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L42i. The sister goes to save her brother (swan geese), ATU 480A*. (.15.) .28.31.32.

Creatures from another world carry a little boy away. His sister picks him up and safely leaves the chase. Usually a boy has two or three sisters and only the youngest succeeds.

(Ladins), Russians (Arkhangelsk, Vologda, Ryazan, Kursk), Ukrainians (Eastern Slovakia, Transcarpathia, Galicia, Kherson), Belarusians, Lithuanians, Latvians, leaders, Karelians, Marie, Mordovians, Chuvash, Komi.

(Wed. Southern Europe. Ladina [the young woman wanted to go to the dance, but she was holding a baby in her arms; the gentleman in green clothes offered to hold the child while the woman was dancing; when she returned, neither the child, not the master; the sister of the missing boy went to look for him; she prayed for a long time in the chapel; an old man came out to her, ordered her to take a walnut staff — he would bring him to the goal; in the forest, the hermit gave an ointment: let the girl will come to the robber, he has a big child, the ointment will cure him, the robber will help; the child has recovered, the grateful robber brought the girl to the door of hell; the first and second devils answered that the child they, but they will not give it to the girl; the third feature: the boy will return if his sister remains silent for 7 years; the robber asked to ask about his fate; the devil showed the stove in which he would be burned; added that if a staff stuck in the ground turns green and blooms in the middle of winter, the robber will be saved; the robber stayed in the forest with a staff stuck in the ground, and the girl went to another place, also in the forest; 7 years later he came to her her brother; they went to the thief: he was dead, but his staff had blossomed in the winter; many people came to bury the thief; the hermit was surprised that an angel did not come to him the day his thief brother died; The angel said that he, along with other angels, carried the thief's soul to heaven; the hermit: “How many angels will carry my soul?” — “I'm alone, you're too excited,” said the angel]: Uffer 1973, No. 17:50-53).

Central Europe. Russians (Arkhangelsk, Ryazan, Kursk), Ukrainians (Eastern Slovakia, Transcarpathia, Galicia, Kherson), Belarusians [Sister (three sisters) goes to save her brother: she treats the cat, apple tree, birch tree, stove, doors, etc. affectionately and attentively; they help her escape from Baba Yaga (and carry her kidnapped brother); the rude sister dies (she fails to take her brother away)]: SUS 1979, № 480A*: 141-142; Ukrainians (Kherson) [Baba Yaga stole the boy, put him on the window, let him play with an apple; the parents sent her eldest daughter for her brother; she refuses pick apples from an apple tree, turn a loaf of bread over, take tar; goes to the hut on chicken legs; began to look for the BYU in her head, took her brother away; those whose requests she did not comply did not hide her, BYA caught up, took the boy away; the same with her middle sister; the youngest does everything, smeared resin on the eyes of the fallen asleep BU; the cat did not clean them of tar, but scratched them out; BYA went blind, and the girl brought her brother home]: Yastrebov 1894, No. 19.2:156-157; Belarusians [three sisters have husbands leaving; a witch comes to the eldest, takes the child; a woman runs to the witch, on the way she finds herself fulfilling the requests of mountain ash, apple, pear, cow, well , sauerkraut (peel, milk, cover, knead the dough); the witch boils the resin, asks her to straighten her hair; the woman throws a pot of resin at the witch, grabs the child, runs; the cat ripped the witch's eyes, an apple tree, etc., showed the way, the witch tore the child; the same with the middle sister; the youngest fulfills requests, receives milk, fruits and other gifts from trees, cows, etc.; throws them all to the cat; when asked witches rip her eyes out the cat tells her to wait every time for him to eat bread, drink milk, etc.; the woman runs home]: Afanasiev 1958 (3), No. 558:316-317; Russians: Karnaukhova 1948 (North) [Masha hard-working, her sister Dasha is lazy; when leaving for the fair, parents tell them to look after their youngest son Ivanushka; swan geese carry him away on their wings; Dasha runs after him, refuses to eat rye pie from Stoves, a sour apple by the Apple Tree, taste milk, jelly by the Milk River with jelly shores; The hedgehog indicates where Baba Yaga's hut is, Ivanushka plays with golden apples in it; Dasha grabs it, runs, the River, The apple tree, the Stove refuse to cover, the swan geese take Ivanushka away; Masha eats a pie, an apple, a jelly; The River, the Apple Tree, the Stove hide her, the swan geese stop the persecution]: 78-83; Karnaukhova 1934, No. 87 ( Pinega, 1927, p. Sura Pogost) [Parents leave their sister to look after their younger brother and not let him out on the porch. She forgets, plays with her friends with dolls. Egibov arrives in a mortar and takes the boy away. The girl is following her. On the way, she meets a fire, a sheep, a stove, she asks them where the boy is, but she does not help them: she does not plow under the fire (does not throw firewood) and an ovin, does not eat cake from the stove. She sees Ivashka chewing on iron crackers, Egibova asks the girl to look in her head, she searches for and stabs Yegibov, takes her brother and runs back. She asks for a stove, sheep and bonfire to help her, but they refuse because she did not help them. Egibova catches up with the girl and selects Ivashka. She comes home crying. She is replaced by another girl, Masha, who fulfills the requests of a bonfire, an ovinnik and a stove, and they show her the way to the boy. Egibova asks Masha to look in her head, the girl stabs her, takes the boy and runs. The stove, the ovinnik and the fire hide it from Egibova. Masha brings Ivashenka home]: 175-176; Kuzmina 2008, No. 55 (Vologodskaya) [(the narrator remembers the fairy tale very poorly); the parents went to town, the boy Ivan was left with his older sister; he was kidnapped swan geese; my sister asked an apple tree, a river, tasted an apple; returned her brother], 56 (Vologda) [the parents went to the city, leaving the boy for her older sister; she realized that his geese were taken away; the girl ran, refused to eat a pie from the stove, sip jelly by the river, try an apple from an apple tree; Baba-Ega went for berries, the girl took her brother and ran; this time she tried everything, so an apple tree, a river, a stove covered them]: 135, 135-137; Russians (Ryazan) [parents told Alyonushka to watch her brother Tereshechka (or Ivanushka - the informant is confused); girlfriends came, A. forgot, geese- the swans carried T.; A. then refuses to eat the sour apple from the apple tree, eat oatmeal from the river, take the bread out of the oven (her parents are getting better); Baba Yaga tries to put T. in the oven, he he spread his hands, asked me to show it, shoved it himself, A. took her brother away; BYA got out, tells the geese to catch up; this time A. fulfills the requests of an apple tree, stove, river, they hide it, geese found her nge, A. brought her brother to her parents]: Samodelova 2013, No. 72:82-84; Russians (Kurskaya) [when leaving, parents tell their daughter to take care of her brother; she played too much, swan geese took Ivashechka, sister rushes to catch up; stove asks her to eat her pie, the apple tree her wild apple, the milk river with jelly shores asks for milk and jelly; the girl replies every time that her father does not eat wheat, garden and cream; they do not show the way; the hedgehog pointed; the sister grabbed the brother, the swan geese followed; I had to taste what they offered, the river, the apple tree, the stove were hidden; the sister and brother ran home, the parents returned]: Afanasiev 1984, No. 113:185-186.

(Wed. Caucasus - Asia Minor. Stahl 1982 [(reported. Khasiev); in Chechen-Ingushetia, in spring, when cranes arrived, children were taken outside; when cranes flew away for the winter, young children were hidden from them; during the circumcision ritual, they say the formula” cranes are flying”, they point to the sky]: 201).

Baltoscandia. Lithuanians: Grishina 1993 [boy Bebenciukas is swimming in a boat, fishing; he has two smart sisters, one fool; she brings him food: I'll give him boiled fish, and you give me raw fish; lauma overheard; B. : My sister has a thin voice, and this one is rude; lauma told the blacksmith to tie her thinner tongue; B. swam, lauma took him away; the fool came, released the fish left in the boat, she told her where to look for B.; went older sister: refuses to pick apples from an apple tree, milk a cow, bake bread in the oven, wash the board across the river; laume sits in a bluegrass hut covered with fern, lip to floor, asks her comb; the girl began to comb, the laume fell asleep; the girl covered the black dog with a pot, grabbed B., ran; laume and the dog were chasing, the board, the stove, etc. were sending them; laume grabbed B. along with sister, took it back; the same with her middle sister; the fool picked apples, milked the cow, etc., grabbed B. and the sisters, ran; objects prevent the lauma from chasing, do not tell me where the fugitives went; they returned home]: 23-32; Lebite 1965 [three sisters, the eldest has a child, the youngest advises not to wash it white, otherwise the swan will take it away for a swan; a witch in the form of a swan takes away what was left on the child's shore; the older sister follows him, does not pick pears, cherries, apples, take pies out of the oven, milk the cow; the witch tells her to look for a log in her head; a woman runs with a child, a cow, etc. they do not help her, the witch takes the child; the same with the middle sister; the youngest fulfills the requests, the cow, etc., protect her from the witch, she is exhausted, dies]: 121-125 (about the same Kerbelite 2014, No. 38: 89-91); Latvians [A witch takes her brother away. Older sisters don't help apple trees, bread, ovens. They find a brother, but the witch takes him away again. The youngest daughter helps everyone and saves her brother]: Aris, Medne 1977, No. 480A*: 291; counselors []: Ariste 1962:98-100; Karelians (Kalevalsky district) [when leaving for a visit, the parents of a five-year-old girl tell her watch the three-year-old brother, not let him out of the house; the girl went to play, the geese took the boy away; the girl runs to look for him; the goose asks to pluck his feathers, the girl replies that she is weak and cannot; the stove asks her to eat her pies, the girl says she has no time; the milk river — the jelly banks ask her to try milk and jelly; the girl tried it, ended up in a hut, where her brother plays with toys, which geese bring him; the girl grabs her brother and runs back; they washed milk, jelly, found themselves on the other side of the river; ate pies from the stove; the girl gathered strength, plucked the goose; brought a brother Home]: Onegin 2010, No. 28:279-281; (cf. Estonians [toonekurg (from Toonela, Underworld, kurg — crane) is a stork (originally probably only a black stork)]; cf. Holmberg 1927 [Finn. Tuonela, “home of Tuoni”; Notewegian Lapps: Duodna, “the dead one”, later also “death” and “the life beyond”; probably a Scandinavian loan-word (Swedish dana-arf, “an inheritance falling to the State”]: 54; Shkunaev 1982 [irl. Tuatha De Danann, a founding group of gods; came from the mysterious northern islands, defeating the demons fomors; Anu, cf. -Irish anae, “wealth”, “prosperity; Welsh. Don is the mother of gods; in Welsh genealogies Danu—Don becomes Anna; in the Breton tradition, Anna commands the people of the dead, fafon (cf. The Welsh name for the underworld is annon]: 317).

Volga — Perm. Marie [sister goes to save her brother: she treats the stove, apple tree, milk river with affection; they help her escape from Vouver Kuva, her geese and carry her kidnapped brother]: Sabitov 1989, № 480A*: 30; Mordovians (Erzya) [parents tell their daughter to watch her brother; two wild geese took him away; the girl rushed to catch up; the oven asks for bread, wild apple tree — apples, dairy the river with jelly banks is jelly; the girl does as asked; the hedgehog shows the way; Yaga sleeps in the house, his brother is playing with the golden testicle; his sister grabbed him, ran back; again fulfills the river's requests etc., they hide from stalking geese]: Evseviev 1964, No. 41:288-289; Chuvash [an orphan girl was taken into the family; ordered to monitor the baby boy, he is as bright as the moon; the girl played with too much other children, the goose took the boy away; the girl ran to look for him; the oven asks to eat her cake, the girl replies that she has white rolls in her house; the apple tree is to eat her apples, the girl: we have sweeter; milky stream — drink his milk, girl: we have enough of our own; the hedgehog complains about his misfortune; he teaches what to do; the goose's mother sleeps in the hut, legs, head, stomach touches the walls and ceiling; we must grab the boy and run, do what a stream, an apple tree, a stove require; the girl returned safely]: Chuvash tales 1937:100-105; Komi (upper Vychegda) [parents have three daughters and a son; two together with They went to the forest as a boy to buy firewood; the boy went away and fell into Yoma's hands; the sisters did not find him and returned home; the father promised to cut off their heads on a block if they did not return the boy; the eldest went and saw the stove, asks if she knows where her brother is; the oven asks for a bite off her rye bread; girl: no time, I'm looking for a brother; next time she sees a loaf (the same); then a sheaf; he asks to put him in a row (Wenn du mich in die Riege steckst), the girl refuses; Riege asks her to clean (the same); comes to Yoma's house, who is milking a cow at that time; the girl grabbed her brother, ran; Yoma harnessed the stump into the winnower, took Pest to drive, caught up, took the boy away again; the father sent the middle daughter, it's the same with her; the youngest tried rye bread and a loaf, puts the sheaf in a row, cleans Riege, grabs her brother and runs back; asks Riege to hide it, she does it, replies to Yoma that brother and sister did not run, Yoma came back; then ran again; the episode repeats in every place; brother and sister run into the house; Yoma leaves; and they still live]: Wichmann 1916, No. 17:17-21.