Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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L81C. Legless, blind and armless. 27.-.34.

A legless person lives with a blind and armless person (or one of two). Together they grab a demonic character and force him to make them whole and healthy again.

Moldovans, Romanians, Russians (Teresky Bereg, Karelia, Vologda), Ukrainians (Poltava), Kalmyks, Abazins, Ossetians, Ingush, Chechens, Avars, Turkmens, Uzbeks, Yagnobs, Khufs, Eastern Sami, Latvians, Kazan Tatars, Bashkirs, Kazakhs, Karakalpaks, South Altai Tuvans.

The Balkans. Moldovans [three fellows kidnapped three princesses; the king promises a reward to whoever finds his daughters; Calin the fool and his two older brothers go in search; K. guards at night, kills three-, four-, eight-headed dragons; the last blood filled the fire; K. goes to the light, met, bound Evening, Midnight, Dawn, so that the day does not come until he returns; 12 dragons and them sleep around the fire mother; K. takes coal, but also meat; dragons wake up, tell them to bring the daughter of the Red King (they themselves cannot, because they are afraid of a puppy with a rooster); K. leads dragons with them, kills one at a time when they climb over the city wall; K. took off the ring from the princess's finger; cut off the dragons's tongues; killed one dragon in their lair, and the other ran away; fed and let go of the bound Evening, Midnight, Dawn; passing through a golden, silver, copper forest, she meets three kidnapped princesses, each preparing food for her dragon; kills two dragons; when fighting a third, both call a crow, but K. calls him blessed king, the raven pours water on the dragon's flame, he dies; when K. falls asleep, his brothers cut off his legs; he was found by an armless one; K. grabbed the runaway dragon, she showed the lake; when K. they plunged as a sister, their legs and arms grew; they killed the dragon; the princess is given to a gypsy who allegedly killed dragons; K. sends his ring, is recognized, showed his tongues; a gypsy with a bag the nuts were tied to the horse's tail; where the nut fell, a piece of body fell off there; K. gave the princess to his still betrothed; K. came home, his wife was made a maid; he offered to throw the core up; when he fell, it crushed his brothers]: Moldavian tales 1968:158-168; Romanians [the king is building a luxurious church, but it is constantly collapsing; he dreams that the church will be completed if he gets a magic bird, who will nest at the top of the tower; the eldest son goes in search; the old fox asks him to share bread and wine, he refuses, the fox turned him into stone; the same with his middle brother; the younger one shared ; the fox became a young man; he was bewitched until someone was friendly to him; they got a bird and a girl from the dragons; she turned her kingdom into an apple and took it with her; That young man turned the dragon pursuers into stone; they saw two statues, older brothers; a former fox: if you revive them, you will repent, and if you don't, you will also repent; the younger brother asked them to revive ; the elders brought him to the spring, cut off his legs, took the bird and the girl; the legless met a blind man, who was also maimed by his brothers; they killed a three-headed scorpion, washed themselves with blood, the blind man saw the light, the crippled's legs grew; at this time, the older brothers began to argue about who would take the girl; she refused to marry them, they made her a maid; they brought a bird, she sat on the tower, but was silent; the youngest, disguised as a wanderer, enters the church, the bird sang; he tells the king his story, he recognizes his son; the girl unfolded an apple, a palace appears; the brothers are tested: to throw up a heavy stone; he fell on his head as the eldest, passed the youngest; the wedding; the king handed over the throne to the younger]: Nortines 1935:7-25.

Central Europe. Russians (Teresky Bereg) [the peasant has three sons, he built a new house, sends his sons to sleep in it - what a dream they will see; the older, middle see firewood - good; the youngest, like from under the stove A fox jumped out, and a snake bit off his leg from under the bed; refused to tell; the father sold it to the merchant, he did not tell the merchant either; the merchant sold it to the king, the king put him in prison; was going to marry; the king's sister: the wedding of prisoners is dissolved; the guy was released; two are arguing over an invisible kumka, speedboat boots, a bread-pickling tablecloth; the guy offers to run to the distillation, put on the invisibility, took everything, moved to the ship on which the king sailed to the bride overseas; the bride sends to pull a bow, Ivan Tsarevich {=tsar} is unable, the guy pulled invisibly, the bow broke; bride: let's sew half a dress, you will sew the same one, otherwise head off his shoulders; the guy stole that finished half, had to sew a new one, I. had the same as the bride's; the same shoes, a ring; the guy returned the wonderful items to the two, returned to prison; he was released the wedding, the witch bride found out, cut off his leg with a sword; boy to the king: here's my dream, your fox sister helped, and the snake bride cut off her leg; he's on one leg in the forest to the hut, and there blind, legless and cooking girl; Baba Yaga comes to her every day to suck her tits; they grabbed baba yaga, forced her to give her living and dead water, regain her legs and eyes, pushed her into the well, she died, and they were cured; he returned to the king, who herds the mares, they changed their dresses; the mares all ran to the stall; the king's wife is surprised: if the husband of every mare does not kiss under the tail, they will not return, but then all the stalls were broken; the guy came, started beating her, she wrapped herself in all sorts of creatures, and when he broke it with a rope, stand a pile of gold at one end, a red girl on the other; to the king: here now you will have a wife, and you used to be not a wife, but a snake; he went from the tsar to his father, and that bull is at the interchanges, no one can even kill him; he killed him with his fist and did not go anywhere else]: Balashov 1970, No. 54 : 186-192; Russians (Karelian Pomorie, Sumy Posad) [Naplot's son from the elderly; bought him leather, he cut everything; so three times; then they tied him to a raft and sailed into the sea; picked up the ship, N. answers it is not clear whether the captain tells him to be thrown overboard, but even 10 people cannot move his legs; the king's son leaves the cabin; fraternized; N. warns that more than 20 have already suffered from Anna the Beautiful man; but nothing, everything will be fine; after the wedding, he tells I. not to let the AP put his foot on him, let him ask to go out; N. lies down instead of I.; put AP's leg and arm against the wall; then I. went; having learned from he, who had been with her before, AP went with him in the carriage, cut off his legs and left him; the blind and handless gathered to him; the princess was kidnapped together to cook for them; the witch comes to suck her breasts; friends she was grabbed, beaten with iron bars, forced to bring them to living and dead water, healed, the witch was burned, the ashes were scattered; at this time I. herds goats with a cast-iron hat on his head; N. brought AP to the bathhouse and beat him with an iron bar; she promised to wash I.'s feet and drink {this} water; AP and I. began to live happily ever after]: Razumova, Senkina 1974, No. 50:250-255; Russians (Vologodskaya) [when Ivan- The prince grew up to the age of 20, he kicked his backyard grandmother, who huddled up to her shoulders through the window; his grandmother says that when I. cried as an infant, the tsar promised to marry him to Mary Beauty, a black braid, and three queens daughter; I. goes to look for M., comes to an old woman, she gives letters to her sisters; the other two also give notes, the latter teaches how to find M.; they come together; when they fall asleep on the bed, two raspberries walk by; They cut off I.'s legs, threw them into the bushes, lay down on the bed; M. snapped their heroic palms, they were wet; gave birth to twins; they grew up, she sends them to find their father; I. hears the bird saying that dew will restore sight to the blind, legs to the legless; he regains his legs; I., M. and sons return to his father]: Smirnov 1917, No. 26:152-158; Eastern Ukrainians (Poltava, Piryatinsky, wrote L.M. Zhumchuzhnikov) [tsar {or prince; the narrator uses both designations alternately} goes with two sons; asks what they would make of three oaks; the elder: boards for barn; younger: he would hang princes on the oak tree; the king pushed him into the sea, swallowed him by a whale, then swallowed carts of water and horses; the prince made a fire, began to smoke a pipe, and the whale jumped ashore; the hunters began to cut the carcass, the prince gave a voice, the hunters ran away, he got out, sat naked, because after a year of being in the fish, his clothes had decayed; at that time the old king died, the eldest son reigned; the king must to marry, the messengers saw a naked man; he said that his name was Ivan Golyk and the king would not marry without him; the prince {aka tsar} was traveling with IS; he does not order to crush mice, allows mosquitoes to pump his blood, released two pikes into the sea; they come to the thirtieth kingdom, where snakes rule; heads on stakes, the last 12 do not yet; the snake has 12 daughters, the prince liked the youngest; the serpent orders to threshing 300 ricks overnight, spread the straw to the straw, the grain to the grain (IS tells the mice to perform); get a ring dropped into the sea (IG: the serpent threw it into the sea himself; tells the pike to get it); shoot a hundred pounds with a bow; prince: It's shameful for me to shoot such a thing, let the servant shoot; IS pulled on his bow, it broke; drive around the horse behind 12 doors; IS: this is the youngest daughter; say you don't want to be embarrassed, let the servant go around; IS hits the mare with a fragment of an onion, tells her to go down, fall and spread her legs; identify the bride among the sisters (the mosquito will sit on her nose); the prince received a wife, IS tells her not to trust her for 7 years; a son was born in the third year; prince He let it slip that IS had done everything; his wife waved a towel, cutting off IS's legs, and her body fell into the forest; the legless fraternized with the armless; the armless brought him in a cart to the city; past the queen, all yellow; legless promises to cure if she tells the truth; queen: in the morning the serpent flies, the blood sucks; the legless with the armless hid, grabbed the snake, forced to carry it to the target water, became intact and healthy (the snake first tried to slip them dead water, but they put a stick in it - it burned down); IS returned and recognized his brother in the swineherd; hugged them; when the former prince drives pigs home, he must three times kiss one pig, otherwise she won't move; the princess is feasting with snakes and this is a signal to her that the swineherd is returning; IS took out tows and tar, made a whip, killed a pig, beat the princess until she gave up her snake temper, began to live with the prince]: Kulish 1857 in Pankeev 1992:84-99.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Kalmyks: Badmayev 1899:23-33 [a mare gives birth to a boy, an umbilical cord is cut off by a stone that has fallen from the sky; Haradai-Mergen and Uladai-Mergen become his brothers; a boy kills three women's husbands; these are daughters of the sun, moon, stars; he marries the daughters of the sun himself, brothers to the other two; they envy the youngest, because his wife's face glows (first he stained him with ash); they leave a dagger at the kibitka, the youngest She cuts off his legs; the blind and armless come to him, help each other; they kidnap the girl, make him his sister; they tell him not to put out the fire; the fire goes out, she comes to the old woman for fire; an old woman sprinkles ash and coals in her hem, pierces a hole in her hem; on an ash trail comes to the girl, spoils her; cripples catch a witch, she makes them and the girl healthy, swallowing and spewing everyone; when swallows a legless man, does not spew it; others slaughter it, the sparrow screams, the little finger, the brothers find a healthy brother in the witch's little finger; the horse's son comes to the hole where his brothers are sitting; their wives kidnapped a 15-headed mousse; brothers let the horse's son down on a rope, he kills Musa, brothers pick up women, cut off the rope; he falls, is maimed; the mouse sucks his wounds, he breaks her leg, she eats leaves, He recovers; he also eats and recovers; on the one hand, people cry (snakes will eat them today), on the other hand they have fun (tomorrow); the serpent crawls to the side of three eagles in the nest; his horse's son they kill, eagles explain to their mother who their savior is; for getting rid of the snake, people give him food for the eagle; he flies on an eagle, feeds it, finally cuts off a piece of his flesh; he limps; the eagle swallows it, belches healthy; he comes to his brothers; they decide to fire arrows up; whoever is sinful, the arrow will nail him; older brothers die, the horse's son owns everything], 34-43 [Arsalang, the youngest of three brothers, guards, sees thieves, returns stolen herds, kills thieves, brings their widows, marries the most beautiful woman with mud on her face, gives the other two brothers; they notice that A.'s wife is beautiful , the elder decides to kill A.; leaves the sword, A. cut off his legs; women quietly leave meat and vodka for him; he is joined by the blind and armless; they kidnap the khan's daughter, do sister; her fire goes out, she comes to the witch for it, she sprinkles ash into her hem, punctures it; comes on the trail, eats all the food; her brothers find her, beat her, she swallows everyone, regurgitating healthy; A. - does not belch; brothers find him in her little finger (the sparrow told me to look there); A. comes to the brothers' camp, the son recognizes him; the elder digs a hole, covers him with a nightmare, makes poisoned tea; the son warns A.; he throws his older brother and his wife into the pit, forgives the middle brother]; Vatagin 1964:106-115 [a mare of three brothers gets screwed three times a day, but someone always kidnaps a foal born in the morning; younger, Bë Rgin Tsagan cuts off a foal's pearl tail and coral mane with an arrow when it is carried away by a whirlwind; consistently kills three mangas, takes everyone's wife; they are the daughters of the sun, moon and night sky, whom the mangas were grabbed when they arrived in the guise of swans to swim; the older brothers envy that the youngest's wife is more beautiful, leave their sword at the entrance; the blind and armless come to the legless ; they kidnap the khan's daughter, make her sister; her fire goes out, she comes to the old woman for him, she puts the coals in the hem, finds a house on an ash trail, drinks the girl's blood with her copper beak; the brothers guard, beat an old woman, forced to swallow and belch everyone, they recover; B. is not regurgitated, the sparrow screams that he is in the old woman's finger; under the guise of Gelyunga, B. comes to his brothers, his wife recognizes him; they play cards for their younger brother's wife; B. cuts off their heads]; Jimbinov 1962 [an old man and an old woman want to slaughter their mare three times, who gets killed three times a day; each time the dog burns a string, the mare escapes; runs away altogether; finds and feeds three newborn boys; flies away in the cloud, telling the youngest that his name is Kokode Wise; the brothers go to look for wives; K. meets an old woman and a girl who gives him three cakes; K. gives them to the dog a 15-headed Musa, who caresses him, he kills Musa; the same episode has 25- and 35-headed muses; the 35-headed one voice sounds in the sky, the other on the earth, one fang plows the sky, the other earth; K. kills three old women, the mothers of the Muses, takes each wife, gives the elders to the brothers; they see the light coming from the younger, they are jealous; they leave braids at the doorstep, K. cuts off his legs; blind and armless comes to him; the daughter of a celestial is kidnapped, she is at home with them; enters a house where an old woman with only eye on the back of her head asks to look for her in head, gives ash and coals, punctures the hem; comes to the house on an ash trail, sucks blood; friends watch, tell the old woman to cure everyone; she swallows everyone, regurgitates healthy; K. does not belch, sparrow tells her to cut her finger, he is there; K. came to the brothers disguised as a gypsy; they made his wife a shepherdess; K. tells the brothers to shoot up, arrows fall on them, kill them; daughter-in-law ties hundreds of horses to their tails ]: 31-45; Abaza people [horses disappear in the village at night; Khan sends his eldest son, who hides in horror when he sees a terrible rider; the same youngest son; young servant Murat guards three nights, kills horsemen on white, bay, crow horses, hides horses; Khan is dissatisfied that the servant, not sons, defeated enemies; adopts M., but sends sons with him to return the kidnapped horses and kill M.; all three on broken horses come to the village of kidnappers, marry their widows; when leaving, M.'s wife tells them not to look through one window; he looks at the room and golden shoes outside the window; when he returns, the wife explains that their left by a heavenly maiden, whom her first husband tried to catch in vain; a black horse teaches M. not to stop in a hot village, to stop where the frost is, to grab the hair over which they are fighting flies, exchange it for fly wings, rise to the sky in the form of a fly, bite that girl, promise to return her shoes; M. brings the heavenly girl, making a second wife; the brothers are jealous, cut off M. in The legs of the forest, his wives are turned into maids; M. meets a blind, armless man, they have also been maimed by their brothers; all three bring the girl to cook and wash; her fire goes out, she sees smoke, comes to an old woman; an old woman follows an ash trail, sucks the girl's blood; brothers guard, grab an old woman, force her to swallow and regurgitate the girl, making her healthy; the same with cripples; M. does not regurgitate; the bird tells the old woman to burn, find a finger in the ash, M. in it; the brothers return the girl to her parents; the unrecognized M. comes to the khan, where there is a feast and an archery competition; kills with arrows brothers, khan dies of fear, M. becomes khan]: Tugov 1985, No. 29:54-66; Ossetians: Miller 1902, No. 3 (Digorans) [Bestaser-Sila died, left three sons; younger Zanbolat breaks three times the witch's tub with an arrow; she tells him to look for the kidnapper of the horse left by his father; D. asks his mother to fry the corn kernels, clamps them in her hand, she admits that there is a horse that gives birth every day stallion; brothers are frightened, D. takes a foal from a seven-headed giant who has come out of the ground; K. forges a sword and a mace for D.; D. goes underground, kills the seven-headed giant and his wife, two more giants, frees three girls; they tell them to throw millet to black birds (they are happy, they did not even give bran), two iron wolves two rams, oil the door hinges (before and greasy hands were not lubricated); they let D. pass; he kills an iron horse, a felt man, steals underground cattle; brothers put a sword in front of D.'s bed, screams, he jumps up, is left without legs; brothers they take cattle and girls; D. comes armless and blind, their brothers did the same to them; all three kidnap a girl, make them a sister; a witch sucks blood from her heels; D. and his companions they found the witch, they and the girl climbed into her womb, got out healthy; killed the witch, released the girl; D. hired a swineherd; came to his wake; killed both brothers and their wives with one split arrow tied to horses; awarded a swineherd]: 78-98; Ingush: Malsagov 1983, No. 8 [when dying, the old man tells his sons to guard the grave; the elder and middle brother ask the younger brother Ovdilg ("fool") to go instead of them; in three nights he catches three horses, each giving him his own hairs; the prince gives him three daughters, the youngest is Harsen Nars with a golden head and silver hands; O. jumps to three horses towers, takes and hides three girls; gives the elders to his brothers, XN takes for himself; Biydolg Bare kidnaps her; O. comes successively to the son of the Sun, the son of the Month, the son of the Star; BB has a three-legged guling horse; BB asks him twice if we will catch up before lunch; he replies that we will catch up with everything; BB breaks O. with a free club, takes HN, the son of the Sun, the son of the Month resurrects O.; the son of the Star tells him to go to the mountain, where he is screwed guling mother; tear the muscle off her arm, feed the wolf, otherwise he will wean the guling's leg; now O. has four-legged guling and BB has three-legged; BB can't catch up with O., guling goes to the ground, BB dies; wives they drive the O. brothers out to look for him; O. kills three Enjal monsters; the brothers put a sword in the doorway, O. cuts off her legs, the brothers take the guling; the blind and armless come live with O.; while three cripples are hunting, the fire in XN goes out; she comes to the yeshapyats; they give a sieve of ash on top of the coals; on the ash trail, the yeshap mother finds a home, drinks XN blood; for promising not to kill her, yeshapikha gives O. a bar, he cures cripples; O. kills yeshapiha; O. kills and revives brothers, drives them away]: 55-71; Tankieva 2003 [(about the same as Malsagov's)]: 228-232; Chechens [eight The brothers are guarded by herds, they do not notice anything; the ninth Khan Gammalt (only 10 years old) kills two robber sledges, marries their hero sister; envious brothers leave HG in front of sleeping the sword, he jumps up, is left without legs; he is joined by a blind and armless man; they kidnap the girl, tell her not to throw cookies into the fire; she throws, the fire goes out, she comes to the yeshap for fire ; yeshap children give her coal with ash in a sieve; on an ash trail, eshap comes to the girl to drink her blood; HG hides, cuts down 8 heads; she asks not to cut the ninth, swallows and regurgitates healthy armless and blind; HG does not belch, the tit screams that he is in the little finger; the severed little finger runs but is captured, HG is inside; he marries a beautiful woman]: Bagry 1930 (2), No. 45:159-166 (quail. in Dalgat 1972:350-364); Avars [Khan's mare gives birth to golden-tailed and golden-maned foals, but someone immediately steals them; the eldest, middle son falls asleep, the youngest Muin sprinkles salt on the wound, tries snatch a foal from the kidnapper, tears off his leg; the brothers go in search, the elders stay in the cave, the youngest hides under the bridge three times, each time defeats a sledge jumping on a stolen foal; every time the horse stops in front of the bridge, but the sledge says that M. is not here, and if he does, he will kill him; the last sledge is on a three-legged foal, the fight with him is the hardest; M. takes that sledge's wife for himself He gives the other two wives to his brothers; the brothers leave their sword at the entrance to the cave, M. cut both legs to the knee, the brothers take the good and women away; the Blind and the Bald come to live with M. Khan's daughter is kidnapped to cook for them; the fire went out, she came to Hart for fire, she gave it, but began to come to suck blood from her head; Bald, Blind remain on guard, afraid of hart, they don't say nothing to Muin; M. grabs hart, makes him swallow the Bald and the Blind, regurgitate healthy; warns that she will not belch him, because he killed her sledge sons; each of her organs will have to be cut; Blind and Bald find M. in the little finger of Hart's legs, his legs are healthy; M. comes to the brothers' wedding, only the youngest girl caught from the sledges recognizes him; no one can pull a bow, only M. asks Bald whether to shoot a chicken or a rooster, he replies that the chicken has nothing to do with it, M. kills the brothers with an arrow; M. marries a sleigh girl and a kidnapped cook, M.'s friends marry the other two sledges girls]: Ganieva 2011b, No. 32:311-316.

Iran - Central Asia. Turkmens [the padishah has three sons, each mare gives birth to a foal, the foals are kidnapped; the brothers walk along three roads, the youngest Karadzha is a batyr on the one you will not return from; suggests Deva throws stones up; dev throws himself on his head, dies; K. comes to the three kidnapped peri, kills three devas; when he fights the youngest, the peri pour millet under his feet, and K. mash, dev, slides, falls; K. brings three peri to his brothers; they hang a diamond sword at the entrance to the yurt, K. cuts off their legs; he is approached by the armless Amet, the rumor and the blind Fast-footed Veli, also crippled by their brothers; brothers bring themselves a young woman, she cooks pilaf; an old man from the top, a beard with two ties the young woman with beard hair, eats pilaf; the young woman speaks returning brothers that she forgot to cook; the same when the first, then the second sister remains; K. himself ties the old man; lets go when he returns his legs, arms, eyes to the crippled; K. pretends an old man, comes to his wife; she says that her missing husband told her to marry the one who pulls his bow; he comes with a horseman, kills his brothers, tells his story, returns his wife]: Stebleva 1969, No. 22 : 54-66; Uzbeks [mare Lali gives birth to the Golden Foal, then the Silver Foal, both disappear the first night; his grandfather has a grandson Badal; when he should be born Vorona, his grandfather tells him to guard, the shadow takes away a foal, but B. cuts off a claw the size of a plane tree, it was the Black Diva; B. and his older brothers go in search; at the crossroads it says, "If you go, you'll come back", "Either you stay alive or not", "Not at all you will return"; B. rides the third road, brothers first; B. comes to the palace, where Okkyz is a prisoner; first, the White Diva (frost) enters the bridge on the Silver Horse, the horse stops, B. kills the diva; then with the Yellow Diva (heat, on the Golden Horse); kills the Black Diva who is on the Black Horse; Okkyz sprinkles a bucket of millet under the diva's feet, he falls, B. kills him; the darkness dissipates, the sun shines; B. misses at home, finds impoverished brothers in the bazaar, puts them on the Golden and Silver horses; the brothers put their sword at the door, shout that enemies, the sword cuts off B.'s legs; the armless comes runner, khan cut off his hands; they find a blind man, the khan blinded him, took the bride; they brought her back, she cooks, the fire went out, she saw smoke in the distance, came to Admauz Kampyr, she came for fire poured grains into her hem, came on the trail, sucks her blood, threatens to swallow if she tells men; the blind is the first to guard, but AK locked the door; B. is enough AK, makes everyone heal; for this, AK swallows and regurgitates a blind, armless man; does not belch B.; her brothers cut her apart, a sparrow shouts "little finger", B. in it; AK's head tries to roll, but it is cut to pieces; the wedding of a blind man with a girl ; B. comes to O.'s wedding with his older brother B.; his grandfather drove away treacherous brothers]: Afzalov et al. 1972 (1): 282-291 (=Konovalov, Stepanov 1986:109-119, about the same to Ostroumov 1890, No. 11:50-65); Yagnobtsy: Andreev, Peshereva 1957, No. 31 [someone kidnaps foals; the elder, middle princes fall asleep, the youngest sees a dragon swallowing a foal, tearing off the foal's tail; brothers disperse three roads; the youngest comes successively to three women, each wife of one of the three dragons; he fights everyone on the bridge, the woman throws Jugara under the dragon's feet, the young man wins, takes the women , cuts belts out of dragon skin; finds and buys broken brothers; they leave a sword at the door, throw their crippled younger brother; they come to him blind and armless ; they stole the girl to cook; they tell them to give the cat one of two highlights that she finds on the floor, otherwise she will put out the fire; the girl eats both, the cat fills the fire with urine; the girl comes for fire to the dragon, she tells her to throw barley grains on the way back; on this trail comes to suck blood; the blind, armless guard, but are afraid to stand up for the girl; the dragon is lame, tells everyone heal; the dragon consistently swallows and belches everyone whole; the lame man does not regurgitate, he warned what will be in the finger; the former blind and armless chop the dragon, the young man comes out of his finger; the king during this time he became blind, but saw the light when the youngest son gave the handkerchief to wipe his eyes; ordered the elder sons to be tied to horses, their wives were given to the youngest son's companions], 43 [divas carry the foals of the royal mare; the eldest, middle sons fall asleep, the youngest grabs the foal by the tail, the tail breaks off; the brothers go in search; at the fork there is a stone with the inscription, the upper and lower roads are safe, the middle one is dangerous, the youngest rides on the middle road; the elders become apprentices, the youngest meets the wives of black, yellow, white divas, kills divas; White's wife teaches to kill the herd, the young man takes the tailless foal and the whole herd; the elders brothers leave a sword at the door, the youngest is left without a leg; blind and armless come, bring the girl to cook, tell her to share the zest with the cat; the cat lingers, extinguishes the fire, the girl goes behind the fire, a diva gives a handful of barley, comes on the trail, sucks blood; blind, armless guard, afraid; the young man defeats the diva, makes him swallow and regurgitate whole; he himself is in little finger; the king is blind in grief, the young man rubs his eyes with a handkerchief, he sees the light; the older brothers are tied to horses; the prince returns his wife and foal, passes the sisters off as former blind and armless]: 157- 163, 192-196; Khufs [as soon as the king's mare is screwed, the foal is stolen by divas; the king consistently sends four sons to guard; each of the elders falls asleep; the younger Arpamishk cuts his little finger and sprinkles salt on the wound; fights the diva, who takes the stallion away, but one hoof remains in A.'s hand; he goes in search; asks the diva's wife to pour millet under his feet if the diva in the battle on the bridge becomes to overcome; a black diva on a black horse with black dogs; slipped on a millet, A. threw him into the water, took his horse - this is that foal with his hoof torn off; married the diva's widow, brought her home; a similar episode with white, red, gray divas; A. leaves each of the widows of divas to one of the brothers; the brothers are envious that A. has a better wife and horse; they stick knives, shout to A. that enemies have attacked; he stumbles upon with knives, maims his legs; blind and armless come to live; they kidnap a girl as a wife for A.; she is at home, the fire goes out, she comes to the witch for fire, she cooks a man; the witch gives fire and asks where the girl lives; comes, asks her to look for lice, sucks blood; A. sees that his wife is losing weight; teaches her to quietly tie the witch's hair to nails; the witch swallowed the girl; A. makes spew an armless man and a girl, swallow and spew a blind man, they become healthy; she is told to swallow A., then spew; spews after she is burned with fire; A. becomes a healthy handsome man; they killed a witch, separated, A. brought his wife to her parents' house]: Sokolova 1959, No. 20:73-83.

Baltoscandia. Eastern Sami (Kildin dialect) [the son grew up tall (and strong), his father could not find his clothes, decided to push him into the water; the boy fell, pulling the entire pier with him; the father drowned, and the guy - now his name is Pop Float - sailed on a log; he was picked up by a ship; the prince sails on him to marry the daughter of another king; when he returns with his young wife, he is barely alive in the morning: she crushed him, putting a river on him, then his leg; P. summons to take his place, throws his arm and leg away; tells the prince that it is now safe; after finding out who slept with her, the girl invited P. to turn over three times on the shore and touch her chest with her feet, cut off his legs with a knife; sailed back on the ship; P. crawled, got into the house of a legless and blind man; a mistress is needed; the king will give his daughter to whoever takes off her ring, when she is at the window on the upper floor; the blind carries P., throws it up three times, the third time P. takes the girl away; Baba Yaga comes to her, asks her to remove the lice, falls asleep with his head on her knees; when men they come back, the girl is pale; when they found out what was going on, they told her to put Baba Yaga's head on a bench; they tied her by the braids, began to beat her to give her living water; she gave it, they tried to revive the duck - it doesn't work ; they beat again, Baba Yaga gave another water; they revived the duck; smeared their legs, arms, eyes, and became whole and healthy; P. married that princess]: Kert 1961, No. 34:120-124; Latvians [Strong wife . The guy helps the king get married. Grateful animals complete tasks: they grind barley, collect flaxseed themselves; the guy tames the horse - the bride. On her wedding night, the bride wants to strangle the king. The king runs away from the bedroom, a guy comes to her instead and beats his young wife until she becomes powerless, like a three-year-old child. The next day, the wife tells him to cut off the boy's legs and designate the king as a shepherd. The guy meets an armless strongman. Both of them kidnap the princess and catch a trait visiting her. Damn heals a boy and a strong man. The guy gives a thrash to the queen and tells the king to hit her every morning]: Aris, Medne 1977, No. 519:296.

Volga - Perm. Kazan Tatars: Zamaletdinov 2008a, No. 40 [Yarmukhametov 1957:39-61; =Bulatov, Sharipova 2000:49-89; three daughters of the padishah are carried away by a whirlwind; Kich-Batyr brothers (kitsch - evening), Ten Batyr ( night), Tan-batyr (morning: younger) play; the old man advises them to look for the padishah's daughters; they come to the cave where the divas have disappeared; only Tan-B. pushes the stone away; the elders do not reach the bottom of the cave, Tan-b. cuts off the rope, jumps; mice undermine the walls of the well, send Tan-B. across the passage to the copper palace; Tan-B. kills the diva, frees the eldest daughter of the padishah; the same with silver, gold palaces, middle and eldest daughters, two other divas; during a fight with the last diva, T. replaces barrels of strong and weak water, the divas weakens, is killed; the younger sister puts the palaces in copper, silver, golden eggs, gives Tan-b; brothers pull out the girls, cut off the rope, lifting Tan-B; The mouse man tells you to sit on a white goat, not a black goat; Tan-B. sits on a white goat, carried to the upper world; brothers tie There is a sword in front of the tent, Tan-batyru cuts off her legs; blind and armless comes to him; they kidnap the daughter of the padishah, make her sister; her fire goes out, she comes to the witch Ubirly Karcik; she tells her to pour ash behind her so that she can come to visit; when she comes, she tells her to look for her hair, drinks the girl's blood; three brothers take turns guarding, Tan-B. binds the witch, beats; she swallows everyone, regurgitates healthy; Tan-B. does not belch; others chop her, see a finger running away, find Tan-b in him; at home he is hired by a shoemaker; for the wedding of the padishah's youngest daughter with copper and other eggs creates boots, dresses, palaces on request; opens, marries; drives away brothers; passes off his wife's sisters as his brothers], 42 [the padishah has Aigali's youngest son; herds disappear, two older brothers go to search; A. plays, threw the golden ball, he pierced the bottom of the woman's bucket; she advises you to better look for her father's cattle; A. chose a shaggy horse Catch up, the wind; comes to the old woman, she sends to another, the other to the third; she tells the diva to cut down two heads, and she will come to cut down the third with her sword; the fox brought the sword for the third head, A. and the divas began to fight; the divas hit three times, A. He hit three times, the diva sank into the ground with his legs, then to the waist, to the neck; A. cut off two heads, the fox brought a sword, with which he cut off the third; drove the herds home, met the brothers; they tied his sword to at the feet of A., sleeping; he jumped up, was left without legs; an armless man came to him - his brothers cut off his hands out of envy; then came blind (blinded by relatives); he stole his daughter padishah, she began to cook for cripples; the fire went out, she came to the witch for fire; as she walked back, ash fell out of the sieve; the old woman follows the trail, sucks the girl's blood from her finger; blind and armless they guard, they are afraid to say A.; A. grabbed the old woman, forced them to swallow and regurgitate, everyone became healthy; the old woman did not regurgitate A., she was chopped, A. was found in her little finger; at home A. showed his father his ring, squeezed water out of the stone; forgave the brothers], 61 [when he dies, the father tells his three sons to come to his grave for three days; only the youngest comes, receives a feather of a black, white (swan), red bird; if you take it in his mouth and hang down, a black horse and black clothes will appear; white; red; the padishah will give three daughters for the one whose arrow will fly through the ring at the top of a high pole; an unrecognized younger brother on black, white, The red horse wins every time, gets all three princesses; each lives in a separate palace, they think that each has its own husband; he brings impoverished brothers, gives them black, white clothes; they they come to the older princesses instead of him, he stays with the youngest; the older brothers are jealous, leave a diamond sword in front of the door, he cuts off his younger legs, they take his wives and wealth; armless and blind came legless; they kidnap the padishah's daughter to wash and cook; Zhalmavyz began to come to suck the girl's blood; the legless grabbed her; she swallowed and regurgitated, did everyone is healthy; she did not regurgitate the legless; he was found in her thumb; he takes a girl with him, exposes his brothers (tells them to shoot in the ring, their arrows do not hit), lives with four wives]: 103-127, 139 -148, 287-298; Bashkirs [the mare gives birth, but the foals disappear every time; the eldest, middle son goes to guard and falls asleep; the younger Kyran-Batyr rips his hair off his head with a sword, does not sleep, cuts the cloud, carrying a foal; follows a bloody trail to copper, silver, golden houses; each has one of the kidnapped foals and a woman; K. consistently fights three devas, kills them; tames the piebald mare; trying to get a golden sword from the bottom of the lake; the mare explains that the water reflects the sword, he himself is pierced into a pine trunk that split the sky and goes further up; K. climbs the pine tree, squeezes on the other side of the sky (after that a pile of stars remains in the sky), brings a sword, rolls three houses into three eggs, gives two wives to their brothers; they are jealous, hang their sword in front of the tent, scream that enemies have attacked, K. runs out, his sword cuts off his legs; he sees a deer carrying the sun on its horns, a man runs after him; says he sees only when he is near the sun; a blind man plants Legless K. walks on his back, K. sees an armless man chasing the same deer; he explains that the deer promised to bring it to people the sun, but did not bring it, people froze, and the armless man's hands froze; three companions decide to get a female cook, kidnap the khan's daughter, tell her not to let the fire go out; the fire goes out, the girl comes to the old woman for fire; she gives coals, finds a girl on an ash trail, asks to look in her hair, sucks her bone marrow; the girl turns yellow, the companions take turns guarding, only K. hits her so that she can not withstand the blows; K. makes her swallow and regurgitate the girl , blind, armless; regurgitated are healed; after swallowing K., does not want to regurgitate him; the former blind and armless cut it into pieces; the sparrow screams "little finger", the companions cut his little finger, K. comes out, he has it again legs; return daughter to Khan; K. marries a woman from the golden house, gives the other two to companions, makes them servants]: Barag 1988, No. 38:252-267.

Turkestan. Kazakhs: Tursunov 1983:80-86 [After the death of their parents, Kara-Uyrek and his two brothers separated; KU released three girls who were stabbed by their older brothers with a pin, killed these brothers ; finds his impoverished brothers; they envy KU as if he took the most beautiful girl; leave his sword in front of the yurt, KU goes out, is left without legs; the wife hides food for him and weapon; a blind man comes, carries it, a speedboat comes to live with them; they kidnapped the girl Sarkyt to cook for them, to be named sister; S. told the cat that she did not get her, herself ate the baursaks; the cat extinguished the fire in revenge; S. went to look for fire, he has a seven-headed Malmouse-Kempir with one eye in her forehead; she sucks her blood through her toe, promises to eat it if she tells her brothers; gives ash, says "Become a genghil" on the way home; a prickly chingil (Nalimodendron halodendron) grows on the sides, the fire lights up at home; every day JK comes to suck blood; the brothers dig a hole, covered with a nightmare; JK fails, she is cut off 6 heads out of 7; they promise not to kill if she makes them healthy and beautiful; she swallows, belches S., blind, speedboat; KU does not belch; he is found , killing JK and crushing the little finger bone; S. returned to his parents, passed off as a former blind man; KU and the speedboat come to the KU brothers unrecognized; offer to shoot; the arrows of the brothers themselves, KU and the speedboat fall to them on their heads, killed; KU took his wife, became khan, made a speedboat vizier, married his wife's sister to him], 189-191 [Asan is superior to his brothers in everything, receives wives from the khan for himself and for them; brothers are jealous; wife says that A.'s soul is not in his body, but far away; the brothers leave their sword at the doorstep, shout that enemies have attacked, the sword cuts off A.'s legs; he comes to live armless; brings the cooking girl; the fire went out, the girl came to the old woman Mystan for the fire, who began to come every day to suck her blood; A. watched, grabbed the old woman, let him go when she returned his legs , and a hand to the armless; A. returned to his wife and son, who were tyranted by his brothers; forgave his brothers]; Karakalpaks (Takhtakupyr district) [Temirbek's eight brothers conspired among themselves: "How is it So, because he (Temirbek) has surpassed us [in everything], let's kill him, tie a sword to the door, and we'll shout Temirbek to him, the enemies have come; when Temirbek the hero runs to the door, this sword will cut off his legs, and after that, we will also be heroes"; so we did; T. was left without legs, his brothers stole his cattle; T. met a blind speedboat and an armless hero (they were also maimed by his brothers); buy arranged horse races; T. got on a blind speedboat, who ran before anyone else; won a school of horses; when they met the girls, they kidnapped one of them; T., having cattle and a wife, began to live happily]: Baskakov 1951 : 33-35.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. South Altai Tuvans: Taube 1978, No. 27 [Bögen Saggan Toolaj was born {not a woman, but} a husband; attacked by the terrible giant Chureldej Chaan, deciding to seize the country before B. matured; wives B.'s two older brothers hid the baby in a poplar hollow, putting birch roots in their mouths instead of nipples; B. grew up, found an empty freaky; threw off the stones from the hearth, he found a pipe, a flint, a skein of rope with with a silver end and a silver stick; found his older brothers; went west, paving the road with a silver stick, through the windbreak and through the mountain, swam across the sea on it; when he came to Jess Mangnai, he forced her to give him the best food; DM himself easily defeated; came to his wife H., who was kind to him; turning to Nebu-Altai for help, B. hardly defeated H., drank his blood and grinded him in a stone mill; at home the wives of the older brothers became jealous of B. and persuaded their husbands to place the sword with a point at the entrance to B.'s yurt; began to shout that robbery, B. jumped out, the sword cut off his legs; the brothers and wives migrated; B. managed to kill the mare, ate its meat; one day the mush tried to nibble on his severed legs and B. tore off her two legs himself; the other mouse brought herbs, the mouse legs grew; B. also ate herbs, the meat grew together, but the bones did not grew together; Shonanung Sean Shilvey came, whom his brothers had blinded out of envy; put B. on his shoulders, went, and B. showed the way; they met a man to whom his brothers from greed cut off her hands; in heaven, Arykcha's youngest daughter Khaan can heal a cripple; B. flew there with a falcon, then became a pacer and carried the princess to the ground; the fire went out because men they looked at the girl; the girl went to get the fire to the old woman Jelbag; she poured ash hot into her hem, pierced the hole to leave an ash trail; the jelbege followed the trail and drank the girl's blood; the men put the lifeless girl in a place of honor; the old woman came and swallowed her; the men grabbed the old woman, and the nightingale began to sing, "Little finger, little finger"; they cut off her little finger and the girl came out alive and healthy; the men forced the jelbag to swallow them; she spit out two, and S. was also in her little finger; all three became healthy, prettier; the old woman was released; the girl returned to heaven; men found their wives, whom their brothers and their wives were tormented by hard work; brothers and their wives were tortured and then thrown into the steppes: one without legs, the other without arms, the third without eyes; when they died, those turned into flies and mosquitoes]: 97-120 (=Taube 1994, No. 5:70-88); Taube 1994, No. 6 [about the same as in Taub 1994, No. 5, but briefly; hero name Er Argyyn]: 88-90.