Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

L65B. Savior dogs. .10.-.

A demonic woman, less often her lover or other monster, is ready to kill or kill a hero. Dogs (or animals and birds replacing them - lions, bears, eagles, etc.) come running (flying in), save the hero and kill the demon.

Hottentots, Herero, Owambo, Zulu, Xhosa, Suto, Lenje, Yaka (Baja), Kongo, Zombo, Nkundu, (Bena-Kanyoka), Mitsogo, Rwanda, Gusia, Bolia, Kaguru, Temne, Gola, Ikom, Bambara, Malinke, mandingo, dan, samo, lobi, von, yoruba, dogon, ikom, ekoi or niang, hausa, mofu-gudur, madi, sarah (mbai), dagari, joluo, Iraku, (shilluk), Sudanese Arabs, Malgashi, Kabila, Tuareg, Arabs of Morocco, ( Berbers of Morocco? perhaps the text is in Berber; the other publication mentioned by El-Shamy does not have this motive), Algerian Berbers (probably), Algerian Arabs, Arabs (?) Tunisians, Arabs of Egypt (probably), Spaniards, Basques, Catalans, Aragon, Portuguese, Maltese, Italians (Emilia Romagna, Abruzzo), Ladins, Corsicans, French (Dauphine), Walloons, Bretons, Alsatians, Germans ( Hanover), Germans (Grimms), Scots, Palestinians, Arabs of Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Qatar, Yemen, Mustang, Lavrung, Sindhi, Assames, Santals, Namuzi, Kannada, Croats, Serbs, Albanians, Bulgarians, Romanians, Moldovans, Gagauz people, Greeks, Hungarians, Western Ukrainians (Transcarpathia), northern Ukrainians (Chernigov), Russians (Terek coast, Arkhangelsk, Pskov, Kostroma, Moscow, Bryansk, Voronezh), Belarusians, Slovaks, Czechs, Poles, Stavropol Turkmens, Ossetians, Karachays, Kabardian, Abkhazians, Abazins, Balkarians, Ingush, Nogais, Kumyks, Georgians, Megrelians, Armenians, Turks, Lurs, Persians, Bukhara Arabs, Baluchis, Uzbeks, Tajiks, Mountain Tajiks, Pashayas, Norwegians, Swedes, Western Sami, Finns, Estonians, Setu, Lutsi, Latvians, Lithuanians, Bashkirs, Kazan Tatars, Mordovians, Mari, Udmurts, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Uighurs, Dungans, Altaians, Khakas, Tuvans, South Altai Tuvans, Buryats, Darkhats, Oirats, Mongors, Dagurs, Northern Khanty, Eastern Khanty, Southern Khanty, (Southern Selkups), Northern Selkups, Dolgans, Central Yakuts, Evens, Nanais, Japanese, Tundra (?) Yukaghirs, coastal Koryaks (Palana), Chukchi, Shuswap, Kutene, Seneca.

SW Africa. Hottentots: Schultze 1907:389-399 in Parsons 1922 [a young man gets a cannibal daughter; leaves a stone in her place, runs away, climbs a tree; a cannibal resorts to a tree, breaks off branches one by one; when the last one is left, the young man calls his Löwenhunde, who tears up the cannibal]: 11; Schmidt 2007, No. 11 [the cannibal ate her younger brother; the eldest came to her, her daughter is there; with a young man two lions raised like dogs; at night lions prevent the cannibal from approaching the young man; in the morning the daughter says that the young man is gone; the cannibal chases with an ax; the young man climbs a tree, she cuts it; he calls his lions, they came running, killing the cannibal; if lions tried human beings, they must be killed; the young man asks to shoot the female, but the shooter accidentally kills the male; so the lions have bred], 46 [the young man is in no hurry to do it mother's requests; she warns that one day he will see a great thing; he leaves, comes to a sick, worm-covered old woman; she replies that she is a great thing; asks her to wash it, he does it; she gives him eggs, warns him of a cannibal whose daughter has seven eyebrows, the young men who came to her all died, he must run away from her in the morning; the cannibal's daughter herself invites the young man to change clothes and sleeping in a place; at night a cannibal kills her instead of a young man; eats it; in the morning a young man runs away; a cannibal chases, a young man throws an egg, a bush appears; when the cannibal finds an egg, the bush disappears; when the young man throws the second egg, a river appears; he comes home; the ogre, wearing half of the girl's body, comes to the boy's mother disguised as a woman; the young man does not want to deal with her, goes with his dogs to the veld; the woman goes after him, the mask falls, the cannibal takes on his true form; the young man climbs a tree; when he sees the ogre, he comes down, he rushes at him, but the dogs tear him apart; the young man tells his mother what she thought was a woman, actually a cannibal]: 33-35, 108-112.

Bantu-speaking Africa. Yaka (Baja, Cameroon) [The man has three dogs, Godongkela, Kilo, Gbara, they help him with everything; there were many unmarried women, one asked a man to marry her, he refused; she became cannibal, the man climbed the tree, she began to cut the trunk with her genitals; when the tree is ready to fall, the Toad tells the felling to be overgrown, hides; so twice; the third time dogs came running at the call of the owner, one tore the cannibal's genitals, the other's face and body; the man brought the Toad to the village, told people not to eat toads; some women became men, so there were no more unmarried; the man stayed with the dogs single]: Tessmann 1934b: 236; nkundu [western in Bologna; woman and brother went to the woods to fish; got to Mokufi's house (Death, kufi means "die", note 3); he married a woman; went with his brother into the forest, killed him, told his wife to fry and eat his liver; one man from the village found a woman, she told him everything, he came back; (the other) brother took his hundred dogs, came to M.; at night dogs are not allowed M. kill a man; in the afternoon, the man left the dogs, told them to rush quickly if he called; M. invited the man to climb the tree, called Mukufi's other people to eat him; the man called the dogs, they tore him apart all Mukufi, man and sister returned to the village]: Colldén 1979, No. 3:152-155; Congo [a hunter with three dogs got lost in the savannah; spent the night in the house, tebo lived there (spirit, hell); at night he vanishes in fire is an iron nail, trying to approach a person, dogs growl; in the morning leads a man for cola nuts, covering the dogs in the house; when a person in a tree calls others tebo; they begin to cut down a tree, man calls dogs, they broke constipation, ran, tore all tebo]: Struyf 1936:219-223; zombo [the hunter with dogs got lost, ended up in the village of the dead; at night the owner is going to kill him hot with a rod, dogs are not allowed in; in the morning, the chief tells the hunter to climb the same tree, leaving the dogs in the house; the dead want to burn the tree, the dogs heard the owner's voice, ran, tore the dead to pieces]: Anpetkova-Sharova 2010:297-299; (cf. bena-canyoka [the rain caught the hunter in the forest, he took refuge with his dogs in a hut; a spirit with two heads and a spirit with three heads want to eat him, dogs do not; they ask him to get fruit from the tree; they tie him up dogs; a tree hunter calls dogs, they come running, killing spirits]: De Clercq 1909, No. 7:85-86); bolia [women went to get reeds, one is lost, went into the hut; a cannibal comes without a head; says he will take her as a concubine and cook; her older brother finds her, she hides him; explains what to do; her brother does not eat human beings; runs, throws honey, the cannibal wasts time eating honey; bees, they are cannibal bite; throws de terre avec fermeté (ou: a foie?) {incomprehensible}; at home, the younger sister also decides to go to her elder; does not listen to advice, eats the head of a man brought by the cannibal; when she runs away, she shouts that he is headless, he kills her; tells to his wife, she explains that smoke eats her eyes, so she cries; the elder brother, taking 12 dogs, comes to his sister; in the morning the cannibal leads his son-in-law to collect cola nuts; when he is in the tree, all cannibals come - whoever is without heads who have no legs; they cut down a tree, it begins to fall, a man hits it (l'homme donne une gifle), the tree recovers; he calls dogs locked in the cannibal's house, they come running and exterminating cannibals; brother and sister return to people]: Mamet 1960:115-119; mitsogo [the mother of a beautiful girl passes her off as many applicants, killing her son-in-law each time; to do this, she leads him into the forest, asks him to climb on the tree for the fruit, when he peels off, kills his mother-in-law; one young man first finds out everything from the gnome, who tells him to take a dog and a sword with him; he kills his mother-in-law, his wife is glad]: Raponda-Walker 1967:333-337; Rwanda [insibika dog or hyena-like monsters live in the forest, spewing fire from their mouths and butts; Maguru promises to bring their leader's tail; his mother gives him calebasses with 1) pumpkin seeds, 2) eleusines, 3) with beans, 4) small peas, 5) fog, 6) water; in the absence of insibika, M. comes to their lair, the old woman hides it; when insibika comes and falls asleep, M. cuts off their leader's tail, runs away; consistently throws calebasses behind him to detain pursuers; {do they collect small seeds?} ; the wind dissipates the fog, but insibika cannot overcome the reservoir; when leaving, the last insibika predicts that M. will find a beautiful rod, a good cow, meet a beautiful woman, they will turn into insibika, they will eat it; M. rejects the rod and the cow, after listening to the advice of friends and mother, but accepts the woman; at night the wife gets up, but M.'s dogs are on guard; the wife says every time she is in need; becoming pregnant, invites her husband to go to the forest to get ingredients from the tree for the witchcraft that pregnant women need; the mother tries in vain to prevent M. from letting M. in; he ties the dogs, tells the mother to release them, if a leaf falls on her chest; M. climbs a tree growing near the confluence of two rivers; the wife turns into insibika, the whole flock joins her, they cut the trunk with an ax; every time a bird shouts to prevent the tree from falling, the felling overgrows; M. throws a leaf, the mother releases the dogs, they tear insibika to pieces; on the way home, dogs demand their part of the prey, M. refuses, they tear it up and they devour; the little mongrel swallows the heart unintentionally; mother M. makes the dogs come back and regurgitate what they swallowed, but there is no heart; the mongrel promises to regurgitate it if she is given the best pieces; this promised, she belches her heart, M. comes to life, returns home, has always fed dogs well ever since]: Smith 1988:79-80; kaguru [son leaves his five dogs with his mother, goes to get his wife; in in a distant country, they agree to give him a girl if he knocks down a tree with three blows, otherwise hyenas will be allowed on him; he cannot knock down a tree, he climbs it, hyenas climb after him; he calls a song their dogs, they rush to help, come running on the third day; the biggest dog ate all the hyenas, told the owner to go down, sit on her back, brought it home; on the way, smaller dogs caught game, fed the owner; he began to live well at home]: Beidelman 1971, No. 3:19-20; Zulu [the chief's son runs away with the cannibal's daughter Langzeh; he follows, the young man climbs a tree, his dogs stay below; L. begins to cut down a tree, dogs kill him, felling overgrows; he comes to life, the episode repeats, but this time dogs throw pieces of his body into the water]: Callaway 1868:48-52 in Parsons 1922:10; braid [ the woman leaves, becomes a cannibal; she has a son Magoda; her brother's two daughters went to get water, the youngest broke the jug, they decided to leave; came to the house, M. warns that his mother is a cannibal; in the house there is a woman with half of her body vertically says that the cannibal ate the other half; the cannibal has come, the girls hear her sharpening her ax, leave pieces of wood instead, run away, climb a tree; a cannibal runs to cut it, but the bird tells the chips to stick back; the cannibal swallows the bird, but one feather falls to the ground, continues to curse the chips; the children saw their father's three dogs, called them , the dogs ate the cannibal, the children returned home]: McCall Theal 1882:115-119; Suto: Kipple 1992:363 [the young man has a skin disease; a big bird gives a feather to cure her, tells him not to tell anyone; young man they make me say; the bird swallows a young man, cattle, people; there is only one woman left; she hid inside the shell; the bird swallowed it, but the woman's shell came out from the other end; her knee was swollen; the dove asks for beans, tells her to cut the tumor, two boys, Maschilo and Maschilwane, and their dogs came out; Mashilvane climbed a tree for the fruit; the monster tells him to shed fruit; the young man plays flute, calling brother and dogs; monster chews on a trunk, a young man jumps into a nearby tree; dogs rushed at the monster, brothers finished it off; the brothers' mother shows where to make a cut; people and cattle go out], 363 [the monster Kholomodumo swallows everyone; there is only one old woman left, her leg is swollen, and two boys, Maschilo and Maschape, came out of the abscess; one day Mashape went hunting east and Mashilo went west; raised the pot, under it something orders to raise it and then lower it; he runs, the monster after him; he climbs a tree; his brother and his dogs come running, but Holomodumo killed dogs; only his last lousy dog overcame; swallowed people and cattle came out of his stomach]; St. Lys 1916 [Masilo ("fools") was his older brother, Masilonyane ("fools") was younger; they went hunting; at the fork they went in different directions, having arranged to meet in the evening; Masilonian comes to the village, there is no one in it, all the pots are turned upside down; he turned alone with great difficulty; underneath him a little old woman asks her to carry; to the watering hole, where antelopes, he asks her to get off: he will get the skin to carry it; while the dogs are chasing the antelope, he hides in the warthog's hole, but the old woman easily finds it and tells her to carry it on; the same with other antelopes; For the third time, Masiloniane promises the old woman leopard skin, but lets the dogs hit the old woman; they kill her; she has a swollen big toe; Masiloniane slapped him three times with an ax; after the first blows cattle came out, after the third, a rainbow-colored animal; Masilo is jealous; the Masilonian offers him all the cattle, but not the rainbow animal; he asks for water from the well, pushes the Malognans there, drives the cattle home; a bird sits on the horn of a rainbow animal and shouts that Masilo killed his brother for this animal; Masilo kills the bird many times, but it comes back every time; when they hear it, people drove Masilo away from villages and killed him]: 98-100; herero [the hunter comes to the house of a little monster; when he leaves, he does not tell him to look up; the hunter looks, there are dead people; the hunter runs away; when he hears the monster approaching, climbs a tree; he cuts it, the hunter tells the dogs to break the monster, they do it, he gets off, runs away, but the monster respawns; repeats everything; the third time the dogs are tired; the hunter calls the one that stayed at home, she tears up the monster; the hunter comes running to his mother, hides; the monster is here again; the mother asks him to swallow it, gets out of his ass twice; now suggests that the monster allow himself swallow, shut his ass, the monster dies]: Estermann 1941:178-179; ovambo [young man's dogs are various wild animals; he throws the bird to bake by the fire of the spirit, he is afraid of his "dogs", does not dare rush at him; same with a different spirit, "dogs" killed him, the young man cooked him, others ate him thinking they were eating a young man; he killed all the spirits; married, the wife warns that her mother is a cannibal; the young man's "dogs" are not let the mother-in-law come up at night and kill her son-in-law; the wife offers to run; they climb a tree; the mother-in-law begins to cut him, the dogs devour her, she revives from the remaining piece; the same second time; the young man with their wife comes to his mother; she eats the cannibal, the cannibal comes out of her ass, swallows her, who in turn goes out, swallows the cannibal, clogs her ass with the fruit, then defecates over boiling water, the cannibal turns into locusts, flies away; the young man clears the area, the vegetation recovers; he watches, sees how the locusts tell the bushes to revive; the young man catches them, puts them in a vessel, covers them with a lid; this time the cannibal finally dies]: Loeb 1951:307-310; goose [the woman cultivated the field, refused to give the bird a piece of food, she ordered the field to be regrown with grass; the woman's husband caught a bird, put it in a barn, it began to give honey; the son showed the bird to his peers, it flew away; the father made a powerful pen, left his son inside; the cannibal Rinani came; the boy called his dog, she ran, tore Rinani at the last moment; together with the dog, the boy went out through her fence break]: Vinogradov 1984, No. G15:311-322; Lenje [brother and sister orphaned; brother He has sown castor seed; if he wilts, let his sister feed him two dogs porridge and release him; goes to a country where only women have eaten; all men have been eaten by an old woman; women want to hide it in a hole, but he is not afraid; the old woman asks to climb a tree to cut off branches for firewood; begins to gnaw the trunk; eats dogs; the young man climbed to another tree; castor withers, the sister feeds and lets the dogs go; they tore off the old woman's hands and legs; when her teeth were pulled out, she died; brother brings his sister, marries those women]: Earthy 1937, No. 3:212-215.

West Africa. Dark [a man ties his dogs, goes to steal cola nuts from the cannibal Krifi; K. cuts a tree that a man has climbed with an ax; he calls dogs, they tear the leash, come running, tear K . to piece]: Thomas 1916:33-34 in Parsons 1922:9; Turay 1989 [the hunter has 5 dogs; he was surrounded by monsters in the forest; he asked for permission to say goodbye to his fellow villagers, climbed a tree, called dogs; those heard, ran, tore monsters]: 86-89; naked [the girl rejects the grooms; the forest spirit borrows various parts of the body from others on the way, comes handsome, the girl goes with him, he returns borrowed, the girl is forced to live in his lair; the girl's mother gives birth to twins, goes to look for her sister; by the river, one makes a bridge of arrows, the other crosses in clouds of smoke; they come to sister, they live with her, their two big dogs protect them; while the spirit is gone, the brothers pour rice to the rooster of the spirit so that he does not raise the alarm, run away with their sister to their parents; the spirit again appears under the guise of a beautiful woman, one of the brothers takes her as his wife; the wife takes her husband to the forest to collect fruits; when the husband climbs a tree, takes his true form, tries to knock down the tree; the husband restores the tree by witchcraft; so several times; husband's dogs come running, killing his imaginary wife]: Westermann 1921, No. 20:101-102; ikom [Chief Leku has Achor's wife; Akoba young woman is beautiful, uses the services of many men, does not want marries; promises to marry someone who falls into a far-away calebass; L. gets there, she has to marry him, but gets tired of doing housework; she decides to kill him; asks him to go to the forest for the fruit, leaving the hunting dogs at home; when he climbs a palm tree, she cuts the trunk with an ax; L. sends a bird for his dogs; the palm tree falls but he moves to another; Achor causes a spill rivers, but dogs cross, tear Achor apart; L. makes five bundles with pieces of her body, lets five dogs carry; Akoba doesn't understand how he could carry so much, he has to tell; she goes for firewood, makes five bundles, tells dogs to carry; they brought and died of fatigue; since then, dogs have not talked and do not comply with the requests of their owners]: Dayrell 1913, No. 6:11-12; bambara [ Siriman hunter kills many animals; the hare advises animals to turn the antelope into a woman to trap S.; S.'s mother warns him that the woman seems dangerous to her; she asks S. to kill and fry his dogs; his mother keeps their bones, puts them in a vessel; the wife asks what S. turns into while hunting; he replies that he is a stump, grass, agama lizard; his wife asks S. to accompany her to her parents, asks not to take weapons with them; in an unfamiliar forest she calls animals, they rush to S.; S. turns into a termite mound, grass, stump, agama, his wife every time says that the termite mound, etc. is S. ; A hare gnaws on a tree trunk on which S.; mother S. sees her son in a tree from a distance, cooks dog bones, dogs come to life, kill and disperse animals; since then it has been known that it is impossible to argue with his mother]: Görö g 1979:106-111; Mandingo (Guinea Bissau): Mendelssohn 1971:170-174 [Hunter Samba kills numerous animals; Gazelle and Guinea Fowl have become girls, asked to rest in the house, but to tie dogs - they are afraid of them; the elder wife Maryam does not want to do it, the youngest Cady tells them to tie them; S. goes to see the girls off, K. readily agrees not to untie the dogs; girls in the forest turn into a gazelle and guinea fowl, S. behind them, finds himself among lions, elephants, etc.; he runs, throws an egg (lake); coconut; a palm tree appears, S. climbs it; animals bring axes, dogs they hear, M. releases them, they drive the animals away; K. tries in vain to prove that it is M.'s fault, S. drives her away], 203-212 [Malan goes hunting, his stupid and angry sister Njatta tells me not to take it with him dogs; M. throws beans behind to find his way home, N. follows and picks up; M. searches for fire, sees smoke, comes to the blind cannibal; a huge cat brings her a man; M. crept in, take coal, but N. tells the cannibal that her brother has come; the cannibal tells her hair to tie those who come; dogs hear, come running, kill the cannibal; M. and the dogs go one way, N. to the other; dogs see how a hedgehog kills a frog and immediately revives it with grass; M. collects this grass; the girl Maria Futuma is eaten by a seven-headed snake in exchange for water; M.'s dogs kill a snake, he carves out tongues; a swineherd says that he killed the snake, N. confirms; everything turns out that swineherd and N. pull out their tongue; N. puts a knife in M.'s bed, he dies, he is buried; dogs find reviving grass, killing N., reviving M. ]; raspberries [animals are concerned that Sirankomi is killing them; to find out his hunting secrets, buffalo turns into a beauty, comes to S.'s house, asks her to tell her secrets in proof that he is really a great hunter; he says he can turn into an anthill or termite, a stump, a hummock of grass; when he is ready to talk about the last transformation, S. his mother stops; in the morning, a woman leads S. to the bush, asking him not to take weapons with her; animals rush at him, but do not know when he leaves in the form of a small tornado; var.: woman forces the hunter get rid of his dogs, but his mother or sister lowers them or revives them from their bones; the hunter hides in a tree, dogs save him]: Belcher 2005:42-48; dan [the chief has 12 wives; one is childless and unloved, she was put in a hut on a pile of garbage; she was beaten by melons and pumpkins; then she is 12 years pregnant; other wives despise her, do not want to help collect firewood; finally, Gueu's son tells his mother to give birth to him; he born in a shirt, walks and talks; tells his father to put his mother's hut in the center; all the bows break in his hands, he ordered him to make an iron one; brings an elephant from hunting; the father is afraid of G. and that get rid of him, says that there is someone stronger; it happens; G. promises to bring his hair to bandage his own; on the way there he asks for directions to the monkeys, the river, the leader of the baby village ( they all have umbilical cords); everyone warns that sometimes no one has returned from everyone, he has a mountain of skulls of those he killed, a giant who turns rocks into dust, and his wife; everyone's wife G. I liked it, it helps him; lets him throw three pebbles while fleeing; an amulet Anything happens to be a vessel of water, it does not touch it; so let G. hide under it, and touch everything that eat in the house; they also went to the river (marigot); Everyone came, smells G. everywhere, but does not look under the vessel of water; everyone's wife combed his hair the day before and gave G. combed out; G. runs; everyone has magic words that make the runner wait, but G. has others that make the pursuer not chase; then G. consistently throws three pebbles, a mountain appears, river, thorny forest; Everyone sometimes passes through them (the river water parts), but by this time G. reaches his village; in a dream he finds out that he should have a dog; has seven dogs; a year later Everyone- Sometimes she took the form of a beauty, she came to G.; says that she does not eat chicken, but dog meat; G. promises to feed her in the morning, and her mother replies that she knows who has come: it all happens; at night a monster took on his form, but G. became invisible; in the morning, the beauty promises to leave on the eighth day (to eat all the dogs in 7 days); G. warned her not to break her bones; leaving on the morning of the eighth day with the beauty, G. teaches mother revive the dogs and let them down when she sees a red cloud at sunrise; while Everyone is gone to take her form, G. climbed the tree; everyone sometimes makes the tree bend down, and G. again straighten up; each of the dogs that come running swallows everything happens, but it immediately comes out of her ass; G. tells the seventh dog to sit backwards on the ground, everyone sometimes could not get out and died; so dogs sitting backwards on the ground]: Tiémoko 2019:24-36; scrap [mother reproaches twins Zine and Sele that because of their strength they break dishes, it would be better to return a sister kidnapped by the evil spirit of Nyanwole; they they come for her, Z. creates a harp, N. dances, the brothers run away, put a stone on the road, it turns into a hill; N. runs home for a knife, cuts the hill in half; they spit, a river forms, N. runs again for an ax, cuts the river, crosses (dry); brothers create fire, N. cuts it; Z. turns into a dog, she bit N.; brothers return for their sister, bring them home]: Schwab 1947:459; self: Platiel 1984:181-191 [A hunter and his seven dogs kill animals; they gather to decide how to kill himself; decide that the antelope will become a woman, become his wife; the husband gives her goat meat, she says that goat meat cannot be eaten in her kind; the same goes for sheep; says she eats only dogs; his mother warns that dogs are his main asset; he kills dogs one at a time to to feed the wife, the mother hides her bones; after the latter is killed, the wife calls her husband to the forest for firewood; going far away, she invites her husband to climb a dry tree and throw her branches; she calls the animals, which surround the tree, they begin to cut him with an ax; playing the flute, the hunter calls on the dogs; the Toad asks for her to chop the ax, they throw it away; hearing the flute, the hunter's mother pours over the bones of the dogs, they come to life and kill animals under the tree; the husband gets down, tells his wife to carry home the dead elephant; she replies that he cannot lift her, he kills her with an arrow; half of her body has become the body of an antelope, the other remains human; at home the hunter's mother offered the dogs a drink; they replied that the corpses did not drink, ran east; the hunter cried; people despised him; there are three versions of the text; in two, the wife is not an antelope, but a monkey; in two the hunter kills dogs, accusing them of eating his newborn son's ass when they start licking it (dogs are allowed to lick the dirty ass of newborns); the number of dogs is 3 or not specified; var.: when dogs run to the tree, the leaves they touch also turn into dogs; dogs kill a woman on the orders of the owner; tear a woman in half, one part turns into the sun, the other into the moon; the hunter brings all the dead monkeys, dries their skins on the terrace; the Hare comes, blows on their skins, the monkeys come to life; dogs kill them again, but two escape, the current ones come from them], 193-199 [people many animals are killed; guinea fowl turns into a woman, marries a hunter; when she goes for brushwood, it becomes a bird again every time, other wives are surprised how quickly she brings brushwood; when they find out where the husband is going to hunt, warns animals and birds; they give guinea fowl brushwood, leave this place; the old woman followed her; calls the hunter to follow for himself; the husband plays a chant that sings Guinea fowl, warning others; when she hears him, she turns into a bird in front of her husband's eyes; he kills it, tells the children to cook it; (var.: the bird does not drown; this is a warning to people against excessive hunting)] ; dagari [a hunting magician does not miss, and in case of danger can turn into various objects and elements; he has a pack of good dogs; he destroys many animals; he once killed a lioness, the lion cub escapes, grows up, decides to take revenge; turns into a beautiful woman, marries a hunter; says that he loves a dog, the hunter allows his wife to kill all his dogs; the hunter's mother hides their bones; the wife chooses the skin of the murdered mother to bed; asks how the husband manages to be invulnerable; he replies that fire, straw, wind, drawer...; at this moment, the hunter's mother hears and tells him to be silent; in the morning, the wife says that she will take her husband to her parents, asks him to leave his gun, bow and arrows at home (she is afraid of them); after walking away for a minute, the wife turns into a lion; the hunter throws his flute at her, turns into fire; the lion in the rain, the fire into the grass, the water vapor into the buffalo, which began to eat the grass; the grass into the tornado, the buffalo into the wall around it, the tornado into the lizard; the lion regains its normal form, waiting for The lizard will come down; the hunter tells him to play his flute, his dogs come running, kill the lion; the hunter's mother revived them from the bones]: Hien 1995:82-96; mofu-gudur [seven brothers go to look for brides, leaving the mother pregnant; after two years of pregnancy, the baby from the womb asks how to get out; refuses to go out like everyone else, the mother tells him to go out through her ass; the boy is born young, dressed; catches up brothers; they do not believe he is their brother; they stay in a house with eight sisters; the girls' mother asks the boys to lie with their heads against the wall, the daughters to lie head to the door; enters playing the flute to make sure that everyone is sleeping; the younger brother answers; she goes out, he tells the brothers to lie their heads against the door, the girls turn to the wall; the woman comes in, plays, no one answers, she cuts off the heads of her daughters, thinking that cuts off the young men; the youngest tells the brothers to run; everyone runs away, but one cannot be woken up; the youngest stays asleep, turns into a bell; seeing that the daughters are still dead, the woman cooks and eats them; makes a sleeping young man a slave; leaves grain to guard from goats; the bell becomes a cow, pretends to butt the boy, carries him away on his back, turns into a young man, both run; the woman turns into beautiful, comes to people, promises to marry someone who takes a splinter out of her leg; no one can; against will, Saday {apparently the name of the young man who was the bell} pulls out his knife, a splinter with this knife immediately taken out; the woman is given to Sadai; she turns into fire, but the dogs do not tell her to eat their owner; she is afraid of them, tells her husband's parents that she can make a good sauce by adding bark to it a tree growing far away in the savannah asks to let their son go with her; a woman hides a cauldron under her clothes, says she is pregnant with Sadai, gives seven dogs food, locks them, walks with her husband; in the savannah turns into a panther with 30 tails; gnaws on a tree on which S.; S. asks the vulture to bring his horn, he is in the trash, where the chicken and the vulture are driven away; asks for a hawk, there is a white chicken, a hawk brings a horn; if S. catches an abandoned horn, he caught it; S. caught, blew, called dogs by name; dogs broke constipation, ran, tore the witch to pieces; one bone pierced S.'s leg, dogs pulled her out; S. brings dishes taken by the witch and one of the panther's tails; reproaches his parents and chief for telling him to marry a witch; mother breaks his leg, father's arm, chief's neck; other people also have something for themselves they break; S. burns his tail]: Sorin-Barreteau 2001, No. 18:126-134; lobi [This chases three cows; when it rains, he tries to hide in some house; only a third cow breaks through the door; there is a cannibal- dintinker; Sie replaces the pots of ointment that D. gives him and his son; at night she kills her son; in the morning she tells S. to bring milk in a leaky vessel; S. notices holes, sends d. to bring water in a leaky vessel jug; leaves with cows; the bird teaches D. to cover holes with clay; not finding S., d. chases after; the woman asks S. to wash her back; he reluctantly agrees; she gives him a stone, a stick, a broom, an egg; thrown behind, they turn into a forest (broom), mountain (stone), stick (thick trees), sea (egg); d. swims across the sea in a boat, appears in S.'s house in the guise of a girl; S.'s father tells his son to marry her; d . tries to poison S.; rushes with an ax; S. climbs a tree, d. cuts the trunk; The frog offers to chop for it, the felling overgrows; the same second, third frogs; S. played the flute; animals, which his father bought him {not named}, heard, ran, tore up d.]: Anpetkova-Sharova 2010:127-131; background: Herskovits, Herskovits 1958, No. 17 [Azizã is a sea creature, another name for these Djehun creatures; when A. went ashore, the hunter killed him, brought the king a severed tail, but woman-J. went to sea; this woman, the daughter of the victim, took the form of a beautiful girl, came to the king, promised to become his wife, if he shoots and hits a calebass that she puts on her head; the king did not hit; the same with other kings and hunters; only the old hunter who killed Father J. hit; she married him; hunter 6 dogs; his wife asks how he will escape in case of danger; he replies that he will turn into a river, a tree, sand, a vessel; his mother hears, tells him to be silent; about the last transformation, into a horse, he did not say; the wife leads to the seashore for leaves; the husband climbs a tree, the wife calls her relatives Yehwe, they begin to nibble, cut the trunk with their legs, hands, hair, teeth; when the tree is ready fall, the hunter breaks one of his seven calebas, the felling overgrows; the last time dogs hear, come running, drive away all Yehwe; the hunter asks the fortuneteller what sacrifices to make; Yehwe killed parents and all relatives of the hunter, but he is alive; Yehwe has not been killed since then], 51 [Kpadunu hunter leaves his mother with a magic remedy; if the water turns into blood, the dogs must be let go; climbed a tree to watch for the animals; the tree belonged to Yehwe, she cut it down; when it was ready to fall, K. broke one of the three calebas, the tree was intact; the third time K.'s mother woke up to see blood , let the dogs down; they ate 12 Yehwe, and K. ordered the 13th, a pregnant woman, to let go, because she did not cut down the tree and asked others to leave the person alone; K. took the pregnant woman home], 63 [Zinzu leaves mother's water with a magic remedy; if water turns into blood, the dogs must be let go; comes to Yehwe, who eats with all parts of his body; Z. tells him this, he rushes at him, Z. climbs on wood; many Y. cut down a tree; every time it is ready to fall, Z. breaks one of the seven calebas, the tree recovers; pregnant J. advises leaving Z. alone; mother Z. sees blood, descends dogs that eat all J., except the pregnant woman, she gave birth to new J.], 65 [Sagbo and Zinzu brothers found themselves in the forest without fire; saw smoke; Z. came to a giant (Yehwe) named Zogbano with 32 horns; saw that everything YZ's body parts are lying apart and eating; when YZ noticed Z., he gathered into one person; Z. got fire, walked away, began to play the flute about how YZ was watching; he went to look for the player, Z. denied that it was him; put out the fire, came for him again; so three times; a girl came to the village, promised to marry someone who would fall into a pea on a calebass on her head; only Z. got there, the girl became his wife; at night turned into a giant, wanted to swallow him, but Z.'s 42 dogs barked; Z. saw a tree in the forest, wanted it to be his wife instead of that monster; the tree turned into Djeluba's girlfriend; she made it a condition that he would not remember that she was a tree; she did not cook; Z. returned home, had nothing to eat, went to his first wife, said that the second was just a tree; when Z. was in the woods, the first She called the second tree, she returned to the forest, became a tree; the second went to the forest to her relatives; the mother gave Z. a drum, did not order to beat it; the man asked to be beaten, and all Yehwe Zogbanu, Z. climbed a tree, they knocked him down, he flew away in a partridge; his mother hears him telling his wife that he could have turned from a partridge into an ant, a leaf, a river, sand; then his mother told him to shut up; in the morning Z.'s wife took Z. into the forest; he told his mother to let the dogs go down if the water turned red; Z. climbed the tree for leaves, YZ ran in, the water turned red, but his mother was not at home; Z.'s friend found himself in the forest, drove away the monsters; the wife said that everything happened without her knowledge; at home she told Z.'s friend that Z. was dead; the friend hanged himself; after getting rid of him, the wife took Z. back into the forest; the friend's wife told Z., he found the body, brought him home; went with his wife to the forest; she asked me to climb the baobab to get leaves; the monster gathered, began to cut down, Z. successively broke 7 calebas, the felling overgrown each time; when the tree collapsed, Z. became an ant, a partridge, etc.; again as a man, ran, climbed a tree that was his wife; the notches were immediately overgrown; the mother let the dogs down, they tore the monsters; the tree wife refused to return, but sent her four child trees, who are now human; Chief Dada Segbo ordered dogs to become man's best friends; his Z. sacrificed his deceased friend; They still honor the Adiku tree, the wife of Z.], 66 [Sagbo and Zinzu brothers work in the field, found themselves without fire; saw smoke; S. went, did not find, returned; Z. came to Azizã; saw that all parts of his body were lie alone and eat; his mouth asks why Z. came and what he saw; Z. answers that he saw nothing behind the fire; on the way back he sings about what he saw; one of yehwe came disguised as a young girl; she she will marry someone who falls into the calebass placed on her head; Z. gets, she chooses him as her husband; they go to the forest for firewood, Z. tells her mother to let the dogs down if the water turns red; the wife brings Z. where yehwe live; when Z. climbs the baobab, the wife calls all 32-horned yehwe; they almost knock down the baobab twice, but Z. breaks two calebasses, the felling overgrows; the bird flew, woke up mother Z., that released the dogs, they, at Z.'s request, spared the pregnant yehwe, because she advised others not to touch the person; the current yehwe comes from her]: 186-190, 240-241, 271-272, 275-284, 284-287; Yoruba [at the festival, the hunter meets a beautiful woman, does not know that she is a cannibal, wins a game where the winner is promised the hand of a beautiful woman, brings her into the house by his wife; at night she turns into a pile of teeth three times, three hunter dogs see it, bark, the hunter wakes up every time; the wife invites the hunter to take her to the forest, tells her to tie the dogs; the wife turns into a pile of teeth, the hunter climbs a tree, teeth they gnaw the trunk, the hunter moves from one tree to another; asks a flying bird to fly to his house, free the dogs; they ate the cannibal]: Walker, Walker 1980:17-19; catch-up [the hunter killed many animals; his mother hid one bone each time; the animals decided to kill the hunter, he climbed the tree; the dogs began to fight, everyone died, the dog Sadale escaped without a paw; when he saw him, mother the hunter sprayed water on the bones, they turned into new dogs, killed the animals; when he returned, the hunter asked the men to help bring firewood; his wife told him not to go; instead of firewood, people brought meat animals killed by dogs; the wife told the man that he was always at home; went around the village, everyone gave her a piece of meat, she gave her children, but did not give it to her husband]: Arakelova 2005:168-169; ikom [from Chief Leku Achor's wife; Akoba young woman is beautiful, uses the services of many men, does not want to marry; promises to marry someone who falls into a distant calebass; L. hits, she has to Marry him, but gets tired of doing the housework; she decides to kill him; asks him to go to the forest for fruit, leaving the hunting dogs at home; when he climbs a palm tree, she cuts the trunk with an ax; L. sends a bird for his dogs; the palm tree falls, but he moves to another; Achor causes the river to flood, but the dogs cross, tear Achor apart; L. makes five bundles with pieces of her body, lets her carry five dogs; Akoba does not understand how he could carry so much, he has to tell; she goes for firewood, makes five bundles, tells the dogs to carry; they brought and died of fatigue; since then, dogs have not talk and do not comply with the owners' requests]: Dayrell 1913, No. 6:11-12; Ekoi or Niang [Atikawt is a great hunter; after learning that elephants poison crops, he decided to exterminate elephants while none of them will no longer trample fields; elephants are sorcerers, optionally taking the form of humans and elephants; sent a downpour to prevent A. from returning home from the forest; A. came to the house of the mistress of the forest Ada; who lives with her the lame girl warned not to touch the food that will be served; if Ada snores like a storm, then she is awake; and if like thunder, she falls asleep; the girl gave two plants; the juice of one will open the door, the juice of the other she would dry the river to cross to the other side; as it happened, Ada stopped in front of the river; the next day she took the form of a girl and came to the town where A. lived; he fell in love with her; but one of his wives was a sorceress and realized that it was Ada; A. did not believe it; his wife told two dogs A. to take care of the owner; Ada took a hot iron pin out of her stomach and prepared to pierce A. at night, but the dogs were ready to rush at her; she said she could not be in the same room with the dogs and A. chained them on the veranda; Ada took out the rod again, but the dogs broke through the window; then Ada led A. to a fruit tree and asked her to climb; made the tree tall; armed warriors jumped out of her belly and began to cut down a tree; A. called dogs; her wife cut the chains, the dogs threw them to help; a tree fell, but not to the ground, but to another; the warriors began to cut down the second tree, but then dogs ran up, tore Hell and its warriors]: Kunze 1990:116-124; hausa [when going to the forest, a man forbid two wives untie abandoned dogs; met Dodo in the forest, climbed a tree, played the flute; the eldest wife untied the dogs, the youngest objected; the dogs tore Dodo, the husband beat his youngest wife]: Olderogge 1969: 250-251.

Sudan - East Africa. Joluo [Obong'o has a talking Sijenje bull; S. and all the cattle are gone; O. went to search, came to Lang'o country; all the people he met are pointing the wrong way; O. sang, S. answered from afar; so a few once, S. found; in the country, L. offers poisoned food and drink, S. warns the owner each time; everyone went to the leader's funeral, the Kaki hyena (a particularly ferocious type of hyenas) remained to protect the cattle; O. crept up, cut off her tail, her strength was in it; there was still a blind old woman, O. promised to cure her, dripped aloe juice into her eyes, she died in agony; O. brought his cattle back; K. became a beautiful girl, came to O.'s country; all men are interested in her, every time she asks which animal the man killed, rejects everyone; O. replies that he cut off K.'s tail; she immediately chooses him as her husband; suggests following with firewood, do not take dogs with you, because he is afraid of them; suggests O. to climb a tree, break off branches first; turns into a Kaki hyena, begins to cut; O. calls dogs; the bird distracts K., asks , why kill a handsome man; at this time, the felling overgrows; O. calls the dogs again, they hear and come running; seeing them, K. became a beautiful woman again, but the dogs tore her apart]: K'Okiri 1970:11-31; madi [staying in the cemetery at night, the man saw a white spirit; cried out, all the animals and birds came together to eat it; his dogs helped him escape and return home; after that, the man did not go anywhere alone in dark time]: Arewa 1961, No. 2435:120; sarah (mbai) [Sou has 10 dogs; he went to cut reeds by the river; a witch lived there; he asked for a meal worthy of a guest; she cooked child; Su noticed his head in the brew, poured the food under the bed, and chewed a dry cake himself; witch: I gave you food as a guest, now you must be my lover; took your pest, chased Su; at night they entered the hut, the witch released her teeth to eat Su, but the dogs began to bark; the witch calmed down, threw a pestle into the fire and said that tomorrow Su should go across four rivers and bring her a new one; in the morning I asked me to lock the dogs in the hut, they are angry; they went across 4 rivers, Su had an ax to make a new pestle; the witch told Su to climb the tree: cut it above and I'll be below; then: you poured out my food and now you're going to die! my teeth become an ax, my child's teeth become an ax! and Su began to sing, calling the dogs; they escaped from the hut, but the big dogs could not swim across the river; the smallest swam across, came back and carried the others; they tore them apart by the sorceress; Su went down with a tree, cut it down, made a fire and burned her remains; a woman collected ash to make salt, brought it to her; her daughter tells her mother that ash sings: I am ash (from the burned) witch, and my name is ash (for cooking) salt; the mother only replies that she will give this salt to her daughter when she has her wedding; but still scattered ash; she has grown a pumpkin vine; a huge pumpkin has come off the stem, rolled around the village, devouring everyone; the pregnant woman asked the lion to hide it: if you have twins, you can eat one; when she gave birth, she asked the lion to wait: let the boys grow up; the woman caught on the stump, which teaches to feed the lion with food and sleeping pills; when the lion woke up, the lion caught up with them, the woman pretended not to run away; stump: feed the lion to the dump so as not to wake up; they they ran to the blacksmith, the young men made throwing knives, climbed a tree, called the pumpkin sorcerer; the thrush screams, naming two vines; the young men smeared the knives with the juice of these vines; cut the pumpkin, all swallowed went out; so there are many people on earth now]: Fortier 1967:177-183; Iraq [the night caught honey pickers; Ama'irmi came, offered roots, seven ate and died; others took the roots and ran away; A. follows, the roots answer; people abandoned them; then the necklaces answer - they also threw them; people climbed the tree, A. gnaws on it; when the tree almost falls, two dogs heard a noise, ran and killed A.]: Kohl-Larsen 1963:121-123; (cf. shilluk [the mother gave Garo's son to the lion; he went to get firewood, G. told the palm tree to bend down, climbed on it, then told him to straighten up; the lion began to dig up a palm tree; Father G. heard his song, sent help a lion was killed]: Hofmayr 1925:368); Sudanese Arabs [husband with pregnant wife, son Muhammad and daughter Fatma come to the cannibal, the husband leaves the family there; while F. took M. to play, the cannibal killed his mother , began to cook, told them to cook porridge; answered the children that their mother had given birth; F. lifted the lid of the cauldron, saw the remains of her mother; took her brother and ran away; they got to the old woman; there was a cauldron, F. found that he is full of gold; asked his brother what to do with the gold; he told him to buy him a scourge, a sword and a horse; they built a house; when he returns from hunting, M. asks F. to open the door; the ghoul heard it; he pretends to be for M., F. replies that the voice is like a donkey; the ghoul told the blacksmith to change his voice; he changed, but warned that the ghoul should not eat carrion; the ghoul ate, the voice is like a donkey again; the same again; F. opens ; the ghoul asks if he should eat it or M.; she replies that M., let the ghoul hide in addition; the ghoul attacked M., but he called animals {which ones?} , ordered to eat ghoul, dog, throat (dog and turtle came to see) and F., leaving only tendons; F., dog and turtle say this is unfair]: Al-Shahi, Moore 1920, No. 5:68-69; Malgashi [three brothers, and the fourth named Isilakuluna has half of his body wooden; his father drove him away, his mother left with him; they live in the forest, have dogs; brothers ask their father what are the curiosities in the world ; father: white guinea fowl, red bee honey, wild bull, monsters with a woman's head; brothers go in search, I. with them; tells the mother that if the bananas dry up, he is in trouble, let him release the dogs; I. lures guinea fowls, fills the calebass with honey, tames the bull; each time the brothers take what they have earned from him, take credit for themselves; when they enter the monster house with a woman's head, they are frightened; I. tells them bring water with a net, brothers are fleeing; monsters are chasing; I. stuck a piece of wood into the ground, a forest appeared, monsters cut it down; scattered rice (tall hard grass); eggs (river, pursuers drank it); I. s the brothers climbed the stone, I. told him to become a high rock; I.'s mother let the dogs down, but the monsters ate the red, black and yellow ones; the brothers lowered the rope, then cut off, two monsters crashed; the third did not began to rise; the last dog grabbed him by the tail, I. captured him; brought him to his father; told how everything was his father made him heir, the rest of his sons were happy]: Rodman 1965:161-169.

North Africa. Kabila [the old man bought 7 apples for 7 daughters-in-law, ate half of one apple on the way; the daughter-in-law, who got half, gave birth to a boy named Amar half, the rest were normal boys; brothers went hunting; caught two lions; good jinnia offered them black milk (supposedly, her goat is afraid to graze, because there are predators all around, so she eats coals near the hearth), brought them to her; brothers left the lions to protect the ginnia, went to clear the forest of predators, spent the night with the cannibal ceriel; she ate horses and six brothers; A. asks her to bring him water first with a sieve, ran away; calls the river a river of oil and honey, it opens a dry bottom, A. crosses, the river flows again; ceriel calls the river with swear words, tells the dog to drink it; the dog bursts, the river continues to flow; the sheikh teaches ceriel to name the river is a river of oil and honey; the river parts, ceriel crosses, A. climbs a tree; ceriel cuts the trunk with an ax all day, casts a spell in the evening, goes to rest, in the morning the trunk is intact again; the sheikh teaches : I must say, "in the name of God"; she does so, by morning the notch does not overgrow; A. asks for permission to shout 7 times; lions hear, come running, eat ceriel; A. warns not to let a drop of her blood touched the ground; one lion dropped a drop, but another managed to catch it in the air]: Dermenghem 1945:63-67; Tuaregs (central Niger) [man wanted to see something amazing; came to a stream of oil, then to the buttocks, then to the eyes that were fighting with each other; djinnija (a genie woman) asked if this was not surprising, the man replied that nothing special; jinnia became a woman invited her place, she has many children; she fed the traveler, he went to bed, she sharpened his knife, but the rooster sang; when she saw that the man had left on a camel, Ginnia rushed in pursuit; she was a giantess - until sky; he left the rooster, she ate it; then began to bite off and devour the camel's legs, one at a time; when she ate the last leg and the whole camel, the man climbed the tree; she tore off his penis, turned it into an ax, began to cut down a tree; the Chameleon (considered a wise and good animal) asked to let him chop, ordered the felling to grow, the tree became the same as before; the man called dogs; one wife wanted to let them off the leash, another said they shouldn't; in the end, the dogs were lowered, they came running, tore the woman apart; to go down, the tree had to be made lower {it's not clear who did it}; the man divorced his wife, who prevented the dogs from letting go]: Rasmussen 1998:269-270 (paraphrase), 279-284 (substitch); Moroccan Arabs [one wife is childless, the other has a daughter and is pregnant again; husband every the day brings two pigeons, tells them to cook one or the other; the daughter accidentally releases her mother's pigeons; the shepherd catches them for promising to give one, the woman does not give them, he releases them again; a woman and daughter follow them, find themselves in the forest; the mother does not pay attention to the dog, cat, donkey (the daughter says they come to show the way back); sees a lion; tells her daughter to climb a tree; if the lion starts eating it on the right, then she has a son, let the daughter cover the child with leaves; if on the left, she has a daughter again; the lion eats on the right, the girl sheds its leaves, the lion does not notice the baby; the crow promises to help if the girl will give her half of her mother's clothes; brings the red-hot share of the plow; asks the lion to open its mouth, she will jump into it; throws a share, the lion dies; the girl gives the crow what she promised, takes the baby away; helps to give birth to a she-wolf, tigress, lioness, monkey, bear, leopard, hedgehog; each feeds her brother, gives birth to her newborn; on the mountain, a girl and animals ask God to make a boy adults; it happened; they met a ghoul, called them to live with him; the young man fell in love with a shepherdess; the sister is jealous, promises to marry him if he kills her brother; the ghoul asks the young man not to take today animals to hunt; at home, the sister puts them to sleep with singing; the ghoul wants to eat the young man, he asks for permission to say three words before his death; the ghoul allows them to say seven; the young man calls his seven animals; at home the sister rubs the grain, accidentally shoved the hedgehog into the eye, he woke up, woke up the others, they rushed to help the young man, tore the gulya; at home, the sister cries, says that the hedgehog pricked her, asks her to show where he buried the ghoul's bones; his brother married, his sister put seven ghoul bones in his bed, they pierced him to death; he is buried, the animals dig up his body, take out the bones, the young man comes to life; the leader is his father wives tell them to bury their sister along with the ghoul's bones]: El Koudia 2003, No. 2:7-14; Algerian Arabs (Blida) [the couple has a son; the husband asks his wife to take the drug to conceive again; she has prepared a potion went to the bathhouse; her husband accidentally ate it himself; the wife returned, a quarrel began, a few days later the wife died {from beatings?} ; the husband's leg was swollen, a girl came out of the tumor; he told his son to get rid of it; he left the child in the tree; for three years an eagle fed the girl, then the young man took her and went on a journey; he had three dogs with talking names (the last "Pulling the lungs out of her shoulders"); the girl's name is Bent essaq ("Foot Daughter"; B.); they came to Ghoul's house; he left with the key in the door; they began to live in this house; until the brother was gone, the ghoul returned; B. did not unlock it, the ghoul broke the door; B. called the dogs, they did not come; the ghoul married B.; the brother returned, began to fight the ghoul, called the dogs, they tore the ghoul (the third dog pulled out her lungs); but his sister cured him; his brother returned again, cut the ghoul in half; left, leaving B.; in one area people are thirsty; the dragon closed the water, demands a bowl of couscous, ram and a girl; a young man cut a dragon, the water poured out abundantly; the girl exchanged shoes with her savior; all men are told to bring their shoes; the young man comes last, the princess threw it at him apple, recognized her shoes; wedding 7 days and nights; B. came, persuaded her to forgive her; collected dragon thorns, put her brother in bed; he died and buried; dogs removed the body, pulled out the thorns, young man came to life; sister crucified at the city gates so that everyone passing by would spit on her]: Desparmet 1910:140-149; Tunisia [a woman has seven sons and a daughter; the daughter is very thin, does not want to eat anything; woman I went to the doctor, who said: in order to cure a girl, she needed to give the liver of a young child; the woman saw the baby returning from kuttab, started playing with him, called him home for sweets, turned into a predatory beast, fed the liver of her daughter's child; she ate a whole herd of sheep, then her father, brothers one by one, then her mother; the youngest brother ran away from home to horses, his sister chased him, he climbed a tree, she ate his horse and began to climb the tree; the boy had two sparrows, he called them, they flew in and picked him up, and his sister rushed to boy and fell down; he went down and beat her with a stick]: Al-Aribi 2009, No. 81 in Korovkina MS; Egyptian Arabs, Algerian Berbers: El-Shamy 2004, No. 315a: 142-143.

Southern Europe. Spaniards (Extremadura) [a dog man has Iron, Lead, Steel (or Sun, Moon, Star); he chases away a giant seeking his sister's hand; sister lures brother to collect for she has fruit from an orange tree; a giant runs up, shakes him, a man calls dogs, they come running, drive away the giant; next time the giant lets his sister add poison to his brother; dogs feel poison, cat tries, dies; then a man saves a princess from a seven-headed serpent, dogs kill a snake]: Parsons 1922:8-9; Catalans [at the instigation of a giant, the sister tries to kill her brother several times; three brave and loyal dogs save him every time]: Oriol, Pujol 2008, No. 315:74; Aragon [with the help of his dogs, the hero saves the princess given to the seven-headed dragon, cuts off and hides tongues and presents them as proof]: González Sanz 1996, No. 300:74; Portuguese: Cardigos 2006, No. 300 [a shepherd gets mighty dogs and a magic sword; the princess is eaten by a seven-headed snake; the hero falls asleep, the princess's tear wakes him up; dogs help kill the snake; the hero cuts off and hides his tongues, takes the princess's handkerchief, leaves; killed but revived by dogs; the deceiver demands the princess as his wife ; on the wedding day, the hero appears, shows his tongues, ring, etc.], 315 [brother and sister run away when they find out that their father is going to eat one of them (after tasting the taste of his wife's meat); they raise three dogs (lions, snakes) who are turned dead; a man (giant) seduces his sister and they make plans to destroy his brother; his animals save him; his sister and her lover are punished or the lover is killed, and sister forgiven]: 54-55, 73-74; Basques [brother and sister live in a house in the forest; someone gives brother a gun and dogs; every day the devil comes to his sister, tells me to give a finger, sucks; sister falls ill; brother hides in the house, lets the dogs out, they have broken the line; the brother meets a man who calls to his castle, unlocks different rooms; on the 13th he says that he is the brother of the dead devil, locks the young man there; he calls dogs; they didn't hear right away; finally came running, broke the line; brother and sister left these places]: Barandiaran 1962a, No. 5:25-29; ladins: Brunold-Bigler, Widmer 2004, No. 7 [after the father's death the youngest son received only three dogs; he was shown a castle where no one dares to spend the night: the seven-headed dragon kills everyone; the young man stayed in the castle; the dogs defeated the dragon; the young man forced him to give the key to the basement and show where the treasures are; the dragon is dead, the young man got everything]: 69-77; Wildhaber, Uffer 1971, No. 56 [the son chose to be a hunter, his parents gave him hunting equipment and a Curasch dog; one day he killed a fish, a duck and a hare with one shot; an old woman told her not to give them to cook, but to take them with her tomorrow; he went into the hut; the girl said that robbers would come; on the second floor there were two beds - don't lie in them; told the robbers that she sheltered the beggar, they pulled the rope, knives fell on the bed; he agreed with the girl, they filled the robbers with boiling water, he finished them off with a knife; old woman said that the leader escaped and is now at the same time with the girl; the girl will pretend to be sick, ask for milk from the owner's cows, who has 70 cows; there are a bear (throw a duck for him) and a lion (throw a hare for him) ); they will serve him; fish should be given to the dog; return to the girl, say that he did not bring anything, hide the animals; the girl will say that her chest hurts, send him to the damn mill for flour; the ladies will be given a stone grind, we must lower a bear, a lion, a dog on them, they will tear everyone apart; the girl will say that her chest is gone, ask permission to tie her thumbs; a robber will break in, the young man's animals will tear him apart; a girl he would kill himself; the young man forgot to give fish to the dog, which almost died, but he fed the fish in pieces, the dog recovered; the young man did not take the money of the robbers, but went to tell the king about it; there is mourning in the city: seven-headed the dragon demands a girl every year, now it is the turn of the king's daughter; the young man let his animals on the dragon, cut off his tongues, promised the princess to return in a year and 3 days; when he returned, he was told that tomorrow the princess's wedding with the coachman: he allegedly killed the dragon; the young man sent the dog with a note to the maid; the princess told her father that she was released by a hunter, not a coachman; the young man showed his tongues, the coachman was torn apart four horses]: 194-203; the Maltese [the shepherd exchanges sheep for helper dogs; the princess is sent to be eaten by a seven-headed dragon; her savior gets her hand; the shepherd falls asleep, wakes him up the princess's tear, he kills the dragon with the help of his dogs, hides his tongues, leaves; the deceiver cuts off heads, demands the princess as his wife; on the wedding day, the shepherd shows his tongues, gets a princess; var: The dragon (sea serpent, etc.) demands a victim once a year, otherwise it will close the river]: Mifsud-Chircop 1978, No. 300:27-32 (variant in Stumme 1904, No. 34:88-90); Italians: Calvino 1985, No. 48 (Romagna) [dying, the father left his son and daughter three sheep; a man exchanged one of them from his brother for the dog Lomayiron; the sister threatens to kill the brother for this; the next day the second sheep for the dog Gritzicepen; then the third - Crushed; brother was afraid to return to his sister; at night he came to the palace; having destroyed the wall, iron door and chain, the dogs made their way inside; everything was prepared for the young man and his dogs, including a horse and a hunting horse a gun; the brother also brought her sister to the palace, but she continues to hate dogs; once she picked an orange, a dragon jumped out of it; to save her life, the sister promised to give her brother to the dragon, and for this purpose lock the dogs; she asked her brother to tie the dogs and pick an orange; the brother realized that his sister had betrayed him, called the dogs; they broke the wall and broke the chain, tore the dragon; the young man came to the king, the daughter who should be given to another dragon; killed the dragon and got the princess; the sister reappeared, volunteered to make her brother's bed, put a saw under the bed, the young man was cut in half; dogs they brought the ointment and revived it; the sister was executed; and the dogs were gone; then three nobles sailed on three ships: they were the bewitched dogs; after the peasant (i.e. the young man) became king, the spell has broken]: 145-152; Del Monte Tammaro 1971, No. 300d (Abruzzo) [1) Francescuccio exchanges three sheep for three dogs: Slomairon, Spezzacciaio, The Strongest in the World; comes to the castle, comes there too his sister Rosinella; contrary to warning, frees three fairies; dogs kill her and fairies; they fly to heaven, turn out to be F.'s father, mother and grandmother; 2) with three dogs, a young man kills a giant in the castle, prisoners released]: 12; Corsicans [husband of a childless woman: if a son were born, let the hell take him away; when the young man turned 18 and he found out that the devil was promised, he went to it himself look; stopped at the shepherd, he gave the dog, then the shepherdess, she gave the second; black flags above the city, it's the princess's turn to be eaten by the seven-headed sea monster; if you don't give it back, it will destroy the whole city; the young man cuts off their heads, the dogs take them away; he cut off and took their tongues with him; three Italian coal burners made the princess say that they saved her; the young man returns, shows severed tongues; a wedding is being prepared; coal burners have locked dogs, put a poisoned stiletto in the young man's bed; the young man is buried, but the dogs that have escaped do not allow the body to be covered with earth; lick poison from the wound; wedding; coal burners were smeared with resin and burned]: Massignon 1984, No. 10:21-23.

Western Europe. French (Dauphine): Joisten 1991, No. 8.1 [when parents die, parents leave their daughter a house, their son a herd; the brother sells it, keeping three sheep, exchanges them for three dogs; settles in an empty castle, which will be owned by someone who can spend the night in it; those who tried to do so before died; at night the devil rushes at the young man, the dogs drive him into the closet, the young man becomes the owner of the castle; he settles there and her sister, forbiding her to open the closet; she opens it, takes the devil as a lover; the dog All I know turns over the dish of poison that her sister tried to feed her brother; the devil advises sending a young man climb a tree to collect pears, he will knock down a tree; the young man calls the dogs, they drive the devil into the closet, the young man drives his sister there, the devil and the girl disappear into flames], 8.2 [a person ends up in in the forest, flees from predators in the tree, calls his dogs Lomai-Iron, flies like the wind, passes, squash mountains, they kill predators]: 95-96, 96; Walloons [elder, middle sons come to the witch, who gives them a potion, they turn into toads; the younger one does not hit, makes the elders spell, they come back, meet the sorcerer, the youngest saves them again; the princess is given to the seven-headed a snake; a young man's dogs kill him, he hides his tongues; a deceiver tries to attribute victory to himself; a young man shows his tongues, a deceiver is placed in a barrel of thorns; a young man gets a princess but constantly hunts, wife tries to lime him; dogs save him, then revive him; he returns to his father]: Laport 1932, No. 300:37-39; the Bretons [the king has a daughter; a son Jean was born in old age; the king and queen died; Jean is raised by a peasant; his sister wants to kill him, but the peasant loves him; Jean grew up, left with his beloved white lamb; the man he met persuaded him to change her to two dogs - Tearing Iron and the Incomparable; Jean hired a hunter to the castle; others are jealous, they locked the dogs in the tower; Jean is surrounded by predatory animals, he called dogs, they came running, killed the animals; Jean left, came to another castle; there is food and bed, he sees a woman's hand; three devils smelled it, fried it and ate it, the girl revived it from the bone; says that there are still two nights left; the second he sees the girl's head, the devils played ball with them, threw it against the wall, he again alive; on the third night they cut him down and ate him, the girl revived him from her fingernail; the spell slept, the girl appeared, and with her people, servants; she became a wife; his sister came, wanted to lime him, pretended sick, sent him to the mill; the witch dug a hole, Jean fell into it, the dogs were pulled out; the witch advises sending Jean to the spring for water, where he will be attacked by 50 invisible knights; dogs saw them and driven away; the witch confessed her helplessness; Jean and his wife came to Paris, the people greeted them; another witch offered to put razors in their bed; the couple's bodies were cut to pieces, theirs buried in one coffin; the dogs were pulled out and revived; they said that they were Jean's parents, who took the form of dogs to protect him from his sister; she should be thrown into the oven; then she would atone for her sins and end up in paradise together with his parents; it happened]: Luzel 1879:23-38; Alsatians [father sent his son to earn a living by giving him three lambs; the old man offered to change them to three dogs and a whistle in the woods will be more useful; their names are Stronger than Steel, Attentive, Fast as the Wind; the sound of a whistle will be heard from afar; in the forest, a young man stayed in an old woman's house; 12 robbers came at night, the old woman warned that the guest had dogs; tomorrow she will send him to the forest to get the hare, keep the dogs with her; the robbers rushed at him; he asked permission to climb a tree and read a prayer; the dogs whistled, they tore the robbers apart , and then to an old woman; the young man came to a city where mourning; every year the seven-headed dragon is given a girl, it is the turn of the king's daughter; while the dogs held the dragon, the young man cut off his heads, cut off his tongues; promised return a year later and marry the princess; the deceiver said that he killed the dragons; the young man returns when the wedding is being prepared; the princess recognizes dogs, the young man shows his tongues, marries, inherits the throne; The deceiver was torn apart by four bulls]: Lefftz 2006, No. 13:209-212; Germans (Hanover) [when his mother dies, Hans's father tells him to marry, but he refuses; father had to marry himself; stepmother gave birth to her son and Hans had to go on a journey; along the way he shared the sausage with the old man; he gave a whistle; if you blow, two shepherds appear and fulfill wishes; they brought Hans sausage and bread; they bitten to death the cannibals into whose lair Hans had entered; the dragon kidnapped the princess, whoever kills him marries her; the dragon lies under the oak tree, the princess scratches his head; Hans knocked out the dogs, they killed the dragon, he married a princess]: Colshorn, Colshorn 1854, No. 43:141-143; Germans [a rich, unkind brother was a goldsmith, a poor broom knitted; he had two twin boys; the poor saw gold a bird, threw a stone, a golden pen fell, the jeweler brother gave a lot of money for it; then the poor man found the bird's nest, brought an egg; then he hit the bird, sold it to his brother; he told his wife to fry it; whoever eats its heart and a liver, he will have gold under his pillow in the morning; while his wife was away, nephews ran in and ate the pieces that had fallen out; the frightened wife fried her husband's heart and liver of the rooster, and the boys found it under gold with a pillow; upon learning about this, the rich brother advised the poor to take the boys to the forest - they contacted the devil; they were found, sheltered by a hunter, saved the morning gold; the brothers grew up and went travel; the hunter gave everyone gold, a gun and a dog; let them stick a knife at a crossroads; if it rust, the other brother is in trouble; brothers hunt, feel sorry for animals, everyone gets a hare, a fox , a wolf cub, a bear cub and a lion cub; the brothers broke up, the youngest came to the city, where all the girls were given to be eaten by the dragon, it was the royal turn; on Dragon Mountain, the young man sees three bowls: whoever drinks can get a sword from under the door threshold; the young man drank, became a strongman, took out his sword; the dragon puffed with fire, the young man trampled on the fire; the young man cut off seven snake heads, the animals tore the body to shreds; the young man carved and hid his dragon tongues; the queen gave him her handkerchief, divided the coral necklace between the animals, the lion got a gold lock; everyone fell asleep; the marshal cut off the hunter's head and took the princess away; she made it a condition for the wedding to be held in a year and one day; the animals wanted to kill a hare that did not wake them up, but he promised to get a reviving root; first the lion put the young man's head backwards, then tore it off and put it right; he argued with the owner of the tavern that he would eat bread from the royal table; the queen recognized the hare, who brought the baker to the tavern; the same with the fox (bring meat); the wolf brought vegetables, a sweet bear, a lion wine; after eating, the young man came with the animals to the castle and showed his tongues; the marshal was torn by four bulls, the young man became a young king; chased a white deer in the forest; spent the night around the fire; the old woman asked her to warm up and hit the animals with her twig; they were petrified, the old woman touched the king with a twig; there were many similar stones nearby; the elder brother saw that the knife rusted; the queen mistook him for her husband, but he put his sword on the bed; in the forest he knocked the old woman off the tree with a silver bullet; made the petrified ones revive, the brothers burned the old woman in the fire; the forest became transparent and bright; when he learned that his brother was sleeping next to his wife, the king hacked him down, repented, the hare revived the uprooted man; the Queen identified her husband by the golden lock that she gave him to the lion; the king learned about what was in bed sword]: Grimm, Grimm 2002, No. 60:212-227 (=Grimm, Grimm 1987:171-187); Scots [Finlay's sister falls in love with a younger giant, promises not to help her brother; old sorceress warns about this F.; F. attacks the giant, who runs away with his sister; the giant's older brother comes, F. and his dogs kill him; the same is the father of the giants; their mother Kaillich takes the form of a decrepit old woman, asks to tie the dogs, gives her hairs for this, but F. only pretends to tie it; together with the dogs he defeats the old woman, kills her; marries the daughter of the sorceress, the younger giant and sister F. run away]: Kharitonov 2008:405-410.

Western Asia. Palestinians [the couple has three sons, the wife asks her daughter to even ghoul; gives birth to a girl; a sheep disappears every night; brothers take turns guarding, falling asleep, the youngest sees his sister devour sheep; parents do not believe, the young man leaves, lives with an old woman, helps the lioness to be born, she gives him two lion cubs; he decides to visit his native places, where the cannibal sister ate everyone, chases the last curve rooster; eats the horse's leg, the brother replies that he came on a three-legged horse, then on a two-legged horse, on foot; he is going to eat his brother, he asks him to bathe, he ties the rope from his belts to the stone, runs away, climbs a palm tree, she saws it with her hand, he calls his lions, they tear the cannibal apart; merchants ask to guess what they are taking, otherwise they will take the lions; sister's blood screams that they they are carrying sumah, a young man takes the lions given back]: Muhawi, Kanaana 1989, No. 8:93-98; Syria [like the Palestinians, Muhawi, Kanaana 1989, No. 7]: Muhawi, Kanaana 1989:334; Syria, Jordan , Qatar: El-Shamy 2004, No. 315a: 142-143; the Arabs of Iraq [the sultan killed his wives every week; the daughter of the vizier remained; she ran away, found an empty castle, gave birth to a son there, he grew up; The young man hunts, each time shares his prey with lions, they become his friends; he unlocked all the rooms in the palace, in one he found a chained black man with a lip that he covered himself like a blanket; the absence of a son, the mother frees the black man and lives with him, and when the son arrives, she shackles him again; to get rid of the young man, the mother and the black man agree that she will pretend to be sick, let the son bring it 1) a grenade guarded by cannibal eagles; young lions killed eagles, a young man brought grenades; 2) water from the river in which the dragon gives water to the residents of the city in exchange for girls; a young man comes to an old woman, she says that the dragon has already eaten all the girls, it is the turn of the sheikh's daughter; the young man killed the dragon, the girl anointed him with dragon blood; the slave claims that he killed, the sheikh is ready to give him his daughter; she says that noted her savior; the sheikh gathers all the men; the young man is the last to be brought, he gets a wife; goes to visit his mother; the wife gives a ring, another for her: if it turns yellow, the husband is in trouble; the mother offers her son play chess and when he finally wins, he gets the right to shackle him; he replies that you can only tie him with his own hair; she does; the black man refuses to kill him, his mother kills him, throws away the body; the lions came running, one began to lick his wounds, the other brought the caravans; the young man was still alive, he was leaving, he returned to his wife; killed his mother, scoped a black man]: Weissbach 1908, No. 8:43-53; Yemen [The Sultan has many children; one son and one daughter have already grown up; the daughter leaves the palace at night, devours babies, then returns; people followed her, said the Sultan's son, he was convinced The veracity of this story, said to his father, but the Sultan drove his son away; he rode to a country where the Sultan has seven daughters; Afrit closed the water, every year he gives only in exchange for the Sultan's daughters; four already ate; the young man stops at the poor old woman; comes to the mouth of the wadi, sees how another girl in the bride's clothes was brought; hides behind a rock; Afrit puts his sword on the ground, the young man grabs it, cuts off afrita head (Afrimt can only be killed with his own weapon); he refuses to ask to hit again; in the palace they believe in the girl's salvation after they see that the wadi is full of water; a feast; a young man is found in a poor woman old woman, the sultan marries him to his rescued daughter; the young man decides to travel; enters the castle; there are two girls hanged by the hair; the third explains that Afrit will appear, fall asleep on her lap; it is necessary waiting for him to release gases with a terrible roar means sleeping deeply; killing him with his own sword at once; a young man kills Afrit, frees the hanged, calls the girls sisters; each gives for him a magic object: a needle (will become a mountain), a salt crystal (a salt mountain), a cage with two pigeons (if the young man is in trouble, they will rush, turn into winged horses, come to the rescue); a young man returns to his wife, leaves her a cage with pigeons, admits that he is the son of the Sultan, goes to visit his native places; there the werewolf sister ate everyone; says that they are dead; goes to the stall, eats brother's horse, he himself runs, throws a needle (mountain), salt (salt mountain), but his sister overcame them; just as the sun went down, the young man's wife's pigeons were worried, she released them, the horses flew in, the young man sat on one, the other runs from behind, the young man is back to his wife]: Daum 1992, No. 4:38-55.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Mustang [the old woman who sheltered the boy Lhawa Döndrub said that a demon killed his father and took his mother away; he goes for revenge; another old woman tells the demoness to fall to her chest and name her mother; she tells you to put the demon's thumbs in her mouth, then he will not eat it; he tells him to go only during the day, the mother of the young man across the river; the demon senses that his wife's son has come, advises him to pretend to be sick, send his son 1) to get the tiger's milk; after shooting at the tiger, LD shot him off a goiter, a grateful tiger gave him milk and a medium tiger cub to boot; 2) behind Garuda's pen; LD killed a snake that was about to eat four Garuda's chicks; she gives a pen and one chick; 3) a golden pen from the demon's brother's forehead; the tiger jumped on his chest, Garuda grabbed the pen, the demon screamed that he would go; they brought him in, LD killed his mother and her demon husband; went to look for a bride; the king has three daughters, LD chose the youngest when they came for water, but the king did not give it up; Garuda found the home of a heavenly fairy, LD married her; they planted two trees: if with anyone the trouble is, it will dry up; while the LD was hunting, an old woman came to the fairy to look after the dogs and cattle; she guessed that LD's life in a golden dagger threw it into the fire, LD fell dead; then the old woman offered the fairy feed rice to the fish, drowned them; Garuda saw that the trees had dried up, a friendly demon (who had a feather on his forehead) threw the amulet, found out that the old woman was to blame; she was tied, nailed to a tree, the remains the golden dagger was taken out of the hearth; everything is fine {no details}]: Kretschmar 1985, No. 28:165-168; Lavrung [the farmer's wife fell in love with a giant, is going to kill her husband; sent her husband to hunt, leaving him two dogs at home; the giant met a peasant who asked for final advice to his parents, climbed a tree, called dogs, they tore the giant; the man cut his wife in half, fed half to dogs]: G.yu lha 2012:57.

South Asia. Sindhi [the fakir gives ash to the childless king Lalu: let him give him a drink of water to his beloved wife; a son Amul Malik will be born, when he finishes his studies, let him come to the fakir; the fakir leads AM to another country, they see the radiance emanating from the body of King Gulasta's daughter Princess Husini, AM asks the fakir, then the father, to help marry her; the Saiphal vizier comes to King G. to marry his daughter; H. sets a condition to live with husband in separate palaces; the fakir gives AM an invisible hat, says that H. loves a maiden named Suphed; every Thursday she and her maids enter the banyan, who takes her across the seas to the virgin's garden; the fakir teaches you to eat food brought for H. unnoticed, hide in a banyan; dev will ask H. to dance, give jewelry and clothes, steal and hide them, pretend to be asleep at home; she will come to look jewelry, you have to jump up and pick up her wings; instead, AM tells H. everything, she grabs her clothes and jewelry, flies away; the fakir tells you to follow H. on a winged horse; on the way he takes out a splinter from lionesses, she gives him two adult lion cubs as his assistant; sister X. teaches when H. and other peri come to swim in the lake, hide her clothes; the lion sits on her clothes; X. gives AM his nose ring, tells him to come with him, throw him in the jug to the maid, who will give it back to H.; dev will say that if AM is H.'s legal husband, he must identify his wife among a hundred peri; she will have this ring; dev made three attempts, X . she attached the ring for the third time, Dev gave it to H. Amul Maliku; on the way back, H. kidnapped a deva who lived in a well; the lions went down there (there's a whole country, a palace), tore the deva, returned from X. to the ground on a winged horse; everyone returned to King L., lived happily]: Kinkaid 1922:75-88; the Assames [foxes advise the old man to take the boiled grain, put it in holes, cover it with straw; he does, they eat it all; the old man tells his wife to smear it with molasses. to fly, leave them in the house, put a stick next to them; cry, tell the foxes that they can carry it away and eat it; then close the door, he will kill the fox; only 4 have escaped; the old woman goes to visit her daughter, the foxes want to eat her; she asks to be allowed to see her daughter first, eat her on the way back; the daughter put her mother in the pumpkin, the pumpkin rolled but split; the old woman asks the fox to let her teach her to their dances; dances loudly shouting the names of his two dogs; dogs come running, foxes flee]: Borooah 1955:56-60; Santals [only the youngest of seven brothers have trees bearing fruit, only he brings prey from the forest, hunting with Lipi and Lapra dogs; five others love him, the eldest hates him; leads him to the forest to tear the bark and weave ropes out of it; persuades him to tie dogs; tie up his younger brother and ready to kill him; he calls the dogs, they break off the leash, come running, tear his older brother to pieces, free the owner; everyone thinks that the eldest was torn apart by wild animals, burying his remains]: Campbell 1891:62-64; kannada [a girl was born in the family of a seventh oil merchant; at night she turned into a monster, walked around town, ate people; brother saw, they didn't believe him, he left; in one city they offered to ride through the hole; the young man succeeded, he got a wife; got a lion cub with a tiger cub; decided to visit his native places; told his wife to release his animals if they showed signs of anxiety; the young man came home, not a soul there, his sister ate everyone; left him in the kitchen, but she goes out, eats one leg of his horse and, when he returns, asks if he came on a three-, two-, one-, legless horse; he Each time she says yes; while she was eating her torso, the young man ran away, climbed the tree; the sister released the animals and they tore the monster; the young man returned to his wife]: Ramanujan 1997, No. 7:27.

China - Korea. Namuzi [the son goes to herd cattle with the puppy, and the father takes all the dogs; the puppy asks to share rice with him, the boy refuses; the puppy warns that the cannibal will come, we must hide in the barn ; the cannibal breaks the barn doors with her breasts, but the cows butt her; the same with horses, rams; then you have to hide in the attic; the boy gives the puppy more rice every time, the last time he gives everything ; the cannibal devours a bag of tubers, thinking that the boy is eating; he pours a little water from the attic into the hearth, the cannibal thinks that the cat is urinating; on the fifth night, the father returns, hits the cannibal's legs with an ax, dogs break in, tear it to pieces]: Lakhi 2009 (1): 277-310.

The Balkans. Croats: Uther 2004 (1), No. 315a: 203; Bulgarians [a woman who used to have only sons or is childless asks God to give her a daughter, even a lamia (vampire, plague); gives birth to a daughter, she is a lamia, eats horses; the younger brother, when he herds horses, injures them (cuts off his finger); leaves home, gets helper dogs along the way, lives in another village; decides to visit his native village; there the lamia ate everyone; the sister consistently eats the horse's legs, asks her brother if he came on a three-, two-, one-legged horse; The mouse answers his sister instead of his brother (hits the drum, sings); running away, the hero consistently climbs on three trees (poplars, oaks, they were planted by him); when his sister had almost gnawed through the trunk of a third tree, the hero's wife, after learning from the behavior of dogs or by another sign that her husband was in trouble and was releasing dogs, they break a lamia]: Daskalova-Perkovska 1994, № 315a: 117-118; Romanians [the stepmother has two children of her own, she demands that her husband save her children from his first wife; the boy heard, said to his sister ; they took ash and flour with them, poured them on the ground on the way; the father tied an empty pumpkin to the tree, it knocks in the wind, and he does not cut wood, but is long gone; the children returned home in the footsteps; the same next time ; the third time the father took the children further, and the rain soaked the flour and the birds pecked it; the boy made a bow, the sister got a friction fire, they began to eat birds; the fox tells her not to shoot at her, gave her own fox; then the same with the she-wolf and the bear; the children came to the palace, where there was a giant chained to the wall behind a steel door; he asked for water; the boy did not give it and told his sister to unlock any doors except the steel one ; the sister opened the door, brought the giant three mugs of water, who broke the chains; the sister is ready to be the giant's mistress and destroy her brother; to do this, she must eliminate his animals; to do this, she asked him to leave them with when he goes hunting, she is bored alone; they locked the animals in a room with a steel door; the giant chases the young man; he climbed a tree; throws the giant's hat, one sandal, the other, each sings once, calling on his animals while the giant devours what was thrown; first only the fox, then the wolf cub, finally the bear cub hears; the bear broke the door; the animals decided to run like the wind, for if thought, they would be too tired to fight; the giant chipped in with a log, but the animals ate it, and the young man took his heart and liver; he told his sister to cook them; left 9 barrels to fill them tears, and left]: Mawr 1881:52-56; Romanians [the young man dreams that when he reaches the age of 20, he will shoot his parents; leaves, is hired by a boyar as a huntsman; gypsy: when you are 20, you will be eaten by a wolf with with a copper head; at the age of 20, he leaves and meets an old woman; she gives a handkerchief to overcome difficulties and three more that will help in trouble; with the help of a handkerchief, the young man crossed the Red Sea and entered the country Wolf while Wolf is in his country; thanks to three scarves, dogs appear Tyazhel-as-Earth (Erdeschwehr), Hears Well, Light as Wind; he comes to Wolf's Mother; her daughter tries find out how he crossed the sea; the young man gives her a handkerchief, she tells her mother that now the Wolf will be able to cross; the Wolf hid in a hole at the doorstep; in the hearth; under the chair; every time Erdeschwehr does not allow to attack him; the next day, the Wolf's Mother convinced him to leave the dogs at home; the wolf attacked, the young man climbed the beech tree, called the dogs; after the third call, they heard, broke the door, ran, tore the wolf, ate it, leaving only the liver and lungs; the young man shot the wolf's mother and daughter and returned home with a handkerchief]: Bîrlea 1966:449-450; Moldovans [his master has Kyrmyz's daughter; he promises it to whoever gets up into her tower, takes off the ring, calls her name; the Dragon succeeds; Gaitan's beloved horse teaches her to fall behind her husband, hold a sword in his hand, breaks forward, the Dragon's head is cut off; G. tells K. to get it out his ear is a shepherd's clothes, she pretends to be a young man; Ion suspects that this is a girl, the sorcerer offers to test her; but K. overtakes him on horseback, talks about a wattle fence, not a spinning wheel, chooses a weapon, not towels, however, betrays himself without stepping over a broom, but sweeping the floor with it; I. takes K. as his wife, goes to war; sends a letter home, Draconich replaces him with an order to burn K.; G. extinguishes the fire, takes him away K., who gives birth to two golden-haired sons, G. tells him to be killed, his chest has become a zamk, his head is a table with food, his eyes and ears are two wolfhounds, his wool is a garden, his hoof has become an old servant; The dragon, in the form of another old woman, asked the boys to throw hairs at the dogs, which turned into chains, but the dogs tore them, killed the old woman; K. recognized her as Draconich; I. returned from the war, traveled around the world dogs brought him to K. Castle, the couple met; in the morning the castle disappeared, G. reappeared]: Botezatu 1981:226-234 (=Moldavian tales 1968:276-285); Moldovans [Fat-Frumos is a strong guy; stepmother tells her husband to get rid of him; the father sent him to herd the cattle, gave him an ash cake; the white bull tells him to get food and drink from his horn; the stepmother takes turns sending three daughters; the eldest, middle they fall asleep, the youngest talks about everything; the stepmother is sick: you have to swim in the blood of a white bull; the bull teaches FF to pretend to catch him, and takes him away, putting him on his back; they stopped in the forest; the deer tells us to go out: this is his domain; the bull refuses, they are fighting, the deer threw the bull on the ground so that the horns fall off; the FF took them, knocked them, and the cattle began to come out of their antlers - they cannot be driven back; the lame wolf drove FF for permission to eat when he becomes the groom; FF wants to marry, people promise to drive the wolf away; while the best man was talking to the wolf who came, FF ran away, was sheltered by Baba Zhgiver, then Baba Khadyra, then Baba Byrkosha, each gave her a dog; Byrkosha gave another ring and a handkerchief; he waved, the waters of the river parted, FF crossed dry; on the other side there was a girl, FF, did not know it was her sister wolf; she persuaded her to entrust her with a ring and handkerchief, with their help let the wolf cross the river; the wolf hid in a hole in front of the doorstep, but the third dog lay down, pressing him down; the next day under the bed (same); under table; the wolf's sister persuaded her to leave the dogs, locked them in the cellar; FF climbed into a tree from the wolf, called the dogs; threw one bast to the wolf, the wolf gnawed them, began to gnaw on the trunk; the dogs heard they broke the door, ran, tore the wolf; FF returned the handkerchief and ring to Baba Byrkoshe, returned to continue the wedding]: Botezat 1981:305-316; Greeks [a woman has a son and a daughter, a daughter gives birth to a girl; at night the monster devours cattle; the young man shoots his little finger, the baby girl cries in the morning, her little finger is torn off; the young man demands that his sister kill the monster, she refuses; he takes his mother, leaves; they they stop in the cannibal's cave; he agrees with the young man's mother to kill him; the mother pretends to be sick, asks for 1) cannibal milk, 2) the melon of life, 3) the water of life; each time the fairy helps get what she is looking for, replaces him with horse urine, plain melon, plain water; the sister asks what her brother's life is like; he replies that he is in a broom, in a joint (she adorns them); in golden hair on his head; she pulls her hair out, she and the cannibal eat it; the fairy sends two young doe (they are described as dogs) brought in; first, the little finger is missing, then it is found; revives immortality with milk, melon, water; a young man kills an ogre and mother; comes to his sister, she has eaten everyone, tells him to ring the bell while boiling water; the mouse rings instead of him, he runs away; climbs on three trees that grew out of nuts given by the fairy; deer cubs come running, eating a monster; a young man marries a fairy]: Paton 1900, No. 12:340-344; Gagauz people [while the brother is hunting, a giant came to his sister; advised him to pretend to be sick, ask for wolf's milk; the she-wolf gave his brother milk and one wolf; the same lion's milk, bear milk - the lioness gave a lion cub, a bear cub; the guy found a bear at home two giants; they wanted to execute him, but he called his animals, they broke their bonds and tore the giants to pieces; his brother stabbed his sister and left]: Moshkov 1904, No. 76:138; the Serbs [a wolf with an iron head wants eat Peter the shepherd; he persuaded him to wait until he married; the wolf agrees; came to the wedding; seeing the wolf, P. ran and ran all day; asked the mother of the sun to hide him; she left him overnight and business towel: if you wave, the waters will part and then close again; went through the river dry, closed the water behind him, went on; but the wolf finally swam across the river; P. ran to his mother's house months; in the morning she gave inexhaustible bread; the wolf is catching up again; P. waved his towel - the path opened more often; waved again - the trees clamped the wolf; he began to gnaw at them; P. lay down, and when he woke up, a lion beside him, bear and lynx; he fed them bread; took them with him; paved the way again in the forest and locked it behind him; P. came to the mother of the wolves and she asked her to be her shepherd; lured P.'s handkerchief, went into the thicket and freed her son, who was clamped by trees; but now Petra is guarded by his animals; when the wolf hid in the hole and his mother covered it with branches, the animals lay down just in this place and the wolf could not rush on P.; then the wolf asked his mother to persuade Peter to leave the animals at home; the wolf rushed to P., who climbed the tree; the wolf gnaws at him; P. throws his shoes to him and screams three times; first hears the lynx, then the bear is finally a lion; the door is locked, but they crawled under the wall; the wolf was torn to pieces; then P. let the animals at the wolf's mother, and they tore her up; taking the gold and rams, P. returned home]: Eschker 1992, No. 18:100-106; Albanians [the king has three sons, his wife is dead, he took another one, she gave birth to a daughter, she is Kutschedra (werewolf); someone steals apples; the eldest, middle sons fall asleep, the youngest cuts off his little finger, does not sleep, wounds K. with an arrow in the chest; the daughter complains to her mother, the king orders the execution of his youngest son; the hangman lets him go, teaching him magic words, brings a bloody sword to the king; the young man runs, again meets K., climbs the poplar; K. knocks him down, then the second; when the young man climbs the third, he recalls the words taught by the hangman; two dogs came running and killed K.]: Lambertz 1952:49-55; Hungarians: Gidash 1953 [Peter is hired by an old man to pick up horses; receives a nut as a reward, breaks it along the way, cattle come out; the iron-headed man puts everything back for promising never to marry; P. gets rich, his father insists that he marry; Ironhead comes to the wedding, P. runs away riding a stallion; three old women consistently feed him, give him scarves and buns; riding through the flame, he Spreads him apart with handkerchiefs, throws buns, they turn into three dogs; Ironhead stays waiting at the wall of fire; P. hires an old woman, tells the girl about the scarves; she spreads the fire with them, The ironhead penetrates this, passes, P. climbs a tree, calls the dogs, they tear Ironhead to pieces, they turn into poppies (the origin of the poppy); P. returns home, returning the old women buns, scarves; his wife is dead; a girl from the country appears behind a wall of fire; wedding]: 124-133 (=Hungarian... 1955:99-111); Shustova 1964 [the shepherd's sheep ate the giant's hay; he tells him to feed him all sheep; falls asleep; the shepherd pours boiling fat into his eyes; leaves; the giant throws his ring; put on his finger, it calls the giant, it cannot be removed; the shepherd cuts off his little finger, throws him into the lake, the giant after him, dies; the bear tells the shepherd not to marry; the shepherd and his fiancée share the ring and the handkerchief, disperse; one old man sends the shepherd to the second, the third, each gives a ring; the latter teaches how to get dogs Know, Doglyad, Vsehdavish; a shepherd lives with a witch, she hides the Bear; dogs prevent him from attacking a shepherd; a witch locks them in a barn; a shepherd hides in a tree; dogs escaped, killed the Bear; witch; a shepherd comes to his wife's wedding, shows half a ring, half a scarf; the wife recognizes him, drives the new groom away; three rings turn into gold-fleece rams]: 174-185; Hungarians [the king placed a daughter in a tower to isolate her from men; one of the two wanderers lifted a stem up to the window, the smell of which made the girl pregnant; her father put her in a barrel, threw her into the sea; the barrel was nailed to the island, the girl got out, gave birth to a son, he grew up, began swimming across the strait to the mainland, bringing apples to his mother; his mother herself baptized him in the name of his father of the sun, his godfather of the month and his cousins star brothers; his name is Beautiful Szérus; a hussar costume and sword fell from a tree to him; on a tree trunk he transported his mother across the strait; towards a giant, S. hacked him down; brought his mother to the giants' castle; the king of giants met with mother S., they decided to get rid of S.; the mother pretended to be sick: we must bring the bear cub and eat his heart; the bear gave a bear cub; when she saw him, the mother said that she had already recovered; the same with a wolf cub; a lion cub; mother suggests that S. jokingly tie his thumbs - will he be able to break; cannot; the giant agrees to fulfill his last wish; S. asks to put him three whistles in the mouth, given by a bear, a she-wolf and a lioness; the lion grabbed the giant, the wolf grabbed the woman, the bear tore the fetters; S. cut the giant, pieces of meat into the trough, the second, the water, the mother left between troughs; left with his animals; you need a bride; the bear advises you to ask the sun - Father S.; the lion brought them all to heaven; the sun does not know about brides, advises to turn to the month; the month to the stars, more precisely to the Morning Star; neither of the stars know if the winds ask, they are blowing everywhere; they replied that his betrothed sleeps in the golden cradle at the bottom of hell, she is rocked by 42 traits; S. and animals returned to earth; the count himself tried to get this girl, promised to help; S. grabbed the girl, the devils in pursuit; the lion threw the brush (forest), the handkerchief (the sea); the bear threw three pins (three mountains to the sky); the devils did not were able to overcome them; the count took the girl; she would marry only someone who could milk three golden mares; the animals milked; she would marry someone who buys in their milk, heated to a boil; the animals cooled him, S. swam, became handsome; the count also wanted to swim, the animals heated the milk, the count cooked; the girl was going to marry S., he went out into the garden, fell asleep, the count's younger brother cut off his head; animals saw a snake, whose snake was cut in half with a scythe, carrying healing grass; the lion stepped on the snake's head, the animals took the grass, the snake hit the lion's tail, ripping off its hair, leaving only its mane; at first the head was attached backwards, had to be redone; at that time, the count's brother was preparing the wedding; the lion and the wolf tore him apart; the wedding; S. dug up his mother, who ate the giant's meat, took a sharp bone, put her son in bed, she pierced his heart; the animals revived him with that elixir taken from the snake, tore his mother; a son was born; when he is 7 years, 7 months, days, hours and minutes, he needs his blood sprinkle 3 stones; S. did it, his three animals became princes again, the castle of the giants is their castle; S.'s son did not die, they only took blood from him; they are all alive if they did not die]: Dégh 1965, No. 8:109-126 .

Central Europe. Western Ukrainians (Transcarpathia): Day 1981 [the poor man has many children, he sold his son's shuffles; feeds nuts to eat; the horse offers to take him away, the shuffling caught up, forgave me ("My mother the first time I forgave, the second time I beat you with a rod, the third time you can eat it"); the same second horse; the third is thin, tells you to take a comb, a towel and a cup (or a goblet); the boy throws a comb (thicket), a cup ( ice), a towel (a bridge over the water; they crossed and removed the bridge); the horse orders to cut it into three parts, the dogs Far, Dalkovid, Head-to-Iron appeared; once the guy saw a girl on the other side; she asked to throw in the towel so that the bridge would appear and lock the dogs; the girl shuffled the boy from her parents and came instead of her; the boy asks for permission to climb a tree before her death and whistle on the whistle (that horse gave it); the dog with an iron head broke the door, the dogs came running, the shuffled, the boy returned to his parents; they probably still live well ("manage") now, if not died]: 69-73; Verkhovyna's Tales 1970:154-156 [young man marries; in the third year his wife was stolen by dogs; husband goes in search, sees his wife kissing a dog; comes to their house, struggles with as a dog head, the wife hits her husband with a log; he calls his dog, he breaks the window, tears the dog's stomach; the man finishes off his lover, kills his wife; marries another], 232-243 [the widower marries a neighbor; She stipulates that he will get rid of the children Ivan and Marika; he takes them to the forest, leaving the deck beating against the tree in the wind as if he were cutting wood; they returned home; next time his father took them on, the children are left in the forest; they bake wild horseradish, go to bed with their heads in different directions; the bear, the wolf come, are surprised at the outlandish beast, leave; in the morning there is good bread in ash; on sycamore there is a magic shirt, a gun, saber; I. pulls them out, becomes a strongman; breaks into the robber's lair, there is a princess; kills 11 robbers, the 12th pretends to be dead, I. left the body, lets the girl go to her father, leaves; the robber asks M. to bring live water, pour it into the keyhole; the door opens, the robber's severed ear grows, M. takes the robber as her husband; to destroy his brother, he pretends to be sick, asks for a wolf, then bear meat and other meat; the she-wolf, then the bear and other animals ask them not to kill, gives them a wolf cub, a bear cub, etc.; the robber suggests that M. send his brother to fetch water from a spring between the mountains; at noon they stop, I. took out water; bring flour from mills that grind human bones, open every 12 years; I. picks up flour, manages to jump out, doors slam shut, his animals stayed inside; M. bathes I. in fresh milk, he was confused, she tied him with horsehair, the robber took his shirt with strength; they gouged out I.'s eyes, threw him into the well; people pulled him out; he wandered through the forest, fell his head into the swamp, there was living water, he saw the light; he bought good clothes, changed clothes with his grandfather; he gave him bottles of water, one was young, the other was old; he came to M. and the robber under the guise of beggar; when they fell asleep, he took their shirt, sword, gun; ordered him to be given his pipe; he began to play, the animals escaped from the mill, ran, tore the robber; left M. two barrels to cry, one to cry for him, the other for the robber; in the neighboring kingdom of snakes locked the water; I. killed him, freed the princess, whom the gypsy was carrying the snake, cut off snake tongues, the gypsy cut off a piece from each tongue, demanded that the king's princess as a wife; at home, almost all tears are cried out for the robber; I. shows the king not the tips of his tongues, but the tongues themselves, the animals tore the gypsy, I. took the princess; M. came, poisoned I., locked the animals; those escaped, the Fox brought living water; next time M. locked the animals again, put I. pitchforks in bed; the same; the animals tore M.]; northern Ukrainians (Chernigovskaya, Nezhinsky y.) [The king, queen and one daughter died, leaving the second daughter and son; when the father died, he buried them to hide them from the snake; the serpent flew in, asking the pomelo, pokers, hooks, axes, shelves where the king is hid the children; everyone replies that the king or queen was kind to them; he will drown (bury the heat, take the pots out of the oven, chop them, etc.) and put them (put them), so I stand (lie); but the snake insists that the chisel shows signs of work (wrinkles); it agrees and tells you to go out, throw it behind you and dig it where it falls; the snake dug up the children and carried them into its hole; on the way, Olenka invites you to look for the snake lice; the snake fell asleep, Ivan cries; the bumblebee puts the children on his back, carries him away, but the snake caught up and returned; next time the goby offers to help; carries children, the snake catches up; the goby tells I. to climb into him right ear, get out of his left ear, he has a scallop and a handkerchief in his head; I. waved his scallop - a thicket, a handkerchief - the sea parted and the goby ran dry; the serpent was afraid, built a house for himself and stayed in it; brother his sister and his sister came to another house; the goby tells him to slaughter him, hang his legs in different places; in the morning they appeared dogs Protyus and Nedvyus, a sword and a gun; his sister went to the river to wash, snakes from another the shore asks to get a handkerchief and wave to cross it; O. told I. that she wanted to wash the handkerchief, waved, the sea parted, the snake passed; O. agreed to pretend to be sick, ask the animal milk; when I. comes up, the serpent turned into a needle, telling O. to stick it into the wall, otherwise the dogs would tear it; the dogs caught up with the hare, she let her milk, gave a bunny; the same with the fox, the she-wolf, a bear, a lioness, a tigress; the serpent offered to send I. to the mill so that the animals would remain locked behind 12 doors; when I. left the mill, the doors closed; I.'s houses asked permission before death climb the ash tree; magpie: don't go down, the dog's three doors have already gnawed; dogs have come running, tore O. and the snake]: Malinka 1902, No. 16:277-282; northern Ukrainians (Chernihiv) [after the death of parents Ivan and Hanna went to live in the forest, set up a dugout; snakes began to fly to G.; offers to get rid of I.; let G. pretend to be sick, ask for fox milk; the fox gives milk and a fox; the same she-wolf a bear, a lioness; then the serpent offers to send I. to Baba Yaga for living (aiming) water; 12 snakes are chained around the well; I. tried to approach, but the snakes spewed smoke, I. fell dead; the dogs became I. push, he came to life (it's about dogs; usually animals given by a fox, a she-wolf, etc.} act as dogs; forty got water, tells them to return through the sands and rivers, otherwise it will not reach; snakes suggests sending I. to the mill by the sea, which grinds and bakes itself; there are 12 doors; I. will go out and the dogs will stay outside; I. goes home, and forty every day reports how many doors the dogs have gnawed through ; when the sister is about to slaughter I., the magpie shouts that the dogs are about to come running; I. asks for permission to climb the oak tree and hang; the dogs ran up and tore the snake; I. shackled his sister, put him in the cellar, left the tub (ceber): when he fills it with tears, she will come out; since then, the sister has been crying underground, her tears come to the ground - it is dew; G.'s tears are sinful, the tree does not accept them, they fall to the ground]: Rudchenko 1869, No. 50:130-139; Northern Ukrainians (Chernigov) []: Rudchenko 1869, No. 51:139-141; Russians (Tersky Bereg) [the shadr wolf devoured everyone, brother and sister left: Ivan Tsarevich and Martha is a princess; the bull offers to sit on his back, takes the children away; they throw a comb (forest, wolf gnawed), flint (mountains, the same), a "raft" - a river of fire; the wolf remains on the other side; the bull tells him slaughter; the dog Heavy will jump out of the first blood, Light from the second; make a hut out of bones; I. goes hunting, M. at home; the wolf seduces her from the other side, turning into a man; tells throw a bull bone, it turned out to be a boat, he swam across it; M. pretended to be sick, sent her brother to get milk to the she-wolf; she gave milk and gave a wolf cub; then the bear (gave a bear cub); a lioness ( lion cub); wolf Marfa: you can't take him with animals; M. brother: send animals far away to the kingdom of far away; there is a lake, a duck on it, an egg in the duck - let them bring an egg; I. sent dogs and animals; a wolf came out; I.: let me evaporate in the bath, the meat will be softer; the wolf allowed; the bird to Ivan; quieter swamp, your dogs are still running there; just ran; just started running back; not far away; near; animals the wolf was torn to pieces; I. found a queen, and M. became a seamstress; hid a wolf's tooth in the feathers of Ivan's pillow; the tooth entered I.'s head, he died and was buried; the animals escaped from the barn, dug up the grave; rubbing against I.'s head, the tooth entered T., he died, and I. came to life; He began to rub easily against T., L. died, and T. came to life; then the wolf cub; the bear cub; the lion cub; they began to rub against the ground: and the lion cub came to life; Martha was burned at the stake, They shot with ashes with a cannon]: Balashov 1970, No. 64:217-220; Russians (Arkhangelskaya, Pomors) [an old hunter bequeaths a towel and 7 dogs to his son; do not wash the towel to his younger sister; if necessary cross the river, wave in the other direction - a bridge will become; one day my sister sees a line on the other side; he advises you to take a towel without asking and making a bridge; she did so; so that my brother would not notice him, damn it, when he entered the house, he turned into a broom; the dogs rushed to the broom, but the sister persuaded them to recall: there would be nothing to pay for revenge; the next day the brother suspects something was amiss; he could not find a towel; hell advises pretend to be sick and ask for bear milk; the bear herself gave milk and a bear cub to boot; the same with lion's milk (lion cub); hell suggests sending it to an iron mill, where they grind in three minutes ; brother jumped out, and the dogs and animals were left behind the iron door; the sister asks her brother to heat the bathhouse (she is going to burn it in the bathhouse with hell); bird: take your time, your animals only gnawed through two doors; when my brother went to the bathhouse, the hunt came running, tore the line; the brother gave his sister three tubs of water and three shocks of hay: when I eat the hay, I'll let go; my brother went to the city, where the people are crying: the serpent got used to it, today will eat the king's daughter; the hunt rushed, gnawed off the head of the three-headed snake, the brother cut off his tongues and hid it; the same with 7- and 12-heads and snakes; the water carrier attributed everything to himself, but the boy showed his tongues; forgave his sister (she managed to eat two shocks of hay and drink two tubs of water)]: Razumova, Senkina 1987:86-90; Russians (Arkhangelskaya, Leshukonsky district, p. Zasulye, 1928) [when he dies, the tsar gives his son Ivan the keys to all rooms, but forbids entering one room. Neither I. nor daughter Elena gives a blessing for marriage. I. unlocks the door, the wolf runs out, destroys the palace. I. and E. climb onto the balcony, they are carried away by a huge bull. The wolf catches up, eats the bull, returns the prince and the princess, forgives the escape. A thin bull appears, takes his brother and sister away, they doubt his strength. I. falls his ear to the ground, hears the chase, pulls a comb out of the bull's right ear with his right hand and throws it to the left, a dense forest grows, and detains the wolf. Ivan hears the chase again, pulls a handkerchief out of his left ear with his left hand, and a bridge across the lake appears. After moving, E. picks up the handkerchief, and the lake detains the wolf. The bull disappears, I. and E. spend the night with the old man, stay with him, I. hunts, E. cooks. The old man dies, leaves his guns and dogs Katay and Valya behind. E. sees a great fellow on the lake, throws a handkerchief, well done, goes down the bridge to her, hits the ground and turns into a wolf. She offers to surrender to him and kill her brother, she agrees. The wolf offers to pretend to be sick: I dreamed that in order to heal you need to get a nightingale, a bear and flour from under the millstone of the mill. If he dies, his golden tooth could kill I. I. gets everything, feels sorry for the crow, the nightingale and the bear along the way, the last two give him a cub. At the mill, the wolf locks I. inside and is going to eat it, he asks for permission to twist the cigarette. While twisting, the crow tells how many doors his hunt has gnawed, she breaks through and tears the wolf apart. I. reproaches his traitor sister, she hits him with the wolf's golden tooth, I. dies. Katay licks the place where the tooth hit, I. comes to life, the dog dies. The animals take turns reviving each other, dying on their own, the bear licks the nightingale, holds a frying pan in front of his forehead, the tooth flies out, falls into the pan, E. Ivan leaves her with a barrel and coals, says that if she cries a barrel of tears, she feels sorry for the wolf, and if she eats the coals, she feels sorry for her brother. He comes to the city, settles in with an old woman, learns about the snake, the princess's turn to be eaten, with the help of his hunt I. wins the snake. She saves the second and third princess (snakes are torn apart by dogs and bears). She receives a personalized ring and towel from the girls, remembers her father's request not to marry. The water carrier forces the girls to admit that he is the winner of the snake. I. comes with animals to the wedding of the water carrier and the younger princess, the girls recognize him and tell her father the truth. I. shows snake tongues, a ring and a towel. The king orders that the water carrier's hand be cut off. I. marries a younger princess, returns for her sister, she cried a barrel of tears, I. feels sorry for her, brings her to herself, but settles separately. She enters her brother's room at night, hits him with a wolf's tooth, and I. dies. E. persuades I. not to feed or release animals. At the funeral, the animals are released without Elena's knowledge, they lick I., the tooth falls into Kataya, he dies, I. comes to life. Those present run away in horror. Animals lick each other, I. takes out a frying pan, pulls out a tooth, talks about his sister's actions and shoots her. It does not die, then it is torn apart by animals, its body is burned]: Nikiforov 1961, No. 114:290-300; Russians (Kostromskaya, Koverninsky y.) [Khaiduk Khaidukovich, head with raves, legs like logs, eyes on the whip, nose with three arshins, teeth on a log; the people in the city ate all, the queue is for Ivan Tsarevich and Elena Tsarevna; I.: let me evaporate in the bath, then eat us white; the crow asks if he saw the dogs; the raven: the field ran, the other is running; at the last moment, when XX has already entered the bathhouse, three dogs tore it, the meat is free (from the bathhouse) thrown away]: Zimin 1920, No. 75:54; Russians (Pskov, Pushkinogorsky district) [grandfather and woman have a mill with 12 gates; she took the flour herself, grinded it, closed and opened by the hour; she was hysterical , the man is looking for a help; the naked promises to do everything, but tells them to give it back, which the man does not know at home; the wife gave birth to twins: Nastya and Vanya; the father gave them a needle without ears and told them to run; said naked that to him ran; N. threw her comb (the forest, the naked came back for the ax, cut through the course); N. waved her handkerchief, they flew across the lake; came to the hut: turn back there, here in front; an old man came with a gun and a dog; told them to serve I. and died; N. came to the river, naked with an accordion on the other side, offered to marry, told them to wave her handkerchief; she waved, he flew to her; advises to ask I. to get Zaitsev milk; the hare fed up and gave the bunny; N. poured out milk; the same with the fox, the she-wolf, the bear, the lioness; naked: let him go to your father's mill, his animals will remain locked; while he walked, naked with N. weaved three ropes: silk, hemp, hair; N. suggests I. to tear them; hair I. could not tear; asks permission to heat the bath before death; the raven flies, reports how many doors the animal gnawed; the animals came running, tore her naked, N. tied two naked teeth into a handkerchief; I. chained her to an oak tree, put two barrels; let her cry in one naked, and the other over it; not far from the lake an undercooked man with seven heads came out; he was just convicted of the Tsareva's daughter; (hereinafter in square brackets: I. saves her, marries her; his wife feels sorry for N., asks to be forged; N. throws a tooth in their heads - they die; animals revive with living and dead water; N. was torn, tied to the tails of horses)]: Chernyshev 1950, No. 43:86-89; Russians (Moscow) [brother and sister went into a rich house; no one; robbers arrived; brother killed them one at a time; the chieftain maimed but did not kill them, locked them in the room; gave his sister the keys, did not tell them to enter one room; she went in, the chieftain showed where the medicine was, became safe and well; the sister pretended sick, we need wool and milk from a she-wolf; the she-wolf also gave a wolf cub; the same bear; a lioness; the chieftain teaches to send her brother to the mill, the iron doors will close; the hare and the fox are also with animals; they broke the doors, the chieftain tore; the brother left his sister a pound of bread and a pound of water, locked him; came to the king, the princess fell in love; the wedding; he was told to bring his sister; she put a magic tooth in bed; a tooth stuck in her forehead, young man died; my sister tells me to bury them in an oak coffin with three iron hoops; the animals throw a hole of fried chickens, they will rush and fill the hole; the animals under the guidance of the fox got out, the coffin was lowered from the oak tree, the wolf stole mites and a hammer; the tooth jumped out, hit a hare; a wolf; a bear; a lion; the fox covered his forehead with a frying pan, survived and all the animals too; Ivan Tsarevich went to his wife]: Vedernikova, Samodelova 1998, No. 27:69-73; Russians (Voronezh, Bobrovsky District) [the tsar leaned to the well to drink water, the king bear grabbed his beard, let him go for promising to give what he did not know in the house; while at this time the queen gave birth to twins: Ivan Tsarevich and Mary Tsarevna; the children were hidden in an underground ward; the parents died, the tsar bear came, the palace was empty, a chisel was stuck in the wall; replies that he should be thrown: where he will stick in, and dig there; the king bear found I. and M., took him to his place; the children asked for a drink; when the king bear went to get water, the eagle picked up the children and carried them, but the king bear scorched his wings; next time the children if they want to eat, the eagle carries; the third time the children are carried by a dristun goby; defecates three times in the face of a catching bear; then gives I. a comb and a towel; the abandoned comb turned into a forest, the bear gnawed; I. waved a towel - a lake of fire; the bear stopped chasing; brought the goby to his house in a clearing; tells him to slaughter and burn it, scatter the ashes in three ridges, a horse, a dog and an apple tree will grow; I. took a horse and the dog, brought a wolf cub and a bear cub from hunting; once he did not take the dog with him; the six-headed serpent flew in, became handsome, asked M. to build a bridge over the lake, took it away, and locked the dog and key into the lake threw it away; I. went to look; in the open field, a hut on chicken legs, on dog heels; I.: turn backwards to the forest, in front of me; in front of me; in the hut, baba yaga, bone leg from corner to corner, nose grew into the ceiling; baba yaga tells you to break three twigs from that apple tree, hit the lock, it will stop, you can pick up the dog and go to the snake; the dog, the wolf and the bear tore the snake, I. returned M.]: Afanasiev 1958, No. 201:90-93; Russians (Voronezhskaya) [an elderly priest's daughter drinks two bottles from a well, after 40 hours she gives birth to twins: Ivan and Fedor Vodychey; in three weeks they grow up, go hunting, want to shoot a hare , fox, wolf, bear, lion, tiger, falcon, etc., but the animals ask for mercy, promise that they will be useful to their brothers; after 12 days, the brothers go hunting again, collect animals, and leave them at the crossroads lot: Ivan is walking along the road where there will be "death", Mikhail, where "to be rich"; brothers share animals and guns, agree that they will come to rescue each other; if one gun turns black, then the second brother dead; Ivan enters a pub in the field, finds out that the Serpent Gorynych eats all the people in the kingdom, that today it is the turn of the king's eldest daughter; sends her to the tower, where she is waiting for the Snake; the Serpent arrives, asks Ivan came to reconcile or fight; opponents are fighting on the bridge, in 2 blows Ivan cuts down three heads, buries bones, receives a personalized handkerchief from the princess; the princess sees the gypsy Chugunkin, finds out how she is saved, makes her imagine him as a savior; the same with her middle daughter; on the third day, Ivan asks the kisser he stayed with to release the animals when the water in the glass boils; comes to the youngest daughter, asks him to look in his head, hangs a three-pound stone above her on a rope, orders him to cut down the rope if he does not wake up when the Snake appears; the princess cannot wake Ivan up, she feels sorry to cut the rope, she cries, a tear wakes up the young man; with three blows he cuts off the Snake's six heads, he waves his tail, new heads grow three times, he grabs Ivan's hand in his mouth; wakes up the kisser (the glass splits from boiling water, the fragment falls into the kisser's face), sees that the water in the glass is boiling, releases the animals from behind 12 doors (6 have already been gnawed), they tear the Snake apart; the younger princess bandages Ivan's hand with her towel, gives a personalized ring, he hides the Snake's bones under a stone; Ivan returns to the pub, drinks vodka, orders the kisser not to sell vodka to anyone; The princess meets Chugunkin a gypsy, he forces him to present him as a savior and marry him; the tsar is preparing for his daughter's wedding, but cannot buy vodka from the kisser, he says that he "has their tsar" (Ivan), the royal daughters guess who they are talking about; the tsar goes for Ivan, but he sleeps, the royal daughters recognize their savior, see a towel, handkerchief and rings; they bring a "gun" (military and wind musical instruments), "beat him", well done wakes up; finds out that they have come to him for vodka for Chugunkin's gypsy wedding, asks the gypsy to pick up the stone under which the bones of the Snake lie, who is not maybe. Ivan picks up, throws the gypsy to the bones, covers it with a stone; marries the youngest princess, after a while goes hunting with his animals, catches and releases the golden hare (he chases all day after the golden hare, wanders, loses her way, spends the night in the forest; an old woman comes up to him, asks him to tie the animals, because he is afraid of them, he ties him and the animals into stones; the old woman turns out to be a mother The snake, the "sorceress berry"; Mikhail Vodovich sees that his sword has turned black, follows his brother, the kisser, the tsar and the princess take him for Ivan; he goes hunting, meets the same old woman, she gives a belt and asks Mikhail to hunt him; he throws his belt into the fire, the yaga witch rushes at him, the lion and bear stop her; she brings Mikhail to his petrified brother, he takes it from the old woman a bubble, sprinkles animals, they come to life; then he digs up his brother, the animals lick his wounds, on the advice of an old woman, catches magpie, tears it up and sprinkles it with Ivan's blood, he comes to life; the old woman kills, buries it ; Mikhail Vodovich boasts that he was mistaken for a brother in the kingdom, that he spent the night with the younger princess; Ivan is jealous, cuts off his brother's head; when he returns, he learns from the princess that his brother cried all night and is not with her He talked, regrets what he did, digs up his brother, revives him; orders the falcon to catch the crow, but he persuades him to spare him and in return brings an oak apple, from the juice of which Mikhail comes to life; marries an elder princess, each brother gets his own state]: Baryshnikova 2007, No. 1:31-42; Russians (Voronezh) [Brother and sister lived, they had a gun and a goat. My brother was going hunting and met an old man who offered him to exchange his three dogs for his goat. He told them to be Buffalo, Wind and Frost, share a loaf of white bread with bacon and summon them with a pipe wherever they were. My brother went hunting for 2,000 km, found an uninhabited house with ready-made meals on the table (which were also hunted ducks), began to live in it, sent the fastest dog, Vetra, for his sister, who came to see him. When a sister is alone in the house, a devil comes to marry her, threatening to give her to the devils if he refuses to break her up. The devil offers to get rid of her brother by putting him to sleep in the bed he specified. My brother came back, lay down on his bed and stabbed himself, but the dogs rescued him - they took him out into the yard, and he came to life again. Next time, the devil told my sister to stop sick and ask for fresh muffins. The brother goes to the mill near the house to buy a pound of flour, but the miller only agrees to exchange it for dogs, so his brother has to give them back. The devil locked the dogs on 35 cast-iron doors, and met his brother on the porch arm with his sister, threatening to summon devils to tear his brother apart. He asked for permission to play the pipe, but the hell wouldn't let him, but his sister persuaded him. Hearing the pipe, the dogs began to rush to their owner, Buffalo broke the cast-iron doors, and the third time they found his brother and saved his life by breaking the line. The frost froze the devils. The brother drove his sister out of the house, went to the village, got married and began to live fun]: Pukhova 2006, No. 12; Russians (Voronezhskaya, 1940) [The girl accidentally comes across a forest dwelling, enters rooms, in the third, The last to see the Beast on a chain. It asks for 2 vats of blood to be moved, she performs, the Monster drinks, gains strength, frees herself and makes the girl live with him ("or else I'll eat you"). Ivan hunts in the dense forest, but does not kill animals, but replenishes his hunt, the she-wolf asks not to kill her and gives her the wolf cub, Ivan gathers a bear cub, a lion cub, a crow, a falcon, etc. Ivan walks into a dense place, walks into a hut, meets a girl, finds out about the Beast. It wants to fight Ivan, but sees him hunting and decides to put up. The three of them live, Ivan takes care of the girl like a sister. The monster persuades her to pretend to be sick and send Ivan hunting to the mill for water and supplies so that the Beast can lock animals loyal to Ivan there. Ivan collects water, calls animals, but they remain locked behind 12 doors, he thinks they are slow, but they will catch up and leave. The monster asks Ivan to heat the stove, a crow, a falcon, an eagle fly to Ivan, they say not to hurry, they say how many doors the hunt has gnawed through to come to his aid. The monster sends the girl several times to find out if the bath is ready. (Ivan replies that one, two, three corners are flooded, delaying the moment when the Beast appears). It does not wait, comes to the bathhouse, is going to grab Ivan, a hunt appears, drags the Monster, puts it in the oven, locks the flap, it burns down. Ivan leaves the girl on a chain, promises to forgive her when she cries a vat of tears. Ivan goes to another country, stays with an old woman (afraid of hunting), she talks about a beautiful princess who cannot marry anyone, because all suitors are defeated by a giant, and for him She doesn't want to get married. Ivan leaves the old woman hunting and tells her to watch his knife in the glass: if he covers himself with blood, then he is in danger and it is time to release the animals. Ivan comes to a beautiful metropolitan city, invites the princess ("her height was heroic, her face was white as snow, her eyebrows were black as velvet, her cheeks were scarlet like cherry blossoms, her chest rises high") to go out for him, she agrees. Ivan opposes the giant when he grabs his hand and Ivan is bleeding, the old woman goes hunting. Animals come running and tear the giant apart, Ivan cuts off his head; marries a princess. She goes to visit the girl (she sat on a chain for a year) in the forest, finds an empty vat, lets her go, invites her to go to her maid. The girl agrees, but she is jealous, finds the Giant's tooth in the oven, sews it into a pillow and puts it on Ivan. The tooth gets into his ear, he dies. The princess buries him in a high tower (with the inscription "There is no stronger and braver than the Russian hero Ivan"). Hunting climbs into the tower, the bear removes the coffin lid, the hare pulls a tooth out of Ivan's ear, he comes to life, plays the pipe, the animals dance, the princess rejoices]: Korolkova 1941, No. 8:45-49; Russians ( Bryansk, Karechevsky district) [iron wool bear eats people; the tsar ordered to build a high pole; placed Ivan Tsarevich and Elena the Beautiful upstairs with food for 5 years; the bear ran to the palace, the broom began to gnaw with annoyance; he told him to go to the field, there was a pole; the bear began to rock the pole, I. threw him food, he fell asleep; I. and E. ran, sat on the horse, the bear easily caught up with him, tore him, brought him to herd I. and E. to a pole; the same for the second time (the geese carried them, the bear scorched them); the third time I. and E. carried the third goby; covered the bear's eyes three times with droppings; swam across the river, and the bear drowned; the goby tells him to slaughter him, collect his bones, hit him, a fist man will come out of them - himself from his fingernail, a beard from his elbow; the peasant brought I. and E. to the robbers' house, killed everyone and locked them in the same room without telling E. go there; she went and fell in love with the chieftain's head; asked I. to get living and dead water, revived the chieftain; to lime I., sent him for wolf's milk; the she-wolf gives with the wolf cub to boot; then but with a bear; a lioness; E. sends a firebird for eggs; she swallowed a fist-man; E. and the chieftain were going to kill I.; he asked permission to wash himself in the bathhouse; the animals came running and told I. that the peasant -the fist escaped; he ordered the animals to tear the chieftain, and E. tied the naked one to the tree to be eaten by flies and mosquitoes; brought I. to the heroic girl; I. hardly defeated her, married her; at night she put it on her chest And . hand, it's bad for him, he called the peasant; the man beat the girl until he tamed it; the wife persuaded I. to release E.; she began to look for I. in his head and let a dead tooth into his head; the lion cub saw, pulled it out, became die himself; then a bear cub; then a fox, but she threw her tooth into a frying pan and it crumbled; I. ordered E. to be tied to the horse's tail and open it across the field]: Afanasiev 1958 (2), No. 202:94-97; Belarusians ( Mogilevskaya, Western 1888-1891, Ryasnyanskaya vol., Senn. u., from the local kr., recorded by G. Anikevich) [Two merchant sons of the hero Ivan and Mikita Igrivichi go to see the light after their father's death, their mother punishes them not to beat anyone and greet everyone (take off their hat); they meet in the forest an old man, an old man says how heroes can find their horses, the elder Ivan finds a birch tree, an oak tree, an iron slab under the oak tree, a crypt behind the stove, a horse in the crypt waiting for a hero; younger Mikita Igrivich walks to the far kingdom and finds a horse in the same way (the horse has been waiting 200 years); they come to the city, buy guns, meet a lion with lions in the forest, Ivan wants to kill, Mikita is against (order mothers), a lion asks for mercy and gives a lion cub as servants, they meet a bear, a wolf, animals give their cubs in exchange for life; at the crossroads, Ivan chooses the path where he will be "full", Mikita, where he will be hungry; Ivan leaves a golden saucer on the oak tree at the fork, Mikita sticks a knife, agrees that if they die, their objects will bleed; Ivan goes to a rich land, lives well; Mikita Igrivic falls into a poor city, the city is covered with black cloth, learns from a kisser where he stopped that there is a dragon ("cmok") on the Polym River that eats a person at night, today is the turn of the king's eldest daughter; Mikita Igrivich buys a bunch of hairpins, puts a candle on the table, punishes the kisser to release the animals, when the candle bleeds, the kisser falls asleep; Mikita Igrovic prays in the house with a candle and a book the river where the princess is brought, Mikita asks the princess to look in his head and wake him up, falls asleep; the dragon arrives, calls the princess, says that she is not afraid of anyone but the brothers of merchant sons, The princess wakes Mikita up with studs; opponents argue, Mikita refuses to blow, the dragon blows and builds a city 3 miles with copper roofs; Mikita summons her horse, opponents fight, Mikita cuts off 2 (out of 3) heads, the dragon hurts his leg, takes a break, Mikita cuts off his third head, throws the pike's body into the river to be eaten, his heads under a stone; the princess bandages his leg with her handkerchief, calls him to go to the king, but Mikita returns to the kisser; the king sends the servant to collect his daughter's bones, the servant finds out where the heads are hidden, makes the princess imagine him as a savior (threatens to drown him), the king thanks appoints him minister; the next day the same with the royal's middle daughter (the dragon's brother, 6-headed, blows on the city and shoots it, Mikita blows and builds, the serpent hurts Mikita's hand), the king's trusted hand in gratitude for "saving" the royal daughter from the minister becomes a count, Mikita returns to the kisser, wants to cut off his head for not letting the animals in, but going to bed; on the third day of 9 the younger princess is prepared for the head dragon, Mikita puts a handkerchief on the table, a candlestick with a candle on her handkerchief, punishes the kisser when everything turns black to release the animals, goes to the house by the river; history repeats, they fight; when the dragon drives the horse knee-deep into the ground, Mikita throws her hat (removes the roof from the tavern), throws her boot (knocks out windows), the animals come to the rescue, decapitate the remaining 6 heads the dragon, the princess gives him a personalized ring; Mikita returns, repairs the tavern, forgives the kisser for feeding his animals; the royal count makes the princess imagine him as savior, the king appoints wedding; Mikita sends a lion with a princess's ring to the courtyard, the princess recognizes the ring, hands over the hotel (fruit in a handkerchief), asks her father to drive around the city before the wedding, looks for Mikita, sees a lion in at the window, tells his father the truth; the royal servant is forced to raise a stone under which dragon heads, he cannot, he is executed, tied to horse tails, let him into the field; Mikita Igrivic marries younger princess; Mikita goes to visit her brother in the capital city ("as we have Moscow, and the tsar lives in St. Petersburg"), the city has gone underground, the place is overgrown with dense forest; fishermen tell Mikita about Ivan But the story of 3 dragons and 3 royal daughters, the snake (the mother of dragons) has cursed the city, no one can drive through the forest, it will turn it into stone; Mikita goes, stops for the night, her grandmother comes ( snake), asks to spend the night by the fire, asks his cane to drive away the dogs, swings, turns everyone into stone; Ivan gets bored, he goes to the oak tree to see how his brother is doing, sees blood from a knife, goes search for the grave, sees 5 stones, reads in the book that this is his brother with a horse and servants; he sits by the fire, waits, his grandmother comes, asks him to spend the night and drive away the dogs with a cane, Ivan realizes (that it is a snake), she beats her with her servants, she brings living and dead water from her garden, revives everyone; the grandmother is beaten again to regain the city, she breaks 4 logs, crowns them, the forest goes into the ground, the city appears, the snake is killed; the brothers go after their mother, they do not find them, they return to Mikita Igrivich, he rules, his brother becomes a minister]: Romanov 1901, No. 42:382-394; Belarusians [the tsar's most sunk a beautiful ship; it promises half a kingdom to whoever returns the ship; evil spirits: you don't need half a kingdom, give what you don't know at home; it turned out that at home the wife gave birth to a son and daughter; they grew up, snakes flew to pick them up, brought them to the forest; the boy talks about barrels, the girl about watermelons; the snake realized that these were not princes children; he had to give them back; once a snake told the boy to separate the poppy from the ash, and the girl to embroider towel; the vorn took them under his wings, carried them away from the snake; he caught up, took them away; the next day the ox tells the girl to take the brush and comb, and the boy to take a bar and a handkerchief, sit in her left and right ears; the snake catches up, they throw a brush (forest), a crest (an earthen mountain), a bar (a stone mountain); waving a handkerchief by the sea is a bridge, on the other side there is no bridge; an ox tells them to cut it in 12 parts, they turned into 12 dogs; began to live; brother does not know that snakes have begun to fly to his sister; sister asks for bear milk; the bear gave milk and a bear cub; the same with the she-wolf; the dogs stayed behind 12 doors; sister tells brother to warm water; raven: take your time, dogs gnawed nine doors; brother asks for permission to blow the pipe before death; dogs heard, the snake tore; sister took a snake's tooth; brother and sister began to live with their parents; the sister put the tooth in the brother's bed; he died, the sister's body in the barrel and at sea; the wolf took out the barrel, the bear knocked out the bottom, found the tooth, took it out; began to live happily ever after]: Romanov 1887, No. 7:63-65; Slovaks [the poor man's wife gives birth to three dogs; he gives them to the forester Janko; he is hired by the king; the chief forester wants him to lime; the king sends to expel evil spirits from the castle; I. the skeleton wins; the old man gives him the castle and then tells him to hang himself; the dogs have torn the old man to pieces; the king is forced to give Y. the daughter and half the kingdom; the daughter tells the king about the dogs, he tells me to hang; the king's dogs and daughter were torn to pieces, Y. became king]: Bogatyrev 1955:123-131 (=Gorbov 1949:125-133); the Czechs [the soldier returns, the father is dead, his sister is promiscuous, he beats her, ties her up, goes through the woods to castle, captive queen shows where the treasures, the self-made sword of cannibal robbers, he kills them; the sister pours water on the chieftain's head, which grows to the body, they decide to lime their brother; sister pretended to be sick, demands to get a wolf cub (the she-wolf gives), the same bear cub, a lion cub; the cannibal advises to invite her brother to swim, take his sword; the soldier managed to jump out of the water, call the animals, killed an ogre, tied his sister to a tree, to the other - a horse's carcass to eat and suffer longer; a soldier kills a dragon to whom the royal is given, cuts off tongues, the queen hangs chains on his animals, gives him ring; the servant takes the heads, says he killed the dragon; the soldier returns a year later, shows his tongues; the servant was executed on an iron mare; the queen returns her husband's sister, she puts a poisonous one on her brother trap, animals revive it, brother tells her sister to be covered with sand; animals are beheaded, they become knights]: Bogolyubova, Talova 2000:195-217; Poles [Jozefek decided to travel, mother went with him; they stayed in the woods with a robber; his mother invites him to marry her; the robber is afraid of Yu; suggests that the woman pretend to be sick - she needs the meat of a wild animal; Yu brings the meat of a wild boar, a lioness; the lion cubs took it for himself; the mother sends them to the robbers for wine; Yu and the lions killed them; Yu took the wine, freed the queen; she gave her cloak and ring; the mother suggests that Yu look in his head, asks than his strength; in three hairs; she cut them off; Yu weakened, his eyes were gouged out, taken to the road to beg; the queen tells all the poor to drink wine; found her ring in an empty mug, took Yu; the king agreed to marry, but settled the young in a hut outside the city; the queen brought the lion cubs to the robber and told them how to heal the blind man; the robber: there is a well of magic water; they came to the well ; two birds are fighting, one pecked out the other eye, she dipped her head into the well, saw the light; Yu also saw the light and three hairs grew; Yu defeated the king's enemies, he gave him half the kingdom; at the storyteller's wedding shoved into a gun and shot; gunpowder is still in his ass, no, it will shoot]: Shcherbakov 1980:76-81; Poles [{not everything is clear}; father leaves son and daughter in the forest; sister becomes the iron wolf's mistress; the brother gets the young of different animals, they become his assistants; they bring medicine that brings him back to life; he marries the queen; his sister is torn apart by horses]: Krzyż ; anowski 1962, No. 315:99-100.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Stavropol Turkmens [the old man pulls the human liver out of the well, throws the dog; pulls out the old woman; she demands her liver back; does not agree to take the liver of the old man's wife, agrees to take his son's liver; the old people migrate, leave golden alchiki in the old place, send their son for them; a stunted foal is called to take him, turns into a horse; teaches him what to do; the young man says he can't get down, the old woman cannot serve; the young man says that his father is coming, he will give it; while the old woman looks around, grabs the alchiki, jumps away; stops three times, each time the owner's dog is born a puppy, the young man takes it; not knowing whether he stays with the old woman's son; he asks to leave the dogs at home; an old woman appears, the young man climbs a tree, the old woman pulls out two a tooth, turns them into an ax and a chisel, cuts a tree; a fox calls to cut for it, carries an ax and a chisel; an old woman pulls out two teeth, they turn into an ax and a chisel; the same episode with the Wolf; an old woman cuts again; the boy ties bells to the crane, tells him to fly to the camp; three dogs come running, tear the old woman apart]: Bagriy 1930 (2): 114-119; Stavropol Turkmens [the tsar has three sons from first wife; she died, he remarried; the new one gave birth to a daughter; mares disappear in the herd at night; the eldest, middle sons fall asleep; the youngest comes, cooks dinner; the old woman comes, then leaves; disappears under a stone; a young man goes down there; 40 robbers sleep there; a young man hit one with a boot, hides; then said that he is the son of a thief and wants to steal with them; promises to get three daughters of the king; killed the guard, went to the princesses; each had a sword; he hit his own, cut the first two, when he hit the youngest's sword, his sword crumbled; the young man took this sword; called the robbers and killed one each, ears strung it on a thread; killed an old woman, taking the keys to the pantry; shot into a black cloud, a shot child's finger fell to the ground; at home, the queen says that her daughter's finger was cut off; the young man gave his finger - in the steppe found; the king (the one who is the father of the three princesses) summons people, looking for a hero, only the young man's sword came to the sheath; three princesses are presented as three princes; the stepmother orders to drive the younger one away; he came to the tree; the snake crawls to the eagles' nest, he killed her; for this, the eagle gave him two out of three eagles; the young man went on, took the splinter out of the lioness's paw, who gave him two lions out of six; left the lions and eagles to guard the horse, he put on lamb skins and tripe himself, went to the city; the youngest of the king's three daughters realized that it was a prince; invited the sisters to send three apples to the king: green, half-ripe, ripe; the king ordered everyone men walk outside the window, let every daughter throw an apple at whoever she wants to marry; the elders threw the viziers at the sons, the youngest into an imaginary beggar; the king lodged them at the stable; the king is sick, he needs kulan meat; an imaginary beggar in his true form, with the help of his lions and eagles, obtained a kulan, gave the meat to his older sons-in-law, who allowed them to be stamped on his sacrums; what his elder sons-in-law had brought to the king worse; and from the fish guts cooked by his youngest daughter, he recovered; at the feast, the prince truly said that two slaves had run away from him, his elder sons-in-law had to show stamps; the prince gave slaves to the king; everything was explained; the prince decided to visit his home; let the eagles go, but the lions said that they would still be useful, stayed with the prince's wife; the city was intact, there were no people; in the werewolf sister's hut they were thin father, stepmother, brothers and wives; sister consistently asks if the brother came on horseback with three, two, one legs, whether he came on foot; tells me to play the balalaika; the fox volunteered to play for him, and let he will hang his boots, which can be seen from the kitchen - as if he is still sitting; his sister is chasing, the prince turned three arrows into trees, climbed the first one, his sister gnawed at him, it fell, the prince moved to second, then to third; the lions feel something, their wife released them, they tore up the cannibal; brought a lot of cattle; at home, the prince handed over power to his older brother; he himself began to live with two wives (when he married first, not said)]: A.K. 1875, No. 1:1-13; Kabardian people [a good guy should bring a bride; someone shouts that everyone in the village will die; the guy goes to search, lies down with his skull under his head; that turns into a scary dog; the guy asks to let him live for three more days; after three days they bring the bride, the dog appears, the shots do not harm him; the guy runs, hides in the house; there is a girl says that there were three sisters, his father wanted to get along with them, but God turned him into a dog; he exterminates good people and horses; the girl gives a towel to create a bridge across the sea, a whip (destroy it), two churek; halves of the second turned into dogs Jansit and Myrsit; the guy settled in with an old woman, who became his mother; the dog from the other side asks to steal the guy's towel, make a bridge; the old woman agrees when the dog promises to be her husband; the dog hides under the bed to eat the guy, but the dogs attacked him and bit him; the guy returned home to the bride; everything is fine]: Sokolov, Broydo 1936:113-117; Abkhazians: Bgazhba 1983 [the prince has three sons; he begged God for a daughter; shot a wolf's finger, his daughter is crying at home, he put a finger to her hand, she was a werewolf; sister chased her younger brother; woodpecker complained that the tree would soon fall, it would have no place to get food for the children; the young man made the rotten tree young and hard; the witch Arupap sent him along the way, he came to the moon, got married; went to look for parents and brothers, the Moon gave a ring; everything at home is desolated, only the sister lives; consistently eats the horse's legs, goes to the blacksmith to sharpen his teeth; the rat tells the young man to run; woodpecker, A. send a witch to on the wrong road, but it catches up again; a young man throws a ring to his wife in heaven; dogs rush at the witch, a young man climbs his wife along the moonpath; a witch tears his brother's leg to his knee; a one-legged man is visible on the moon people]: 33-35 (=2002:39-41); Chursin 1956 [Gudauta County; the prince's 7 sons want a sister; a girl was born; at night the wolf took the lamb, the 4th brother cut off his finger on his hind leg; saw what was lying in the girl's cradle finger is cut off; leaves home; married; went to visit her homeland; father-in-law ordered to take a boxwood branch, walnut, coal; husband gave his wife a ring; only her sister is at home, consistently eats her legs a horse, all a horse; went to sharpen his teeth; the rat began to play the violin; the brother throws a branch (forest), coal (mud), a nut (wood); the brother hides at the top; the witch gnaws on a tree; the wife looks at the ring, releases dogs, they tore the witch; the man stepped on her tooth, died; the Raven pecked his eyes; God gave the Hawk powder, he sprinkled it, the dead rose]: 151-153; Abazins [after seven sons, a daughter is born; the younger brother is not happy, he is driven away; the girl eats cattle and people, when the younger brother returns, goes to sharpen his teeth; the younger woman gives a mirror, a comb, a thimble, tells them to learn the names of their dogs; Mouse tells him to run, he just has to pull the strings of the Pyartsa so that his sister thinks he is here; his sister devours the mouse, chases his brother; he throws objects, they turn into an ice field, a forest, an iron a pole to the moon; he rises to the moon, calls the dogs, they eat the stalker, the head remains; during eclipses, he tries to eat his brother on the moon; people shoot, wake up dogs to save the moon, dogs drive their heads away]: Tugov 1985, No. 36:91-93; Balkarians (zap. 1960) [The robbers kidnapped the khan's daughter; a boy Askhat and his sister lived near their house; the sister did not love her brother; they came to this house; A. untied the kidnapped girl; with waves of a self-made sword killed 24 robbers, cutting off 8 heads with one blow; the head of the chieftain of the robbers asked sister A. to give her water, grew to her body; gives advice to sister A. on how to get rid of her brother; sister pretended to be sick, asks bring 1) wolf meat (the she-wolf gives the wolf cub and the pipe to call the wolf); the sister does not want lupus, 2) asks the bear meat (the same); 3) lions (the same); 4) to undress and swim, while the robber will steal a self-made sword; but A. took the sword, wounded the robber, the animals tore it; A. tied his sister to a tree, hanging a horse's carcass next to her to eat; came to town; the dragon eats a girl every day, queue Khan's daughters; he promises his daughter to a savior; A. cut down 8 dragon heads, pulled out and hid their tongues, the animals destroyed the remains; the girl put her ring on A.'s finger, hung gold chains around the necks of the animals; the servant Khan killed A., who was sleeping, called himself the girl's savior; the animals brought herbs and revived A.; A. came a year later; he was told that today the savior of the khan's daughter was marrying her; A. gave the bride a note with a bowl of soup, then animals carried notes; A. came and showed his tongues; the impostor was beheaded; A.'s wife sent for his sister, she was cured; she put a trap under A.'s bed, A. died; the animals brought herbs and revived him; A. ordered his sister to be hanged; everything is fine]: Malkonduev 2017:478-484; Karachays: Aleinikov 1883, No. 5 [the prince had a daughter Jelmouth; on the very first night a bucket of water disappeared and calf, all the cattle gradually disappeared; one of her brothers, Kyyynly (Goremyk), went to the Black Sea coast; found puppies in the caught fish and raised them; when he went home, he found only a sister and a blacksmith there; sister tears off one leg from his brother's horse, then the other, etc.; the mouse advises K. to run while J. sharpens his steel teeth; the mouse points J. three times in the other direction, the fourth time she runs on the right track; K. calls on their dogs, they tear J. apart, the head remains; one dog grabs its head by the hair, the other by the lower jaw, the head rises with them to the moon; once a year, dogs fall asleep, their heads devour moon, an eclipse occurs; at this time people are making noise to wake dogs]: 157-162 (=Jurtubayev 1991:78-79; =2007:372-375; briefly similar text in Potanin 1883:775-776); Dzhurtubayev 2007:367-370 [after eight sons are born a daughter; the youngest son demands to kill her, when refused, leaves; grazes the cattle of the elderly, wins and kills the five-headed emegen, then the emegensha, having received from her previously stored in mercury her parents' eyes; she goes to visit relatives; only a sister in the village, she goes out to sharpen her teeth, her brother runs, throws a whetstone (rock, sister gnaws), a knife (an iron rock, gnaws), an awl ( ironwood); the young man hides at the top; the crows refuse to convey the message to adoptive parents, the pigeons pass it on; dogs come running, the sister takes off, the dogs behind her; the yellowmouth girl is the reason eclipses of the moon and sun (dogs protect the stars)], 370-371 [the son, seeing his newborn sister, tells her to be killed, parents refuse, he leaves; helps the female leopard to be born, she gives him one the cub, the second one he takes himself; they leave him by a thread; he comes to his native village, where the blacksmith says that the young man's sister ate everyone; the sister consistently eats the horse's legs, each time asks how many legs the horse had; the brother confirms that three, two, one; the sister tells me to knock on the pelvis, she goes to sharpen her teeth; the mouse starts to knock, gives an awl, a comb, a mirror, tells me to run; objects turn into a bone castle, an iron fence; sister catches up; brother burns hairs, leopards come running, cling to her jaws; a girl rises into the sky, pounces on the sun and moon, leopards interfere with her swallow them]; Ossetians [a childless man's dog has broken his leg; Uastyrji gives an apple, tells him to eat it in half with his wife; three sons will be born, the dog will be cured, one son must be sent to him; sons grow up, the eldest is drawn by lot; W. orders him to bring his soul from the gorge instead of his own; the young man kills a deer, the mother of seven giants swallows it, the dog comes home; the middle son goes - the same; the youngest throws this giant hair not at the dog, but into the fire, her giant spindle is not at the gun, but into the river; the giantess begins to overcome, but the dog grabs her heel; the giant regurgitates the swallowed brothers, they (brothers with a dog?) tore it apart; the youngest took her meat to W.; the brothers are jealous of the younger, put their sword in front of the entrance to the gazebo, raised the alarm, the youngest ran out, the sword cut off his legs; they come blind and armless; a leaf fell, putting it to his feet and eyes, everyone recovered and saw the light; the youngest returned home, killed his brothers, healed with his wife]: Sokayeva 2012, No. 2:19-22; Ossetians [every evening the poor man flew over his gelding across the sea, kidnapped a girl and a young man from the khan, married them and created his own people for himself; when he learned that the poor man had decided to get the khan's daughter, her servant warned that to do this he must fly to the top on horseback her towers; the young man did it, the khan's daughter became his wife and gave a whip: if she is kidnapped, the whip will fall; the whip falls three times, each time further away, but every time the young man meets the people he should bring to his house, following the laws of hospitality; then jumps in search; consistently sees the corpse with a white, black greyhound, horse, man, boar; buries all the first, and cuts the boar to pieces, for he is the one killed the others; a buried rider comes out of the mound, becomes an assistant; in the distance there is light, it is Khan who takes the kidnapped; the rider from the crypt offers the khan to give a ransom: a goat and a lamb; then a bull and a buffalo; Khan does not give; they destroyed his army, then killed the khan; the dead man returns to the crypt and tells him to go without turning; but the young man returned to find out the name of the assistant; he replied that he was Barastor, ruler the afterlife; gives a knife and tells his wife to be slaughtered, but not to want her; the young man heard the child crying and turned into a crevice; the entrance closed, the child became a cannibal woman; the young man called for help from the buried they had dogs, they could not gnaw through the mountain; then the horse, which broke two holes, the dogs came through them, began to nibble on the woman, the young man stabbed her; the dogs and the horse returned to the mound; the young man returned to B. I looked out the window and saw the light: B.'s wife's neck opened and the light flooded the room; when the woman fell asleep, the young man stabbed her, but could not resist kissing her; this place on her body turned black; at home he told his wife that committed a terrible sin: B.'s wife will be in hell until blackness comes off her lips]: Dzagurov 1973, No. 121:510-518; Ingush: Malsagov 1983, No. 35 [cannibal Akhkepig ("half a penny") killed his father, mother and two brothers; the third brother and sister ran into the forest; the bull put them on his back, went across the sea; A. tried to draw the sea into himself; the bull went out, but lost his strength, ordered him to be slaughtered, his skin put his hair out, legs hooves down four corners (there will be 4 towers), ears thrown into the sea (people will appear), two eyes will become two hounds, liver and heart will be thrown into the sea (weapons and gunpowder, as well as gold will appear), bile will hate enemies; there will be a girl in one tower; if you gather to throw her kidneys on the ground, a horse will appear; that's what happened; A. asks her sister to swim up, promises to become a father, mother, brother (she rejects him); agrees when he promises to be her husband; sister hides A. in her tower; he rushes with a dagger at his brother; he asks not to injure his body; A. pierces him with a bear's claw, young man dies, they bury it; the hounds dug the grave, one pulled out her claw, the young man came to life, the hound died; the other pulled someone out of her - died herself; the first pulled out her claw with a stick, everyone is alive; the brother tells her sister to become with a thorn growing in abandoned places; hounds tore A.], 45 [after her husband's death, a woman gives birth to a toothy girl; she eats cattle; her mother refuses to kill her; her brother takes her to the forest; later arrives visit; she looks like a scary cat; consistently eats away the horse's legs, the brother agrees that he came in a three-legged, etc., legless, half; the cat gives a comb, a jug of oil, three needles; brother runs, throws objects, thickets appear, a sea of oil, three cast-iron poles; when the din gnaws on the third pillar, the mother releases her son's hounds, they kill the din]: 156-159, 181-183; Kapaev 2012 [from childless spouses , a son was finally born; one day the husband saw an old woman, who turned into an elmauyza, demanded that in three days he give her son or kill him himself; the boy stroked the foal, he became a tulpar; going to Elmauyzu, shot him in the eye and galloped away; he is chasing; he compartments one, the other leg of the horse, the horse jumps two; when Baiterek is nearby, the horse tells the boy to jump on the tree; Elmauyz began to dig the ground knock down Yuaiterek; crows, geese fly by, the swallow agrees to inform five samyrs (winged dogs); they scratched out Elmauyz's second eye, carried the boy home; Elmauyz's daughter, a boy, came shot her in both eyes, dogs drove her away; old Elmauyz hid behind the sun, his daughter behind the moon]: 314-317; Kumyks [the wolf ate everyone; the rich man hid his son and daughter in a hole under the hearth; the wolf ate the rich man and him wife, heard voices, found the children, left them on the roof of the house; a gray horse invited the children to sit on her, flew to the sea, the wolf caught up with her, ate her, returned the children; the black horse carried her across the sea; brother and the sister lives there, the girl goes to the sea to get water; the wolf sees her, asks her to look in the mirror, then he will fly across the sea, promises to marry; she hides the wolf in a chest, who advises the sick to look at her, send your brother seven mountains to bring milk from old women; the old woman explains that her sister has a lover; tells me to walk 40 doors in the cave in 20 minutes, if you fail, you won't leave; the young man passes, takes out milk, but his dogs are left outside the door; he brings milk, the wolf rushes at him, the swallow flies to the dogs, says that the owner is in trouble; they break out, kill the wolf; the brother walled up his sister in the room, promised release when a puddle appears in front of the window, reeds on it, ducks will swim in the reeds; many years later this happened, my brother released his sister, the tsar married her]: Bagriy 1930 (2): 35-38 (=Khalilov 1965, No. 65 : 195-199); Georgians [a daughter is born after a son, she has two teeth; brother watched her sister get up, devour cattle; warns the mother; she does not want to kill her daughter; brother leaves, gets to one-eyed maiden; at night, the ram tells the deva to be dazzled with a hot spit, slaughter the sheep, pull her skin over him; the devil lets the sheep between his legs, the young man goes out; the devil promises to adopt him; tells him not to herd herds on the mountain of a black maiden; a young man kills him, his deva is grateful; the same with the red devil; with an eagle; she asks to give birth to her; the young man hides the male; the eagle gives him both eagles; the young man comes home, sees a sister holding her parents' heads in her hands; she gnaws off her brother's horse's legs one by one, he agrees that he came in three-, two-, one-, legless, came on foot; the sister goes to sharpen his teeth; the mouse wakes up brother, talks about danger; he leaves a stone in bed, a bag of ash above him, climbs a poplar; his sister cleans his eyes of ash, gnaws poplar; the fox offers to throw off the young man, touches the poplar with a branch, the gnawed one overgrows; the same is with the Bear; the young man calls the eagles, they eat the cannibal; three drops of blood fall on the leaf, the leaf says that the young man will regret taking it and will regret it if he does not take it; the young man he hides him in his bosom, his side dries up; merchants offer to guess what they have in their chests; the young man does not guess, must give his eagles; the leaf says that cotton wool is in one, the other is beautiful; the young man catches up with merchants, gets chests and eagles, marries a beautiful woman]: Kurdovanidze 1988, No. 46:182-187; megrels [a girl was born, turned out to be a giantess Mdevi, devoured parent cows; elder, the middle brothers were guarding, did not notice anything; the youngest shot; the girl in the cradle bleed from her right hand; the parents drove her son away; M. ate everyone; the youngest went home, the dogs bitten to death M.]: Chursin 1956:154; Armenians [a son in the family, a daughter was born; the dough disappears; the brother watches, sees how the baby gets out of the crib, swallows the dough, comes back; parents refused to kill their daughter; brother he left, saw a herd of sheep, with him a blind husband and wife; for several days the young man slowly ate milk; they notice that milk is disappearing; the young man confesses that he stays with these people; they do not tell me to drive sheep east and west; devils live in the west, blinding them, and in the east a cannibal lioness; a young man goes to hell, splits a log, offers to stick his hand, knocks out a wedge; demands that the devils return eyes and teach them how to insert them; then kills them all; lioness: if I face one lion cub, you can pass, or if more, I'll kill them; the young man hides two lions in a bag, raises them like dogs; the lioness believes that gave birth to only one; the young man decides to go to visit his native places, leaves a saucer of milk: if it turns black, he is in trouble; the house is empty, one sister; says that she will go cook, eats the horse, asks if the brother came on foot; he says yes; she leaves again; the rooster: she went to sharpen her teeth; the brother runs away, leaving the sandbag; the sister thinks that the brother is in the bag, bites her, the sand in her eyes; brother climbs a plum tree that grew from a bone that he left home when he left home when he was young; his sister chews on the trunk, the brother moved to the second plum; the milk turned black, the Zangi and Zrangi lions were lowered, they came running, tore the cannibal; the young man took lions, returned to the elderly]: Gardner 1944:165-168; Turks: Eberhard, Boratav 1953, No. 148 [after birth, the daughter of the poor eats a donkey, then devours people; the brother runs away with his fiancée, is hired, the owner gives him a daughter; the young man asks for wives (?) release the red horse if the salt becomes water and the water becomes blood; the cannibal sister catches up with her brother, who climbs five cherry trees, the sister knocks them down one by one; at the last moment, the red horse comes running, killing a cannibal]: 161: Stebleva 1986, No. 15 [the poor man has a young son; a daughter is born; immediately eats his father, then his parents; the brother runs, lives well, has two wives; leaving to visit the house, leaves wives have water and salt; if salt turns into water and water into blood, his stallion must be released; the sister greets his brother when she recognizes him by the ring; goes to his horse every day, says that she has three legs, two , one leg; that there is no horse; brother climbs a tree, from him to the other, third; sister gnaws and knocks down trees; water turns into blood, wives release a foal, he lies down the cannibal, kills her; young man returns to his wives]: 45-46; Eberhard, Boratav 1953, No. 315 [three brothers let the freezing giant go; he kills two, the third runs away, meets several old women consistently, they give him dogs , growing to the size of an elephant; the latter gives a needle; the needle turns into a bridge across the sea, but the young man forgets to clean it after him, the giant crosses the bridge after him; in another country, a young man marries; does not know that the wife is the giant's sister; the giant comes, hides in the barn, in the hearth, every time dogs prevent him from attacking his master; the giant locks them in an iron shed, chases the young man and grabs them him, allows him to express his last wish; he calls the dogs, they came running, tore the giant]: 161-162; Walker, Uysal 1966, No. 9 [the couple has three sons, they want a daughter; they say, even if headlong the cauldron and teeth are like axes; the sheep disappear; the brothers take turns guarding; the older, the middle fall asleep, the youngest sees his sister coming out of the cradle; they do not believe him; he leaves, throws date seeds along the way; lives with a shepherd, who does not tell him to herd cattle by the mountain, there are dangerous animals; he felt sorry for Leo, Bear, Tiger, who gave him a cub; he misses home; tells the owner to let the animals down if they belch blood; at home, the sister eats one leg of the horse after the other; the brother replies that he came on a three-, two-, one-legged horse, came on foot; the sister is looking for her in his head, is going to bite it off; he asks her to open her mouth , jumps into it; throws a stone skating rink from the roof to roll clay; runs away, hides in grown dates, his sister gnaws one tree after another; he asks for permission to play the flute before she dies; at her sounds, his pets come running; she advises cutting off her tongue, putting it in her pocket; animals kill her; the owner of the caravan asks what the name of his rod is; if the answer is wrong, he will take the Bear, the Tiger and Leo; sister's tongue suggests, Magic Wand; the young man gets a caravan, lives richly]: 86-90; Turks [when the king's daughter was 3 years old, he told his son to kill her and bring a cup of her blood; the young man felt sorry for the girl, gave it to an old woman, brought rabbit blood to his father; he suspects deception, predicts misfortune for his son; the king is blind, he will be healed by a precious box from the land of fairies; son went to get the box; his sister followed him; reluctantly, he put her on his horse with him; they came to an empty city; the residents were eaten by a giant, a black Arab; the young man defeated him and hung him from a tree; planted three cypresses at the spring; the sister freed the Arab, they became lovers; the sister fed the Arab with the game that his brother brought; asks the Arab to kill his brother; the Arab is afraid of him; offers the girl pretend to be sick and send his brother to buy black and light grapes to 9 Arab brothers and mother; the young man fed the fox, who advises him to approach the giantess from behind and venerate her chest; the giants gave grapes ; next time: lion's milk in a wineskin from a lion's skin; fox: go to the pond where lions and their mother drink; clean the pond, pull out the splinter from the lioness, she will give milk; the lioness allowed me to make a wineskin from lion skins; gives the young man two lion cubs; the Arab tells his mistress to pour lead into the ears of the young lions brought in; but one shook off the lead and kept his ear; the Arab tells his mistress to hit his brother from behind with an ax, when he began to fight with him; when he saw an Arab and his sister, the young man climbed one of the cypresses he had planted, called lions; when an Arab cut down one cypress, the young man moved to the second, then to the third; the third The lions heard the call, tore the Arab to pieces; the brother cut his sister to pieces; sent the lions to their mother; he went to look for the box himself; the fox teaches how to take the box from the fairies; they want a sword stolen by giants in return ; he is from the mother of giants; the young man managed to take it out of its scabbard; fox: do not give up the sword until you get the box, and then take the sword; asks to wave his sword over her head; the fox has become a young man; this is his sword the fairy was kidnapped, turning the young man into a fox; leaving the sword to the young man, the prince returned to his father and he saw the light]: Walker, Uysal 1966, No. 10:90-103.

Iran - Central Asia. Lura [when the seven brothers were told that their mother had given birth to a girl, they were happy and returned home; and if a boy were born, they would go on a journey; that same night the girl got out of diapers and ate two sheep; thought it was a wolf; six brothers took turns guarding; they did not notice anything, although the demon girl ate a pair of animals every night; the youngest cut his finger and rubbed salt into the wound; saw a gulya, one tooth drank, the other an ax; the young man told his parents about this, they did not believe it and he left home; on the way he picked up two puppies; settled in the city with an old woman, calling her mother; once said he wanted to visit his home; let the old woman let the dogs down if they started howling; there was only one chicken alive in his parents' town; the ghoul sister came to kiss and snatched a piece of meat from her face; bit off a horse's leg: did you come on a three-legged horse? then: on a bipedal? She ate all her legs so much, then swallowed what was left; the young man asked his gulya sister to bring him water; let him bring him in a sieve; the sister left, the young man ran; the crow taught him to cover the holes in the sieve with clay; the sister chased the young man, he climbed onto the plane tree; called the dogs; they ate the gulya, but one drop of blood fell to the ground, became a sparrow, he flew away; the young man got off the plane tree, met the caravan; he offered bet: if he gives the name of the caravan {apparently says that the caravan is lucky}, then the caravan is his; if they name the dogs, they will take them for themselves; the young man did not guess, the caravan said that the dogs were Salan and Dalan took them; a sparrow sister from the sky: the caravan carries resin, indigo and ginger; the young man caught up with the caravan, the caravan had to give both the caravan and the dogs]: Amanolahi, Thackston 1986, No. 14:67-70; Persians : Osmanov 1987:342-344 [The youngest daughter is born in a large family; the kneaded dough disappears; the mother asks her youngest son to see his sister come out of his diapers; the young man leaves on the way He plants three peaches; the tigress asks him to help give birth, he leaves her one tiger cub, takes two, calls Zangi and Zarangi, lives with an old woman; goes home, tells her foster mother to let the tiger cubs down, if the milk in the jug turns blue; only her sister finds herself at home; she leaves, each time she comes back and asks if his horse had three (then two, one) legs; he replies yes; the Rooster says sister went to sharpen her teeth; tells her to hang her pants full of sand and salt on the edge of the chimney, run; the sister bites her pants, salt and sand fall into her eyes; the brother climbs the peaches he planted, the sister gnaws, the trees they fall one after another; the milk turns blue, the cubs eat the cannibal, the young man tells a drop of blood to fall on a box of cotton; the man tells him to guess what his club is made of, otherwise he will take one of the cubs; the young man hears a voice that is made of a jar-jar tree; the man disappears; there is a snake in the young man's pocket, the cubs eat it; the young man with the cubs return to his foster mother], 345-348 [the healer gives the childless padishah an apple to he ate it with his wife; the wife gives birth to a girl; it turns out that there is also a son who was previously stolen and now returned; the girl has iron teeth; she bites off her mother's nipples, then the cows, then eats the animals and people; the rest are running, among them Shahzade; marries; tells his wife to let down his beloved cat when the water in the basin turns red; on the way he throws date bones, palm trees grow out of them; he finds only at home sister, she rushes after her brother, he hides on a palm tree, she gnaws trunks one by one; the water turns red, the cat bites the monster sister in the brain; shahzade and his wife move to Shahzade's homeland, the city again filled with people]; Baluchi: Zarubin 1932, No. 4 [a newborn rips open the bellies of cattle at night; her brother has second eyes on the back of his head, he sees everything, asks to kill her sister, they don't believe him, he leaves; returns, on the way he meets three blind girls sucking milk from three goats; sucks milk, they catch it; he kills buzlangs, brings magic leaves, restores the girls' eyesight; leaves two dogs, tells them to let go if the feeder is covered with rust; a dead city finds him at home, his sister leads his horse to drink, eats up one leg, his brother in fear agrees that he came on a three-legged horse; he the same episode with other legs, head, harness; he asks his sister to bring water with a sieve, his sister tells him to hit the cup; the mouse hits instead of him, he runs away; the sister eats the mouse, chases; he throws one or the other gold hearth supports, the sister hesitates to pick them up; throws an antimony brush, it turns into a tree, he's at the top, she gnaws on the trunk with her teeth; he calls the dogs, they kill his sister, she says The bead in her throat should be crushed; with this powder he revives the dead], 5 [option; the king has three sons, including Lalu four-eyed; sees her sister getting up from the cradle, gutting the camels; to the house three blind girls fall from the sky bread; L. bites off them, drinks goat milk, catches him; he goes to the buzlanga, he whips him, L. pretends to be nice; beats the buzlangi, who dies tells him to crush three beads in his throat, the powder makes the girls' eyes sighted; further as in (4); L. leaves his ash-filled clothes; three hearth supports; L. hides in date trees that have grown from seeds he planted earlier; the end is like in (4)]: 52-60, 60-68; mountain Tajiks (Vanj) [the son of a rich man has the gift of predicting; when a sister is born, he tells her to cut off her head, throw it in river; parents do not listen; he goes to another city, gets married; a dragon girl bites her mother's lips, kissing her, then eats her parents, swallows property; her brother tells his wife to let the dogs down if the soup will turn into blood; comes to his sister; she greets him, devours the last ram; he runs, asks the poplar to grow to the sky, climbs to the top; the sister gnaws on the trunk; the wife pours dogs have soup, she turns red, the wife lets the dogs down, they tore the dragon; the survivor lives with his wife and children]: Rosenfeld, Rychkova 1990, No. 11:55-56; Tajiks (Samarkand district) [the padishah has three sons, the wife is dead, the new one has given birth to a daughter; someone steals apples from an apple tree; the eldest son guards, falls asleep; the same middle one; the youngest Kenjaboy sprinkles salt on the cut, shoots a winged demon, he flies into stepmother's chambers, K. finds a peel near the cradle; the padishah does not believe, he kicked him out; he left, married, and his diva sister ate all the people and animals in his country; K. takes care of two lions; wants to visit parents; gives his wife a jug of milk; if the milk is redder, let the lions lower; K. came to his sister; she eats away the horse's legs and consistently asks if the horse was three-legged, two-legged, legless; K. answers what he was; mouse: leave your boots to make it seem like you are sitting, take three needles, salt, a mirror, a comb; and she will hit the strings of the vestibule; sister is chasing, K. threw the comb (forest); sister: as he went; K. raise the hem; the same with other obstacles: mirror (river), salt (salt mountain); K. pierced three needles, they turned into three boxwood trees; the sister pulled out her tooth and began to saw the trunk with it ; K. jumped to the second tree; to the third tree; the milk turned red, the wife lowered the lions, they tore the diva, K. returned to his wife]: Amonov 1961:376-381; Tajiks [Jamshed-schakh ruled Hindustan; so far Shahzade Khurshed is hunting, his mother flirts with the vizier; D. orders her to be executed; H. managed to return and rode away, carrying his mother on horseback; looked into the house of 40 black cannibals; each goes out to kill him; H. stands for by the door, cuts off everyone's head; mother H. saw a hole with the dead; the last cannibal is alive; the woman helped him get out and hid him; to get rid of her son, the mother pretended to be sick, she will be helped by a crying person pomegranate; on the way, H. shot a lion and a pregnant lioness; took two lion cubs out of the lioness's belly, took them with him; brought a pomegranate; now the cannibal advises sending H. for a laughing apple; H. came to 40 divas, who kidnapped a Yemeni princess; lions tore divas to pieces; H. has been feasting with malika for 40 days; she warns H. that his mother wants to kill him, but he does not believe him; brought apples; the cannibal advises to invite H. to test his strength: will he be able to tear the silk lace with which he was tied; the hidden cannibal is still afraid of H.; the mother took the sword to kill her son, but the lions came running and broke the fetters; the mother ran away, and the lions brought H. to malika; he admitted that she was right; left lions with her, and dressed as a calender; came to the ogre and his mother, they did not recognize him; asked for a spear, bow and arrow in the form of alms, which the cannibal still cannot lift; H. hacked the ogre and mother; the padishah of Yemen sent an army to return Malika; H. and the lions defeated him; the padishah sent an old woman; Malika senses ill, but H. left her as a maid; she poured they had sleeping pills, kidnapped Malika, but felt sorry for H. and did not kill him; H. came to Yemen with lions and began to smash him; the padishah gave him his daughter and recognized him as his son-in-law]: Khovari 1983:93-106; Tajiks [old man sees fresh sheep liver on the road; touches her, an old woman jumps out, threatens to kill her if he does not give her son Haydar-Kokul; tells him to cut firewood continuously; a horse, a bull, comes to HC, they cannot run away from the old woman, she throws her torn tooth under their feet; the calf takes HC to the fortress where the girl is alive; on the way he picks up two puppies, they turn into powerful dogs, the girl hides them; divas reluctantly promises not to kill HC; the girl gives HC a comb, a mirror, three arrows, tells him to run; objects turn into a forest, a river, three poplars; when the divas knocks down the last, dogs come running and collide him into the river, fight him under water, kill him; HC and his wife return to their parents]: Amonov, Ulug-zade 1960:164-171; Bukhara Arabs [the youngest son tells the king to slaughter his sister, she will become a witch; he is not believes; three sons take turns guarding horses; the eldest, the middle fall asleep, the witch eats the horse; the father does not believe; the youngest does not sleep, he sees, the king still does not believe; the youngest leaves, marries; after 20 years he tells wife release his two lions if the milk turns red, yogurt black; comes to his sister, she hugs him, weans his ears; she has already eaten everyone; tells them to beat the drum, goes to the horse, eats his leg; brother replies that the horse had three legs; the sister goes out to eat the horse again; someone tells him to run from under the wall, taking a comb, a mirror, salt, a spindle; abandoned objects turn into thorny bushes, a river, a swamp, two trees; a brother climbs a tree, a sister takes out her tooth, cuts down a tree with it like an ax; begins to cut down the second; the wife releases lions; the witch rushes into the river; lions say that if to the surface if blood rises, they win, if blood and hair are dead; they rush into the water for the witch; wool first floats up, but then blood; lions bring a piece of skin from their sister's head to the owner; the drovers promise give camels if the lion owner guesses what their load is; a piece of leather suggests that almonds; a person receives camels; distributes them in his father's city, he is elected tsar]: Vinnikov 1969, No. 58: 324-326; Pasha'i: Elwin 1944 [the young man's sister turned out to be cannibal; he ran, got married, had two dogs; when he returned home, he saw that all people were eaten; asked his sister to eat it before eating it, she would have brought water in a sieve and sharpened her teeth; she went to the river, told her brother to beat the drum; the rat began to beat him; the sister set off in pursuit, the brother climbed the tree; when she almost grabbed him, dogs came running; the young man told them to kill the cannibal so that not a drop of blood spills on the ground; they tore it apart]: 373; Morgenstierne 1944, No. 3 [the prince has a cannibal sister; he runs, lives with a woman, who has two dogs; decides to visit the house; there is only her sister, says she will eat it; he asks her to bring a bucket of water and sharpen her teeth; she leaves the drum, tells him to hit it; brother lets the mouse run around drum so that the sister can hear a shot; the brother runs, throws needles, a ball of salt, soap behind; every time thrown turns into a mountain, the sister overcomes obstacles; the brother climbs a tree, calls dogs, tells they eat the cannibal so that not a drop of blood spills on the ground; dogs tear the cannibal], 4 [the king has 7 sons, he asks God for a daughter, a cannibal is born; at night he gets up from the cradle, gnaws off everyone's legs horses; the youngest son watched, the king does not believe, expels him; he marries in another city, has dogs named Hangir and Bangir; wants to visit his home; the guest leaves a drop of blood and a drop of milk; says that if blood turns into milk and milk turns into blood, dogs must be unchained; gives seven grains of wheat, they should be abandoned in case of danger; everyone at home is eaten; sister asks how many legs the horse had a brother; eats two, then eats all the horses; promises to go fetch water and eat his brother; the mouse tells the brother to run; the sister finds the mouse, eats it, chases it; the brother throws grains, of which 7 plane trees grow up, he climbs one, his sister chews on the trunk, the tree falls, the brother moves to another; when the last one is left, dogs come running, their brother tells them to tear their sister]: 18-19, 19-23; Uzbeks [the young man forgets the golden bat (toy) in the summer pasture; returns for it, there is Almaus Kempir (AK); she pretends to be weak; the young man grabs the bat, jumps away; changes to a donkey, horse, camel, goby; he blows the wind, the pursuer loses her way in the fog; the goby comes to the princess's maids, rolls them, brings the princess to the boy; tells him to be slaughtered, buried, in the morning there is a garden and castle; buried the eyes turn into two dogs; they jump into the water, where AK has disappeared; first pus pops up, the young man thinks that the dogs are dead; then the blood has won; the king comes and passes his daughter off as a young man]: Afzalov et al. 1972 (1): 167-173 (=Sheverdin 1967:124-130).

Baltoscandia. Norwegians [the boy walks with his old mother through the forest; despite her prohibition, he picks up a blue belt at the crossroads, girds himself, becomes a strongman; they come to the troll's house; the son hears how the mother agrees to the troll's offer to marry him by getting rid of her son; the troll wants to roll a stone on the young man, the young man rolls on him himself, injuring his thigh; the young man brings him home; the troll offers to feed the young man to lions; the mother pretends to be sick, asks for lion's milk; the troll sends the young man to the lion's pen, he kills one lion, the others obediently let themselves milk; the troll does not believe, young man He throws him to the lion who comes, takes him away while he is still alive; sleepy apples in the garden of the troll brothers; if he eats them, falls asleep, the trolls will kill him; the mother pretends to be sick again, wants apples; the young man eats apples, He falls asleep, but obedient lions guard him; trolls come in the guise of cannibal horses, the lions have eaten them; the young man wakes up, meets an Arab princess kidnapped by trolls in the castle; before going with her to Arabia, visits her mother, invites her and the troll to move to the castle; when she learns the secret of the belt, her mother tears it off, wraps it around her hand; the young man burns his eyes, goes down the river in a boat; lions they pull him ashore; one sees how the blind hare saw the light after swimming in the stream; the owner is treated, he enters the castle, grabs his belt, kills his mother, burns the troll's eyes, lowers the boat; swims in Arabia; on the island, an egg is cut, with a chick the size of an elephant; a young man tells me to sail to Arabia, where he clings to a spruce, others hide in the sand; a bird raises an island, throws it on ships; when it attacks a young man , he kills her with a sword; the princess's father will give her to whoever finds her; the young man dresses as a polar bear, dances; if anyone laughs, tears her apart; the maid laughs, is killed by a bear; the king leads the bear through the castle there where the princess is hidden so that he can dance for her too; he discovers himself; in the morning he finds a princess in the guise of a prince, gets married]: Dasent 1970:155-171; Swedes [three princes hunt; when they arrive at hut, three girls hear talking; when his older brother has a wedding, his mind will be clouded, he will throw a knife at his father, but the youngest will take his hand away; and when the youngest is married, he will come for him polar bear; it happened; the king appointed 300 warriors to protect his youngest son, the bear killed all but one, promised to come the next night; out of 600 warriors, two remained; on the third, three out of 900; the bear promised to return in a year; the prince decided to leave to avoid the death of the warriors; came to the first girl, who told the maid to feed the dog Hundshön, she fought off the bear; the hostess gave the prince a dog, a rod and a ball; the prince hit the water with a rod, the water parted, he crossed the river, followed the ball to the second girl, that dog Hundstark, two dogs fought off the bear together; The third Hundschlund, fought back three, he promised to come in a year; the sisters whistled the prince to call dogs; the prince came to another country, married a princess; someone sings across the lake, promises to teach his wife prince; she takes his rod, hits the water, the polar bear goes dry, but the dogs tore it; the wife found the bear's tooth, went to show it to the prince, dropped it on the sleeper, he died; they did not bury the coffin; dogs take turns guarding; the first two fall asleep, Hundschlund sees the old man sprinkling one of the coffins that lay in it come to life; Hundschlund hardly begged the prince to sprinkle the coffin, he came to life; went with dogs further; the giant asks to send dogs to fetch water, consistently throws them over each chain, is going to kill the prince; he asks for permission to blow the whistle, the dogs fell off, killed the giant; the prince takes the treasure, returns to his first wife; dogs are told to cut each into three parts, they turn into princes themselves]: Stier 1971, No. 3:15-21; Swedes (Varmland) [Queen is dead, princess grew up beautiful; the king went to war; in order for his daughter to remain innocent, he built a tower in the forest, left food for his daughter and maids there, forbade men to come close; who wanted to get the princess was sent by a witch; she has two apples in her basket; the princess and her companion lifted the basket to the tower, ate an apple each and became pregnant; Princess Silfwerhwit's son ("silver white"), the maid's son Lillwacker ("little guard"); both grew strong and beautiful; after 7 years, the king returned and the boys' mothers had to bring them down from the tower to the ground and send them to the world; the princess gave them to her son a precious dagger; towards a big man, gave everyone a sword and three dogs; at the crossroads, the boys broke up; S. put a donated knife in the stream: if blood flows, he is dead, let L. take revenge; S. came to a city where mourning; the king must give his eldest daughter to a sea troll; S. went to the shore, where the princess and the court; he mistook S. for a troll, ran away and climbed a tree; the troll emerged: let first our dogs fight; S.'s dogs bit to death the troll's dogs; then S. cut off the troll's head, he dived into the sea, and S. cut out his eyes and hid it; S. left, and the courtier made the princess say that he is the savior; the same the next day (a three-headed troll, the king's middle daughter); on the third day, a six-headed one; a younger princess; S. came to the wedding, showed the younger princess's ring and the troll's eyes; wedding; once a knock on the window: S., go out to talk; there is a troll whose brothers S. killed; S.'s dogs bitten to death his dogs, and S. drove the troll into a tree; he promised a ransom, asked to calm the dogs by throwing them at them his three hairs; his dogs froze; the troll came down and killed S.; seeing blood in the stream, L. went to save S.; in the city he was mistaken for S.; in bed he put his sword between himself and the princess; a knock on the window and the same , but L. threw hairs on the troll's dogs; forced S. to revive the dogs, let the water revive S. and the other that makes them stick to the place; L. stuck the troll to the stone and burst at the first rays of the sun; Upon learning that L. had gone to bed with the princess, S. cut off his head; after learning from his wife about the sword, S. returned and revived L. with that water; L. married another princess and shared the kingdom with S.; if they did not die, alive now]: Hyltén-ñavallius, Stephens 1848:78-94; Sami: Szabó 1967, No. 41 in Uther 2004 (1), No. 315a: 203; Læstadius 2002 [two women married to two stallo brothers (cannibals) ); one has children; they hear brothers agree to eat them; the one with the children, sorry to leave her husband, childless runs away, climbs a tree; dog S. barks at her like a squirrel; the woman calls "dogs whose parents did not give them hot broth"; bears, wolves, lynxes, foxes come, tear S. and his dog to pieces; woman with children eaten]: 251-252; Finns: Goldberg 1953 [childless king goes sailing, the waterman stops the ship, releases for a promise to give back the one who was born at home in the absence of the king; this is his son and daughter; the king secretly dug an underground shelter for them; to the water who came tried to give up the foal, the calf, the lamb; he looked for the children himself; in the forge, a hammer told him to take it and walk; fell where the shelter was, the water took the children away; they grew up, the girl married him ; her brother shed tears, a wolf appears, tells him to sit on him and run; the young man enters the room where the water man and sister sleep, grabs his sister, sits on the wolf; at the direction of the wolf, takes it from under his tail a stone, throws, a mountain grows to heaven; the water returns for a hammer and a chisel, breaks through the passage; wants to leave the tools, but forty begin to shout for them; the waterman takes them home, returns, catches up and returns the fugitives; the young man cries again, the bear comes, everything repeats; the young man throws the bear's bristles, wooded mountains appear to the sky; then the same episodes; for the third time, the brother and his sister run away on a fox, she tells them to throw flint; the water cannot overcome the sea of fire, he stops pursuing; brother and sister build a house for themselves across the bubbling river; the wolf, bear and fox come to live with them ; the sister throws stones into the river, the current calms down, the water crosses the river, lives with the girl; during the day she turns into a pin, the girl hides it in the cracks in the wall; the animals feel it; the sister asks to be locked in the night of animals behind 9 iron doors; the water grabs the young man, throws him into a hot bath; the animals tear, breaking one door after another; the raven tells the young man to hold out a little longer; at the last moment animals they break in, tear the water to pieces; the young man forgave his sister; she found a water bone in the ash, put it under his brother's pillow; a bone pierced his head, his sister buried the deceased; the animals dug the body; the bear put his head on him, the water bone passed into it, the young man came to life; the bone went from bear to wolf; the fox put its head up, managed to pull it back, the bone got stuck in the pine tree; they all came to brother and sister parents, the young man rejuvenated them with live water; the father expelled the traitor daughter, his son became king]: 170-186; Concca 1993 [sister asks brother to sell the sheep, he exchanged it for a dog; so with three sheep; dogs named Al, Tal, Everal; dogs caught an elk, a bear; when the robbers came, two dogs did not let them into the house, and the third took their money; the king must sacrifice his daughter to the dragon; dogs The dragon is thrilled three times, he promises not to come again; the man with the ax says that he saved the princess; during the wedding, the guy came with dogs, the impostor was imprisoned; the guy married princess, his sister was made a maid]: 45-50; Estonians: Järv et al. 2009, No. 1 (Tartu-Maarja) [a person asks a beggar to be a godfather to his son; a beggar gives a silver ruble - will bring the newborn is happy; the guy has grown up, the house is cramped, he has gone to wander; the old man offers to give him that ruble, gives him three dogs: Too-toitu, Murra-maha, Purusta-rauad (Bring food, Bite, Crush iron"); the first one has a basket around his neck, in which he brings food as soon as you ask; a terrible beast devours people, the lot fell on the princess; the guy let the beast Bite, he killed the beast; the guy promised the princess to return in three years; the servant made her say that he was the savior; three years later the boy returned just in time for the wedding; he was imprisoned, but released by the Iron; the princess recognized him as a savior, the deceiver was executed], 3 (Pärnu) [brother and sister got lost in the forest; the devil (vanapagan) brought them home, raised them; taught the young man the art of a hunter; he wanted to kill a bear, a wolf, a fox , a hare, a kite; everyone asks not to kill, gives his cub; the devil met with the young man's sister, decided to get rid of his animals first; sent him to the barn for bread; the young man went inside with the animals, went out, the doors closed, the animals remained inside; the devil wants to kill the young man, he asks for permission to wash himself in the bathhouse, then climb the tree to pray; during this time the animals escaped, ran, tore The devil; the brother hung his sister by the legs in the bathhouse over two cauldrons, with coals and empty; he will let her go when she eats all the coals and fills the empty cauldron with tears; went to the city; told the old woman to let his animals go, if they break; he went to fight the 12-headed snake, which ate a man every day; now it is the princess's turn; instead of a severed head, a new one grows up; the young man threw his shoe when he fell asleep the old woman, who released the animals, they came running, tore the snake; the young man cut off, hid his tongues, put pieces of the snake under the stone; the princess tied a piece of her handkerchief to each beast; the officer forced the princess say that he killed the snake; a young man sends a wolf to the wedding, then a bear, then comes by himself; the officer cannot pick up a stone under which the pieces of the snake are, does not know where the tongues are; the animals ordered him to be torn to pieces , torn to pieces; after the death of the king, the young man reigned; the wife asks for his sister to be returned; she pierces the Devil's hidden tooth into the forehead; he is put in the coffin; the wolf licked, the tooth jumped into the wolf's forehead, the owner came to life, and the wolf died; so the animals took turns reviving each other; the fox hid behind the cauldron, the tooth missed her forehead, fell into the fire]: 31-34, 41-46; 2015 (Virumaa, Lüganuse khk.) [father taught his son bird language, asks what crows are talking about; son: that one day you will bow to me; the father drove his son away; he bought three dogs on the way - Ass, Võts, Murra kaul ("Atu!" , "Take it!" , "Break your neck!") ; came to the city where it was the king's daughter's turn to be eaten by a snake, otherwise it would flood everything; when a three-headed serpent came out of the lake, the young man told the dogs to bite it, cut off their heads, cut off their tongues, hid it in a handkerchief; the same with 6- and 12-headed snakes; promised to return in 5 years, cutting the princess's ring and taking half; in the fifth year, the general showed his head, demanded the princess for himself; before the wedding was a real savior, presented his tongues and half of the ring; wedding; the general was hanged]: 17-20; 2015 (Virumaa, Lüganuse khk.) [father taught his son bird language, asks what crows are talking about; son: that one day you will bow to me; the father drove his son away; he bought three dogs on the way - Ass, Võts, Murra kaul ("Atu!" , "Take it!" , "Break your neck!") ; came to the city where it was the king's daughter's turn to be eaten by a snake, otherwise it would flood everything; when a three-headed serpent came out of the lake, the young man told the dogs to bite it, cut off their heads, cut off their tongues, hid it in a handkerchief; the same with 6- and 12-headed snakes; promised to return in 5 years, cutting the princess's ring and taking half; in the fifth year, the general showed his head, demanded the princess for himself; before the wedding was a real savior, presented his tongues and half of the ring; wedding; the general was hanged]: 17-20; set: Mälk et al. 1967, No. 52 [mother died; brother and sister went to the forest, came across to the house, there is an old man; they began to live with him; when he died, he gave them each a handkerchief, they were tied together in a knot; if they untie it, trouble would happen; one day my sister decided to untie the knot; a handsome guy came to white, it was hell; asked the girl to lime her brother; let her pretend to be sick, ask for wolf's milk; the brother went to look for the she-wolf, she asked her not to kill, let herself be milked and went with him ; the same with the bear; bring water from the lake in which there is a huge snake; the young man, along with the she-wolf, the bear and his dog, defeated the snake, the young man brought water; bring flour from the damn mill; when the young man took the flour, the 12 iron doors behind closed and the animals remained behind them; the devil's house was going to kill the young man; from asking permission to wash in the bathhouse before death; drowns for a long time, stalling for time; the animals broke the doors, came running, broke the line; one tooth was left; the young man left his sister in a bathhouse with two barrels; let one cry for his brother, the other for hell; see where there is more; taught the animals to dance, went with showing them for money; the king will give her daughter for someone to make her laugh; when she sees the animals dancing, the princess laughed; the wedding; the young man is told to bring his sister; he went after her - the barrel in which tears down the line; on the way back, sitting in the carriage, the sister put a damn tooth in her brother's ear, the brother died; the wife placed the body in an iron coffin on a pole; the animals howl at the foot; the alien king passing by saw it, ordered the coffin to be removed; the tooth fell out, the young man came to life, drove his sister away, inherited the throne from his father-in-law]: 127-132; Sandra 2004 [dying, the king told his daughter to rule until her brother grew up; she decided to lime her brother; pretended to be sick, told me to bring hare milk; the hare gave milk; next time a fox; a she-wolf; a bear; a tigress, a lioness; the sister sent her brother to bring bread from the mill where the witch was; he went , with him all his animals that gave milk; he took bread, and when he sent the animals to eat too, the witch slammed the doors shut; his sister put his brother in the cellar, the witch must eat it; at this time the animals break the doors alone after another; this is reported by a raven, a dove, a swallow; each time the young man asks the cannibal for more time; the last time he asks for permission to light a pipe; animals break in, kill a witch; a young man, telling sister to cry for his return a bucket of bloody tears, leaves with his animals; comes to a city where mourning; a man explains that every year a sea serpent demands a sacrifice, otherwise it will flood the city, the queue the royal daughter; the animals were torn by a snake, the princess gave the savior her handkerchief; the coachman crept up, cut off the young man's head, told the princess to swear that she would declare him the snake the winner; the animals mourn, the fox tells them to pretend to be dead, a raven with a crow descends, the fox grabs the crow, tells the crow to bring water that connects the dicks and living water; he brings it; the fox tore the crow for testing, glued it together, revived; then the young man; the animals cast lots, falls on the bear, he brings the handkerchief to the palace, the princess recognizes him; meets the savior; the king orders to tear the coachman with four bulls; the young man receives princess; goes to see her sister; she cries a bucket of blood; she puts a witch's tooth into her brother's head, he falls dead; he is put in a tower; the hare comes, the tooth pierces him, he dies, the young man comes to life; the fox takes the tooth out of the hare, throws it into the bush, the bush has dried up; the animals tore his sister; the young man became ruler over both kingdoms]: 192-202; Lutsie (1893; the informant is 75 years old, knew the fairy tale from her grandmother, who spoke only the Lutsi dialect) [brother with three dogs and sister; brother hunting, sister to the sea; hell waves across the sea: come here; sister: go by yourself; on the third day he crossed the sea; now all the food gets the line; the brother went to the healer, she told me about the devil; he will be on the stove; the brother tells his sister to boil water, poured it on the stove: there are a lot of cockroaches; the sister feeds the scalded man in the morning; the next day is the same (the hell outside the door, the fleas are divorced); the third time, the devil under a pile of sawdust, scalded my mouth with boiling water; in the morning, hell with my brother: you are my son-in-law, must cure me; on the island there is a mill, in the ninth the chamber is flour dust, let the dogs bring it, it will cure me; when the dogs go there, the doors shut; the raven is flying, shouting to the guy: you will be sent to the bathhouse, take your time; every time the raven screams how many doors dogs gnawed; the guy tells the line to go to the bathhouse first; the dogs came running, broke the line; the brother leaves with his sister tied; if a tear flows down the belt, he is nice to her, and if resin, then the hell is sweet; the guy came to the king, began to play the pipe, the king has three daughters, the third fell in love, married him; my brother went to my sister, brought him with him; she picked up a damn tooth; my brother told everyone: only to my bedroom don't let your sister in; she snuck in, put her tooth under her brother's pillow, the tooth pierced, the brother died; the sister asks to kill the dogs, otherwise the body will be dug out of the coffin; the dogs were buried separately, but they got out, their sister threw it into the water, they got out again, asking the crow, the magpie to bring alive and dead water; they began to dig up the owner; the tooth jumped out twice, killed two dogs, the third took refuge, the tooth pierced the oak tree; the owner revived dogs, played the pipe, wife found out; sister was torn apart by three horses]: Annom et al. 2018:126-130; Latvians [Angry sister (mother). The sister (mother) becomes the mistress of a trait (robber). He encourages her to kill her brother. The sister pretends to be sick, sends her brother for animal milk. The brother gets milk and gets animal cubs. My sister sends her brother to the damn mill. The animals remain trapped in the mill and can't help their brother. The hell wants to kill his brother, but he wants permission to heat the sauna. He heats the sauna very slowly, the animals break out of the mill, come running and lift the line. With the help of animals, the brother frees the princess. She forgives her sister, but she puts a damn tooth at his head. Brother dies, animals save him]: Aris, Medne 1977, No. 315:275; Lithuanians: Kerbelite 2014, No. 51 [Mr.'s son went to the end of the world; on the way, one woman gave a bag, told him not to untie it; the other gave two a ball with a needle; if thrown, they will turn into two dogs and a stick; the man untied the bag, a golden horse with a diamond tail jumped out, not to drive it back; the wolf promised to catch if a person promises to give himself; the wolf caught the horse, but he died on the bridge; the man turned the balls into dogs, came to the sick lady, the wolf's sister; she asked him to enter the house with eight doors, bring her pies; the man came in , the doors closed, the wolf was about to slaughter him; he asked permission to go out and play on the pipe; climbed a tree, began to play; dogs broke the doors, killed the wolf]: 118-119; Lebite 1965 [boy- the orphan inherited horses, bulls, dogs; after feeding them, he sleds down the mountain, sings a song; limes make big sledges, also ride and sing; they make a bag, catch a boy with a sled, they bring home to fry; the boy cut the bag with a knife, put the sleeping lime in his place; it was fried; the boy runs, climbs a tree, the limes begin to cut it; the fox offers to sharpen the axes, blunts them; limes gnaw the trunk with their teeth; the boy calls his animals; horses, bulls, dogs come running, tearing lime, pounding it into powder; since then, the snow has been sparkling in the sun - it shines lime fat]: 111-114.

Volga - Perm. Bashkirs [the boy Altyn-Sak ("goldgrandmother") has a goldgrandmother; his father brought cattle to the lake; a witch in the water grabs animals by his beard, by the lip; lets go for a promise to give the fact that the old man has one thing is a son; the old man migrates, burying his son's goldgrandmother in the old camp; the son goes after her, choosing a thin foal; he has become a good horse; the boy asks for his grandmother, that tells him to get off the horse; the horse picks up his grandmother himself, jumps away; after him; her horse (previously said that Ubyr is chasing in a mortar with a pestle) calls the boy's horse brother, asks him to slow down his run, he refuses; when she hears what her horse says, she ate him; the boy's horse tells him to climb a tree, hides himself in the water; Ubyr coughs up the sharpener and axe, cuts the trunk; the fox offers a rest throws an ax and a sharpener into the water, the felling overgrows; the second, then the third fox; the crow refuses to call the boy's dogs Akkulak and Sakkulak, because he wants to drink his blood; the sparrow calls, pecking lead poured into the ears of dogs by an old woman; ubyr rushes into the water; dogs say that if black blood comes up, they killed Ubyr, and if red blood, it is them; blood is brown first, then black; dogs come out water, one ear torn off; then a horse comes out; the boy returns home on it; they live richly]: Zelenin 1991, No. 98 (108): 428-431; Kazan Tatars: Zamaletdinov 2008b, No. 1 [my brother has three dogs : lighter than the wind, lighter than hops, heavier than the ground; the sister took a yuha snake as a lover; he offers to poison her brother; one dog overturns poisoned water, the other overturns a bowl of porridge, the third breaks the bath, whom Juha wanted to burn the young man, carries him to the river, the young man comes to life; leaves his sister to fill the barrel with tears, dry like a ray, eat a brick; kills the 6-, 9-, 12-headed ajdaha, to whom the eldest was given, the middle, youngest daughter of the padishah; each gives her own ring; the watchman says that he saved the princess, but cannot lift the stone under which the heads; he was shot, the young man took the middle princess, lives with her in in the forest; a sister came, put Yuha's two teeth in her brother's bed; the dogs found, pulled their teeth out of the young man's ear (made the bear cry and the hare put his ear to the boy's ear); the young man cut off his sister's head], 2 [ the hunter caught and tamed a bear, a wolf and a hare; came to four divas; defeated three, the fourth overcame him, the animals came running, killed three, the fourth was thrown into the well; the hunter's sister pulled him out, took him husband; brother saw, killed the diva, the sister hid the two tibia, put her brother in bed when he married; the animals ripped off half of the hare's skin, the magpie went down to peck, the hare grabbed her, let her go for promising to bring living and dead water; the young man came to life; cut off his sister's head]: 25-32, 33-37; the Udmurts [the man leaned over the ice-hole, Vu-peri grabbed his beard, ordered him to give the 12-year-old son; the father told me to take the horse that would look at his son, it was the skinniest; V. chased him on a good horse, did not catch up, ate it; the boy came to one, to the other to his sister, each gave puppy; came to sister V., V.; V. became a fire in the oven, one of the dogs was lying in the snow, extinguished the fire; V. became a feather bed, the dog lay on her; V. locked the dogs in the barn, chases the boy; horse the boy became a tree, V. began to cut him down, went to bed; the bear put chips back, threw his ax into the lake, ran after the dogs; they killed V. in the lake, where he rushed for an ax; V. was burned, the boy returned home]: Klabukov 1948, No. 27:69-73 (Kralina 1960, No. 47:132-136); Mordovians: Anikin 1909 (Erzya) [dying, the father blessed his son with two dogs, the mother blessed his daughter with a comb and a spindle; sister angry, she has a seven-headed lover; she pretended to be sick, sent her to the dugout in the ravine for snake fat; there the door is constipated, the dogs gnawed, ran in, the door slammed shut; but they broke the constipation returned; the same again, 7 constipation occurred; the brother thinks that the dogs cannot be returned; the sister sends him to the bathhouse where the Meker hid; the magpie tells him not to hurry, do everything slowly; the dogs are broken constipation, came running, tore Meker; brother left, met a girl given to Meker to eat; said that Meker was killed; they exchanged rings; wedding]: (p.?) ; Evseviev 1964, No. 30 (Erzya) [parents died, brother and sister fled from the war into the forest; the bear gave them honey, ordered them to swing the chest in which they went to bed; they ran away; the elk tells them to sit on it, takes them away; tells him to kill him, watch the grave, take a gun on the first night, and take the second dog; his brother goes hunting with the dog, his sister is at home; that bear came in the form of a man, became his sister's lover; lime his brother, the sister pretended to be sick, asks the bear meat; the bear asks not to kill him, promises to help; the same is a lion; the lover became a bear, killed his brother, then became human again; the dog, the lion and bear at the mill at this time; they broke the door, found the owner's coffin, the dog caught a crow, tells the crow to bring live water, revived the owner, tore the lover, the brother drove his sister into the forest]: 227-230; Samorodov 1972 [when he dies, the old man tells his son to slaughter a heifer, her heart and liver will turn into two dogs; the sister pulls a snake out of the well; both decide to lime their brother; the sister pretends to be sick, sends for lion milk, tiger milk; to the mill for flour; the old woman tells you to take flour so that one leg comes in and the other leaves; the doors shut when the dogs are inside; the young man climbs the birch tree, the dogs have time gnaw doors, kill a snake; the princess is given to be eaten by a 12-headed snake; the young man's dogs kill him, he hides his heads under a stone; the soldier says that he killed the snake; the young man shows the princess's ring to the soldier they cut off the head; the sister puts a snake tooth in the pillow; the young man's body in a barrel is thrown into the sea; the old woman finds it, revives the young man with living water; the brother ties his sister to the horse's tail]: 293-299; Yurtov 1883, No. 8 [ the father is dead, the mother is trying to kill her son; pretended to be sick, tells her to bring milk to the bear; the boy went to the sleeping bear, milked it, took one bear cub; the mother poured out the milk; the same milk tigresses; now the mother demands water from a distant river; the boy has reached the hut; the bear cub and the tiger cub have entered it and went underground; the boy brought water to his mother; the mother tells him to cut wood, heat the bathhouse; the raven: Your animals have dug two plants out of the ground so far; then there is only one fathom left; the bathhouse is hot, the mother locked her son in it; the bear cub and the tiger cub escaped, the son was rescued, his mother was torn to pieces]: 19-23; Kippar 2002 [Maskeev 1966:143-153; almost the same as in Samorodov 1972, but different details; mother dies, wants to bless the children, son comes up; father dies, orders to stab the calf, heart and liver in stomach, leave under the stove; three dogs will appear: Mastordonga ("heavier than the ground"), Warmadonga ("stronger than the wind"), Komlyadonga ("lighter than hops"); neither bird nor animal leaves dogs; sister is domestic; snake in the well asks him to get him, promises to become a groom; at home she offers to get rid of his brother; the sister pretends to be sick; 1) asks her brother to bring lion's milk; the mistress of the Virbaba forest meets him; teaches to say guards who came by order; lions give milk; the snake tells his mistress not to drink it - lions bewitched milk; 2) the same - tiger milk; 3) bring flour from the ever-working mill; V. teaches: entering alone Put his foot forward, the other with his toe out; the young man took the torment, went out, the doors slammed shut, the dogs remained inside; in the yard to meet the snakes, his sister is wearing, they say that they will now kill the young man; brother asks for permission to wash in the bathhouse; the magpie tells me to drown slowly: the dogs gnawed through one door, 11 remain; this is what he says after each door; when the last one, the brother asks for permission to climb the birch tree, say goodbye to everyone; the snake knocked down the birch tree, the young man to another, the third, the dogs broke in, the snake killed; the young man takes the dogs and leaves; gently greets the three-toothed old woman Virbaba; she says that otherwise he would have swallowed; asks her to tell her fairy tales, otherwise she will not fall asleep; the young man tells his own story; V. fell asleep; the next day the young man returned from hunting - V. sleeps; on the third day, neither V. nor prey; V. went to kill him because he kills animals and birds; revived the prey, let him into the forest; enters and wants to eat, the young man again tells a fairy tale - how dogs caught game without his knowledge; V. fell asleep; the young man buried prey and lay down too; in the morning: what's the sound? V.: this snake is going to eat the princess; the young man leaves, leaving the dogs; if they worry, let them go; the young man falls asleep on the princess's lap, wakes up from her tears; calls the dogs, they tore the 18-headed snake, the young man hid his heads under a stone; leaves for 3 days, the princess gives him a ring; the soldier says that he killed the snake; the princess promises to confirm in 3 days; the soldier cannot move the stone under which the heads; the young man returned, the soldier was beheaded, the wedding; sent for his sister and V.; V. did not come - she cannot leave the forest, otherwise he will dry out; the sister has a pillow with a snake tooth inside; brother lay down and died; sister: Our custom, the dead is thrown into the sea in a barrel; the barrel is washed ashore; dogs cannot be opened; V. opened, sent a black grouse for living water; the young man moved, the snake tooth fell out of his mouth; the young man returned, sister She asks for forgiveness, but she was tied to the horse's tail; wedding again; V. is waiting for the young man to come to tell a third fairy tale]: 137-145; Paasonen 1941 [father died, mother does not love her son, pretended to be sick, sent bring milk to a bear from 7 forests and 7 fields; she gave milk; the tigresses were the same; then she told them to bring water from there; the young man went with a bear cub and a tiger cub; they entered the house but could not leave; the young man came back, gave the water, his mother poured it out, ordered the bathhouse to be heated; the raven arrives and says that the bear and the tiger are digging a dig, how much is left; the mother locked her son in a hot bath, but then the animals escaped, released him, his mother was torn apart]: 260-263; (cf. Mordovians [six girls have a brother; one comes to Viryava's house in the forest, invites the old woman to her place; her brother's dog does not let her cross the river; for the fourth time V. persuades the girls to take the dog away; spends the night in the house, swallows her sisters at night; her brother from the stove invites V. to open his mouth, throws a log at him, V. dies; he cuts her stomach, lets her sisters out]: Pomerantseva 1973:85-88); marie : Aktsorin 1984 [Alym Patyr lives in a house behind the iron palisade; his sister Aktalche is with him; the house is guarded by Shekshincha and Okshincha's dogs; AP hides under a bone bridge, eating Vuver-Kuva on it, singing that goes to eat AP; her horse stops; A.'s dogs gnaw V., she runs away; at home, AP says to her sister "Iron chains are yoldyrt!" , she takes off her chains, lets him in; AP warns her sister not to let anyone in who asks in a rude voice; V.'s voice is rude, Aktalche does not open; V. lies down on the mountain with his mouth open, the bird bites her tongue, voice becomes thinner; Aktalche opens, V. eats dog soup; AP calls dogs again at the bone bridge, they drive V. away; V. V. first, AP comes to Aktalcha, eats dog food and AP, Aktalche turns it into a silver ring, hides it from his brother; again an episode at the bone bridge; the next day V. turns into a skein of silk, dogs want to swallow it, Aktalche scolds them; an episode at the bridge; sister asks her brother bring her a live ferret; V. turns into a green ball; Aktalche throws him, the dogs follow him, get stuck in an iron fence; V. attacks AP; he asks his sister to throw ash under his feet, V. - peas; she does the opposite; V. binds the AP, carries it on a cart; AP says to the rye, then oatmeal, barley haystack that it will remain in the field; Aktalche explains to V. that the AP fetters have weakened, V. pulls them up; V. tells AP to throw into a hole, a needle is stuck in his forehead; he is fed to become fat, throwing barley and other sheaves into the pit, but the youngest daughter V. gives him good food; V. washes AP in the bath, goes to sharpen the knife; AP asks the Raven , Magpie tell his dogs, they refuse, answer that they will eat fat from his eyes and ass; The cuckoo is flying, the dogs dig under the iron palisade, release the AP, eat V. and her two daughters, marries the youngest AP]: 126-132; Chetkarev 1948 [when dying, the father tells his son Ivan to cut his head, the dogs Katay and Valyay come out of it; sister I. Avdotya sees a guy behind the lake; he tells her to crawl on the water with her father's whip, a bridge forms; the guy becomes A.'s lover, asks her to kill I.; teaches her to pretend to be sick, ask her to bring 1) bear milk, 2) lionesses (they give, the bear gives the bear cub), 3) grind flour in the mill that she grinds herself; I. leaves with flour, and the animals that remain licking the flour remain locked up; A. with her lover I. is preparing to eat; he asks to let him take a steam bath; the cuckoo says that the animals have already broken 11 of the 12 doors, tells him to wash more slowly; dogs and a bear have torn his lover to pieces; I. chained A. in the bathhouse, promised to let go when she eats the coals, spits on a vat of saliva; comes to the city, where 3-, 6- and 9-headed snakes are given the royal daughters; I. kills snakes, hides their heads, the coachman makes the princess say that he is the savior; the coachman was exiled to hard labor, I. takes the younger princess; I. brings A.; she kept her lover's tooth, puts I. in her ear; I. is buried, the animals tear the body out, the old woman takes a tooth out of her ear, I. comes to life ; the old woman warns that A. will appear as a wife, try to give him a child, cannot take him; I. takes it, turns into a dog; she is sold to a merchant, animals beg for the dog, the old woman returns I. the appearance of a man; he whips A., she turns into a horse; then back into a sister, ties a horse to the tail]: 45-54; Beke 1938, No. 9 [the guy hunted, found a place to put up a hut in the forest, settled there with her younger sister; the witch began to come to her and they agreed to kill her brother; the witch gave a skein of silk thread; when the brother and the dogs returned, let him throw the skein out the window; dogs they will try to grab him, and he will roll, they will run away; the skein has rolled 300 miles away; the witch fights the hunter; he tells his sister to throw ash under his feet if she feels sorry for him, and peas if she regrets him witch; sister threw peas, brother fell, witch and sister tied him up, took him to the bathhouse; they gave rye straw for food; but the witch had another girlfriend, she secretly brought bread; the witch sharpens the knife; the cuckoo shouts that the dogs are approaching, they are already 250 miles away; the witch throws a whetstone at her, sharpens the knife to others; so several times (200, 150, 100, 50 miles); after that, the cuckoo flew away, the dogs were torn to pieces the witch and freed the owner; he tied his sister to the horse's tail and let him go]: 32-36.

Turkestan. Kazakhs: Ethnographic materials 1898, No. 1 (Turgay) [rich Ablai had a daughter, Ai-Khanym, when he was 42 years old, and his son Khudaibergen 10 years later; Zhalmaauz Kempir grabbed A. at the well; refused to take horses, daughter, wife, agreed to let her go for promising to send her son; A. specially left the golden alchik at the well, with whom H. played, migrated; H. sat on the foal, he became argamak; teaches you to approach the LCD on foot, say "here's a red mouse running", grabbing an alchik, running up to the horse and jumping away; the LCD knocked out its tooth, threw it at the horse, he limped on one leg; the same - the second tooth; the horse went quieter, fell; next to an ox with a golden saddle; the LCD could not catch up with him, the abandoned tooth did not hit the ox; H. got off the ox and walked to the holy mountain, where the LCD could not climb; the ox disappeared; the LCD began to dig in the mountain; the fox offered to work for it, buries the dug it herself; H. asks the San Kar falcon to fly to his father to send dogs; Kara-It and Ak-It ("black dog", "white dog") came running; they bit to death LCD]: 1-9; Tursunov 1983 [bay brought his horses to a watering place, he had a lung in the water, he shoved it, it turned into Zhalmauz-Kempir, she grabbed his throat, demanded a son; he promised to leave him at the place to sleep the boy's golden bat, he will come back for it; the boy takes a two-year-old scabies, he turns into a heroic horse; becomes low, the boy grabs the bat without getting off his horse, jumps away; the LCD pulls out throws one or the second tooth for himself, cutting off one or the other leg, the horse on two legs jumps to the bayterek (poplar), the boy climbs it; the LCD digs up a poplar using the third tooth as a spade; Fox offers to work instead of an LCD, throws a tooth into the river; so twice (Lisa says that she is another fox); the LCD digs his fifth tooth; the boy asks crows and ducks to convey his message to the wolfhounds, they refuse; the swallow reports; the dogs tore the LCD to pieces; her daughter went looking for her, the boy killed her with arrows, knocking out her eyes]: 143-145; Kyrgyz [Köchpesbay first decided to migrate, as the cattle ate all the grass; wife for a long time I was messing with my luggage, they set off only at night; Shukurbek's son forgot the alchik in the parking lot, drove back; the horse says that the witch Zhelmoguz is there now; S. sees the old woman, she does not give an alchik, let Sh. dismounted; he picked up an alchik, galloped away; stopped at the old man; saw J. in a dream, woke up, galloped away with three puppies; fell asleep in the parking lot, woke up as an adult, the puppies became dogs named Sensitive, Sighted and Listening; J. was frightened of dogs, offered peace, let S. live with her; persuaded S. to go hunting without dogs; chased him; S. threw the alchik, he became a poplar, S. climbed onto the poplar; J. pulled out two teeth, turned it into an ax and a saw; the red fox offered to work for J., threw the ax and saw into the river; the same was the white fox; S. asks the crow to call the dogs; they uprooted the tree, came running , drowned J.; S. returned to his father when he was about to wake him]: Ledenev 1987:83-88; Uighurs [a woman gives birth to a son with her husband; later a daughter from a neighbor, who has one eye in her forehead; boy Sees her sister reach out of the window to the river to get water; tells her mother that it is yalmauz; his mother scolds him, he leaves; takes three puppies with her on the way; grows up, marries; decides to visit house, asks his wife to let the dogs down when they bark; his village is empty, only his sister, who has eaten everyone, is alive; while cooking, asks him to play on the dutar on the roof with his legs hanging; the mouse tells him to pour into the hanging ones boots sand, run, runs along the strings herself; yalmauz pulls her boots, sand falls into her eye, she chases a young man; he climbs one of the five poplars; yalmauz takes out a tooth, cuts the trunk; Fox offers to cut for her; Yalmauz falls asleep, Lisa taps, runs away with a tooth in the morning; the same with the Wolf; when the last poplar remains, the dogs break off the chain, rush to the yalmauz, she runs to the lake, drowns; the young man scolds his wife that she forgot to let the dogs down right away]: Kabirov 1963:170-174 (=Kabirov, Shakhmatov 1951:74-77); Dungans: Riftin et al. 1977, No. 16 [the emperor's wife gives birth to seven sons, but parents they want a daughter; a werewolf fox hears their conversation, throws up their daughter, they are happy; when a girl reaches seven years old, horses begin to breathe out; on the advice of the teacher, the imperial son spies, sees how the sister turns into a white fox, sucks the horse's blood; the next night the brother hits the fox with a sword, but only cuts off her fingers; the girl tells her father that at night her brother tried to rape her, and received the refusal wanted to hack her; the emperor is preparing to throw stones at his son in the well; the teacher tells him to run; he helps the little tiger cub and the little golden eagle, which the older cubs push away from food; the young man becomes a scribe, accountant, son-in-law of the emperor; the emperor allows him to visit his relatives; the young man leaves his wife a cup of tiger milk; if she turns red, she will lower the tiger and the golden eagle; the young man finds her country empty; the sister says that the cannibal ate ate everyone; eats up the horse's leg, asks why his brother's horse has three legs; goes out to boil tea; the mice tell him to escape; the young man climbs the poplar; the sister turns into a white fox the size of a camel; the sister gnaws on the trunk, the brother moves to another poplar; the wife releases the tiger and the golden eagle, after a long struggle they kill the fox; the emperor gives up the throne young man]: 126-133; Yusupov 1970 [a greedy rich man named Lihyn gets a hue in a pile of garbage; first eats ducks and chickens, then eats the owner's daughter Lihua, takes her form; devours sheep; the father tells his son named Lisyn that he does not protect them well; the sister says that the brother drinks and walks; at night the brother sees his sister turn into ë., drinks sheep's blood; hits the monster with a spear in the forehead; In the morning, the sister explains that her brother stabbed her in an attempt to steal jewelry; her brother predicts everyone's death, leaves; marries the gardener's daughter; when going home, he tells his wife to take care of his eagle and dog; in an empty village, the brother finds his sister; while she is making tea, he finds salted human heads in barrels; the brother runs, climbs the poplar, he chews on it; the last fifth poplar remains; the dog and the eagle worried, the wife releases them, they kill the monster]: 30-35; Shujang Li, Luckert 1994 (g. Bogda in northern Xinjiang) [Luguma has Meinai's younger sister; sheep go missing; L. sees M. put on wolf skin, turns into a wolf, carries his father; he wounds a wolf in the front leg; M. complains in the morning parents that her brother shot her; they drive her son away; L. stays in the same village, marries; tames a hawk chick and a tiger cub; decides to visit his father's house; tells his wife to release the hawk and the tiger, if they are worried; at home there are only bones eaten; M. eats L.'s horse's leg, asks how many legs there were, the brother replies that there were three; then two; he climbs onto the roof, M. tells him to sit with his legs hanging; he hangs up her shoes, must play a string instrument; red and white mice promise to play for him, tell him to run; M. comes, sees only mice; rubs her forehead, she has a third eye, she sees in the distance brother running barefoot; turns into a wolf, chases, brother climbs one of the three trees; M. says she is a wolf, ate M. and takes her form; she gnaws on the trunk, but L. jumps to the other a tree; the wife releases a hawk and a tiger, they tore the werewolf; L. brought his wife to the ruined village, other people also returned]: 112-126.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Khakas [the elderly have a son (he is younger) and a daughter Altyn-Tan; the old man is dead, his mother is also preparing to die and tells them not to go to Mount Ah-Tag in front, not to extinguish the fire - you will not be able to light it again; but brother and sister went; only AT went up to the top, there was a house with a black woman in it; AT asked for fire, but she asked to go into the house first; AT did not go in, ran away; when the children ran through the taiga, after them Hara-Hashta chased, black, with a long beard and huge eyes; brother and sister reached the old woman's yurt; she replies that she will not be able to resist the Aina, refers to her middle sister, she refers to her older sister; this the eldest gives AT a golden shawl: if you wave, the waters of the river will part, you can cross to the other side; brother and sister crossed, XX could not cross and returned; brother and sister set up a house; the boy is studying hunt, asks his sister what the animals are called; three geese fly and shout: there is a baby on the other side of the river, you have to pick it up, he will be an assistant; AT went to the other side, but the child turned into the XX and made her a wife; began to live with her at her house, where her brother; XX gave the boy a name: Adygchy-Ool; a white dog overheard XX telling AT to put a fang in his brother's soup; he would pierce the boy's throat ; we will eat him and his dogs; the white and blue dog agree to pretend to fight: the cauldron will be knocked over and the fang will fall to the ground; when the fang fell to the ground, it caught fire; next time XX and AT agreed to take his brother to a house in the woods, where XX would be waiting for him to kill; the boy managed to climb onto the roof and called the dogs; they jumped out of the ground, bitten to death XX; blue dog: We'll tie AT to the wall, Let the white bowl under her right eye, blue on the left; if AT feels sorry for her brother, her tears will fill the white bowl, and if XX, the blue one; then Adygchi-Ool and his dogs came to the aal; the old people took him to their son; one day the cattle stopped mooing, people began to scream; the dogs ran away and brought blue and white wolf skin; the old people are happy - these wolves were destroying cattle; Khan gave AO his only daughter; when they came to see AT, only tears from her left eye filled the cup (i.e. she grieved for the demon); AO brought her home; she gave him a poisonous araki and he died; the dogs dragged the body up the mountain; the blue ran for the reviver with a potion; she brought arrows in her ear, but she died; white revived both her and her owner; Altyn-Tan was tied to the tails of three mares]: Torokova, Sychenko 2014, No. 16:321-335; Altaians [{v Sadalova's paraphrase does not have a motive; given the Tuvan text, it probably exists in the original}; Djellbegen wants to eat a man; he promises a son instead of himself, migrates, sends a son wait for D.; D. chases him, cuts off the legs of the horse on which the boy is riding; the boy climbs an iron poplar; the fox begs for D.'s ax, throws it into the lake; D. drinks the lake; the boy asks Magpie, The crow call his dogs; they refuse, the Goose calls; dogs defeat D.; one is injured, the boy forgets about her, she turns into a wolf; options: the old man goes to fetch water at night, scoops up D., son sends him to the old camp for a forgotten toy; the father promises his son to the owner of the water; he turns into a girl, marries him; the old man in the woods meets D., complains that he has no heir; he promises that the old man's wife will hurt his finger, if he squeezes blood, a son will be born; the old man promises that when the son reaches 18, he will give it to D. to be eaten; the boy grows up, his parents tell him to run, he climbs poplar (the episode with the Fox and the ax in all versions); when dogs fought with D., his blood splashed onto the moon; therefore, dogs howl at night when they see spots on the moon]: Sadalova 1989:83-84; South Altai Tuvans [a rich man leans to the water at a watering hole, his jelbag grabs his beard; he promises to give her his son, leave his bow and arrows in the old parking lot; his father tells him to go there by horse, who won't look at him, his mother at the one who looks and stops; he does; picks up her bow and arrows, jumps away; the jelbege consistently interrupts the horse's four legs with a leather stick ; the horse is flying; she cuts the horse in half, cuts the neck, takes the boy's head, throws it on the poplar; the fox offers to saw while the jelbege is resting, throws the leather into the sea; she drinks the sea, again saws; the Raven and others refuse, the Eagle brings news to the dogs; they fight the jelbag in the depths of the sea; first red but then black blood rises; dogs pop up, one leg is broken; boy leaves her, she becomes a wolf]: Taube 1994, No. 23:206-210; Tuvans (Saldan) [the old man saw his lungs floating, picked it up with an oarlock, it turned out to be a witch; he is going to eat, refuses to take it instead of 1,000 horses, she let him go for promising to give her son; the old man leaves the boy's red grandmother on the same nomadic, sends him for her; the fox tells him to climb an iron poplar, the witch cuts down the poplar with an ax; the fox invited the witch to fall asleep, clenched her eyes; 2 ducks complained to the gods, who sent two dogs, they killed the witch; the young man killed his older sister and father, stayed with his mother]: Katanov 1907, No. 150:10 -12; Buryats (Hentei aimag of Mongolia) [the lama tells the elderly that their daughter is a cannibal; parents drive their daughter; the horse brings her to rich places on a wooded mountain; servants tell the khan that she is on the mountain a handsome man has settled in, but they don't know whether a woman or a man; the horse tells you to pretend to be a man so as not to become Khan's daughter-in-law; she wins horse racing, wrestling and archery; but the astrologer determines that she is a girl; she marries a khan's son; in the absence of her husband, she gives birth to a boy with a golden breast, a silver ass; that lama replaces letters both times, the khan's subjects are ordered to bury their daughter-in-law with as a child into a hole; daughter-in-law's horse tore his fetters, dug a hole, took the woman and child to the mountain, but did his best; when he died, he turned into a house and 4 sandalwood; Sholmos appeared {is it the same llama?} , a woman with a child climbed a tree, he began to cut it down, the wolf offers to chop it for him, throws away an ax; Sholmos regurgitates another - the same thing, the fox throws it away; the last tree is left, two come running dogs; sholmos urinates, a hole forms, he hides in it, dogs behind him; they say that if red foam rises, they are defeated, and if white foam rises, they win; there is red and white, then dogs come out- winners; run away; khan returns, executes messengers, returns his wife and son]: Barannikova et al. 1993, No. 3:61-85; darkhats [(somon Khujirt, Uburkhangai aimag, western 24.08.2006, No. WS 30020); y Khan's daughter Hanchin Geseg, the riding horse was a foal standing on two legs, flying through the air; the girl wanted to pick up the lama mangas; the foal tells the girl to take the comb of the mother of dogs Khasar and Basar; the abandoned comb became a thicket, the lama mangas got lost in it; the girl flew into the old woman's gray yurt, telling her not to say that she was a woman, dressed as a man, began to hunt and feed the old woman; became pregnant, gave birth to a child; her gray flying horse grew old, told her to climb with her child to the meat ball he would become; the lama mangas began to hit the meat ball against the sword and climb it; The fox offered to cut instead of mangas, threw her sword into the sea; the mangas gnawed pieces of meat with her mouth, reached the top of the obo; the dogs Khasar and Basar ran, the lama mangas threw them into the sea, but they returned; the lama threw himself into the sea; Hasar and Basar said that if the sea turned red-brown, then the lama-mangas had defeated them, and if it did not change color, they defeated it; Hasar and Basar for a long time fought underwater, grabbed one leg and the other hand, tore the mangas lama]: Neklyudov et al. 2006; Oirats [the old woman went on the water at night, scooped up Telbegen with a bucket; promised to give her son Turban; sent him for berries with a box full of holes, migrated herself with the old man; Chalma found his way back; then his mother said that his toys remained in the old yurt; a thin horse told him to take it; An old man sits in an old yurt, says he cannot feed the toys; the horse tells him to grab them himself, run; T. throws an ax, cuts off the horse's hind legs, then the front legs; C. climbs a tree; The fox suggests T. cut for him while T. sleeps, throws an ax into the lake; T. pbet water from the lake; C. asks Magpie to call his dogs, she refuses, because he called it glutton; Tits fly and tell; T. hides from dogs in the lake; they fight him in the mud until night; black blood splashes to the moon, dogs come out alone with a broken leg; dogs howl at the moon at night; spots on the moon - T.]: Popov, Basangov 1936:32-35; The Mongors [after the death of their father, an unkind younger brother and especially his wife abuse his older brother, decide to resettle him; the spotted bull tells him to ask for him, a cart and two apricots consecrated in the niche Buddha; tells you to eat apricots on the way, plant seeds; goes to the wedding of an official's daughter, turns into a goby with golden horns, silver hooves; the bride wants to ride it, he takes her away, her older brother marries her; the bull is old, tells him to bury his kidneys under the threshold, throw his bones into the barn and chicken coop, place a pelvis of blood and a basin of water in the Buddha's niche; if the water begins to bleed, it's all right, if the blood is in the water, you have to open the kidneys; a herd of cows and a herd of sheep emerge from the bones; the older brother goes to visit the younger one; the wife ate everyone, she has a red face; the elder runs, climbs on an apricot that grows from a planted stone; his stalker chews on him, he jumps on another apricot; the wife sees blood splashing into the water, digging up the buds, they turn into two tigers, killing cannibal]: Stuart, Limusishiden 1994:122-124; Dagurs [a 7-year-old girl wanted the vulture spirit to take over her; at night she strangled chickens and drink their blood; the mother accused her daughters-in-law, those they followed, told their husbands; the parents did not believe it, they drove both sons and their wives away; a month later, the brothers secretly returned, saw the sister throw her head up, saying: if she falls face down , so the brothers arrived, and if they didn't come face up; the brothers let their dogs down on the werewolf, they tore their sister, the brothers burned the corpse]: Stuart 1994:164.

Western Siberia. Northern Khanty: Steinitz 2014, No. 28 (Sherkal dialect) [husband and wife bought their son and daughter a toy - an iron horse; the horse destroyed the city and killed the couple; the children hid under the floor; the horse asks where they are; the comb, the flint, the skin scraper do not answer, it breaks them; leaves; the cow tells you to sit on it, takes it to the sea, tells you to slaughter it there, wrap it in its guts, climb into it belly; horse chases, sister throws flint (fire), comb (forest), whetstone (mountain), flint again (horse burned down); brother and sister killed a cow, woke up in the house, there is plenty of food; they live on the island; from A dog pops up a ball of foam; tells his brother that his sister will send him for fox milk; the sister sends him - he will recover from the milk; the fox gave milk: if my sister does not drink, give it to my cub; my sister does not the fox drank, drank; the same with the blue fox; the dog is for a young man: the sister hid the iron horse under your bed, lie down on the side; next time, milk and wolverine cub, you have to lie back on a bed, and under the bunk beds there will be an iron horse; then a wolf; a bear; a horse under the threshold; in front of the threshold; the sister sends them into the house behind seven locks; there the old man lets the animals in, closes the door; the young man returns alone; his sister tells him to wash in the bathhouse, and then the iron horse will kill him; the bird reports three times that the animals are digging an underground passage; the animals have come, killed an iron horse; the brother nailed his sister's hands to floor, blood vessels near his eyes: if necessary, a brother must fill his vessel with tears, and if an iron horse, then hers; brother married the king's daughter; took his sister to him; she put a tooth in his bed an iron horse, his brother died; he was buried in an iron coffin; the animals dug, broke it; the dog found a crow's nest: bring the grass of life, otherwise I'll eat eggs; the crow brought, the dog crushed one egg, restored it with grass; revived the young man; he let the animals go, left only the dog; tied his sister to two sledges, tore it with horses; threw one leg into the forest, a swamp willow grew out of it, the other on a hill, grew forest tree; brother lives well (with his wife)], 29 (son dialect) [the king made an iron toy horse for his son and daughter; she ate the city and the king and queen; brother and sister tells her not to be afraid; they they filled the trough with wine, the horse became drunk, they sat on a donkey, the horse was chasing; a donkey told him to be killed across the river, a dog jumped out of his stomach; they came to the cannibals, hid in the barn; the cannibals climbed there, the prince killed them; one robber remained under the floor; invites the prince's sister to pretend to be sick, send her brother to get the milk of an iron wolf; the she-wolf gave milk and a cub; the same was a bear; a lion; now the prince has a dog, a wolf, a bear, a lion; his sister asks for flour from a barn with seven compartments; the prince has left, the animals remain in the barn; the cannibal robber tells us to wash in the bathhouse; the bird reports three times that the animals are about to get out; the animals tore the robber; the prince: when the age of puppeteers (humans) comes, let nothing be so terrible {in the sense of monsters}; tied his sister to horse riding: if he she needs, let her drink a barrel of clean water, if she does not need it, a barrel of alkali; the prince put one boot on the road, then the other; the coachman stopped, went for the first boot, the prince took the royal daughter to him; freed my sister, she drank a barrel of alkali; prepared his brother's bed, put a needle into his ear, the brother died; the animals dug up the body, pulled out the needle, the wife is happy; the sister was put on a pole, shot with guns]: 169- 185, 185-196; Eastern Khanty (b. Vasyugan) [the son left, a daughter was born; the old woman gave birth to a girl with golden hair; the old man tells her to be taken to a place where people's heads are cut off; the old woman carried the girl, met her son, ordered not to kill, to bring father a spoonful of dog blood; the son's wife does not want his sister, he built his sister a separate house; the sister hears the noise in the underground, Savs-iki went out, she began to live with him, he offers to lime his brother; let him pretend sick, send for bear milk; the bear gives milk and a button from her ear; the same is a moose; the buttons turned into a bear and a calf; brother overheard S. talking to his sister, shot both of him heads, burned his body, ashes turned into midges and mosquitoes; sister found S.'s teeth, put her brother in his pillow, at night his teeth crawled into his ear, he died; the coffin was placed in the seventh room behind seven doors; dog, the bear cub and the calf broke the doors, the dog pulled his teeth out of his ear, the young man came to life; his sister died of fear]: Lukina 1990, No. 89:237-239; Southern Khanty [the hunter's dogs are bear and wolf; when leaving, he does not tell take revenge on the floor and scratch her head; she does this, filled the dogs ears with tin, put them on a chain; her lover, a seven-headed menkv, comes; then chases her brother, who climbs the larch; the menkv cuts , tired; the hare offers to chop it for him, the larch becomes stronger than it was; the same fox brought land and sand, the larch has become even stronger; the same otter; the brother asks the sparrow to call his dogs; the bear and the wolf do not hear; the raven hear; the bear fell off the chain, helped the wolf fall off; after a three-year battle, the wolf, bear and their owner killed the menqua, burned the corpse; the prince gave the hunter the youngest of 7 daughters; sister put a menqua tooth in bed; the hunter was buried, the animals dug his, pulled out his tooth, tore his sister to pieces]: Patkanov 1999, No. 3:328-330; the northern Selkups [the hunter has three sons; enters Loz; twisted his nose, cut his knee, made arrows; spinning, went underground, saying that if the hunter's sons could do like him, let them come; the eldest son went, did not return; the same middle son; the youngest repeats all his shamanic tricks after Loz on his way to him and in his house; secretly leaves; Loz tells his daughter that their dogs are now young men's dogs, tells them to pour glue into their ears; the young man comes to 7 larches he saw in a dream; a sable climbs the first one, Loz cut it down with an ax, the sable jumped to the second; when Loz cut down the last larch, the dogs heard it, ran, tore the Vine; the young man went to Loza's house, covered it with birch bark, burned Loza with his daughter; when he came home, the plague was covered with snow; the young man looked through the {probably upper} hole: the father and mother turned gray, they cannot light a fire, grabbed each other's hair; he threw them in different directions and they were several years younger]: Stepanova 2017, No. II-5:38-42; (cf. Southern Selkups (Markovo, Ket, 1980) [Itte lived with her sister, Puneguse began to visit her, they decided to kill I.; her sister pretended to be sick; asks to get a revitalizing putur ointment from the bear's hat, and if he does not, from the hat of a one-eyed giant (Oxai-Vine); I. knocked down the bear, he asks him not to kill, gives him a basket, and his son in it; helps to put a noose on O., he gives a basket, his daughter in it; both warn that I.'s sister lives with P. and they want to kill I.; sister sends I. for putur to the cave behind 7 stone doors, which will press down, in it the king of the Cave Kon; I. opens a basket on the way, including Y.'s boyfriend and bride; they say he opened them too much early; they open 6 doors, the seventh pressed down; I. got out, but lost strength, the boy and the bride remained in the cave; I. came to his sister, she told him to undress, cook it; bird: take your time, guy with the bride will now get out; the bride comes up, smears I. with confusion, his strength returns; I. goes fishing, the wife advises to take an assistant guy, I. does not take it; his sister and P. ate him; the wife tells the mice to find bones, revives I.; he goes to fight with P.; sister sprinkles ash under P.'s feet, I. ice; I. ate again, throw the bones into the water; swallowed the burbot, broke P.'s top, hit the top of I.; the wife sent her son, he brought burbot, she revived I. from the bones, but did not fully recover; burbot let him go above the top, he is now cunning; I. fights again, sister and son came running, stabbed P. and sister I.; her planted on an eastern spruce, it on a western spruce; when the wind from the east, my sister reaches P., will not reach it; when the western one, P. reaches for her]: Tuchkova, Wagner-Nagy 2015, No. 36:152-155).

Eastern Siberia. Dolgans [to have children, the old woman turns to ayyi, the old man turns to Abaasa; ayyy gives a boy and a girl, the abaasa threatens to swallow the old man, makes him give up what she does not know at home; spouses they hide their children under the hearth; the abaas eat their spouses, do not find children; they grow up, a horse descends from the sky, takes them away, gives them flint, flint, an ax, they must be thrown into an Abaas pursuer; they turn into fire, into the mountains, into the sea; the abaas remain overseas; the horse tells him to be killed by crushing a louse on his head; parts of his body give rise to a city, buildings, property; his kidneys turn into a dog bear and a wolf -dog; in the absence of the brother, the abaasa comes, the sister agrees to become his wife, lures his brother's handkerchief, gives it to her husband; the brother is in a hurry, the interpreting rocks crush his dogs - the bear and the wolf; the horse brings brother to old woman, she gives a bow; a hawk fights a yokshokyu bird; brother shoots a yokshokyu in the wing; for promising to cure him, he helps open the mountain, freeing the bear and the wolf; they kill the abaas; brother hangs his sister by the legs, puts two plates under her eyes; during the night, the left one fills with tears, which means that the sister cries for her husband, not for her brother; he leaves, leaving the bear and the wolf; one-eyed, one-armed and one-legged abaasa fights with another over a woman; Er-Sogotoh (his brother's name is first mentioned) frees the woman, takes her away; the abaas pursues them, E. throws the comb, the forest grows; E. kills the abaas, marries a rescued woman]: Popov 1937:208-237 (quail. Efremov 2000, No. 2:79-135); Central Yakuts: Illarionov et al. 2008, No. 17 (Western 1940, Megino-Kangalassky District, South-Central Yakutia) [one-eyed abaas ate two horses, two cows, two cows, two the mares, the wife of the old man Chopcheyokyeong, himself; his little son and daughter, a little older, rode off on a goby; the abaas chases him, the goby splashes manure in his face; across the river tells him to look for lice, crush him larger than the size of a spider, it has its soul; the skin has become home, the skull has become a stove, the legs are pillars, the heart and liver are black iron dogs, the blood clot is dog food, the hooves are four orons (a shop for sleep); the boy returned from hunting, ate his sister in the abaasa house, dived under the pot, the dogs followed; they said that if the black foam foams, you should hang yourself, if it was red, get ready to meet; boiled black, then white, then red foam, dogs carried out his sister's skull; his brother buried him, began to live well with the dogs]: 185-195; Ergis 1967, No. 118 (central? the place of recording is not specified, links to archival materials; the same text as in Illarionov et al. 2008?) [The abaas ate the fisherman's cattle, himself, his old woman; boys and girls run away, the calf covered the pursuer's eyes with its manure; tells the children to look for lice on him; they kill the louse in which his soul is; from the calf's bodies appear house and dogs; the boy hunts, the abaas ate his sister; dogs descended into the lower world, brought her skull; the crows were injured, the Raven brought live water to revive them; the remains of the dog resurrected a girl; everything is fine]: 187; Evens (Olsky District of Magadan Oblast) [a man does not kill a duck, it promises to help; his dog tells me to see what is crawling on it; cut it into six parts; a man presses a flea, a dog dies immediately, he cuts it, these parts are eaten by two bears, two wolves, two foxes, become helpers; Cholare with one hand, one leg, one eye in his forehead asks the man's sister how she crosses the river; the girl: the brother has a handkerchief, he will wave, land will form; C. asks to steal the handkerchief; she steals, C. crosses, marries; persuades him to send her brother to barns behind the yucola; barn doors cannot be opened, bears, wolves, foxes are sitting in the barns; when a person returns, he sees C.; he tells him to wash himself in the bathhouse first, then he will eat him; the animals tell him to call H himself to the bathhouse .; tear it apart, the person burns the remains, leaves his sister tied to a tree, two cauldrons under her eyes; if the right one is full, then she mourns her brother, if the left is C.; leaves, marries; when the ropes are rotten, the sister picks up C.'s teeth, comes to her brother, puts his teeth in bed; he dies; the sister offers to burn the deceased, the wife to leave the coffin in the tree, bury the animals nearby; foxes, the bear breaks through the way out, the duck pushes the coffin off the tree, the wolf brings live water, the rest lick the owner's wound, he comes to life]: Novikova 1987:66-69 (=1958:60-65).

Amur - Sakhalin. Nanai people: Chadaeva 1990 [six brothers found a girl in the hollow, the youngest warns that it is not good; he was beaten, he left, began to live with Fudin; the light flickers in the distance, Mergen fires an arrow there, comes; old man: your arrows knocked out a bone stuck in my throat, I give me two cubs, don't tie them to strong poles; M. decided to visit the house, tells his wife not to tie the cubs, but she tied them with chains to a snag; there the cannibal girl ate her older brothers, looks for the youngest's skull, notes M.; he asks to bring bast from the forest, runs away, the witch then; M. turns the arrow into an iron tree, the witch gnaws at it; the same second, third, no more arrows; cubs come running, dragging a snag, M. frees them, they kill a witch; he hits F., lies down alone, two girls next to each other in the morning - former cubs; they revive the dead brothers M.]: 64-68; Hodger 2011 [younger sister Pudin suggests that the eldest take turns picking berries so that someone is always in the house; the eldest goes, Taka (an arrow with a blunt head) falls next to her, tells leave, because Inda Khochiani will come (a dog's leg with a tail from the waist down); the eldest returns; the youngest comes the next day, does not listen to Taka, they tell him to allow him to look for lice from her; says that found gold, brick, stone, you can't crush it on a stone, the earth will not stand it, tells you to stick out your tongue, crush it on her tongue, pulls out her tongue, runs away; at home, the eldest puts the dog's younger tongue; an old woman, girded with live snakes, in a dream tells the youngest to go back her tongue, leaves three silver tōro rods, a white horse; the youngest takes rods, a needle bed, a scallop, a knife, and flies to the house by horse dog people, pretends to marry THEM, cleans the house, finds his tongue in a bunch of others, picks it up, leaves the dog's tongue, flies away on horseback; THEY tried to grab the horse's tail, Pudin cut it off; the horse asks whether to fly home or to people, P. says that he marries people; the husband goes hunting on a horse, P. does not tell her to be tied to a tree, only to grass; gives birth to a son, her husband's parents send a maid to him with news, THEY tell her to return, tell her daughter-in-law to be expelled, she supposedly is homeless; P. leaves, chases THEM, she throws a comb (thicket), a needle (thorny bush), rods (turn into three pillars); THEY gnaw on them, P. moves from one to another, calls the horse; when the third pillar is ready to fall, the horse comes, dragging the tree to which P.'s husband tied it; P. flies away on a horse; dying, she tells her to take off her skin, cover herself, P. wakes up in a warm house, two roe deer are tied at the entrance; THEY come, the roe deer tear him to shreds; P. and his son burn the leftovers; P.'s husband comes (Mergen); roe deer fly to heaven; husband takes P. to his place, his parents have repented; sister P. is also married]: 15-29; (cf. Medvedev 1992 {apparently Russian borrowing} [two brothers went to look for wives; separated at the fork, each left a knife; whoever rusts is in misfortune; the elder Ikto came to the village of exhausted people, spent the night with the girl; she said that the witch was coming to drink blood; the young man took a spear, went to the hill, made a fire; an old woman came up, complained that she was freezing, began to swallow the fire, turned red, breathed, incinerating the young man and his dog; the knife rusted, Yogo's younger brother came to that girl, she mistook him for his older brother; he came in a witch, he tied her up, hung her on a tree; she just asks not to burn her her; The yoke made a fire, the witch began to swallow fire; the dog Ygo rushed at her; the yoke scattered the fire; the witch said that the ash should be poured with stream water; the older brother and his dog came to life, the dogs tore witch; Ikto married that girl]: 240-244).

Japan. Japanese (including northern Ryukyu): Ikeda 1971, No. 315A: 80. I. The Cannibal. The young man learns that his sister is a cannibal (G30) (at night his sister turns into a snake or cannibal). He tells his parents about it, but they only scold him and kicks him out of the house. On the way, he helps animals. She's getting married. II. Coming back home. After a few years, he returns home. He leaves his wife an object that can be used to tell if he is alive (E761.4.3). He finds his native village empty, only his sister lives in it. She says the others died from the disease. It goes out to sharpen his teeth to eat it (G83.1). Before that, he leaves him with a tambourine and asks him to hit him (this way she will know that he did not run away). III. Parental help. Appearing as mice, his parents say that all the inhabitants of the village have been eaten (G71; G346) and tell him to flee (B313.1). They hit a tambourine instead of it, hitting it with its tails. IV. Rescue in a tree. The young man runs away, climbs a tree, his sister starts to nibble on it. When a tree falls, it moves to another tree. The wife learns from the sign that her husband is in trouble, releases animals that her husband once helped. They save him, the cannibal is killed.

SV Asia. Tundra Yukaghirs (p. Rusk, Kolyma Delta; west in 1896 from Anna Korkina's Russified Yukaghirka) [the wife wants pike, the husband brings it, the wife cooks and eats it, discovers that she has iron teeth; gives birth to a girl, she grows up hours; her brother hears her promise to eat everyone; parents don't believe him, he runs alone; comes to the house, there's a naked girl; he marries her; wants to visit his parents, she gives him a six-legged deer; at home, he finds his sister playing with her parents' skulls; runs away, she chases him, tears off and eats two extra legs first, then the fourth leg of a deer; his brother turns his arrow into an iron pole, climbs upstairs; she gnaws at the pole with iron teeth; he asks the kuksha to give his wife a request to send dogs; the kuksha refuses; the snow-bunting, petishka agrees; the sister sends bears and wolves; the girl- The pike turns into an ermine, wolves and bears catch it; the brother cuts it into pieces, burns it]: Bogoras 1918, No. 10:65-67; coastal Koryaks (village. Palana, Western 1958 Zhukova) [the old man puts a chiruch (fishing gear), falls to the water to drink, he was pressed against the sand; let him go when he promised to give the children; sent his son and daughter to the chiruch at home; they ended up at the kele; they they try to leave themselves; they ask for a deer, he takes them away; the bear is the same; every time Kele catches up and returns; a pot-bellied calf offers to take them, Kele kicks him sleepily, the calf flies to the sky, descends overseas; turns into a house; in one room two dogs become friends with her brother; sister sees a kele on the other side, throws a comb, it turns into a bridge, the kele crosses, becomes the girl's lover; on his advice, she serves her brother poisoned food, the dogs splashed a bowl; the wolf gives the young man two cubs as companions, the bear two cubs, the fox goes with the young man himself; Kele asks to heat the iron bath, the Fox tells not to heat it hot; the young man manages to get out of it, the dogs stayed inside, but broke through the iron door; Kele washed himself, it turns out that dogs, wolves, bears tore it; the corpse was burned along with bathhouse; sister finds kele's fang, put her brother in bed, he died; foxes, wolves, bears pull the fang out of the young man's body, he comes to life; brother hooked his sister with a fang, burned it in the house]: Menovshchikov 1974, No. 137:422-430; Chukchi: Baboshina 1958, No. 60 [kele ate daughter, father, mother; the boy looked into the house, ran, took two dogs, climbed a tree; Kele followed the trail, but his dogs bit to death]: 149; Brodsky, Innecay 2018, No. 21 [the girl told her father that the vazhenka has a wart; father: you just want to slaughter her; the girl saw the devil, threw it into the canopy, left; there is an old woman in yaranga, a wolf and a bear at the entrance to the leash, the girl threw meat to them, they let it in; old woman: if you need my help, scratch your left hand; when the girl returned to the old camp, there were only yaranga poles, hell by the big cauldron and the few remaining deer; the girl fed him 10 cauldrons of meat, put him to sleep and ran away; the devil catches up; she consistently throws him her torbas, siskins (torbas stockings); when the hell swallows the second siskin, scratched her hand; the old woman lowered the bear and the wolf, the wolf killed the devil, the girl stayed with the old woman]: 46-48.

The coast is the Plateau. Shuswap [the little boy wants to see his grandfather; the father allows his wife to take his son to her parents, tells him to go only to open places; the woman enters the grove, which turns into a huge forest; they lose their way, they come to the house of four women; they shove them into the fire; the boy puts out the fire with urine, runs away with his mother at night; the mother turns her hair (from her head or pubis) into four trees; hides with his son at the top; cannibals cut down three trees; when the fourth is cut down, the boy starts a stream of urine, the felling overgrows; the father sends four dogs (grizzly, rattlesnake, wolf, puma), they cannibals are killed; mother and son first return home, then come to her parents]: Teit 1909a: 635-636; kutene [Young Buck tells his sisters Fawn and Olenukha Young Doe) throw the soft parts of the ribs of the hunted animals into the water; they, contrary to the prohibition, take these bones for themselves, the bones turn into dentalium shells; then the Deer takes its people into a hole in the ground, sisters they are left alone; they cross the river on stilts, come to Olyapka's house; the deer swallows the blood that Olyapka gives her; walking after her sister does not fall into her tracks; a deer gives birth; the deer sends her back to Dipper; she punishes Dipper by keeping her under water; the Rabbit who meets the Deer makes sure that she refers to him as "husband", he takes her to his grandmother Frog; she hides her; Lynx unnoticed her becomes pregnant, she gives birth to a child, all three are abandoned; Lynx catches many deer, and those who have left go hungry and return; when people pass the baby to each other, the Toad and the Owl reach out to him and kidnap him; The deer follows them, picks up the child, escapes in the tree; calls his dog, it's the Grizzly, he bites the Toad and the Owl, eats their dog, which is the mouse; the deer comes home with the baby, gives birth to the Lynx second son; these boys turn into Sun and Month]: Dyer, MS at Reichard 1947:170.

Northeast. Seneca [wife does not feed her husband's dogs; cutting meat, she cut her finger; sucks blood, she likes the taste, she cuts and eats her flesh; eats her little daughter; chases dogs, eats her little daughter; chases dogs, eats people in the village, chases her husband; he with his dogs swims across the river on a raft; she jumps after him, falls into the water, drowns; a man with his three dogs stays in a poor house; the chief calls him 1) race (the dog in his form wins), 2) play ball (the other dog wins, cuts off the chief's head); the man becomes the chief]: Curtin, Hewitt 1918, No. 46:179.

Wed. Southeast USA. Yuchi {most likely to borrow from Africa} [women come to marry a young hunter, he hunts a lot of deer; his grandmother tells him to go with them; the hunter tells her he will go - she is probably tired of the food he brings; tells her to tie the dog and put the hoe in the fire; if he calls, the hoe will wake up the grandmother, and she will untie the dog; once in the forest, the hunter saw that there were a lot of deer around to kill him; climbed a tree; when the deer blew up and knocked down the tree, the hunter fired an arrow, which pierced the ground and turned into a new tree, but the deer and he was almost knocked down; the hunter screamed, the grandmother untied the dog, which ran and drove the deer away; when he returned, the hunter said: I didn't want to go with them]: Wagner 1931, No. 4:31-33).