Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

L57. The character returns his organ.

.27.37. (.39.) .41.-.

The character loses his inner organ, part of his body, they are carried away by others; he approaches imperceptibly, takes what has been lost.

Romanians [hero], Slovaks [hero], Nanai [girl], (coastal Koryaks [girl]), Upper Kuskoquim [Raven], Kuchin [Raven], Tanaina [Raven], Tanana [Raven], Upper Tanana [Raven] ], Inner Tlingit [Raven], Taltan [Raven], Eyak [Raven], Tlingit [Raven], Haida [Raven], Tsimshian [Raven], Bellacula [Glacier; Mink], Quakiutl [Mink; Raven], Quarry [Estees], Shuswap [Coyote] , Thompson [Coyote], Comox [Norka], Snohomish [Fox], Skagit [Coyote; Skunk], Puget Sound [Coyote], Upper Chehalis [Skunk], Cowitz [Skunk; Schwanee], Western Sachaptine [Coyote], Yakima [Skunk], Ne Perse [Coyote; Skunk], Okanagon [Coyote; Skunk], Kurdalen [Coyote], Kutene [Skunk], Klikitate [Skunk], Kalapuya [Coyote], Achomavi [Coyote], Maidu [Coyote], Northern Payute [Coyote], Northern Shoshones [Skunk], Quiche [Hunahpú], chikuna [hunter].

The Balkans. Romanians [poor old people have three sons, the youngest Tsugul; the fairies gave him a good fate, but the sorceress snake took away his veins; the brothers reluctantly put Ts on a mare, take them with them to hunt; the fairy gives he has a belt: he can take any form to return his veins from the Snake; after becoming a bee, C. flies to the Snake's house; from a conversation between the Snake and his daughters, he learns that the veins are in the chest behind the stove; next time he arrives with a fly, takes the veins; fighting, he kills three snake sons-in-law of the Snake Witch, gave their horses to his brothers, took the youngest for himself; the Snake tells his daughters to take a different form to destroy C.; the elder brother wants to rip off grapes, C. cuts a vineyard, black blood flows; the same is a plum orchard; the same is a stream (the brothers wanted to get drunk, C. plunged a spear into the stream, blood flowed); the witch herself flies, C. hides in a cave, then comes to the king, asks to forge a club; heated it, shoved it into a hole in the fortress wall; The snake pulled the air into itself, the red-hot club fell into her mouth, she died; the boyars advise the tsar to get rid of Ts. they offer to send him to the Kingdom of Strier, to marry the king; C. meets, takes as companions 1) an eternally hungry man who plows seven with plows; 2) hares running and stroking on the run, tied to at the feet of a millstone; 3) freezing on a hot day, one mustache is white, the other is black; 4) an arrow hitting a mosquito in the sky; 5) a sage (waving a stick, birds flock); everyone, not knowing first who is in front of him, says that he is not a hero, but a real hero - C.; the Streer king demands: 1) eat all the breads baked in 9 ovens per day (Ovedelo eats); 2) drink 9 barrels of wine (Drank drinks); 3) enter a hot stove (the Freezer has cooled it down); 4) bring water from the magic spring, overtaking the maid (the maid put Skorokhod to sleep, looking for him in his head; the shooter wakes him up by knocking him out from under his head a horse skull as a girl, Skorokhod came first); 5) let 50 infertile women be born overnight (The Sage did so that they gave birth; touched the king with a stick - behind the king there is a brood of ducklings, everyone laughs); Ts spared an eagle, pulled a thorn out of the bear's paw, they promised to help; brought the princess to the king, who gave it to him himself; the brothers stabbed Ts., took the horse and the bride; Ts was still a little alive, his eagle and bear were coming out, the eagle brought alive and dead water, C. became the same; the eagle untied the horse C., the bear frightened the brothers; the horse killed the brothers with his hooves, the king of Streer bequeathed the throne to C., he married the princess, received both kingdoms]: Sadetsky 1973:79-101.

Central Europe. Slovaks [mother breastfeeds her son three times for seven years; when she is convinced that he is able to uproot a beech tree, she says that it is enough - let her take care of her and provide her with housing now; son found a dragon castle in the forest, broke into it, killed the dragons; in the tenth room another one is chained to the wall; asks to be released, he has been chained by other dragons; the young man refuses, brings his mother to live in it castle; forbids entry into the tenth room; she comes in, agrees to release the chained; to do this, you must bring wine from the barrel in the basement; after each cup, one of the hoops falls down; to to get rid of her son, the dragon advises his mother to pretend to be sick, bring an earthen pig; the young man came to St. For a week; she tells her to sit on her horse named Tatoshik, gives the pig a pig to prick; he screams, the pig will chase him; the second time the pig will not scream for fear of the pig, it can be taken away ; next time, the mother, on the advice of the dragon, asks for living and dead water; The week teaches: the water of life is on the right mountain, it will rise at noon; death is on the left, will rise at midnight; the mountains are almost squeezed out the young man's hands; Week left alive and dead water for themselves, and gave the young man an ordinary one; the dragon offers to send a pelican for the bird; Week: the wind pulls trees from the flapping of the wings of the pelican; the young man brought a pelican, Nedelka kept it for herself, and gave the young man a simple eagle for his mother; bring a golden apple from the dragon garden; A week gives a ring: if you turn and think about it, you will have a hundredfold strength more; the horse carried over the garden wall; apples are guarded by a princess kidnapped by dragons; if stolen, she will be killed; she also gives a ring that multiplies strength by a hundred times; dragon under the apple tree; began to fight, dragon drove the young man into the ground up to his ankles; raven: who will I help? dragon: to me, promises gold; young man: to me, promises the carcasses of all horses grazing in the meadow; the raven jumped the young man with water so that he would not be burned by the heat of the dragon; when the young man turned the second ring, he drove the dragon into the ground up to his shoulders; cut his head; the princess picked an apple for the young man herself; the young man promises to come for her in a year; brought his mother a golden apple; she offered to tie him: is he strong like his father? young tore the rope; then tied it with a silk cord: he did not tear it; the dragon cut it to pieces, loaded them on T. and drove him away; T. came to the Week, she revived the young man with dead and living water; but hearts no: his mother took it out and hung it from the ceiling; a week told him to dress up as a beggar, come to the castle to play the bagpipes and ask for a heart as a reward; the mother began to dance with the dragon; the bagpiper said that too old to take money, but his heart would like; a week washed his heart with living and dead water and told the pelican bird to put it in its place; then let the pelican go; turned young man into a dove: let him fly to find out what the mother is doing; to become human again, you have to think about her; the mother tells the dragon to shoot the pigeon, but he turned into a young man and cut off the dragon's head; mother He took her out into the court, threw his sword; when he fell, he pierced her heart; the young man came to the king, whose daughter he saved, and married her; if they did not die, they are still alive]: Wenzig 1857:144-156.

Amur - Sakhalin. Nanais [younger sister Pudin invites the eldest to take turns picking berries so that someone is always in the house; the eldest is walking, Taka (an arrow with a blunt head) falls next to her, tells her to leave, because Inda Khochiani will come (a dog's leg with a tail from the waist down); the eldest returns; the youngest comes the next day, does not listen to Taka, they tell him to allow him to look for lice from her; says that he has found a gold one, brick, stone, cannot be crushed on a stone, the ground will not stand it, tells you to stick out her tongue, crush her tongue, pulls out her tongue, runs away; at home, the eldest puts the dog's younger tongue; an old woman girded alive snakes, in a dream tells the youngest to go back her tongue, leaves three silver tōro rods, a white horse; the youngest takes rods, a needle bed, a scallop, a knife, flies on horseback to the house of dog people, does The appearance that she agrees to marry THEM, cleans the house, finds his tongue in a bunch of others, takes it, leaves the dog's tongue, flies away on horseback; THEY tried to grab the horse's tail, Pudin cut it off; the horse asks whether to fly home or to people, P. says that he marries people; the husband goes hunting on a horse, P. does not tell her to be tied to a tree, only to grass; gives birth to a son, her husband's parents they send a maid to him with news, THEY tell her to return, tell her daughter-in-law to be expelled, she supposedly is homeless; P. leaves, chases THEM, she throws a comb (thicket), a needle (thorny bush), twigs ( turn into three pillars); THEY gnaw at them, P. moves from one to another, calls the horse; when the third pillar is ready to fall, the horse comes, dragging the tree to which P.'s husband tied it; P. flies away on a horse; dying, she tells her to take off her skin, cover herself, P. wakes up in a warm house, two roe deer are tied at the entrance; THEM comes, the roe deer tear him to shreds; P. and his son burn the leftovers; P.'s husband comes. (Mergen); roe deer fly to heaven; husband takes P. to his place, his parents have repented; sister P. is also married]: Hodger 2011:15-29.

(Wed. SV Asia. Coastal Koryaks [Yinyeanyt goes skiing every evening, despite the objections of Father Kikkiniaku (Big Crow) and brother Ememkut; K. cuts off her leg and leaves alone; she catches a plover, attaches her leg, she breaks; then she catches a goose, puts a goose's foot; finds herself in the sky; the Warden explains that he set it all up to pass her off as his own son Cloud; J. gets his leg back; wraps all animals, fish, edible plants in the skin; hunger sets in on earth; throws bear skin down, it turns into a bear, he pursues K.; the bear is killed - there is only grass inside; J. unfolds his skin, life returns; together with her husband she descends to the ground to her father and brothers]: Jochelson 1908, No. 114:303-305).

Subarctic. The upper pieces [when lying down on the shore, the Raven hangs his eyes on the tree; his eyes signal, the Raven sees only a tree floating; next time the Raven is in no hurry to get up, his eyes disappear; The raven inserts blueberries (everything is dark), cranberries (small, falling out), bearberry (visible, but in red light) into its eye sockets; swims upstream in a boat; having relieved the need for fir branches, turns them into beautiful clothes; marries a girl who rejected suitors; wife says people play with Raven's eyes; Raven comes, waits for both eyes to fall next to him, takes them away; beautiful clothes on a girl turns into crow crap]: Ruppert, Bernet 2001:285-287; Kuchin [The raven takes the fish off the hooks; the fisherman hooks it, tearing off its beak; the raven makes people out of moss, puts them on rafts; villagers they run to greet the guests who have come; the man who got to keep the Raven's beak gives it to him without knowing it; in a hurry, the Raven puts his beak backwards; that's why it's so big and that's why The raven can only croak]: McKennan 1965:95; Tanaina: Tenenbaum 1976 (2) [The raven turns into salmon, allows the fisherman to hit himself with a spear, swims away with a spear; becoming human again, goes to the fisherman; he asks whose prison it is, the Raven replies that he, the Raven, wants to find a companion; refuses Moose, Caribou (they will pierce the bottom of his boat with a hoof), Porcupine (prick), Beaver (injure) tail), glad to the Seal; says that the camp should be set up away from the shore; offers to eat on his own leg; quietly lubricates his bony leg with seal fat; says that everyone should eat the other's leg, eats the seal's fins; the seal is thirsty, the Raven deliberately spills water; when he finally bends down for a drink, the Raven bites his anus, kills him; in the village he cries as if his friend has died, but people realize that he killed him himself; he is killed, the boy tears off his beak to wipe himself off; Magpie, Blue Jay, Dipper relieve him, he comes to life; turns into a young man with a mustache; kicking a picture boats, creates a boat, puts bumps in it, tells them to scream like warriors; people run away in fear, the Raven finds his beak in the box, puts it in place, flies away]: 67-74 (=1984:125-143); Vaudrin 1969 [ Chulien (raven) marries Goose (species of geese with black heads, necks and legs are his descendants); in autumn he also wants to fly south; first geese help him, then get tired and leave him; he falls, tells him the rock is under it; the white whale offers to climb into its breath, takes it to the shore; C. eats her fat, lies that the coast is still far away; the white whale jumps ashore, C. throws stones into her breath, she dies; People show up, he flies out, comes back in human form; people say that something black came out of the beluga whale's womb; C. says his relatives ate white whales under similar circumstances and that's it died; the foreman's daughter gets, eats white whales at night; people find fat on his mustache, beat him to death, throw him in the trash; the old woman cuts off his beak; Magpies defecate on C., he comes to life; creates enemies; covering his face with his hand, shouts that he must run and throw everything; finds a beak, hurriedly applies it, now it is crooked]: 35-40; (cf. Kalifornsky 1991 [(=Ruppert, Bernet 2001:318-319); The raven finds a lot of dead fish on the shore; in the guise of a man he comes to a village with only women, he replies that he does not eat from strangers; when he returns to shore eats fish, taking its eye out and putting it on the log to guard; the eye gives its voice twice, the Raven comes running, but no one; the third time the Raven does not go; when he hears people's voices, he comes running, pretending that sand got into his eye; people see an eye on a log, the Raven quickly grabs it, throws it up three times, it hits his eye socket, but remains slightly crooked; the raven turns into a crow, flies away]: 83-87); tanana: De Laguna 1995, No. 4 [the chief's daughter rejects suitors; The raven makes himself (apparently out of crap) clothes with dental shells; marries; mother-in-law asks why he does not eat; Raven explains that because of a lousy old dog; mother-in-law hangs it; the chief sees someone with a three-toed paw pecking out the dog's eye at night; the crow has to show his leg, his wife's brother tears off his beak; The raven turns the bumps into warriors, shouts that enemies are coming, in the turmoil he grabs the bag where his beak is hidden, puts it back; his beak has grown crooked, now the crows have crooked beaks; the girl has not been washed off the dirt], 8e [Raven refuses to help make the island big; its beak is torn off; as in (4)]: 92-95, 120; upper tanana: Brean 1975 [The raven marries Swans; flies with swans in autumn, his wife throws him off, he orders a fin to be under him in the sea, turns it into an island; leaves it on the shore of the eye to see if the boat arrives; the eye raises the alarm when they see a fin; next time people take their eyes away; Raven catches up with them, takes their eyes, puts them back crooked; therefore, crows have different eyes]: 63-67; McKennan 1959 [The raven takes his eye out of the eye socket, puts it on a stump, tells them to be a watchman; raises his eye several times false alarm; The raven stops paying attention to his cries; enemies take his eyes away; play by throwing it to each other; The raven comes unrecognized; when the eye hits him, he puts it back in, runs away]: 194 ; tagish [people catch halibut with pieces of fat; The raven dives, takes off the bait; one person hooks it off, tears it off, brings it like an amulet, decorates it with feathers and down; the raven makes his nose out of wood poplars, sticks with resin, comes with others to look at the curiosity; leans over the fire to melt the resin; when the fake nose falls off, puts its own back; before flying away, smoked over the fire, turned white black]: McClelland 2007 (2), No. 73b: 360-361; inner tlingit: McClelland 2007 (3), No. 139 [the raven goes to peck blueberries, leaves the eye as a watchman: if if he notices the boat, let him call; the eye calls, but it is not a boat, but a floating log; the raven beats his eye; when he called again, the raven did not go to see; the people in the boat took their eyes away; the raven came to the village asked the old woman if she had heard of the eye; she directed it to a teepee, the man showed the crow's eye (apparently not knowing who was in front of him), the raven put it in the eye socket, flew out the chimney; in the chimney entangled by the ropes and smoked, since then the crows are black], 168c [the raven quietly takes off the bait from the fishermen, eats it; two brothers caught him, threw him into the boat, the beak came off, the raven sank into the water; when he came up, glued bark to his face with resin, came to people, asked them to show that they had fished unusual things, put his beak back, flew away; people managed to smoke it]: 624-625, 740-741; taltan [Raven steals the bait; the fisherman quickly hooks, the Raven's beak breaks off; the raven makes a new beak out of resin; comes in the guise of a stranger to look at an amazing object caught from the water; puts his own beak back]: Teit 1919, No. 1.33:224-225.

NW Coast. Eyak [the fisherman replies to the Raven that he is fishing with seal fat; the raven dives, eats the bait, the fisherman hooks it, tears off its beak; the raven makes a resin beak, comes to the fisherman's house, asks if anyone brought something unusual; asks him to show him his severed nose, puts him back, flies away]: Johnson 1988:2; Tlingits: Boas 1895, No. XXV.1 [Yetle (Raven) dives, takes off the bait, gets caught, his beak comes off; he turns into an old man, comes to the village; he is told that people have caught his nose; he goes to see, grabs his beak, runs away]: 314-315; 1916 [Raven steals salmon from people; people find him sleeping, tear him off, take his second stomach away; the crow is cold without it; he comes to a place where he plays hockey with his stomach, tells him to return to his place; he is too hot ; The raven washes it but can't wash off all the sand; so the crow's second stomach looks like it's unwashed]: 706; Edmonds, Clark 1989 [The raven dives, biting off the bait; Huscana catches it, jaw breaks off; he comes to the village, covering the bottom of his face with a cloak; asks him to look at his jaw, puts it back, flies away like a crow]: 15; De Laguna 1972 [people fish with pieces of fat; Raven dives, taking off the bait; caught by the beak, the beak breaks off; people keep it in their house; the raven makes a new one out of resin, comes to see an amazing object, puts it back, slips through chimney]: 871-872; Swanton 1909, No. 1, 31 [few details]: 8, 84-85; Haida (Masset) [The raven dives, eating the bait of fishermen; the village says that the baits are missing; next time the Raven is caught for her jaw, she comes off; people look at it; the raven appears as a woman, covering his face with a blanket; says that when this happened last time, people barely escaped; residents leave everything and leave; The raven eats supplies, puts its jaw in place]: Swanton 1908a: 338-340; Hyda (Skidgate) [people catch flounder with salmon caviar; the raven turns into flounder, eats the bait; hooked, his beak has come off; in the village, players examine his beak; the Raven comes, says it is made of salmon play; tears off Owl's beak, puts it on himself, and gives Owl another]: Swanton 1905 in Boas 1916:685; Tsimshian [people catch halibut; Chamsen (raven) dives, eats bait off hooks; caught by the jaw, it is torn off; players in the village gather to look at it; C. comes covering his face with a blanket, asks to show him his jaw, runs away with it]: Boas 1916, No. 19:74-75; bellacula: Boas 1898 [the hunter sees a fireball flying out of a hole in the glacier on a thread of fire; cuts off the thread, brings a balloon to the village, all people play with it; only one old woman stays at home; a handsome man comes to her, asks her what is happening, touches her, she falls dead, he takes her form, comes to the players, grabs the ball, puts it in his anus, runs away; it was the Glacier itself, the ball was the wind blowing from it]: 109-111; McIlwraith 1948 (2) [Mink calls salmon closer to the shore, catches, cooks, goes to bed; the boys smear caviar on his mouth, cut out the musk gland, leave; Mink comes to where the boys play him with iron, grabs it, runs away]: 420-421; quakiutl [after catching salmon, Mink goes to bed; the children take the fish and Mink's musk bag; he can't walk straight now; asks passers-by what's new; several answer that nothing, the last one is that the children are playing ball with with a Mink musk bag; Mink comes there, catches its bag, puts it in place]: Boas 1910 in Boas 1916:706; quakiutl (tlatlasicoala neveti) [Omeatl (Raven) dives, biting bait; the chief takes a strong tench, O. cannot cut it off, his jaw comes off; he turns into an old woman, says he wants to see the object caught by the chief; grabs his jaw, puts it back, with hard to squeeze through the chimney]: Boas 1895, No. XVIII/1:172.

The coast is the Plateau. Quarry: Jenness 1934, No. 39:207-208 [Estees catches swans by tying them under water with a rope by the legs; swans lift him into the air; he falls on a rock, sinking into it; Lynx licks the rock, making holes; it shows E.'s eye; the raven pecks it out; the Lynx pulls out the other eye, the Raven takes it away; the Lynx frees E.; he makes false eyes out of resin; comes to two girls; they show him the eyes brought by the Raven; E. puts them in his eye sockets, runs away], 208-209 [Estees turns into salmon, rips the bait off the hooks; people make a strong hook, pull E. out of the water, his jaw breaks off; he makes a new one out of maple; comes to an old woman, kills her, pulls her skin; comes to the dancers, the imaginary old woman is allowed to look at her jaw; E. takes her away]; shuswap: Boas 1895, No. I.2 [Coyote throws up his eyes, Jackdaw takes them away; Coyote makes new ones out of rose hips, comes to the old woman; she says her four daughters are gone to play with other people with eyes Coyote; Coyote comes to them, grabs her eyes, runs away]: 8-9; Thompson [Coyote's daughter marries Lynx, lord of the cold; Coyote comes to her son-in-law, who freezes him; Coyote melts his tongue a hole in the ice, disassembles and pushes himself piece by piece; collects, but the Raven takes his eyes away; the Coyote bumps into trees, asks for their names; the former grow high in the mountains, then lower down the slope; when poplar and willow appear, there is a river nearby; Coyote goes downstream, meets Bird Girls; lures Wren as if he wants to show a star, pulls out her eyes, inserts herself in; friends inserted Red berry eyes; people play ball through Coyote's eyes; he meets an old woman, asks about her customs, kills her with a stick, puts on her skin; asks her four granddaughters to take him to where play; the youngest three on the way throw their imaginary grandmother (apparently because of Coyote's sexual harassment, but it's not directly mentioned); the eldest reports; the Coyote grabs his eyes, runs away; blows the fog, his can't catch up]: Hanna, Henry 1996:56-63; comox [salmon caught by Wolves; women sail by in a boat, take Norka to Wolves village; they play with Mink's musk bag like with the ball; Mink grabs it, runs away; tells the fallen tree not to let the Wolves pass]: Boas 1916:706; snohomish [The fox throws up and catches his eyes; the Raven carries them away; the fox pulls out the Magpie's eyes; the old woman The disease says that her granddaughters go to a party where everyone dances with Fox's eyes; he kills her, puts on her skin; his granddaughters carry it, he rapes them on the way; in the guise of an old woman she sings, grabs her eyes runs away]: Haeberlin 1924, No. 20:406-411; Skagit: Hilbert 1985:45-56 [Coyote promises daughter to whoever overtakes her; Raven, Mink and others fall behind, Mountain Goat overtakes, marries; wife gives birth, the diaper is fat; the Coyote eats it; when he goes to the mountains, the Goat sends frost, the Coyote is trapped in an ice trap; makes a hole with his breath, breaks himself apart, sticks out; The Raven takes his eyes away; Coyote puts leaves, sees a little; pretends to see a star; one of the sisters comes up, he pulls out her eyes, puts her in; asks an old woman about her daughters; kills nettles, takes their form; sisters carry the imaginary mother on their backs to where they play with Coyote's eyes; the youngest throws him off on the way, he copulates with the eldest; takes his eyes, runs away], 87- 95 [The Coyote pretends to be dying, tells his daughter to marry a dyed yakim man and put his food and possessions with his corpse; the children see Coyote cooking for himself, but he pretends to be dead; appears, painting her face, speaks yakima, takes his daughter as his wife; the paint dries up and falls off, the daughter recognizes her father; the family leaves the Coyote, turning his house into a block of ice; the Coyote makes a hole, looks out, the Raven takes his eyes away; the Coyote puts yellow-green mold growing on a rotten tree in his eye sockets, tells Bekas and Soroca that he sees a fat beetle on the branch; grabs Snipe's eye; asks The old woman is a disease, what she is afraid of; Nettles; hits her to death with nettles, puts on her clothes; her two daughters carry their mother (i.e. Coyote) on the back to where people play with Coyote's eyes; on the way he tries to have sex with girls, the youngest throws him to the ground; he takes his eyes, runs away], 159-163 [Skunk sleeps with one wife and only poisons the other with his intestinal gases; in his dream, his giblets in in the form of a little man, they go out to dance to the fire; wives take a little man, resort to people; everyone dances with a little man; Skunk comes, calls him, gains integrity, kills everyone with his jet; sees it An otter, but he has no mouth; people cut a hole in him, he tells him what happened; Skunk is called to go down into the house through the roof, put it on a hot stone, he dies]; Puget Sound [eyes The coyote is stolen or inflamed and he pulled them out and threw them away; makes new ones from pieces of red mushroom or rose hips; persuades Towhee to change his eyes; comes to people who play it ( Coyote) with his eyes; catches his eyes and Towhee throws away his eyes]: Ballard 1927:75; upper chehalis [the chief tells his daughters to follow the right path, it has red paint; the eldest walks on the left, where are the feathers, the youngest returns home; the eldest marries Skunk; his master tells him to bring meat; the woman realizes that her husband is a servant; suffers from the stench; the owner sends Skunk, runs with the woman to heaven; Skunk sees their reflection, throws a stream into the water; then looks up, asks how they climbed; feet forward; the owner throws hot stones in Skunk's ass, his iron falls out; some people they tell him that they saw his goodness float down the river; others say his anus; he then kills those who give this answer; people play ball with iron; the Skunk comes disguised as an old man, takes possession of the gland again; the bird turns into a skin; the Skunk picks it up; the skin whistles, the Skunk runs in panic, not knowing where the whistle comes from, dies]: Adamson 1934:46-52; Cowlitz: Adamson 1934:198-200 [like an upper chehalis; an old man sends his daughter to marry Puma; Skunk lives in the same house with him, pretending to be a Puma; Puma realizes that Skunk hides a woman when he notices long hair eating; not decree. Where exactly the fugitives hide (in the sky, rock or tree); after regaining his iron, the Skunk kills the Puma, wears his skin; the Fox turns into a piece of meat, the Skunk picks it up; the Fox whistles, the Skunk runs, drops the bag; The fox finds beads in the bag that Skunk took from the Puma; Wolves kill the Skunk, revive the Puma], 253-254 [Shwanee throws up his eyes, the Raven carries away alone; the old woman's children play with him; Sh. kills her, wears her clothes and hair; her daughter carries a fake mother to watch the game, S. slides lower and lower, copulates with the girl; the episode repeats with four sisters; the fifth throws S. to the ground ; S. grabs his eye; tells the sisters what to call his children they will give birth to; sisters revive their mother]; curdalen [Coyote comes to the house where Pheasant's children bake berries; asks their names parents; in response, an indecent and threatening play on words (in the sense that his father will suddenly frighten him from behind and his mother between his legs); the Coyote kills them; Pheasants take off suddenly when the Coyote goes along the cliff, he falls; Pheasants revive their children; the Coyote breaks his leg, eats his bone marrow, fills his hollow bone with chewed willow branches; so that the two children who come up do not say that the Coyote is eating himself he curves their mouths, they turn into crossbill, Loxia curvirostra; Coyote sees a man throwing his eyes up, they go back to his eye sockets; Coyote says his grandfather is also cash this trick, throws his own, the man grabs them, runs away; Coyote bumps into someone, takes his eyes for himself, throws him off a cliff, he turns into Catbird (rock wren?) ; sees a woman sitting, she reacts only when he burns her with nettles, says he will go with him; he sees dancing, puts out the fire, but the fat bubbles turn out to be stone; he lights the fire, there is no one He is surrounded by rocks, he is in a stone bag; birds come to hammer a stone, the Woodpecker pecks a hole to Coyote's eye, flies away; the Coyote sees the Vulture, calls him names; the Vulture pecks out his eye; The Coyote looks at others, the Vulture pecks him out; the woman who went with the Coyote broke the rock with her belt; aims the blind Coyote's arrow at the deer, which hits the target, but the woman lies like an arrow got into a tree; drives the Coyote in circles as if they had gone far; cooks venison; admits that he did kill a deer; after filling his gut with fat, he told me to put it on his eyes; the Coyote begins to see, but then eats fat , goes blind again; makes her eyes out of resin; they are weak, the resin melts every now and then from the heat; the Coyote comes to the blind woman; today she will come to the dancers, where she will insert the eyes of the Coyote; the Coyote kills her, puts on her clothes, scratches her eye; explains to her four granddaughters (Nightjar and three other types of birds) that she is hoarse and a sunflower seed has fallen into her eye; granddaughters take turns carrying an imaginary grandmother; she is planted before Coyote's eyes; an imaginary old woman tells her to extinguish the fire, dance in the dark; inserts her eyes in, runs away, leaving the saliva responsible for herself; the audience understands that "the leader took his eyes"]: Reichard 1947, No. 7:89-95; Okanagon: Guie 1990, No. 16 [Chickady throws his eyes up, catches them in his eye sockets; the Coyote does the same thing; two Crows carry them away; the Coyote asks trees for their names to go out to the river; drinks; asks his little sister Blue Bird if she sees a star; snatches out her eyes, inserts her in; her sister Blue Jay makes her new berries; Coyote asks an old pheasant what she is afraid of; Nettles; he hits her with nettles to death, puts on her skin; her granddaughters Blue Bird and Blue Jay talk about how they played the Sun Dance through the eyes of the Coyote; they ask Why do you have a strange voice (Burned your mouth with soup); Eyes (Injured one with a stick); in the morning they take their grandmother to the Sun Dance; Coyote makes himself heavy, sisters throw Imaginary grandmother, people scold them for it; Coyote grabs his eyes, runs away, throwing Pheasaniha's skin; sisters revive grandmother]: 141-147; Hill-Tout 1911 [Skunk and Fishing Marten (Fisher) live together; grandmother sends two granddaughters named Chipmunk) and a Tyrant Bird (Tyrannus) to climb under Otter's clean, tidy bed, Skunk's bed is dirty; Skunk came in first, the youngest giggled when he spoiled the air, Skunk heard, made an indecent sound again, the girl laughed louder, Skunk found the girls in the chest under Marten's bed; says he's the head of the house, hides them in his chest; Skunk Marten replies to the person who comes that he is the chief, Marten is forced, contrary to usual, to cook for himself; everyone puts food in his chest, Marten sees Skunk taking out an empty plate; The next day he sends Skunk for the dead deer, finds the girls, sets fire to the house, flies with them to the rock above the river in a column of smoke; the Skunk sees the reflection, lets his stream into the water, realizes the mistake, He lets him up, gets into Marten's toe, he dies; the sisters pretend to be happy with Skunk; he copulates with them all day, falls asleep; they return to their grandmother, telling the rocks to grow around the Skunk; a small hole remains, the Skunk disassembles himself piece by piece, pushes them, the Raven takes his iron; the Skunk comes to people playing ball with iron, grabs it, kills people with it]: 148-150; Western sachaptin [Lynx throws up his eyes; Coyote does the same, Lynx pushes his thrown eyes, they don't return to the eye sockets; the Coyote takes her eyes away from the oriole; the old woman sings, talks about how people they dance with Coyote's eyes; the Coyote kills her, puts her skin on; the youngest of her five daughters feels it's a Coyote; at night he touches each one's genitals, the youngest chases him; in the morning she pretends to be lame girls carry him on his back to where they dance; he copulates with everyone, the youngest does not allow him; dances, grabs his eyes, runs away; later returns to give names to his children]: Farrand, Mayer 1917, No. 8:155-157; yakima [Skunk is a servant in the house of Eagle and his four Hawk brothers; an old woman sends her granddaughter to marry Orel; Skunk pretends to be the owner of the house, takes the girl; hides under a mat; The hawks and the Eagle come, tell him to clean up the prey, cook; the woman realizes that she was mistaken; the Eagle notices that the seeds are ground better than usual, finds long hair; in the morning Skunk explains that he giggled , because he was tickled by a mouse; the Eagle sends Skunk for the dead deer, climbs a rock with a woman; says that he was picked up by the rope; picking up the Skunk, throws a hot stone in his ass, cuts off rope; Skunk's iron swims along the river; The Skunk goes, asks the people he meets, answers him with laughter; he finds his iron playing ball, grabs it, kills the players and those who laughed at him, takes it their jewelry; Porcupine pretends to be dead; Skunk carries him, says he's afraid of whistling; Porcupine whistles, Skunk runs away, porcupine takes all the jewelry-he's wearing beautiful needles now]: Hines 1992, No. 54:180-188; clickitat [Skunk wants his brother's wife, she and her husband run away, lure Skunk to the rock, push him down; his musk bag falls out, disappears; Skunk eats strawberries and berries fall out at the other end; he plugs his anus with grass, he can eat now; comes to people playing with his bag, picks it up; he doesn't come back home anymore]: Jacobs 1934, No. 18:42-43; ne Persian: Phinney 1934 [While the Eagle is hunting, the Skunk is watching the house; five Deer Sisters come to marry the Eagle, five Frogs come to marry the Skunk; the Skunk hides the Deer in his bed, puts the Frogs to the Eagle; those they explain to the Eagle why the Skunk laughed at night; the Eagle sends them away, giving them a lot of meat; tramples Skunk's young from the bellies of the Deer, hides with his wives on top of the cliff; the Skunk sees their reflection in the river, lets them into water stream; looks up; the Eagle advises him to climb backwards; throws a hot stone into his anus; the caustic iron comes off, swims along the river; the Skunk follows it; some plant people answer that tried to catch it for Skunk, others tried to push this abomination back into the river; the Skunk comes to the place where people entertain him with the baby's gland (sparks fall out of it); replaces it with a bush, carries it away; sends a stream at those who answered him insultingly; therefore, some plants are bitter; Wolves kill Skunk]: 251-259; Spinden 1908, No. 8 [Wild Cat throws and catches its eyes; Coyote imitates him; that catches and carries Coyote's eyes; Coyote inserts his eyes, pulling them out of a man; kills an old woman, puts her skin on, comes to dance; he, not knowing that it is a Coyote, they give him his eyes, he takes them away]: 19-21; coutene: Boas 1918, No. 61 [Snipe throws up his eyes; Coyote grabs them; Snipe takes them back, pulls out Coyote's eyes; he makes new ones from resin, it melts in the sun; from the foam, it flows out; from blueberries; takes the eyes of a boy; his sister; kills an old woman, puts on her skin; her two granddaughters carry an imaginary grandmother on their backs to a party where people dance with Coyote's eyes; Coyote grandmother sings; grabs her eyes, runs away], 68 [The frog sends his granddaughters Chipmunk and the Big Chipmunk to marry the Fishing Marten (Fisher); Skunk lives with him; wears his clothes, says he is a Marten; he comes sends Skunk away, runs with his wives; they hide in a tree; Skunk kills Marten with his jet, takes his wives; they put him to sleep, run, turning the house (=burrow) into a stone bag; the Skunk cuts himself to pieces, pushes them out through a small hole; the Raven carries his bag of corrosive liquid, people play with the bag; the Skunk comes and takes him back]: 183-187, 231-243; Linderman 1997, No. 4 [Coyote sees as the Old Man throws his eyes at the birch tree, they come back; the Coyote catches his eyes, makes fun of the Old Man, putting his fingers in his eye sockets; he grabs him, returns his eyes, takes him away Coyote's eyes; the Coyote asks the bushes and trees what their names are; finds blueberries, makes eyes out of blueberries, sees a little bit; the young man calls his sister to pick blueberries; the Coyote kills him, puts on his clothes; kills his sister, puts her clothes on; comes to an old woman, kills her, puts her on her clothes, comes to a place where they dance with his eyes; grabs an eye, runs away]: 41-48; Kalapuya: Jacobs 1945, No. 4 [Coyote finds a hornet's nest, tells the frog women that there is food inside, opens it; hornets bite them, they cause snow; the Coyote hides in the hollow of a large spruce tree, closes the hole, forgets how to open it; asks the Woodpecker to hammer; Little, Middle, finally the Great Woodpecker punches the hole; the Coyote tries to grab the Big One, he flies away; the hole is still small; the Coyote disassembles himself, pushes them out; his eye is stolen, he makes a false one out of a berry; comes to people who play with his eye, takes it away; turns into a digging stick, dirt, a man making a harpoon; his pursuers do not recognize him, they stop chase]: 96-103; Gatschet et al. 1945, No. 4 [as in Jacobs; Blue Jay takes his eyes away; running away from his pursuers, Coyote turns into a blind old woman, unrecognized]: 231-236.

California. Achomavi [the girl is sick, her mother is looking for a shaman; Coyote pretends to be a shaman; tells him to be left alone with the sick; rapes her, she screams; the mother looks into the house, beats Coyote, he runs away, his penis stays in the vagina; his mother wants Coyote to go blind; he makes himself new eyes out of resin; wants the girl to fall ill fatally; Thrush comes to treat her; Coyote turns into a boy , accompanies Thrush; he sucks his penis out of her vagina; Coyote grabs his penis, runs away]: Angulo 1928:587; Maidu [mother takes Coyote for a doctor, asks for her daughter to be cured; he copulates with girl; mother rushes to beat him, he runs away, the end of his penis stays in his vagina; Badger pulls out his penis; mother is going to fry it, Coyote grabs it, runs away]: Shipley 1963, No. 2:13-19.

Big Pool. The Northern Payutes [The Chaffinch throws up his eyes, they go back to the eye sockets; the Coyote does the same, the eyes are stolen, they play with them; the Coyote comes there, takes his eyes (?) , runs away; he has two wives; he hunts, misses because he can't see well; when he puts his head on his knees, his wife sees that he has bad eyes; wives put a stone under his head, run away]: Marsden 1923, No. 5:189-191; Northern Shoshones: Lowie 1909b, No. 19 [The Eagle is Skunk's younger brother; while he is hunting, ten Rabbits come to marry him and ten Frogs come to marry Skunk; Skunk takes the Rabbits for himself , puts Frogs under Eagle's bed; Eagle is surprised that Skunk eats so much that he laughs; Frogs tell Eagle how Skunk took his wives; Eagle leads Skunk hunting, pretending to forget the gun comes back, runs away with the Rabbits to the top of the cliff; the Skunk sees their reflection, streams into the river; notices the rock; the Eagle replies that he has climbed forward with his feet; throws Skunk in the ass hot rock; The skunk falls, his ass floats down the river; the Skunk goes asking if anyone has seen his ass; the Skylark answers like an orphan throws him into the air, he's like a fireball; the Skunk grabs his ass, runs away kills people he meets, cutting off their heads and taking away jewelry; five Wolves easily kill Skunk], 20 [Skunk kills passers-by with his jet; Coyote invites him to his place, puts him on a resin-coated blanket , Skunk sticks, Coyote kills him, cuts off his anus; people play it with darts; Skunk comes to life, joins the players, digs two moves - straight and crooked; grabbing the anus, runs away crooked; repairs your anus, but it lost its former strength]: 208-270, 270-271.

Mesoamerica Quiche ("Popol-Wuh") [there was no sun, only Vucub-Caquix ("seven mako parrots"); he said he was the sun, the light and the moon, that his eyes and teeth were sparkling; Hunahpú and Ixbalanqué were really gods; when VK was sitting on a tree eating fruit, Hun-Hunahpú (mistake: Hunahpú) hit him in the jaw with a blowpipe; he fell off the tree, but tore off H.'s hand and carried him away; at home he hung him in the hearth above by fire; told his wife Chimalmat that his teeth now hurt (due to hitting a dart); H. and I. agreed with old man and old woman Zaqui-Nim-Ac and Zaqui-Nimá-Tsiís (Big White Pig ( or rather, Bakers, jabalí), and Big White Coati) that they would go to VK and take them with them as if they were their little nephews whose parents were dead; old people told VK they could cure his teeth, replace them with new ones made of crushed bone; but they were teeth from corn grains and did not heal his teeth, but crushed them, took his treasures; "They cured 7-Guacamayo's eyes; his eyes were pulled out, completely removed they have a precious metal"; VK and C. died, and H. regained his hand; the old man and the old woman returned it, put it on H., it grew]: Popol Vuh 1972, cap. IV-VI: 17-25 (episode reviewed in Bassie-Sweet 2008:279; Russian translation in Popol-Vuh 1959:20-23).

NW Amazon. Chikuna [hunter Choe loses prey; he guards, cuts off his leg reaching for meat with a jaguar; brings him to the village, shows everyone; among the audience is the Royal Vulture, which was a thief; taking his paw, he puts it to his body, flies away, pulling out C.'s eyes; in his house in the sky, he hangs a bundle of eyes from the ceiling beam; a grasshopper and one type of termites cannot gnaw through the vine; others termites gnaw, a bundle with eyes falls to the ground, C. puts her eyes back; the old vulture gives a boat to escape from the Royal Vulture; C. pushes off so hard that she falls under land; there he meets strange creatures; the Blind have a lot of food; C. steals it, the Blind can't catch it; dwarfs are incredibly strong, throw C. like a ball; people without anuses feed on steam from prepared food; C. marries, his wife eats with him, he cuts through her anus, she dies; C. returns to earth]: Nimuendaju 1952:118-119.