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L5H. The severed head of a person stuck in the hole .35.36.

Two sisters or two brothers find themselves in a demon's house or in front of an obstacle. One or one crawls through a narrow hole. The other one or the other gets stuck. A brother or sister pulls his or her head, and his head comes off.

Kets, Yugi, Nganasans, Sym Evenks, Evenks of the Baikal Region, Central Yakuts.

Western Siberia. Keta: Dulzon 1969, No. 62 (Sym River; {the text is almost identical to the South text in Werner 1997, No. 20}) [the devil took Erulya and Tuta; E. eats a lot, T. little, thin, made a hole out; E. tried to crawl into it, got stuck, because he was fat, T. pulled him, his head came off; the devil ate E.'s body, T. took his head away, placed him on a tree, ordered him to shamanize, many larch trees grew, T. climbed on them; the devil swallows a lot of objects, pulls out an ax, a scraper, a saw, knocks down all the larches; T. with the last one tells her to put spacers to her eye, mouth and ass, he will jump into her mouth; throws sand in her face, kills with a hammer]: 205-207; Osharov 1936a [Erul's elder brother catches crucian carp, younger Tuta whines that he is giving him only tails, not heads; E. tells him to remain silent, otherwise the devil will hear; E. began to give Tuta heads; T. still screams, the devil from behind the lake hears; the brothers hid in a hole from the tagan; the devil took a louse from her pants, put it on her head, told me to see where the brothers would run, went through lake; the louse said that she did not see anything, because water filled her; the devil ate the louse, asked everyone in the plague; the cauldron, the cup, the spoon did not say, the glue cooker gave out; the devil brought the brothers to her stone house; brought a bear, told her daughter to cook; T. ate a lot, E. little, the devil was unhappy that E. was not getting fat; E. made her daughters hot meat forks, asked them for a drill, drilled a stone wall, told T. not to eat up; skinny E. climbed in, T. got stuck, E. pulled his head off; placed him on the top of a tree, told him to creak in the wind; climbed one of the seven larches, taking a handful of sand; the devil cuts the larch trees one by one, E. jumps; at the last one, asks the devil not to blink, open her mouth, throws sand into her eyes, cuts off her head with an ax, burns her body]: 167-170; (cf. Nikolaeva 2006 [Kasket and Tutubul are brothers, their mother is dead, Dootam took them to her stone house, feeds them with fat venison; K. does not eat, T. eats, gets fat; K. cut a hole with a knife, went out, T. got stuck; K. came back, cut T., pulled it out piece by piece, folded the pieces, T. came to life; K. ran away, T. Dootam caught up and ate it; when D. ran up to K., he threw ola into her eyes; D. fell behind, K. returned to people]: 74); yugi [{the text is almost identical to Symsko-Ket in Dulzon 1966, No. 62}; devil took Erulya and Tuta to her; E. eats a lot, T. little, thin; found something iron, made a hole out; got out; E. followed, stuck, because he was fat, T. pulled him, his head came off; the devil ate the body E., T. took his head away, placed it on larch, ordered shamanism, many larch trees grew, T. climbed one; the devil took out an ax, a scraper, a knife, knocked down the larch; T. climbed to the next one, the devil knocked down one by one, all larches; T. last tells her to lie on her back, he will jump into her mouth; throws sand in her face, breaks her head with a hammer]: Werner 1997, No. 20:267-269; nganasana [at the cannibal and at women with two daughters; a cannibal leads a woman for a talnik, asks her to bend over the water, cuts off her head; at home, the daughter of the victim hears a cannibal promising her daughters that she will eat an adult herself the brain, and they are childish; the girls leave blankets full of brushwood instead, run away, throw their mother's jewelry, creating a mountain, a lake behind them; they run to the river; the old man asks what he said about him their mother; they say she praised his face and back; he carries them in a boat; the cannibal replies that he is as long as a stick, his back is like an ax; he pushes her out of the boat, she sinks; the sisters spend the night in the plague old man, there is no way out of him in the morning; the youngest comes out with a needle through the slit, the eldest gets stuck, the youngest tears off her head; the pigtails turn into legs; The head does not want to stay in the hole of the fox, the wolf, remains in bear hole, warns not to lean on a stump; the youngest went, leaned, a cannibal jumped out of the stump; they go, disperse, the girl visits her older sister, she has two cubs; the youngest rides a sledge, the cannibal tells me to change, her sledges are drawn by mice, the ropes are worms; they change back; dogs bit mice, the old man pushed the cannibal into the fire; her ash became mosquitoes, beetles, worms, bees]: Porotova 1980:13-19.

Eastern Siberia. Sym Evenks: Vasilevich 1936, No. 21 (Chirombu) [The bear came to two bunny sisters, who poured sand into his eyes with their legs; a grandmother named Kandika came and grabbed As a bear, she told me to bring a table, lowered the Bear on it, returned home; the Bunny sisters decided to leave; K. tells them to walk along an ung-shaped, not kel-shaped road; at the fork they began to fight, youngest won, so we went on a kule-shaped one, she closed on all sides; the eldest became a needle, slipped through, the youngest was a bump, got stuck; the eldest pulled her, tore her head off; put it on a stump, a rock, a deck, the head cries every time; left it on another rock; came to the Frog; after living, went to stay with her relatives; boasted to the Frog that she had a steel thimble; reached the place where the younger sister's head remained, she married a god; there deer rattle through snags holes; the eldest asked to call, rang behind the clouds; the eldest took away the big deer received from her sister as a gift; the frog brought insects, deer carried them away on their hooves; the storm demolished the Frog's house, she dived into the lake], 22 (Chiromba) [Wolverine ate the mother of two hare girls; they poured earth into her eyes, ran to the old woman; she has everything things move and work at her will; they hide in the cauldron, the cauldron does not go; the old woman beats him, the sisters laugh; the old woman calls them to live with her; when they want to leave, the old woman tells them to walk on their hooves, not walk on the kule-shaped; the older sister remembered that it was kel-shaped; they were fighting, the eldest won, they walk along the kule-shaped; the hut surrounds them in the dark; the eldest became a fur, a needle, slips into the crack; the youngest is a bump, gets stuck; the eldest pulls her, tears her head off; leaves her on the deck, her head cries; leaves her on a tree broken by lightning - laughs; the eldest went beyond Thunder, her children are just like her - only heads; the youngest came to the Frog; she brings deer - they are insects, they are blown away by the wind; The frog began to live in water]: 22-23, 23-24; Lukina 2004, No. 3.18 [the fox was eaten by the mother of two bunnies; they climbed onto the roof, asked the fox to open its mouth and eyes, poured sand, ran to their grandmother; one covered himself with a cauldron, the other with a cousin {?} ; grandmother tells the cauldron and the cousin to move, they do not move; the bunnies are out; grandmother: there will be two roads, one with hooves on the other, they dragged the kul along the ungulate; the elder decided to walk along the ungulate, defeated the youngest; came to the cannibal in the dugout; he closed the door; the youngest became a feather and went through the crack, the eldest became a stump, got stuck, only his head came out; the youngest carried his brother's head; put it on the piled tree - head cries; at the stump - the same; by a tree broken by lightning - the head smiled; the youngest came to the frog; she offered to herd deer; he came to where he left his brother; he lives with his wife, wife she gave deer, he brought them to the frog, sent it to pick up the cockroaches; the deer dragged them all in their hooves; the wind started, it carried the frog into the swamp, it became a frog]: 75-77; Evenks Baikal region: Voskoboynikov 1967, No. 13 [two sisters find a cradle with a child, bring it home; left alone, the child leaves the cradle, becomes a monster; then returns to the cradle; sisters throw they throw him into a boiling pot, run away; he chases them; they throw a handkerchief, a comb that turns into a sea, a thicket; the pursuer screams, Mother, where the ladle is, drinks the sea, cuts down the forest; they throw it a file, but it falls in front of them; the youngest becomes a fur, the eldest becomes an ant, climbs into a crack in the rock; the monster pulls the youngest, the eldest holds her, the youngest is torn in half; the back is a monster eats, carries her front older sister with her; tries to leave her on a tree stump, but her sister cries; when she leaves her on a hummock, she laughs; The frog takes her as his wife]: 43-45; Titov 1936, No. 9 and 10 (p. Karama) [(No. 9:179-180); two girls went to pick berries, returned - a baby in a shaky baby; sings that if a good woman took him, he would become her good husband, if her husband took him, he would become a good woman for him; girls agreed to say out loud that the child is beautiful, pass him through a boiling pot of porridge, put him in the cauldron; they ran away; the monster is catching up; the eldest threw her handkerchief - the sea (the monster ran away for the boat, swam across); the comb is the thicket (the monster behind the sword, cut through); the bar, it fell in front (mountain); the youngest became a fur, crawled into the hole, the eldest became an ant, her ass was stuck; the youngest began to pull, but the monster ate ass, the youngest returned home alone; (hereinafter No. 10:180-181, from another informant); the youngest dragged the eldest, left; she cries; dragged again, left, she laughs; went alone, the frill untied, she she stood on a stick to tie her foot, the Frog jumped out, told her to go to her yurt, fed her, hid it; ordered her to sew a pullover (?) for his husband; the husband was surprised, she never sewed; the next day the Frog tells me to sew a pouch; the husband hid, found the girl, began to live with her; told the frog to pour blood into the skin, wrap himself; that first it was warm, but at night she froze to death; they killed frog deer; the younger sister went to where she left her elder; there was a hut, where her sister was backless, gave the youngest a lot of deer, she brought them to her husband]: 179-181 ; Central Yakuts: Vitashevsky 1912, No. I.5 (Lake. Churapcha, Churapchinsky Ulus) [the old man and the old woman have two daughters, he catches four hares each; decides to leave his daughters in the forest so that they and the old woman can get two hares each; took his daughters to pick berries, left his own clothes on a stump; but caught only two birds with one stone; the older sister was half abaasa herself; they find an iron yurt with an iron cradle; the youngest spies on the child pulling fish out of his penis, cooks; returns to the cradle; does not tell the younger sister to eat fish, she eats; the old woman tells her to go from the fork to the east; the older sister goes west, the younger sister does not want to throw it; there are no holes in the iron yurt; the eldest makes them as small as sawdust from a needle, they find themselves in a yurt; inside the abaasa woman does not bring fish, but leeches; the younger sister casts the same spell, turns out; the elder sticks her head; the abaas eats her body, the youngest carries her sister's head, throws it under the larch; sees an island on the lake, there is a beautiful one, this is the older sister's abaas essence (the informant does not remember further)], II .1 (Bayagantai ulus) [two orphans went to pick berries; the eldest found a black stone, the youngest white stone (var: the youngest wants to take white, the eldest suggests taking black; there is only one stone, shaped like man); girls began to live in a hunting lodge, put a stone in a stone cradle, the stone turns into a child; when they return, they find baked fish; the youngest spies, becoming a piece of bark; a child tells objects to move themselves, promises to eat both sisters, takes fish out of her mouth, bakes fish, returns to the cradle; the eldest eats fish, the youngest puts it quietly in her bosom; the sisters cover the child runs away in a hot pot; the old woman stretches her leg across the river, the sisters cross it; when the abaas cross, the old woman removes her leg, he drowns; the sisters come to the abaasa with one hand and one with her foot; prisoners are hidden in her iron yurt; she locks the girls in the closet; the youngest becomes the size of a needle sawdust, jumps out; the eldest sticks her head, swells, her sister pulls, tears off his head, carries it with him; hangs it on larch, his head cries; on a birch tree, the same; on a tree broken by lightning, his head calms down; a frog lives in a silver yurt, asks his younger sister to sew a dress for her husband; before her husband comes, he hides the girl in a bag; the husband realizes that it was not a frog, finds a girl; invites both wives to go to their relatives for gifts; The frog brings worms, leeches; a girl in the place of the tree where she left her sister's head finds a living sister, yurt, cattle; sister married Thunder's son; hides the youngest; Thunder's son finds her, gives her cattle; presses on the way home frog worms, leeches and frogs; husband tells wives to lie on the roof; The frog put a piece of moss, froze to death; the husband stayed with the girl]: 456-458, 459-458; Illarionov et al. 2008, No. 23 (Western 1936, Churapchinsky ulus) [the parents caught only four fish, decided to take their daughters to the forest; while they were picking berries, the father put his clothes on the stump, left; the girls went to the fork in the road, there was a child in silver and a child in an iron cradle; the youngest wants to take the one in silver, the eldest insists that it be in the iron cradle; the sisters live in the house when they come back, there is fish in the house; the youngest does not eat; hides with a needle, Sees a baby come out of the cradle, turn into a giant, spew an iron whorl, pierce his ass, boiled fish fall out of there; becomes a baby again; the eldest does not believe, she stays look; agrees to throw a boiling pot of boiled berries over the abaas; sisters run, a giant with a cauldron on his head chases; the youngest throws a needle (forest), a thimble (forest again), the eldest throws a handkerchief ( cliff to the sky); by the river, the sisters ask the old woman Talas-Talas to lower her golden walkways; she stretches her legs like a bridge, the sisters cross; when the abaas ask for her legs, TT hesitates, then stretches out alone, the abaas are drowning; the sisters entered the house, the exit disappeared; the youngest made a hole, came out with a needle, a thimble; the eldest stuck her head, told her head and ass to swell, got stuck; the youngest pulled, tore it off; I tried to leave my head on a birch tree, willow, waist, pine tree, spruce - my head cries; when she left it on an aspen, she laughed; the youngest comes to the Frog's house; she asks to sew a bag for her husband, she does not know how to; the same mittens, torbaza; the girl hung the torbaza high, the frog could not reach; the husband found the girl; promised to marry the one who would not freeze in the yard overnight; the husband wrapped the frog in moss, put his wife in bag by the chimney; she is alive in the morning, the frog froze; the man married a girl]: 253-271.