Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

L72F. Abandoned giblets. 41.46.49.

Fleeing, the character throws giblets or the contents of the animal's stomach behind him, which become an obstacle to the pursuer's path.

Tsetsot, Taltan, Sarsi, Crowe, Kiowa, Utah.

Subarctic. Tsetsot [two brothers notice a bag hanging on a tree, open it; a man with a huge penis falls out of there; brothers cut off the penis, cook caribou with meat, give it to their wives; they say that they they eat a lover; wives grab clubs, chase their husbands; brothers throw the contents of the caribou stomach, it turns into ravines and gorges; wives overcome obstacles; brothers ask for help from a bear-like a horned monster, his wives kill him; brothers throw the contents of the caribou stomach again - the same; the second horned monster kills women; husbands return home]: Boas 1897, No. 2:259-260; taltan [widow takes the Otter as her husband; hides it in a sack; her two sons find the bag, kill the Otter, let his mother eat his meat under the guise of bear meat; tell her the truth; the mother stalks them; they throw them behind them a) caribou giblets; they turn into gorge, mountain, water, fire; mother burns; b) caribou hair, caribou stomach contents, intestines, bones, caribou meat; abandoned becomes a caribou herd, moss swamp, deep gorges, mountains, lakes; flint turns into fire, mother burns]: Teit 1921a, No. 45:239-241

Plains. Sarsi [a woman warns her young son not to pretend to be a bear when playing with other children; he pretends to be a bear three times to frighten others, the fourth really does a bear, kills almost everyone; men shot him, but this made his mother angry, she roared four times, became a bear herself, told her younger sister to hide behind an evil dog, killed everyone at the camp; told her sister to cook, was dissatisfied, threatened to kill her; the girl went to get water, met seven brothers returning from the war, they all ran away; on the fourth day, the bear became to catch up, the elder brother ordered to throw the bear's giblets, a rocky cliff appeared, then the scar was a dense forest, the bubble was a lake, but the bear swam across it; the brothers closed their eyes, rose to the sky, turned into seven stars of the Ursa Major; two stars next to each other near the Bear's tail - a girl and a dog]: Dzana-gu 1921, No. 39:48-49; crowe [playing, the younger sister asks the older sister to become a bear; she replies that she will become real, the youngest insists; the eldest turns, devours people; tells the youngest to get the rabbit; her six brothers give it to her; show how to convince the Bear that she killed herself him; The bear chases her younger sister; the brothers tell her to throw a porcupine behind the needle, the Bear spends time picking them up; give manifold {?} , then a piece of bison's stomach; she throws it behind her, manifold turns into rock, stomach into holes; older sister gets stuck in the last one; brothers ask what they can all become; sister suggests what the smoking pipe points to - to the Big Dipper; they are now seven stars of the Ursa Major, the sister is accompanied by a dog]: Lowie 1918:205-211; kiowa [husband during hunger kills his wife in the forest, roasts me, eats, gives meat to their three sons; the mother's meat or skull asks: Why do you eat me; sons (and husband?) run away, the skull chases them; var.1: the dead bison (skin and bones) gives them various giblets; thrown back, they turn into mountains, rocks, gorges; var.2: the old man hides the boys in his hair; beats the skull with an onion, breaking it into pieces; the bow gives it to the boys]: Parsons 1929a, No. 34:71-74.

Big Pool. Utah (Wintah) [Gorlinka tells her little daughter to look after her brother; the Spirit Woman (JD) comes, tells the girl to give her a baby, takes him away; the mother comes back, kills her daughter; the boy grows up hunts deer for the railway, which regularly copulates with him; Gorlinka's brother Eagle tells the young man to leave the killed deer high in the tree, gives him a feather, liver, stomach; the railway loses time pulling the deer (her manages to hook the carcass with a loop of her pubic hair); the young man leaves a resin penis on his bed; ZhD uses it, pieces of her lungs stick to the resin; she chases Gorlinka and her son, they throw pen (fog), liver (ice), stomach (rocks); resort to his grandfather, the young Rattlesnake; he hides the fugitives in his bag; sits with his penis out; the railway rushes to copulate with him; he throws things out of the house and fugitives, tells the walls to converge; the railway remains in the rock, turns into a mountain echo]: Sapir 1930, No. 6:507-513.