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L37b2. Overheard conversation: a snake within a person .

From a conversation between snakes or crows, a person learns about the cause of another's illness: a snake crawled inside him. A person expels a snake and the sick person recovers.

Saudia, Gujarati, Muria, Karakalpaks, Baikal Buryats, Khalkha (?) -Mongols.

Western Asia. Saudia [two friends went to poet Hatam — one to ask for money and the other for his wife; the old man in rags asks to take him with him; H. gave money and gave his own wife; each of the friends wanted to get everything, they stabbed each other; the woman said she would stay with the old man; the ruler's son is sick, a snake has settled in him; the woman accidentally sees her crawl out of the mouth of the sleeping prince and crawling to another; says that she is lying on seven jugs of gold, and the second says that if the prince drinks vinegar, the first will die; the woman told the old man to call himself a healer; he said that his daughter would be treated; the woman gave the prince vinegar, the snake crawled out, the old man killed her; asked the king to give her “daughter” to the prince; the woman found the place where the second snake lived; she crawled away, saying that the owner of the treasure had come; the old man was Khidr]: Juhayman 1999:50-53.

South India. Gujarati [at night, the king swallowed a snake along with the water, it began to grow in his stomach; the king does not know what is going on, goes to the saint on the Ganges; with him the vizier; at night he sees how a snake sticks out of the king's mouth to breathe air (snakes are believed to feed on the wind), talks to another one that has crawled out of a hole; she reproaches her for torturing the king; tells you how to cook a potion that can be used to expel it from the body; the first snake says in response that the second snake lives on a buried vessel of gold; to drive the snake out of the hole, you have to fill it with oil, the snake will ignite and will crawl out; the vizier prepares the medicine, the snake comes out of the king's body piece by piece; the king sends for oil, the second snake crawls out in flames; (they get the gold)]: Hertel 1921, No. 67:293-295; muria (Bastar County, south of Chhattisgarh) [the snake asks the Raju farmer to save her from the fire; he offers to crawl into his mouth; she refuses to crawl back; the Raja dries, leaves as an ascetic, is hired to guard the garden; a local Raja asks his children where they have enough; six sons: with your worries, daughter: I support myself; the father tells the gardener to find a daughter with a husband so that he can support himself in three days left her widow (the widow cannot remarry); the gardener brought a watchman, after the wedding, the local Raja drove the young into the forest; the wife refused to leave her husband; one day she sees her crawl out of an anthill snake, talks to the one inside the Raja; condemns her: it is a pity that no one will smear the Raja's mouth with molasses, the one sitting inside will crawl out; another snake: why do you keep so much money in your anthill; Raja's wife bought molasses, the snake crawled out, it killed her, the Raja recovered, got prettier; the wife dug up an anthill, killed a second snake, there's a chest of gold; Raja returned home, lived with two wives]: Elwin 1944, No. 4:449-451 (translated to Zograf 1971, No. 13:55-57).

Turkestan. The Karakalpaks [three friends went to the khan; to understand what kind of people they were, the khan instructed the senior horseman to take a beautiful slave named Gul on a pilgrimage and gave him a frisky horse; The second gave a thousand gold and told him to become a friend to the first; the third did not give anything; the first planned to kill the second and take the money, and the second to kill the first and take the slave; at night the third heard a noise both of his comrades are dead in blood; he buried them, and G. called them sister; stayed in a wealthy house, the owner's son is sick; the horseman lay down in the garden under a tree; at night he hears the conversation of two snakes, white and black; white: to get hold of two pots of gold, you climbed into this man's son, which is why he has been ill for 12 years; greed will destroy you; the snakes have crawled away; in the morning, the horseman ordered the cow to drink melted fat, who did not calve for 7 years in a row; a black snake crawled out of the boy's mouth; buy killed her, the boy recovered; bai gave the horseman cattle and goodness; the dzhigit took Gul on a pilgrimage and returned to his country, put up a yurt; the ruler drove up, did not recognize the horseman, said that the dishes served were similar to those prepared by G.; the dzhigit brought G. and told everything; the ruler made him a vizier]: Aimbekov 2014a: 29.

Southern Siberia — Mongolia. The Baikal Buryats (Alar) [the poor young man feels sorry to cut down trees, the owner drove him away; while he was sleeping, the old man pricked his tongue, allowing him to understand the language of birds; the young man hears a raven tells Voronikha about the khan's son, whom the snake has climbed; he will recover if he breathes steam from burning fat; the young man heals the khan's son, takes seven skinny mares as a reward; on the way he meets a strongman, rumor, shooter, thief, water bread, runner; with their help he wins competitions in wrestling, shooting, running, gets a princess; the army chases them, drowns him; the llama ordered them to roll down the mountain, they have heads flew off; God resurrected them, raised them to heaven, made Dolon-Ubugut (Big Dipper); the small star in the middle is their wife]: Potanin 1883, No. 36:200-203; khalkha (?) - Mongols [a poor brother works for a rich man, he feels sorry to cut trees; in a dream, a woodworker pierces his tongue with needles, he now understands the language of animals; the Raven tells the Raven that the Khan's son he fell ill because a snake crawled into his mouth; he must throw the meat of a fatty mare into the fire, breathe smoke; the poor man heals the khan's son, asks for 7 skinny mares and a bad horse under his blanket as a reward; on the way he meets Satellites 1) moving mountains, 2) listening to what's underground, 3) shooting at the sky, 4) quietly changing feathers for crows and magpies, 5) drinking the river, 6) chasing mountain sheep; khan will give his daughter to the winner of the competition; 1) the strongman defeats the wrestler, 2) the shooter falls into the golden circle between heaven and earth, 3) the runner overtakes two old speeders (they put him to sleep by patting him on the head, but he woke up); Khan sent an army, drowned him; friends took to heaven, became the constellation Ursa Major — “Seven Elders”; the little star is the princess]: Skorodumova 2003:5-8.