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L38A. The sticky trap is a resin stump.

(.13.) .23.35.-. (.49.).

The character sticks to an object, usually by successively sticking to it by individual members of his body. The object is the trap of a demonic creature or is itself a creature of an inhuman nature. Cf. the M182 motif (resin doll), probably brought to the New World after Columbus from Africa.

(Zande), Ancient India, Nenets (Yugra Peninsula), Eastern Khanty, Southern and Northern Selkups, Nganasans, Kets, Dolgans, All Yakuts, Western Evenks, Sym Evenks, Evens, Orochi, Nivhi, Forest and Tundra Yukaghirs, Reindeer Koryaks, Bering Strait Inupiat, Northern Alaska Inupiat, Tillamook, Takelma, Shasta, Karok, Vintu, Yana, Maidu, Kawaiisa, (Northern Payut).

(Wed. Sudan - East Africa. Zande [Bakureako has a mushroom plantation; Thur (spider trickster) came, B. fed him mushrooms; when he left, T. went to steal mushrooms; the mushroom grabbed and held it; B. told the mushroom to let T. go, cut him off head, poured salt into the wound, stoned him, let go; T. ran away]: Evans-Pritchard 1966:269).

South Asia. Ancient India (Jataka about Prince Panchavudha, Pali language) [Brahmadatta had a son in Benares, named Panchavudha (Experienced in five ways of fighting); when he was 16 years old , his father sent him to study at Taxila; as he passed through the forest, he saw Yakkha Silesalom in front of him; P. used all types of weapons, but arrows, sword, spear, and club stuck to S.'s hair; P. hit him, all its members stuck consistently; S. is surprised by his courage; P. explains that there is a vajra in his womb that will crumble S.'s insides if he eats him; P. managed to turn the monster into He elevated his faith to the rank of a forest deity to whom sacrifices are being made]: Espinosa 1930:138-140 (=Dähnhardt 1912:27-30).

Western Siberia. The Nenets (Yugorsk Peninsula) [the old woman has two sons, the eldest Verabuk; the fish was gone, V. went to look for what was going on; came across a stump as tall; put on his owl (outerwear), can't be removed; hit the stump with his right foot, it stuck; and so on all his limbs and head; the giant old man came to the trap for prey; V. said that his sledge was rolling by itself; let him down the slope, the giant believed; V. invited the giant to sledge, promised to push; ran away himself; the giant caught up with him, drove him on a sledge, V. ran away again, the giant did not notice]: Tereshchenko 1949:144-146; Eastern Khanty: Kulemzin, Lukina 1978, № 98 (b. Agan) [the woman does not tell her nephew to shoot killer whales; he shoots, misses, tries to pick up an arrow, sticks to the ground; Iron-nose-stove-nose-woman takes him home in a basket, nails him to the wall goes to get the cauldron; the young man tells the son and daughter of the cannibal to let him go, promises to make spoons, kills, cooks, climbs a tree himself; the cannibal cuts a tree, goes to rest, the young man asks her to open her mouth, promises jump into it, sprinkles sand into her eyes, runs away]: 89; Lukina 1990, No. 34 (b. Wah) [(Quail from Shatilov 1982:79-81); Alvali hit a teal with an arrow; cannot pull an arrow out of his body; hits with a bow, the bow sticks; etc., until his head sticks; the teal was Savs's trap -iki; he brings A. home; he asks him to feed him first, then sends him to bring a larger pot; A. persuades his daughters to let him go, promises to make spoons to sip his soup; kills both cooks, puts meat on sticks along the path; climbs a tree with sand in his shoes; S. eats meat; vomits axes, cuts wood, axes break; remains alone; A. asks S. to open his mouth to jump there; sprinkles sand, kills it with an ax, burns it, ashes turn into mosquitoes]: 134-136; Southern Selkups: Pelikh 1972 (Upper Ketan dialect) [=Tuchkova, Wagner-Nagy 2015, No. 5:56; Itche lives with her evva (mother, grandmother): she does not tell him to go far from home, there is a one-eyed crucian carp; he is swimming in a boat, someone repeats his words; he hits him with an oar, it gets stuck; his foot is the same; his hand; Punewalde puts him in the back, carries him away; on the way, I. wraps himself in bark; P. threshes him, thinks his bones are cracking; at home, P.'s daughter tells him to lie face down; he lies sideways; she shows how lie down, he kills her with a knife, cooks her; P. finds his daughter's head in the soup]: 344-345; Tuchkova, Wagner-Nagy 2015, No. 6 (Ust-Ozernoye, 1960, Ket-Yenisei watershed) []: 58-60; northern Selkups: Prokofiev 1935, No. 1 [Icha lives with his grandmother; shoots an arrow at a teal, she flies by; tries to take an arrow, sticks with his fist, heel, etc.; hell brings it to his daughters, goes after the cauldron; I. promises daughters to make a wooden spoon, kills them, climbs on larch; devil eats his daughters; cries; vomits an ax to cut larch; Bear, Wolverine, Fox consistently offer help cut down a tree, run away with an ax; I. promises to jump the line into his mouth, he lies face up; I. falls asleep with ash, jumps off the tree, kills it, burns it; sparks turn into mosquitoes]: 101-102; Sangi 1989 [boy Icha, an ant, lives with his grandmother; his parents were eaten by an evil spirit; I. got out of the boat, stuck to the ground with his foot; the spirit brought him home, began to fatten him; I. killed the daughters of the spirit, cooked tongues and eyes, climbed the larch himself; the spirit ate his tongues and eyes, thinking it was I.; I. tells him to open his mouth, promises to jump into it; throws sand in his eyes, kills with an ax; burns, the ashes turn in mosquitoes]: 132-135; Tuchkova, Wagner-Nagy 2015, No. 1 (zap. G.N. Prokofiev) [Icha lives with his grandmother; shot teals, they flew away, I. cannot pull out the arrow; consistently sticks to his limbs and forehead; devil: the Kuksha chick was caught in the mouth; brought it to his daughters; I.: I need a big pot to cook me; in the morning the hell went to get the cauldron; I. promised the damn daughters to make a spoon to eat his fat; killed them, cooked them in a cauldron, put two forty in the canopy, poured ash into the pima line, climbed onto the larch; the devil ate the meat of his daughters, opened the canopy, from there magpies; lay down, a seven-eyed grain of sand, thinks the seven-eyed star, I. does not see; finally he sees on the larch; began to cut; the bear offered cut, carried away the ax; the devil took the other; the wolverine is the same; the devil once swallowed the city, now he regurgitated a new ax; the fox has come to cut - the same; I.: lie down and open your mouth and eyes; poured ash into your face, cut, burn; sparks became mosquitoes], 2 (Krasnoselkupsk, 1971) [Ichkycha lived with his grandmother; shot a line into the manure heap; cannot pull out an arrow; consistently sticks with his legs, arms, head; hell I. ("bird") in a bag, brought it home to two daughters, hung them by the heel; left the next day; I. promises his daughters to make a colorful spoon, they lowered it; he killed them, cooked them in a cauldron; put two in the canopy chicks, poured ash into the bacaries, planted the meat of his daughters on sticks along the path, climbed onto the larch himself; the devil ate the meat, opened the canopy, the chicks flew out; found skulls in the cauldron; lay down, counted the grains of sand - seven, everything is there; the stars are seven, everything is there; I. from the larch: I'm here; the devil began to cut; the hare offered him to sleep, he will cut him himself, took the ax; the devil regurgitated another, swallowed in the ruins of the city, cuts again ; the fox came; the same; then the wolverine, the wolf, the bear; the devil climbed on the larch; I. told him to open his mouth and eyes, poured ash, cut it with an ax, burned it; hell: in some years, let a lot, some few}], 3 (Krasnoselkupsk, 1973) [Ichakychika lives with his grandmother, went to catch with a net; I.: the net float is confused; the dung cake repeats all the words, mimics; I. beats her with an oar, a branch, an onion, everything sticks, then with his limbs, with his head; hell came: a bunny fell into my happy trap; I. carried it; agreed that I. went by himself; when leaving, the hell tells my daughters to heat two cauldrons with water; I. promises them to make a spoon, killed them, cooked; hell came, looking for: there is no grain of sand, one star is missing; I. from larch: I'm here; hare, then fox, wolf volunteer to cut while the hell is resting; they beat him with an ax, they carry away the ax; the devil vomited a new one; I. tells people to crucify their eyes, mouth, nostrils, sprinkles ash, killed, burned; ash particles will eat people (i.e. became a gnat)], 4 (Tolka, 1977, recorded by E.A. Khelimsky [then same; the boy (without a name) lives with his mother]: 24-26, 33-39, 43-46, 52-53; kety: Nikolaeva 2006 (der. Pakulikha, western in 1959. R.V. Nikolaev) [{just like Osharov 1936a, but the name of Chuuta's hero]: 158-162; Osharov 1936a [Damn it, this is his trap; Ichekochko stuck; asks the Devil not to eat him, but to take him to his daughters for toys; asks him to untie his daughters, he will cut out spoons for them; killed the girls with a knife, cooked them, placed the fried pieces on sticks on the way to the plague; ran away, leaving the little birds in the canopy as if the girls were having fun; Damn it ate meat, released the birds, found the heads of his daughters; counted the stars, missed the grains of sand, realized that I. ran away on the ground; I. climbed the tree, the devil began to cut, the Hare offered to cut for him; when the Devil fell asleep, hit him with the butt of an ax, as if the forest had fallen, ran away with the ax; Damn a new axe vomited (he swallowed it once, swallowing seven cities); the same episodes with the wolverine; with the bear; I. offers the Devil close his eyes, open his mouth, he will jump there; threw sand, killed Devil, burned it, mosquitoes, spiders, midges appeared out of it]: 101-105; Porotova 1982 [the youngest of the three brothers was trapped by a giant; he brought he was married to his daughter, they had a son; they went to visit his relatives; his wife felt ashamed that she was big, went back to take the child; the husband returned to his own]: 67-69; nganasany : MAE RAS archive, Op.2 D.992, F.K-I; handed over to M. Momzikova [1) 1973, Demnime Kosterkin, Ust-Avam (?) , Gorbacheva and Chesnokov; Dyaikyu (D.) runs, sees the mountain. I climbed the hill. He sees the plague. I went to the plague. Found a deer shovel. I picked it up. I got snow. I stuck it to my shoulder blade, broke my nose, smeared snow on my shoulder blade, it turned out like a piece of meat. I went to the plague. I went into the plague. The old lady in the plague is going to cook meat. The water boils in the boiler. D.: "I don't eat someone else's meat. Let the old lady cook my meat." The old lady threw meat into the cauldron. Soon the meat was cooked. The old woman began to pull out the meat, and there was one bone - the shoulder blade. D.: "Your pot ate my meat." He was given a new piece of meat. Then he went and stuffed some reindeer. He came and said, "I've killed a lot of deer. Go sledge the reindeer, go get the deer." People went, found nothing; 2) Momde was recorded by Alexander Cheleevich in 1982 from old reindeer herders, p. Volochanka; They say that in the old days, Dyaikyu's boyfriend and his grandmother lived, had a deer rib bow and an arrow with iron tips, went hunting and hunted many partridges, and fished on a bark boat wood. One day she says to her grandmother: "It's bad for us to live without reindeer. We need to get deer from our neighbors. Let's go to them." D. made a canopy on the sleigh, put his grandmother under the canopy, harnessed himself into a sleigh and dragged it, and stopped in the tundra. D.: "Let's stop here. Then I'll go alone and you stay here. Don't go anywhere. Take a knife and stick it in your clothes near your throat and sit like that. When people arrive, let them think you're dead." Grandma stuck a knife in her clothes near her throat and sat down with her head knocked over. D. covered his grandmother with a canopy and went to the camp. I went into the middle plague, there are a lot of dudur people there. The plague owner: "Where does the guest come from Who is this?" D.: "I walk with my grandmother along the tundra, live hunting, I don't need anything." All the duduru were happy and asked him: "Oh, Dyaikyu! They're talking about you all over the tundra! Where is your grandmother? Why did you leave your grandmother behind?" "I left it here not far away, in a beam. She doesn't like visiting. But she's not sitting around. She makes me new clothes." Girl: "We should call her to the chum." D. to two dudur girls: "Be careful! Grandma is sitting under the canopy. She is shy and she can stab herself with a knife out of fear." The Duduru girls ran to Dyaiku's sleigh with a gurba. They opened the canopy: my grandmother is sitting with a knife in her throat. They got scared of the girl, came running and said to D.: "Your grandmother stabbed herself with a knife out of fear! Don't ruin us, D.! Tell us how we can pay off?" D. cried: "Oh, how will I live without my grandmother! They killed my grandmother, hurt me! I'll go from you to the tundra and get fresh meat." And he went to the tundra, saw an abandoned camp, found a deer-eaten shovel there, collected blood-splattered snow, stuck it - it turned out to be a shovel with meat. He returned to the Duduru camp with this shovel: "I killed a lot of deer. I'll pack it tomorrow. I brought some for dinner. Put this spatula in the pot and cook it. I'm going to eat my own meat." The hostess Duduru threw the shoulder blade brought by the deer into the cauldron where the meat was cooked. Now it's time to get the meat out of the boiler. The hostess pulled out all the meat and a clean shoulder blade without a single piece of meat. D. saw a bare bone and was angry: "What kind of people did I come to? They killed my grandmother! Your pot ate my meat! God will punish you!" Duduru fell to their knees: "D., don't ruin us! Ask for whatever you want! D.: "Give me fifty reindeer and I'll leave you. I'm going to bury my grandmother alone." Dudura caught fifty deer, harnessed them into the best teams, escorted D., came to his grandmother and laughs: "Oh, how I deceived the dudur! Now let's go to our summer seats." Throughout the winter, D. and his grandmother were argishili and by summer they arrived on the bank of a large river, they put a chum. One morning, D. says to his grandmother: "I'll take a boat along the river." I got into a boat made of tree bark. After three turns of the river, a man in a boat meets him. He stopped in the middle of the river and asked: "Where are you sailing from? What is your name? Do you want to eat?" - "I am D., I live with my grandmother, not far from here my chum is on the shore. Where are we going to eat?" - "Oh, I've heard of you! We'll eat here." The man pointed to the water, leaned down and whispered something. The water near the boat began to boil and a table with different meals and two cups of hot tea came out. A stranger and D. ate and drank hot tea. After that, D. said to the person: "Thank you for the treat. Come visit me tomorrow." D. returned home and told his grandmother how a stranger treated him to food and hot tea on the water. In the morning, D. to his grandmother: "I invited that person to visit today. I'll also serve you on the water. I'll put you and the table in the water, and when we get there, I'll say, "Grandma, give it!" - you get out of the water with the table." My grandmother nodded her head in agreement, and she thought: "It is better to drown than to live with such an unlucky grandson." D. tied a stone to his grandmother and lowered the table into the water near the shore. At noon, a guest came to the camp. D. met him: "You treated me on the water. And I'll treat you on the water." D. and the guest man sailed to the place where his grandmother with the table was sunk, leaned to the water and loudly called: "Grandma, serve it!" But the water did not boil and my grandmother did not swim out. D. shouted again and then again, but there was no grandmother and no table. Poor D. screamed for a long time, so long that he lost his voice. The guest waited and waited for a treat and sailed to his side. And D. took the pole and started driving it down the bottom, only in the evening he pulled his dead grandmother out and was very surprised that she did not want to live. He buried D.'s grandmother, grieved and decided to swim across the river and look for people there. I took a boat across the river and then went on foot. He goes and sees: there is a stump ahead. He kicked this stump and his foot stuck. He hit him with his second leg and the other one stuck. I rested my hands and my hands stuck. In the evening, Shigie the ogre came: "Ha-ha! There is no such thing as my hereditary trap without prey!" He tore D. off the stump and carried him home under his arm, hung him on a hook at home near the fire, and went to bed. D. was hanging, the fire blew him up, and he wanted to urinate. The cannibal saw it and said: "Why did you hang it by the fire? The whole hearth will flood!" She took off D. and put it on the ground. He lay there all day, afraid to move and waiting for Shigie the Ogre to wake up and cook it in a large pot. In the evening, the cannibal went outside. As soon as she sat down, D. ran up, fell under her feet and cried in the voice of a baby child. The cannibal is frightened, calling the old cannibal: "Get out faster! We had a baby! Bring a pillow!" Sigie the cannibal comes out and grumbles: "What kind of children can be these years?" The child was brought into the plague, swaddled and sat rejoicing. A day later, D. says in the baby's voice: "Go! (Dad!) Let me talk!" - "No, it's too early to tell you. You'll tear your lips." - "Why don't you let your only son speak! You won't even have a dumb baby anymore!" - the cannibal stood up for D. "OK, let him talk." A day later, D. again: "Dad, I want to walk!" "No, it's too early for you. You'll break your legs." Cannibal: "Why don't you let your only son go! After all, you'll never even have a lame child again!" - "Okay, go, just be careful." D. got up and started running. First I ran through the plague, and then ran outside. On the street, I saw that the cannibal has a lot of deer and a large supply of food. On the third day, D. says to S.: "Dad, let's slaughter an advanced deer. I want meat." - "Why slaughter a good deer?" Cannibal: "Why don't you want to slaughter a good deer! After all, you won't even have a skinny child anymore!" - "Okay, stab it." D. stabbed the deer and refreshed him: "Let's transport the meat to the other side. Then I'll bring you fresh meat every day." - "Why transport it? You can roll over on a boat and drown." Cannibal: "Why would you oppose your only son! After all, you're not going to have another kid anymore!" - Ogre: OK. D. loaded all the meat into the boat and sailed to the other side. After crossing, he unloaded the meat, made a hole in the boat and sank it, shouted the ogre Shigie: "I'm not your son at all! I'M D.! I'm leaving you forever! Live together!" He took as much meat as he could and went without looking back at his plague. He lived without caring about anything until he ate all the meat, and when there was no meat left, he went to look for new camps and other duduru people]; Porotova 1980 [Dyaiku was hit by a stump, his fist stuck, then his leg, etc.; old man brought him home, told his wife that a fox had been trapped; while the old man was away and the old woman went out into the yard, D. jumped off the crossbar, became a baby, went under the old woman's hem; asked to slaughter the only one deer, the old woman tells her husband to allow it, because he is their only son; D. loads meat into the boat, sails away, shouts that he is not their son, but D.; elsewhere there is a hole in the boat in which the foreman's three sons are supposed to sail, covers the hole with clay, his sons drown; D. returns to his mother, tells how he deceived the old man, drowned people]: 21-24.

Eastern Siberia. Dolgans: Efremov 2000, No. 12 [Lyybyra sails in a boat, jumped on a stone, an oar, an arm, a leg, etc. stick; Angaa Mongus carries him away in his pocket; L. ran away while he sat down to recover, his wife from She swallowed a needle and thread in anticipation of dinner, but found nothing, A. ripped open her stomach, found only a needle, cried; came back, brought L., hung her on the hook, left; L. relieved her small and great need, A. decided that it was dripping fat; L. promises them to make spoons, they release him, he cuts off their heads, cooks meat; A. ate the children; L. answers A. either from behind the wall or from the chimney; tells them not to climb under the hearth with his head and back, he puts a hot poker in his ass; he is dead, L. returned home]: 223-227; Yermakov 1988 (Khatanga, Zap. Efremova 1964. {apparently another version published by Efremov} [Lyybyra jumped on a stone in the boat; his paddle, legs, arms, stomach, head stick; the stone turns into Angaa Mongus, who carries L. in his pocket; L. cuts his pocket, runs away along the way; at home, AM first accuses his wife for eating L., then discovers a hole, catches up, brings L., hangs it on the hook, leaves; L. tells AM's wife and children to remove it, and it will dry up; leads them to the forest to harvest firewood, sends them home with firewood, runs away with an ax himself]: 78-79; Western Yakuts (Western 1938, Vilyuisky District) [Lyybar has a silver boat, golden oars ; someone calls him, he comes up, it's a mushroom, he kicks him, hits him, sticks, Angaa Mongus brings him to him; L. asks him to fatten him first; sends him for a knife; the owner of the knife - to the owner of the sharpener, the sharpener must be taken away by stallion, you need a rope to bridle, a rope across the river, AM falls into the water, sinks; orders his pelvic bones to become a pestle, his tibia to become a stupa]: Illarionov et al. 2008, No. 15:173-177; northeastern (Indigiri) Yakuts (Krest-Mayorsky Nasleg of the Abysky ulus) [Charchahaan wants to pick wood fungus from larch (it serves as a medicine); his hand, second arm, legs, forehead stick; Angaa Mogus takes him away, C. cuts through the bag, runs away, puts bark under his fur coat; AM finds him, kicks him, thinks his bones are cracking, brings him to the children; C. promises to make them a spoon, tells them to give them a sharp sword, cuts off their heads, puts them on bed, cooks the meat, digs a way out; AM cannot stick his head, C. offers to climb backwards, pierces them with a hot foot; he tells them to make oars out of his two hands, from make a boat of the back bones, make the ankle bone with a pole in the booth, a cauldron from the skull, cups from the eye sockets]: Ergis 1964, No. 39:118-120; northeastern (Indigirsky) Yakuts (Krest-Mayorsky Nasleg Abysky ulus) [old man Lyybyrda catches fish in a silver boat with a silver net; hears his name three times; each time he breaks his boat and oars (then they recover), goes to look for who his name was; the third time he kicks the horse's skull, consistently sticks to it with all his limbs and head; the eight-headed Alaa Mogus brings him home; L. persuades himself to fatten himself first; after three A. sends years for a sharp knife; then a series of episodes, each neighbor sends A. to another; you need a whetstone to sharpen a knife, a bull to bring a whetstone, a horse to catch up with a bull, a bridle to catch a horse; she is on the other side; old man Alanay advises A. to tie stones to his legs, arms, neck; A. drowns; tells L. to make a pestle from his knee bone, a stupa from his skull, a bowl from his cervical vertebrae, a tent booth from his back bones, he will take property and cattle for himself (transferred to Sivtsev, Efremov 1990:132-136, =Sivtsev-Omolloon 1976:112-118)]: Ergis 1964, No. 40:123-125; Central Yakuts (4th Malzhagar Nasleg of Khangalassky Ulus) [old woman Tabenekaen wanted to brush the foam off the top, her hand stuck; so all her limbs and head; Ala Mongus brought it into the house in her bag; she offered to fatten her first; then sends her axe to sharpen her axe; for this is to go for a bar; the owner sends AM to the borrower of the bar, he to another one, who dropped it into the sea; AM sinks, tells him to make a pest out of the bone of his lower leg, from the occipital mortar, from the cervical vertebra a bucket, from the second a bolt; all those people were T.'s brothers; leaving the barn where she was locked, T. killed AM's children, took his wealth]: Ergis 1964, No. 41:127-129; Yakuts (recording place?) : 1967, No. 83 [fisherman Lyybyrda (var.: Aigyn-Taygyn or old woman Tebenekeen, old woman Yuchei) hears a man's voice in the forest; walks and sticks to a mushroom (horse skull); Mongus takes the fisherman and fattens him to eat him; it is impossible to slaughter a fisherman because the knife is stupid; the fisherman sends M. to Bolona for a large knife, he sends him to Haranai for a grindstone, and the last one behind Alanay's horse to carry a stone; A. sends M. across the river for a bridle, M. sinks], 84 [the clever and strong Chaarchahaan sticks to a mushroom in the forest; he was caught by Angaa Mongus , put it in his bag and went home; on the way, Chaarchahaan put a corje under his dress; when he got home, M. beat C., ordered his children to cook dinner with it, and went hunting himself; C. a large knife, put the children next to each other and cut off everyone's heads, cooked them in a large cauldron, dug a hole for himself; M. came and tasted the meat; feeling that it was the meat of his blood relatives, he wanted to catch C., but he killed him with a red-hot foot (ice ax); by the dying will of M. himself, C. made oars from his hands, a boat from his body, pillars from his hips, a bowler hat from his skull]: 177; Western Evenks: Duvakin 2013 (Ilimpic, Chirinda, 2007) [Komoy decided to eat Sarsican and set up traps that were like mushrooms; Sarsican kicked one of them and stuck; the coma took the prisoner home, hung him to dry, and he left himself; Sarsikan persuaded the children to take the coma off, started playing with them, and offered to dig an underground passage; when the lump returned, the children and Sarsican were sitting underground; Sarsican shouted a coma to climb to them , but backwards, because the hole is narrow; the lump did so; Sarsikan pierced it with a hot iron, then killed the children and returned home]; Osharov 1936a (Turukhans, Chunya River, western 1925) [The bear set up a sticky trap; Tanina swam along the river, hit the trap with an oar, then stuck with his pole, fist; the Bear carried it in his bag, T. put stones in it, ran away; the Bear's children found stones; the Bear set up a trap again, brought T. to the children, went to get fish; T. told the children to give him a knife to make spoons so that they could eat it; killed, cooked the cubs, ran away; the bear ate the cubs; did not catch up with T., he legs were reduced, bears became clubfoot]: 57-59; Voskoboynikov 1967, No. 35 (Verkhnelensky, Kachug District, Irkutsk Region) [the old man goes hunting, the Mushroom mimics everything he says; the old man hits him with his staff, he sticks, kicks him, his leg sticks; the giant takes out the prey, carries him home; the old woman goes to look for her husband, falls into the same trap; both she and the old man died]: 102-103; 1973, No. 36:155; Petrova 1936, No. 11 (Angarsk) [the shaman frightened him off, shot the hazel grouse; he is fresh, he eats, he continues to talk; the shaman spewed feces, he says that the man did not kill him; the shaman shoots, stomps his foot, his leg, his hand stuck, he froze; Namannya came, dragged the prey home, the sledge caught on the tree (and the shaman's body apparently fell down from a sledge); the wife says there is nothing, swallowed the ring {what?} ; N. thinks that she ate the prey, ripped her belly apart; then sewed it up, it came to life; N. found it, brought the frozen one; he came to life, emitted feces, N. went to eat it on the river with sand; N. cooked his son N., left his head in bed; N. and his wife ate their son; the wife says that he feels the son's meat; the shaman stabs N.'s legs at night; he hits his legs, legs, arms are broken; the shaman left]: 156-157; Sym Evenks [Murivul kills a bird, eats it, defecates; the feces say, You did not kill me; M. shoots at him, the arrow sticks; hits, sticks successively with his hands, legs, and head; the ogre puts it in his bag, carries it; stops; M. fills her bag with stones, clings to a branch; at home, the ogre's wife finds only stones in her bag; the ogre rips her belly, thinks she swallowed food alone; there is only a thimble; he heals his wife, returns to M., brings home; goes with his wife; M. asks the Ogre's children to let him go, promises to make onions; kills, cooks; parents eat them instead of M.; he hides under bed, pierces both with an awl, they die]: Vasilevich 1936, No. 46:62-64; Evens [Debricken-Kobrikan goes for firewood, sees a rotating mushroom; sticks to it with one leg, the other, hands, forehead; the giant brings prey home; DK says he should be slaughtered with a large knife; The knife tells him to follow the Sharpener, Tochilo to take him away; the old man tells the Giant to grab the Deer by the leg; he kills him with his iron horns; DK sends the Giant's wife to wash the cauldron; promises his children to make them onions while they sleep; digs a dig, runs home]: Novikova 1987:38-39.

Amur - Sakhalin. Orochi [Davekta tells the bird to inflate its fur, she makes excuses why it does not cross the river to him; his Older Brother addresses him; he hits it, she flies up a tree; his the arrow gets stuck; he climbs a tree, sticks to it; Sandunga takes D. out of the trap, brings him home, hangs him over the hearth, goes for firewood; D. tells S.'s little sons to release him; show where their father's spear; wounds his leg, blood flows on the ice; S. licks it, his tongue freezes, D. kills him with a spear; sets fire to the Seal's house, they die, he takes their fish supplies; the fox asks to take her in a sledge, eats her fish, runs away, hides with an old woman; D. screams like an owl and like a hare, the Fox laughs; asks not to kill her, leads D. to marry the old man's daughter Ka; brings a deer; eats it herself; wife D.: Elder my brother told me to tie fat salmon to my tail; D. The fox did not catch up]: Aurora, Lebedeva 1966, No. 2:129-130; nivhi [a man sits on a hummock, sticks; tells his iron rat to tear it off; sits on a tree, the same thing, the crow tears it off (it's all him shamanic patrons); on a stone - he calls a cuckoo; a woman comes out, pours water on him, he is already dying; his sister flew in a cuckoo, his tail is a spear, his wings are sabers, his beak is an iron club; released and healed her brother; he killed that woman with his younger brother; when he returned home, she was there, he married her]: Pilsudski 2003, No. 18:123-124.

SV Asia. Koryaks (Chavchuven dialect) [Dabro sees a singing mushroom; kicks it, punches it, bites it; all its members stick to the mushroom one by one; the Giant takes D. home, fattens to eat; D. digs a dig, runs away; the giant gets stuck in the dig, D. cuts off his head; returns home]: Zhukova 1988, No. 8:27; tundra yukaghirs (Hellerchin tundra, Nizhnekolymsky district) [Dorbu thinks who called him by that name; in the forest, the stump answers him, Dorba; he hits a stump, sticks (tar-baby); the devil comes to his trap, puts D. in his bosom, carries home; D. cuts through a line with a knife, runs away along the way; the wife finds nothing; the devil comes to D.'s house, he invites him to dig a dig; the nose of the line sticks out of the ground, D. hits him, kills the devil; D. was a mouse] Gogolev et al. 1975:196-197; forest yukaghirs [Someone calls Dovre from a tree, he sees a log house on the tree, climbs, is caught; a fabulous old man (SS) brings him to eat to his children; D. sends him to Sirhashi for a sharper knife, he for a sharpener to Nyadyaya, etc.; the SS gets a calf, which turns into a bull, kills the SS; by this time D. has already killed everyone SS children; a log house in a tree turns into a girl, she was bewitched, D. marries her, now lives with two wives]: Nikolaeva et al. 1989 (1), No. 27:85-89.

The Arctic. Bering Strait Inupiat [teenager kayaking on the river. The kobuk, sees a large sparkling ulu in the bushes, touches, his hand sticks, he pretends to be dead; the cannibal ties him up, takes him home; on the way, the young man grabs the bushes several times; daughter The cannibal says that her father has brought her a cannibal again; the cannibal tells his wife to cut the prey; the young man strains his body, the cannibal thinks it is frozen, leaves it until morning; both cannibal daughters play, they say that the prey opened his eyes; at night the young man runs away, kayaks home; the cannibal cannot catch up with him]: Garber 1940, No. 11:97-10; Bering Strait inupiate (west in the village. Shishmarev, although the action takes place in the upper reaches of the river. Kobuk) [brothers disappear one by one; in old age, the couple has another son, Ogoonogoroseok; the father wants to kill him so that he does not leave them; digs traps on the path, puts a noose at the entrance into the house, shoots a bow; W. easily avoids dangers; swims away; before that he received a partridge feather and a weasel skin (amulets) from his father; swims down the river, kills a seal, takes his head with him; on the shore a house with a woman in it; a kayak like W.'s next to it, but old and fallen apart; W. throws a seal's head into the needle; a seal fights a woman, they kill each other; in the next needle, a young woman puts it inside, there is an old woman, a knife hangs above her; W. does not sleep; cuts off the head of a young woman, puts her head where she sleeps, puts her crown where the woman slept; the old woman gets up, lights a lamp, cuts her head like she thinks, to a young man; the way out of the needle has disappeared, but when W. gets out; the needle disappears, the black bear is chasing W., W. manages to sail away in a kayak; hears the bear calling him in that voice old woman; the next needle has several broken kayaks, these are the W. brothers' kayaks; he enters the first house, throws a harpoon at the person who comes in, he disappears; W. comes to the next one, there's an old woman, W. kills her pulls her skin; they come after him (in the sense of an old woman), ask him to treat the wounded; this is the one W. threw a harpoon at; W. asks to turn off the lights, finishes off the wounded, sheds off the old woman's skin, runs away; after him wolves and wolverines run away, he manages to sail away in a kayak; sees an object hanging on a tree, touches it, is trapped; the catcher brings prey to his mind, believes that the game is dead, falls asleep; his two children they also fall asleep; W. kills a man with a stone, goes out, looks into the house, there is a dead bear and two bear cubs; W. swims on; when he reaches the sea, marries; father-in-law tells not to go to the mountain, W. goes, kills two ferocious dogs, father-in-law says they were his hunters, decides to kill his son-in-law; tells 1) to get a tree for the boat (the log rushes to O. when he starts cutting off branches, W. splits him); 2) walrus boat skin (the storm begins, O. calms the sea); 3) the father-in-law pours resin on the hearth in the dugout, O. caresses behind the turf; takes his wife and daughter to his home, the storm calms down only when he throws them into sea; O. finds them alive with his father-in-law, burns him in the dugout in the way his father-in-law wanted to burn him; brings the family home; along the banks of the river he sees dens instead of dugouts where hostile creatures lived]: Keithahn 1958:52-611; Northern Alaska Inupiate: Ivanoff Brown 1981 (Selawik) [Nunamiu and his wife Qimmiq have four sons, they go and go; N. conceives a fifth, making a fire so that sparks fell into his wife's vagina; a Qayaq son is born; his father magically educates him in strength and dexterity, gives amulets made from the bodies of insects and small nimble animals (weasels, minks, shrews); After preparing food for his parents, K. goes up the Kobuk Valley in search of his brothers; his father tells him to take his uncle with him, whom he meets on the way; K. enters the hut in the parking lot. an unfriendly person, he throws it away, he turns into a woodpecker; a wolverine picks up a broken tooth from a beaver hut; a man sleeps with him, leaves in the morning, it was a wolverine; K. says that his thumb eats people like him; the man runs away in fear, turns out to be a trot; someone voracious behaves strangely, rushes at K. with a knife; K. offers him to die in the fire, he jumps goes to the fire and burns; in the village of K. gets married; in the spring, the wife waits for her father to cut her to take out the child; K. teaches her how to give birth in the usual way; goes on, meets a giant; he says that his two wives will come soon , they will fight; let K. cut both strands, first the one that comes from the sea, because she is aggressive; after urinating, the giant flooded the whole valley; K. does this, the giantesses bandage their wounds, husband sends them to clean up the house; wives live with the giant only in spring; the giant kills the caribou with uprooted larch; K. leaves, prepares material to make a boat, wants help; spies, sees that the Fox girl roasts meat, the Squirrel melts the resin, the female birds sew the boat's skin, the Beaver prepares the frame and oars, the Raven is the dart for the birds, the Wolf and Wolverine scrape the bark, the Bear is knocking down trees, cleans the branches; then everyone dances, the Woodpecker hits the tambourine; K. jumps up, grabs the Fox, she remains human, the others run away in the form of animals and birds; in summer K. swims down the Yukon, the wife again is made by a fox; K. meets, takes his uncle with him; they see how a person breaks off fir chips, they fall into the water, turn small ones into trout, large ones into salmon; thanks to this, there is fish; The shore of the house, the bones and skulls of his brothers, a naked woman; K. throws a lahtak's head into her vulva, her head tears the cannibal; K. buries her bones; there is a shiny ball on the tree, he attracts K. , he hangs in a trap; the cannibal brings him home, his two children say that the game has opened their eyes; the cannibals fell asleep, K. cut off their heads; K.'s boat slips between the crashing rocks, only an oar shattered; the giant in the boat and K. throw darts at each other, the dart K. cuts off the giant's head; enters the house, the giant's wife throws the ulu, K. throws her, cuts off his head; the door is closed, he gets out becoming a mouse; turns into trout, bites off the tip of the fisherman's jail; comes to him, offers to fix the prison, pierces the fisherman; turns into salmon, climbs into the fishermen's net; the chief's son eats his head, bone gets stuck in his throat, he dies; bones are thrown into a hole, K. is reborn, he gets shot, he runs away; they swim to the sea; uncle has left, turning into a lynx; K. becomes a falcon; leader Unalik catches him, eats him, he revives from his bones, marries the leader's stepdaughter; he wanted her for himself; sends a storm, K. steals the boat into the open sea; K. regurgitates the pebbles given by his father, the wind lay down; K. burns the leader's face with this stone; he tells him to split the log into firewood; so he killed many of his stepdaughter's suitors; with the help of a caress amulet, K. performs the task, the leader is surprised that K. is alive; the leader commands shoot partridges, K. kills a huge cannibal bird there; cross the abyss over the log, K. falls but returns unharmed; crawls away with a caterpillar from the community house where the leader wanted to burn him; K. dodges arrows fired at him, kills the leader's warriors himself; ties him naked to a pole, leaves him in the cold; appoints a new leader, flies away with a falcon]: 40-114; Ostermann 1952 [four brothers disappear one by one; conceiving his fifth son, the husband carves sparks that fall into his wife's womb; lets the baby swallow hot stones, making him invulnerable; the young man goes to avenge his brothers, meets various strange creatures; sees a ball hanging from a tree on a rope; touches him, his arms and legs stick one after another; an ogre comes and takes him home; a young man wants to put a teslo under his head; at night he kills the ogre, his wife and children with it; after that, the trap ball has lost its strength]: 242-243.

(Wed. Subarctic. Koyukon: Attla 1983 [the husband is a good hunter; disappears; in the spring a seagull asks whose husband and two wives it is up the river; the wife leaves the children, goes up the river to the house where the two women are; praise her husband; the person who comes invites them to lean over the boiling broth, supposedly it will taste better, pushes them into boiling water; puts one as if smiling, the other as if frowning; the husband comes, touches the corpses, they fall ; the wife runs to her house, heats the stone, then pushes it out of the fire; tells the husband who has come running to kill her with this stone; he grabs the stone with his hands, they wrinkle; kicks - legs they wrinkle, kicks his nose - his face; he turns into a lynx; she throws coal after him, the coal has become his tail]: 79-95; Jones 1983 [husband sails away by boat, does not return; wife comes to two women; those it is said that their husband brought a lot of meat; she realizes that it is her husband; asks the women to lean over the boiling pot, pushes her face down; puts the corpses as if they are smiling; the husband finds her; she heats a stone, invites him to kill her; he burns his hands, then his legs, then his face; turns into a lynx]: 79-85).

The coast is the Plateau. Tillamook [(episodes from the South Wind adventure series - trickster and demiurge); South Wind came across a sleeping child who covered his eyes with his hand; tried to step on him - his leg froze in air; also second leg, arms, torso; baby: call me by name! "Arrow" is my hired servant; "Double Arrow" is also a servant; so a few attempts; finally, Double-Edged Knife is right; the child tells me to go to heaven with him, if SE opens his eyes along the way, he he will throw him off; if he wants to eat in the sky, let him go to the lake, say "Oh, I'm poor", his wives will feed him; SE goes to the lake, sees bubbles in the water (wives laugh); next time he says, "Oh, I'm poor thing", bags of salmon and camas tubers come out; the child tells me not to go to the lake at night: he is afraid himself, his wives are stronger than him; SE is coming, there are beauties and a huge frog; after dancing and singing, she swallows the moon, then belches; while the moon is gone, it is dark and quiet; SE hit the frog, it belched the moon, it became light, he saw that everyone around him was copulating; the child tells me to lie down and not look, then he will return to ground; SE does so, but still falls somewhere; the child touches his lips with a feather, live lizards, snakes and other creatures come out of him]: Jacobs, Jacobs 1959, No. 38:134-139; takelma [Resin adjusts that Coyote calls him names, hits him and bites him, sticks, dies; Coyote's younger brother burns Tar, revives the Coyote]: Sapir 1909, No. 6:86-89; (cf. chalkomel [mink wants to marry watergrass (Equisetum hiemale, horsetail wintering, but possibly different); the grass says that when the log floats, it will bend, but the mink will not be able to; he replies what will also bend; and when is a knotty log? the mink marries the grass, the smooth log swims, but the knotty one takes it away; he wants to marry a rotten pine tree; she warns that it will sweat warm (i.e. it will have resin), he will not like it; mink says it doesn't matter; the resin protrudes, the mink sticks, hits the pine tree with one paw, the other with its head, sticks completely; at noon the resin has completely melted, the mink has swam away; wants to marry an osprey {" eagle"}; she warns that it will not be able to catch salmon; it dives, the mink rushes after it from the tree, hangs on branches, its intestines outward]: Boas 1895, No. III.9:44 (=2002:130-131).

California. Shasta [Coyote sees a tar stump, is outraged that he is silent; hits him, sticks to his limbs, muzzle; tells his aunt to burn the Stump; says that from now on it should be just resin]: Dixon 1910a, No. 24:34 (=Holsinger 1982:25-26); Karok [Coyote asks a stump why he is standing on the road, hits him, his arms and legs get stuck in a stump; woodpeckers and other birds are hammering a stump, freeing Coyote; for this Coyote paints them; When I wanted to paint the Raven, only black paint was left]: Kroeber, Gifford 1980, No. II24:173-174; screw [Coyote's limbs go into the stump; Woodpecker pecks, makes him free ]: Demetracopoulou, Dubois 1932, No. 3 [The coyote sees an alder tree; says that if there was a man in front of him, he would hit him like this; his right hand gets stuck, then all his limbs; the person who arrives bites, frees him; Coyote: nephew, I slept so long], 4 [~3], 5 [~3], 6 [~3; woodcock frees Coyote], 7 [~3; woodpecker frees]: 409-410, 410, 410-411, 411; Dubois, Demetracopoulou 1931, No. 56 [ The coyote sees an alder stump, says that if he met someone now, he would hit him like this; hits the stump with his hand, his hand gets stuck; the other is the same; this is how his limbs, knees, head get stuck; he hears a rustle above him, someone bites (stump), frees the Coyote; Coyote: nephew, I slept here]: 382-383; Yana [Coyote walks along the path, sees someone, asks him, he is silent, Coyote hits him, right hand gets stuck; so all limbs; passer-by: Coyote is a fool, because there's a stump in front of him]: Sapir 1910, No. 11:227-228; Maidu [Devil instead of the stump; Coyote stuck and died]: Shipley 1963, No. 13: 43-45; kawaiisu [4 versions; Coyote hears someone whistling and calling him; looks up at the pine tree, there's Resin, he tells Resin to go down, Resin refuses; Coyote's arrows do no harm to Resin; he climbs a tree, hits Resin with an onion, then with its paws, sticks, dies]: Zigmond 1980, No. 24:105-106.

(Wed. Big Pool. Northern Payutes [Mountain Sheep marries a Bird, rejects Coyote's daughter; he invites him to sleep on a rock, makes the rock high; the Ram dies at the top, the Eagle brings his bones, his wife revives; he invites Coyote to throw stones against the wind; they fly back, break Coyote's arm, leg, second leg, head, chest; people burn his remains, but the wind blows his heart away, and a new one emerges from it Coyote]: Powell 1971:223-224).