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Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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L65. Scary baby .



baby or small child turns out to be a demon, killing people.

SW Africa. Hottentots: Schmidt 2007, No. 55 [the spouses are childless, the husband finds a baby in the veld, brings it to his wife; he immediately drinks all the milk they give him; swallows food with dishes, and when the husband returns, becomes small again; as a boy, offers his father to help herd cattle; swallows cows, becomes a wild animal, and at home again as a boy; the wife said she would bring firewood, ran away; at night the boy went out into the yard; the father became worried, went out to pick him up; there the lion asks where the man saw the babies lying in the velda; ate him; the woman ran to people, they dug a trap hole; the baby came , ate the meat he was given; at night, a woman pushed him sleeping into a hole, he ran into stakes, the hut above the pit was burned]: 124-126, 126, 129.

Bantu-speaking Africa. Egap [women return from the field, there is a child in the river, asks him to be moved; only one of the chief's wives agrees; on the other side he refuses to get down, she carries it all the time; in despair throws (with him?) back into the river; baby swims to the other side, woman drowns]: Malcolm 1922:372; (cf. mondo [Chief Lonkundo married Ilankaka, who is pregnant and wants to eat only forest rat meat; they put up a hut in the woods; servants bring rats, each time I. eats half, leaves half pro stock in the smokehouse; someone eats rats; L. spends the night with his wife, feels that her womb is empty at night, hears a rustle in the smokehouse, someone prevents the fire from being lit; L. and I. and all the people barricaded themselves in the village; The son who came out of I.'s womb immediately becomes an adult young man, comes to the village; on the way he receives a magic bell from the bird; with its help he finds out that they want to poison him; L. does not believe that the young man is his son; as a sign of correctness, he drinks poison, is unharmed; L. recognizes him as a son, gives the name Ilelangonda]: Belcher 2005:201-204).

Sudan — East Africa. Mundang [Kazayé met the monster child Ouanéni; food and beer nearby, K. ate everything; wanted to leave, but the monster jumped around his neck and stayed; K. told the monster's children to pour sticks on him, and his wife to pour sticks on him boiling water, but they hit him, doused him; the soothsayer told him to leave the beer and meat where the monster was, not to touch the plates; the monster fell behind]: Louafaya 1990:60-61; Masai [woman gave birth to a boy Ntemelua; on this occasion they began to cook meat; when the mother went out, the baby got up and ate everything in the cauldron, put pieces of dung there; the mother peeked; the father did not believe it at first, but was convinced himself; orders to leave the sleeping baby and migrate, leaving a donkey, a goat and a cow; N. got up and drove them in the footsteps of the departed; noticing a group of warriors, he hid in the stomach of a cow, climbing there over his ass; tells soldiers cannot take the cow, they do not understand where the voices come from; they brought the cow to their place and slaughtered him; N. jumped on the back of one of the warriors, refused to get down, grew up; they tried to slaughter him, but only wounded man; then N. was fed to the dump, he separated, fell asleep, the people left; the hyena came, N. jumped on it; the hyena was running, almost starved to death, climbed into the hole, N. remained at the entrance; the hyena died in the hole, What happened to N. is not known]: Kipury 1983, No. 14:62-63.

Melanesia. Valman [an evil spirit turns into a baby, picked up by two sisters; at night he turns into a man, eats supplies; the younger one watches, sees, tells the elder; they put the baby on a swing , thrown into the river; the spirit regrets not having time to eat the sisters; eaten by a crocodile]: Becker 1971, No. 43:795-796; bukavak [two sisters and younger brother go fishing; going downstream, they find mango fruits that have fallen from the tree, they do not give it to his brother; he finds a tree, climbs it, shakes off many fruits; the forest owner of the tree comes and rips off the bark so that the boy does not cry; he asks the tree grows, calls the sisters, their dog kills the woman, the boy tells the tree to bend down and lower it; the spirit of the killed turns into a baby girl, the sisters bring her to the village; while they go to the field, the baby turns into a forest woman, dances, eats dogs and pigs; when people arrive, he turns into a baby again; sisters tell her brother to spy, he sees the girl become an adult, devours pigs; a basket with an imaginary baby is placed on a swing, thrown into the sea; there an angry woman was eaten by a shark]: Lehner 1931a, No. 9:56-57; vogeo [Tawawa went north, saw two women, turned into baby; every time women go to the garden, he becomes a man, defecates in kitchen pots; one peeked, they threw it into a boiling pot, covered it, threw it into the sea; South surfaced Seas apple; women swam to him, drowned]: Hogbin 1970:41-42.

Micronesia—Polynesia. Samoa (Savaii): Polinskaya 1986, No. 35 [the couple has a daughter, Tapuitea; eats every subsequent child (three girls and a boy); parents flee to the forest, where the boy Toiwa is born; hides on a pandanus by the pond, T. sees its shadow on a stone, gnaws on a stone; he reproaches his sister that she is an ogre; she says that she will now turn into a star, which is called the Red Eye in the evening, and at dawn, a star of light], 46 [wife gives birth to a blood clot; this is Savea Siuleo, later one of the main Aitu spirits, he is from the acne family; parents hide a blood clot in stones on the shore; when they have new children are born, he tells them to be thrown into the sea, devours them; the couple flees to the forest, they have a son, Ulu-Fanua-sesee (“Wandering Everywhere”); rides on the board on the waves, the SS chews on the board, he reproaches him, he promises to go to another land]: 120-121, 142-143.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Kachin [the holy lama remains in the man's house, who promises to obey all his orders; consistently buries three boys born to him in the ground; the fourth is a girl, the lama tells put her on the elephant path, the elephants did not trample on her, the girl was brought back; the llama tells the owner to lie down where he buried the babies, pretend to be asleep; the man hears the spirits of the babies regret that The llamas could not eat their parents; the first turned into a leech, the second into a tiger, and the third into a snake]: Elwin 1958b, No. 5:405-407.

South Asia. Bhila [if a baby is born with teeth or a dark spot on the top of the head or above the eyes, it is zom; he is cut into pieces and taken care not to return; if a pregnant woman dies, her baby dies zom, and she herself is a witch; before burning, the child is slaughtered and placed in her mother's arms]: Koppers, Jungblut 1976:228-229; bondo [Bati Mundli and Bati Sisa found a little boy; BS's wife drove him bathe; his penis was gigantic, he wrapped it around his waist; when BS's wife saw this penis, she offered to have sex, died as a result; BM and BS saw blood in her vagina, killed boy; his arms and legs turned into trees, hair into grass, bones into rocks, blood colored the ground, and a coconut tree grew out of his head]: Elwin 1954, No. 2:3-4.

Malaysia—Indonesia. Central Flores [the couple who escaped the flood had 8 children, followed by two evil spirits; they began to eat the souls of their siblings; Tuhan Allah shouted that they should be killed; they heard they cut the vine behind which the sky was tied; the sky rose, the moonlight became weaker, evil spirits feel good in the dark]: Suchtelen 1921:158 in Fischer 1932:227.

Central Europe. Russians (Vologodskaya) [A wealthy couple has no children. The wife goes to the sorcerer, who gives her two roots and tells her to eat at midnight. Having done as ordered, a woman becomes pregnant. The husband leaves home, his wife is afraid alone, but if she does not find neighbors, she stays at home, where she gives birth to a son. He is frightened when he sees that “the child looks at her as if he wants to eat” and begins to pray. An old wanderer comes to the house, a woman lets him in, the child tries to eat it, but he crosses him and hits the child on the head. The child turns into two roots, the old man burns them and leaves]: Burtsev 1895, No. 27:134-135; Ukrainians [when she goes to the field, a woman leaves the baby at home every time; when she returns, she discovers that all the food was eaten; she went to the healer, she stayed at home to watch; a bearded old dwarf got out of the stroller, ate everything; the healer began to beat him; the old man admitted that he was a fish, a bird, an ant, an animal, I've tried it human now; it was best to be an ant, a bad person]: Kulish 1857:34-35.

Caucasus — Asia Minor. Azerbaijanis [the lion dragged the son of Padishah Urustam; instead of the kidnapped Amiraslan, the soldiers found and brought the child of the Cyclops; he grew up and began to eat people; when it came to the padishah's son and the daughter of the vizier, the missing A. showed up, asked the lioness mother for advice, killed the Cyclops]: Nabiev 1988:276.

Baltoscandia. Lithuanians [a woman finds a crying baby and breastfeeds it; she cannot tear it off, it is a pastovis]: Kerbelite 2001:193.

Volga - Perm. Bashkirs [the widower has a son, he married another, a daughter is born; the young man sees how the fire that comes down has become a girl, she sucks blood from the mare's heart; he rushes at the girl, chews off her finger; in the morning sees that the baby does not have a finger, throws the girl into the oven, the stepmother snatched it out, the young man has left; a month later he saves a white snake from the fire; this is the son of the king of snakes, becomes the hero's companion; leads to his father, advises to ask for a red pillow as a reward, this is his sister; the widower's son is happy with his wife, the vizier sees them, the king demands to give his wife or get the girl from overseas; the wife says that this is her friend, gives a letter, the young man takes her as his second wife; the king is furious; the king demands another girl, the young man takes her as his third wife; the king has sent an army, his wives have destroyed him; the king gathers a new army, wives are taught to ride a winged dragon who kills the king; the young man decides to visit his relatives, his wives are told to take two horses with him; only a witch sister at home, eats the horse's legs, then the torso; the brother leaves his boots (sister rushed at them, swallowed them), rode to his wives on the second horse]: Barag 1989, No. 31:159-164.

Southern Siberia. Khakasy: Torokova, Sychenko 2014, No. 15 [Altyn-Tabatay is a young man; his two brothers are married but have no children; the brothers went to collect tribute to cattle; AT stayed with his daughters-in-law; crying outside the window; the eldest daughter-in-law found a baby girl; she was adopted; she is constantly crying, exhausted both women; when she started walking, AT woke up to see her go out into the yard, and when she returns to the house, her mouth bloody; goes to bed with his foster mother; next time AT noticed a girl running to a mountain range at night; an all-knowing old shepherd wonders who is eating cattle; realizing that no one is for him believe that AT decided to flee; her youngest daughter-in-law persuaded her to take her with her; she could not go fast; AT tied her to a poplar, left gold and silver on the branch, wrote a good man to take this woman ; AT comes to the house with a stone barn; inside there is a beautiful girl with big breasts; she says she was waiting for AT and that she is Tuner-Khys, the owner of this taiga; he has to stay with her even though he wanted to go on; when he leaves, TX follows a ball of white thread; if anything, they pull the horse; but AT invites the ball to travel around the world with him; AT comes to another house with a stone barn, there is a girl Chanar-Khys; he stays with her; the same (she is the mistress of the water; a ball of blue threads); AT comes to the old man, he has a daughter; the old man gives AT araka until he loses consciousness, his daughter Chibek-Aryg goes to bed with AT, he stays with her; loves her, she is pregnant; the great khansha Khan-Khys sends to tell AT to go to her; she tells him to get a fiery red fox, then he will marry him and he will become khan; he did it; wedding; he misses his homeland, cries; tells his wife that the wind brought dust in his eyes, because they are red; XX summoned the owner of the wind and began to scold him; he explained what was going on; XX will soon give birth; AT has eyes again red - says that a branch knot hit; XX called the tree owner, who explained what was going on; XX asks AT not to deceive her; AT is going home; there are no people or cattle; only in one yurt Chelbegen girl; her lower fangs by 6 quarters, her upper fangs grew by three quarters; she guesses her father's jaw — nothing; from her mother's jaw, she finds out that AT has arrived; AT flees; Chelbegen has caught up, It was swallowed by a dog, a younger horse; on the ground, Chanar-Khys AT threw her white ball to tie the chelbegen; she tore it up and chased on; Tuner-Khys released a white stone hero from the barn, but Chelbegen ate it; AT threw a blue ball — the same; Chanar-Khys released the hero out of blue stone, Chelbegen ate him; caught up and ate the AT horse, AT himself climbed one of the seven larches; Chelbegen cannot look up, only down; begins to gnaw larch, it fell; AT jumped to another; the white bird, the daughter of Tuner-Khys from AT, flew to her mother, she sent two bears, but the chelbegen ate them; the same — a blue bird, daughter of Chanar-Khys, two tigers; when AT on the last larch, two Khan Kire birds descended, raised the chelbegen to the sky and threw it to the ground, the chelbegen fell apart; a winged one flew behind the AT Hees-Khan horse; XX already has two sons from AT; she is angry at AT for going home without consulting her; she sent two Khan Kira birds to him; she forgave him, everything is fine], 16 [y The elderly are son (he is younger) and daughter Altyn-Tan; the old man is dead, his mother is also preparing to die and tells them not to go to the Ah-Tag mountain in front, not to extinguish the fire — you will not be able to light it again; but brother and sister went; only AT went up to the top, there was a house, there was a black woman in it; AT asked for fire, but she asked to go into the house first; AT did not go in, ran away; when the children ran through the taiga, Hara-Khashty chased them — black, with a long beard and huge eyes; brother and sister have reached the old woman's yurt; she replies that she will not be able to resist the Aina, refers to her middle sister, she refers to her older sister; this eldest gives AT gold handkerchief: if you wave, the waters of the river will part, you can cross to the other side; brother and sister have crossed, XX could not cross and returned; brother and sister have set up a house; the boy learns to hunt, asks sister, what are the names of the animals; three geese are flying and shouting: there is a baby on the other side of the river, we must pick it up, he will be an assistant; AT went to the other side, but the child turned into the 20th century and made her a wife; became she lives in her house, where her brother; XX gave the boy the name: Adygchy-Ool; the white dog overheard XX telling AT to put a fang in his brother's soup; he would pierce the boy's throat; we'll eat him and him dogs; white and blue dogs agree to pretend to fight: the cauldron will be knocked over and the fang will fall to the ground; when the fang fell to the ground, it caught fire; next time XX and AT agreed to bring their brother to a house in the forest, where XX will be waiting for him to kill; the boy managed to climb onto the roof and called the dogs; they jumped out of the ground, bitten to death XX; blue dog: We'll tie AT to the wall, let it be white under the right eye the bowl is blue on the left; if AT feels sorry for her brother, her tears will fill the white bowl, and if XX, the blue one; then Adygchi-Ool and his dogs came to the aal; the old people took him to their son; once the cattle stopped mooing, people started screaming; dogs ran away and brought blue and white wolf skin; old people were happy — these wolves were killing cattle; Khan gave AO his only daughter; when they came to see AT, only tears from the left her eyes filled the cup (that is, she grieved for the demon); AO brought her to his home; she gave him a poisonous araki and he died; the dogs dragged the body to the mountain; the blue one ran for a reviving potion; brought it in her ear but she has arrows on her sides, she died; white revived both her and her owner; Altyn-Tan was tied to the tails of three mares]: 287-321, 321-335.

Western Siberia. Northern Selkups: Pelikh 1998 [kud is an evil spirit in the form of a newborn child, was born by a mother in the grave; if he screams, you can become deaf; can jump from the shore into a boat and sink her]: 55; Tuchkova 2004 [fleeing from the devils, the shaman became burbot; the old man caught him, his wife ate his giblets, became pregnant; the boy born could hardly fit in the cradle; his older brother Iy sees him at night gets up and goes; people disappear; I. leaves home, rises to heaven on a white horse]: 205.

Eastern Siberia. Yakuts: Vitashevsky 1912, No. 5 (central, oh. Churapcha, Churapchinsky Ulus) [the old man and the old woman have two daughters, he catches four hares each; decides to leave his daughters in the forest so that they and the old woman can get two hares each; took his daughters to pick berries, left his own clothes on a stump; but caught only two birds with one stone; the older sister was half abaasa herself; they find an iron yurt with an iron cradle; the youngest spies on the child pulling fish out of his penis, cooks; returns to the cradle; does not tell the younger sister to eat fish, she eats; the old woman tells her to go from the fork to the east; the older sister goes west, the younger sister does not want to throw it; there are no holes in the iron yurt; the eldest makes them as small as sawdust from a needle, they end up in a yurt; inside the abaasa woman does not bring fish, but leeches; the younger sister casts the same spell and ends up outside; the elder she sticks her head; the abaas eats her torso, the youngest carries her sister's head, throws it under the larch; she sees an island on the lake, where she is beautiful, this is the older sister's abaas essence (the informant does not remember further)]: 456-458; Illarionov et al. 2008, No. 23 (western 1936, central Yakutia, Churapchinsky ulus) [parents caught only four fish and decided to take their daughters to the forest; while they were picking berries, the father put clothes on stump, gone; the girls went to the fork in the road, there is a child in silver and a child in an iron cradle; the youngest wants to take the one in silver, the eldest insists that it be in the iron; the sisters live in at home, when they return, there is fish in the house; the youngest does not eat; hides with a needle, sees the baby come out of the cradle, turns into a giant, spews an iron whorl, pierces her ass, falls out of there boiled fish; becomes a baby again; the eldest does not believe, she remains to see for herself; agrees to overturn a boiling pot of boiled berries on the abaas; the sisters run, the giant with a cauldron on his head chases; the youngest throws a needle (forest), a thimble (forest again), the eldest throws a handkerchief (cliff to the sky); by the river, sisters ask old Talas-Talas to lower her golden walkways; she stretches her legs like a bridge, sisters they cross; when the abaas ask for her legs, TT hesitates, then stretches out one, the abaas drowns; the sisters entered the house, the exit disappeared; the youngest made a hole, came out with a needle, a thimble; the eldest slipped in her head, told her head and ass to swell, got stuck; the youngest pulled, tore it off; tried to leave her head on a birch tree, willow, talina, pine tree, spruce - her head cries; when she left it on an aspen, she laughed; the youngest comes to the Frog's house; she asks to sew a bag for her husband, she does not know how to; the same mittens, a torbaza; the girl hung the torbaza high, the frog cannot reach; the husband found a girl; promised to marry the one who the yard will not freeze overnight; the husband wrapped the frog in moss, put his wife in her bag by the chimney; in the morning she is alive, the frog froze; the man married the girl]: 253-271; Ergis 1964, No. 66 (Olenek) [ the poor old man takes his three daughters to the forest, leaves old Doha on a stump; the girls found a farce, one picks up an iron child; returning, they see that fish porridge is cooking in the pot; the youngest does not eat, hides like a needle, sees the child turn into iron man; next time the middle, older sisters hide; the sisters put the potted baby in the fire, run away; he chases them, wearing a hot pot; the old woman stretches her leg across the river, they cross; she asks the abaasa if her leg is rough, he replies that very much, she throws it off, he drowns; the daughter of Abaasa with an eye on her forehead, She cuts wood with one hand, one leg; catches and locks the girls; they get out as needles, but the eldest tells her lungs to swell; the sisters pull her head off; they put her head off; they put it on a tree, the head cries; the birch tree is the same; the pine tree is laughing; since then the coffin has been made of pine]: 245-246; 1967b, No. 213 (summary of several texts, including archival ones) [parents take their girls to the forest, to leave them there; sisters find the Iron Child (doll, stone) in the forest; when they learn that this is an abaasa child, they decide to kill him, but the Iron Child pursues them himself; the sisters manage to escape by leaving a comb, scissors, needles that turn into a mountain, a forest, etc.; on the way there is a river, they cross it with the help of a lynx (old woman); they follow a forbidden road, get to Baba Yaga; the eldest dies in prison, the youngest, by casting a spell, escapes; comes to a man married to a frog, marries him; the older sister comes to life and married the son of thunder, from him she receives wealth, and the frog-wife brings water insects and dies]: 217; Sivtsev, Efremov 1990 (recording place?) [poor parents go with their two daughters to pick berries, leave them in the forest; they find a hut, a black stone nearby and an iron cradle; the younger sister suspects that this is an abaasa child; at home, a stone turns into a baby; sisters find baked crucian carp near the house; the youngest hides in the cracks with a needle, sees how the baby turns into a giant, commands the fire to ignite, the fish to bake; the older sister hides, sees that but; they throw a cauldron of boiling water on the child, run; the youngest throws a needle (thicket), a thimble (forest), a handkerchief (a cliff to the sky); by the river, the sisters ask the old woman Talas-Talas (“walkways”) to throw a bridge; she stretches out both legs, girls cross; abaas says she is busy; stretches out one leg, cleans, he drowns]: 64-71; Evenki of the Baikal region: Voskoboynikov 1967, No. 13 [two sisters find a cradle with As a child, they bring him home; left alone, the child comes out of the cradle, becomes a monster; then returns to the cradle; the sisters throw him into the boiling pot, run away; he chases them; they throw the handkerchief, the comb turns into the sea, the thicket; the pursuer screams, Mother, where the ladle, drinks the sea, cuts down the forest; they throw the file, but it falls in front of them; the youngest becomes fur, the eldest an ant, they climb into a crack in the rock; the monster pulls the youngest, the eldest holds her, the youngest is torn in half; the monster eats the back, the older sister carries the front with her; tries to leave her on a stump, on tree, but sister cries; when she leaves her on a hummock, she laughs; The frog marries her]: 43-45; Titov 1936, No. 9 and 10 (p. Karama) [(No. 9:179-180); two girls went to pick berries, returned - a baby in a shaky baby; sings that if a good woman took him, he would become her good husband, if her husband took him, he would become a good woman for him; girls agreed to say out loud that the child is beautiful, pass him through a boiling pot of porridge, put him in the cauldron; they ran away; the monster is catching up; the eldest threw her handkerchief - the sea (the monster ran away for the boat, swam across); the comb is the thicket (the monster behind the sword, cut through); the bar, it fell in front (mountain); the youngest became a fur, crawled into the hole, the eldest became an ant, her ass was stuck; the youngest began to pull, but the monster ate ass, the youngest returned home alone; (hereinafter No. 10:180-181, from another informant); the youngest dragged the eldest, left; she cries; dragged again, left, she laughs; went alone, the frill untied, she she stood on a stick to tie her foot, the Frog jumped out, told her to go to her yurt, fed her, hid it; ordered her to sew a pullover (?) for his husband; the husband was surprised, she never sewed; the next day the Frog tells me to sew a pouch; the husband hid, found the girl, began to live with her; told the frog to pour blood into the skin, wrap himself; that first it was warm, but at night she froze to death; they killed frog deer; the younger sister went to where she left her elder; there was a hut, where her sister was backless, gave the youngest a lot of deer, she brought them to her husband]: 179-181 ; Torgonov 2002 (Bount Evenks) [three girls picked berries; they had no food in the plague, they were starving; one day, when they returned from the forest, they found a child in the cradle; food began to appear in the plague; girls decided to secretly watch who brought it to them; saw that the baby got up from the cradle, turned into a bear and defecates with fish; the girls decided to kill him with a boiling pot over his head; before By death, the bear child shouted that reindeer people would now have dishes, arrowheads, scrapers, jewelry, clothes, etc. made from his skin, bones and claws]: 119-120; Western Evenks (Cyrene) [two sisters find a cradle with a baby, bring it home; they see that when left alone, he turns into a Manga giant, catches fish, then returns to the cradle; the sisters knock over A boiling pot at him, they run away; he chases them; one throws a comb, the other a bag, they turn into a forest, a rock, they can't stop M.; old woman Achekai stretches her legs for them across the river like a bridge; when M. walks, removes his legs; M. shouts to make ladles from his hands, a bucket from his head, paint from his head, a shuttle from his spine; at the fork, the sisters drove along the left path, get to the old woman ; she hides them, turning them into a needle and a thimble; two cannibals come; the older thimble girl laughs, the cannibals eat her; the younger old woman gives a bird's wing, she flies away in it, meets a guy, goes out married]: Pinegina et al. 1952:58-61; Western Evenks (Podkamennaya Tunguska) [while the sisters were going to buy berries, the goblin swallowed the child of one of them in the plague, lay down instead of him; the sisters realized that the baby shouts differently; threw the child into the hot resin, ran away; the goblin is chasing with a cauldron behind his back; the sisters threw the comb (thicket), the scraper (mountains); ask the old woman to transport him across the river; old woman: say “U your eyes are like bird cherry is dry, and your back is like a humpback scraper”; sisters: “Your eyes are like bird cherry ripe, your back is like a raft flat”; immediately the raft stretched from shore to shore, sisters ran across, the raft disappeared; goblin speaks of dry bird cherry, humpback scraper; a scraper with teeth spread across the river, the goblin fell and drowned; ordered his teeth to become flints, blood red clay, bones pitfalls]: Suvorov 1956:21-22; Western Evenks (Podkamennaya Tunguska, Western 1928) [two sisters dug sarana, picked up a baby; when they returned, they see the plague as a cauldron on fire, two whitefish cooking in it; watched a man turn two of his worms into whitefish; filled the baby with melted with tin, they ran; they were chased by giant Mani in a tin belt; the eldest threw a suede scraper (mountains, M. made saddles in them), a whetstone (a cliff, M. split), a jagged chuchun, i.e. round suede scraper (forest, M. threw off his tin belt, crawled), comb (stones, mountains, forest), M. got lost in them as an ant]: Osharov 1936a: 19-21 (=1936b, No. 15:280-281); Sym Evenks [girl cut her hand with a knife, the bird advises her to lick the blood; the girl likes the taste, she eats her mother, her younger sisters; the older brother runs away to the Nemelon 'e (decapod deer); the sister throws an ax, that successively cuts off all the legs of the deer; the brother continues to flee, becoming a moose, bear, wolverine, fox, ferret, ermine; when he becomes a mouse, the sister loses track; breaks her scrapers and tanners, dies]: Vasilevich 1936, No. 45:55-58; Baikal Evenks (north of Transbaikalia, p. Chapo-Ologo, 1948) [two orphan girls went for berries, found an iron cradle with the baby; the youngest told me not to touch it, the eldest brought the child to the plague; when they returned, there were a lot of fish in the plague; the next day they hid and spy; the child got out of the shaky, became a giant, sat down, a bunch of fish appeared {i.e. he threw it out of himself}; when the girls entered the plague, there was again the child shaky; they knocked over the cauldron on him boiling fish soup, rode on deer; Mangi catches up, a cauldron on her head instead of a hat; one of the sisters threw a comb (thicket), Mangi made his way; threw her bag (the rock is the same); on the other side, old woman Acekai, the girls ask her to stretch out her legs, crossed them to the other side, the old woman removed her legs; when Manga asked her to stretch her legs, the old woman removed them in the middle of the river; Manga screams: make ladles out of my hands a bucket from the back, paint from the blood, a shuttle from the spine; then drowned; at this time the girls reached the fork; one tells me to follow the left path, the other on the right; turned to the left, came to plague, it has an old woman without arms and legs; turned one into a needle, the other into a thimble; cannibals came, saying that it smells like gifts; the older sister laughed, she was eaten; when the cannibals left, the youngest asks , are there any toys; the old woman gave a bird's wing; the girl flew to the top of the plague, then to the tree, then flew away; reached the river, sat on a stump, found an old bone in her pocket, began to gnaw; in the morning deer run , they are driven by a handsome guy, he married her]: Pinegina 2019:87-91.

Amur - Sakhalin. The Udege people [two sisters are lonely, looking for babies in their hollows, the eldest finds them; he constantly mischievous, spoils, throws away, burns their property; chases them with a spear, they hide at the blacksmith's house; the child demands to give his sisters; the blacksmith puts him on a spear, throws him across three seas]: Podmaskin, Kireeva 2010:90-91; Nanai [six brothers found a girl in the hollow, the youngest warns which is not good; he was beaten, he left, began to live with Fudin; the light flickers in the distance, Mergen fires an arrow there, comes; old man: your arrow knocked out a bone stuck in my throat, I give me two cubs, to strong ones Do not tie them to poles; M. decided to visit the house, tells his wife not to tie the cubs, but she tied them with chains to a snag; there the cannibal girl ate her older brothers, looking for the younger skull, notes M.; he asks to bring bast from the forest, runs away, the witch follows; M. turns the arrow into an ironwood, the witch gnaws it; the second, third, there are no more arrows; the cubs come running, dragging the snag, M. frees them , they kill a witch; he beats F., lies down alone, two girls next to each other in the morning — former cubs; they revive the dead brothers M.]: Chadaev 1990:64-68; Nivkhi: Bereznitsky 2002, No. 7 [seven sisters they find a man with a baby in the forest; some suspected it was milk, others convinced them to take a cradle; the baby jumped out of the cradle, chased the sisters, one by one caught up with six sisters, stabbed them with a knife hearts; the youngest asks for help from the old man on the other side of the river; he tells him to throw burdock on his knee; the leg lengthens, the girl runs across it to the other side; the child hit the knee with burdock only with third time; in the middle of the river, the old man pulled his leg, threw the child into the water; the girl spends the night in the dugout, sees a man next to him in the morning; he leaves on wolves, tells him not to give up his robe; a woman comes begins to tickle her, she has to give her a robe, she throws it into the fire; the heroine runs away in fear, the old woman hides her; when she returns, the owner sees what happened, chases his wife on wolves; the old woman shows the way to the village, the woman comes there, stays with people]: 111-112 (=2003, No. 35:133-134); Pevnov 2010, No. 14 [7 sisters live alone, find a baby under the snow; the youngest suddenly entered, saw how the baby got up with the cradle and laps the boiling brew; the sisters run away, the milk was chasing, the eldest throws ash (fog), the comb (forest), the sharpener (rock); milk gnawed the rock, did not gnaw the sisters came to home to an old woman, she consistently fights with her sisters, kills six, the youngest runs away, comes to a single man; she is pregnant, tells her husband not to come for 7 days; he came a little earlier, the children are already playing , but the youngest child is humpback; the sons hear the mother cry, she told them about the sisters; the brothers come to the old woman, the youngest drowns her in a barrel; a barrel of water and the old woman drags her to the tree; to the tree sable hunters came; the youngest says he wants for little, out of great need; the female broke off, the barrel fell, all those hunters ran over]: 74-82; Sangi 1974 [beauty rejects suitors; leaves parents to live alone; one day, picking cloudberries, she sees a woman, then a man; then finds a baby; gives a breast, he bites her; she spies on him, sees him come out of the cradle, devours yukola, he has long teeth; the girl is running, the baby is after her, Mother screams, give me a breast! She throws a comb, then a whetstone, they turn into a forest, a mountain; she climbs a poplar by the river; the baby gnaws on it; she asks the tree to fall on the top of her head to the other side; crosses the river, the current carries away the poplar ; father tells her she was punished for her pride]: 46-49; Ulita 2011 [six sisters lived, the eldest found the baby in the cradle; each consistently notices that when left alone, the child swings in cradle, licks the wall with a long tongue; they cover the house with grass, set fire, run away; the demon consistently catches up, gutts the four elders, the youngest two resort to the river, ask for help from the tall grandfather; he tells him to pick, bring him a bunch of {grass?} , stretches out his leg like a bridge, the sisters cross when they step on their knees, he pulls his foot, they jump to the shore; he tells us to enter the house, it's empty, they resort to the rock, they understand the crack the man at the top, becomes small, he tells them to hide in a crack; the man throws a sword at the demon, cutting off his head; takes both sisters as wives; turns into a bear, the sisters cling to him wool, he comes to a woman's house, they live there; they come to the house where they first went; the husband puts iron chains on wolves, harnesses them into iron sledges, flies to heaven with thunder and lightning, fights with with wind, thunder, lightning; gives his eldest wife to a Venus man; fought where Mars, Orion, Ursa Major; lowered Pegasus to the ground, he was torn; the informant does not remember further]: 38-40; Wilta [Old Man:” We need to take our girls to the woods so they can get lost. When we're alone, we'll catch three trouts, we'll leave one to eat tomorrow, we'll catch two, and we'll eat them all. And this is how children eat half. The father took his two daughters to pick berries. He put his hat and jacket on the stump and left. The sisters came to the broken house, a small child was sleeping in the cradle, they rocked it, and stayed overnight. Fresh fish at the doorstep in the morning. We decided to watch secretly. The child got up, went to the doorstep and began to take the fish out of the anus. The girls ran away, and the child turned into a healthy old man, chased them. On the other side of the river, grandmother and girls ask to stretch their legs. They ran over her legs like a bridge. Old lady: “You go faster, my little sister lives there. You'll go into the house.” On the shore where the grandmother was sitting, the old child also asks to stretch his legs. She pulled it out, he began to cross, and when he came to the middle, the birds flew in and began to peck at the old woman's knees. The man fell into the water and said: Old lady, you can make a boat out of my back, an oar out of my hands, a pot from my head, a stern paddle out of my legs, and a kettle out of my testicles. I swam downstream. The girls came over. Old woman: “When the sun goes down, you will sit quietly, you will not talk or cough. I'll cover for you. My brothers are coming.” Brothers enter the smoke hole: one eye in the middle of the forehead, arms in the middle of the chest, and a large mouth. They say it smells human. The old woman had a hard time convincing her that no one was there. In the morning he gives the girls wings and tells them to fly high. The younger sister is flying higher and the older sister goes down. Someone grabbed her, pulls her, and the youngest is pulling her towards her. She tore off her top to her lower back, put it on her back and flew to good ground. I left it on a tree broken by thunder. She looked around and her sister was crying, she took her again. Found a tree broken by a bear. I looked around — half of my sister was smiling happy. The youngest flew to the house, the man shot, the wings fell off, the girl fell off. She agreed to marry, the house is rich. My husband went to see what happened to his older sister. There are two bears playing there. One has a front part from a person (like a person), and the back is from a bear. “Whoever has a human head must be his wife's sister.” I went into the house and saw a girl at the door without a lower part, one back torn off. And a man sits in the middle of the place of honor. The house is full of wild deer meat and dried fat. “Take dried meat for your little sister,” the girl suggests. The youngest's husband refuses gifts to the brothers, but agrees to tell his wife how her sister lives. Younger: I'm the one who tore half off and the devils ate half. Husband: Apparently, the bear connected the back of his sister to hers and she became like a bear. Their backs were bearish and the front parts were human. They saw me and ran to their house. When we entered our house, they became real people. I went to their house, she sat half by the door, and her husband was a young man, a real man. The youngest is afraid to visit the eldest. A few years later, the husband went back to his wife's younger sister. There is no one in the house, the fire is a little burning. The owners have returned — just human beings. My husband went hunting and never came back. His wife remembered him once saying that he would go overseas to look for people who killed his parents. He sailed to the island, put his spear into the seal, which left with his spear. It goes on top of the water, does not fall under water. He sees lots and lots of houses. A bald man came out of one: “What kind of person? Mergen manga or what?” {From this episode, the man's name is Manga}. A person carries a bunch of firewood. The manga lay in the middle of a tree split by thunderstorms. When the man started stepping over it, Manga squeezed him (killed) him. He put on his clothes and pretended to be a lumberjack worker. People: There's a wedding tomorrow. Many people came to marry the girl, all dressed in silk clothes. Healthy, tall. They try to move a stone the size of a deer, they try, they suffer, they can't. Manga's relative recognized him. The manga picked up a rock, threw it to a relative, who caught it and threw it back. He says that since they were little, the rock has grown. Whoever will pick it up is a good person. When the party was over, a relative married a neighbor's daughter and took him away, and Manga sailed in a boat to those who ate his parents and killed everyone. These people scooped water out of the bay, Manga home in shallow water, as if skiing, the proposed girl did not take the proposed girl. But when he got home, there were already two wives there, and he started living with them]: Sam et al. 2012:134-143.

Japan. Aina Sakhalin [two older sisters bring the youngest baby they find; the youngest spies, sees that the baby has become a devil, eats food; the older ones do not believe at first, stay in turn, they see the same thing; throw the baby into the fire, run away; the middle one comes back for forgotten beads; they are put on the line shoveling the fire; the girl turns into a spider, goes down, picks up the beads, runs away; hell pursues; the youngest pulls out her tooth, throws it, it turns into a rock, they climb it; hell calls other devils, some have axes made of wood resin; first the devils dive for the reflection of women; then they cut down a rock, it presses them all; women live well]: Pilsudski 2001, No. 9:43-44 (same 2002, No. 9:39-41).

SV Asia. Chukchi: Menovshchikov 1974, No. 60 [the baby falls out of the deer's ear; the herd owner gives it to his grandmother; he eats people, deer, chases the reindeer herder; wolves hide the reindeer herder in crevice, fight with a kele baby, kill; reindeer herder turns into a wolf, becomes a leader]: 225-226; Bogoras 1928, No. 13 [seaside people kill a whale, fall asleep after the ceremony; baby cries, kele hears him, answers, Aka, aka; the baby himself turns into a kele, eats his mother's breasts, then devours all people; chases deer; freezes to death in a blizzard]: 338; Portugalov 2009 (western 1958) [parents died, sisters went to get water, the youngest brought home a stone god, a boy; he cried, she breastfed him; the eldest told him to leave boiled meat for him to migrate; the sisters ran away to the river, on the other side, the beetle catches lice in torbas, the stone god chases; the beetle grandmother stretches out her leg, the sisters cross to the other side; God also asks to blow her leg, there is a beetle in the middle of the river He throws him into the river, he drowns; in front of the sisters there is a fork in five roads: freezing, spirits, dead, swampy, people, the youngest insisted on following the road of the dead; the eldest persuaded them to let them go: we We will bring you delicious people; sisters have come back and came to people]: 35-37.

The Arctic. Asian Eskimos (Chaplino) [on Diomede Island, the wife is pregnant but has not given birth for three years; gave birth when her husband is hunting; something round, flat, in the middle of her mouth with many teeth, also with eyes; the husband came back, looked into the bag, the monster clicked and killed him; the woman's older brother did the same; then the other brothers; the woman took the bag, came to Cape Dezhnev; there an unmarried man married her; looked into the bag was also killed; she remarried, but now she always carries the bag with her; the monster tells me to put it in the fire and burn it for a long time; he has a torso (he went to pick it up while he was in the fire), but his head remained flat; kills deer with a click; a woman's husband tells not to go north, where there are two evil spirits; a monster makes another young man go with him, kills spirits with clicks; the same south kills a big one spirit; both young men married; the flat wife gave birth to a son who is like a father, and the wife of the second gave birth to a girl; the flat one went into the water; he is a spirit born to help; if you die, call me, I will come and I'll revive]: Rubtsova, Vakhtin 2019, No. 64:791-807; Bering Strait Inupiate: Garber 1940, No. 14 [Vinilinatuk refuses to marry; gives birth to a child, does not tell parents to look at him; while she is away , they look; he has a huge mouth, he bites them to death; V. leaves with him, he hunts for her; A. marries a man with four other children, one of them a girl; the largemouth becomes more and more looks more like a man, although he manages to kill one of these brothers; his sister is carried away on an ice floe; the largemouth and one of the brothers swim in the mind to the mouth of heaven; she opens and shrinks; only the stern of their boat is shattered; they find a sister; her husband offers to fight; kills her brother, is killed by a largemouth, her brother immediately comes to life; both his sister and his sister return home, following the edge of the sky]: 115-114; Ivanoff Brown 1987 (unalik) [chief sees his daughter's baby devouring mother's breasts; wakes people up, tells everyone to run; remembers the knife left; promises daughter to whoever comes back for him; living with the orphan agrees with his grandmother; takes a knife, runs away from the ogre; throws off parts of his clothes, the stalker spends time devouring them; the young man hides in the snow on the caribou trail, the cannibal goes to the caribou, his voice heard from the herd; the young man marries the chief's daughter]: 15-19; Northern Alaska Inupiate: Curtis 1976 (20) (Kotzebue) [the mother was fishing, left the baby without attention for the whole day; at night he bit off her chest; people run across the river; the foreman forgot the knife, the quick-footed orphan agrees to run after it, grabs a knife, runs away from the monstrous baby; the man puts a spear across the river, throws off the baby when he is on it occurs; since then, a fish of the same species has a baby-shaped chest bone]: 259-260; Frost 1971 (Kotzebue) [the mother ignored the baby for the whole day; at night he bit off her chest; people run for the river; the foreman forgot the knife, the quick-footed orphan agrees to run after it, grabs a knife, runs away from the monstrous baby; the man puts a log across the river, throws off the baby when he steps on him; a siren's head comes out of the water; says he takes the baby for himself, that anyone who tries to swim across this body of water will die; people regularly disappeared there; so they sacrificed many objects, they did not drown anymore]: 53-61; Hall 1975, No. PM79 (Noatak) [husband and wife forget to grease the baby's lips; at night he devours parents; the woman's parents and other villagers flee; the old man forgets the knife, promises a daughter to the one who will bring it; one person agrees; grabs a knife, the baby is next, getting closer; two trees lie like a bridge over the river; a man crosses to the other side; when he is on the bridge baby, people destroy it; the baby is swallowed by nelma; since then, these fish have a hill under their jaw, and that baby is in it]: 291-293; Lynch 1995 (Kotzebue) [the mother forgot to feed the baby; at night he bit off her breast; people run across the lake, putting a log through the water; one person forgot the jasper knife, the orphan agrees to run after it, grabs a knife, runs away from the monstrous baby; manages to shove the log, the baby falls into water; it is picked up by a woman who is a fish below; hunters die in this lake; then it is sacrificed, after which people do not disappear; people establish a new village, this is the current village of Kotzebue; an orphan becomes a good hunter]: 27-30; Ostermann 1952 (Colville River) [when distributing meat, a woman forgets to grease her baby's lips; the baby devours parents and others; the shaman gives him straw bracelet, he goes to the mountains]: 164-165; central Yupik: Fienup-Riordan 1983, No. 11 [woman (options): 1) forgets to feed her baby, his mouth becomes big; 2) can't get pregnant; the shaman puts a doll inside her, tells her not to be ashamed, showing the baby to people; he has a big mouth, the woman is ashamed; 3) forgets to grease the baby's lips during the festive meal; he devours parents and other children; a person cuts through the passage, the monster disappears; the monster disappears during a blizzard]: 241-241; Meade 1996 [a woman does not give birth for a long time, finally gives birth to a baby mouth to ear; at night, her parents hear a crunch, the child devours his mother's chest; people run away on the ice of the river, the old man forgot the knife, sent a young man to pick it up; he takes the knife, runs away, climbs a tree, there are caribou tracks below, the cannibal ran over them, the young man returned safely]: 209-211; West Greenland [a woman gives birth to a toothy baby, he devours everyone, two brothers and sister are saved; in the house where they come, theirs they want to kill, thinking they killed people; they run on; a huge bird swallows one of the brothers, but the sister revives him from his bones; (comm. Rinka: In most cases, a monstrous baby is born after something cruel, unfair has been done; for example, people mock a fool, who becomes an ogre, but spares two orphans who were kind to him)]: Rink 1875, No. 39:238-260; Angmassalik [parents love the child, but they don't give him meat, they eat everything themselves; the child does not grow; eats parents, then sister, people run away; The baby's older brother kills him with a knife, the food eaten falls out of his womb]: Millman 2004:63.

Subarctic. Koyukon [contrary to the rule, a menstruating girl leaves her little sister in the cradle for the night; goes out to the potlach participants; a baby girl kills everyone by sucking her heart sleeping and lungs, chases her sister; she crosses a river on a log; the stalker asks how the sister crossed; she shows the log, pushes it when the pursuer steps on it; the cannibal girl swallows a pike, it turns into a pike's liver; a girl comes to an empty village, gropes into the house in the dark, stumbles upon an ogre who has eaten all the inhabitants, runs away; he comes to her fire, eats up a murdered child; she sticks an awl near his head so as not to fall asleep; in the morning she puts hot coals in his shoes, mittens and park; goes for firewood, ties the rope that the cannibal tied to her to the fir; runs away; a cannibal comes up, he is cold without clothes, she hits him from behind and from the front, a blackbird and a snipe fly out, people don't eat them; a man comes up to her, says that his first wife is angry (she is a she-wolf) and he It would be better to visit her here; builds her a house; kills an angry wife, brings the girl to him; they have a son; the husband finds his wife murdered, finds only someone's footprints on a log, which means that the murderer has descended from heaven; makes arrows by splitting fir, making a chain of arrows, it turns into fir to the sky; he climbs into the sky, gives three old women ear pendants, who tell us where the killers went; kills murderers, tears off old women's pendants along with their ears, goes down to the ground, cuts down fir; his son says that he became friends with his older brother, a son from his first wife, who went to live separately when his father brought new; wolf son leaves]: Attla 1983:173-211; Kuchin [a woman raises a baby found under a tree; he turns out to be an ogre, devours children; Giateaquaint lays two trees as a bridge across the river; asks the Raven not to let the cannibal jump when he steps on the bridge; brings down the bridge, the ogre is swallowed by a big fish; now he is the bone that every fish has in the throat]: McKennan 1965:112- 113; Yellowknife [Eskimos kidnap a woman; she runs away carrying her child; the wolf shows her the way; she kills a caribou, her child eagerly eats meat; she asks him to sit while she carries dried meat forward, runs away; finds native copper; comes to her own, talks about the discovery; miners go with her, take copper, rape a woman; she sinks into the ground, copper with her; now copper is hard to mine]: Curtis 1976 (18): 127-128.

NW Coast. The Tlingits [a beautiful woman comes out of the lake with her two babies; a young man grabs one of them, brings them home; at night, a baby scratches his sleeping eyes; one woman sees him baking them and eats; discovers in the morning that people are dead, leaves with his child; someone who will soon be rich sees her]: Swanton 1909, No. 35 [eye eater disappears], 94 [woman kills eye eater]: 173-174, 292- 293; quakiutl [a woman goes beyond the water spirit, gives birth to a son; he meets her eyes, roasts and eats, puts her ears and fingers in a basket; his uncle (i.e. mother's brother) and his son, uncle, survived he dodged his spear, wounded him himself, followed the bloody trail to the lake; there the loon tries to cure the dying cannibal; his uncle finished him off, burned the corpse, blew on the ashes, the ashes turn into mosquitoes and midges]: Boas 1895, No. XVII.8:164 (=2002:363-364); Nootka [the leader's daughter gives birth to a boy; people die one by one, each has a hole on its side, and the baby has blood under his fingernails; he grew up killing his uncle; The young man's mother told her father about this; the soldiers hit him with spears, but they passed through his body without causing harm; he was shot, he ran into the forest, swam in the lake to wash off the blood from the spears, the loons drink it; he says it can only be burned; ashes turn into mosquitoes]: Sapir 1959:107-108; Sapir, Swadesh 1939, No. 1:18-19.

The coast is the Plateau. Quarry [women pick berries; one girl brings nothing, says the bears messed up everything; the next day, her basket strap breaks off; everyone goes home; two people approach her Black Bears in the guise of young men; when she opens her eyes, she finds herself in a large village; all the animals take turns dancing and saying what they will feed their wife; Muskrat, Raven, Laska, Frog, Caribou, The marten is rejected, she marries the Grizzly; in the spring he says that the youngest of her four brothers will kill him; this is what happens; the brothers ask what part of the carcass she will take home; she drags her skin and head , turns into a Grizzly on the way, kills brothers, then other people; the youngest brother and sister return from squirrel hunting; the boy tells his sister to run between the Grizzly's legs; then she takes off bear skin, promises not to harm the girl; the girl asks where the Grizzly's heart is; from shows what's in the palm of her hand; the brother kills the Grizzly by hitting the palm of his hand with an arrow; says that if they run around the mountain with different sides and jump between two trees at the same time, they can marry; he manages to catch up with his sister, jump; she gets pregnant at the touch of his foot; gives birth to a son; she is killed by an ogre; brother kills an ogre, burns both bodies; goes to the village, carrying a baby on his shoulders; he kills him by spreading his throat and pulling out his tongue; in the village takes out the tongues of sleeping people; two girls who were in ritual isolation; they push the baby into the fire; its ashes turn into mosquitoes; one girl conceives from a stone and dies, the other gives birth to four Transformer Brothers; see motive J55]: Jenness 1934, no.6:129-136; clamath [a woman leaves her baby alone, and when she gives him a breast, he doesn't let her go anymore; the demon's body is firm, he ate her real child; people have to cut off a woman's breast]: Barker 1963, No. 20:113; ne perse [see motif K32; Skylark aunt tells a woman to make herself herbal nipples; two boys rush to suck them; they would bite off her real ones nipples; she doesn't hurt; they ask why her baby is so white; I put it on hot coals; boys want the same, she burns them]: Phinney 1934:405-407; flethead [Coyote asks for his Krotikh's wife dig a way to the lying Moose Monster; suddenly appears before; Moose thinks K. is invisible; Coyote's dog Squirrel kills Moose Grizzly's dog with a flint attached to his head; K. lures Moose into an underground passage, undertakes to carry his shield and spear, kills him with a spear; hears a child crying, lets the baby suck his finger, he eats up all his flesh; the Fox revives the Coyote; next time K. puts flint on his finger, the baby cuts himself, dies; the Coyote leaves his cape to the Rock; it starts raining, he picks it up; the Rock rolls across the river after him; three women cannot break it with hammers; K. sets fire to the vines; entangled in them, the Rock dies from the heat; Mountain Sheep insults the Coyote; he throws him against a pine tree; now horns protrude from the trunk]: Edmonds, Clark 1989:20-23.

Northeast. Naskapi [a woman gave birth to an ice baby; he was cut, and a warm smiling baby appeared under the ice; he was named Little Norka; when he is two years old, he twisted his mother's and father's neck ; decided that he had nothing to do without his parents either, twisted his neck and himself]: Millman 1993:76; passamaquoddy [a woman bites off a twig, gives birth to a boy, lets him down the river in a corn boat; another woman finds him, adopts him; children in the village die; at night the baby carves their tongues, fries them, eats them; he is burned, he is born again; becomes an adult healer; has no bones, lies on earth; one person asks him for a love potion; then returns it because there is no end to women; the other wants to live long like the world; turned into cedar]: Fewkes 1884:273-275 in Edmonds, Clark 1989:323-324.

Plains. Crowe [a woman picks up a crying baby; he eats the hearts of the chiefs at night; people kill him with an arrow in the little finger]: Lowie 1918:126-128; mandan [girl on her way home, despite warning, raises a crying little girl; people in the village disappear; bisons tell a man that people are being devoured by that girl; she is burned; people eaten fall out of her womb, come to life]: Bowers 1950:321-323; Yankton [people find a baby, the chief's daughter adopts him; at night he hears terrible noises from his throat; the chief says it's Oia swallowing entire camps; everyone is running; in the morning I. in his In his true appearance, he is chased, but the warriors kill him; a camp appears at this place; its inhabitants are happy to have been released]: Zitkala-Ša 1985:131-141; arpaho [chiefs disappear one by one to another; a woman sees meat on her baby's lips, watches him]: Dorsey, Kroeber 1903, No. 71 [people try in vain to kill him in various ways], 102 [people disappear one by one; mother notices a man on the baby's lips, looks after him; his father throws him to his dogs; he turns into a young man; the old White Owl asks him: 1) what is the most important subject? - moccasins; 2) what doesn't get tired of swaying? - tipi floors; 3) what doesn't get tired of standing? - tipi poles; 4) what does the two trails have? - nose; 5) which animal is harmless? - rabbit; 6) which hand is more useful? - left (harmless, clean, sacred); he answers correctly, she allows herself to be killed, her brains turn to snow, melt; that's why summer exists]: 166, 231-235.

California. Nisenan [two women find a baby crying by the river; one gives him a breast, he drags her into the water; the other is struggling to escape]: Merriam 1993:229-230; Uldall, Shipley 1966, No. 62:163; luiseño [woman picks up a crying baby; throws when she sees his mouth full of teeth; water babies have dragged a boy into the water]: Hyde, Elliote 1994, No. 197:1249-1257; serrano [girl goes to fetch water, picks up a baby; a tornado immediately pulls her into the pool, she drowns; her father waits for a water baby on the shore, kills her with an arrow]: Benedict 1926, No. 8:10-11.

Big Pool. Northern payut [a woman leaves the baby on the shore for a while; a water woman comes out of the river, devours it, climbs into the cradle herself; a woman gives a breast thinking it is a aquatic baby woman sucks whole breasts; unharmed from fire and knife; shaman cuts off woman's chest, water woman jumps into river with her chest in her teeth]: Powell 1971:224-225; Western shoshones [woman gives baby's breast; it turns out to be a water child; he swallows her breast, it has to be cut off; people kill a water child]: Smith 1993:165; White River Utah [water child replaces an authentic baby, swallows it by its mother]: Smith 1992:112.

The Northern Andes. Paez [Thunder Jaguar has many children; they have human and jaguar characteristics; they suck the milk and blood of several girls who pick them up by the river to grow up; they die]: Ayerbe 1944, Bernal 1953, Nachtigall 1955 in RD 1975:52.

Llanos. Yaruro [children go missing; woman discovers human skin and hair on her sleeping baby Katívai's teeth; mother and uncle see him become a jaguar to kill a deer and then sticks him in Little arrows in the deer's ears, like he shot game; they make a corral, leave it in it, leave it; it turns into a jaguar, descends into the lower world; his spirit is summoned by shamans during the campaign]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1990c, No. 74:113-115.

Ecuador. Kanyari (near Paute) [at night, a handsome small child wanders in the fields in a large felt hat with a huge cock that he wraps around his waist; he lulls women to sleep traveling alone after sunset and when they fall asleep they are raped]: Verneau, Rivet 1912:35

Western Amazon. Shuar [the baby dies; the mother finds him in the garden, gives him a breast; he is actually an evil spirit; he sucks her milk first, then her blood, she dies; people cut him apart, he was inside full of blood]: Pelizzaro 1993:251; napo [supai takes the form of a woman's young son; at night he cries that an ant bit him on the penis; mother invites him to lie next to the baby; then lets him sit next to the baby with her; when she falls asleep, he pierces her with a penis, the tip of which comes out of her mouth; the pet parrot bites off the tip, since then the parrot's meat has been black with blood; the woman's husband follows the bloody trail to cave; people make a fire at the entrance, throw pepper; one girl was spared, told to keep an eye on the children; the devil sucked the baby's brain, ran into the forest]: Mercier 1979:126-129.

Central Andes. Dep. Lambayeque [(several texts); a man picks up a crying baby; sees that he has big teeth and claws, throws it away; gets sick, then recovers]: Narvaez Vargas 2001:272-275.

Montagna — Jurua. Machigenga [the shaman does not tell his two wives to go alone into the forest; they go; they find a baby girl; one does not tell her to touch her, the other gives her a breast; she does not let go anymore; a demon comes Corinto, praises her daughter for her good hunting; kills a woman; the second woman runs home; the shaman gives her a knife, they go to K. together, the woman kills him with a knife; brings the baby to the village; the girl is washed with boiling water to be cleansed of the demonic essence; left to watch the child; she eats him; eats other children; it is burned in the house, ash remains]: Baer 1984, No. 16:471-472.

Bolivia — Guaporé. Mosetin [the village was ruled not by chiefs, but by a woman - “our mother”; picked up a crying baby, he began to suck her breasts; when she fell asleep, Opo became an adult man with a long a penis wrapped around his waist; he raped a woman, she died; on the trail of a penis dragging along the ground (or a snake around O.'s belt), people came to the cave, lit a fire at the exits, threw pepper at him; people, normal and freaks, began to come out, freaks were thrown into the fire; animals that O. held captive also came out]: Caspar 1953b: 168-171.

Eastern Brazil. Kayapo [the sedge appeared when a man planted cotton thread in shallow water near the river bank; another man found a sedge child there, brought it home; he wrapped his sharp hands around the man neck, slit his throat; other hunters killed a sedge man; sedge people with sedge heads and limbs live near a tree that supports the sky]: Wilbert 1978, No. 144:345-346.

Chaco. Nivakle [the boy came down from the sky, stood by the lake; the woman took him home, gave him a breast, he cut it off; a cloud came down, raised the boy into the sky; it rained, no one escaped from the flood]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1987b, #29:89

The Southern Cone. Yagani [a girl finds a stone that looks like a baby; he comes to life, bites off his chest; kills several women so much; turns into a stone man; makes him his wives lots of women; they pierce his soft soles, he can't stand up, people burn him]: Gusinde 1937:1209-1210 (translated into Wilbert 1977, No. 33:93-94).