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L81. Demon fire.

.11.-.15.19.-.25.27.-.36.43.50. (.55.65.)

A person who goes looking for fire finds it in the demon. A demon stalks a person, harms him, kills him. Traditions that only contain a story about men who are promised fire for a fairy tale (fairy tale) are marked*.

Shauna, Xhosa, Congo, Ganda, Kamba, Kikuyu, Mandingo, Mamprusi, Mosi, Tangale, Von, Dan, Zaghawa, Sakho, Morocco, Kabila, Arabs Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Spaniards, Basques, Italians (Piedmont, Campania), Sardinians, (French - Upper Brittany), Bukavak, (Vedau, Gazelle Peninsula), Mono, Reef Islands, Marshall Islands (Jaluit), Gilbert, Tuvalu, Tibetans, Lepcha, Bhutan, Dafla, Koireng, Meitei, Cham, Thais, Marathi, Sinhala, Dhanwar, Baiga, Gondas, Dayaks (West Sarawak), Toraja, Tingyan, Apayao, Moldovans, Romanians*, Hungarians, Slovenes, Croats, Serbs, Bosnians, Bulgarians, Greeks, Slovaks, Czechs, Russians (Teresky Bereg, Arkhangelsk, Karelia, Novgorod, Pskov, Vologda, Moscow, Gorkovskaya, Tambov, Voronezh, Kursk), Belarusians*, Ukrainians* (Bukovina, Eastern Slovakia, Galicia, Grodno, Hutsulshchina, Transcarpathia, Podolia, Pokutye, Ugric Rus, Kharkiv), Kalmyks, Adygs, Abkhazians, Abazins, Ossetians, Balkarians, Ingush, Chechens, Kumyks, Avars, Lezgins, Tatas, Georgians, Megrelians, Armenians, Azerbaijanis, Turks, Uzbeks, Persians, Tajiks, Yagnobes, Vakhans, Khufs, Munjan, Sarykol, Baluchis, Turkmens, Lithuanians, Latvians, Scandinavians, Sami, Finns, Karelians*, Veps, Komi, Marie*, Chuvashi*, Mordvo*, Kazan Tatars, Bashkirs, Kazakhs, Karakalpaks, Yellow Uighurs, Uighurs, Salars, Dungans, Chulym Turks*, Telengits, Khakasy*, South Altai Tuvans, Buryats (Western?) , Buryats (Khorin) *, Mongols of Ordos, Mongors, Mansi, Eastern and Southern Khanty, Central (?) Yakuts*, Evens*, Cowlitz, Clackamas, Katlamet, Quinolt, Tiwa (Picuris), (ingano, Ancash, Huanuco).

Bantu-speaking Africa. Shona (hungwe) [Khamba ("leopard") goes with his wife; throws an elephant into the sky who tried to take her away; meets Strelka, the Strongman, the Lion Tamer; everyone says they are afraid only of K.; joins him; everyone takes turns coming to the old woman in search of fire, she connects those who have come; when K. enters, the elephant he threw into the sky just falls, presses the old woman; K. frees his companions, they cook dinner]: Frobenius in Zhukov, Kotlyar 1976, No. 118:285-287; braid [during hunger, Kenkebe's wife sends him to her father for food; he gives 7 bags of corn {and obviously also meat}, sends their daughters carry; before reaching home, K. sends the girls back, hides grain in a cave, bakes cakes; brings home wild onions that they eat when hungry; gives a piece of meat, says he cut off his leg; wife cuts him off from her own; the children say that their father's meat and cakes are delicious, but the mother is not; the wife watches him, lowers a stone by the cave, he rolls everywhere after K., stops only at his house; his wife tells K. no longer fool around; he catches the eland antelope; it takes a calf to milk it; K. eats it, dresses one of his dogs in calf skin (the other refused); one day she howls, the antelope understands the deception chases K., his wife shouts him to jump on a stone, an antelope breaks against a stone; they freshen the carcass, K. sends his son to cannibals for fire; tells him not to take meat from them; the boy takes it, gives it to the old woman, she cooks meat, cannibals smell, chase the boy; everyone hides; cannibals find and eat K. and an old woman in the house, they do not notice the boy, take K.'s wife to them; she cooks beer for them, sets them on fire the house where they drink, the cannibals burn down, the woman is saved]: McCall Theal 1882:148-155 (=Radin 1952, No. 79:292-295); Congo [woman went to cultivate the field, taking her little daughter and baby; girl ran home, said that the fire went out; the woman noticed the smoke, went there, where six spirits promised to fire if she called them by name; she couldn't, they left her to work in their field, spend the night in a garbage dump with chicken manure; the men of the village could not find the woman; the gorlinka gave her the names of the perfume, told her not to drink water when she passed by the water; she drinks, forgets everything; next time she does not drink; calls spirits by name, they give fire and property; the woman returns to the children]: Struyf 1936:229-237; ganda [the rain turned off all the lights; the fire is only in the Amazique cannibal cave (unit - ezzike); widow sent her daughter Bulenda for fire; in the cave, the old jezzike gives B. fire; on the way back, the youngest returning Amazike grabs B., locks him in a cave to eat later; the widow by the road threatens everyone Yezzike, everyone replies that he did not swallow B., what the youngest swallowed; the youngest was frightened, returned his daughter to his mother]: Anpetkova-Sharova 2010:388-390; kamba [someone advises hunters not to hunt for the mountain; they hunt, the owner of the mountain sends a storm, they fall into the water, hunt again, kill the beast, look for fire; the woman says that there are coals in her house, curls the man's neck, throws it on the shelf under the roof; the same with second, third; the fourth one-eyed man finds the corpses of his comrades in the house, runs away; the woman curses him, but he still finds his native village]: Lindblom 1935 in Zhukov, Kotlyar 1976, No. 125:305-306; kikuyu [men agree to slaughter bulls and eat meat where there are no flies; the poor man has no cattle, he takes a quiver with flies; when a bull is slaughtered, he releases flies, others throw meat, move on, poor man stays, eats; so several times; when the last bull is left, the poor man does not let flies, others decide they have found a good place; we must find a fire; the hut is not far away, the first man comes, an old cannibal promises to fire and more bananas, cuts off the head of the person who comes with a knife; this is how four died; the latter notices blood and corpses, puts smut in the old woman's eyes, runs away; the old woman pursues, throwing lightning knives, who are cutting down the forest; did not catch up, but cursed the fugitive, he lost his way; came to the house, there was a calf and milk; the man drank, the calf asked who he was; said that he should milk his mother, who is still herself milked herself; the cow grazes in the air; tells the man not to look at the sky, but to build a pen before looking; on the seventh day he looked, the cow fell dead, and a lot of cattle had gathered from the sky into the pen, and the companions killed by the cannibal came to life; they returned home with their cattle]: Gagnolo 1952, No. 9:123-125.

West Africa. Mandingo [Malan goes hunting, his stupid and angry sister Njatta tells him not to take dogs with him; M. throws beans behind to find his way home, N. follows and picks up; M. searches for fire, sees smoke, comes to the blind cannibal; a huge cat brings her a man; M. sneaked in to take a coal, but N. tells the cannibal that her brother has come; the cannibal tells her hair to tie those who have come; dogs hear, run, kill the cannibal; M. and the dogs go one way, N. the other; dogs see how the hedgehog kills the frog and immediately revives it with grass; M. collects this grass; the girl Maria Futuma is given to eating a seven-headed snake in exchange for water; M.'s dogs kill a snake, he carves out his tongues; the swineherd says that he killed the snake, N. confirms; it turns out that the swineherd and N. pull out their tongue; N. puts a knife in bed M., he dies, he is buried; dogs find revitalizing grass, killing N., reviving M.]: Mendelssohn 1971:203-212; mamprusi [seven brothers have no fire to fry a lizard; only the elder agrees to go after the fire; goes to the old woman, sees her pushing the grain and devouring the porridge not only with her mouth, but with her whole body - belly, back of her head, chest, elbows {vagina and anus are probably lowered by an interpreter}; she asks if he saw her, he denies it; gets fire; sings at home about what he saw, the witch hears; turns into a beauty, promises to marry the brother who sings better, recognizes who came by him song; at night he asks what he can turn into; he says that his mother stops him from behind the partition; in the forest, the wife turns into a lion, he turns into a tree, water, a flower, a needle; about a needle, a witch is not I managed to find out, leaves]: Anpetkova-Sharova 1966, No. 41:71-74; mosi [four hunters named "Grow up a tree-become my-toothpick", "Born to nine women", "Duval-for-me-grass" and" Iron Staff" got meat, they take turns guarding; every time an eagle arrives, eats everything; when he guards J., he hits the eagle with an iron staff, swallows it, comes out from under the tail, hits again, kills the eagle; everything they take turns after the fire, the giantess ties everyone with her pubic hair; J. touches the giantess with a staff, she loses her strength, he frees her comrades]: Anpetkova-Sharova 2010:142-144; tangale [people they dig peanuts, kill rats, send the girl to fry them for fire, tell them to walk along a narrow path rather than a wide one, she leads to Nanamudo; the girl walks along the wide, N. gives her fire from her ass; goes with as a girl, eats rats, puts all the peanuts in bags, sends them to her place, puts all the peanut pickers in a bag, goes to her place, asks each tree on the way if it will help her carry the bag; only prickly the tree bends down, N. scolds the rest; hangs the bag on the tree, leaves; many of those passing by refuse to intervene, finally, those passing open the bag, people run away; N. comes, rushes to passing by, the Lizard hides from her in an anthill; in the end N. is killed, the Hare says he is the eldest; everyone roasts N.'s meat, the Hare quietly puts it in a piece of bitterness, everyone leaves, the Hare gets everything meat]: Jungraithmayr 2002, No. 1:2-43; background: Herskovits, Herskovits 1958, No. 65 [Sagbo and Zinzu brothers found themselves in the forest without fire; saw smoke; Z. came to a giant (Yehwe) named Zogbano with 32 horns ; saw that all parts of YZ's body were lying separately and eating; when YZ noticed Z., he gathered into one person; Z. got fire, left, began to play the flute about how YZ was watching; he went to look player, Z. denied it was him; put out the fire, came for him again; so three times; a girl came to the village, promised to marry someone who would hit a pea on a calebass on her head; only Z., a girl, got became his wife; at night she turned into a giant, wanted to swallow him, but Z.'s 42 dogs barked; Z. saw a tree in the forest, wanted it to be his wife instead of that monster; the tree turned into Djeluba's girlfriend; she made it a condition that he wouldn't remember how she was a tree; she didn't cook; Z. came home, had nothing to eat, went to his first wife, said the second was just a tree; when Z. in the forest, the first called the second tree, she returned to the forest, became a tree; the second went to the forest to her relatives; the mother gave Z. a drum, did not order to beat it; the man asked to be beaten, everyone ran to the noise Yehwe Zogbanu, Z. climbed a tree, they knocked him down, he flew away like a partridge; his mother hears him telling his wife that he could have turned from a partridge into an ant, a leaf, a river, sand; then his mother told he should be silent; in the morning his wife took Z. into the forest; he told his mother to let the dogs go down if the water turned red; Z. climbed the tree for leaves, YZ ran, the water turned red, but his mother was not at home; Z.'s friend found himself in to the forest, drove away the monsters; the wife said that everything happened without her knowledge; at home she told Z.'s friend that Z. was dead; the friend hanged himself; after getting rid of him, the wife took Z. back into the forest; the friend's wife told Z. he found the body, brought it home; went with his wife to the forest; she asked him to climb the baobab to get leaves; the monster gathered, began to cut down, Z. successively broke 7 calebas, the felling overgrown every time; when the tree collapsed, Z. became an ant, a partridge, etc.; again a man, ran, climbed the tree that was his wife; the notches on it immediately overgrown; the mother let the dogs down, they tore monsters; the tree wife refused to return, but sent her four tree children, who are now human; the chief of Dada Segbo ordered dogs to become man's best friends; brought his Z. sacrifice to a deceased friend; they still honor the Adiku tree, the wife of Z.], 66 [Sagbo and Zinzu brothers work in the field, were without fire; saw smoke; S. went, did not find, returned; Z. came to Azizã; saw that all parts of his body are lying separately and eating; his mouth asks why Z. came and what he saw; Z. answers that he saw nothing behind the fire; on the way back he sings about what he saw; one of yehwe came disguised a young girl; she will marry someone who falls into a calebass placed on her head; Z. gets, she chooses him as her husband; they go to the forest for firewood, Z. tells her mother to let the dogs down if the water turns red ; the wife brings Z. to where yehwe live; when Z. climbs the baobab, the wife calls all 32-horned yehwe; they almost knock down the baobab twice, but Z. breaks two calebasses, the felling overgrows; the bird flew, Z.'s mother woke up, she released the dogs, they, at Z.'s request, spared the pregnant yehwe, because she advised others not to touch the person; the current yehwe comes from her]: 275-284, 284-287; given [when the gazelle husband returned home, the wife lamented that the fire went out; the husband sent the youngest child to the panther for fire; the panther ate him; then the other three, the wife, went by himself; the panther's wife cooked gazelles killed; panther husband asks his wife where the male gazelle's heart is; wife: he wasn't there, otherwise he wouldn't have sent his children and wife here and would not have come by himself]: Tiémoko 2019:12-13.

Sudan - East Africa. Zaghawa: Tubiana, Tubiana 2004 (1), No. 12 [The blacksmith and his two sons went hunting; he had a donkey and a dog with him; they got many gazelles; a light can be seen in the distance; the blacksmith sends his son for coals; this the ogre's eyes appear; the boy explains to the ogre that his father is calling to him; when he sees the ogre, the blacksmith is horrified; says that he wants to give him meat; the cannibal swallowed all the gazelles; says that he will only eat after a blacksmith swallows a donkey, one son a dog, another his brother, and a blacksmith a son, and then he, an ogre, swallows him]: 77-78; 2004 (2), No. 23 [a blacksmith with four sons gets there is a lot of game hunting; decides not to share with fellow villagers, eat everything on the spot; they do not have fire, they do not want to go to the village for fire; the youngest son sees the light, it turns out to be a devil's eyes; the father does not believe comes, hits the line, he runs away, then comes to the parking lot; the blacksmith feeds him all the game, three sons, runs away with the youngest; puts his head in the hollow for honey, at which time the devil appears, the blacksmith so quickly pulls out her head to rip off her scalp; in one man's village, a mother never laughed; her son promises a blacksmith a camel if he makes her laugh; the blacksmith takes off his turban, the mother sees a bare skull, laughs; since then, the unfortunate blacksmith has lived begging]: 16-20; sakho [the older brother wanted to marry his sister, the parents agreed; the sister told the sycamore to bend down, climbed on her, told her again to straighten up; parents ask the sycamora - she does not lean towards them; leaned over to her younger brother, her sister ran away with him; they live in the steppe, the brother warns not to let the fire go out; the fire is out, the girl She came to the witch, she fired, followed her on the trail of ash and roasted grains; the witch's four sons found and ate the girl's brother, the eldest married her; she poisoned him, ran away, taking her brother's bones away, met the Virgin Mary, who revived the young man]: Reinisch 1889, No. 21:156-162.

North Africa. Moroccan Arabs: Bushnaq 1987 [a mother must give birth; her seven sons are hunting; if she gives birth to a girl, let her hang a spindle over the door, if the boy is a sickle; then they will not return home; mother gave birth to a girl, but her mother's sister did not like her nephews and hung a sickle; the girl was named Wudei's, who kicked Subei's out of the house ("seven"); when she played with the other girls, they told her so; she went to look for brothers; a servant and maid were with her; the servant demanded that V.. get off the camel and give the maid a seat; V. called out to the mother, who told the servant not to try to take the camel away as V.; on the third since her mother does not hear; V. went on foot, her legs were covered in blood, she was not used to it; the maid smeared V. with resin; when they came to the brothers, the imaginary maid began to take out insects from the elder, a tear dripped on her arm, brother she was erased, white skin appeared under the black; V. told everything; the brother hacked the servant and the maid; V. washed; when leaving, the brothers tell me not to unlock the door and share any food with the cat; in room B. 6 wooden doors and the seventh iron; "if anything, the cat and the pigeon know where we hunt"; V. swept and found the bean, ate it; the cat: why didn't she give me half! went and extinguished the fire with urine; V. came to the ghoul for the fire; he gave a coal by the strip of skin from finger to chin; the raven followed V., covered drops of blood with earth; when V. entered the house, the raven flew up the wall; V. was frightened and scolded him; the raven was offended and raked the ground off the drops of blood so that they could be seen; the ghoul comes on the trail and asks how V. saw him; she replies: on a golden bed, under with a silk blanket; the ghoul laughed, broke one wooden door and left; so six nights, only the iron door remained; V. sent a letter to the brothers with the dove; the brothers were in time before the gulya, dug a hole, filled with firewood, set on fire, closed from above; ghoul asks his question; V.: "the ghoul was under donkey skin, drank blood and sucked guts" (etc.); the ghoul broke in, the brothers greeted him, he sat down and fell into fire; the ghoul burned down, but the fingernail bounced and remained in the middle of the room; when V. swept, the fingernail pierced her and she lost consciousness; the brothers put the body on the camel and sent her to her parents; three the robbers stopped him on the way; one began to remove the ring from V.'s finger, accidentally pulled out his fingernail and V. came to life; returned to her brothers, and then they all returned to their parents]: 119-124; El Koudia 2003, No. 1 [ parents are dead, seven brothers take care of their younger sister Aisha, give her a Minoush cat; go on business with 7 doors in the house; A. eats a pea without sharing it with the cat; she urinates on the box matches; suggests that A. go to her neighbors for fire; she sees a light in the distance, comes, there is a ghoul, sits on a donkey's head, interferes with a donkey's foot in the cauldron, donkey intestines on her head; gives coals, as if accidentally scratching A.'s hand; she goes home, leaving a trail of blood; the ghoul walks over him, asks what appearance he was at home; A. replies that he was sitting on a golden chair, stirring the soup with a silver spoon, a silk turban on his head; the ghoul breaks only one door and leaves; like this every evening; brothers come on the seventh evening; they dig a hole in front of the door; this time A. answers the ghoul that he was sitting on a donkey's head and etc.; the ghoul breaks in, falls into a hole, he is burned; he manages to say that A. will die at his hands; a few years later, the raven pulled the bone out of Gulya's grave, threw it at A., piercing it, she died; before that the cat died], 9 [the woman always tells Luna that there is no other beautiful woman like her and Luna; the moon replies that the woman is carrying is more beautiful; the woman tells the midwife to throw away the newborn, replace with a puppy; husband throws the puppy away; the midwife raises the girl, her name is Lalla; the mother suspects the truth, gives L. a ball, tells me to go and unwind; she gets to the ghouls; the mother cuts the thread so that L. does not found her way back; L. hides on the roof, found by the maid of seven gulas; hides her at night, L. helps her cook during the day; they agree to split everything in half; the brothers notice that the food has improved; the youngest hides, finds the girl, the others agree to their marriage; the maid is jealous; L. wants to share the bean she has found with her, she deliberately pretends to be sleeping; the spelbob disappears; the maid floods the fire with water , sends L. for fire; a ghoul named Uncle Yazit gives fire for the right to cut her forehead; the dove tries to dry the blood with flaps of its wings, but L. thinks he's interfering with it, chases him; on a bloody trail, a ghoul finds L.'s house, tells me to put his finger in the keyhole, sucks blood from it; L. loses weight; younger brother spies; brothers dig a hole, tell L. to answer the gulya rude; he breaks in, falls into a hole; the maid burned in it with him; L. asks a Jewish merchant to say hello to her mother Fulana; she in response asks to give her daughter a ring; L. put it under her tongue, falls into a coma; guli put a stretcher with her on a camel who replied that she would wear it not for a year, not 10 years, but always; the camel's name was "shoe"; the sultan's servants cannot catch her, but the old woman loses her shoe, shouts "my shoe", the camel stops ; the ring is taken out of her mouth, L. comes to life, the sultan marries her; she sits on her camel, returns to her ghoul brothers], 17 [the boy herds a herd in the forest, one cow breaks her leg; the father decides it to slaughter; it's already night, he sends his son to the fire; he goes to the light, sees a ghoul; the ghoul tells him to carry him on his back; the father says that the ghoul will eat them, but suggests that he start with the cow; lowering him from his back Gulya to the ground, the boy breaks his leg; while the ghoul eats the cows, the father takes him home; does not regret the missing herd, the main thing is that he saved his son]: 1-6, 53-63, 104-105; Kabila: Grim 1983 [the man has 7 daughters; one smart (this is Dzidza), one stupid, the others are so-so; he went on the Hajj, leaving food, drink and fuel for a year; left a dog named Khudaya; a gulya lives nearby, she is afraid of dogs; every time Gulya comes and says that he will eat D., the dog replies that he is on guard and Gulya D. will not eat; after learning from the Stupid that there are supplies for a year, Gulya came when the girls began to leave the house; said Stupid that will bring food, but the dog interferes; they killed her together; but the dog's blood is responsible for it; D. found blood, hid it in a hole in the wall; when Stupid washed the blood off the floor, the blood from the wall continues to respond; but The stupid gulya was also found there; after the dog did not answer, Gulya broke through the door; D. ran away, asks the moon what the cannibal is doing now; she replies that she ate one sister; then the other; and so everyone; D. came to a house where seven hunters lived; they said that if a man came, he would be their friend, and if a woman would be the wife of whoever found her; one of them found D.; when the hunters left, they tell you not to eat the beans that the cat plays; otherwise she will write on the fire, it will go out, she will have to go for the fire to the ghoul; this happened when she looked at the ghoul and grabbed the coals, D. saw that he was eating a mule, put it on skin and guts on her head; in the evening, the ghoul came and asked what D. saw; she replied that the ghoul ate a fat camel, there was a caftan on his shoulders, a beautiful turban on his head; the ghoul left; so 4 evenings in a row; on the fifth the hunters returned the day; told Gul to tell the gul about the guts on his head, he would break the doors and they would kill him; so it happened; the hunter who found D. married her]: 22-32; Rivière 1882, No. 6 [woman asks the moon who is the most beautiful in the world; the moon replies that the woman and she, but her daughter lying in the cradle will surpass them both; the daughter has grown up, went for a ball of threads, came to someone's house; hides and secretly cooks; the children answer the owner of the house that none of them cook; the owner waited for the girl (her name Thizourith), married her; she ate the bean, the cat tells me to give it to her, otherwise she will put out the fire; T. offers other beans, but the cat demands this one; puts out the fire; she comes to the ogre for fire; he begins to go to her and ask her how she saw him; T. replies that he was sitting on the sofa eating partridges; the husband tells me to ask why the cannibal came; in response, the cannibal wants to eat the woman, but the husband shot him; the woman came to her father, who asked to open his mouth, threw opium into her daughter's mouth, she lost consciousness; her husband found her; put her body in a chest, sent her on a camel, the sultan saw him, took out his body; the servants noticed an opium pill, took it out, the woman came to life; told the camel to bring her back to her husband; everyone is happy]: 215-221; Algerian Arabs: Belamri 1982 [7 brothers hunt, their sister stays at home with the cat, she plays with the bean; the girl crumbled the bean out of mischief; the cat demanded it back, refused to take another one; to punish the girl, she wrote to the fire, extinguishing it; the girl went to look for the fire, saw smoke in the distance, came to Gulya's house; at first he pretends not to understand what she needed; sits in a donkey skin cape, donkey intestines are wrapped around her head, roasts a donkey's carcass; gives fire, but hurts in the heel; on the way home, the girl leaves a bloody trail; the swallow covers droplets of blood with earth; near the house, she accidentally touches the wounded heel; the girl is hurt, she drives the swallow; out of resentment, she again exposes the bloody trail; the ghoul comes and asks what the girl saw; she replies that the ghoul was in silk wearing a silk turban, frying a gazelle; ghoul is happy, leaves; so many days; the girl turns pale in fear, loses weight; brothers ask her, hide, tell her next time to answer the gulya that he was wearing a donkey skin, etc.; a furious ghoul breaks into the house, falls into a dug hole, is filled with burning brushwood and burned]: 65-70; Desparmet 1910:229-234 (Blida) [], 235-248 (Medea) [leaving home for a year, father leaves 7 eggs to his daughters and asks what they would do with them; six offer to make scrambled eggs, the youngest realizes that this is a sign: to take them with them, they will break, leave them will go bad; offers to lock them up they were in the house with a supply of food for a year and dig a well in the yard; the father walled up the gate and left the watchdog; in fact, it is Jania, a {good} female spirit; one day the fire went out; the older sister went out look for the roofs to look for someone to give; in the seventh house, Gulya took the form of an old woman and, when she found out that the sisters' father had left, offered to live with them; came in the evening, but the dog drove her away; when the older sister came back to Gula, then on that necklace of donkey giblets, and sits on a donkey's head; says that a ghoul who took the form of a donkey was killed, all fed to dogs and jackals; the older sister believes that there is a ghoul around, and the old woman will be calmer, offers to kill the dog; the sisters threw her from the terrace into the yard, but the dog barks from there, gulya is afraid of her; then six sisters killed the dog, but a drop of blood hit the wall and barks; Gulya advises the older sister to kill the younger sister, and tell the father that it was the youngest who killed the dog; the dog comes to the youngest in a dream; tells her to pretend to go with his older sister to call a gulya, and herself jump off the terrace, run away; the good spirit of Jania's brother brought his younger father, but she was speechless; Gulya tells the sisters to transfer all their property to her, and to take the donkey head for himself - he will warn of the appearance ghuley; tell her father that the thieves stole everything; when she returned to her homeland, the youngest was speechless and told her father everything; Rouhani, the dog's brother, told the rest; he became a lion, brought Gulya and her 7 daughters, threw six sisters into the well; the youngest stayed with his father]; Filleul de Pétigny 1951 [the merchant has three daughters; the youngest Aisha is the smartest and most unfeminine valiant; when leaving, the merchant tells his daughters to any share food with the cat; the eldest daughters did not share, the cat extinguished the fire; A. went to get the fire, came to the hut of the gulya; he sits on a donkey's head, donkey's head instead of a spoon; the ghoul brought donkey meat, became cook; A. calls Gulya a handsome young man, says that he cooks lamb and interferes with the soup with a golden spoon; the ghoul gave fire, but scratched A.'s leg to find his way to her house by drop of blood; A. sisters keep silent if a ghoul appears; when he comes, she answers his questions as he likes: sitting on a golden chair, he stirred lamb soup with a golden spoon; the ghoul left; so many times; Father A. came back; A. dug a hole, covered it with her skin, threw brushwood into the hole; when the ghoul came, A. said she really saw it; the ghoul fell into the hole, A. set fire to brushwood; ghoul: if at least one from me the bone will remain, she will take revenge; A. began to shovel the coals, the bone scratched her cheek; after that, A. became even more inclined to male activities; the Sultan's son came to her; she agreed with on condition that she would put her ring on his finger; when he went hunting, A. put on men's clothes, met the Sultan's son, who did not recognize her, won and took the ring; a week later she asked about the ring; everything was clarified; the Sultan's son left in disgrace; A. went on a journey; in a coastal country, lions come out of the sea, devour people; A. put images of lions on the walls, sea lions were frightened and left; A. sailed to Seksar Island; the man said that cannibals lived there, he ran away from them alone and hid, climbing a tree; on the other part of the island, a local inhabitant jumped up to him the man on his back and refused to get down; ordered him to be worn, and he picked fruit from the trees; the man ran, the branches began to hit the person sitting in the eye, the man threw him off and ran away; in Yemen, A. defeated the monster with with a crooked saber, whose name is Horath; began to rule this country under the name Dzou Horath]: 24-38; Scelles-Millie 1963 (Souf) [going to Mecca, the king tells seven daughters not to unlock the door; one day at the youngest the matches were wet; she went out and saw a light in the distance; there was a cannibal; gave fire, biting off her little finger; on the way home, blood was dripping from him, but the nightingale sprinkled all the drops with sand; the girl got tangled between her legs, she scolded him; the nightingale was offended and removed the dust from the drops; on this trail, the cannibal came to the girls' house; said that she was their aunt, asked them to be unlocked; the youngest advised not to do so, but the elders told him not to do so, but the elders told him to open it to her; the youngest opened it, but hid behind the door and ran away, and the cannibal ate her sisters; on the run, the girl asks the sun if the cannibal is far away; the green snake took the girl to his underground palace; blowing at the cannibal who ran up, turned her into stone; gave the girl the keys to all but one rooms; she unlocked this room, there is a ram; says that the snake feeds the girl to eat; she confessed to the snake; he told the ram to answer: I will marry the Sultan's son, and I will make a rug out of your wool; when he heard this, the ram died of fear; the serpent passed her off as the son of the Sultan; he had many other wives; one put a new hand in boiling oil, but the serpent gave his adopted daughter unusual abilities and the oil did not hurt; then the other wives put their hands in the oil, were left without an arm; the serpent turned into an old man, told him to cut him off put the head under the bed, there will be a fragrance; other wives also killed their fathers, put their heads under the bed, the stench spread; the wives pushed the youngest into the well, but she only got into the palace his snake father; he killed other wives, his adopted daughter became the Sultan's only wife]: 299-304; Tunisia: Al-Aribi 2009, No. 15 [Once upon a time there was a father with his 7-year-old daughter Aisha. And one day he wanted to go on Hajj, but how would he leave his daughter alone? Aisha reassured him and said that he could go, but she would be alone and would not leave the house. He bought her everything she needed and left. Aisha lived with her cat. The cat asked her for a piece of meat every time, but Aisha could not give it to her because there was not much meat left, so the cat got angry and threw the boxes of matches into the well. Aisha climbed onto the roof and saw a neighbor lighting a fire. She asked him for fire, and he said he would only give it if she let her little finger be cut. She agreed. Then he gave her a coal. The next night, a neighbor came to her and knocked on the door and asked her how she liked his house. She answered him courteously and got rid of him with her cunning. This went on for a while, then her father came back. Aisha told her father everything about her angry neighbor, and her father decided to teach him a lesson. He dug a big hole in front of the house and covered it with grass. When an angry neighbor came in at night and asked Aisha how he treated her, she replied that he had treated her very badly. Then the neighbor got angry and was about to open the door by force, but fell into a hole. The father called the police and his angry neighbor was taken away. This is the end of all evil], 24 [Once upon a time Aisha had seven brothers. One day she was about to cook for them, went up to the roof, saw the smoke, and walked towards him. There was a ghoul, he gave her a coal, but he hurt her finger. She went home and blood kept dripping from her finger. A raven flew after her to hide traces of blood, but she hurt him and he flew away. Gul found her home and came to her every day to suck blood from her finger, which she put into the keyhole. The brothers found out about the ghoul and burned it. And cabbage grew in this place. Aisha cooked it, the brothers ate it and turned into birds. Aisha went to see an old lady. She told her she should get the heart of a ghoul and a gulsha. Aisha did so, cooked them with mehmes and put them on the roof. The brothers flew in, ate and became human again. Once a maid found a ring in the house, gave it to Aisha, who put it on and died. The brothers did not want to bury her, put her on a camel, and the camel came to a group of men playing. One came up to him and accidentally touched Aisha's hand, the ring fell, she came to life, married this man and had 2 children with him. Then her older brother went looking for her. I met Aisha's husband by chance at the market. He recognized him by his strong resemblance and invited him home. Aisha told her son her story, and her brother recognized it. Everyone is happy], 82 [A man and his wife gathered for the Hajj, and they left their little daughter Aisha at home, told them not to leave the house or open it to anyone, and left for a year. Aisha swept the floor, found a bob, called her cat. She didn't come, so Aisha ate it herself. Then the cat came and asked why Aisha was calling her. She told her that then the cat began to demand this bean from her, otherwise she would throw the last pack of matches into the well. Then Aisha climbed onto the roof of the house and saw a house in the distance where the fire was burning. She took small stones and began to scatter them so as not to get lost on the way back. When she came to this house, she saw Ibique Belharis roasting donkey meat on fire and his children standing around. Aisha asked for coal. Gul asked her finger to be cut off in return. She was bleeding on her way home. Gul came to her every night and asked her what she saw when she looked inside the house. She replied that she saw him roasting lamb meat and his children around him like gazelles. When the ghoul left, Aisha would go up to the roof and ask the moon when her parents would return. They came back, and she told them that the ghoul had cut off four fingers. My father dug a hole in front of the house, lit a fire in it and covered it. When the ghoul came in at night, she told him he was roasting donkey meat and donkey skin on it. Gul wanted to break the door, but he fell into a hole and cooked himself. Parents promised they would no longer leave Aisha alone] in Korovkina MS; the Arabs of Libya (Tripoli) [seven brothers ask their father's sister: if their mother now gives birth to a girl, hang a spindle on the fence and we will come back, and if the boy is a sickle and we leave home; a girl Udêa was born, but her aunt hung a sickle; 15 years later, W. once quarreled with her peers, they said that her 7 brothers were because of her left the house; her mother gave her a camel, a black maid named Barka, and her black husband; a day later, the maid demanded that W. get off the camel and let her sit down; W. called out to her mother, who told B. to go on foot; but on the third, the mother no longer heard her daughter's voice, B. forced her to change places; the caravans sent them to the brothers' house; before approaching, the maid put W. on a camel, but smeared them her resin; the black man threatened to kill her if she told her; her tear fell on her arm, her older brother erased the tar, W. admitted that he cut off the heads of a black man and a black woman; when leaving, the brothers always tell her sister give the cat what it eats by itself; once she found and ate a bean; the cat demanded half - this particular bean, not the other; but the bean was already eaten and then the cat put out the fire; W. came for fire to the cannibal; he covers himself with one lip, put the other under him; for the coal he demanded from W. a strip of skin from ear to thumb; W. went home, leaving a trail of blood; the raven flew behind and covered the drops of blood with earth; W. scolded him: he frightened her; then the raven removed the earth, revealing blood; the ogre came and asked what W. saw; she replied that she saw him sleeping on silk and silk closes; the ogre laughed and left, breaking one of the six wooden doors; so every time; when the seventh iron door was left, W. sent a letter to the brothers with a dove; the brothers rode until midnight, The cannibal has not yet come; they have dug a hole with hot coals in it; W. replies to the ogre that he covers himself with his own lip and sleeps on his lip; he broke the door, but fell into a hole, burned down; one nail bounced; stabbed W. in the arm and she lost consciousness; the brothers told the camel to take his mother's body home; three young men stopped him, found the body, one removed the ring from W.'s finger, the fingernail also fell out, W. woke up; I returned to my brothers, with her they returned to their parents; they stay with them]: Stumme 1898, No. 2:81-93 (retelling and quotes in Cosquin 1922b: 178-180); Egyptian Arabs: Uther 2004 (2), No. 1920H: 489-490.

Southern Europe. Spaniards [when daughter Mariquita is born, parents forget about their seven sons, they leave; M. gets lost, ends up in the brothers' house, secretly cleans it up; the brothers wait for her, recognize her sister by the ring ; M. forgets to feed the dog, he fills the fire with urine, M. follows the fire to the dragon; she gives a gun; the dragon comes after him, everyone sucks blood from M.'s finger; the brothers kill him, on his grave Parsley grows, whoever eats will become a black bull; M. forgets about it, puts it in soup, the brothers become bulls; the prince marries M., the bulls with her; leaves; the maid turns M. into a dove, sticking her in the head is a pin, takes its place, makes the bulls work; the dove flies to the prince, he accidentally takes out the pin, M. takes a human form; the brothers are spoiled with the same pin; the maid executed]: Malinovskaya 2002:210-214; Basques (recorded in French) [seven brothers leave home; after that, the mother gives birth to a girl; while playing, other children tell her that she would be the same as good as her brothers; the mother admits that her daughter has brothers, she goes looking for them; finds the brothers' house, cleans, cooks, hides; every night when the brothers fall asleep, she sews a shirt for one of them; the youngest wakes up; the brothers do not tell her to go to her neighbor; the sister goes to look for fire to cook; the witch gives fire and herbs to put in a basin to wash her feet; immersing her legs in there, brothers turn into cows, the youngest into a Breton cow; her girlfriend loves her more than others; the king sees her, she agrees to become his wife on the condition that he allows him to take care of the cows, especially Breton; she gives birth in the absence of her husband; a witch throws her into the abyss, goes to bed in her place; tells the king that he will recover if he slaughtered a Breton cow; the servant goes after the cows, they have abyss; he hears the Queen's voice; she says that she is suffering not for herself, but because of her child, husband and cows; the king pulls his wife out of the abyss; threatens the witch to burn her in the stove if she does not return her to the young men human appearance; it returns but is still burned; the ashes are scattered, the brothers married court ladies]: Webster 1879:187-191; Italians: Basile 2018 (Naples) [seven brothers announce mothers, that if she gives birth to a boy this time, and not a girl, they will leave; they are waiting on the hill for a symbol: if she is a son, the mother should throw an inkwell and a pen through the window, and if the daughter, a spoon and a spindle; the mother was accidentally mistaken; the brothers went to the forest and began to live in the house of a blind orc; for this they served as his guide one by one; Chianna grew up and went looking for brothers; found and stayed with them; they warned them to pay share any food to the cat; one day C. ate a bean without sharing it with the cat; she jumped on the fire, extinguishing it; C. went to the orc for fire; he began to sharpen his fangs because he hated women; C. locked herself in her room; The brothers promised to take him to the woman through the back door, pushed him into a hole and buried him; told his sister not to tear the grass where the orc was buried, otherwise they would turn into pigeons; one day a wanderer came in who was injured by a cone that fell from a tree; C. chewed rosemary growing on the site of the grave of the orc, made a band-aid; the brothers turned into pigeons; they said that only Mother of Time knew how to return them human appearance; a whale directs to the upper reaches of the river and asks you to know what to do to prevent it from hitting the rocks; mouse: how to get rid of cats; ant: what should be done to make them ants live longer ; old oak: how to regain honor (once acorns were people's food, and now only pigs); C. met an old man she healed; he carried Time rent from the field; he says that on top of the mountain in The mother of Time is sitting in the ruins of buildings; her eyelids are so heavy that she cannot lift them; we must tear out the watch weights; for if an old woman calls her son, he will eat what has come, but if there are no weights in the watch, he will not will be able to leave; C. makes a promise from the mother of Time not to give her away; hides, and the old woman asks her son questions; there is a treasure under the roots of the oak tree; a bell must be tied to the cat's paws; ants will live until a hundred years, if they give up the ability to fly; a whale (valena, j.r.) must prettier her face and make friends with a sea mouse (mr. - some fish); pigeon brothers must make a nest at the top of the column of wealth; pigeons sat on the bull's horns, became young men (allusion to a cornucopia); the brothers dug a treasure from under the oak tree; they were attacked by robbers, took money and tied them to trees; but the mouse gnawed through the fetters, and the ant showed the dungeon where the robbers took the treasures; the whale took the brothers and C. to their parents]: 426-439; Calvino 1980, No. 16 (Piedmont: Monferrato) [12 brothers built a house in the forest, became carpenters; their the sister grew up; the raven took her necklace away, she ran after her and came to the brothers; cooked food, cleaned it, hid; the next day, her younger brother began to watch and found her sister; the brothers told her not Whoever not to talk to is around a witch; one day the fire went out, the girl came to the witch's house; she gave fire, but promised to come tomorrow to suck blood from her finger; no need to unlock the door, just stick it out finger; brothers noticed that her sister was turning pale, asked her; when the witch came again, the girl did not stick her finger out; the witch put her head in the cat's hole, the brothers cut off her head; the girl met another a witch, she gave her 12 bowls, and when her brothers ate, 11 became oxen, and the youngest, who only took a little sip, into a lamb; the prince saw the girl, married her, and brought her animals to him; a witch She came, asked the young queen to pick a bunch of grapes for her, standing on the edge of the pool, pushed her into the pool, took her form, asked the king to slaughter the lamb; he suspected something was amiss, went to get the lamb took his wife out of the pool; the witch was burned, and as she burned, oxen and lamb turned human again]: 48-50; Sardinians: Uther 2004 (2), No. 1920H: 489-490.

(Wed. Western Europe. (Wed. French (Haute-Brittany) [three orphan brothers are coal burners; the eldest two go to the party; the younger Francois fell asleep, dreamed that he was rich; when he woke up, the fire went out; he saw a glow; there spirits, led by the oak king, celebrate; he allows him to take a log so as not to come again; in the morning F. saw that the log was golden; he hid it, later came to Paris, began to lead the life of the Marquis, everything wasted and lost, returned to his brothers; decided to go to the spirits again; the oak king offered him to take a log; F. stuck to him and burned down]: Soupault 1959, No. 27:223-252).

Melanesia. Bukavak [two unmarried women caught an eel, put it in a calabasa with water, made them a husband; their young sons were looking for water to drink, found an eel, fried it, ate it; the mothers decided to leave them, but left the fire and the baked tarot alone; the boys went to look for their mothers; told the mango tree to pick them up, threw the pig's fruit with an obsidian knife inside, the pig died; the youngest went for fire; the fire at Okémo cannibals; she tells the boy to carry his child, carries fire herself; the child is in ulcers, with sharp bones; O. devours pig meat; while he goes to wash the giblets, the boys cook the remaining meat, carry on a tree, they put child O. in a pot; she eats him; calls people from the village to cut down a tree where the boys are hiding; the felling overgrows; one child throws chips into the fire, they no longer grow; the tree falls, running over O., other people go home; boys turn into parrots, fly into the forest; when the weather is bad, they are in the mountains, but when the weather is good, by the sea]: Lehner 1931a, No. 16:65-68; mono (Shortland Islands) [the woman's fire went out, she sent her two older children to pick the fire, warned them to follow "our path" and not along the Matairua trail ("two eyes", {I mean, except for the usual two, a couple more behind}); from the fork, those went along the path M.; she saw them with the eyes behind them; followed them to their mother; took the baby, tore off his arm and leg, put them in the basket, killed the mother, took her and the baby, cooked it, ate it; people They sent the children to sing for M., lured them to a trap pit, M. fell, the men killed her]: Wheeler 1926, No. 50:50; (cf. Vedau [mother tells two daughters to wash their brother and cook food for him; the older sister insists that the mother told her brother to cook food; kills him, cooks meat; the father is angry drives her daughters away; they starve, collect grasshoppers, lizards, snakes in a basket, come to a house where the man is in ulcers; the eldest sneaks to take his head to make a fire, but the spark falls on the man, he calls girls to themselves; eats everything by himself, makes girls work in the garden; they ask the Uapanipani crane to save them; they ask the Uapanipani crane to save them; he picks them up, brings them to their parents; they are happy]: Ker 1910:64-68; Gazelle Peninsula: Meier 1909, No. 1a [grandmother sends her granddaughter to get water, the kangaroo tore her bucket of leaves; grandmother waited, killed kangaroo; sent her granddaughter to To Makonakonom for fire; he raped her, demanded a part of a kangaroo; his grandmother smeared a piece of crap for him, hid with her granddaughter in a tree; T. promises the birds a woman they say where the hidden ones are; he tries to climb, they cut off the vines; he shakes them off in the basket, swallows them with the basket; the girl has an obsidian flake with her; her grandmother cuts a hole, swallowed go out; T. heals her dissected flesh, whole again], 1b [grandmother sends her granddaughter for fire to To Makonakonom; he burns the girl with a hot stone; grandmother and granddaughter hide in a tree; M. shakes them off, swallows them; other people dig a hole, put a drum on the edge, ask M. to hit it, push it, fill it with stones]: 175-181, 181-185); Reef Islands [a woman with two daughters lives in a stone grotto; the daughters took 4 baskets and went fishing with torches; the fire went out; they saw a light, came up, poked torches at it to make the leaves catch fire again; it was not a fire, but a mouth the ogre ("the one who eats meat raw"); the cannibal chases the girls; they consistently throw away baskets of fish; every time the ogre spends time eating fish; when the girls run into the grotto, they told the house" raise your ass", and when the cannibal tried to get inside, they told him to lower it; the rock crushed him]: Nss 2006:47-49.

Micronesia-Polynesia. Marshall Islands (Jaluit) [the old woman goes fishing, warns her son not to let the fire go out; he fills the fire with water; he goes after the fire to the spirit; he intends to kill him, the boy runs away; sets a trap on a palm tree; the spirit comes to the palm tree, falls into the trap, dies]: Erdland 1914, No. 4: {without pagination}; Gilbert [while father is fishing, son watches the fire; one day the fire goes out, son went to the northern part of the island, where 10 brothers, their names One, Two, etc., each had a name; they did not know how to fish and cultivate the land, they only collected shellfish and crabs; a young man turns to One, he refers to Two, etc.; Ten offered to get the fire out of the earth furnace himself and pushed it into it; the father of the deceased came to Ten, began to fight him, broke all 10 one by one heads, avenging their son]: Koch 1966:35-36; Tuvalu: Kennedy 1931 (Waitupu) [two friends were fishing, it rained, the torch went out; they saw a light in the distance; they approached him, but it turned out to be glowing with the cannibal's knee; he agreed not to eat them yet, if they were fishing for him; one day the food ran out; the cannibal told the young men to fight; put the fallen man in an earthen furnace; when he opened it, the young man was alive, and near tarot, pulaka, fish, pork; they ate well]: 159-160; Koch 1966 (Niutao atoll) [Mumumaiuta and Mumumaitai boys were fishing with torches; one day it rained, the torches went out; Mumumaiuta saw in the distance light; there is a witch with a child; the young men offered to look for insects in the child, then wash the witch's feet - she refuses; she agreed to leave the young man with the child until she goes to look for food herself; the young men killed the child, hid it under a mat, cooked the liver, told the returning witch that they had caught a fish; when they left, they shouted that she had eaten her child's liver; the witch lifted the mat and died of grief]: 87 -88.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Tibetans [(from Vetala's Twenty-Five Tales); a girl comes to a cannibal's house to ask for fire; gets a piece of grilled human ear, eats it, she liked it; the cannibal and her daughter offer friendship, they explain to the girl how to kill her mother so that she does not interfere; the girl pretends to be sick, tells her mother that she will recover if she hits her chest against a millstone; cuts off her breasts with a millstone, the mother dies; a cannibal and her daughter eat a corpse, a girl herds their cows, carries firewood; a cannibal's daughter puts on her clothes and jewelry, gives her rags; see motif K33 (the girl's mother helps her, the cannibal's daughter dies, girl becomes queen)]: Schlepp 2002:125-132; lepcha [crab and blackbird became friends; killed and cut a wild boar, but no fire; the thrush went in search, came to the demoness Samoo; she gave smut, but ordered it to be shaken on the way; following the falling sparks, S. came to the place where the wild boar was being cut, but the thrush took its share to the tree and the crab into the water; the thrush threw wood latex at the demoness; she sewed up her anus, drank the pond in which the crab hid; but the thrush pecked her anus and the water flowed out again; S. closed her anus again, but this time covered it with latex, the thrush's beak stuck, she caught it, she put it in a cage, and also took out the crab and hung it by the claw; the thrush began to scream that the crab stink; S. leaned over to smell the crab, and it cut its throat; the crab returned to the water, and the thrush to the tree]: Gorer 1938:490-491; Bhutan [Paydon and her brother lived in an abandoned village; when leaving, the brother warns: don't forget to feed the rooster; P. once forgot to feed him; the rooster put out the fire; P. went to look fire, noticed smoke behind the forest; an old woman with a huge goiter was spinning by the fire; she fired, quietly attached a ball of yak wool to P.'s clothes; followed, winding the wool back into a ball; came to P.; she noticed that when the fire broke out, the old woman's goiter became less, and when it went out, the goiter increased; P. realized that she could only escape if she kept the fire bright all night; if the fire was almost it would go out, the goiter would burst, water would splash out of it, the old woman would eat P.; when the last log burned out, the rooster shouted and the old woman left; the next night P. prepared more firewood, the old woman had no chance; There was no more firewood left, but fortunately, the brother returned a day earlier than promised; the brother prepared hammers and pliers made of wood and iron, nice and worn leather bags; an old woman came and offered to fight ; the young man gave her wooden tools and a bad bag, and took iron and a good one for himself; invited the old woman to put him in her bag and hit him with this hammer, grab it with ticks; the bag soon broke; now the guy put the old woman in his bag; beat her to death]: Choden 1994:115-119; duffle [two brothers left on business; their two sisters returned from the field and found out that the fire was out; the eldest Yasi went to Appa Pili to get the fire; he told me to sprinkle ash on the way back; came on an ash trail; the younger sister hid; the eldest, when asked by AP, answered that it was necessary to enter the house through the chimney; he ate I. collected his bones, put on their clothes, put them like a scarecrow; the brothers found the door locked, hit me, the skeleton fell; the brothers sent his younger sister to AP for fire; when AP came, they gave him a drink, he said that You can only kill him by putting a certain blade of grass in his mouth and pulling him out of his anus; that's how he was killed]: Bori 1995:57-59; koireng [Yamlut is mighty; once in his absence, his daughter danced with spirit; that forbid responding to her father's hail; she told her father and immediately disappeared; I went in search; meets, takes as companions 1) a scorching pig, holding the carcass on one finger; 2) killing a deer with his hands; 3) who put a banyan trunk in his ear; everyone, not knowing who is in front of him, says that his strength is nothing compared to that of I.; at rest, Y. sent his companions to hunt; they brought a deer, but there is no fire; in the distance hut; one went, there was a woman weaving; ordered to take coal; the man immediately put it in the pot and found himself there; the corpse became tiny; so with all three companions; I tore off the straw from the roof and made a torch; began to fight the old woman and defeated her; took his comrades out of the pot, they came to life; came to their place and fried the deer; Omlai is the husband of this old woman; four grabbed him, tied him up, but he easily broke his fetters; said, from what plants should be made ropes; he was tied tightly; O.: the girl is under my wife's pillow; she gave the girl, the thin corpse; the old woman gave the bone to revive the girl; I threw her away, thinking that the bones a lot, but it was not possible to revive my daughter with other bones; I had to go back and take that bone; the girl was born even more beautiful]: Oinam et al. s.a.; meitei ["Gadadhar"; about the same as the koireng]: Oinam et al. s.a.

Burma-Indochina. The Tyams [astrologers promise the childless king that he will have a son if he makes sacrifices at the mouth of the river, but this son will ruin the kingdom; the king makes sacrifices; the boy eats a lot, the king ruined; when his son is 15 years old, his father calls him to the forest, knocks down a tree on him; in the evening the son brings a tree to his father; tells him to forge a heavy axe, leaves, his name is Strong; meets the Wagon Pulling (without bulls), Reeds (chopping reeds on five mountains); both can't lift the Strong's axe, become his younger brothers; giants Sharp Butt, Snotty, Big Foot fish; Strong asks for fish, each giants tell another to give, finally, Big foot gives, Sharp ass hits the ship in anger, Snotty closes the hole with snot; the portion of fish is so large that there is no firewood in the village to fry her; brothers go to the forest, they have no fire; a pulling wagon comes to the old woman, she throws it into the cauldron; the same with the Reed; the Strong makes the old woman give the plant of immortality, revives the brothers, sews it up the old woman's eyes and mouth, tells her husband to be sent in their footsteps; the giant husband drives the Wagon and the Reed up to the neck into the ground; the Strong drives him up to the neck into the ground; the old woman goes to look for her husband, urinates where he is in the ground, hears his voice, digs up; The strong throws the head of the fish to China; the emperor promises a daughter to the one who removes the smelly head; the Strong cleans up, marries the princess of the Wagon, leaves him the tree of immortality, tells you to make sure that no one enters the garden; throws a fish head at Siam; throwing it into the sea, gets the Princess of Siam, gives it to the Reeds; returns to the land of the Tyams; pulling the wagon let people into the garden, the tree of immortality flew to heaven, the Strong immediately died; the Wagon Pulling and the Reed came for him to the land of the Tyams, also died]: Landes 1887, No. 8:67-76; the Tyams [childless king calls on fortunetellers, they advise giving alms to the people; the son will be born, but will bring poverty and grief; the king agrees, the boy born is voracious, grows up to be a hero; the father wants to destroy him, leads to the mango tree, promises to shed fruit, cuts down the tree, leaves; the son drags the tree to the palace, orders it to be planted, it has taken root; the prince wanders, meets, takes the heroes of Tasas as companions (drags a huge cart), Havihawa (cuts mountains of reeds), but they can't pick up its axe; three strange people (one with a long nose, the other with a tail, the third with duck legs) fish, give it to their brothers, so there is a lot that the village does not have enough firewood to fry it; brothers go into the forest, look for fire; they see fire, T. follows him, where the witch kills him, throwing an iron loom shuttle, throws him into the cauldron; the same with H.; prince catches a shuttle, makes the sorceress revive T. and H., ties her up; her husband comes, eats an elephant, chases her brothers, defeats T. and H., the prince tears off his head, she rolls off to China; for the prince threw her to Siam, the emperor gives him a daughter; the prince marries her T., plants grass that brings life back to life in the imperial garden, tells no one to let her in; removes the sorcerer's head from Siam, marries H. to Siamese princess; strangers approached the grass of immortality, the prince is dead; T. and H. return to Champa]: Nikulin 1990:202-207; Thais [the son of the poor eats terribly much, his name is Seven Gorshkov; father knocks on he is a tree, he brings a tree on his back; the father offers his son to catch a wild horse, he brings a tiger; parents say that the giant owes them money, the son goes to repay the debt; takes 100 as his companions carts of bricks, pulling 100 bamboo stems at once, trees rolling their heads; brothers need fire to fry a huge grasshopper; they take turns coming to the old woman for fire, who ties them with silk yarn; Seven Pots binds her together; kills her, revives her companions with her magic rod; they kill a giant, Seven Pots marries a princess, companions gain posts in the kingdom; Seven Pots cares about parents]: Vathanaprida 1994:96-103.

South Asia. Marathi [two eagles took a poor thrush baby girl; raised her in their huge nest, brought her outfits and jewelry, named Surya Bai ("sun maiden"); the cat tried to steal food S. hit her, the cat put out the fire; S. came to Rakshasi in search of fire; she asked her to do various jobs, hoping that her Rakshasa son would come and eat her together; he lingered, the Rakshasi were given coals, asked to sprinkle grain on the way home; Rakshas tried to enter the nest, asked to unlock it, posing as an eagle, but S. did not open it; he broke his poisonous claw and left it in the wall; his claw pierced S. , she died; the eagles put a ring on her finger, flew away; the king saw S., took out his claw, she came to life, became his wife; the first wife is jealous, asked to try on her jewelry, pushed her into the pond; at this point a sunflower has grown; rani tells it to be burned, ash thrown away, mango grows in this place; the fruit falls into the vessel of that thrush, she brings it home, her husband and sons find a tiny woman in the vessel; she grows up, turns into S.; the Raja sees her, everything is explained, the eldest wife is imprisoned forever]: Frere 1868, No. 6:87-102; Sinhales: Volkhonsky, Solntseva 1985, No. 92 [the youngest of seven giants (MB) do not work, lie on the ash; the brothers send him to the site, which grows a giant field of rice; the brothers lie that there is no field, he leaves; he takes a banyan digging his teeth as companions, bait from an elephant that blocks the river with feet; the satellites take turns being killed by the woman they come to ask for coals; MB threatens to kill her, she revives the satellites; they throw fish bone, blocking the river; the river dries up; they take out the bone themselves; someone brings a piece of bone to the king, gets the princess promised by the king; MB exposes the impostor, gives the princess first companion; similar episodes with other kings, each companion gets a wife; MB marries the daughter of the cannibal king he killed; her hair is swallowed by fish, ends up with the king; the old woman promises to bring a woman; asks MB's wife find out where his life is; in a sword; an old woman puts a sword in the fire, takes the woman away; MB companions see that lemon trees and lotus flowers have withered; find and clean a sword; revived MB finds a wife, kills kidnapper, takes his kingdom]: 222-225; Parker 1910, No. 12 [translated to Volkonsky, Solntseva 1985, No. 113:276-278; the translation combines three similar versions published in Parker 1910, No. 12:120-128} ; the husband clears the plot, the wife is weaving the basket; the husband saw a wild melon vine (Cucumis callosus); ate the fruit; and when the wife came, there were many fruits; she began to eat and gave birth to a girl; husband: Pick up the girl or the bag? wife: a bag; a pair of black storks carried the girl to her nest; she grew up; storks went to bring her bracelets, telling her not to let the fire go out and not let the Parrot, the Dog and the Cat in; but on the third day the girl let the cat in and it extinguished the fire; the girl sent the Parrot to find out where the fire was; smoke rises above the Rakshasa house; the girl came there, only Rakshasi at home; she gave 7 baskets of rice, 7 pots of water, 7 bundles of firewood and a leaky coconut shell, where she poured coals; an ash trail remains on the way back; Rakshas came to the girl's house; says he brought gold; Parrot: don't unlock; the next two once the same (Dog, then the Cat does not tell); Rakshas caught up and killed the dog and cat, and the parrot flew away; for the fourth time he does not order to unlock the Noringa pterygosperma tree; Rakshas knocked him down, cut him down; then the log speaks; the rakshas burned logs and branches - ash says; the rakshas poured ash into the river, but now the water is talking; the rakshas tried to drink it and burst; and just as the storks arrived, brought gold bracelets]: 120-124; Perera 1917 [the gamarala's wife does not know that the melons are ripe, the husband eats them secretly from her; finally, she notices a seed in her husband's beard; they go together, the wife gives birth; the couple decided to take the harvest first home, left the newborn alone; a couple of cranes took her away; they gave the girl a parrot, a dog and a cat, she calls them sisters; the cranes went to get pearls for her jewelry; told her not to leave caves and take care of animals; without getting enough food, the cat filled the fire with urine; the girl comes to Rakshasi cave, where her daughter is; she is stalling for time, hoping that Rakshasi herself will come: tells the girl bring water, chop wood and grind two pots of seeds; it all gets fire in a leaky coconut shell; rakshasi comes on an ash trail; says that cranes have come and brought pearls; the cat and dog are told not to open them; the Rakshasi killed them, left her nails on the doorstep; when she stepped on them, the girl lost consciousness; when her nails were pulled out, she recovered; the cranes put on her a beautiful outfit and on top of the lousy cape, they told her to leave because she was already an adult; the girl was hired as a maid in the king's kitchen; one man saw her swimming, taking off her cape; the king forced her to throw away her cape and married her]: 48-49; dhanwar: Sontheimer 1989:108-109 [Masi and Reddi Nilamma have six sons; Shiva decided to help them, came disguised as a beggar, gave N. sacred ash, promised that she would give birth to a son Undala Padmanna; while farming, the family became rich; but the UE did not go to work in the field; the brothers decided to get rid of it, told him to set fire to the grass at the anthill so that a snake would crawl out and bite it; but Sheep appeared instead of the snake; S. explained what to do with them and how to milk them; sent the UE to the Rakshasa city for fire; they have a brahmana's daughter in captivity; UE runs with her, the girl hides him from her pursuers, turning him into captivity as a lizard; at home, the UE also took a wife from his caste; during the marriage ceremony she was tied cotton bracelets and the brahmana's daughters were tied with wool; the status of those with wool is lower], 110-111 [Pā rvatī made the figure of a man by mixing milk from his right breast with the ground, a woman from her left breast; they have a son Ādigonda; Shiva and P. asked him for a plot of land, dug a hole there, hid sheep in it; a ring P. remained there in the form of a muttala plant in his nose; Padmagonda, the youngest of A.'s six sons, is idle; the brothers' wives told him to weed the field; he uprooted the muttala plant, the sheep came out; he got scared, drove they were back, brushwood was piled up, set on fire; the sheep jumped out again, burned, so they were of different colors; one day P. did not have a fire to boil milk; he came to Rakshasi's house for him, found her daughter; killed Rakshasi, she managed to revenge to create wolves; married a Rakshasi daughter and another girl; during the wedding ceremony, the first has woolen bracelets on her feet, the second has cotton bracelets]; baiga [11 brothers are married, working for the plot; the youngest is single, brings them food that an unmarried sister cooks, drops a lot on the ground; brothers beat him; Mahadeo and Parvati make 12 axes clear 12 plots themselves; brothers guard wild boar crops; The hawk and his wife consistently invite brothers, starting with the eldest, to stay with his daughter, hollows out the core of the arrows; in the morning a boar comes, the arrows break, the boar kills young men; the younger brother pulls out strong arrows, kills the wild boar, revives the brothers; the Hawk's daughter stays with them; they don't tell them to fry fat; she roasts, the fat fills the fire; she tells the poplar to bend down, pick it up, sees Rakshasa fire; his wife gives fire, orders rye to be poured along the path so that the fire does not go out; after the rain, rye sprouts; Rakshasa's daughter-in-law consistently husbands 11 brothers, leads them to her, where they are kill; the youngest kills the Rakshasa, revives the brothers; they beat him, they persecute him, he marries the Raja's daughter, takes the brothers to the palace]: Elwin 1944, No. 1:164-170 (translated to Zograf 1971, No. 20:67-73); gondas [people ate raw food; the fire was owned by a huge shaggy Dano, it was in his stomach; the man came for fire; Dano wanted to eat it, but gave coal when he learned that there were many other people in the village; he gave man a seed pod, followed the seed trail; people killed with arrows, took out fire]: Elwin 1949, No. 10:112-113.

Malaysia-Indonesia. Dayaki (western Sarawak) [Klieng and four others, the youngest of them Limband, went hunting with their dogs; L. stayed where they had rice; gathered all the rice together, caught the wild boar, and returned; K. amazed; there is no way to carve fire; a faint light is visible in the distance, only L. went to get the fire; he met the giant Gua, who puts it in his ear, brings him home; G. ate all the people, decided to make L. his grandson; for the night he gives him a mat and a screen made of gold; tells him to wake himself up with a hammer; he woke up only after the third blow; when L. matured, G. gave him a luxurious outfit; marries Bunsu Mata-ari; swimming, she put the jewelry in a bowl, and she sailed along the river; she was picked up by the Malay wife; he promised to marry the owner of the jewelry; sent warriors, L. killed them easily, G. ate the dead; then the Malay gathered people different tribes, including brothers L.; L. fights with K.; they get to know each other; G. says he will soon die, gives all the property to L. and K.; G.'s skull grew banang (banyan?) ; its petals became beads, leaves became tissues, ripe fruits became ceramic vessels, branches became iron and steel]: Ling Roth 1896:328-332; toraja [Pottori Tondon tells her husband that if he screams a lizard living in the house, he must run; she screams himself, the husband comes running in panic, hits his wife on the head with a dagger, she rushes into the river pool; every day her daughters come to the shore, she gives her younger breast; her father the eldest explains that she fed the youngest mulberry; he follows, tries to grab the PT, she slips out; the sisters leave, the eldest climbs the mango, puts a knife in one fruit, throws a wild boar that comes up, that dies; going to look for fire, the eldest comes to the witch Indo Orro-Orro; she makes her admit that the fire needs to fry the wild boar, divides the meat so much that she takes everything for herself; the sisters follow, unnoticed replace the meat in the witch's basket with stones; she brings the basket to her husband, he scolds the IOO; the sisters eat wild boar meat, the IOO finds them, feeds them; the lizard warns the sisters that the IOO wants to eat them, tells them leave a louse, a bug, a flea in the house to answer for themselves; sisters climb a palm tree, tell it to be tall, throw it where their mother is; fall east; PT does not recognize them, gives a pig talker; they see a scar from a dagger on her head, they cry, everything turns out; PT is married to a boa constrictor; PT tells her daughters to throw nuts from the roof, says they are mice; the boa constrictor stops paying attention, falls asleep, PT throws it under the house where buffaloes trampled on him]: Teselkin 1959:23-31 (=Braginsky 1972:138-144); (cf. Mentawai [three sisters raised a boa constrictor near her house; the eldest said that if the fire she left in the evening could not be inflated in the morning, she would have to go to the boa constrictor for the fire; the same middle one; when the fire the youngest leaves him, the eldest floods him at night, sends her sister to the boa constrictor; she becomes his wife; when the wife in the garden, a boa constrictor turns into a beautiful young man, comes to her; in the evening she tells her husband about the visits of an annoying handsome man; a neighbor advises to follow the boa constrictor, his wife burns his skin, he remains human; the older sister demands him as her husband, because his father let her feed him first; Boa constrictor says he marries someone whose saliva is white; older sisters have black saliva, he stays with his youngest]: Loeb 1929, No. 5:92-98).

Taiwan - Philippines. Tingian [two hunters killed a wild boar in the forest, but they don't have fire; one climbed a tree and noticed smoke; came to the fire, and a woman Alan (a forest creature with wings directed at him) is sitting next to him back with her toes and hands); A. gave fire and came to the place where the hunters left the wild boar; cut the carcass with her sharp nails, took out the liver and told the man to take the liver to her child; he came to A.'s house and threw the child into the boiling pot, returned; A. took the meat, carried it to her place, and the hunters climbed a tree by the water; when A. saw the child cooked, A. set off in pursuit; first saw a reflection in the water, tried to grab him; then looked up, asked how the hunters climbed the tree; they say that they were legs forward; A. climbed the vine with her feet forward; the hunters cut off the vine, A. fell, killed; At A.'s house, hunters found vessels with gold and beads]: Cole 1916:74-76; apayao [two brothers killed a wild boar; it's too heavy, they don't have fire; one went to the giant for fire; said he wanted to fry grasshoppers, crabs; the giant every time says that this is his favorite food; takes almost all the meat for himself; brothers offer to compete in diving, replace meat with stones, climb a tree above the river; at home the giant pours the contents of the basket into the cauldron, the stones pierce it, the fire goes out; the giant sees the reflection of the brothers, cuts the tree; the brothers tell the axe to cut his legs; the giant's wife takes the ax - the same; brothers returning home]: Wilson 1947b: 51-54.

The Balkans. Moldovans [three boys kidnap three royal daughters (the middle one is the best), hide in the cloud; three sons of a peasant are looking for them, the youngest is Calin the Fool (K.); they take turns guarding the fire, they kill three-, four-, eight-headed dragons in their turn; during the battle, K.'s fire goes out, he goes to look for fire; on the way he connects Evening, Midnight, Dawn to prolong the night; tries to carry the fire away 12 dragons, caught; they ask for the daughter of the Red King; K. kills dragons one by one, carrying them across the wall; cuts off tongues; returns to his brothers, unleashing Evening along the way, etc.; finds three princesses, kills the dragons that kidnapped them; the older brothers cut off K.'s legs, take the princesses, make the middle one a maid; K. finds the armless prince, he carries him; they grab the mother of dragons, tell her to return their legs and hands; she first points to a pond with dead water, then alive; they heal, kill a dragon; the daughter of the Red King is passed off as a gypsy who allegedly killed dragons; K. shows the tongues of dragons, a gypsy they tie a horse to the tail; K. passes the princess off as a friend prince, finds brothers himself, tells them to throw a weight, she falls on her brothers, presses them; K. marries the middle princess, forgives daughters-in-law]: Moldavian tales 1968:158-168; Romanians: Browne 1915 [three shepherd brothers spent the night in the woods; the elder went to look for fire, saw half a man roasting a whole; half a man promised fire for lying; the shepherd answered that he does not know a lie; Half a man tied him up to fry him too; the same with his middle brother; the younger one tells a lie; "At my father's wedding, I went to threshing; when I returned, my mother gave birth to me; my father told cut the branches at the top of the tree, climb by piercing the axe into the trunk, then taking it out and piercing it again, stepping like steps; the axe fell, split into seven female axes and one male, they lifted me up sky; there the swallows did not eat me, as my father warned me, but took me to heaven; there I drank from the well, forgot my head in it; came back for her, she grew two shod feet, she skated; I put it down head back into the well, found himself on the ground; there my father sat with yours on an oak trunk, they made pots, all the unsuccessful ones my father broke against your head"; Half a man shouts that this is a lie, the shepherd kills hits him on the head, frees his brothers, takes fire]: 310-312; Nortines 1935 [after the shepherd's death, his three sons drove the sheep to the mountains; once they spent the night in a remote place, but there was no fire; the elder climbed on an oak tree, saw fire in the distance; a half man came there; demanded to tell him one truth and one lie, otherwise he would tie him to a horse, she was also half; he did not know what to say, the monster tied him; then But with his middle brother; the youngest says that his father was a potter and smashed the pot against the monster's head; he's a lie! the brothers came back, cooked and ate their hominy, fell asleep; at night the monster came up and started screaming: who hears and does not answer? contrary to the younger one's warning, the elders responded, the monster tied them up; released them for promising to give him the youngest; the monster brought him to his place, fell asleep, telling them to fry the fish; the guy burned him with his fish only eye; he gave his ring; the guy loaded the monster's property on the wagons, drove him, found himself in an unfamiliar place; on the road, a skull promised to take him to a familiar road; when he disappeared, the ring on his finger began to scream; Half came to his voice; the guy cut off his finger with a knife, threw the ring, the monster followed him, fell into the water and drowned; the boy returned to his brothers; the elders married, the youngest also went to look a wife; that skull appeared during the wedding; but bread and wine started talking to him, noon came and the skull was gone; the wedding continued]: 238-246; Romanians [the poor fisherman saved the line in the forest from wolf; hell asks to come to him with the one who loves him best (mut seiner Hoffnung zu kommen); the devil took the form of a young man and seduced the fisherman's wife to kill him; the husband woke up and saw her with an ax; the next the day came with the dog, she began to drive away the line and he gave the man a bag of gold; the man went hunting with his two brothers; so that the husbands would return faster, the wives hid their chairs and the brothers were in the forest without fire; the elder climbed a tree and noticed the fire; there was a dragon, demanding to tell a fairy tale, he could not, the dragon picked it up with his tail and threw it into the fire; the same with the middle brother; the youngest (that fisherman) said; (should)]: Bîrlea 1966:395-397; Bosnians [when they die, the father tells his three sons to give their three sisters to be the first to come for them; the elders do not go to give their sisters to strangers, the younger Mula-Mustafa gives them; the brothers go to look for them; they spend the night by the lake, the older brother guards the first night, a dragon crawls out of the lake, the young man cuts off his head, cuts off his ears, head and the body throws into the lake; on the second night, the same middle brother, a two-headed dragon; on the third MM, a three-headed dragon; when he threw his body into the lake, a wave flooded the fire; MM sees fire in the distance, comes to the fire of giants; those they will fire if MM kills the sultan in Istanbul; the giant takes MM to the Sultan's chambers, but MM kills the giant himself, takes the Sultan's ring, leaves; the awakened sultan tells you to find his savior, for this is to arrange inns where to ask visitors about their adventures; three brothers meet in such a courtyard, tell them what happened to them, get to know each other; the sultan passes his daughter off as MM; after leaving, orders not to unlock the room where Atesch Perischa; MM unlocks, AP takes his wife (i.e. the Sultan's daughter); MM goes in search; arrives at the tower, where the older sister is married to the king of ravens; raven sends to her middle sister, she after the king of dragons, that to the youngest for the king of eagles; the king of eagles convenes eagles, only one old patient can deliver MM to AP, but first she must swim in living water, she between rocks that open once a year; MM feeds the eagle with rams, the eagle rejuvenates before the rocks slam shut; AP arrives on a three-legged horse; in his absence, MM negotiates with his wife to she found out what AP's life is like; he says that in a broom, in a pipe, in a mug; MM tells his wife to decorate them every time; AP admits that he is in a three-legged horse; who will kill a mare that comes out of the lake once a year and takes her foal, he will defeat him; he did not kill the mare himself, but wounded the foal, so he is three-legged; MM killed, took the foal, his wife gave him cow milk, which became a powerful horse; MM killed AP, on a three-horse imprisoned his wife, returned with her to the Sultan]: Schütz 1960, No. 4:31-48; Bulgarians [9 brothers go to the forest; their sister comes and stays with them; they warn her not to let the fire go out, but the fire goes out (a cat or dog wrote on it); a girl comes to a self-diver (dragon, bear) for fire; returning home, the girl leaves an ash trail (a ball of thread unwinds behind her); self-divination follows the trail, leaves a tooth (nail, sharp bone) at the girl's house, steps on him, dies; brothers bury her in a golden coffin; the one who finds her imperishable body (usually a prince) takes out a tooth (nail and etc.), the girl comes to life, the prince marries her]: Daskalova-Perkovska et al. 1994, № 709A: 247-248; the Greeks [12 brothers go to the mountains; ask the father: if a daughter is born, let him raise the flag, and if again son, then give a shot sign and they will not return; a shot was heard; when she found out that she had brothers, the girl went to the place where they had built houses for themselves; cleaned everything, cooked, hid; the brothers became Queues to guard, but only the youngest did not fall asleep; one day the girl's fire went out; she came to the old woman for the fire; {the old woman gave fire, but made sure that she found out where the girl lived}; the old woman came to to the girl; the brothers found her sister pale; they waited for the old woman, killed; the girl stepped on the bone and lost consciousness; the brothers thought that she died and gave the body to the caravans; they noticed the bone, took it out, the girl came to life; the brothers came, did not recognize her sister, but she recognized them; returned to them]: Dawkins 1916:347-351; Hungarians, Serbs, Croats, Slovenes: Uther 2004 (2), No. 1920H: 489- 490.

Central Europe. Slovaks [three laundresses have lost their husbands; they want to bake bread, they are looking for fire; the first, the second go away, disappear; the youngest consistently meets three riders with a dog; each dog gives one a piece of bread, she shares it among herself, the horse and the owner; the first rider is light, the second is darker, the third is dark; the third explains that they serve as the sun, the month, the sorcerer's night; tells you to put it on the sorcerer is halter, dragged into the fire; the sorcerer turns into various monsters, animals, then burns; on the site of the house, the country and the city; the people sitting in cages, including the first two laundresses, are free]: Bogatyrev 1955:176-179; Czechs: Uther 2004 (2), No. 1920H: 489-490; Russians (Arkhangelsk, Karelia, Novgorod, Pskov, Tambov, Voronezh), Ukrainians (Bukovina, Eastern Slovakia, Galicia, Grodno, Hutsulshchina, Transcarpathia, Podolia, Pokutye, Ugric Rus), Belarusians: SUS 1979, No. 311C* [Shane 1893, No. 31:65; Invisible hand and three sisters: sisters alternately follow with fire; the elders are killed by an invisible hand; the youngest comes back with fire], 1920H* [Fire in exchange for tales: three brothers go to the old man by the fire for fire; two brothers cannot tell an old man a story , the old man cuts their belts out of their back; the younger brother makes the old man say, "It's not true!"] : 112, 377; Russians (Teresky Bereg) [three brothers hunted in the forest, spent the night, there was no fire; the elder climbed onto the spruce tree, saw a fire, came to the fire; the old man will fire for a fairy tale, otherwise he will carve belt from the ass and back; cut it out; brother brought fire, but had to take him home; then recovered; next time - the same (middle brother); younger Ivan tells a fairy tale; ends up the old man owes 500 rubles; the old man denies, is forced to pour a hat of gold; I. made a hole in his hat, held it above the hole; the old man gave all the gold, ran away]: Balashov 1970, No. 31:100-104; Russians (letter. reverse, the original is not known, there are no parallels in Russian folklore) [the merchant's wife dies, leaving her daughter Vasilisa a blessing and a doll; the merchant marries a widow with two daughters; the doll feeds, comforts V. does the work; the fire goes out, the stepsisters send V. to Baba Yaga for fire; on the way, a rider on a white horse (dawn), on a red horse (sun), near Baba Yaga's house on a black horse (night) passes by; a house made of bones, skull stakes with burning eye sockets; Baba Yaga orders to peel wheat from nigella, poppy seeds the next day; the doll does everything; after learning that V. is blessed, Baba Yaga tells her to take it to her stepmother a skull with fire; it incinerates her stepmother and her daughters; V. buried her skull, asks her father to buy linen; to see the canvas she woven, the tsar takes her as his wife]: Afanasiev 1958 (1), No. 104:159-165, 482 (comm.); Russians (Arkhangelskaya, Pechora) [tales for fire in hell]: Leontyev 1939, No. 71:131-132; Russians (Vologda) [tales for fire]: Kuzmina 2008, No. 111:209-210; Russians ( (Vologodskaya, Kirillovsky district) [tales for fire]: Sokolov, Sokolov 1981, No. 53:202-204; Russians (Moscow) [fire for tales]: Vedernikova, Samorodova 1998, No. 109:254-257; Russians (Gorkovskaya) [fire for tales]: Borovik, Mirer 1939, No. 89:201-205; Russians (Kursk, Valuisky District) [The only son of a poor widow is forced to beg, then he is hired by a rich old man, promises that he will cope for three. He grinds his life, agrees with two men to work together. At night, they look for fire in the field, the grandfather by the fire agrees to give fire in exchange for a fairy tale, the men can't tell, he cuts a belt out of their backs. The widow's son agrees to tell the story, on the condition that the old man does not interrupt him. He tells stories for a long time, then says that his grandfather rode his old grandfather in the next world. The old man shouts "you're lying", the widow's son clamps his beard into the crevice (in the stump), takes the fire. Guys want to see an old man running away with a stump. They follow the trail from the stump that leads them to a bottomless hole, the widow's son comes down and finds himself in another world. In the mansions, three beauties warn him of an evil old man, the youngest shows kegs with weakness and strength, he swaps the contents. The grandfather returns, senses the Russian spirit, the widow's son goes out to fight with him, then both drink from kegs. The widow's son wins, takes treasures and three beauties, but men only pull girls out. He sees that the chicks are threatened by thunderstorm and rain, and covers them with a cloak. In gratitude, their mother promises to take them out of the dead, he is collecting meat for her on the road. The meat runs out on the way, and the man is forced to cut off his thighs. When a bird lands and finds out what it ate, it spits it out and returns it to its place]: Aristov, Pavlov 1939:73-76; Russians (Vologodskaya) [three brothers got lost in the forest; the youngest saw from the Christmas tree fire, the brothers came to the old man's fire; he asks everyone if he believes his wife; only the youngest answers that he believes; the old man tells him to jump over the fire, the man has become a goat; the old man brought him to his the village, tied it to a story; his wife, her lover, came there; the goat butts all night, does not allow them to make love; in the morning the old man returned the goat to the forest, turned him into a man again; the man beat his wife and her friend, since then he has lived well with his wife]: Smirnov 1917, No. 45:220-222; Ukrainians (Kharkiv) [Three brothers go to the field, find that they have forgotten the flint and flint, turn to their grandfather, nor The elder brother and middle brother cannot complete his task of telling a fairy tale, saying, or fairy tale in exchange for flint. The younger, stupid brother tells a story, but demands that his grandfather do not interrupt him, and do not doubt the truth. He says that he beat three goats on one leg with one stick, his grandfather agrees, then he sews three bags out of sheep skins, sees a bear fighting with a bumblebee, killing a bumblebee, filling his bags with honey. (Grandfather agrees). He wants to get drunk, puts three bags in the well until the water is sweet enough, drinks all the water (his grandfather believes). She falls asleep, waking up and sees that her stomach has burst, wax has come out, a horse makes wax, sits down and rides, her head falls off, a saber on her belt cuts the horse in half, "connects" with a recruiting stem half, a tall willow grows out of the animal's body (grandfather agrees). He climbs a tree into the sky, looks at the ground, wants to go down, his belt is not long enough, he adds flea skin (fathom), jumps to the ground, flies through, hits the next world, sees him the father sits by the honey, the grandfather's father at the feces (the grandfather agrees), then the guy says that his father licks honey, the grandfather's father licks feces. The grandfather shouts that the guy is lying, he takes the fire and goes to his brothers]: Grinchenko 1895, No. 176:218-221; Poles: Krzyżanowski 1962f. II: 1922 {reported by A.S. Arkhipova, the original should be viewed}.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Kalmyks: Badmayev 1899:23-33 [a mare gives birth to a boy, an umbilical cord is cut off by a stone that has fallen from the sky; Haradai-Mergen and Uladai-Mergen become his brothers; a boy kills three women's husbands; these are daughters of the sun, moon, stars; he marries the daughters of the sun himself, brothers to the other two; they envy the youngest, because his wife's face glows (first he stained him with ash); they leave a dagger at the kibitka, the youngest cuts off his legs; blind and armless come to him, help each other; kidnap the girl, make him his sister; tell him not to put out the fire; the fire goes out, she comes to the old woman for fire; the old woman sprinkles her in the hem of ash and coals, pierces a hole in the hem; on an ash trail comes to the girl, spoils her; cripples catch a witch, she makes them and the girl healthy, swallowing and spewing everyone; when she swallows legless, does not spew; others cut her, the sparrow screams, the little finger, the brothers find a healthy brother in the witch's little finger; the horse's son comes to the hole where his brothers are sitting; their wives are kidnapped by 15- head mousse; brothers let the horse's son down on a rope, he kills Musa, brothers pick up women, cut off the rope; he falls, is maimed; the mouse sucks his wounds, he breaks her leg, she eats leaves, recovers ; he also eats and recovers; on the one hand of the kibitki people cry (their snakes will eat them today), on the other hand they have fun (they are tomorrow); the serpent crawls on the side of the three eagles in the nest; the horse's son is killed, eagles explain to mothers who their savior is; for getting rid of the snake, people give him food for the eagle; he flies on an eagle, feeds it, finally cuts off a piece of his flesh; limps; the eagle swallows it, regurgitates it healthy; he comes to his brothers; they decide to fire arrows up; whoever is sinful, the arrow will nail him; the older brothers die, the horse's son owns everything], 34-43 [Arsalang, the youngest of three brothers, guards, sees thieves, returns stolen herds, kills thieves, brings their widows, marries the most beautiful woman with mud on her face, gives the other two to her brothers; they notice that A.'s wife is beautiful, the elder decides to kill A.; leaves a sword, A. cut off her legs; women quietly leave meat and vodka for him; a blind and armless man joins him; they kidnap the khan's daughter, make him a sister; her fire goes out, she comes to the witch for him, she sprinkles ash into her hem, punctures him; follows the trail, eats all the food; her brothers find her, beat her, she swallows everyone, regurgitating healthy; A. - does not belch; sister cities they find him in her little finger (the sparrow told me to look there); A. comes to the brothers' camp, the son recognizes him; the elder digs a hole, covers him with a nightmare, makes poisoned tea; the son warns A.; he throws him into the pit older brother and his wife, forgives the middle brother]; Vatagin 1964:106-115 [a mare of three brothers is screwed three times a day, but a foal born in the morning is always kidnapped by someone; the youngest, Burgin-Tsagan cuts off a foal's pearl tail and coral mane with an arrow when it is carried away by a whirlwind; consistently kills three mangas, takes everyone's wife; these are the daughters of the sun, moon and night sky, who are mangas grabbed when they flew in the guise of swans to swim; the older brothers envy that the youngest's wife is more beautiful, leave a sword at the entrance; the blind and armless come to the legless; they kidnap the khan's daughter, do sister; her fire goes out, she comes to the old woman for it, she puts the coals in the hem, finds a house on an ash trail, drinks the girl's blood with her copper beak; the brothers guard, beat the old woman, force swallow and belch everyone, they recover; B. is not regurgitated, the sparrow screams that he is in the finger of an old woman; under the guise of Gelyunga, B. comes to his brothers, his wife recognizes him; they play cards for the youngest's wife brother; B. cuts off their heads]; Jimbinov 1962 [an old man and an old woman want to slaughter their mare three times a day; each time the dog burns a string, the mare escapes; runs away at all; finds and feeds three newborn boys; flies away in the cloud, telling the youngest that his name is Kokode Wise; the brothers go to look for wives; K. meets an old woman and a girl, who gives him three cakes; K . gives them to the dog 15-headed Musa, she caresses him, he kills Musa; the same episode has 25- and 35-headed muses; the 35-headed one voice sounds in the sky, the other on the ground, one fang plows the sky, the other land; K. kills three old women - the mothers of Musa, takes everyone's wife, gives the elders to the brothers; they see the light coming from the youngest, are jealous; they leave braids at the doorstep, K. cuts off their legs; they come to him blind and armless; the daughter of a celestial is kidnapped, she is at home with them; enters a house where an old woman with only an eye on the back of her head asks to look in her head, gives ash and coals, punctures the hem; on the ash then comes to the house, sucks blood; friends watch, tell the old woman to cure everyone; she swallows everyone, regurgitates healthy; K. does not belch, the sparrow tells her to cut her finger, he is there; K. came to the brothers under a kind of gypsy; they made his wife a shepherdess; K. tells his brothers to shoot up, arrows fall on them, kill them; daughter-in-law ties hundreds of horses to their tails]: 31-45; Abkhazians: Inal-ipa et al. 1988, No. 21 [ the Sasirkva brothers do not take him on a hike; S. asks Sataney Guasha to cook a hot island, puts her fingers in there, forcing him to say who his father is; she admits that S. was born a rock; rain and hail extinguish the fire of the brothers S., they are cold; S. catches up with them, knocks them down from the sky by a star; its fire is cold; S. tries to carry away the fire of a sleeping giant, but the giant wakes up; S. pretends to be a servant, talks about the exploits of S. ; the giant repeats them; 1) gets under falling stones; 2) drinks hot iron; 3) freezes into the ice; cannot get up; asks him to cut off his head with his sword, get the vein out of his neck; S. cuts down; throws a vein into a linden tree, it is cut; brings fire to the brothers]: 122-130; Morina 1939 [(apparently the same series of episodes); on the advice of Sashirkua, adau puts a hot plow in his mouth; says it can warm him; S. gives Some similar advice; beheads the giant when he was knee-deep in water that turned to ice]: 35; Salakaya 1976, No. 5 [Sasirkva asks his mother to give him a hot chorek, clamps it in her hand; Satanay-Guasha is forced to say that his father is a sart shepherd; S. goes for the brothers who have gone camping; they do not have fire; S. comes to the giant Adau lying around the fire; tries to carry the fire away, the giant grabs him; not recognizing S., asks about his exploits; breaks stones with his head, drinks boiling broth; lets himself freeze into the ice, S. cuts off his head; a belt from the skin of the giant's back cuts a tree; S. brings fire to brothers], 8 and 9 [about the same as in (5)]: 176-177, 186-188, 188-192; Abaza [horses disappear in the village at night; Khan sends his eldest son, he hides in horror when he sees terrible things rider; the same youngest son; young servant Murat guards three nights, kills horsemen on white, bay, crow horses, hides horses; Khan is dissatisfied that the servant, not sons, defeated enemies; adopts M., but sends his sons with him to return the kidnapped horses and kill M.; all three on broken horses come to the village of kidnappers, marry their widows; when leaving, M.'s wife tells them not to look through one window; he looks , there is a room outside the window and golden shoes; when she returns, the wife explains that they were left by the heavenly maiden, whom her first husband tried to catch in vain; the black horse teaches M. not to stay in a hot village, stop where the frost is, grab the hair that causes flies to fight, exchange it for fly wings, rise to the sky in the form of a fly, bite that girl, promise to return her shoes; M. leads a heavenly girl, making a second wife; brothers are jealous, M.'s legs are cut off in the forest, his wives are turned into maids; M. meets a blind, armless man, they have also been maimed by their brothers; all three bring the girl to cooked and washed; her fire goes out, she sees smoke, comes to the old woman; the old woman follows the ash trail, sucks the girl's blood; her brothers guard, grab the old woman, force her to swallow and belch the girl, having made her healthy; the same with cripples; M. does not regurgitate; the bird tells the old woman to burn, find a finger in the ash, M. in it; the brothers return the girl to her parents; the unrecognized M. comes to the khan, where the feast and archery competition; kills brothers with arrows, khan dies of fear, M. becomes khan]: Tugov 1985, No. 29:54-66; Adygs (Bzhedugi): Aliyeva 1974 [Jews stole cattle; sledges went to him beat off; Sausyryko returned from the campaign, followed him; the sledges do not have fire, S. goes to get it, tries to steal the head from the frost, he stops him; S. introduces himself to be a different person; answers that S. beats off a stone rolling from a mountain with his thigh, puts a hot stone in his mouth, bathes in boiling water; he does all this easily; supposedly S. freezes into the ice, he cannot get up; says that his head can cut down only with his own sword; then three intestines must be pulled out, one will have a good belt; the horse warns S. that the sword should be taken with Tlepsh mites; S. encircles the maple with his gut, the trunk turns out to be cut; with the sword of a murdered hoarder, S. kills other frogs, returns cattle]: 206-210; Lipkin 1951 [after going camping, the sledges find out that they have no fire; Sosruko knocks down a star from the sky, but it immediately goes out; then he jumps to the one-eyed giant (willow), he sleeps, S. takes the coal; others wake up, puts S. in his mouth, but he cuts his gums with a sword; not knowing that S. is in front of him, the other agrees to expose him himself to the tests that S. supposedly undergoes himself; beats falling stones with his head, chews arrows, sits in molten lead, enters the sea, which is then frozen; he cannot free himself; asks S. to decapitate him with his own sword, and then gird himself living, stretched out of his neck; S. refuses; brings fire to the sledges]: 76-89; Huth 1987:20-21 [a snowstorm caught the sledges on the way; Sausoroko saw smoke in the distance, came to the frost; he did not recognize him, asks how S. heals a headache, heals; S. suggests breaking a rolling wheel with his head, swimming in boiling water; another performs; enter the river, water froze; the other advises to take his sword, S. grabs the sword with ticks, cuts off his head], 185-200 [serf millet goes to look for gold for him, disappears; the grown son offends his son, his mother says, so that he can better find out where his father is; the boy asks his mother to cook corn broth, puts her hand in the hot, making her talk about his father; pshi gives a horse and a sword; the young man finds a golden castle, wins seven seven-headed bastards; his mother brings him there; one damn man is alive, the young man's mother pulls him out of the hole when he promises to be her husband; gives birth to a son with him, the young man picks him up, not knowing that he is the son of a damn; in in martial arts, the young man defeats the bastard, and the son of the damn, being loyal to his brother, kills his father with a gun; the young man ties his mother to 12 horses; the younger brother's hearth goes out, he goes for fire to inizham; they let him go for promising to get them the daughter of the Nogai Khan; he promises to open a small gate for them, kills one at a time, cuts off their ears; gets the khan's daughter as a wife to his older brother]; Balkarians [the sledge's flint went out; the fire in the giant's fortress; whoever went to him, he slaughtered him; Sosuruk went; took a burning log, went back; the spark hit the eye of the sleeping giant, he woke up; the giant took S., put it in his pillow; asks if he knows S.; S.: I am his ambassador; the giant asks S. about fun; beats off falling stones with his head, tramples thorns; S.: S. enters the sea and freezes into the ice; the giant could not get out; tells you to go get his knife; S. takes the knife with a split stick; the giant advises to take his spinal cord; S. wraps it around a tree, his brain cut it; S. brought a sledge fire]: Boziev 1962, No. 33:105-106; Ossetians: Britaev, Kaloev 1969 [the sister of three brothers leaves to play with the seven daughters of the Sun; they detain her by throwing a bead into her hearth, she sparkles as if she is burning fire; returning to the extinct hearth, the girl comes to the giant for fire; he pours coals into her sieve; the giant comes to the brothers on an ash trail; the brothers leave, supposedly to look for firewood, the giant lies down sleep; the mouse gives the girl scissors, a comb, a mirror, tells her to run; abandoned objects turn into a mountain, a sea, a forest; the woman in the tower tells her to fill the tubs with tears (she fills), throws her simple rope, she rises; the giant spits, demands a silk rope, the woman lowers a simple one, but cuts it with scissors, the giant breaks; the girl works hard for the hostess; violates the ban enter the seventh room; the women from the first room are petrified; a whirlwind rose in the seventh room, carried away the shirt hanging there; Aldar's son finds her, comes for the girl; the petrified come to life, the hostess gives the girl away for the son of Aldar]: 164-172; (cf. Miller 1902, No. 3 (Digors) [Bestaser-Sila died, left three sons; the youngest Zanbolat breaks the witch's tub three times with an arrow; she tells him to better look for the kidnapper of the horse left by his father; D. asks his mother fry the corn kernels, clamps them in her hand, she admits that there is a horse that gives birth to a stallion every day; the brothers are frightened, D. takes a foal from a seven-headed giant who has come out of the ground; K. forges a sword and a mace for D. goes underground, kills the seven-headed man and his wife, two more giants, frees three girls; they tell black birds to throw millet (they are happy, they are not even bran they gave two rams to two iron wolves, oil the door hinges (they did not lubricate the door hinges before); they let D. pass; he kills an iron horse, a felt man, steals underground cattle; brothers put a sword in front of D.'s bed, scream, he jumps up, is left without legs; brothers take cattle and girls; D. comes armless and blind, their brothers did the same to them; all three kidnap the girl, make a sister; a witch sucks blood from her heels; D. and his companions caught a witch, they and the girl climbed into her womb, got out healthy; killed the witch, let the girl go; D. hired a pig herd; came to his wake; killed both brothers with one split arrow, tied their wives to horses; awarded a swineherd]: 78-98); Ingush [dying, the old man tells his sons to guard the grave; older and middle brother ask the youngest named Ovdilg ("fool") to go instead of them; in three nights he catches three horses, each giving him his own hairs; the prince gives him three daughters, the youngest is Harsen Nars with a golden head and silver hands; O. jumps to three towers on three horses, takes and hides three girls; gives the elders to his brothers, XN takes for himself; Biydolg Biare kidnaps her; O. comes consistently to the son of the Sun, the son of the Month, the son of the Star; BB has a three-legged guling horse; BB asks him twice if we will catch up before lunch; he replies that we will catch up with everything; BB breaks O. with a wolf club, takes XN, son of the Sun, son of the Month resurrects O.; Star's son tells you to go to the mountain where the guling mother is screwing; tear the muscle off her arm, feed the wolf, otherwise he will wean the guling's leg; now O. has four-legged guling, and BB has a three-legged; BB can't catch up with O. guling goes to the ground, BB dies; wives drive O.'s brothers out to look for him; O. kills three Enjal monsters; brothers put a sword in the door, O. cuts off her legs, brothers take the guling; blind and armless they come to live with O.; while three cripples are hunting, the fire in XN goes out; she comes to the yeshapyats; they give a sieve of ash on top of the coals; on the ash trail, the mother finds a home, drinks XN blood; for the promise not to kill her, yeshapikha gives O. a bar, he cures cripples; O. kills yeshapiha; O. kills and revives brothers, drives them away]: Malsagov 1983, No. 8:55-71 (=Tankieva 2003:31-48); Chechens [eight brothers they guard the herds, notice nothing; the ninth Khan Gammalt (only 10 years old) kills two robber sledges, marries their hero sister; envious brothers leave a sword in front of HG sleeping, he jumps up, is left without legs; he is joined by the blind and armless; they kidnap the girl, tell her not to throw her cookies into the fire; she throws, the fire goes out, she comes to the yeshap for fire; the children give her coal with ash in a sieve; on an ash trail, eshap comes to the girl to drink her blood; HG hides, cuts down 8 heads; she asks not to cut the ninth, swallows and regurgitates the handless and blind man healthy; HG does not belches, a tit screams that he is in his little finger; the severed little finger runs but is captured, HG is inside; he marries a beautiful woman]: Bagry 1930 (2), No. 45:159-166 (Quail in Dalgat 1972:350-364); Kumyks : Khalidova 1984 [three brothers persuaded her mother to let her sister hunt with them; told them not to go to Aenem to buy fire; the fire went out, she saw a house in the distance, E. lived there; she gives ash in the sieve, on top of the coals; on the next day, E. comes on an ash trail, asks her to look in her head, sucks the girl's blood, like this every day; her younger brother is on duty, the girl dies, her brother beats E.; she says that her brains have white water, you need to wipe her sister's eyes with it; E. died, the girl was resurrected from white water]: 173-174; 2012, No. 92 [the hunter does not tell his wife to put her liver on fire; one day she violates the ban, the fire goes out; she goes to look for fire, sees light in the distance; one-eyed Kilictesh ("saber-chest") is sitting by the fire, frying meat; K. saw the woman, told her to stay; the husband followed the trail when K. was sleeping; took his wife away; stuck his sword outside the house pointed upwards, covered him with his burka, hid in a tree; K. rushed to the burka, ran into a sword, the hunter shot him, and ran away; on a bloody trail, the hunter came to his cave; there he had been kidnapped by him a woman and a one-eyed child; a hunter killed a child, returned the woman to her native village]: 119-120; Avars [Khan's mare gives birth to golden-tailed and golden-maned foals, but someone immediately steals them; elder, the middle son falls asleep, the youngest Muin sprinkles salt on the wound, tries to snatch the foal from the kidnapper, tears off his leg; the brothers go in search, the elders stay in the cave, the youngest hides under the bridge three times, each time it defeats a sledge jumping on a stolen foal; every time the horse stops in front of the bridge, but the sledge says that M. is not here, and if he does, he will kill him; the last sledge is on a three-legged foal, the fight with him is the hardest; M. takes the wife of that sledge for himself, gives the other two wives to his brothers; the brothers leave their sword at the entrance to the cave, M. cut both legs to the knee, the brothers take the good and women away; live Blind and Bald come to M.; they kidnap the khan's daughter to cook for them; the fire went out, she came to Hart for fire, she gave it, but began to come to suck blood from her head; Bald, Blind remain guard, afraid of hart, do not say anything to Muin; M. grabs hart, makes him swallow the Bald and the Blind, regurgitate healthy; warns that she will not burp him, because he killed her sledge sons; it is necessary will cut each of her organs; Blind and Bald find M. in the little finger of Hart's legs, his legs are healthy; M. comes to the brothers' wedding, only the youngest girl obtained from the sledges recognizes him; no one can pull on a bow, pulls only M., asks Pleshivy whether to shoot a chicken or a rooster, he replies that the chicken has nothing to do with it, M. kills the brothers with an arrow; M. marries a sleigh girl and a kidnapped cook, friends M. - on two other sledge girls]: Ganieva 2011b, No. 32:311-316; Lezgins [=Ganieva 2011b, No. 29:288-284; the padishah's seven sons leave home since they have no sister; queen gives birth to a daughter, she grows up, learns about her brothers, tells her father to buy her iron shoes, goes to look for brothers; the shepherd teaches how to find the brothers' house, the sister hides there, cooks; the older brother finds his sister in chest; her brothers tell her not to let the fire go out; she takes the red bead for a coal, does not notice that the fire has gone out; comes to Azhdakh's house for fire; he gives fire in a sieve; when the brothers are hunting, comes on an ash trail to suck the girl's blood; the brothers dig a hole, azhdaha falls into it, they cover it with earth; they carry his sister in a chest on a white camel, chase the hare, the merchant finds the girl, marries; she gives birth to two sons, tells them to throw ash into the frog by the swamp, say who their mother is; the brothers hear, find their sister, and return home with the merchant]: Khalilov 1965, No. 69:211-215 (=Kapieva 1974: 54-60, but a woman gives birth to only one son; inaccurate translation?) ; tatas [three brothers, deaf, blind and legless, asked the poor girl to be their sister; one day the fire went out, she saw smoke in the distance, came to the old Aeneas woman; she gave her a sieve of ash and coals; then came to her on the trail, searched her head, put her brain to sleep, then sucked her brain, then revived her; the brothers take turns guarding; Aeneas wins, sucks the brain of the legless and blind, the deaf wins her, tells them to be cured; Aeneas swallows a blind, legless man, regurgitates healthy; the deaf does not regurgitate; the girl notices that Aeneas bit off her little finger, threw it out the window; the brothers ripped his little finger, and the third brother came out of there - already hearing; brothers killed Aeneas, got married, girl married]: Kukulla 1974, No. 5:57-60 (=Ganiyeva 2011b, No. 68:568-569); Georgians [nine brothers go hunting; mother gives birth to a girl, puts her on a spindle at the gate; an angry neighbor replaces it with a yoke; another girl tells the brothers' sister that her brothers are missing because of her; the daughter bites her mother's chest, forcing her to reveal the truth; comes to the brothers, who are not they know who is cleaning the house; they find her; warn her not to let the fire go out; the girl comes to the mother of the devas; she gives smut and cilantro seeds, finds a house on them; dev bites off the girl's finger; the next day, the brothers kill the deva; the mother of the devas asks for medicine to be added to the brothers' food; they turn into deer, run away; the prince wants to shoot, the girl asks not to do so; the prince takes her as his wife; a neighbor tells her servants to drown her, puts on her clothes, replaces her, tells her to stab a deer; he calls his sister, she answers, asks the king not to carry water, not to sharpen his dagger; servants they pull out a woman, tie the impostor to the horse's tail]: Kurdovanidze 1988, No. 54:213-218; Megrelians [Tsagareli, Megrelian studies, vol. 1:10-13; dying, the king orders him to guard his grave for three nights and pass off three sisters as those who ask; the elder hears a rumble and sees someone dig up the grave, grabs the corpse, cries over it, and then buries it and disappears; the same with the middle brother; while they are away, the younger one betrayed three sisters for those who came for them; the youngest cut the monster in two, but his blood filled the candle; the young man noticed the light, went to it, telling the rooster not to scream until morning came; crossing across the river, the young man saw demi (=devi) sitting by the fire; grabbed a smut and rushed to run; when crossing, the smut went out; he returned, but captured; Demi is told to get three princesses from the castle; the young man climbed on the wall and killed all the demis one by one as they went up; went to the princesses, gave each a ring (his youngest), came back, took fire, plunged a sword into the stone, let the rooster sing, returned to father's grave; the king promises daughters to the one who pulls the sword out of the stone; only a young man could, married his youngest, gave his older brothers; the king gave the younger a flying carpet, the young and his servants flew on it, but a flying monster took the princess away; the young man went in search; came to three demi married to his sisters; they said they saw Kazha-Ndii-Kerkun ("fast silicon-like demi") carry a gold-haired the beautiful woman and they only managed to pull out the curl of her hair; the young man recognized his wife's curl; the demy-sons-in-law gave him a horse and a dog; he came to K.'s house; when he took his wife away, the gate called K.; he easily caught up with the young man, chopped him into pieces; the dog collected them, loaded them on the horse, he came to the demy-son-in-law; the youngest revived him, gave him a three-legged horse; when K.'s horse caught up, the three-legged one and K.'s horse slowed down his run; the young man cut K. in half and brought his wife back]: Wardrobe 1894, No. 2:112-118; Armenians [seven brothers tell the mother to put a spindle on the roof if a girl is born and a plow if a boy is born again; someone mistakenly put a plow, brothers left; the girl grew up; someone lost her ball; all the girls swore to their brothers that they did not take the ball, and this one swore as a dog; the mother admitted that the girl had brothers; she came to the house in the woods, she cleaned and cooked, hid; the younger brother began to guard, saw her sister; one day the fire went out, the girl saw smoke, came, and there was a terrible old woman, the mother of a deva; she gave coals and ash, deva ashy then found a house; the girl refused to unlock it, but agreed to stick her finger out; the dev bit it off, she fainted; the brothers killed the deva, buried it; the deva's mother watered the grave, grass grew, the brothers put her in soup, turned into rams; the prince took the girl, promised to take her brothers; the prince's relative pushed his wife into the water, put on her dress, her husband did not notice the substitution; the liar pretended to be sick, asks slaughter sheep; they came to the shore, asked their sister to go out; she swam out, the brothers became human again, the liar was tied to the tail of the mule, let him flee the mountain]: Nazinyan 1969:135-138; Azerbaijanis [the mother is pregnant; her seven sons leave, promising to return, if a sister is born, let the mother hang a sieve at the door; if a boy is born again, let the mother hang an arrow, they will not return; born Nazdy-Khatun, but the evil neighbors replaced the sieve with an arrow; NH went to spin her hair; one woman lost her shoes; everyone swore in the name of her father or brother that they did not take it, and NH by the name of her dog; she was told that she had brothers; came to their tent, cooked and cleaned it, hid; the next day one of the brothers remained on guard; the brothers recognized her sister, she became their home; one day she went out fire, she saw smoke in the distance, came, there was a girl hanged by her hair; she was Alta, the daughter of King Ugur, kidnapped by divas; NH took fire and left, A. did not betray her, but the divas went for the ball, came to the brothers' house; began to scream that her mother had sent NH a ring, she put her finger in the crack, the diva sucked her blood; the brothers found out (killed the diva), their head was walled up in the corner of the tent, 7 flowers grew; NH put them in the chest, flowers turned into 7 girls; the brothers married them, they gave NH poison, her stomach was swollen, the brothers drove her sister away; two shepherds argued who should get her, one was going to cut her in half, her from the fear vomited, the poison came out; the shepherd Ahmed married her; her child plays, made a horse out of reeds, says she drinks; brothers: can a reed horse drink? boy: Can 7 brothers leave one sister? The brothers returned NH, the wives were thrown into the well, they took the good girls; three apples fell from the sky: one to the narrator, one to the listener, and one to the outside; they ate, went into the ground; you eat and live long]: Bagriy, Zeynally 1935:273-280; Turks: Stebleva 1986, No. 39 [seven brothers want a sister; a mother gives birth to a girl, a midwife deliberately hangs a black flag rather than a red flag; brothers think that a boy is born, they leave; the girl grows up, her friends tell her about her brothers; the mother gives her a donkey made of ash, he brings her to her brothers; they do not understand who is cleaning the house; the younger one guards, finds her sister; brothers they warn her not to let the fire go out; the cat extinguishes the fire, the girl comes to the old woman, she gives a sieve of ash and coals, the ash mark now reaches the house; the brothers dig a trap hole, the old woman's dev-son falls into her, is killed; an old woman comes, a cat brings her son's head, an old woman pulls out his tooth, pierces a girl's leg; brothers bring her to their mother to bury her body; someone pulls out a tooth, a girl comes to life]: 160-163; Eberhard, Boratav 1953, No. 166 [the woman has 7 sons; they promise to leave if the mother gives birth to a boy again; the mother gives birth to a girl, but the villain replaces the red flag with black; the girl has grown up, she has gone looking for brothers, came to their castle; they warn her not to let the fire go out; the fire goes out, the sister came to the giantess for fire; she gives fire, and then finds the girl on the ash trail; after digging a hole- trap, brothers kill the giantess's brother who comes (and kill her sons); the giantess kills brothers by putting their sons' teeth in them; sister finds teeth, pulls her teeth out, brothers come to life with the setra returning home]: 183-185.

Iran - Central Asia. Uzbeks [mare Lali gives birth to the Golden Foal, then the Silver Foal, both disappear the first night; his grandfather has a grandson Badal; when he should be born Raven, his grandfather tells him to guard, the shadow takes him away a foal, but B. cuts off a claw the size of a plane tree, it was the Black Diva; B. and his older brothers go in search; at the crossroads it says, "If you go, you'll come back", "Either you stay alive or not", "Not at all you will return"; B. rides the third road, brothers first; B. comes to the palace, where Okkyz is a prisoner; first, the White Diva (frost) enters the bridge on the Silver Horse, the horse stops, B. kills the diva; then with the Yellow Diva (heat, on the Golden Horse); kills the Black Diva, who is on the Black Horse, the darkness clears, the sun shines; B. misses home, finds impoverished brothers in the bazaar, puts him on Zolote and Silver horses; brothers put their sword at the door, shout that enemies, the sword cuts off B.'s legs; an armless runner comes, the khan cut off his hands; they find the blind man, the khan blinded him, took the bride; they returned her, she cooks, the fire went out, she saw smoke in the distance, came to Admauz Kampyr for the fire, she poured grains into her hem, came on the trail, sucks her blood, threatens to swallow it if she tells the men; the first guard blind, but AK locked the door; B. grabs AK, makes everyone heal; for this purpose, AK swallows and regurgitates a blind, armless man; does not belch B.; her sister brothers chop her apart, the sparrow shouts "little finger", in which B.; AK's head tries to roll, but it is cut to pieces; the wedding of a blind man with a girl; B. comes to O.'s wedding with his older brother B.; his grandfather drove away treacherous brothers]: Konovalov, Stepanov 1986:109-119 ( about the same in Ostroumov 1890, No. 11:50-65; Persians: Osmanov 1987 [seven brothers want a sister; mother gives birth to a girl, mistakenly hangs a sling over the door, not a spindle; brothers leave; girl grows up, finds a brothers' house on top of the mountain; secretly cooks and cleans; younger brother hides, catches it; brothers tell me not to eat kishmish berries if found on the floor; give it to the cat; the girl eats, the cat extinguishes the fire, puts a red stone in the hearth so that the girl thinks that the fire is burning; the girl comes to the diva cave for the smut; the next day, the diva comes to her, tells her to stick her finger into the crack suck; the girl does not tell her brothers, she weakens; finally, she says, the younger brother rips off the diva's bottle of life, he dies; siblings return to their parents]: 235-238; Marzolph 1984, № *451 (Khorasan, Azerbaijan) [signs are changed, brothers think that the mother gave birth to a boy again, not a girl, and they leave; the girl grows up, goes looking for her brothers; hides, cooks and cleans for three days, then opens; brothers tell her sister not to let the fire go out; the sister quarrels with the cat over the zest, the cat extinguishes the fire; the sister comes to the diva for the fire; he gave fire and then began to come to suck blood from girl's finger; brothers killed a diva]: 92-93; Romaskevich 1934a, No. 54 []: 255-266; Tajiks [seven brothers want a sister, go hunting; mother gives birth to a girl Gulmokh, hangs a spinning wheel on the gate, an angry neighbor replaces her with onions; friends tell G. that her brothers left when she was born; she asks her mother to hand her hot wheat, clamps her hand, makes her tell the truth; comes to the brothers' house, they do not understand who is cleaning; only the younger brother does not fall asleep, the guard; the fire goes out, G. comes to Baba Yaga for him; she gives fire, tells him to throw wheat along the way, comes after a goat, tells herself comb, suck G.'s blood; brothers push baba yaga into a hole, cover them with earth; dill grows there; after eating it, brothers and sister turn into pigeons, fly to their father's house; brothers turn into poplars, sister in an apple tree; they do not give apples to the prince, because he did not do good deeds; they let the old man pick, brothers and sister come out of their trunks, hug their parents]: Amonov, Ulug-zade 1960:98-105; Yagnobtsy: Andreev, Peschereva 1957, No. 27 [the bear stole the princess, she stuck a thread, threw a ball out of the cave, Grandfather the Collector of Thorns found him, told the tsar that the princess was returned, she gave birth to a strongman; people complain about him, because in games he maims other children; he goes on a journey, his name is Hirs al-Din ("hirs" is a bear); meets, wins, companions Chanor-al-Din (wears plane trees), Sang-ed-Din (rotates millstones on finger); they stole the girl, made her a maid, told her to always feed the cat, otherwise she would extinguish the fire; the cat was late for eating, filled the fire with urine, the girl saw smoke, came to the barzanga, she gave fire and a handful grains; on the trail of the barzanga grains came, sucked the girl's blood; C., S. remained guarded, frightened, hid; H. cut off the head of the barzanga, but the head disappeared into failure, promised to harm; H. descends on rope, there is a captive peri; she learns that the soul of every diva is in a locked room, a pair of pigeons, two worms; gave the divas a drink, H. took the keys, H. unlocked the rooms, killed worms, the divas died; peri warns that the companions will cut the rope; Peri agrees to marry the one who picks up the knife, gun and purse H., no one can; in the lower world, X. tells tigers not to touch the peasant's bulls, kills a fox, who strangled the old woman's chickens; the old woman advises killing a dragon that ate the Simurg bird's chicks; in flight, H. feeds Simurg with eggs given by the old woman, lambs given by the peasant; the last piece Simurg bites off H.'s leg, belches, puts it back; gives a white and black feather to become old or young; only H. picks up a knife, etc.; the brothers are tied to the tails of horses; a feast, the king awarded Grandfather- Thorn Collector], 31 [someone kidnaps foals; the elder, middle princes fall asleep, the youngest sees the dragon swallow the foal, tear off the foal's tail; the brothers go three roads; the youngest successively comes to three women, each wife of one of the three dragons; he fights everyone on the bridge, the woman throws Jugara under the dragon's feet, the young man wins, takes women, cuts belts from dragon skins; finds and redeems broken brothers; they leave a sword at the door, throw their crippled younger brother; blind and armless comes to him; they stole the girl to cook; they tell him to give the cat is one of the two highlights that it will find on the floor, otherwise it will extinguish the fire; the girl eats both, the cat fills the fire with urine; the girl comes to the dragon for fire, she tells her to throw it on the way back barley grains; on this trail comes to suck blood; the blind, armless guard, but are afraid to stand up for the girl; the dragon is lame, tells everyone to be cured; the dragon consistently swallows and regurgitates everyone whole; the lame man does not burp, he warned what would be in his finger; the former blind and armless slash the dragon, the young man comes out of his finger; the king became blind during this time, but saw the light when the youngest son gave the handkerchief wipe his eyes; ordered the eldest sons to be tied to horses, gave their wives to the youngest son's companions], 43 [divas carry the foals of the royal mare; the eldest, middle sons fall asleep, the youngest grabs the foal for the tail, the tail breaks off; the brothers go in search; at the fork there is a stone with the inscription, the upper and lower roads are safe, the middle roads are dangerous, the younger ones go medium; the elders become apprentices, the younger meets the wives of black, yellow, white divas, kills divas; White's wife teaches how to kill a herdsman, a young man takes a tailless foal and the whole herd; older brothers leave a sword at the door, the youngest is left without legs; blind and armless come, bring the girl to cook, tell her to share the zest with the cat; the cat lingers, extinguishes the fire, the girl follows the fire to the female diva, she gives a handful of barley, on the trail comes, sucks blood; blind, armless guard, fear; the young man defeats the diva, makes him swallow and belch whole; he himself is in his little finger; the king is blind in grief, the young man rubs his eyes with a handkerchief, he sees the light; older brothers are tied to horses; the prince returns his wife and foal, passes the sisters off as blind and armless]: 131-138, 157-163, 192-196; Wakhans [the cat tells the sheep that today she will be stabbed and she will eat her fat tail; the sheep asks the cat to bring a knife, cuts off her fat tail, the cat opened the door, the sheep went to Mount Kof, gave birth to a herd of sheep and a boy May-Zman ("son of a sheep"); tells he goes to people; the Ministry of Health meets, wins, takes Chinorboz ("playing plane trees"), Kuboza ("playing with mountains"), Khdorgboz ("playing with millstones") as companions; companions come to an empty house, there the food is ready; they take turns guarding; a girl comes out of the crack in the pole, washes, paints the rest, puts the food dish, turns into a needle, goes back; the rest stains her face with mud, so that no one notices; when the Ministry of Health stays, he sprinkles salt on the cut, grabs the girl, the companions agree to take her as his wife; the Ministry of Health tells his wife to watch the fire; she dropped a red bead, thought the coals turn red, but they go out; he sees smoke over a pile of stones, Barzangi comes there; tells them to sprinkle the road with fried lice, then the dung in the hearth will catch fire; on the trail he comes riding a goat, sticks it into bread needles, tells the girl to dance on them, she hurts her legs, he drinks blood; the companions take turns guarding, everyone is afraid; the Ministry of Health hits with a dagger, kills 5 Barzanga's heads, the sixth under a stone, the seventh ran away, came back with troops; the Ministry of Health burns the hairs of the mother sheep, which heals its wounds and the wounds of his companions; the Ministry of Health orders him to be lowered into the hole under the stone where the sixth head disappeared (the companions tried, but could not); below is a shepherd Barzangas; the Ministry of Health asks him how to count the cattle (hit the tree, no matter how many leaves have crumbled, so many sheep are gone), how to cross the river (say, "Chuck", the waters will part), where our grandfather's soul, i.e. Barzangi (in a staff, if you break it on the knee, he will die), grandmothers (in stones with which salt is crushed; hit each other, the wick will flash, blow it out), the shepherd himself (in the back of his head); the Ministry of Health suggests clean the shepherd's head, presses the louse, "pulls on the demand that was on the shepherd's head"; under the guise of a shepherd, he crosses the river; the grandmother asks to bring a sheep, a goat, he brings a sheep, a goat; says that he mixed everything up in the sun; breaks his staff, blows out the wick; sends cattle upstairs to his companions; tells them to drag themselves, but does not tie themselves; they cut off the rope; from a thorn that has fallen into the leg of a bird Simurg, the forest has grown; the Ministry of Health frees Simurg; her children think that the man wants to kill her, she explains everything; she tries to raise the Ministry of Health to the ground, there are not enough supplies, he throws meat out of her hand, but she comes back; The next day, from their feet, they reach the ground, Simurg regurges, puts pieces of meat back to the Ministry of Health; gives two feathers - turning them into an old man and a young man; under the guise of an old man, he comes to his companions, becomes young , kills them with a dagger; lives with his wife]: Grunberg, Steblin-Kamensky 1976, No. 12:153-163; Khufs [as soon as the king's mare is screwed, the foal is stolen by divas; the tsar consistently sends four guard the sons; each of the elders falls asleep; the younger Arpamishk cuts his little finger and sprinkles salt on the wound; fights with the diva, who takes the stallion, but one hoof remains in A.'s hand; he goes in search; asks diva's wife, pour millet under his feet if the diva prevails in the battle on the bridge; a black diva on a black horse with black dogs; slipped on millet, A. threw him into the water, took his horse - this is the one a foal with a hoof torn off; married a diva's widow, brought her home; a similar episode with white, red, gray divas; leaves each of the widows of divas A. to one of the brothers; brothers are envious that A. has a wife and the horse is better; they stick knives in, shout to A. that enemies have attacked; he stumbles upon knives, maims his legs; they come to live blind and armless; they kidnap the girl as a wife for A.; she is at home, the fire goes out, she comes to the witch for fire, she cooks a man; the witch gives fire and asks where the girl lives; comes, asks her to look for lice, sucks blood; A. sees that his wife is losing weight; teaches her to tie unnoticed the witch's hair to the nails; the witch swallowed the girl; A. makes the handless man and the girl spew, swallow and spew the blind man, they become healthy; she is told to swallow A., then spew; belches after how she is burned with fire; A. becomes a healthy handsome man; they killed the witch, separated, A. brought his wife to her parents' house]: Sokolova 1959, No. 20:73-83; Munjans [the tsar died, his son and daughter were expelled; they began to live in ruins, the sister heard a voice, freed the diva; sister and brother found Jamshid's treasury, the sister lodged a diva there; gives birth to a son with him, he advises leaving the baby on the road and then pick it up as a stranger; the boy is extremely strong, loves his uncle; the fire goes out, the boy comes to seven divas, raises a huge cauldron, takes fire; the divas ask for help to get seven princesses; the boy queues kill divas coming out, lets the princess go; hears the diva's mistress asking him to kill her brother; he shot the diva himself; after defeating the strongman, he got the princess, gave her to his uncle]: Grunberg, Steblin-Kamensky 1976, No. 24:250-258; Sarykol residents [parents want to give three sons off as three daughters; the youngest climbs a plane tree, goes to heaven; she sticks a needle into the house of three brothers, cooks in their absence; only the younger brother does not fall asleep, the brothers make the girl a sister; they tell me to watch the fire, the bead falls into the hearth, the girl takes her for a coal; comes to ask the old woman for fire, she gives, tells her to bake at home cakes, comes on a goat, sticks a needle in the floor, tells me to dance, the girl stabs her legs, the old woman eats cakes, dipping them in blood; the brothers guard, only the younger one kills the witch, burns her corpse]: Pakhalina 1966:103-106; the Baluchi [41 sons of one king are going to marry the other's 41 daughters; the younger Amat-sha agrees to send a sword instead, stay in charge of the house; on the way back, the buzlangi (white diva) takes his wife; A. learns about this from a dervish conversation; A. goes to look for a wife; on the way he wins, takes Buzlanga the Ploughman and the Grain Grinder as his comrades, hitting stones; at the night, first the Ploughman, then The miller goes to look for fire; the Forty, who owns it, puts them under his knee; A. defeats him, takes him with the fourth satellite; S. brings A. to the border of the country a white diva; A. kills him with a club, takes his wife; from two kings S. in clothes A. fulfills the condition (to carry a heavy stone, eat a lot), receives a lot of princesses, A. gives them to the Ploughman and Mukomol; his wife A.'s hair falls into the river, the royal son finds it; sends an old woman, she persuades her wife to find out where her husband's soul is in the sword; throws the sword into the well, lures the woman into the box, brings the prince; the Ploughman and Mukomol see blood instead of milk, fly in pigeons, S. wakes up, he pulls his sword out of the well, A. comes to life, S. returns his wife; A. comes to his father]: Zarubin 1952, No. 11:134-150; Turkmens: Lebedev 1954, No. 11 [seven sons tell their father to hang above the gate there is a doll if the mother gives birth to them a sister, and a saddle if a boy is born again; the mother gave birth to a girl, the neighbor replaced the doll with a saddle, the brothers decided not to return home; the old man told his parents that their sons live in a cave, hunt; Ak-Pamyk grew up, came to other women, sat in a bad place, which is given to girls who do not have brothers; she was told that there are brothers and taught how to achieve confessions from her mother; she asks her mother to give her a hot covurga, clamps her hand; mother gave a bun, he rolled to the cave; AP cooked food, washed clothes; younger brother postered the girl, the brothers admitted sister; the fire went out, AP came for him to the deva; he put ash and coals in her hem; on an ash trail; comes to suck blood from AP's finger; brothers kill him, but other devas came and killed the brothers; old man taught AP to revive them with camel Ak-Maya's milk; her camel hid AP, sucked her mother's milk and gave AP; AP rode off, the camel tells the camel to become a black stone, he's on the road to Mecca; AP revived the brothers, they got married, the wives want to get rid of AP; six of them bewitched AP, making them dumb, but Bayram's wife was kind to her, left the others; the padishah's son married AP; having given birth to a son, AP again spoke; 14 years later, Byram found AP; she gave him six bags of phalanges and scorpions, ordered him to give it to his daughters-in-law; scorpions do not bite B.'s wife; the brothers drove the other wives away]: 136-146 (=Stebleva 1969, No. 47:257-266); Sokali et al. 1955 [seven hunting brothers tell a pregnant mother to hang a doll at the gate if a daughter is born; evil neighbors replace her with a bow and arrow; brothers do not return; born Ak-Pamyk does not know that she has brothers; neighbors tell her to squeeze her mother's hand when she takes hot wheat grains; her mother talks about her brothers, gives a rolling cake that shows the way; AP cleans up brothers' cave; the youngest does not fall asleep, the AP grabs, she tells me who she is; eats the berry promised to the cat, he blows out the fire; AP comes to the diva for fire; he gives, when he comes, kills the brothers; the old woman says that only the milk of the cannibal camel Ak-Maya will revive them; her camel helps AP, sucks, pours into a wineskin; AM chases AP, which splashes some of the milk, forms the Milky Way; AP revives the brothers, but the youngest does not have enough shoulder blade; the brothers are married, the wives hate AP, they pour lead into her ears, she is dumb and deaf; she is sent on a camel to look for a husband; she is married by the prince, and the son of the vizier takes camel; advises the prince to look for a second wife; the son pushes the AP, lead falls out of her; when he learns that his wife has recovered, the prince sent a new one back; Uncle Bayram meets AP's son; she sends his wives Brothers are sacks of scorpions, they die]: 69-81.

Baltoscandia. Latvians: Arais 1968 [three brothers went to the night, sent the elder to pick up the fire; he approaches the old man sitting by the fire; the old man will fire if the person who comes tells and lies well, otherwise will cut three belts out of his back; the older brother does not know how to tell, returns wounded; the same with his middle brother; the younger brother tells how he hid from the rain in the hollow, it is overgrown, he ran to his father for with a hatchet, the mare burst, jumping over a puddle, he sewed it with an aspen stake, the stake became aspen to the sky, the narrator was at the top, the aspen from below rotted, hung in the sky; the narrator ran to his father's barn, made a rope out of buckwheat husk, went down; the old man gives fire]: 408-410; Aris 1971 [stepmother turns off all the lights in the house, sends her stepdaughter to buy fire to the psoglavets castle; on the way, stepdaughter in response to their requests milks a cow, shears a sheep, unravels a horse; a dog gives bells, tells him to dance until he gets fire; the mouse tells you to take the fire itself in the kitchen, take the smaller of the two wallets; a cow, a sheep, the horse replies that the girl ran to his castle; the stepmother sends her own daughter, she does not help the animals, takes a large purse, it's hard to run with him, the animals tell the dog where she ran girl, he tore her apart; stepdaughter married a prince]: 213-216; Lithuanians: Kerbelite 2014, No. 124 [stepmother sent her stepdaughter to get fire, she came to the witch and answers the questions: she entered the gate, pushing her back a latch; in the yard there are jugs on the fence; one mistress on the bench entered the canopy, opening the door in the hut with a stick, her hair under the bench, the other on the bed, her hair under the bed; a happy witch dressed up the girl, gave money; stepmother sends her own daughter; entered the gate, throwing a human hand away; human heads on the fence; the door to the canopy was opened with a man's finger; in the hut there is one witch on the bench, the cosmas under the bench, another on the bed, cosmas under the bed; the witches tore her, a finger in the canopy instead of a stick, a hand instead of a latch, her head on the fence stake; the mother saw what happened and died], 125 [36 options; in some the storytellers improvise to describe the girl's salvation; the weaver, the spinner and the seamstress worked in the evening, the ray went out, only the younger sister agreed to go after the fire; on the way, a white pan in a white carriage meets with white horses and a white dog, then black and red; everyone does not recommend going - you won't come back; the girl came to the hut; the gate is spinning on the man's leg, on the head fence, the door is closed by hand, there is a hand at the door, a barrel of blood in the hallway; there is a hole in the hut and a head on the cola, laume heats up by the pit, asks what the girl saw; she describes the lords; laume: this is my day, night, fire; heads are pots, hands are rakes and a krutelka (?) , brine in barrels, broom and poker in the pit; didn't you see anything else? - Nothing. Laume tore it apart], 126 [a spinner, a weaver, a seamstress and a cook work in the evening; there was a ban on lighting a fire; only a woman outside town has a fire; the first three say that they are shining a tow, a loom tycoon, needle; the cook is forced to go; meets a white rider on a white horse with a white dog, beyond black, red; then people stand upside down; at the door the head, where the pen is the human tongue, in the kitchen guts, hand near the pot, bones are cooked in the pot, the witch eats a small child, demands to say what the girl saw; gives explanations: riders - day, night, dawn; people on their heads - fence, hand - ladle, jelly is cooked in a pot; at the end, the girl says she sees a witch eating a baby; - And I'll eat you too! And ate]: 304-306, 306-308, 308-310; Lebite 1965 [three brothers killed an elk, the eldest went to look for fire; the old man promises to give if he does not say a word of the truth; he can't, the old man carved him out the back is a belt; the same middle brother; the younger one tells a fairy tale, the old man shouts that it is a lie; the young man takes the fire, cuts out the belt from the old man's back]: 273-276; Karelians [five brothers go to the forest, they forgot the matches, they saw a light on the mountain; each one goes there in turn, the grandfather promises to fire for a fairy tale; the first four cannot, the grandfather cuts out three belts from their backs; the fifth grandfather liked the fairy tale, he gave fire]: Evseev 1981:261; the Veps [three brothers went to sow, forgot the matches, saw a light in the distance; the elder brother went, an old man by the fire; he would give fire if the person who came tells a fairy tale and a saying, or will give a belt from the back, a buckle from the back; the older brother is back; the middle brother is the same; the younger one begins to tell - if the old man contradicts, he will cut out his belt and buckle; the guy tells a fairy tale ; old man: you lied here; the guy took fire and cut the old man's belt from the back and back of the buckle]: Onegina, Zaitseva 1996:139-140; Scandinavians [Torquil and his companions were forced to eat raw meat and were sick; saw the shine of the fire; T. came to the cave where the giants were sitting; one of them promised to guide him to his goal if T. uttered three true sayings that looked like proverbs; T.: he did not He had seen uglier noses; been in a more disgusting place; he cared more about the leg that left first; the giant liked the answer, he showed the way to Ugardilok; but for fire demanded three more sayings; T.: Good advice must be followed even if the non-applicant who gave it; I was rash when I got here, and if I am saved, it would be thanks to my legs; if I allow it leaving this place, I won't come back here again; T. got fire and returned to the satellites]: Saxon Grammar 2017 (1): 315 (8.15.3-7); Western Sami [Buying fire by storytelling]: Kecskeméti, Paunonen 1974, No. 1920H: 264; Finns [Buying fire by storytelling]: Uther 2004 (2), No. 1920H: 489-490.

Volga - Perm. Komi: Novikov 1938, No. 37 [the fire went out, parents send their daughter to Kama for fire, her mother gives her a zoo (comb?) and a bread shawl; her boy brother calls to go instead of her, takes a zoo and a handkerchief; meets a pot, rakes, crowds, other items; K. asks what these items are; boy: the pot is your head , donnez - eyes, tortaez - ears, sherdyn - back, villager - stomach, crowds - legs, rakes - hands; K. laughs, goes out, boy takes away smut, throws zoo (turns into forest), rag (river); parents at home have already died; brother and sister climb into the sky on a pea stalk; they steal flour from blind Baba Yaga, come back; so several times; once, looking at the cat, the brother laughed; B. tells the hut to be about three, two, one coal, catches children; fattens under the floor, they give a splint instead of a finger; the boy offers B. to show how to enter the oven, burns; his sister does not tell him to eat her fat, he eats, wants to drink, drinks mutton hooves, turns into lamb; disappears; the bird, the old woman, sends his sister to the Kama; she kills him by pulling the smut out of the oven; the brother becomes a boy again]: 132-139; Plesovsky 1975 [hunter with three they hunt with sons, the fire has gone out, the bread is over, the youngest from the tree sees fire, the eldest comes to Leshy's house, he tells him to tell a fairy tale, the guy cannot, the goblin cut out his belt from his back; the same with average; the youngest says, the goblin interrupts him three times, for which the guy pulls out a piece of hair from him; gets a piece of iron and a stone to carve fire, an inexhaustible supply bag, a gun without a miss, a potion heal the brothers; the father leaves him his hunting happiness]: 96-101; Wichmann 1916, No. 30 [three brothers went into the forest, forgot the fire; told the youngest fool to see if smoke could be seen from the tree; he noticed smoke, the older brother went; there was an old man, telling him to tell a fairy tale; the guy does not know; the same with the middle brother; the younger one told; the old man laughed; the youngest hit him, the old man turned into gold], 42 [three brothers went into the forest, forgot the fire; the youngest saw smoke from the top of the tree, came to the old man; he demanded to tell a fairy tale for the fire; the guy grabbed the fire, ran, the old man caught up with him, touched him with a white stone, turning it into stone; the same with the middle brother; the elder tells a fairy tale, the old man interrupts it; he himself turned it into stone, disgraced the brothers]: 89-91, 117-119; Mordovians (Erzya) [third brother - fool (his adventures are unprecedented); brothers want to cook soup, the eldest goes for fire; the old man demands unprecedented, he does not know how to talk; the old man did not give fire, tore off his belt; the same with middle brother; the youngest fool talks about his adventures; the old man shouts that he was lying; the fool cut her belt out of her back and took the fire]: Evseviev 1964, No. 43:300-304; Marie: Aktsorin 1984 [ three brothers cut wood, forgot matches; the eldest comes to the old man, who promises to fire for 41 tales; he does not know how; the middle brother is the same; the younger one says, ends up with the old man owes 10 pounds of rye; the old man shouts that this is not true, forced to fire]: 245-247; Tudorovskaya, Eman 1945:23-27 (meadow) [seven orphan sisters went out; sent the eldest to Wever-Kuva (them: V.-Kuva); girl invites V. to their house; V. gives fire, says that the sisters have an angry dog, asks to hit her in the leg; going to her sisters, he sings that her tow is like a calf, the spindle is like a rolling pin, a spinning rod is like a millstone; a dog barks, V. is afraid, leaves; so with all the sisters in turn (break every next leg to the dog, burn it, scatter the ashes); at the invitation of his younger sister, V. comes, lies down on the stoves, with her six sisters, except for the youngest; at night, one after another, the skulls of those eaten fall to the floor; V. each time replies that the curtain, spindle, etc. has fallen; in the morning the youngest offers V. to open her mouth to jump into it; throws at V.'s mouth boots full of hot coals; runs, taking a comb, a bar, a canvas; an abandoned comb turns into a forest; The hare is called to cut, throws an ax into the lake; V. drinks it; the bar is a mountain; the same, Fox, allegedly cuts; the canvas is the river, V. drinks; the girl climbs the birch tree, V. cuts; the girl asks her older sister to lower her spindle from the sky; she replies that she sows, then pulls hemp, etc.; at the last the moment descends, the girl rises to heaven; her sister hides her from her husband; he promises not to eat who has come; the girl stays with her sister] (=Sabitova 1992:153-158), 101-103 [about like in Aktsorin 1984 (three the brothers forgot their matches, they consistently come to the old man, he asks him to tell tales; the first two leave with nothing, the third makes the old man say "this is a lie", he runs away, leaving the fire and the duck, which he cooked]; Beke 1938, No. 53 [], 62 [the old man has three sons, all married; they went to the forest to buy firewood, forgot the fire; they saw light from the top of the fir tree in the distance; the elder brother went; an old man in the house; asks Does the person who comes trust his wife; when he hears that he trusts, does not give fire; the same with his middle brother; the younger Josef says he does not trust; the old man turned him into a goat, asked his wife to spend the night; at night a lover comes; the goat shoves him with horns every now and then, he has not been able to get along with the woman; the old man has returned Y. to human form; the father-in-law will have a holiday; let the wife go alone and he will come later; gave a thread; as soon as the wife and lover are together, a knot must be tied on the thread and they will stick together; as soon as others try to separate them, we must tie the knots again, everyone will stick to each other; J. hid in the cellar; his wife went there for beer, her lover came down to her and, when he lay down on her, J. tied a knot and they stuck; mother-in-law came down, began to rip off her daughter, also stuck; then father-in-law; called priest, he also stuck; J. went home; he was called to help; he began to quilt the glued ones one by one, untying the knots; but did not let his wife and lover go, but beat him to death; married another built a separate house; he met a devil in the forest; he asks why people are not afraid of weapons, birds shoot; J.: we cut off our eggs; the devil allows ourselves to be castrated; when he returns home, J. tells his wife to wear his clothes and go to the forest with a gun; devils examine her, believing that it is J.; believe that people are really neutered, even the wound has not yet healed; J. goes back to the forest, sees that oβδ is sitting on a pine tree α, took aim; O. asks not to shoot, promises to give gold; in the morning Y. comes, under pine gold; he cannot carry so much, tells O. to carry himself; they see a resin cauldron; J.: this is my cauldron Grandma's porridge, you can take it away; later J. promised to bring a cauldron of cakes to his son O.'s wedding, did not bring anything; O. came to the village and killed many people, including J.; God ordered that O.'s people no longer could see and did not talk to them]: 532-534, 573-586; Chuvash: Sidorova 1979 [=Bulatova 1985:162-145, =Eysin 1993:46-49; three brothers went to cut wood, forgot to take fire; elder comes to a bearded old man, he demands to sing and dance, tell fairy tales in payment for the fire; the young man does not know how to, returns; the same middle brother; the younger one tells a fairy tale with the condition not to say anything words against; the old man objects when the young man says that water carried manure on him; gives fire and a hundred rubles]: 199-201; Chuvash tales 1937 [three brothers go to the forest, forgot the fire; the eldest climbs an oak tree , sees fire in the east; comes to the old man; he demands a fairy tale for fire; the elder does not know, returns without fire; the same middle man; the youngest fool Yurkabi tells a fairy tale, the old man shouts what it is not true, forced to fire]: 41-45; Kazan Tatars: Zamaletdinov 2008a, No. 40 [Yarmukhametov 1957:39-61; =Bulatov, Sharipova 2000:49-89; three daughters of the padishah are carried away by a whirlwind; Kich-batyr brothers ( kitsch - evening), Ten batyr (night), Tan-batyr (morning: younger) play; the old man advises them to look for the padishah's daughters; they come to the cave where the divas have disappeared; only Tan-B. pushes the stone away; the elders do not reach the bottom of the cave, Tan-B. cuts the rope, jumps; the mice undermine the walls of the well, send Tan-B. through the passage to the copper palace; Tan-B. kills the diva, frees the eldest daughter of the padishah; the same with the silver , golden palaces, middle and eldest daughters, two other divas; during the battle with the last diva, T. replaces barrels of strong and weak water, the divas weakens, is killed; the younger sister puts palaces in copper, silver, golden eggs, gives Tan-B; brothers pull out the girls, cut off the rope, lifting Tan-B; The mouse man tells you to sit on a white goat, not a black goat; Tan-B. sits on a white goat, carried in upper world; brothers tie a sword in front of the tent, Tan-batyr cuts off her legs; blind and armless come to him; they kidnap the padishah's daughter, make her sister; her fire goes out, she comes to the witch Ubirla Karchyk; she tells her to pour ash behind her so that she can come to visit; when she comes, she tells her to look for her hair, drinks the girl's blood; three brothers take turns guarding, Tan-B. binds the witch, beats; she swallows everyone, regurgitates healthy; Tan-B. does not burp; others chop it, see a finger running away, find Tan-b in it; at home he is hired by a shoemaker; for the wedding of the youngest daughter of the padishah with the help of creates boots, dresses, palaces by order; opens, marries; drives away brothers; passes off his wife's sisters as his brothers], 42 [the padishah has Aigali's youngest son; herds disappear, two older brothers go in search; A. plays, threw the golden ball, he pierced the bottom of the woman's bucket; she advises you to better look for her father's cattle; A. chose a shaggy horse Catch up with the Wind; comes to the old woman, she sends to the other, the other to the third; she tells the diva to cut down two heads, and she will come to cut down the third with her sword; the fox brought the sword for the third head, A. killed the diva; drove the herds home, met the brothers; those they tied a sword to the legs of sleeping A.; he jumped up, was left without legs; an armless man came to him - his brothers cut off his hands out of envy; then came blind (blinded by relatives); he stole the padishah's daughter, she began to cook for the cripples; the fire went out, she came to the witch for fire; when she went back, ash fell out of the sieve; the old woman follows the trail, sucks the girl's blood from her finger; the blind and armless guard, they are afraid say A.; A. grabbed the old woman, made them swallow and regurgitate, everyone became healthy; the old woman did not regurgitate A., she was chopped, A. was found in her little finger; at home A. showed his father his ring, squeezed water out of the stone ; forgave his brothers]: 103-127, 139-148; Bashkirs: Barag 1988, No. 38 [the mare gives birth, but foals disappear every time; the eldest, middle son goes to guard, falls asleep; the younger Kyran-Batyr rips himself off sword hair from his head, does not sleep, cuts a cloud that carries a foal; follows a bloody trail to copper, silver, golden houses; in each one of the kidnapped foals and a woman; K. consistently fights against three devas, kills them; tames a piebald mare; tries to get a golden sword from the bottom of the lake; the mare explains that there is a reflection of a sword in the water, he himself is pierced into a pine trunk that split the sky and went further up ; K. climbs a pine tree, squeezes to the other side of the sky (after that a pile of stars remains in the sky), brings a sword, rolls three houses into three eggs, gives two wives to their brothers; they envy, hang a sword in front of the tent, shouting that enemies have attacked, K. runs out, the sword cuts off his legs; he sees a deer carrying the sun on its horns, a man runs after him; says he sees only when he is near the sun; the blind man puts the legless K. on his back, walks, K. sees an armless deer chasing the same deer; he explains that the deer promised to bring it to people the sun, but did not bring it, people froze, the armless man froze hands; three companions decide to get a female cook, kidnap the khan's daughter, tell her not to let the fire go out; the fire goes out, the girl comes to the old woman for fire; she gives coals, finds an ash trail the girl, asks to look in her hair, sucks her bone marrow; the girl turns yellow, the companions take turns guarding, only K. hits the loss so that she can not withstand the blows; K. makes her swallow and regurgitate a girl, blind, armless; regurgitated are healed; after swallowing K., does not want to belch him; the former blind and armless chop her into pieces; the sparrow screams "little finger", the companions cut his little finger, K. comes out, he has legs again; his daughter is returned to Khan; K. marries a woman from the golden house, gives the other two to his companions, makes their brothers servants], 52 [Kiltyai Mergen and his sister live alone, his parents are dead; KM warns her sister not to offend the cat; the sister is angry with the cat, hit her, she extinguished the fire; the sister sees smoke, comes to the old woman, she gives a scoop of coals, tells her to shake her along the way to make the coals they did not go out, pour ash on the ground, promises to follow this trail in the morning; in the morning she asks if KM, his sword and dog are at home, the sister replies that no, the old woman asks to look in her head, sucks blood and bone brain; KM notices that his sister is drying, she tells him everything, he stays at home, the old woman turns into a three-headed ajdaha, KM kills him, but the sword bounced and killed him; the sister hid her brother's body in a hollow, changed into his clothes, came to the city, under the guise of a young man wins archery, gets a princess as a wife, with her silver stick; the same for the other two kings, gets a princess with a copper and princess with brass sticks; goes ahead, puts clothes on her brother's body, meets the princesses in her own form; they see her husband lying down, each hit him with her wand, he comes to life; sister feels superfluous, leaves, marries an old woman's son; KM goes in search, hears a lullaby in which the baby is called the son of a KM sister; visits his sister, returns to his wives]: 252-267, 367-373; 1989, No. 14 ["A long time ago, when a goat was a colonel and a ram was an officer, they say an old man and an old woman lived"; an old man and an old woman go to visit, tell their four daughters not to put out the fire and not insulted the cat; when the cat asks for porridge, the girls hit her on the head with a spoon; the fire immediately goes out; two older sisters go in search, come to the cave, ask the old woman for fire; she agrees to give it, tells them to collect ash in the hem and sprinkle it on the road - she will come to their house for the night; in the evening she comes to their house, eats her younger sister at night (the old woman was ubyr-ebi); the next day she comes again eats another sister; two surviving girls run away from home, taking a scallop, a mirror and a sharpener; the old woman goes in pursuit; the older sister throws the sharpener, grows a huge mountain, across which an old woman can hardly climb; a girl throws a scallop, a dense forest appears; an old woman makes her way through it; a girl throws a mirror, a large lake overflows; an old woman screams from the shore, asks how the girls swam; they say: tying stones to their necks; the old woman ties a stone and drowns; the youngest sister asks for water, the eldest warns that you should not drink here; the youngest drinks water from holes from a goat's hoof, turns into a goat; the sister goes on with her, marries a merchant; his older wife starts to get sick, the healer advises to eat the goat's heart; the goat says to his sister so that she can save her bones; the goat is eaten, the sister puts the bones in a cloth, they turn into a bird; the bird sings at the bazaar, the merchant gives it a piece of butter; she flies up to her sister, lowers oil in her mouth; the bird flies up to the needle merchant, sings again; he gives her a pack of needles; the merchant's elder wife hears the bird singing, opens her mouth; the bird throws her needles, the woman dies]: 92-95.

Turkestan. Kazakhs: Tursunov 1983:80-86 [After the death of their parents, Kara-Uyrek and his two brothers separated; KU released three girls who were stabbed by their older brothers with a pin, killed these brothers ; finds his impoverished brothers; they envy KU as if he took the most beautiful girl; leave a sword in front of the entrance to the yurt, KU goes out, is left without legs; his wife hides food and weapons for him; comes blind, carries him, a speedboat comes to live with them; they kidnapped the girl Sarkyt to cook for them, was named sister; S. told the cat that she did not get her, ate the baursaks herself; the cat in revenge put out the fire; S. went to look for fire, he has seven-headed Malmouse-Kempir with one eye in his forehead; she sucks her blood through her toe, promises to eat it if she tells her brothers; gives ash, tells her on the way home says "Become a chingil"; a prickly chingil (Nalimodendron halodendron) grows on the sides, the fire lights up at home; every day JK comes to suck blood; brothers dig a hole, cover them with a nightmare; JK fails, she is cut off 6 heads out of 7; they promise not to kill if she makes them healthy and beautiful; she swallows, regurgitates S., a blind man, a speedboat; KU does not belch; he is found by killing JK and crushing little finger bone; S. returned to parents, passed off as a former blind man; KU and speedboat come to the KU brothers unrecognized; offer to shoot; the arrows of the brothers themselves, KU and the speedboat fall on their heads, kill them; KU took a wife, became a khan, made a speedboat a vizier, married his wife's sister to him], 189-191 [Asan is superior to his brothers in everything, receives wives from the khan for himself and for them; the brothers are jealous; the wife says that A. not in his body, but far away; the brothers leave the sword at the doorstep, shout that enemies have attacked, the sword cuts off A.'s legs; he comes to live armless; brings a cook girl; the fire goes out, the girl has come for With fire to the old woman Mystan, she began to come every day to suck her blood; A. followed, grabbed the old woman, let him go when she returned his legs and his arm to the armless; A. returned to his wife and son, who were tyranted his brothers; forgave his brothers]; karakalpaks [dying, bai tells three sons to divide cattle and goods; they have eaten the inheritance, are trying to work, the elder and middle did not find work, the youngest earned a lot money, married brothers; brothers' wives: kill the youngest, he is rich; you need to fix a sword in the gate, shout "the cattle were stolen by thieves", the young man will run out and die when he stumbles upon a sword; the brothers did so; the youngest his legs were cut off with a sword, the brothers left, taking cattle and property; the young man sees a noseless man chasing a mountain goat; a young man shot a goat with a bow, a noseless man offers friendship; he meets a man without hands that also chase a goat (same); a one-armed man reports that the khan's daughter is being married, they come to the one, the young man falls in love, offers to steal her; four friends live; young men go hunting, the girl stays at home; there is no fire; she goes to look for fire, stumbles upon the old woman Mastan Kempir's hut; M. asks to look for lice in her head, quietly plunges the girl into an awl; puts it into a bag of holes coals and ash, comes to her on an ash trail; asks her again to look for lice, pierces her awl again; friends notice that the girl withers, she tells them everything; friends decide to protect her, the first to remain noseless, fights the witch, she overcomes him, ties him to a tree, again pierces the awl at the girl; the same with the one-armed; the legless overcomes the witch, binds him to a tree; the witch announces that he can return a noseless nose, an armless arm and a legless leg; she takes turns swallowing friends, spewing back whole; she is released with a promise not to harm anyone; the girl marries her younger brother; they achieve their goals and desires]: Aimbetov 2014a: 26-27; yellow Uighurs: Malov 1967, No. 103 [hunter Yangysak tells his younger sister Kongyrjan never to extinguish the fire; she extinguished, went to look for fire, it was at the old mangys woman; she said that she would come by herself; K. lost weight; the old woman cuts off part of her left heel, let her dog drink, part of her right heel drinks herself; K. shoots mangys, that comes at night, kills him; K. sews him together, revives him; K. becomes the boss's wife; her son comes, I find out. (much unclear)]: 106-107; Stuart, Jhang 1996 [husband warns his wife not to let the fire go out; one day she fell ill, woke up late, the fire went out; she went to look for fire, came to the old woman's cave; she gave sprinkled with ashes; on the trail she found the woman's house; when the woman's husband was hunting, appeared three-headed on a white dog; put needles into the woman's body, drank blood, gave the dog a drink; the husband remained on guard; the witch showed up, her husband hit her two heads, but she killed her, began to devour her; the wife killed her and her dog with a sword; in blue cloth she brought people what was left of her husband; since then, Yugur has been using blue cloth on funeral]: 18-19; Uighurs [the youngest wife of Kichik-hotun gives birth to a son, the eldest Jeon-hotun tells to throw the baby into the lake, replaces him with a puppy; next time she throws the girl away, replaces her with a kitten; khan makes Kichik-hotun a maid; the servants left the babies on the shore, the bear raised them; these are Chin Tomyur and Makhtum-Sula; they leave the bear; C. hunts, tells M. not to drive the chicken, dog and cat away from him , do not extinguish the fire; she drives, the cat and the chicken extinguish the fire; M. sees smoke, comes to the seven-headed yalmauz; she tells her to look in her head, puts a piece of burning dung in her mouth, into her hands grain; on the way out of the grains nettles and blackthorns grow, yalmauz follows the trail, sucks blood, threatens not to tell his brother; C. hides, cuts off six Yalmauz heads, the seventh remains, Yalmauz flies away; the king of Dzungaria finds two in the river hair M.; Yalmauz directs him to her; the king takes M.; C. returns to his native country, his father finds out the truth, leaves Jeon-hotun to the wolves, hands over the throne to C.; goes blind when separated from his sister; M. gives birth sons Akar and Chokar; runs across the river, asks her children to be thrown into the river (so that her blood does not remain in Dzungaria), M. finds C., he sees the light]: Kabirov 1963:227-247; salara [the horse gave birth to Atd & # 477; n Qihkhn Masinbo; he set off; shot his bow at the rocks, from there Daxdən Qihkhn Daxdakhu came in; they continued their journey together; AtQM shot wood salt, from there appeared Aghxdn Qihkhn Monigu; all three fraternized; one day they returned home and saw that the food was cooked; the next day DQD stayed to guard the house; saw that the Sun Girl was preparing the food, Luna Girl and Star Girl; DQD turned into a stick and lay outside the door; girls used him as a poker; DQD told his brothers about the incident; AgQM remained on duty the next day; he turned into a bench and couldn't catch the girls either; AtQM left guarding the house; he hid on the roof and frightened the girls with his scream; they agreed to be sister wives; AtQM stained DS's face black paint; DQD and AgQM married DL and DZ; DS became AtQM's wife; when the brothers went hunting, the girls stayed at home embroidering; the cat confused the threads and one of the girls beat her ; the cat put out the fire; the girl went looking for him and came to the old woman; she shared the fire; began to come to the girls every day, and, asking her to look for it in her head, drink their blood; the girls began wither away; the husbands noticed it; DQD stayed guarding the house and turned into a saddle cover; the old woman sat on her and sucked the girls' blood; DQD could not stop it; AgQM remained on duty the next day but also to no avail; AtQM hid on the roof and waited for the old woman to arrive; killed her by shooting her nine heads (which appeared one after another); when DS washed her hair, DQD and AgQM realized she was beautiful; told the girls to throw their combs into the well; the DL and DZ combs were wooden, and the DS comb was gold, and therefore drowned; AtQM went down to the well on a rope and took out all three ridges; then handed them over to its brothers; they let go of the rope and AtQM fell down; met a man with a grindstone and told him what had happened; the man promised to help and told him to catch a hundred sparrows; atQM brought 99; the man turned into the eagle, told him to sit on his back and feed him sparrows during the flight; the sparrows ran out, AtQM cut off a piece of meat from its leg; when they landed, the eagle saw that AtQM was limping, and when he found out what was going on, belched a piece of his leg; AtQm came to his wife, asked her to look in his head; the wife cried, said her husband had a similar mole; AtQM admitted he got out of the well; then went to brothers and killed them with one arrow]: Ma et al. 2001, No. 4.1:39-60; salars [in a mountain village, a mare swallowed a piece of red cloth, gave birth to a boy, he was named Atentsigen Masymu ("child, born a horse"); he became a hunter; he was an excellent archery; one day in late spring and early summer he stopped on the river bank and began to sing smoke from the crevice. "Hey-hey-hey, what kind of little guy is this freaking out here? If a passer-by, then go your own way, if you are looking for relatives, let's get to know each other"; a young man in white clothes came out of white smoke; M. said he was looking for relatives, offered to become sister cities; the young man took the name Dashitentsigen Dashidagu ("a child born from a boulder"); young men came to the forest, saw fog come out of the grove; M. shot, a young man came out, also became a sister, his name was Agaishitentzigen Munigu ("child born from a tree trunk"); the brothers began to cook; three white doves sank to the lake shore, removed their plumage, turned into girls, threw them into the water to swim; these are the celestials of Guni-ana , Ie-ana, and Yulutusa-ana. ("Sunny Maiden, Moon Maiden, and Star Maiden"); the brothers took their clothes; the girls agreed to marry them; three married couples returned home and began to enjoy life; but G., M.'s wife, suddenly she became gloomy and taciturn, and frowned, refused to explain why; one evening her fire went out; she saw smoke from the chimney in the distance, went to ask for fire; old woman Mansikhanyer was in her house ( nine-headed demon); gave fire, but put sesame seeds in her pocket so that they would fall through the hole on the road; began to come to G. to comb each other's hair; G. began to think how from her to get rid of it, told her husband; was the first to guard; Dashidag; he turned into a pillow and sat on the doorstep; Mansikhanyer came, sat on the pillow; when she left, D. complained that it was terribly heavy, he was nothing could not do it; the next day Munigu turned into a broom; Mansihaner swept the yard with it; G. told her husband that Mansihaner could only be defeated by cunning; Masymu hid and shot only when Mansihaner turned into a nine-headed six-armed blue-faced fanged monster; Masymu and Mansihanyer began to fight, Mansikhanyer went to a hole under the mill; Masymu ordered him to be lowered on a rope; G. broke the mirror and gave it half; in the lower world, M. met an old man who told him not to scream; M. shouted, a tiger appeared, M. killed him with a sword; elsewhere M. was attacked by a boa constrictor, he shot him and hacked him; they were two Mansihaner commanders; M. exchanged clothes with the shepherd, drove cows and sheep; Mansihanier: "Go faster, faster! Finish eating and go to lick your wounds faster"; M. 8 heads wounded with an arrow enjoyed being licked by shepherds; M. prepared cow tongues in advance and began to stroke Mansikhanyer's wounds with them; she screamed from The sword hurt, and M. hit her sword, but Mansihanyer slipped out and ran, and then rushed at M.; feeling that M. was stronger, she emitted a cloud of black smoke, rushed to run, but M. pointed a mirror at her light and killed with arrows; I heard a scream, an iron cage came up, inside the eagle, asking for release, around the bone; this is the real Mansikhanyer nest; an eagle flew in, the eagle first hid M. under the wing, then told his mother who saved him; the eagle agrees to take M. to the ground, tells him to harvest 100 sparrows; the last sparrow was not enough, M. cut off the meat from his leg; met his wife they recognized a friend a friend in half of the mirror, so changed from exhaustion; Dashidag and Muniga forced G. to work when she refused to be their mistress; under the guise of a beggar, M. offer to entertain them with archery; pierced both with one arrow; people are prosperous, M. and G. are happy until old age]: Chen, Wang 1989:420-439; Dungans (Changji, Xinjiang) [the old woman only has a horse; once returned - she was wearing a boy, he was a Brother Horse; he went on a journey, broke a rock with an arrow, from there Brother Stone came out; then Brother Elm came out; they cultivate the land, hunt; someone in the house then cooks and cleans; they take turns guarding, two fall asleep; when it's Brother-Horse's turn, three white doves arrive and become girls; he asks them to marry him and his brothers, but first again become doves; invites brothers to choose; takes the rest for himself, the pigeons become girls; the cat came, stayed, mischievous; the women slapped him, for which he put out the fire and left; the women went to look coals; the shepherd says that the fire is owned by a nine-headed monster, let them go to him; the maids took them deep into the cave; the monster has a human body and 9 heads, all but the central one, are blind; he orders to give fire and a bag of beans; it has a hole, the beans woke up on the way back; the next day, the monster followed this trail, sucked women's blood; then the eyes on his other heads see; so many days; Brother horse notices that the wives are losing weight, they tell him everything; the Elm Brother is the first, then the Stone Brother, both are afraid; The horse brother hits the monster with an arrow in the eye, he runs; The horse brother lets the shepherd go, comes to a cave under his guise, taking sheep's tongue with him; the shepherd must lick the monster's damaged eye; the horse brother strokes him with sheep's tongue, the monster hurts; he says his tongue is rough because he has a cold; then kills the monster, cutting off all its heads; distributes the monster's property; his brothers want to take possession of everything themselves; lead the Horse Brother to look at the lotuses, push him off the cliff; he fell on the lotuses, alive, but unable get back; healed the swan's wing, he lifted it upstairs, the flight lasted three days and three nights; he returned home a year later; he was not recognized, his wife did not recognize him, he cries; he takes his bow; the brothers say that only Brother Horse, who fell off a cliff, could pull it; he shoots at the stone, Brother Stone disappears into the stone; shoots at the elm tree - Brother Elm returns to the tree; since then there are stone steps in the gate, and elm trunks cracked; Brother Horse's wife stayed with him, and two other women put on their pigeon clothes and flew away; people near Mount Bogotá have loved white pigeons ever since]: Shujang Li, Luckert 1994:111-118.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. The Chulym Turks [three brothers went into the forest, there was no fire; they saw fire across the river; the elder brother went; the old man told me to tell a fairy tale; he could not, the old man cut it down; the same middle brother; the younger one became tell a fairy tale; the old man was surprised, paid money, gave fire]: Lukina 2004, No. 5.3:98-99; telengits (p. Saratan, Ulagan District) [Boodoy-Kyokshin tells Sister Boodoy-Koo not to kill the gray mare, not to go to Mount Bodiota; she stabbed the mare, put her liver on fire, the fire went out, she went to the mountain, comes to the wife of the seven-headed Diellbegen for fire; she tells me to look in her head, pulls a red thread out of BK's clothes; D. follows it for BC, kills, sucks blood; brother found his dead sister, hides in a hole; D. has one head singing, the other laughs, etc.; his brother kills him, revives his sister with blood; kills D.'s eldest, youngest sons, the middle one kills him; he is killed by his brother BK Kuzyl- Taadyi; sister leaves dead in the rock; Ai-Kaan's daughter Altyn-Tana and Kyung-Kaan Kyumyush-Tan can revive him; AK and Boodoy-Koo, disguised as brother, go after them; disguised as brother Boodoy-Koo wins competitions and gets both girls; they are surprised that the imaginary man knows how to handle a needle; ask him to make a spit; Boodoi-Koo does not know how, goes over the mountain, where her brother's horse cut out for her skewer; Boodoi-Koo goes forward, puts his brother's clothes on his body, leaves the body as if his brother fell off his horse, runs away like a hare; the girls see Bodo-Kyokshin's body, revive it with healing water, he takes them as his wife; finds his sister's note, catches them, brings a hare, does not know how to turn him back into a sister; wives do not like the hare, pour poison into his ears; brother puts the hare in the chest on the horns of the maral; hunter finds a beautiful woman in the chest, gets married; brother finds out about it, everyone lives in peace]: Sadalova 2002, No. 301-307; Khakas [three brothers spend the night in the forest, see fire in the distance, the eldest, then the middle one follow coal, both disappear; the youngest comes to the old man, sees brothers tied to larch trees; the old man suggests telling tales, whoever is surprised, the other will be tied to a tree; then the younger tells tales; in the end he demands to repay the debt, the old man is indignant, tied to a tree; the brothers return with fire]: Balter 1958:64-67 (=1986:73-75; similar text in Katanov 1907, No. 372:379-381); South Altai Tuvans [Bögen Saggan Toolaj was born {not a woman, but} husband; attacked by the terrible giant Chureldej Chaan, deciding to seize the country before B. matured; wives of two older brothers B. hid the baby in a poplar hollow, putting birch roots in his mouth instead of nipples; B. grew up, found an empty freaky; threw off the stones from the hearth, he found a pipe, a flint, a skein of rope with a silver end and a silver a stick; found his older brothers; went west, paving the road with a silver stick, through a windbreak and through the mountain, swam across the sea; when he came to Jess Mangnai, he made her give him the best food; himself DM won easily; came to his wife H., who was kind to him; turning to Nebu-Altai for help, B. hardly defeated H., drank his blood and grinded him in a stone mill; the homes of the older brothers' wives became to envy B. and persuaded the husbands to place their sword with a point at the entrance to B.'s yurt; they began to shout that robbery, B. jumped out, his sword cut off his legs; his brothers and wives migrated; B. managed to kill the mare, ate its meat; one day, the mush tried to nibble on his severed legs and B. tore off her two legs himself; the other mouse brought herbs, the mouse legs grew; B. also ate herbs, the meat grew together, but the bones did not grow together; came Sean Shilvey, whom his brothers dazzled out of envy; put B. on his shoulders, went, and B. showed the way; they met a man whose hands had been greedily cut off by his brothers; in heaven the youngest Arykcha's daughter Khaan can heal the cripple; B. flew there with a falcon, then became a pacer and carried the princess to the ground; the fire went out because the men looked at the girl; the girl went to the old woman for fire jelbege; she poured ash and heat into her hem, pierced a hole to leave an ash trail; jelbege followed the trail and drank the girl's blood; men put the lifeless girl in a place of honor; the old woman came and swallowed it; the men grabbed the old woman, and the nightingale began to sing, "Little Finger, Little Finger"; they cut off her little finger and the girl came out alive and well; the men forced the jelbega to swallow them; two she spit it out, and S. was also in her little finger; all three became healthy, prettier; the old woman was released; the girl returned to heaven; the men found their wives, whom their brothers and their wives tortured by their brothers and their wives hard work; brothers and their wives were tortured and then thrown into the steppes: one without legs, the other without arms, the third without eyes; when they died, they turned into flies and mosquitoes]: Taube 1978, No. 27:97-120 (=Taube 1994, No. 5:70-88; the Buryats [the elderly have a daughter Nogoondar, a favorite of the goddess Green Tara, and a son Sagaandar, a favorite of the goddess White Tara; he catches too many animals, his parents decide to destroy him; the father does There is a trap pit in front of the house, the mother prepares poison; the horse warns of danger; S. enters the house, but cannot refuse to touch the poison with her finger, falls dead; the old people throw the coffin with the body into the Black Sea; After that, Buha Khan stabbed the old people in the right eye, crushed them on their right hand, took away property, took them into slavery; Sister S. N., who was preparing wedding clothes for Khan's daughter; S.'s horse tells her to dress as a man, ride to the sea; on the way she kills a 15-headed mangadhai; promises to marry a 25-headed man, for he promises to save her for this brother; he immediately kills his former wife and sons, tells him to build a tower on the island and catch the coffin, but the sea has smashed everything to pieces, and N. hid in the hawthorn bushes; sees an ice floe, she tells her voice Brother to marry only Habsargalt Mergen; 3 heavenly swan fairies pulled out an ice floe, inside a coffin, containing the baby S. had become; he grew up, but 7 pot-bellied khans killed him again; horse: he will be revived by 3 daughters of the celestial Eseren; N. arrives as a bird, overhears 3 brothers and 3 sisters praise S. and N., who are better than them; in the form of a man, he marries three sisters; so that she is not exposed, negotiates with a horse : When the elder maiden enters the imaginary man, the horse will seem to fall off and ride along the Milky Way, and the owner follows him; N. invites three maidens to swim in a lake of living water and brings her brother's body there; they he was revived, he pretended to be their husband, and N. returned in women's clothes; S. married the youngest of the maidens; one day she went to visit her father, and S. went hunting; N. did not keep track of the cattle and hearth; N. went to look for fire, went to the old woman, she drank her blood, gave smut, N. barely returned and died; S. killed the old woman with an arrow, put her sister in a box, tied her red deer to her horns; an old man and an old woman found a coffin, and a little girl in it; she grew up, married H.-Mergen, gave birth to a whiny daughter; S. comes there, enters under the guise of a beggar, his sister recognizes him, he accepts his true view; comes to Buha-khan, whose parents are enslaved; he opens to them; tells them to respond insultingly to Khan and Hansha in the morning; they run in, S. kills the hansha, becoming a snake, and Khan in a duel; returns Khan's appearance for parents]: Dugarov 1990:266-282; Buryats (Khorin) [three brothers went hunting, forgot to take the flint, the elder brother, then the middle brother goes to the lord of the earth (Dalahane Ezen) to ask for fire, disappear; the youngest sees Ezen, a gray-bearded old man, lying by the fire, warming his back, and the brothers are tied to trees; they have leather marks on their backs; E. promises to fire if the young man He will tell a fairy tale; he makes it a condition that E. does not mind, otherwise he will remove the leather from his back for straps, tie a tree; the youngest says: "I was born before my father, herding my grandfather's camels. I once lost one male camel. To see if my camel was, I climbed the mountain; the mountain could not lift me up, it was collapsing; then I stood on the stem of the sarana; this stem lifted me so well and so high that I could explore the whole area and saw my camel across the sea, where he overlooked and walked with a camel. I ran to the sea, took a boat to cross the sea; the boat doesn't lift; then I made a boat out of pine bark and sailed across the sea better than a big boat. When I got to the other side of the sea, I caught a camel, put a camel on it, and then, sitting on it myself, wanted to go to sea to go back to this side, but the camel didn't picks it up; then I put the camel on the camel and sat on it myself. So I swam across the sea on a camel better than on a camel. I drive up to the rest of the camels, they're gone. I go up the mountain again, the mountain does not raise it, it collapses; then I stood back on the stem of the sarana, the stem raises well and high, so I could easily see my camels, but I saw them in the sky. I'm thinking about going up to heaven, and suddenly I see smoke coming from one yurt right into the sky. I ran and steamed to the smoke and went up to heaven. There was a big feast in the sky; I drank some wine, drunk, and fell down. When I woke up, it turned out that my camels were eaten by flies there. There are huge flies there, far larger than our camels. I had no choice but to go back down, but getting down was a difficult task for me. However, I did not think twice, I killed any flies, ripped off their skins, cut their skins into straps, woven a rope out of their straps, tied one end of the rope to a tree, and then went down the rope. I went down just half the distance from heaven to earth, and then my rope ran out to my mountain. I can't get back up, I'm afraid to go down. The wind blows from the north, it takes me south, it blows me from the south, it takes me to the north, it blows me from the west, it will blow me to the east, it takes me to the west; and so I spent three years there. Finally, I got tired, I decided to let go of the rope and go down wherever fate indicated. I released the rope, I'm flying down and went head over heels into the ground. There is no way to get out; a year passes, another and a third comes, I'm still standing. In the first year, the birds began to nest on my head at the base of the braid, laid eggs and, after raising their chicks, fly away. The next year, a fox felt in my right ear and raised its foxes and left. As she walks, I grab her tail with my hands barely sticking out; she seems to pull, I let go of my tail, but I still leaned out of the ground a little. In my third year, a she-wolf comes and glows in my left ear. While she was walking with the cubs, I took her by the tail; she started rushing away from me, but I'm not letting go of her tail. The wolf pulled, pulled and finally pulled me out of the ground. At that very moment, the wolf's skin pulled off the wolf's tail with a bag and in this bag was a receipt you gave my father that you owed him 300 rubles. So I've come to show you this receipt and demand payment." When he said it, the old man couldn't stand it, said: "You're lying!" Then the younger brother rips off the old man's back with three straps, ties it to a tree, and then, after untying the brothers and taking fire, they go to his camp]: Potanin 1893:379-380; the Mongols of Ordos [Ondey, the best of men, immensely rich in cattle; someone kidnaps the foals that his mare gives birth every year; he is going to give birth to Hormusta; the mare gives birth, but the yellow rainbow takes him away; O. fired an arrow the foal fell, the mare licked it; the long yellow llama also fell; said that he stole foals on the orders of the Burkhan; O. dug a deep well, lowered Dolny there, put a bull and a camel in the hole , telling them not to get up, even if they are beaten and the brushwood and the stick break; went to inspect the herds; O.'s wife went out to look for fire, hears a song, goes to the well; Long advises offer the animals herbs and water - O. did not tell them about it; the animals got up, the Long got out, the woman brought him to her; says that she will not return to her husband again; Long advises to pretend to be sick, ask for the heart of a monstrous snake; O. took his dogs Arja and Barja, a peacock and a parrot, went in search; came to a black yurt, gold and silver horseback riding in front of it, O. tied the mare to a gold one; the girl called to the house, the old woman fed and paid tribute; when she reached the mountain, behind which the serpent, the horse teaches you to close its eyes, the horse will jump, making thunder, the snake will close its mouth in fear, you must shoot, out of its mouth swallowed people will come out, then insert an arrow, enter the snake, cut off the heart; the snake's upper lip is flush with the mountain in the west, the lower lip is flush with the mountain in the east; when O. pulled out his heart, blood flowed , causing a flood; when he reached the yurt, O. lost consciousness; the old woman tells his daughter to throw a snake's heart into the abyss, replace the bull with her heart; at home Long advises a woman to feed the snake's heart to her husband - it is poisonous, he will die; O. is not dead; Long advises the patient to come back, ask the brain of a 12-headed black mangus; O. goes to a black yurt, there are other girls and an old woman; the old woman tells the girl to cook a bull for the guest, keep the brain separate; the horse trampled on the mangus, O. collected the brain; the old woman tells her daughter to replace the mangus brain with the bull's brain; the wife only pretended to eat the brain; gave her husband a drink to the point of insensitivity; Long got out the chest, cut O. into pieces; the mare, peacock, parrot and both dogs grabbed and carried away pieces; the wife gave birth first to son O. and then to son Dolny; animals guard the chopped body of O., Naran Gho (daughter old women from a white yurt) found them, their mother gave a magic object to revive O.; gives him a daughter as his wife, gives him a new name Shudurg Mergen Chagadai Khan (Chagadai Mergen); Long flew to heaven; the World Cup (i.e. former O.) arrived , when only his son is at home; opened up to him; took the animal's meat out of the cauldron, cooked Long's son; asks his wife if she wants to live with five jings or with someone she doesn't love; she: with jings; he tied her to five horses; when the World Cup mare started, her son, on whom Long was sitting in the sky, rushed carrying a rider; S. cut him into 5 pieces and cooked him; lives with his wife, her mother and his son; by order of Hormusta, became Genghis's son, became emperor]: Mostaert 1937, No. 1 in Solovyov 2014; Mongors: Todayeva 1973, No. 10 [childless old woman prays for a child; God sends her a son; her black mare gives birth a stomach, a boy in it; children tease him, he tells the old woman to fry wheat, clamps hot grains in her fist, she has to admit that she did not give birth to him; he goes to look for parents, brothers, sisters; shoots a stone, a young man comes out from under it; a Tree from under the tree; three brothers hunt, someone cooks in their house; Stone, Tree fall asleep, the Mare's son grabs three doves turned around girls; the most beautiful smears with soot, Stone and Wood choose others, the beauty goes to the son of the Mare; women forgot to leave food for the cat, he extinguished the fire with his tail; the wife of the Mare's son comes for fire to a nine-headed old woman; she gives fire and an armful of yellow flowers, tells her to throw along the way; in the absence of husbands, she comes to suck women's blood; Stone, Tree remain guarded, numb with fear; Son of a Mare cuts off the old woman's eight heads, comes to her dungeon; she tells the boy to lick her wounds; the Mare's son tells them to stroke them with cow's tongue, the old woman screams in pain; then the dog, the old woman goes to bed, says it will be warmer on the iron bed; the Mare's son and the boy put it in the cauldron, cover it with a lid, burn it; brothers live well with their wives]: 289-295; Stuart, Limusishiden 1994 [for elderly childless a mare gives birth to a bale or lump, inside is a boy; he is given the name Black Horse; he grows up, goes on a journey; under a stone, under a tree he meets orphans, this is Stone, Tree, now they are his older brothers; brothers hunt; three heavenly maidens in the form of doves fly in, take off their feather clothes, cook - one tea, the other bread, the third meat; Stone, Wood do not notice anything; when guards the Cheka, he grabs feather clothes; three brothers marry girls; brothers warn to always feed the cat, otherwise it will extinguish the fire; they forget, the cat extinguishes; only the younger sister finds an old woman who has fire; she also gives her small seeds; a 9-headed demoness comes along the trail, sucks her younger sister's blood; Stone, Tree are guarded, they do not notice anything; Cheka cuts off three heads, demoness runs away; brothers follow a bloody trail, meet a shepherdess, whom the demoness told to lick her wounds; Cheka goes with him to the cave; strokes the demoness's wounds first with cow's tongue, then with dog tongue; cuts off three heads; twins cut off two more, the last Cheka again; they all return to their Cheka parents]: 80-84.

Western Siberia. Mansi (Upper Lozva) [three brothers hunt, take turns cooking; three swans fly into the smoke hole, throw off their feather clothes, turn into girls; older brother hides a bowl and a spoon, hiding under the roof; girls cook bowls and spoons, scratch their hidden stomach, steam burns it from food, they put on feathers, fly away; the same with the middle brother; the younger one does not hide the bowl and spoon, puts a box next to him, hides feather clothes in it, marries girls to himself and his brothers; when husbands go hunting, wives secretly wet their flint; older brother goes to Frozen for fire The old woman (Gefrierhase Alte); she tells me to say 7 tales, the older brother does not know, grabs the smut, the old woman catches up with him, hits him with a smut, he returns without fire; the same with the middle one; the younger one tells tales, the old woman runs away herself, he brings fire; the brothers returned home]: Kannisto 1951, No. 5:47-51; Eastern Khanty: Kulemzin, Lukina 1978, No. 100 (b. Agan) [Mant-ku went to the forest, there was nothing to make a fire with; he went into the house, there was a man telling him to tell a fairy tale, then he would give fire; M. grabbed the fire, ran, the man caught up with it, took it away; I had to tell; M. tells a fairy tale; it ends with the paper saying that the owner of the house owes M.'s father a hundred rubles; "this man thought for a long time when he borrowed a hundred rubles from Mancha"]: 91-92 (= Lukina 1990, No. 77: 202); Chepreghi 2015, No. 3 (b. Agan) [three brothers went into the forest, forgot the fire; the elder noticed the fire, went to get the fire; there the blind old man promises to give fire for a song, a fairy tale; the elder brother tried to carry the coal, he was grabbed, beaten; the same with his middle brother; the younger one tells the old man that he must feed him first; after eating, the younger brother told a fairy tale; then he hit the old man to death, took the fire; the brothers took the old man's wealth]: 62-64 ; southern Khanty (Nizyam dialect) [three brothers went to squirrel; there is no fire; the youngest notices the fire, the elder comes to the old man; he asks for 7 words, the elder does not know what to say, returns than; the same middle brother; younger tells a fairy tale (the end is cut short)]: Steinitz 2014, No. 25:164-166.

Eastern Siberia. Yakuts (place of registration not specified; central ones?) [three brothers got lost in the forest, saw a fire in the distance, the eldest came to the fire, the old man promises to give fire for a fairy tale, the guy grabs his head, runs, the old man catches up with him, takes away the fire, hits him; the same middle brother; the younger one tells how he went to the forest before his parents were born, threw himself by the ears across the river, the raven lifted him into the sky, he made a rope out of straws, she did not have enough land, he fell on a bear; an old man gives fire]: Sivtsev-Omolloon 1976:66-69; Evens (Olsky District, early 1930s) [five men came to live by the sea, they have no fire; a rich old man Kamchatka is nearby; comes the elder brother, the old man tells me to tell a fairy tale, he cannot, the old man drives him away; the same with others; the younger one tells, tells not to be surprised or assent, otherwise he will take away the flint; tells a fairy tale; when he says that the wolf's tail came off and turned into a jewelry box, the old man expressed surprise, the younger brother took the flint]: Novikova 1987:69-71.

The coast is the Plateau. Colitz [The cougar warns the Wild Cat not to go out; the fire goes out, the Cat follows him to the old woman, carries the fire on his tail (since then the cat has a short tail); the old woman and her scary sons are looking for a thief; the cougar kills four by hitting them in the ankle, the fifth fights in the air; pieces of their flesh fall, the cat burns the demon's flesh, mistakenly burns the Puma's liver; inserts the demon's liver into him, revives; so the cougar's liver is inedible]: Adamson 1934:202-205; clackamas [The cougar goes hunting, tells the Raccoon not to let the fire go out; the fire goes out, the raccoon steals it from the old woman; her five sons- Grizzlies come for fire one after another; four are killed by the Puma with an ax on the ankle; the fifth is as strong as iron; they fight in the air, pieces of flesh fall down; the Raccoon burns Grizzly flesh and by mistake Pumas lungs; reviving the Puma, forced to replace them with rotten wood]: Jacobs 1958, No. 6:60-67; katlamet [like clackamas; Lynx lets the fire go out five times; the old woman first accuses her vulva of She ate fire; Lynx hits Grizzly's leg with an ax every time, helping Puma win]: Boas 1901a, No. 12:90-97; quinolt [four brothers hunt moose, fifth youngest Wild Cat watches fire; the fire goes out, the Wild Cat comes to a woman who has fire; takes on a different form, but she recognizes it every time, does not give fire; then it turns into smoke, quietly carries away the burning head; when she notices the theft, a woman takes 5 belts and sets off; each belt consistently turns into a sandbar that crosses the water; brothers turn their house into stone, the woman slips into door head to pick up food thrown to her; a stone falls, presses a woman to death; brothers go to live up the river; kill an elk; Wild Cat calls someone to help eat meat, there is too much of it; a crushed woman comes to life, chases her brothers, swallows the four older ones one by one; the Wild Cat throws the dog behind him five times, each time he turns into a mountain, smaller in size; on the fifth once a woman swallows a dog; brothers tell the cedar to open, hide in the trunk; throw hot stones wrapped in fat into the woman's mouth; she drinks water, explodes; this woman is a black rock, and white pebbles - her vomit]: Farrand 1902, No. 10:114-116.

The Great Southwest. Tiva (Picuris) [after collecting firewood, the grandmother sends her granddaughter to go to the fire; she sees the light, comes to the witches' house; they tell her to dance with them; grandmother comes for her granddaughter; witches give the girl , but it is said that she has aged; since then, girls are not allowed to go after the fire in the evening]: Harrington 1928:365-369.

(Wed. The Northern Andes. European borrowings. Ingano (San Andres, Zap. S.H. Levinsohn) [after his wife's death, the father took an angry woman; she smears soup for the children's clothes, says they have already eaten; promises to leave if her husband does not get rid of the children; he leads them to cultivate the plot and plant them there are plants; leaving quietly, leaving the calebasses hanging from a tree, they knock, the children think their father is working; when they run out of food and the fire goes out, the children climb the tree, see the smoke, come to the house; the rats say that there is a witch; the first time they quietly carried away the fire; the second time the girl laughed, the witch caught them, began to feed them; the rat sticks its tail, the witch thinks that the children are still skinny; then decides to cook them anyway; rats help throw a pot of boiling water over her; severed breasts turn into two dogs - Faster than the Wind and Jairo; the rest is burned, but the witch does not matter revives and haunts children, tells them to return their breasts; a man by the river makes a "Voy a extenderme" bridge - {see McDowell 1989 is a rainbow man}); when a witch crosses, he removes the bridge, she falls into the water, swallowed by a snake; brother and sister came to people; one person wants to take possession of his sister, kill his brother; they run again, dogs hunt for them; at the bridge tied to a six-headed sacrificed snake princess, dogs are killed by a snake; princess advises cutting off tongues as proof; after her wedding with a young man, dogs turned into doves, disappeared into the sky]: Weber, Meier 2008:21-36).

(Wed. The Central Andes. European borrowings. Prov. Korongo, north of Ancash [when hungry, parents are going to secretly eat corn; children hear, ask for it; parents put them in a bag, throw them into the abyss, the bag catches on a thorny bush; they ask for a sparrow, which is too weak, the condor agrees to take it to the pampa, where the potatoes grow; there is no fire, the children go to look for it; they come to the old woman; at night the girl who sleeps downstairs, hears her brother screams; in the morning a girl hears an old woman teaching her son Antuk Tubuk to push the girl into a boiling pot; she pushes him herself, the old woman eats her son; the girl runs, taking her brother's bones, meets St. Virgo; she tells me to put the bones in the box, not to open it, the boy will be reborn; but the girl opened, the bones have turned into a dog; the fox promises to tell the stalker if the girl ran if the old woman will bring water in the basket; someone else if she peels the stones like potatoes; the girl throws earrings, needles, necklaces behind, the old woman spends time collecting them; God lowers a chain and a straw rope from the sky, a girl with a dog climbs a chain; an old woman climbs a straw rope and thinks it's gold; the rat gnawed the rope, the old woman fell and crashed]: Weber, Meier 2008:71-78; Pariarka, Tantamayo County, Prov. Huamales, dep. Huanuco [famine time husband asks his wife where to fry corn; children answer; parents put children in a basket, leave them hanging on a rock above the abyss; condor, vulture {urubu?} , domshnico bird, warak bird refuse to help (children called them an eater of cows (fallen), donkeys, worms; the sparrow descended to the plain where the wild eye (Oxalis tuberosa) grew; they asked for their skunk feed them, he made a fire for them, it went out; he lit it again, ordered them not to go out, not to go across the river where the cannibal Achkay lives; the fire went out, the children came to Achkai; she invited them, cooked stones, mashed them like potatoes, but the children can't eat stones; took the boy to bed with her, the girl upstairs with Martina, daughter A.; the boy screams, A. explains that he is taking out her lice; in the morning she says that sent the boy for firewood; told me to bring water; the girl hears A. telling M. to throw a flower into the boiling water, and when the girl leans down to look, push her into the cauldron; the girl herself pushes M. into the cauldron, finds his brother's bones in bed, runs away, taking them; asks the ploughman to hide them, he hides them under lumps of earth; A. comes, eats meat, calls M., she answers from her stomach; A. curses his bowel movements to turn into M., but it does not work; A. rushes in pursuit; the ploughman whips her; the girl asks the skunk to hide her, he streams into A.'s face; the girl runs to the deer, who hits A. with a digging stick; St. The maiden washed clothes, ordered God to lower the gold chain, he lowered it, pulled the girl to the sky; for A. he lowered the rope and mouse, the mouse gnawed the rope, A. fell, shouting that she would become nettles and various thorns; since then there have been nettles and thorny bushes]: Howard-Malverde 1986:6-9 (=1989, No. 1:9-15), 9-10 [var.: A deer digs up the field with a digger, hides the girl in clods of earth; people they send A. from one place to another, kill them, bury them under a boulder]; Margos County, Dep. Huanuco [when hungry, the husband asks his wife at night where to fry corn; the children ask again; the parents ate corn secretly from them, so the father hung the children in a bag over the abyss; those consistently ask flying birds for help; falcon (cernícalo), pajaros dominicos (small colorful birds), another falcon, galninaso vulture answer that there is no time, whoever is flying will help then; Condor brings the children to the plain, says that the cave has everything they need; the matches are over, the children see smoke, the girl came to old Achkay; when she found out that the girl has a brother, she tells him to bring him so as not to run after fire every time; cooks and eats stones, calling them potatoes; at night, the sister hears her brother's screams, A. explains that she takes out his lice; kills him herself, puts him to cook; tells the girl bring water in the basket; she cannot; A. goes to get water by herself, tells the blackberries, toads, huaychau to raise the alarm if the girl looks into the vessel; they themselves tell the girl that her brother is cooking in the vessel, they say pick up his bones, run; dominico, skunk, gallinazo, falcon, deer answer A. that they did not see the girl (she asked them to do so); Condor replied that the girl was close; the girl asked God, he let him down the gold chain, picks it up; for A. lowers the chain with the rat, it gnawed, A. fell, turned into thickets of prickly blackberries; God placed the boy's bones in a box, left it in the church, ordered not to be ahead of time peek; sister looked in, brother is almost alive but turned into two puppies; since then dogs have been smart as humans, and people love puppies; the girl has turned into the moon, so we say mother moon]: Weber, Meier 2008:117-140).