Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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Ethnicities and habitats

L65c1. Sisters fly away from the cannibal. (.36.39.)

Three or more sisters have the ability to fly and fly away from the cannibal, their older sister or mother. Only the youngest escapes.


Evens, the Evens of Kamchatka, the Forest and the Tundra (?) yukaghirs.

Eastern Siberia. Evens [5 sisters live, older Naruk takes care of younger Chimcheng; turns into a cannibal giant, devours people and deer; C. talks about this to his older sisters, they don't believe it for a long time; when N . appears, each of the older sisters tries to fly away on one of the household items (board, stick, etc.), they fall into N.'s mouth; C. flies away on a teal, flies to Ergagen, remains a wife, has a son; N. appears, C. sticks ticks into the ground, a solid table appears and she is at the top, N. can not reach it; E. comes up, tells her to open her mouth, shoots, N.'s head splits, N. herself comes out alive, which was before, and all people and animals swallowed; N. marries a person she previously ate as a monster]: Lavrille, Matic 2013:79-118; Evens of Kamchatka [three sisters live with their mother or stepmother (the narrator gets confused); the youngest sees her leave that night, brings a human leg and eats it; the youngest tells the sisters to dress lightly to fly, but they wear beautiful clothes, their cannibal catches up, swallows; the youngest is in heaven, got married, gave birth to a son; he violates his father's prohibition to go in a certain direction; the log turns into an old woman, she tells the boy to come, she will kiss him ; he tells his parents about this, the mother tells the old woman to be brought; the husband asks the old woman to open her mouth, throws the child and wife there, then throws the old woman into the fire; (are the wife and child reborn?) ; they migrated and lived happily ever after.]: Kasten, Avak 2014:22-33.

SV Asia. Forest Yukaghirs: Jochelson 1900, No. 94 (b. Corcodon) [the three sisters were left alone; they take turns buying firewood; they threw a mouse to each other, laughed, saw human meat on their elder sister's teeth; when she left, the sisters burned her their wings, put on their own, flew, saw the eldest chew on their father's skull; the eldest threw a knife into the middle sheath, they pulled her to the ground, she ate it; the youngest married the old man's son, gave birth to a son; two the older sisters came, scratched the boy's cheeks; the mother took him, went up to the platform; the older ones began to gnaw on the platform supports; the youngest's husband jumped on a spear to the platform, told the elders to open their mouths, promised to throw my sister there; threw a spear into one's mouth, the other arrows, killed them]: 202-206; Zhukova, Prokopyeva 1991, No. 19 (p. The ridiculous Verkhnekolymsky ulus of Yakutia) [the three sisters lost their parents; the eldest began to go somewhere, stopped talking and smiling; the sisters decided to make her laugh; caught a mouse, sewed up her eyes and released; the older sister smiled, the younger ones saw hair in her mouth; then they followed her and found out that she had become a cannibal â€" she went to her parents' graves and gnawed on their heads; the younger ones ran away from it, reached the seashore and flew away on ninbah (leather and fur cutting boards)]: 157-158; Russified, probably, tundra yukaghirs (p. Nizhnekolymsky District) [the youngest of the three sisters is hungry, the eldest advises her to eat dried fish, laughs, two sisters see meat on her teeth; find that she has dug and ate their corpses dead parents; ask geese to throw them feathers, fly away; the middle sister looks around, hearing the voice of the elder, falls into her open mouth; the youngest is saved, marries, gives birth to a son and daughter; the eldest comes, bites off children's lips, devours a girl; mother and boy hide in a box, make it iron; father kills a monster, burns the remains]: Bogoras 1918, No. 11:67-69.