learning about this, Krivda tells Blind himself and leave him in the chapel; the crows find him, kill him]: 153-156; Setu [the poor brother goes to the rich man to ask for food, he refuses; the poor goes to drown on the lake, but sees the boat abandoned, decides to fish; stays overnight in the boat, hears two devils talking from the bottom; one brags that he made his rich brother so tough that he refused to help the poor; the other that two merchants quarreled in Riga; the first adds: but under the threshold of his younger brother there is a cauldron of gold; the next day, the poor brother digs up gold, gets rich; the rich brother also goes to the lake; devils they say they were overheard, the boat is spotted, their rich brother is strangled and drowned]: Sandra 2004:111-113; Lithuanians: Kerbelite 2014, No. 77 [two brothers went with Jonas to the forest; gave food in exchange for eyes, blind climbed under the bridge; hears three devils talking; one persuaded two brothers to blind the third (you have to wash your eyes with water from a neighboring spring), the other deprived the city of water (we must destroy the dam), due to fault the third, the king's daughter fell ill (you have to get a toad from under the floor); J. saw the light, received an award from the townspeople for returning the water, took out a toad, married the queen and became king; the brothers gouged out each other's eyes and climbed under the bridge, the devils tore them apart]: 172-174; Lebite 1965 [the poor brother asks for rich bread, he gives them in exchange for his eyes; the blind comes to the forest, climbs a pine tree, animals gather under it; a rider rode, asks them about life, tells them three news himself; 1) a blind poor man will see the light if he washes himself with dew from this pine tree; 2) the queen will recover if you kill a toad under her floor; 3) if move the stone, water will flow into the waterless city; the poor man sees the light, kills the toad, the king, then the townspeople reward him generously; at home he sends his son to his brother to measure gold and silver, some coins remain to measure; after finding out what is going on, a rich man goes to the forest, hides in a pine tree; animals say that someone overheard their conversation, finds a person, tears them apart]: 233-239; Latvians [Three a secret. The poor brother goes to the rich man for bread, the rich one gouges his eyes out. The poor man sits under a tree, overhears birds and animals talking about how to regain sight, how to heal a princess, and how to provide the city with water. The blind man sees the light, heals the princess, gets water and is rewarded. He talks about everything to a rich man. The rich man gouges out his eyes, goes to eavesdrop on the animals talking, but they break it up]: Aris, Medne 1977, No. 613:306; the Danes [the queen is dead; the Countess, who has her own daughter, tells this daughter convince the Queen's daughter to persuade her father to marry her; after the wedding, tyrants his stepdaughter; the king leaves; the daughter talks to him about the Green Knight, referring to the cemetery, but the king takes words literally; he finds him; the knight's servants, like himself, in green clothes, herd wild animals; the knight gives the king a book for his daughter; when a girl opens a window and reads a book, a bird arrives, becomes knight; the girl no longer withers, but becomes prettier; the stepmother sends the maid, her own daughter, they fall asleep; she comes by herself, quietly puts scissors on the windowsill; flying away, the Green Knight hurts himself; the girl hears crows talk: he will be cured by soup from snakes living near the palace; she finds a nest of snakes, comes to the Green Knight's castle, is hired to work in the kitchen; after three times the knight recovers, sees girl; wedding, all is well]: Grundtvig 1878:124-147 (=Cramer 1919:23-37); Danes [after the king's death, the Queen and her son go on a pilgrimage; in an empty house, the prince finds a sword and shirt; the inscription says that they make the owner invincible; in another house, while the young man is away, the chieftain of the robbers meets the queen; persuades him to send the prince to the forest for apples, where animals will tear him to pieces; but the animals caress him, and the apples fall themselves; the dog leads him to a hole in the ground; there is a chained Arab princess; the prince frees her, puts her on the ship, promises that he will sail to her himself through year; she gives him a ring; when the prince returns to his mother, the robber persuades her to find out his secret; as soon as the prince falls asleep, the robber blinded him, took his sword and shirt; he was found and recognized by the captain, who took the princess; brought the prince to her; she recognized her ring; he hears someone talking: the local dew cures blindness; with his eyes moistened, he sees the light; the eagle took away the princess's jewelry; setting off in pursuit, the prince finds himself in the magic forest again; the princess follows him, is again in shackles; the prince and several tailors agree to spend a year in the house and then answer two questions; there is food and light in the house; the prince overheard the owner's conversation with another person: the house stands on three silver pillars, the light comes from the princess's stolen jewelry; answers questions correctly, is richly rewarded; a beggar who There was an eagle, reports that the princess was in shackles; with the help of a trick, the prince returns his sword and shirt, kills his mother, sends the robber to the forest where he was torn to pieces by animals; frees the princess, marries her, becomes king]: Holbek 1987:530-532; Karelians (Kalevalsky district) [when dying, parents advise their son not to marry, their daughter not to marry, but to live quietly together; after eating all the supplies, they went wander; sister is thirsty; brother went to the waterfall to get water, took water with a hat, there is a pike; asks her to let go, teaches her where the golden sword is between the stones of the waterfall; you can't lift it, but if you "turn the screw" , it will be easy; do not show their sister; they come to a house where the table is set for nine; nine demons come in, the young man cuts off their heads with his sword, throws their bodies underground; it turned out that one did not die without death; asks the girl to release him, make him husband; let him know what his brother's strength is; he replies that he is naked, in a pomelo; his sister and the demon burn them, the brother is unharmed; the young man's sword cannot be raised by a demon; then his sister pretended to be sick, asked for bear milk, then lion's milk; the bear, the lioness, laugh, give milk; the sister asks for the gallbladder of the leader of the devils beyond the nine seas; the bear and the lioness go with guy; they hid it in a hole, and then barked so that the squirrel captain carrying that devil on the ship could hear; the guy almost became deaf even in the hole because of such a scream; the squirrel brought the guy, told him to hide in the underground the princess will put the demon to sleep, he must cut off his head, a ring will roll out of his throat, cut it in two, throw one half into the fire, the other into his pocket; there was a demon's life in the ring, the guy took bile; the princess gave her ring; at home, her sister persuaded her to tell me where her brother's life was and how to make the sword easy; the demon took his sword, the boy was blinded and driven into the forest; he came to the city, the princess saw her ring, told her father to give it away she was driven away for the blind man; the blind man hears the birds talking; the first time they say that if you enter the hut, it will explode; the blind man did not let his wife go there; the second time: if you wash your eyes with dew, man He will see the light; having sent his wife to her father, the man with his animals came to the demon; the squirrel went down the chimney, unlocked the door; the man took his sword, blinded the demon and sister, drove him into the forest; the couple came to their animals; they tell their wife and them to cut off their heads, throw them into the spring, throw their sword there and jump themselves; the squirrel, the lioness, the bear, the sword turned into four princes - the brothers of the man's wife; when they saw the missing children, the king asks forgiveness from his son-in-law and daughter, gives his son-in-law the throne]: Onegin 2010, No. 17:201-209; the Swedes [the prince fell in love with the beautiful woman when he saw her portrait; his faithful servant lured her to the ship and brought her prince; he hears birds talking, predicting that the prince and his wife will die because of a horse, food, etc., and whoever tells them about this will become petrified; the servant eliminates dangers, but is forced to explain to the prince his strange behavior and turns into stone; young spouses agree to sacrifice their children to revive the statue; the servant comes to life and the children too; in Norway, the plot seems to be unknown]: Liungman 1961, No. 516:139; the Finns [the merchant's eldest son became rich in deception and lies, the youngest because of his honesty; they agree to ask the person they meet what leads to success: lie or truth; towards a man in a boat; he is bound by evil spirits; replies that it is a lie; the elder brother took the younger ship, blinded it and let it go in the boat by sea; the boat sailed to the island, climbed blind onto the stone; the skier gives his skis and tells him to go to the spring and wash his eyes - the pain is gone; next time he sends him to another source - the person has seen the light; gives skis, they will be taken home; before that, tells you to spend the night at the top of a tree; a man hears devils talking; a royal daughter will recover if she goes to the garden at dawn and washes herself with dew; a well must be dug where the birch tree now grows; deer will reappear in the park , if you remove the horns nailed there from the gate; the man hired the king, got water, returned the deer, healed the princess, the king brought him closer; the older brother's ship arrives; the youngest gave him his skis, those took him to the demon tree; they spotted it and tore it apart]: Concca 1993:7-16; Veps, Livs, Faroese: Uther 2004 (1), No. 425A: 248-250; Livs, Veps, Faroese , Icelanders: Uther 2004 (1), No. 613:353-354; Eastern Sami: Lagercrantz 1961, No. 306 (Skolts) [poor brother says you should rely on God and rich brother says you have to rely on God, and rich brother says what the hell; they made a bet, sailed in a boat to ask people they met; the counter agrees with the rich; he pulled out the poor's eye, left him in the boat; she was carried ashore; the poor got ashore, fell asleep; someone said that there is a bush nearby, a spring under it; you need to wash your eyes and rub them with three leaves, my eyesight will return; then there will be a big tree, let the poor one climb on it; two stopped under the tree man, talking; the sorcerer tortures the royal daughter, if she is brought to this island, the sorcerer's power will weaken; the king does not have enough water, you have to dig under this tree, a spring will appear; the deer have scattered; If you put the paddock posts where they used to be, the deer will return; the poor brother has come to town; the king says he does not need a worker, but the poor man suggests providing the king with water; {this text shows ends; the conversation under the tree is also confused}]: 181-184; Kert 1961, No. 38 [the old prince has three sons; he sends them to sleep in a new house and asks them to tell them what they saw in their dreams; elder: the house is full of water, I drank it; father: why didn't it burst? the son burst; the same with the middle son (the house is full of bread, he ate it); the youngest saw a poisonous snake crawl towards him, but the old man whipped her and drove her away; the young man refused to tell a dream until he came true; the father got angry, sold his youngest son to Ivan Tsarevich; the young man did not tell him the dream either; they went to get the daughter of the Swedish king; she sets the condition: to break his father's gold ring and pole, both magpies; a young man disguised as I. came to the princess, threw his pole so high that he flew for a day, and when he fell, both the pole and the ring broke; the second task was to ride his father's horse to death; the same ( a young man in the guise of I. flew it and she crashed); the princess demands that her father's head be brought to her from across three seas from 40 ships; the young man sees the princess become a dove, followed by an eagle; she talked to her father, flew back, and the young man cut off her father's head and brought it; the princess is preparing the wedding; the young man asks I. to get permission to let him into the doorstep; after the wedding they go home; at night, the young man hears a bird: the young go to his father and stepmother, the stepmother sent a gift, whoever takes it will burst, and whoever tells will petrify; the gift is a hat, the young man persuaded him to give it to him; the same for the next night (the gift is bread); on the third day, a golden carriage with horses and a coachman, the young man again begged him to give it to him; at night, Baba Yaga climbs into the young's room, gnawing through the doors, the young man cut off her head; I. thinks that he wanted to kill him, take possession of the princess; the young man told everything and became petrified; it turned out that Baba Yaga was Father I.'s new wife; the statue was watered with live and water, the young man came to life]: 142-151; Norwegians [two The brothers are named Faithful and the Deceiver (True, Untrue); on the way they agree to share the food they have taken; they eat food V.; O. refuses to share, pulls out his brother's eyes, leaves him in the forest; he climbs a tree, hears animal conversation; Bear: the King of England is almost blind, and the dew of this tree cures blindness; Wolf: his daughter is deaf and dumb because a Toad sits under the floor of the church and altar, swallowing a piece of her wafer; bread is needed remove the Toad from the belly, give it to the princess, she will recover; Fox: there is no water in the king's palace, you have to dig in the yard, score the key; Hare: the king's garden does not bear fruit, because there is a gold chain around it; B . regains his eyesight, digs up the spring, heals the king for blindness, digs up a gold chain, heals the princess, gets her as his wife; during the wedding, the poor O. comes; after finding out what is going on, he goes to the forest, climbs a tree; The bear says they were overheard last time, so now it's better to keep quiet and break up]: Dasent 1970:1-7.

Volga - Perm. Komi [the wanderer tells the poor spouses that their newborn Ivan will become king; the wife talks to her neighbors, the king buys the child, puts it in a bag, throws it into the river; he catches the baby, raises the baby a bachelor miller; the king asks him, understands everything, sends a young man with a letter to the queen, telling I. to kill; in the forest, the robbers read the letter, replace him; after reading the letter, the queen passes her daughter off as I.; The king tells his son-in-law to bring three hairs from the ogre's beard; on the way, a digging well asks why there has been no water for ten years; bird cherry why it dries and does not bloom; the carrier why he works carrier; in the cannibal's house, his wife hides I.; consistently pulls out the hairs of her sleeping husband; he tells a dream about a digging well (you need to remove the frog from the well), bird cherry (kill mice under roots), the carrier (you have to give the paddle and the whole one to another, jump ashore yourself); on the way back, I. sets up the merchant, who is made by the carrier; kills mice and a frog; these three were brothers old woman; she is grateful, gives a ring; the tsar orders I. to be executed, he tells the ring to send an ax to kill the guilty; the ax kills the tsar, I. reigns]: Doronin 2004:27-32; Udmurts: Kralina 1960, No. 70 [ the poor brother went to drown, went to bed under the boat, heard three people talking; the priest's daughter can be cured with a decoction of grass; to prevent the bridge from collapsing, put a coin under each pole; a barrel of gold in the river, it is necessary throw a leaf of grass, the barrel will pop up; the poor brother cured the priest's daughter, helped build a bridge, received an award, took out gold; the rich brother went to spend the night under the boat, the three took him out and drowned him]: 203- 205; Yakovlev 1914, No. 5 [married brother offends the younger single man; he leaves, spends the night in the woods; hears two peri talking; the first tells how the cow swallowed the man's savings, and he (peri) inspired tell the shaman (tuno) that the money has been stolen; the man is going to kill his daughter-in-law; the second says that he is breaking the dam under construction, will lead the builder into sin if he does not base the "Nikanor cross" grass; the younger brother tells the man to slaughter a cow, finds money, gets half; receives a reward from the dam builder; the elder also goes to spend the night in the forest; the peri found him and tortured him]: 392-393; Mordovians: Pomerantseva 1973 [the rich brother did not even feed the poor at the wedding; he went fishing, spent the night under the boat, hears two rooks talking; one says that a treasure is buried under the birch tree; the other explains that if you dig another birch tree, a spring will be clogged in a waterless village; the poor gets rich, arranges a feast, does not feed his brother on it]: 46-49; Sokolov 1922, No. 13 []: 158-159; Marie [the shepherd fell into a hole with snakes, licked a stone with them, lost hunger and thirst, began to understand the language of birds and animals; in the spring, the queen of snakes lets him go, tells him not to share her secret, otherwise he will die; smiles like a crow another says that a treasure is buried under the oak tree; gets rich; laughs at gelding's words; the wife demands an explanation; the rooster tells the chickens that he feels sorry for the owner; the man takes the whip, the wife promises not to ask again questions]: Aktsorin 1984:238-241; Kazan Tatars: Bashirov, Yarmukhametov 1956 [Saran ("stingy") and Yumart ("generous" went on a journey; S. pretends to be unable to untie his bag with cakes; when Yu's cakes run out, S. slowly leaves; Yu stays overnight in a house where a bear, fox, mouse come; mouse: a pot of silver coins is hidden in the house; fox: under an oak tree a silver bar is buried; bear: a gold bar is buried by the road; Yu found everything, climbed a tree; gins came to the tree; a blind gin caused illness to the khan's daughter, it is necessary to feed the residents of the city with black meat cows; Yu pretended to be a healer, ordered the cow to be slaughtered, the princess recovered; Yu became rich; S. found out about this, asked Yu, went to spend the night in that house, the animals tore it apart]: 99-104 (= Yarmukhametov 1957:68- 71; =Zamaleddinov 2010, No. 3:31-33); Zamaletdinov 2009, No. 2 [Tugri ("truthful") and Aldar ("deceiver") argue whether it is better to live truthfully or deceiving; ploughman, buy, old man answer that it is more profitable to cheat; T . wants to eat, A. gives him food and takes his eyes for it, leaves the blind man; the voice tells him to wash his eyes in the spring - you will see the light; then climb the oak tree and listen; genies gathered at midnight; one torments his daughter padishah; to drive him away, you have to take a rosary from Gali-bay; T. has been working for G. for three years, received a rosary, married the daughter of a padishah; A. became impoverished; when he found out what happened to T., he climbed the same oak tree; his genies torn], 55 [dying, bai tells his son to marry the first girl who will come for water in the morning; this is the daughter of a poor man; the young husband leaves; another merchant promises to break into his wife for an argument; sends an old woman who stole the ring of a young merchant's wife with his name; when she returned, the husband pushed his wife into the river; she disguised herself as a soldier, climbed a tree, hears the genies talking; one took water from the padishah, plugging with a blanket of the way to the river; another caused illness to the daughter of the padishah, she will be cured by the bark of this tree; the imaginary soldier returned the water, cured the princess, received the princess and the throne; his ex-husband was brought to him (i.e. her) accused of murdering his wife; the padishah unraveled the case, another bay and an old woman were tied to the tails of horses; the couple were reunited; the padishah's daughter knew everything; {what happened to her is not said}]: 26-30, 194-201; Bashkirs [one boy says that money is earned by labor, the other from God; the first overhears the devils talking: one blinded the princess, the other deprived people of water, explains how to get rid of these troubles; the boy takes the amulet from the bathhouse, pulls the trash out of the well - the princess saw the light, the water appeared; the boy marries the princess; after learning about this, the other goes to the same tree, dies]: Khusainova 2014:63; Chuvash: Paasonen 1949:293-301 in Kecskeméti, Paunonen 1974, No. 613:233.

Turkestan. Kazakhs: Daurenbekov 1979 [on the way Miser eats the Generous's supplies, denies him his supplies, leaves him in a cave; he eats grass, begins to understand the language of animals, hears the Fox Soroke says that Mouse plays with gold coins under the poplar; the Wolf says that if the head of a goat from the herd where he steals sheep is given to a blind person, he will see the light; the fox says that it is kept under the trees the treasury of the seven kings; the Generous takes treasures, heals the king's blind daughter, takes her as his wife; when he learns about this, the Miser goes to the cave; the animals say that someone overheard them, tore the Miser]: 124-125; Kanbak-Shal 1985 [Good invites Evil to ride a horse one by one, Evil galloped away; in the forest Good climbs a tree, hears animals talking; Fox knows where the treasure is, Wolf knows how to cure Bai's daughter (take a colorful heart sheep), lion - how he steals horses, but you can catch up with him on a red foal; the Good man cured the girl, married her, dug up gold, killed a lion, received a herd of horses from the owner; met Evil, he became impoverished , went to that tree, ate the dinner that the animals had prepared, they tore it]: 14-16; the Karakalpaks [three friends went to hire the khan; to understand what kind of people they were, the khan instructed the senior horseman take a beautiful slave named Gul on a pilgrimage and gave him a frisky horse; gave the second a thousand gold and ordered him to become a friend to the first; gave nothing to the third; the first planned to kill the second and take it money, and the second to kill the first and take the slave; at night the third heard a noise, both his comrades were dead in blood; he buried them, and G. called them sister; stayed in a wealthy house, the owner's son was ill; the horseman lay down in the garden under a tree; at night he hears two snakes, white and black, talking; white: to get hold of two pots of gold, you climbed into this man's son, because of which he has been ill for 12 years; greed is you will kill; the snakes crawled away; in the morning, the horseman ordered a cow sick with melted fat to drink, which had not calved for 7 years in a row; a black snake crawled out of the boy's mouth; buy killed her, the boy recovered; buy gave horseman with cattle and goodness; the horseman took Gul on a pilgrimage and returned to his country, set up a yurt; the ruler arrived, did not recognize the horseman, said that the dishes served were similar to those prepared by G. Dzhigit brought G. and told everything; the ruler made him a vizier]: Aimbekov 2014a: 29; Kyrgyz: Brudny 1954:100-104 [Khan Sarybay wants to marry a young widow; tells her to slaughter the chicken with eggs which she feeds her children; the widow gave one son the head and the other a liver; the khan demands the liver and head of her sons; the butcher grabbed them, but the black bird told them to let them go, who gave the cat's head and liver; the elder brother let the youngest into the well to drink water, the rope broke off; a bird sat on the elder's head, he was chosen khan; the youngest was rescued by an old man; every spit of the youngest turns into silver; the girl He beat everyone; the young man beat her, but she gave him a drink, he regurgitated the chicken's liver, then lost everything; three brothers argue over the inheritance: a magic tablecloth, a wineskin filled with koumiss, a wish-fulfilling stick; a young man invites them to race, picks up wonderful objects; wants to become rich and have M. by his side; she steals a stick; the young man hears three pigeons talking: who will eat a red apple will turn rosy, who is white - white-bodied, who is green - will become an old man or an old woman; the young man fed M. a green apple, gave it a red apple after she found his brother; the youngest gave it to his brother in wife, returned to his mother himself], 93-94 [on the way, the villain suggests that the good-natured man first slaughter his horse; he does not hurt his own, pulls out the good-natured man's eyes, pushes him into a ravine; in the cave he hears a conversation between a leopard, a tiger and a wolf; a leopard says that a person who washes his face with water from the stream will see the light, the tiger that takes a gold bar in the cave will become a batyr, the wolf says that the bile of a dog guarding the flock will cure any disease; the good-natured man sees the light is done by a batyr, heals, gets a khan's daughter as a wife; tells the villain about everything; animals think that someone overheard their conversation, tore the villain to pieces] (=Brudny, Eshmambetov 1963:135-137, =Ledenev 1987: 46-48); Kyrgyz [Saporgali is rich and stingy, his brother Aimukhamet is poor; S. sent A. to hell; S. went to look for them, it began to rain, A. hid under the boat, hears the devils talking; one tells where hid the stolen gold; the other1 hid the princess's ring and she fell ill; the third dammed the mill; when the devils left, A. took out the gold, found the ring (the princess immediately recovered, A. was rewarded), poured out when the dam broke through, two bags of ash, the pond was full; A. became rich; after finding out what was going on, S. went to hide under the same boat; the devils thought they were being eavesdropped, found and drowned S.]: Muchnik 1944:93-94; yellow The Uighurs [the younger brother went blind from tears after burying his mother; the elder left him in the forest; he reaches the temple; hearing the Tiger, the Leopard, the Swan talk, he learns that mushrooms growing nearby will restore his sight; that If you burn the bag of straw in which the Black Spider lives, the rich man's daughter will recover; the girl is given to him as his wife; he visits his older brother; he dazzles himself, goes to the temple; the animals have torn him to pieces]: Stuart, Jhang 1996:68-70; Dungans: Riftin et al. 1977, No. 13 [Yiduan's younger brother leaves elder Icheon in the desert, stealing his camel caravan; Icheon sleeps in the temple, hears Tiger, Wolf, Fox talking; learns that if you dig a poplar, Yuanwei's spring will be clogged; three spirits in the form of a rooster, a stone, a poplar suck the blood of Yuanwei's daughter; if you take gold and silver from under the haystack, the yuanwei will grow rich; Ichon heals a girl, gets married, opens a spring, gets rich, becomes an official; Yuduan became impoverished, Ichon feeds him, dresses him, talks about what happened; Yduan spends the night in the temple, torn to pieces by animals]: 108-113; Yusurov 1970 [ the peasant died, the youngest son of Zhingduan took everything for himself; the youngest Zhinchang got his own farm; both houses burned down, the brothers went on a journey; the youngest pushed the elder into the well, took what he had earned together silver; at the bottom, the elder hears a conversation between two guev (humanoid creatures) who have come to the well; the daughter of a wealthy peasant will recover if you kill a frog living under a ricks of hay; a healing tree in the same garden withers away, because there is a chest of jewelry under it; there is almost no water in the village, a well must be dug, there is an underground river; Zhinduan pretends to be a healer; the girl tells how she comes to her at night lover in a green coat with cold hands; ricks are burned, the genie frog dies, the girl recovers, marries Jinduan; he digs up a chest, gets water; goes after his former wife and children; Zhinchan asks him to be lowered into the well; Guevo says that someone overheard them, they filled the well with stones]: 57-65.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Buryats: Barannikova 2000, No. 28 (Baikal region; =Dugarov 1990:330-350) [someone ruins the garden (Russian word), only the youngest of three sons, Bayan Bayama, catches a thief - a fox; she promises marry the khan's daughter; decorated BB's leaky clothes with flowers, as if rich, led her to the khan, ordered her to stumble on the bridge; Khan's daughters see flowers from a distance, everyone wants to marry BB; Khan gave new clothes instead of supposedly missing; The fox tells the khan not to be surprised at food and clothes, BB is surprised, Lisa explains that BB is better, richer; the khan requires 5 animals of all kinds; the fox says to hares, foxes, wolves, the bears that the khan drank arak, everyone wants to see the khan, he puts them in cages; on the way back, the shepherds of sheep, cows, horses, Lisa tells them that they are not shepherds of Shurgalzhan Khan, but Bayan Bayama, because on Sh. An invincible enemy is coming, and Sh. and his wife are advised to hide in a hole in the underground; Khan's father-in-law throws a hot stone on them; his middle brother's wife named Oër reproaches him that BB is rich and he no, at least let him bring the heads and legs of the animals; O. spends the night under a tree, hears a conversation between a magpie and a crow; Kharasgai Khan's daughter fell ill after dropping the ring in the manure, they covered the wall with this manure, we must find the girl will recover; the guards themselves stole money from the treasury of Buljamur Khan; O. treats the girl, gets money, but wants only two carts of heads and legs; the wife explains what he really wants from both Khans are half a day; he receives them; his older brother Tenegu's wife sends her husband to sell a towel; he "sells" his stump; then he shoves gold and silver under the stump, and buys unnecessary things from the merchant for them; the wife orders the gold to be returned; T. kills the merchant, takes everything, throws his head under the porch; the wife replaces her with the head of a goat; the merchant's son comes, T. asks if his father had horns; the merchant's son thinks that T. crazy, leaves]: 103-125; Gomboev 1890, No. 6 [an orphan hears two crows talking under a tree: if a piebald mare is stabbed, Khartagan Khan's son will recover; he goes to the khan, he is driven away: they already have shaman; an orphan ties a basket to the stallion's tail, scares off the herd, everyone runs outside, an orphan drowns the shaman in a tub of sour milk; returnees think that the khan has a whorl from a person (from a tub) legs stick out); the khan is afraid of revenge from the shaman's relatives, the orphan promises to help; taking the shaman's body, comes to her relatives on a bull, distributes bread to the children, stabs the bull with an awl, he throws off the orphan and the corpse, the orphan scolds the children that their mother was killed and maimed; when he returns, he heals the khan's son himself; when two features carry the soul of the khan's son, the orphan pretends to be hell; he is allowed to bear his soul; he says that afraid of breast and neck fat, and devils say they are afraid of rose hips and hawthorn; he hides in hawthorn rose hips, devils throw fat in there, leave; an orphan lies under a tree; two come, then more four people; tell the lama they want to become Burkhans; they jump from the mountain into the sea, go up to the sky, become the Big Bear ("seven old men"); the llama envied them, turned into a scoter]: 58-63; Dugarov 1990 [farmhand Dorzhi hears three cuckoos talking; there is a drought in the southeast, we must dig a boulder, a spring under it; in the northwest there is a white stone, treasures under it; on the roof of a short-lived yurt there is a beetle, sucks juices out of a girl at night; D. opens a spring, kills a beetle, marries a girl, digs up treasures]: 254-259; Potanin 1883, No. 36 (Alar) [the poor young man feels sorry to cut down trees, his owner drove him away; while he was sleeping, the old man pricked his tongue, allowing him to understand the language of birds; the young man hears a raven telling a crow about the khan's son, into whom the snake had climbed; he will recover if he breathes steam from burning fat; a young man heals a khan's son, takes seven skinny mares as a reward; on the way he meets a strongman, a rumor, a shooter, a thief, a water bread, a runner; with their help he wins competitions in wrestling and shooting , running, gets the princess; the army pursues them, drowns his water bread; the llama ordered them to roll down the mountain, their heads flew off; God resurrected them, raised them to heaven, made Dolon-Ubugut (Big Dipper); small the star in the middle is their wife]: 200-203; the Mongols: Mikhailov 1962:123-125 [=197:146-149; the evil beggar is jealous of the good things they serve; there are two eggs in the eagle's nest; one hatched an eagle, the other's shell is a belt; an evil beggar persuades the good to get a belt; he falls into the nest, cannot get out; the eagle brought him a gopher; later he guessed to go down with a belt tied; at night in the temple hears a conversation between a tiger, a wolf, a crow, a fox; learns how to cure the khan's daughter (spiders have climbed into her ear), bring water to the city (clear the spring); awarded a khan; an evil beggar goes to spend the night in temple, eaten by a tiger], 158-160 [=1967:167-170; father dies, tells him to carry his corpse until the rope breaks; the eldest son returns, the youngest carries; on the way back he hides in a cave, hears a conversation foxes and wolves; the khan's son has lost his magic ball, the son is ill; the young man comes to the khan, hears the conversation between the khanshi and the bull, they hid the ball under a pile of manure; the khan executes his wife and the bull, the son recovers, the young man awarded], 188-190 [Hurelday meets a snake with coral horns; she gives them to him, spits out the pearl, he swallows it, begins to understand the language of animals; therefore he does not commit infidels deeds, lives happily]; Potanin 1919a, No. 24 [rich and poor studied in Tibet; sending them back, the teacher tells them not to go anywhere on the way; the poor enters the yurt, the rich goes straight to three caves, sitting in the middle, he hears a wolf, a raven and a tiger talking in the lower one; from their conversation he finds out where the spring will be buried, where the treasure is buried; shows the poor who has come; he also sits in a cave; the animals say that someone discovered water, took the treasure, thinks they are being overheard; the poor has been tore apart]: 48; Skorodumova 2003 [poor brother works for a rich man, he feels sorry to cut down trees; in a dream, a woodworker pierces his tongue with needles, he now understands the language of animals; the Raven tells the Raven that the Khan's son fell ill because a snake crawled into his mouth; he must throw the meat of a fatty mare into the fire, breathe smoke; the poor man heals the khan's son, asks for 7 skinny mares and a bad horse under a blanket as a reward; on the way he meets, takes as satellites 1) moving mountains, 2) listening to what is underground, 3) shooting at the sky, 4) quietly changing feathers crows and magpies, 5) drinking the river, 6) chasing mountain sheep; the khan will give his daughter to the winner of the competition; 1) the strongman defeats the wrestler, 2) the shooter falls into the golden circle between heaven and earth, 3) the runner overtakes two old speeders (they put him to sleep with a stroke on the head, but he woke up); the khan sent an army, drowned him; friends rose to heaven, became the constellation Ursa Major - "Seven elders"; little star - princess]: 5-8; Potanin 1893, No. 24 (Ordos [two poor people spent the night in an empty temple; from a conversation between a tiger, a fox, a wolf, a crow, they learn how to cure a sick rich man's daughter; it is necessary open two chitkurs, pick up a stone, clean water will flow from under it, dig a sprout; a rich man rewards the poor]): 192-193; Dagurs [three sons of the fortuneteller ask why he does not can predict his own fate; he asks them to wait; during the Spring Festival he asks them to take a club and go to South Mountain; he sees a monster, returns in fear; the same with his second son; the youngest comes to the old man, he helps, the young man strikes, the monster disappears; when he dies, the father tells his sons to carry his iron coffin as far as they can, and then look for something; only the youngest finds a golden pea - this is Altan Barken, the god of gold; where there is one, there are 7 more; he finds 8, hides it from his brothers; pays with a pea in the tavern, the owner gives back all the money he had; a young man explains to the brothers that the owner fed them because he respected their father; the brothers spend the night with the landowner, who leaves them in the room where the ghost appears; the elders fall asleep, the younger too, but tells AB to guard; hears AB telling the visitor that he is a demon carp who kills guests and causes illness to the owner's daughter; the young man catches carp, the girl recovers from his blood, the young man marries her; taking his head carp, brings to the emperor; it contains a gold box, three books from heaven in the box; the emperor gives him a high position]: Stuart et al. 1994:140-141; Dongxiang [giving birth to a son, the wife died, the new one gave birth to a son the following year: the brothers are grown up, the eldest is married: the stepmother sends his son to kill his stepson; he pushes his brother into the well, takes his wife; sitting in the well, the young man hears the conversation between Wolf, Fox, Hare; the daughter of a rich man will recover if a pile of grass is burned; a man has no water, a spring is hidden in his garden under a stone under an elm tree; gold is buried behind the garden of the third; travelers pull the young man out of the well; he cured a girl, married her, found water, gold, became an official; stepmother sends her son to the well, animals kill him]: Todayeva 1961, No. 1:75-78; Tuvans: Vatagin 1971, No. 15 (Bai- Taiginsky District) [Baysky shepherd Oskus-ool accidentally picks flowers that allow birds to understand the conversation of birds, wants to be beautiful, goes looking for happiness; at night he hears one crow telling another that Karata's daughter Khan is sick because a copper spider has climbed into her ear, she can be lured out with fried sheep bacon; O. treats a girl, marries her, becomes a wise judge]: 139-142; Potanin 1883, No. 162 [Noyon's son knows the languages of birds and animals; together with the khan's son he stops under a tree; hears a raven explaining to the crow how the khan's son can take possession of Shurindyn Khatyn; we must make an unusual cart, The school will go out to look, we must take her away; friends take the HK, and then walk under the guise of beggars; the same raven tells the crow that they cannot pick up boots, fur coats, sit on horses they meet; and then will be Abyrga-moga 10 fathoms long; Noyon's son cuts boots, fur coats, horses; kills a snake, but blood splashed on the SHH; if you wipe it, the black spot will remain, you must lick it; the khan's son reproaches his comrade that he wanted to kiss WH; Noyon's son explains everything, turns into stone; WH holds a cup, waits for living water to drip from the sky; let her husband hold it; he fell asleep, spilled; HK began to hold again, but fell only one drop; with it she revived Noyon's son, but he no longer knew languages and crafts; if Khan's son hadn't spilled living water, all people would be knowledgeable]: 542-544; Samdan 1994, No. 5 [dying, mother tells two sons named Ak-Sagysh and Kara-Sagysh carry her corpse until the rope breaks, bury her there; K. refuses, A. carries, buries at a stone stele (kyozhe); at night a spirit fights with kyoje, says that if you hit him, a lan of silver will appear; A. brings him, buys food with this silver; K. offers to slaughter A.'s cattle first, then refuses to slaughter his own; A. finds a hut, hides; Fox, Wolf, Bear come there; Fox: Karata Khan's daughter lost her bracelet, I hid it under larch, so the girl is sick; Wolf: I've muddied the spring, so it's drought; Bear: I feed on cedar, on who does not run out of nuts; A. discovers the illness of Karata Khan's daughter, gets her as his wife and half of the khan's property; stops the drought; eats nuts from the tree; gives it to his brother, who breaks it so that take all the gold, finds only stones; spends the night in a hut; animals talk about what happened, laugh, K. finds himself laughing, he was torn to pieces]: 277-285; Taxamins 1988 [brothers Ak-Sagysh and Kara-Sagysh they wander; K. offers to eat A.'s horse, ride one; leaves, leaving A. on foot; he spends the night under the couch in the plague, hears the conversation of the animals that have come; finds out where the boar hides the silver stick, that only she can throw off the stone that has filled the Karaty Khan spring; A. finds a stick, opens a spring, gets the khan's daughter; K. comes to him, goes to the same plague, the animals find him, A. barely saved him]: 190- 192; Taube 1978, No. 30 (Kara-Khem) [it was a long time ago, when the rivers dried up from the heat and the birds' beaks melted; Anchi Kara was orphaned, the last goats were slaughtered, the game could not be found; and all the animals began to sing to him gathered; then disappeared; the raven told him to take three beads out of his nest, swallow them to understand the language of birds and animals; AK hears two herons talking; they talk about a lama who read the sacred threw the book away, stole a tripod from someone else's yurt, put it on his head, the tripod was hot, the llama went bald; then the conversation was a hare, a wild cat, a wild ram, a wild boar and a fox; everyone says how he will kill human; hare: he will look with his own oblique eyes and the man will bend; boar: slaughter with fangs; ram - cares; cat - breaks with claws; fox - scratches with claws and slaughter with its tail; AK is enough for everyone, tells not to attack people, but to do what these animals are doing now; he did not grab the fox, it ran away on its own; AK comes to Darynsa Khan, whose daughter Nagyr Chechek is blind; that bald lama is nearby; AK said what he learned from herons, promised to cure LF; hears two swans talking; LF will cure the juice of blue flowers growing in the sky; swans promised to bring flowers; lama advises Khan to cut off AK's arms and head, if he does not will cure the Lama before sunset; at the last moment, the swans brought flowers and the LF saw the light; but, at the instigation of the lama, the khan promises to give AK his daughter only if he gets out of the hole; he was thrown in a hole, the exit was blocked with stones; realizing that AK understands their language, the mice dug out; now the khan sends AK south to kill the shulbus; swans teach you to find a black foal with a white spot on its forehead, ride it to a long snake, ask her to wrap rings around the shulbus, knock out his only eye with an arrow himself; the shulbus died, the vaults of his cave collapsed; the khan drove the lama away, and AK married the NF and took him to Kara-Khem]: 137-146; South Altai Tuvans [the wife leaves the lazy old man a piece of cottage cheese, a bubble of butter, every time she says that if he goes on a journey, she will find the wrong thing; the old man rides a horse, chases a fox, that's it loses, walks, finds a silver bracelet, hides it in a cow cake; overhears how the khan's wife, the yellow dog and the blue bull discuss how to kill the khan; suggests finding their lost bracelet, takes it out of the cake; saddled a blue bull, killed a dog, found the khan's wife sick; told her to drink a bowl of dirt, she immediately recovered; explains the hanga that his wife, dog and bull were three shulmus; gave harden the diluted flour, hit it, these creatures died; the old man received cattle from the khan, brought it to his wife]: Taube 1978, No. 42:261-262; the Altaians [two brothers share property after the death of their parents; Kara-Sagysh gets black animals, Ak-Sagysh gets white animals; CS stabs all whites, eats, runs away; AU wanders, hears animals talking in a hut that Karaty-Kaana's cattle die without water; from the hare learns a way to extract water; the AU helps the khan save the cattle, marries his daughter; the COP decides to repeat everything; after listening to the animals talking that the khan's cattle no longer suffer without a watering hole, laughs; animals they detect CS, tear them apart]: Sadalova 2002, No. 29:265-271 (=Demchinova 2003:159).

Amur - Sakhalin. The Nanais [the elder brother collected pine nuts, did not talk to the younger brother, he collected acorns; tasted the older brother's nuts; the elder promised to pick out the thief's eye; the younger said he took it the elder blinded him; the youngest came to a house, lay down in a corner; evil spirits gathered; one told him where there is a tree, at the roots of which moss grows; the tree itself will turn into gold and silver; the mergen has a beautiful younger sister; the young man sees the light, pays a ransom for the beauty, lives well; the elder brother tells him to be blinded, goes to the house of evil spirits, the youngest finds his bones there; the younger grinded them, sculpted a doll, revived their brother, he got married, the brothers began to live together]: Kile 1996, No. 40:357-363.

Japan. Japanese: Ikeda 1971, No. 671 (all of Japan from Tohoku to North Ryukyu) [a man saves a turtle (sometimes a mouse, a fox, etc.); the god of the sea sends a messenger with a reward, who advises you to choose kiki-mimi, a person gains the ability to understand the language of animals; after overhearing the conversation of animals, he heals the emperor's daughter (a live snake, a frog, or the cause of illness in a nearby tree is buried under the palace) ; warns of a tsunami; marries a princess, gets wealth]: 162-163; Markova 2000, No. 18 [=1956:60-65; the old man found a red hat, wearing it, understands the language of birds, animals and plants; from conversation two crows find out that 1) the rich man's daughter is sick because a snake was accidentally nailed while laying shingles on the roof; the old man introduced himself as a fortuneteller, the snake was released and cured, the girl recovered, the old man awarded; 2) a camphor tree was cut down in another house during construction, and the stump was left; the tree shoots, but they are cut off; it is neither alive nor dead; therefore, the owner is dying; when he comes to this house, the old man hears different trees coming to visit the camphor tree at night, expressing sympathy; the old man tells us to dig a tree stump, the owner has recovered], 19 [mikado orders a fox raid; Kerai Yasunari spared a thousand-year-old white fox; for this, Mikado exiled him; the fox came to Y. disguised as his wife, gave birth to a son Doshimaru; he sees a boy torturing a turtle, buying it twice; this is the daughter of the sea the king, who gives D. three pearls as a reward; one causes tides, the second satisfies hunger, the third allows him to understand the language of animals and birds; from the conversation of ravens D. learns that the magician Doman has buried under the north-western corner of the palace is a snake, mikado is ill; Doshimaru defeats Doman in a contest of wizards, washes away by a tidal wave, pulls out a snake, awarded by the sovereign]: 73-78, 78-84.

(Wed. NW Mexico. Yaki [{European borrowings}; Fox, Lion, Pig, Coyote talking under a tree that the poor man climbed; take turns smoking a magic cigar, reporting what they saw in a dream; Fox: water under the stone, you can give the thirsty to drink; Leo: how to cure the king; The boar just fell asleep, saw nothing; Coyote started smoking, then the animals felt the man, ran away; the man found the source, cured the king, became rich; his the relative heard it, went to the tree, but it was already dry and the doors said he did not need help, they immediately ran away]: Olmos Aguilara 2005:223-225).

(Wed. Mesoamerica Explicit or likely European borrowings. Micah [a hunter hides in a tree above a watering hole; hears what a jaguariha is telling his son; one village has no water, a well must be dug in a certain place; in another people are sick, we must clean it a toad sitting under a bed in a certain house; a person comes to these villages, solves relevant problems, becomes rich; his friend tries to get rich in the same way, but the jaguariha refuses talking to his son because they're being overheard]: Hoogshagen 1966:315-316; Nahuatl (San Luis Potosi) [the eldest of two brothers plays guitar on a mill, falls asleep, dreams he can't catch a seven-colored horse; while he was sleeping, the younger one took the guitar, a seven-colored horse appeared in the morning, he caught him; his father sent his older brother, the youngest followed him; on the way, the eldest said that he would give the youngest to eat, if he gave him an eye; then the second; the youngest climbed a tree with a leaf of this tree, regained his sight; saw that the devils were eating and talking below; the woman was sick, no one could help; boy came to the woman, promised to heal, pulled out a frog from under the pillow that sucked the woman's blood; threw it into a basin of hot water, it burst; in a village where there was neither water nor fire, the boy extracted water from the stone, the fire is made of dry wood; returned home to a seven-colored horse]: Croft 1957:318-320).

(Wed. The Central Andes. European borrowing. Uarochiri (dep. Lima) [Rich Tamta Ñamca had lamas of different colors, the roof of his house was covered with bright bird feathers; he pretends to be dios {the word used - probably instead of huaca - is about the same as yap. kami} but becomes ill; no one can determine the cause of the disease. Poor Huatya Curi, the son of the thunder god Paria Caca, falls asleep on a road in the mountains; he hears two foxes sharing the news, one coming from the mountains and the other from the coast. The fox from the mountains says that Tamta Nyamki's wife dropped a corn seed into her vagina, picked it up and let her husband eat it; that she is cheating on him. Because of this, two snakes began to live in the roof of the house, and a double-headed toad under a grain grater. They're slowly devouring Tamta Nyamka. Uatia Kuri promises to cure Tamta Nyamka if he gives him his youngest daughter; he dismantles the house, kills snakes, and expels the toad. A man married to Tamta Nyamki's eldest daughter is unhappy and calls Uatia Kuri to the competition. Uatia-Curi, whom Pariacaca helps with advice, wins]: Francisco de Ávila, 1608. "A treatise and a report on misconceptions, false gods and other prejudices and diabolical rituals common in ancient times among the Indians of the provinces of Waarochiri, Mama and Chacclia, in which they are still deceived today are suffering great harm to their souls", in Quechua, translated in Salomon, Urioste 1991, ch. 5:54-57).