Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

L55. Boiling water into the mouth.


To neutralize a dangerous enemy, caustic or boiling liquid is poured into one of the holes in his body.

SW Africa. Bushmen: Kotlyar 1983, No. 33 [Hyena puts food in the mouth of her child, women, offers to put Leo; puts a hot pot on his head, Leo dies], 34 [Hyena decides that Leo is reluctant She treats her; calling her to her place, she offered to pour the soup into his mouth, poured boiling it, put a hot pot over her head, finished it off with a stick]: 52-53, 54.

Sudan - East Africa. Shilluk [the rabbit fed the fish, and the lion caught it and ate it; the heron said this to the rabbit; the rabbit came to the lion, he pretended to be sick; the rabbit advised the women to cook a lot of porridge; ordered open the lion's mouth, poured boiling porridge into it, the lion died; the rabbit took the lion's jail, told the lion's women not to disturb, and he would go for medicine; when they saw the dead father, the lion's children decided to kill the rabbit; he tied his care and closed his eyes; said that rabbits are different, and the one who killed a lion was not one-eared and one-eyed]: Oiler 1919, No. 4:217-218.

Western Asia. Palestinians [a woman agrees with another to go to wash (the water is far away), takes the moonlight for dawn, goes out, decides to go alone; a ghoul woman joins her on the way; a woman wraps clothes around the mallet, lets the ghoul hold as if it were her child, runs home, supposedly for forgotten soap, heats the oil in a copper bowl; realizing the deception, the ghoul runs to the woman's house, slips through head, woman coats it with boiling oil, ghoul dies]: Spoer 1931:152-154.

Melanesia. Porapora [planting tarot with her father and cutting the tubers, the girl accidentally cut off her finger, he fell into a tuber hole; a snake grew out of blood, swallowing the girl, her father and many people; running away, people left a pregnant woman in hiding; she gave birth to twins, they grew up, almost killed the snake; she crawled almost to the woman's shelter, asked for a drink; the woman poured boiling water down her throat, the snake died]: Schwab 1970, No. 8:786-788.

The Balkans. Hungarians [when he dies, the poor man tells his three sons that, according to the sorcerer, one of them will return the stolen sun and moon, but he does not know who exactly; the king found out about this and called the brothers to him; promises to make the heir to the one who will cope with this task, and make his assistant viceroy; the younger brother is Kiss Miklos (KM), the elders laugh at him; the king orders to choose horses and weapons; the elders take the best horses and swords, the KM take a seedy and dirty skate, a rusty sword; the horse turned out to be a six-legged horse conceived by the wind that eats hot coals, the sword by itself; the brothers come to the country over 49 kingdoms, across the sea of Operantsia, behind a glass mountain to the silver bridge; KM tells you to hide under the bridge and wait for the 12-headed dragon, whose moon is tied to the saddle; the dragon horse has stumbled for the first time, the dragon realizes that he will fight with KM; the KM ordered the sword to cut off his heads, he cut off; the KM gave the horse with the moon to his middle brother; the same at the golden bridge, the 24-headed dragon; the KM ordered the sword to cut off the dragon's heads , but they have grown; KM began to fight on its own, but cannot defeat it; the dragon will become a blue flame and the dragon will become red; when the red rose above the blue one, the KM brothers threw it at him, as the KM asked them in advance, a piece of sulfur, the red flame went out; sending the brothers home with the moon and sun, KM took the form of a gray kitten and climbed into a house where the mother and wives of dragons overhear their conversation; the wife of the younger dragon: I will become a spring, if the brothers take a sip of water, they will die; the elder's wife will turn into a pear with poisoned fruits; the mother of dragons asks her eyelids to be supported with an iron beam weighing 1200 pounds so that she could see; promises to turn into a mouth such that the upper jaw was in the sky and the lower jaw was on the ground;: swallowed KM and his brothers; the kitten rushed out, the dragon threw a beam at him and immediately went blind, because her eyelids closed her eyes again; KM reached her brothers on his horse in two jumps and went home together; on the way, KM cuts a spring and a pear with a sword, bleeding from them; brothers see an approaching open mouth, hide in the house of the lead melter (Lead Friend, SD); they pour molten lead into the mouth of the dragon, who is dead; now SD offers KM to fight; with his little finger drove KM into lead sex; lets go for promising to get him the Green Daughter of the Green King; let the older brothers go; they claim victory over dragons, marry princesses, the eldest becomes king; they they let the moon and sun horses go to heaven, but they began to shine sadly; KM goes in search, meets, takes as companions the Runner, Drinker, Obedala, Freezing in Fire, Seeing Far Away, Strongman, throwing an iron club; the Green King (ZK) demands that Pluto bring his daughter's wedding dress faster than the local runner; but ZK sent his old witch mother to run in the evening, and the Runner He only ran in the morning; he overtook her, received a dress from Pluto, but on the way back the witch persuaded him to take his time and go together; put him to sleep, grabbed the box with his dress and ran; the seer saw it, The strongman threw a club, knocking out a horse skull from under the Runner's head, on which the witch placed his head; the Runner overtook the witch again, took the box and handed it to ZK; he demands to spend the night in the iron ovens; The freezing oven has cooled; ZK demands to eat and drink an incredible amount of meat and wine (Oat and Drank performed); KM got the princess, but as soon as he admitted that he had got it for another, she disappeared; The seer saw her in the whale's belly, Vipivalo drank the sea, the Runner brought the whale, KM took the princess out of his belly; the princess was gone again; the Seer saw her in an apple hanging in ZK's garden, her runner brought; for the third time, the princess in a cocoon hanging in the sky; the strongman knocked down the cocoon with a club, the Runner ran and caught the princess; KM let his companions go; told the princess that she should find out what the power of SD was; while he talked to KM, the princess magically opened 7 iron doors to the basement, took gold out of the lead barrels and told the jeweler to gild the threshold; SD was furious and beat the princess, but she changed herself with a line and lay down on the bed; promised not to gold anything else if SD said what his strength was; he refused; then she gilded three more thresholds; still the same; 7 thresholds; after that SD confessed that in a silk meadow under the seventh bush there is a hare, he has an egg under its tail, a hornet in its egg, it has its strength; at night, the princess reported this to the KM; he became a hound, caught a hare, then a hornet that flew out; SD died; KM and the princess arrived in the KM kingdom in a luxurious chariot; the sun and moon immediately shone brightly; the sage explained everything to the old king; KM said that as heir to the realm of SD and ZK, he leaves this is a kingdom for their brothers; the KM and his wife still rule two kingdoms if they did not die]: Curtin 1890:477-516.

Baltoscandia. The Eastern Sami [must sacrifice a person to the water master; in a dream, a voice: put two boilers of water to boil, lay a round stone; when I take you to the sea to throw you into the water, take two black dogs and a black cat; three-, two- and single-headed waters consistently stick out their grinned mouths; a man throws two at the dog first, a cat at the third; rowers hurry to the shore, water chases; vezhi consistently appear at the doorway, asking who laughed at them; man orders to open his mouth, close his eyes, pours boiling water into each; bad weather raged for three days, and then water stopped paying tribute]: Yermolov 1959:101-102.

Western Siberia. Nordic (?) Selkups [two brothers see a huge man chasing animals; the third night he finds himself in the tundra, he approaches the giant's fire; offers to help him eat quickly, tells him to lie down with his mouth open, pours a boiling pot of meat into it; the giant runs away when he bumps into trees, the hunter picks up the meat; when he reaches the tundra, he jumps up, finds himself in another tundra, near the house; later comes back to the fire a giant who has him sitting with his seven sons; a hunter brings a tree, hits it with an ax, the giants think it is the arrow of a "little man", run away; the hunter brings meat to the brothers , returning the same way (by jumping)]: Rybalchenko 2003:14.

Subarctic. Southern tutchoni [Äsúya (Beaver, clever) tells a woman to climb a tree to a platform, take vessels of boiling water with her; she throws a vessel, then the second one into the beast's mouth, the one boiled from within, dies]: Workman 2000:112-113.

The coast is the Plateau. The grizzly kills everyone; he is lured into the house, put to sleep by the fire; hot tar is poured into his mouth. Alsea [animal people want to kill him, he runs away; a flycatcher lures him into his house, pours tar: Frachtenberg 1920, No. 3, 4:57-67; cous [five grizzly brothers kill travelers; humans they organize competitions, grizzlies come one by one, are killed (they throw a noose on them); the youngest knows about the threat, escapes, falls into the water, goes ashore near the old woman's house; she makes a hot fire, The grizzly falls asleep, the old woman pours hot resin into his mouth; he tries to eat the old woman, but she hides between his teeth; then swallows; she goes out through the anus, cutting off his heart with a knife; grizzly dies]: Frachtenberg 1913, No. 16:91-105; (cf. cous [a person meets a ghost, he throws it into the fire, roasts it, eats it; so consistently with four brothers; the fifth runs away, turns a hammer into a child; this is a girl, she grows up, meets a ghost, jumps into the fire, the ghost leans over to eat it, in the form of a hot mass she jumps down his throat, kills him; so with all five ghosts; her father (creator) and she move to a new place ]: Frachtenberg 1913, No. 17:105-111); lower ampquas [he is asked to participate in games and celebrations; he agrees when he receives a knife as a gift; animal people pour tar, dance around, chop the corpse with axes] : Frachtenberg 1914, No. 2:14-29.

Mesoamerica Sayula Popoluka [jaguar; boiling water]: Clark 196:61-67

The Northern Andes. Kogi [jaguar; wax]: Preuss 1926, No. 10:220-221.

Llanos. Sicuani [an old woman suffers from itching, left alone with her granddaughter; a jaguar licks her in human form, she recovers; a granddaughter hides; when a Jaguar goes hunting, she comes out of hiding, together with the old woman, fills the vessel with boiling water and pepper; the Jaguar kills the old woman's grandson, brings his meat to the basket; falls asleep; the old woman and granddaughter pour boiling water over his head, finish him off with a pestle]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1992, No. 149:493-495

Southern Venezuela. Sanema [Jaguar kills a man, comes to his wife at night, lies down in her hammock; in the morning, the woman pretends to cook cassava soup, melts the resin herself, tells her daughter to run; she leaves a basket in her hammock; a woman pours resin on the Jaguar, runs away]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1990b, No. 285:520-521; Yanomam [Jaguar had small teeth, Battleship had big teeth; he reluctantly agrees to change on the condition that the Jaguar stains himself; having received his teeth and claws, the Jaguar eats the Battleship; the Battleship ordered his two wives in advance to pour hot tar into the sleeping Jaguar's eyes, If he comes back full; the Jaguar lies to the women that their husband is left to cook the frogs caught; the youngest wife pours tar, the Jaguar dies, turns into jaguars]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1990b, No. 158:292-294.

Guiana. Warrau [jaguar; decoction]: Wilbert 1970, No. 191:444; macushi [decoction]: Mayers 1951, No. 2:85

Eastern Amazon. A hissing [a tree frog pours the caustic secretion of its glands into the jaguar's eyes]: Nimuendaju 1922:389.

Western Amazon. Kofan [two brothers turn into jaguars, eat her sister; mother finds her skull; offers her sons hot broth, pours them into their mouths, they die]: Calífano, Gonzalo 1995, No. 117:173-174.

NW Amazon. Yagua [a tortoise pours broth into a jaguar's mouth]: Powlison 1972a: 74

Montagna - Jurua. Chayahuita [jaguar owl: decoction]: Anonimo 1993:339-340; Ashaninka [cannibal frog; boiling water]: Anonimo 1993:242-243; machigenga [woman pours jaguar resin into her nostrils]: Baer 1984, No. 9: 446-447.

Chaco. Mokovi [The fox flees in a tree from his Uncle Jaguar; roasts turtles there or cooks their eggs; says he has climbed forward with his feet, calls Jaguar to climb to him in the same way; pours him in the ass hot fat or boiling water; scalded Jaguar runs away]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1988, No. 73, 84, 85, 86, 91, 149 [Jaguarundi instead of Fox]: 105, 117-119, 124, 189