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Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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L72. Magical Escape, D672, D673.


Fleeing, the character throws small objects behind him that turn into powerful obstacles in the way of the pursuer, or (rarely) the pursuer creates such obstacles in the way of fugitives. (Wed. SUS 1979, No. 313H = AA 313I, p.114: escape by throwing wonderful objects, an episode in fairy tales of various types).

Hottentots, Nyanja, Mpongwe, Kaguru, Swahili, Sakata, Rwanda, Kikuyu, Xhosa, Senegal, Mandingo (Guinea-Bissau), Fulbe, Bobo, Guro, Dan, Tenda, Loma, Von, Ashanti, Lobi, Dagari, Tangale, Kordofan, Sudanese Arabs, Malgashi, Reunion, Arabs of Mauritania, Libya, Spaniards, Portuguese, Italians (Liguria, Tuscany, Campania), Sicilians, Corsicans, Sardinians, Maltese, Ladins, Basques, Bretons, French (including Upper Brittany), Irish, Scots, British, Germans (Grimms, Schleswig-Holstein, Austria), Alsatians, Palestinians, Yemenis, Mehri, Guam, Gilbert, Tuvalu, Truk, Tibetans (Amdo), Mustang, Rai, Dafla, Bhutan, Lushi, Meitei, Burmese, Mona, Karen, Khmer, Vieta, Thais, Lao, Shans, Sinhalas, Marathi, Ancient India, Muria, Gondas, Ngaju, Loda, Timor (probably Tetum), Tinghian, Sambalas, Chinese, Koreans, Taunyos, Hungarians, Romanians, Moldovans, Gagauz, Montenegrins, Croats, Serbs, Bosnians, Bulgarians, Macedonians, Albanians, Greeks, Russians (Teresky Bereg, Arkhangelsk, Olonetskaya, Karelia, Pskov, Moscow, Tula, Voronezh, Ryazan), Ukrainians (Transcarpathia, Galicia, Volyn, Ivano-Frankivsk, Podolia, Pokutye, Kiev, Kherson), Belarusians, Poles, Kashubians, Luzhitans, Czechs, Slovaks, Kumyks, Ossetians, Karachays, Balkarians, Abkhazians, Abazins, Kabardian, Ingush, Nogais, Dargins, Lucks, Lezgins, Rutulans, Megrelians, Georgians, Armenians, Turks, Kurds, Persians, Bakhtiyars, Tajiks, Baluchis, Bukhara Arabs, Uzbeks, Kafirs (Prasun), Pashayas, Norwegians, Icelanders, Danes, Swedes, Kalevala, Ingrians (Izhorans), Finns, Karelians, Veps, Eastern and Western Sami, Estonians, Setu, Lutsi, Latvians, Lithuanians, Komi, Udmurts , Mari, Mordovians, Kazan Tatars, Bashkirs, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Karakalpaks, Salars, Tuvans, Buryats, Darkhats, Oirats (Durbuts), Khalkha Mongols, Mongols of Inner Mongolia, Mongors, Nenets, Ents, Nganasans, northern Mansi, northern and eastern Khanty, Ket, southern and northern Selkups, Dolgans, central, northwestern (Olenek) and northeastern (Ust-Yan) Yakuts, western Evenks (Podkamennotungussky) , Turukhansky, Kirensky), Baikal Evenks (Baikal, Barguzin, Buryat), Kamchatka Evens, Nivkhs, Ulchi, Orochi, Udege, Nanai, Japanese, North Ryukyu, Forest and Tundra Yukaghirs, Chukchi, Reindeer Koryaks, Itelmen, Asian Eskimos, Fr. St. Lawrence, Bering Strait Inupiate, Northern Alaska Inupiate, Kuchin, Atna, Upper Tanana, Tagish, Inner Tlingit, Tsetsot, Taltan, Dogrib, Tlingit, Hyda, Tsimshian, Bellacula, Heiltsuk, Uvikino, Quakiutl, Nootka, Quarry, Shuswap, Sechelt, Quinolt, Quileut, Alsea, Klamath, Menominee, Western Forest Cree, Western Swamp Cree, Eastern Swamp Cree, Northern Ojibwa (Sandy Lake), Western and Eastern ojibwa, northern solto, kickapoo, miami, steppe crees, steppe ojibwa, seneca, penobscot, mohegan, sarsi, blacklegs, assiniboine, (grovantre [obstacles arise on their own, items are not thrown]), crowe, mandan, teton, sheyen, arapaho, arikara, pawnee, kiowa, wichita, koasati, alabama, screams, yuchi, oriental shoshoni, ute, zunyi, tiva (Taos), lipan, western apache, pima, otomi, veracruz nahuatl, zapotecs, Chinanteca, Guajiro, Yanomam, Warrau, Cañar, Mundurucu, Mountains of Peru (Ancash, Junin, Huancavelica, Ayacucho, Cusco, Puno Departments), Tacana, Karaja, Chamacoco, Southern Tehuelches.

SW Africa. Hottentots: Schmidt 2007, No. 21 [the girl was married to people who jumped over the bushes; when they saw that she was all scratched and could not jump as cleverly, those people cut her knees and migrated; she picked up a bag of thorns and bones, crawled towards the house; a lion followed her trail; she threw thorns - a field of thorns, the lion wanders for a long time; bones are a field of bones, the lion gnaws at them, wasting time; at the woman's request, the mountain opens in front of her, closes behind her; the lion also asks, the mountain opens and closes, crushing it; at home, people try to insert the leg bones of bulls and other animals into the woman, eventually she begins to walk; her mother sends her back to her husband, accompanied by her younger sister, tells her to quietly collect the gallbladders of the slaughtered animals; after leaving her sister to an old camp ( supposedly, she forgot her powder-box there), the woman smokes bubbles above the fire, giving the bile a special power; holes bubbles in every hut, runs away with her sister; each of those people, after saying a word, fell dead; grandfather, grandmother, cow, calf, dog remained, because they were silent; but the old man said about food, the old woman exclaimed, the dog barked, etc., everyone died], 46 [the young man is in no hurry to comply with his mother's requests; she Warns that one day he will see a great thing; he goes away, comes to a sick, worm-covered old woman; she replies that she is a great thing; asks her to wash it, he does it; she gives him eggs warns of a cannibal whose daughter with seven eyebrows, the young men who came to her all died, he had to run away from her in the morning; the cannibal's daughter herself invites the young man to change clothes and bed; at night The cannibal kills her instead of the young man; eats it; in the morning the young man runs away; the ogre chases, the young man throws an egg, a bush appears; when the ogre finds an egg, the bush disappears; when the young man throws the second egg, a river appears; he comes home; an ogre, wearing half of the girl's body, comes to the boy's mother disguised as a woman; the young man does not want to deal with her, goes with his dogs to the veld; the woman follows him, the mask falls, the cannibal takes on his true form; the young man climbs a tree; when he sees the ogre descends, he rushes at him, but the dogs tear him apart; the young man tells his mother that the one she thought was a woman is in actually a cannibal]: 64-68, 108-112.

Bantu-speaking Africa. Nyanja [two lions turn into men, come to the village, invite two young men to go with them; one person feels deceived but the boys do not believe him; on the way, one of the young men wants to kill a frog; she advises not to kill it, it will be useful to cross the river; in their village, men turn into lions again, promise to eat young men; the skeleton of the victim gives them two bottles earlier, tells them to run; First, young men are chased by a flock of birds, they throw one bottle, ants in it, birds spend time pecking on them; when lions catch up, young men throw the second bottle, it turns into a lake; by the river there is a frog takes a young man in his mouth, swims across, releases]: Holland 1916:151-152; mpongwe [Ilâmbe rejects suitors, wants to marry only someone who has not the slightest defect on his skin; the leopard takes the form of a man, I. willingly leaves with a handsome man; the father anticipates bad things, tells his daughter to take a plain horse; on the way, the husband leaves several times to look like a leopard hunt; at home gives a human face to his relatives; I. sends servants taken with him to cultivate the field, and her leopard husband eats them one at a time; when the last maid is missing, the horse says that the next step is her, I. tells I. to take calebasses with peanuts, pumpkin seeds, water, run; the leopard chases; the horse tells you to throw peanuts (the leopard stops to pick up and eat it abandoned), pumpkin seeds (same), calebass with water (river); the leopard stops pursuing; the horse tells you to wait a couple of days in a neighboring city, only men are allowed there, the horse gives I. the appearance of a young man; one the person reports that this is a woman; I. offer to swim undressed; at this time the horse gives I. the appearance of a real man who brought her disgraced; the horse tells him to shoot him, dismember him, burn him, ash disperse; after that, I. turns into a woman again, and the horse is reborn; I. returns to his father, pleads guilty]: Nassau 1912, No. 15:69-76; Sakata: Colldén 1979, No. 15 [Kenshune- nshune had only a head; borrowed body members, came handsome to marry a girl; led him back, distributed everything; the deceased gave the girl nine eggs, told her to run; she ran, throwing eggs, blazed out of each fire, detaining her pursuers; she managed to run home], 19 [Takinga does not listen to her parents, they give him to a harsh teacher; on the way he asks for permission to say goodbye to his parents, runs away into the forest, eats bananas on someone's property, Trimobe (this is a buffalo man) comes, says that his bananas, puts T. in a bag; he asks him to put stones there as well; on the way, Trimob calls out to T., who throws him every time stone; the last time he jumps out himself, Trimob thinks it's a stone; realizing the deception, he catches up with T., brings him home, tells the children to cook the prey; the rat advises asking Trimob to go for pepper, and this T.'s time supposedly will turn into two boys in a cauldron; T. tells the children to untie it to put them in a cauldron, throws them into the cauldron; runs away after receiving an egg, a stone and a stick from the rat; the rat says to Trimob that he ate his children; T. throws objects, they turn into a forest (stick), lake (egg), mountain (stone); Trimob asks to lower the vine, promises to become T.'s friend; he cuts off the vine, Trimob breaks; a bird helps T. go down the mountain for promising to become an obedient boy; T. comes home, everyone is happy]: 167-168, 172-174; kikuyu [Goko's wife negotiates with her father to kill her husband to take possession of his cattle; his wife is followed by a calf (actually a sorcerer) Gachao, tells the owner everything; he sits on the bull so that he is not bitten by the snakes brought by his wife, does not eat poisoned porridge, leaves, stealing cattle; the Gecero bull is gone, Gachao followed him, telling Goko to go in front of the herd, not behind him; he goes behind, dies suffocating from the dust; Gachao finds Gecero, chases him, people are chasing him; he defecates, a mountain appears; the river urinates; the pursuers overcome obstacles but can no longer catch up with Gachao; he meets the Wakango man; swallows him, turning him into an ox, then does it again man; V. suggests taking half of Gechao's cattle, and all of them will herd; chooses bulls; dissatisfied that calves are born only in the Gechao herd (now his name is Wamaro and, apparently, he has the appearance of a human being); tries to prove that the calf gave birth to a bull, is exposed; Vamaro lets Wakango swallow a hot stone wrapped in meat, which dies; Wamaro lived a long time, was feared and respected]: Gagnolo 1953, No. 20:16-20; kaguru [Baraguyu is always trying to steal cattle, but a ferocious ox drives them away; the sorcerer gives them a stick that makes the ox humble, takes the boy Sedodi's cattle away; he goes to B., turns into a baby; his they pick up, raise, trust to herd cattle; he asks the sorcerer for advice, who gives six dogs with steep slopes, mountains, clay, water, forest, fire; B. takes the cattle away, leaves the dogs consistently, each produces an appropriate obstacle; B. overcome five, burn in fire; B.'s elderly parents are happy to return their son who brought cattle]: Beidelman 1967d, No. 4:16-19; Swahili [Mohamedi (son merchant) threw a spear into the wild boars that had ruined the garden; the boar ran away, carrying the pierced spear; it was the spear of his friend Saidi, the son of the Sultan, who demanded it back, did not accept compensation; M. went for a spear, I met an old woman, licked her ulcers, they were gone; she gave the calebass with fire; the same with the next old woman, gave a calebass with sea water; M. found sleeping wild boars (these are genies who have moved into wild boars), pulled out his spear, ran; threw the calebass with fire (fire), then with water (river); the boars stopped pursuing, M. returned, gave the spear to S.; saw monkeys swallowing the ball, letting it through; the monkeys gave him a potion, he gained the same ability; S. wanted to play the same way, the ball remained in his stomach, M. demanded the ball back, the sultan ordered S. to be cut, he died]: Baker 1927, No. 12:283-286; Rwanda [insibika dog or hyena-like monsters live in the forest, spewing fire from their mouths and butts; Maguru promises to bring their leader's tail; his mother gives him calebasses with 1) pumpkin seeds, 2) eleusines, 3) with beans, 4) small peas, 5) fog, 6) water; in the absence of insibika, M. comes to their lair, the old woman hides it; when insibika comes and falls asleep, M. cuts off their leader's tail, runs away; consistently throws calebasses behind him to detain pursuers; {do they collect small seeds?} ; the wind dissipates the fog, but insibika cannot overcome the reservoir; when leaving, the last insibika predicts that M. will find a beautiful rod, a good cow, meet a beautiful woman, they will turn into insibika, they will eat it; M. rejects the rod and the cow, after listening to the advice of friends and mother, but accepts the woman; at night the wife gets up, but M.'s dogs are on guard; the wife says every time she is in need; becoming pregnant, invites her husband to go to the forest to get ingredients from the tree for the witchcraft that pregnant women need; the mother tries in vain to prevent M. from letting M. in; he ties the dogs, tells the mother to release them, if a leaf falls on her chest; M. climbs a tree growing near the confluence of two rivers; the wife turns into insibika, the whole flock joins her, they cut the trunk with an ax; every time a bird shouts to prevent the tree from falling, the felling overgrows; M. throws a leaf, the mother releases the dogs, they tear insibika to pieces; on the way home, dogs demand their part of the prey, M. refuses, they tear it up and they devour; the little mongrel swallows the heart unnoticed; mother M. makes the dogs come back and regurgitate what they swallowed, but there is no heart; the mongrel promises to regurgitate it if she is given the best pieces; this promised, she belches her heart, M. comes to life, returns home, and has always fed dogs well ever since]: Smith 1988:79-80; braid [the old man sees seven extraordinary birds, tells the chief; he says that they will replace his seven sons who died in the war; tells his dumb son Sikulume and six other young men to catch them; they catch them, come to an empty house where the fire is burning; S. hears the cannibal thinking out loud who he eats when; S. is speechless, tells his comrades; the next night he wakes them up, they run away; the cannibal brings other cannibals, they see that the prey has run away, eat the cannibal himself; S. forgot his bird, decides to return; if his assegai trembles, he is killed, if he falls, he dies; S. grabs a bird, runs; the old woman gives him fat; he throws it on a stone, cannibal pursuers begin to fight for this stone, one swallowed it, others killed it and ate it; the same again; S. threw his cape, she ran the other way, the cannibals after it, S. returned to his comrades; the old man turned the stone into a hut, young men disappeared into it, and for cannibals it is a stone; they ate gnawed, broke their teeth, came back; only an old woman at home; inabulele swallowed everyone; S. lets himself be swallowed, kills the monster from the inside, he is swallowed go out; S. tells his sister to make a cloak out of his skin; goes to marry his daughter Mangangezulu; no one returned from there; the mouse tells her to kill her, throw in the skin, the skin tells M. to enter the house with the wrong sides, do not sit on a new mat, do not spend the night in an empty hut; M. tells the cattle to herd, the storm begins; S. pulls out his cape, it turns into a stone canopy, the young men bring the cattle safe; M. turns S. into an antelope, but her daughter back into a human; they run; the girl throws an egg (fog), a wineskin of milk (water), a pot (darkness), a smooth stone (rock); M. stops persecuting, S.'s houses are chosen chief]: McCall Theal 1882:74-83 (=Held 1904:1-11).

West Africa. Tenda [girl rejects suitors; the monster turns into a handsome man with shiny skin like a palm peel; goes with him to him; on the way he returns bark to the palm tree (var.: and teeth to the snake); he swallows whole animals, belching at home, the wife must grind meat; the girl's father's other wife (co-epouse) comes to visit her; the girl tells her to go back along the dew road, but she walks along the road where there is no dew, meets a monster; he swallows it, belches it at home like other game, tells them to grind it, eats it; the same with the girl's mother; the monster's two younger brothers come, the girl invites them to sit in a mortar, pushes; confesses to the monster; he promises to swallow it tomorrow; her younger brothers come to her; she runs away with them, throws grass behind, then dirt, detaining the pursuer (the narrator did not say how exactly); runs to the blacksmith; the monster swallows him, but the blacksmith immediately comes out of the monster's anus; kills him with a sledgehammer; makes sandals and straps out of monster skin to carry children; warns not put them together; children (i.e. the girl's brothers) climb the fig tree, throw their sandals in a pile; the monster is reborn; one boy manages to go down, calls the blacksmith, he kills the monster again; burns; The frog plants pumpkins in this place; comes to pick ripe pumpkins, they do not tell; so consistently all actions (cut, cook, eat); it plucks (etc.), each time she says, “By herself planted, why not rip it off” (etc.); raspberry people (or other neighboring people) come, the Frog teaches them what to say; people cannot go out of need; the Frog tells them to say the same phrase again; people are relieved, lots of flies appear; The frog puts them in a vessel, closes them; the thief stole the vessel, opened it, the flies flew out (the origin of the flies)]: Ferry 1983, No. 42:226-234; Senegal {ethnicity is not a decree.. but probably soninke — r. Faleme; possibly also maninka} (Ibrahim Ba's recording) [Fanta rejects the grooms, waits for the perfect handsome man, marries Samba-Linger; mother tells me to take an old mare with her; husband's companions along the way turn into bushes, he himself into a lion; his ancestor is a seven-headed monster; the mare tells F. to leave the spits responsible for himself, take three eggs with him; abandoned, they turn into a sea, a forest, a monster; a lion overcomes obstacles, the monster wins; F. violates the ban on spurring the mare with her heels, she rose into the sky with her, disappeared; the lion turned into a mountain]: Mendelssohn 1977:247-258; Mandingo (Guinea- Bissau) [hunter Samba kills a lot of animals; Gazelle and Guinea fowl turned into girls, asked to rest in the house, but they are afraid of tying dogs; Maryam's older wife does not want to do so the youngest Cady tells to tie; S. goes to see the girls off, K. readily agrees not to untie the dogs; in the forest, the girls turn into a gazelle and guinea fowl, S. after them, finds himself among lions, elephants, etc.; runs, throws an egg (turns into a lake); coconut — a palm tree appears; S. climbs on it; animals bring axes, dogs hear, M. releases them, they drive animals away; K. tries in vain prove that it is M.'s fault, S. drives her away]: Mendelssohn 1971:170-174; Fulbe: Anpetkova-Sharova 2010 [girl Wildly rejects suitors; snakes marry in human form, D. agrees; younger sister goes with her; hears the Serpent coming out of the water and singing about how he will eat them; tells her sister to run; leaves five pebbles in the house to answer for them, ride a horse; the serpent chases; the sister throws a pebble, a mountain appears; the second is a river; they reach home, the Serpent manages to hit his wife on the back; since then, people have a dent on their backs]: 115-119; Arnott 2000 (Gambia) [the cannibal Debbo Engal has 10 daughters; every time grooms come, she leaves them to sleep, kills them; when 10 brothers go to marry, a woman gives birth to a tiny girl named Fereyel; he runs after his brothers, they don't recognize him, they drive him away; he turns into a cloth, into a ring, the brothers pick it up, then wonder what is heavy, they throw it away; finally they agree to take F. with them; F. answers DE that he does not sleep; slowly changes the clothes of his brothers and daughters DE; she kills her own daughters; F. tells her brothers to run; DE chases, F. throws an egg, it turns into a river (DE scoops up), the stone is a mountain (cuts through the passage, but the brothers have time to run to their own villages); DE turns into a log, a plum tree, a donkey — F. identifies her every time; she is beautiful, takes F. with her, turns into a boa constrictor in the forest, but F. turns into fire, burns it]: 203-204; bobo [the man asks his sister to sweep his yard; she sweeps, hit something, the fire hit the cow's tail, the tail is burned; the brother demanded to bring a new one; the girl came to the old woman; she asks rub her back with a stone, gravel, broom; the girl puts it in her left hand, gently rubs her back with her right hand; the old woman says where the cows graze, piling their tails; you have to choose the right one; the cows will rush into chase; you have to throw sand, broom brushwood, stone, egg; gives these items; abandoned turns into 1) sandy space, 2) forest, 3) mountain, 4) river; cows drown; girl gives cow brother's tail; the neighbor herself asked her brother for permission to sweep, set fire to the cow's tail, contrary to her brother's wishes, went to look for a new one; does not want to rub the old woman's back, then rubs it with a broom; then, as if good a girl, but she throws an egg in front of her; trampled by cows]: Sanon 1968:270-273; guro [the son of a forest giant tells his father he will not walk until he has eaten the human liver; giant came to the Spider, asked him to give his son; the Spider agreed, giving his son a bell, palm seed and an egg; in the giant's house, the Spider's son rings a bell every morning, the giant asks where he slept (under the threshold, on roof), every time he tells him to sleep where he was yesterday, but Spider's son finds another place; when he sleeps with the giant's son, changes the bandages, the giant cut out his son's liver, fried it, gave it to the boy; goes with him to the savannah, he climbs a palm tree; then runs away, the giant chases, the boy throws a seed (a huge forest), an egg (a swamp, a giant drowned in it); since then, animals have been sacrificed, not humans]: Tououi Bi 2014:143-148; Dan [the chief has 12 wives; one is childless and unloved, she was given a hut on a pile of garbage; she was covered with melons and pumpkins; then she is 12 years pregnant; other wives despise her, do not want help collecting firewood; Finally, Gueu's son tells his mother to give birth to him; he was born in a shirt, walks and talks; tells his father to put his mother's hut in the center; all the bows break in his hands, he told him to make himself an iron one; brings from hunting an elephant; the father is afraid of G. and, in order to get rid of him, says that there is someone stronger; it happens; G. promises to bring his hair to bandage his own; on the way there he asks for directions monkeys, rivers, the leader of the baby village (they all have umbilical cords); everyone warns that no one has returned from everyone yet, he has a mountain of skulls of those he killed, a giant who turns rocks into dust, and his wives; everyone's wife sometimes liked G., she helps him; lets him throw three pebbles while fleeing; an amulet Anything happens to be a vessel of water, it does not touch him; let G. therefore hide under it , and before that he will touch everything in the house; they also went to the river (marigot); Everyone came, smells G. everywhere, but does not look under the vessel of water; everyone's wife happens the day before combed his hair and gave G. what she combed out; G. runs; everyone has magic words that make a runner wait, but G. has others that make the pursuer not chase; then G. successively throws three pebbles, a mountain, a river, a thorny forest appear; Everyone sometimes passes through them (the river's water parts), but by this time G. reaches his village; in a dream he finds out what he must have a dog; got seven dogs; a year later, everyone sometimes took the form of a beauty, she came to G.; says that she does not eat chicken, but dog meat; G. promises to feed her in the morning, and her mother replies that knows who came: it happens; at night the monster took its form, but G. became invisible; in the morning, the beauty promises to leave on the eighth day (to eat all the dogs in 7 days); G. warned her not to break bones; leaving on the morning of the eighth day with the beautiful woman, G. teaches his mother to revive the dogs and lower them when she sees a red cloud at sunrise; while everyone is gone to take her form, G. climbed the tree; Sometimes it makes the tree bend down and G. straighten up again; each of the dogs that come running swallows anything, but it immediately comes out of its ass; G. tells the seventh dog to sit backwards on ground, everyone sometimes couldn't get out and died; that's why dogs sit backwards on the ground]: Tiémoko 2019:24-36; scrap [mother reproaches twins Zine and Sele that because of their strength they break dishes, better would return a sister kidnapped by the evil spirit of Nyanwole; they come for her, Z. creates a harp, N. dances, brothers run away, put a stone on the road, it turns into a hill; N. runs home for a knife, cuts the hill in half; spit, a river forms, N. runs again for an ax, cuts the river, crosses (dry); brothers create fire, N. cuts it; Z. turns into a dog, she bit N.; brothers return for sister, they bring home]: Schwab 1947:459; loby [Sie drives three cows; when it rains, she tries to take refuge in a house; only a third cow breaks through the door; there is a Dintinker cannibal; Sie replaces pots of ointment that D. gives him and his son; at night she kills her son; in the morning tells S. to bring milk in a leaky vessel; S. notices holes, sends d. to bring water in a leaky jug; leaves cows; the bird teaches D. to cover holes with clay; not finding S., d. chases after; the woman asks S. to wash her back; he reluctantly agrees; she gives him a stone, a stick, a broom, an egg; thrown behind, they turn into a forest (broom), mountain (stone), stick (thick trees), sea (egg); d. swims across the sea in a boat, appears in S.'s house in the guise of a girl; S.'s father tells his son to marry her; D. tries S. poison; rushes with an ax; S. climbs a tree, d. cuts the trunk; The frog offers to chop for it, the felling overgrows; the same second, third frogs; S. played the flute; animals he bought him father {not named}, heard, ran, torn to pieces d.]: Anpetkova-Sharova 2010:127-131; Ashanti: Barker, Sinclaire 1917, No. 22 [when the mother is preparing to die, the two eldest sons promise to do tombstone, coffin; the youngest is to put the tail of the elephant princess in the coffin; goes to look for her; comes to the elephant village; the old woman tells you to approach the princess when she sleeps, act decisively and quickly, otherwise elephants will wake up; the young man carries his tail; elephants dream about it, wake up the princess, rush in pursuit; ji-ji boys tell them to throw a branch (a huge tree), a corncob (a field of corn); when the elephants have passed across the field, the young man is already at home; the elephant princess took the form of a girl, came to the village carrying a calebasa cymbal; whoever shoots an arrow through him will become her husband; old man: except Kwesi, who cut off his tail elephant princess; K. became the girl's husband; the girl turned into an elephant the very first night, but GJ K. turned it into a mat, she did not find it; the next night she became a needle; K. asked his wife to bring him to the field lunch; she offered to look in his head, found GG in his hair and threw it into the fire; while burning, GG told K. to spread his arms as if he were flying, turned into a hawk; so hawks often fly where fire and smoke]: 123-128; Herskovits, Herskovits 1937, No. 19 [when the father dies, asks his sons what they will do for him when he dies; the first promises to bring the tail of the dangerous spirit of Sasabonsam, the second to break the rock, the third to cry; only the first one fulfills his promise; the old woman gives him the means, it directs his actions; at night he climbs a tree; cuts off the tail of the sleeping S., runs away; S. sends others spirits in pursuit; a young man puts nkwata (a fork in the road) on the ground, many forks appear; throws an egg, a river appears; while the spirits try to drink the river, the young man gets home; S. turns into beautiful, comes to marry a young man; he puts a piece of wood in his place for the night, the wife destroys it; in the afternoon, the young man goes with his wife to the field, the wife throws the product into the fire, rushes at the young man; the product shouts the name of the bird that the young man turns into]: 88; background [(historical story); Adja people chase Adjahuto; he puts cloth on the ground, a river appears]: Herskovits, Herskovits 1937, No. 92:355-356; dagari [no one can help a childless woman put a bunch of brushwood on her head; she asks God, the wind raises the ligament; God gives two fruits, tells her to bury houses, from which a son and daughter are born; a daughter rejects grooms; Boa constrictor borrows two sticks from the forest, puts it on the body, has arms and legs; takes the monkey's face, it becomes human; occupies the bark of the vine, it becomes its pants; the tree has a bark shirt, others have different flowers, these are other garments and shoes; The boa constrictor radiates his wife, distributes everything she borrowed on the way back; a year later, the woman gave birth to her husband snakes in the hole; another wife of the same husband, whose wife was the girl's mother, came to her, was four days old, liked Boa; walking through the hole, politely addressed her husband's father, who also missed it; returned with a basket , full of corn, peanuts, etc.; the mother was jealous, also went; insults the father's boa constrictor; drives snakes; returning, she goes the wrong path as her daughter told her to follow; the boa father strangles her, cuts her into pieces; the daughter cries, sings, feeling sorry for her mother; the boa father asks again, she replies each time that it is a smoky log in the fire; when he fell asleep, the daughter asked God to revive her mother from pieces, she came to life; both are running; by the river the old woman asks to rub her back; the daughter rubs, the mother continues to run; a hole opens in the old woman's back, the old woman allows her to remove a pebble, a straw broom, a chicken egg; after catching up with the mother, the daughter throws stone (mountain), broom (forest), egg (lake); boa constrictor threw himself into the water, his body was bloody after overcoming the mountain and forest, he was eaten by fish]: Hien 1995:124-148; tangale [there were people with one, two,... and etc. — see 10 heads; the mono-headed married a girl, took her to him, consistently meets a double-headed man on the way, etc., each time the girl realizes that he will be her husband; she is locked up, tied bell, put the watchman; she ran away without touching the rope with the bell; they chase, she leaves her excrement (turning into a mountain), urine (the wide sea); the girl returns home, many-headed stop persecution]: Jungraithmayr 2002:284-299.

Sudan — East Africa. Kordofan (no language specified) [the king laments that he is childless; the sorcerer gives two lemons; let one be eaten by an Arab wife, she will give birth to a daughter, and the other a concubine, give birth to a son; when he grows up, he must come to the sorcerer; the boy's name is Shatr Mohammed (SHM); the sorcerer met him, told him to remind his father of the promise; he cries; the sorcerer became an eagle and took away the CMM; in his palace he gives the CMM the keys to all rooms, but forbids unlocking one of them; treasures are everywhere; in the forbidden room, the CMM is a beauty suspended by her hair; on one side there is a horse on chains, bloody meat in front of him; on the other, a lion, hay in front of him; floor strewn with the old and recently cut down heads of young men; the CMM freed the girl, swapped hay and meat, the horse and the lion broke their chains; the horse: put on armor, take the sword and the girl and jump; the lion is with them; the sorcerer catches up; the horse tells you to throw a comb (a thick forest), a piece of glass (a field covered with glass fragments), soap (a river); the sorcerer swam, drowned; the horse tells you to take his hairs to summon him and go to the city ; he hired a gardener; the youngest of the 7 princesses sees him swimming, calling a horse and putting on armor; she sends him food every day, but the gardener picks them up; princesses send his father 7 melons: them it's time to marry; everyone throws a handkerchief to the one she has chosen as her husband; the youngest with the CMM is settled in the slave quarter; the king is sick, she needs gazelle milk; the CMM gives it to his older sons-in-law, who allow them to stigmatize them in the ass ; sons' milk does not help, milk brought by the younger princess healed the father; enemies have attacked; sons-in-law are fleeing, CMM smashes enemies on his horse; to celebrate the savior, the king inflicts a slight wound on him with a sword on her hand and bandages him with her handkerchief; the wife recognizes her father's handkerchief, tells the mother; the king begs the CMM to return to the palace; the older sons-in-law have to show the stigma, now they are slaves to the CMM]: Frobenius 1923, No. 19: 216-224; Sudanese Arabs [Fatma the Beautiful lives with her grandmother; all guys dream of marrying her; other girls decide to get rid of her; call her to the pasture; grandmother: first mix a bag of millet with with a bag of wheat, scatter it on the ground, why clear it from the ground, put it back in two separate bags; two weeks later they complied with the requirement, the grandmother let F. go; they came to the well; sent F. bring some pebbles, got drunk, hid the bucket; when F. came, they said that they had thrown their jewelry into the well and the water rose; F. threw it and nothing; the girls left, F. stayed; he came at night black wind, then yellow, red, white and an ogre with it; threw something into the well, drank all the water with his horse, took out F.'s jewelry, put it on his horse, brought it to the garden, where wheat, millet and fruit; tells F. to grind grain and chase birds; Muhammad, the son of Father F.'s brother, and her fiancé found it; the cannibal sleeps for a month, awake for 11 months; F. guards the pebble: if she tries to escape, he will fly to the cannibal, he will wake him up; M. and F. run; M. throws the first feather (the river, the cannibal and the horse drank it); the second (the thicket); the third (the mountain); the cannibal stops chasing, but becomes a sheep; M. buys it for the wedding feasts; at night a sheep: it's me, an ogre; M. ran, killed her, a drop of blood turned into a bead; F. picked it up, accidentally swallowed it, the cannibal speaks from her womb; the fakir from Shiraz expelled the bead and burned it; all is well]: Al-Shahi, Moore 1920, No. 26:131-134; Sudanese Arabs (Jaaaliyin) [a girl named Sittana; she has 7 grandmothers; other girls call her to collect dates; she will not go without her grandmothers' permission; the girls went around six, received permission; the seventh tells them to collect the scattered grain first — a whole bag; they collected it and S. went with them; climbed a palm tree, began to shed dates; the girls filled their baskets with ripe dates, put green ones in basket C. and left; S. had to collect them again; she caught up with others at the well; the girls took out water in a bucket, but said they threw their gold into the well jewelry and the water rose; S. threw it, nothing happened; ghoul: I'll give you water and return the jewelry if you promise to give me a drink when I come; S. promised; ghoul came, demands water only from S.'s hands; took it away; at night she puts her head on her hair like a pillow; when brother S. followed her, his grandmother told her to take two thorns and wet clay with her; she tied the {sleeping} ghoul to 7 chains, ran away with S.; ghoul broke the chains; the brother throws a thorn, thorny thickets grow in front of him; he sends the dog for an ax, cut through the thickets; the same with the second thorn; the clay has become a river; the brother tells the dog to drink the river and drinks also by himself; a 7-headed ghoul ran up, his brother cut off his heads; the last drop of blood turned into a cat; his brother killed him; it was the end of the ghoul]: Hurreiz 1977, No. 6:79-80; Malgashi: Haring 1982, No. 3.2.327 A-B [texts about running away from the ogre's house, including throwing objects that turn into obstacles in the pursuer's path (egg, broom, stick, thorny bush)]: 380-382; Rodman 1965 [three brothers, and the fourth, named Isilakuluna, has half a wooden body; his father drove him away, his mother left with him; they live in the forest, have dogs; brothers ask their father what are the curiosities in the world; father: white guinea fowl, red bee honey, a wild bull, monsters with a woman's head; brothers go in search, I. with them; tells his mother that if bananas dry up, trouble with him, let him release the dogs; I. lures guinea fowls, fills the calebas with honey, tames the bull; every time the brothers take what they have earned from him, take credit for themselves; when they enter the monster house with a woman's head, they are frightened; I. tells them to bring water with a net, brothers are fleeing; monsters are chasing; I. stuck a piece of wood into the ground, a forest appeared, monsters cut it down; scattered rice (tall, hard grass); eggs (the river, the pursuers drank it); I. and his brothers climbed on a stone, I. told him to become a tall rock; I.'s mother let the dogs down, but the monsters ate the red, black and yellow ones; the brothers lowered the rope, then cut them off, two monsters crashed; the third did not go up; the last dog grabbed him by the tail, I. captured him; brought him to his father; told how everything was, his father made him heir, the rest of his sons Radami]: 161-169; Reunion [Malagasy source, yes several recordings in Madagascar; where the character performs feats, saves brothers from monsters; in the bar option, he only has a neck and head; Réval wants to go wandering; parents say that he is disabled - half of his body (vertically); in Reunion, the hero also defeats monsters; runs away from them, throwing objects behind them that turn into obstacles; saves traitor brothers, brings a captive ogre; in the Antandroy version (southern Madagascar), he asks three witches to bring him water, each time he replies that they brought it in the wrong vessel; finally, he says he is used to having him brought water with a net]: Haring 2007, No. 37:58-61.

North Africa. Mauritanian Arabs [six sons are married, the youngest is still single; he rode a horse, met a girl, she said that her mother is ghoul, agreed to marry a young man; they rode to his house; mother -the ghoul in the form of a tornado pursues; the daughter threw thorns (more precisely, thorn needles, épines pour coudre), a (thorny) forest appeared; the pursuer overcame it, became a tornado, a snake, the daughter threw it a handful of sand, dunes appeared; the fugitives reached home, but the ghul had time to touch her daughter and she became a monkey; “I taught you everything,” the ghul said to her daughter; the old woman told the Sultan that his son had married on a monkey; the sultan demanded that all daughters-in-law weave a woman's veil; the monkey fabric is the best; the same is to cook couscous; the sultan tells his daughters-in-law to come to the screenings; the monkey was beautiful in accompanied by numerous servants; the Sultan ordered to make a fire in the pit and throw his son there to take possession of the beauty; the ghoul quietly snatched him out of the fire, he returned in a luxurious dress; told his father that he was dressed up by the Sultan's late parents; the sultan demanded that he also be thrown into the fire; the sultan burned down, his son took his place]: Tauzin 1993:155-162; Libyan Arabs [Jemil is going to marry to her cousin Jemila (ideal Arab marriage); went to buy what she needed for the wedding; Jemilya went with her friends to the forest for brushwood; found an iron mortar; put it on the collected brushwood, but the mortar was all time falls; in the evening, the friends went home, but Jemila refused to go with them until she could take the mortar; when the friends left, the mortar turned into a gulya; he took Dzhemila and lodged them in the castle, saying that he did not will harm her; she calls him father; mother and men went to look for Jemil, found only abandoned brushwood; the men realized that someone stole Djemil, otherwise they would have found the body; to justify themselves to Jamila's fiancé, her parents stabbed a goat, buried her head and told Jamil, who returned, that the bride had died; he came to the grave for six months every day; at which time one person accidentally came to the castle where Dzhemilya lived; she told him where to find water and asked him to say hello to Dzhemil and say that there was only a goat's head in the grave; a grateful man found Jemil, told him everything, he dug up the grave and found a goat's head; Jamila's parents told a story about an iron mortar; that man told me where Dzhemilya was; Cemil came, Cemilya hid it under the bed; the ghoul came and felt the spirit of man, Jemilya calmed him down, he went to bed; she cooks human and lamb, pieces of meat are talking, the man says that there is a man under the bed; the ghoul hears something through sleep, but Dzhemilya explains that the conversation was about salt, about pepper; Jemilya asks what her “father”'s eyes look like, if he is fast asleep, they shine red; Jemilya: here's the needle (Nähnadel), what is she? will turn into an iron mountain; and the other one (Stopfbnadel)? will become the sea; chopper? will become prickly thickets; Cemil and Dzhemilya ran away when the ogre's eyes shone red, taking magic objects; the dog wakes up the gulya and tells him about the escape, but he hit the dog and falls asleep again; in the morning he chased with his dog; Jemil throws magic objects, they turn into obstacles: an iron needle — thorny thickets; an awl — an iron mountain; a chopper — the sea; the dog began to drink, burst ; the ghoul drank the sea and ordered Jamila's head to become a donkey and her hair wet; Jamil left the bride and left alone, but regretted it and returned; the wolves already wanted to attack her; Dzhemilya advised At night, secretly bring her to Cemil's house; his mother is convinced that it is really Dzhemilya after seeing dog bite marks and burn marks received by Jemilya as a child; three months have passed, Jamil is offered to marry another; at this time, a Jewish merchant found himself at Gulya's castle; he gave him a mirror and a comb: if Jemilya looked in the mirror and combed her hair with a comb, she would be the same; if the Jew did not fulfill errand, ghoul will eat it; Jemilya became the same; the wedding was celebrated at her parents' house and stayed there]: Stumme 1898, No. 6:130-148 (=Bushnaq 1987:158-165; instead of “mortar — “pestle”; mistake either in German or English translation from Arabic; Russian translation in Lebedev 1990, No. 14:60-73); the Arabs of Egypt [the wife of a childless king promises to fill three wells with honey, oil and rose water if God will send her a child; Yousif is born, the king forgets the promise; God reminds her in a dream that the king prepares wells, calls people, the old woman comes when everything is dismantled, collects drops of honey on the walls of the well; Yu played ball, fell into the old woman's vessels, the honey spilled; she wished him to fall in love with Louliyya, Morgan's daughter; the servant explains that L. is beautiful; Yu goes in search; the cannibal sends him to his brother , one to another, the other to her sister; if she has red chickens and she is tidy up, you can't talk to her, and if she's green, her hair is messy and her breasts are thrown over her back, then you can; Yu sees first red chickens, silent, then green; the cannibal sister tells me to roll a ball, he leads to a palace in the desert; the cannibal asks L. to let her hair down, climbs it; Yu also asks; L. decides to run away with Yu; hides it, turning it into a pin; returning to its former appearance, tells things in the room to be responsible for it, throws a needle (a field of thorns), a comb (a bamboo fence), a mirror (a lake); the cannibal and his dog drink, a cannibal bursts when she throws pins at L., she turns into a dog, Y. into a lark; they come to Yu's mother's house; she finds pins in the dog's head, takes it out, L. takes it out, L. takes her shape, takes the needles out of her head a lark, that turns into Yu; wedding]: Scheub 2000:131-132.

Southern Europe. Spaniards: Malinovskaya 2002 [childless king and queen want a child, even if the Devil gets it in 20 years; the young man grows up, loses his soul to the Devil, goes to him; the old woman advises hide the clothes of Blancaflor, the youngest of the Devil's three bathing daughters, pigeon girls; the other old woman, the mistress of the birds, sends to her Moon Sister, she to the Sun Brother; only the Limp Eagle is summoned take her to the Castle Where There Is No Return, tells her to feed her meat on the way; the meat runs out, the Queen is ready to cut off from himself, but the Eagle still arrives; The devil tells 1) to process the plot in a day, bake it from harvest bread; 2) grow grapes; B. does everything; 3) bring the ring dropped by his grandmother into the sea; B. tells her to kill, collect blood in a jug, throw her body into the sea; the young man sheds a drop of blood; B. goes out from the sea, carrying a ring, she lacks the edge of her little finger; 4) recognize B. among the sisters; the girls put her little finger in the crack, B. has a scar; B. tells the Queen to take a bad horse, a rusty sword, to run; leaves responsible for saliva, puts two wineskins on the bed; the devil pierces them, thinks he has killed his daughter and son-in-law; the Queen has taken a good horse, a steel sword, the Devil catches up with them; B. throws a comb (forest), salt (mountain) ); the horse is made a chapel, B. a statue, the husband a hermit; the devil does not recognize them, at home the wife explains that they were fugitives; the Queen leaves B. at the source, comes home, is hugged by an old nanny, he forgets B.; prepares to marry another; B. is hired as a maid, asks for a stone of sorrow, a dagger of love; the Devil sells them to the Queen; B. asks them if she helped the Queen; those confirm, the Queen recalls B.; the dagger tells B. to plunge it into her heart, the Queen stops him; the wedding]: 268-276; Camarena, Chevalier 1995, No. 313C (Salamanca) [Lisardo young man plays cards and always loses; the demon offers a condition: he will always win, but in 5 years he will go to the castle Go Don't Come Back (PN); in 5 years he goes, asks the eagle for directions, he refers to another who is older, it brings to the castle, tells the PN of the three bathing daughters of the PN, who is a saint, her name is Blancaflor, to hide the clothes; he hides and returns clothes, the girl promises to help; PN tells 1) scatter a bag of rice in the forest, bring it safe the next day (B. does everything); 2) arrange a field on the site of the forest, collect wheat, bake bread, all in a day (the same); 3) the same — vineyard, wine; 4) get the ring lost by his great-grandmother from the river; B. tells her to cut it, put it in a vessel without spilling a drop of blood, throw it into the river; in the evening he brings the ring, says that a drop has been shed, but from his little finger; 5) tame the horse; this is the PN himself, his wife and daughters, B. will be on the right, not hit on the right side; 6) three daughters will stretch out their arms, and L. is blindfolded, you must choose the bride's hand; B. can be recognized by missing the phalanx of the little finger; B. tells you to leave the spits responsible for them, choose a skinny oath Thought, not a plump Wind; L. does the opposite; the father chases, B. throws a comb (thicket), a handkerchief (lastral), a garter (river); PN comes back every time, his wife sends him again; B. turns the horse into a vegetable garden, L. into a peasant, herself into a lettuce bed; a chapel, a hermit, an icon; the PN's wife decides not to chase herself, but to make L . forgot B. if he kisses someone; B. warns, but some old woman kissed him from behind, L. forgot B.; she comes and stays under the guise of a prostitute; L. comes to her three times before the wedding, but she every time he tells him to do something (like serve coffee), and he freezes until morning; at the wedding, he tells two dolls to pretend to be themselves and L., they tell me everything, L. remembers marrying B .]: 85-95; Basques:? [Princess Prickly Flower meets a sorceress in the forest, who takes her into her house, feeds her poorly, makes her wash; only a soldier can find her; KC asks him to wait until tomorrow to run on horseback; the witch tells her son to marry her; the soldier and the CC flee, the witch's son gets stuck in the swamp; the witch pursues; the horse tells the CC to throw the bottle and the pebble, they turn into a lake and a wall; the CC calls bell, fugitives reach the point beyond which the witch is powerless; the king's soldiers burn the sorceress]:; the Basques [the poor young man leaves home, is hired by Tartaro; he tells him to hide his feather clothes one of the three pigeon girls who will come to swim in the lake; return for promising to help; the dove maiden tells her father to go to hire her father; he demands 1) uproot the oak grove, sow, harvest, bake bread; the dove maiden tells her crest to do everything; 2) get the lost ring out of the river; the dove maiden tells her father to ask her father for a rusty sword, chop it to pieces, throw it into the river, comes out whole and with a ring; the young man has lost her little finger, she pretends to slam the door on it; 3) tame a horse with three foals (this is the owner with three daughters, you have to beat them with a club, and just pretend to beat her); in the morning the owner and daughters look beaten; 4) choose a wife with her eyes closed (she does not have a little finger and she will give her hand twice); the young man gets a wife, she tells him to run, leaves the spit responsible for himself; the father chases, the daughter throws the comb (fog, hail), throws again - the river, the father sinks; on the border of the land of Christians, the wife tells her to go get a priest to baptize her, not to kiss anyone, otherwise her husband will forget her; his old aunt kisses; the wife creates an inn, her husband and two friends come in; she promises to spend the night with everyone; she asks the first to comb his hair first, otherwise he has powder in his hair since childhood, she does not like the smell; the guy combs his hair before the morning; tells his comrades that it was great; the second wife asks to wash his feet first; the third is her husband, she tells him to turn off the lights and he tries to do it unsuccessfully until morning; her comb gives magical power to a woman; she reveals herself to her husband; he brings a priest; everything is fine]: Webster 1879:120-130; Portuguese: Braga 2002:111-114 (Extremadura — Algarve) [by the king of the Moors two daughters, the youngest meets the teacher, tells her to flee to his country, takes a bag of ash, salt, coal with her; when the father's army catches up, she throws ash (fog) first, then salt (sea), coal (night and thunderstorm); having reached her lover's country, the princess says that now he will forget her; dressed as a widow, pretended to accept lovers; the teacher invited three friends to visit the woman; the first spent undressing and dressing all night; the same second; the third stood at the well all night to fetch water; the fourth closed the door to the street all night; the teacher was preparing for the wedding, had dinner before the wedding, had dinner before the wedding, that widow is among the guests; she creates a dove and a dove and they talk about the fate of a forgotten beauty; the teacher remembers everything, marries her beloved], 126-128 (Eixo — Distrito de Abeiro) [branch — forest, stone is a mountain, a handful of sand is the sea]; Cardigos 2006, No. 313 [the prince goes to hell, he gives him difficult assignments; 1) plant a vine in the morning, wine is ready in the evening; 2) get the ring from the bottom of the sea, for this it is necessary to dismember the girl; 3) sow wheat in the morning, bake bread in the evening; 4) tame the horse (that's the devil himself); 5) build a palace in a day; 6) disassemble the mixed seeds; and something else; he denies that the girl helped him; must identify the girl among several identical ones (only on the hand; the girl does not have enough finger, so he recognizes her); the spouses run, the wife leaves the saliva responsible for herself; in bed the wineskin is left; the young man chooses a fat horse, he is like the wind, he should have chosen a skinny one, he is like a thought; the horse turns into a church, a girl into an image, a young man into a hermit; a garden, a salad (flowers) and a gardener; a river, boat, boatman; throw objects: ash (fog occurs), needles or pine needles (prickly thickets), salt or water (sea), sand (hill); the devil's wife cast a spell: kissing, against will, mother or grandmother, the hero forgets his wife; she attracts his attention (many options), he recognizes her]: 68-69; Portuguese [the girl is trapped in the tower; lowers her hair, the prince climbs it into her room; one day a witch saw it; she called a girl imitating the prince's voice; the girl lowered her hair; the witch climbed in and tried to persuade her not to hang out with the prince; went downstairs and left; when the prince got up and the girl told him everything, he told him to run immediately; the girl said goodbye to all objects, but forgot about the broom and broom; took with her a glass of water and bags of pebbles and sand; When the witch came, the table and chairs said that the girl was sick, but a broom with a broom said that she ran away with the prince; the witch set off in pursuit; the girl threw sand (sand wasteland), pebbles (wall), poured water (the river, the witch stopped chasing); the prince told the girl to wait for him in the tree, and he would go prepare for their solemn arrival; the black maid came for water, saw a reflection in the spring the girls, took it for her own, broke the jug — why does such a beautiful woman need it; came the second time — the same; the third time with a brass jug, it did not break, she looked up, saw the girl, climbed to She offered to comb her hair, put a pin into her head, turning the girl into a dove; when the prince returned, the black woman said that she had darkened from the sun while sitting in the sun; every time a dove flies to the gardener and asks how the prince is doing with black Mary; the gardener told the prince, who told him to catch the dove with a ribbon snare; dove: you can't catch me in such a thing; the same is made of silver; when the snare is golden, the dove got caught; the imaginary wife asked to kill the dove, but the prince refused; once he felt and pulled out the pin, the girl was reborn; replied that she would like to make steps out of the maid's bones to climb into bed and pull your skin over the drum]: Pedroso 1882, No. 2:6-9; Portuguese [there are so many children in the family that there is no godfather for a newborn; agreed the poor man he meets, in fact, he is St. Peter; he orders the girl to be named Pedro and brought to the appointed place in 7 years; after 7 years, St. Peter met a girl and led her; on a bad pasture there were fat sheep (good people going to heaven), and on a good pasture, skinny sheep (they were obsessed with pride); then a bright fire and a dark pillar; this is purgatory; the sweet pears on the tree are angels; the test is ahead, they will be rewarded in heaven; let P. call him when necessary and wear only men's clothes; P. hired the king; the queen entered his room, but he disappeared; irritated, the Queen threw the ring into the sea and said that P. boasted to get it; St. Peter: Ask the fishermen to let you peel the fish; one of the fish has a ring; next time, grind a lot of grain overnight (the flour is ready in the morning); the king's daughter under a spell in the country of the Moors; St. Peter tells the king to ask for two horses, gives three boxes; where the horses stop, there is a princess; P. and the princess ride home, the Moors in pursuit; P. throws boxes, fog appears; thicket; sea; through the Moors cannot; every time a silent princess says, Ah; the Queen demands that P. save the princess from her silence; St. Peter teaches to say that P. is unable to do this; they are going to hang him, but he asks for permission to ask three questions; P. turns to Anna Deladna (the princess's name), asking why she gasped; for the first time: because your mother started looking for you in bed; the second time: because St. Peter is your godson; third: because you are a woman and not a man; the king executed the Queen and married P.]: Pedroso 1882, No. 13:53-59; Italians (Campania, Naples) [pregnant woman Pascadotia began to secretly tear parsley in the orc's garden; she grabs it, letting her go for promising to give birth to the child she would give birth to; a woman gave birth to a girl, called it Petrushechka; P. grew up, goes to school; an orc every time asks her to remind her mother of the promise; mother: tell her — on, take it; when she heard these words, the orc took P. into the forest and imprisoned him in a tower with one window; P. lowered her golden hair from there, the orc climbed them ; the prince's son saw him, P. picked him up, giving the orc sleeping pills; this continued until an orc friend told her about these visits; P. overheard, took magic acorns, and told the prince's son to flee; the orc is chasing; P. threw one acorn, he turned into a dog that rushed at the orc, but she gave her bread; the second acorn was a lion; the orc peeled off the donkey, put on donkey skin, and rushed at the lion, he got scared; the third acorn is a wolf; he jumped at an orc donkey and ate it; wedding]: Basile 2018:176-180; Italians: Basile 2018:86-93 (Naples) [retelling in Aarne 1930:13; orc (cannibal) guesses whose skin (fleas) it is; gets Princess Porciella, takes her to the forest; brings meat to people and wild boars; P. does not want to eat it, complains to the old woman; she promises that her 7 sons will help; first all hears; the second, if he spits, will be a soap lake; the third, if he throws a piece of iron, there will be a field covered with sharp knives; the fourth will throw a splint, a forest will appear; the fifth will splash water, there will be a river; the sixth will throw a stone, a tower will appear; the seventh is a sharpshooter; the brothers run away with P., each creating obstacles; when the runners hide in the tower, the cannibal returns to bring the stairs, but his seventh brother hits him with an arrow, his head is cut off with a knife; P. runs to his father, who rewards his brothers and their mother]; Calvino 1980, No. 8 (Liguria: Genoa) [=Shustova 1994:236-239; woman laid eggs in in the basket, a little shepherdess the size of a tick threw a stone at them, the woman told him to stay small until he found the beautiful Bargalina with three singing apples; he goes looking; at the bridge there is a woman swings on a walnutshell swing, asks her eyelids to be raised; when she sees the boy, she gives him a stone; at the other bridge, a woman who bathes in an eggshell also asks her eyelids to be raised and gives him a comb of ivory; a man collects fog in a bag, gives a shepherdess; a miller fox teaches how to carry a witch's cage with singing apples; if her eyes are open, she sleeps, and if closed, she is awake; the boy sees that his eyes are closed and does not take the apple cage; the witch asks to comb her hair, falls asleep; then the boy takes the apples, but the bells on the cage rang, the witch woke up, sent after the riders — 100 for the first time, then 200, then 300; the boy throws a stone (rocky mountain), a crest (a smooth mountain), a fog (the chase has stopped); the boy is thirsty, cuts an apple, inside B. she asks for a cake to eat; as soon as the boy leaves for the pie, Ugly Slave came to get water, threw B. into the well; the shepherdess's mother came to get water and pulled a fish out of the well; they ate it, a tree grew out of the seeds; the shepherdess cut him down, prepared firewood; his mother died; every time the house is tidy; he watches B. comes out from under the firewood; both grew up, wedding], 76 (Tuscany: Pisa) [ The king and queen learn that when their son reaches the age of 20, he will marry and immediately kill his wife or turn into a dragon; a wedding with an English princess is being prepared; her mare teaches her to ask her to appear at wedding on horseback; takes the princess; the prince became a dragon and flew away; the princess changed clothes with a peasant; disguised as a young man, she was hired by a groom to another king; the prince suspects that she was a girl; The Queen Mother offers various challenges (a woman will collect a bouquet, and a young man will pick a flower and take it in her teeth; etc.); the last is fencing; the imaginary groom falls from fatigue, the prince sees that a girl in front of him; marries; goes to war on his wife's mare, she leaves her three hairs; the dragon replaces letters; allegedly the queen gave birth to puppies, and the prince orders her and her children to be burned; the prince's parents sent daughter-in-law and grandchildren on the ship, and wax dolls were burned; a dragon towards the princess; she tears her hairs, a forest appears; a river; fire; the dragon overcomes obstacles every time; a mare runs up, kills the dragon dies herself; the princess comes to the castle, she is beautiful in it: she is disgraced after she killed the dragon; the prince also comes; everyone is happy]: 23-26, 277-280; Sicilians: Crane 1885, No. 15 [The king and queen promise that if they have a child, they will make springs from which wine will be poured from one and oil from the other for seven years; this is what happened, but after 7 years for years, the springs dried up; the old cannibal came to collect the leftovers; the 7-year-old prince threw the ball and smashed the old woman's jug; she told him not to marry until he found Fire Red Snow White (OB; Snow-white- fire-red); when he was 18 years old, the prince went in search; sees the cannibal screaming OH to lower her braids out of the window, climbs them to her; when he goes down and leaves, the prince screams However, OB thinks that it was her mother again (she held the cannibal for her mother), lowers her braids, hides the prince; gave the cannibal a drink, she sincerely answers what to do to escape: tell all objects to be responsible for yourself, take 7 balls of yarn, throw them behind you during the chase; Prince and OB are running; the cannibal loses time until all objects answer “now”; rushes in pursuit, calls OB (if she turns around, then will be bewitched); OB consistently throws balls, a river, a spring with snakes, etc. (unnamed); stopping the persecution, the cannibal tells the prince to forget OH as soon as someone kisses him; when he comes to the city, the prince leaves to bring OH suitable clothes; at night, the mother came up and kissed the prince, he forgot OH; OH began to live with an old woman, tamed two doves, made clothes for them and put them on; doves fly to the king and talk about what happened; prince all recalls; wedding]: 72-76; Gonzenbach 2004a [1870], No. 7 [seven pregnant women steal yuyuba in a witch's garden; she hides, one notices her ear, takes it for a mushroom, the witch grabs one of the women; lets go for promising to give her the child in 7 years; Angiola is born; the witch asks her to remind her mother of the agreement; the mother advises her to answer that she forgot to remind her; so many times; the witch injured A.'s finger, mother had to send her daughter; the witch loves A., keeps her in the tower without entering; when he comes up, asks her to lower her braids to climb them; the prince sees this, calls A. in the same words, climbs to her; they give her food all the objects in the room, forget the broom; run, taking three magic balls and a dog; the broom tells the witch about what happened; the witch chases, A. throws balls, they turn into a mountain washed, in a mountain of nails, into the river; the witch stops the persecution, orders A.'s face to become canine; the prince settles A. in a forest hut, occasionally visits; the dog promises to restore A.'s beauty; comes to the witch, caresses, she agrees to give a bottle of water; after washing, A. becomes more beautiful than before; wedding], 36 [someone steals apples from the royal garden; the eldest son guards, falls asleep; the same average; the youngest cuts off his hand that stretches through the fences; in the morning the brothers see a well, only the youngest decided to go down; killed a sleeping giant, freeing three princesses; brothers pick them up on a rope; when he should A young man gets up, the rope is cut off, but he tied a stone; the younger princess must wait for him for a year, a month and a day; the old king is blind with grief, he will be cured by the water of Fata Morgana; the brothers went to look, they did not find it; in the lower world, a horse (this is FM's brother) teaches his younger brother to put an iron rod into gates that open and slam; a roll of wet paper into moving scissors; throw half a goat two lions; FM water is her sweat pouring from the spring; pomegranates are nearby, three fruits must be picked; the young man did everything and went into the castle, kissed the sleeping FM; FM and the lions are chasing, but the horse tells me to quit grenades; they turn into a river, a mountain, a mountain of fire; FM returns; a young man meets brothers, they take a bottle of water, the king sees the light, divides the kingdom between his eldest sons; the youngest is planted in prison with the horse; he orders to beat and cut it; a young man appears, brother FM; the younger one smashes enemies, forgives his brothers, but takes the kingdom for himself; FM is, recognizes the young man as the one who kissed her, husbands, marries a brother to a young man's sister; (there is an option, see the retelling: in the tale of Fate-Morgan, the prince, carrying a bottle filled with sweat, woke her up with a kiss; she sent two lions after her; At the direction of his horse (this is FM's transformed brother), the prince throws three pomegranate apples, they turn into a river of blood, a mountain with thorns, a volcano (Jochelson 1913:159)]: 47-51, 234-242; Corsicans : Massignon 1984, No. 20 [the witch has a daughter with blood and milk; she is so beautiful that her mother keeps her locked for fear of being kidnapped; every time she returns, she says: “Blood with milk, open the door, I I'm dying of the cold”; the daughter lowers her braid from the window, the mother rises on it; the prince spied on it; said the usual phrase, the girl lowered her braid, he got into her; when she heard her mother's voice, she hid it in orange; mother began to sniff: I feel human flesh; wanted to eat an orange, but my daughter slipped her another one; the same next time (the prince is hidden in a nut); they decide to run; the girl tells the prince choose a thin skate, but he took a well-fed one; girl: he flies like the wind, and the thin one flies like trouble (souci); the witch chases her husband, the girl tells him to throw soap (smooth mountain, the sorcerer returns, says that there is only a mountain, the wife explains, tells me to chase again), a comb (thorny thickets; same, the wife chased herself); the girl {throwing a thread? she took it along with soap and comb} creates a river, turns herself into an eel and the prince is on the other side; witch: if your husband hugs someone at home, he will forget you; one of his aunts hugged the prince, he forgot his wife; she became a dressmaker, set up an inn; each of the three young men who came wants to spend the night with her; she asks the first to close the door below, he sticks and stays at the door until morning; in the morning the hostess is surprised: why did he fail to close the door? the same with the second (prevent the coals in the hearth so that the fire goes out faster; he does this until morning), the third is a prince who has forgotten his wife, she tells him to pour out the night pot, he does it until morning; he is going get married; the sorceress sews a dress for the bride, but in church it turns into rags; next time the sorceress takes out the dress the prince wore for the first time; he remembered everything and stayed with the first wife] (translated to Shustova 1994:300-306), 25 [the gentleman marries the girl, takes her away, nothing is heard about her; takes her sister; when she leaves, she goes down to the cellar; there is meat in front of the donkey, straw in front of the donkey dog; girl shifts; hears her grandmother's voice from hell: don't do it! the girl shifted it as it was; the grandmother tells me to find the room in which the other sister is locked; the girl finds it, promises to make a box, put it locked there and send it home; teaches her sister to say, “I see everything!” , if the husband wants to see what's in the box on the way; the grandmother sticks her hand out of hell, gives soap, glass, a razor, tells me to run; the girl runs away, throws objects, two slippery mountains appear, and the last with sharp edges, the pursuer stops chasing; the girl ran to her parents], 102 [the prince lost cards; when he lost his soul, the sorcerer returned his money and crew, but ordered him to arrive a year and day later Seven Golden Mountains; the old woman teaches the sorcerer's youngest daughter to seek help; he gives tasks: to demolish the mountain in a day and sow wheat in this place (according to the girl, everything happens instantaneously); get the ring that the sorcerer dropped in the Red Sea; the girl tells her to be slaughtered at the seashore, collect all the blood in the pelvis, pour it into the sea; because one drop fell to the ground, the girl, bringing the ring, returned from the sea was later left without a little finger; the sorcerer tells you to tame the horse; girl: the horse is himself, the saddle is her, the stirrups are her two sisters, you must hit the horse on the head with an iron stick; the sorcerer promises a daughter as a wife, but the young man must choose a bride with his eyes closed; the girl: feel the hand, it does not have a little finger; after the wedding, the wife tells you to run; one horse is like the wind, the other is like a breath, you must take the one who is half asleep; the young man took the cheerful one; the sisters chase the first two times, the young man's wife throws a bottle of cologne (river), the comb (thorny thickets), the pursuer returns; the sorcerer himself rides, the wife throws soap, the sorcerer unable to climb a slippery mountain; spouses escape, feast]: 43-47, 56-58, 227-223; Sardinians [the girl in the sorcerer's house receives all the keys except one — from the chest; after requests, she also receives it; there are three bottles; if you throw one, the sea appears, the other is fire, the third is the forest (selva di lame); the sorcerer pe can catch up with the twins and tells the young man to forget the girl if he gets home someone kisses; he remembers everything when a forgotten bride makes a pigeon and a dove tell their story]: Aprile 2000:167; Maltese: Mifsud-Chircop 1978, No. 313A [even before birth, Torsina girl Torsinella is promised by her father or mother to a witch (Nanna Ghula); the witch places her in a tower, where she climbs the girl's lowered braids, calling her with a certain rhyme; the prince sees it, says the same words, climbs into the tower himself; the girl hides it, turning it into a chair, a tripod, a needle; the prince and the girl run away, throw three balls of thread behind them; they turn into a garden with a church, a sea, a fire; at the same time, fugitives turn into a priest and a church, a bird and a fish, etc. {it is difficult to isolate options from the paraphrase}; the witch does not understand that there are fugitives in front of her, the gardener pretends not to understand the witch's questions; the witch's dog helps her (tries to drink the sea, fill the fire); at the end of one version of the episode “The Forgotten Bride”], 314 [the sorcerer promises childless spouses the birth of a son with the condition that the boy be given to him after a certain time; the prince comes to the sorcerer, who tells he takes care of horses, except for one; this horse is an enchanted prince; the prince runs on this horse; a magical escape (a blade, glass fragments, a comb are thrown, they turn into rain, fire, darkness , lots of iron combs, glass fragments, blades); the prince saves fish, ants, lions, is hired as a gardener to the king, hiding his golden hair under a lamb bubble; the younger princess sees him golden hair, chooses to be a husband; prince wins competitions three times incognito; advisers suggest getting rid of the gardener, offering difficult tasks (sleeping with lions; disassembling grain); in appearance the gardener marries a younger princess; incognito defeats enemies; the prince and his wife return to the sorcerer, destroy his outer soul, spell everyone's end with living water; gets medicine for the blind king; horse turns into king who was bewitched]: 59-64, 68-74; ladins: Brunold-Bigler, Widmer 2004, No. 4 [Maria went for raspberries, saw a red silk ribbon on the ground, bent down pick up, fell down, the hatch slammed shut; three fairies came out, one scarier than the other: Elisabet Travers, Elisabet and Elisa, the first angriest; they tell you to collect and count the rice that was poured out of four bags; a young man Georg appeared, he is also a prisoner, but also a magician himself; let M. kiss him; with the wave of his wand, the rice is collected; next time M. must wash it, boiling in a vat, dry it and iron out a bunch of clothes; it's impossible to do it in time, especially since it's raining outside; G. does everything again; then the fairies send M. to their aunt about six miracles to bring a box of six wonders; M. comes to her on the way The butcher and the woman baking bread feel sorry for her; her aunt is even worse than three fairies; went down to the cellar to give M. an apple — actually sharpening her teeth; G. gave M. an egg and warned her to grab the box and run; aunt chasing, M. threw an egg, a lake appeared, her aunt began to sink; at this time G. sawed down the walkways on which the fairies stood with a golden silent saw; they also fell into the lake; M. and G. threw stones at them all, they drowned; the residents got rid of the fedmas; the wedding of M. and G.; and I was kicked in the ass and I flew to tell you this fairy tale]: 40-48; Uffer 1973, No. 8 [=Decurtins, Brunold-Bigler 2002, No. 64:171-178; while father during the war, the son grew up and went on a journey; he answered the gentleman in the green outfit that he was going to learn something; he put him on his back, flew to a secluded house, told him to give barley to the bear and the horse meat; the young man did the opposite; the horse said that the sorcerer had turned them into animals; you have to take an ointment, a broom, a brush, a scraper, run; the sorcerer chases green; a brush, then a scraper, turn into a thick forest; broom — into a rugged terrain with abysses and rocks, the sorcerer stopped pursuing; the horse orders to smear his head with ointment, the young man becomes handsome with golden hair; the horse orders to kill the bear and put on his skin, hire him to the palace to watch the chickens, then ask him to be a gardener; the youngest of the three princesses sees a young man when he takes off his skin; the princesses asked his father to give them gold an apple — whoever they throw at, they will marry him; the youngest throws them into Bear Skin, they are placed in a hut; the king tells his sons-in-law to go hunting; Bearskin takes her horse, puts on a luxurious outfit, caught a lot of game; his older sons-in-law got nothing; Bearskin gave them prey for apples they received from princesses; next time for his horse to kick them in the ass, leaving a mark; enemies attacked Unrecognized as a hero, Bearskin smashes enemies twice; the second time the king scratches him with a sword (to see who this stranger is); at a feast, the young man shows golden apples and tells his older sons-in-law show hoof marks; older princesses grieve for not marrying Bearskin], 44 [=Brunold-Bigler, Widmer 2004, No. 33:207-219; widow's son goes to work; sees 10 flying to the lake winged maidens, took off their wings, began to swim, then flew back to the mountain peaks; the next time the young man hid, took the wings of his youngest; she became his wife; he put his wings in the chest and told his mother not leave the key in the lock; she left it, the wife found her wings, flew away, telling her to look for her on the glass mountain; the young man went in search; the young man directs him to the old man; he sent him to his sister Moon on the top of the mountain; the moon sends the Sun to his older brother; he sends the Wind to his older brother; he gives a ball that rolls towards the glass mountain; the wind raised the young man up the mountain; there is a mother of bird girls in the house offers tasks; 1) cut down the forest with a lead ax (the bride tells me to go to bed, the job is done); 2) scoop out the lake with a scoop of holes (the same); 3) recognize the bride among her sisters (she tied her to her leg red ribbon); the bride tells me to run, throw three red lice behind one another; each turns into a mountain, one taller than the other; the mother cannot overcome the third mountain, stops the persecution; the young man brings his wife to him; wedding], 45 [=Brunold-Bigler, Widmer 2004, No. 34:219-228; the widow's son learned his skills from a carpenter; after the death of the master, he was going to marry his daughter; but the carpenter's widow the witch, she is against marriage, sent her daughter to the Black Mountain as a maid to the dragon; the witch doctor gives the young man ointment; if you anoint your left hand, wings will grow to fly over the black wall around the mountain; if the right hand, there will be strength to defeat the dragon; the young man killed the dragon, led the bride to the witch doctor; he warned that the bride's mother would chase, gave three seeds; if left, each would create a mountain; overcoming two mountains, the mother refused the chase, gave her daughter three nuts — let her split if she was in trouble; the young man brought the bride to his mother; the rich woman herself wants to make him her husband; persuaded the widow to tell her son leave the old bride and take her; the carpenter's daughter consistently splits three nuts, each with one silk dress more beautiful than the other; the woman bought the first two for gold; when the third one appeared, the young man returned to his former bride, and drove the new applicant away; wedding]: 19-25, 211-220, 221-228.

Western Europe. Bretons: Luzel 1995 [the magician sees a doe, her udder is sucked by a boy and a girl; this is Arzyur and Azenor; brings children to his wife; Azenor reads the sorceress's magic books; she seeks to lime Arzyura, the sister gives a magic wand, she does everything; 1) cut down an oak grove, 2) make spoons out of oaks, 3) build a bridge of feathers; brother and sister run, turn 1) into two golden frogs at the bottom of the reservoir , their horses into the water; 2) horses into trees, fugitives into birds at them; the wife tells the sorcerer about it, but he forgets, does not recognize the fugitives; she chases them herself, the sister throws 1) a straw tourniquet (haystacks of straw , the sorceress flies by like a hawk), 2) a brush (a pond, a sorceress, a cloud drinks it; option: in the form of a bulldog drinks, bursts), 3) a scraper (city); the sorceress flies by in a cloud, stops at the strait; the sister creates a rich castle; two princes fall into the swamp, Azenor pulls them out for the elder's promise to marry her, give his sister to her brother; falling into the swamp Arzyur loses his memory, remembers everything at his sister's wedding when two golden frogs tell the whole story]: 93-107; Orain 1904 [the poor father of a large family cannot find godparents for newborn; a rich lady is called to be a godmother, tells the boy Jean to come to her palace, standing on four golden pillars when he is 7 years old; gives the keys to 7 closets, one of them to unlock forbids; Jean unlocks, it is impossible to remove the silver ring that sits on his little finger; Jean tied his little finger, but the godmother understood everything, this time forgave him; a year later he allows Jean to ride any of the six horses, but do not take the seventh; Jean violates the ban, the horse says that now the fairy will kill him and we must run; the fairy chases, the horse tells him to throw the scraper (forest), the brush (mountain), they come to the city; the horse tells her golden horseshoes to be sold, hired by the king; it turns out that the same fairy is marrying the king; tells Jean to move his palace to the city; horse teaches gold servants to drink, they move the palace; the fairy asks the king to cut off Jean's head; the horse turns into a princess, the daughter of the same king who was bewitched by the fairy; the king orders the fairy to be cut off head, Jean marries a princess]: 76-89; Luzel 1887 (2), No. 1 [the king orders the execution of the first woman to give birth to an illegitimate child; the king's daughter is pregnant with her own brother, both fleeing to deserted area, they are building a hut, the princess gives birth to a son named Mabic; he grew up; when his father was hunting, a black horse ran up and told him to sit on him, brought him to the giant, who killed him, throwing his head against ice into the frozen pond; M. went in search, the black horse took him too; he saw his father's body; the giant said that he had no power over M., but kept it; M.'s mother also came; the giant said that he had no power over M. He has no power, but he imprisoned her in a cage surrounded by points, forbiding his son to complain; promised to marry her if she asked M. to bring a rusty sword from hell; M. went there on a black skate; he did not advises 12 giant brothers to enter the glass castle, but M. comes in; giants ask them to come back when he gets a sword; the same in the silver castle is 30 giants; in gold there are 40 giants; in gold there are 40 giants; every time you hear a roar and scream from the castles, but it's quiet inside; 40 giants give a golden ball, it rolls, M. follows it to hell; the skate remains at the door, explains that the devil will offer to choose any treasures, but you only have to take a sword; the devil takes M. as a groom, tells you to feed one horse well, give others only thorns; forbids unlocking one room; M. unlocks, there is an exhausted, thin horse; she is a Spanish princess, teaches you to find the devil's magic book and spell it; then she explains where the saber hangs, teaches you to plug the bell that notifies the devil of danger with straw, fill your pockets with gold, and diamonds, take a scraper and a bag of straw with them; they jump away on a black skate; the bell still rang, the devil rushes to catch up; seeing the storm cloud approaching, the princess tells them to pour out straw, a wooded mountain appears; next time a scraper, a chapel appears, M. is a priest, a princess and a horse are two saints; the devil did not understand this, stopped chasing; the princess returned to Spain, and M., going to the giants, cut off their heads with a sword; kills an old woman, the mother of giants; another old woman gives a buton {i.e. a button?} to call her for help; at home, his mother steals her sword while M. was sleeping; the giant cut off his hands, placed him on his shoulders in an ice pond, tied to a pole; M. touched the button with a stump of his hand, and an old woman appeared, returned her hands, freed him, M. went to the sleeping giant, cut off his head with a sword, cut off the head of his traitor mother; the black horse explains that he is the spirit of his father, who will now go to heaven; indicates where are the papers confirming that M. is the king's grandson; the king is happy that he has an heir; died soon, M. reigned]: 3-19; French: Lopyreva 1959, No. 29 (Lorraine) [=Cosquin 1886, No. 12:133-137; when leaving, the king gives his son the keys to the castle, forbiding him to enter the same room; the prince entered there, there is a pool, he dipped his finger in it, his finger is covered with indelible gilding; the king forgives son; when he leaves again, the son takes a bath in the pool, asks the horses which one is faster; Bayard takes only 15 leagues in a step, but smarter than Moreau; the father chases Moreau on horseback; Bayard tells him to quit a sponge (forest), a scraper (river), a stone (a mountain covered with razors); Moreau hurts his legs, the king returns; the prince changes clothes with a farmhand, pulls a bubble over his head, hires a cook for a local king, his name is Sheludivy (Sh.); the king's three daughters must throw a golden apple at their chosen ones; the youngest saw that S. had golden hair, threw it at him; the elders choose humpback (G.) and quiver (K) .); the king will be healed by three jugs of water from the Queen of Hungary; S. rides his three-legged horse to the place where he left Bayar, takes these three jugs there, sells them to his older sons-in-law for the right to prick a hundred times everyone with an awl in the ass; enemies attack, S. wins everyone in true form; buys golden apples thrown at G. and K. by their wives for two more jugs of water by the Queen of Hungary; once again defeats enemies; the king wounds him with an arrow to mark; Bayard says that after completing five services, he can regain his prince appearance, leaves; the king looks for the wounded in the thigh with his arrow; this is S.; older sons-in-law driven away]: 106-111; Sébillot 1894, No. 32 (Haute-Brittany) [Jean's mother is sick; a big man (the devil) tells his father to give his wife broth made from the meat of a seven-year-old child; Jean runs to the godmother; she takes him back to his parents, he sees his sister in the cauldron; runs into the forest, meets a giant (it's the devil again) whose horse is as tall as a dog and a doe; he brings Jean to his underground castle; tells him to watch behind the fire under the cauldron; in the cauldron sinners, including Jean's godmother, she tells him not to drown until the devil is gone; the skate tells Jean that he himself will turn into the same skate; the skate, following the doe, carries Jean away , the devil pursues; they throw the scraper (river), the crest (lattice), reach the holy land; in the forest, Jean, despite the horse's prohibition, picks up something shining; the horse tells you to hire a groom to work in the castle, promises to appear on demand; the pen illuminates the stable, the servants tell the king that Jean can bring the bird itself; on horseback and with a doe, he comes to the spring, tells him to cut off his head, throw him into the water, a bird The carrion arrives to peck, Jean grabs her, the horse is reborn; the servants persuade the king to tell Jean to bring the princess; he takes her by ship, she throws a ring into the sea; she will marry only if the ring returned; the horse tells him to cut off his head, throw him into the sea, the fish splash, he pulls out the swallowed ring, is reborn; the princess tells the king to kill Jean, revives his pen; now tells Jean to kill king, does not revive him, marries Jean; horse and doe turn into prince and princess, get married; (ending)]: 275-277; Shustova 1994 [parents keep the girl Blood and Milk (KM) locked up; every evening the mother calls her, the KM lowers the braid, the mother goes up to her; the queen overhears, calls in the mother's voice, the KM lowers the braid; hides the young man in an orange; the mother says she smells like a human spirit, the daughter gives her eat another orange; the next evening — a nut; KM offers to run, tells you to take a skinny horse (runs like care), the queen takes a smooth one (runs like the wind); KM throws soap (soap mountain), a comb (thicket) ); the stalker father returns both times; the mother says that these fugitives were a mountain of soap, chases herself; KM throws a thread — the river; the mother says that when the Queen hugs someone, he KM will forget; an aunt hugs the Queen's house, he forgets everything; KM works for a tailor; three fellows ask for a date, she tells one to close the door, the second to turn off the stove, the third to take out the garbage; the door do not close all night; the same with the other two fellows; the Queen tells me to sew a dress, KM sews the way he first saw her, he remembers, marries]: 300-306; Wildhaber, Uffer 1971, No. 26 (Switzerland) [y the poor had 9 children; they sent the eldest 9-year-old to look for food himself; he was picked up by a rich lady in a carriage; allowed him to unlock all rooms except one; he unlocked him, the door slammed shut behind him; There are corpses hanging in the room; the lady forgave at first; he came in again, there is also a horse, a mule and a donkey in the room; the horse says they are bewitched people; tells you to take a log, a bucket and a brush with them; they jump away, throw a log (mountain), bucket (sea), brush (thicket); a young man {obviously he grew up} is hired as a gardener for the king, who tells him to put the garden in order for the wedding of his eldest daughter; 10 minutes before the expiration while the young man does the work “in the name of the hairs of my horse Bayar”; the same for the wedding of his middle daughter; the youngest has married a young gardener; the king gives each a golden apple: he will leave the throne to that son-in-law, who will make better use of the gift; sons-in-law go to war, the younger chooses the worst horse, then uses Bayar's hairs to smash enemies; older sons-in-law attribute victory to themselves; the king is sick, his will cure the meat of the biggest snake; the youngest son-in-law gets everything again with Bayar's hairs; gives it to the elders for their golden apples; the king is sick again, he needs the meat of the biggest eagle; the same, gives the meat older sons-in-law, but stigmatizes them for this; the king orders them to bring golden apples; the youngest son-in-law brings all three, the elders bring fakes; they are forced to show stamps; the younger son-in-law inherits the throne]: 73-79; Irish: McManus 1915 [the queen plays cards with an old man who puts a spell on him not to eat twice at the same table, not to sleep in the same bed twice; the sage explains that the old man lives at the bottom of the sea, says where his four swan daughters will fly; the Queen hides his youngest's clothes; gives it for a promise to help; she sticks a pin to sleep in her father to prevent him from hacking the young man at the entrance; the young man comes in, says, Save all God here; this phrase has broken the spell, but the old man gives instructions; 1) build a house; 2) clean the house of garbage; 3) build a roof; 4) cover it with wild birds; for The young man's daughter does everything, tells him to take the horse and run; the father and the army are chasing, the wife tells him to splash after him, then the sea appears; the old man drains him with three plates of water; the daughter pulls a duck out of a tree, an egg from a duck, hits her father in the left leg with an egg, he dies; the wife tells the Queen to come home first; he will forget her if he kisses anyone; he is kissed by a greyhound, he forgot wife, married a princess; the old man's daughter is hired as a laundress; the princess enters the laundry room, falls dead; the laundress tells the rooster and the chicken to tell a story about her and the one who forgot her; the queen all recalls, calls the old man's daughter his wife]: 191-195; Pancritius 1913 [in an Irish fairy tale, fugitives throw a branch, flint, a drop of water behind them]: 854; Irish [giant childless king and queen: If you promise to give me your first child when he is 24 years old, I will give you a necklace that the Queen should not take off and within 10 years she will give birth to 4 sons and 3 daughters; when the boy is 24, the parents sent instead he is the son of a cook; the giant gives a whip and asks what the young man would do to him; he would drive cats and dogs away from the roast; giant: tell the king that I need their son, not a cook; another young man replies that I would drive the dogs away from the fox he had received; giant: another deception, and I will destroy the castle and you and all the children; the prince came; moving at lightning speed on the boat and on horseback, they finally reached the castle on the mountain; assistant the giant is a kidnapped princess; 1) clean an uncleaned stable for 7 years; the princess cleans instantly, she has magic that the giant does not know about; tame the horse (the princess took a leather bridle instead of a gold one, which the giant gave the young man, and the horse stood up as if dug); get 5 eggs from the crow's nest; the princess gave two sticks to climb the smooth trunk; tells him to remain silent when the giant gives her to him as his wife and leaves her together for the night; left three dolls to answer for her; they jumped away; the giant chases; the princess tells you to take an elm twig out of the horse's ear and throw it behind; dense forest; the giant has passed; a handful of water ( lake, same); the princess gave an apple, ordered the giant to be thrown into the forehead; the giant fell dead; they are already near the castle of the prince's parents; the princess sends the prince forward, he should not kiss anyone; girl, who used to be in love with a prince, kissed him and he forgot the princess; is preparing a wedding with that girl; the princess settled in with a woman and began to knit by the window; the prince saw her but did not recognize her; she came to the wedding, took out a chicken and a cockerel and they began to dialogue, describing everything that had happened; {missing pdf page; apparently, the prince remembered}]: Kennedy 1875:56-63; Scots [sparrow and mouse quarreled over a grain; a war between birds and animals began; the Queen of Tetertyne came when the battle was over, the Raven and the Serpent remained; the Queen killed the Snake when she was ready to kill in a duel A crow; the grateful Raven puts it on his back and carries it across valleys and lakes to his first, second, third sisters, the third becomes a young man (he was cursed); gives a bag, tells him not to open it on the road; a young man opens, a palace with a garden appears; a giant puts everything back for promising to give a son who will be born when he is seven years old; a young man becomes king, marries, seven years later the son is a giant; the boy's mother gives her son a cook instead of her son; the giant asks what his father would do if he got a rod; he replies that he would drive dogs and cats away from treats; to the king you have to give your promised son; a young man grows up in a giant's house, who offers him a choice of one of two daughters; the young man demands a third, Red-haired Mary; the giant demands 1) to clean the barn (M. does everything ), 2) cover the house with bird feathers (same), 3) get magpies out of the nest and cook magpies (M. cuts off his fingers and toes, they turn into steps of the stairs, the young man pulls out eggs, fingers they grow, except for the little finger, which the young man did not touch when he climbed); 4) recognize the bride among her sisters (she does not have a little finger); M. tells me to run, leaving apple slices to answer; M. tells me to get it out of her ear mares, throw behind 1) a branch of thorns (thorny thickets; the giant runs home for an ax, then carries the axe back, because the crow promises to steal the ax), 2) a pebble (mountain, the giant runs home for a pickaxe and with a hammer), 3) a bottle of water (the lake, the giant drowns); M. tells the house not to kiss anyone, the young man is kissed by a dog, he forgets M.; M. hides in a tree, the shoemaker's wife, daughter see her reflection, take it for their own , refuse to carry water because they are so beautiful; the shoemaker takes M. into the house, says that the Queen is getting married, takes M. with him to a feast; two pigeons fly out of her glass, telling the story of M. Korolevich marries M.]: Campbell 1890 (1), No. 2:25-38 (translated to Shustova 1994:363-373; =Kharitonov 2008:383-394 with minor differences; no mouse and sparrow quarrel, magpie's nest on spruce, not pine; episodes escape-persecution in Clouston 1887:440-441); the British [the king left, at which time the queen gave birth to a boy, decided not to baptize, but to call Nix Nought Nothing; when the king went home, the giant offered to carry him across the river, said that he needed nothing or nothing in return; when he returned, the king found out about his son; decided to give the giant the son of a poultry house; the giant carried the boy, asks what time it is; he replies that just at this time his mother is picking eggs for the queen for breakfast; the giant killed him; the next time the same time (the gardener's son; mother is picking vegetables for lunch); when carried the queen, he replies that at that time the king father was sitting down for dinner; the giant's daughter fell in love with NN, helps him; the giant demands: 1) clean the stable (animals and birds performed); 2) drain the lake (fish drank water); 3) get 7 eggs from the nest at the top of a smoothbore tree 7 miles tall; the girl cut off her fingers and toes, made steps out of them; NN took out eggs, but one broke; the girl tells me to run, the giant catches up, she tells me to throw the comb (thorny thickets), the dagger (the fence), the bottle (the wave, the giant drowned); leaving the bride, NN went alone to the castle; the poultry house bewitched him, he fell asleep, his parents did not know, the king orders him to marry someone who could wake him up; the giant's daughter climbed a tree, the gardener's daughter saw a reflection in the spring, decided what was her own and what was needed try to marry a sleeping young man; the poultry house taught him to spell for a while; the gardener also saw the giant's daughter, brought him to see his daughter's groom; he is sleeping, the giant's daughter is trying to wake him up; tells their story out loud, naming the young man NN; the king and queen hear that the gardener's daughter was forced to spell NN; the poultry house was executed]: Jacobs 1890, No. 7:33-39 (translated to Shereshevskaya 1957:102-107); Germans: Grimm, Grimm 1987 [brother and sister fell into the well, undine forced the girl to spin hard linen, the boy to cut the tree with a blunt ax, fed him hard dumplings; when undine went to church, the children ran away; the girl threw the brush (mountain of brushes), the boy threw the comb (the mountain of combs), the girl threw the mirror (the mirror mountain; Ondine went for the ax, the children during this time ran away)]: 223; Müllenhoff 1845:422 to Jochelson (Schleswig-Holstein) [the hero throws a whip, bag and blanket (fence, mountain, lake) behind him]: 157; Pancritius 1913 [in German fairy tales, fugitives throw behind you a brush, a comb, a mirror (mountain, forest, lake), a whip, a bag, a blanket (fence, mountains, water), scraper, buckshot, rags (barbed fence, forest, lake)]: 854; Alsatians [the little boy is constantly crying; a sorcerer has come and offered to take him to study; they go down to the underground castle; the student must give hay to the donkey and the horse with horseshoe nails; you can't swim at the spring, look into the mirror; here is the key, but the door cannot be opened; the young man looked in the mirror, saw that it was dirty, washed it with water from the spring; when he looked again, he saw that he had golden hair; opened the room, there were skulls, a piece of resin on the table, he made a hat out of it to cover his hair; the horse told him to give him food, the donkey with nails, take a sword, a brush, a bridle, a scraper, they jump away; the sorcerer chases, the horse tells him to throw a bridle (water space), a scraper (many walls); the horse tells him to cut off his head with a sword to spell; a dove will fly out, drop his feather and gold clothes must be picked up; having done everything, the young man came to the castle, was hired as a gardener; enemies go to war; the young man summons a white horse with a feather, removes resin from his golden hair, smashes enemies, returns, Taking the image of a gardener again; again, the soldiers deliberately wounded him in the leg to recognize him by his scar; the king's sick daughter looked at everything, said to his father; he identified the young man by his scar, gave his daughter and the throne]: Lefftz 2006, No. 28:267-274; Germans (Tyrol) [fugitives throw a comb, scissors, mirror (hedge, thorns, sea)]: Pancritius 1913:854.

Western Asia. Palestinians [the king promises that if his son grows up safely, he will fill one watercourse with honey and the other with ghee; every day the boy meets an old woman, she tells him to remind his parents about the promise, otherwise he threatens to kill him; he forgets, she puts pebbles in his pocket, his mother finds it, he remembers, the king builds watercourses, fills him with honey and oil; the old woman comes when almost everything has been dismantled; takes the last drops, the boy throws a pebble, breaking her vessel, she tells him to fall in love with Lolabe, Lolabe's daughter; he goes looking for L., she lowers her hair out of the window, he climbs it; when her the witch mother gets up, the daughter turns the young man into a pin, she senses the human spirit, tells her to give her the pin to take out the splinter, the daughter gives another, turns the young man into a melon, the mother tells her to give the melon, the daughter hides one a seed, revives the young man from it, tells him to run, spraying all objects with henna except a mortar and a pestle; everyone replies to the mother that the daughter is here, a mortar and a pestle give her away; the witch pursues the fugitives, with her a dog; the daughter throws a comb (the forest, the witch and the dog chew), the brazier (the fire, the witch and the dog extinguish with urine), the mirror (the lake, the witch and the dog drink, burst); at the house, the young man tells L. to wait until he will prepare everything for the wedding; L. climbs a tree, the maid takes her reflection in the well for her own, throws a jug (such a beauty should not serve); L. laughs, the maid asks her to go down, stabs her pins, turning her into a dove, puts on her clothes, explains to the groom that she cried while waiting for her, so she changed; the dove cries in the palace kitchen, tears turn into pearls, corals, their cook picks up, every day the food burns, the prince calls him, finds out about the dove, catches him, takes out his pins; the maid from behind now stabs them into him, turning them into a pigeon; the third time L. catches him, takes out his pins ; wedding; maid gets burned]: Muhawi, Kanaana 1989, No. 18:159-166; Yemen [Sultan has many children; one son and one daughter are already grown up; daughter leaves the palace at night, devours babies, then returns; people followed her, said to the Sultan's son, he was convinced of the veracity of the story, said to his father, but the Sultan drove his son away; he rode to a country where the Sultan has seven daughters; Afrit He closed the water, gives it out every year only in exchange for the Sultan's daughters; he has already eaten four; the young man stays with a poor old woman; comes to the mouth of the wadi, sees how another girl in bride's clothes was brought; hides behind a rock; Afrite puts his sword on the ground, the young man grabs it, cuts off Afrit's head (Afrit can only be killed with his own weapon); he asks to be hit again, the young man refuses; the palace believes in salvation girls after seeing that the wadi is full of water; a feast; a young man is found with a poor old woman, the sultan marries him to his rescued daughter; the young man decides to travel; goes to the castle; there two girls are hanged for hair; the third explains that Afritis will appear, fall asleep on her lap; you have to wait until he releases gases with a terrible rumble — it means he sleeps deeply; killing Afrit with his own sword at once; young man kills Afrit, frees the hanged, calls girls sisters; each gives him a magic object: a needle (will become a mountain), a salt crystal (a salt mountain), a cage with two pigeons (if the young man is in trouble, they will rush, turn into winged horses, come to the rescue); the young man returns to his wife, leaves her a cage with pigeons, admits that he is the son of the Sultan, goes to visit his native places; there the werewolf sister ate them all; says they are dead; goes to the stall, eats her brother's horse, he runs himself, throws a needle (mountain), salt (salt mountain), but his sister overcame them; just as the sun went down, at his wife's house the young pigeons were worried, she released them, the horses flew in, the young man sat on one, the other ran behind, the young man returned to his wife]: Daum 1992, No. 4:38-55.

Micronesia—Polynesia. Woleai (Carolina, Yap County) [the chief's daughter rejects suitors; the chief sees the moon in the sky, promises a daughter to whoever gets him the moon; two poor brothers promise to do so; the youngest comes to heaven, on the way to the men's house, where the moon is kept, he meets people who give him two crooks, two roosters, a pandanus fruit, a hibiscus stick; Yalulep owns the moon; the young man puts the audience to sleep with fairy tales, unties the moon, quietly leaves, holding it with the bright side to the audience so that they do not worry; when they go away, he runs away; I wake up, sends the man in pursuit; the young man throws the plows behind, they begin to fight, the stalker stops to watch; the same thing throws the roosters; the pursuer returns; another runner is sent; the young man throws the pandanus fruit, the pandanus forest appears; the hibiscus stick is a new forest, the stalker gets stuck; the young man runs home to his mother; gets the leader's daughter, tells him not to remove all the covers from the moon; the chief takes off, each time the moon is brighter; then he takes off the last one, the moon flies into sky; young man advises not to be upset — everyone will now see the moon that belongs to the chief]: Mitchell 1973, No. 1:17-18; Gilbert Islands: Koch 1966 (Nonouti Atoll, West 1963-1964) [taking shape rats, lizards and other animals, Nareau runs under the feet of the community house builders; they try in vain to kill him; he appears in human form, asked to help dig a deep hole under a pole; he digs a hole with a dig; when he goes down, a stone is thrown at him, the hole is covered with earth; they want to feast, but N. suddenly appears; but he has no wife, no one to serve food; he tells ants to bring him every dish ; N. ran to his boat, others rushed to catch up, he threw his tooth behind him, which turned into sharp stones; the pursuers injured his legs and returned]: 23-24; Truk [the chief gathered the men to his daughter chose her husband; she doesn't like anyone; the same next time; the third time a young cannibal came, his mother made his body fragrant; the girl chose him, he put her on a log, told him come to her island; the ogre's mother tells the girl that she will be eaten; makes her run on water as if on land; gives a vessel with ants, a reed, a bunch of hibiscus bark; when an ogre catches up, the girl pours out ants, he picks them up and takes them home; next time she threw the bark, he picked it up and took it; the third time, the reed; in front of the cannibal thickets, he loses a girl out of sight; the cannibal collected it all and returned to her mother, and the girl returned to her father]: Fischer 1954:269-276; Tuvalu (Niutao) [5 girls went to pick flowers from a tree that belonged to Ulimatata are daughters of the spirit; the spirit hid, grabbed them, made them say their names; the girls returned home; their mother told them to throw the comb behind if they had to run, and let only two climb the tree, and the other three remain below; the spirit has come, the girls have run, those who come down from the tree fall behind; they have thrown the crest; the forest from Pisonia grandis (typical for the atolls) has grown; the spirit has run after the ax; another girl threw a comb, a forest grew from Ficus tinctoria; the third was a forest from Cordia subcordata Lam; the fourth was Calophyllum inophyllum; then they threw coconut oil, a lake appeared, the spirit returned to itself, girls came home]: Koch 1966:67-68; (cf. Tuvalu (Waitupu) [the cannibal Finimata chased the children, hid alone in a coconut; child F. asked to split the nut; F. almost ate her child in anger, but found it in coconut Tulekaleka, praised the boy; T. persuaded her to leave him to work for her; pulled out her child's liver, let F. eat under the guise of a shark; running away, shouted that she was eating; T. wished a thicket to grow behind her; palisade; F. moves; T. climbs a tree; F. climbs after him, T. wants the branch to break, F. falls, breaks his arm, then his second leg, dies; T. calls the spirits, they ate the corpse F.]: Kennedy 1931: 197-199).

Tibet is the Northeast of India. The Tibetans (Amdo) [the king's son and the old woman's son chased the fox holding a lotus flower in their teeth, but only the old woman's son could catch up with her; the prince complained to his father, who told the old woman's son to bring it 100 lotus flowers; a young man shot a kite carrying a snake in its beak; the snake fell, became human, offered a reward; the young man asked for lotuses; the man ordered to go to the sea, where 3 birds will teach prayers, with these prayers can be used to fly; the young man flew with birds, sat on a tree; the girl's head is under the tree; 6 demons touch her with the white side of the stone, she turns into a beautiful woman, serves them; touch black is just the head again; they leave; the young man touches the white side; the girl brings the young man to the lotuses; demons appear; the girl tells him to run, throwing lotuses behind; the first turns into a mountain, the second into the river , demons stop chasing; the young man gives lotuses to the king; he tells them to fill the palace with gold; it is so possible not to move; tells gold to disappear, and let the palace be 9-storey; more lotuses He does not fulfill his wishes; the king tells the young man to make a pond near the palace; girl: we have one wish in store; the young man tells him to appear before; the rain washes away the royal palace by the flood; the young man is happy with the girl]: Kajihama 2004, No. 15:55-57; Mustang [demoness and daughter live in the upper reaches of the valley, woman and daughter live in the lower reaches; the woman went to search for the missing cow, the demoness invited her into the house, killed her; went daughter, a demoness made her a maid; told her to herd a cow, her dead mother turned into her, gives her daughter sweets; the demoness hears a girl chewing something at night, walking with a cow herself, she stains her clothes with manure, the demoness decides to slaughter her; the cow tells the girl to hide her head, hooves and skin behind the door; the demoness and daughter go to the party, telling the girl to separate peas, beans, barley and wheat; the revived mother is doing the job, the remains of the cow have turned into a luxurious attire, the girl came to the party, lost her slipper on the way back; the servant brought it to the king; he tells everyone to try it on women between 16 and 40; the demoness and daughter go to the screenings, the mother remains to pick up the grain, sends her daughter to the palace, tells her to be the last to come; she becomes the king's wife; when the demoness and daughter return home, everything is dirty with chicken manure; the demoness sends her daughter to hire a poultry house, tells the queen to stick a pin in the back of her head, she will be speechless, change clothes with her, take her place, and the Queen will be a poultry house; but the mother had given her daughter three cowries before that; she was sent to herd cows; she took a kauri, a young man appeared to herd cows, and three girls who spun this girl yarn; they pulled out a pin, the queen was speechless, told the king everything, who ordered the liar to be beheaded, her body was burned, her head was hidden under sweets and meat; the queen, disguised as the daughter of a demoness brought her a gift; she found her daughter's head, rushed in pursuit; the queen ran, threw a piece of coal (darkness), a brush for her head (thorny forest), a mirror (ice field); on the ice, the demoness slipped, fell oh stone, crashed to death; all is well]: Kretschmar 1985, No. 39:218-223; rai: Ebert, Gaenszle 2008 [orphan Khosipa (X.) has two older sisters, the elder Tõwama and the youngest Khliyama; their uncle Saphopte (an owl; they're all birds too) is evil; K. teases him, he tears his throat, eats him, leaves only his bones; his sisters revive him by putting his bone in a calebass with beer; they hardly get some rice, they put him to cook, he accidentally knocks the pot over; he falls asleep; they think he is dead, they bury him with a knife on the grave; he wakes up, gets out of the grave, tells the banana to grow and ripen right away, eats bananas; the cannibal Cakrodhoma asks to let her down a banana, tied to the boy's long hair, pulls her hair, brings her to her, tells her daughter to cook the prey, goes to call her brothers; the daughter wonders which The boy has long hair; he says he poured boiling oil on them; puts her head in boiling oil, pushes her with pestle, puts on her clothes; K. eats her daughter; H. shouts to her what she ate, runs away; throws her behind ash (cloud of fog), shard (mountain), egg (river); K. asks how he crossed; you have to tie yourself hand and foot, go into the water; the river carried it away; then motive F7]: 83-92; Lahoussois 2002 [mother the boy and girl were carried away by an eagle; the old woman gave the children a ball, he led them to the eagle's nest; the mother lowered the rope, fed them, hid them from the eagle, told them to come back, walk along a smooth road, not along a bumpy road; At the sister's insistence, they went bumpy, came to the cannibal; at night she ate the girl; the next night the boy put a pumpkin in his place; the ogre felt bitter; in the morning the boy said that the boar had poisoned peas; invited the old woman's husband to shoot at the wild boar, shot the old woman's husband himself; splashed hot resin in her face, ran away; the old woman chases, the boy asked for an egg (bamboo grove), a brush (a cook and a brush) — thickets again; threw the egg forward — the bridge over the river; the boy crossed, the water carried away the bridge, the boy replied that a sarong and belt should be put on the water; the water took the old woman, the boy returned home]: 299-314; dafla [father tells two daughters that if he does not return from hunting, they should look on such a hill; sisters come to the hut, find their father's remains; move on, come to the old woman Appa Pilli (rakshasi ), they see the father's head on the wall, tears from their eyes; they pretend to be ready to marry the old woman's two sons; at night they cut off their tongues, go down the stairs, run away, the old woman chases; they throw ash ( turns to ice), thorns (turn into a trap); sisters return home]: Bori 1995:52-54; Bhutan [parents have a daughter Boded; they decided to leave, leaving her: the harvest on the plot is scarce, but around Shinpo demons; they told B. to dry the grain to drive the birds away from it; the raven screams that his parents were leaving; B. rushed into the house but they had not yet left; no longer listens to the crow; finally he screams that his parents were gone; no one at home, the girl climbed the peach tree to see if they could be seen on the road; someone asks to throw him a peach; she threw it; “fell into the manure, go down, throw more”; the same; “give it in your hands”; D. held out a peach, a shinpo grabbed her, put her in a bag and took her to his house; there's an old hungry dog; whispers: if you feed her a little, I'll give three words of wisdom; B. had food left with her, she fed the dog, she told her to take three bags of seeds out of her ear: they will come in handy when you run; Shinpo tells B. to grind the rice, say “I'm here” every now and then; the louse promises to be responsible for it: let him take it out of her hair and leave it in spit; when the saliva dried, the louse died and stopped responding; Shinpo ran in pursuit; B. threw the seeds of pepper trees, a forest of pepper trees grew; then pine seeds; bamboo seeds; shinpo was about to will break through the bamboo; the moon has risen; B. asks her to lower her iron chain, not a wool ladder; the moon Acho La La answers every time: wait, I'm still washing my face; cooking breakfast; eating breakfast; cleaning dishes; looking for a chain; straightening it; the moon lowered the chain, B. climbed; shinpo asks him to lower the chain; the moon answers the same as to the girl (I wash my face, etc.); lowered the wool ladder; when he climbed to half, cut off the stairs; shinpo fell, fell deep into the ground; on the moon you can see a girl milking a moon cow]: Choden 1994:35-40; Meitei [the man has two wives, one of them is a cannibal; the other is a daughter; to get rid of her stepdaughter, the cannibal sends her a letter to her mother; it says that the giver must be eaten; on the way, the girl fell asleep; the man read the letter, changed with a request to pigeon, because this is the daughter of the one who sent them; there is an empty pumpkin and onion on the cannibal's wall; the cannibal replies that if you break them, her head will break and her spine will break herself; in the garden magical plants; the leaf of one causes flooding, the other causes many leeches, the third causes fire; the girl secretly stocked up on these leaves; started running; first threw the leaves, creating obstacles on The stalker's ways, and then broke the pumpkin and broke the onion; told her father everything and he killed his cannibal wife]: Singh 1985:271-274; best [an unmarried man split bamboo to make a basket, Kúngóri grew out of a thorn; three years later she became a girl; her father did not let young people approach her; a young man named Keimí took an imprint of her foot, put it by the fire, a girl fell ill; her father promised her daughter to someone who would cure her; Camey destroyed her fingerprint, K. recovered, Camey got it, took her to him, turned into a tiger on the way, grabbed his tail, and they flew like the wind; people saw it; two young men Hpohtír and Hrangchal went to save K.; came to her when Camey was away, hid; old woman: if you want to run away with K., take fire seed, thorn seed and seed with you water; Camey is chasing, the fugitives throw the seed of fire (the forest lights up), the seed of water (the river), the seed of thorns (thorns); the tiger overcame everything, but Hpotír cut it with his dao; lay down at the fork in Hrangchala to sleep, and Hpotír remained on guard; Kuavang came, but when he learned that those who had defeated the tiger had left in front of them; when he began to guard Hrangchala, Kuawang came again; Khrangchala said that he had told him Hpotir, but Kuawang realized that he was afraid and took K. away; she scattered cotton seeds along the way; the young men reached the hole in the ground, pushed back the stove, demanded K.; Kuawang repeated that she was not with him; they killed everyone residents of the underground village; realized that it was not K. in front of them, but Kuawang's daughter; they got the real K.; she forgot the comb; Hpotir followed him, and Khrangchala covered the hole with a stove; K. had to marry ceremony with Khrangchala, and Hpotir married Kuawang's daughter; she gave birth to a boy; Hpotir cooked stones instead of rice and gave him food; while he ate them, he climbed down the vine to the ground, came to Father K., cut off Hoangchale head, married K.]: Lewin 1874, No. 3:84-89 (=Houghton 1893a: 78-80, =Shakespear 1912:178-182).

Burma — Indochina. Burmese: Aoun 1957 [the queen gives birth to an egg, it is thrown into the river, the queen is sent to serve the gardener; the egg will be called the Cannibal, a boy is born from it, considers the Cannibal a son; she does not tell go up the tower, go down to the underground, walk in the kitchen; the tied old man on the tower explains that the boy is not the son of the Cannibal; in the underground, the boy finds human remains; takes three pills in the kitchen; runs away; The cannibal pursues, the abandoned pills turn into a forest, seven mountains, a sea of fire (the Cannibal burns); the boy shares rice with Nat, who takes the image of a man, brings the boy home; the queen is returned , the boy is declared heir, Natu is building a temple]: 79-81; Kasevich, Osipov 1976, No. 72 [a childless woman found an egg, a turtle hatched, a woman holds her for her son; the king orders to get birds — gold and silver; the turtle sends its mother to say he will do it; turns handsome, comes to the dragon queen, the mistress of the birds; she shows four types of leaves that, if left, turn into fire, water, hurricane, mountains; the prince flees, taking birds and leaves; the queen chases, the prince throws leaves, creating obstacles, escapes; becoming a turtle again, gives the mother birds and tells ask for a princess as a wife; only the youngest seventh daughter agrees; the prince came to the wedding in the guise of a man, the older princesses are envious]: 220-224 (=Nikulin 1988:463-468); Karen [on an island at sea the terrible bilu has a book depicted in which it can be embodied; whoever brings it, the king will make an heir; the widow's lazy son sails; picks up, heals, lets the wounded fish into the sea and crocodile; in the hut, a girl is unconscious, next to a staff, one end revives, the other kills; a young man revives a girl who was kidnapped by a witch and killed during her absence; a girl teaches to steal a book, gives a potion; when Bilu wakes up and chases the young man, he threw the drug, a river appeared, Bilu stopped chasing; the minister throws the young man from the ship into the sea; the crocodile brings him to the shallows, the fish pulls out living water, revives it; its tail has been pinched with stones, since then the fish of this species have a red spot on their tail; the king executed the minister, made the young man an heir, and the girl he saved was the daughter of this king; they all moved to the city from this book]: Kasevich, Osipov 1976, No. 163:409-412; Viets [magical escape: thrown salt turns into sea]: Landes 1886:184 in Dixon 1916:239 (approx. 49); the Shans [12 (or 7) sisters caught fishing; 11 did not listen to the hermits who ordered not to kill the living, put their fish on kukans, piercing both eyes; the youngest pierced only one, placed fish in a vessel of water; after death, the sisters were born as the daughters of the village chief; he married them to the king; at this time, cannibals suffered without human beings, their fangs fell out; the wife of the cannibal king promised help her husband; became a 17-year-old beauty, came to live with the elder, who also gave her to the king; 12 wives are jealous; the cannibal (i.e. imaginary beauty) took out both eyes for 11 sleeping wives, and the 12th took one eye, said to her husband, that they were witches and ate their own eyes; the king expelled 12 wives; they lived in a cave; each gave birth, they ate babies; the youngest kept her by giving others hidden pieces of meat; the hermits turned boy to boy; king of spirits Sakya gave him a magic bone bob (to play), with him he beat other boys, demanding 12 servings of water and food in return; the king called him to his place, fell in love; cannibal I guessed who he was, sent a letter to her father (i.e. the husband of cannibals), supposedly to study; the hermit changed the letter: not to kill and eat the giver, but to greet and marry his daughter; the cannibal's daughter fell in love with a young man, showed a magical garden; it contains a vessel with the souls of cannibals; a bow, whose bowstring is also from their souls; a root whose infusion allows you to see the true appearance of creatures; flowers that turn into 3 mountains, 7 mountains, a sea of fire; a winged horse; a young man takes everything, runs away on a winged horse; a cannibal daughter in love chases, a young man throws flowers; she overcomes mountains, burns in fire; a young man restores sight to his mother and aunts, sprinkles the king's eyes, he sees not his wife, but the cannibal giant, the young man pulls the bowstring, breaks the vessel, all cannibals die; the king returns 12 wives]: Milne 1910:230-237; Thais [poor Non attributed to a monastery of 12 bananas (option: 7), he had 12 (7) daughters, he had nothing to feed them, he took them to the forest, they came to see the cannibal Santaman; the older sister found a pile of human bones, girls they ran, asked them to cover their elephants, bears, tigers, horses and other animals; climbed the banyan tree; the king's humpback maid went to get water, saw a reflection, thought it was her, came back, breaking the jug; the king gave her a silver bucket, she broke it too, the leather bucket could not break it; one sister laughed, King Raja Sith married her sisters; Santaman took the form of a girl, met the king, he fell in love with her, she pretended to be sick, demanded the eyes of 12 queens; pulled out both eleven eyes and the youngest one, sent the eyes of her daughter Kang Ri; blind queens were walled up in a cave, each gave birth to a child, they ate them; the youngest hid the meat, then gave it to others, keeping her son Raja Sen; he grew up, went out of the cave and brought food; he played backgammon with the king, who recognized his son; to get rid of MS, S. tells him to bring from his daughter a mango that yawns, and a lemon that screams gives a letter asking him to kill the bearer; the hermit replaced the letter with an order to marry RS; after marrying the Kyrgyz Republic, RS found the eyes of the queens, took the talismans, set off to flee; the Kyrgyz Republic catches up, he throws the talismans, fire, mountains, forest, desert, river appear; the Kyrgyz Republic dies, asking for the next incarnation to make it human; S. also died of grief, and MS returned sight to his mother and aunts]: Kornev 1963:14-21; Khmers: Marunova 1971 (note to p. 37: Lao has the same) [the peasant has nothing to feed 12 daughters, he takes them to the forest; the giantess brings them to her; the sisters find human bones in the corner, realize that they have come to the cannibal, run; the cannibal turns into a garuda, follows them; the elephant, then the buffalo, hides them in his stomach (the youngest's sarong has been hanging from the elephant's mouth, his lower lip has been hanging since then); the banyan hides his sisters, the garuda flies by; the royal warriors see the reflection of girlish faces in the water, lead girls, the king marries them; the witch becomes the same girl, becomes the thirteenth wife's beloved; creates the illusion that 12 wives are not faithful, they are sleeping with other men; the sisters have their eyes ripped out, thrown into a well; the youngest gives birth to a boy named Riethisen, he grows up hunting for his mothers; the witch tells him that she knows how to give women their eyes back, sends a letter to his daughter who is ordered to kill the bearer; the hermit replaces him with a letter asking him to marry R.; the witch's daughter Neang Kang Ray marries R.; R. finds a vessel with 12 pairs of eyes under the stone, takes it away; the hermit gives R . wand, he throws it behind him, lake appears. Tonle Sap; NKR turns into a mountain from grief; R. returns women's eyes, kills a sorceress, takes the throne instead of his deceased father]: 37-41; Foshko 1981, No. 10 [a childless man prays to a banyan, a wife gives birth Twelve daughters; the father became impoverished, took his daughters to the forest; Yaksha Santhoma brought them home; they fled, became the king's wives; the yaksha found them, became the 13th wife, pretended to be sick, she would be cured by medicine from the eyes of others wives; they were blinded, thrown into a hole; the youngest Paa had only one eye gouged out; all wives gave birth, ate their children, Pai kept them, named Puthisaen; S. sent him to her daughter Kangray with a letter to her ate him; the hermit replaced the letter: K. must marry P.; she gave him drugs; he runs, throws the powder behind, it turns into the sea, K. stops pursuing; P. returns his sight to the dazzled, kills S., becomes king]: 134-136; monk [the mother of seven daughters died, the father took her stepmother, she tyrannizes the sisters, they leave, enter the country of the evil sorceress Biluma; they caught and fried fish; they gouged out two eyes each, and the youngest only one; B. invited them to her place, six sisters went blind in both eyes, the youngest with one; spills rice broth, her daughter B. licks it; grateful for this food, leads the youngest to the garden of magic trees; the girl secretly collects tree leaves that will turn into a mountain, forest, river, fire; plucks the fruit, if broken, B. dies; plucks leaves that return eyesight; sisters see the light, run, throw objects; B. overcomes obstacles, dies when girls break the fruit]: Zapadova 1977:159-166.

South Asia. Kashmir (“Ocean of Tales”, Kathāsaritsāgara, 11th century) [Runashika performs tasks for Prince Sringabuya given to him by her father Dumasika; 1) sow sesame seeds; 2) collect all the seeds back (ants collect); to destroy S., D. sends S. to his ferocious his brother to invite him to the wedding; R. gives S. his horse, land, water, thorns, fire; S. consistently throws these objects; a mountain, a river, a thorny bush, a sea of fire appear; D. cannot cross it , stops the chase]: Clouston 1887:239, 442-443 (also briefly in Tawnee 1880 (1): 156, in Jochelson 1913:156); Ancient India (probably Kashmir) [King Vīrabhuja's sons want to get rid of &# 199; ringabhuja, their father's other son, born to his beloved wife; they persuade him to take his father's golden arrow and shoot a Rakshasa, who has taken the form of a crane; the Rakshasa flies away, carrying the pierced he has an arrow, his brothers tell C. to return it; C. comes to the Rakshasa Palace, his daughter Rūpaçikha fell in love with him; Rakshas tells 1) to identify her among 100 girls; 2) to cultivate a giant field in a day; 3) sprinkle and collect sesame seeds again; the bride helps to do everything (she will have a pearl ribbon on her head, ants are picking sesame seeds); Rakshas tells C. to invite her (rakshasa) brother Dh to the wedding ūmaçikha; the bride gives him a horse, earth, water, thorns, fire, tells him to run immediately; D. chases, C. throws land (mountain), water (river), thorns (forest), fire; rakshas stops persecution, C. returns, gets a wife; the young run away, taking the golden arrow and treasures; R. turns himself and her husband into a woodcutter peasant; the Rakshas does not recognize them; the imaginary woodcutter replies that mourns Rakshasa's newly deceased son and cuts wood for his funeral fire; Rakshas hurries back, sees his son alive, chases again; R. turns into a messenger, says that the son Rakshasa is dead; Rakshasa returns again, pursues again; the story ends with the release of C.'s mother, who was imprisoned by other wives, and the expulsion of C.'s brothers]: Kathāsarit-Sāgara (11th century. Somadeva) in Aarne 1930:7-8; the Sinhalese [who ate the golden rooster of Rakshasa's daughter will find eternal youth; the widow's son is sent; the hermit teaches what to do, the other three consistently give a stone, a thorn, a coal; a Rakshasi's daughter gives a rooster, a Rakshasi pursues; abandoned objects turn into mountains, a forest, a river of fire; Rakshasi stops, the tsar rewards the young man]: Volkhonsky, Solntseva 1985, No. 88 : 206-211; Marathi [the king sees a tree without leaves with 101 fruits; the vizier explains that if the king marries the gardener's daughter, she will give him 100 sons and a daughter; he marries, and 12 elder wives consider it a shame for them; when leaving, the king leaves a bell to his new wife; she rings three times to see if the king really will return immediately; when 12 wounds attacked, she rang, but the king did not come; she gave birth to 101 children, wives replaced them with stones, the maid threw the babies on a pile of garbage, the returning king threw his wife into prison forever; the bandicoot hid them, began to raise them; the wives ordered them to dig up a pile garbage, the bandicoot hid the children under the steps near the temple of the god of wisdom Gunputti; the laundress's daughter spoke about this, the steps were raised, the bandicoot was killed, the temple was burned, the boys became mango trees, the girl a rose bush; the laundress's daughter recognized them again, the trees were uprooted, they were going to burn them, but G. sent a storm, the trees fell into the river, swam out, became human again; the brothers met the Rakshasi, she turned them into ravens; the king found a girl, married her, named Draupadí Bai, agreed to take ravens; D. gave birth to a son Ramchundra; he grew up, found that rakshasi, became a servant; she showed water for revival bewitched, an obstacle stick, and each of its hair will burn the forest; R. runs away, taking water, a stick and hairs, Rakshasi pursues, he creates a river with a stick (Rakshasi swims across), a mountain ( climbs), throws hairs (rakshasi burns); restores the mother's brothers to their human appearance; Father D. and his 12 wives are invited to the party; brothers and sister tell the father to bring their mother; they all tell; 12 the wives were burned alive, and the vile maid was forgotten to be executed]: Frere 1868, No. 4:55-71; muria [god Kanda Hurra gave Raja seven mangoes for his seven infertile wives; the elders gave the seventh mango to the hare; that ate, spit on a rock; the youngest wife swallowed a stone; everyone gave birth, the youngest gave birth to a hare; the Raja drove her out; the merchant and his wife picked her up; the child grew up, shed hare skin, the merchant's wife burned it; the young man sends the Raja a letter asking him to give him the throne; the letters have been changed, the Raja allegedly asks 1) to come on a horse with a peacock tail (KH shows where such horses are in the forest); 2) bring a silk turban with a tree beyond seven seas (a tree flower turns into a Fire Maiden, she revives the young man, when a bird grabs him and throws him down, he brings a turban); 3) bring a rakshasi drum (this is the mother of the Fire Virgin, she gives the young man her necklace, the Rakshasin recognizes it; the Virgin says that her mother's soul is in the basket; he takes the basket and drum); runs away with Virgo, throws a coal behind him (everything burns), bamboo (bamboo) thickets), pebble (mountain), sand (river, rakshasi stops chasing); courtiers who replaced letters are buried alive, the young man reigns]: Elwin 1944:147-152; gondas [looking for water in the forest, raja and servants comes to the palace of the ogre Natiyamal Dano; his daughter has a thread, through which water comes from the sea (the gondas do not know that the sea is salty); whoever does not drink to the end will be executed; the Raja cuts the thread, takes the cannibal's daughter as a wife; she tells him to expel and dazzle six former wives; the youngest is pregnant, the son is growing up, the stepmother demands that he get rice that ripens in a day, wild buffalo milk, and a Hansraj horse from the ND Palace; The sadhu is happy with everything; running away from ND on horse H., the young man throws water from the kalebasa (river), a stick (forest), a stone (mountain, ND stops pursuing); the stepmother demands to get the maiden Angarmati, the daughter of ND; A young man brings her on horseback; she returns her sight to the dazzled; the Raja buries his evil wife alive, brings her son and six wives back]: Elwin 1944:197-202 (Zograf translation 1971, No. 41:170-175); (cf. litter [the husband brings sweet fruit to his wife, there are larvae in it along the way; the wife does not wait for her husband to take them out, takes it out herself, eats the fruit, demands that her husband take her to that tree; when the husband climbs on a tree, the Bear appears; the wife runs away; the bear tells the man to get down, brings him to her, makes her husband; the wife comes disguised as a man's sister; the bear tells her to bring water in a vessel full of holes; frogs and fish let wax cover the holes; the bear, taking a man with her, volunteers to accompany her imaginary sister to her house; she says she forgot the comb, sends the Bear to bring it; the spouses flee, making fire on the road; The bear chases, burns]: Munro 1930:1-4).

Malaysia—Indonesia. Ngaju [Patih Teteh and his wife Akah Ihang Iho comes to live a young tiger, becomes their son; PT did not recognize him in the woods, accidentally killed him; his wife killed her husband at night by hitting him in the face with a club; when burned the corpse, she felt sorry for her husband, she went to the village of the dead for smoke; on the way, the spirits say every time that the PT had just passed, asked for help in the field, the wife helps; in the spirit village, her deceased Grandma teaches you how to put a net on a sleeping AI; he will promise to turn into a tiger, a snake, a rhino bird (turns off her eyes), she must say that she is not afraid, she wants to die herself; he turns into an egg she wraps him in a handkerchief, runs away, the grandmother gives him a comb, teaches him what to do; the woman drops an egg into the river, the stalker spirits dive after it, the bird advises the woman to look for the sixth, she finds it, runs on throws a comb, it turns into a wall; at home, a woman carves three wooden figures, dresses her husband in clothes; perfume makes a hole in the wall, rushes at the figures, takes it away, discovers that Wrong; woman sprinkles live water on egg, husband comes to life]: Schärer 1966:151-158; loda (Halmahera) [a woman ate a giant's mango and her dog a peel; a woman gave birth to seven sons, a dog seven puppies; the giant demanded the seventh, Badabangisa, to be given to him; in his absence, B. freed the prisoners in his house; taking the treasures, they all ran away; the ashes from the burning house fell on the giant, he I understood everything; B.'s companions threw salt, it became the sea, the giant drank it; ash, it temporarily blinded it; forest fruits, the giant was entangled by thorny vines; millet, the giant stopped to pick it up; B. asked the giant, calling him his father, that it was on his body; he replied that his life was there; B. hit this place, the giant died; people made B. king]: Van Baarda, p.394 in Dixon 1916:236-237; Timor ( probably tetum) [buffalo gave birth to a girl; she grew up, met by a prince; buffalo forbids young people to meet; when she sees them together again, she rushes at them; running away, the prince throws bamboo behind him a vessel of water; Lake Táci-Métan (“Black Sea”) forms, the buffalo drowned in it; the prince married a girl]: Anonimo 1955a: 82.

Taiwan — Philippines. Tinghian [magical escape: thrown salt turns into sea]: Cole 1915:75 in Dixon 1916:239 (note 49); sambala [parents are gone for a long time, Pedro goes to open the door — there's a boroka (from Spanish bruja; with a woman's head, four horse legs, bird wings, devours children); she took P. to her home in the mountains, made him a servant, flew away at night; decided to eat P., went to call other witches; the horse told P. about this, gave red and white scarves, he rode it; threw a red handkerchief — flame, the witches' wings were burned, the white one — the sea, the witches stopped chasing]: Rybkin 1975, No. 79:200-201.

China — Korea. Chinese: Riftin 1972:126-134 [=2007:124-131; Wan San plays the flute; Qi Tse, the seventh daughter of a heavenly elder, hears the game, goes down to earth with her deer; goes beyond the Sun; father takes it back; the deer tells the Sun to sow gaoliang, leave the thick stem, climb it into the sky; the elder orders 1) to open the wall, 2) twist the bran rope, 3) get the celestial drum; sisters Ts. perform two tasks, send it to the monkeys for the drum; the sun is coated with clay, the monkeys take it for a bodysuit, leave it, the sun carries the drum, the monkeys chase; the Sun throws a hatchet (river), flint (mountain), needle (sharp rocks, monkeys stop chasing); the old man hits the drum, the sun withstands the thunder, the sun hits — the old man falls dead; the Sun with his wife, her sisters and deer go down to live on the ground], 294 -303 [Nyu-lan's younger single brother works hard, the older married man eats heartily; the ox suggests N. break the plow, plough, plough handle, return home early, eat cooked; the elder suggests to share, the ox tells N. to take only him, the ox, to go south; says that on the seventh day of the seventh moon, the Southern Gates of Heaven will open, Wan-mu's granddaughters will fly to wash clothes; the seventh from the western edge - Ji-nyu; N. hides her clothes, C. becomes his wife, her sisters fly away as doves; when her daughter is 6 years old and her son is 3 C. offers N. to return her clothes; N. returns, C. flies away; the ox tells him slaughter, burn bones, put on his skin, take his son and daughter in baskets; tell the guards of the sky's gates (gold, silver lions, hell), I'm the husband of your seventh aunt, and these are her children; in the house needs to identify the wife among the seven girls; the son must be let in, he will rush to suck his mother's breast; the father-in-law suggests 1) hiding; C. says that her father will first become a bug, then an apple in the chest; when it's N.'s turn to hide, C. turns him into a needle, his father-in-law does not find it; 2) race; you have to throw red seeds and chopsticks behind, father-in-law picks them up; at the end throw the hairpin in front of you ; N. throws behind, a heavenly river appears; wife, children, mother-in-law remain on the other side; on the seventh day of the seventh moon, all birds rise into the sky, mother-in-law pulls a feather from each, builds a bridge out of feathers — The Milky Way; N. (Volopas) and C. (Weaver); on the sixteenth day, C. returns, during which time he washes all the dishes (each item numbered 360), washes, darns the sky, an-mu's granddaughters will arrive to wash clothes; gray from the west]; Wilhelm 1921, No. 16 [The shepherd (Kuhhirt) always has well-fed cows; in the mountains, a cow tells him that this evening nine daughters of the Jade Emperor are swimming in the sky lake; the seventh is spinning cloud silk for Heavenly Lord and his wife, so she is die Spinnerin; whoever hides her clothes will become her husband; the cow brings the Shepherd to heaven, there are jade trees, jasper grass; the Shepherd hides the red The Weaver's robe; she agrees when, on the advice of a cow, asks willow if she can marry; willow replies that yes, it is the seventh evening; seven days later, the Weaver runs away to prepare clothes for Heavenly Lords; The Shepherd pursues, but she draws a line across the sky with a hairpin (Haarpfeile), a heavenly River, the Milky Way, appears; every seventh evening they meet again, at which time crows are not visible on earth, they all form a bridge across the heavenly river; the rain at this time is the tears of the Shepherd and the Weaver; once the Shepherd was angry at the Weaver that she did not cross him, threw a yoke at her; it can be seen in the form of stars under Weaver's feet; she also threw a spindle at him, it's under his feet]: 31-34; Koreans: Choi 1979, No. 101.1 [a daughter was born in a wealthy family; when she is six years old, a cow dies every night; three brothers consistently remain guarded; the eldest, middle brother tells the father that the daughter eats the liver from the cows; the father does not believe them, kicks them out of the house; the younger brother lies as if nothing happened, stays with father; two older brothers receive magic bottles from a Buddhist priest, return home; there the sister has already eaten them all; turns into a fox, rushes at the brothers; they run, throw a white bottle, thorny thickets appear; red is the sea of fire; blue is the sea, the fox drowns in it], 102 [the monster takes the girl, her brother comes for her, they run, the monster is chasing; the old man gives the young man white, blue, red bottles, he consistently throws them behind him; white turns into a river, blue into thorns, red into fire, the monster burns]: 28-29; Park 1991 [a rich man asks in temples to send him a daughter; when she is five years old, cows begin to breathe; a rich man sends shepherds to guard, everyone sees a girl pulling out, eating the liver of cows; a rich man does not believe, executes shepherds; sends a son, does not believe, drives them away; the daughter has eaten everyone; the brother receives red, white, blue bottles at the monastery, returns home; asks his sister to pick the onion, who, when she leaves, ties it with a thread, he bandages it to a pole, jumps away; throws bottles (fire; needles; sea); sister drowned]: 210-212; taunyo [fisherman and wife caught a sink; someone cooks and cleans the house; a fisherman waited for a girl who came out of the sink, broke the sink; a girl The shell became a weaver; the kings made her the main queen; promised to give a gold chain if she gave birth to a son and a silver chain if she had a daughter; the courtiers put a shell, a newborn boy and a girl they threw them away; they were fed by a pig, slaughtered; then the cow was the same, but she managed to put the children in the pot and lowered them down the river; the queen was sent as a maid to the backyard; the cannibal picked up the pot brought them to the cave; they grew up, the mirror told them their origin; walking with the cannibal, the girl picked up the leaves of fire grass, river grass, mountain grass; brother and sister ran, cannibal pursues; sister threw mountain grass (mountains appeared), fire-grass (fire), river grass (river); the cannibal drowned but asked to borrow at least one craft from her; the young man took a craft and one fang; binds a fang under the wing of a rooster, puts his rooster against the royal, he wins; the young man asked to give him a maid, told him everything; the king returned his wife, the midwife repented]: Zapadova 1977:281-285.

The Balkans. Hungarians: Gidash 1953:138-143 [stepmother promises to give stepdaughter Violet only for fulfilling her conditions; young Rosan comes to marry; 1) tear down the mountain overnight, plant grapes, make wine (F. tells me to go to bed, everything is ready in the morning); 2) plow the field in the forest, bake bread (the same); 3) ride around three horses (father, stepmother, F. herself, stepmother must be whipped); F. and R. run away, leaving drops blood to answer for himself; throw a comb (forest), a comb (jets of water), the old man stops chasing; stepmother chases, F. turns R. into a lake, herself into a duck; stepmother guesses, stops chasing, but forces R. forget F.; his father marries him, at the wedding F. tells the gypsies to shout “as he forgot about F. “; R. recalls marrying F.], 147-156 [the younger queen and his brothers go to get a sun-moon stallion; the neighboring king promised to give his daughter for the stallion who brought the stallion; the old woman gives the Queen a brush, the second — scraper; uncle says that this is the stallion of the youngest son of the Ironnosed Hag; at the hag house, the queen throws his brush, turns into a cat, eavesdrops when the sons of the hag return; waits for those bridge, kills one by one with the help of a crow that drops water on him; in the form of a cat, he overhears the conversation of the wives of the killed, promising to turn into a poisonous apple tree, pear, water; cuts an apple tree, pear, water - blood flows; hag chases, queen throws a scraper, dirt appears on the way; horseshoe - pierces the hag's legs with spikes; the blacksmith hides the brothers behind the iron gate; brothers drill the gate, the hag sticks his tongue, it is pulled out with hot mites; she leaves; the brothers meet, take Frost, Beat without a miss, One-eyed (sees everything), Obedala, Drink the Sea, Runner as companions; king promises a daughter if 1) sit in a hot oven (Frost is sitting); 2) eat and drink a lot (Oat, Drink the sea); 3) bring clothes from the end of the world (One-eyed sees, Quick-footed pulls out, falls asleep; Bey wakes him up without a miss); wedding]; Hungarians [the king placed his daughter in the tower to isolate her from men; one of the two wanderers raised the stem up to the window, because of its smell the girl became pregnant; father put her in a barrel, threw her into the sea; the barrel was nailed to the island, the girl got out, gave birth to a son, he grew up, began swimming across the strait to the mainland, bringing apples to his mother from there; his mother herself baptized him in the name his sun father, his godfather of the month, and his star cousins; his name is Beautiful Szérus; his hussar costume and sword fell from the tree; on a tree trunk he carried his mother across the strait; To meet the giant, S. hacked him; brought his mother to the castle of giants; the king of giants met with mother S., they decided to get rid of S.; the mother pretended to be sick: we must bring the bear cub and eat his heart ; the bear gave a bear cub; when she saw him, the mother said that she had already recovered; the same with the wolf cub; the lion cub; the mother suggests that S. jokingly tie his thumbs — whether she will be able to tear it; she cannot; the giant I agree to fulfill his last wish; S. asks to put three whistles in his mouth, given by a bear, a she-wolf and a lioness; the lion grabbed the giant, the wolf, the woman, the bear tore his fetters; S. cut the giant, pieces of meat — in the trough, second — water, the mother left between the troughs; left with her animals; a bride is needed; the bear advises you to ask the sun — Father S.; the lion brought them all to heaven; the sun does not know about brides, advises to turn to the month; the month to the stars, or rather the Morning Star; neither of the stars know, let the winds ask, they are blowing everywhere; they replied that his betrothed is sleeping in gold cradles at the bottom of hell, she is rocked by 42 features; S. and the animals returned to earth; the count himself tried to get this girl, promised to help; S. grabbed the girl, the devils in pursuit; the lion threw his brush (forest), the handkerchief (the sea); the bear threw three pins (three mountains to the sky); the devils could not overcome them; the count took the girl; she would marry only someone who could milk three golden mares; the beasts milked; she would marry the one who he swims in their milk, heated to a boil; the animals cooled it, S. swam, became handsome; the count also wanted to swim, the animals heated the milk, the count cooked; the girl was going to marry S., he went out garden, fell asleep, the count's younger brother cut off his head; the animals saw a snake, whose snake was cut in half with a scythe, carrying healing grass; the lion stepped on the snake's head, the animals took the grass, the snake hit the lion with his tail, ripping off his hair, only his mane was left; first his head was attached backwards, he had to redo it; at this time, the count's brother is preparing the wedding; the lion and the wolf tore him apart; wedding; S. dug up his mother , she ate the giant's meat, took a sharp bone, put her son in bed, she pierced his heart; the animals revived him with that elixir taken from the snake, tore his mother; a son was born; when he was 7 years old, 7 months, days, hours and minutes, three stones must be sprinkled with his blood; S. did this, his three animals became princes again, the castle of the giants is their castle; S.'s son did not die, they only took blood from him; they are all alive, if they did not die]: Dégh 1965, No. 8:109-126; Romanians []: Mirener 1958:119-127; Moldovans: Botezatu 1981 [the king lost his seal; if he had a son, he would go to the next world and remove the ring from with a seal from her grandfather's hand; daughter Tudor puts on men's clothes, goes instead of her son; a deer is stuck with horns in the snake's mouth; a snake asks to cut off the deer's antlers, a deer asks to kill a snake; T. kills a snake; a deer leads to the castle where your grandfather's ring lies; if you step on the threshold, you'll stay there forever; T. stumbled over the threshold, the devils took the ring and led him to the main thing; he promises to let T. go if he brings the white horse The Red King; the deer warns not to take bridles; she takes it, is caught, the king orders Ilyana Kosynzyan to be brought; on the way, T. and deer come to St. Serede (gives a box), St. Friday (brush), St. Saturday (handkerchief); IK is the nut that the witch rolls in the castle, it must be replaced; other witches come back, tell the nut to open, it does not open, they chase; the deer tells you to throw the comb ( forest), box (mountain), handkerchief (river); witches: if you are a woman, become a man, and if a man is a woman; Tudora became Tudor; the Red King's deer chipped in IK, T. got a horse, and the deer returned; the same the main feature; T. took the ring; T. returns home on horseback with a seal and with his bride]: 246-257; Moldavian tales 1968 [the childless queen conceived from the tears of an icon; her son Fat-Frumos (Born from Tears); he puts up with his father's enemy; that witch Lesova pays tribute, every tenth baby; FF defeats her, she runs away shackled; he follows her daughter Ilyana tells her to change kegs of water and strength; FF kills her, takes her daughter as his wife; the king asks to defeat Lute, bring him his daughter; FF takes her away; L. asks his horse if he should hurry to chase, the horse says not so good; the first time L. takes his daughter , the second incinerates FF; St. Peter asks God to revive him; daughter L. turns FF into a flower, hides it, asks L. how to get a double-hearted horse; FF hears, comes to an old woman tasked to herd her herd, helps the mosquito along the way, cancer; mosquitoes drive scattered horses, crayfish drive them out of the water; the maid replaces the old woman's sleepy food with good food; the old woman puts the hearts of the mares in a skinny three-year-old, FF chooses him; jumps on go away with the maid; she tells him to throw the brush (forest), the whetstone (rock), the handkerchief (the lake), the witch drowns at midnight; the maid disappears, FF takes L.'s daughter on a seven-hearted horse; The two-hearted throws L. into heaven; the king marries his daughter L., FF to I.]: 139-157; Gagauz people: Anikin 1986 [Sindika's girl asks her father to buy a doll; he has no money, he promises to make a doll himself; instead of a doll, he made a bear out of iron; S. began to play with him, once blew in her mouth, the bear came to life and began to grow; ate the old men, and S. made servants; the eagle invites S. to carry it away; carries it, but the bear blows and the eagle falls; the calf carries away; the bear chases; the calf tells you to throw a stone (mountains), a needle (a forest of needles), a knife (a field of knives), a jug of water (lake); a bear drinks, drowns; S. and a calf in friendship live]: 89-92; Moshkov 1904, No. 30 [the master has three daughters, he is looking for someone to herd his horses; the eldest daughter is coming, the father turned to a bear, went out to meet him, the girl ran home; the same middle daughter; the youngest goes to the old woman for advice; she tells the horses to give hot coals, take the one that will eat them; the skinny mare began to eat, the girl sat on her, was going to shoot the bear; her father blessed her to herd horses are three years old; the sun falls in love with her, but does not understand whether it is a girl or a man; the mother of the Sun advises to see how she urinates and what things she buys at the bazaar; the girl urinates like a man in the bazaar She takes only things for men; three years later she shows the Sun her chest and braid; the mother of the Sun advises to put a gold swing; the girl sat on her, the Sun raised her; incense advised the girl seven years be silent; then the Sun took another bride; she tells her to be the first to bring a sieve from Mother Sunday; Sunday sends by Friday, she sends by Wednesday, Wednesday says that the sieve took the hobur; hobur tells you to play on violin, goes for a sieve, but in fact, sharpen her teeth; the mouse volunteered to jump on the strings, run; the hobur killed the mouse, chases after him; the girl threw the canvas (river; hobur put one lip to the ground, the other to sky, drank water), brush (forest), stone (rocky place, hobur can't cross); the girl brought a sieve; the second bride: you, dumb, bring her a pot; girl: to take away your tongue; the sun cut ram, heard, rushed to the girl, blood on her hands; the girl became a swallow, the second bride was a goat, both went through the pipe, the Sun still did not marry]: 42-44; Montenegrins [pitchforks made a girl from snow; she announced that she would marry someone who would overtake her on horseback and take the golden apple; whoever did not overtake would die; she had wings, she overtook the horsemen, but they caught up with her again; then she snatched from hair heads, threw, the forest grew; the grooms caught up again, she dropped her tear, rivers appeared; the prince swam on horseback, remembered God's name three times, the girl froze in place; he brought her to a high mountain and she disappeared]: Arkhipova 1962:175-176 (=Dmitriev, Volkonsky 1956:94-95; the fairy tale is called Serbian); Croats: Schütz 1960, No. 16 [7 brothers went to look for wives to be 7 sisters; younger took a thin skate, but this horse was magical; the old woman said she had 7 daughters; the horse warned his younger brother that it was a witch, that she was hiding her eighth daughter with golden hair; at night, the youngest did not sleeps, changed the hats of the old woman's brothers and daughters, put horse bridles against the old woman's mares; at night, the old woman mistakenly cut off the heads of her daughters and mares; the youngest tells the brothers to run; when he returns, he shouted the old woman who killed her daughters; the old woman turned her grip into a horse, rushed in pursuit, did not catch up; at the crossroads, the youngest broke up with the elders, who did not like him; the younger horse tells him not pay attention to what he sees or hears; but the youngest saw and picked up 3 golden hair, three golden feathers, a golden horseshoe; the young man was hired by a groom for the king, works best; other grooms they envied, noticed gold things, told the king; he ordered to bring a girl with golden hair; this is the daughter of that witch; the horse taught: he will pretend to get stuck in the swamp, the witch will come running to this It's time to pick up the girl; the young man brought her to the king; he wants to give her for his son; girl: first get three ducks whose golden feathers; the king sent the young man to pick up ducks; they slept at the witch's house again ducks have been stolen; the witch is chasing, the horse tells you to abandon the scraper, a dense forest has appeared; now the girl demands to get a horse whose golden horseshoe is; the horse tells you to put 8 buffalo skins on it; The sea stallion tore them off, but he is tired, his mouth has a blue flame, and the young man's horse has a red flame; the horse is followed by sea mares; the girl tells them to milk, the milk is boiling, the vat has been filled with it; let the groom redeem himself; the horse cooled the milk, the young man became handsome; the Queen also threw himself into the milk, but it boiled, he died; the king adopted a young man instead of the deceased, gave him a gold-haired man]: 126-133; Wratislaw 1890, No. 53 [ the woman was walking home when the birth began, gave birth under the bridge; three Royenitzes came up {Women in labor?} ; one proposed to immediately take the baby's life, the second to kill him when he grows up, and the third to kill him if he does not marry the daughter of King Vilas; the blacksmith told the young man to go to the mother of the month, gave three pairs of iron shoes; after wearing out the first pair, the young man came to the mother of the month, who hid it, but the month did no harm and directed it to the sun; on the way, the young man wore out the second pair of shoes; the sun directed to the mare to the wind (third pair); the young man managed to stay on the mare's back, she brought a pitchfork to the castle; after the feast, the young man hides three times with the mare (in the tail, under the hoof), in the morning tells the king that he is drunk somewhere fell asleep; the third time the young man brought two eggs, the mare held them in his mouth, cockerels hatched from them, they sang in the morning, the demons who were looking for the young man disappeared; the mare orders to grab the king's daughter, they gallop away; the king pursues, the burden throws chips (forest), crest (mountains), glass of water (pond); the king struggles to overcome obstacles; however, the mare goes through the steps (not entirely clear), and the king cannot; he throws daughter's wish-fulfilling belt; wedding]: 278-283; Bosnians [father and son mowed the meadow; after salty cheese, the guy went for a drink; the spring was under an apple tree; when he leaned over to the water, it fell on his head apple; second; on an apple tree an old woman on a goat; invites to her; the guy went, he is tired of mowing the meadow; when leaving, the old woman leaves the keys to 7 rooms; in the first - a child's finger; the guy recognized the fingers of the missing brother; the second rooster with his legs tied; in the last one, a pitchfork in shackles and a horse; the pitchfork offers to run, otherwise he will be eaten like brothers; let him take meat on the road, comb, mirror, scraper; pitchfork carries the young man is on his back, the old woman is chasing a goat; the pitchfork tells him to throw a comb (thorny thickets), a scraper (thicket), a mirror (ice surface); the goat slipped and broke his leg; Vila carried the guy to the royal palace, and she flew to her friends; the king has 5 sons and a daughter; someone steals millet at night; the princes take turns guarding, but when they see that old woman on a goat, they run away in horror; the king promises a daughter to him Who will kill the monster; the guy began to guard, cut off the old woman's head, put on her clothes and came to the king on her goat; he was frightened at first; gave his daughter; the boy's father found him and his son and wife came to live with him; if they die, it's good, but alive, it's even better]: Eschker 1992, No. 5:41-45; the Serbs [on Ilyin's day, the pitchfork sculpted a girl out of the snow; she became beautiful; promises to marry someone who will overtake her on horseback , and if no one overtakes, she executes everyone; at the finish line there is a golden apple; the girl began to run faster because she had small wings; then pulled out and threw her hair — the forest; dropped a tear — rivers ; the prince cursed her in the name of God, she froze, he grabbed her and took her; but when he looked around, the girl disappeared]: Tesic 2018:21-22; Montenegrins [in winter, the prince bleed his nose while hunting; he decided marry a girl white as snow and red as blood; the old woman replies that such a girl lives in a house without doors; someone {it is clear that this is the girl's mother} climbs inside through the window; many have tried free the girl, but no one returned alive; the old woman gave a piece of bread and ordered it to be protected like the apple of her eye; the second gave a nut (hazel); the third gave a walnut; bread should be thrown to predators, and nuts would be given advice; all the animals were fed up with this bread; the girl hung her golden hair from the window and the prince climbed over it; the girl says that her mother collects grass that turns young men into animals; it's them rushed to bread; the prince and the girl are running; the hazel nut tells him to open it, the river flows out of it; but the old woman shared the water with her magic wand and crossed; now walnut, fire from it, but the old woman she put it out and chased it again; the prince turned to God, who struck the old woman with lightning; wedding]: Eschker 1992, No. 34:167-170; Bulgarians: Daskalova-Perkovska 1994, No. 313h* [brother and sister (young man; girls) run away from the pursuer, throw objects (comb, soap, razor, clay, water vessel) behind them that turn into obstacles (mountain, mountain range, sharp stones, mud, river or sea, etc.) ]: 112; Karaliychev, Valchev 1963 [the girl has a younger brother; she overheard her mother negotiate with her father to kill them; children run away, father and stepmother chase; brother throws soap (slippery), sister throws a comb ( many ridges block the way), {apparently they pour something out), then they throw a razor, the pursuers cut their legs; in the forest, the sister does not tell her brother to follow the bear (become a bear), the wolf (the wolf), he steps on a deer trail, becomes a deer; a sister climbs a tree; the prince sees its reflection, then notices it herself; the servants cut down the tree, go to rest, the deer licks the trunk, the felling overgrows; to lure the girl, the old woman harnesses a cat and a rooster into the wagon; the girl goes down to explain that this cannot be done, she is grabbed; the deer breaks the wall of the house where she is being held; his horns are gilded, sister married the prince]: 281-283; Mladenova 2006 [brother and sister flee from cannibal parents or from an evil stepmother; flee from the chase (magical escape); contrary to the sister's warning, the brother drinks from the trail deer leg, becomes a deer; sister climbs a tree (poplar); the prince notices her, but she refuses to go down; the old woman lures her out, starting to produce something ridiculous in front of her eyes any homework (the girl goes down to show how to do it); the royal son marries the girl, the deer brother stays with her, a) takes on a human form, 2) is killed, and from his collected by his sister bones grow an apple tree or cypress tree or into wonderful objects; a gypsy, a maid, a stepmother's daughter pushes the girl into a well, where she is swallowed by fish or turned into fish; takes her place; wants to kill a deer who knows the truth; a deer complains to his sister at the well; this is noticed, the fish is caught, the sister (with her baby born) takes her place next to the prince]: 56-57; Macedonians: Martin 1955:7-14 [All daughters are dead, Kostadin's son is left; mother is stuck in the swamp; the wolf pulled her out for promising to give him his future child if a girl is born; Tentelina is born, grew up, the wolf meets , asks her mother to remind her mother of the promise; she first really forgets, then her mother told her to answer again that she forgot; under threat of being eaten, T. goes to the wolf; he put her on a tall poplar; when in the evening she comes, calls, she hangs her hair, he climbs it; K. tells his mother to reveal the truth, goes after T.; the old woman teaches what to do; T. is afraid that 12 elves tell the wolf about the escape; the old woman tells everyone to give a piece of bread; they forgot about the wolf sitting in the boot; the wolf brings other wolves to eat T.; they chase children; they throw a lump of clay (swamp), a comb (prickly thickets), soap (mountain); other wolves angrily ate kidnapper T.; the children returned to his mother], 18-31 [the young man came to his house in the mountains; he promises to adopt him if the young man can survive three hit with a truncheon; he puts a bag of straw in his place; the old man gives the keys to 10 rooms (which contain treasures), but does not give two; the young man comes to three fairies who stole the old man's eyes; they will dance if the young man will play the flute; if he gets tired before them, they will take his eyes; his fingers tremble; he replies that he remembered looking for an old man in his head; they ask them to look for them; he ties them up for hair, hangs on a tree; they say that the old man's eyes are in two golden apples; the young man frees the fairies, gives the old man one apple; the second gives after he has allowed the last two rooms to be unlocked; in one is a winged horse and a gold spring, the other is a winged mule and a silver spring; the young man becomes gold above the waist, silver becomes lower; runs away on horseback, the old man chases a mule; the young man throws the comb ( thorny thickets), salt (mountain), oil (river); the old man does not cross the river, he advises him to hide his appearance from people; the young man dresses as if he is a beggar, pulls a bubble over his face like a leper, is hired as a gardener ; the youngest of the king's three daughters sees him in his true guise; princesses must throw an apple at whoever they want to marry; the youngest throws him three times at an imaginary leper; the father, in anger, drives them away to live in chicken coop; the king is blind, he needs fairy milk; the imaginary leper pretends to be stuck in the swamp; in true form, he brings fairy milk and wild pig milk on a winged horse; gives pork under the guise of fairy milk elder sons-in-law, stamps them on their hips; pork milk makes the king even worse; the youngest daughter gives fairy milk, the king sees the light; the imaginary leper in his true form smashes enemies, the king bandages him the wound with his handkerchief; then sees the leper's handkerchief; the young man opens, shows the stamps on the body of his older sons-in-law; the king puts the youngest next to him, the elders under the table]; Albanians [younger brother ate the inheritance and hired the elder as a farmhand; every day he went to the forest to cut firewood, brought it to dinner; one day he forgot to bring it and came back; in the forest a woman cuts firewood; a woman says she is Ora (~spirit- guardian) of her older brother, and Ora the younger is in chains in the seventh room of the evil spirits that stole her; Ora the elder teaches what to do; the youngest comes to those spirits, is hired as an employee, gains trust, frees her Ora and runs with her; she takes a comb, a mirror, soap with her; when Ora of the brotherly spirits screams and the spirits chase, Ora Younger tells her to throw the comb (forest), the mirror (the sea), the soap (smooth slippery surface, pursuers stopped chasing); Ora leads the young man to another world; gives a crooked foal, then promising to give him a wonderful horse, puts rags and half a pumpkin on him head instead of hat; the king tells you to break three pumpkins and guess what each means; only Half Pumpkins (i.e. a young man) can do it; three pumpkins are the king's three daughters in varying degrees of readiness for marriage (the youngest is just right); everyone must pass by the princesses, the youngest throws an apple at Poltykvy; the enemy attacked, Poltykva turned into a mighty rider on a beautiful horse, defeated enemies; gave it to his older sons-in-law the right to be considered winners, for this he carved signs on their backs; but he told the king everything, the older sons-in-law were shamed, Poltykvy received the throne]: Lambertz 1952:83-91; Albanians [the sorcerer promises to the childless king of children, if he gives his first child to him; when the second son was born, he took the first one; he treated him well, taught him; allowed him to enter all rooms except the last 99; the sorcerer sleeps for 24 hours, awake for the day; one day a young man unlocked that room: a sorcerer sleeps in it, and there are various animals around that screamed; but the sorcerer did not wake up; in front of the mare's bone, in front of the dog, the young man shifted hay; the sorcerer woke up and rushed to kill the young man; but the mare tells him to take a basin and a jug for bathing, salt, a comb and ride it away; the sorcerer is chasing, the young man has thrown salt (mountain), a comb (a dense forest), a basin and pitcher (sea); sorcerer stopped pursuing]: Meyer 1994, No. 5:108-110; Greeks: Jochelson 1913 [prince and princess run away from the monster; princess throws some hair behind, they turn into lake, persecution stops]: 159; Megas 1970, No. 22 [the old woman cannot cook lentil soup for a long time; when she cooked it, she put it in the river; the prince's horse does not drink, he turns the pot over in anger; the old woman wants him to fall in love with the gold-haired Anthousa; he comes to the house without entering; hides, sees the dragon mother tell A. to lower her golden hair, climbs it; the same brother A.; when they leave, the young man calls A. in the same words; A. hides him; runs away with him, blindfolded with all the objects; forgot about the mortar; she tells the mother's dragon that her daughter ran away with the prince; the mother is chasing to the bear; A. throws a thin, then thick comb (a thicket of thin, then thick trunks), a handkerchief (sea); at the shore, the mother teaches what A. should make two birds out of the dough when the prince leaves it on the tree, she will go to his mother, she will kiss him, he will forget everything; at the prince's wedding, the female bird tells the story of A., and the male replies every time that he does not remember; the prince remembers everything, marries A.]: 42-46; Pancritius 1913 [in one fairy tale, an abandoned comb turns into a forest; in another, a demon in the form of a cloud chases a young man; he throws a bowl of salt (fire and smoke), soap (river); the pursuer turns into a wild boar the young man throws the comb, a swamp appears, the boar gets stuck]: 854.

Central Europe. Russians: Andreev 1929, № 313.I [flight: an abandoned comb, etc., turn into a forest, mountain, lake, etc.]: 28; SUS 1979, № 621A [Flea meat: food is prepared from it; who can guess, from what it was done, gets the hand of the princely daughter; she overhears the answer; the princess escapes from it by throwing wonderful objects]: 168; Russians (Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Olonetskaya, Pskov, Tula, Voronezh, Ryazan), Ukrainians (Transcarpathia, Galicia, Volyn, Ivano-Frankivsk, Podolia, Pokutye, Kiev), Belarusians [fleeing from a witch (iron wolf, sorcerer and etc.) by throwing wonderful objects (episode in various types of fairy tales)]: SUS 1979, No. 313N-AA*313I: 114-115; Russians (Teresky Bereg) [Ivan peasant son went hunting; birds are sitting on dry land Pavá, asks not to shoot, but to feed a year, collecting sheep from all over the world; a year later, Pavá sat on an oak tree, the oak did not sway: feed for another year; the oak swayed; three years later it shattered into chips; Pavá put I. on his back, they are flying; the sun is not burning in front - my brother's house; ask for a rotten box; “Give me a rotten box, then I'll talk about the PAVA bird. - Do not tell us surfactants, and we do not give them rotten boxes!” ; at my father's house: take it, take a rotten box, just tell me about the PAVA bird! Pavá turned out to be a red girl: do not open it until you come home, but if you come, go out into a big meadow; on the way, the bird does not tell you to open it, but I. could not stand it and opened it; there was a house and gardens, food and drink enough, but nowhere to go; three days later, outside the window: give me what you don't know at home, I'll collect a rotten box; at home my wife gave birth to a son; once she caught it, thundered - give it back, man, promised! on the way, 40 girls are swimming, the boy hid the belt alone; gave it when she went out to him; their father is Cosó Kolesó, let I. hire him; KK only has this daughter, others are stolen; KK: choose a bride from 40 sisters; girl: I'll brush a fly off my face; next time I'll wave my handkerchief; on the third, a fly again; wedding; my mother was Christian, tells me to run; three days later my father chased a braid wheel; the girl threw a lash: dark forests from earth to sky; father went for a shovel to make a road; kraebag: a stone mountain from earth to sky; the same; flint: a river of fire; KK could not cross; I. s reached home by his wife]: Balashov 1970, No. 44:146-151; Russians (Ust-Tsylma, Lower Pechora, 1907) [when the tsar enters the house, asks the three girls what they can do; one embroider with silk, the other bake and cook, the third will give birth to two sons, one elbow deep in gold, knee-deep in silver, a month on the back of the head, stars are frequent on the pigtails, the sun is in the forehead; the other is elbow deep in gold, knee-deep in silver; the king married her; went on business; the messenger was not told to enter the house where the queen's sisters, but he went in; those girls changed the letter: the queen gave birth to a female and a dog; the same on the way back: to get rid of his wife and children; the boys were named Fedor and Ivan; F. and his mother in a barrel were lowered into the sea, I. was sent far away to a terrible king, a fiery spear; the tsar returned, executed the messenger and married the sister who embroidered with silk; the barrel was thrown onto Buyan Island; F. made a bow, shot game, made a tent out of their skins; merchants arrived, surprised; sailed to the king, F. quietly with them on the ship; new queen: this is not a miracle, there is something else: a squirrel walks on a pine tree, sings songs, tells fairy tales; F. returned to his mother, then went to pick up a pine tree and a squirrel; merchants talk about a squirrel; queen: the terrible king has a servant, elbow-deep in gold (etc.); mother Fedor: this is your brother; F. went to the terrible king; two are fighting over a girl and a flying carpet; F. shot: whoever brings the arrow first will get everything; flew away with the girl on the carpet- on the plane; went to the old woman, asked for help to take his brother away; I. ran to slurp porridge; brothers greet each other; grandmother gave a brush, flint and flint; brothers and girl are flying on a flying carpet, terrible the king followed; the brush (forest), flint (stone wall), flint (river of fire); the terrible king was afraid, returned; now the king father of the brothers came himself; took his wife and sons, F. married that girl; new the queen was shot at the gate]: Onchukov 2008, No. 5:90-96 (=Azadovsky 1934, No. 2:104-121); Russians (Arkhangelskaya) [found a louse in the princess's hair, put it on a sheep, it became the size of a sheep, on a ram from a ram; the skin was made, the shoes were sewn; the king promises to give his daughter for someone who guesses what they are made of; Damn it; the king left the key in the princess's clothes, sent her to {?} goat; Damn it, the goat replies that the princess is at home; The devil overturns the key, rushes in pursuit; the princess tells the goat to fall to the ground, listen; throws a comb (forest; cut through the road) flint (mountain, Devil made its way), flint (river of fire); Damn asks for a towel, pull it; the princess let go in the middle, the devil drowned; the princess married in another kingdom]: Onchukov 2008, No. 56:181- 182 (=1906, No. 56:147-148); Russians (Arkhangelskaya: Severnaya Dvina) [the tsar did not know that his wife was pregnant, wanted to get drunk from a well, grabbed by the beard: give someone you don't know at home; born Ivanushka; (grew up, came to the sorcerer); he tells us to recognize Mary Tsarevna; she flies in as a bird: tomorrow they will release 12 ducks, she has a white feather; found out; new task: sew shoes while the powder is burning; Marya: we must run; threw a flint: a river of fire from heaven to earth; (the sorcerer crossed); threw her baton: the forest (cut through); M. became a chapel, I. a deacon; the pursuer did not recognize, returned; reached the city; M.: they will give the child in their arms - don't take it, you'll forget me; I. took it, forgot, they married him; M. became a flower, the old man tore it off, brought it to him, put it on the window; in the morning everything was tidy; on the third night, her old man waited, gave me clothes; at the wedding, a pigeon and a dove flew out of the pie, started a conversation; dove: forget me; I. remembered, married M.]: Mitrofanova, Fedorova 1966, No. 6:113-114; Russians ( Arkhangelskaya) [Well done, he can't find a better bride than his sister. She agrees, but her backyard grandmother gives her four spindles, puts her in four corners, and orders the girl to wait four nights before getting married. The first night she hears the voices of the spindles: “ku-ku”, the second night: “Where are you?” , third: “brother marries sister”, third: “sank” and the girl sags through the ground. It turns out at the big house, he comes in A girl meets her, warns that Baba Yaga will appear and eat her, wraps Katya in a needle and sticks her collar, Yaga does not see her, but smells her. The girl covers the throat of Baba Yaga's son, he has seven. The girls run away, take a brush, flint and flint with them, and the son licked one throat, the mother calls. She arrives when her son licks all seven, chases girls. They throw the brush — the thicket, the flint — the river of fire, the flint — the mountain. The girls run to the hole through which Katya sank and go out into the white light. Katya marries a girl to her brother, and she brings her brother to Katya, because she also wanted to marry him, which she sank to]: Onchukov 2008, No. 71:213-214; Russians (Arkhangelskaya, 1908; Lapin volost, now Karelia, an 18-year-old girl A.S. Filatova, lived as an employee in different villages of Pomerania, composes ditties and songs/"folk poetess”/, illiterate) [The Tsar and the Queen notice that In their garden at night, someone steals turnips, sends sons to watch. The two eldest sons didn't see anyone. The youngest Ivan sat on the fence, “sings songs, counts the stars”, sees a humped man tearing his turnips, comes up and helps him pick up. The man invites Ivan to his dungeon, Ivan takes his brothers with him. They stay at the entrance, Ivan comes in, beats the man at cards, the man invites Ivan to guess which of the birds is a parrot, a bird, a white swan. Ivan goes out to think on the porch (smoke), the Mukhtotska dog suggests that it is a fly, a mosquito and a louse. The old man gives Mary Tsarevna for Ivan with a large dowry. Ivan's brothers lift Mary in their belts, as soon as they started lifting Ivan, cut off his belts, and he fell into the dungeon. She walks into her grandmother's backyard hut, asks how to get home, she shows the way past Jaitsna Babitsna's hut, warns that she will want to eat Ivan, put it in the oven and advises her to ask show how to sit in the heat properly. He gives Ivan a brush, a comb and a mirror to escape from Jaicna-Babica's chase. Ivan followed his grandmother's advice, put Yaitsna in the oven and ran away. She knocked out the stove flap with her feet and chased Ivan. He throws a comb, a forest grows, Yaytsna gnaws through it, throws a brush - a mountain appears, it gnaws through it, throws a mirror — a river of fire appears, it rushes into the river and burns down. Ivan comes to his city, goes to his grandmother's house, who says that Maria-Tsarevna visits her. The grandmother puts Ivan in the closet and asks where her longing is, the princess replies: “The ram has a horn”, the grandmother has gilded her horn. She put it on the table, then Marya said that her longing was in the lake, in the stone chest, duck, egg, and longing in it. Grandma and Ivan caught a stone and took out an egg. Ivan drops it and can't find it, the hare brings the egg. My grandmother put Ivan in the closet, made scrambled eggs out of eggs, and treated Mary to her. Marya's longing passed, Ivan came out of the closet, they told the truth to the tsar, expelled the brothers from the kingdom and got married]: Tseitlin 1911, No. 10:5-7 (=Azadovsky 1947, No. 15:102-105); Russians (Arkhangelskaya, b. Kuloy, 1921) [Tsar Carthaus goes for a walk in an open field, the horse is caught knee-deep with his hooves, K. comes to the white tent, the horse eats wheat next to him; K. thinks: since the horse does not allow him horse to wheat, then he will not defeat the hero whose horse; he enters the tent, there is a sleeping hero, K. falls asleep next to him, does not want to beat the sleeping one. The girl wakes up, scolds K., they go to the field to fight, the hero wins, K. asks to leave a mark, but not to kill him. The hero gouges out his eyes and puts him on his horse, who brings the owner home. K. tells his sons about the hero, the sons go to her, first the eldest two (Fedor and Vasiley), then Ivan the Fool. Blessing, my father measured I. with his hands — two arshins, big, can ride. I. does not meet anyone on the way for a long time, drives up to a crossroads, reads, “save yourself to the right, lose your horse”, to the left, on the contrary, goes to the right. He drives up to the house, meets him, feeds him, drinks him, leads him to the bed, he is the first to throw her — she falls into a hole, she is torn apart below. There are 33 fellows sitting in the pit, including Ivan's older brothers. They advise cutting the belt out of cowhide and lowering it into the hole, I. pulls it out one at a time. Brothers eat a cow, everyone takes their goods and a horse, and burns the house. I. goes on, and the brothers return home to their father. Ivan comes to the hut, the old woman feeds and drinks him, he asks him to be guided to his “mind”, in response to politeness, she gives her “thin” horse, Ivan rides it to her sister, drops his glove on the way, the horse replies that during this time he rode two hundred miles. The old woman's sister also gives a horse, Ivan rides it to his third sister, drops his hat, and the horse slips three hundred miles. The third one tells you how to get to the hero, gives Ivan his clothes and a bayunka cat. I. goes to the hero instead of the old woman, bows and keeps silent so that she does not recognize her voice. There is a sleeping hero in the lady, he copulates with her, leaves an inscription on his forehead, scoops up living and dead water and leaves. The horse jumps over the city wall and hits it with its hoof. The hero sees the inscription “for your ridicule back”, understands what happened, chases I. She asks the old woman about the passers-by, she replies that I. goes slowly, it is not difficult to catch up, sends the girl to the bathhouse. The next old woman has the same thing, after the third hero she began to catch up, I. threw flint, a mountain appears, the girl began to beg her to stay with her, I. refuses. The hero brings sawflies and walks through the mountain. I. throws a flint — a fire, the hero again asks to take her, promises to be a submissive wife. He refuses, she promises to marry him by spring. I. comes home, with the help of dead and living water, the brothers restore their father's eyesight, walks in taverns and drinks. A hero arrives with her youths on three ships (yellow, blue, blue), Fedor and Vasilya come to her, she does not recognize them. They send I. to figure out why the ships are near the city, he gets on the ship, the hero puts him to sleep and takes him with his youths to him. They are getting married]: Ozarovskaya 2009, No. 36:312-319; Russians (Olonetskaya: Zaonezhye) [the king bent over the well, someone grabbed him; let him go, gave water for promising to give what he did not know at home; the king does not knew that a daughter was born; the water promised to come for a gift in 12 years; when his daughter was 12 years old, the king put her in a cart, harnessed her, and he took her to another country; from an oncoming wagon {is there a sorcerer?} they ask the goat what he is lucky; he replies that brushes and pins; {it's not entirely clear, but they are running away from the chase}; the girl asks the goat what she can hear, he each time replies that the chase is on his heels ; the girl throws a comb (ice floe from east to west, from earth to sky), a brush (bone mountain); the pursuers drilled, cut through; the towel is a river of fire, the chase stopped; the girl locked herself in the house, but the king had to open it, he married her; Yaga-baba pushed the queen into the water, replaced her with her daughter; the king is surprised that his wife is thin; she asks to slaughter the goat; he comes to the sea: sister Natasyushka, I will be stabbed tomorrow; N.: a white stone presses my neck, the sands fall asleep, the water floods my eyes; the king overheard, took out N., on the fourth day she came to life, told everything; Yaga Baba and her daughter tied to 12 stallions and let them into the open field; “Where the head fell, there is a slit {rocky ridge}, where the corpse is there is a swamp, where the legs are hooks, where the hands are there are rakes”]: Karnaukhova 2009, No. 64:176-180; Russians (Olonetskaya, Velikogubskaya vol., Kosmozero, Zap. I.V. Karnaukhova) [the wife is childless; sent for fresh perch; the wife and the worker ate, both gave birth to a boy; the elder brother {the hostess's son} went, three growths: to the right - you will be rich, to the left - wife, middle — killed; went to the left; in the young lady's house; put him to bed, he fell into the underground; his younger brother went, chose the road where he would be killed; a hut on chicken legs — turn the porch here; Baba Yaga fed, she gave a comb, sent it to her older sister; she gave a bar, sent it to the oldest; fog over the city, in the house of Baba Yaga (apparently the oldest sister) tells stories to the girls; the guy took apples and live water , raped the girl, galloped away; girl: he drank tea, but did not cover the teapot, sent a chase; the guy threw a comb (forest), a bar (gorges), a towel (river of fire); the guy got to Rosstani and drove along the road to marry; also failed; broke the wall, everyone went out; the brothers envied him, killed him; the horse broke a bottle of live water, revived it; he returned home; the messenger from the girl Krasa from the golden kingdom: let a betrothed arrives; she already has a child; her older brother has gone; she put down velvet, the guy got off his horse, went around, she drove him away; the youngest drove on velvet — here's my betrothed; they began to live happily ever after, good money]: Vlasova 2011, No. 15:45-46; the Russians (Olonetskaya) [the tsar and the queen hid their son and daughter in a hole from Tsar Samoyed; he found them, promised to return; the lioness gave a comb and flint; they abandoned crest (forest), flint (river of fire); began to live across the river; while his brother's flint, S. could not cross the river; S. did a great job, persuaded his sister to steal flint; once with his sister, he suggested that she began to play cards with her brother, the loser would be tied; S. ate the tied up; then the girl disgraced S. and he became a Russian man, began to make good money]: Vlasova 2011, No. 19:50-51; Russians ( North) [The brother calls his sister to marry him, she puts dolls in the corners, asks if it is good to live with her brother. 4 times the dolls say that it's bad and the last time they say “ask underground”, girl falls through the ground and ends up in a meadow. It stops the hut, which is spinning on a chicken leg, covered with pancake, and backed up by pies. The girl in the hut looks like Annushka, wraps human hair around her bone, warns that Egibova will arrive and want to eat Annushka, and orders the girl to wrap her hair around her bone. She wraps Annushka in a ball and throws her under the bench. Egibova senses the Russian spirit, but the girl says it smells like a bone that was dropped into a pipe by a bird flying from Russia. Egibova eats and lies down on the stove. The girl takes a comb, a scissor and scissors with her, oils the door so that it does not creak and runs away with Annushka. Egibova catches up, the girl throws a creamer, a hill grows, Egibova gnaws, breaks her teeth, threatens to eat the blacksmith, if he does not miss her iron ones, he forges. The same is repeated with the scallop (a forest appears). The girl throws her scissors, a fiery river appears, Egibova cannot pass. Girls run to Annushka's house, her brother marries a second girl and they live together]: Karnaukhova 1934, No. 70:151-153; Russians (Arkhangelskaya) [Well done can't find a better bride than him sister. She agrees, but her backyard grandmother gives her four spindles, puts her in four corners, and orders the girl to wait four nights before getting married. The first night she hears the voices of the spindles: “ku-ku”, the second night: “Where are you?” , third: “brother marries sister”, third: “sank” and the girl sags through the ground. It turns out at the big house, he comes in A girl meets her, warns that Baba Yaga will appear and eat her, wraps Katya in a needle and sticks her collar, Yaga does not see her, but smells her. The girl covers the throat of Baba Yaga's son, he has seven. The girls run away, take a brush, flint and flint with them, and the son licked one throat, the mother calls. She arrives when her son licks all seven, chases girls. They throw the brush — the thicket, the flint — the river of fire, the flint — the mountain. The girls run to the hole through which Katya sank and go out into the white light. Katya marries a girl to her brother, and she brings her brother to Katya, because she also wanted to marry him, which she sank to]: Onchukov 2008, No. 71:213-214; Russians (Pskovskaya, Pushkinogorsky district) [grandfather and woman have a mill with 12 gates; she took the flour herself, grinded it, closed and opened by the hour; she was hysterical, the man is looking for a help; the naked promises to do everything, but tells to give what the man does not know at home; the wife gave birth to twins: Nastya and Vanya; the father gave them a needle without ears and told them to run; told the naked that they had run to him; N. threw the comb (forest, naked returned for an ax, cut through the course); N. waved her handkerchief, they flew across the lake; came to the hut: turn back there, here in front; an old man came with a gun and a dog; told them to serve I. and died; N. came to the river, on the other side is naked with an accordion, offers to marry, tells me to wave a handkerchief; she waved, he flew to her; advises to ask I. to get hare's milk; the hare fed up and gave a bunny; N. poured out milk; then but with a fox, a she-wolf, a bear, a lioness; naked: let him go to your father's mill, his animals will remain locked; while walking, N. weaved three ropes: silk, hemp, hair; N. suggests I. to tear them apart; hair I. could not tear; asks permission to heat the bathhouse before death; the raven is flying, reports how many doors the animals gnawed; the animals ran, tore their naked, N. tied two naked teeth in a handkerchief; I. chained her to an oak tree, put two barrels; let her cry in one for the naked, and the other for him; not far from the lake came out to the lake; he was just convicted Tsareva's daughter; (hereinafter in square brackets: I. saves her, marries her; his wife feels sorry for N., asks to forge it off; N. throws them in the tooth in their heads - they die; animals revive with living and dead water; N. was torn, tied to horse tails)]: Chernyshev 1950, No. 43:86-89; Russians (Moscow, Bronnitsky U.) [Trofim is a bad man; his aunt Malania persuaded a young widow to marry him; she has sons Ivan and Gregory; T. beats his wife, tells him to get rid of the children; the brothers have left, they went from the fork along different roads ; some rider, he is the Spirit, took I. into his service; when leaving, he tells him not to feed one horse, to beat him; the horse asks I. to give him grain, but to beat the camel standing next to him; take 3 bowls of water, 3 combs; I. he combed his hair with them, his hair became copper from one, silver from the other, gold from the third; the horse told me to take a brush, soap, flint, flint, combat harness; remove his shackles; they galloped away; the spirit flew in, the camel told him everything, the Spirit rides him in pursuit; the horse asks what I. sees: I.: There is a cloud on the left; horse: it's a spirit, throw the comb (forest); the spirit returned for the magic hatchet, cut the way; soap (soap mountain; returned after the spade); flint and flint (the flame, it devoured the stalker's storm); the Spirit fell at the horse's feet, promised not to meet him again; the horse tells you to hire a king who has another king beat the army and wants to marry his youngest daughter; I. works for a gardener; while sleeping, the princess noticed his golden hair; on her horse and in his real form, I. smashes enemies; older sons-in-law said that it was they; now the queen is demanded by a 9-headed serpent; I. defeated him; defeated the enemy again, wounded in the arm; the king identified him, gave his daughter; the horse said goodbye and rode away; wedding; at this time G. entered the dense forest; there tower, old man; he must serve him for 12 years; he tells him to groom 12 horses and beat a chained camel; the camel says that he is a magician himself, and the horse who helped I. was also here; teaches him to take a worthless sword, only she will cut the chains; they jump, the old man pursues, G. hacked him with that sword; the camel leads to his father for a reward; there is a heroic horse in the dungeon; G. drank strong water, became a hero; the Queen easily defeated 12 heroes, and G. defeated her himself; other heroes were going to her; N. won everyone, recognized them among his defeated brother; married the queen]: Chudinsky 1864, No. 3:7-41; Russians ( Ryazanskaya) [the man has three daughters; in the village, lots were cast on who to recruit, the choice fell on this man; the eldest daughter offered to go instead of her father; dressed as a man, took a gun; to meet the hare - she got scared and returned; the same middle daughter (towards the wolf); the youngest bear to meet him; she shot his finger and moved on; served for many years without arousing suspicion among her comrades; the mistress of the room, which the imaginary young man shared with his friend suspected that it was a girl; let a friend put hay under the mattress; under the woman the hay would turn black, and under the man would remain green; the girl got up early and replaced the blackened hay with fresh hay; hostess: go to the bathhouse together; girl: oh, we forgot the soap; while a friend was going to get soap, the girl had already washed herself; the service was over and the girl returned home; and her friend became cat and began to meow under the window; the girl's father: sweet, let the cat in; the cat grabbed the girl and carried her away by the Oka; becoming human again, the guy married the girl; mother-in-law tells her to bring gray sheep out of the forest; husband: these are wolves; the girl climbed onto the spruce tree, told the wolves to pack up and fill the birch bark box with their wool; then she went down, took the box and brought the wolves to her mother-in-law; she gives a windowsill and tells her to milk the dark brown cows; these are bears; daughter-in-law tells them to milk, brings milk; mother-in-law: go to my sister and get a yarn comber (Weberkamm); husband: this is Baba Yaga; give oil to the cat, he will bring a scratcher; Baba Yaga's hut on a chicken leg, on a spindle leg; Baba Yaga let her in kindly, and went to sharpen her teeth herself; her daughter-in-law gave the cat oil, he told him to spit on the threshold, the saliva would respond; taking a scratcher, The daughter-in-law ran away; Baba Yaga sat down in an iron stupa, took an iron pestle and set off in pursuit; her daughter-in-law threw her brush, thick reeds grew; the crest was a birch tree; the stone was a river; Baba Yaga tried to drink it and burst; now her mother-in-law sent her daughter-in-law and son to fish; they caught a ring that the girl threw into the river when the guy was carrying her to the other side; she said]: Khudyakov, 2, No. 60:81-85 in Löwis of Menar 1921, No. 31:176-181 (in Uther 2004 (1), No. 514:301-302, for some reason, the fairy tale is called Belarusian); Russians (Voronezh, Bobrovsky district) [the tsar leaned to to drink water to the well, the tsar bear grabbed him by the beard, let him go for promising to give what he did not know in the house; while the queen gave birth to twins: Ivan Tsarevich and Mary Tsarevna; the children were hidden in the underground in the ward; the parents are dead, the king bear has come, the palace is empty, a chisel is stuck in the wall; replies that he must be thrown: wherever he sticks, dig there; the king bear found I. and M., took him to his place; the children ask for a drink; when the king bear went to get water, the eagle picked up the children and carried them, but the king bear scorched his wings; next time the children wanted to eat, the eagle carried the children; the third time the children were carried by a dristun goby; three times defecates into the face of a catching bear; then gives I. a comb and a towel; the abandoned comb turned into a forest, the bear gnawed; I. waved a towel — lake of fire; the bear stopped chase; brought the goby to his house in a clearing; tells him to slaughter and burn it, scatter the ashes in three ridges, a horse, a dog and an apple tree will grow; I. took a horse and a dog, brought a wolf cub and a bear cub from hunting; once did not take the dog with him; the six-headed serpent flew in, became handsome, asked M. to build a bridge over the lake, took it away, and locked the dog and threw the key into the lake; I. went to look; in the open field, a hut for chicken loapkas, on dog heels; I.: turn backwards to the forest, in front of me; in the Baba Yaga hut, bone leg from corner to corner, nose to ceiling; Baba Yaga tells you to break three twigs from that apple tree, hit the castle, it will stop, you can pick up the dog and go to the snake; the dog, the wolf and the bear tore the snake, I. returned M.]: Afanasiev 1958, No. 201:90-93; Russians (Voronezhskaya, 1964, p. Kamenno-Verkhovka of Novousmansky District) [The sorceress marries the poor beauty three times for her son, and receives consent for the third time. There is no groom. Makes a girl milk her cows. The girl has never done this, she asks her mother, she replies that she should say “cows, milk yourself”, the sorceress is surprised how her cows did not tear the girl apart and gave her milk. She orders the girl to shear her sheep, everything repeats itself, the wool is collected in a bag by itself. The girl is allowed to rest, she hears a noise, realizes that the sorceress wants to “tear” her apart, turns to the old sorceress, who gives her a bar, a comb, butter and grain. The girl puts a piece of bread on her head, the birds take it and do not touch the girl, sprinkles grain — they peck the grain, do not peck her eyes out. The girl lubricates the lock with oil and the doors dissolve easily. She hears the sorceress chasing her, “brushing her teeth.” She throws a bar, a mountain appears, the sorceress returns for an ax, cuts a mountain, throws a comb — the sorceress cuts down a dense forest. The girl swims across the river when the sorceress is in the middle, throws resin, the river boils and she dies. The girl returns to her mother]: Kretov 1977, No. 26:42-43; Russians (Voronezhskaya, 1965, p. Pike in Ertil District) [The merchant suspects his non-native son of stealing, says that it would be better to take him the hell. The hell takes the boy, raises him. The hell goes away and leaves the guy with his keys, but won't let him go into the same room. He comes in, sees a skinny horse on chains, gives him 3 buckets of water, the horse breaks his chains, invites the boy to run away, he does not immediately agree. The hell catches up with them, scolds the guy, puts the horse on a chain. The hell goes away again and promises to kill the guy if he goes into the forbidden room. The guy goes to the horse, which is completely exhausted, gives him more water, the horse escapes, they decide to run. The horse advises you to take the hell with a towel, comb and brush. He gets up in his face to the east, orders to dig a hole — gold is boiling in it, the guy gives up — they turn gold, then digs a hole under the horse's hind legs — there's silver, he lets his legs down, they stand up silver knee. The devil catches up with the fugitives, the guy throws in the towel, a river appears, then a comb appears, a forest grows, and a brush — a wall of fire grows. The devil can't get over it, turns back. The guy finds himself in a foreign kingdom, calls to save the princess stolen by the Turkish padishah. The guy returns the girl, but does not confess, he kills the bull, rips off his skin and wraps him in it, the princess sees him and falls in love, asks his father to marry them. The king does not like the boy, he promises to marry his daughter if he defeats the Turkish army, because the Turkish padishah, who has lost his princess, declares war. The boy defeats the Turkish army, his squad dies, he alone saves the king's daughter and her maid (her tent is captured by a Turkish squad). The horse asks to cut off his head, the guy doesn't want to, but he insists. The horse turns out to be a good fellow, bewitched by the trait, now that he's broken, the devil is dead. The Tsar marries his daughter to the guy, well done marries the princess's beautiful maid]: Kretov 1977, No. 32:54-56; Russians (Voronezh): Baryshnikova 2007, No. 26 [Mother leaves her son before death a ring for him to marry a girl that it will suit. He can't find a bride, the ring only fits his own sister, and her brother calls her to marry, she refuses, but he insists. She tells an old woman passing by about her grief, she asks for three old shirts, makes dolls out of them, and orders them to be placed in the corners of the room before the wedding. The dolls “snack”, tell the story of her sister, after each line, the girl falls into the ground: knee-length, to the waist, completely. The replicas of the dolls are accompanied by questions from her brother whether her sister is ready, she answers: she has just put on her shoes, put on her dress, and for the third time, without hearing an answer, Danila enters the room and sees a hole in the floor. The girl falls down and finds herself in the same village as her native, enters the hut, sees a girl who looks like her, she embroiders her flies. She warns that Baba Yaga will eat the guest, turns her into a needle and hides her in a broom (her sister sticks the needle into the top of her head and thus turns her into a needle). Baba Yaga feels that “rus-bone smells”, the girl feeds her and puts her to bed, then both girls take a brush, comb and wipe (towel?) , run away. When yaga catches up with them, objects (comb wood, brush reeds, lit duck) are thrown. Danila can't recognize her sister because the girls are similar. The cook helps to find out: he puts a bubble of a pig filled with blood under Danile's arm, pretending to be quarreling with him. The cook stabs Danila and blood flows from the bubble. His sister is the first to run up to Danila, he marries her], 26a [Repeats the plot of fairy tale No. 26, details appear: Baba Yaga adorns the wattle fence with human heads. Running away from the yaga, the girls throw a bottle of water — the sea appears, the yaga drinks it, throw the comb — a forest appears, a “cannabis container” (a bunch of hemp). The last to throw “gas” (kerosene), set it on fire and the yaga stops]: 129-132, 132-135; Russians (Voronezh Region): Afanasiev 1958 (1), No. 103 [stepmother sends stepdaughter to her sister Baba Yaga for with a needle and thread; the girl's aunt teaches her what to do; Baba Yaga tells her to weave, heat the bathhouse, wash her niece; fill the firewood with water, carry water with a sieve; the girl gives the cat ham, he gives her a comb towel; the girl runs, gives bread to the dogs, pours oil under the heels of the gate, ties the birch tree with tape so that her eyes do not quilt, gives a handkerchief to the worker; at this time the cat weaves, is responsible for the girl; speaks Baba Yaga, that she did not feed him; the dog, the gate, the birch tree, the worker also answer; Baba Yaga is flying in a mortar, the girl throws in the towel (the river; Baba Yaga brings her bulls, they drank the river), the comb (the forest, Baba Yaga did not gnaw at him); after listening to the girl's story, her father shot his wife]: 156-158; Russians (Voronezh) [the tsar leans to the well for a drink while hunting, the Tsar Bear (CM) grabs his beard, tells you to give back what he does not know at home; at home, his wife gave birth to Ivan Tsarevich and Mary Tsarevna; parents hide their children in a hole, disguise it; after their death, the CM comes, asks the chisel, it pierces the place where you have to dig, CM takes I. and M.; on the way he left, the falcon offers the children to save them, puts them on his back, flies, CM burns his wings, takes the children again; the same episode with the eagle; the goby- The dristunok tells the children to sit on his back, runs, covers the bear's eyes three times with his manure, he runs to wash; gives a comb, a towel; the abandoned comb turns into a forest, a towel into a lake of fire, CM stops chasing; the goby tells him to kill him, burn him, sow ashes in three beds, a horse, a dog, an apple tree have grown; I. catches, raises a wolf cub, a bear cub; the 6-headed snake pretends to be handsome, M. lets him in, he takes it away, locking Ivan's dog, throwing the key into the lake; Baba Yaga teaches I. to hit the castle with three apple branches, I. frees the dog, goes to the snake; dog, wolf cub, bear cub the snake tore]: Afanasiev 1958 (2), No. 201:90-93; Russians (Voronezh) [the mouse quarreled with V No. 224:197-204. The cat tells her to wait every time for him to eat bread and drink milk, etc.. rrobiem, stealing grain from the barn, the animals began to fight with birds; the wounded Eagle asks the merchant three times not to kill him, but to care for him; three years later he carries it on his back; drops it three times over the sea and catches so that the merchant feels like he, the Eagle, was afraid of being shot by him; the Eagle's sisters in the copper and silver kingdoms refuse to give the merchant a casket, the sister in the golden kingdom gives it; the Eagle tells not open it along the way, the merchant opens it, a palace and servants appear from it; Unbaptized Forehead collects everything in a casket for promising to give what he does not know at home; the merchant is met by his wife with his newborn son; Ivan grows up, goes to NL; Baba Yaga advises hiding the wings of a colorful cabbage roll when three cabbage rolls arrive to swim; this is Vasilisa Premudraya, NL's beloved daughter; his cook Chumichka lies as if Ivan promised 1) for cut down the forest a day, harvest, bake pies out of flour; 2) make a flying ship; VP does everything, Chumichka is thrown off the ship; 3) NL tells him to go around the stallion; this is NL himself, Ivan hits him with a hammer; 4) choose a bride among three mares, three cabbage rolls, three girls (the VP has a dull glitter on the bridle; it will wave its wing; a handkerchief); after the wedding, the young run, the VP turns Ivan into a vegetable garden, himself into a head of cabbage; a well and a falcon; when NL himself is chasing, VP throws a brush (forest), a comb (mountain), a towel (sea); Ivan is the first to come home, kisses his godmother, forgets the VP; she is hired as a worker, Ivan is ready get married; VP comes to the wedding with a pie, a dove with a dove comes out of it, the dove says that the dove will forget her, how Ivan forgot the VP; Ivan recalls]: Afanasiev 1958 (2), No. 224:197-204; Russians [the old man tells childless spouses to collect an egg from each yard, plant a ball; 40 healthy boys are born, one is frail; his name is Zamoryshek (Last); brothers mow hay, gather in haystacks, one haystack disappears; Z. tells the blacksmith to chain, catches and tames the thief — the sea mare, she gives her foals, the brothers go to look for brides; only Baba Yaga has 41 daughters; the horse Z. tells them to change at night sometimes with their wives; Baba Yaga's servants cut off the heads of her daughters; brothers put their heads on stakes, leave; Baba Yaga burns a fire shield; Z. throws a handkerchief across the sea, it turns into a bridge, brothers save themselves]: Afanasiev 1958 (1), No. 105:166-168, 482 [var.: Z. throws a brush (mountain), a comb (forest), a towel (river)]; Russians (Tverskaya) [the merchant began to drink from the river, he was grabbed by Chudo-Yudo the Lawless, tells me to give that he does not know at home; while the merchant was away, the wife gave birth to a son; he grew up, went to Chu; baba yaga gives a ball, he rolls to her sister, she gives another to Chu's daughter, her ball rolls CHU; there are 77 ducks at sea, for he has a fence with heads on poles; the girl tells him to take three steps back, the young man ends up in Chu's house; he gives tasks 1) put up a barn overnight, 2) grow it overnight, collect wheat in a barn; Vasilisa Wise does everything; 3) recognize VP among his 77 daughters (waving a handkerchief, shifting a ring); wedding; young people run, VP leaves 4 dolls responsible for themselves; throws a comb (forest), soap ( mountain), ubrus (sea); VP warns her husband not to kiss the child when he enters; he kisses, forgets her, is going to marry another; VP makes a cake, a pigeon with a dove, a dove, come out of it for a feast asks the pigeon not to forget her, as Ivan VP forgot; Ivan recalls]: Afanasiev 1958 (2), No. 225:205-208; Russians (Kursk) [a witch gives a woman a ring for her son; the son grows up, the ring fits only to his sister, he wants to marry her; she leaves four dolls responsible for herself, goes to the ground, comes to the witch, shoves her into the oven, runs away with her daughter; the witch gets out, chases, girls throw a brush (cane), comb (forest), towel (sea of fire, witch dies); they come to his brother, he does not know which of the two is his sister; he hides a bag with with blood, tells the servant to stab him with a knife; his sister cries, pretending to be; her brother gives her to a good man, marries her friend]: Afanasiev 1958 (2), No. 14:187-190; Belarusians: Dobrovolsky 1903, No. 10 [throws a brush (swamp), then a comb (thicket)]: 455-467; Belarusians [the king's most beautiful ship has sank; he promises half a kingdom to whoever returns the ship; evil spirits: half a kingdom is not needed, give it back what you don't know at home; it turned out that the wife gave birth to a son and daughter at home; they grew up, a serpent flew to pick them up, brought them to the forest; the boy talks about barrels, the girl talked about watermelons; the snake realized that they were not princes children; I had to give it back; once a serpent told the boy to separate the poppy from the ash, and the girl to embroider a towel; the barn took them under his wings, carried them away from the snake; he caught up, took them away; the next day the ox tells the girl to take them a brush and a comb, and a bar and a handkerchief to the boy, sit in his left and right ear; the serpent catches up, they throw a brush (forest), a comb (an earthen mountain), a bar ( stone mountain); waving a handkerchief by the sea is a bridge, on the other side there is no bridge; the ox tells to cut it into 12 parts, they turned into 12 dogs; they began to live; brother does not know that snakes have begun to fly to his sister; sister asks for bear milk; the bear gave milk and the bear cub; the same with the she-wolf; the dogs were left outside 12 doors; the sister tells the brother to warm the water; the raven: take your time, the dogs gnawed nine doors; the brother asks allow death to blow the trumpet; the dogs heard the snake tore; the sister took the snake's tooth; the brother and sister began to live with their parents; the sister put the tooth in the brother's bed; he died, the sister's body in the barrel and at sea; the wolf took out a barrel, the bear knocked out the bottom, found a tooth, took it out; began to live happily ever after]: Romanov 1887, No. 7:63-65; Western Ukrainians (Transcarpathia) [the poor man has many children, he sold his son's shuffles; He feeds nuts to eat; the horse offers to take him away, the shuffling caught up, forgave me (“my mother forgave me the first time, beat me with a rod, the third time you can eat it”); the same second horse; the third is thin , tells you to take a comb, a towel and a cup (or a goblet); the boy throws a comb (thicket), a cup (ice), a towel (a bridge over the water; they crossed and removed the bridge); the horse orders to cut it into three parts, dogs appeared Far, Dalekovid, Iron Head; one day a guy saw a girl on the other side; she asked to throw in the towel to create a bridge and lock the dogs; this girl was shuffled from the boy's parents, but she came in her place; the boy asked for permission to climb a tree before his death and whistle (that horse gave it); the dog with an iron head broke the door, the dogs came running, they broke the shuffle, the boy returned to his parents]: Day 1981:69-73; Ukrainians (Transcarpathia) [grandfather brought his stepmother; went to work; stepmother tells his stepdaughter to go to her sister for a needle and thread — she will sew a new dress for the girl; the girl sees a toad fighting with the mouse, pressing it down; drove the toad away; a grateful mouse gives a piece of meat, bread, butter, a red ribbon; from a witch who will put her at the spinning wheel , you should throw the meat to the cat, bread to the dog, grease the gate with oil, tie the ribbon to the birch tree; they will not rush, they will miss it; then the girl drove away the snake that crushed the lizard; she gives a towel and a comb; the witch constantly asks if the girl is spinning, and preparing to buy and slaughter her; the cat, who has received the meat, spins for the girl, tells her to run; the cat, the dogs, the gate, the birch say that they are not a witch She did not do good once, but the girl did it; threw the comb (forest), the towel (the river); the witch returned for a broom to fly across the river, but the girl ran home; the father was just right returned; drove his stepmother away]: Verkhovyna's Tales 1970:407-412; Ukrainians (Galicia) [the man walked looking for a bride; the sorcerer ordered to look for gold-haired Yalena; came to the Sun — it does not know, gave gold ball; The month is the same, gave a brush; Wind: I hold 30 women with iron tongues; tells me to hire a sorcerer who will give a flying horse; gave a broom; the vorodey tells the mare to herd; by night the noise, the mare has disappeared; there is a hen on eggs in the crown; the foxes pulled out the eggs, a mare with three foals jumped out of them; the sorcerer gave one; I am in the jug, you have to take the jug, but do not open it on the way; the women are sleeping, the man took the jug; women woke up and caught up; he threw his brush (forest; gnawed), ball (mountain; gnawed); hit the sea with a broom, it parted; when he passed, hit again, the sea came together, the women drowned; the king rode from the same sorcerer, they began to fight; the horses consulted, the tsar's horse threw him off, he was killed; the man brought Y. home]: Pankeev 1992:61-63; Ukrainians (Pokutye) [pan bent over to the well to drink water; the underground king grabbed his beard: give him what you do not know at home; when the pan returned, it turned out that his wife had given birth to a son; he grew up, went to the forest at the age of 15; voice out of the fire: remind father of his promise; boy went to look for the underground king; there were 12 white shirts by the river and 12 ducks in the water; he hid one shirt; the ducks went ashore and became girls; the one whose clothes he hid says they are 12 daughters of the underground king; stomped, a passage to the lower world opened; teaches her father to kneel; he gives 3 tasks; 1) build a castle overnight; the girl tells me to go to bed, the castle is ready in the morning; 2) identify the youngest daughter among 12 , otherwise it will be given to live pigs to eat; girl: my ear will be spinning; 3) sew boots; the girl can't, they are running, her spit is responsible for the young man; chase; the girl has turned herself into a field, a young man at a sower; a lake and a fisherman; a tavern and a tavern; now the girl throws a comb — a dense forest; they are almost there; the young man goes forward, the girl tells him not to kiss the child, otherwise she will forget her; he kissed; a wedding is being prepared with a girl; the girl has hired a cook, baked a loaf and two doves; a dove and a dove exchange phrases about how the young man forgot everything; pan is glad that his son is back, and with bride; the cook became a dove, flew after the young man; {it is unclear whether he still married the daughter of an underground king or an earthly girl}]: Zinchuk 2005b, No. 88:392-401; northern Ukrainians (Chernigov, Nezhinsky u.) [The king, queen and one daughter died, leaving the second daughter and son; when the father died, he buried them to hide them from the snake; the serpent flew in, asking the pomelo, pokers, hooks, axes, shelves where the king is hid the children; everyone replies that the king or queen was kind to them; he will drown (bury the heat, take the pots out of the oven, chop them, etc.) and put them (put them), so I stand (lie); but the snake insists that the chisel shows signs of work (wrinkles); it agrees and tells you to go out, throw it behind you and dig it where it falls; the snake dug up the children and carried them into its hole; on the way, Olenka invites you to look for the snake lice; the snake fell asleep, Ivan cries; the bumblebee puts the children on his back, carries him away, but the snake caught up and returned; next time the goby offers to help; carries children, the snake catches up; the goby tells I. to climb into him right ear, get out of his left ear, he has a scallop and a handkerchief in his head; I. waved his scallop — a thicket, a handkerchief — the sea parted and the goby ran dry; the serpent was afraid, built a house for himself and stayed in it; brother his sister and his sister came to another house; the goby tells him to slaughter him, hang his legs in different places; in the morning they appeared dogs Protyus and Nedvyus, a sword and a gun; his sister went to the river to wash, snakes from another the shore asks to get a handkerchief and wave to cross it; O. told I. that she wanted to wash the handkerchief, waved, the sea parted, the snake passed; O. agreed to pretend to be sick, ask the animal milk; when I. comes up, the serpent turned into a needle, telling O. to stick it into the wall, otherwise the dogs would tear it; the dogs caught up with the hare, she let her milk, gave a bunny; the same with the fox, the she-wolf, a bear, a lioness, a tigress; the serpent offered to send I. to the mill so that the animals would remain locked behind 12 doors; when I. left the mill, the doors closed; I.'s houses asked permission before he died climb the ash tree; magpie: don't go down, the dog's three doors have already gnawed; dogs have come running, tore O. and the snake]: Malinka 1902, No. 16:277-282; Ukrainians (Kherson) [after the death of his parents, the boy and the girl lives with an old woman; she sent them to Baba Yaga; BYU tells them to carry bath water with a sieve; the cat advises to cover the holes with clay; then: heat the bath without straw; cat: brushwood under the shelf; BYA steamed and left; the children gave bacon to the cat, bread to the dog, smeared the gate, they opened; the cat gave a brush and a handkerchief; on the way there was a prickly pine tree, the children tied her needles with a ribbon, she missed; cat, dog, gate, pine BYA answers that she did not care about them, and the children took care of them, so they missed them; the children threw their handkerchief — the river; the brush — the thicket; the BYA stopped chasing]: Yastrebov 1894, No. 19. 1:154-156; Ukrainians (Kharkiv) [The Tsar makes a “zalizny” wolf for children — Ivan and Oleksandra. He comes to life, parents hide their children in the oven, the wolf eats the king and queen. The wolf asks at the pot, then at the bowl, the grip, where the children are hiding, they do not know. The chisel says that the owner hit him on the cheeks and head, promises to point out that if the wolf throws him over his head, it ends up in the oven. The children ask the wolf not to eat them, promise to consider them their elder brother, he takes them to the graves, and goes for the prey himself. Cranes ask the royal children if they are sitting of their own free will, they answer, the birds carry the children away. The wolf discovers the loss, goes in pursuit, the crane asks Ivan Tsarevich if the wolf is far away, he replies - “the axis is far away”, the wolf blows on the wings of birds and pear them, the cranes fall, the children promise again listen to the wolf, ask them not to eat them. He leaves them on the graves, a bull appears, takes the royal children, asks them to take with him a comb, a handkerchief, a spoon, and a brush. When a bull asks Ivan if the wolf pursuer is far away, he replies that he is close and throws his brush — the forest grows as thick as a brush, then the comb grows a forest that is thick like a comb, then a spoon — a mountain grows, a handkerchief — the sea. A wolf cannot cross the sea]: Kharkov collection of 1898, No. 3:127-128; Ukrainians, Russians in Ukraine [Witch and Sun Sister. Ivan Tsarevich nem; when he reaches the age of 12, the groom tells him that his parents had a daughter who will eat everyone; advises him to ask his father for the best horse to ride and leave; on the way I. meets characters who say that they have a little left to live, that they will die when they finish their work; two old seamstresses will break the chest of needles and sew a chest of thread; Vertodub will pull out all the oaks; Vertogor — all the mountains; Solntseva's sister accepts I. as a son; from the mountain he sees his house, there is desolation; Solntseva's sister sends him, giving him a brush, a comb, two youthful apples; he throws a brush, mountains grow, Vertogor is happy; comb — oaks; gives apples to seamstresses — they get younger, give I. khustochka {?} ; at home, the sister asks me to play the harp; The mouse says that she went to sharpen her teeth, tells her to run, she stays running along the strings; I. waves the khustochka - the lake; Heltodub throws oaks in the way of cannibal oaks, Vertogor — mountains; I., Sun, open the window; jumps into the house on horseback; witch: Whoever weighs on the scales will eat it; when he steps on the scales, Ivana throws him to heaven; the witch remains on land]: Afanasiev 1985 (1), No. 93:110-112 (1958:136-138); Ukrainians (Cherkasskaya: Chigirin) [the youngest son goes to sow, the grain ripened on the same day; the father became rich, married his eldest son to a peasant woman, the middle in the popow, the youngest on the daughter of the general; the youngest son is seven years motionless; the old woman tells him to be taken to the forest, tied to the oak with an iron rope, leave without looking back (if he looked back, Seven Years I would break off the whole forest); after 7 days, the Seven Year old woke up, comes to the old woman, takes the name Superfub; her two snake sons take him as brothers, give him the keys, tell him not to look into the stable; he opens there are two horses, one eats gold, his head and hand also turn gold; the old woman tells him to run, otherwise they will eat it; gives a brush, a comb, a handkerchief; the Serpent chases, the Superfumb throws a comb (forest), a brush (mound), a handkerchief (the sea, the Serpent drinks, bursts); hires the master to herd pigs, leads them to the land of the Serpent, frees three heroes from under the cliff; marries the master's daughter; the Serpent demands to eat it; the Superoak kills the Snake]: Pankeev 1992:202-216; Poles: Krzyżanowski 1947, No. 327A [the poor man leaves his children in the forest; twice they return according to the signs left, the third time not they found roads; they come to a gingerbread house, there is a witch; she feeds them, they show them a bone or stick instead of a finger; push a witch's daughter or cook into the oven, or change hats with children witches and at night she kills her children; children run away, throwing magic objects, a mountain, a forest, a river appear; a cannibal tries to drink the river and bursts; the children have returned home]: 35-36; Cox 1893, No. 57 [stepmother tyrannites her stepdaughter; she herds cattle; a mistress appears from the spruce, gives magic dresses; in them, the heroine comes to church three times, runs three times in a hurry; throws soap and thread behind her, creating fog; threshold I smear it with resin, the shoe sticks; all girls are told to try it on; the heroine is hidden on the roof of a barn; the rooster screams about it (the story goes on to another story)]: 24; Poles [princess languishes in a mountain castle, a witch watches her; her lover, the prince, walks in vain under the walls of the castle; the visionary took pity on him; she flew to the princess with a dove, told her to take a comb and a brush with her, an apple, a sheet and run; when the witch flew on a shovel to Bald Mountain on Thursday, the princess ran away; sees a witch on a rooster; throws a comb (river, witch swam across), brush (forest), apple (mountain), a sheet (sea); the princess ran to her father's castle; the prince was already there, the wedding; the witch swam and drowned; the sea disappeared and the witch's corpse was in the field; they tried to bury him, but the earth rejected him; then the wind carried him to her castle]: Woycicki 1920:79-81; Kashubas [the childless owner of Cieczkow Castle finally has twins; the boy was named Morning, the girl was named Vesnyanka; once the owner the castle was met by a witch, who promises to send an iron wolf for the children in six months; the father is building a stone fortress for the children, surrounded by a moat; the wolf comes, says that there is no need to be afraid of him, jumps into the fortress takes the children away; while sleeping, the elk invites the children to save them: their father once let him go for his children; the wolf caught up, swallowed the elk; next time, a wild horse, which the father of the children let go ; gives them a comb, a brush, a handkerchief; the wolf catches up, the horse tells them to throw the comb (the mountain, the wolf gnaws through the passage), the brush (the forest, the wolf has broken the passage), the handkerchief (the lake); the wolf stops chasing, the children come back home; since then this lake has been called Good]: Puu 1991:17-23; Luzhitans [fugitives throw a comb, oil, scissors behind them]: Ehrenreich 1905:89 (quoted in Jochelson 1913:163); Czechs [the princess will marry someone who can watch her for three nights; Matyash-Korolevich goes to try; meets, takes Shirokiy (can swallow an army), Long (can reach the clouds ), Fire-eyed (she causes fire with her eyes); the princess pretended to be sleeping and when M. and her companions also fell asleep, turned into an apple and rolled away; M. woke up, Long stretched out and grabbed an apple; the next night, the princess flew away as a dove, but Fireeyed scorched her wings, she returned; on the third night, the princess flew out like a fly, went down to the bottom of the well with fish; the fire-eyed looked, the water boiled, the fish jumped out; the king sent an army, M. and his bride and brothers run away; the princess throws a handkerchief — how many threads, so many trees, a forest has appeared; the river sheds tears; the long one covered the sun — darkness; Wide swallowed the army, but then belched; the king found out that his son-in-law was a prince, came to the wedding]: Nemtsova 1978:163-171; Slovaks: Dobšinský 1970, No. 8 [the peasant has 12 sons, 11 despise youngest Yanko; hired by the king, a year later each received an ox; next time a cow; then a horse; I. is afraid to choose a strong horse; a thin horse advises him to choose him; the brothers galloped off; the skate : Shall we jump like the sun or like the wind? I.: so as not to suffer; a brass horse and a copper horseman, I. ends up in the inn before the brothers, who say they saw the bronze horseman; next time he saw the bronze horseman; the next time he was silver; gold; the brothers ask their father to marry them; he sees an old witch plowing on 6 horses; she says that she has 12 daughters; whips horses, they turn into 12 girls; before the wedding, I teach the horse: I do not sit in in the middle, say that he is the youngest, must watch the horses; do not drink wine, eat soup, roast, pour them out unnoticed; wine will become a piece of glass, soup with a brush, roast with a comb, hide them under clothes; let the brothers lie in the place of the witch's daughters at night, and they in the place of the brothers; at night, the witch cut off the heads of her daughters, thinking she is killing young men; the horse tells them to jump away, pick nothing up along the way; the witch throws a golden horseshoe, Y. asks if to pick it up; horse: pick it up, it will be bad, you won't pick it up, even worse; I picked it up; the horse tells you to throw the comb (a mountain covered with dense forest); then the same: a witch throws a golden pen, I. throws a brush (prickly thickets); golden hair — glass (sea, the witch stops chasing); reconciled with his brothers, the skate tells him to be hired to serve the king; other grooms (in some versions these are brothers Y.) burn candles, but I. did not; the grooms saw that I. illuminated the witch's golden horseshoe stable; the king demands a horse whose horseshoe; they rode to the witch and while she was sleeping, I stole from under. pillows keys, took the horse away, hid his sword; shouted about it to the witch, she chased, but could not cross the sea; the grooms reported that Y.'s stable was bright again, the light from the pen; the king demands a bird; I took it off my waist The witch's sleeping keys, broke her sword, took the cage with the duck laying the golden eggs; the third time, golden hair, the king demands a girl; the sleeping witch holds the keys in her teeth, I carefully took them out, broke them the witch's sword, unlocked the third room, took the golden girl away; from across the sea shouted to the witch that he would not return to her again; she turned into tar out of anger; the girl only wanted me, the king was going to execute him; the skate tells me to boil the pot of milk, absorbed the heat, I. swam, turned gold; the king also decided to swim, the horse returned the heat, the king cooked; I became king], 15 [after the death of Janko's parents I went on a journey, found myself in a dense forest; there is a sorcerer's house; I pretended not to read; the sorcerer leaves for a long time, tells me to dust books; one says: Me, look into the other and the other “Me. Open the third room; there's gold, my finger is now gilded, he tied it, but the sorcerer understood everything; this time I forgave; next time I see motionless people and a horse in the room; the horse tells me to revive with their ointment, people ran away; tells you to take a comb, a flint, a steel blade, wash yourself in golden water, but put on clothes made of mouse skins; you must leave the spit to answer when the sorcerer breaks at the door; they gallop away, the sorcerer chases, Y. throws a comb (a mountain covered with dense forest), a flint (a flint mountain), a blade (a mountain of steel); the sorcerer cut through all three, but when he almost caught up with I. I was at sea, where the sorcerer is powerless; he turned into tar out of anger; in the city, the horse tells me to be hired by the king; the horse is the bewitched king himself; to spell him, I must not say anything for 7 years, except for the word “Dalailam”; once the youngest of three princesses named Fineta saw Y. in his real form; I confessed to her that he could speak; horse: now we have to remain silent for another 5 years; the king gives daughters the golden apple, tells them to be thrown at the chosen groom; F. threw them at Y., the king placed them in the shack; the older sons-in-law hunt; only I, in my true form, caught the roe deer, gave them to the elders, and branded them for it on their forehead; in war, Y. smashes enemies, comes to the king, shows stamps on the heads of his older sons-in-law; leads F.; the king, a former horse, enters; the forest and hut turn into well-groomed fields and a castle; this the king gives power to Y.; Father F. also gives him the kingdom; the elder sons-in-law were accommodated in a hut]: 36-46, 88-94.

Caucasus — Asia Minor. Abkhazians: Bgazhba 2002 [a stranger gives the childless king to eat an apple in half with his wife for promising to send him one of his three sons who will be born; younger Safa Saaja agrees to go; footprints lead to the bottom of the sea; the rider puts the SS on his mule, transports him; the old woman tells him to rush to another, call him mother; the other can't eat him now; when the six daughters of that Ajnysh (devil) they will arrive to swim with doves, and the seventh eagle will throw off her feathers, hide the eagle's clothes; Ajnysh tells 1) to eat the bull (the wife gives a handkerchief to run over her lips - she is hungry again); 2) grow a plane tree out of a stick (teaches, how to water); a young man and his wife run away on a black and white horse, Ajnysh chases on a fiery horse; she turns into a chapel, a prince into a fence; Ajnysh did not recognize them; the girl's mother rides, she throws water with her 1) from a flask (river), 2) cobs (thick corn) 3) nuts (mountains); mother tells her daughter to turn into a frog; she tells the prince to wait three years for her; he is wrong for three days, he is married to another girl; frog lives with an old woman, gives her gold, the rumor spreads; the new wife pretends to be sick, tells her to kill the frog; she was burned, the bone remained, fell into the water, became a goldfish; she was caught, eaten, fin a tree fell, a tree grew; it was cut down, burned, the old woman got a sliver, she brought it home, the sliver became a girl; the new wife is expelled, the real one is returned]: 186-197; Chursin 1956:149-150 [A. Joakimov, 1874, No. 54; =Chursin 2019:196; three brothers in the family; a daughter was born; on the same day she took her younger brother to the cloud, but he cut off her finger and escaped; after getting married, her sister ate her husband; younger brother came to visit; his sister ate his horse's leg, the other, third, the whole horse; tied her brother in a leather wineskin, went to sharpen her teeth; the rats gnawed at his wineskin, the brother ran away; threw a handful of wheat (forest) and salt behind (sea); the sister made her way, swam across, grabbed her brother at the house, and the brother's wife began to pull him towards her; they decided that the sister would eat Brother of the Month and the wife would fatten], 151-153 [Gudauta County; 7 sons they want a sister to the prince; a girl was born; at night the wolf took the lamb, the 4th brother cut off his finger on his hind leg; saw that the girl lying in the cradle had her finger cut off; left home; got married; went to visit homeland; father-in-law ordered to take a boxwood branch, walnuts, coal; the husband gave his wife a ring; only the sister at home, consistently eats the legs of the horse, the whole horse; went to sharpen her teeth; the rat began to play the violin; brother throws a branch (forest), coal (mud), walnut (wood); brother hides at the top; a witch gnaws on a tree; a wife looks at the ring, lets the dogs out, they tore the witch apart; a man stepped on her tooth, died; the raven pecked out his eyes; God gave the Hawk powder, he sprinkled it, the dead rose]; Shakryl 1975, No. 16 [after the death of his father, the eldest son, contrary to his warning, drove along the forbidden path; under the tree he sees it covered a table, going to eat, something comes down from the sky, kills him; the middle one is the same; the youngest grabs what came down, this is a girl; she ran a handkerchief over the bodies of the dead, they came to life; she became the wife of the youngest; did not give him the key to one chest; he stole it, opened the chest, her strength flew out; a mustachioed dwarf on a goat came, killed his younger brother, took the beautiful woman away; one woman gave birth to twins, one baby left him in the forest; he was fed by a deer, he is as strong as a deer; he took off the handkerchief from his younger brother's face, he came to life; an old woman, sitting on a dog's tail, transports people across the river; she was given money, she sent twin brothers; younger brother began to play musical instruments, wife recognized him, dwarfs were going to listen; younger brother kills a dwarf, takes his wife away; dwarf brother chases a boar; wife consistently throws three bottles, thorny bushes, mountain, fire appear; the stalker dies]: 65-73; Abaza people [a daughter is born after seven sons; the younger brother is not happy, he is driven away; the girl eats cattle and people, when the younger brother returns, goes to sharpen his teeth; the youngest woman gives a mirror, a comb, a thimble, tells him to learn the names of their dogs; the mouse tells him to run, he remains to pull the strings of the Pyars, so that the sister thinks he is here; the sister eats the mouse, chases his brother; he throws objects, they turn into an ice field, a forest, an iron pole to the moon; he goes up to the moon, calls dogs, those they eat the stalker, the head remains; during eclipses they try to eat their brother on the moon; people shoot, wake dogs up to save the moon, dogs drive their heads away]: Tugov 1985, No. 36:91-93; Kabardian people: Aliyeva, Kardangushev 1977 [when dying, the father tells three sons to guard a mare whose foals are kidnapped once a year; the elder brother falls asleep, the middle brother does not dare to fight the seven-headed frost; the younger Zaur repulsed the foal, cut off one head; on the horse he follows the trail of the frost; the old woman says that the hoarder kidnapped her daughter, gives scissors, a mirror, a comb; Z. takes the girl, throws the comb (barbed fence), scissors (seven fortresses), mirror (the ground is covered with ice); the frost fell, Z. cut off his heads; married the girl]: 98-99; Kardanov 1961 [mother died, girl Gulez and boy remained Inal; the witch stepmother decided to eat them; they ran away, the witch is chasing, the children threw the comb (forest), the scissors (7 iron walls), the mirror (the sea); the witch asks to ford, the children point to the deep place, the waves the witch was taken away; I. is thirsty; G. does not allow drinking from the trail of a camel's hoof, cowhide; he drinks from sheep, has become a lamb; the prince saw G., took him home, married; the witch's daughter pushed G. into the sea, put on her clothes, took her place; asks the prince to slaughter the lamb; a lamb by the sea calls his sister, says that they sharpen knives, heat the water to cook his meat; G.: I can't help, I'm in a whale's stomach; people told the prince, the whale was caught, g, returned, the lamb became human, the witch's daughter was expelled]: 63-68; Karachays: Dzhurtubayev 2007:367-370 [after eight sons, a daughter is born; the youngest son demands her to kill, when refused, leaves; grazes the cattle of the elderly, defeats and kills the five-headed emegen, then the emegensha, having received her parents' eyes previously stored in mercury; goes to visit relatives; only a sister in the village, she goes out to sharpen her teeth, her brother runs, throws a whetstone (rock, sister gnaws), a knife (an iron rock, gnaws), an awl (ironwood) behind; the young man hides on top; crows refuse to convey the message to adoptive parents, pigeons pass on; dogs come running, sister takes off, dogs behind her; yellowmouth girl causes eclipses of the moon and sun (dogs protect luminaries)], 370-371 [the son, seeing his newborn sister, tells her to be killed, her parents refuse, he leaves; helps the female leopard to be born, she gives him one cub, the other he takes himself; they leave he is up to the hair; he comes to his native village, where the blacksmith says that the young man's sister ate everyone; the sister consistently eats the horse's legs, each time asks how many legs the horse had; the brother confirms that three, two, one; the sister tells me to knock on the pelvis, she goes to sharpen her teeth; the mouse takes to knock, gives an awl, a comb, a mirror, tells me to run; objects turn into a bone lock, an iron lock fence; sister catches up; brother burns hairs, leopards come running, cling to her jaws; girl rises into the sky, pounces on the sun and moon, leopards prevent her from swallowing them]; Rumyantseva 1981 [hunter kidnapped the boy, left to take care of the pig and the horse: give the pig oats, the horse — iron sawdust; the horse asks to do the opposite, he is gaining strength, the pig is losing weight; the hunter is dissatisfied; the horse orders to get it out the corner of the cave is a mirror, a razor and a comb, run; a hunter riding a pig follows; a boy throws a comb (a fence made of sharp stakes, a pig blew up), a mirror (the sea, the pig swam across), a razor (an iron wall to the sky, the pig could not blow up); after giving his 4 hair, the horse leaves the boy to the old man in the village; the khan will give his daughter to the one who jumps over his palace on horseback; the boy called the horse, jumped over, got a younger princess, they were placed in a chicken coop, and the eldest daughters married the sons of the khans; a herd was stolen from the khan, his younger son-in-law returned him, the elders tied the young man to a tree, said that the herd they returned; the young man's horse freed him; the same thing they stole the cows; the horse pulled the young man out of the water; the khan fell ill, he needed reindeer milk; the horse took it out; said that he himself was a man, he was bewitched by that hunter, now he disgraced; the elder sons-in-law gave the khan cow's milk, they had black spots on their backs; the youngest daughter gave her father milk, throwing chicken manure at him; the khan moved them to the stable; horse manure; moved into the house; the old man (former horse) tells the khan everything; he expelled his older sons-in-law, made the youngest heir]: 81-90; Balkarians (Western 1965) [The man has an adult son, then a daughter was born; when he saw her, the son asked his parents to destroy her, but they asked him to clean up himself; he helped the tiger; she gave him one tiger cub and the other he himself stole; when they grew up, they let them call them by a hair if necessary; the boy came to his native village, there was only one blacksmith; the dragon left him alive to sharpen her teeth; the dragon sister consistently gnaws off her brother's horse's legs and each time asks how many legs the horse he was riding had (three, two, one); gave a pelvis and told her brother to knock on it until she returned; the mouse tells him to run, taking an awl, a comb and a mirror, remains to hit the pelvis; the guy throws a mirror (sea), a comb (bone tower), an awl (iron fence); if the sister catches up again, ask permission to do two parts of the prayer; before praying, the guy burned her hairs; tigers rushed, tore the girl, but could not tear her cheek off; the dragon girl flew to heaven with the hunters; she wants to eat the moon and the sun, but hunters (i.e. tigers) interfere (eclipses of stars)]: Malkonduev 2017:125-127; Ossetians: Britayev, Kaloev 1959:59-63 [The wolf lets the boy go, but promises to come for him when he marries; comes for him, the young man runs away, the women in the towers consistently give him a comb (thicket), two loaves (two dogs), a hair (a bridge over the lake); the young man goes to bed by the mound, from there comes a fanged woman; he calls her mother, she doesn't eat him; he hunts for her; The wolf turns into a young man across the river, promises to marry a woman if she gives him that hair; the wolf crosses, they dig a hole so that a young man fell into it; dogs find her; a woman sends a young man for a dancing fur coat; the path between the crushing mountains; on the way back, the young man slipped through, the dog did not; they ran around, tore the Wolf when he attacked a young man; the young man returns to his wife], 164-172 [the sister of three brothers goes to play with the seven daughters of the Sun; they detain her, throwing a bead into her hearth, she sparkles like a fire; when she returns to the extinct hearth, the girl comes to the giant for fire; he pours coals into her sieve; the giant comes to the brothers on an ash trail; the brothers go, supposedly, to look for firewood, the giant goes to bed; the mouse gives scissors, a comb, a mirror, tells the girl to run; abandoned objects turn into a mountain, sea, forest; the woman in the tower tells her to fill the tubs with tears (she fills), throws her simple rope, she rises; the giant spits, demands a silk rope, the woman lowers a simple one, but cuts it with scissors, the giant breaks; the girl works hard for the hostess; violates the ban enter the seventh room; the women from the first room are petrified; a whirlwind rose in the seventh room, carried away the shirt hanging there; Aldar's son finds her, comes for the girl; the petrified come to life, the hostess gives the girl away for the son of Aldar]; Byazirov 1960, No. 56 [Sanet runs away from the Uaiga, throwing a comb and pebbles, they turn into mountains, into a forest; gets to a woman on the mountain, dies, is buried; Kulbadgus delivers to him, passes off Aldar as her son; at night she comes to life (a stuck wedding ring falls out of her throat)]: 826; Libedinsky 1978 [Exiled with a Gum young man steal the cattle of three brothers; they ask Uastyrji for help; he leaves with sky crest (forest), stones (mountains); hijackers and pursuers reconcile]: 136-137; Miller 1882 [seven brothers mowed, at which time their mother gave birth to a fanged girl; she immediately went for mother to her brothers; the youngest saw that she ate half a horse, left; met a girl in the tower, began to live with her; went to visit her family; the wife brings with her comb, coal, whetstone ; the sister greets her brother, gives a fandyr (stringed instrument), goes to sharpen her fangs; the mouse tells me to run through the back window, runs along the strings of the fandyr; the sister comes back, swallows the mouse many times, that jumps out from behind her; her brother throws objects, they turn into bushes, forests, mountains; sister gnaws through the road; brother runs to the tower, his wife gives him a hand, and his sister grabs from below; women agree that each should own a young man for two weeks; it becomes the Month; when in her sister's hands, she gradually eats him, and his wife feeds him again]: 297-299; Ingush: Malsagov 1983, No. 44 [ the children went for berries, one girl was tied by the braids, the berries were taken away; the sparrow, the owl refuse, the dove frees her; she comes to the din (witch); puts her daughter in her place, the din kills and daughter cooks; girl runs, throws flax (forest), comb (thorny thickets), oil (towers with people); people pick up the girl; when they raise the din, they throw the rope, so she breaks; girl returns to her parents], 45 [after her husband's death, a woman gives birth to a toothy girl; she eats cattle; her mother refuses to kill her; her brother takes her to the forest; later comes to visit; she looks scary cat; consistently eats away the horse's legs, the brother agrees that he came in a three-legged, etc., legless, half; the cat gives a comb, a jug of oil, three needles; the brother runs, throws objects, thickets appear, a sea of oil, three cast-iron poles; when the din gnaws on the third pillar, the mother releases her son's hounds, they kill the din], 138 [the family has seven sons; everyone wants a girl; after birth girls lose apples; the thief is wounded in the finger; everyone is checked, the girl's finger is injured, the mother asks her not to kill; then the younger brother leaves; returning after many years, finds an empty village; an ant says that the girl ate everyone, tells them not to agree to eat, ask her to bring a sieve of water; the sister eats her brother's horse's legs one by one, each time asks how many legs the horse had; brother replies that three, two, one, that the horse has crawled; that he came on foot without a horse; while his sister carries water, the ant tells me to take the comb, vitriol, coal; the brother is running; the crest turns into a forest, vitriol into the vitriol field, coal in the black mist; the brother asks the Month to save him; the Month picks him up, the witch manages to tear off one leg of the horse; the month and brother are now together]: 179-181, 181-183, 297-299; Nogais: Kapaev 2012:165-168 [the old man has three daughters; they all refused to treat his lower back — there is a lot of work to do; the old woman agreed to help; when the old man undressed, apples fell out of his bosom, daughters they picked them up; he told them that tomorrow he would take them to pick apples; tells his wife to give their daughters bags full of holes; he hangs two sticks on a tree in the forest, they knock in the wind, the daughters think that the father cuts wood, and he long gone; night came, the girls came to the house of four elmauys; the youngest girl also noticed a girl with golden claws; climbed into the attic and lit the wick to make the light fall into the house; estyrnak and elmauyzy they are helpless in the light; in the morning the elmauyz say that they will go to the wedding; let the girls slaughter and cook one of them, feed their daughter, their estyrnyk; the girls killed and cooked the daughter of the Elmauyz, put her head on doll, ran away; finding golden claws in the cauldron, the Elmauyz rushed in pursuit; the girls throw the comb, a thorny bush appeared; the Elmauyz ask how they moved; stripped naked, climbed; those climbed; the girls threw the mirror, the lake, the Elmauys drowned; the girls returned home and listened to their parents], 366-359 [a long time ago, when the goat was swollen with satiety, when the starling became a kadiy, when the khan's daughter She was a sorcerer when the lark lived in the water... the khan's daughter was married by a young man; on the way home, the groom turned into a wolf, began to slaughter camels; tulpar Heavenly Hoof told the bride to jump on him and run, teaches you what to do; she throws a comb, says “Let the sunlight flow in front, the fog spread behind”; the mirror (the same, behind the bottomless lake); scissors (the same, behind the thorny bush); tulpar says that they have arrived in the other world, gives hair to summon him, tells him to pretend to be a man; the owner of the yurt calls the guest (i.e. the girl) to the top of the mound; attacked, but the girl left him to the ground and he fell through the ground; she called a tulpara; he told him to cut off his right leg, rip his stomach open and get inside; in the morning she is in a yurt, two boys next to him; her father arrives with his people]; Nogai 1979, No. 25 [the old man picked and brought five apples; three daughters refuse to untie his belt, only his wife untied it; the offended old man leads his daughters to pick apples, tells the dung to answer for himself, leaves; girls they come to a house where four elmavyz; they sharpen knives; the youngest is called to spend the night on the roof, burns lamb fat, the elmavyz think it's raining (they are afraid of rain), do not dare to slaughter the girls; in the morning, leaving, they tell the two older sisters to cook the youngest; the sisters cooked the daughter elmachallenge, put her golden nails on the bottom of the cauldron, made her doll, told her to be responsible for her; after eating her daughter's meat, the elmavyz are chasing the girls; the eldest throws a comb (forest), the middle one throws a mirror (turns into a gorge, the Elmavyz stop chasing); the girls return to their parents]: 129-132; Kumyks: Ganiyeva 2011b, No. 11 [snake crawls into the old man's shoe, demands to give her daughter; only the youngest agrees; the father sends her to the snake in the barn; the snake sheds her skin, becomes handsome, the barn becomes a palace; the sisters ask the youngest, out of envy they put a knife in the crack from where the serpent crawls out; he is wounded, returns to the lower world; the wife goes to look for him, puts the ring in the jug of the maid who has come for water; the snake husband recognizes the ring; his mother and aunt - Azhdaha, their aunt's daughter wants to marry him; his mother tells the girl to sweep the way to her sister's house, the Serpent arranges everything himself; tells her to bring yeast from her house; the Serpent tells her to praise the black thorns, pin to the chest; drink blood and pus from rivers, praise them; close the slanting gate; take the bone from the horse, give the dogs, the hay from the dog to the horse; the girl takes yeast, runs away; the dog, the gate, etc. they refuse to detain her, because the Azhdaha hostess treated them badly and the girl well; the snake brought her to the bride, he cuts her to pieces, runs with the girl, both ajdaha chase; the Serpent throws the comb (thorny forest), salt (salt swamps), needles (turn into two trees); The serpent and the girl climb on them, azhdaha next, the Serpent throws two spinners, they turn into millstones, crush the ajdaha; the guy and the girl achieved her desires]: 175-179; Kapiyeva 1974 [the old man has 12 sons, 11 are evil, the younger Baiburak is kind; the old man goes to look for brides for them; Kart-Enem offers to marry them his 12 daughters; brothers come and spend the night at CE; B. hears her sharpening a knife; says she does not sleep because 1) geese are screaming (CE slaughtered geese, leaving three magic ones); 2) cows are mooing; CE slaughtered cows, B. ordered brothers to run; CE chases on an arba without wheels, B. throws a stone (mountain), stomps (abyss), CE stops chasing; the brothers want to kill B., persuade the khan to send him to CE for 1) a magic blanket; B. She comes secretly, stabs CE at night with a needle, she thinks fleas bite, throws away the blanket, B. takes it away, CE pursues (same episodes); 2) magic geese; B. hides behind CE's door; she asks each of the three geese, where B. is now, they answer that outside the door, CE does not believe, tears off two heads, then grabs B.; he advises calling his relatives to eat; tears the ropes, takes the goose away; 3) bring CE herself; B. pretends to be an old man, says that his iron chest protects against heat and cold, invites CE to climb in for testing, brings Khan; he opens the chest, CE swallowed it; saw B. on the tower, stumbled, fell into a hole, crashed]: 87-92; Dargins [Bizbizi, “daughter of seven mothers” (i.e. seven women took care of her) goes with three girls to the forest for grass; falls asleep, girls they tie her braids to the thorns, leave; crows, pigeons refuse to help, eagles free her; a huge bull appears, B. is afraid, climbs a tree; the bull tells him to take silk clothes and shoes out of his ears, takes you to the fork; B. asks loudly which road to take, the old biazhuk (witch) guides along the one that leads to her; goes to sharpen the knife, the mouse tells you to run, taking a jug of water, a needle, salt; B. throws jug (sea), needle (thorny forest), salt (mountain of salt); runs into mothers' house; cotton wool runs up, she is given honey, she eats, dies]: Ganiyeva 2011b, No. 71:584-586; varnishes [Batsulay warns three daughters do not open the door; the witch Katsulai speaks her voice, takes her eldest, then middle, younger girl with her dog; the hermit teaches B. to enter K.'s home in the rock, let go all children while K. and the dog are sleeping; B. throws flint (rock), thorns (thorns), splashes deer milk from the jug (milk lake); K. and the dog drink and burst]: Kapiyeva 1991:267-271; Lezgins [the serpent asks the poor man to give him one of his three daughters; the eldest, middle, refuse, the youngest Tavat Khanum agrees; the serpent asks him to step on his tail, turns into a young man named Sad Eskander; the old woman persuades TX to ask her husband how to burn his skin; the third time he replies, TX burns it on onion peel, SE disappears; three years later she comes to the spring, sister SE gives her water, she throws her ring into a jug, SE recognizes it; explains that the locals are Azhdaha, the old woman wants to marry it off as her daughter; on their wedding day, SE and TH run on a wind horse; throw razors behind (mountain razors), salt (salt mountains), barley (barley to the sky); TX mistakenly pours water from the jug forward, the sea overflows in front of them; the horse moves to the other side, the old woman sinks; SE leaves TX in the cemetery, on The merchant is hired for two hours; he cuts the horse, puts SE inside, the parrot bird brings the horse's carcass to the rock where there are gold and yakhonts; SE frightens the bird, does not throw gold to the merchant, comes to the old man; he tells huge birds take SE to his wife; SE finds TH, the tsar is amazed by his wisdom, gives him the throne]: Khalilov 1965, No. 63:185-192 (=Khalilov, Osmanov 1989:158-164); Rutultsy [childless woman gives birth donkey; he asks the mother to marry the padishah's daughter; he demands to build a golden bridge, bring clothes for the bride in eggshells; everything is done; at night the donkey sheds its skin, turns into a young man named Rizwan; the old woman persuades the padishah's daughter to put the skin at the door for the night, burns it; Z. flies away as a dove; the wife goes to look, throws the ring into the jug of the maid who was collecting water, R. recognizes the ring; Aunt R. gives them horses, they jump away, Azhdaha chases, R. spills water, the sea forms, Azhdaha asks how they crossed, the fugitives answer that after hanging a stone around their neck, Azhdaha sinks; her sister is chasing Azhdakhi, R. throws salt, a salt hill grows; R. and his wife return home]: Ganiyeva 2011b, No. 60:523-526; Megrelia [devi demands to give the princess, otherwise she threatens to destroy everyone; thin foal asks to take him; the devi is followed by 30 armed satellites, five in a row; every time the devi looks around, he swallows one row; the foal says it's time to run; spews out of her nostrils a comb (forest), tells him to throw a piece of his mane (mountain), throw a bunch of his hair (sea); the girl stops the persecution; the foal gives a man's dress; the prince meets the imaginary young man, finds out that he woman, marries; after leaving, orders to send a hawk if a son is born, a falcon if a daughter is born; a son is born; a girl catches a hawk, replaces a letter - the wife gave birth to puppies; replaces the prince's letter: burn the queen with offspring in tandoor (“torne”); he himself comes under the guise of a messenger; before execution, the foal pushes the devi into tandoor, takes the queen and her son; orders him to be cut into small pieces and scattered, a palace appears, people; the prince burned down his palace, went begging; came to his wife without recognizing her; everything was explained]: Lominadze 1894:40-44; Georgians: Chikovani 1954, No. 60 (Pshaviya) [=Chikovani 1986:279-284; stepmother pretends to be sick, her stepson's liver heart will cure her; father sharpens a knife; Koasnukh's bull tells the boy to sit on it, take a sharpener, a comb, a bottle of water; the father chases a pig; the boy pours water from a bottle (a pig swims across the sea), a crest (a pig gnaws through the forest), a sharpener (the pig falls down the mountain, breaks); the bull leaves the boy on a high poplar, gives two flutes; he plays joyful, butterflies dance; the shepherd, then the king want a pipe for himself; if trouble, let him play on the painful one, the bull will come to the rescue; to lure the boy off the tree, they send an old woman; she leads to the poplar goat and begins to stab her with an awl — supposedly does not know how to slaughter; the boy came down to show him, he was grabbed and locked; he asks a crow, a crow, an eagle, a bird to bring his flutes from the poplar; everyone refuses, because the boy does not left them prey, caught them in snare; the swallow brings; the boy plays the joyful flute, Rubella comes running, breaks eight doors, breaks the horn; the mouse takes root the horn for the promise to eat it with carrion; the bull breaks the ninth door, brings the boy to the poplar; one day he played on the joyful flute, but the bull did not appear; the boy went down and found his corpse pecked by birds; after that he never played again on his flutes]: 299-303; Kurdovanidze 1988 (1), No. 44 [the young man has been working for a merchant for a year, receives a reed, a beautiful woman comes out of it; the prince wants to take it away; the merchant promises him a best wife; tells him to pull it out a feather made of the clothes of one of the doves who will arrive, undress and swim; the wife finds a feather, flies away; the merchant tells the elephant to carry the prince across three hot seas; the elephant carries; scalded, dies, telling them to wait for a peacock to carry flour to heaven once a year; three quarrel over a flying carpet, a magic tablecloth, an invisible hat, a stick that hits itself; the prince tells them to move away, takes them away objects, flies to the miller, he hides him among bags of flour, brings the peacock to heaven; the prince flies back with his wife; her father pursues, his wife tells him to throw in the towel, turns her husband into an old man, himself into sheep; husband into a swineherd, himself into a pig; for the third time the towel turns into a boiling sea, the father stops persecuting]: 169-175; Glushakov 1904, No. 3 (Imereti) [the eldest daughter asks her father to buy a dress, the middle one is an all-seeing mirror, the youngest is a rose of paradise; the father steals a rose from Davy, who tells her youngest daughter to be given in return, calls her “Rose of Paradise”; in Davy's house, she hears him telling her sister to slaughter the PP; she cuts and cooks sister Davy herself, runs away, throws a mirror (glass forest), a comb (a forest of combs), scissors (scissor forest); PP hides in a house whose doors do not open in front of Davy; there coffin with the prince coming to life at night; servants bring him food; RR cleans the house, the prince finds her; when it is time for her to give birth, he sends her with his ring to his father; she gives birth, comes at night prince, his parents catch him, he dies again in the afternoon; the wife goes to the Sun, to which her sister is married; on the way she meets the suffering (the king's wife is suffering from childbirth, a man is standing in the middle of a burning bakery, a deer she rises to heaven with her horns; the Sun does not kill the woman who comes when she learns that she is his wife's sister; gives water to buy the prince, tells the woman in labor to be put on straw, the person to get out of the burning bakeries, deer bend his head; everyone is happy]: 27-35 (=Dirr 1920, No. 7:27-35); Chikovani 1985, No. 70 [stepmother tortures the boy, only Tsikara's bull helps him; stepmother pretends to be sick, asks for the liver C.; C. puts the boy on his back, runs away; stepmother chases a wild boar; the boy pours water from the jug (sea), throws a comb (forest), flint (mountains, boar dies in the abyss); the boy plays a tree on a flute, refuses to get down by order of the king; the old woman lures him, he is enclosed in a tower; the crow, the magpie refuse (the boys threw stones at them, ruined their nests), the swallow brings a pipe; the boy plays, the bull destroys the tower, takes the boy away; disappears, the boy finds him dead; the mouse resurrects him with live water for agreeing to die; he is ready to take dead grass, the mouse gives both life]: 218-221; Armenians: Nazinyan 1969 [orphan hero Aslan herds his herd; at night someone takes food from him; he guards, grabs a girl; she is the daughter of Zarya Zarzand kidnapped by a three-headed maiden; refused to marry a deva; he tells the girl to stay inside the cliff and only go out for an hour at midnight; she will be released by the young man who is helped by the swallows and who touches her with a myrtle branch; A. comes to the old woman, feeds the swallows, they teach them how to thank the old woman; she gives 14 nuts (eat one a day, gain strength), two nuts (including a horse and a weapon), a jug of water and a bag of flour, sends a deva to the fortress, where to get a myrtle branch; dev chases, the horse tells you to dispel the flour (the forest grows); then A. cuts down the maiden's head; the deva's mother creates a lake in front (the horse tells him to pull out his hairs, a bridge appears), A. hits a rock with a branch, the girl is released; the old woman is flying on her handkerchief with them; King Z. held a feast on the occasion of the return of her daughter; at midnight, the old woman entered the bedchamber of A. and the princess and killed the snake — this is was a deva's mother]: 129-134; Wingate 1912, No. 9 [when dying, the husband tells his pregnant wife not to go to Black Rock; the young man grows up, goes, kills the demon; takes the treasures of his castle, marries 40 gurias captured by a demon; mother revives the demon, pretends to be sick, asks her son to get 1) a melon of immortality; the old woman tells 40 demons to fall to his mother's chest first; she hides it, demons recognize him a relative; only a lame demon knows how to get the melon of immortality; tells you to take a jug, comb, razor with them; running away with a melon, they throw a jug (lake), a comb (thicket), a razor (glass fragments); demons -the pursuers did not catch up, the young man sleeps with the old woman, she replaces the melon, the son brings a false mother, she recovers; 2) lion's milk; the old woman teaches you to cut an abscess on the lioness's paw, she gives milk, also her lion cubs; on the way, the old woman replaces milk with goat's milk, but the young man's mother says that she has recovered; 3) living water; at the spring the young man falls asleep, but his lions kill the snake, scorpion, beast that has come; an old woman will change the water again; the mother pulls three hairs out her sleeping son, he dies, the demon cuts the body into pieces; the lions bring the remains to the old woman, she revives the young man with living water; the lions tear the mother and the demon apart]: 94- 102; Turks: Aganin et al. 1960 [the hunter has a second wife; stepmother tyrannites stepdaughter and stepson; the partridge obtained by the hunter has disappeared; the wife is terrified; she cut off one breast for herself, cooked it; for the hunter liked the meat; when he found out what was going on, he decided to eat a man; the wife offered to fatten the children and eat it in 40 days; the girl hears, counts the days, laying down pebbles; tells her brother to run; the father is chasing; the old woman gives a mirror, a comb and clay; the sister threw clay (swamp); a comb (thorny bush); the father almost caught up, the mirror fell — the sea, the father stayed on the other side; the brother is thirsty; the rider is thirsty pointed out three sources; when you drink from the first, you will become fish, from the second you will become a lamb, the third is safe; the brother has become a lamb; the son of the padishah drove up and saw a girl in a tree, decided to marry him; galloped home, to return; an arapka came up, said that the padishah's son sent her, pushed the girl to the first spring, put on her clothes; the padishah's son was surprised that the bride had fool; after the wedding, the arapka fell ill, asks for lamb meat; the padishah's son is watching him; he comes to the source: you were swallowed by a fish, and an arapka wants to eat me, butchers sharpen knives; fishermen pulled the fish, took the girl out of her womb; arapka ripped apart by four mules; three apples fell from the sky; the lamb ate one, became a boy, his sister put another on his chest, she woke up; the third will find a child who will read a fairy tale]: 122-130; Stebleva 1988, No. 27 [the younger sister's horse secretly turns into a young man from others; she does not marry, meets an imaginary horse at night; burns his skin; he flies away as a pigeon, says she will find it, when she wears out her iron shoes and staff; at the spring, the maid says she is collecting water for Chamber-Tiar; the wife, disguised as a beggar, throws her ring into the jug; who recognizes him, comes for her; the devas want her eat, THU mother gives tasks; 1) sweep - do not sweep the room (collect garbage in the middle); 2) go to a neighbor behind bars (give meat lying in front of the horse, give grass from the dog to the horse, venerate a neighbor thrown behind her chest); 3) fill the cauldron with tears (add salt to the water); 4) fill the bag with fluff (the birds gave); during the wedding, THU tied the daughter of the devas to the pole instead of the padishah's daughter, runs with wife; she throws a comb (thorns), soap (slippery), a jug (water); Thu became a gardener, his wife a garden; a tree and a snake wrapping around him (the devas broke the net — they tore off their little finger); into flowers at the feet of the padishah; he gave them to the devas, they are grains, the chickens are pecking, two grains remain, turn into a boy and a girl, they have a wedding], 33 [the stepmother wants to throw the children into the oven; the boy and sister go to the mother's grave; the voice tells them take a comb, a brush, soap; the stepmother sent the soldiers in pursuit; the abandoned comb became thickets of thorns, the brush with snakes covered the ground, the soap by the sea; the children walk along the steppe, the boy is thirsty; the sister does not tells me to drink from a reindeer hoof, he drinks, turns into a deer; the girl climbs a poplar, shahzade sees its reflection; tells her to cut it; during the night, the felling overgrows; the old woman begins to bake bread by putting the baking sheet upside down; the girl goes down to help her, shahzadeh picks her up and the deer, gets married; while bathing, the arapka pushes her into a deep place, puts on her clothes, says that she has turned black, waiting for her husband to return; asks to slaughter a deer; a deer brother tells his sister how knives are sharpened to slaughter him; the sister replies that it is in the stomach of a fish, her son is at her chest; people hear, shahzade overhears, a sultan with a child they take out the arapka, tie the arapka to the tails of 40 mules]: 105-109, 131-134; Kurds: Jalil et al. 1989, No. 4 [padishah and vizier check whether everyone extinguishes the fire at night, as the padishah ordered; three girls burn light; if the padishah marries her, the older sister promises to cook, the middle sister will weave the carpet, the youngest will give birth to a golden-haired boy and girl; the padishah takes everyone, loves the younger; while he is at war, the sisters told the midwife to replace the children with puppies, throw the children in a box into the sea; the padishah told her to put his wife in a kennel on a chain, beat her with a baton; the box was washed ashore, the gazelle fed the children, their name was Hesain and Gulizar; while hunting, the padishah sees his son, admires him, does not recognize him; the midwife persuades Gulizar to ask his brother for a magic tablecloth; she is from the witch who throws her breasts by the shoulders; the old man teaches her to fall to her right breast, take soap, a comb and a bowl from her, steal a tablecloth; the old woman chases G., who throws soap (slippery rock), a comb (a prickly thicket), a bowl (sea); G. brings a tablecloth; the padishah sees him again; the midwife advises Gulizar that his brother marry Sharikhubar; she turns everyone who calls her into stones; sister comes, S. answers her, Honey , the petrified come to life; the brother takes S. as his wife; when the midwife comes, S. kills her with a sling; the padishah and the courtiers come to visit, S. tells the story, the mother of G. and G. are released, the evil sisters torn by horses]: 71-80; Rudenko 1970, No. 50 [the padishah hears three sisters talking; the first, if she becomes the wife of a padishah, promises to fly like a bird, the second to cook deliciously, the third to give birth to a gold-haired son and daughter; when the youngest gives birth, the sisters tell the old woman to throw her children in a box into the sea, replace them with two puppies; the padishah tells her to tie his wife and puppies at the entrance to the palace, beat them, feed them with scraps and bones; fisherman picks up a box, the boy is called Mirza-Mamur, the girl is Golizar; when he dies, the fisherman gives a magic stick; she creates a palace; helps to catch up with the doe chased by the padishah on foot; sisters send an old woman to G., she persuades her to ask her brother to get Zardukhubar; the old man tells M. to go to the old woman in the garden, venerate her right breast; she gives Z.; Z. tells her to run, taking a comb, soap, a vessel with water; the old woman chases, the abandoned comb turns into a forest, soap into an icy mountain, water in the sea; the old woman drowns; the sister again sends the old woman to persuade her to get Khezaran-Bolbol; Z. kills the old woman with an arrow; the old man explains that the caller HB is stony, G. must come and spell; when G. calls HB for the third time, the stones will become human again; M. and G. and HB return, the old adviser becomes young men; HB tells the padishah the truth, evil wives were torn apart by camels, mother M. and G. were returned]: 147-155.

Iran — Central Asia. Persians: Ottomans 1958 [the dervish gives pomegranate to be eaten by the Shah's childless wife, and the apple is the vizier's wife; the vizier gives pomegranate to his wife, she gives birth to daughter Bibi-Mehrnegar (B.), the Shah's wife - son in in the form of a black snake named Mirza Ustu-Humar (M.); the Shah orders the vizier to give his daughter for his son; at night, the serpent sheds its skin and becomes a young man; at the request of her father-in-law B. burns the skin; M. says that she does not finds it before she wears out seven iron dresses, a pair of shoes, staffs, chews seven boxes of chewing gum; on the way she meets seven divas, throws each a box; throws a ring into the jug that the maid carries for M.; she pours water into M.'s palm, he recognizes the ring; to prevent his aunt from eating B., M. disguises her as a maid; opens it, promising the divas not to kill B.; aunt requires 1) sweep the yard with a broom covered with pearls so that no one falls (M. performs); 2) water the yard with a sieve (the same); 3) take the “play-dance” box to his aunt's brother, bring “grab and plant” from him “; on the way, she opens the box, cannot put the dancers back; burns the hair, M. comes, puts it back, tells them to do everything against her aunt's orders; accordingly, B. throws straw at the horse and bones to the dog, calls the hole with mud and blood honey, opens the closed door, closes the open door, greets everyone, leaves one box, grabs another, runs, doors, etc., refuse to detain it; M. marries her aunt's daughter, cuts off her head at night, B. says goodbye to all objects, forgets about the stone (a measure of weight); B. and M. run, the stone wakes up the aunt, she pursues; the fugitives throw 1) the reed (thickets) reeds), 2) needle (needle forest), 3) salt (salt marsh), 4) sea foam (sea); aunt asks how they crossed; M. replies that on the stones; she steps on foam flakes, sinks], 267-278 [the dervish gave the wife of the padishah an apple, she ate, gave birth to a son and a sword; the child breathed when a hole was drilled in the sword and a sword was hung around the baby's neck; the boy was named Jantig (“life by the sword”); when he grew up, he went to the forbidden part garden, there is a portrait of the beautiful Chelgis; D. with two horsemen (one counts the minutes, the other star) goes in search; the dragon has closed the water, the padishah's daughter brings him food so that he does not devour her brother, whose turn is his turn to be eaten; D. killed the dragon, but a dove flew out of its mouth; D. received the princess but gave her to the Stargazer; elsewhere, the old woman says that ships carrying wheat from across the sea, they drown; D. hacked down a dragon that had leaned out of the water, and a dove also flew out of his mouth; D. marries Princess Minutocheta; D. meets C.; if she talks about her, she will be petrified, but she can be overheard; D. overhears the old woman talking to herself; learns how to lure C. out of the diva's ear without turning into stone; D. and C. jump from divas, throw a sword (wall of swords), salt (salt mountain), a jug with water (sea); The white diva asks how to swim across; D. advises you to stick your head into the cave that the jug's corolla turned into, then you'll take off; the divas shoved, fell into the sea and drowned; C. dropped two hairs, D. thoughtlessly threw them into the well, they sailed along the stream to the padishah; the old woman volunteered to find the owner, gained confidence in C., threw D.'s sword into the well, D. lost consciousness, C. was brought to the padishah; C. says that he must observe 40 days of mourning; the Stargazer sees that star D. has turned pale, together with Minutochet they find D., pull out a sword; all three come to town under the guise of dervishes, D. and C. exchange notes, D. kills an old woman, brings C. to his father's kingdom; C. warns that his father will dig trap holes (you have to jump over when entering the palace), give poisoned food (check on a dog); D. changed food, the father died himself; D. reigned, lived well with C.]: 15-24; 1987:43-48 [the serpent asks the lumberjack to marry him; agrees the youngest of three, Mehrnegar; the groom is the bewitched Snake King, who accepts the image of a young man at night; the sisters ask the younger one to ask how to burn his skin, steal, burn him; the husband tells M. to put on iron shoes, take an iron staff, flies away in the form of two pigeons; M. comes, throws him in a jug of water is his ring, the husband recognizes her; tells her to pretend to be a maid; the mother-in-law is going to give her son to his sister's daughter, tells M. to bring water with a sieve (the husband makes sure that the water does not spill out); sends a letter for her sister to bring scissors; her husband tells her to call everything differently on the way (dirty water is clean, etc.); M. grabs scissors, runs, objects do not hold her, because she praised them; husband kills the snake bride, runs with M.; throws needles (forest), salt (salt mountain), wineskin with water (sea); the pursuers died in it, the couple returned to M.'s house], 250-256 [a childless woman promises to stump that if she becomes pregnant, her son or daughter will serve him; the girl Bibinegar was born and grew up; walks past a stump with two others; a stump tells her to stop; the mother sends her to the stump, and a young man comes out of it Maisaskabar; with him carpets and a wheel from which emeralds and yakhonts fall; M. gives B. a fur coat — if gone, they will part; her aunt overheard; hopes to marry B. as her daughter; put B. to sleep and burned her fur coat; B. has only a ring with turquoise left; B. goes in search; the shepherds answer her rude: these are herds of M., a ransom for B.; the boy did not let her drink, she told the water to turn into blood and pus; M.: what is this? ordered to let me get drunk; B. threw a ring into the jug, M. realized that she was nearby; M.: everything around the diva; B. was hired as a maid in the house of M., whom Aunt B. married to her daughter; at night M. cut off his wife's head, rode away with B.; aunt chases, M. threw a piece of sheepskin (mountain); a piece of iron (iron mountain); salt (salt sea); aunt: how did you swim across; M.: stand on that pebble (it's sunshine); aunt drowned; a few drops of her blood splashed ashore, became a gazelle; M. brought her home; in her absence, she butts B.; when everyone was sleeping, the gazelle became an aunt, gathered everyone in the house to sleep in a vessel, gathered throw B. into boiling water; B. asks for permission to pray; a virgin appeared, taught her to break a bottle; M. appeared, threw the gazelle into boiling water; gives B. a bottle of her aunt's life, tells her to go to her house, pick up those lying in front of her give bones to the dog with a camel, and straw on the contrary; praise the dried garden, which the aunt calls thorns; clean the dusty carpet and bed; agree to comb your aunt, and when she falls asleep, hit her head to the ground and run; the bed and everyone else refuse to hold B., the dog tore his aunt; B. ran to M., he ceased to be a diva, became human, everything is fine], 267-278 [the dervish gives the childless The padishah should eat an apple in half with his wife; a son was born, but he is breathless; the same dervish tells him to make a hole in the sword that fell out of the womb with the child and hang a sword around the boy's neck; he came to life, and if the sword was removed, lost consciousness; the boy was named Jantig (“life by the sword”); he grew up, he was given the keys to all gardens except one; he broke the door, in that garden there was a portrait of beautiful Chelgis (“forty braids”); D. went to pick her up; he was joined by Minutochetr and Stargazer, who also want to marry C.; a girl with a boy met him; every day the dragon demands one young man to eat, otherwise he does not give water, girl hopes to appease the dragon with food; D. cut the dragon, a dove flew out of it; the impostors tried to attribute the feat to themselves, but the girl smeared D. with a hand soaked in dragon blood and identified him; D. married the girl on the Stargazer and went on with Minupoint; elsewhere, ships carrying grain from across the sea die; this time the ship must have the only son of the padishah; D. sailed himself, from the sea the dragon appeared, D. cut him, the dove flew out; D. married Minutochet to the daughter of the padishah, went on; the man invited him to dinner; his mother was C.'s wet nurse; the old woman would tell C.'s secret, if not her they hear, otherwise she will petrify; D. overhears the old woman talking alone; you have to climb a tree, throw 7 dates to seven divas, they will eat and fall asleep; C. in the ear of one of the divas; you need to throw a lollipop, C. will come out to pick it up; D. grabbed C., they jump away, D. gives C. an armful of swords (as the old woman taught), they turned into a mountain of swords; then salt is a mountain of salt; the divas cut themselves, their wounds are eaten away by salt, they died, only the White Diva continues to chase; a jug of water — the sea and a rock with a cave; D. advises the diva to put her head into the cave — then he will take off; instead, the diva fell, drowned; C. washed her hair, two hairs fell into the well, D. did not pick it up; from the well they sailed to the garden of the padishah; he smelled C., sent the old woman to pick her up; the old woman began to serve C., found out the mystery of the sword, threw her sword into the well, brought C. to the padishah; she demands to postpone the wedding for 40 days, a time of mourning; the Stargazer sees that the star D. goes out, goes in search with Minutochet; they took the sword out of the well, returned D., he came to life; killed the old woman , took C. away; she gave Minutochet and Stargazer her hair — if you want to eat, they create any fruit they want; D. brought C. to his father; she warns that father wants to kill D.: will be covered a trap pit with a carpet, poisoned tea and pilaf; D. jumped over the carpet, changed dishes, his father died himself; D. reigned], 322-336 [the dervish gives the childless Shah an apple; let him eat it in half with his wife, she he will give birth to twins, let him give one to him; the boys Abrahim and Esmail grew up, the dervish took Abrahim; the dervish went ahead, and a stone rolled up to Abrahim (E.) with the inscription “these are divas”; then with instructions ask the dervish to dance around the boiler of boiling oil himself to teach him how to push the dervish into the cauldron; when the dervish died, E. unlocked the rooms, freed the gazelles, and revived petrified people and horses; the wind horse tells us to leave soon — the dervish has a brother; E. touched the golden water, his hand and hair turned golden; the diva's brother is chasing, the horse tells him to throw needles (a field of thorns), salt (salt desert), water from the wineskin; water spilled out in front; the horse swam across the sea, and the divas died in the whirlpool in which the mill; E. hired a gardener in the palace; three daughters of the padishah ask for bouquets; a bouquet for younger E. bandaged with his golden hair; E. and the princess opened up to each other; daughters sent watermelons to the padishah: barely ripe, ripe and overripe; padishah: let everyone throw an apple at the chosen one; E. pulled on the head was a lamb's stomach; the youngest chose E., they were placed in a stable; the elders chose the sons of the vizier and the vakil; the padishah fell ill, he needed gazelle meat; E. summoned those rescued gazelles; sold one to the elders to his sons-in-law, asking him to give him his head and legs; the meat given to his sons-in-law was bitter; from the broth brought by his youngest daughter, the padishah recovered; moved her from E. to the palace; enemies attacked, E. defeated them, opened up to the padishah; E. went to visit her parents; the old woman invited her, he fell into a hole with swords and spears; only the ointment that the old woman had would cure; she was the mother of those two divas; Brother E. saw that the tree planted by E. withers; Brother E. met a rolling stone, instructing her on how to defeat a sorceress; he killed her when she became a cat; pulled her out and cured E.; their mother became blind, helped by the same ointment; a feast and holiday]; Lorimer, Lorimer 1919, No. 6 (Kerman) [the wives of the vizier and king are pregnant; the king offers to marry children if they are of different sexes; the vizier has a daughter Mer Niga (Eye of Grace), the king has a son black serpent Miz Mast, or Humar (“Sleepy Head”); on the wedding night, H. takes off his skin, appears as a young man; in the morning he puts his skin back on; the king tells his daughter-in-law to prevent her husband from turning into a snake; the prince tells to his wife that his skin can be burned in a fire made of egg shells, a broom handle and hair from a dog's tail; in which case he will disappear and they will not see each other; MN burns the skin; prince says his wife will find after trampling seven pairs of iron shoes and wearing out seven paper cloaks; after wearing out the last pair, MN meets a slave; she says that X. is going to marry; MN throws the ring into the jug, tells the slaves make it fall into the hands of H. along with water; after recognizing the ring, H. finds MN; she faces death if found out; MN pretends to be a slave; H. gives her his curl, tells her to burn her hair every time, if his help is needed; mother of the bride H. (this is his aunt) tells the imaginary maid 1) sweep with a broom to which the pearls are attached without losing a single pearl; they immediately crumble, MN calls H., he does everything; 2) bring water in a colander and sprinkle the floor (X. performs); 3) fills the box with stinging insects, says that it is full of pearls, tells you to take it where it should be; throw bones on the horse on the way, straw the dog, do not open the closed ones doors, do not close the open ones, do not go to the hole with dirt and blood; MN looked into the box, insects crawled over it; H. collected them; ordered them to do the opposite of what his aunt told him to do; MN opens and closes the doors, greets everyone, gives bones to the dog, horse straw, says that she would like to taste honey from a sweet pit; the aunt orders the door, the dog, the hole to catch the girl; they refuse; on the wedding day, the aunt tells his wife to put candles on the fingers of the slave (i.e. MN) to illuminate the bride's path; the prince tells his wife to say goodbye to all things; after the wedding ceremony, cuts off the bride's head; takes many ; she forgot to say goodbye to a pound weight; the kettlebell talks about the bride's murder and escape; Aunt H. and her husband (they are divas) follow the fugitives; turning to God in Solomon's name, H. throws reeds, which turned into reeds; the needle is a grove of needles; salt is a salt marsh; sea foam is the sea, with a clot of foam floating in it; aunt: how did you get there? Kh.: stepped on a rock in the middle of the sea (this is foam); the pursuers jumped on it, drowned; everything is fine]: 25—32; the Bakhtiyars [every day a person brings seven partridges from hunting for himself, his wife and seven daughters; invites his wife to take his daughters to the mountains, and they will get the partridges alone; the father took his daughters to the forest and left; from now on he cannot get a single partridge; the girls have come to the diva Alla Zingi; he is waiting for they will fall asleep to eat them; to stay awake on their own, they cut their leg and sprinkle salt on the wound; asks if the girls are sleeping; the eldest Tamti: I'm awake; AZ: what do you want? seven horses with saddles; divas bring horses; then seven bags of jewellery, ten bags of salt, ten bags of needles and shoetails, ten bags of syrup and melted butter; sisters sit on horses they take what the diva brought with them and jump away; throw salt, needles and awls, then a wineskin with syrup; AZ licks the syrup, thinks it's T.'s blood; sisters crossed the pond; divas: how did they cross the pond? T.: leave your foot on a white stone; but it's just white foam, the divas are drowning; the sisters dressed as men, came to town; seven princes offer them to play ball; the sisters lost, the princes got them in property, but when they find that they are girls, they marry them; parents are looking for sisters, they come, they don't recognize them; daughters open up and keep them]: Lorimer, Lorimer 1919, No. 51:317-320; Tajiks (Samarkand district) [the padishah has three sons, his wife is dead, the new one has given birth to a daughter; someone steals apples from an apple tree; the eldest son guards and falls asleep; the same middle son; the youngest Kenjaboy sprinkles salt on the cut, shoots into a winged demon, he flies to his stepmother's chambers, K. finds a peel next to the cradle; the padishah does not believe, he kicked him out; he left, married, and his diva sister ate all the people and animals in his country; K. takes care of two lions; wants to visit their parents; gives his wife a jug of milk; if the milk is redder, let her lower the lions; K. came to his sister; she eats away the horse's legs and consistently asks if the horse was three-legged, two-legged, legless; K. replies what he was; mouse: leave your boots to make it seem like you are sitting, take three needles, salt, a mirror, a comb; and she will hit the strings of the vestibule; sister is chasing, K. threw comb (forest); sister: how he went; K. raise the hem; the same with other obstacles: mirror (river), salt (salt mountain); K. pierced three needles, they turned into three boxwood trees; sister pulled out her tooth , began to saw their trunk; K. jumped to the second tree; to the third; the milk turned red, the wife lowered the lions, they tore the diva, K. returned to his wife]: Amonov 1961:376-381; Tajiks: Amonov, Ulug- back 1957 [=Amonov 196:365-372; the old man has three daughters but has no son; he is blind; the eldest daughter dresses up as a man, comes to see an old woman, she says that many brave men died looking for a cure, the girl returns; the same middle daughter; the youngest is not afraid; the old woman sends her to the healer; he will ask for the seed of the tree that the three-headed diva has for medicine; good must be done to everyone in the monastery of the diva; old woman gives a mirror, a comb, a bar; the girl cleans and adjusts the gates of the fortress, shifts hay to horses and bones to dogs; sewed sleeves for baking bread, gave them to the girls, who toned the tortillas with their bare hands; the diva sleeps with her eyes open; the girl pulled a bag from under his head and ran away; the maids, dogs, horses, the gate refused to grab her; she threw the mirror (river), bar (mountain), crest (forest); divas stops chasing; witch doctor gives seeds; his friend says that the hero is a girl; chrysanthemums are placed at her head (if a woman wither); the girl stood on at dawn and picked fresh ones; but the healer's son saw it and went with her; the father saw the light, the young man married his daughter]: 77-83; 1960 [=Ulug-zade 1967:149-159; the old man sees fresh sheep liver on the road; touches her, an old woman jumps out, threatens to kill her if he does not give her son Haydar-Kokul; tells him to cut firewood continuously; a horse, a bull, comes to HC, they cannot escape from the old woman, she throws them under his legs are a torn tooth; the calf takes HC to the fortress where the girl is alive; on the way he picks up two puppies, they turn into powerful dogs, the girl hides them; the divas reluctantly promises not to kill HC; the girl gives HC a comb, a mirror, three arrows, tells him to run; objects turn into a forest, a river, three poplars; when the divas knocks down the last one, dogs come running, push him into the river, fight him under water, they kill; HC and his wife return to their parents]: 164-171; Baluchi [the old man went for brushwood, saw a jug, smashed it, from there buzlangi; ordered to give his daughter; the old man married him the youngest; Buzlangi took her away, ate her a day or two later; told the old man that his wife was ill, let him let the eldest take care of her; the eldest ordered her to be left on the roof of the house; filled her old shirt and pants with earth (a scarecrow), she ran away herself, taking various items with her; the buzdangi returned from hunting, pulled his wife by the edge of his shirt, and the ground fell into his eyes; he went up to the roof, looked like a girl, ran after him; she threw a needle ( many needles), a large bag needle (the same, the buzlangi crossed again), salt (the whole earth is covered with salt, the buzlangi crossed again), poured water out of the fur, and put it on a millstone on the sides, a river formed ; buzlangi: how did you get over? girl: tied a millstone to her back; tied the buzlangi, drowned; the girl came to live with an old woman; the prince saw the girl, married her]: Zarubin 1949, No. 8:64-67; Bukhara Arabs [the youngest son orders To slaughter his sister to the king, she will become a witch; he does not believe; three sons take turns guarding the horses; the elder, the middle fall asleep, the witch eats the horse; the father does not believe; the youngest does not sleep, he sees, the king still does not believes; the youngest leaves, marries; after 20 years tells his wife to release his two lions if the milk turns red, yogurt is black; comes to his sister, she hugs him, weans his ears; has already eaten everyone; tells beat the drum, goes out to the horse, eats his leg; the brother replies that the horse had three legs; the sister goes out to eat the horse again; someone tells him to run from under the wall, taking a comb, a mirror, salt, spindle; abandoned objects turn into thorny bushes, a river, a swamp, two trees; a brother climbs a tree, a sister takes out her tooth, cuts down a tree with it like an ax; begins to cut down the second; the wife releases lions; a witch rushes into the river; lions say that if blood rises to the surface, they win, if blood and wool are dead; they throw themselves into the water for the witch; wool first floats up, but then blood; lions bring a piece of skin from their sister's head to their owner; drovers promise to give camels if the lion owner guesses what their load is; a piece of skin suggests that almonds are; a person gets camels; distributes them in his father's city, he is elected tsar]: Vinnikov 1969, No. 58:324-326; Uzbeks: Afzalov et al. 1972 (1) [=Konovalov, Stepanov 1986:166-178; pursuing a pheasant, the youngest of three sons An old man enters a cave, spends 40 days with a peri; when the young man returns home, peri tells him to ask his father to build a house for him, build a yurt; when he comes to his son, the old man sees only a cat next to him; secretly peeks, sees a beauty; before a relative's wedding, the old man tells his daughters-in-law to sew dresses, bake cakes; other peri do everything on the orders of the young man's wife; Peri replies to other daughters-in-law that He will sew clothes out of paper; they also make paper dresses, peri sends rain, dresses get wet; the old man asks his son where he keeps the cat's skin; when he finds out, he throws it into the fire; Peri flies away, telling her husband wear his iron boots and staff; the young man comes to the house of Almauz Kempir (AK), where his wife and boy are also; the young man asks the boy for water, he does not give it, the water in the jug turns into blood for the first time, the second is in pus; peri tells the boy to give water to a stranger; the young man throws a ring into the jug, peri recognizes it, goes to her husband; when AK is at home, turns it into a flower, hides it in his hair; then marries her husband to a younger brother; AK tells her to look for hay in her hair, sucks the young man's blood; peri tells her husband to give the dog meat, hay to the camel (AK did the opposite); when AK falls asleep, tie her hair to a pole, take comb, scissors, mirror, run; doors, camel and dog refuse to detain the fugitives; they throw the comb, answer AK to pull out two teeth, make axes out of them, cut them road; the same is scissors; AK has only four teeth; they throw a mirror, it turns into a river; the fugitives answer that stones must be tied to the neck and put stones in their sleeves, walk along the bottom; AK sinks; the young man and the peri live in his home]: 415-425; Ostroumov 1990, No. 3 (Tashkent) [after the birth of his third son, the tsar drove his wife away, took a young one; someone kidnaps foals from his beloved mare; the eldest, middle prince falls asleep, Yalmauz- Kyampir takes a foal every time; the youngest shot her little finger; that same evening the young queen gave birth to a daughter and fled; the prince noticed that she did not have a little finger; the father did not listen to him, drove him away; he stays with an old woman, she has a daughter for marriage; he goes to look for his mother, the old woman gives a comb, a razor and a whetstone; gives a merry stick, where he turns with a blade, to go there; he found his mother, bought it slavery; she died; he went to visit the house; sees his sister in the crack in the guise of Yalmauz-Kampir, she goes through the heads of her eaten parents and brothers; the fox tells him to run, remains to beat the drum for him until YAK goes for poison; the prince runs away, throws the comb (thicket), the razor (the mountain), the bar (the sea; the YAK swam, but the fish dragged it to the bottom, and then transported the prince ashore; ordered take care of the merry wand; the young king finds that old woman's daughter, marries her; when he sails across the sea over the place where the monster-fish crushed the YAK, the storm sinks the ship, but they sail out on fish; feast]: 13- 20; kafirs (prasun) [Imra created Moni from his breath; at that time demons led by Lazoro stole the sun and moon; M. split the log, invited the demons to put their hands in the crack, knocked out the wedge, all the demons were trapped, died; M. came to Badiluk, the mother of these demons; she said that the sun and moon were stolen by the demons of Dizano, their fortress in the air was tied with the thinnest thread; M. shot an arrow in the thread, the fortress fell, but the sun with the moon was not inside; M. came to the mother of the seven demons; they returned, their mother persuaded them not to kill M., he was good at the household; he was told not to open one door; M. shoved it into the slit of his finger turned gold; he tied it, said that he had been injured; the mother and her sons broke the stone that allegedly injured M.'s finger; left alone, M. knocked out the door, the sun and moon flew into the sky; M. ran , threw needles (forest) behind, a ball of threads (fence); demons stopped pursuing, M. returned to Imra]: Hussam-ul-Mulk 1974a: 28-30; Pasha'i [the prince has a cannibal sister; he runs, lives with a woman , who has two dogs; decides to visit the house; there is only her sister, says she will eat it; he asks her to bring a bucket of water and sharpen her teeth; she leaves the drum and tells her to hit it; brother lets the mouse run on the drum so that the sister can hear a shot; the brother runs, throws needles, a ball of salt, soap behind; every time thrown turns into a mountain, the sister overcomes obstacles; the brother climbs a tree, calls the dogs, tells them to eat the cannibal so that not a drop of blood spills on the ground; dogs tear the cannibal]: Morgenstierne 1944, No. 3:18-19.

Baltoscandia. Scandinavians (Gesta danorum) [Swede Arngrimus killed Skald from Scania in a duel, who stole his ship; tried to marry the daughter of King Frodo of Denmark, but he disagrees; the Swedish king Ericus advised F. to win the favor of F. by defeating his enemies, the kings of Biarmia and the Finns; the Finns were known to be sorcerers; A. scattered the Finns, but they retreated and threw three pebbles that turned into the appearance of mountains; A. decided that they were really mountains and did not go further; the next day everything happened again: the Finns threw snow, giving the appearance of a large river; on the third day, the Finns did not witchcraft left; they paid tribute, A. defeated King Biarmia in a duel and married daughter F.]: Saxon Grammar 2017 (1), 5.13.1-2:185-186 (retelling the 1898:193 edition; 1900:264 in Aarne 1930:9-10); Norwegians: Christiansen 1959 [fleeing sorcerer's daughter and hero throw a pebble or grain of sand (mountain), coal (forest or fire), drop or bottle of liquid (lake)]: 84-85; Dasent 1970:71-90 [The youngest of the king's two sons leaves, is hired by a giant; he tells him to clean the stable in a day, not to go into the other rooms; the young man comes in, one cauldron boils without fire, whatever gets into it, becomes copper; in the second room, the cauldron makes silver, in the third it is gold; the young man lowers a curl into each; in the fourth room there is a girl; she teaches, cleaning the stable, to dig a shovel with a handle, work will be done immediately; the giant suspects that the maid taught him; the next day, to bring a horse; girl: the horse is full of fire, we must throw a bit in his mouth; on the third day: bring a fee from hell for borrowed fire; girl: knock on the rock with a club, the door will open, ask for as much as possible; on the fourth day, the giant himself brings the young man to the maid, tells her to cut his throat, cook the broth; she puts three drops of the young man's blood to cook with the old rubbish, both run away, sail across the sea on a ship; drops of blood are responsible for the giant for the girl; when he realizes the deception, calls Drinker (stream-sucker), he drinks the water of the sea, the ship is already visible; the young man throws a piece of salt, a mountain appears; the giant drilled it, Drank wanted to start drinking, but the young man drips into the sea from a flask, it fills up again; the fugitives reach the shore; the Queen goes after the horses, the bride tells her not to speak to anyone; the brother's bride's sister gives an apple, he bites off, forgets the bride; she goes to the old woman, makes the house golden; the constable brings money, wants to marry; she tells him to throw hot coals at himself all night; then the lawyer tells him to push in the door; the sheriff drags the calf by the tail; the young man must marry older brother's bride's sister; the carriage falls apart, manages to ride thanks to magic items borrowed by the giant's daughter; she was invited to a feast; she puts a golden rooster and a chicken on the table, fighting because of the golden apple; the Queen remembers everything; the witch who gave him the apple was torn apart by 24 horses], 285-295 [the father decides to make his son a master; meets a man named Master Stormy Sky (GN ; Farmer Weathersky), who undertakes to teach the young man, flies away with him; the father goes in search; an old woman with a long nose, pulls water out of the well, convenes animals, they do not know the way to GN; she sends to the second sister, so to the third; she summons birds; the eagle is called to take the person to the GN; the eagle pulls out the feather, the man sits on the Eagle where the feather was, the Eagle arrives when the GN sleeps; teaches him to snatch Three feathers out of his head, take a hare, a stone, three chips, carries back; followed by crows, the Eagle tells you to throw feathers, they turn into crows, drive away crows; GN himself chases, the Eagle tells you to throw chips ( fence), stone (mountain); when climbing the mountain, GN injured his leg, stopped chasing; at home, the hare turns into a man's son; orders him to be sold as a horse, but without a bridle; for the third time, GN solders the man forgets to remove the bridle; the GN goes to the tavern, hanging hot nails under the horse's face, and the oats under his tail; the girl frees the horse out of pity, jumps into the pond, turns into a fish followed by GN with a pike; the dove is a kite; the dove flies into the princess, tells him everything; she tells him to become a ring on her finger; GN makes the king sick; GN heals him, demands a ring for payment; the princess says that her ring is from her mother, the king tells her to give it back anyway; she throws the ring into the ash; GN shovels the ash with a rooster, the young man becomes a fox, twisted the cock's neck], 311-322 [the widow's son is hired by a stranger; he feeds him, but does not require work; when leaving, he forbids him to enter a certain room; for the first time, the young man finds nothing there, the owner forgives him, beats him, heals him; the young man sees a boiling pot, bathes in it, becomes a strong handsome man; frees a horse with hot coals under his nose and food behind his back; the horse tells him to wear rusty armor, take a rusty sword; they run, throw plant a blackberry branch (thorny thickets), a stone (mountain), pour water from a jug (lake, one drop fell nearby, but the horse swam out); the troll and his entourage are trying to drink the lake, burst; the horse tells him for now let go, put on rags, a moss wig, hire a king; he is driven out of the kitchen, the stables, he works for a gardener; the princess sees him without a wig; when he learns that the young man is sleeping with his daughter, the king left him in prison, locked his daughter; enemies attacked, the young man asks for permission to go to war on an old gag; summons his horse, smashes enemies, kills their king; slightly wounded, the king bandages his wound with a handkerchief; everything is explained, the young man marries a princess; the horse tells him to cut off his head, turns into a man; he was the former king of the country whose king the young man has now killed]; Pancritius 1913 [in In a Norwegian fairy tale, fugitives throw a thorn branch, a piece of granite, a flask of water behind him]: 854; Icelanders [1) the persecuted hero throws three hair from the horse's tail behind him three times (river, fire, mountain); 2) the hero runs away from the giant, the abandoned branch turns into a forest]: Johelson 1913:158; Icelanders [the old people have a son and a Bucolla cow; she calved and then disappeared, the young man went to look; from time to time asks: close, dear B.; first the mooing is far away, as he goes in that direction, the mooing is getting closer; finally, it comes from under the ground; the young man enters the cave, unties B . and drives her home; the giantess and her little daughter appear; B. tells her to pull her hair out of her tail, put it on the ground, turns it into a river; the giantess sends her daughter for a big ox, he drank the river; the second hair — a strip of fire (same); the third is a mountain; the giantess tells her daughter to bring a drill; drilled a mountain, but got stuck in a hole and died there; the young man brought B. home]: Poestion 1994, No. 4:38-41; Icelanders [the king's wife died; he was sitting on the grave, a woman came up, named Ingijörg, the king married her; when he goes hunting, I. advises his son Sigurd to go with his father, but he refuses; she hides him under the bed; the giantess comes in, this is sister I.; I. treats her; when she enters and then leaves, the giantess asks if S. is here; I. says that he left with his father; the same next time (hides under table); on the third (hides against the wall), the giantess will cry out that S. is here and let him now remain half-burnt, half-dried until he finds her; I. reproaches S.: she warned him to go with father; gives a ball, he rolls, S. follows him to his first sister I.; she sits on a rock, pulls S. up with a hook, but he gives her the golden ring given by I.; she is happy, tells her to fight her, and when S. gets tired, gives a drink of strong water to restore vigor; sends her to her second sister (all the same); she gives her a third; the third, giving a golden ring, sends her to the lake, where the girl Helga plays with the boat, tells her to give her a ring; she takes S. to her father's house when he leaves; when he returns, H. touches S. with a glove, turning it into a bale of wool; as soon as the father leaves again, he returns to his former appearance; unlocks doors except one; S. insists to unlock it; behind her is a horse and a precious sword with the inscription: Whoever sits on this horse and girds himself with this sword will be happy; girl: the name of the horse Gullfaxi ( Golden-maned), and the sword is Gunnfjödur (Kampffeder); there is also a branch, a stone and a stick; the branch will become a dense forest in the path of the pursuer, and if you knock on the stone with a stick, a terrible hail will begin; H. allowed S. galloped around the house once, but S. rode away altogether; Father H. came and saw that his daughter was crying; when he found out what was going on, he jumped after him; S. threw a branch, the giant was forced to return for the ax; causing hail, C . killed a giant; towards S. a dog in tears; S. rode home, where 9 warriors tied I. to burn; S. hacked them with a sword; met his father; went to H. and married her; became king; happy with H. ]: Poestion 1994, No. 18:143-152; Danes: Cramer 1919:38-44 [=Grundtvig 1878:16-28; a poor young man was hired to serve in the palace; he was in good standing; the valet says out of envy that he boasted to pay interest from hell on what was loaned to hell; on the way, the raven tells you to dig up a sword, the touch of which makes everything crumble, not to turn off the main road; the devil's mother tries in vain persuade them to turn; with a sword, a young man kills many-headed monsters, freeing 12, 24, 36 girls; the devil's mother advises his son not to get involved and give money; when the young man comes out of hell, the dragon turns into princess, they ride away on a goat; the devil and his mother are chasing; the princess spits — the lake; throws a bead — a glass mountain; the pursuers turn back; the raven asks to cut off his head and put backwards; turns into a young man — the princess's brother; the prince and princess are kidnapped by the king's children; the young man married a princess and became king], 100-108 [two princes sailed by boat, a storm began; an old woman appeared in sauerkraut, demanded to promise her the one whom the Queen would soon give birth, otherwise she would drown; I had to promise; when the boy grew up, the old woman came for him, brought him to her, told him clean a pile of feathers, then split the logs into firewood; both times the dove did everything; the young man kissed her, she turned into a girl; said that the old woman kidnapped her and bewitched her until the first kiss; gave tie a red thread on your finger to identify her later, and ask the old woman to marry her; she brought a donkey, a pig, but the young man sees a red thread; after the wedding, the wife tells her to run, left it in the room two logs to answer the old woman; in the morning the old woman broke into the room, rushed in pursuit; the girl threw a flower pot (lion, the old woman returns for an ax), a glass of water (lake, the old woman runs after her sauerkraut); when the young reached the palace, the girl blew, a cloud of pigeons enveloped the witch, she scattered into small pieces; everything is fine]; Christiansen 1959 [like Norwegians, but throwing objects is less common, than turning a hero and heroine into objects in which the pursuer does not recognize them (transformation flight)]: 89; Swedes: Christiansen 1959 [like Norwegians — mountain, forest, lake]: 92; Jochelson 1913 [ The prince and the bride run away from her mother, a sea woman, throw a stone, a brush, a blanket (mountain, forest, lake)]: 158 (same as Pancritius 1913:854); Kalevala (Rune 42:472-485). In Pohjela, Väinämöinen demands that Sampo be divided, otherwise she promises to take everything; Pohjela Louhi's mistress raises warriors against V., but V. puts everyone to sleep by playing the cantel; the heroes find Sampo, load them into boat, sail home; waking up, L. sends fog, storm, V. loses his kantele. Rune 43:485-495. L. catches up with those who sail away on the ship; V. throws a piece of flint into the sea, he turns into underwater rocks, L.'s boat crashes; from the wreckage of the boat, the hoe, the braid L. makes wings for himself, attacks a monstrous bird at those who sail away; the heroes cut off her claws, but she manages to push Sampo into the sea, Sampo breaks into pieces; the big ones drown, the small ones are washed ashore; V. sees them as the key to future prosperity; L. returns home with only an empty cover from Sampo; V. splices pieces of Sampo, wishes happiness to his country; Finns: Billson 1895 [Kanteletar, part 3, song 2; Estonian sorcerers stole sun, German wizards — a month; it got dark; Turo, Jumala's son, went in search; after dropping honey and beer on a tree trunk lying across the road, split it; he also crossed the hill and lake, reached the country Hiisi; in the barn, three girls are polishing the sun and the month; T. threw a ball of sleep there, they fell asleep, T. took away the lights; chased him, he throws a pebble (mountain), a crest (forest), reached home; hung the sun on the top of the pine tree, a month on top of the birch tree, they began to shine for the rich, but not the poor; hung them on the lower branches — only for the poor; then on the middle ones they shine for everyone]: 342-344; Goldberg 1953 [childless king goes sailing, the waterman stops the ship, releases for a promise to give back the one who was born at home in the absence of the king; this is his son and daughter; the king secretly dug an underground shelter for them; to the one who came He tried to give the foal, calf, lamb to the waterman; he himself began to look for children; in the forge, a hammer ordered him to take him and walk; fell where the shelter was, the water took away the children; they grew up, the girl went beyond married him; her brother shed tears, a wolf appears, tells him to sit on him and run; the young man enters the room where the waterman and sister sleep, grabs his sister, sits on the wolf; at the direction of the wolf, takes from under him the tail of the stone, throws, the mountain grows to heaven; the water returns for a hammer and a chisel, breaks through the passage; wants to leave the tools, but forty begin to shout for them; the waterman takes them home, returns, catches up and returns the fugitives; the young man cries again, the bear comes, everything repeats; the young man throws the bear's bristles, wooded mountains appear to the sky; then the same episodes; for the third time, the brother and his sister run away on a fox, she tells them to throw flint; the water cannot overcome the sea of fire, he stops pursuing; brother and sister build a house for themselves across the bubbling river; the wolf, bear and fox come to live with them ; the sister throws stones into the river, the current calms down, the water crosses the river, lives with the girl; during the day she turns into a pin, the girl hides it in the cracks in the wall; the animals feel it; the sister asks to be locked the night of animals behind 9 iron doors; the water grabs the young man, throws him into a hot bath; the animals tear, breaking one door after another; the raven tells the young man to hold out a little longer; at the last moment animals they break in, tear the water to pieces; the young man forgave his sister; she found a water bone in the ash, put it under his brother's pillow; a bone pierced his head, his sister buried the deceased; the animals dug the body; the bear put his head on him, the water bone passed into it, the young man came to life; the bone went from bear to wolf; the fox put its head up, managed to pull it back, the bone got stuck in the pine tree; they all came to brother and sister parents, the young man rejuvenated them with live water; the father expelled the traitor daughter, his son became king]: 170-186; Concca 1993 [after the death of the parents, the brother took the cat and the sister took the goat, they went to seek happiness; the goat had to be stabbed and fried; they came to the giant; he agrees to fatten them first and then eat them; the horse offers brother and sister to take them away from the giant, his giant is easy caught up and killed; the eagle is the same, the giant shot; the bull tells you to take a branch, a stone and a tin bottle of water, throw it behind when the giant catches up; the branch turns into a forest; the giant cuts through the passage the fox promises to steal the ax, the giant spends time taking the axe home; the stone (the mountain; the same; the fox promises to carry the hammer); the bottle (the sea, the giant tries to drink it, the fox advises you to gird yourself with hoops, gnawed through them, the giant burst); the bull is about to die; tells them to keep the horns to summon him; brother and sister came to the copper castle, a dog got involved with them; the cat and the dog are scratching the chest, but his brother does not opened it; when he left, Satan came out of the chest in the form of a guy; the girl fell in love with him; he advises to pretend to be sick, send your brother for wolf's milk; the she-wolf gives milk and a wolf cub; the same is a bear; Satan advises sending the guy to the mill for living and dead water, he will poison the springs along the way; a cat and a dog drank from the first, a wolf and a bear from the second; the guy revived them with live water; they tore them apart Satan; the sister begged his brother to take her with him; they came to the silver castle, the boy married the mistress princess; Satan came to life, brought his sister a tooth, told his brother to put him in bed; he died; the beasts smashed the hoops of the coffin, but they themselves fell dead; two crows brought live water and revived the boy, and he brought the animals to life; hitting the horn with his horn, the guy summoned the bull, who brought him to the silver castle, Satan and his sister were killed; the spell that hung over the princess has broken; all is well]: 67-81; Salmelainen 1947:19-25 [the young man is going to shoot the capercaillie, he asks not to do so; so three times; the young man agrees to take the capercaillie home and feed for a year; the capercaillie grew a copper feather on its tail and when it fell out, he flew away; in the evening he returned, asked for another year to feed; a silver feather grew; after the third year, a golden feather; the capercaillie ordered sit on it; they fly across the sea, the capercaillie throws off three times and picks up the young man so that he would experience the same fear that the capercaillie felt when he was aimed at; they fly to the younger copper castle the sister of the capercaillie; he tells her to ask her for a chest without a key, but she did not give it; the middle sister in the silver castle had the same; the eldest in the golden castle gave; on the way back, the capercaillie was tired and left the young man on the mountain; Tom did not want to drag the chest, he left it and a palace, household, people, etc. appeared; the old man promises to put everything back if the young man promises to give him what was born in his house; the young man knows that the wife did not expect a child and promised; the old man allowed the baby to be left for a year, ordered him to be named Krummdreher; in a year the boy grew up, became a young man, went to the old man; between the sea and the lake there is an oak tree, he He climbed on him, saw the girls on the ship; they began to swim, he hid the clothes of one of them; gave it for a promise to become a wife and help; this is the daughter of an old man; she gives her handkerchief, he makes him invisible and offers any food; before entering the castle, you have to pull an iron stake out of the ground with a ring at the end; the young man pulled it out easily; the young man knocked on their door, the old man went out but saw no one, and an invisible young man entered the bride's castle; the old man tells 1) to create a castle neither on earth nor in the sky; 2) cultivate the field in one night, harvest and bake bread; 3) bring three iron-billed animals from across the sea capercaillie; bride: bribe 7 out of 9 horses, and we can ride away on two; the old man chases; the girl waved her handkerchief, a mountain arose, the old man ran after the ax; passed out; the girl turned her horses into a church and the bell tower, themselves as a priest, a young man as a clerk; they replied to the old man that the fugitives were already across the river; he was chasing again, but the girl created the river with a handkerchief; the old man had stopped persecuting; everything was fine], 47-52 [ hell turned the prince into a fast horse; told the groom guy to live in the stable and not enter the house; when the hell was gone, the conb told the guy to go into the house; there he saw a bottle of blood, a huge sword on the wall, and the chest in the corner is a white stone, a green branch and a cup of water; hell understood that the guy came into the house, promised to kill him next time for it; but as soon as the hell left again, the horse told me to go try it raise his sword and if it is too heavy, sprinkle blood from a bottle; the guy felt a surge of strength, easily raised his sword; the horse told me to take objects from the chest, sit on it, galloped away; hell chasing, the horse tells you to throw a stone (rocks; the devil ran for an ax, cut through the passage; fox: if you throw the ax, I'll take it; the line had to waste time taking the ax home), a green branch (copper forest; the same episode with an ax and a fox), a bowl of water (lake; hell tried to drink it, surrounded himself with a hoop so as not to burst, the fox ate the hoop, the devil burst); they rode to the king, the father of the enchanted prince; the horse ordered hide it in a beech forest; war broke out; the boy rode an old mare and then changed clothes, sat on his horse, hacked down enemies with a sword; was wounded and the princess noticed him bandaging the wound; he told the king everything; the horse ordered him to be cut off, the prince came out of his horse's body; he inherited the throne, and the king married the boy to the princess]; Karelians: Cox 1893, No. 199 (Varpakylä) [ the person wants to marry his daughter; she asks for permission to go to her mother's grave; the mother advises to ask to melt the bathhouse before the wedding, and when she goes to the bathhouse, run; going to church, take dresses, a brush, a comb, a mirror, a sword; the father chases, the daughter throws the brush (wall; the father runs after the sword, cuts a hole, the bird screams that the daughter will see where the sword is hidden, the father runs home again to take it sword), comb (bone wall (same); mirror (glass wall; same); when she reaches the royal pigsty, the girl throws on a pig skin, hides in the prince's pigsty; in the morning she secretly leads the farm in order; the prince goes to church, asks his sister for soap, the pig brings him, the prince throws soap at the pig; in the church, the beauty replies that she is from the palace, where they throw soap; next time, a basin of water; shirt; the first time the girl loses her hat; then the prince orders to smear the door with resin, the second time the glove sticks; the third time the shoe; the prince tells everyone to try on, promises to marry; sees a pig in a hat , with a glove and a shoe; on the way to church, the heroine takes off her pigskin; wedding]: 392-394; Onegin 2010, No. 32 (Kalevalsky district) [wife has a blue finger; when she dies, she tells her husband to marry again only to blue-headed; the daughter still has the blue finger; she requires her father to wear a star-embroidered outfit (the father bought it); embroidered for months (the same); the sun (the same); the daughter takes dresses, a brush, sulfur, goes to the bathhouse; runs away, leaving the spits to answer for himself; when he discovers the deception, the old man rushes after him; the daughter throws a broom, a mountain covered with birch forest appears, the old man returns for an ax and hoe, cuts through the road, wants to hide the ax and hoe under the birch tree, the tit says he will tell, the women will steal; the old man takes them home, runs again; the girl throws the comb (resin mountain; the old man runs after the ax and hoe again ; same); throws a bar (stream of fire; the old man can't cross, he threw his eggs around his daughter's neck, let them mimic her); the girl was hired as a pigsty for the king; she is silent, because the eggs will mimic her; a ball is being prepared, the maids send a dumb man to carry water to the king, who with a bucket on her forehead; the late mother gives a staff to hit the stone crosswise, a horse will come out; the girl came to the ball in a sunny dress; replies that came from where they hit her forehead with a bucket; the prince followed the girl, threw the pigsty's clothes into the fire; but the girl is afraid to say a word; the prince married her, she gave birth to a son, he was stabbed to death on her on her knees, her eyes were gouged out and driven away if she did not want to speak; the pigsty cooks food again, the soup is cooked in the pot; the pigsty: delicious soup; eggs: delicious; the pigsty hangs the ladle around her neck below the eggs, invites them to try the soup; the eggs flopped into the ladle, she flopped them into the boiling pan; the pigsty brought soup to the guests; the new bride: look, the hem is carrying soup; pigsty: you spoke early, I she was silent even when my baby was slaughtered; the new bride was driven away, the pigsty was dressed in a sunny dress]: 300-304; Veps [after the death of his wife, the old man decided to marry his daughter; took her to the forest; the grandmother tells take a comb, a brush, a ball; the daughter says she will go to pee, runs away; threw a brush (forest), a comb (a slippery mountain), a ball (a river); the father cut off his eggs, threw it at her daughter, they stuck to her shoulders and repeat everything she says; the girl returned home, is silent; the man married, the wife gave birth, the man killed the child, the wife is still silent; the man marries the daughter of Baba Yaga, the first wife is told cook jelly; she tried it and says: the jelly is sweet; the teasers repeat; she says to them: once sweet, then jump into it; she slammed the pot of jelly on the corner of the house; mother-in-law: what is this? daughter-in-law: the firewood in the stove is cracking; mother-in-law is glad that the daughter-in-law spoke; the daughter-in-law came up to the new wife, there is a dirty pot in her hands; she: if you hadn't stained your dress with soot, I'd better give it to me; daughter-in-law: I'm three years old fear of your father-in-law and mother-in-law was silent, and you spoke the very first night; the husband tied Baba Yaga's daughter to the stallion's tail and let her go along the bumpy road; began to live with his former wife]: Onegin, Zaitseva 1996, No. 24: 116-118; Ingrians (Izhorans) (V. Porkka, 1881-1883) [there was no sun and moon, they sowed by candlelight, reaped with a ray; the wise daughter of the blacksmith went to look for the sun and a month; comes to the village of Itova ( Iittovan), Hiitoin's huts in the distance; she throws a sleepy ball, men and women fall asleep; attaches a month above her eyebrows, the sun on the crown, runs home; she chases her, she throws flint ( rock), crest (forest), jug (river); a birch tree near the house raised the sun and a month on the branches; at the request of the poor, the blacksmith's daughter made the lights shine for everyone, rich and poor]: Kiuru 1990 , No. 1:34-36; Eastern Sami: Yermolov 1959 [three hunting brothers take turns cooking; an old man came in, tied the youngest by his hair to the ceiling, ate everything himself; the same with the middle man; the elder beat the old man; then he came to him in his hole, said that he had come to help; the old man was happy with the worker, but told him not to unlock some doors; the guy opened the doors — there was Thunder in chains; asked him to cut the chains, the young man did it, there was a thunder; the young man tells the old man that this roar from cow's hooves when the cows ran; Thunder to the young man: when you finish the third chain, sit on me; the old man chases, Thunder tells him to take his hair and throw back; a rock appeared to the sky; the old man returned home, brought a drill, drilled a hole; when the young man threw his second hair, a stormy river appeared, and fire above; the old man fell into them and disappeared]: 69-71; Charnolusky 1972 [the beloved disappears; the girl rejects other suitors, says she will marry a man with a golden nose; Ravk comes, she is forced to fulfill her promise; he leaves her the keys, not tells me to open one door; there is a weakened elk; she feeds it, three days later they run away; they throw a comb (forest), a mirror (lake), a shard (a mountain), a match (fire); an elk brings the girl to his mother, turns the girl into a sliver underground, puts the pine tree with its roots up, runs away; Ravk did not find a chip, could not pull out the pine tree; The elk shows the girl a pine tree, she recognizes the betrothed, the Moose turns as a guy, takes a girl as a wife]: 80-83; Eastern Sami: Itkonen 1931 (Skolts) [devil (tsuartt) tied up a thunder (Tiermes); a man who became a servant of the devil opened the forbidden room, freed T.; hereinafter “magical escape”]: 37-47 in Frog 2011:81; Charnolussky 1962 (Kola) [the girl was kidnapped by an ogre bear; forbids her to enter the pantry; she comes in, frees the Thunder associated there; they run away (“magic escape”), Thunder brings her to her home; promises to come back and marry her when she grows up]: 35-40 in Frog 2011:81; Western Sami: Klaus 1995:39-46 [Swedish the king's three daughters are missing, the man volunteered to find them; on the way he meets two more consistently; each takes turns cooking; comes Legless Armless (BB), presses the cook's hair with a log, all eats; when the hero remains, he offers food to BB himself, he promises to help; all three want to move the stone, when the hero calls, BB shifts, under the stone, the hero goes down; the kidnapped queen tells change barrels of strong and weak water; hell comes, the hero defeats him; the same with the second royal (two-headed line), with the third (three-headed); the hero sends the queens upstairs; rises, sees that companions swear who will take which one; when they see the hero, they cut off the rope, he is again underground; he is hired as an employee, the owner does not tell him to enter the same room; the hero comes in, there is Thunder, he orders to take with them an iron chair, a flint flint, a comb; they run away, the devil chases, the abandoned crest turns into a forest, the devil comes back for the ax; the flint is the mountain, behind the drill; the chair - river of fire; Thunder brought the hero to where the companions were quarreling, took the most beautiful queen, others are arguing who to get who, so far], 55-63 [from the giant {probably Stallo in the original} lion to whom he gives hay, and a horse to whom he gives meat; worker S. changes food; says that he cut down poles to poke out S.'s eyes; they carry a tree home, S. is afraid to look back, does not see that the worker does not carry a tree, but sits on it; the worker pretends to throw S.'s axe on the cloud, that he can break his boat and oars, he brings an ax, rows himself; offers to pierce trees with his head; the worker does There are holes in the trees, S. also gets stuck with his head; the worker replies that he is fast asleep when he looks like a bag, like a stone, puts a bag, a stone on his bed instead of himself, S. hits them at night; replies that He sleeps soundly when frogs jump out of his nose; the worker cuts off S.'s head; the horse tells him to run, taking a comb, a flint, a wet rag; S. (obviously alive) catches up, abandoned objects turn into a thicket, mountain, lake; S. returns for an ax, for a drill, then loses time carrying them back, as the sparrow threatens to pick them up; S. tries drink the lake, tells the maid to close his ass so that the water does not pour out; the fox tells him to hold it tight, the maid laughs, S. bursts; the young man washes his hair, it turns silver; he hides it under his hat, but the princess notices, takes him as her husband; the horse tells him to cut off his head, he also becomes a young man, he was bewitched before]; Poestion 1886, No. 21 [the guy was hired as an employee for a giant; chose the biggest tree; the giant climbed to the top, the guy sat on the butt; replies that he is not tired at all; bringing the tree, the giant tells the guy to go into the barn, but not to the stable; horse: tomorrow you will be asked to launch boat; say that if you venerate it, the boat will fall to pieces; the giant lowered it himself; asks to take the oars; guy: if I take it, they will break; the same goes on (all fishing gear will tear); when They came back, the horse tells us to go into the barn, slaughter the cow, cut the heart in half; the cow is the life of a giant; if not dead, cut it into small pieces; then they will gallop away with the box (Bühse) a sword, a piece of sulfur, a flint, a comb; when they gallop, the horse asks if the guy hears and sees anything behind him; as if the wind is whistling; horse: this giant has come to life; throw sulfur: water area; giant I ran home for a ladle, drank water with the help of a ladle; wanted to leave it to pick it up on the way back, but the bird: if you leave it, I'll take it; I had to run home again; the flint is a mountain; a giant runs after the storm (again about the bird); the comb is the forest, ran after the ax (bird); the guy on horseback rode to a world where the giant does not go; there is a copper forest ahead, you can't break branches; the guy broke the last one a giant in copper clothes appeared, the horse defeated him; the same with the silver forest and the giant; with gold; now the horse told the young man to hire the king; he always wears a copper hat so that he could not see gold ( Goldhut); told the king that he had scab; became a gardener, the youngest of the three princesses saw him take off his copper hat; she asked her father to pass her off as a young gardener; her sisters chose noble young men; the younger son-in-law called a horse, shot a lot of birds, gave them to the elders, and brought them only an owl; a wedding; a horse to a young man: you forgot about me, cut off my head; he cut off, the horse turned into prince charming {the end without the details common in one-story fairy tales}], 22 [the guy was hired as an employee for a giant; he suggests first testing his strength by hitting his head against a pine stump; the guy did it in advance a hole, his head has gone into a stump; the giant has only scratched the bark; now: who shouts louder; the guy makes a wooden hoop: you have to put it on your head, otherwise my scream will burst; the giant refuses competition; who will throw a hammer higher; the guy looks at the sky: which cloud is better to throw it at; giant: don't throw it at all, this hammer is my grandfather's legacy; at night, the guy put on the bed is wooden blocks, and he lay down elsewhere; at midnight the giant began to hit the bed with an iron hammer; when he left, the guy threw away the logs and lay down; in the morning the giant asks how he slept; guy: louse bit; the next night the giant set fire to the bed; the guy in the morning: the sound of the wind seemed to be heard; the giant decided to send the guy, gave him a bag of silver and then more gold; going to the house, the guy left half, for not to convey; seeing this, the giant and his wife set off in pursuit; the boy threw a leaf behind, which turned into a forest; a chair: a mountain; a giant ran after the storm; a piece of sulfur was a lake; a giant with his wife and daughter tried to drink it; there was not much left, the giant tells his daughter to shut his ass; then the crow jumped so ridiculously that the daughter laughed, the water poured out of her and the giant himself, and they all drowned]: 84 -92, 93-97; Estonians: Juhan Kunder in Raud 2004 [Big Peter and Little Peter work for the landowner; the landowner sends them to cut down the forest; BP eats half of the food taken by the MP three times, refuses to share with his food; the MP promises to complain to the owner; BP says that the MP boasted in three days to make a church out of wax, an earthen fence, bring a bell with 12 votes; bees make a church, mice a fence; a hawk brings MA to hell (vanapagan), who has a bell; VP unties the bell rope, takes it, flies on a hawk; throws a rod (forest grows), a whetstone (mountain), a drop of water (sea), hell tries to drink all the water, bursts; MP gets a lot of money from the owner; says that BP boasted to sleep in a hot stove; he burns]: 144-153; in Talvet 1991:47-58; Järv et al. 2009, No. 36 (Väike- Maarja) [a man saws a tree in the forest, it becomes whole again; the spirit allows him to saw for the promise to give what he will be the first to meet at home; a three-year-old son comes out; the boy is given to the spirit; he and his the son leaves, gives the boy the keys, forbids him to unlock one room; he unlocks, there is a horse and a dog; meat in front of the horse, oats in front of the dog; when he returns, the spirit scolds the boy, but does not kill; the next once the boy asks the horse for advice; he tells him to take a piece of gold from under the pillow of the spirit, a drop of water, a grain of sand and a knot from the window; the boy sits on the horse, jumps away, with them the dog; the horse tells them to throw a grain of sand (a sand mountain; the spirit sends a son for a shovel; they hide a shovel, the crow screams what he sees, the spirit sends the son to take the shovel home), a knot (forest), a drop of water (lake; the son of the spirit drank, burst; the spirit rushed into water, drowned); The horse tells him to remove his hooves, hit him three times with a rod; the horse and the dog turn into boys like him; all three live with the boy's father; since then, tree felling has not been overgrown]: 153-154; M& #228; lk et al. 1967, No. 55 (Ambla) [12 of the poor man's sons went to seek service; the king promised everyone a horse if they worked for him for a year; a year later, 11 brothers chose good horses, and the youngest chose a bad one skate; if no one sees, the horse turns into a heroic horse; returning to their father, the brothers left again to look for brides so that everyone is sisters; the old woman has 12 daughters; the younger brother goes to bed for the night with the youngest; she reports that she was kidnapped as a child, and the rest of the girls are the daughters of an old woman; his strong point is her bewitched brother, they are royal children; at night the old woman will cut off the heads of those who come; the youngest told the brothers to switch seats with the old woman's daughters and ride away; the old woman cut off the heads of her own daughters; the old woman chases on horseback, the horse tells the youngest to throw the broom (dense forest), a brush (thicket), a rosehip flower (rosehip thickets); the fugitives rode to a house where the witch has no power; the horse turned to a prince; the younger brother married the rescued princess]: 142-145; Mä lk et al 1967, No. 58 (all over Estonia, but more in southern Estonia) [the girl rejects her suitors and dreams of marrying a man with a golden nose; he shows up and takes her away; they stop three times on the way, the groom comes in into a house; the second time the bride peeks: he eats a dead dog; the third time he is dead; when they reach the groom's home and the girl is left alone, the deceased mother tells her that her husband is the devil; one of the guys who likes the girl goes to the witch doctor; he tells him to take a ball three times on Thursday and go to the crossroads; the third time the whirlwind brings the young man to the house of hell; he hired him in workers, but since it is winter, there is no job yet; the girl comes to him, gives him a chip, a grain of sand and water in a glass: let her quit when she says; takes a broom: if she moves, the pursuer is close; a grain of sand has become a mountain (hell sends his son for shovels), a sliver a thick forest (sends for axes), a splash of water has become a sea; hell sends his son for his grandmother, she tries to drink the sea, but bursts; the devil is left overseas, a boy and a girl got married]: 151-154; set: Järv et al. 2009, No. 33 (Satserinna; written in Estonian) [the man went to sell flax, came back a year later, leaned over to the water for a drink, someone grabbed him by the beard, let him go for promising to give what he did not know at home; during this time his wife gave birth to a son (he grew up); one girl told the young man to take with him two loaves, two belts and a ball of yarn; the ball rolled, the young man followed; threw two lions on the waist, the other two on bread, they missed it; Damn (vanahalb) tells me to plow the field, etc., bake bread; 2) build a church; 3) build a church iron bridge; daughter Devil tells me to go to bed, does everything; 4) choose a wife among his daughters, turned into mares, into turtles (the assistant will bite and bite other horses and pigeons); young man gets a wife; she tells her to run, leaves saliva responsible for herself; Damn sends sons in pursuit, wife throws bark behind (forest grows; sons Devil chop, hide axes, lark says he sees where they have to hide), clay (mountain; same: lark, shovels), water from a glass (lake; Devils drink, burst); a young man brings his wife home], 35 [mother dies, father married a witch (vanapatu), she has two sons; one of them wants to marry her; she goes to dress in a barn, the witch's sons leave dogs at the exit so that she does not leave; The mouse asks for bread, the girl gives her, the Mouse gnaws a hole in the wall, tells me to take a whetstone, a brush and a cat with her; the girl runs, the cat listens, reports the chase; the girl throws brushes (the forest, the devils run after the axes; then they hide the axes, the bird says he sees that they take the axes home, rush to catch up again), a whetstone (a stone wall; the same, they run for crowbars and hammers), a handkerchief (the sea, devils drink, burst)]: 139-141, 148-152; Lutsie (1893) [old people are childless, they have found a white snake, at night she turns into a beautiful young man, and during the day she turns into a snake again; asks to marry him a princess; the old man went to the king; king: you will receive it if you come not full and not hungry; not naked or dressed; son: sip oatmeal; wrap yourself in a net; king: come in a horse-drawn carriage; create a palace, the road to my palace is covered with velvet, silver along the edges and golden apple trees with silver and golden apples; the church is made of wax, they serve in it, the candles light up themselves; the snake son does everything; the evening after the wedding, the serpent turned into a young man; the princess's sisters threw snakeskin into the fire; husband: now look for me with three pairs of iron shoes; also three iron hats, three iron beans in your pocket; go to my sister, she will teach me further; the one in the room that turns on a chicken leg; turned the girl into a needle, hid it on her chest; an old devil came, the hostess said that he was the one who was flying around the world; in the morning she gave me a gold spinning wheel, silver spindle; sent it to her second sister (all the same, gave a precious handkerchief); the third (still the same) gave an embroidered tablecloth and gave a ball to follow; tyn around the apple orchard, only for one stake the head is not yet planted; the damn daughter bought a spinning wheel with a spindle overnight with her husband, but gave him a sleepy potion; the same second night (handkerchief); on the third he quietly poured the potion; the husband killed the devil with iron with a rod, took the precious items, he and his wife run to her older sister, her head is cut off; he revives her with dead and alive vodka; the same with her middle and younger sisters; yudas are chasing, her husband left tablecloth, it became a lake of fire, the youths could not cross; everyone got home, they still live]: Annom et al. 2018:84-89; Lutsie (zap. 1893) [Jaan Kuningapoeg (i.e. Ivan Tsarevich, I.), he has three sisters, parents died; going with his older sister to see the world, the crows attacked the end; when the carriage was opened, the raven took the older sister; the same with the middle (the wind took away) and the younger (carried away the thunder); I. went to look for sisters and find a wife; a hut on a chicken leg with lamb horns; come up in front of me, let the road man inside; inside is an older sister; the raven sends to the middle; the wind is to the youngest; thunder teaches you to approach the castle, there is a three-legged horse at the castle; when the ploughman leaves him and leaves the girl to guard, then she must be stolen; I. put the girl on a horse, took her; Must returned (must - “black ”, est.), asks the horse if we will catch up; horse: even if we plow, sow (etc. — all the field work), bake pies, eat, get enough sleep, then we will have time; I. came on foot to the thunder: the girl and the horse were taken away; thunder: go through the 9 kingdoms to the 10th, there take the king to herd a mare with 12 foals; if you can, you will get a horse that will not be caught up; gave three hairs to call your sons-in-law, they will help you herd; others gave the same sons-in-law; in the castle, the cat asks him not to forget; when I. opens the doors of the stable, let him stand outside the door, otherwise the horses will trample; the foals scattered above the forest, below the clouds; but the crows, wind and thunder brought foals back; the next day the cat tells them to hide in the corner of the stable; the horses are back again, Must hits them again for it; cat: daughters were horses for two days, and tomorrow their mother will go; you have to hide from her behind the stable; raven, wind and thunder and she was brought; offers to choose a horse; cat: take the nondescript; I. took the girl away again, the three-legged horse tells you to immediately chase; I. threw his brush (dense forest), whetstone ( mountain), handkerchief (sea of fire); Must: I had the last stake left for your head, but you escaped; wedding]: Annom et al. 2018:114-122; Lutsie (West 1893) [the king kept his son behind 10 locks; but he is strong, he escaped; in the forest an old man in a house; teaches him and feeds him, forbids him to enter a room with a bast; a young man enters, there is a horse, meat in front of him, and a lion, hay in front of him; a young man shifted; the old man gets angry; after a while the young man enters that room again; horse: hold my face; shakes my face, the young man falls; horse: take a sip of water from the bottle; same; more; this time so much strength that he held on; take a brush and a whetstone; the horse is flying, the old man is chasing, his mouth is open; the young man throws the brush (forest and mountain), the whetstone (mountain); the old man makes his way; the horse tells me to wave the right rein — the bridge over the river of fire; they skipped along it; on the left: the old man was on the bridge at that time, the bridge collapsed, the old man burned down; the horse went to graze, the young man built a house and a garden near the royal palace, in it silver and gold apples; the younger princess noticed him; the grooms have arrived; the king: whoever is given a cup will be a husband; the elders brought it to the visitors, the youngest to the gardener; the elder grooms do not want this son-in-law, came with an army; the young man called the horse, defeated everyone, disappeared again into his house; a new fiancé came to the youngest, the young man defeated his army; then he led the terrible horse out of the high mountain, and on it old man; hard battle; the young man is wounded in the arm, asks the king for a blessing (the king does not understand that this is his younger son-in-law), then killed the old man and the groom is walled up; the young man falls asleep for 12 days, the king recognizes his bandage; after 12 days, the young man wakes up healthy; at the feast, the horse tells him not to drink the first cup; the young man sipped, the horse burst, the bowl fell, broke; the horse tells him to take the queen's handkerchief and wipe his lips young man and himself; turns into a young man's brother who's long gone; I drank and ate there, it flowed down my lips, didn't get into my mouth]: Annom et al. 2018:135-139; Latvians: Aris 1971 [three owners drive the shepherdess away not after paying; the fourth leaves for three days, tells them to burn the fire under the boilers, not to curse the well; those three owners are in the cauldrons; the shepherd put his hand in the well, his finger is covered with blood, it cannot be wiped off; the owner beats a shepherd who has violated the ban, next time does not tell him to enter the room; there is a horse, oats behind him, candles in front of him, the young man gives oats to the horse, he tells him to run, take a comb, a handkerchief, a bottle; they turn into a forest, into rocks, into a sea; the devil stops chasing; the horse orders to call silver, gold, diamond, black horses if necessary; the young man is hired by the king as a water carrier; consistently calls horses, goes out to smash enemies; the servant claims that he saved the kingdom; the king discovers a fragment of his spear in the leg of a water carrier; the water carrier marries a princess, the servant is tied to the tail of a black horse; the horse tells him to cut off his head, turns into a prince bewitched by the devil]: 167-175; Aris, Medne 1977, No. 300A* [the guy goes to look for the sun because the whole earth is dark; he kills three multi-headed opponents and finds the sun in his pocket; the guy runs away, throwing magic objects behind him, meets four assistants, one of whom hears far, the other shoots accurately, the third eats a lot, the fourth is fast asleep]: 271; Lithuanians: Kerbelite 2014, No. 42 [12 brothers have a sister; the eldest was looking for a wife, did not find anyone more beautiful than his sister, is preparing a wedding with her; the sister says that she forgot the ring in the cage, asks God for help, falls into the ground, finds herself on the path, comes to the hut, there is a girl like her; she smeared her with sourdough and covered her sauerkraut (“déjou”); the witch flew in, the hostess said that the human spirit, because that man's leg was stuck in her teeth, picked it up with a poker; the witch flew away in a mortar, the girls ran; threw a brush (forest; the witch cut through it with an ax, ran to carry the axe back so as not to disappear), a towel (the sea; the witch began to drink, told the mortar to drink, burst); the girls reached the cage, but the floors are already there, they started screaming; brother dismantled the floors; sister: here's a bride for you; brother married that girl], 44 [the old people have two daughters (only one beautiful) and two sons; the younger brother has decided to marry a beautiful sister; in winter she went out to rinse her scarves, and the door was locked; she consistently addresses all members of the family; everyone answers the same way: if you call it not mother, but mother-in-law (not father, but father-in-law, not sister, but sister-in-law, not older brother, but brother-in-law, not younger brother, but sweet), I will open it; she has to call her brother sweet; when she enters his room, she asks that the earth open, remains in her brother's hand one hair; in the hut, two daughters of a witch sew, hide a girl under a needle (more often they turn her into a needle); a witch arrives, believes that a person's smell is because of her hand or leg left between her teeth; a witch returns, finds a girl under the beds; the girl asks to show how to sit on a shovel, pushes the witch into the stove, the witch's daughters give her a brush, a whetstone, a towel; a witch she got out of the stove, chased, the girl throws objects, they turn into a forest (the witch tells the blacksmith to tie an ax, cuts through a path), a mountain (shovel), water (the witch drinks, bursts); the girl was hired to work on the estate, married Panych], 49 [an iron wolf (not just an ogre wolf) in 10 versions; the father has two children; he gave them a toy — an iron wolf; the father died and the wolf came to life; brother and sister on horseback they rode away, the wolf caught up, tore the horse, returned the children; flew away on the voron, the wolf caught up again and returned; the goby put the children on his back, ordered them to take a ball (mountain, wolf gnawed), a brush ( forest; the wolf ran for the ax; the crow screams that he would take the ax, the wolf had to cut through the path and carry the axe back) and the sharpener (the sea in front; the goby created a bridge that disappeared behind, the iron wolf drowned); the goby ordered him to be cut in half, two dogs appeared; brother and sister came to the robbers' house, killed those who came with a sword as they entered; in 16 versions, the story follows insidious sister]: 97-99, 102-107, 113-116; Lebitte 1965 [same or very similar text in Kerbelit 2014, No. 43:100-101; after the death of her parents, the Queen wants to marry; messengers say she is more beautiful all his sister; he tells her to prepare for the wedding; she replies that she puts on her shoes, puts on a dress, a wreath, falls into the ground herself, finds herself in the lower world; she comes to the daughter of the Sun, she a witch's captive, pierces a needle into the wall, because of this, the witch does not see the queen; both girls run, throw a ball (mountains, the witch digs with a shovel), a brush (forest, cuts with an ax), a towel ( the lake, the witch drinks, tells the mortar to drink, she does not drink, the witch bursts); the girls come to the queen, the same; he puts a bubble of blood under his clothes, pretends to have killed himself; the sister cries more bitterly, the Queen marries the daughter of the Sun, the brother of the daughter of the Sun marries the Queen)]: 154-158.

Volga — Perm. Komi: Novikov 1938, No. 34 [(=Doronin 2004:47-51); old people have a daughter as tall as a spindle; yoma asks to give her for his son as tall as a finger; tells the young man to cut her sheep; the aunt says that these are wolves, she teaches them what to say to cut themselves; the same is cow bears; the aunt gives a linen comb, a basket of resin, a bar; the girl lubricates the door hinges with oil, feeds the birds, they let her out from home; yoma chases her in a birch bark basket pulled into a stupa; the girl threw a linen carb, became a forest, a bar was a mountain, a basket of resin; confused the words, resin the river in front, she and yoma are both covered in resin; the girl asks the crow, then to call her parents with crowbar and fire; those crows do not hear the words, they hear; the old man killed yoma, saved his daughter] 37 [the fire is out, parents send for fire to the Kama (the spirit of Kama?) daughter, mother gives her a zoo (comb?) and a bread shawl; her boy brother calls to go instead of her, takes objects; he comes across a pot, rake, crowds and other objects; K. asks what these items are; boy: pot — your head, donnez — eyes, tortaez — ears, sherdyn — back, villager — stomach, crowds — legs, rakes — hands; K. laughs, goes out, the boy takes the smut, throws zoo (turns into a forest), a rag ( river); parents have already died at home; brother and sister climb into the sky on a pea stalk; they steal flour from blind Baba Yaga, return; so several times; one day, looking at the cat, the brother laughed; B. tells the hut to be about three, two, one corner, catches children; fattens children under the floor, they give a splint instead of a finger; the boy offers B. to show how to enter the oven, burns; his sister does not tell him to eat her fat, he eats, wants to drink, drinks from a mutton's hoof, turns into a lamb; it disappears; the bird, an old woman, sends his sister to the Kama; she kills him by pulling the smut out of the oven; the brother becomes a boy again]: 121-124, 132-139; Udmurts [Egypt's evil widow tries to lime Anna, the wife of her adopted son Ivan; orders to shear sheep; I.: these are bears and wolves; I. orders to climb an oak tree, knock on it with scissors; animals are trying to get A. their hair, A. brought it; E. sends A. to bring birdeau from his sister; I. tells them to take various foods and items with them; A. gives meat to dogs, oats to geese, a silk belt birch, oils door hinges, tailor needles, roll to the cat; sister E. goes to boil the resin to throw A. into it, the cat tells her to run; is responsible for A.; A. runs away from sister E., throws the brush , a forest grows, a walnut grows a river; the stalker asks how to cross; “Spread your handkerchief and swim”; she drowned; A. called E., says that her sister is drowning, drowned her in the same way]: Klabukov 1948, No. 32:92-98 (=Kralina 1960, No. 45:124-129); Marie (meadow): Tudorovskaya, Eman 1945:19-23 [husband went to the forest, wife at home; Viver-Kuva came, asking to unlock, go out to see how the squirrel, the marten they play; the woman answers every time that she is busy (she rolls bread, puts it in the oven); left örta (ört — spirit, soul) to answer for herself, got out of the chimney, ran to her parents; V. climbed through the pipe, chased the ört, then ran after the woman; she threw shondash (brush for combing the tow), a thicket appeared; a stone (mountain), a red handkerchief (fire); the woman ran home parents, but they did not unlock (“we do not have a daughter who would walk at night”); the same is a brother (“no sister”); the woman hid in the barn, V. found her, only guts remain; in the morning the father thinks that the wolf ate the sheep ; made harp strings out of my guts, began to play; the harps sing: “Oh, my father, don't play, you'll cut my heart off”; the same mother, brother; brother threw the harp into the fire, a living daughter jumped out of there], 23-27 [=Sabitova 1992 : 153-158; seven orphan sisters went out; sent the eldest to Wever Kuva (them: V.-Kuva); the girl invites V. to their house; V. gives fire, says that the sisters have an angry dog, asks her to hit her in the leg; going to sisters, sings that her tow is like a calf, a spindle is like a rolling pin, a spinning rod is like a millstone; the dog barks, V. is afraid, leaves; so with all the sisters in turn (break every next leg to the dog, burn it, disperse the ashes); at the invitation of his younger sister, V. comes, lies down on the stove, with her six sisters, except the youngest; at night, one after another, the skulls of those eaten fall to the floor; V. each time replies that it fell spinner, spindle, etc.; in the morning the youngest invites V. to open her mouth to jump into it; throws boots full of hot coals into V.'s mouth; runs, taking a comb, a bar, canvas; an abandoned comb turns into a forest; The hare is called to cut, throws an ax into the lake; V. drinks it; the bar is a mountain; the same, the Fox supposedly cuts; the canvas is the river, V. drinks; the girl climbs on birch, V. cuts; the girl asks her older sister to lower her spindle from the sky; she replies that she sows, then pulls hemp, etc.; at the last moment she descends, the girl rises to heaven; her sister hides it from her husband; he promises not to eat; the girl stays with her sister]; Mordovians: Evseviev 1964, No. 18 (Erzya) [the old man is three years old in the forest, bent down to drink, Vedyava grabbed his beard; refuses the stallion, a barn, a mill, demands to give what he does not know at home; an old man comes home to meet his three-year-old daughter; she has grown up, she has one silver tooth; she waxed it, went to Vedyava; to meet him old men, teeth like splints, eyes like buckets, did not recognize the girl; then ugly old women, the girl laughed as she looked at them, the wax fell off, the old men and old women ran after the girl; she threw maple a scallop (maple forest), a bar (mountain), a brush; a tree grew out of the brush, the girl climbed on it, old men and old women began to gnaw; the girl asks her sister in the sky to pull the thread down; she replies that first she will plow the field, sow hemp; remove hemp; wet the hemp; sleep; hide; let the thread down, the sister climbed, the tree collapsed; the old men and old women began to nibble on each other; the sister's husband in heaven is a bear, she hid the girl under a pile of garbage; the bear began to eat garbage, did not finish eating, did not find the girl; the sister turned the girl into a fever, hid it in the coals; the bear began to eat coals, did not finish eating; hid it in the chest, the bear wants to eat the chest, the sister tells her to take the chest to her parents; on the way, the bear wants to open it, the girl from the chest: I see, I see; the bear left the chest in the yard, the daughter returned to her parents]: 150-154 (= Samorodov 1972:262-268, =Pomerantseva 1973:69-75); Paasonen 1941 (Erzya): 236-257 [mother died, children are small, husband married Baba Yaga's daughter; she has 7 daughters — One-eyed, Two-Eyed, etc., to the Seven Eyes; the stepmother does not feed her sister and brother, tells her to row the manure from under the cow; the cow tells her to milk; the stepmother is surprised that the stepdaughter and stepson are getting fat, sends Semiglazka to watch; the girl looks for her hair, says, “Sleep the peephole, sleep the second one..”, etc., the seven-eye falls asleep; so with everyone; the last one is One-eyed, her huge eye does not fall asleep, she tells her stepmother everything; she tells her husband to stab a cow and kill children; the cow agrees with the children that when she is slaughtered, she will run, let them jump on her back, taking a stone, soap and a spindle; the stepmother chases, the cow tells throw a spindle (thorny thickets), stone (mountain), soap (soap mountain, it is slippery, stepmother has stopped chasing); they drive through iron, copper, silver, golden forest; every time the cow tells not break off the twigs, but her sister every time says that she will need them, takes them with her; they settled in a mushroom leg house covered with nettles; one day a silver bull came and demanded that a cow came to butt at the silver one because the children broke the silver branches; the cow won, the bull fell into pieces; the same with the copper bull; but the plain iron goby broke it into pieces himself], 282-291 [on the way from abroad, the old man leaned over for a drink, the devil grabs his beard, tells him to promise to give what he does not know at home; he meets his daughter at home, her front tooth is silver, he is waxed; parents decide send her to her older sister; she meets young devils, then middle-aged devils, replies that she did not see a girl with a silver tooth; laughs at old devils, wax falls off, devils chase, a follower girl throws back parts of the spinning wheel; a lime, maple, birch forest grows, devils gnaw through them; when she throws a spindle (Wirtel), a tin mountain grows, the girl climbs on it, calls her older sister who is in heaven; that follower replies that she is already plowing the field, sowing, collecting, fluttering hemp, waving a rope, etc.; the devils have almost gnawed through the mountain, the girl climbs the rope to sister, that follower hides her from her bear husband, making her a needle in moss, coal among coals, garbage in a pile of garbage; the bear eats it but does not find the girl; the sister turns the girl into a pea, hides it in a cake, tells the Bear to take the gift to her father; The silver tooth from the box says, I see every time the Bear wants to eat a cake; at the house, the Bear was attacked by dogs, he ran away, his father found daughter; at home The bear is looking for a wife to eat; she tells him to open his mouth on the roof, throws millstones there, the Bear dies]; Kazan Tatars: Gilyazutdinov 2015, No. 272 [many people die, the dzhigit is coming for living water; a captive in the palace of the king of divas shows him a source of water, gives him a mirror and a bar; a diva chases after him, a horseman throws a mirror, it becomes a sea, a bar becomes mountains; divas and horsemen fight, divas break the vessel with a saber, living water pours out to the roots of fir trees, since then conifers are always green]: 266-267; Zamaletdinov 2008a, No. 71 [12 brothers work as woodcutters, and the 13th at padishah's court; 12 are jealous, it is said that Thirteen can lead a stallion to a diva; the old woman gives a comb and a mirror; 13 disturbs the stallion and hides in the hay; the diva stops paying attention to laughing; 13 jumps away, throws a comb (forest), a mirror (river); brothers: 13 promised to bring a blanket to a diva; an old woman teaches me to throw a diva of ants; he scolds his wife for not shaking out the blanket, threw it away in the canopy, Thirteen took him away; brothers: he can bring the diva himself; the old woman teaches the young man to pretend that 13 is dead and he is preparing a coffin for him; asks the diva to try on, bobs up the lid; on the way, one-eyed Aunt diva; Thirteen promises to put her second eye, burns the first one; clings to the goat from below; blind looking for the offender, throws the goat over the fence; Thirteen threatens to release the diva, the padishah I have to give my daughter]: 376-390; 2008b, No. 24 [stepmother tells her husband to take three stepdaughters to the forest; father tied a mallet to the birch tree, she knocks in the wind, the girls think he is still cutting wood; came to Mustan is a witch; the eldest replies that she slept to her mother's right, the middle one to the left, the youngest is on the stove; throws salt into the chimney, the fire goes out, M. cannot make a fire to cook the girls; they drowned their daughter M., ran away; throw a sharpener (mountain), comb (thicket), mirror (sea); told M. that they swam across, tied a stone to their pants; M. drowned; the son of the padishah married the youngest, two viziers — older and middle; the eldest promises to dress the whole city, the middle one — to feed everyone with the meat of one bull, the youngest — to give birth to a child with silk hair, pearl teeth, silver ass; the elders are not they fulfilled their promise; they replaced the baby with a puppy, gave the child to a fisherman {it is further clear that there were two children}; the husband ordered to blind his wife, break his arms and legs, put her under the door, spit on her; the husband talked with a fisherman, found out the truth; he gave a tree leaf to heal the crippled; the sisters and their husbands were hanged], 37 [the son of the poor went to seek happiness; overheard the conversation between the padishah's daughter and the horseman; came instead of him; they ran away; in the morning the girl saw a change, but decided that the new fiancé was no worse; her father was chasing; she threw the comb (thicket), the mirror (the sea), the ring (wooded, the padishah stopped persecution); the husband was hired by the padishah; he wants to destroy him, take possession of his wife; sends him for good to the ship, where the diva, the young man killed the diva; orders to bring the gold-haired Altyncech; the wife gives a letter to the old woman, she sends to another; the young man spares the bear, the crane, the fish, they promise to help; the divas give tasks: herd three horses (scattered, the bear brought them), cows (the same, the cranes brought them), geese (the fish kicked them out of sea); A. tells us to throw half an apple into the diva's mouth, he fell asleep, they ran away; the young man brought A. to his wife, they turned out to be sisters; the young man was made a padishah]: 203-207, 301-308; Yarmukhametov 1957:14-31 [Akhmet they say that he is more cheerful and bolder than his brothers; his mother is forced to say that his 10 brothers are gone and gone; A. comes to his mother 10 genies, promises her sons to get 11 padishah's daughters for them, which 10 batyrs interfere; they turn out to be brothers A.; A. enters the girls' room, tells the genies to go up there one by one, cuts off everyone's head, takes off their name rings from sleeping girls, one keeps it for himself, gives them 10 to his brothers; 5 batyrs claim that they defeated the genies; the padishah gives them daughters, but during the wedding, the warriors cannot raise the heads of the genies, and A. does it easily; daughters The padishah recognizes their rings, marries brothers; the father of the genies wants to get the daughter of the padishah of the Sun, who will give her only for Padishah Almazov's horse; the genie's father kidnapped A., ordered that horse to be obtained; the old man tells you to take the horse away, but not touch the bridle; A. grabs it, the bells are ringing, he is captured, Padishah Almazov demands the nightingale Padishah of the Month; the old man tells not to take the cage, A. did not take it, gave the nightingale in exchange for the horse, but the nightingale returned to him; gave the horse in exchange for the daughter of the Sun, the horse also returned; the old man told me to go from the fork to the right, A. forgot and went to the left; A. fell asleep, woke up — there is no girl, no horse, no nightingale; the old man gives a handkerchief, a comb and a mirror; putting his handkerchief on the water, A. crosses the river, takes the girl, the horse, the nightingale out of the diva's palace; he chases, A. threw the comb (forest), the mirror (the sea) ; the diva swam, drowned; A. gives the girl to the padishah genies, remains an employee, tells me to find out what the genie's soul is; genie: in a broom (the girl adorns the broom); four eggs under a duck in a nest on the island under guarding four wild boars; A. fights wild boars, the chief boar wants to eat a reed sprout, A. wants to eat roast lamb; the shepherd gave him a lamb, he killed wild boars, brought eggs, broke two, the genie agreed to take it he and his girlfriend went home, where A. broke the rest of the eggs; 11 brothers with wives, nightingale and horse return to their parents], 130-144 [(=Zamaletdinov 1992:150-162; =2008b, No. 8:77-91; poor dzhigit came to the valley where is the house and garden; three pigeons flew in, became horsemen, surprised who touched the dishes, found the young man, left him as a cook, told him not to open the seventh barn; he opened, the girl who was there repeats “Kalfak mine” (kalfak is a hat); pigeon horsemen say that without this kalfak she cannot be born, and Kalfak is a diva; the young man goes after the Kalfak, learning magic and getting a comb , whetstone, mirror; a diva arrives at the palace, becomes a nightingale; another padishah's daughter, kidnapped by a diva, catches him, leaves him in her room; he takes on a human form, finds kalfak, flies away; throws a comb (forest), a whetstone (mountains), a mirror (sea); hides at the bottom of a bucket carried by a girl; a diva tells to pour water, a young man turns into grains, a diva into a rooster, the last grain in a hawk kills a rooster; gives the pigeon young men a kalfak, their girlfriend recovers; advises the hero to ask for a thin horse, a rusty sword and an old whip as a reward; when leaving, he sticks a knife - if it rusts, he is in trouble; the young man returns to his mother, tells her to marry the padishah's daughter, who orders to create a palace, a golden bridge, a garden; at the wave of a whip, the devils do everything; the padishah is ready to give his daughter, but she has just been kidnapped by a diva; a girl with a kalfak, who became the wife of her older pigeon brother, tells him to fly to the island of the diva, returns with her, stops drinking wine on the way, falls asleep; two warriors chopped him into pieces, and she was taken to the ship to her father, they said that they saved his daughter; the pigeon brothers revived the victim, brought him home; he comes to the wedding of the padishah's daughter, she recognizes him by her ring; the deceiving warriors were executed]; Bashkirs [“A long time ago, when a goat was a colonel and a ram was an officer, they say an old man and an old woman lived”; an old man and an old woman go to visit and tell their four daughters not to extinguish fire and did not offend the cat; when the cat asks for porridge, the girls hit her on the head with a spoon; the fire immediately goes out; two older sisters go in search, come to the cave, ask the old woman for fire; she agrees give it, tells them to collect ash in the hem and sprinkle it on the road — she will come to them for the night; in the evening she comes to their house, eats her younger sister at night (the old woman was ubyr-ebi); the next day comes again, eats another sister; two surviving girls run away from home with a scallop, a mirror and a sharpener; an old woman goes in pursuit; an older sister throws a sharpener, a huge mountain grows, over which the old woman can hardly climb; the girl throws her scallop, a dense forest appears; the old woman makes her way through it; the girl throws the mirror, spills a big lake; an old woman screams from the shore, asks how the girls swam; they say: tying stones to their necks; the old woman ties a stone and drowns; the youngest sister asks for water, the eldest warns that You can't drink here; the youngest drinks water from a hole from a goat's hoof, turns into a goat; the sister goes on with her, marries a merchant; his older wife starts to get sick, the healer advises to eat the heart of the goat; the goat tells the sister to save her bones; the goat is eaten, the sister puts the seeds in a cloth, they turn into a bird; the bird sings at the market, the merchant gives it a piece oils; she flies up to her sister, puts oil in her mouth; the bird flies up to the needle merchant, sings again; he gives her a pack of needles; the merchant's elder wife hears the bird singing, opens her mouth; the bird throws her needles, woman dies]: 1989, No. 14:92-95.

Turkestan. Kazakhs [childless bai refuses to give Khan a roan horse, because he protects cattle from wolves and robbers; khan invites only those who have children to a feast; buy and his wife still come, none of them did not meet; dreams that a roan should be slaughtered; he stabbed, his wife became pregnant; the girl speaks from the womb, is born without the help of a midwife after her father promises that she will have power over herself; Dudar calls herself, no one should know her name; she will be married by whoever guesses him; no one guesses; once a slave called her by name; the groom came and called her by name; a two-year-old explains that this is a werewolf, he dug the corpse from the grave and ate it, heard the name; we must take with him a slave on a black camel, a bow and arrows; a savras turns into a six-year-old horse; the werewolf has gone forward, returned as a wolf, swallowed a camel with a slave; the horse tells not to allow the eldest wife of the werewolf (she is also a she-wolf) to take him as an excuse; takes D., flying through the air; D. in men's clothes, took him in sister to a young man named Er Tostik; knocks a coin off the top of the poplar, gets the khan's daughter, gives it to ET, opens it to him herself, now he has two wives; he went on a campaign on Savras, ordered to name his son Altinkhan; when he was born, one-legged Kuayak-Kempir invited a messenger, replaced letters, supposedly ET ordered his wife and child to be burned; Savras rushed, although he was in fetters, Kuayak-Kempir is chasing; D. throws a comb (forest), a mirror (lake); but the savras himself found himself in the water; killed KK by kicking it, but it ripped open his belly; on the shore he tells him to throw his legs in four directions - herds of horses; the brisket is a yurt; A. hunts, sees a lame man, takes his skullcap; D. says it's an ET skullcap; ET tells how he walked without a horse; recovered; they returned to ET village, A. became hero]: Tursunov 1983:43-50; Kyrgyz [three naughty girls went to the forest; the father gave the eldest comb, the middle needle, the younger mirror; they ended up in the witch's house, where she used to be a kidnapped little girl; they took her and ran; the abandoned comb became a forest (the witch made an ax and saw out of her two teeth), the needle became a mountain, the mirror became a lake; how did you get there? — With a stone around her neck; the witch drowned, the girls returned home]: Brudny, Eshmambetov 193:193-195 (=1981:61-62; 1989:66-68) {perhaps this text is briefly retelling Johelson 1913:160 with reference to Radloff 1870}; Kyrgyz [the old man sent three naughty daughters to pick berries, giving them buckets of holes; the girls were tired all day, and when they returned, it turned out that their father had migrated; the girls came to a yurt with a girl in it; said that her mother was baba yaga {apparently jalmauz-kempir}; baba yaga was delighted and in the morning told her older sister to fry her younger sister for lunch; the sisters cooked Baba Yaga's daughter, ran away; when they saw what her daughter ate, baba yaga chased; the older sister threw the comb (forest); baba yaga pulled out two teeth, turned one into an ax and the other into a ketmen, cut the way; the second sister threw needle (mountain); baba yaga cut through the road; third sister — a mirror (lake); baba yaga: how they swam; girls: tied stones to her neck; the old woman did so and drowned; the sisters returned to their father and no longer separated]: Muchnik 1944:70-71; Karakalpaks [elderly spouses are childless; the beggar promises the old woman that she will have three sons, but she will have to give him one; in 10 years he takes the youngest; in in the garden, the skull asks him to bury, promises to help; the sorcerer falls asleep for 40 days, tells him not to open the fortieth room, feed the piebald horse, beat the black horse; the young man opens, there the girls argue who is fatter (that sorcerer will eat); the skull tells you to feed a black horse, beat a piegogo, take a jug of water, a comb, salt with him; the young man rides a black horse, the comb becomes a forest, salt becomes salt springs, a jug of water by the sea; the sorcerer drowns; the young man disguises himself as a shepherd, takes a piece of horse hair; is hired by a blacksmith, lives with an old woman; the khan's daughters choose their suitors; the young man wears a lamb's stomach, the youngest still throws an apple at him; the other two son-in-law are defeated, the young man burns the horse's hair, he appears, they smash enemies; the khan moves his younger son-in-law and daughter from the hut to the palace]: Volkov, Majorov 1959:14-20; salara [an old woman was returning with her daughter from the market; met an old woman whose face turned into a wolf's face; she ate a woman and took her daughter with her; girl was forced to work for this old woman; when she went to get firewood, she saw a calf and told him everything; he promised to come pick her up and told her to take a comb with her, bizi {translation not given} and sharpener; at midnight he took her from the old woman's house; the old woman rushed in pursuit; the girl threw the comb, it turned into a forest; the old woman gnawed at it and broke it; the girl threw bizi, bamboo thickets appeared; the old woman gnawed at them too; the girl threw the sharpener, the mountain grew; the old woman climbed over her; the calf told the girl that she needed to kill him in order to escape; the girl did not agreed; the calf turned into a lion and ate the old woman]: Ma et al. 2001, No. 3:29-32.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. The Kumandins [the old man and the old woman went to work, their three daughters stayed at home; Djellbegen came; they boiled water, went up to the roof; D. began to search, looked into the chimney, they poured it on him boiling water; they ran to their father, D. then, they threw flint (stone rock), flint (iron rock), crest (forest); each time forty following D. indicates where the girls ran; they reached the river, D. fell into the water (and drowned?)] : Baskakov 1972:129-130; Tuvans: Vatagin 1971, No. 11 (Dzun-Khemchik District) [the boy raised two golden eagles, received two dogs from his father's friend, began to understand their language; when he returned, he did not find a yurt; where his mother was sleeping, he found a needle and a fragment of a crest, where his father was a whetstone; a six-headed mangys Kalchaa-Mergen came out from under the ash; cut off the boy's horse's legs; the boy threw a whetstone, a comb, a needle, they became a rock, a thicket, an iron poplar; K. climbed the rock, made his way through the thicket, began to cut the poplar; the young man was sitting on top; the axe flew to the side, K. fell asleep , The frog threw his axe into the lake; K. drank the lake, began to cut further; the fox offered to cut for it, beat the axe with the blunt side, threw it into the lake; K. drank the lake again, sharpened his axe; the boy asked the crows call his golden eagles, who carried the boy on their wings to his father; he gave him the name Deer-Møge (Heavenly Strongman); Cher-Aldy Khan gives his daughter to the one who wins archery, in horse racing, wrestling; D. wins, kills K. in a duel, marries]: 112-117; Potanin 1883, No. 84 (Buren-Gol river) [old man Tyumendey saw felt floating along the river; he turned into Dzhelbag, grabbed the old man by the beard; let him go when he promised his three daughters; the old man and the old woman gave their daughters buckets without a bottom, sent them to pick berries, migrated; after filling holes in the buckets, the girls picked berries; the yurt saw a stranger, realized that it was J.; went out into the yard, ran away; threw a comb (turned into a forest), a bar (into a rock); J. cut the road with an ax; Beaver by the river asks the girls what his tail, ribs, teeth are; they praise him, he carries them; J. says they are worms; Beaver tells him to collect stones, drops in the middle of the river, J. drowned; Beaver told his sisters climb three spruce trees; three fellows passed by, married them; older sisters promise their husbands to sew clothes and covers; the youngest — to give birth to a boy with a golden head and a silver neck; the older ones leave the boy into the lake, replace him with a mole; he bites his returning husband; the husband breaks his wife's arms and legs, gouging out his eyes; she is left alone; she consistently maims three rats that treat their paws and eyes with grass; a woman is treated with the same grass, recovers; cannot lure her son out of the lake; catches her for the third time, leaving a bow and arrow on the shore; gives her milk, tears drips into his eyes, he recognizes her as a mother; his name is Yer-Saru; seven geese are flying; when they scream, his mother cuts off her ear, nose, lip; E. shoots, the arrow returns with a human finger; E. meets a khan's shepherd named Buzakai Cockroach, he refuses to marry E. his daughter; E. kills him, takes his form; the khan orders to catch a calf, E. cannot, the khan beats him; tells him to kill the cows, the cow is not given, E. says, “Milk milk”, the milk milks by itself; Khan orders him to lick the soles of his boots, went to bed; E. smeared them with sour cream, the dogs licked them; gives seven daughters to Jety-Tas (Seven Bald), but the youngest marries the imaginary B. (i.e. E.); she is more beautiful, only there is no index finger; E. 1) brings a mountain goat's father-in-law, whose outer meat is bitter, the inner meat is sweet (and the second time vice versa); 2) brings three horses Tengri Khan (follows them into the sky along the rainbow); 3) Khan orders to bring a foal, which Khan Garida steals from him every year; E. knocks off the tails of the foal with an arrow and Khan-Garide hides; The Jetytas tell the Khan that they have knocked off their tails; Khan Garide asks E. not to kill him, gives the entire herd of foals and carries his fluff as a sign that he has been killed; the Jetytas are digging a hole, E. falls into it; his horse brings Mengu-kyz, who makes a rope out of her braids, pulls E. out; he returns to Khan in his true heroic appearance, shows his hidden tails; whose an arrow fired into the sky will kill the shooter, falling, that liar; the Jetytas are killed with their arrows; E. and his wife visit their mother; the horse kicked her and killed her; she was buried]: 341-348; Buryats: Burchina 2007, No. II .3 (Unghin, Nukut district) [uliger episode: Altan Sharga's horse tells the girl Khan Sagta Abhay that Aturi Black Mangadhai will arrive soon; tells her to pack up faster and take her father's hammer with her, mother's golden comb and scissors; Khan Sagta Abhay takes all this and leaves home; mangadhai chases; Altai Sharga tells the hostess to throw a comb with a spell to turn it into a thicket ; she does so; mangadhai, taking out her front tooth, makes an ax out of it and cuts the way; Altai Sharga advises the hostess to throw the scissors; they turn into the sea; the mangadhai takes out the other tooth, and making an ax out of it, cuts trees for a raft, then swims across the sea; Altai Sharga advises the hostess to throw a hammer; it grows into a steep mountain; mangadhai, making an ax out of a tooth, cuts a rock; Khan Sagta Abhay hides in an impenetrable thicket, builds a palace and lives hunting animals]: 110-111; Ulanov 1974 [in fairy tales and uligers, running away from the monster, the girl throws her hair, scissors and other objects; they turn into forests, lakes, mountains]: 28; darkhats: Neklyudov et al. 1906 (somon Khujirt, Uburkhangai aimag): zap. 22.08.2006, № WS 30011 [beautiful Khatan-Chingis's husband was a great job Hargaldai Mergen; he left home with a caravan; a broad-shouldered black mangas appeared (?) to grab HC; her mother gave her daughter a black horse, a sharpener, a comb, a broom, told her to run, throw a broom, telling her to become a dark black thicket; the mangas mowed the thicket, HC threw the sharpener , it became a black rock, the mangas punched a hole in it; the black horse said, “My black horse, become a mountain that a black mangas can't climb!” ; the black rock grew; Hansha's husband Hargaldai-Mergen followed the khansha and cut off all the heads of the fifteen-headed black bald mangas; they had a beautiful son], Western 24.08.2006, No. WS 30020 [y Khan's daughter Hanchin Geseg, the riding horse was a foal standing on two legs, flying through the air; the girl wanted to be picked up by the lama mangas; the foal orders to take the comb of mother H., the dogs Khasar and Basar; the abandoned comb became a thicket, the lama mangas got lost in it; the girl flew into the old woman's gray yurt, tells her not to say that she is a woman, dressed as a man, hunted and fed the old woman; became pregnant, gave birth to a child; her gray flying horse grew old, told her to climb with her child to the meat ball he would become; the lama mangas began to hit the meat ball against the sword and climb it; The fox offered to cut instead of mangas, threw her sword into the sea; the mangas gnawed pieces of meat with her mouth, reached the top of the obo; the dogs Khasar and Basar ran, the lama mangas threw them into the sea, but they returned; the lama threw himself into the sea; Hasar and Basar said that if the sea turned red-brown, then the lama-mangas had defeated them, and if it did not change color, they defeated it; Hasar and Basar for a long time fought underwater, grabbed one leg and the other hand, tore the mangas lama]; Sanzheev 1931, No. 7 [the young man Tseiben forgot his two gold-silver ankles at the former camp, returned for them in his own eight-legged horse, there he saw a mangyska, grabbed his ankles; the mangysk pursuer consistently cuts off the horse's 8 legs, its back, front, head, C. climbed the golden aspen; Fox twice suggests cutting aspen instead of mangysky, seals her eyes; C. runs away on a goby, he splashes droppings into the eyes of the mangysk; C. finds a fragment of his father's sharpener, a comb, mother's needle; throws behind, a forest, a mountain, a river appear; C. replies to the mangysk that he crossed the river, tying stones to his feet, the mangyska drowns; the goby tells him to stab him, C. refuses; tells him to kill there is a red louse on it, dies immediately; in the morning, a yurt, a woman and herds at this place]: 96-98; oirats (durbuts) [the old man drives horses to the lake for a watering hole; the shulum living in it (devil) agrees let him go for promising to give his son; the son on his eight-legged horse comes to the old camp to pick up his gold and silver grandmothers (bones); the shulum chases him, consistently tears off the horse everything eight legs; a young man climbs larch; a shulum cuts it, brings it to him; the young man consistently asks for help from a camel, horse, ram, goat, cow who come to the hut; everyone refuses, because their young man called names; a bull with a snake's head agrees, his head becomes bullish; tells him to take a stone, take water in his mouth; abandoned, they turn into a field of stones (shulum broke his forehead, became red-bald), a lake; How did you get across? — He released his intestines and moved over them; the shulum rips open his stomach, dies; the bull asks to be killed; his severed legs thrown on four sides turn into horses, camels, cows, rams; a young man sleeps in a gutted bull; wakes up in a rich yurt with his wife]: Potanin 1883, No. 85:348-350; Khalkha-Mongols: Mikhailov 1967:107-111 [=1962:92-95; the mare gave birth to a foal three times as large as herself ; he tells the owner's daughter that the mangas wants to steal her; tells her to take the sharpener and the comb; the girl throws the comb not behind, but in front of her, it becomes a boiling sea; the horse jumps over it; the girl throws the sharpener, it turns into a hurricane with a shower; marries the khan's son; the husband violates the ban not to shake the horse, leaves; the khan sends a letter to his son that his wife gave birth; he is intercepted mangas; the horse takes the mistress, dies, tells him to tear four golden hairs out of his bangs, say, Let the horse's legs become gold, silver, pearl, coral trees, and the body of the sea; woman finds herself on a golden tree on the island; mangas chews on it, she moves to a silver tree, etc.; gnaws through two hair, two dogs kill mangas, mother and son find themselves in the steppe; gnawed fourth, her husband came on her horse, brought her home], 167-170 [the boy forgets grandmas (toys) at the old camp; the father advises to sit on a calm mare, the mother on the eight-legged stallion; plays with his grandmothers witch; boy grabs them, jumps; witch catches up with the horse, (successively?) breaks his eight legs, takes the boy to his yurt; the sheep tells him to gut her, ride a calf with her giblets; throws sheep droppings, guts, gum (each time the witch cleans herself for a long time); swims across the river on a calf; advises the witch to swim across her neck with a stone tied around her neck; the witch drowns; the calf tells her to kill the louse on her head (this dies), scatter his legs, go to bed in his womb; a boy wakes up in a yurt, around a herd]; the Mongols of Inner Mongolia (Chahars, Khoshun Shand) [the rich man watered his herd of horses from the well and saw something like a liver in the watering deck; he took it out and he stoned her; she turned into a humpback old man who was a mangus—a monster with twelve heads; the mangus said, “Will you give me your herd of eight hundred heads, or would you prefer to give it to me your son? If you do not comply with my request, I will swallow you”; the rich man decided to give his son and replied: “My son likes to play ram dice. It has one gold and one silver bone. Before I migrate, I will try to forget his two talus bones and leave them in the place of his nomadic. The son in the new place will want to play with his bones and will look for them, and they are forgotten in the old place. I'll make him go there to pick them up. That's when you'll grab him”; the rich man's family migrated to a new place; the boy asked his father where the bones were; the rich man replied that they were left on an old nomad, told his son to go pick them up on horseback about eight legs ; the horse told the boy to take with him a comb, a mirror, a bar, a bag of lice and a bag of nits; the boy listened, went on a journey; arrived in the nomadic and saw that a humpback old man was sitting near the bones; the boy guessed it was a mango, grabbed the bones and rushed away; the mangus began to chase him; threw a stick at the horse and tore off one leg; the horse said to the boy, for him to throw away the bag with lice; the boy did it, the mangus fell behind, collecting and destroying lice; after that, the mangus continued to pursue, threw the stick and tore off the horse's other leg; the boy threw the bag full of nits, the mangus lingered a little, busy collecting and destroying the nits; then continued his pursuit, threw a stick and tore off the horse's other leg; the horse told the boy to throw a bar; the boy did it, a rock appeared in front of the mangus; he overcame it, continued to pursue it; once again took out his horse with a stick and tore off his leg; the horse told the boy that he had thrown the comb; the boy I did this, a dense forest grew in front of the mangus; when the mangus crossed it, the boy threw the mirror; it turned into an ocean, the mangus drowned in it; the horse said: “Your parents are rich people, but they are bigger they care for and love their livestock than their children. When you get home, you call your father “Wolf's Heart,” your mother, “Wet Eyes,” and your sister, “Between Two Fires (Letters. in ticks)”; the boy returned home, began to call his parents and sister as the horse ordered]: Todayeva 1981:102-104; the Mongors [Black Khan and White Khan agree that if both wives give birth boys who will go to school together; Bely has a daughter, but he replies that a son; the daughter is raised with the son of Black Khan; it is increasingly difficult for her to hide her gender; the mother sews clothes with lots of buttons so that others can swim while the imaginary boy unzips them; Black Khan realizes the deception, comes with his son to pick up Bely's daughter, takes her away; as the chase approaches, the girl consistently throws a comb, a whetstone, a piece of iron; they turn into a wooded, stone, iron mountain; the people of the White Khan overcome obstacles; the girl orders to stretch the wicker the net, the road disappears, the White Khan stops chasing; families reconcile, live together]: Todayeva 1973, No. 9:277-282.

Western Siberia. Entsy: Sorokina, Bolina 2005, No. 12 [husband is hunting, giantess guy enters the plague, calls the hunter's wife to tear the grass together; suggests looking in each other's head; witch lice - beetles and others crawling insects; Parnay tells them to eat, the woman slowly throws them to the ground; when she puts her head on Parnay's lap, she pierces her ear with an awl; carries her body home, wrapped in grass; the eldest daughter of the victim notices her mother's hair; Parne takes the corpse into his plague, cooks, eats; the eldest girl takes a knife, a scraper, a comb, an awl, runs away with her sister; Parne chases, the girl throws a scraper (mountain), a comb (forest), asks the old man to transport them across the river; says his back is like the ice of the lake, his head is like white grass, his legs are fast; he carries the girls on his back; Parnay says the old man's back crooked like the handle of a scraper, legs like rotten knots, head like a shaggy bump; the old man throws it into the river, the current carries it away; the old man warns the older sister not to give the younger sister an awl; she gives, girl puts it in her ear, dies; the eldest wants to bury her with trees, she asks not to do so (people will harvest the forest, her head hurts from the sound of axes); the sister leaves the corpse in the den; rests by the stump, from there a witch jumps out, goes with the girl; sits on the sledge of a man with white deer, a girl on a sledge of a man with black deer; a witch eats her husband, many other people; an old man- the father of these brothers makes a fire, throws Kleinitsa into the fire, calls the daughters-in-law to extinguish; people push the witch into the fire, her hair flashes, the ashes will turn into mosquitoes and other insects, bursting eyes in wasps], 13 [Parne and the woman live in the same plague, the woman has two girls; Parnay calls to go to tear the grass, suggests looking in her head; she pierces the awl into the woman's ear, she dies; she carries it, wrapped in grass, cooks, eats; the eldest daughter notices her mother's hair; the girls leave their glasses in bed instead of themselves, the eldest takes a thimble, a comb, a scraper; they run away, the abandoned scraper turns into a mountain, a crest in the forest, a thimble in an iron hill; the eldest tells the old man that his head is white as ripe grass, his face is like the sun, his back is straight like the ice of a lake; the old man sent them; Parnay says his his head is like tangled bars, his face is like the place where the stone was taken out, his back is like stone and clay; he throws Parnay into the river, which drowned; sending the girls, the old man tells me not to take anything at the end of the island; the youngest asks for a toy, grabs a spike, her eye has leaked out, she dies; tells her not to leave it on the edge; on the cape; on the hill; agrees to stay in the den; the eldest stops at the stump, appears from it Boy; they go together; Parnay sits on the sledge of a man with white deer, a girl with black deer; the brothers' father asks her daughters-in-law to visit their relatives; an Aenets woman goes to the den, from there two bear cubs come out and a living little sister come out; a bear sends two bear-drawn sledges of gifts; a black man sends bears by kissing them; Parne brings mice, these are her deer, an old man kills them with a kick; an Aenets woman gives birth to a bright boy, Parnay is a witch; makes an Enets woman leave in an abandoned camp, gives her a witch; takes the boy, throws her into the water; the witch has grown up to help a woman; she wonders why he has been walking on the water for so long; he says that his hand sticks out of the water; the woman comes up, the boy asks to catch him, calls him mom; the plague water fills, this water father comes for the boy; an Aenets woman gives him a witch, the water leaves; the father comes for his wife and son; the brothers' father makes a fire, asks Parnay to give him a spike through fire pushes into the fire; her ashes turn into mosquitoes], 14 [hunter Moreo has a daughter and son; Parnay comes, calls his wife to tear the grass; the girl takes a mother's scraper, an iron braid, a comb, a thimble ; the witch brings a bundle of grass, the girl notices her mother's hair in it; runs away, throws objects (the scythe is the mountain, the comb is the forest); asks the old man to cross the river, says that his back like a smooth lake, legs are beautiful like a sledge; Parnay says that the back of a hunchback, his legs are oblique; the old man carries a girl, drowns Parne], 83 (Madu dialect) [Damn (Çuse), becoming a bear, killed old man's son Amulk; the shaman tells us who did it, the hell hears, kills, throws the old man and the old woman into the ice-hole; their children ask the Devil where the mother is; he tells me to guess the riddle (not given), they guess; Damn sleeps in their plague, they run away, throw a comb (lake), ring (forest); Damn drinks water from the lake, bursts {the ring and comb are clearly confused}]: 65- 76, 82-88, 94-95, 297-298; Nenets: Castrén 1857, No. 2 [two women live together, one has two daughters; childless asked the other to go to tear the grass on the insoles, stabbed, fried it, ate her head left it until another time; told the daughters of the victim that the mother would tear the grass and return, went to bed at the exit from the house herself; the eldest girl found her mother's head; realized that the childless would eat them too; left them in the plague two birds, and she and her sister are running; after 7 days, the cannibal wakes up, sets off in pursuit; the eldest throws a whetstone, a river with high mountains appears on both banks; after 7 days the river dried up, the cannibal chased again; the older girl threw her chair (mountain for 7 days); the comb (dense forest for 7 days); the girls resort to the freaky, there are 7 crows; the eldest politely asks about the way to people; the crow sends to the blue sea, where you have to ask 7 seagulls; the eldest is polite and with seagulls, the seagull sends to the strait where the old woman has; the old woman asks what her face and hands are, legs, etc.; the girl praises her (her face is like the sun, her arms and legs are thick and shiny, etc.); the old woman screams, a beaver comes, transports the girls across the strait; a cannibal comes running, scolding the old woman, crows and seagulls ( the old woman's face is like an animal's ass, crows and seagulls pecked carrion, etc.); the old woman calls the beluga, the cannibal sits on her sharp back, the beluga drowns her; the girls ask the old woman how to get to people ; she teaches you to find a copper boat near the shore, she will bring it herself; but let the little sister not pick up knives, axes and drills, which are abundant at the bottom of the boat, otherwise she will die and the boat will stop; when she reaches the goal, we must tell the boat to return; after crossing the seas, the boat sailed up the river; in one place two larches close branches above the water; the younger sister took an ax to cut down a branch, but fell dead, and the boat stopped; the older sister sent the boat back, began to hit the tambourine and asked the youngest where to bury her; she tells me not to leave her on the fir tree — people will go, I'll be scared; in the birch tree — the same; in the spruce forest — the children will break branches; the eldest is tired of carrying the youngest's body, left it in a wolf's lair under a birch tree; goes on, sees colorful and white deer grazing; two men came, the eldest with a white deer planted brought the girl to his sledge, brought her to the camp, married him; one day he went to search for the missing deer; at the wolf's lair I heard the howling of cubs and the girl crying; told his wife, who realized that it was her sister; they killed cubs, they brought her sister, put her by the fire and she woke up; married a younger man who had a colorful deer]: 164-169; Nenyang 1997 (Taimyr; the author heard from her mother) [Nenka has a good plague, next to him savages are a straw plague; a savage calls a nenka to tear straw for bed; in the evening she returns alone, Nenki's daughter sees her mother's head in an armful of straw; fills the bakary with ash, leaves it so that they can be seen from- under the canopy, ties a bird to them, runs away; the savage opens the canopy, the bird rushes around, the savage's eyes are covered with ash; the fleeing girl throws her mother's scraper (an iron mountain, a savage climbs her) cutting board (wide ladyda, savage crosses), comb (forest); the girl asks the old beaver to transport her across the river, tells the beaver that her face and park are beautiful; the savage says that the old beaver's face is crooked, her belt is poorly tied, she advises her husband to push the savage out of the boat, the current carries her away; the girl grows up, the savage meets her, makes her change clothes; takes her as a husband a man with white deer decorated with chorea leaves his older brother with dark deer, unadorned; brothers bring brides; a girl gives birth to a son, a savage cuts a little man; a father The brothers ask the savage to give him a knife through the fire, pushes him into a fire; her ashes turn into mosquitoes]: 30-34; southern Mansi (Kondinsky District) [Mos-ne has a boy and a girl, and Por-ne too; both they go to tear the grass for the insoles, P. offers to roll down the mountain, kills M. by riding it with iron skis; M.'s children see the mother's intestines; run to her sister; P. does not tell another Por-ne to kill M.'s children, herself she will kill when she returns; she accidentally kills P.'s children, thinks they are M.'s children, and M.'s children are hiding; running, throwing a comb (forest), a bar (stone mountain), matches (fire); Three P. jumped out under the stump, one of them became friends with M.'s children; M.'s son pricked his finger with an awl and was buried; girl P. leaned down for a drink, girl M. began to drown her, she had to give her sable clothes; P. She sits in a sledge drawn by black people, married the mayor (Usyn-Otyr-Oika), M. got into a sledge with white deer, married Tonton-Oika; went to remember her brother, found him alive with his wife, they gave a lot of deer; P. hid the sun, the Hare promises that the sun will appear, it has returned]: Kuzakova 1994:110-112); northern Mansi: Kupriyanova 1960 [Mos-ne and Por-ne live together, both have two children — a girl and a boy; P. calls M. for grass for insoles, offers to ride down the mountain; kills M. by riding on M.'s back with iron skis; M.'s children find their mother's intestines in the grass, run to her sister; P. tells another Por-ne kills M.'s children, but she kills P.'s children; M.'s children run, throw a comb, a whetstone, matches, a thicket, a mountain, a fire appear; M.'s children sit on the bed , she falls apart, three Por-ne appear; one made friends with them, goes on with them; the boy pricked his finger with an awl, died; P. sat in a sledge with the whites (this is the Ushing-Oyr-oiki sledge), and M. with black deer (Tonton-Oiki sledge), come to town; M. finds his brother, he kisses his wife; leaves with him, does not wait for P.; she hides the sun; the hare says it will reappear; grandfather tells P. let go of the sun, it's light again]: 109-112 (=Lukina 1990, No. 128:334-336); Rombandeeva 2005, No. 41 (Khoshlog village, written by the author from his mother) [Mosne and Porne live, each with a daughter and son; P. calls to collect firewood, invites M. to be the first to ride wooden skis, presses her with her iron skis; daughter M. looks in, sees P.'s children asking them to eat M.'s eyes, P. promises them the eyes and ears of M.'s children; daughter M. plants brother in the back, runs, throws a crest (thicket) behind, flint (flame to the sky), whetstone (mountain); P. could not climb the mountain; M.'s daughter eats cloudberries, does not pay attention to brother, who at this time falls into the ground; daughter M. comes to the lake, where daughter P. invites her to swim, takes her clothes, gives her measles; daughter M. asks to return her bag in it clothes are better than before; Toyton-Toika's son and Usyn-Otyr-Toika's son shoot at the arrow, daughter P. mistakenly grabs TT's arrow, marries him, daughter M. marries WOT's son; daughter M. goes to a wake for her brother, where she left him; there is a house, a barn; a woman tells the dogs to lick ice and snow from their man; M.'s daughter sees her brother, he married Misna; when she tried to pick him out of the ground, she poked him in the eye, now alone no eyes; daughter M. was given a wagon of deer; she arrives where her daughter P. left; daughter M. replies that she was given an iron chain to encircle the city by her father-in-law, a copper cauldron, and white deer; daughter P. says she was given an iron chain a bast rope, half a clay pot, a magpie, the crucian carp was harnessed, clothes were given from the bark; asks her husband to make an ice-hole, otherwise the magpie, the crucian carp will die; they went into the ice-hole, the sledges got up; the bast rope breaks; you can't go far in half the pot; M.'s little son says that his uncle's arrow in the house bounces off with a ringing sound, his grandfather's father with a knock; the father of daughter M.'s husband is offended, he is at war against her brother; daughter P. advises to remove the sun and moon from the sky; daughter M. takes off, attaches it to the sledge, it turns dark, her father-in-law cannot go to fight; says he was joking, daughter M. returns the stars to heaven]: 289-301; Eastern Khanty (R.wah): Lukina 1990, No. 5 [the daughter of an old man and an old woman swallows everyone; the son asks the mother who she likes best; she replies that the daughter; the son put on a swan skin, came to the lake where they flew to swim daughters of the Sun; they took him home, he married alone; in the afternoon he leaves and cries; answers the daughters of the Sun that he hit something; the Sun in anger asks the one (not named) why he hit his son-in-law; he explains that his son-in-law is homesick; his wife gave him a comb and a pebble; at home, his sister plays with the skulls of her parents and neighbors she ate; wanted to eat the horse's leg; the brother rides off the horse, throws the comb, stone; they turn into a forest, into a rock; sister and wife grab it, the wife gets part without a heart; the wife heals her husband, he dies and comes to life; this is the Month; p. 508: in the Ob-Ugrians, the Sun is a woman, the Month is man], 28 [Lisa and Hare live together, both have children; Lisa offers sledding down the mountain, goes first against desire, Lisa runs over, breaks her back; Bunny's son and daughter see Lisa feeding with the meat of their mother of their children, Bunnies offer to eat their children; they run, throw a comb, whetstone, flint, they turn into a thicket, a mountain, a fire; the fox lags behind; while the sister eats cloudberries, the brother falls into the ground; (hereinafter referred to as the woman Moses); hits the stump, from there the Pore woman jumps out, offers to swim; puts on M.'s rich fur clothes, gives M. her coryam; in the city of M. manages to pick up the arrow of the son of an Urban Village Old Man, P. has to take the arrow of Tonton-Old Man's son (Tonton-Oika is a poor man, servant, or cunning); respectively, they marry; P. weaves a rope that was enough to wrap half the city, M. — the whole city three times; M. comes to the place where his brother disappeared; there is a house, a bear enters, takes off his skin — this is his brother; sends a herd of deer to his sister]: 65, 101-104; Northern Khanty: Aksyanova et al. 2005, No. 1 (b. Son) [Porne has a daughter, Moshne has a daughter and a son; P. calls M. to roll down the mountain, puts a knife on the mountain, carries the corpse home, eats; promises her daughter that she will eat M.'s children; M.'s children run away, throw a firestone (fire to sky), comb (forest), sharpener (river); P. cannot cross it; contrary to the ban, the brother drinks from a puddle, sinks into the ground, his sister manages to grab only his eye; touches a rotten birch stump from under it a new P. comes out; offers to swim, puts on the girl's clothes, gives her hers; both come to the house, P. marries Voshan-Kurtan's son, an old man, a young M. for Tonton's son; daughters-in-law go home; where Brother is missing, M. sees a house, there is a woman; brother comes, M. gives him his eye; sending his sister home, brother tells him not to look back; she looked back when her gaze fell, those deer were gone, the others were following her ; argish P. is not brought by deer, but by fish, she lets them go into the lake; at night P. puts a nail in her husband's ear, he dies; M. hears P. singing about it, talking about it; the nail is removed, the man comes to life, P. is torn parts with deer]: 236-239; Steinitz 2014, No. 28 (Sherkal dialect) [husband and wife bought their son and daughter a toy — an iron horse; the horse destroyed the city and killed the couple; the children hid under the floor; the horse asks where they are; the comb, the flint, the skin scraper do not answer, she breaks them; leaves; the cow tells me to sit on it, takes her to the sea, tells her to slaughter her, wrap her guts around her, get into her stomach; the horse chases, the sister throws the flint (fire), the crest (the forest), the whetstone (the mountain), the flint again (the horse burned down); brother and sister killed a cow, woke up in the house, there is a lot of food; they live on the island; from a balloon the dog pops up foam; tells his brother that his sister will send him for fox milk; the sister sends him — he will recover from the milk; the fox gave milk: if my sister does not drink, give it to my cub; my sister did not drink, the fox drank; the same with the blue fox; the dog to the young man: the sister hid the iron horse under your bed, lie down on the side; next time milk and baby wolverine, you have to go back to bed a place, and under the bunk there will be an iron horse; then a wolf; a bear; a horse under the threshold; in front of the threshold; the sister sends them into the house behind seven locks; there the old man lets the animals in, closes the door; the young man returns alone; his sister tells him to wash in the bathhouse, and then the iron horse will kill him; the bird reports three times that the animals are digging an underground passage; the animals have come, killed the iron horse; the brother nailed his sister's hands to the floor, vessels near the eyes: if necessary, a brother must fill his vessel with tears, and if an iron horse, then hers; the brother married the king's daughter; took his sister to him; she put an iron tooth in his bed horses, brother died; he was buried in an iron coffin; animals dug, broke; the dog found a crow's nest: bring the grass of life, otherwise I'll eat eggs; the crow brought, the dog crushed one egg, restored it with grass; revived the young man; he let the animals go, left only the dog; tied his sister to two sledges, tore it with horses; threw one leg into the forest, it grew into a swamp willow, the other on a hill, a forest tree grew; brother lives well (with his wife)]: 169-185; Nikolaeva 1999, No. 1 (Obdorsk) [Moss woman and Por woman live together, each has a daughter and a son; in spring P. leads M. to drink water, drowns in the river, is fresh, brings meat home; daughter M. tells his younger brother that their mother was eaten; hears P. promises his children that they will get young fat, not old fat; M.'s daughter takes an iron flint, whetstone, comb, brother, runs away, leaving two birds under the canopy so that P. thinks that the children are there; P. chases children; M.'s daughter throws a comb (thicket), a whetstone (rock), a flint (a wall of fire, P. stops pursuing); forty, a crow tells children not spending the night in the forest; brother feels bad, sister is preparing for the night, brother died; sister buried him, moved on, daughter P. jumped out of the larch stump; they went together, saw a white and black sleigh, white and a black man; a white arrow fell next to M.'s daughter, a black arrow next to P.'s daughter; P.'s daughter wants to become a white wife, promises to give birth to golden children, but black did not let her in; both gave birth to a son; daughter P. says that M.'s son has eyes and ears on the back of his head; the white looks — there is a golden child; they took P.'s daughter to the forest, threw her into the fire; daughter M. went to the tree where she buried her brother; there is a beautiful house, brother went out to meet in fur clothes; everything is fine]: 133-137; chum salmon: Nikolaev 1985 [1) as in Voskoboynikov, Menovshchikov; seven brothers; having learned that a man was crying when he saw brothers on earth, The sun gives him a comb, a whetstone and a horse; when he catches up with a man, the devil tears off the horse's leg; 2) the Sun takes his brother to heaven, the sister is eaten by Hosyadam; the boy misses his sister, the Sun gives him a comb, whetstone, horse; H. takes the form of a sister, treats his brother with the foot of his horse; he attaches the horse's leg, runs away; more about the persecution and the two halves of the man]: 44; Nikolaeva 2006:123-126 [brother and sister — orphans, brother wants to see the world; the Sunwoman raises him to heaven with her hands and rays; he wants to visit his sister, the Sun gives him a whetstone and a comb, sends him on a winged horse; Hosyadam ate his sister, took her form; she is outwardly friendly to her brother, but he sees that she is cooking his horse's back leg; he grabs his leg, hastily attaches the horse, jumps away; throws a whetstone, which turns into mountain, H. gnaws at it with his teeth; the crest is the forest, X. makes his way; the Sun and X. grab a person by the different legs, tear it; the Sun is half without a heart; a person will live a week, die again; the Sun says they will see each other once a year on the longest day; throws a man into the dark half of the sky, this is the Month], 126-127 [for a grandson to learn to swim in cold water, a girl tells him how alone the boy decided to take Hosyaam away from people; the Sun gave him a dewdrop, a whetstone, a crest; H. chased, he threw these objects one by one, formed a river (the boy himself swam across it), a mountain, a forest; H. got bogged down in more often]; Osharov 1936a [The elder and middle brothers are shamans, the youngest is not; a myrak runs into their dugout, tells them to make a coffin; in the morning the eldest is dead, he was put in a coffin; the same with the middle one; the youngest does not die, myrak with he fights him, falls into a coffin, the lid slams shut, two snakes wrap around the ends; the guy comes to the plague, where the girl tells her to step over her leg, takes her husband; the guy goes to the forest cheerful, returns with tears, replies to his wife that he was beaten in the eyes with bars; the bars tell his wife that they did not beat him, and the husband cries for the dead brothers; the wife gives her husband a comb and flint, tells him to return to the ground; after 7 years he comes to his dugout; kicks the coffin with the myrak, he jumps out, he drops it back into the coffin, the lid closes again; the guy leaves, but hears the chase, throws the comb (thicket), the flint (cliff), the wife has time grabbed his right hand, myrak by the left hand, torn, the right half was left without a heart in his wife's hands; by night she took him out as a whole man, by morning he was half again; she said that he it will shine at night when she sleeps; this is how the Sun and the Month appeared]: 111-115 (quail in Voskoboynikov, Menovshchikov 1951:160-163); Sangi 1989 (Prokofieva's recording; quail. Alekseenko 2001, No. 5:58-60) [brother goes further away from the plague where his sister lives; the Sunwoman takes him to heaven; a week later he asks him to let him go; she gives him a whetstone and a comb, sends him down on a winged horse; during this time Hosyadam ate his sister, took her form; he realizes this when he sees her cooking the leg she has ripped off his horse; he sticks his leg back, rides his horse away, throws a whetstone, a comb, they turn into a mountain, a forest; X. overcomes obstacles; the Sun grabs it by one leg, X. after the other, breaks it in half; the Sun gets a part without a heart, it puts it instead the heart is coal, it revives a person, but he dies again and again; she sends him to the other side of the sky, turns him into a Month, sees him once a year, they see each other's eyes; the Month is cold because without a heart ]: 142-144; Southern Selkups: Pelikh 1972 [The widow has two daughters, the Magi marries one for her son, the woman does not give; dies, leaving the eldest crest, the youngest ring, teaches what to do; sisters they run, throw a comb, a mountain with rose hips appears; an old woman carries her sisters across the river; a Volkhovka and her son are transported on a log; they turned over, drowned; see motive J25]: 351-352; Tuchkova, Wagner-Nagy 2015, No. 34 (Ivankino, Ob, 1967) [mother tells Ida to go where she went; Walking, carrying fish, first walked, then tired, sat down; Pönegessa brought it for himself; while living with P., Idya found the keys to seven barns; in one skin, in another meat, in the seventh girl; offers to run; P. is chasing, she threw a comb (became a stone bone mountain), a stone chair (a stone mountain), an iron chair (an iron mountain); Going home, spat from above into the fire; Aldiga to her husband: because of you, the fire went out; they began to fight; Going in with the girl, everything is fine]: 143-145; northern Selkups [a comb thrown by a hero running away from hell, flint and flint turns into mountains]: Tuchkova 2004:286; nganasans [a cannibal and a woman have two daughters each; a cannibal leads a woman for talnik, asks her to bend over the water, cuts off her head; at her daughter's home The victim is heard how the cannibal promises her daughters that she will eat the adult brain herself and they will eat the child's brain; the girls leave blankets full of brushwood instead, run away, throw away their mother's jewelry, creating a mountain, a lake behind them; they run to the river; the old man asks what their mother said about him; they say that she praised his face and back; he carries them in a boat; the cannibal replies that he is long like a stick, her back is like an ax; he pushes her out of the boat, she sinks; the sisters spend the night in the old man's plague, there is no way out of him in the morning; the youngest comes out with a needle through the crack, the eldest gets stuck, the youngest tears her head off; braids turn into legs; The head does not want to stay in the fox hole, the wolf, remains in the bear hole, warns not to lean on the stump; the youngest went, leaned, the cannibal jumped out of the stump; they go, disperse, the girl visits her older sister, she has two cubs; the youngest rides a sledge, the cannibal tells her to change, her sledges are drawn by mice, the ropes are worms; they change back; dogs have bitten mice, an old man pushed the cannibal into the fire; her ash became mosquitoes, beetles, worms, bees]: Porotova 1980:13-19.

Eastern Siberia. Dolgans [to have children, the old woman turns to ayyi, the old man turns to Abaasa; ayyy gives a boy and a girl, the abaasa threatens to swallow the old man, makes him give up what she does not know at home; spouses they hide children under the hearth; the abaas eat their spouses, do not find children; they grow up, a horse descends from the sky, takes them away, gives them flint, flint, an ax, they must be thrown at the Abaas pursuer; they turn into fire, mountains, sea; abaas remain overseas; the horse tells him to kill by crushing a louse on his head; parts of his body give rise to a city, buildings, property; his kidneys turn into a dog bear and a dog wolf; in the absence of a brother, the abaas come, the sister agrees to become his wife, lures his brother's handkerchief, gives it to her husband; the brother hurries, the crushing rocks crush his dogs — the bear and wolf; the horse brings his brother to the old woman, she gives a bow; the hawk fights the yokshokyu bird; the brother shoots the yokshokyu in the wing; for promising to cure him, he helps open the mountain, freeing the bear and the wolf; those Abaas are killed; the brother hangs his sister by the legs, puts two plates under his eyes; during the night, the left one fills with tears, which means that the sister cries for her husband, not for his brother; he leaves, leaving the bear and the wolf; one-eyed, one-armed and one-legged abaasa fights with another over a woman; Er-Sogotoh (brother's name is given for the first time) frees the woman, takes her away; the abaas pursues them, E. throws the comb , a forest grows; E. kills abaas, marries a rescued woman]: Popov 1937:208-237 (quail. Efremov 2000, No. 2:79-135); northwestern Yakuts (Olenek, Sukhansky Nasleg) [the old man and the old woman caught only four fish; decided to eat the fish themselves, take their two daughters into the forest and leave them; the father went with them to pick berries, hung his fur coat on a stump, left himself; the children ate berries, began to play with a stone instead of a doll; then left the doll and dishes, began to pick berries again; when they returned, the dishes are filled with boiled fish; the sisters hid and saw that this doll was working; ran away; suddenly there was fire behind them; the eldest threw the comb, it became a stone mountain; the fire stopped; the strong the wind, the youngest threw a thread, and an impenetrable forest formed; suddenly a man ran after them, but the girls had already reached the old woman Bridge-Dalah; she threw her leg across the river and they crossed over to her; when the stalker ran down his leg, the old woman removed her leg and he drowned; the girls stayed with the old woman]: Gurvich 1977:174; Yakuts: Illarionov et al. 2008, No. 23 (Western 1936, central Yakutia, Churapchinsky district) [parents caught only four fish and decided to take their daughters to the forest; while they were picking berries, the father put his clothes on the stump, left; the girls went to the fork in the road, there was a child in silver and a child in an iron cradle; the youngest wants to take the one in silver, the eldest insists that it be in the iron cradle; the sisters live in the house when they come back, there is fish in the house; the youngest does not eat; hides with a needle Sees a baby come out of the cradle, turn into a giant, spew an iron whorl, pierce his ass, boiled fish fall out of there; becomes a baby again; the eldest does not believe, she stays look; agrees to throw a boiling pot of boiled berries over the abaas; sisters run, a giant with a cauldron on his head chases; the youngest throws a needle (forest), a thimble (forest again), the eldest throws a handkerchief ( cliff to the sky); by the river, the sisters ask the old woman Talas-Talas to lower her golden walkways; she stretches her legs like a bridge, the sisters cross; when the abaas ask for her legs, TT hesitates, then stretches out alone, the abaas are drowning; the sisters entered the house, the exit disappeared; the youngest made a hole, came out with a needle, a thimble; the eldest stuck her head, told her head and ass to swell, got stuck; the youngest pulled, tore it off; I tried to leave my head on a birch tree, willow, waist, pine tree, spruce - my head cries; when she left it on an aspen, she laughed; the youngest comes to the Frog's house; she asks to sew a bag for her husband, she does not know how to; the same mittens, torbaza; the girl hung the torbaza high, the frog could not reach; the husband found the girl; promised to marry the one who would not freeze in the yard overnight; the husband wrapped the frog in moss, put his wife in bag by the chimney; she is alive in the morning, the frog is frozen; the man married a girl]: 253-271; Sivtsev, Efremov 1990:64-71 [poor parents go with their two daughters for berries, leave them in the forest; they find a hut, a black stone and an iron cradle nearby; the younger sister suspects that this is an abaasa child; at home, the stone turns into a baby; sisters find baked crucian carp near the house; the youngest hides with a needle in cracks, sees the baby turn into a giant, commands the fire to ignite, the fish to bake; the older sister hides, sees the same thing; they overturn a pot of boiling water on the child, run; the youngest throws a needle ( thicket), thimble (forest), handkerchief (cliff to the sky); by the river, sisters ask old woman Talas-Talas (“walkways”) to throw a bridge; she stretches out both legs, the girls cross; the abaas says she is busy; stretches out one leg, cleans, it sinks]; Ergis 1964, No. 54 (Ustya-Yanskie, p. Cossack Mouth of Yansky Ulus) [a whirlwind flew in, the guy lost his deer; came to an old woman, became an employee; her son The Whirlwind Boy does not tell you to open the silver coffin; he opens, there is a kidnapped girl; the old woman gives a comb and beads; when he hears the chase, the guy throws a comb, it turns into a stone, the whirlwind stops; by the sea he throws beads — the bridge; when the pursuer is in the middle of the bridge, the bridge disappears The whirlwind is drowning; the guy lives with an old woman, she gives him a horse; he finds a girl he saved in the city; she tells the king to release him; (=Sivtsev, Omolloon 1976:151-154)]: 183-184; 1967b, No. 127 (the place of recording is not indicated, link to the archive; central?) [the old man cuts an ice-hole, a half-bear half-wolf jumps out, demands that his son and daughter be handed over; the old man sends them to the ice-hole, the abaas carry them away; the bull, the horse, try to save, the abaas catch up, return them; they are carried away by a deer; When the Abaas girl catches up, they throw a comb (forest), an igloo (iron wall), a scarf (river); they move to the other side, run away; the deer dies, tells them to throw its ribs, they turn into a house, the barn; the head is the stove, the lungs are a guard dog, the heart and liver are wolves; while the brother is hunting, the sister hides the abaas, digs a hole under her brother's bed; the brother kills his sister, leaves; meets three companions; everyone cooks one by one, a man in Doha squirrel does not let him cook dinner; a young man defeats it, goes down to the lower world, takes wealth and women, gives them to his brothers; comes to an old man and an old woman, tells everyone to stick to bed; sticks them off as a promise to marry him; marries, lives richly], 213 (summary of several texts, including archival ones) [parents take their girls to the forest, to leave them there; sisters find the Iron Child (doll, stone) in the forest; when they learn that this is an abaasa child, they decide to kill him, but the Iron Child pursues them himself; the sisters manage to escape by leaving a comb, scissors, needles that turn into a mountain, a forest, etc.; on the way there is a river, they cross it with the help of a lynx (old woman); they follow a forbidden road, get to Baba Yaga; the eldest dies in prison, the youngest, by casting a spell, escapes; comes to a man married to a frog, marries him; the older sister comes to life and married the son of thunder, from him she receives wealth, and the frog-wife brings water insects and dies]: 190, 217; Western Evenks: Pinegina et al. 1952 (Cyrenian) [two sisters find a cradle with a child, bring it home; see that left alone, the baby turns into Manga's giant, catches fish, then returns to the cradle; the sisters throw a boiling pot over him, run away; he chases them; one throws a comb, another bag, they turn into a forest, a rock, they can't stop M.; old woman Achekai stretches her legs across the river like a bridge; when M. walks, removes her legs; M. shouts to they made ladles from his hands, a bucket from his head, paint from blood, a shuttle from his spine; at the fork, the sisters drove along the left path, they get to the old woman; she hides them, turning them into a needle and a thimble; they come two cannibals; the eldest thimble girl laughs, cannibals eat her; the youngest old woman gives a bird's wing, she flies away in it, meets a guy, gets married]: 58-61; Suvorov 1956 (Podkamennaya Tunguska) [for now sisters went to buy berries, the goblin swallowed one of them in the plague, lay down in his place; the sisters realized that the baby was screaming differently; threw the child into the hot resin, ran away; the goblin was chasing with the cauldron stuck behind her back; sisters threw a comb (thicket), a scraper (mountains); asking the old woman to transport her across the river; old lady: say “Your eyes are dry, and your back is that the scraper is humpback”; sisters: “The eyes are like bird cherry ripe, the back is flat like a raft”; immediately the raft stretched from shore to shore, the sisters ran over, the raft disappeared; the goblin speaks of dry bird cherry, humpback scraper; spread across the river a scraper with teeth, the goblin fell, drowned; ordered his teeth to become flints, blood to become red clay, bones to become pitfalls]: 21-22; Osharov 1936a (Podkamennaya Tunguska, Zap. 1928; =1936b, No. 15:280- 281) [two sisters dug sarana, picked up a baby; when they returned, they see a cauldron on fire in the plague, two whitefish cooking in it; watched a man turn two of his worms into whitefish; filled the baby they ran with molten tin; they were chased by giant Mani in a tin belt; the eldest threw a suede scraper (mountains, M. made saddles in them), a whetstone (the cliff, M. split), jagged chuchun, i.e. a round suede scraper (forest, M. threw off his tin belt, crawled), a comb (stones, mountains, forest), M. was lost in them by an ant]: 19-21; Baikal Evenks: Voskoboynikov 1967, No. 13 (Baikal region) [two sisters find a cradle with a child, bring it home; left alone, the child comes out of the cradle, becomes a monster; then returns to the cradle; sisters throw him into a boiling pot, they run away; he chases them; they throw a handkerchief (sea), a comb (thicket); the stalker screams, Mother, where the ladle is, drinks the sea, cuts down the forest; they throw a file, but it falls in front of them; the youngest becomes a fur, the eldest becomes an ant, climbs into a crack in the rock; the monster pulls the youngest, the eldest holds her, the youngest is torn in half; the back is a monster eats, carries her front older sister with her; tries to leave her on a tree stump, but her sister cries; when she leaves her on a hummock, she laughs; The frog takes her as his wife]: 43-45; Titov 1936, No. 9 and 10 (p. Karama, Irkutsk Region) [(No. 9:179-180); two girls went to pick berries, returned - a baby in a shaky baby; sings that if a good woman took him, he would become her good husband, if her husband took him, he would be kind to him woman; the girls agreed to say out loud that the child is beautiful, pass him through a boiling pot of porridge, put him in the cauldron; ran away; the monster is catching up; the eldest threw a handkerchief - the sea (the monster ran away for the boat , swam across); the crest is a thicket (the monster ran for a sword, cut through); a bar, it fell in front (mountain); the youngest became a fur, crawled into the hole, the eldest became an ant, her the ass was stuck; the youngest began to pull, but the monster ate the ass, the youngest returned home alone; (hereinafter No. 10:180-181, from another informant); the youngest dragged the eldest, left; she cries; dragged again, left , she laughs; she went alone, the frill untied, she stood on a stick to tie her foot, the Frog jumped out, told her to go to her yurt, fed her, hid it; ordered her to sew a pullover (?) for his husband; the husband was surprised, she never sewed; the next day the Frog tells me to sew a pouch; the husband hid, found the girl, began to live with her; told the frog to pour blood into the skin, wrap himself; that first it was warm, but at night she froze to death; they killed frog deer; the younger sister went to where she left her elder; there was a hut, where her sister was backless, gave the youngest a lot of deer, she brought them to her husband]: 179-181 ; Voskoboynikov 1973, No. 17 (bount) [a man is looking for a missing horse; on the way, one girl gives a comb, a second stone; the third explains that the kidnapper is a three-headed man, tells him to ask him box; carrying a box back, a person hears the noise of a chase, throws a comb (thicket), a stone (mountain); in the box is a wife, the daughter of a three-headed; a person divides people (the origin of peoples); his father-in-law calls him to the bones, his wife gives him filings; the man is soldered, the filings are taken, sewn into the skin of a bull, thrown into the water; his daughters find him, he lives with his wife again]: 75-80; Poppe 1927, No. 2 ( Barguzinsky) [=Voskoboynikov 1958:72-79, =1973, No. 18:80-89; father, elder, middle brothers leave, disappear; the youngest goes, the old man teaches how to ride a heroic foal; at the crossroads there is a stone with the inscription “The right road is black, the left is white”; the young man's father walked on the right, brothers on the left, he walks on the right; the old woman teaches him to go to Chagan-kan, around his house there is a river of blood, banks made of human bones; gives throw the pestle if C.'s daughters chase; the horse transfers C. to the roof of the house, tells them to change the barrels of poisonous and eternal water; steps over one of C.'s daughters, jumps away, C.'s daughters are chasing, they cannot neither pick up nor bypass the abandoned pestle, stop chasing; comes to the daughter C., whom he has stepped over, now she is his wife; they find the remains of the young man's father, he is revived eternal with water; a young man takes his father, wife and old woman to a stone with an inscription, goes to look for brothers; throws the girl who threw his brothers at her into the pit, pulls out the brothers; an old man comes and asks for a knife, hides in a hole, in that knife was the soul of a young man; a young man descends in his belts, a girl shows where the knife brought by the devil, the young man takes it, changes barrels of poisonous and eternal water; the devil drinks poisonous, dies, drinks after him, the devil's wife dies; brothers pick up the girl and wealth, cut off the rope; the young man is maimed, beats the mouse, she eats grass, recovers, he also recovers; daughter C. is sacrificed a snake, a young man puts a birch tree in his mouth, kills a snake; falls asleep, throws him into the water; the girl pulls it out, revives it; the young man saves the spider's children from fire, he gives a net to the upper world; the young man appears for the brothers' wedding under the guise of an old man, takes on his appearance; stays with three wives, older brothers tied to horse tails]: 18-31; Baikal Evenks (north of Transbaikalia, p. Chapo-Ologo, 1948) [two orphans went for berries, found an iron cradle with the baby; the youngest told me not to touch it, the eldest brought the child to the plague; when they returned, there were a lot of fish in the plague; the next day they hid and spy; the child got out of the shaky, became a giant, sat down, a bunch of fish appeared {i.e. he threw it out of himself}; when the girls entered the plague, there was again the child shaky; they knocked over the cauldron on him boiling fish soup, rode on deer; Mangi catches up, a cauldron on her head instead of a hat; one of the sisters threw a comb (thicket), Mangi made his way; threw her bag (the rock is the same); on the other side, old woman Acekai, the girls ask her to stretch out her legs, crossed them to the other side, the old woman removed her legs; when Manga asked her to stretch her legs, the old woman removed them in the middle of the river; Manga screams: make ladles out of my hands a bucket from the back, paint from the blood, a shuttle from the spine; then drowned; at this time the girls reached the fork; one tells me to follow the left path, the other on the right; turned to the left, came to plague, it has an old woman without arms and legs; turned one into a needle, the other into a thimble; cannibals came, saying that it smells like gifts; the older sister laughed, she was eaten; when the cannibals left, the youngest asks , are there any toys; the old woman gave a bird's wing; the girl flew to the top of the plague, then to the tree, then flew away; reached the river, sat on a stump, found an old bone in her pocket, began to gnaw; in the morning deer run , they are driven by a handsome guy, he married her]: Pinegina 2019:87-91; Evens of Kamchatka [two sisters and a needlewoman live; decided to migrate; the pupil took a handbag with a needle in it, thread, comb; old lady invites you to the yurt; younger sister {pupil?} does not sleep, sees how the old woman took an ax to hack the girls; grabbed her purse, rushed into the tundra, threw the comb (the forest, the old woman cut through with an ax), threads (rocks, the old woman smeared them with larch resin, climbed upstairs); the giant hid the girl in his pocket, replies to the old woman that he ate her, the old woman rushed at him, he overcame her, threw her into the thickets; took the girl out, told her to go to the yurt and wait for him there; she cooked food there, the giant came and ate; the wind blew out, a herd of deer appeared; one deer turned into a young man, the giant invited him into the house; the giant himself became handsome guy, they got married]: Kasten, Avak 2014:13-23.

Amur - Sakhalin. Nivkhi: Singers 2010, No. 14 [7 sisters live alone, find a baby under the snow; the youngest suddenly came in, saw the baby stand up with the cradle and lapping a boiling brew; the sisters run away, milk is chasing, the eldest throws ash (fog), comb (forest), sharpener (rock); milk gnawed at the rock, the sisters did not gnaw through the old woman, she consistently fights with her sisters, kills six, the youngest runs away, comes to a single man; she is pregnant, tells her husband not to come for 7 days; he came a little earlier, the children are already playing, but the youngest child is humpback; sons hear the mother cry, she told them about sisters; brothers come to an old woman, the youngest drowns her in a barrel; a barrel of water and an old woman drags her into a tree; sable hunters came to the tree; the youngest says he wants for a little, out of great need; the female broke off, the barrel fell, ran over all those hunters]: 74-82; Sangi 1974 [the beauty rejects the grooms; leaves her parents to live alone; one day, collecting cloudberries, she sees a woman, then a man; then she finds a baby; gives a breast, he bites her; she spies on him, sees him get out of the cradle, devours yukola, he has long teeth; the girl runs, the baby follows her, the Mother screams, give chest! She throws a comb, then a whetstone, they turn into a forest, a mountain; by the river, a girl climbs a poplar; a baby gnaws on it; she asks the tree to fall on the top of her head to the other side; crosses the river, the current takes away the poplar; her father tells her she was punished for her pride]: 46-49; Ulchi: Aurora 1981, No. 2 [Mergen comes to the head of the city, who has three daughters, he promises to give the youngest, demands 1 ) bring a golden carp (M. catches, brings); 2) get to know the youngest among the sisters (finds out); father chases M. and daughter; on the way 1) fire, 2) the sea (abandoned items are not mentioned); the old woman gives a box; houses from it chickens, goats, wealth]: 130; Sunik 1985, No. 5 [the old man tells his daughter to look in his head; he makes a tambourine out of lice skin; promises to give his daughter to someone who guesses what the tambourine is made of; two giants threats force the maids to reveal the secret; the girl is forced to go with the giants; asks them to wait outside for her to clean their stone house; there is a lot of tar there is their food; the girl cuts out the horse's papers, jumps away on it; after this one gets tired, cuts out three more horses sequentially; throws a bar (became a rock), an awl (became an iron net); another block (stone pole); she climbs a pole, the giants try to knock it down; with the blood of the last horse, she creates an image of a house, a barn, wraps herself in his skin; wakes up in the house; a young man sailed to her, for whom she wanted to get married; she shot the giant father's boat, she was gone; the woman lives with her husband and son]: 131-133; Orochi: Aurora, Lebedeva 1966, No. 53 [man shoots a huge bear, he rolls down the mountain, knocks down nine trees, they turn into mountains; he knocks down more alder; when it turns red, he realizes that the bear is dead; all people ate it], 56 [six sisters live in the sky, the seventh eldest - in the house; sisters come to her, the youngest smears her ass with coal, camlates; the eldest laughs, others see a man on her teeth; run away on skis; the eldest does not have skis, she tells the youngest to break her ski ties sisters, eats it; so with five sisters; the sixth throws a comb, then a stone, they turn into a thicket, into a cliff; the girl asks the old woman to transport her across the river; she stretches her leg like a bridge; the same with a stalker, but the old woman throws her into the water; she wants her head to become a marsh hummock, her hair a marsh grass, her bones a river blockage, her eyes beads, her blood a red stone, pus - with a blue stone, all her ashes in a gnat; the old woman hides the girl from her seven wolf sons; the girl searches in her head, puts her to sleep, turns into a kuksha, flies away; lets the man catch herself, takes hers true appearance, marries, gives birth to a son; warns her husband that seven wolves will come; he does not believe, goes hunting; wolves eat a child, a woman hides in a tree; wolves knock him down, she moves to another; sends a crow for her husband; the same with the second and third trees; on the third, a woman sends an eagle for her husband, and a crow from the fourth; the husband kills wolves with arrows; the mother of wolves comes, she is given meat her children under the guise of elk meat; when she came home and noticed that she had brought the heads of her sons, she choked]: 201, 204-206; Bereznitsky 1999, No. 19 [(=2002, No. 2:106; 2003, No. 23:448; 2005, No. 50:477-478); father dies ; the mother tells her six daughters to run away before her death, because the seventh, the eldest, is a cannibal; the sisters dance to make her laugh; the seventh dances naked, the eldest laughs, they see human veins on her teeth ; run away on skis; five have mounts made of rags, ropes, elkskin, wire, iron plates; they tear, the cannibal eats them; the sixth, youngest, has an iron chain attachment; she throws a comb, a mirror; a forest, a lake appear; the eldest gnaws through the forest, drowns in the lake; the youngest comes to a young man, gets married]: 151; Udege people: Lebedeva et al. 1998, No. 32 [younger brother leaves to look for a wife, the sister gives half a comb and a whetstone; turns into a hare, hides in a tree by the road; old man Kandá rides on sledges drawn respectively by wild boars, pigs, piglets, his wife, their eldest daughter Emende; the youngest Belé Chiha drags sledges with human bones herself; the man marries C., each time she teaches what to do; 1) K. will hit his feet with a spear (man puts a dead owl there in advance, a spear covered in blood); with a hot spear (puts a dead hare in its place); 3) will give poisoned food (a person quietly puts it in an angelica, e. ate it, died); 4) K. and an old woman shamanates, preparing to kill a man; he puts seven funny idols around the fire, K. and his wife laugh, his son-in-law and C. run away; throw half a crest (thicket), a whetstone (mountains); K. and his wife could not overcome the mountains, the man with C. returned to his sister]: 235-241; Podmaskin 1991, No. 26 [=Podmaskin, Kireeva 2010:105-107; two sisters are getting married; the eldest Ohoni is afraid that the youngest Adiga is more beautiful, makes her follow the left road; A. comes to the cannibal spirits, runs away, turning into a needle, huchen, mosquito; throws a comb, a thicket appears; comes into the house hunter Nyent; he drives away the spirits with smut; goes away for seven years, returns after killing spirits; tests A.'s loyalty by trying to hit A. with a spear; it bounces; he marries A.]: 136-140; Podmaskin, Kireeva 2010 [an evil spirit enters the mouth of Ege, the eldest of seven sisters; the sisters create figures that jump and grieve; when E. laughs, the sisters see a man on her teeth; the sisters run away, E. tells the ski belts to break, catches up, swallows the sisters; the youngest escapes, she had fasteners with an iron chain; throws a sharpener (mountain), a comb (thicket), ash (fog) ; it takes E. a year to overcome every obstacle); the old woman allows the girl to cross the river across the bridge, hides the bridge; E. demands it, the old woman puts it, in the middle he collapsed, E. fell into the rapids; says that her hair will become mud, her teeth will become boulders, her bones will become tree creases, her blood will become mosquitoes and midges]: 156-157; Nikolaeva et al. 2003, No. 11 [old Kanda wants seven-tailed fox tails for his daughter; Merge gets, marries; they are haunted by evil spirits; the wife gives M. whetstone, he throws it behind him, the sea freezes behind him, the spirits stop persecuting him; M. thinks his wife has been eaten; comes to a house where a woman who looks like his wife is sitting; they they tell each other fairy tales (what happened to them), get to know each other, the wife returns to M.]: 76-77; Nanais: Bereznitsky 2005, No. 33 [the older sister goes hunting, the younger sister is at home; despite warning the eldest, opens it to the bear; so three times; the youngest notices him, says that it is an evil spirit, the sisters are running away; the eldest throws a bag of ash (mountain), a comb (forest); the bear did not catch up with them]: 472; Medvedev 1992 [A Yangoki girl went into the barn for a yukola, dropped a jug hanging under the roof, it crashed, and a balloon-like old Boko Mafa jumped out; said that for the first 20 years he promised to thank whoever was him he will let him out, and the next 20 eat it; but he can only eat it after sunrise; I let go until morning; she made a straw scarecrow, dressed it in her clothes, left it in the house, took a chair, a comb, the sharpener, ran; crossed the river on the ice, melted it with its tears; the BM rolled to the upper reaches, went around the source and returned; I. threw the comb (thicket, BM gnawed), the chair (fire, BM flooded), the sharpener ( a huge mountain, I. hid inside, you can still hear her singing from the crevice)]: 244-247; Hodger 2011 [Pudin's younger sister suggests that the eldest take turns picking berries so that someone is always in the house; the eldest goes, Taka (an arrow with a blunt head) falls next to him, tells him to leave, because Inda Khochiani will come (a dog's leg with a tail from the waist down); the eldest returns; the next day the youngest comes, does not listen Taka, THEY tell him to be allowed to look for lice from her; says he found gold, brick, stone, cannot be crushed on a stone, the ground will not stand it, tells him to stick out his tongue, crush his tongue, pulls out his tongue, runs away ; at home, the eldest puts the dog's younger tongue in a dream; the old woman, girded with live snakes, tells the youngest to go back her tongue in a dream, leaves three silver tōro rods, a white horse; the youngest takes the bars, needle bed, scallop, knife, flies on horseback to the house of dog people, pretends to marry THEM, cleans the house, finds his tongue in a bunch of others, picks it up, leaves the dog's tongue, flies to horses; THEY tried to grab the horse's tail, Pudin cut it off; the horse asks whether to fly home or to people, P. says he marries people; the husband goes hunting on horseback, P. does not tell tie her to a tree, only to the grass; gives birth to a son, her husband's parents send a maid to him with news, THEY tell her to return, tell her daughter-in-law to be expelled, she is supposedly homeless; P. leaves, they are chased, she throws a comb (thicket), a needle (thorny bush), twigs (turn into three pillars); THEY gnaw on them, P. moves from one to another, calls the horse; when the third pillar is ready to fall, the horse comes, dragging a tree to which her husband P. tied her; P. flies away on a horse; when she dies, she tells her to take off her skin, cover herself, P. wakes up in a warm house, two roe deer are tied at the entrance; THEY come, roe deer they tear him to shreds; P. and his son burn the leftovers; P.'s husband comes (Mergen); roe deer fly to heaven; husband takes P. to his place, his parents have repented; sister P. is also married]: 15-29.

Japan. Japanese (all of Japan, including northern Ryukyu) [the priest gives the novice three talismans when he (1) goes to the mountains to pick flowers; there he meets an old woman inviting him to visit her house; (2) When an unknown beauty invites a novice to come to her; he is brought to a cabin in the mountains; (1) at night, the raindrops are drumming, Get up and look at the old woman! He sees that cannibal; (2) finds human bones in the forbidden room; (3) an ogre comes, says she smells like a human; (4) an old woman starts sharpening a knife; a novice asks to go to court, Cannibal ties a rope to his belt; (1) he ties him to a pole in a latrine (to a broom), leaving a talisman at the rope to be responsible for it; (2) the latrine god unties the rope, is responsible for novice; gives him three talismans; (3) The cannibal rushes in pursuit; the novice throws the second talisman, which turns into a river; the third goes uphill; he runs to the temple, the priest hides him in the closet, provokes The cannibal becomes small; she turns into a bean, the priest eats it, flies emerge from his bowel movements (the origin of flies); (2) the novice hides in a tree, the Cannibal sees its reflection in the well, jumps there; (3) hides among irises, their smell prevents the Cannibal from finding him, since then irises have been placed on the roof and in the doorway at the Boys' Festival on May 5; (4) the priest writes Buddhist spells on the novice's body, forgets her ear, the Cannibal bites off her ear; (5) The cannibal dies at sunrise; (the motif “Objects that turn into obstacles, D672" in this story hardly goes back to Kojiki; sometimes talismans are different colors; from blue there is a river, from a yellow mountain, from a red fire; in different versions there is a mountain, river, sea, rock, fire, thicket; in some versions, the Cannibal dies or stops chasing, unable to Overcome the last obstacle; in a version from Iwate Prefecture (to Tohoku), the temple door closes and presses the cannibal as she tries to enter]: Ikeda 1971, No. 334:93-95; (cf. Motive L103. Ancient Japan: Kojiki [Izanagi and Izanami marry and have children; giving birth to the fire god, I-mi burns his bosom, dies; I-gi comes to the Country for her Korney (Land of Yellow Waters, Land of Darkness); I-mi says she has already tasted local food; tells me not to look at it until she goes to consult local deities; I-gi Tires of waiting, enters her chambers; sees worms and eight Thunders in her body; I-gi runs, I-mi chases furies (The Ugly Women of the Underground Land ―hags of Yomi); I-gi throws a headband, then a comb; they turn into wild grapes, into bamboo shoots; the furies stop picking them up and eating them; I-gi sends Thunder and demons to an underland; I-gi drives them away by throwing a peach at them; I-mi chases her own; I-gi blocks the passage to the underland with a rock; I-mi and I-gi divorce; I-mi promises to kill a thousand people a day on earth; I-gi promises 1,500 newborns a day] 1994, ch. 8:47-49; Nihon Shoki 1997, scroll 1 [Izanaki no mikoto, following Izanami no mikoto, reached Yomotukuni countries; I-mi says she has already touched the hearth where food is being cooked, asks not to look at it; but I-gi took out the forbidden comb, broke off the extreme tooth of the Male Pillar, looked closely, holding he saw him like a torch that I-mi was covered with purulent boils and worms; so people avoid lighting only one lamp at night and throwing away the comb; I-ki ran, and I-mi sent 8 witches for him Y. countries; I-ki threw his black ivy headdress, which turned into grapes, the witches began to harvest it, then rushed in pursuit again; I-ki threw the comb, it turned into bamboo sprouts, the witches began to eat them; when they chased again, I-ki had already reached the slope of Yomo-tu-pirasaka; one book says that I-ki started a stream, it turned into a river while the witches crossed it, he reached the Yomo-tu-Pirasaka slope]: 124-125).

SV Asia. Chukchi: Baboshina 1958, No. 59 [kele takes the girl, his house inside a solid rock; when she leaves, she tells me not to touch or watch anything without him; she made a fire and saw many skeletons; one a live head, he says that the girl will be the same; the fox looks into the chimney, says to say the same words as Kele, the hill will open; helps to escape by telling him to take a stone, a branch with him, a piece of ice; the girl throws them, they turn into a mountain, a forest, a river; the kele asks the fox to help cross, she offers to swim in a bivalve shell, the sink sinks into the water; the fox pretends to sick, asks Kele to take the night pot off the cliff; she follows, becoming a branch, a berry; she pushes Kele, he crashed to death]: 47-49; Menovshchikov 1974, No. 61 [only daughter dies, old father] cries for her at night; her fifth soul puts her skin on, four others tie a hole in her anus; she comes to her parents; sees a river in front of her house that doesn't exist; her father puts a wooden tower on her like a bridge; daughter becomes a shaman; one day in a dream, a tied place opens, parents realize that there are keles in front of them; they leave on reindeer; Kele's daughter chases them; the old man throws a coal, a pebble; they turn into burning forest, mountain; daughter grabs the sledge with her hands; father cuts them off, Kele dies; since then it has been forbidden to cry for the dead at night]: 227-229 (=; Dolitsky 1997, No. 6:15-16); reindeer Koryaks [ Ememkut and his wife go to visit their cousin, go to the Wolves, they want to kill them; they run away; E. takes a chock out of his chest, throws it, it turns into a forest; throws a stone, it turns into mountains ; then kills Wolves with arrows that have eyes and always hit the target]: Jochelson 1908, No. 38:186-187; itelmen [Kuth wants a crush, Mitty calls her daughter Sinanevt to make her out of old meat, from S.'s smell died; the wolf dragged her up the mountain to eat, she rolled down the mountain, came to life; the wolf brought her to the wolf's house to marry her; her brother Ememkut put on wolfskin, demanded S. To himself; at night he explained that he was her brother; they run away from wolves; E. throws flint, spits, S. throws a comb, thereby creating fire, river, forest; they run home]: Menovshchikov 1974, No. 182:541-543; tundra Yukaghirs: Bogoras 1918, No. 1 [when a virgin sings, her deer always come to her; one day she sees an evil spirit approaching, his upper lip touches the sky, his lower lip touches the ground; the girl runs, throws behind a comb, then a red handkerchief, they turn into forest, fire; the spirit devours the forest, drinks the river, floods the fire; it hits the ground with its iron-tipped staff, turns into a fox, then into a wolverine, a she-wolf, a bear, but the spirit catches up with her; she runs into the Evenk plague, loses consciousness; when she wakes up, she sees three young men; the eldest was a stalker spirit; she marries him], 9 ( Russified, probably tundra) [three sisters are wandering, the eldest wants a baby, finds a stone one by the cliff; at night the youngest rocks him, hides; he speaks in a male voice, Chumo, Chumo, become big, grows up, eats all the supplies in the house, becomes small again; the same episode with the other sisters; they throw C. into the boiling pot, run away; he chases them, they throw the comb, then flint, they turn into mountains, C. gnaws at them; the eldest throws iron from the chair, it becomes a river of fire, C. burns down, promises that his mother will avenge him; the sisters resort to the river, persuade an old woman on the other side to transport them; she stretches her leg like a bridge, they cross the river along it; when they learn that they killed her son, the old woman promises to punish them; Lisa saves the sisters, leaving bags of branches and ash that the old woman swallows]: 9-10, 61-64; forest yukaghirs (b. Corcodon) [the old man looks into the ice-hole where he put the net; the Mythical Old Man (MS) grabs his beard, lets him go for promising to give his son and daughter; the old man lowers them into the ice-hole; the MC puts them on his raft, tells him to clean his pants from lice, falls asleep; Falcon takes the children to the roof of the house; MS throws up his lower jaw, she falls on horseback, the children are immediately back on the raft, the MS hits them; the same with Eagle; for the third time, the Cow (Russian borrowing) puts them on her back, carries them to the top of the mountain; MS throws her jaw down and up the river to the sky; each time it falls with its upper end down; throws them to the shore, she falls right; he leaves the raft, almost catches up with the Cow; she tells the children to throw the scraper that scrapes her neck, a mountain appears; MS returns to the raft for a drill, drills a hole through the mountain; children they throw the comb with which the Cow was scratched, the forest grows; MS returns for an ax, cuts the forest; children throw silver women's jewelry from the Cow's chest, a lake appears; MS sinks; children return home]: Jochelson 1926:304-305 (=Jochelson 1900, No. 19:42-45).

The Arctic. Asian Eskimos (Chaplino): Menovshchikov 1988, No. 12 [five girls went to the tundra; Mayyrahpak put them in a camley, hung them on a tree; Bear, Raven refuse to help, Fox tells bend down the tree, frees four girls, could not wake up the fifth; four ran away, filling the camley with berries; M. pierces a knife, thinks that her eyes are falling; the girl agrees not to kill, brings her to her house; two men free her, run with her; a stone thrown by a girl turns into a mountain; she draws a line with her cut little finger, a river appears; M. drinks it, bursts; teapots fall out of it, cups, plates, buckets, other things]: 67-68; Rubtsova 1954, No. 5 [girls pick berries; the giantess catches them, puts them in her camley, leaves them on the tree; Ermine, the Hare refuse to help; The fox tells the tree bend down, frees the girls; they fill the camley with berries; one girl gets stuck in her sleeve; the giantess takes berries for human eyes; brings the girl home, adopts; two men come the girl runs with them; throws a whetstone, it turns into a mountain; draws a line on the ground, a river appears; the giantess drinks it, bursts; metal tools and utensils fall out of her womb]: 117-120; Bogoras 1913, No. 7 [a man always beats his wife; she turns a bucket of water into the sea, a bag of meat into a boat, sails away, taking a young son; sails to an old man, that daughter; at night an old man sends her long penis scratching the baby's neck; the woman avoids copulation; runs away, turning a bucket into a lake; throws a piece of her hair, it turns into a forest; climbs a tree; the old man sees her reflection, dives three times; hears her laughter, sees her in a tree; cuts a tree with her penis; a woman jumps on another; a fallen tree has run over an old man to death; a woman falls to another old man, five daughters; the old man stretches the baby's dicks, turning him into a young man; shows the woman a scar around the boy's neck from being hit by a penis, she recognizes her son; the old man and his daughters show him how to wear eagle clothes ; in the form of an eagle, a young man tries to raise a mammoth, his claws get stuck; the Eagle sisters help him; he brings whales and people for an old eagle who eats human; a mother tells her son about his evil father; The eagle son takes the boat with his father into the air, throws it, brings the corpse of his mother's father]: 426-429; St. Lawrence [the girls roll down the Giantess's dugout like a hill; she shoves them into her park, hangs them on a pole, tells him to straighten up; the birds refuse to help, the Fox tells the pole to bend down tells the girls to put moss instead; the youngest fell asleep and stayed in the park; while ripping open the park, the Giantess cuts off the girl's finger; agrees to take her in her head; there are mice, beetles, squirrels; The giantess tells them to gnaw, the girl just pretends to throw them away; the fox pretends to have blood from her nose, like all the buckets are full of blood, in fact they contain red clay; the Giantess agrees empty the buckets at the top of the mountain; the Fox is on her heels like a spirit, pushing the Giantess off the cliff; when she goes to bed, takes out her eyes, tells her to guard; the Giantess comes up, her eyes jump, she calls, the Fox is still sleeping; The giantess bites her eyes, ties animal vertebrae to the Fox's tail; The fox runs, then realizes what's going on; makes new eyes out of kaavlaks berries, they are good, but fall out of the eye sockets; then from berries aamaks; they fit, but mow a little, since then slightly cross-eyed; releasing the girl from the dugout, the Giantess puts her in a bag, ties a rope to it; the girl's two brothers release her, put her in a bag a walrus skull, run away; the Giantess pursues; the girl throws a whetstone, it turns into a mountain; runs a river on the ground with a stump of her finger; answers the Giantess that she crossed on a shell; The giantess cannot; then she advises to drink the river; the Giantess's belly is inflated, the girl offers to dance on the mountain; the Giantess bursts, she makes iron pans and boilers]: Slwooko 1979:14-20; Bering Strait Inupiate: Jenness in Menovshchikov 1985, No. 158 (Nom) [someone steals partridges from a boy's snares; the boy watches, follows two people, screams, looking into their dugout, they fall dead; their master shaman lets a black bear (these are mice, the boy tramples them), a white bear (pied, the same thing), a deer; this is a fireball, chasing a boy; he consistently throws one behind him, then the second dogskin mittens, they bark, fight; the first fire swallows, the second wins; no more partridges were stolen], 159 (Prince of Wales Cape) [an orphan boy is sent to look for himself food; he comes to the house of the deceased; the spirit comes out of the grave, chases the boy in the form of a fireball; the boy throws dogskin mittens one by one, the spirit loses time fighting them, devours them; the boy runs into the dugout, the shaman kills the spirit]: 375-376, 377-378; Ivanoff Brown 1987 (unalik) [the chief sees that his daughter's baby devours his mother's breasts; wakes people up, tells everyone to run; remembers the knife left; promises the daughter to the one who returns for him; the orphan living with her grandmother agrees; takes a knife, runs away from the ogre; throws off parts of his clothes, the stalker spends time devouring them; the young man hides in the snow off the caribou trail, the cannibal goes to the caribou, his voice can be heard from the herd; the young man marries the chief's daughter]: 15-19; Keithahn 1958 [an old man dressed in dog skin named Kingalik puts duck loops; someone steals prey, he watches, chases two boys, who resort to their shaman father; the shaman follows K. fire; K. takes off his mittens and other pieces of clothing one by one, throws back; each time thrown turns into a dog, fights fire until he dies; the last are pants, turn into a double-headed dog; K. manages to rush into his duck pond; fire rushes then goes out]: 44-46; Northern Alaska Inupiate (Kotzebue) [Klinkálik puts snares on birds, someone empties them; he watches, chases two men who hide in the dugout; when K. looks into her, they scream, Evil Spirit, die; shaman, their father finds out that K. is guilty; K. runs away, a fireball rolls after him; he throws 1) dogskin mittens (fighting fire), 2) a park of loon skins (hears loons fighting), 3) dog skin pants (dogs try to delay the fire); K. pours urine in front of the house, the fire goes out hissing; K. becomes a great shaman]: Curtis 1976 (20): 257-259.

Subarctic. Kuchin [while her husband is hunting, the wife in the forest gets meat from ceftree (probably copulates with him; the word means insects, snakes, worms, eels); Jateakuoit is the eldest of the two sons; tells the father about the mother's behavior; he cuts off her head; the body pursues him, the head pursues his sons; D. throws a stone, awl, knife, beaver tooth received from the father on the run; they turn into mountain, thorny thickets, mountain range, river; accidentally a tooth falls in front, not behind the fugitives; the Swan transports them across the river; the head calls the Swan husband, asks to transport her; The Swan throws it into the water, it turns into a big fish; the brothers play ball, he falls into the boat; the owner of the boat invites D. to take the ball: takes it away; the younger brother left on the shore turns into a wolf; the owner's eldest daughter refuses to marry D.; the youngest goes out, makes him handsome; see motive K27]: McKennan 1965:98-100; atna [after returning from a walk, the two sisters found the house empty; put on Canadian jay necklace (her neck has been white since then) and she showed the way to go: at the fork, turn to a narrow path; but the older sister insisted on walking along the wide one; the man sits and cooks in the eyes of birds and animals in the pot; heated the iron pond and killed his older sister with it; the youngest asked for time off because of need; that man tied a rope to her; the old woman advised me to tie it to the stump, gave a comb and other objects; while running away, she threw the comb (thicket), other objects (hills and mountains); the spider hid the girl in a cocoon and killed the pursuer; ordered to tie a rope out of the web and push it back a stone; there is a hole under it, you can see the ground, there are parents; you can't open your eyes until you go down, otherwise the rope goes back; that's what happened; but the second time the girl went down to her parents]: Smelcer 1997:65-68 (similar text: Rooth 1971:346-349?) ; upper tanana: Kari 1996 [two girls follow butterflies, find themselves in the sky; old Chikadi tells me to walk along a narrow path, not to walk along a wide path; sisters argue at the fork, the eldest makes them go along a wide path; they see a platform with cut dog carcasses barking on it; “Damn” next to it, an old woman lives across the street; at night she whispers to the youngest that the eldest Devil will kill; in the hearth there is a hot iron penis, Damn puts it into the eldest's vagina, she dies, the devil covers her with a blanket; pretends that she is sleeping; the youngest asks for need, the devil offers her palm and head for that, but the girl replies that she does not want to get her father dirty; Damn ties a rope to her; the old woman secretly gives moose fat and a stone scraper; the girl ties the rope to the stump, tells him to answer for himself; Damn pulls a stump by the rope, chases, the girl tells the fat to become a lake; then the scraper is a mountain; The devil goes around the lake, drills a hole through the mountain with an iron penis; by the river, the girl promises Lisa to paint her ocher, she transports it on her tail {it's not clear - stretching her tail like a bridge or the girl sits on the Fox's tail}, since then the foxes have been red; the same at the second river, the girl has been painting the Fox with charcoal, since then black-brown foxes black; The devil goes into the water, but comes back; the girl comes to the mother of the Sun; she hides her in a box of thread and needles; answers the Devil that no one was there; Damn is going to put her hot in her ass iron penis, but she melted the Line when she looked at it; the girl tells the blood line to become cranberry on tall bushes {in Alaska, cranberry is not our cranberries, but similar in taste and appearance red berries on tall bushes}, waist - cranberry on low bushes, penis with mushrooms among cranberries, testicles with salmonberry berries (Rubus spectabilis, excellent raspberries), bones with dog rose hips ( Rosa canina) and bearberry (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi), the brain is a silver sucker; berries have existed since then; two sons of a Sun woman came, married a girl; she misses relatives on earth; the mother of the Sun tells me to move the stones away from the hearth; the girl sees her mother and relatives below on the ground; the Sun's mother says that if it snows sleet, you should turn his ass up and say “The dog took it..” (the informant does not remember the meaning); lets the girl down on the web; the mother of the Sun is the Spider; (further it is not entirely clear: Wolverine either raped the girl or is trying to do it; Herbal People (Grass Tussock People) hide her); she comes to her mother; it's snowing, she said, “Take the dog.. “, it's sunny]: 23-33; McKennan 1959 [two sisters follow a butterfly, go to heaven; Chickady tells them to follow a narrow path; the older sister insists on walking the wide one; they come to the old man he cooks a dog's eye, a man; kills his older sister by inserting the hot tip of a spear into her vagina; the youngest runs away; throws fat, a pebble, a lock of hair, they turn into a lake, mountain, forest; Fox transports the girl across the lake, she gives him red paint; the Spider hides her in a bag; carrying the Old Man, the Fox dumps him into the water; he gets ashore, wants the Spider to give him the girl; she looks at it into a pile of bones; each bone turns into a special kind of berry; Spider's eldest son marries a girl; she wants to go home; the Spider pushes a stone in the corner of the house; you can see through the hole girl's house; girl wraps a rope out of her tendons, goes down to the ground; husband kills Spider for helping his wife escape; storm begins; girl returns home]: 199-203; tagish [ the girl went for berries, she was taken away by the Bears; her aunt, who had long been kidnapped by the Bears, tells her to run, otherwise she will become like her — to turn into a bear; gave a whetstone, a comb, explained what to do; the girl runs away , throws a comb (thicket), a vessel of water (lake; twice), a whetstone (rock); bears cannot climb, fall into the water; a girl approaches salt water, offers herself to the fisherman if he saves her from bears; points her stick at bears, they die; explains that his monstrous wife (or mother) kills real ones; you can't look at her; the girl spies on her swallowing a seal, that gets stuck in a monstrous woman's throat, she pulls out the girl's eyes; the husband kills the monster with a spear, cuts it apart, throws it into the water, the pieces turn into crabs; he puts the girl's eyes in the eye sockets; she wants to go home, her husband brings her to her parents, visits her every year]: McClelland 2007, No. 58:302-309; inner tlingits [A wolf in the form of a young man takes a girl away; she gives birth to him a son; her aunt lives with wolves like a captive; advises her to run, gives her a container of water; the wolf chases the girl, she throws the container, the water forms a lake; the girl hides in the tree, the wolves stop chasing; she returns to her parents; her son becomes a good hunter]: McClelland 1987:315-319; tsetsot [two brothers notice a bag hanging from a tree, open it; a man with a huge penis falls out; brothers cut it off penis, cooked caribou with meat, given to wives; they say they ate their lover; wives grab clubs, chase husbands; brothers throw the contents of the caribou stomach, it turns into ravines and gorges; wives overcome an obstacle; brothers ask for help from a bear-like horned monster, his wives kill him; brothers throw the contents of the caribou stomach again — the same; the second horned monster kills women; husbands returning home]: Boas 1897, No. 2:259-260; Taltan: Teit 1921a, No. 41 [the boy's wife's father demands 1) hunt where huge toads live (Grizzly, Black Bear, Wolf, Lynx rush into the toad's mouth , tear her from the inside, go out); 2) hunt where avalanches fall (the young man turns into something light, unharmed); 3) turns his daughter into a Grizzly; the young man kills her, the father-in-law chases him; the young man leaves objects (a piece of bear meat, the rest is not specified), creating gorges, lakes, etc. behind him; throws a stick, it turns into fire, father-in-law burns], 45 [see motive F33; two sons kill his new husband/ mother's lover; mother stalks them; a) they throw caribou giblets behind them; they turn into a gorge, mountain, water, fire; mother burns; b) caribou hair, caribou stomach contents, intestines, bones, meat caribou; abandoned turns into a caribou herd, moss swamp, deep gorges, mountains, lakes; flint turns into fire, mother burns]: 235-236, 239-241; domushroom [giant Naba-Cha caught and brought a Cree young man named Ithenhiela (“with-foot-caribou”); an elk named Hottah lived in N.'s home; ordered him to take a lump of earth, a bunch of moss, a stone, a branch; carried I. on his back to Big Water in the west, where he lived good Nesnabi; tells you to throw objects behind, hills, swamp, Rocky Mountains appear; H. carries the young man across the Yukon; when he carries the giant, he drops, he drowns; I. comes to the man who gives he has 7 arrows, telling him not to go after them in the tree if the arrows are stuck; the young man climbs, finds himself in the sky; two blind old women have taken the magic belt of the heavenly leader Hatempka; the young man comes to the old women; from copper blades protrude in their back; he throws a bag of feathers between them; old women pierce each other; the young man returns the belt to the chief, marries his daughter; the northern lights are “I's fingers”]: Bell 1903, No. 3 : 80-84 (retelling in Clark 1960:99-103).

NW Coast. Tlingit: Swanton 1909, No. 31 [a girl picks berries, steps into bear droppings, scolds bears; a grizzly turns into a human, takes her to the Grizzly; she leaves her beads where relieves herself; Grizzlies think this is her bowel movements; the supply of beads is running out; the old captive woman tells her to take burdock, a thorn of rose hips, clay, sand, stone; she runs, throws objects, they turn in thickets of grass, rose hips, swamp, sandy slope, rock; she promises a man on the boat to be his wife; his club kills grizzly pursuers; at home does not tell her new wife to look at her old An oyster when she eats; a woman watches the water pouring out of the Oyster, the woman drowns; the husband revives it, kills the Oyster; allows the woman to return to her parents], 56 [a good-kind young man compares the month to his mother's labret; the Month picks him up, hangs him in the chimney of his house; the young man's friend shoots a star, makes a chain of arrows, it turns into a ladder, he rises to heaven; frees a prisoner; an old woman gives him burdock, rose hips, a whetstone; the Month pursues fugitives; young men throw objects, they turn into thickets of burdock, rose hips, and a steep rock; the old woman tells young men to think about a place where they played on the ground; they wake up at home]: 126-128, 209-212; Romanova 1997, No. 25 [by Swanton 1909, No. 89, two options; the leader's daughter picks berries, steps into a bear cake, swears; her basket with berries fall apart, maids go away; Grizzly in the form of a man takes her away; she collects dry firewood, it does not burn; Bears collect raw; when they take off and shake off their skins, fat drips onto the firewood, they they burn well; they teach the woman what to do; the mouse grandmother tells her to run, gives her a thorny bush branch, a rosehip thorn, dirt, sand, stone; the woman runs away, throws what she has received, behind her back thorny thickets, rose hips, quagmire, dunes, rock appear; a man in a boat (this is the son of the sun, or Gonakadet) promises to help when a woman agrees to marry him; kills with a club grizzly swam; the sons of the Sun were married to a cannibal; they killed her to marry a girl, cut the corpse to pieces; it was over the Tsimshian country, so there are many cannibals among the Tsimshians; from above a girl sees her father's house; after loading the Sun Father's boat with their belongings, his sons and a woman with her child sailed to her father's house; on the way, the boat was fed; for earthly people, the sons of the Sun — moon glare, the woman's son is a ray; once a stranger took a woman by the hand at the well; the water she brought turned into mucus, her husbands immediately returned to heaven; when they left, they wished the woman's son fell ill; people told her to leave the village; she lived with her son in a hut, he grew stronger; people called the boy Man from the garbage dump; his father's copper boat swam at him with its mouth open; he shot, it fell apart; the young man made the first brass things out of her; married the chief's daughter; looking for a daughter, the chief found a copper house inside the hut; this is how copper appeared]: 87-91; haida [five girls berries are picked; at the fifth strap, the basket breaks, two men take it to their house; a woman, half turned into stone, warns her not to eat these people's food, otherwise it will also turn into stone; the girl works around the house, runs, taking a bag of objects given by a semi-stone woman, throws them behind; a piece of wool turns the forest into a windbreak, oil turns into a lake, another piece of wool causes a landslide; a man is swimming in the sea in a boat, she has animal heads on both ends; he takes a girl when she calls him husband; this is Saradilaw; his club kills pursuers herself, it was a grizzly; she she looks for frogs in his head, she throws them into the water; at home S. tells her old wife not to offend the young woman; she does not tell the young man to watch her eat; the young sees her throwing a whole seal into her mouth; the old one immediately choked, killed the young woman; her husband revives her; more about the adventures of her young son (his name is Real Man) motive K52]: Barbeau 1953:286-289; Hyda (Skidgate) [the chief's daughter collects berries, steps into bear droppings, swears; bears take her away; in a bears' house, a woman half turned into stone warns her not to eat bears, bury her excrement; instead the kidnapped woman leaves brass bracelets; the grizzly believes that her excrement is copper, forgives her swearing; the stone woman gives her a comb, hair, oil, whetstone; the kidnapped flees from her grizzly husband, abandoned objects turn into a windbreak, a thicket, a lake, a cliff; she promises copper to a man in the boat; the boat bites off the heads of pursuers - wolves and bears; the new husband tells him to look for frogs in his head, a woman bites her nails instead; at home, the husband tells her to look at his first wife when she eats; a woman sees her swallowing a whole cat; a piece gets stuck in her throat, she dies; the husband cuts and powders the body, revives his wife; a new wife gives birth to a son; see motive M21]: Swanton 1905a (Skidgate): 336-338; Hyda (Masset): Swanton 1908a, No. 35 [the young man lives with his grandmother; uncle sees that he is a good hunter, gives his daughter for him; at the request of his mother-in-law, his son-in-law catches a sea otter; the wife goes to the sea to rinse the skin, the killer whales take it away; the husband goes down to the bottom of the sea, gives mouse fat, whetstone to the Heron (sharpen her broken beak), Geese — tc! al (plant?) , they skip it, everyone explains how to overcome the next obstacle; a man makes a Tesla broken by a slave intact, he promises to pour water into the hearth; in the clouds, the couple takes his wife away; throws it behind hair from a comb (bushes), a comb (mountain); they climb a rope to the surface; the Killer Whale slave does not detain, but pushes the boat], 36 [the girl's parents and relatives constantly reject her suitors; while picking berries, she steps into bear droppings, swears; her basket strap breaks off, she falls behind, two men take her to the village of Bears; there is a woman glued to the ground with resin; warns that the Bears collect not dry, but raw brushwood; she collected dry bracelets; she collected dry bracelets; she told her to pretend that her bowel movements are copper bracelets; Bears eat raw fish; taking oil, whetstone, hair, runs, the abandoned turns into a lake, a mountain, a windbreak; she is surrounded by birds (snowbirds), she throws them ocher, they pick it up, since then their faces have red paint; a woman throws a comb, it turns into a mountain; a man in a boat takes a woman, puts a club into the water, she kills all the bears herself; a man does not tell him to watch his first wife eat seals in his house; a woman watches and sees her puts a whole seal in his mouth; the first tears it apart with his claws; the husband cut his first wife in half; the halves no longer converge when he puts a whetstone between them; revives the new one; she visits her father, lives with her husband], 40 [bears steal salmon, the owner of the summit scolds them with “raw foodists”; two men in bear capes take him to a bear village; a man is shown that bears bake salmon; a woman, lower body who is petrified, tells him to collect wet deadwood for fuel; in the village, bears take off their bear skins as clothes; when the leader takes off his own to swim, the man runs away, grabbing this skin; throws given by a petrified woman's hair (windbreak), liquid (lake), so twice; a man sails away in his boat; the bear leader on the shore melts, and the skin in the boat is filled with flesh, made into a bear carcass; at home, he feeds people with bear meat; Bear people (black), -Grizzly, -Beavers, -Wolves, -Deer go to war on people; people surround the village with a palisade, many animals are killed by arrows, all people are intact; animals go away]: 495-500, 500-508, 518-523; Tsimshian: Barbeau 1961 [the chief's daughter picks berries; the strap of her basket breaks, her friends go home; an unfamiliar man offers help, takes her away; the mouse says that it is the Bear who took her away for cursing when she stepped on bear droppings; advises to replace her excrement with a copper bracelet; Bears decide that the girl had the right to scold them since her own copper excrement; The mouse tells her to collect raw firewood, if dry, the Bears are angry; one day a girl hits her watchman with a stick, runs; throws a copper bracelet, then the second; they turn into mountains; He sees a man in a copper boat, promises to marry him; he kills bears by throwing a club in the form of a monster with heads at both ends; at home he tells his wife not to look into the closet; she opens the closet; she sits there Wolverine woman chews on seal bones; when she sees her, chokes, dies; husband to wife: now her relatives will chase us; they go to live elsewhere]: 60-62; Boas 1902 [Sky is annoyed by the noise children playing; he drops his feathers; one boy puts them on his head, begins to rise into the air; others grab him, stick, all the people of the village disappear into the sky; they remain menstruating a girl and her grandmother; a girl puts three wedges of different types of trees, a grain grater, a knife on her stomach; four days later she gives birth to sons and (from a knife) a daughter; when they begin to climb, Grater turns into a mountain; when the mountain also begins to tremble, the sister cuts off the feathers with a knife; they remain forever on his older brother's head; now his name is Rotten Feathers; bones fall from the sky; GP runs over them with feathers, reviving the dead; {here p. 100 ends the first part}; brothers go up the river; the Great Goose old woman warns them of dangers; the old woman Knife-hand cuts off the heads of her daughter's grooms; GP paths to her with the help of magic feathers crosses a fragile bridge; at night she changes her hairstyle to that of his wife and vice versa; the old woman mistakenly cuts off her daughter's head; GP leaves, changes her name to Labretka; marries at Sna's daughter, runs with her; the night pot warns the owner, he does not react; then a wooden hammer hits him, Sleep wakes up, catches up with the fugitives in his fast boat, creates in front of them the mountain, then throws a comb, which turns into a forest; Labretka makes a passage both times with her magic pen; Sleep stops chasing; his mask is used in rituals]: Boas 1902:94-100, 234-235; bellacula: Boas 1898 [a woman picked berries, got lost, Stump took her to him, married her; a woman who grew into the floor of his house gives her an awl, tells them to pick up toads that Stump has in her hair instead of lice , bite his nails, pretending to bite through a toad; says that Stump's night pot is his watchman; gives a urine bubble, a comb, a whetstone; a woman drills holes under the whisk; when the pot screams, his the voice is weak, but the Stump still hears, rushes in pursuit; the woman throws objects, they turn into a lake, thicket, mountain; a woman runs to heaven to the Sun, which burns the pursuer; a woman gives birth To the sun of an ugly son; wants to go home; mother and son go down the eyelashes, the rays of the Sun; the children laugh at the boy; he shoots, makes a chain of arrows, goes up to his father, asks for permission to perform it duties; lights all torches at once; the earth burns, the rocks crack, people die, only his mother's house is cool; the sun throws his son to the ground, makes him a burrow]: 100-103; McIlwraith 1948 (2): 489-494 [ At night, the brother comes to his sister's hut for a ritual retreat; she stains him with paint, identifies him in the morning, leaves; goes to Stump, who takes her as his wife; a legless old woman in his house tells her what to do gives the right items; the wife must take out the lice from the Stump and bite them; these are toads; the girl kills them with a knife, snapping her teeth as if she is biting; holes in the vessel that guards her; he is silent, not raises alarms; throws oil, comb, needle, whetstone behind; they turn into a lake, a thicket, many sharp needles, a mountain; resorts to the Sun, which burns the pursuer with its heat], 495-498 [four sisters leave home, go to the Sun; they want to return; the Sun and his wife lower them to the ground in a basket, give them a whetstone, a comb, eagle fluff; explain which path leads to the house and which path leads to the ogre; the younger sister follows the ogre's path, the rest have to follow her; the ogre chases them; abandoned objects turn into a mountain, thicket, fog; the ogre stops pursuing]; Heilzuk: Boas 1928b [three options; white, black, rainbow, bloody smoke rises respectively above the house of Mountain Sheep, Black Bear, Grizzly, Ogre; four brothers come to the Ogre; his son licks greedily blood from the leg of one of the brothers; the ogre chases the brothers; they throw whetstone, hair oil, wool, comb, they turn into a mountain, a lake, a fog, a thicket (var: the grater turns into a mountain, urine into a mountain, urine into lake, broken arrows in a windbreak); brothers and their father dig a hole in their house, make a fire at the bottom, push the Ogre, his wife and son there; pieces of flesh or ash of the Ogre turn into mosquitoes and biting flies]: 49-65; 2002, № XXI.8 [two sons of Noakaua (“wise”) were hunting mountain sheep; they saw a house with beautiful smoke rising from it; there is a woman with a child, she tells me to wait for her husband to come ; one of the brothers had blood dripped from the cut, the child began to lick it; the brothers decided to flee; the woman called out to her husband, who chased after him; the brothers threw a stone (mountain) behind him, broken arrows (thicket), a comb (bush), poured out the water (lake); the father opened the door, dug a hole, covered it with a board; the cannibal sat on it, failed, the father and sons threw hot stones at him, burned it, the ashes turned into mosquitoes]: 494-495; uvikino [the sons told their father they would go up the river to hunt mountain goats, they themselves went to look for the missing chief 'Paasalath; the father's name is Nuúwaqaqa; he does not tell them to go where there is bloody smoke, there lives Bàxvbakvalausiwa, which ate most of the villagers (Boas has a similar name for cannibal spirit in Quakiutl); if the smoke is brown, there is a brown bear, if you black - black bear; father tells you to take a comb, hair oil, whetstone and palem (a ball of wool or cotton wool) with them; the brothers came to the place where the bloody smoke went into the dugout; B.'s youngest son notices blood on on the leg of N.'s scratched youngest son; he lubricates a stick with blood, B.'s son licks it; the elder brother shoots arrows, each time telling one of B.'s children to run after another arrow; they ran away, but B. began to call him; brothers are running, B. chases, the youngest throws behind 1) a whetstone (mountain), 2) a comb (thicket), 3) a ball of fibers (fog), 4) oil (lake); while B. goes around the lake, the brothers come running home, father hides them; says B. that he killed and cooked them, let B. call his enu and children; N. and his sons dug a hole; when the cannibals came, N. put them to sleep, telling the story of the flood, pushed them into a hole, filled them with boiling water; they turned into mosquitoes]: Hilton, Rath 1982:47-68; Quakiutl: Boas 1895, No. XVIII.4 (tlatlasicoala neveti) [Kutena sent Lelekoista to bring fire from Natlibikaq (probably from the word “wolverine”) ; he grabbed the coal, but N. hit him in the face, the coal fell out; then Ambassador Deer; he runs, throws fat, he turns into a lake on the path of the pursuer; hair is a forest; stones are mountains; the deer gave fire to K. N. asks for at least half of the fire to be returned to him, but K. gave fire to people]: 187; 1910, No. 29 [The Ogre at the North End of the World has his body covered with mouths; the smoke above his house is multicolored; the grandmother of the Wise gives Full Fool (the eldest of her four grandchildren) has a comb, a bottle of oil, cedar sticks, a stone; brothers find a missing sister in the Ogre's house; her child licks blood from the wound of one of her uncles; a woman rooted in the ground, tells the brothers to flee; their sister calls her husband to catch meat; a fool throws objects, they turn into bushes, a mountain, a lake, a thick cedar; brothers run into their house ; their father calls the Ogre to come with his wife and child to eat his sons; they prepare a hole with hot stones; pretend to be dead, the father covers their bodies with dog giblets; puts guests to sleep with a story; they are pushed into a hole, the ashes turn into mosquitoes and gadflies; in the Ogre's house, the Wisest and his sons find a box with masks (Ogre Head, Ogre Head, Crow Ogre Head, Hook-nosed Cannibal Head; also whistles, cedar bark jewelry); the Ogre's wife teaches her husband's songs and customs; Full Fool becomes the Ogre's first impersonator at the winter festival]: 385-401; Nootka: Sapir, Swadesh 1939, No. 4 [ Quatyat kills the Wolf; the victim's tribe wonders who the murderer is; Quatyat confesses to what he did, runs away; the abandoned crest turns into a mountain; the spilled fat into the lake; Kvatyat swims away in a boat], 13 [a woman takes off the skin from a cat killed by her husband; the skin takes her to the underwater world; the perfume is going to cook the prisoner; the husband dives, runs away with his wife; throws pointed sticks, they turn into a thicket; throws fat - the perfume hesitates, devouring it, fighting; the husband's friend pulls the fugitives to the surface by the rope; the spirits are sharks; the husband throws them fat, they continue to fight over it]: 33- 34, 63-67; Boas 1895, No. 2 [Kwotiath went ashore to collect fish; someone collects it before him; he sees the Wolf, calls him into his house, comes running earlier, kills him with a spear, buries him under the floor, pretends to be sick; the other two Wolves are looking for a friend, K. replies that he has been ill for a long time; takes a comb and a bubble of fish oil, dances, shouts that he killed the leader Volkov, runs away; sticks a comb, he turns into mountain; spills fat — the sea; so four times, the Wolves stopped pursuing]: 98-99; 1916, No. 3 [The woodpecker, the leader of the Wolves, owns fire; another leader sends the Deer to steal it; gives him oil in a bottle, a comb, a stone; ties a bast to its elbows; A deer comes to dance at the Wolf's house, sets fire to the bast, jumps out a smoke hole, runs, throws objects; the stone turns into a mountain, the crest turns into thicket, oil into the lake; hides the fire in the sink; Wolves ask the Shell where the Deer ran; he is silent because there is fire in his mouth; Wolves lose track, the fire is spreading in the world]: 894-896.

The coast is the Plateau. Quarry [no details; a woman takes a snake as a lover; her husband cuts off her head; her head chases her children; they throw objects behind them that turn into obstacles]: Morice: 4 in Waterman 1914:46; shuswap [the Red Hood player first wins against the young man; he wins back what he lost, the player disappears; the young man finds the player, marries his daughter; he puts his son-in-law in caves with 1) bears 2) excrement, 3) needles, 4) ice; thanks to his wife's charms, the young man comes out alive every time; runs with his wife; father-in-law pursues the fugitives on a zipper; they throw red, green, white, black blankets; they turn into viscous clay, thickets of dwarf cedar, slippery path, thorny bushes; fugitives turn their hair into a bridge across the lake, tell it to break when the Red Hood is on in the middle; that sinks]: Teit 1909a, No. 49:727-729; (cf. sechelt (sisiatl) [a man shot a sea otter, his wife went to wash her skin, it turned into a sea fox, dragged it into the sea; the husband went down to the bottom; the Crane, Goose, another bird is screaming, he tells them be silent, show the way; hid in a tree, the slave began to cut the trunk, the man grabbed the chisel with his teeth, broke it; went out, repaired it, for which the slave spilled water into the hearth; in the dark and clubs, the couple took his wife away; the slave twice falls in front of the pursuers, creating a mountain each time; husband and wife reach the boat, escape]: Hill-Tout 1904a: 52-54); quinalt [four brothers hunt moose, fifth younger Wild Cat watches behind the fire; the fire goes out, the Wild Cat comes to a woman who has fire; takes on a different form, but she recognizes it every time, does not give fire; then turns into smoke, imperceptibly carries away the burning head; after noticing the theft, a woman takes 5 belts and sets off in pursuit; each belt consistently turns into a sandbar that crosses the water; brothers turn their house into stone, woman puts his head through the door to pick up the food she has thrown; the stone falls, presses the woman to death; the brothers go to live up the river; kill an elk; the Wild Cat calls someone to help eat meat, his too much; a crushed woman comes to life, chases her brothers, swallows the four older ones one by one; the Wild Cat throws the dog behind him five times, he turns into a mountain each time, less and less size; for the fifth time, a woman swallowed a dog; brothers tell the cedar to open, hide in the trunk; throw hot stones wrapped in fat into the woman's mouth; she drinks water, explodes; this woman is black a rock, and white pebbles are her vomit]: Farrand 1902, No. 10:114-116; quileout [The wolf falls asleep at Trickster, he kills him; other wolves chase the murderer; he throws butter, a comb that turns into rivers, hills; wolves stop chasing]: Andrade 1931 [Trickster promises wolves to discover a murderer in a shamanic trance; runs away], No. 17 [trickster - Raven], 32 [trickster - Quaty; the origin of the rocks and rivers]: 49-51, 95-99; Farrand, Mayer 1919 [Kwity creates hills by piercing her comb into the shore; makes a river out of hair oil; lake. Osetta emerges from his urine]: 253-254; Reagan, Walters 1933 [Trickster Quaty; throws one comb after another, creating hills]: 305-306; alsea [brothers see ball players; younger steals ball; it is caught, its head is cut off; the father of the Seuku brothers (Converter) calls the carrier across the river, asks about his customs, kills him, puts on his skin; in the enemies' house, he looks at the severed head, cries; a little boy notices tears in his eyes; at night S. blows his head away, throws ash behind him, then paint, coal; every time the fog thickens; at home S. revives his son]: Frachtenberg 1920, No. 5:69-75; Klamath [all fish in Crater Lake are children of the monster Lau; he sends his daughter to Marten; she and Marten's wife both spit beads; Marten kills daughter L., throws her body parts at lake, screaming, Here's Marten's leg falls, etc.; children L. They devour their sister's flesh; when Marten throws his head, he shouts to them about it; runs home, doesn't pick up objects on the trail that anyone can eat him; L. She sends a one-eyed daughter, she fights Marten, throws him into the lake several times, covering the surface with ice, but he breaks through the ice with a knife; finally, she pierces and carries Marten's heart, L.'s people play with it; Marten's younger brother Laska asks Kamukamts to place him in his shoulder, they take his heart away; one-eyed chases them, K. throws a rope (tump-line), it turns into a river; L.'s people stop persecution; they die on land, there are no fish in the lake now]: Curtis 1976 (13): 212-213

The Midwest. Menominee: Bloomfield 1928, No. 102 [an unknown person comes to the sister of ten brothers (the main one of them Matsikivis), marries; remains in charge of her; she tells her brothers: the husband is happy, that they will soon get fat; he lures them into the beaver hut, but the youngest refuses to enter; when the son-in-law puts those who come in to sleep with a scream, the younger one strikes him with a spear, pushes him under the ice; M. gives his sister an awl and whetstone, tells you to run; abandoned objects turn into a thorny forest, into a rock; the pursuer makes his way; sister, after her brothers come running to their grandfathers, who open a rock for them; the pursuer is unable to break it; grandfathers release snakes, they devour the pursuer, regurgitate bones at the edge of the earth; siblings return home]: 409-419; Hoffman 1896 [young man runs away from bears; shoots arrows four times; three times a dense bush grows in front of him, the last time a swamp forms; he easily finds a path, but the bears are detained for a long time; he throws first a stone, then the blueberries given to him by his sister; a stone turns into rock, blueberries into blueberry thickets; bears lose time eating them; stop chasing them]: 196-199; Skinner, Satterlee 1915, No. II.14 [see motif F34; a woman has a bear lover; husband kills her, buries her under the hearth; goes to the ground, tells her sons to run, take the sharpener and awl; a dead mother pursues her sons; an abandoned sharpener turns into a mountain, an awl into a multitude awls; a crane asks to remove his lice; these are toads; a young man bites through cranberries; two Cranes stretch their necks like a bridge; the mother refuses to bite through the toads in disgust; the cranes remove their necks, she drowns; see motif K27], II.15 [the wife chases the hunter; he runs at the speed of flying arrows that she fires in front of her; throws back an arrow, four arrows, a bow (turning into thickets), a whetstone (in mountain range); sees a man with a Bear; they take him to heaven; see motif A3]: 364-366, 371-373; swamp crees (Albany) [the cannibal devours the family, fattens two little boys to eat later; the eldest makes a hole in the ground with his mother's awl, goes through it, carrying the youngest on his back; squeezing into the hole, the youngest injured his cheek; the elder throws a piece of wood, a rag, a stone, those turn into a forest, thickets of rose hips, a huge boulder that blocked the hole; Walrus transports brothers across the lake; tells them to warn if Thunder appears; tells them not to shoot arrows into the water, and if they fall into water, do not reach it; when he carries the ogre, warns him not to move or touch a sensitive area around his neck; the cannibal moves, the Walrus throws him into the water, he drowns; the arrow the older brother falls into the water; Wemishus invites him to come and pick it up; takes him away in a boat, the youngest stays on the shore, is raised by two polar bears; V. gives his older brother to his daughter's husband; always kills his sons-in-law; V. leads his son-in-law to collect bird eggs; on the way there are interpreting rocks; the young man slips, V.'s head is crushed, but he makes it whole again; takes his son-in-law to the island to collect birds' eggs, swims away to self-propelled boat; the young man puts on the skin of a seagull, flying over the boat, defecates on V.'s head, flies back before his father-in-law; V. is surprised that grandchildren shoot arrows feathered by seagulls feathers; father-in-law leads him into the winter forest; at night he wants to push his moccasins and knee pads into the fire; the young man replaces them in advance; his father-in-law smears his feet with charcoal, but freezes in the forest, turns into juniper; the young man finds younger brother; reminds of a scar on his cheek, the younger believes that the elder is in front of him; lets go of his bear servants]: Skinner 1911:88-92; Western Forest Cree [husband notices that the wife is wearing clothes, decorated with shell beads, and when she returns, she wears simple clothes; watches her approach the tree, knocks on the bark, calls her “husband”, a snake crawls out to her; at home, the hunter sends his wife to bring prey, puts on her dress and jewelry, calls the snake with the same signal, cuts off her head, cooks meat; gives two sons amulets that can be used to create obstacles in the path of the pursuer; wife returns without finding the prey left; the husband says he cooks her lover's meat, cuts off her head, rises into the sky, turns into a star; the children are hiding in the underworld; the wife's head asks objects where the children took refuge; a knife, a cape, a pot, a bison skin are silent, a pebble from under the skin shows where the children have run; the elder carries the youngest, throws the first pebble (fire, the head is burned, but passes), then a thorny bush (a monstrous serpent paves the way under the thorns), rocks (a monstrous beaver gnaws); the fourth amulet falls in front of the boys, a stormy river appears, another snake transports boys to the opposite bank; carrying his head, throws it into the water; the eldest son tells her to become a sturgeon; the elder brother is Wesakitchak; he was taken away by a giant; the younger brother was left alone, turned half wolf, killed by a monstrous sturgeon - his ex-mother; V. married the giant's daughter; he and his daughter could not destroy him; Kisemanitou sent a flood, because people went bad, saved V.; created a new pair of clay people]: Vandersteene 1969:44-48; Western Swamp Cree (stone crees) [the hunter's wife leaves all day every time, telling the children what to buy firewood; by the time her husband returns, things are they are not made at home; sons answer that the mother meets snakes; the husband goes, cuts off the snake's head, brings it into the house; runs away; gives the sons an awl, flint, a towel (?) , tells me to run; the wife finds the head of a snake, goes to the forest, finds the body of a snake; chases her husband, they go up to the sky, she kills him, he turns into the Big Dipper (that's the way she killed him up in the air, that's where the Dipper now); the husband managed to cut off his wife's head; the head is chasing the children; they throw an awl, prickly thickets appear; the head promises two snake-like creatures, worms to become them wife, if they make a move underground; makes her way, pursues sons again, they throw flint, fire behind; she promises marriage again, overcomes the barrier; Wisahkicahk throws a third the object, it falls in front, turns into a river; the Swan carries them, tells them not to touch his neck; the head touches his neck, the Swan throws it off, it turns into a sturgeon]: Brightman 1989:9-13; northern Ojibwa (Sandy Lake) [a hunter meets a woman in the forest, gets married; she goes to the stump, undresses, calls Machi-manita; snakes crawl into all holes in her body; her husband watches her, sends her to bring her prey, kills snakes with an ax, gives them their blood instead of bear blood; tells their two sons that if the sky turns red, he dies; gives them a bone awl, a sharp stone, flint, a beaver tooth, a stone chisel, tells run; the wife runs to the stump; when she returns, her husband cuts off her head, cuts her body, throws half into the sky, they can be seen now (constellations?) ; her Skull kills and devours him, pursues her sons; the sky turns red; the elder carries the youngest on the back; throws objects, they turn into thorny thickets, a rock, a wall of fire, a pile of poplar stumps, a river ; The Beaver makes a passage through the thickets when the Skull promises to allow it to have sex with itself in the eye sockets and nostrils; the lost soul leads the Skull through the crack through the rock; The Toadstool agrees to transport the Skull through the river, tells you not to touch the sore spot on the neck; the skull touches, dumped into the water; sons break it with a stone, it drowns; see motif K27]: Ray, Stevens 1971:48-52; Western Ojibwa: Coleman et al. 1971: 47-49 [the wife does not say why the little son cries; he tells his father that the mother leaves with another man every time, who paints her face, greases her hair; the father leaves, tells his son that he must take his younger brother and run when he sees the sun go down; throw thorns and flint when his mother's head chases them; thorns turn into thorns, flint into a mountain; the man lured his older brother into the boat, the youngest stayed on the shore and became a wolf; the elder lured him with meat, he became human again], 49-50 [the little sons told their father that their mother had a lover, a father killed his wife, told the children to run, if they saw red clouds, it means that he was dead; the cranes would form the bridge, joined with their beaks, the head would fall into the water; the old man took his older brother into the boat, the youngest remained on on the shore, became a wolf; the elder became the old man's son-in-law; in winter he burned his clothes in the forest, and the next time his son-in-law burned his father-in-law's clothes; that is, the old man thought he was throwing his son-in-law's clothes into the fire, which was his own; in the cold, the old man turned into larch]; Jones 1916, No. 33 [returning from hunting, the husband finds the children abandoned, the wife is just starting to cook; the eldest son says that the mother dresses up in the morning and leaves ; the husband watches her, sees her copulating with snakes; puts the cradle with the youngest son on the elder's back, tells her to run west; pierces his wife with an arrow, throws her into the fire; when she falls silent, he runs to east; children run successively to two old women; the first gives an awl and a crest, the second flint and tinder; thrown behind, they turn into a mountain of shilles, a mountain of ridges, a flint ridge, fire from end to end of the world; Toadstool carries children across the river; tells the stalker not to step on him while sitting on his back; she steps, drops, sinks]: 379-380; Eastern Ojibwa : Laidlaw 1915, No. 7 (Southern Ontario)] [The hunter notices that his wife is embellished; the eldest son tells him that every time he goes hunting, his mother also leaves home; the hunter looks after his wife; Sees how she came to the tree, knocked, and a handsome man came out; when he returned home, the hunter taught the children (both boys) what to do; when his wife returned, her husband killed her, burned her body; said to the children: if the sunset is red, it means that her mother's lover killed her; when the children saw the red sunset, they ran; the mother (i.e. her spirit?) pursues; they threw a pebble (mountain), a thorn (thorny thickets), an awl (many awls pointing upwards); the mother overcame everything; by the river, the children asked a large snail to transport them to the other side; that stretched out and they crossed; when the stalker asked for the same thing, the snail clenched in the middle of the river and the woman drowned; the brothers settled by the lake; a man in the boat swam up; asked the younger one to shoot, the arrow fell into the boat; asked the elder to pick it up and sailed away with him; kept it in his house; once offered to roll down the mountain in a sleigh; the young man refused to sit in front, sat behind; the sleigh rides on stumps and stones, The young man picked up a stone and killed a man; came to where he left his younger brother; he turned into a wolf (or half a wolf); this is how wolves appeared]: 6-7; Radin, Reagan 1928, No. 40 (southeast Ontario) [ the hunter returns empty-handed; his wife's lover supplies her with meat; one day her daughter brings meat to her father; he cuts off his wife's head, gives her son and daughter an awl and flint, rises to heaven; the mother's head stalks children; they throw an awl and flint, creating a forest, a big fire; the Kingfisher agrees to transport the children across the lake if they remove his lice; when he carries his head, he pushes it into the water ; the sky turns red, the children understand that their father is dead]: 142-143; northern solto [see motive L5; the hunter watches his wife; she knocks on wood with an ax, a man comes out of the trunk and copulates with her; the hunter calls him with the same signal; kills him, mixes his blood with the blood of a deer, gives his wife food; cuts off her head, leaves; his head chases his sons; the elder throws a needle, a comb; the head stays at the needle, the comb turns into a mountain; the Swan transports the brothers across the river, warns him not to sit on his neck, there is an ulcer; the head promises Swan to be his sexual partner if he will transport her; she grabs his neck, he dumps it into the water; it sinks, turns into a sturgeon]: Skinner 1911:168-169; kickapoo [a giant from the sky kills all people; one man hides son and daughter in hearth; a young man rises to heaven, becomes a web; becomes a baby, a giant and his wife adopt him; he grows up, cuts off the heads of his own sons of a giant, saves himself on horseback; a giant chases him on horseback on a cougar; a young man throws flint, a wicker rope, a whetstone; they turn into a wall of fire, thickets of cacti, vines, a boulder; breaks a bottle of liquid; the giant is unable overcome the water barrier, stops the chase]: Jones 1915, No. 11:89-103; Miami (drunken) [White Loon and White Wing (girl) love each other; the girl's mother wants to give her for good Black Beaver hunter; lovers run; three old women, one by one, give them a stone, a thorn, a cactus thorn; they turn into a mountain, a barbed fence, thickets; by the river, the spirit makes a scoop the fugitives pass through the waters, behind them the waters close; the girl's father leaves, the mother continues to persecute; in the village she is shown calf blood, saying it is her daughter's blood; the old woman gives a pen, it turns lovers into a pair of ducks, they fly away]: Baker 1931:189-190; Steppe Cree: Ahenakew 1929 [woman knocks on dry wood; snakes crawl out of the hollow, she caresses them; husband watches her; calls snakes with the same signal, cuts off their heads; leaves the smallest (the origin of snakes); tells the eldest son to take the youngest on his back and run; gives them an awl, stone, flint, beaver tooth; sends them wife for meat, curtains the entrance to the hut with a net; a woman finds dead snakes, rushes to the house, gets entangled in the nets; her husband cuts off her head; runs to heaven, her Body chases him, he turns into The Big Dipper, the wife's body goes to Malaya; the wife always pursues her husband, but is afraid to approach the North Star, which protects him; the head chases sons running west; the elder throws an awl ( a barbed fence), a stone (a mountain, a huge worm gnaws through the gorge for the Head), flint (a wall of fire), a beaver's tooth (river); he accidentally throws a tooth forward, the river blocks the road; two old bitch they stretch their necks like a bridge, brothers cross it; their heads step, causing pain, they throw it into the river; the older brother throws a stone at it, the head turns into a sturgeon]: 309-313; Bloomfield 1930, No. 1 [wife adorns herself every time her husband goes hunting; he watches her; she goes to the forest, hits a tree, says Husband, I'm here; the Serpent crawls out, they copulate; husband puts on his wife's skirt, calls the Snake with the same signal; cuts off her head, cooks the meat, gives the broth to his wife; says what the soup is made of; the wife runs to the tree, sees that her lover is killed; comes back, her husband cuts her off head; hides his two sons underground, tells utensils not to answer questions from the Head, flies away, turns into a star; The head asks where its children are, the stone answers; the older brother Visakechi carries (first?) under the ground, the youngest is on the back; they throw objects (not named), they turn into fire, a thorny forest, a mountain; the Serpent makes a passage for the Head through the forest; a beaver with iron teeth gnaws through the mountain; the fourth object falls in front of the brothers, turns into a river; the Serpent carries them; when it carries the Head, it says it swims too slowly; it dumps it into the water, it turns into a sturgeon], 22 [the eldest of the two brothers goes to look for a husband for their sister; all men say they are not suitable; the old woman explains that they are all her husbands, demands that the hero also marry her; he refuses, she jumps on his back, does not get off; he suffers from exhaustion; a man threatens an old woman to beat her with a club, she is forced to let the young man go, gives him two needles, two awls and a pebble to play; the young man marries two sisters of her savior; a dirty, lousy girl lives in the house (calls the young man his son-in-law), she has an iron dog; eats the deer he catches, becomes huge; if he does not find a single lice in the girl, she he will kill him; he does not find him, throws two needles, they protect him from her ax and pestle; he runs, throws awls, a thorny forest has grown, an iron dog gnawed; threw a stone — mountains; the pursuer let go dog, he killed a young man; his younger brother repeats the same story, but when he touched the dog, he and her guns fell to pieces; he burned her lice; he revived his brother]: 14-16, 206-218; Skinner 1916, No. 1 (1) [The Big Skunk approaches, kills everyone with its jet; the Mouse and Weasel cannot kill him, they run away; the old woman throws a whetstone first, then a hollow; slippery, steep mountains appear, the Big Skunk overcomes them; the old woman and the girl pretend to be dead; the Skunk feels their vaginas, takes them for the wounds that killed them; puts his finger inside and smells, decides that the meat is rotten; continues to pursue people; See further motif B3A]: 341-346; Steppe Ojibwa [dressed up, a woman goes to the forest, knocks on wood; a man comes out of the trunk, they copulate; the husband finds them, kills his lover, cuts off his wife head; gives the eldest son an awl, a needle, a piece of thread, a knife; says that if the sunset is red, he is dead; the body pursues the husband, the head of the sons; the elder carries the youngest on the back; abandoned objects turn into a mountain (the Head finds a gorge), prickly thickets (The head is entangled with hair; the worm gnaws at them, for which the Head allows it to copulate with it through the occipital foramen), the Horned Serpent (he lets the Head through, having received the same fee), the river; the Head asks the Pelican to transport it for the same fee; the Pelican warns not to touch a certain place on his neck; the ban is broken, he throws his Head into river; elder son breaks his Head with a stone; that same evening the sky turns red in the west]: Skinner 1919, No. 2:291-292.

Northeast. Montagnier: Desbarats 1969 [a young man kills a caribou; a neighbor cooks meat for him in her urine, the meat is tasteless; the mother tells her son to kill the caribou away; they grease everything in the house, forget about the crest; he tells a neighbor that the mother and son ran away while she was going to buy meat; the young man throws needles (pierces the stalker's legs), a knife (turns into a mountain with a narrow passage), fat (the ice cracks because of fat); The stalker falls into the water, turns into a white whale]: 16-19; Savard 1979, No. 2 [Ayasheo (apparently from the word crow; note 17:74) takes her son named Ayashish to the island to collect birds eggs; swims away, throwing it there; a horned serpent carries him to the metric; tells him to take a stone with him, say if a cloud appears; when you see a cloud, A. hits his horns with a stone, it swims faster, reaches the shores, he is now an adult; to overcome the obstacles set by his father, his grandmother gives him her white Fox as his companion; the comb turns into a forest, A. passes through it; the fox makes a hole through the thrown resin; the bone pestle turned into a rock; he walked around her; met his mother; she says that his father is throwing hot coals at her; A. enters his father, shoots up and down; the ground lights up; he advises his father to hide in harvested fat; goes up with his mother; the father dies in boiling fat; all animals come to the lake of fat, drink; the sea lion dived, became fat; the beaver crawled; caribou He just drank, fat is in his stomach; the partridge rubbed its wings and back; the hare soaked its paws and touched his shoulders]: 12-14; Seneca: Curtin, Hewitt 1918, No. 18 [the older brother tells the younger brother to divide them dwelling as a partition; becomes a cannibal; forbids brother to marry; kills incoming women; the youngest marries, the brothers fight, the elder takes the form of the youngest; the wife recognizes her husband by the pumpkin peel in hair, kills the ogre; his spirit pursues brother and woman; brother turns her into a rotten stump, sends his moccasins to leave traces; turns the beaver's jaw into a beaver dam across the world; pigeon the pen is in pigeons, leaving a lot of droppings; both obstacles disappear when the ogre approaches them a second time; the old man throws a net on the cannibal, he tears it up; the old woman tells the interpreting rocks to stop when The younger brother and wife pass between them; the rocks crush the ogre, he comes to life; the spirits destroy the cannibal's flesh and bones with turtle shell hammers; the younger brother brings his wife to his mother], 33 [two the young man looks the same; one takes care of the other's sister; he kills him, buries him under the hearth; tells his sister to run around the house to leave marks in different directions; through a smoke hole shoots her far east with her arrow; runs after her; the mother of the murdered man finds her son, turns into a Bear, pursues brother and sister; the young man throws a stone, then a feather; they turn into a mountain range, up a mountain of pigeon droppings; the next day obstacles disappear; the fugities' uncles say they did not see them; the bear kills two, breaks out of the third's nets; kills the fugitive's grandfather; the dwarf and her sons they throw boiling oil over the Bear, burn the corpse], 52 [the older brother gives all the meat to a woman; the younger brother watches him, sees the woman; the elder notices a hook in the younger's neck; tells him to run, sends him far away on her arrow; the woman chases him; he turns into a stump twice, once sending his moccasins to run, directing the woman on the wrong track; throws a stone, a pigeon feather; those turn into a rock, into pigeons leaving a sea of droppings; enters a house whose mistress makes his face visible at the bottom of the boiler with boiling oil; the stalker jumps into the cauldron, dies; the fugitive marries the mistress's daughter]: 118-121, 172-176, 270-273; penobscot [a shaman pursues a man; he throws a whetstone, soap, pink mushroom, awl; they turn into a stone wall, a quagmire, a burning one trail, into the thicket; shaman gets stuck in the thicket]: Speck 1935b, No. 46:87; mohegan [the cannibal marries a girl; she makes dolls, leaves pieces of excrement in different corners of the room; swims away in boat; the ogre enters the room, all the dolls take turns screaming; he chases his wife; she throws a mortar, pestle, bird eggs; each time the water between the two boats turns into a mountain of corresponding objects; an ogre drags a boat through them; a woman pulls her hair out of her head, makes a spear out of it, kills a stalker]: Speck 1903:104-106 (summary in Speck 1909b: 204).

Plains. Sarsi [a woman warns her young son not to pretend to be a bear when playing with other children; he pretends to be a bear three times to frighten others, the fourth really does a bear, kills almost everyone; men shot him, but this made his mother angry, she roared four times, became a bear herself, told her younger sister to hide behind an evil dog, killed everyone at the camp; told her sister to cook, was dissatisfied, threatened to kill her; the girl went to get water, met seven brothers returning from the war, they all ran away; on the fourth day, the bear became to catch up, the elder brother ordered to throw the bear's giblets, a rocky cliff appeared, then the scar was a dense forest, the bubble was a lake, but the bear swam across it; the brothers closed their eyes, rose to the sky, turned into seven stars of the Ursa Major; two stars next to each other near the Bear's tail - a girl and a dog]: Dzana-gu 1921, No. 39:48-49; blacklegs: Grinnell 1893a (blood) [husband catches a web to catch a web animals; his wife covers herself with incense, goes to her snake lover; the husband watches her, burns the serpent's lair; tells his two sons to run, gives them a stick, stone, wet moss; hangs a web above the entrance into the house; the wife is entangled in her, he cuts off her head; her body pursues him; they turn into the Moon and the Sun; if the Moon catches up with the Sun, eternal night will fall; the Head haunts sons; they throw the items received form a thicket, a mountain, a pond; first mountain sheep, then ants make a passage in the mountain; for this, the Head promises to become the wife of their leaders; falls into the water, drowns; one brother goes to north, the other south; one becomes the ancestor of whites; the other, Napi, is the creator of blacklegs]: 44-47; Hellson 1974 [a woman converges with a snake, her brothers kill him, flee south from her sister, throw him the tail of a porcupine, it turns into a coniferous forest; the sister sees the brothers through the trees; they ask the trees to multiply; this is how the coniferous forest appeared; then the mountain episode, etc.]: 116; Spence 1985 [= Grinnell]: 205-208; Wissler, Duvall 1908, No. 7 [see motive L1; a girl takes a bear as a lover; her father and brothers kill him; she turns into a bear; kills people; her siblings and younger sister run away from it, they spray the water behind them (lake), throw a comb (thicket); the bird tells the Bear to shoot in the head; she is killed by an arrow; six brothers and younger sister turn into Pleiades, younger brother in ( Polar?) Star]: 68-70; assiniboine [husband sees his wife knocking on a stump, calling a snake lover; kills all snakes, makes soup from their blood, feeds his wife; she finds dead snakes; husband tells his six sons and daughters run away; when the wife looks into the house, cuts off her head; her head catches up with the children, gathers them in a tipi, tells her not to look at her when she treats the skin of an elk killed by one of her sons; one looks, the head chases the children; the awl, flint, stone they throw turn into many awls, into fire, into a mountain; two Cranes lay their necks like a bridge over the river; children cross; the head of the Cranes they push her into the water; she continues to chase; children play ball and go up to the sky, become the Big Dipper; the head cannot jump to the sky]: Lowie 1909a, No. 22:177-178; (cf. grovantre [every night two sisters find an animal carcass; see Tebianthan (“severed head”, aka Nashantz, “protruding teeth”) hunting for them; run away, leaving a bone awl and a porcupine needle straightener; they take their form, are responsible for them; T. rolls on them, but only pierces his face; chases sisters; they create (throwing objects?) fog, swamp, thorny bushes, cacti thickets; man hides them in his armpits; the Bald Eagle puts them on his wings, flies; T. flies after him; the Nishant trickster tells his two sons to do it the steam room, the Eagle flies through it, T. is caught in it, dies of the heat]: Kroeber 1907b, No. 3:61-64); Crowe [playing, the younger sister asks the older sister to become a bear; she replies what will become real the youngest insists; the eldest turns, devours people; tells the youngest to get the rabbit; her six brothers give it to her; show how to convince the Bear that she killed him herself; the bear pursues the youngest sister; brothers tell her to throw a porcupine behind the needle, the Bear spends time picking them up; give manifold {pipe?} , then a piece of bison's stomach; she throws it behind her, manifold turns into rock, stomach into holes; older sister gets stuck in the last one; brothers ask what they can all become; sister suggests what the smoking pipe points to — to the Big Dipper; they are now seven stars of the Ursa Major, the sister is accompanied by a dog]: Lowie 1918:205-211; mandan [girl rejects suitors; sleeps in the open air; an unknown person kidnaps her; tells her to collect firewood; the old woman advises her to run; she tells her to be responsible for her, runs to the hill; throws a feather, a moose horn, a scraper, pumice; they turn into many seagulls, through a flock of which a pursuer must make his way, into horned moose, into steep pumice hills; she enters a cave; a young man in a cave sends a stream towards the pursuer tobacco, killing him; burns a corpse]: Bowers 1950:319-320; teton (oglala) [see motive F34; a woman copulates with bears, then kills, feeds her three children with meat; her husband feeds his wife bear meat to death; her head chases children; they throw a whetstone, it turns into mountains; she asks the snake to make a gorge; the children hide in a tree; she breaks it, they go down to the ground, sitting in bird's nest; a man carries them across the river in a boat; his head climbs the paddle, he paddles it, drowns it]: Wissler 1907, No. 6:195-196; Sheena [every morning, the husband paints his wife from head to toe red paint; returning from hunting, finds no traces of paint; watches his wife; she undresses on the lake shore, says: I'm here; the water serpent crawls out, licks her paint; the husband cuts lovers to pieces, throws his head, arms, and legs into the water; brings meat from the ribs to his son and daughter under the guise of antelope meat; leaves; the boy feels the mother's taste; the mother's head haunts the children because they ate her flesh; the girl throws yellow, white, red porcupine needles; they successively turn into three types of thorny bushes; draws a furrow with a digger; a gorge appears at this point; puts the digger as a bridge; when the Head crosses it, the daughter shoves the digger; The head falls, the chasm closes behind it; see motif K43]: Grinnell 1903:108-115; (cf. arpaho [Thompson 2000:334 cit. Dorsey, Kroeber 1903, but a fleeing woman only wants obstacles behind her, but does not throw objects; same with Osage, South Payut, Utah]: Waterman 1914:46); Arikara [older the girl reluctantly agrees to play bear; tells her younger sister to hide; turns into a Bear, kills everyone; her sister secretly meets their four brothers returning from the war; reports that the Bear has vulnerable little fingers on her legs; her brothers let her scatter thorns in front of the house, they lure the Bear out, shouting that enemies are coming; the bear dies, her brothers burn her; a drop of blood falls to the ground The bear revives, chases her sister and brothers; the older brother throws an awl, it turns into a thorny forest; the second is a knife, he cuts through gorges; the third brother throws a crest, turns into thickets of cacti; The fourth is a whetstone, turns into a high rock (Devil's Tower in Wyoming), raising fugitives to the sky; they turn into the Pleiades, the Bear goes west]: Parks 1996, No. 7:146-152; Pawnee: Dorsey 1904b, No. 32 (skidi) [the hunter wants to marry another; cuts off his wife's head, roasts the meat, puts her head on a tree; gives meat to his son and daughter under the guise of venison; the head promises to kill them for mother spruce; across the river; through a thorny forest; two Cranes stretch their legs like a bridge over a pond; children run to the other side; Cranes head are pushed into the water, it sinks; children come to the village; old man helps them, kills their evil father]: 115-124; Dorsey 1906, No. 5 (chaui) [four girls go north, attracted by an unusual smell; one reaches the goal, finds herself in a rock at the dwelling; the young man says that the smell comes from there; when she enters, the girl does not find a way back; the young man turns into an old man and again into a young man in the morning; according to him, the door opens; the Raven boy says that the owner is the Long Tongue (DYA), a rolling skull; teaches how to escape; a girl asks for permission to pick berries; searches for DYA in her head, throws out ticks, bites berries like mites; smears bison fat everywhere, sits on The crow, they fly away, then it walks, and the Raven flies in front; DYA loses time eating fat; then picking up or eating abandoned objects — arrows, balls of fat, thickets of fat, thickets of fat to make poles for arrows (formed from a single arrow), bison (from a tendon; bison is needed to take tendons for a bowstring), turkeys (from a turkey feather); an abandoned flint knife cuts through a ravine; a man at a mound makes a bow; he invites the girl inside; hits the skull with a club, it splits, some fly west, becomes a month, the other east becomes the sun; in the month and the sun, the figure of a person is now visible; the girl remains the sister of her savior and his brothers; she is the daughter of the Evening Star; they give her corn seed, she grows a lot of corn; gives birth to a son from the North Star; goes north to her husband; seven brothers (they are Hawks) go east, then west; when they meet a woman, her husband and son, the world will end], 30 (kitkehahki) [after going for firewood, the girl got lost, the Skull brought her into her dugout; while he's away, the girl climbs the hill; the man gives her an arrow, a bubble, a cactus; she runs; the Puma says she can't help against the Skull; she throws a cactus that turns into thickets; Bear unable to help; bubble into the river; Skull crosses on a log; Bison is unable to help; throws an arrow — thickets; The skull burns the way with its fiery breath; the girl resorts to a dugout of three brothers, the youngest breaks the Skull with a club, the girl splits the pieces to dust, burns it; the brothers help her sow the corn, beans, pumpkins she brought; she tells her not to go to the field without her permits; they harvest in autumn; agree to leave the girl as a sister since she brought them corn; brothers disappear in the evenings, come back in the morning; agree to take her; now the girl is seventh Pleiades star], 127 (kitkehahki) [Coyote hunts buffalo; his bison skull mocks him; the Coyote answers insultingly; he chases him to the village, eats the Coyote and all the people; four girls run away; each one throws a rope successively to carry weights behind her back, they turn into 1) cacti; 2) a stream with a steep bank; 3) a deep ravine; each time the Skull overcomes an obstacle, kills another girl; the fourth calls for help; the Bat directs her to the hole, there is a dugout and a young man; he spits a blue bead into the Skull; it falls apart in half; the young man was Euphorbia]: 31-38, 119-122, 447-448; kiowa [when hungry, a husband kills his wife in the forest, roasts, eats, gives meat to their three sons; the mother's meat or skull asks: Why are you eating me; sons (and husband?) run away, the skull chases them; var.1: the dead bison (skin and bones) gives them various giblets; thrown back, they turn into mountains, rocks, gorges; var.2: the old man hides the boys in his hair; beats the skull with an onion, breaking it into pieces; the bow gives it to boys]: Parsons 1929a, No. 34:71-74; wichita [each of the seven brothers is somewhat superior to other people; 1) sight, 2) hearing, 3) strength, 4) running speed, 5)? , 6) clairvoyance, 7) fearlessness; a girl comes to the eldest at night; he smears her back with white clay; in the morning asks women to play ball, identifies his older sister; hits her with an arrow; she is angry becomes a Grizzly bear; brothers go camping, Clairvoyant says all their people are killed, Keen says Grizzly did it; Grizzly destroys people; their younger sister comes to the brothers, they give her killed rabbits; they shoot at the Grizzly's paw, where it is vulnerable, but she chases them; they throw the turtle's shell, it turns into many turtles, the Grizzly devours them; they throw a red stone (ocher?) , she paints herself; blows dust off her arrows, a dense bush appears; a deep gorge is created with a bowstring, the Grizzly crosses it; rises to the sky, turns into the Big Dipper; the Grizzly goes to north]: Dorsey 1904a, No. 9:69-74.

Southeast USA. Koasati: Martin 1977:47; Swanton 1929, No. 17 [an ogre kidnaps a girl; tells her to cut off her breasts, fry him; the old woman cuts off her own; advises her to run, gives her a cane and a lump of clay; the reed turns into thick reeds, clay into the swamp; the girl runs to her brothers; their arrows do no harm to the cannibal; the bird tells him to aim at the ankle; the cannibal dies; his corpse is burned; ashes turns into rooks, bees, crows, insects of all kinds]: 182-183; Alabama: Martin 1977:46; Swanton 1929, No. 14 [an ogre kidnaps a girl; tells her to cut off pieces of her meat, fry him; his The old wife cuts off her meat, tells her to run; she first runs in different directions to confuse her tracks; the old woman gives her berries, reeds, clay; the cannibal stops eating berries; reeds turns into thick thickets, clay into a swamp; her brothers shoot at him, he is unharmed; the bird tells you to shoot at the ankle, it dies; the corpse is burned; the ash turns into rooks, bees], 15 [short version]: 131-133; screams, yuchi [the same type of magical escape as Alabama and Koasati (no details)]: Urban, Jackson 2004:714.

Big Pool. Eastern Shoshones [the ogre stole Dove's two children; the Eagle hung the game on a tree; while the cannibal was climbing after it, the Eagle freed the Pigeon's children; she and her children come running to the river; the crane stretches out its leg like a bridge, the Dove and his children cross; when an ogre steps on this bridge, the Crane removes his leg, the cannibal falls into the water, swims out, chases the fugitives again; at the next river, Chickady invites the Dove to climb to his nose, sneezes the fugitives to the other side; the ogre sneezes into the middle of the river, he swims out again; Laska dug a hole for the fugitives, they passed through it; the cannibal dug another one, he dug a way out himself pursues again; the Eagle let the Dove throw a piece of fat, a scar, feathers behind him; they turn into a ravine, a cliff, a fog; the badger lures the ogre into a hole, throws hot stones there, closes the exit; the cannibal dies]: Saint Clair 1909b, No. 8:270-272; Utah (Wintah) [Gorlinka tells her little daughter to look after her brother; the Spirit Woman (JD) comes, tells the girl to give her a baby, takes him away; mother returns, kills his daughter; the boy grows up, hunts deer for the railway, she regularly copulates with him; Gorlinka's brother Eagle tells the young man to leave the dead deer high in the tree, gives him a feather, a liver, stomach; HDD loses time pulling off a deer (she manages to hook the carcass with a loop of her pubic hair); the young man leaves a resin penis on his bed; ZhD uses it, pieces of her lungs stick to the resin; she chases Gorlinka and her son, they throw a pen (fog), liver (ice), stomach (rocks); run to his grandfather, the young Rattlesnake; he hides the fugitives in his bag; sits with his penis exposed; ZhD rushes to copulate with him; he throws things and fugitives out of the house, tells the walls to converge; the railway remains in the rock, turns into a mountain echo]: Sapir 1930, No. 6:507-513.

The Great Southwest. (Wed. tiva (Taos) [contrary to her younger sister's warning, the Apache woman says that the bison's skull was handsome, she would marry it; the Bison takes her away; the Opossum gives her husband magic remedies, warns that the Bisons sleep with their eyes open; the husband finds his wife in the herd, takes him away, they climb a tree; she urinates, she is noticed by a calf; when her husband kills the Bison Chief with an arrow, the woman cries; he He also kills her; bakes her head; tells her son and daughter to go eat meat; the head hisses; the children are hungry, they eat meat; the head pursues them; the tribe migrates; the dog (actually a witch doctor) hides fire for them, gets them food; the old possumic woman reports that their father married Coyoticha; gives them good luck, an awl, a brush, a mirror; the children come to the old woman; she has a swollen leg to press down a sleeping girl; a boy asks them to spare them; the crow says that the old woman needs to bring rotten water, wet firewood; the brother pretends that the sister needs to pee, runs away, carrying her on the back; throws an awl, the old woman accepts he is grabbed for the boy, her arms and legs are glued (resin doll motif); she can hardly free herself; the thrown brush turns into a thicket, a mirror into ice; the old woman falls on ice, crashes to death; children come to people, they are starving; children refuse to stay with them]: Parsons 1940a, No. 23:64-70; Zunyi [?] : Waterman 1914:42 in Swanton 1929:271); lipan [many times the Coyote kills a deer, leaves meat for three female insects; wants to fatten and eat them; women leave nits in the crack of the pole in the tipi, they tell her to cry like a baby, they run away; they throw the cactus, it turns into many cacti; the crane stretches its leg like a bridge over the river; the Coyote crosses the river on the bottom, continues to chase, swallows two women; Cardinal cuts a tree with an ax, hides a third in his hair; Coyote stops persecuting]: Opler 1940, No. 62:181-183; Western Apaches (San Carlos) [Black Tornado rubbed his chest, from He rolled up a lump of skin scales, made it earth, placed it on 4 supports; made coyotes and birds, destroyed it by a flood; a woman (in hicarilla she is Earth) became pregnant from the Sun, gave birth to a girl; she became pregnant from water, gave birth to a boy; he has membranes on his fingers, no hair, ears, etc.; the grandmother does not want to say where his father is; the Spider showed how to get to the Sun (on his web); the Sun's wife is trying him in vain hide; The Sun gives a pipe to smoke, tries to burn it, his son is unharmed, the Sun has recognized him; the Sun's relatives give his son a completely human appearance, placing him in a hot steam room; The Sun gave Obsidian clothes, the grandmother made a bow and arrows; he consistently asks her about dangerous creatures; 1) a person sitting by the cliff pushes passers-by down; the young man first sent a fox to that one, then killed with a club; 2) killed the murdeer with his gaze; 3) the grandmother tells not to cut the deer under the tree, the grandson cuts; the girl sitting on the tree calls him husband; she has a toothy womb; he runs, throws a scar, mountains grow (the same as hicarilla); the grandmother hides him in a hole by the hearth; the girl finds him; he says he is only ready to sleep with her in the house on the bed; while she runs after the tree, he makes penises out of white stone, sand, resin, wax; knocked out her teeth with a stone, she cries in the morning; 4) kill a horned beast; gopher dug a hole under the lying beast, raised her hair, where the heart, the young man pierced the monster with an obsidian point; 5) hung up a bag of blood and manure, let the bird carry itself away; thrown on a rock, the bird saw splashes, thought it was dead; threw away three chicks, asked the fourth how the parents would arrive; they flew in with with rain; he killed everyone, left parents and chicks all over the world; Raven gave him his clothes, he went down, went back to his grandmother]: Goddard 1918:7-19; Pima [Big Brother and Pima warriors smash Pueblo Indians in Casas Grandes; the pueblo chief throws soot, it turns dark, he runs away; the god of darkness dispels it; the runaway shakes off his tears, creating a mirage; cigarette smoke is fog; accordingly, god The mirage picks it up, the god of the fog turns the fog into clouds; the runner throws up his belt, it turns into a rainbow, he climbs it; the god of the rainbow sends spiders, they wrap the runaway, pull it off to the ground; warriors kill him]: Russel 1908:227-228.

(Wed. Mesoamerica {Probably European influence in some details}. Otomi [The Mother of God ran away from the demons, God was still in her womb, but talked to her; told her to throw pebbles behind, they became mountains; this is how the mountains appeared; next time she asks to throw a fragment of a mirror, the sea appears; rivers, lakes and the sea have existed since then; for the third time, it asks to abandon plants planted by people (plantitas que siembran aquellos hombres), they have become thickets; since then Since then, there are forests and crops; every time demons approached, the fugitives threw something and it happened]:? ; Veracruz Nahuatl [hunter sees two doves turning into girls, swimming in the river; hiding one of them's clothes; getting married; her cannibal father demands to clear the area with a weaving sword; wife does this, harvests the next day; the cannibal chases them; she throws a rag, a comb, salt; vines, thorns, the sea appear; the cannibal stops persecuting; the wife turns into a flower, the husband turns into a flower, the husband turns into the stem of plants that humans feed on (corn?)] : Münch 1983a: 162-163; baths: Parsons 1932a, No. 1 [two orphans Sun Boy and Moon Girl live at Sus Ley (“barren woman”); they hunt, but she gives everything to her old husband Gol Gisa' ; he lives in the forest, does nothing; St. Anton always helps children with advice; twins kill GG, let SL eat his heart under the guise of a deer's heart, stuff his scarecrow with stinging insects; when SL touches her husband, insects fly out; she and her brother Ros (a worm living in the mud) wants to burn the children in the steam bath; they run away, strangle SL with smoke in her house, pick up her loom parts, ring, jug, comb; Ros turns into a snake, chases twins; they throw the objects they take, they turn into different mountains; they throw hot stones down R.'s throat, he dies; the sister grabs the bright right, and the brother grabs R.'s left, dim eye; the sister is thirsty; brother makes a hole of water; offers in exchange for the rabbit's bright eye; lets his sister approach the water when she puts her eyes on the ground; God assigns the boy to become the sun, the girl to become the moon; when they have risen, everyone rebengulal (“los idolos”, first ancestors)]: 281-283 (=1936:222, 324-327); Stubblefield, Stubblefield 1969 [old woman Läy and old Gisaj were before anyone else in the world; G. lay all day long at the entrance to the cave; S. I brought him food 13 times a day, I was very tired; one day I discovered how to cook corn, then how to weave and make clothes; on the seashore they found a box with a boy and a girl in it; they raised them, they carried food for G.; a man told them that G. was not their father, called them to him, gave eggs to throw one G. into the head, the rest into the body; he would die, take out his heart, fill G.'s body with wasps, let S. cook the heart is like the heart of a deer; a frog from the river told L. that she was going to eat her husband's heart; L. came with her children to G.'s body, turned it over, the wasp bit her, the children ran away; L. complained to her brother {? ; he is her husband's compadre, but hereinafter referred to as her compadre}; he advised using a suction stone and sucking the babies back; L. is going to burn the children in the steam room; the boy drills in the floor beforehand exit; run away, leaving the leaves with magnesium; they burst in the heat, L. and his brother think their brains are bursting; L. does not find their needle, mirror, comb; children have filled the suction stone with pepper in advance, L. breathed in, almost died; her brother (compadre) is a serpent, chasing children; they throw a machete (lake), a needle (vine), a comb (also a vine), a mirror (fire, the snake is burned); the girl is thirsty; to get water, ready to sacrifice her eye; God comes up, tells her not to do this—she will become the moon, her brother will become the sun]: 47-62; chinantecs [people hear sounds inside the tree; Comet, Thunder cannot be cut down, The woodpecker cuts a tree; there are two eggs inside; an old woman takes them; carries food to her reindeer husband every day; when she returns, the house is a mess; the Sun boy and the Moon girl rush to hide inside the eggs, girl hesitates, an old woman catches them; a bird hunting: Why do you kill birds for someone who is not your mother? The sun revives dead birds, kills the Deer, the old woman's husband; fills the vessel with wasps, they buzz, he tells the old woman that this is her husband's voice; but Luna says he's gone fishing; the old woman is chasing children; they throw the comb, mountains appear several times on the way (the origin of the mountains); the twins cross the river; when the old woman is in the middle of the river, they throw bola de into it acuyo; she falls dead, turns into agouti; many animals emerge from her blood; twins shoot wind guns at crushing rocks, they disperse; a seven- or double-headed eagle takes people to the rock ; the twins make a cage, the eagle takes them away; at noon he sleeps, one head is awake; the twins strangle it with a noose, at which time the earth shudders; the eagle's eyes fall out, the moon grabs the bright right, the Sun - the left is dim; the Vulture is unable to lower the twins on its back, will now eat carrion; the Bat is fed seeds, the excrement grows into a tree, twins and other people descend it earth; the moon is thirsty; agrees to change eyes with her brother if he creates a source (the origin of the springs); drinks without waiting for the brother to bring the Rabbit Priest to bless the water; he is angry throws a rabbit in her face, he sticks to her, is still visible; the Sun and Moon rise to the sky]: Bartolomé 1984:13-16).

(Wed. Honduras — Panama. Sumu [{obvious European borrowings.}; the husband makes his wife catch a lot of fish, immediately eats it raw; the hook is enough for the water man; says he will not give more fish; agrees to give it if the woman will give him her son; she tells the boy that she has forgotten the hook on the rock, sends him to pick him up at night, the waterman takes him away; leaves him in the house, the boy soon becomes a young man; the neighbors tell him that the waterman is going to eat it; one gives a swallow horse, coal, a thorn, an egg, salt; when running away, the boy throws objects, they turn into a swamp, thorny thickets, mountains, sea; overseas horse- the swallow gets everything he needs for the young man, the young man marries the daughter of a rich man, the horse builds a house for the young; they were happy until death]: Houwald, Rener 1987 (4): 12-16).

(Wed. The Northern Andes. Guajiro [(the set of items reflects European borrowings); a young man hides a girl's clothes; marries her; her father Rain loads him with work; the young run, the Rain chases them , riding the winds; the girl throws down and thread, then soap, oil, lipstick; prickly thickets, cacti, vines, then a quagmire appear on the way of the pursuer; throws a needle, it turns into a thicket; fugitives hiding inside the mountain, Rain stops pursuing]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1986 (1), No. 105:297).

Southern Venezuela. Yanomam [Omamë runs away from the Hypocnemis cantator bird, throws palm leaves behind him, from which various mountains emerge in Yanomam territory; he also throws wasp nests, now they are in forest; went to where his brother Yoasi]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1990b, No. 211:417-218.

Guiana. Varrau: García 1993, No. 90 [Mayacoto fisherman has two wives, each with a son; when he returns home, he always plays the flute; Chebu (forest demon) Jajuba swallowed him, disguised as he came to to his wives, but did not play the flute; fell asleep, snored, then the wives heard the voice of the swallowed flute; the sisters took the children and ran away; the eldest put her hair off her head on the path, the youngest turned it prickly thickets; Guauta did not want to open the door for them at first, they pinched the children, they cried; when she found out that they were boys, G. let him in; invited Khahuba to put his head under the door, cut it off with a knife; sent cassava sisters, at that time turned their babies into adult boys, their common name is Jaburi; told them to bring her fat birds from hunting, skinny ones, urinating on them, give them to women; the arrow of one stuck in a tree, he climbed after her; young otters passed under the tree, saw Haburi's bowel movements, said it stinks of crap from those who give mothers bad birds and Guauta good ones; they told the brothers everything story; they described skinny birds, gave it to Guauta; recognized mothers; one of H. made a boat out of clay, it melted in water; from wax, the same; from the bark, they sailed in it; the supports of the house, the leaves on the roof shouted to Guauta that the women and the boys had run away, she did not understand them; understood the parrot, threw herself into the water, grabbed the boat, H. cut off her fingers with an oar; the women asked to take G. so that she would not drown; H. began to row the end oars, the bird shouted to row with a blade; H. knocked down a tree with a hive in the hollow; G. began to suck honey, H. knocked another tree on this tree, G. stayed in the hollow, called “son Haburi”, told the boat to stand a rock when she reaches the sea; this is a rock near Trinidad Island]: 281-287; Wilbert 1970 [a man is married to two sisters; a forest spirit kills him; sisters run; one puts her hair on the path; they turn into obstacles; a frog woman kills a stalker], No. 139 [leaves pubic hair three times; it turns into thorns, spears, knives], 141 [=No. 139; thorns, thorns, rot], 144 [hair from the head: into the thorny thickets]: 280, 291, 302.

(Wed. Ecuador. {Clearly European borrowing}. Kanyar [when she saw a pregnant snake, the girl became pregnant herself, gave birth to a girl and a snake; left the snake where she became pregnant; the daughter rejected her suitors for a long time, married an unknown rich man; her husband left visit relatives; the serpent warns the human sister that he will come for her, take her (to hell); tells her to take wool, scissors, cotton wool, soap; must ride on a donkey; a snake has become a donkey; a woman goes behind; came to the village is hell, she runs on a donkey; her husband is chasing a horse; she throws cotton wool (fog), soap (rain), a comb (a thorny bush), wool (a forest with vines, the stalker is entangled in them); scissors (green cross) blocked the way, the devil left chasing); the donkey became a snake again, she warns not to marry rich strangers anymore; she married a poor man; the devil took her form, came to live with her husband instead of her; husband dazzled her, left her in the mountains; the snake told her mother to leave a jug of water overnight, the water became blood; the snake found her blind, rubbed her eyes with leaves, regaining her sight; brought her to her husband's house, then told her to spend the night in chicken coop; hears his wife's voice; the snake shows his real wife and the true appearance of his wife (hell with a tail and horns, he runs away); turns into a dove, flies to heaven; it was an angel]: Howard Malverde 1981, No. 24 : 167-173.

Central Amazon. Munduruku (Riu-Canuma) [a man sends three daughters to their uncle to collect the fruits of the miriti palm tree; the forest spirit of Yurupari (lingua geral) kills his uncle, takes his form, leads girls into his home in the trunk of a miriti; The parrot guards them; on the first night, Yu eats his older sister, the second middle sister; the youngest speaks (to the bird?) Karang (Garão, Aramus scolopaceus), that if he were a man, he would take her to her mother; he turns into a man, tell her to take his sisters' bones, salt, ash; runs away with the girl, the Parrot picks up anxiety; fugitives throw bone, salt and ash, the rest of the bones; objects turn into thick smoke, thorny thickets, a river; Yu cannot cross to the other side, K. and the girl come to her mother]: Barbosa Rodrigues 1890:131-132 (German translation in Koch-Grünberg 1921, No. 83:227-229.

(Wed. The Central Andes. {The motive is clearly of European origin}. Lambayeque Valley (northern coast of Peru) [fleeing persecution, the hero throws a comb, soap, a bottle of flower water]: Narvaez Vargas 2001:154; the mountains of Peru (Ancash depots, Junin, Huancavelica, Ayacucho, Cusco, Puno) [two dozen versions; 1) a boy and a girl get in touch (often incest); 2) for various reasons, they move away from people; 3) a young man returns home to get food, money, etc.; 4) one of his relatives (usually his father) kills him, mistaking him for a thief or a stray dog; he is mourned and buried; 5) he returns to his beloved in in the form of a living dead person or spirit; 6) seems strange (does not eat, he has a fire in his mouth, etc.); 7) calls the girl on a long journey; 8) they come to a lonely home, whose owner (old or young) warns the girl about who her lover is; 9) gives objects, usually soap, comb, mirror, needle, ribbon; 10) the girl runs and throws objects, they turn into a mountain, a thorny forest, a lake, a river, a long road; 11) a girl runs to a monastery, church, wagon, etc.; 12) finds out that the woman in the hut was the Holy Virgin]: Morote Best 1958:799-800; Quechua (Arequipa) [famine came, stepmother tells her husband to get rid of his stepson and stepdaughter; the father sent them to the forest to seek food; they came to the witch's house; she fed the boy better than the girl to make him fat; ate; the sister found her brother's bones , fled; the old woman followed, a gust of wind carried the girl forward; the old woman catches up again; the girl threw a mirror (the lake, the old woman swam across), a needle (thorny thickets), a thread (the road became winding ); a rope from the sky, the girl also clung to it; the girl took a rat out of her bag, it gnawed through the rope, the old woman fell and crashed]: Weber, Meier 2008:161-167; Quechua (dep. Ayacucho, prov. Victor Fajardo) [the young man goes to a party in a neighboring village to meet a girl; on the way he came across a corpse, kicked it; moving on, he saw the girl, hardly caught up; they spent the night in a cave; when the young man I wanted to unite with her, I realized that she was condenado and he would always have to follow her; when he came to the village, he prayed at St. Carmen; St. The virgin gave him a broom, soap, a horn; said that they would pass by two lakes and the condenado girl would want to take it on her shoulders; he should take it himself, throw her into the red lake (this is hell), not in blue; he threw but condenado pursues; he throws objects, they become rocky mountains, slippery slopes, a herd of sheep; the young man escaped, condenado went to hell]: Lammel 1981, No. 16:137; prov. Tracing paper (dep. Cusco) [a ten-year-old girl loses her way, comes to an old woman; sees human bones in her cauldron; sent for water; breaks and heals Hummingbird's foot; he advises her to run; she meets a beautiful a woman; she gives her soap, a towel, a comb; abandoned objects turn into a swamp, a thorny bush, a dense forest; a woman lowers a vessel for the girl from the sky, raises her to the sky in it; the cannibal asks pick it up too; the vessel chains break, the cannibal falls, breaks, her ashes are devoured by dogs]: Morote Best 1958, No. 5:836-837; Langi and Urubamba districts, dep. Cusco [one example for Morote Best 1958; a young man returns to rob his father; he kills him, buries him, never knows he is a son; eight days later, a lame llama is slaughtered at the wake; he leads her to beloved; the owner of a secluded house, Skunsikha, reveals to the girl that her lover was her brother, and now he is dead, he has worms in his nose; gives a comb, a mirror, a needle; the girl sits on a cow, that brings her to church, she is baptized again]: Pantigozo Montes 1992:165-175).

Bolivia — Guaporé. Takana [the girl runs away from the ogre; saliva throws three times, lakes appear; her hair turns into a thicket; her hair from her armpits moistened with saliva into the swamp; the water into the lake, the girl herself into the swamp caimana; the cannibal dies; his head turns into a palm tree, his small intestines and kidneys into vines, his hands and nails into large and small shells, his large intestine into an anaconda, his liver into a stingray, blood in turtles]: Hissink, Hahn 1961, No. 25:62-65.

Araguaia. Karazha [people catch too many pirarucu fish (Sudis gigas Cuv.); the old man tells them to stop fishing, the fishermen do not listen; they disappear; fish in their guise come to their wives; looking for a sleeper in their heads husband, wife notices needles from her fins; runs with children; tells the parrot to be responsible for her; Pirarucu pulls out his feathers, the parrot admits that the woman hid in the Heron's goiter; the Heron replies that she fat because she has eaten fish; Pirarucu checks the Heron's excrement; the woman runs on, loses her way, is thirsty; the Electric Eel gives water when she agrees to lie down with him; another Eel deceives, he does not provide water; the child turns into a bird out of thirst; Unze asks what the woman painted her (second?) baby; - With melted wax; - Paint me too; the woman scalded Unze to death; the woman's sister put Unze fat in the hollow; contrary to warning, she comes back twice, eats fat, herself turns into Unze; a woman throws her into a tree; asks Cayman to transport her; promises to surrender to him on the other side, runs away herself; Cayman guides the pursuer in her footsteps; she throws in chasing hot coals; then salt, a large river forms; Pirarucu cannot cross it, stops chasing, returns to his lake]: Ehrenreich 1891, No. 8:43-45 (quail in Koch-Grünberg 1921, No. 75:203-206).

Chaco. Chamacoco: Wilbert, Simoneau 1987a, No. 69 [Initiated young men secretly eat eels; a young shaman weaves an eel's spine into his hair; a grandmother looks in his hair, his little sister , says that there is an eel; the old man pretends to be asleep, but hears everything, tells others; the old men throw all the young men into the fire, the shaman runs away; runs away with his grandmother from the village; throws them on the way pursuers a snail, it turns into a river; throws fish into the river, piranhas appear in the river, devour pursuers; grandmother and grandson turn into woodpeckers], 70 [initiated young men ate eels; one weaved an eel's spine into his hair; at home, his sister looked in his head, noticed fish bones; the old man heard it; the old men threw the young men into the fire, the young shaman flew away in the form of a bird; ran together with his grandmother; threw a straw decorated with ribbons through which the shaman blows diseases, it turned into a lake with piranhas, who ate the pursuers; the grandmother became a white woodpecker, grandson of a capybara] , 79 [initiated people forget to share food with perfume; spirits kill them; only a few revive; the mother of spirits tells people that spirits have vulnerable calves; people kill spirits, one is saved; throws a snail, the Paraguay River forms on the way of the pursuers]: 234-241, 242-245, 282; (cf. matako [the text is probably of European origin, see motif L100; father-in-law tells 1) to dig a well, 2) make a corral; the wife blows, the earth cracks itself, water appears; the wife blows, the trees themselves fall, branches fold into a corral fence; the wife leaves her saliva responsible for herself, runs with her husband; turns him into a bottle tree, herself into a log; throws a comb, he turns into a forest; turns into a turtle, a hawk, a river; father can't move to the other side]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1982a, No. 205:327-328).

The Southern Cone. South Tehuelches [Elal runs away safely from the cannibal father]: Hernández 1992:138; Wilbert, Simoneau 1984b, No. 26 [a cannibal kills his pregnant wife to eat a child; Mouse hides him, raises him; his father chases him; E. stomps his foot, a forest grows in his father's way], 27 [former Heller (distorted. Elal) was afraid that his son (with the same name), vulnerable only to the heel, would deprive him of power; chased him, he rode away on a magic horse; threw arrows behind him, creating obstacles — mountains, rivers, valleys; father fell exhausted, died; mother advised her son to marry the daughter of the Sun; turned into a swan, brought him to the Sun; 1) he changed his daughter and maid's clothes, but Heller found out who the bride was; 2 ) kill a guanaco who killed people with a glance (crept up quietly, hit an arrow in the heart); 3) get a ring from a nandu egg, the contents of which are deadly poisonous (wearing guanaco skin, broke the egg, splashes skinned); father-in-law grew old, died, Heller inherited the world, lives in the sun], 41, 43 and 44 [according to him, forested mountains appear; father rips his stomach off thorns]: 40-41, 45-46, 64, 66-67.