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L7. By mistake, she rushes after an animal.


In pursuit of a person, a spirit, monster, or beast mistakenly rushes after a large double object, usually an animal, rushes past.

Zulu, Kpelle, Porapora, Toda, Kets, Central Yupik, Navajo, Quiche, Tseltal, Chol, Pipili, Yanomami, Warrau, Taulipan, Lokono, Trio, Oyana, Aparai, Colorado, Napo, Kofan, Bara, carijona, chikuna, yagua, munduruku, juruna, sipaya, quechua from northern and southern Peru, sharanahua, cachinahua, nambiquara, paresi, trumay, tapirape, apapoquwa.

Bantu-speaking Africa. Zulu (ethnicity not specified, but recorded in Natal) [Shalishali and Mlomo'sibuku and their people noticed a flock of birds, followed; when the birds fell asleep in reeds in the evening, they slaughtered the birds; visible Light, M. says this is not their home, but S. insists that they are; two nights M. hears cannibals agree to eat them; on the third night he wakes up the sleepers; everyone goes out and says, "Sh." they miss; S. is left alone, he is not allowed to pass; he throws a hot stone out of the hut, the cannibals rush after him, S. returned home]: St. Lys 1916:107-108.

West Africa. Kpelle: Westermann 1924, No. 1 [two men went into the forest, built a hut, began to hunt; after bringing the game, they began to cook it; one ate a banana and died; the other decided that his friend was sleeping; after cooking, he He ate and woke up the other; realizing that he was dead, he lit the torch and ran; when the torch went out, the dead man got up and rushed after the living, he hid in the hollow of a tree; a beast jumped out of the hollow; thinking it was his comrade, the dead man ran after the beast; not catching up with him, he said that if he caught a friend, he would kill; went back {to where he died?}] , 2 [=1921b, No. 2:372-373; husband and wife went to the forest; after returning from hunting, the husband went to bed and died; his wife first called him, then went alone to town; her dead husband began to chase her; she hid in a cave, an antelope jumped out of there, her husband chased her, shouting why she did not expect him to eat it; in the city, the wife told me everything; people brought her husband's corpse from the forest, buried it]: 124, 125.

Melanesia. Porapora [the Arero woman hid in a stone ax hanging on the wall; she came out, pierced the children with sharp leaves, cooked, ate; she was waiting for her, she jumped back into the ax, him thrown into the fire, he jumped into the river; from there A., as a woman, moved to the top of a palm tree; the trunk could not be cut down, they called her brother Ambang, he hit her with an arrow, finished her off with batons, separated the meat, A. asked for a vagina; at night his vagina glowed, he kept it in a bag to illuminate the forest when hunting wild boars; A.'s mother did not care about his property, he killed her; met people fused together in two, separated; they there were no anuses, and men also had holes in their penises, A. made them; other people lived in a hole, croaked; A. taught them to talk and walk; A.'s grandmother was W.; an eel jumped into her vagina; she gave birth to a son, hid him in the sink, from there he went out to her as an adult man; her great-niece Arero peeked, pulled the eel out of the sink, killed it, cooked it, let W. eat it; she created a crocodile, lured Arero to a tree above the river, she fell, the crocodile killed her; the mother of the victim threw a bag of W. into the river, but she managed to take a fire, a dog and a heron with her; she sailed to a place where people did not know fire, they cooked in the sun; W. secretly cooked in the house of two brothers, the dog and the heron were her watchmen; the youngest watched, W. married the elder; Unkinye came to ask W. for fire, stole it; the brothers found him, released W., cut W. into parts; the head clung to the elder's testicles, not to tear it off; the youngest climbed the breadtree, but threw down only the unripe fruits; the elder climbed, the head agreed to get off temporarily; he threw ripe fruit, threw one away; while his head grabbed it, the brothers ran away; his head grabbed the boar's face, he took it away; tore it off the trunk of a white palm tree]: Schwab 1970, No. 3b: 774- 778.

South Asia. Toda [two went for honey, one found it, filled the vessel, hid it in a tree, did not tell the other; the vessel turned into a snake, the honey into the Paykara River that flowed from this place; the snake chased the hider honey; the man threw his clothes on the running hare, the snake chased the hare; the hare asked the Sun to hide it, it said it was hot, let the Moon hide it; the moon promised to hide it; the spots on the moon - hare; from time to time a snake tries to grab it, a lunar eclipse occurs]: Rivers 1906:592.

Western Siberia. Kety [the woman went to buy firewood, noticed a jerk (from a "heretic" - four-toed, hairy); warned another with children; climbed a pine tree, told the neratnik to open her eyes, mouth, threw sand; runs away on a sledge drawn by a deer; masks an ice-hole with branches, little nerds fall into it; the main one catches up, she lets go of the deer, he rushes after him; the woman gets to people]: Alekseyenko 2001, No. 138:249-250.

The Arctic. Central Yupik [a woman does not give birth for a long time, finally gives birth to a baby mouth to ear; at night her parents hear a crunch, the baby devours her mother's chest; people run away on the ice of the river, the old man forgot the knife, sent a young man to pick him up; he takes a knife, runs away, climbs a tree, there are caribou tracks below, the cannibal baby ran over them, the young man returned safely]: Meade 1996:209-211.

The Great Southwest. Navajo [The Coyote chases the Rabbit; he pushes a yucca stump down the slope; the Coyote rushes after the yucca, chews; spits out, feeling a nasty taste]: Hill, Hill 1945, No. 10:324.

Mesoamerica Quiche [see J4B motif; Hun-Ahpu and Shbalanke brothers are invited to play ball in Shibalba; at the House of Bats with sharp blades, the brothers hide in their windpipes; HA looks out, his head is cut off, hung on the ball court; Shb replaces his brother's head with a turtle; during the game, the lords of Shibalba chase the rabbit, mistaking him for a ball; at this point, Sb. returns the brother's head; brothers kill the lords or deprive them of their power]: Popol-Vuh 1959:32-78; tseltal [at night, the wife's head separates from the body, goes to devour people's souls; mother advises the son to rub his wife's neck with salt; when he returns, the head could not connect to the neck, grew to her husband's shoulder; addresses him like a child to his father, asks for various fruits; the man asks his head to get off so that he was able to climb a tree for oranges; throws one away, his head rolls for an orange, thinking it was a man, falls into the abyss]: Stross 1978:25-27; chol [at night, the wife's head separates from the body, flies in search of a human being; the husband sprinkles pepper on his neck; when he returns, his head sticks to her husband's shoulder; lets him go while he climbs a tree for fruit; jumps on the back of a deer running past; a deer dumps it into the water]: García 1988:73-74; pipili [a woman's head goes at night, leaving her body, to her lover, a sesimite giant; a neighbor informs her husband, advises to pour it around her neck hot coals; the head is attached to the husband's back; he asks her to get down until he climbs the tree for the fruits of the boot; throws heavy bunches specifically at his head; the head rushes after the person running past deer, attaches to it, falls into the abyss; the priest advises her husband to follow in the footsteps, collect all the hair that has fallen from his head, bury his head with his hair; a mountain tree grows in this place (Crescentia L.); three boys and a girl are inside the fetus; they ask the father where their mother is; the sisemite giant and the cannibal Tanteputz (the man's wife's parents) raised them; Mother Moon sent bamboo with her to feed the children with milk; the messenger handed it over to the Crocodile, but he drank the milk himself; the Rabbit came to ask where the milk was, asked to open his mouth, saw milk, cut off the Crocodile's tongue; since then, the crocodile was ashamed hides in the depths of the water]: Hartman 1907, No. 1:144-145; Campbell 1985 [a woman's head leaves her body at night; the husband smears her neck with pepper, the head (skull) sticks to her husband's neck; eats everything he gets; the priest advises you to climb a tree, throw a heavy fruit into your head; a deer runs by, his head jumps on it; a deer rushes through thorny thickets, falls into a ravine, dies; the head of the vultures that have descended asks her husband not to eat; dies, a mountain tree grows in this place; an old woman with iron teeth, a woman's mother, comes, plucks a calebass, brings her home; a month later the fruit bursts, the seeds turn into boys; an old woman makes hammocks for them; boys grow up to kill a deer; an old woman eats all the meat with her lover; the youngest boy, Nanauacin, watches her, finds out that she is greases boys' lips so that they think they have eaten; brothers trap a hole with stakes at the bottom, the lover falls into it, dies; they give his meat to the old woman, report what she ate; brothers send a lizard , she reports that an old woman sharpens her teeth at the edge of the canyon; an old woman hits a lizard on the head; the brothers offer to compete to see who will stream on the roof; the loser must be killed; they can do it, she does not; they they lock her in the house, burn her]: 907-910; Schultze-Jena 1935, No. 6 [the husband does not know that every night his wife leaves a piece of wood instead of herself, disappears; the food is ready in the morning; someone tells her husband about it; that discovers that only the torso remains; on the advice of that person, he sprinkles ash and salt on the joints, the wife's head and limbs cannot return; the head is attached to the husband, he must wear it; she asks for fruit; sits on her husband's clothes while he is in the tree; the unripe fruit fell on the deer, he ran, his head mistook him for her husband, attached to the sacrum, the deer runs, it is scratched by thorns, it dies; the priest tells her husband to find and bury his head; a huacal tree grows with a flower and a fruit on it, and many boys come out of it; the man's mother takes care of them; the thick-lipped giant becomes her lover; eats what boys bring from hunting; the younger one spies on how the giant lubricates the lips of the sleepers with leftovers; the brothers dig a trap hole, the giant attacks the stakes, they finish him off; the penis is fried, They gave the old woman, she says that the meat is tough; she tells her to bring water, they bring it in a net; she is surprised; they let a stream of urine over the hut; the old woman tries the same thing, but she has gone down; they say to the grandmother that she ate her lover's penis; for more on getting corn from inside the rock, see motif G3]: 25-31.

Southern Venezuela. Yanomami [the youngest of the four Horonámi brothers ran away from the jaguar, stabbed his leg, sat down to remove the splinter, asked the tapir for help, the jaguar rushed after the tapir, thinking he was chasing H.; the jaguar killed tapira, understood the mistake, caught up with H., but he made his teeth soft, the jaguar bit in vain; H. ran away again, then his teeth hardened again; H. caught fish, the jaguar rushed at him from behind, killed him; next In seniority, the brother hunted monkeys, the monkey mother killed him, the brothers found the skull, burned him, drank ash; the two remaining brothers killed the monkey mother, hitting her with arrows in both eyes and all fingers; jaguar killed the youngest of the survivors; the last brother asked the monkeys to pick up the fruits; they offered to climb on their own; he climbed, the tree grew to the clouds; the lizard heard cries for help, put him on his back lowered it to the ground; he returned home, the house was surrounded by jaguars, he climbed the tree unnoticed; next time he climbed the tree again, where the monkeys (the woodpecker helped by pecking the hollow to climb), the tree again grew up, the lizard lowered it again; but the jaguars killed it and ate it]: Polykrates 1967:289-282.

Guiana. Warrau: Wilbert 1970, No. 71 [the young man walked along the river, on the path a skull that looked like a basket; jumped around the young man's neck, told him to hunt, eats all the prey; the young man deliberately missed swam to look for an arrow, hid; head chases, mistakenly rushes at animals, counts fingers - less than five; again - again a deer, not five fingers; jumping over the river, falls into the water, drowns, turns into piranha, big ants came out of her nostrils], 141 [after Wauta became a frog (she stole Haburi as an infant, made him an adult, he returned to his mother), H. went hunting birds; the skull jumped around his neck, refused to get down; H. asked him to get off for a while, ran; his skull mistakenly rushed after Agouti, cut his throat, counted his fingers, it turned out not 5, but 2; the same with the deer; H. swam across the river , the skull drowned as he swam across and became a caiman], 187 [Kororomanna killed a monkey, got lost in the forest; at night, chebu forest spirits began to hit the trunks with sticks; K. began to hit the monkey's stomach like drum; one of x. asked him to show his hand, leg, face; K. shows parts of the monkey's body; blows the winds; x. hears a sound, asks him to pierce his anus; K. pierced him with a bow; x. promises that others x . they will take revenge for him, disappears; K. hides on the Euterpe palm tree; x. beat the corpse of a monkey, thinking it is K.; he laughs; x.'s big eyebrows prevent them from looking up; one stood on his head, saw K.; x. trying cut down a tree; their axes made of turtle shells, knives from pods, break; the biggest x. climbs the tree with his feet forward; K. pushes him down, shouting the words that x. promised to shout, others x. they kill him, thinking that K. is being killed; K. runs away; hid in a hollow, where the woman says that her snake husband will come; but in the morning the hawk sang, K. said it was his uncle, the Snake was frightened, let him go; K. found on the path a fallen tree with a baby in a hollow; it was child X., K. killed him, hid him; the woman. wrapped the ground in a bundle with K.'s trail, walked away; K. replaced it with earth with her own trail; the woman threw the bundle into the fire, burned down by itself; K. went on the path, his leg stuck, it was trap x; they put it in the basket, moved away, K. ran away; fired an arrow into the skull; he ordered it to be worn for it (in corn tape , as women carry a load) and feed; the skull became fat, the bark was torn from weight; K. asked to wait for him to find another bast, ran away; the skull mistakenly rushed after the deer, killed, began to count his fingers - two, not five! The man laughs from the other side of the river; the skull jumped into the water, drowned, all the ants came out of it; the other x scoops the pond with his scrotum; K. poked him with an arrow, x. thought it was gadflies, then stuffed K. into deck; K. gave x. tobacco, became friends with him, he gave him a small package of fish, he brought it to his mother, there were a lot of fish; on the way, various animals told K. about his mother, carrying different fruits that K.'s mother gave them (rat - yam, aguti - cassava, paka - yam, deer - cassava leaf, tapiriha - pineapple (episode with skull, p. 428-429)]: 170-173, 290-296, 424-430; warrau [man with a spear leg (see motif L9A) pursues the hero, but mistakenly rushes after the animal and kills him; counting the "fingers" of the dead deer, discovers a mistake]: García 1993, No. 95 [sending two sons into a palm grove, father warns not to enter the village of Toads; the elder goes there, gets drunk, the youngest brings him to an abandoned village; at dawn he asks to make a fire, falls asleep with his foot in the fire; sharpens the charred one leg with a knife; when he falls asleep again, the younger brother runs away; the elder chases, pierces a sharp leg into the deer, counts his toes, two of them, realizes that it is not his brother; the youngest manages to swim across boat river; the brothers' father consistently sends two birds, Ostronog kills them; sends Owl, that shaman, dodges, lures Ostrony to people's homes, they kill him with arrows; the sharp-footed was dismembered , bones were ground, the remains ruled wasps and poisonous snakes]: 308-310; Wilbert 1970, No. 156-158:333-334, 336, 338; Taulipan: Koch-Grünberg 1924, No. 28 [Atitö's wife's brother is dissatisfied that he bad hunter; A. found an otter calebas; if filled with water and poured out, fish from there; while Otter was picking up fish, A. took the calebas; his wife's brother found it, dropped it into the water, pirandira swallowed it, she became with a fish bubble; A. stole a paddle from another Otter (stick it ashore, the river dries up, pick up fish); his wife's brother found it again, lost it, swallowed the crab, the paddle became the crab's claw; A. sees Zalimang shoot at air, all the birds fall; took away the arrow; his wife's brother found it, Z. took the arrow while he was picking up the birds; The battleship rattles with a rattle, all the animals immediately come; A. took it away, began to call the game, kill; his wife's brother stole the rattle, the pigs took it away; A. told his iron hook to dig into his wife's brother if he took it; the hook pierced all the thief's members, he died; the mother of the victim told his shadow to become reindeer meat that A. should eat; A. avoided several similar traps, but ate the bananas that his wife's deceased brother had turned into; the more he ate, the more hunger; asked for fire; swallowed his wife with with a torch, mother-in-law, everyone who brought became a spirit that eats everything; jumped on a man's shoulder, ate all his food; one day, while eating fish, a man ran away, crossed the tapir path; ate he rushed after the tapir, ate his shoulders, ate the fruits that the tapir was trying to get, the tapir starved; vultures flew; ate jumped on the shoulder of the royal vulture, the father of vultures; he was glad that he is now two heads (Atitë - left)], 49 [a man shoots at the forest spirit and his wife; they chase him, mistakenly chase and kill a deer]: 96-98, 147-148; trio [husband turns into an evil spirit, copulates with his wife using all the holes in her body; the woman pinched the child, he cries, she explains that the child needs relief, goes out with him, runs away, hides in a hole under a tree; the stalker ran by, chased the deer, put a smut in his ass, thinking it was a woman; the woman came to her relatives, died soon, but the child survived]: Koelewijn, Riviere 1987, No. 42:144-145; oyana: Magaña 1987, No. 11 [=Magaña 1989], 40 [mother-in-law does not eat meat brought by her son-in-law, wants tawaiken; daughter does not understand what it is, brings her mother to the garden, she eats raw pepper; her head comes off, rolls after her son-in-law, eats all his food; he climbs a tree, throws fruit farther and farther, runs; her head jumps on a deer; a deer dies, a vulture flies in; head jumps up on him, eats his children in the sky], 93 [mother-in-law eats only pepper, her head falls off, chases her son-in-law; he climbs a tree, throws its fruit as far away from the tree as possible; she runs after the fruit, jumps on a deer galloping by; then grabs an eagle, eats the chicks in its nest], 46 [the wife takes out her husband's lice, tears off her head; the head turns into a deer, then rises to heaven], 78 [ while combing her husband, the wife cuts off his head; she chases his friend; she jumps on a deer by mistake; the deer dies, she grabs the vulture, eats the eggs in his nest]: 35-36, 41, 43, 49-50, 53; 1989 [mother-in-law tells her son-in-law to plant only pepper; eats pepper, stays on the plot when he sets fire to the vegetation; her head burns with fire and pepper; falls off, chases her son-in-law, eats everything he catches and kills; he runs away, its head sticks to the galloping deer, thinking it's a son-in-law; the deer dies; it grabs its teeth behind the wing of the vulture that has descended; it takes off; the vultures bring it back to the ground]: 21-22; aparai [a man or woman eats a lot of pepper; his/her head falls off, attaches to another person's shoulder; then successively attaches to different animals, they die one by one; the vulture takes her to heaven, she eats its chicks]: Rauschert 1967, No. 16:190; oyampy [a woman has a worm lover; she gives birth to two fish, her mother cooks them, lets her eat them with pepper; she eats them her children, runs to the river to cool her mouth from pepper; her head falls off; now she leaves her body freely; the husband sets fire to the vegetation in the area where the wife was; the body burns, the head sucks to her husband; he escapes in a tree; the head is attached to a tapir, then to a deer, to a vulture; he takes her to heaven; the Pleiades are her ear ornaments]: Grenand 1982, No. 16:140-147; curl [woman hears the whistle of the forest spirit, whistles back; he turns her legs into stone daggers, her heart into stone; she chases her husband, kills a caiman mistaking him for her husband; her brothers kill her with an arrow]: Roth 1915, NO. 125:194.

Ecuador. Colorado [a man escaped from animal demons, killed a fox; his wife cuts a carcass, a fox's head sticks to her thigh; shamans let calebasa along the river; when a woman dives, head rushes after a calebass; now lives by the sea, produces lightning]: Mix 1982:73-75.

Western Amazon. Napo [the loser hunter got lost, the forest spirit of Kukuyu Kuraga cut off his head; she rolled to the other hunters' hut; they run away in a boat, but his head is also in the boat; alone ran to warn the women, but his head settled on a tree above the path the women were walking; sucked between his wife's legs; when she was swimming, she stuck to her headdress; the woman's daughter runs a calebasa along the river; when a woman dives, her head rushes after a calebasa, swims away; turns into lightning]: Mercier 1979:53-55; cofan [man goes hunting monkeys with his eldest husband sisters; at night he sees him stick his feet into the fire; in the morning he shows that there is only one head left; the head makes a bundle of monkey fried meat small, tells him to carry it home in the same basket; when he comes his wife, her head sticks her mouth to her vulva; she cannot be ripped off; one day a woman promises to give her head a fish, her head sticks off, a woman rushes into the water, lets a calebass through the water; her head takes her by the head wives, sails away on it; when he gets to people living below the river, he becomes a fat man again; comes with them to his wife's village; the wife comes up, that man kills her; when there is an annual flood on the river, it is the head floats downstream; (Sirius is not visible at this time)]: Borman, Criollo 1990, No. 19:287-317.

NW Amazon. Carijona: Schindler 1979, No. 8 [husband goes for curare; tells his wife that when he returns in a month, he will hit a tree trunk to warn his wife; Uitoto killed her husband, he turned into an evil spirit Imo; he came up at night and hit the tree, but the woman understood the deception, because her husband's body was ripped open, peppercorns hung in front (it was cooked and eaten with pepper); in the evening the woman said that the child had diarrhea, went out with him, dug a hole, hid, covered herself with a maloka door; in the morning I. went to look for his wife, saw a deer at the site, caught up, thought it was his wife, copulated while the deer did not die; then he realized the mistake; since then, the deer meat has tasteless], 14 [the hunter wants to get the tapir alive, puts his hand in his ass, he drags it to the river; transports it across the river; there's a pineapple field; tapir falls into the Amazon-Giirinomo trap pit; the hunter touches their leader's vulva; she first combs scorpions, ants, spiders out of the pubis; G. copulates with special objects, including seed is sprayed; the chief allows the hunter to have sex with everyone, but only gets pregnant herself; the rest want to kill him for it; he and the leader fill the mirrors in which G. everyone sees; one old women have a mirror left; fugitives sail in a boat with a deer; G. throw a harpoon, pull out a deer; fugitives swim to carijona land, live among people]: 92-95, 120-128; yagua [see motive K8A; A squirrel lures a person to cross a ravine on a log, the end of which does not reach the other side; the log is an anaconda; a person jumps, swallows; finds a live Deer inside; they cut an anaconda from the inside with piranha teeth when it goes out in the sun to digest food; the anaconda chases them, they throw it into the Calebasa River, the anaconda sinks into the water; the man is bald, the birds make new hair from luba, the monkey paints them black; after further adventures, the man returns home to his wife and sons]: Powlison 1993:97 -118; chikuna [Baia (another name Dioi, Diaye) went hunting; his the wife saw the demon ba'ë bearing fruit; wished for fruit; Baë promised to give if she lay down with him; the woman saw that Baë did not have a penis, agreed; a huge penis grew from copulation the woman died; Baë put her skin on his sister; the eldest son saw this, said to his father; Diay asks B. how to kill him; with mold on the fruits of the asahi; D. smeared a dart with mold, hit B. in the leg; he began to run off like melting rubber; he says himself, Here my foot falls! Here's a leg! And so on, his head finally melted; D. asked his false wife to invite relatives to drink their favorite wild chocolate drink, sent him to the station, telling him to pull out one hair on her head at a time his eldest son; brought suncoals from sunrise; burned the audience in the house with them, then restored the house, his two sons in the house jumped out through the holes, making them sarbacans; false wife notices a charred hand, D. says it is a monkey's paw; tells him to bring water in a vessel, says that his wife wrapped a rope around not her forehead, but his neck; the rope cuts off the demoness's head, she chases D. ; he runs, becoming a deer, pushes a termite mound off a cliff, his head rushes after a termite mound; demons feed his head, its body begins to grow; D. wraps his penis with palm fibers; his body feels him, believes that it is her relative who came to feed her; D. sprinkles suncoals into her body and head, burning them; revives his wife from bones]: Nimuendaju 1952:132-133; bar [after eating forbidden fish, the younger brother turns into a dwarf and sits on the elder's neck; the dwarf gets off, mistakenly follows the toad; eaten by jaguars]: Jackson 1983:112.

Central Amazon. Munduruku [Peresuatpë went hunting with his older brother; he went into the bushes; P. shot the tapir, missed it; this brother took the form of a tapir; his grandmother advised him to pull it out next time the tapir inside through the ass; the hand got stuck, the tapir ran, P. pulled out his hand when the tapir relieved himself; along with the tapir, P. ended up on the right bank of Tapajos; local people killed the tapir, cut it to pieces, P. saw it sitting on a tree; those people mistook it for a bee nest, began to poke his pole, on the advice of a parrot, P. described the pole, the Indians licked urine, thinking it was honey; to cross Tapajos , P. called a caiman named Uàtippanpàn'a; first smaller caimans sailed out, P. rejected them; on W.'s back was grass and trees; the caiman regurgitated, P. compared the aroma to the smell of uruku; once on the shore, shouted that W. stinks, he was furious, dived, the palm tree on his back broke; at night, the jaguar called P. by name, he asked what he wanted, fell asleep; the next night the inumbu chicken woke up, P. smashed it all eggs, three left, since then Inambu has laid three eggs; the next night P. sleeps in a hollow; Jaguar wants to bite off his finger, P. gives him the finger of a dead monkey; so Jaguar got and ate all his fingers, then the liver; left; the next night, the Jaguar promises to bring a stone; P. leaves his bowel movements in the hollow, climbs the tree; the sewage is responsible for P., the Jaguar throws a stone into the hollow, finds crap; the caterpillars prevented sleep the next night, P. handed over half, now these caterpillars are few; P. sees two girls in a palm grove; agrees to marry; they ask not to be afraid of their father; he came, P. ran away; P. sleeps with Jaguar's wife; during the day he replies that he did not see her; when he ran away, he screams that he had slept with her; the Jaguar accidentally caught not at P., but at the Anteater, who scratched his eyes; Jaguar's wife made him new eyes out of resin , Jaguar's eyes have been shining ever since; P. asks Mother Rain to throw his bananas; she throws the peel; he threatens to shoot, replies that he will cover himself with a banana leaf from the rain; he shot, it has begun to rain, P. is wet ; The Inambu woman plays the flute, her hammock has fire; he refused to lie down with her, she flew away, taking the hammock and the fire; P. took the bone out of Jaguar's throat, who showed him the way home; his mother painted him uruku, P. died from a strong smell]: Kruse 1949, No. 33:642-646.

Eastern Amazon. Juruna [Kuadê Sun had a trap hole in the rock; the man got caught, pretended to be dead; K. carried him in a basket of ants; he jerked when the ants began to eat their eyes; K.'s stick wanted to hit him, but K. did not tell him, said that the prey was dead; he hung the basket on a branch outside the house; the next day his son found nothing in it; K. chased the stick, but she mistakenly chased the deer, killed him; K. found a man in the hollow of a tree, wounded him with a stick, did not reach it, filled the hole with a stone; at night, tapirs, wild pigs, deer, monkeys, paki, agouti gnawed stones, breaking their teeth, the man was released; the next time the young man cut off his hair, painted his face so that K. would not recognize him; climbed onto a palm tree for nuts; threw off a small bunch of K.; killed a big one; K.'s stick became a boa constrictor; blood became spiders , ants, snakes, centipedes; they covered the whole ground, the young man had to jump on trees to go out into a clean place; darkness came; K.'s three sons, by order of their mother, began to try to wear their father's a feather crown; only the youngest could withstand the fever; his mother told him to walk slower so that people could do their business; told him to rest at noon and before sunset]: Villas Boas, Villas Boas 1973:94-97; hissing [the wife's head wanders at night looking for food; the husband buries his body; the head sticks to his shoulder; he asks his head to go down so that he can climb the tree for fruit; runs; the head sticks to the deer, then to a vulture that takes off; falls, and bone rings emerge from it, crashing into the fingers of those who wear them]: Nimuendaju 1922:369-370.

The Central Andes. Quechua (dep. Cajamarca) [the wife's head wanders at night looking for water; when the husband touches his neck, he can no longer return to the body; the husband is attached to the shoulder; he escapes in a tree; the head is attached to the back of a deer or ]: Arguedas, Izquierdo Rios 1947 [to the lamb]: 189-190; Mires Ortiz 1988 [to the deer; her hair turns into its horns]: 28-31; Narvaez Vargas 2001:114 [(Tarea 1988); the couple got drunk, ate a lot salty; when the husband wakes up, he sees his wife without a head; the head looks for her neck, does not find it, cries; the husband runs, his head sticks to him, he wears her for years; goes up a tree for fruit, throws it down; the head jumps on a deer running by, its long hair turns into the antlers of a male deer], 339 (Ferreñafe) [the wife asked for a drink, the husband refused; she went on her own, her head got entangled in the branches of the tree, came off; her husband went to look for his wife, his head jumped on his shoulder; he cut branches, his head sat on a poncho; jumped on a deer running by]; Ayacucho city [girl warns his lover not to come to her on Tuesdays and Thursdays; he comes on Tuesday, sees a headless body on the bed, sprinkles ash around his neck; his head comes back, sticks to the young man's shoulder; he promises to pick fruit for her, puts it on a poncho, runs away; her head mistakenly sticks to a deer running by; dies when a deer wanders through the thorny thickets]: Ansion 1987:146-147 in Toro Montalvo 1990b: 200; Cusco [at night, a young man comes to his beloved, finds a headless body, blood gurgles in his throat; he sprinkles ash on his throat; his head flies in, sticks to the young man's shoulder; he goes to forest; deer blows its head]: Sebastiani 1990:99.

Southern Amazon. Trumai [bees eat the body of a honey collector; the head rolls into the village, attaches to the back of another man's head; he dives into the river, his head sticks to the tapir]: Monod-Becquelin 1975, No. 59:189- 191; paresi [an evil spirit kills a deer thinking it has overtaken a man]: Pereira 1986, No. 17:265.

Southern Brazil. Apapokuwa: Nimuendaju 1914:364 [The hunter meets a rolling skull; it clings to his heel with his teeth; the man runs, climbs a tree; the skull clings to the leg of a running deer, the deer carries him], 396-399 [Nyanderikoy creates a koati, throws Anyaya from the tree; he asks N. to go down, puts it in the basket; leaves it for a while; brother N. revives him, they put it in his place stone; Anyaya's daughters find only koati and stone in the basket; A. returns; N. creates a deer, A. chases him, mistaking him for N.; brothers cover their heads with flowers; tell A.'s daughters that theirs Dad needs to scalp off and rub his crown with pepper, sit in the sun to be just as beautiful; A.'s head bursts, his brain turns into mosquitoes and barig (horseflies?) ; brothers marry A.'s daughters; set fire to the grass around, women's hair lights up, heads burst, mosquitoes appear]; caigua [brothers climb a tree, make koati; Anya tells you to throw them at him ; the elder Nyanderike-y throws the koati away, but A. finds it, puts it in the basket, tells the brothers to go down; N. descends, A. beats him, puts him in the same basket, carries him home; leaves the basket for a while, the younger brother revives the elder, they put a stone in N.'s place, run away; domestic A. only coati and stone are found; A. goes looking for brothers; N. throws a stick, it turns into a doe, A. chases it, kills it, thinking it's N.; puts a wand in his mouth, says, Here's the mouth that called me; etc. (Here's my eyes, what I'm saw; nose that smelled me); brothers come to A.'s daughters, painting their heads red; they tell the girls that they should peel off their father's head and rub the crown with pepper, sit on in the sun to rent A. just as beautiful; A. died; the brothers set fire to the long hair of Anya's daughters, who also died]: Strelnikov 1930:307-308.