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L61. Samoyed, F1035.


The character eats himself, gutts, or kills himself to be eaten.

Duruma, Hausa, Mofu-Gudur, Kujani, Bukavak, Santa Isabel, Buka, Karen, Ancient India (Skanda Purana), Ancient Greece, Koryaks, Northern Alaska Inupiate, Polar, Eastern Greenland, kuchin, helmet, taltan, eyak, koulitz, vasco, kutene, ne perse, upper coquill, ojibwa, monagnier, naskapi, seneca, crowe, arpahoe, wichita, kiowa-apache, chiroki, wailaki, vintu, maidu, monache, Western Shoshones, Kuiwa, Sekoya, Aguaruna, Shuar, Chikuna, Tenetehara, Ashaninka, Pyro, Shipibo, Takana, Chacobo, Chamacoco, Chorote, Nivakle.

Bantu-speaking Africa. Duruma [Mbodze, her younger sister Matsezim, their brother Nyange and six girls go for clay; all stumble over a pebble, Mbodze goes last, throws it away; the pebble is the cannibal Marimira, turns into a rock blocking the road; on the way back, each of the girls says that she did not throw away the pebble, but Mbodze; the rock misses; taking on an anthropomorphic appearance, she takes Mbodze to do his wife; M. sits in a tree for several months, the cannibal feeds her; goes to invite others to a feast; chitsimbakazi (a female mythical creature) hides M. in bamboo, leaves the spits responsible for M. takes away; passing by cannibals going to the feast, says that there are bees in bamboo; Marimira demands to open the bamboo, the bees bite it; Marimira finds an empty house, is afraid that others will eat it now, buries into the ground, but the tooth sticks out on the surface; the rooster gives it away; the cannibals eat everything but the head; they sing that whoever eats the head will be eaten; everyone bites off his head, eaten by the rest; the latter swings on a rope, falls into the hearth, devours himself in the fire; C. safely brings Mbodze to her parents]: Werner 1933:186-189.

West Africa. Mofu-gudur [when she dies, her husband tells his wife to cut off his penis; she keeps her penis in calebas when she goes to the savannah (sex is forbidden there), opens the calebas, the penis jumps into her vagina, pleases her; one day a woman leaves with her daughter, remembers that she forgot her penis, sends her daughter to bring calebas; she opens it, the penis jumps into her vagina; the girl hits him with a stone, kills him; the woman brings the penis to the blacksmith , asks to revive; he can't, he roasts, eats his penis, he thinks it tastes better than any other meat; the blacksmith eats all the flesh from his own body, turns into a skeleton; asks his daughter to go fetch water, eats her child; when her daughter returns, tells her to turn her back, he will put the baby on her back, cuts off her buttocks himself; the woman runs away, the blacksmith after her falls, turns to ash; women make her salt, when they want to pour water on top, the blacksmith says it's him, Zeroumba, women throw salt away, it turns into a stick; the old man picks it up to lean, the stick screams not to press her back; the old man leaves her, she turns into a female cache-sexe, the woman picks it up, puts it on, he says he feels bad, the woman throws it away, he turns into various objects, finally into a baby, the woman puts it on her back, he digs his nails into it, drinks blood, does not get off; the husband asks the black ant, who advises slaughtering the chicken, saying that there is no fire, sending the baby to go for fire; the baby does not react; the red ant advises slaughtering the ram; when he hears that there is no fire, the baby gets off to get the fire; the husband and wife run away, climb a tree, the baby comes and promises to kill them; The squirrel says it's just a skeleton, promises to help if it is given a bull; he breaks the skeleton into pieces with a club, gets a bull]: Sorin-Barreteau 2001, No. 15:106-111; hausa [flying over the king's palace, the hawk dropped a piece of man into the pot of cooked soup; the king liked the meat, he began to taste the meat of various animals; found out what he ate, ordering the servant to be killed; he began to kill and eat the subjects, they ran away; left alone, ate himself to the bone, died]: Tremearne in Meek 1925:58.

Australia. Kudjani: Sieber 1910:47 in Waterman 1987, No. 4765 (1) [1) After the daughter refused to get together with her father, he pierced his scrotum and dug his grave; when the pain became worse, he was bone he picked up his liver, ribs, leg bones, put it all together; pulled out his heart and lungs; pulled out his eyes and threw it away, fell into the grave; 2) after the daughter refused to meet her father, he pierced his scrotum with a bone; although his wife offered to help him, he only wanted a daughter; when the women left, he dug the grave, heated the bone and pierced himself again; finally lay down in the grave, pulled out his eyes and threw it away; they turned into two white stone hills, he himself into cliffs]: 130.

Melanesia. Bukavak [the father took the child into the forest, climbed wild almonds, threw off the fruits, went down, pricked them; each time the fetal nucleolus flew into the boy's mouth; he ate so full that he could not walk; father hid it under a rock, left; Tajam and Tasak came in the morning, began to chop almonds on this stone; Tajam hears a voice every time; thinks it's a lizard, eats it; finally finds a boy; they weave a basket is carried to his village; at the fork, the boy recognizes the path to his village; runs away, clinging to a branch and telling him to be responsible for himself; in his village, Tajam orders to bring tarot from the field to bake to meat; but the basket is empty, he is accused of lying; his two sisters refuse to give their children to eat; then Tajam decides to run into a spear himself; it has been cut, eaten from the tarot]: Lehner 1931a, No. 3:42-44; Buka (or Bougainville?) [Tchinaleke tells his son-in-law to knock when he comes so she can put on her takop (hat; son-in-law and mother-in-law should not see each other); she cuts off pieces of her flesh herself, cooks, spits areca juice, explains to his son-in-law and daughter that people came, chewed areca, brought a pig; son-in-law and wife leave their son on the roof to spy; he sees the bones of the grandmother, from which the meat was cut, screams in fear; says parents; they accuse T. of deception, run, climb a tree; advise T. to climb the aerial roots of the ficus, take the root, T. falls, turns into stone; her daughter and son-in-law have risen to heaven]: Blackwood 1932:74-76; Santa Isabel (bugotu) [the man split tree trunks in mangroves, pulling for edible worms; the sliver bounced, pierced it; he took out his liver, intestines, heart, came back in the dark, told his wife not to light the fire, put his giblets on leaves, told his son to give the fish he had brought (it was his penis), went to bed; the boy said that the fish was tough; after cooking and eating, the wife lit a fire, She saw everything, ran away with her son; a piece of penis stuck in the boy's teeth screams to the pursuer that the fugitives were here; the mother picked up a piece, stuck it to the stump, the mother and son emptied their intestines on the same stump; The stalker mistook this bunch for fugitives, hit him, splashes splashed into his face, he died; the woman happily married another]: Bogesi 1948:344-345.

Burma - Indochina. Karena [a man obsessed with Ná (an evil spirit) went to the site, followed by his little son; he saw him as a rat, killed him under a tree, ate him; brought his second child from home, killed him and ate in the same place; brought his wife, went to look for a baton, at which time the lizard told the woman about what had happened, helped her climb a tree; unable to reach his wife, the man ate his arms and legs]: Mason 1865:209.

South Asia. Ancient India (Skanda Purana) [The moon was the cup from which the gods drank amrita; Rāhu took a sip, but Vishnu cut off his head, his head remained immortal; when he swallowed the star, it immediately comes out; King Jalandhara ascetically obtained power, established his own order in the universe, sent R. demanding that Shiva give his wife Shakti; from a place on his forehead between his eyes S. released a lion-headed demon in the form of an emanation; J. rushed to S., asking for protection; the demon asked for another prey in this case, because he was unquenchable; S. invited him to eat his own limbs; he ate himself whole, only his face remained; S. called him his beloved son, the Face of Glory (kīrttimukha); ordered him to stay at his door; whoever does not honor K. does not honor Sh. in Hindu temples K. - apotropes]: Zimmer 1946:175-182.

The Balkans. Ancient Greece: Kallimachus (Hymn to Demetre), 24-117 [son of King Triope of Thessaly, Erisychton, cuts down the sacred grove of Demeter; the goddess punishes him with insatiable hunger; he eats food supplies, pets, begs for alms and finally begins to eat himself] in Yarkho 1982b: 667; Metamorphoses, VIII 738-878 (Ovid 1977:215-217) [Erisychton does not make sacrifices on the altars of the gods; decides to cut down a sacred oak tree in the grove of Demeter; the servants refuse to cut, he cuts himself; hears the voice of a dryad promising punishment from the trunk; the oak falls; D. sent Oreada Selskaya to the goddess of Hunger, who lives on the outskirts of the frozen Scythia in the Caucasus; she appeared and, when E. was sleeping, breathed into him a feeling of insatiable hunger; E. ate all his property, sold his daughter to Triopeid; she had the ability to change her appearance; ran to the seashore, appeared to be a male fisherman, the owner did not recognize her; E. began selling T. as a mare, deer, cow, bird for food; finally, he began to devour his own body].

SV Asia. Koryaks [Ememkut marries Trava; she sees him cutting and eating her father Spine; Big Raven advises Trava to give E. to eat their son; he eats him; the Big Raven advises E. eat yourself; he starts with his toes, leaving his neck and head; E. (his spirit?) comes to life with her son]: Bogoras 1917, No. 9:53-58.

The Arctic. The Northern Alaska Inupiat (Anaktuvuk Pass) [a madman with all his weapons and skis made of copper, traps him but can't catch anything; people trap rocks wrapped in the park; he eats and roasts meat from her own leg, gradually eats all of herself]: Ingstad, Bergsland 1987:218-221; polar Eskimos [while the husband is hunting seals, the wife puts her grass on a bed full of grass clothes, hides in a hole herself; a husband comes in, tries to kill his wife, discovers only a scarecrow; then he cooks his own thigh, dies]: Holtved 1951b, No. 51:87; East Greenland [during hunger Kagungnak finds a piece of meat on the floor of the house, cooks it, but dies before he eats it; it turns out he cut the meat off his own thigh himself]: Millman 2004:146; (cf. McKenzie's estuary [young the man looks from above into the dugout, blocking the light; the old man in the dugout thinks that the light has covered his own nose, cuts it off; then cuts off his eyelids and eyebrows; the young man laughs; the old man asks his wife, where his pants, puts them on, goes out, chases the young; both go up to the sky, turn into constellations; one can be seen below the other at sunrise]: Ostermann 1942:78-80).

Subarctic. Kuchin [Jateaquoint throws his park into Komar's trap; Komar first thinks that D. has been caught by himself, but finds no prey; cuts meat from his hips, cooks and eats it, loses strength; D. cuts off his head; mosquitoes now have thin legs]: McKennan 1965:115; helmet [Beaver invites the cannibal giant to trap him; puts a stump there; the giant pulls, the stump pops up, hits him a giant in the forehead; he licks blood, thinks about which part of his body is best for him to eat; rejects ears, nose, etc., because they may be useful; decides that genitals are not needed; eats them, dies]: Teit 1917a, No. 1:432; taltan [the cannibal giant has a second pair of eyes on the back of his head; the man puts roots in the giant's trap; he pulls, the roots hit him on the head; without satisfying his hunger, he tries all parts his own body, but each one is sensitive; he thinks that the testicles do not have; cuts them off and bakes them, dies]: Teit 1921a, No. 70:349-350.

NW Coast. Eyak [the forest ogre trap opens and closes; eight brothers die in it; their sister warns the ninth; they trap a deck shaped like a human figure; The cannibal tries to eat it, then cuts a piece of meat off his leg, cooks it and eats it; brother and sister kill the ogre and his wife]: Birket-Smith, Laguna 1938, No. 20:308-310.

The coast is the Plateau. Except for colitz: the cannibal eats his brother; chases his wife; she says she will wash the child (alive or killed) before eating it, runs; someone pushes the ogre off the shore; he falls into the water, dies. Colitz [Schwanee lies to the old woman as if he has four brothers, asks for food for them; eats everything himself; the old woman puts the hornets under the roots in the basket; S. climbs into the stump, tells him to close. begins to eat; hornets bite him, the stump no longer opens; he eats up his flesh, eats his eyes; woodpeckers and all birds punch a hole; he makes eyes out of flowers, paints birds, they are happy; changes eyes with a boy (-bird?) ; at first he sees well, but then the flowers wither]: Adamson 1934:252-251 [Shwanee lies to the old woman as if he has four brothers, asks for food for them; eats everything himself; the old woman puts hornets under roots in the basket; S. climbs into the stump, tells him to close, starts eating; hornets bite him, the stump no longer opens; he eats up his flesh, eats his eyes; woodpeckers and all birds punch the hole; he makes eyes out of flowers, paints birds, they are happy; changes his eyes with a boy (-bird?) ; at first he sees well, but then the flowers wither], 254-255 [Sh. climbs into the stump, tells the hollow to close, can no longer open; eats his flesh, eats his testicles; birds punch a hole, grateful S. paints them]; Wilson 1998 [when approaching stranger Xwani hides in a cedar hollow, wants it to close, starves, eats his flesh, eats his testicles; birds hear his screams, Woodpecker and four others are hammering cedar, making a hole; grateful S. paints his saviors in the colors they now have]: 60-61; vasco [a man makes an arrow, cuts his finger, sucks blood, liked the taste, he ate himself, leaving only flesh on her back, where you can't get it; devours people, you can't kill him; a wife and young son run to tobacco people who feed on tobacco smoke; an old man pierces the skeleton's heart with an arrow, it turns into a pile of bones ; a boy grows up, knocks bags of tobacco off a cliff like local people; an old man gives him his daughter; he fires an arrow into the sky, bringing the dead to life]: Curtin 1909b, No. 3:246-248; coutenay: Boas 1918, No. 51 [two brothers hunt; the elder kills a wild sheep, dries meat on fire, he doesn't like the taste; he cuts, gives and eats his flesh, eats himself completely; the younger brother comes up and hears how the elder says he loves his younger brother, so it will take him two days to eat him; stalks his younger brother, kills him with his guts; the older brother's wife goes looking for her husband, covers his clothes with sharp creams; when the husband throws his intestines, they tear; she runs home, talks about what happened; people leave, the ogre's wife remains with the child; the cannibal comes, tears the child in half; the wife offers to wash the meat, goes out, runs away; talks about all people; The crane hides in a hole by the river cliff; when an ogre chases his wife, pushes him into the water with his foot, he drowns], 76 [young hunter kills mountain sheep, dries meat; sees two slices, eats them, likes the taste; it turned out that he cut off his flesh; he gradually devours himself, leaving bones and entrails; three days later, his older brother goes looking for him; the youngest says he loves him, but kills and eats him; this is how he kills all the brothers; the youngest is warned of the danger by his guardian spirit; he runs away, people are with him; the ogre's wife remains with as a child; a cannibal comes, holds the child tightly, tells him to dance; a woman pretends to wash the child, runs away; people dig a hole by the cliff, one of them pushes the ogre into the water, he drowns]: 83-85 , 273-279; ne perse [the eldest of the five brothers hurts himself hunting, tastes blood, eats his flesh; each of the three brothers throws a lasso from his guts, eats them; the fifth steps on a lark, heals his leg, he teaches him to tie flints to his leg so that the lasso breaks; a woman runs away with a live child; a Crane pushes him off a cliff]: Aoki 1979, No. 5:36-38; upper coquil [the young man ran into something spicy, began to suck blood, then ate flesh from his leg; ate everything from his bones, left the skeleton and head four times larger than before; ate everyone in his village; people sent him her sister to lure him to another village; she said that there were a lot of people there, he would eat well; brought him in a boat; in the house he was offered to sit between two girls, these were his wives, he fell into a trap (overturned boat above the pit); when he died, it exploded]: Jacobs 2007:237-239.

The Midwest. Ojibwa: Speck 1915d, No. 14 (timagami) [Lynx promises to kill his wives Rabbit and Marten if they don't get a beaver; wives dig a dig, hide; Lynx undresses, dances, his testicles they swing; The marten laughs, he devours her; The rabbit does not laugh, he does not find it; takes it out, roasts and eats his giblets; dies after eating her heart]: 67-68; Jones 1917, No. 7 [Skunsikha is Lynx's wife, he wants her eat; she leaves a log wrapped in a blanket on her bed, a stone, hides; Lynx hits the bed with a cutter, realizes that there is a stone; to make him laugh and thus find his wife, she paints her penis in black, grimacing, exposing it; she laughs three times, but he doesn't have time to find it; continues to grimacing, but Skunsiha no longer laughs; he cuts meat from his thighs and stomach, roasts, eats; falls into fire; she pulls it out, leaves; when she falls into the fire, the Lynx takes on its current appearance - elty eyes, probably a wrinkled face (retelling in 1916, No. 1:368)], 71 [Skunsikha, Shiloh, Cranberry, Old Moccasin - four old women; Cranberry bursts; Skunk marries Lynx; he does not bring game, cuts off and roasts flesh from his leg, then his giblets; Skunk starves, drives away Lynx, he freezes (because of this, probably the lynxes have a wrinkled muzzle); Skunk takes the Hare as her husband, he is a good hunter, but he is killed, eaten by Rotten Noses (lynxes); Skunk hides from them in a hole in the snow, an awl pierces a tree, Old The moccasin lies at the door]: 121-125, 701-707; Fox [the young man asks the girl to be his wife, she agrees; he takes her to his house, follows another girl; so he takes dozens of women one by one; women and their parents are powerless against him; he has a main wife, others hunt and do other jobs; they go in a crowd, he picks up more women along the way; a hunter kills a deer; a young man tells wives do not allow meat to take away; he has more magical power than a young man; takes a louse, says: His navel; the young man tells his wives to comb his body; copulates with all of them in a row; combs himself, ripping off his skin and flesh; dies after breaking his heart; women go home]: Jones 1907, No. 2:41-69.

Northeast. Montagnier: Desbarats 1969 [Lynx kills wives; alone promises to deal with him, marries; hides outside when he comes hunting; he pierces wigwam with a spear, finds no one; cuts off, roasts and eats a piece of meat from her leg first, then other parts of her body; dies when she has baked her heart; a woman laughs, returns to people]: 53-54; Savard 1979, No. 12 [Lynx brings nothing from hunting and fishing catching; decides to kill his wife; she hides in the upper part of the teepee; he pierces the wall of the teepee, finds no one; cuts off, roasts and eats first a piece of meat from his leg, then other parts of his body; dies after pulling out his heart; the wife goes down, cooks and eats what's left of it, leaves]: 52-53; naskapi [Lynx consistently marries women, kills, eats; the latter (she has a porcupine face and a lot of lice, runs away; Lynx starts eating itself; eats the heart and dies]: Millman 1993:66; sex: Curtin, Hewitt 1918, No. 46 [wife does not feed her husband's dogs; cutting meat, cut her finger; sucks blood, her I like the taste, she cuts off and eats her flesh; she eats her little daughter; she chases dogs, eats people in the village, pursues her husband; he rafts across the river with his dogs; she jumps after him, falls into the water, sinks; see motif K27], 100 [a spark burns a woman's finger; she puts it in her mouth, feels blood, eats her hands and feet; tells the dog to warn her husband and others that she is now cannibal; husband turns the dog into a rotten hollow; gives the old man fish and peanuts by the river; he stretches his neck like a bridge; the husband crosses the river, runs to his aunts; the wife eats the brain out of her bones, puts pebbles inside, her bones rattle when she chases her husband; she scolds the carrier, he turns his neck, she falls into the river; aquatic creatures devour her; her stomach remains; her aunts catch they crumble it, finally killing the cannibal]: 231-233, 464-466.

Plains. Crowe [two young men come back from a hike, spend the night in a hut; one cuts, cooks, eats meat from his leg, sharpens his tibia, chases a friend; he climbs a tree, then another; Ostronog breaks all trees one by one; sparrows advise a young man to climb a hardwood tree; bone gets stuck in the trunk, Ostronog dies]: Lowie 1918:212-214; arpaho [young man hunts, at night hungry, cuts off his legs, roasts and eats; sharpens his leg; others run away, leaving decks for himself; he kills many, kills himself with an arrow; his corpse has been burned]: Dorsey, Kroeber 1903, No. 108:257; wichita [the leader's daughter marries the Deer Lover; they live separately; he shoots a deer, misses, loses luck; at night, his wife hears him cutting meat from her legs and eating; Sparrow advises her to run; gives her a ball and a stick to fly at them; deer hair, bush bark, red stones to throw behind her; abandoned objects turn into deer (the husband hunts them), thick shrubs, red plants (husband collects them); husband and wife come running to her father; he tells his daughter's story all night; at dawn, the husband falls dead]: Dorsey 1904a, No. 35:234-239; Kiova-Apache [ warriors go on a campaign, two are lost, come back, starve; one offers to cut the meat off the leg, split the bone, eat meat and brain; the other says he will go after the fire, leaves him responsible for himself moccasin, runs away; the tree lifts it to its fork; the one-legged comes running, trying to crush the trunk with a sharp bone; the tree clamps the bone; the man kills a one-legged arrow, returns home]: McAlister 1949, No. 37:105-108.

Southeast USA. Chiroki [the wife bites her finger, she likes the taste; she cuts off her chest, eats her little daughter; a fly chases three dogs; he floats on a raft, pushes her into the water; she drowns]: Kilpatrick, Kilpatrick 1966, No. 4:418-420.

California. After licking his blood, the character begins to devour his flesh until only his head remains; it devours people; dies. Wailaki [(the text is difficult to understand); for the girl (the first?) periods; (does it break the food taboo?) ; she dreams that she is eating her flesh; she is, the skeleton remains, then she eats relatives and other people; the bird tells her to throw herself into the sea; she becomes a killer whale]: Goddard 1923, No. 13:110-111 ; screw: Dubois, Demetracopoulou 1931, No. 38 [the couple has two daughters and two sons; the teenage son stays at home, the youngest daughter has her first period, she stays in the menstrual hut; comes to brother, tries to copulate with him; he rejects her, tells his older sister; the youngest climbs a maple tree to tear the bark to make an apron; hurts her finger, sucks blood, she likes it, she devours herself, stays head; head rolls around the world, eats people; her relatives climb to heaven; she grabs her younger brother, he falls between her legs, she devours him, hangs his heart around her neck; rolls in the evenings to the pond; the rest of the relatives climb into the sky; the hummingbird tells the older sister to weave the cooking basket, boil water; the boy kills the head with an arrow, the older sister grabs his brother's heart, puts it in hot water; he comes to life, but soon dies again], 39 [the girl has her first period; she does not stay in the menstrual hut, but goes with everyone to tear her maple bast; hurts her finger, sucks blood, eats herself, the head remains; it devours people, the last is the older sister; the man puts a bridge over the river; when the head is in the middle of the bridge, pulls the bridge, the head falls into the water, swallowed by a pike]: 360-362, 362-364; Maidu: Curtis 1976 (14) [the girl has her first period; she does not go to the hut, but goes with her husband for cones; he climbs a pine tree, sheds her bumps; to see if they are mature, she splits the bump with a stone, hits the finger, licks the blood; she likes the taste, she devours herself from foot to waist; the husband quietly jumps to the ground, leaving his voice responsible for him, runs away; the girl hits the pine tree with thunder, then catches up with her husband, strikes again; the husband is thrown into the air, he falls dead; both rise to the sky, turn into thunder; when Mosquitoes bring blood to the Thunder woman, they say they extracted it from oaks; that's why a thunder woman hits trees, otherwise she would kill people]: 176; Dixon 1902, No. 14 [a person dreams that he is eating himself; he is scratched by a nut that he throws with his son of wood; head and shoulders remain]: 97-98; 1912, No. 11 [the deer hunter answers the voice of an owl; goes crazy, dances and sings an owl song; in the morning he devours himself, only his head remains]: 189-191; monk: Gifford 1923, No. 6 [a woman digs roots; a skeleton is walking, embracing her flesh; it remains only on her shoulder blades, where he can't reach; the skeleton kills her child, pushes the bones in the mortar; falls apart, then tells her leg, arm, etc. to go to him; the woman runs away, a rock falls on the skeleton, it falls apart again and gathers itself again; the Wolf and Coyote brothers hide the woman, kill the skeleton with an arrow, they burn it; the woman marries the Hawk; together with her husband they turn into birds, fly away], 8 [the woman eats herself, only flesh remains on her shoulder blades; turns into a walking skeleton, walks with a basket in which resin throws its victims into it; comes to various people]: 312-313, 318.

Big Pool. Western Shoshones [after licking blood from his wounded hand, the eldest of the five Moose Brothers eats himself up, turns into an ogre]: Smith 1993:69.

Llanos. Kuiva [Aiwoné and his sister come to live with the cannibals kaodi; A. marries a cannibal, his sister husbands an ogre; sees one of them kill a woman, she is a capybara for them; understands that he is eaten, turns into a monkey, hides in a tree, bewitches the kaodi waiting below; he cuts off and roasts a piece of meat from his thigh; A. and his sister run away; other kaodi devour a friend]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1991b, No. 138:204-206.

Western Amazon. Sekoya [after eating bats, a person begins to eat his meat (off his feet?) ; wants to kill his wife, but falls, his wife kills him]: Cipolletti 1988, No. 46:211-212; Aguaruna [after eating an egg found in the forest, the hunter eats bananas eagerly, then gnaws at himself to the bone]: Guallart 1958: 65; shuar [a stranger comes to a house where only women come and lets the women cook a bird; they serve a bird with the right side dish; they are surprised that a man asks for more and more (poultry meat) too little for that much plant-based food); they see him cutting off and eating pieces of his own flesh]: Rueda 1987, No. 66:271.

NW Amazon. Chikuna [the ogre fails to kill his son-in-law; he cuts off and eats pieces of his meat from his feet; from the remains emerge bamboo, from bamboo his enemies (Omagua Indians)]: Nimuendaju 1952:145.

Eastern Amazon. Tenetehara [the cannibal marries three sisters sequentially; eats the older two; the youngest finds a hole with bones; hides in the forest; the cannibal eats meat from his legs, cannot get up, wife finishes him off, returns home; people burn the cannibal's corpse]: Wagley, Galvão 1949, No. 22:148.

Montagna - Jurua. Ashaninka (river camps): Anderson 1985:175 [A man who comes out of the forest comes to a woman; she has no meat; he roasts himself on a skewer, offers the woman his meat; then turns into a bird]; pyro [the cannibal marries three sisters sequentially; eats the older two; the youngest comes to the forbidden tree, finds scraps of clothes; climbs a tree; the cannibal eats his meat, wife finishes him off, returns to his father; he burns the cannibal's corpse; bamboo grows in this place]: Matteson 1951, No. 7:66-67 shipibo [father-in-law eats sons-in-law; one young man marries; in the forest he does not sleep hunting in hut; the next day asks him to leave him in charge; father-in-law says where to collect firewood, does not tell you to go in a certain direction, supposedly there are terrible ants; son-in-law finds a bunch of skulls there; under leaves his clothes together with a mosquito net; the father-in-law returns with the killed monkeys, brings down a heavy stone where the father-in-law's head should be; seeing that he made a mistake and loving only human beings, he cuts off meat from his calves, roasts it and eats it; the son-in-law says that he saw everything, his father-in-law tells him to burn him, come in three days; his daughter comes; the ash has turned into mosquitoes; the daughter collects them in a vessel, hides them at home under with a mosquito net; the wind blew away those that remained at the site of the burning; the daughter fed and released the collected ones (the origin of mosquitoes)]: García 1985:124-125; sharanaua [shaman eats his wife, then eats her own meat cut off the thigh]: Siskind 1973:167.

Bolivia - Guaporé. Takana: Hissink, Hahn, 1961, No. 62 [father-in-law and mother-in-law are trying to destroy the hunter; the owner of the Chubute forest turned his mother-in-law into a snake; father-in-law went to look for her, got lost, hungry, ate his left leg; C. put rolled palm leaves in his mouth and ass, turned him into an anteater; let him walk alone, without a wife, conceive and give birth to children himself (takana believes that anteaters do not have females), people will kill him with a stick] 64 [the wife does not give enough food to her cannibal husband, who eats his leg; he had a big throat, he ate women and children; forest owner Chubut put a leaf in his mouth and turned him into an anteater], 274 [several options; a person consistently takes wives, fattens them, eats them; the latter runs away; he is hungry, cuts and eats meat from his feet, turns into an anteater]: 167, 176, 413-416; Nordenskiöld 1924: 287-288 [The forest spirit takes a girl as his wife; throws a nut on her head from a palm tree, eats it; also kills her sister; the third sister finds the bones of the first two, runs away while her husband is in the tree; he cuts and eats flesh from his calves and thighs; his wife kills him with a club], 294-295 [the older brother climbs a palm tree for leaves; cuts off and throws down his younger leg, intestines, liver and other organs and parts of his body; every time he shouts that it is such a leaf; the head falls last, asks him to carry it in the basket; kills for brother tapir; kills people in the village; turns into a meteor]; Ottaviano 1980 [man successively marries five women, fattens, devours, hangs their heads on a tree; the sixth, despite the ban, goes towards the tree, finds the remains of the victims, runs away, climbs a tree; the husband does not she can get it, eats meat from her calves, turns into an anteater: predicts that in three days his wife will return to him; a woman comes to her parents, dies on the third day]: 39-43; chacobo [ a man takes his wife to the forest, kills, roasts, eats with dried cassava; marries again; his new wife's brothers catch him when he is about to repeat the murder; they kill him, burn his corpse, sparks turn into wasps; in other versions of the same myth, a man sends his wife for brushwood; when she comes back, she sees him eating his own leg]: Bossert, Villar 2002:372.

Chaco. After embracing meat from his burnt leg, a person becomes an ogre. See L9A motif. Chamacoco; chorote; nivakle.